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   Family Love, A New Age Families New Life Style: This is a continuing
story about how a guy grew up and first had a incestuous relationship with
his younger sister, during their teen years.  How his wife found out about
his relationship with his sister years later by accident and how his own
family, (wife, son & daughter) slowly and surely became involved in
practicing incest.  As time went by more and more people became aware and

   Chapter #1.  The Beginning: First of all Kim and I got married right
after she got out of high school.  Soon afterwards she got pregnant.  I was
21 at the time. As you know, I had my first sexual experience with my
little sister when I was 16 and she was 13.  We both lost our cherries to
each other and that was the most memorable time I have ever had.  I
continued having sex with my sister till she got married and moved out of
state when she got married at the age of 19. During the first year of my
marriage to Kim, I was still having sex about once every two weeks with my
little sister.  My wife Kim knew nothing about us (my sister and I) This
continued till just two days before my sisters wedding and that night was
the last time I have had sex with her. My wife did not find out about my
sexual involvement with my sister till after Nancy was about 6 years old. I
was 29 at the time.  Kim was 26.  It happened all by accident.  I have a
footlocker in the spare bedroom closest.  I told her that I keep some gun
stuff in it and that is why it is always locked, for safety reasons.  Well
in this foot locker I have amassed quite a large collection of books and
magazines on the subject of incest.  I often retreat to that spare bed room
which is now kind of my office at home.  I have my computer and all sorts
of stuff there.  It is like my own private office or den.  I often go there
and open up my foot locker and read my incest books and magazines in peace
there.  If everyone is out of the house, I will freely strip down and
masturbate to the stories I read involving family members who enjoy having
sex with each other, and also relive the moments I shared with my sweet
little sister.  I also have about 500 black and white photos and maybe
about 1000 color slides our my sister and myself in all sorts of poses.  I
developed them myself in my own darkroom.  I have pictures of us when she
was just 13 and I was 16 all the way up till she was 19.  I also have a
private mail box at the post office where I receive my sexual related mail.
I get about three incest magazines every other month.  I am always antsy to
receive them and read the new stories and letters of other family members
who are still enjoying or just started to enjoy the excitement and thrill
of fucking a family member. My personal favorites are mostly brother/sister
incest or father/daughter incest, more so now, that I am a proud father to
a beautiful daughter.  I also like the stories of entire families that join
in together for family sex.  I often dreamed what it would really be like
to live and grow up in a loving family, where incest was openly practiced.
I mean being a young boy and being able to have sex with your mom and your
sisters when ever the urge hit you would be heaven, not to mention being
the father who would be able to not only fuck your wife but to have sex
with your daughter or daughters is just to much to hope for. Anyway I got
sloppy and I some how forgot to lock my footlocker one time.  I mean I was
always careful about that.  Never in the 8 years of marriage to Kim did I
forget to lock it, but needless to say, I forgot and shit hit the fan.
That next night. Kim kind of seemed to be upset when I got home from work
that evening and she would not say much.  Well Kim went to bed early and I
was the last one to go to bed and after I got out of the shower and came
into the master bed room.  I pulled back the bed covers to get in on my
side of the bed and there was my newest copy of "Family Fun" incest
magazine, starring up at me.  I immediately though to myself, "OH
SHIT!!!!!!" I reach down and pick it up and then my wife Kim turns over and
looks up at me with death in her eyes.  I just stood there and didn't say a
thing.  Kim then said, "Do you mind telling me what this is all about?" I
swallow hard and reply, "What do you mean, I ......." "Don't give me that
shit, MY GOD Mike, that is all about incest!" she shot back at me.  I try
my best to reply by saying, "Honey, it is just a magazine nothing more."

   "Oh just a magazine Huh, so do you want to tell me, did you .....  have
you .....  you have done this type of thing?" she asked me.  I once again
swallowed hard and sit down on the bed and turned to face her and looked
down at her and was silent, I guess for too long because she then said,
"WELL ??  Who did you fuck?  Your sister Kristy?  Your cousins?  Maybe your
own mom Joan?" She was getting more pissed by the second and I did not know
what to do or say.  I replied, "Kim, Listen to me, it is not what you
think." She then sit up in the bed and then cut loose on me.  "NOT WHAT I
THINK, NOT WHAT I THINK!!!!!, Then tell me what to think, AM I LIVING WITH

   "Kim please, I don't know what to say except I'm sorry, I never intended
to hurt you or our family, I just read them that's is all, I have never
done anything to anyone against their will or anything like that." Kim then
replied, "Well I'm still waiting for the answer to my last question you
failed to answer, so who in your family did you fuck?  and when?  are you
still fucking them?  or what?" I lower my head in shame and say, "Kim it is
not like that OK?" "OH .........  , SO YOU HAVE FUCKED SOMEONE IN YOUR OWN

   I repeat myself and say again, "Kim ...  It is not like that at all."
she then sits back against the head board on her side of the bed and says,
"OK, Tell me then, how is it really?  or maybe I should ask you, how was
it? Kim went on to say, "I just can't believe all this time I though I
really knew you and we shared everything together and then I find this
shit. I guess I don't really know you and maybe I don't want to really know
you since I found this." Kim paused for a few seconds and I did not reply
so she continued and said, "Mike that entire footlocker has nothing but
junk with the subject of incest.  I might have understood if it was just
one magazine, but there is over 100 things in there on nothing but incest."
Kim was on a roll and kept going, "From what I can tell you must really
like the idea of incest and fucking someone in your own family to have that
much stuff on incest." Then she went quit and then exploded again and said,
"OH MY GOD!!!!  NICK & NANCY!!!" I then replied, "NO KIM!!!  NO!!  I would
never dream of doing something like that to them!" "Your GOD DAMN Right, if
I find out other wise, I will send you to hell personally!!!" She snapped
back at me.  Then she settled back against the headboard and looked at me
and then kind of relaxed.  She then said in a quitter tone, "OK .......
I'm still waiting!" I sit more fully on the bed and got as comfortable as
possible and looked at her and said, "I will tell you this only if you
promise to listen to the whole story first, OK?" She did not say a thing.
so I continued. "Yes ..........  I have had sex with a family member, but
it is not like what you think it is.  First of all it is or was ......  I
mean ........  It was with Kristy.  We were both very young.  I mean ......
I'm sure you played doctor with your own brothers or neighborhood kids when
growing up.  That is what happened with Me and Kristy." Kim then said, "Yea
.....  and it went way to far.  Mike how could you?  My God, she is your
own sister for god's sake!" I pause and then say, "Yes, it did go to far
but, at the time we were just experimenting.  We both knew it was naughty
and dirty to play doctor and see each other nude and at the same time we
did it just because we knew it was wrong and we didn't get caught.  We both
shared the risk and excitement and in a way it was our own private joke
against mom and dad." "So how old were you and how old was Kristy the first
time?" She asked.  She was a little more relaxed.  "Well .....  you mean
........?" I hesitated.  "You mean the first time all the way .......  ?"
She just looked at mean and said, "Yes, The first time you fucked her!" in
a lower madder tone. "I was 16 and she was 13." I slowly and shamefully
admitted to my lovely wife Kim. I paused for a second or two and then
continued with my confession.  "Kim ....  You have to understand, I was not
the hottest young guy around girls, I was kind of shy and intimidated by
them.  I didn't know them and was shy and unsure around them.  I guess I
turned to my sister for the simple fact that she would not make fun of me
and run off and tell all her friends like I know some of the girls my age
would have done to me." I replied and then slowly looked up at Kim and then
looked back down and continued.  "I mean it is really tough on a young boy
and have to learn about sex.  You have to learn sooner or later and there
are times that you wish you could just die.  Kids are pretty rough on each
other when growing up." I looked back up at my wife and asked, "How about
you?  How did you fell the first time you went all the way with a guy?" Kim
replied after a short pause, "You are the one who is to be explaining
things not me." "OK .....  I bet you were just a little nervous, thinking
to yourself, what if he starts laughing at my small tits?, or what if I
can't go through with it once I'm completely naked?, what if he can't get
into me?, or worse yet, what if I bleed all over the place?, or maybe I
can't quite crying because of the pain?, How many people and friends is he
going to tell about what all he did to me?, See what I mean?" She was quit
and didn't say anything.  I knew she was thinking back on her first time. I
was quit for just a spell and then continued. "Well ......  Let me tell you
it is a whole lot worse for a guy than it is for a girl or at least it
seemed that way for me.  If I would have done it with a school girl, what
would of happened if she said for me to get naked first and then saw my
cock and started laughing at it and me?  Did or would she know more about
sex than I did?  What if she talked to her close girl friends about me and
how small my little cock was?  What if I came all over her before I got it
inside of her?  I mean, I would be ruined for life because I didn't know
what or how to do it." I took a breather from my story and looked once more
up at Kim to see her reaction and then I continued my story. "Can you
imagine going to school and walking down the hall and have all of those
girls stare at you and know that they are all laughing at you because you
have a little cock and you don't know the first thing about sex, let alone
how to really please a girl." I stopped for a few seconds to gather more of
my thoughts and continued once again.  "Look Kim, I know everybody has to
learn and do it for the first time, but in my mind I did not want to be the
laughing stock of my school ......  so I though of another plan .......
Kristy and I have always been best friends first and brother and sister
second, so I just thought maybe if I could learn something from her first,
I would not look so much like a real nerd when the right time came with a
girlfriend." I looked directly into my wife's eyes and said, "Kim?  Can you
see my point at least at that stand point?  as a young kid who is scared of
making a fool of himself in public and with my school friends?" Kim was a
whole lot more quitter and more relaxed and said, "Yes, I can see your
point there but still, with your own sister?  How could you?  So tell me
.......  I want to hear the whole thing from start to finish of that first
time." I took in another deep breath and said, "Kim it did not happen all
at once like that, it happened over about a three week period." She
adjusted herself more comfortable on the bed and said in even a more
soothing tone, "That's OK, I want to hear it all." I thought to myself for
a couple of seconds and decided to go for broke, so to speak and said, "OK
....  Well Kristy and I started talking about boyfriends and girlfriends
and things like that.  Well, before long she said she was kind of scared
because her breasts were not as big as the other girls in her class and I
said, I think they look fine to me ......  at least from what I can see of
them.  Well ....  I ended up talking her into taking off her shirt and
letting me see her breasts.  They were really nice, I really liked them
.....  I guess that is why I like small breasts today because my sister had
small breasts too." I looked back up at Kim and smiled slightly and then
told her more about me and my sister.  "Well before to long she let me
touch them and feel them.  After awhile I asked her if I could see her
pussy.  She said NO!!!!  Well after more touching and feeling I asked her
if I could kiss her breasts because I heard that all girls like to have
there breasts kissed.  At first she said, no, but I kind of kept after her
and pretty soon she let me kiss her breasts.  I did this for a while and
then I slid one of my hands down and tried to feel her up while she had her
shorts on.  At first she keep pulling my hands away and saying, no, but
pretty soon she let me touch her that way, right between the legs, of
course she still had her shorts on, but still, that was the first time I
ever coped a feel from a girl, between her legs." I didn't look up at Kim
but took a breath and continued with my story. "A couple days later we had
the afternoon to ourselves and the house was empty.  So before long we were
in her room and I started talking about french kissing and if she knew
anything about it or how to do it.  Well, I also learned how to french kiss
with my sister." This time I looked up at Kim and once again tried to put
on a smile and also look at her to see what her reaction was, to me french
kissing my own little sister. Kim was silent and just kind of looked at me
so I once again looked down at the bed and continued with my confession of
seducing and making incestuous love to my little sister.  "While we were
french kissing or at least trying to learn from each other I started to
feel her breasts up again and ask her to take her top off so that I could
see and feel them and kiss them.  At first she didn't want to but then she
did take her top off.  Well needless to say I was learning about sex and
how to kiss and feel a girl up so that at least the girls at school would
not make fun of me if I tried that on them." I smiled at Kim and kind of
lifted my shoulder up and let them fall type jester.  I just keeping going
with my story to my wife Kim as she just sit on her side of the bed and
just looked at me and listened. For the first time since I got home Kim
actually smiled at me and said, "AND?" She opened her eyes and lifted her
eye brows and had a smirk type smile on her face.  It was the Kim I was use
to having and being around. So I moved down on the bed and laid down and
turned on my side facing her.  I laid my head down on the two pillows on my
side.  All I was wearing was my pajama bottoms.  I laid the incest magazine
down between us.  I saw her look down at the magazine for a short second
before looking back at me.  The cover had a picture of a 18 or 19 year old
girl with medium length hair, a beautiful tan, topless and her breasts were
about size 36-B with erect nipples and a tan line were her swimming top use
to be.  She was wearing a G String bottom and you could tell she was shaved
or at least trimmed very close.  The big cover print was "Sizzling Summer
Sibling Sex" in smaller type it said, "Brothers and Sisters SHARE ALL &
TELL ALL". I continued with my story. "Well after about ten minutes of this
I once again slid my hand down and started to touch her again between the
legs.  She was again wearing shorts.  This time she did not pull my hand
away.  So I was actually feeling up my sister and I was getting turned on.
I had a hard on.  After awhile I tried to slide my hand down her waist band
of her shorts and she broke away from our french kiss and said, "Uhn Ugn."
I looked at her and said in a rejected tone, "Come on Kristy!?  I just want
to see you that's all." She then said, "No!" I replied by saying, "Oh come
on Kristy!!".  She shocked me by saying, "You have seen my tits, but I
haven't seen anything of you!  That's not fair!!" I took another breath and
continued with the story. "Well I though about it for a second and thought,
I will take my clothes off first and maybe she will then take hers off.
Then I thought about it some more and thought maybe she will laugh at me
when she sees my little cock and sees that it is all hard.  I really didn't
know what to do.  I really wanted to see her naked but I didn't know if I
could do the same and let her see me naked with a little hard on." I look
over at Kim and said, "Kim when I was 16, I had one of the smallest cocks
in my school class, I mean in P.E.  Class, we all had to shower together
and boys being boys, we were all kind of looking at each other and sizing
each of us up against the other.  You know what I mean?", I asked Kim and
looked back up at her. Kim lifted up and then pushed her covers back to the
foot of the bed and then laid down and turned on her side like I was and
got more relaxed.  She smiled and looked at me and said, "Yea, It was the
same way with us girls in P.E., we were comparing breast size and also the
amount of hair on each others pussy too." Then she kind of asked in a
almost excited voice, "So what happened next?" It was like she was really
antsy to hear more of the story on how I fucked my own sister. The more I
thought about it I started to get hard and she even looked down to my
crotch area and then looked back up at me. I continued my incestuous story
of me and my little 13 year old sister Kristy. "Well I then took the plunge
and said to Kristy, "OK I will take all of my clothes off if you promise to
take all of your clothes right after me." Kristy was quit for a few
seconds, she was having to think about this one.  Then she said, "OK, but
put all of clothes over by the bathroom door, just in case mom and dad come
home early you can pick them up and run into the bathroom and then through
the other door to your room." I was really shocked to hear that and was
also amazed at just how smart my sister really was at 13, to think ahead
like that." Kim laughed at my last comment and said, "Well you guys usually
just have one thing on your mind once you have a hard on." I was really
pleased to see Kim really acting like herself now and that caused me to
relax a whole lot more.  At the same time my cock was now almost fully hard
and I saw her glance down at it several times while I was telling my story.
