The Heavy Sleeper - Mom Tells All
by Uncle Sky

Chapter 12

Hello. My name is Helen Jamison. The children have asked me to write
this last chapter in the story they call The Heavy Sleeper. I was
reluctant at first but they convinced me. After we had our long talk,
they let me read all they had written up to now. As I understand it,
they have told the truth. Or at least the truth as they knew it. You see
there are some things they did not know. I will try to clear up all the
loose ends and bring you up to date on events that have transpired in
relation to the children and I.

Sky told you that I am a divorcee. That is true, but it is not the whole
story. You see, the man I was married to and who I divorced was not the
children's father. George Jamison and I were married after Lynn was
born. Before him I was not married. I was living with another man named
John. John and I never married. You will understand why later. Sky did
not tell you my age. He never asked me so he didn't know. I am 34 years
old. Yes that means I was 16 when Sky was born and 15 when he was
conceived. But let's get on with the story.

On the last day of Kathy's story I had left them home with Lynn while I
went to consult my very good friend and lawyer, Henry. Henry and I have
known each other since grade school. I trust him with all my legal work
and family secrets. He knows more about me than any other living human

I went to see Henry about what had been done to Kathy by her father.
Henry had already seen the letter from her parents giving me custody and
had made sure it was legal. He had told me that it was but that it could
be revoked at any time. I was not aware of it at the time but he had
asked his investigator to see if he could find Kathy's parents. Now, as
I was telling him about how her father had raped her, he became very
angry. He told me he knew where they were and would get the authorities
after them immediately.

I interrupted him as he reached for the phone. "Please. Wait until I
finish before you do anything." He agreed and settled back to listen. I
went on to describe all of the injuries and the mental anguish that
Kathy had suffered. I told him of her plea not to bring charges so she
would not have to re-live the events in front of strangers. He nodded as
he listened. I told him that Sky and Lynn knew all about it and they
also thought it better to let Kathy put things behind her. The only
worry any of us had was the possible return of those two beasts.

As I finished I watched Henry's face. He looked very thoughtful and
serious. I knew he wanted badly to send those two to jail but I also
knew he would do as I asked. After a few minutes he leaned forward and

"Helen, I understand what you are telling me. I have seen the effects on
young girls of having to testify in court about something like this. It
can and often does destroy them. So I will agree not to file charges
against them or tell anyone about this matter. But I will not let them
off scott free.

I'll ask my investigator, who just happens to be a very large man and
the father of a little girl, to go see them. He will put the fear of God
into them I guarantee. I'll have him get a new statement from both of
them relinquishing all parental rights permanently. I will draw up the
papers myself to make sure they are complete. One clause will release
Kathy for adoption on the proviso that you will be the adoptive parent.
That will be your assurance that they will never bother you again. They
will be warned that if they ever show their faces in this town again
they will be arrested and charged with rape and felony child abuse."

I was stunned. I had no idea he could do all that and that he would be
willing to do it for me. He assured me that it would all be taken care
of in a matter of a few days. I was not to worry and I was to calm the
children's fears on the matter. As always, after seeing Henry, I left
his office feeling much better.

It had been my intent to go right to work from Henry's office. But I was
so relieved by what he had promised that I decided to go home and
surprise the kids. I had no idea that I was in for a surprise too.

I stopped off to see my boss and told her I had a family situation I
needed to take care of. I asked if I could take the day off and she
agreed without hesitation. I worked enough extra shifts so she felt
obligated to give me one day if I needed it.

When I got home I walked into the house and closed the door. I went into
the living room and was about to call out to the children when I heard a
familiar sound. I couldn't believe it was what it sounded like so I
followed the sound. It was coming from upstairs. I climbed the stairs
and walked quietly down the hall to Sky's room. The door was closed but
I could hear sounds from within. I would not normally open his door
without knocking, but in this case I felt I had to. I turned the knob
slowly and pushed the door open just enough so I could see inside.