"Well I got up from Kristy's bed and started to strip by the bathroom door
like Kristy suggested.  I got down to my underwear and started to hesitate.
Kristy was sitting up on her bed taking in the whole sight and spectacle. I
had a hard on and I didn't know if I should turn around and take my shorts
off or just bend down and do it right in front of her." I paused for a
second and continued by saying, "Kristy noticed my hesitation and said,
"You first remember." I looked over at my wife and then continued with the
story. "Well I think I took a deep breath like I was going to jump into the
deep end of a pool of water and bent part way down and slid my shorts down
and off and stood back up straight.  There I was, I was 5' 2" weighing only
103lbs standing straight up facing my sister totally naked with a 4 1/2 to
5 inch pencil thin dick sticking almost straight up against my belly.  I
think I was still holding my breath because my face felt so hot, I bet my
face turned a hundred shades of red.  I was also waiting for Kristy to
start laughing at me and pointing at my pencil thin dick and start rolling
around on her bed laughing and pointing at my thin hard dick.  Well she
didn't do any of those things and she just looked at me I could see her
eyes travel from head to toe and back up again and stop in the middle and
just stared at my hard cock sticking up.  It seemed like five minutes
before I took my next breath.  I calmed down enough to walk over to her bed
and sit down next to her." It was once again time for me to take a breath
and relive that moment that happened so long ago but it seemed like it just
happen last week. I can still picture that event in my mind so clearly like
it was a film on replay and I could see every detail so clearly. I then
continued with the story by saying, "I looked at her, but she had her head
bent down looking at my cock since it was now only about 18 to 20 inches
from her.  I then swallowed my mouth full of cotton and said, "OK YOUR TURN
REMEMBER?" She just sit there for a few seconds and I though wildly that
she was going to chicken out on me or maybe mom and dad would walk through
the front door down stairs.  My hearing was tuned to hear a car door slam
at 6 miles I think.  My eardrums were humming and my heart was beating
about 200 miles an hour." I looked up at Kim again, most of the time I was
telling her this story of Kristy and me, I was looking down between us and
there was that incest magazine, staring up at me.  I guess I was staring at
it for support or maybe a focal point.  I would have never have been able
to tell her the story, if I had to keep looking directly at her.  I caught
her also staring at the magazine also.  She broke her eye contact and again
looked at my crotch and by this time my cock was completely hard to say the
least.  She then looked back up at me eye to eye and for the first time
today, I caught a naughty sparkle in her eyes.  I smiled at her.  Kim
returned the smile and softly and almost sexily ask me, "Well?  What
happened next did she strip for you?" I nodded my head and said, "Yes but
it took her a little while to get up off the bed and start." "She already
had her top off and all that was left was her shorts and panties.  She was
facing me when she took her shorts off and then hesitated like she was
going to turn around or maybe even worse chicken out.  But luckily she went
ahead and simply put her finger in the sides of her panties and kind of
wiggled her hips from side to side and she slid them down slowly.  She kind
of put her legs together and then her panties was past her ....  pussy and
then she kind of opened her legs slightly and they just fell the rest of
the way to the floor.  Then she just stepped out of them." "I sit up almost
straight and my cock got harder and my heart beat faster as I looked at my
little sister Kristy totally naked at 13.  I though to myself she was
totally beautiful!!!" "I then stood up as she was beginning to walk toward
the bed but I stopped her and we stood face to face looking at each other
and we were also looking down at each other.  I kind of leaned forward and
bent my head down to kiss her and she lifted head up to meet me half way.
We kissed and broke apart and again looked at each other.  Then we once
again leaned forward and kissed again this time I put my arms around her
and step in closer to her and we embraced and kissed like a girlfriend and
boyfriend standing up." "My hard pencil thin little cock then touched the
soft warm belly and pelvis area of my own sister.  I mean we were totally
nude standing up against each other and kissing like real lovers would!" I
again stopped my story telling and looked at Kim, she was once again
looking at my hard on in my pajamas and then she looks up at me when I
stopped talking.  I said to my wife Kim, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to be so
graphic, I guess I should stop.  I think you get the picture." Kim's eyes
got wide and she quickly said, "No I want to hear the whole thing!" I look
deep into her eyes and ask, "Do you want me to be graphic about it or do
you just want to hear me say, I'm guilty, I fucked my own sister?" Kim
responded by saying, "No I want to hear all the details I don't care how
graphic you are!!" I smiled, thinking to myself that she is actually
getting turned on by this, hearing me talk about the first time with my own
sister.  Just think she was ready to shoot me and feed me to the dogs less
that 30 minutes ago. I smile at her and say, "OK but under one condition. I
want you to take your nighty and panties off!!" She looked at me with a
smirk I have grown to love and she replied, "OK, But you first!!!" "OK
DEAL", I said and I smiled back at her.  I laid on my back and lifted my
hips up and slid my pajama bottoms off.  It was then that I noticed a wet
spot were my hard on was leaking and formed a wet spot on my pajama bottoms
which soaked all the way through.  My hard on popped up, once free of the
pajama bottoms.  I threw them off on the side of the bed and rolled over to
face her and smiled and said, "OK YOUR TURN HONEY!" Kim sit up on the bed
and then put her feet on the floor and stood up and almost did a sexy
little strip for me as she took her top off and I noticed that her nipples
were rock hard and sticking straight out.  She then dropped her top to the
floor and then did the same thing my little sister did the first time, so
many years ago, but as fresh in my memory as though it just happened
yesterday.  My lovely and sexy wife Kim put her fingers in the waistband
top of her panties and started to wiggle her hips from side to side as she
slowly lower them.  Once they were past the widest part of her hips and
thighs she opened her legs and they silently slid to the floor.  Kim's
pussy back then had a full bush mostly above her pussy slit.  Hardly any
hair on her sides near her pussy lips and none below.  She then crawled
sexily back into bed and she made the first move to come near me and
actually bent forward to kiss me.  I reached out and grabbed her and pulled
her down and kissed her long and hard.  I hesitantly reached for her
breasts and touched them lightly to she if she was going to let me or if
she was going to pull back and reject me for trying to put the moves on her
after our talk.  She not only let me feel her, but she reached down and
gripped my hard cock and slowly stroked it a couple of times.  I then reach
down and placed my hand on her sex mound and touched her pussy lips.  I was
almost in shock when I felt how wet and moist she was.  She was actually
turned on by my story of me fucking my own sister. She broke the kiss and
laid down closer to me and pulled her pillows over closer so that we were
laying side by side.  She still had a grip on my cock and I still had my
hand on her pussy.  The incest magazine was now touching both of us and
still between us.  I looked down at it and then back up her .  She also
looked down at it and then back up at me and she lend forward and kissed me
once more and pulled back and said, "So what happened next?" She then
started to slowly stroke my cock.  I replied, "Kim, I truly LOVE YOU with
all my heart." She smiled and said, "I know, I love you too, so what did
you do to your little sister next?" "Well .....  we were still standing and
I backed away about a half step so that there was a gap between us and
while I was still kissing her I reached down and touched her pussy for the
first time.  She had a small growth of sandy blond pussy hair mostly above
her slit just like you have." "I kind of slid through her small bush and
laid my hand to rest on her pussy mound.  Covering it with my whole hand.
My middle finger ran down her grooved pussy slit." "Like this." I said to
my naked and wet wife, Kim, I then reenacted my motion on Kim's pussy.  and
then said, "See?" Kim's eyes went half way closed and felt my hand do the
same thing to her, as I did to my own little 13 year old sister so many
years ago.  All my wife could say was, "Uummm!!!" So as I continued the
story I repeated the moves I did to my sister almost 13 years ago. Kim just
kind of laid back and relaxed to hear my story with half closed eyes while
I copied my moves and explained in full graphic detail of my sister Kristy
and I together, committing incest. "While I was still kissing my sister
Kristy and one of my hands was on her pussy I reached up and got one of
Kristy's hands and guided it down to my rock hard pencil thin dick.  When
she first felt it, she broke our french kiss and immediately looked down at
it like it might bite her.  But then she slowly and hesitantly reached out
and touched it by herself.  I let go of her hand and watched her as she
slowly felt my cock.  Along the side then the other side and up and down
it's length.  She gripped it slowly and squeezed it to see if it felt as
hard as it looked." Kim then said through half closed eyes, "Like this?"
She was beginning to take the part of my sister 13 years ago.  All I could
say then was, "Oh yea, like that." Kim then said, "Uumm keep going .....
uumm .....  What happened then?" I continued my story by saying, "Well I
ran my middle finger up and down her slit like this and we ended up kissing
again.  I also felt that she was beginning to get moist.  We were kind of
moving and weaving around like we both might fall down so I kind of guided
her to her bed and we both laid down together on her bed.  When she was
laid down in the middle of the bed I laid next her on my side like I am now
but I was raised up on my elbow and kind of looking down at her.  I leaned
down and kissed her again. We really got to be quite good at french kissing
that afternoon in her room." I continued once again. "Any way .......
While I was kissing her I was rubbing her pussy up and down more.  Her
hands were at her sides and she opened her legs just a little.  To give me
more room to move around down by her pussy." I stopped for a second and
looked at my wife with her half closed eyes.  She was really enjoying my
story now and she was also enjoying what I was doing to her. I then
continued with my story. "When she did that, Her pussy kind of opened up
some and she was really kind of wet then.  My middle finger was sliding on
her slick juices, really easy now.  We did this for about four or five
minutes and then I kind of stopped and asked her to spread her legs.  I
moved from her side and she spread her legs about 18 inches apart.  I then
kind of crawled down lower so that I could really look at her pussy up
close.  It was really beautiful!  I mean, I never seen a real pussy up
close.  Well, I mean I had seen pictures of naked women and even pictures
of people fucking in all sorts of positions." "My dad had a magazine I
found out in a box in the garage and it had about 150 pages of different
people fucking and sucking and doing all sorts of things.  Each page had
maybe about 9 or 12 pictures on the page.  Some pages had just one full
page picture or maybe the next page had 3 or 4 pictures on the page.  They
were all different.  It was really wild.  This magazine was my favorite.
It had very few words.  Well, needless to say that became my sex bible on
what men and women do when they have sex and fuck." "Any way.  While I was
looking at her pussy up close I was also touching her and running my finger
along her slit.  Well by this time we had spent about an hour doing this
from the time we both got naked." "I had an idea and got up off the bed and
said to my little sister laid out in the middle of her bed, "Wait here!, I
have something I want to get and show you.  OK?" She was really relaxed and
kind of in a daze and just said, "OK."" "Well, I ran into my room and
opened up my closet door and dug in one of my boxes and pulled out the
magazine that had all the pictures in and ran back into Kristy's room.  It
was really kind of funning because my little pencil thin hard cock was
bouncing all the way to my room and then all the way back to her room.  I
came back into her room and she rolled over on her side, like us now and I
placed the magazine between us and opened it up." "The inside cover picture
was nothing but a big hard cock which took up almost 1/3 of the page and
the rest of the picture was of a women's face with her mouth open and she
had about 1/4 to 1/3 of that hard cock in her mouth.  Her eyes were looking
upward, like see was looking at the face of person who's cock this belonged
to." "The inside page #1.  Had I think about 3 or 4 smaller pictures of
different people fucking in 3 or 4 different positions.  All of them showed
the cock part way or all the way inside the woman's pussies." "We took our
time and slowly paged through the book and making small talk about what the
people looked like or what position they were in or how big that cock was
or how big those tits were or small tits or small cocks." "It was kind of
divided up into sections.  first part was different types or positions on
fucking, the next section was on oral sex and we both looked at that kind
of slow.  Kristy had never heard or seen, that some girls or women put a
man's or boy's cock into her or their mouth.  She made a few comments about
that and how ukky that must be.  I told her that a lot of girls and women
do that and they like it.  Well, she looked at me like I was totally
crazy." "The next section was a combination of come shots from fucking to
oral sex.  Kristy really said, "that was really gross", but I let her turn
the pages because I knew the magazine by heart.  She kind of went slow and
studied each picture for quite some time before turning to the next page."
"Well, after we looked at the whole magazine together we kind of knew that
is was getting late and we should get our clothes back on because we knew
mom and dad would show up sooner or later.  so we ended that day by kissing
one last time and with me feeling her pussy again and her gripping my cock
once more." I stopped for a few seconds and took a breather and then an
idea came to me. I looked over at my lovely wife Kim and said, "Kim?, If
you are interested, I still have that picture book that I showed to Kristy.
I mean if you want, I could get it and show you what Kristy and I looked at
that afternoon?" Kim looked over at me and her eyes got big and I could see
the sparkle of lust, shine in her eyes and she smiled and said, "Really!!?
You still have that magazine?" I smiled back at my wife and said, "Yes, I
still have it but I will warn you now that it is pretty worn and the
corners are kind of bent and it is not as clean as it once was, you know? I
mean it is over 13 years old and it had seen an awful lot of action over
the years." Kim was more than excited, that I would keep something like a
porn magazine for over 13 years and she replied by say, "Yea!!!  I would
love to see what turned you and your sister on so much 13 years ago to have
caused both of you to do each other.  Where is it?" I responded by saying,
"Wait right here and I'll be back in a flash!!" Before I got up off the bed
I leaned over and kissed my adorable, lovely, sexy and turned on wife and
then got up off the bed and rushed out our bedroom and down the hall to the
spare bedroom and turned on the light and opened up the closest door and
turned on the closest light and then naked, I kneeled down and opened up
the footlocker and got the magazine I had gotten over 13 years ago to show
my sister. It then dawned on me that for some strange reason it felt like
things were happened all over again, kind of like history repeating itself
once again. I stood back up and once again I noticed that strange feeling
come over me again and that was then that I looked down and saw that I was
totally naked just as before 13 years ago and I also had a hard on but at
least this time my cock was at least a little bigger than when I was just
16 years old. Thank God for small favors. I then closed the footlocker and
turned off the closest light and walked over to turn off the spare bedroom
light, but before I turned off the bedroom light I noticed movement out in
the hall. I paused for a second or two and then my eyes could see in the
darkened hall that it was my 6 year old daughter, Nancy looking at me
totally naked and I then turned off the light and walked up to her in the
dark hall and asked her, "What are you doing up?" Young little Nancy just
replied, "Sorry Daddy, but I have to go to the bathroom." I then said, "OK,
but hurry up and get back into bed and go to sleep." Nancy walked into the
bathroom and she turned on the bathroom light and my naked body with it's
hard on and precome leaking from my cock head was clearly visible to her
staring eyes. I noticed that she was looking at me more than I wanted her
to and I started to walk off to my bedroom and went through and closed the
door. Once back into my bedroom, I got back up on the bed and got back into
position on the bed next to Kim and handed the magazine to her and she took
it and said, "Who was up?" I replied that it was Nancy and she just sort of
looked at me and then we both started to get back into the mood of things.
Kim started to look through the magazine and she looked over at me and
said, "So, What happened next with you and your sister?" I then started to
continue my story and all the while Kim was slowly paging through the old
porn magazine.