What I saw shocked me at first. But I couldn't seem to say anything.
There on the bed were my son and Kathy having sex. She was yelling at
him that she loved him and I could just hear him reply that he loved her
too. He was on top of her and seemed to be doing a very good job of
fucking her brains out. Neither of them noticed me watching. I couldn't
bring myself to stop them and so I stood there and watched him sliding
his dick in and out of her tiny cunt. I felt a tingle in my own cunt as
I watched. I shouldn't have reacted but I did. It made me hot standing
there. I reached down and rubbed my cunt through my dress. I might have
done more but about then they both reached orgasm. It was beautiful to

I watched as Sky rolled off Kathy. He made some remark about her
learning a new trick which I didn't understand. I did notice his dick as
he slipped out of her. It was a gorgeous thing to see. Not especially
large but certainly large enough to do the job. And it seemed he knew
how to use it well. I felt a tingle in my cunt as I looked at it. It had
been a long time since my divorce and I had not found a man since then
that I was willing to sleep with. Frankly, I was horny as hell.

I spoke up as they were coming down from their orgasms. "I think we need
to talk. Come down as soon as you clean up." And as they jumped off the
bed in a panic I turned and walked down the hall. They couldn't see it,
but I had a little smile on my face. I was going to enjoy this. I
continued down to the kitchen and made some coffee for myself. I sat
down at the table and waited. I thought about what I would say and
realized I'd have to confess to living a lie all these years.

After several minutes I heard the front door open and Lynn came in. She
was surprised to see me and wanted to know what was going on. I told her
to get a soda and take a seat and she would find out soon enough. I must
admit she looked a little scared. It was then I realized she was in on
what was going on between Kathy and Sky.

Moments later the two lovers came down and joined us looking as if they
were facing a firing squad. I had them sit down and asked Lynn to get
them each a drink. I thought they might need something before this was
over. Once all of them were settled I began talking.

"Lynn, I think you should know that I came home earlier and discovered
these two having sex in Sky's room." Her mouth opened in surprise but I
could see it was not at what they had been doing but at me catching
them. "I want you all to listen to what I have to say and only speak if
I ask a question. OK?" They all nodded. I doubt they could have spoken
if they wanted to.

"First a question and I want an honest answer from you Lynn." She looked
even more shocked. She hadn't thought that she was in it too. "Have you
been having sex with your brother?"

Her mouth snapped shut and I thought she was going to cry. She took a
minute to gather her thoughts and then answered honestly. "Yes ma'am."

"And you Sky. How long have you been having sex with these girls?"

" Since about a month before Kathy came to live with us." He replied,
looking down at the table.

"Are any of you having sex with anyone else?"

They all shook their heads no.

"Does anyone else know about this?"

Again they shook their heads no. But then Kathy started to cry. I could
see that she wanted to say something but was frightened.

"It's alright Kathy. Tell me what it is and I promise I will not be
angry." She looked a little relieved at that but the tears kept coming.

"My father knows I was having sex with someone but he doesn't know who.
He found out the day he raped me. That was what got him so angry."

I began to understand more now. I was about to go on when Sky

"Mom. I think it would help you understand if I showed you something." I
asked him what and he told me, "A story we wrote."

I agreed to wait and he went up to get it. It was the three part Heavy
Sleeper saga you have been reading. When he showed it to me I could see
it would take me a while to read it, so I told them all to go watch tv
or something until I called them. They went out to the living room but I
didn't hear the tv. I heard their voices and figured they were
discussing what they thought I might do.

I sat and read the whole story. I had to smile at what had started the
whole thing. I knew about Sky being a heavy sleeper but never realized
it was that bad. And Lynn. Well, like mother like daughter. Wait til she
finds out she takes after me.

As I read through the story I smiled and chuckled at some places. At
others I just shook my head in disbelief. These kids had done more in a
couple of months than most do in years. I also felt a little pride in my
son. All things considered he had behaved rather well. He had given the
girls what they wanted but made sure they understood what was going on
and that they could stop at any time. He had shown remarkable restraint
in my view.