   "We didn't get any free time to ourselves and an empty house for two
weeks.  Then mom and dad said they were going to visit some of their
friends in another town and they were going to leave early in the morning
on Saturday and would not be back till almost dark or just after dark."
"When Mom and Dad said that, I know that both Kristy and I were on the same
wave length so to speak.  We were once again going to do something naughty
while mom and dad were gone.  They told us about this on Tuesday night.
and I could not sleep that night just thinking what might or could happen
that whole day mom and dad were gone." "Kristy and I both knew what the
other was thinking but we never really said anything to each other about it
all during the rest of the week." "Well Saturday morning came and they left
at 6:00a.m.  in the morning.  But they thought, they should wake us up and
make us come down for breakfast in our pajamas and wave goodbye to them as
they drove off.  Kristy and I both complained that we just wanted to sleep
through the whole mess.  Well, We all ended up around the breakfast table
mom and dad dressed.  Kristy and I in our pajamas.  Kristy and I didn't eat
much." "We had to go through the whole nine yards of here are phone numbers
to call if something should happen and this and that and all that kind of
stuff." I paused to take a break from my story and looked over at Kim and
she was looking at each picture carefully before turning the page. She
noticed that I had stopped telling my story and she looked up from the
magazine and looked at me. I then took that look on her face as a sign to
continue with my story so I continued. "Yes, Kristy and I both stood in
front of the front door and waved to mom and dad as they both drove off.
They honked their horn and then they were gone for the rest of the day till
dark." "I locked the front door and Kristy was already heading up the
stairs and her room is first.  Well, she went in her room and crawled back
into bed and pulled the covers up over her and was preparing to go back to
sleep." "I on the other hand, had other things in mind.  I followed her
into her bed room and when she was in bed pulling the cover up, I took hold
of the covers and started to get in bed with her.  She looked at me like I
was crazy and said, "What are you doing?" I responded and said, "I what to
sleep in bed with you." She then said, "Hey they might come back you know?"
I said I doubt it, besides we will hear them if they do." "Well she let me
bed with her and I slid over next to her.  She was facing away from me so I
slide up and slid my body right up next to her warm body.  I was already
beginning to get a hard on just by doing this.  I put my arm over the top
of her and laid it there for awhile.  Then I started to move it around and
start feeling her tits through her pajamas.  Well, she started to make
objections about it and how she wanted to sleep some more." "I replayed,
"Kristy?  Lets get naked and sleep that way OK?" Right off the bat she
said, "NO Way." Well I talked to her some more and finally she said, "OK, I
give up!  I'll do it if you would just be quite and let me sleep some
more." I though to myself "ALRIGHT!!!  YES!!!" Well, she took her pajamas
off while still under the covers and then I did the same thing." Kim looked
up from the magazine and smiled and said, "You horny little bastard, I
could just see you doing that to your sister.  You have always been horny
and eager for sex ever since I knew you." We both laughed and Kim playfully
reached down and grabbed a hold of my hard cock and gave it a few strokes
and then looked up at me and said, "So, what happened next?" "I scooted up
next to her once again, in the same position and this time my hard little
cock was in the crack of her ass and one arm laying over the top of her
holding one of her small breasts in my hand.  It was really wild, I was
turned on by being totally naked next to my sister but some how we both
went to sleep." Kim laughed and said to me, "I can't believe you went to
sleep with a hard on!  You never go to sleep with me with a hard on!" I
laughed at her comment and said, "Really it is the truth, I really went to
sleep with a hard on." "So what happened next?", Kim replied. I continued
my incestuous love story. "I woke up first and Kristy was laying flat on
her back still fast asleep.  I pulled the light cover down to expose her
breasts.  I watched her sleep and watched the swell of her chest as she
slowly breathed.  I then pulled the covers down till I could see her pussy
clearly and fully exposed to my lustful look.  Her legs were slightly
parted and I bent down and looked more closely at my sisters pussy.  I then
completely removed the bed cover and throw it on to the floor at the foot
of the bed.  She was now totally exposed to my stare." "I carefully reached
out and lightly touched her pussy.  I was mostly just touching her bush
feeling the fine, soft hairs.  I began petting her bush like I would pet
and stroke a cat or dog.  Then I began to trail my touch further down to
her pussy slit and then way down to the bottom of her slit.  Lightly at
first then slowly adding more pressure as I became more turned on at the
thought of feeling up my totally naked and fully exposed little sister that
was only 13.  I was not in a rush because we had all day.  I looked at the
clock and it was 9:30am so I though to myself, "WOW I have another twelve
hours to have fun and not have to worry about mom and dad." "As I began to
stroke her more and left her pussy and started on her small shy mounds.  I
actually saw and watched my little sister's nipples go from being totally
flat and soft to erect little nipples that grew before my eyes.  I will
never forget that for as long as I live." "After her nipples got totally
hard and stuck straight up in the air, she kind of moved a little and
murmured to herself and her legs spread just a bit further apart.  I then
moved my hand down once again to her pussy and began to stroke her some
more." "Well before long she was getting moist and wet again like she did
the last time.  She moved some more and spread her legs apart almost three
feet apart.  That was the most I have ever seen her spread her legs for me
and not only that she was still asleep." "She was really wet and I slid my
middle finger along her wet, juicy slit and then I slid my middle finger
down her grove almost to the bottom of her slit and her slit just kind of
opened up and my middle finger was at her opening.  I slid my finger gently
into her to just my first knuckle and was surprised when Kristy lifted her
hips up and moved them around and murmured some more.  I slide a little
deeper into her pussy hole, now up to the second joint of my middle finger.
She let out a soft, "Uuummmm" and completely lifted her hips off the bed
and I was surprised to feel her pussy hole close around and grip my finger.
Then she released her grip and she settled her hips back on the bed once
again." "I was really liking this.  Playing with my sister while she was
still asleep and it seems she was liking the feeling too." "While I removed
my finger from her pussy and she seemed to move some more and let out a
sigh like she missed having it in her pussy." "I looked at my finger and it
was really wet with her juices.  So being curious I brought my finger up
and looked at it more closely and I even smelled it.  Then I stuck out my
tongue and tasted my sister's pussy juice for the very first time.  I then
stuck my whole finger in my mouth and sucked it clean and got it wet with
my spit and then I decided I would try what my older school friends called
finger fucking or finger banging.  I knew the idea and concept so I tried
it out on Kristy while she was still asleep." "I gently laid my whole hand
on her pussy mound and laid my middle finger along her pussy slit and then
I bent my middle finger and began to slid it back into her wet, juicy warm
hole.  I only put my finger in to just past the second knuckle.  and I
began to push it in and pull it out.  I went slowly at first so as not to
wake her up.  I figured that if she woke up and found me playing with her
and looking at her like this she would make me stop and probably be pissed
at me for doing this to her while she was asleep." "Well I started out slow
and then I could not resist and began going a little fast.  Well she
responded by once again moving her hips in little circles and lifting them
every once in a while.  It was then she opened her eyes and I saw her look
at me and I thought "OH!!  No!!" she will make me stop." "She just moaned a
little louder and had a slight smile and just said, "Uuuummmmm" at the same
time she arched her back and kind of stretched her whole body and moved all
around and then just relaxed.  Her legs were still spread apart, more now
than ever before.  She smiled at me and said, "Uuummmm I was having a
really good dream, but now, I know it was you doing that to me." "I smiled
down at her and then leaned forward and down kissed her and then we
frenched once again.  She put her arms around my neck and really squeezed
me.  We then broke the kiss and I said, "Good Morning Sleepy Head" "I then
bent my head down farther and took one of her nipples in my mouth and
kissed and sucked on her hard little nubbin.  She moaned again and lifted
her hips up off the bed and her pussy once again squeezed my finger as I
picked up the pace of finger fucking her." "Her arms were still around my
neck and she was rubbing the back of my head while I sucked on her nipples.
I was switching back and forth because she was kind of guiding my head from
one nipple to the other." "Then one arm released me and slid down to about
the middle of my body on the side and was kind of pulling me and motioning
me to slid not only closer to her side but she was pulling me up on top of
her." "I broke my kiss and crawled up on top of my little 13 year old
sister and laid down on top of her.  Her legs was still spread apart and I
was now looking into her eyes while I was fully on top of her." Kim kind of
interrupted me and she put the magazine down and was pulling me on top of
her just like I did with my little sister 13 years ago. Once I got into
position on top of Kim and we french kissed a couple of times.  I continued
my story. "Well, here I was on top of my sister and we were both totally
naked, my cock was laying right along her moist little cunt slit and then I
guess nature kind of took over because we both started to move against each
other.  I was like dry humping her but her pussy slit was wet and I was
sliding up and down the length of her slit and her wetness was getting my
hard little dick all slick and juicy with her juices." "We kind of slid
along each other and it was maybe on the 10th or 15th stroke along her wet
slit that she moved too far up and I moved too far down.  But then it
happened!!!  My hard little cock head found it's way to the opening to my
little sister's pussy hole!!!  Just the tip of my cock head was at her
entrance!" "We both froze right then and there.  We looked at each other in
the eyes.  The moment of truth was now upon us.  It seemed like time stood
still.  I knew all I had to do was slide forward and up along her body and
my cock would slide right into her pussy and she knew all she had to do was
move and slide downward and I would slide into her." "Time stood still.  A
brother looking into his little sister's eyes looking for a clue as to what
to do next.  She was looking into her big brother's eyes looking for a clue
too.  We both wondered if the other one would do it to the other or if one
of us would chicken out.  Not a single word was spoken or uttered." "She
moved first slightly downward and I moved slightly upward.  Then it
happened!!  My swollen cock head on my little pencil thin cock entered her
pussy opening and her pussy muscles griped my cock head just behind the
swollen head.  We both froze again and looked at each other deeply." "It
was done!  We broke all the laws and taboos!  We could never go back!  It
was too late!  We did the unthinkable!  We would never be able to look at
each other in the same way as before!" "This time I moved first.  I began
to slide deeper and deeper into my little sister's hot, tight, wet, warm,
juicy, little pussy!!!  Farther and farther I pushed myself into Kristy's
pussy.  We never once broke eye contact.  Not a word was spoken, but
somehow it seemed like we were talking to each other with our minds and
eyes.  Words were not necessary." "I felt a slight constriction inside her
pussy and I had to push a little harder and she made a slight grimace on
her face, like it hurt her some.  I keep up the pressure and then her pussy
seemed to open up more and then my crotch was all the way up next to hers."
"I was all the way inside my 13 year old sister's pussy.  I was no longer a
cherry and nether was she.  We lost ours together.  A brother loosing his
cherry to is very own little sister and little sister losing her cherry to
her very own big brother." "We were both guilty of committing incest." "But
nether one of us felt guilty of committing this act that so many people
around the world condemn as being illegal, immoral, disgusting, dirty, or
sinful." "We kind of rested for a moment to catch our breath and savor the
feel of each others body parts, mine in hers and hers wrapped around and
gently holding mine, completely and deeply inside of her." "I then began to
pull my cock out and then gently slide it back into her warm, wet, tight,
sheath.  Her pussy gripped my hard, thin, cock and it felt like my cock was
made to fit her pussy.  It felt like we were made for each other." "We
began to french kiss each other again and I began my stroking of her pussy.
I wish I could tell you that I lasted 10 or 15 minutes but in reality I
only lasted about 25 strokes inside her." "On the last stroke I pushed in
as far as I could go and she lifted her hips just slightly like she knew
what was about to happen.  I was fully inside her with my cock straining to
go in her deeper when my whole body went stiff and I felt my penis swell
and then I felt a hot stream of come, come rushing upward from the base of
my cock to the head and it kind of stayed there for just a split second and
then it shot out from the head of my dick directly into Kristy's virgin
pussy." "My cock head flexed inside of her and she gasped at the feeling of
it.  MY cock head swelled again and another hot rush of come came up the
length of my little pencil thin cock and exploded from the tip and shot
another long, thick, stand of come into my little sister's unprotected
pussy and womb.  It flex again and this time Kristy moved her hips in a
tight circle and just grunted, "Uuuuummmmm".  I shot at least 6 or 7 solid
streamers of hot come into Kristy's pussy.  Then I just kind of collapsed
on top of her." "It is done.  I fucked my sister and came inside her
unprotected pussy.  We completed the act that most people would never dream
of committing.  The act of Sibling INCEST." "Kristy was gently holding me
and now she put her legs together and held me more tightly inside her just
fucked pussy full of her own brothers come." "We just rested for probably
ten minutes till my cock shrank up and I pulled away from my sister's
pussy. She let out a disappointing moan, like she did not want me to leave
her pussy.  We laid side by side and hugged each other and we drifted off
to sleep.  We both woke up at almost 12 noon." That was the end of my story
about the first time I had sex with my own sister and then said to Kim.
"So? Kim, there you have it, that was the first time with my sister Kristy.
so you see, it was not like you thought, something horrible or hideous.  It
was a act of young innocent love between a brother and sister." Kim just
said, "OH!!  WOW!!!  It was kind of romantic and all, but was that really
the truth or you just saying that to get off the hook." I replied to her
question by saying.  "Kim that is the "GODS HONEST TRUTH" I dearly love my
sister and I would never do anything to hurt or harm her.  Kim, I really
love my sister, but I also love you as my wife, lover and closest friend."
Kim looked at me in the eyes.  I was still on top of her and my cock was
still laying along her pussy slit.  I had been moving back and forth along
her juicy slit and I had been leaking precome all over the both of us. Kim
just looked deep into my eyes and said only two words, "FUCK ME!!!!!!!".
Boy did I ever fuck her.  It was fast and furious.  I last about two
minutes but Kim was coming as soon as I slide into her super heated pussy
which has been on a slow simmer since the beginning of my incest story, of
the first time I fucked and came inside my little sister Kristy's pussy.
After we both came down from our fuck high we were kissing and hugging each
other and enjoying the after glow that Kim started to ask me more questions
about my sexual relationship with my sister Kristy. After that night I left
the footlocker unlocked for Kim.  But history has a way of repeating it's
self, because Nancy our daughter was the next to open and discover the
contents of our family Pandora's box.  She was 12 when I found her in the
spare bedroom/den/office reading a incest magazine. and that my friends is
a whole another story!!!! Over the following weeks and months my wife, Kim
began to look at incest through a completely different set of eyes. Many
times we would play act that she was my sister and I would tell her about
another episode of our (my sister & I) sexual relationship and we would
reenact it. It was a couple of months later that she began to have sexual
fantasies of having sex with her two brothers and even her younger sister.
Then one night I surprised her and played that I was her dad and I was
going to fuck her for the first time.  The dam bust wide open after that.
We both began to read the new incest magazines when they showed up at my
mail box and I brought them home.  Our sex life got better and better. It
was after we read a couple of good stories and just relaxed from a really
good fuck that she hit me with the hardest question I have ever had to
answer. "Mike?  I know that you really have a fantasy of wanting to fuck
your, (our daughter) Nancy, but if it really came down to it, would you?,
would you really fuck our own daughter?" she asked me.  I think my heart
stopped for maybe 10 seconds.  I was totally silent.  I then looked
directly at her and replayed, "Yes, I have though about it more and more
lately, and Yes, I really would fuck her, I really want to know what it
feels like to slide my hard cock into my own flesh and blood daughter, I
want to feel her tight young pussy grip my cock and I want to shoot my
come, the very same come that made her into her pussy, but I would never
try to do anything with her or to her, unless I told you first and we both
agreed to it." Kim was silent and then softly asked, "How old do you think
she should be?" I keep looking at her straight in the eyes and said, "I
think she should be between the ages of 11 and 13." She was silent for a
short while and then said, "I think it would be kind of sweet to see you
teach our own daughter about sex first hand so she will not have to learn
the hard way like I did but then I also think maybe it would be wrong to do
that to her, I just don't know I'm so confused.  I know that you really
would like to be her first and I would like to see if happen too, but Nancy
should have a say in this too, you know?  If she wants you to, you can, but
I would like to talk to her first before you try anything, OK?" I thought I
had died and gone to haven to her my own wife say that she could and would
accept the fact that I wanted to fuck our own daughter and she in fact
giving me her permission. I was beyond being speechless.  I then grabbed
hold of my loving and understanding wife and rolled her over on her back
and mounted her right then and there and fucking the living shit out of her
and she responded by fucking me back and almost fucked my brains out. The
sex we shared then was pure raw lust and then I knew that someday soon I
would have my chance to fuck my own daughter. It was totally unbelievable
that my wife came around and accepted incest as a viable life style for us
as a family. I truly loved her more now than ever before, if that could be
possible. I could only thank my lucky stars that this could actually be
happen to me and now my whole family might someday enjoy what I had only
read and dreamed about. All I can say is not many wives or husbands could
say and do what we have done and what we were planning on doing in the near
future. End of Part #1

   Chapter #2 My Daughter Nancy: Her discovery Well I came home early
Saturday afternoon at about 1:00pm.  I had planed to go golfing, but the
guys I go with canceled at the last minute, so I came back home and though
I would relax, since my wife Kim was gone for the weekend visiting her
sister.  Nick was camping out at the lake with some friends and their
parents.  I though Nancy was staying with her friend. Well, I came in and
went up stairs to change clothes.  I stripped down naked and thought I
would walk into the spare bedroom/den/office and enjoy myself for awhile
with my incest magazines.  I walked down the hall, totally nude and noticed
that the door was part way closed.  I though I left it open this morning.
As I got to the door and was beginning to open it, I heard something.  I
slowed down and peeked in slightly.  OH MY GOD!!!!!  There was my 12 year
old daughter Nancy laying on the floor with her swimming suite on, or I
should say, not on the right way.  Her top was pulled up above her small
little breasts, nipples totally erect.  Her bottom piece was part way down
her thighs totally exposing her almost bare pussy slit. She was part way
across the room, the closest door is almost straight across from the
regular door, I was at looking through in disbelief.  The closet door was
open and her feet were pointed in that direction.  She had a bunch of my
incest magazines out on the floor and she was even reading one.  There was
also a bigger magazine which is like a picture book and it was opened also.
I know what picture magazine it was because, I just bought it last week.
It was called, "Daddy & Daughters" this book had nothing but pictures and
just a few words and captions.  It had pictures of girls who were 18, but
they looked much younger because most of them had small breasts and shaved,
bare pussies.  There was every kind of picture you could imagine in it from
regular fucking to sucking to come shots.  The guys in the photos were
older to give the illusion of a father fucking his young daughter. I just
froze right there and took in the sight.  It took a few seconds for the
shock to wear off and when it did my cock began to stiffen up.  I was
actually seeing my own 12 year old daughter get sexually excited by looking
and reading about incest, especially about fathers fucking his daughters.
It was like a dream come true.  After all this time of thinking what it
would be like to fuck my daughter and how I might bring the subject up to
Nancy, or when the time was right and how my wife Kim would bring it up
with her daughter Nancy first. I guess most of my work or advance planning
was not necessary now.  I mean here was Nancy totally exposed playing with
herself and looking and reading about fathers fucking their young
daughters. I guess she liked the idea or she would not be doing this.
Right? Well, by the time all of this went through my head my cock was
totally rock hard and saying to me," Do It, Do It, Go in there and fuck
her!" But then, I though, what would Nancy do if I came in the room totally
naked with a hard on no less?  Would she be embarrassed and run away or
would she accept me and my advances upon her and her young exposed body. I
also promised my wife Kim, I would not do anything before I asked her what
she thought.  I don't want to brake my word with her. Well, I made the
decision and I would have to see and live with what happened. I walked
fully into the room and made a noise like clearing my throat.  She bent her
head toward the noise and saw me totally nude standing not more than 6 feet
away. She gave out a slight squeal and then said, "Daddy!" Her face turned
a couple of shades red.  I didn't know if it was because I surprised her or
because I was nude with a hard on that was rock hard and throbbing at the
very prospect of doing my own 12 year old daughter. She then pulled her
hand away from her pussy and pulled her bikini bottoms back up and covered
her pussy from my sight.  She then sat up and was reaching to close the
open magazines. I walked over to her and said, "Nancy, that's OK." I then
sat down next to her and sat cross legged.  She kind of relaxed and sit
back down and looked directly at my hard cock.  She still had her top up
above her shy mounds which show cased her beautiful, sexy, young, preteen,
hard nipples.  So I enjoyed the sight while I could.  We were both silent
for a few seconds then I spoke, "I'm sorry if I surprised you but I thought
you were staying over and at your girl friends, Cami's house." She then
slowly lifted her head up from staring at my rock hard cock which by the
way was beginning to leak a bead of clear precome from the tip.  She looked
up at me and said her friend, Cami, was not feeling good and so she came
back home early.  After she said that her head and eyes once again drifted
back down to look at my cock. I picked up the big picture book and said,
"Well I guess you know what this book is about." I then began to page
through it again.  She slowly looked back up from my cock and looked at me
and the book I was paging through and said, "Do fathers really do that with
their daughters?" I was silent for a few seconds and I looked at her and
said, "Yes, Honey some fathers really do that to their daughters but no one
ever talks about it out in the open.  I mean some fathers and daughters do
it but only a few, I mean not very many do, but, Yes it does really
happen." "Does that shock or surprised you that some fathers do this with
their own daughter?" I then showed her a full page color photo of a older
looking man sliding his hard cock into a young looking girls bare pussy.
There was a caption that said, "OH DADDY, I'm really glad you are the first
person to fuck me!" Nancy was silent for a few seconds and then asked me,
"Daddy?  Do you want to do those things to me?" My reaction was to be
silent for a couple of seconds but, my cock swelled up and leaked out
another large drop of precome at the very idea that she had asked me that
question. I then replied to her question and said, "Yes Honey I would like
to do these things to you, but, the real question is, Would you want me to
do these things to you?" Nancy was silent and did not answer my question so
I decided not to press the issue just yet. She was once again looking at my
hard on so I reached down and gripped it and slowly started to stoke my
cock right there in front of her and she was totally transfixed by the
sight.  I then released my cock and pulled my hand away and said, "You can
touch it if you want." She jerked her head up and looked at me and I smiled
and reassured her by saying, "It's OK, you can touch it, it's all right if
you do." I waited a second or two and then added, "you don't have to touch
it if you don't want to." She hesitantly and slowly reached out her small
hand toward my cock and then touched it lightly and drew her hand back a
little.  Then she again reached out and touched it again.  this time her
hand stayed in contact with my rock hard cock.  My cock twitched and then
swelled up some more and she reacted by drawing her hand back some from my
hard cock, like it might bite her or something. I reach back down and grip
my cock in my hand and said, "It's OK it just likes you that's all." I
stroked it some and then said, "Here hold it like this and feel how hard it
is and stroke it like this." I stroked my cock up and down slowly about
five times or so to show her.  I then let go of my cock and waited. Nancy
once again slowly reached over into my lap and this time took hold of my
cock like I did and copied my motions as best as she could.  She was
leaning over quit a bit and she just knee walked over closer to me and sit
down with her legs folded underneath of her.  She then said, "It is soft
but yet hard underneath." My only reply was, "Uuummm yea, your doing good
honey." She stroked me about ten times slowly and then stopped and removed
her hand from my cock.  During all this time she was totally watching and
staring down at my cock.  Once she removed her hand from my cock I reached
for her and reached out and lightly touched her small breasts.  Starting
and the bottom of the swell of flesh up to the tip of her nipple. This was
the first time I actually touched my daughter in a sexual way.  She pulled
back a bit and I lost contact with her beautiful shy little mound.  I then
said, "Nancy you are indeed one of the most beautiful girls I have ever
seen in my life." She looks at me and says, "Oh Daddy" in a disbelieving
voice.  She then starts to pull her top down to cover her breasts from my
view and I reply, "Oh Nancy!!  Don't cover yourself up, I want to see how
much you have grown and changed, here." I then got up and stood up and I
put my hand down to Nancy in a jester to help her stand up.  She was once
again looking directly at my cock.  She then saw my out stretched hand and
placed her hand in mine.  I then helped pull her up to her feet.  Once
standing she was still looking down at my cock.  I began to speak and that
broke her concentration on my cock and she once again was looking at my
eyes.  I said, "Here let me help you with this." I walked around to stand
behind her and pulled the string tie from the bottom sting of her top and
it came undone.  I then lifted the top sting that hung around her neck up
over her head.  I now had my 12 year old daughter's string bikini top in my
hand and she was now topless. I placed my hands on her shoulders and gently
turned her around to face me.  Once she was turned around facing me she
again looked down at my jutting hard cock.  I took one of her arms and
slide my hand down till I had her hand in mine and guided her hand to my
cock.  All I said was, "Here" She then reached out and grasped my cock once
again just like when we were sitting on the floor.  I kind of pumped my
hips forward and upward and she got the message.  She started to stroke my
cock once again. As she was doing this and looking at my cock I reached out
and touched her breasts again with both hands, one for each small little
breast capped with a hard little nipple at its tip.  At first touch she
stopped stroking me and released my cock from her grip.  I then said, "It's
OK keep going." She looked up at me and I smile a reassuring smile and she
returned with a slight smile and again looked down and took hold of my
cock. Well, by now my cock had leaked out quite a bit of precome and some
of it ran down the length of my cock.  Once it hit the grip of her top
finger and got some on her, she stopped and pulled her hand a way and
looked at her hand.  I released one hand from her breast and reached down
and took hold of her hand and took hold of her index finger and then
brought her finger to the tip of my cock and made her finger tip get wet
with the precome and I released her hand and I put my finger tip on the tip
of my cock and got some precome on it and then put my finger and thumb
together and moved them back and forth.  She copied what I did.  I then
said, "See it makes things slick." She was looking at her finger and thumb
and I reached down and once again brought her hand back to my cock.  She
again gripped my cock and I helped her stroke my cock.  This time I made
sure her hand came up further and came into contact with the leaking
precome along the length of my cock and brought her closed fist all the way
up to the base of my cock head where most of the precome was at.  This made
her griped fist slicker in places and so I rotated her hand around the head
of my cock some more till her entire fist was lubed up with my slick
precome and started her to stroke me again. Now Nancy's fist glided up and
down the full length of my super hard cock.  Her slick gripping fist was
almost like being inside a girls wet pussy.  It felt that good.  I guess it
felt that good because my own 12 year old topless daughter was stroking me.
It was such a beautiful sight to she her next to me jacking my cock off.
It is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I returned
to feeling up her breasts and was enjoying the feel of her hand on my cock
as she slowly stroked me and me feeling her breasts up for the first time
in a sexual way. This went on for about two minutes or so and then I looked
down and saw a really big blob of precome on the tip of my dick.  I let go
of one breast and reached down and got my finger tip wet in the blob and
said, "Here, taste this" Nancy looked up at me as I was moving my finger to
her face and lips and I saw that she was not about to do that.  But I
stopped just in front of her face and said, "Look, its OK." I then brought
my finger to my mouth and licked my own finger clean in front of her.  "See
it's OK." I then moved my finger back down and got an even bigger drop of
precome on my finger and offered it to Nancy.  This time she stuck out her
tongue and tasted just a small little dab, there was still more on my
finger and I said, "See it doesn't taste bad does it?" I then moved my
finger to her mouth again and this time she let me push my finger in
between her small little 12 year old sexy yet innocent lips and into her
mouth and I felt her tongue twirl around my finger and lick it clean.  All
this time she was looking me directly in the eyes.  I smiled and pulled my
finger out of her mouth, but not before I felt her suck inward like she was
trying to keep my finger in her mouth. I slowly dropped down on my knees in
front of her and put my arms around her body and draw her up next to my
body.  I lifted my head and licked the tip of one hard little nipple.  I
then switched over to the other nipple and did the same thing.  Then I
opened my mouth and sucked in the whole breast on her right side.  She
responded by taking in a deep breath and made a shallow noisy.  While I was
sucking on her right breast I was moving my hands all over her nearly nude
12 year old body. I moved my hands around to her cute, tight, little butt.
Each little cheek fix almost perfectly in each palm of my hands.  I ran my
hand down the outside of her leg and then back up the same leg on the
inside of her legs, all the way to the crotch of her bikini bottoms.  I
felt the warm juncture and then slide down the inside of her other leg and
then back up the outside of the same leg.  Then back up to cup her butt in
the palm of my hands.  I did this several times.  Each time I would pause
longer when my hand got to the crotch of her bikini bottoms. I broke off my
kissing and sucking of her little nipples and breasts and pulled away just
a bit. I let go of her little butt in my hands and slid them around to the
sides of her body and hooked my fingers in the top of her bikini bottoms
and started to pull them down. I looked up at her to see what her reaction
was and she meet me with her eyes. I smiled and began to pull her bikini
bottoms down slowly, lower and lower.  She smiled down at me, just a bit. I
then looked back down, and focused my stare are her crotch.  The top of her
bikini bottoms were getting lower and lower.  Then the first glimpse of her
very light and very fine pubic hair showed at the top of her swimsuit.
OH!!!!  It was such a beautiful sight to see her pussy hair becoming more
and more exposed to my stare.  It was so fine and lightly colored that it
really didn't hide anything.  In fact it highlighted her white skin
compared to her deep rich tan. Then I saw for the first time in a long time
the very top of her young virgin pussy slit.  Soon more and more of her
slit was exposed to my starry eyed stare. I pulled her bikini bottoms down
some more and was finally rewarded to see her completely exposed young
pussy mound, right before my eyes. Now her bikini bottoms got loose and
fell free to her feet and surprisingly she just casually stepped right out
of them. There she was, my very own flesh and blood 12 year old daughter
standing before me totally nude.  Her legs were slightly parted and all I
could stare at was her young, innocent looking pussy. Her pubic hair was
just growing above her slit and she was totally bare from the top of her
slit to the bottom.  She just had a slot.  No outer pussy lips showing or
sticking out. I took in a deep breath and just stared at her adorable
little pussy.  There was a million things going through my mind, but the
only thing that keep coming back was the very thought of ME!!, HER
FATHER!!!, sliding my hard cock up into her pussy for the first time.