When I reached the part about the rape I cried and felt a rage build up
in my chest. That man should be shot. But now I understood why Kathy was
reluctant to have him charged. He would no doubt tell how it all started
with him finding sperm in her butt. And then she would be blamed for
much of it as well as facing the possibility that she would have to tell
who else was involved. She was a much stronger little girl than I

As I finished reading I realized that there was one more chapter Kathy
needed to write. I had interrupted them before she had the chance to
write about the consummation of her love for Sky. I have read it since
then and I think it is beautiful. I thought about all of what I had read
and what I had seen and heard from them all. I was more proud than mad.
I was also happy for them all in spite of what had gone on. They were
good kids and it was time I told them that, and the truth about my life.

I went into the living room and joined the kids. We were all more
comfortable there. It was hard for me to get started but after a minute
I plowed ahead.

"First of all I want to tell you all that I am not angry with you. In
fact, I am very proud of the way you've handled all that has happened.
It would have been easy for things to go wrong and for one or the other
of you to take advantage of the others. But you didn't do that. At all
times you considered the other person's needs and wishes. That was very
grown up of you. Sky, I think as the oldest you had the most difficult
part in this. You did well in taking care of the girls and seeing that
they understood what was going on and how to act. I particularly like
your main rule. Always ask."

The kids just sat there with their eyes as big as saucers, staring at me
in disbelief. They were having a hard time accepting my reaction to
their activities. I continued.

"I went to see Henry today." Kathy looked puzzled. "My lawyer." I
explained. "I told him all about the rape and about your parents. He
agreed not to notify the authorities but is taking other action. He will
arrange for a new agreement to be signed giving up all parental rights
and getting them to agree to my adopting Kathy." Of course we had to
stop for a minute while I hugged Kathy and then we all hugged as she
thanked me.

"Kathy, we all love you here and we want you to be a part of this family
if that's what you want. You will have time to think about it and
make your decision later. Henry also assured me that your parents will
never show their faces in this town again. You will be safe with us, I
promise you." Kathy was crying, but from happiness so I went on.

"I will not stop you from having sex with each other. I will ask that
you be careful and when the time comes I'll arrange for birth control
pills for both you girls. I believe you will be responsible and so I
will trust you." I could see they were still in shock.

"Now I need to tell you about some things you don't know. What I'm about
to tell you will explain why I reacted the way I have. "

I took a deep breath and started my confession. "Sky, do you remember
John?" He nodded. "Lynn you and Kathy don't know who John was. For that
matter neither does Sky. John was the father of both you kids. I'm sure
you realize that, but you still do not have all the facts. Lynn, you
were just a baby and Sky, you were only about eight when John went away.
At least that's what I told you. The truth is he died in an accident. I
never told you that because you might have wondered about it. You had
heard me talk about having a brother. And you knew he died. I was afraid
if you knew John had died in an accident on the same day that my brother
did, you might put two and two together."

All three of them sat there looking very confused so I said it clearly.
"John was my brother. He and I started having sex when I was 15 years
old. He was 19 and had a job so when I got pregnant with you Sky, we
moved out of my parents house and set up a home here. We acted like a
married couple but never actually told people we were married. I think a
lot of those who knew us thought we were just living together.
Everything was fine until just after you were born Lynn. That's when he
was killed. I missed him a lot but had to make a life for you kids."

"George Jamison was a friend of ours. He helped me after John died. A
few months later he asked me to marry him and I agreed. It wasn't long
before we knew it was a mistake. George was a nice man but we just
didn't fit together. So we got a divorce. As you know I have been alone
ever since."

"When I read the story Sky gave me about how you sucked his cock while
he slept, Lynn, I had to laugh. You see it was very much like what
happened with John. I snuck into his room while he was sleeping and
slipped under the covers. I was very careful as I pulled his cock out of
his shorts and began to play with it. I had seen him naked a couple of
times and wanted to see more. I was hot for him, but he had no idea. As
I played with that wonderful tool it started to get big and hard. I was
surprised but also excited. I leaned over and kissed it. As I did John
whipped the covers off and exposed me with my hand around his cock and
my lips on the head. It scared the hell out of me just like when Sky
caught you girls."