Taking her cherry like I have always dreamed of.  Coming inside her pussy
and feeling my come rush into her virgin ,12 year old pussy. I seemed to be
talking to myself, commenting on what a beautiful pussy my daughter has and
how I would love to touch, feel , lick, suck and then fuck her pussy. I
reached out and lightly touched her pussy hair first.  Then I looked up at
her and told her how beautiful she was and how much I loved her. She looked
down at me and replied, "You like my hair down there?" I said, "OH!  Honey
I love it.  It feels so fine and soft." I began to touch my daughter's sex,
I was actually touching her pussy, her bare virgin slit.  I began to run my
finger up and down slowly along her slit from top to bottom and back up
again.  I was actually feeling my own daughters pussy like all of the
pussies I have ever felt up to get them wet and ready for the fucking that
would soon take place.  I slid my finger in between her slit deeper and
actually separated her next to nothing pussy lips.  I started at the bottom
and I was rewarded with a slight bit of moisture and slickness.  I pulled
my finger up alone her slit and came to the top of her pussy and I slowly
started back down again.  I still could not believe that this was my own 12
year old daughter's pussy I was playing with getting her ready for the
ultimate taboo sex act of father/daughter incest. As I started to finger
fuck my own daughter I thought to myself how many other fathers have done
the same thing to their own daughters?  How many fathers were right now at
this every instant all around the world were engaging in some form of
incestuous sex with their own daughters?  How many fathers were right now
shooting come into their daughters pussy?  How many fathers were doing
their daughters today for the first time like me?  How many fathers were
engaged in incest with their daughters in my state?  How many fathers in my
home town have experience the same thrill of doing their own daughters like
I was about to do? I once heard that 1 out of every 10 girls experience
some form of incestuous sex.  Over 35% of those girls had incestuous sex
with their father.  That means in my home town of 3500 that around 175
girls and women who live in my home town have had some form or another type
of incest.  Of those 175 girls and women that means around 62 or at least
over 50 women and girls in my home town have had sex with their own
fathers!!!! I would give anything, to know who they were or are and would
love to know all of the details and to actually see all of them do it. Just
think 175 girls and women in my home town have experienced incest!!!  Some
of them fucking their fathers, their brothers, cousins, uncles the
combinations would almost be endless, not to mention lesbian sex between,
mother and daughter, sister to sister, cousins, aunts. That is a lot of
incest in my small home town.!!!! I just wish there was a way to contact
them and let them know that they are not alone and that together we could
share in group support of one another and some of those people would want
to share with other families the joy of swapping family members and doing
each other in front of other families who do the same thing. I came back to
reality when my daughter spoke to me and brought me back to real time. She
then replied, "Well, I wanted to shave myself bare like Mom does, but she
said, you should see it like this first and them maybe she would help me
shave it off if you wanted me to." I looked back up at her and was
speechless for a few moments.  Then I asked her, "You and Kim ?  I mean Mom
has talked to you about ......?" Nancy smiled down at me and said, "Yes,
quite a few times." My reply was, "What about?" Nancy smiled again, like
she enjoyed me being in the hot seat. "About sex Daddy and How you are
going to teach me what it means to be a young lady and how to Suck and
Fuck." I think my jaw hit the floor when she said that and I heard her
giggle. She then stepped away from me and walked over to the footlocker and
reached inside and retrieved a sealed envelope.  She walked back over to me
and I just stared at her going over there and then bending down.  Then
walking back to me. My mind was once again going a million miles an hour.
Thinking all sorts of thoughts.  I was so lost in thought that Nancy called
my name a couple of times.  I didn't respond till she was next to me and
touched my shoulder with the envelope and said for the 3rd time.  "Daddy!?
Here!!." I looked back up to her and she was smiling a knowing smile and
said once again.  "Here Daddy, Mom told me to give you this." I numbly
reached for the envelope and looked at it.  I was once again lost deep in
thought when Nancy said, "Daddy, you are suppose to open it and read it.
That is what Mom told me to do." I looked at the envelope and then I slowly
began to open the sealed envelope.  I was concentrating so hard at what I
was doing I did not see Nancy walk out of the room and down the hall.
Inside was a letter.  I pulled it out and unfolded it and began to read
what was typed on the page.

   It read: Mike: My lover, My Friend, My Beloved Husband, Father of My
(Our) Children: If you are reading this letter, then you will have known
and realized that I have been talking with Nancy over the past few months
without your knowledge. We have talked in great length and have gone into
great detail about what will soon happen between you and her (our)
daughter. Yes, My beloved!  She knows what incest is and knows the concept
of foreplay and sex.  I took it upon myself to teach her a few things to
get her ready for you. I have known for a long time about your fantasy of
making love to your (our) own daughter.  Well, I have done as much as I can
for you, to help you live out your wildest and most erotic fantasy of
taking your very own flesh and blood daughter's cherry and doing her bare,
so that you can come in her sweet little virgin pussy for the first time
and How you want her to really feel a man inside her for the first time
totally bare and unprotected. Don't worry Honey, We have planed this all
out and the time is right for you to do her bare and enjoy her essence as
she takes you deep inside her where no one has ever been. The more I read
about incest and the stories published in your magazines .....  the more I
wished I could have had sex with my own father first.  I know at first I
though incest was sick and disgusting, but you have showed me the other
side that most people do not want to see or acknowledge.  The side of love
and respect for family members in a way that most people do not get to
experience. I wish I could be there to see it happen for the first time,
but both Nancy and I decided that she should be alone with just you.  It
should be a special moment shared just by the two of you totally alone with
no distractions. I want her first time to be something she will remember
and look back on with fond memories.  A beautiful time of learning what
true sex and love is by her own father. I can not describe the love and
emotions I feel for you and what you have done for me and to me and with
me, but I love you more now than ever before. Please be gentle with Nancy,
but I know you will be. Love Kim, your wife, friend, and lover. P.S.  Nancy
should be in our bedroom by now waiting for you to come to her and show her
the ways of love making. I will see all of you Sunday night late.

   I think I read the letter over twice and then I stood up and slowly
walked down the hall to the master bedroom.  The door was partly open and I
opened it up just a bit and there was Nancy on our bed. The covers were
folded back to the foot of the bed and she was laying in the middle of the
bed spread eagle playing with herself.  It was like Her and Her Mom had
planed it all out as to how things was going to happen up to this point. I
crawled up onto the bed and joined my nude 12 year old daughter, I lay down
next to her and looked at her from top to bottom and back up again. It was
then I saw that she had also taken the picture book with her.  The one that
I just got dealing with father daughter incest.  It was laying next to her
on the other side. I leaned over and down and gave her a kiss directly on
the lips and she in turn responded with her mouth open and tongue trying to
slide into my closed mouth. I opened up my mouth and returned the favor.
It took a few seconds for it to filter into my cloudy brain that I was
french kissing my nude 12 year old daughter on our bed and that I would
soon be sliding my cock into her and actually fucking my own daughter!  my
own daughter!  I'm really going to be fucking my daughter not only that,
she is only 12 years old.  I was soon going to experience the greatest
thrill very few father's could ever experience.  The thrill and joy of
taking their own daughter's cherry.  I was going to sheath my cock into the
very pussy I helped create with my lovely wife.  My sperm made her and I
was going to shoot that same sperm into her pussy. I think the biggest
thrill of all was that my lovely wife knew what was so soon going to take
place and she even went as far as to help me prepare our daughter for my
plunge into her young virgin pussy.  It was really wild, that I will not
only get to know what it is like to actually fuck my daughter, but my wife,
her mom knows and accepts this and I will be able to continue to fuck my
daughter even in the presence of my wife. I broke the kiss and looked down
at her and asked her, "Honey are you really sure about all of this?  I mean
we don't have to do anything if you don't want to." Her reply was music to
my ears.  "No Daddy I want to learn from you, all there is to know about
sex, making love, sucking and fucking." I was kind of shocked to hear her,
my own innocent little 12 year old nude daughter laid out in the middle of
our bed, say sucking and fucking.  She was already beginning to talk like a
slut in bed.  That is one thing I have to hand to my lovable wife, she
knows how to be a lady with class and knows how to be a classy slut and
whore for me when the time is right. I looked at Nancy and she is still
playing with her pussy and I have a million questions I want to ask her
about what all she and her mom had talked about and what all her mom had
taught her. Nancy then looks over at me while still playing with her cute
adorable little virgin pussy, and she says, "Do you want me to jerk you off
first and make you come or do I get to suck your cock and make you come
that way?" I stare at Nancy almost speechless and say, "I don't know, what
would you like to do?" She looks at me and says, "Well I have never seen a
man come before ........" "That's OK Honey", you can learn about .....
about ....  Well you can do the other thing later.  OK?" Now here I was
getting tongue tied talking about sex, but my daughter was laying on the
bed in all her naked splendor and knowing that I would slide my cock into
her and fuck her and come in her pussy.  Not only that she knew I was going
to take her cherry and there might be some pain involved but she was pretty
much relaxed.  It was me who was totally shook up at this point.  I have
always dreamed of different ways I would like to fuck my daughter for the
first time.  I mean it was now finally going to happen. Well, I decided
there was no time like the right time and this was by far the right time,
so I said, "OK Nancy, ........  why don't you face me and startle my legs
and sit down on my legs." She rolled over and got up and knee walked over
to me and I helped her get into position. When she sit down her young
adorable pussy was only inches from my cock and balls.  She moved around a
little and got comfortable and I then took her hands in mine and brought
them to my now rock hard cock which was sit on a hair trigger. She then
started to stroke me off with her right hand.  All the while she stared at
my cock in fascination as more and more precome started to come out of the
end of my cock and coat her stroking hand. I was laid back with my head on
top of only one pillow and I was looking at her face her small lemon size
breasts and her pussy which was blocked by my cock and balls, so I watched
her hand slide up and down my shaft. While all of this was going on my mind
drifted back to when I did my sister and all of the things we shared
together while enjoying sex with each other.  It seemed like it was just
last week, the first time I fucked my sister.  I remember the first time I
had sex with my wife when we first started dating.  Everything was running
throughout my mind yet I still saw and heard every thing my daughter said.
I then sit up and crossed my legs Indian style and hugged my darling
daughter.  Her butt kind of fell into the space between my crossed legs but
her butt did not touch the bed.  She then kind of fold her legs around me.
She stopped stroking me while we got into this new position but then I told
her to start stroking me again.  I leaned forward and kissed her, this time
I was willing and ready to french kiss my daughter while she stroked my
hard cock. While I was french kissing her and hugging her with one arm I
moved my right hand between us and I began to feel my daughter's pussy.
With her legs spread and wrapped around me and her butt suspended in air.
Her pussy was spread open and I was able to touch and feel more of her now,
than when I first started to feel her up in the spare bedroom/study/den. I
completely cupped her entire pussy in the palm of my right hand, my middle
finger lay along the length of her spread open slit.  I began to run my
middle finger up and down her open slit and after about 5 strokes I stopped
again at the bottom.  I slowly bent my middle finger and I was now at the
open mouth of her open pussy hole.  I lingered there for a while playing
with her opening and then I broke the french kiss with her and looked
directly into her eyes as I slid my middle finger up into her pussy. Her
tiny opening opened up to my invading finger and then closed back around it
when I went into her to the first knuckle joint.  I stopped and felt her
pussy muscle trying to squeeze my middle finger.  Her eyes got wider as I
slid into her pussy.  I stopped and waited. I then asked her if I was
hurting her and she smiled at me and said, "Oh Daddy it feels so good.  I
like it." She in the mean time stopped stroking me and that was fine with
me because I did not want her to stroke me off to orgasm just yet. It was
then I started to talk to her and ask her questions. I then started to pull
my middle finger out of her pussy hole and waited just a second or two and
slide back in slowly.  All the while I was talking to her I was finger
fucking my own totally naked 12 year old daughter spread open siting in my
lap.  What a rush!!!!  I was really glad that she stopped stroking me. I
then started to slide more of my middle finger deeper into her young virgin
pussy.  In less than two minutes I was up to my second knuckle in her pussy
slowly sliding my finger in and out of her pussy.  She was really pretty
wet, my finger slid along inside her pussy with no problem. It was then
when I got past my second knuckle that I can in contact with her hymen.
She jumped a bit when I pushed into it.  I withdrew just a bit and asked
her if it hurt and she replied by saying, "No.  I just felt you touching it
and felt some pressure." We then started talking to one another while I
continued to finger fuck her and I pushed my finger up to her hymen stopped
and pulled back then back forward again.  About every 5th or 6th time I
would stop at her hymen and gently push against it. I asked her all sorts
of questions and was surprised at her answers. "So when did this all start
with you and Mom?", I asked "Oh about three months ago.", she replied. "How
did it start?", I asked "Well she came into the bathroom one day while I
was taking a shower and she took all her clothes off and joined me.", she
replied. "Were you shocked at that?", I asked "Yes, at first I didn't know
what to do." then she went on to say, "That was the first time I saw that
she was shaved down there.", she replied. "So what happened next?", I
asked. I still continued to slowly finger fuck her as we are talking to
each other. "Well she said she wanted to see me and talk with me about my
body and the changes it has gone through and what other changes would that
place in the future.", my sweet little daughter replied. "And?", I asked.
Still sliding my finger in and out of her 12 year old pussy spread open
while sitting on my lap on our bed.  Both of us totally nude.  Doing things
that most father and daughter never ever get the privilege of doing to one
another. "She wanted to know if I have had sex yet?  and I said, No."
"And?", I continued to ask her questions. "Well, I guess she saw me looking
down at her you know.", Nancy replied. "You mean bare pussy?", I said.
"Yea.", she replied. "It's OK to say it.  Don't be shy or scared to talk
about using dirty words, because they are really not dirty words, you just
don't use them around most people, that's all.", I replied "OK.", she
responded to that last bit of information I gave her on using graphic
language. "Really, Look.  You are here with me.  You are my daughter.
Which by the way, you are totally nude siting in my lap.  I'm totally nude
and I have my finger up inside your pussy.", (to make my point I pushed
once again against her hymen and pushed a little harder and held it still
in her pussy with pressure against her hymen.) She took in a short breath
and gasped just a bit and then I relaxed and withdrew my finger from her
hymen. She just said, "yea" .......  and giggled a bit and then we shared a
quick french kiss. "Well, What happened next?", I asked my nude daughter.
"Mom said, She keeps her pussy clean shaven because you liked a bare pussy.
Mom went on to say that some people are different.  Some like hairy
pussies, trimmed pussies and bare pussies, but you, Daddy, really love a
bare pussy with no hair at all on it.", my young sexy daughter replied.
Nancy continued by saying, "Mom then said that I was at the age that pretty
soon I would want to know more about sex and how things worked and that she
wanted to talk to me about sex and some of the things I would need to know
before I tried ..........  fucking." I laughed a bit and said, "Yes, You
are definitely at the age for learning about sex." I then wiggled my middle
finger inside her pussy back and forth quit a few times and that new
sensation really surprised her because she jumped a bit and her eyes got
wide. I then said, "Did you like that or did it hurt?" "Oooohhh No if felt
really good, Mom did that to me also.", my nude daughter said in almost a
cooing soft sexy tone. I perked up and asked.  "She did that to you in the
shower the first time? Nancy replied with her eyes half closed and with a
look of pure sexual pleasure on her face and said, "Yes." "Really?", I
asked my daughter. "Well not at first, she started to soap my body all over
again and told me how great and sexy I looked and how some of the boys
would like to feel me all over.  Just like she was doing to me in the
shower.", my nude, 12 year old, daughter replied. "Mom went on to say that
she wanted to show me a few things about my body, I might not know and what
some of the boys might try on me if I was not careful.", Nancy replied.