They were smiling now as they listened. I also noticed that Sky had to
rearrange his pants and the girls were trying to rub their pussies
without anyone seeing. But I did. Telling the story was making me a
little hot too.

"John shocked me when he smiled and told me that if I wanted to give him
a blow job all I had to do was ask. So I did. Just like you girls. That
was the start of our affair. It wasn't long before we realized we were
in love and we were screwing all the time. He was a fantastic lover, and
from what I saw upstairs Sky, you take after your father." Sky blushed
at that. I guess it is a little embarrassing to have your mother talk
about your sexual ability.

"You kids did not see me watching you make love, but I was there for
some time. I saw enough to make me remember how it was with John. I must
admit it made me horny to watch you. I'm jealous of what you are getting
girls. I wish I was so lucky." When they heard that, the kids exchanged
looks and then smiled. I was sure they were up to something but I was
too slow to realize what it was.

Sky stood up, came over to me and took me in his arms. I enjoyed the
feel of his strong arms around me and held on for a minute. Then I heard
him whisper in my ear, "All you have to do is ask, Mom."

I pulled back and stared at him. Then I noticed the girls smiling too.
They both nodded their heads at the same time and said, "Ask."

I swear to you that I had no intention, as of that moment, of having sex
with my children. The thought had not entered my mind. Well maybe a
little when I was watching him screw Kathy. But it was only a fleeting
idea. I had no intention of following up on it. I thought about what Sky
had said. Could I? I had to think about a move like that. And that is
what I told them.

"Thank you for the offer, but I need to think about it. It would be a
big step for me."

It had been a very full morning and I suddenly realized I was starving,
and the kids must be too. I suggested lunch and we all went out to the
kitchen so we could continue talking while I made sandwiches and iced
tea. We sat around the table and enjoyed the break and the food. When we
finished the kids helped clean up and we all went back into the front

This time the girls were on either side of me and guided me over to the
couch. The three of us sat down close together with my arms around their
shoulders and their heads on my chest. Sky sat in the big easy chair
that had been John's. It made him look like the head of the household. I
think he liked the feeling and I must admit I liked seeing him there.

We spent the afternoon talking about all kinds of unimportant things. It
had been too long since I had taken time to talk with my kids. If I had
been better at it they might not have been so secretive about the things
they were doing. We should have shared our lives instead of just our
house. From now on that would change.

The time seemed all too short and it was soon time for dinner. But we
were together as a family for that meal, and for a pleasant evening too.
But we were all tired and I had to go to work the next day so we ended
the evening early. After our showers we called out "good night" to each
other and I climbed in my king size bed and tried to relax. I turned out
the light but couldn't get to sleep right away. I just lay there
thinking about all we had discussed that day. The sex. The adoption. The
sex. The rape. The sex. It finally dawned on me that I was thinking a
lot about the sexual activities they had told me about and that I had
read about in their stories. I was hot and I was lonely.

Before I could do anything about how I was feeling, there was a light
knock on the door. I clicked the light on as I answered. "Come in."

It was the two girls. They were wearing robes. "What's wrong? I thought
you'd be sleeping by now."

Kathy answered for both of them. "We were feeling so excited about the
adoption and the other things we talked about that we couldn't get to
sleep. Could we cuddle with you for a while?" I saw no harm in that. It
might be nice. Kind of like when Lynn was little.

I held out my arms for them and they walked over to the side of the bed.
Then, before I could say a word, they had removed their robes revealing
that they were naked under them, and jumped into my bed. They quickly
slid under the covers, one on each side of me and pressed their bodies
tightly against mine. They were warm and soft. I had to admit to myself
that it felt good. I hugged them close.

It was Lynn this time who broke the silence. "Mom, would you let us see
your breasts please? We want to see what I might look like when I grow

I am not dumb. I knew what they were doing, and I let them. I was lonely
and wanted to feel needed too. I sat up and slipped my nighty off. Now
we were all naked and pressing our bodies together. I could feel the
heat building in my cunt and in their bodies too. They each rested on
their side facing me with their heads on my breasts and one leg draped
over mine. I could feel their hot wet pussies pressing my leg. Oh God. I
wanted to feel them and have them feel me. But I resisted the
temptation. It didn't matter. Kathy took her turn to take the next step.