"Where did you learn to kiss like this?", I asked. I then french kissed her
again. She replied, "Mom taught me in the shower the first time?" "The
first time?", I asked excitedly.  I still continued to listen to what all
my nude daughter was tell me as I continued to finger fuck her young, wet,
warm, tight, virgin pussy. "Yes .....  We have shared a lot of showers
together since the first time.", my daughter replied. "OH!  So she touched
you like I'm doing now the first time in the shower?", I asked. "Yes .....
She had me touch her also.", Nancy replied. "Where?", I asked. "Her tits
and .......  pussy.", was my daughters reply. "WOW!!!!  What did you think
of that?", I asked.  My cock gave a jump at the very thought of my 33 year
old wife Kim and my own 12 year old daughter Nancy together in the shower
totally nude feeling each other up for the first time. I would have never
dreamed that Kim would really do that.  I mean she was getting our own
daughter ready for me, in her own special way.  I love her more now than
ever before. Nancy replied by saying, "It was different at first, but now
it is a lot of fun to make her jump like she made me jump." She was smiling
and giggling when she said that. "So, You put your finger up inside Mom's
pussy, like I have my finger in up inside your pussy now?", I asked.  (I
then made a wide circle with my finger like I was stirring a cup of
coffee.) Nancy really jumped and moved around my lap then.  My cock swelled
up again at the very thought and expelled a huge drop of precome from the
swollen head. Nancy was really surprised at that move and just said, "OH!!!
DADDDY!!!!" She then leaned forward and hugged me while I continued to stir
her virgin pussy.  She hugged me tighter and tighter and then I stopped and
let her relax. I then asked her if she like that? "Oooohhhhh!!!  Yes
Daddddy!!!  I really liked that.  It felt really good!!" my nude daughter
replied. "So, What else happened?", I asked. "Well, We got out of the
shower and she dried me off and I dried her off and she took me back to my
room and had me lay down and the bed and then she .........", Nancy replied
and did not finish her comment. "She did what?", I asked again. "She kissed
me there.", my daughter replied. "Where on the lips?", I asked, "No!  Down
there .......  on my pussy!!", Nancy replied.. "OH!  I see.  She only
kissed you once or did she do other things?", I asked my 12 year old nude
daughter. "She licked me and ........  she .........", Nancy once again
stopped short. "What?", I asked trying to draw more information out of my
daughter as to what all Kim and her have done to each other.  All of this
time I knew nothing was going between them or what they had been planning
to do to me and for me. "She stuck her tongue up inside me and .........",
she replied. "And What?, Nancy?", I asked. "She gave me a ........  she
made me come.  I guess that is what she called it.", was Nancy's response
to my last question. "OH!!, OK!!!  So did you like her doing that to you?
That by the way is called eating pussy.  Don't be shy about it everybody, I
mean just about everybody eats pussy.", I replied. "At first it was really
kind of scary, but then it felt really good and I didn't want her to stop.
Then I had this feeling inside of me I never ever felt before.  That really
scared me.  But Mom said it was natural and that all girls feel the same
thing and then it just happened.", Nancy replied. I leaned forward and
Kissed her again and I once again pushed my finger up against her hymen and
held it there.  Then when we broke the kiss I withdrew from her hymen. I
then asked her.  "Would you like for me to eat your little pussy for you
and make you come too?" She grinned really big and giggled and said, "Mom
said you would love to .......  eat my pussy.  Yes Daddy I want you to do
that to me too.", my nude daughter replied. I toyed with her and said,
"What?  What do you want me to do to you?" She smiled and then said, "Daddy
will you please eat my pussy and make me come like mommy did?" "OooooHhhhh!
Nancy!!!", I hugged her and almost whispered in her ear.  "Daddy would love
to kiss, lick and eat your little pussy and make you come, but we still
have a ways to go before that." I then licked and kissed around her
earlobe, below her ear and on her neck, I even stuck my tongue into her
little ear.  That really got her moving around in my lap and laughing and
saying that tickles too much and to stop.  But I keep it up for a while
just to tease her like I always do. We settled down for a little bit and
then Nancy said.  "Daddy?  When are you going to .......  you know, do it
to me?" "Nancy, Don't be shy, come out and just say what you mean.  That
way the person you are with knows what you want or knows what you really
mean.  OK?", I calmly told my lovely daughter. She looked at me directly
into my eyes and this time said, "Daddy ......  When are you going to fuck
me and stick your cock into my pussy?" I looked into her eyes and said, "In
a little while why?  Have you changed your mind?" "Ooohhhh No Daddy!!!!  I
want to fuck .....  I mean I want you to fuck me more now than ever before
.......  I just feel so strange here (she put her hand on her lower belly)
I feel like I have to go pee or something .......  I want something bigger
in me .....  I mean in my pussy." I replied, "OH!!  Well, lets try this
first OK?" I then withdrew my middle finger from her pussy and put my index
finger and middle finger together and slid them up inside her pussy.  I
started out slowly not wanting to scare her or hurt her. Her eyes got wide
and she took in a small shallow breath and she shuttered in my lap as my
two fingers breached her young pussy opening.  She once again leaned
forward and hugged me and moaned out, " OooooHhhhhhhh Dddaaadddyyyyy Oohh
Oooohhhh I love you. I love you Daddy!!!" I slid my two fingers all the way
up to her hymen and pushed against it and held even more pressure against
it.  I replied, "Oooohhhh!!!!  Nancy, My Darling Little Princess!!!  I love
you too!!!" I then started to increase my speed of finger fucking her cute
little pussy because I knew she was on the verge of coming for me and with
me for the very first time. I was actually going to make my very own
daughter come.  I still could not believe that I was actually doing all of
these things to and with my own nude 12 year old daughter.  I could not
begin to count the times I jacked off in private, daydreaming of doing just
this to my very own daughter.  Dreaming of the day I would actually have a
sexual relationship with my daughter.  I can't remember how many stories I
have read and reread about fathers fucking their daughters for the very
first time or of fathers fucking their daughters for years and years.
Reading of entire families who have taken a giant leap forward and crossed
over the boundaries of the finial taboo (incest) and have encouraged and
developed a completely closed group of sexual partners within their own
family unit. Once.  I could only dream of what it must be like to live
within a loving and caring family that enjoyed and encouraged the swapping
and trading off of family members to one another.  Were everything was out
in the open and everyone within the family was able and encouraged to
explore the entire range of sexual feelings with one another without fear
or embarrassment. I once again increased my speed in finger fucking my
daughter's pussy.  I was about to bring her over the edge and make her come
on her Daddy's finger while siting in my lap totally nude and completely
exposed to me in every way. She was now hugging me full time and moaning
softly in my ear.  Her arms were wrapped around my back and she was gently
rubbing my back while I was bring her to her first climax with her Daddy.
Her legs were still wrapped around my hips and waist and she would
occasionally grip me tighter and I was bring her to the point of on return.
Her hips were also moving around while I was plumbing her depths of her
young virgin pussy.  My fingers slid along her clit as I plunged in and
withdrew from her now very wet and juicy cunt.  YES!!!  Her sweet little
virgin cunt now and forever more will belong to me.  I felt a rush of
adrenaline cruise through my body giving me a sense of power and ownership
over my daughter's pussy and body.  I felt like I was now the master and
she would do my bidding. But then I realized that my daughter belonged to
nobody and I was not the master or owner of her fine young sexually active
body. In fact the real truth was that she choose me to be her first and I
was the one who should feel privileged in being with her.  She actually
wanted me her own father to be the one to take her virginity and make her
into a woman, no make that a young sexually active beautiful young
girl/lady..  My daughter loves me and cares for me in such a way that she
is willing to give herself completely to her own father to learn about sex
and lovemaking. I will be forever honored and blessed that my own daughter
would allow me to be the one to guide her into womanhood. Just then Nancy
griped me real tight and her whole body seemed to shake and shudder at the
same time her panting breathes stopped and she just let out a series of
strained high pitched moans and then she froze.  Her body hugged mine
tightly as she was released with her first orgasm shared and brought on by
her loving father. I felt her inner pussy muscles grip and release, grip
and release and grip and release around my plunging fingers. She then sort
of relaxed her grip of both arms and legs and leaned against me more.
Outside her body was beginning to relax from her climax but her pussy
muscles inside her young cunt was still griping and releasing around my
fingers. I smiled to myself as her head was resting on my chest and
shoulder.  I felt proud and excited that my daughter had a orgasm and she
really came.  I made my own daughter come with my fingers and she enjoyed
what I am was doing to her. I was also smiling because I felt what she was
doing to my fingers inside her young cunt and knew that my cock would
thoroughly enjoy the sensation of her young virgin pussy griping and
relaxing and griping again and again on and along my cock while I fucked
her to completion.  YES!!!!  Her young innocent virgin pussy knew by
instinct alone how to grip a hard male cock inside her pussy and milk the
come right out of a cock.  Her young adolescent body and mind may not know
to much about sex and fucking but her body knew for sure how to mate and
breed with a male. She was coming down from her climax high and I slowly
withdrew my two wet juicy fingers from her pussy and she then leaned back a
ways and looked at me directly into my eyes.  We just stared into one a
another's eyes not saying a single word.  At the same time I brought my
come coated fingers up and placed then against her own lips and rubbed her
come across both her lips from one side to the other side and then back to
the middle of her lips. As if on que she opened her mouth slightly and
snaked her tongue out and licked around my fingers.  I then inserted the
same two fingers that were just shortly inside her young pussy into her
mouth and she closed her lips a bit and sucked my fingers into her mouth
and her tongue began to lick all round my fingers like it was my cock in
her mouth. I then smiled and knew that my lovable wife (Kim) had indeed
taught my beautiful young daughter Nancy to do the same thing that she does
when I make her come with my finger, cock or dildo. My daughter, Nancy was
doing the exact same thing my wife does.  She was licking and cleaning her
own come off of the thing which brought her to orgasm.  My own 12 year old
daughter was following in her moms own footsteps and eating and licking her
own come from my fingers.  She was experiencing her own essences and
enjoying her own flavor of her pussy.  She was in fact tasting her own
pussy and licking her own come from my very fingers. It was like seeing my
own wife Kim inside my daughters 12 year old body, doing things that only
she and I shared and she thought enough of me to teach and share these
techniques with our daughter. Nancy opened her mouth slightly and I could
see her tongue slither around my fingers and then her tongue come out and
moved around outside of her mouth, just like Kim does to me. I though that
Kim must have really taught and practiced a lot with Nancy for her to do
the same thing.  I was also thinking what Nancy's cute little mouth, lips
and tongue will feel like when she sucks my cock for the first time, Will
she let me shoot off into her mouth just like Kim does?  WOW!!!! I pulled
my fingers from her mouth and she sexily licked her lips clean of her own
pussy juice and come, never once breaking eye contact. Then before I knew
it she was placing her fingers against my lips just like I did to her.  She
softly coated my lips with her own essences, from one side to the other and
again stopped in the middle again just like I did to her. I did not see her
move her small hand down to her pussy and push them up inside her pussy to
coat them with her come. It was almost scary because she was doing the
exact same thing Kim and I do.  It was like Kim was now inside this young
virgin body.  My wife was now a 12 year old virgin.  I cleared my head of
these thoughts and realized that Kim had done such a great job in teaching
her (our) daughter some of the things that really turn me on. I responded
by doing the same thing and licking her fingers clean and sucking her
fingers into my mouth. After I did my duty and cleaned her fingers clean. I
then leaned forward some more and this caused Nancy to lean backwards.  I
had one arm wrapped around her back for support and gently laid her down on
her back. Her legs were still wrapped around my waist and as she settled
down fully on her back I was now crouched over her.  I was now in the
position to lay down on top of her and slide my cock up into her virgin
pussy and take her cherry.  But I though I should at least taste her sweet
virgin pussy first before it has been entered by any male cock. I backed
away and backed down toward her spread out legs and looked at the young
innocent virgin pussy completely spread open in all of it glory before me.
I was just starting to move into position to start eating out my daughter's
pussy when she said, "Daddy?" "Yes, Sweetheart?" I replied and looked up at
her directly into her eyes. "Mom told me to tell you to look in the bottom
dresser drawer now.", Nancy replied. My eyes got bigger and I just said,
"OH?" Nancy giggled and smiled her big innocent smile but she had a glean
in her eyes that held a mischief side also. I then crawled over to the side
of the bed and put my feet on the floor and walked over to the dresser
drawer.  I stopped for a moment and looked back over my shoulder and saw
Nancy laying on her side with her head up resting on her hand and her elbow
resting on the bed.  Her top leg was bent at the knee and her foot was on
the backside of her lower straight leg at about her knee joint.  It looked
like she was posing for a magazine layout. The way her breasts were tilted
toward me and her pussy was clearly visible to my stare.  I looked at her
and thought to myself that Nancy was definitely going to grow up and be a
real heartbreaker.  Her young body held so much promise as to what will be.
I then thought heartbreaker hell she will break my heart first. She was
just smiling at me and then she said, "Daddy?  The bottom draw on mommy's
side." That broke me out from my thoughts and I turned back around and bent
down and slid open the bottom drawer. Normally she had her sweatpants and
jogging stuff and old sweat shirts she wears around the house when doing
dirty work.  But the drawer is totally empty of her clothes. Instead I find
my old trusty S.L.R.  Camera, flashgun, compact collapsible tripod, my 2
extra lens and filter, and five rolls of 400a.s.a.  color film 36 exposures
each.  There was also another envelope sealed with my name on it. I reach
down and get the envelope first and stand back up and I look over at Nancy
and she is still in the same pose.  I turn back towards her and I say, "Do
you know about all of this?" She just smiled and said, "Open it Daddy!" I
walk over to the bed and sit down and begin to open the envelope. Inside
was another computer typed letter addressed to me. It read: Things must be
going pretty good so far if you are reading this letter. I found your
pictures of You and Kristy. Take some of Nancy for me and for you to add to
your collection of "Our Real Life Family Incest Pictures" not to mention
kiddie porn pictures. Mike .......  Please don't be mad at me.  PLEASE?
The pictures that you took of you and Kristy were the most erotic and
sensuous pictures I have ever seen. I have been masturbating myself for
over three months looking at them.  You really knew how to capture the
moment of pure love and lust.  I'm really surprised you have not missed
them by now, but don't worry, I love you more now than ever before. I have
a special surprise for you. Go into my closest and there is a large box at
the back of the closest on the top self.  Please get it down and bring it
back to bed with you. Always my love and lust for you my beloved husband,
friend and lover. Kim.

   I was totally shocked at what I just read.  I was scared, upset, mad,
pleased .........  I think I went through every emotion possible within
just a blink of an eye. I looked over at Nancy and she was almost in the
same pose but now she was playing with her breasts when I looked at her,
but when I continued to look at her, her hand that was playing with her now
rigid nipple slid down to her pussy and she started to play with herself.
She was smiling at me and I first had a straight face or maybe a slight
frown, but just looking at her bright lovely eyes I once again started
smiling. I got up off the bed and put the letter and the envelope on top of
the dresser drawers and walked over to the other side of the room where her
closet is and opened the door and turned on the light and went back to the
back of the closet and got the big box down from the top self and walked
back out of the closest and walked over to the bed and set the box on the
bed. I again looked over at Nancy and said, "Do you know about this too?"
She just giggled and smiled some more and just said, "Open it up Daddy!" It
was only after I asked her that question and got her reply did I then
notice that she was openly masturbating with two fingers in her pussy.  I
just stared at her slowly moving fingers, going in and out of her pussy.
She withdrew her fingers and brought them out and up to her own mouth and I
followed her hand till I saw her face and she was looking directly into my
eyes.  She then did what Kim has done some many times for me.  Nancy put on
a show of her licking and sucking her own pussy juices clean from her
fingers. My cock was now only half hard but seeing this, it swelled up to a
rock hard shaft faster than I have seen or felt it do for over 15 years.
She slowly cleaned her fingers of her juices and made a slight purring
sound, like a large cat purring.  Now this was totally new to my ears and
my cock swelled up even bigger to the sound that she was making. She then
totally shocked my by saying, "Uuuuummmm Daddy ......  I taste pretty good.
............  Do you want to taste me again?" She then giggled and I
watched her slide her hand down and her fingers back up into her pussy and
she stroked herself about five times and pulled her fingers out of her
pussy and stretched her hand and arm out to me. I started to move toward
her on the bed, but she withdrew her hand and giggled some more and had
this really mischievous look in her eyes.  Then she said, "Not till you
open the box and look inside." She once again brought her hand and fingers
up to her face and mouth and started to lick her fingers clean of her
juices all the while looking at me and smiling and teasing me. I thought to
myself, "FUCK!!!!!  She is worse than Kim or Kristy ever thought of being
at teasing me.  Kim really taught her well." I returned my attention back
to the box and took the lid off and looked inside.  There were five (5)
large black photo albums with their backs up.  Each one was numbered 1
through 5. There also another envelope. I immediately thought, "Jesus
Christ !!!  Kim !!!!  How many more surprises do you have in store for me
now?  Fuck!!!!" I thought I would have the slightly simple task of just
fucking my daughter for the very first time and now she wants me to
photograph my daughter and me doing it and all sorts of other things.  She
found my secrete stash of incest photo's of me and Kristy and now here is
five large photo albums that I can almost bet contain all of the photo's I
have of Kristy and I doing over six (6) continuos years of incest.  In all
of those years no one and I mean one, has ever seen these pictures except
Kristy and Me.  Kristy kept trying to get me to destroy all of the pictures
and negatives.  We both knew if somehow, anybody ever found them, we would
both be ruined, I was just too stubborn to get rid of them, because they
meant to much too me and after a while Kristy just gave up and she got
crazier and crazier with me taking pictures.  I took most of them but
Kristy did her fair share too of taking them too.  She dreamed up really
wild and erotic poses and positions and subject matter also.  Some of the
pictures we took, I was really embarrassed and I wish we would not have
taken them, but, I just could not bare to get rid of one single picture we
took.  It was a piece of time forever frozen. I reached into the box and
pulled out the envelope and opened it up and once again read the typed
page. It read as follows: My Love: This is my gift to you.  I put all of
your photos into these five (5) albums as a sign of my (OUR) acceptance
toward family love (Incest) I look at each one of these pictures and I see
the love and lust you and your lovely sweet sexy sister Kristy have
experienced and shared. These photo's are living proof that incest is not
all bad.  I see the love and lust in each photo and I can also see myself
in some of these pictures and I can also see (OUR) Family in these pictures
also. Yes!!!  My Love.  I can see you, myself, Nancy and Nick in these
pictures.  I want us to start our own family album just like the ones you
have of you and your sister.  We are no longer going to accept fear,
embarrassment or guilt concerning the taboo subject of Incest (Family
Love), incest should never be hidden, but it should be put proudly on
display for all of us to see and remember all of the good times we have
shared as a loving family.  Our family is going to accept this new life
style and pursue it for the rest of our days and we shall also pass it down
to our children and they will teach their children and spouses in the art
of True Family Love.  We will reach out and find other families who also
share our goals and dreams.  We can change the world in which we live in by
showing and sharing with others that Incest is not a Taboo, Crime or Sin,
but in reality it is a true measure of a family who is willing to share all
with everyone else in the family.  To teach and respect our children and
help guide them into adulthood.  To teach them that the old concept of sex
as we know it today is more damaging than incest ever thought of being.
Please open Book One #1, My Love and page through it.  I have marked all of
the photo's I would like for you to take of Nancy. Yes, Nancy has seen all
of them also and she and I together decided on the photo's and poses of
what we would like for you to copy using Nancy as your new young incestuous
model. After the photo shoot of your (our) daughter, you are free to fuck
her to your hearts content. Have fun and ENJOY!!!!!! XXXXXOOOOOXXXXXOOOOO
Kim. I just could not believe what I just read.  Kim is more into incest
and family love than I am, I think.  She is really out there.  I guess she
is just trying to make me feel good about what I am about to do.  I'm going
to take nude photo's of me and my underage 12 year old daughter and commit
a felony crime on film once again.  This time with my daughter. I started
to get cold feet and all sorts of thoughts began to run through my mind.
Like jail, a public trail, public humiliation, jail, jail, jail. But I came
back to the present when Nancy once again brought me back by asking me a
question. Daddy?  pause Daddy?  pause DADDY? I turn around and looked once
again at my Daughter and I see her in all her naked glory, happy and
smiling and she says, "Well what pose do you want me in first?" I reply,
"Well I don't really know, Hey you and your mom picked the poses out I
should be asking you what poses you are going to do for me." We both
laughed at that one and I looked in the box and pull album #1 out and
opened the book. WOW!!!! I could only shoot about 2 rolls of film of my
nude daughter before it became to great of a challenge for me to shoot her
and just look at her doing and performing all of the poses. I finally put
down my camera and I was now going to finish the task of taking my very own
12 year old daughter's virginity. I laid her out in the middle of the bed
on her back and slid a pillow under her butt so that her young virgin pussy
was elevated and was easier to get at when I went down on her. Her slim
long legs were spread far apart and bent at the knees and her feet were
pulled back toward her butt and they were spread out wider than shoulder
width.  Her entire pussy plain was totally and completely exposed to my
gaze and my hungry mouth, lips and tongue. She tasted so fresh and clean
and she really got into it.  If I would not have know better I would have
guessed that she was 19 or 20 years old as far as experience and behavior
and acting like she knew what she was doing and was really enjoying
herself. She did not act like a young inexperienced virgin, that is for
sure. I can not fully describe the feeling I had as I was down there
looking at Nancy's beautiful flowering 12 year old pussy.  The sight before
my eyes was breath taking.  The very fine and soft pubic hair that grow
just above her slit was and still is silky fine and soft.  Her slit was
slightly parted and I could just barely she the beings of her pussy hole
and tunnel.  Her juices were beginning to run freely out of her young
virgin cunt.  The smell immediately brought back memories of going down on
my younger sister when she was 13. I think the biggest turn on for me was
to be actually eating out my own daughter's pussy and looking up over her
pussy mound across her firm young belly and gazing at her shy, small breast
mounds.  They were just beginning to blossom into teenage titties but yet
they still held the allure of virgin flesh just budding. She lifted her
head and rested her chin on her chest and intently watched me, her daddy
eat her pussy for the very first time. I'm sure that it was quit the sight
for her to look down between her exposed bare young budding breasts and
across her flat tummy and then gaze into her fathers lust filled eyes as
his mouth moved all around her pussy, with his lips glued to her young
virgin pussy opening and having his tongue slide in and out and all around
her tender cunt. I would love to be able to see and feel what she was
feeling as I was going down on her.  I know that most fathers have sexual
feelings and urges to dream, think and wonder in the privacy of their own
mind what it would be like to have sex with their own daughters.  However
very few ever go beyond that point of just simple fantasy and actually do
it with their daughters. Nancy seemed to really enjoy my tonguing, licking
and deep probing of my tongue into her pussy because she began to hold the
slides of my head in her hands and she began to moan and talk to herself.
Her hips and the rest of her body was really beginning to move all over the
place.  Every once in a while she would close her thighs and hugged my head
and then squeeze my head and then relax and then do it again. I lifted my
face from her wet juicy and flavorful pussy and looked into her eyes and
asked her if she like what I was doing.  Her replay was a big smile and
said, "Oh Daddy you make me feel all tingly all over, I love what you are
doing to me PLEASE DON"T STOP NOW!" I smiled back to her and said, "OH!!!
BABY!!!!!  I don't ever want to stop eating your sweet little pussy." then
I paused and bent down and made a big wide lap with my tongue starting at
the bottom of her spread open pussy and slowly brought it up to the very
top.  Then I said, "So how do I compare to the way Mommy does it to you?"
She blushed for a minute and then she said, "Different, but Goooood, I
really like the way you do me." I figured enough talk, time to finish my
darling little daughter off and make her come in her father's mouth for the
first time. I bet we made quit the sight, here I was holding my daughter's
cute little butt in the palms of my hands with my mouth and lips glued to
her 12 year old pussy, my tongue sliding in and out of her hot, juicy,
tight, little pussy hole.  Tongue fucking her into orgasm.  She was holding
my head in place between her tender young tights and the rest of her body
was squirming all over as her orgasm began to take control of her.  Then I
tasted it, my daughter came and I could actually taste her hot little girl
come as it came into my mouth directly from her virgin pussy. That alone
almost made me come as I was drinking my daughter's sweet nectar down.
This entire moment was burned into my brain for all eternity, actually
doing my daughter in a sexual way.  This was by far better than any wet
dream, daydream, or fantasy. I made her come easily and then I crawled up
her writhing body and gently laid on top of her and we shared a bunch of
wet sloppy juicy pussy flavored kisses. The finial moment of truth had
arrived. As I was gently laying on top of her, my rock hard cock was laying
along her slit.  I could feel her warmth and wetness on my cock and my
precome was freely flowing from the swollen head of my cock. She wrapped
her arms around me and her legs were stretched out flat on the bed and they
were spread as far apart as possible. I remember that years ago I was once
in this same position ready to slid my hard cock into a virgin pussy for
the very first time and that pussy belonged to my dear sweet sister,
Kristy. I moved my body down slightly till I felt the head of my cock come
to the end of her crotch.  I bent my dick down a bit and then I felt that I
was close to my 12 year old, virgin, daughter's pussy opening.  Then my
cock head came in contact with her spread open entrance.  I moved forward
slightly and set my cock head at the mouth of her pussy opening and pushed
slightly so that my cock head was now in the right position to enter my
daughter. I then stopped and looked into her eyes and she in turn looked
directly at me.  I bent down and french kissed my darling little princess,
my totally nude and totally exposed 12 year old daughter for the last time
as a child and as a virgin. We finished our last kiss and not a word was
spoken as I started to make the journey into her pussy and take her cherry
with the very cock that created her in the first place. I started to slowly
and gently push forward and upward into her pussy and I could feel her
pussy lips give way to the gentle pressure of my invading cock. We were
both looking at each other and remained silent but it seemed like we were
contacted on a much higher plane. All at once, my swollen cock head and its
flared tip passed her opening and I was inside my little girl's pussy. I
took a deep breath as I felt my cock head pass into her opening and felt
her opening close over and grip my cock right behind the head.  Nancy on
the other hand felt my cock head pass into her opening and she also took in
a sharp breath and moaned, "OH MY GOD!!" almost in a soft whisper.  I also
saw her eyes expand and grow big. I keep moving forward and deeper into her
young virgin pussy.  Going were no man and his cock has ever been.  In a
very short amount of time and distance my cock made its way up into her
young, tight, wet little virgin pussy and my cock head came in contact with
her hymen.  I gently pushed against the final barrier that was keeping me,
(her Daddy) from going any farther inside her virgin cunt. I withdrew from
her cherry and started to stroke the length of pussy I already had access
to.  I slide out till just the head of my cock was still inside the first
ring of her pussy opening and slowly slid back in till I came in contact
with her cherry once again.  I stroked her young pussy for about 20 to 25
stroke and started to increase my speed and the angle I was sliding into
her. She responded to my stroking like any other hot blooded woman I have
ever fucked she began to relax and enjoy the feeling of her fathers cock
sliding in and out of her tight little cunt. She just moan when I slid in
and an keep saying over and over, "Ooohhh!  ........  OoooHhhhhh!!
OooooHhhhhhh Yes ......" She was still looking at me, now with only half
open eyes that showed nothing but pure lust and desire.  Her hips began to
match my strokes into her pussy and she wiggled her hips from side to side
when I withdrew. I pushed into her and came up to her cherry hymen and
pushed a lot harder this time and she immediately froze and gave a small
yelp.  I did not brake her hymen, but I know that it might have tore a bit
because she became real stiff and her half closed eyes snapped open and I
could almost see a glint of fright and terror in them thinking that the
time has come and the games are over and that this was the moment of truth.
I delayed the final push through her barrier for a while and began to
stroke her again.  She then relaxed and started to enjoy the feeling once
again. It was then that I decide to make my finial push and take her
virginity quickly.  I pulled out and then instead of stopping when I came
in contact with her cherry I keep going.  My cock head came up to her hymen
and pushed and then her cherry stretched for just a fraction of a inch and
then under the steady pressure it tore and gave way.  My cock lurched
forward almost to my balls and Nancy was totally taken by surprise.  She
gave a small scream of pain, terror and fright to the sudden pain and
discomfort. I'm sure, I did the right thing by taking her by surprise,
because if I would have warned her she would have tightened up and made
things worse.  Just like making a child turn their head when they get a
shot in the arm.  The shot is almost done before they begin to feel the
pain. Nancy totally lost it and froze up and her body shook slightly as her
muscles were all tensed up. I went ahead and sheathed myself the rest of
the way into her tortured little pussy and seated my cock in as far as I
could go. She was almost in tears by the time I was completely seated into
her now open pussy. Once I was in to the hilt and relaxed and laid down
more fully on her tense body and began to kiss her all over and whisper
words of comfort to her. "It OK!  Baby it is all over.  It will never ever
hurt like that again.  Your OK, just relax a minute or two and catch your
breath.  OH Honey, you did so good, I'm really proud of you and how you
came through this.  See Baby, the pain is already starting to fade away and
from now on you will only feel pleasure when you have a man all the way
inside you like this." All during this time I could feel my baby's pussy
muscles contracting and relaxing all along the length of my cock.  That
alone was almost enough to make me shoot off into her pussy.  It was really
hard to relax and think of other things while I was fully embedded inside
my 12 year old daughter pussy for the very first time in my life and her
life.  I knew then that Nancy and I would share many more times together in
this type of lust filled embrace.  Father and daughter engaging in the
ultimate act of love. Nancy broke my spell of daydreaming and brought me
back by saying, "I think the pain is over now, you can start fucking me
again daddy." She then responded by moving her hips slightly and then
lifting her hips up to push against my pubic mound.  She surprised me again
by saying, "I'm all yours daddy, fuck me good and make me a woman, come in
me so that I'm no longer a virgin." She then gripped her arms around my
back and pulled her head up off the bed and gave me a quick french kiss and
then said, "Teach me how to be a good 12 year old slut daddy, just like
mommie is!!!" Nancy then began to talk very graphically to me. "Fuck me
daddy!!  Fuck me and fill your little girls pussy full of your come!!!!