"Mom, can I play with your tit? It is so beautiful and soft."

I pulled her head down over my tit and felt her open her mouth to take
my nipple between her lips. I felt the shock run through me as Lynn did
the same on the other side. I was resting my hands on their heads as
they began to lick and suck on my tits. It had been years since I had
felt that special warmth a woman gets from being suckled. It was
wonderful, and it was getting me hot. It was getting the girls hot too.

They were rubbing their pussies on my legs now. And I could hear them
moaning as they did. I thought it would be very soon that we would all
cum if this kept up. But they were not stopping there. I felt two little
hands slide down my body to my mons. They ran their fingers through my
curly pubic hair. They played like that for a bit then moved down to my
cunt. They seemed to take turns without speaking. One would tickle my
cunt lips and the other would tug gently on my hair. Then they would
trade off and I would feel a different hand on my cunt.

They took their time in exploring my sex. The way they touched me and
caressed me and rubbed me was giving me feelings I had not had for
years. And I hadn't known how much I missed them. I was headed for a big
orgasm and I knew it. I needed it badly. But the girls were not getting
any attention. I tried to move my hands down to touch their butts but
they stopped me.

"This time is for you Mom. We get our turn later, Lynn informed me, as
if she was my lover and not my daughter. I let them have their way with
me. It was what I needed and they knew it better than I. And they were
very good at what they were doing too.

I relaxed and closed my eyes. My mind was in a turmoil as part of me
knew this was not supposed to happen. But part of me also knew it was
what I needed and the girls seemed to need it too. I cleared my mind and
just enjoyed what they were doing.

Both girls were still licking and sucking on my tits. My nipples had
grown and hardened and were now sticking up proudly. At the same time
they were giving more attention to my cunt too. I felt fingers all over
it. Someone was tracing around the lips and down toward my ass hole. I
felt a hand press into my slit and a little finger slide up to my clit.
Oh God that was a good feeling. I moaned and pushed my hips up trying to
get more contact with that finger as another one slipped into my
channel. Then, having gathered some moisture, it pulled out and went to
my rear hole.

There were too many sensations for me to think clearly. All I knew was I
was going to cum soon. I felt the pressure building as that finger
pushed into my ass and the other one rubbed my clit. I felt shocks in my
cunt and in my tits. It was more than I could stand and yet I wanted
more. The girls knew what to do and how to do it. They played me like a
piano, piling on the heat. I was almost there. Just a little more. "Yes!
Yes!" Almost.

And then I heard a new voice. A man asking me something. Who? What? It
took me a moment to understand. I opened my eyes and there was Sky,
standing by the bed, naked. His cock was hard and sticking up like a coat
rack. I shook my head and asked, "What?"

"I asked you if I could help." He was smiling as he spoke.

I hesitated only a moment and then said, "Yes, please. Oh please. I need
it. Help me cum."

The little hands slipped up along my belly as Sky pulled off the covers
and got on the bed. Moving between my legs, he leaned forward and kissed
my cunt. I could feel his breath on it as he reached up and parted my
labia. He got closer and then I felt the warmth of his tongue as he
licked me from bottom to top. He wasted no time in getting his tongue
into the slit and probed my hole, pushing into me and tasting my juices.
He licked up and up until he touched my clit. My whole body reacted by
tensing into a spasm.

He attacked my clit as if it were a piece of hard candy and he wanted
all the flavor he could get. He sucked on it and nibbled on it until I
was about done. It would be a big one I knew and it was coming. "Yes,
Sky. More please. More." I begged him. He obeyed his mother like a good
boy and used his tongue to explore my cunt and then my ass and then back
to my cunt. I felt him slip his tongue into my hole and press in as far
as he could reach. Oh does he have a talented tongue. And that talented
appendage worked it's magic on me sending me over the top into an orgasm
the likes of which I had not had since John died. He is his father's

As I came, my body arched up and my cunt pressed against his face. He
slowed his licking and was more gentle as I was experiencing a great
cum. He eased me over the top and down again. As he sensed I was finally
relaxing a little he moved up my body stopping to lick here and kiss
there. The girls parted and allowed him to reach my breasts. He licked
and kissed and sucked them, one after the other. But it was all very
softly. He was soon up to my face and he placed his lips on mine as a
lover would. They were warm and slick with my juices. He parted his lips
and entered my mouth with his tongue. We shared a passionate kiss.

I was still feeling the warm tingles from my orgasm when he reached down
and grasped his rigid cock and rubbed it up and down in the slit of my
cunt. As he moved it around I was enjoying the feeling of a man at my
entrance. He whispered as he held it pressed to my opening. "May I make
love to you?"

I could barely breath and so instead of answering I just thrust my hips
up at his and he was in me instantly. Having gotten the answer he wanted
he plunged in with one swift move and was all the way in. I had
forgotten how wonderful it felt to be full. To have a lover's hard cock
deep inside me. He held himself there for a moment as he looked in my
eyes. He seemed to be searching for something. I smiled and nodded my
head in approval and we started to fuck.

It had been too long for me and I was in no condition to make love. I
needed a good hard fuck and Sky was there giving it to me. We speeded up
our pounding as we smashed our pubes together. Each thrust brought my
clit against his pelvis and it was wonderful. He kept looking at my face
and could see no hesitation, just wanting.

I encouraged him. "Harder Sky. That's it lover, nice and deep. Oh yes it
is so good." He responded by leaning in for a kiss. I was climbing up
that slope again and just then I felt the little hands on my tits again
and kisses all over my chest. The girls each put their mouth next to an
ear and whispered to me.

"We love you Mom. We all love you and want you to be happy. Enjoy it
Mom. Feel it build. Love it like we do."

That seemed to be the trigger. I went off like a bomb. My body was as
rigid as a steel rod as I came and came. And just as I thought I was as
high as I could go, I felt Sky push in as far as he could and start to
pump me full of his sperm. I could feel the heat from it and I could
feel it spilling out of me. As old as I am I guess the inactivity had
tightened my cunt and there was not much room for anything besides that
wonderful cock of his. We both held on and did not move for what seemed
like an age. Then as one we let go and relaxed. I was dazed and still
felt the overall warmth of a great orgasm as I came down.

Sky moved over to the side as he softened and slipped out of me. Kathy
just managed to get out of the way so he could rest on the bed next to
me. I glanced down and was amazed to see her down at his crotch licking
his cock clean. She licked it like a lollipop and then sucked it into
her mouth. She held it there for a second and then Sky gently pushed her
away. "Let me rest, my love. I am too sensitive right now."

Kathy looked a little disappointed but accepted his word and moved up to
put her arms around him. We all just lay there holding each other. It
was a sharing of love that I had never imagined I could experience after
John had died. Thank you John for these wonderful, loving children that
are so much like you.

I didn't realize I had said it out loud but I guess I must have because
all three of my children replied. "Thank you Mom. Thank you for sharing
your love with us." And that was the last I heard that night. We all
drifted off to sleep. It was the best night's sleep any of us had
experienced in a long time.

Well, that is the story. Kathy's adoption has been finalized and she is
now my daughter. She and her brother Sky, sleep together in his bed most
of the time. But I'm not left out. On any given night one or more of
them may be in my bed too. We lucked out as far as pregnancy is
concerned. I was a little worried at first, since I was not on the pill
and Sky had not used a condom. I mean, come on. Who had time? But now
both the girls and I are on the pill.

We are a very happy family and see no reason that it should change any
time soon. Sky wants to marry Kathy when she is older and we will have
to figure a way for that to happen. But that is in the future. For now
Sky and I work and the girls go to school. He may go to college later
but he didn't want to leave us right now.

Oh yes. One more thing. Sky is still a very heavy sleeper and he never
knows what he will find when he wakes up. You see we don't have to ask
any more. We all know the answer is yes.

The end of chapter 12 and the series.

Uncle Sky