Make me into your whore, your little 12 year old slut, I'm your daughter,
daddy, give me your come daddy!!!  come inside my bare, unprotected pussy,
make me yours for the rest of my life." I was really shocked to hear all of
this coming from my own 12 year old daughter's mouth.  I guess my wife and
Nancy has been practicing on how to talk dirty to me and apparently my wife
has been giving her pointers on how and what to say for some time. Even
through I was shocked to hear her talk like that, I became even more turned
on by the idea that my daughter was doing this just to turn me on, just
like her mom does to me when ever she really wants to get fucked and really
act like a whore and a slut for me. Well needless to say I began sliding my
cock back and forth within her newly opened up pussy. I can not full
describe the feeling I was having as I felt my hard cock slide into and
withdraw from my very own daughter's pussy.  I was really doing it.  I was
actually fucking my 12 year old daughter. I was really enjoying the feel of
her young tight, freshly opened pussy gripping my cock and gently squeezing
it and bring me to the point of no return much too soon. OH GOD!!!!!!  HERE
IT COMES!!!!!! I felt my cock and body and knew that the time was fast
approaching so I pushed my cock all the way in to her young, adorable,
tight, young virgin pussy for the last time and held it in as deeply as
possible. I could feel my 12 year old daughter's womb at the tip of my cock
and then my whole body tensed up and my cock head swelled up and then I
felt the hot sudden rush of come roaring up the length of my hard cock till
it reached the end of my cock and then it shot out of the end of my cock
and jetted directly into her virgin pussy and womb. I shot rope after rope
of hot, wet, juicy, rich, bubbling come into my own daughter's pussy for
the very first time. I think I shot at least 7 solid spurts of come into
her unprotected pussy and womb. I did it!!!!  I really did it!!!!! I really
did take my daughter's virginity and I really came inside her pussy!!!!  I
still can't believe that it actually happened but it did. I really fucked
my daughter!!!!  I fucked my own darling little 12 year old daughter with
the very same cock that help create and make her just over 12 years ago in
my wife's pussy.  I actually shot the very same come that made her into her
own pussy.  I just could not get over it.  It was all to much for my mind
to comprehend. All during this time I felt my beautiful little daughter's
pussy grip and squeeze and milk my come out of my cock and into her pussy.
Her pussy muscles gripped and then relaxed and then gripped and relaxed
over and over milking the last of my come into her pussy and womb. OH!!!
NANCY!!!!!  My little princess was no longer a virgin but she is now on her
way to becoming a sexually active young girl. I would never again be able
to look at my young, sweet.  little 12 year old daughter in the same way I
did just less than 3 hours ago. She will no long be my sweet little
innocent baby girl any more, but now I will be looking at her as my new
little, sweet, sexually active girl who is learning what it is to be a
young lady who has tasted the forbidden fruit and love and lust and sexual
pleasure. After I finished coming inside her and we relaxed a few moments,
I withdrew my still hard cock from her freshly fucked pussy and I got up
off the bed and reached down and brought my camera up to my eye and started
to shoot a few pictures of my darling naked 12 year old daughter laying
spread out on the bed. I focused my camera for a couple of close up
pictures of her young pussy spread open and raw looking with my come which
was slightly tinted with her blood from her broken cherry and the light red
stain on the white satin sheets between her legs to show the fact that she
was indeed a virgin and that she did get fucked and had her virginity taken
and that her mate in fact came inside her pussy.  I also take a couple
picture of my still hard cock which was also slighted tinted red with her
virgin blood.  This was something I wanted to remember for the rest of my
days and I would also give Nancy copies of them later on so that she could
show her future husband pictures of the day she lost her virginity to her
own father and she could also show the photographs to her daughter and
prepare her for her father to do her the same way I did her.

   End of Part #2.

   Part 3 is being worked on as we speak. Well this is part two of a
continuing story of a family who decides to accept incest as a new

   I would like to hear back from those of you who have got this far.
Ideas, comments, suggestions? Let me know if you liked it and what you
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invent some new people for this new novel. All of this information will
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world of incest. Thanks ericmj12@aol.com

   Chapter # 3.  My Daughter Nancy: Her Lessons Continue: After I made love
to my daughter, Nancy, for the first time, right there on our bed, we
relaxed and then I took beautiful little Nancy into my arms and carried her
into the master bedrooms master bathroom. I turned down the lights low and
Nancy and I proceeded to enjoy our first of what I would hope to be many
more father/daughter showers together. What with the bathroom lights down
on low it gave us the feeling of a dark romantic night with our new lover,
even though it was just late afternoon, early evening. It kind of reminded
me of the first few times, I shared a shower with my sister, Kristy, late
night at home when mom and dad were out of the house or when Kim and I
started dating and my sister Kristy would spend the weekend over at my
apartment, when we both knew that Kim, my girlfriend would not be able to
come over and bother us. I have always enjoyed being around water of any
kind and the shower was almost as good as being in a swimming pool or in a
lake or the ocean.  Making love in or near water was really such a treat
that I would probably die if I had to give it up, and this afternoon was no
exception. Nancy and I began to rub our bodies against each other and tried
to turn the other person on more than we turned ourselves on, but in the
long run we were just working ourselves up into another frenzy and that
would only lead me to taking my own 12 year old daughter right here in the
shower. I just hoped that she would enjoy making love in the shower and
near water as much as my other lovers had enjoyed it. I really didn't have
too much to worry about, because before I could really do to much, Nancy,
made the first big move and kneeled down in front of me while, I was under
the shower head and she proceeded to give me my first 12 year old blow job.
Yes, My daughter was going down on me in the shower, the water was running
off of me and there was my young, beautiful, little daughter totally nude
kneeling before me and she was beginning to kiss and lick my rock hard
shaft, using her hands, lips, tongue, mouth, her entire face, and was
rubbing me and exciting me beyond belief. Before long I was standing under
the warm tingling spray of the shower head and was looking down at my new
little lover and she was jacking me off using her right hand on the lower
part of my rock hard shaft and she was sucking and licking just the upper
part of my shaft and cockhead. As I looked down at her, doing this to me,
her own father, and now new incestuous lover, I could not help but get more
excited, just from looking down at her doing this to me, her own dad. But
the sight that greeted me was better than any picture I have ever taken.
The sight of her, with her wet silky hair, her wet face, but most
importantly the sight of her small beautiful little breast mounds capped by
her proud jutting, rock hard, little nipples sticking out and then to feel
her tongue, swirling around inside her mouth and her head sliding up and
down the top part of my rock hard shaft, while her right hand continued to
jackoff the lower part of my hard shaft. She brought me off so fast, that
it kind of shocked me, because one minute I was enjoying the feeling and
the sight of my 12 year old daughter going down on me for the first time
and it was taking place in the shower and the next thing I knew is that I
am shooting off into her mouth. It happened that fast, it just came out of
no where and took me by surprise. My first solid shot of come hit her
directly in the mouth, tongue and throat and I think my second spurt of
come, also made it in her mouth, but she removed my cock from her sucking
and licking mouth and I ended up shooting at least four more silky streams
from the head of my dick that came directly from my balls and exploded on
my own daughter's face, cheeks, lips and neck.  There was even some of my
come that shot out and slid across one of her young growing breasts. I wish
there was some way I could have caught that on film, because it was quit
the sight to see my come shoot out into her mouth and all over her.  It was
really wild because I saw it almost in slow motion as each creamy tread of
hot come, shot out of the end of my rock hard cock and watched it come in
contact with my 12 year old daughters skin and watched as it slide along
her skin and then just kind of stuck into place. It was a breathtaking
sight to behold. My come was so intense that for a moment I thought I might
pass out because it felt that good.  I reached out and balanced myself
using my daughter's head and shoulders as a temporary crutch. My daughter
stayed kneeled down till I could recover from the sensory over load and
then I pulled her to her feet and I looked into her beautiful eyes and
looked at the come that streaked her face neck and chest and then I bent
down and french kissed my 12 year old daughter, she had indeed become my
new incestuous lover. As I kissed her I could taste my own flavor and
essence of my own come, in fact it kind of turned me on knowing that this
was the same come that made my daughter in the first place, so in a way I
was actually tasting her as she really was in the beginning.  I mean it was
just to much for my small human brain to comprehend the fact that my come
was in part what she is made of. I guess that is why incest is such a taboo
world wide because the sexuality of making love to a family member is such
a strong intoxicating aphrodisiac that most people could not control, once
they have tasted the sweet forbidden fruit, that all else pales in the joy
and excitement of doing a family member. As I was leaning down to french
kiss my daughter in the shower, right after she brought me off using her
mouth, lips and tongue and letting me come in her mouth and all over her
young face and chest, it was such a sight because as I was kissing her I
keep my eyes open and was looking directly at her and at first she had her
eyes closed but then she opened them also and she was also looking directly
into my eyes. While we were enjoying our after come kiss and looking deeply
into each others eyes, we were communicating on a level most people never
ever reach.  It seemed like we were talking to each other without ever
speaking a single word. As we enjoyed our kiss and I could taste the flavor
and essence of my own come I placed my hands gently on her face and used my
thumbs to remove the streaks of come that was still clinging to the side of
her face. Nancy broke our french kiss and took hold of each of my hands and
proceeded to lick and suck my thumbs and fingers clean of the come I had
collected from the sides of her face and she did this in a way that was
quit the turn on.  She did it slowly and deliberately so that I would not
miss one single act or action her lips and tongue made as she cleaned the
come off of my fingers and thumbs and then smilingly swallowing the
leftovers. It was then that I took a step back in the shower and cupped her
small shy breast mounds in the palm of my hands and used the thumbs she had
just sucked clean to gently flip her erect, rubbery, hard nipples back and
forth. When I did this, Nancy gave out a small little moan and she stepped
forward and then wrapped her arms around me and hugged me I regrettably
removed my hands from her breasts so that she could press her body
completely against mine and I too reached around her and hugged her in my
arms. I lowered my hand on her back and slid them over her small little
firm butt checks and gripped her cheeks in the palm of my hand.  I lifted
up slightly enjoying the feel of her cute little ass in the palm of my
hands.  Nancy lifted up and stood on the tip of her toes as I was gently
lifting her up. She was also kissing my hairy chest and even sucking and
playing with my own nipples with her lips and tongue.  She even got a
little naughty and nipped one of my nipples with her teeth and that brought
out a loud moan of pleasure and pain from me. That caused Nancy to giggle
and start to laugh. I silently closed my eyes and gave a small prayer of
thanks to my beautiful, understanding wife and lover Kim.  She took it upon
herself to take, Nancy (Our Daughter) aside and slowly and carefully bring
her in to the world of family love and sex.  I would be forever indebted to
her. I'm so proud of Kim because most wives and lovers would feel
threatened, bringing in a new sexual partner for their husband or lover,
especially if that new lover was a young, innocent, sexy, little 12 year
old girl who just happens to be their own daughter and she was a virgin at
that. Most women would feel threatened that they would be slowly or
immediately replaced by this new lover, sex partner, but Kim not only knew
me, she also knew herself and she felt safe and secure enough to allow a
new person into our equation, even if it was our own daughter. I also had
to make some tough decisions too, If Kim was open enough for me to take on
a new lover, which just happened to be our daughter.  Then I had to be man
enough and secure enough with my own emotions to allow her to have her own
lover.  In fact I had to be able to allow her to choose her own lover or
lovers and if that meant sharing her with a complete stranger, then I would
have to accept that also, but I was wondering who would be her first lover.
Nick our son?, maybe her own brothers?, maybe her little sister?, hell
maybe my little sister?, maybe her uncles?, hell maybe my own father?.  I
didn't know what her decision would be, but if I were a betting man, the
heavy favorite would be Nick, our own son. I told her many times that she
would be the one to make her own decision and that I would gladly accept
who ever she choose.  However, I would be lying to her and myself, if I
told you or her that I was completely at ease with the whole situation,
because no matter what, there is always that little spark of doubt. I owed
too much to Kim to let that get in our way, so I would just have to set
back and just roll with the punches, so to speak, but I still loved her
with all my heart and that was what was keeping all of us together. The
master bed room's master bath is what sold me on the house.  This room was
built for sex and I do mean sex. The shower is almost as big as a king size
bed.  It is a combination shower, bathtub and whirlpool, sauna fully
enclosed.  This unit alone cost over $15,000.00. I sat Nancy down on the
edge of the enclosed shower unit and she leaned back against the wall and I
kneeled down and once again spread her young, beautiful, firm, long legs
and looked once again at her innocent, 12 year old virgin pussy, but then
it hit me that she was no long a little kid and a virgin, but she was now a
sexually active young girl. In no time at all I was once again eating her
sweet tasting little cunt.  I just could not get enough of her, she was my
very own daughter and to be able to do these things to her at the age of
12, no less, was totally unreal. I was rock hard again in a matter of
minutes because incest was such a turn on that I would never go soft or
limp when I was around a naked female family member. I brought Nancy off in
less than five minutes and then I had her turn around and stand up and bend
over slightly and lean against the shower corner and spread her legs.  I
got around behind her and took her while she was standing up and bent over
slightly.  Her little pussy was slightly open and I even asked Nancy to
reach down between her spread open legs and guide me into her wet and
willing little cunt. Nancy was a little tight but she was wet and ready and
I asked Nancy, if she was sore?, if there was any pain?  and all she said
was, "Oooohhhhh Dadddy!!!!!  It feels just wonderful, just fuck me daddy!!
Fuck me Daddy and make me come again!!!" Well, I did just that and there
was almost no talking between us.  I rutted my hard cock up into my little
12 year old daughter's pussy which by the, was just opened up recently, in
fact, less than hour and half ago she was still a virgin. It reminded me of
our wedding night, Kim and I fucked all day and all night long for three
days solid, before we took a break and put on some clothes and left our
room to look around at where we were honeymooning at. Nancy was learning
more and more and she began to rotate her hips around in a small circle and
she was even learning to grip my cock with her pussy muscles. I wish I
could boast that I lasted a half hour fucking my little adorable girl, but
the fact is and was, that I only lasted about 12 minutes top if even that,
before I slammed against her firm little ass cheeks and held myself deep
inside her newly opened pussy and shoot my thick ropes of hot, stringy,
milky, fatherly come into my 12 year old daughters clasping pussy. I
spattered her insides with my come and I could feel her pussy muscles
actually grasping me and helping me milk my cock of my come. I still could
not get over the fact that I was really fucking my own daughter, I keep
thinking that this was just a really great wet dream and any minute I would
wake up and find myself in bed alone, but it was not to be, this was real
and it was actually happening to me and my daughter.  We were fucking each
other and we were both loving ever minute of it. Once my cock finished
shooting its sticky strands of come into my daughter's pussy and she slowed
down on milking my cock with her young tender pussy muscles which were just
beginning to learn what sex was, I slowly and gently pulled my cock out of
her pussy. Nancy gave out a low moan of disappointment when my semi-hard
cock left her snug little pussy.  I then sit down on the floor of the
shower tub and stretched out and leaned back against a soft shower pillow
and I motion for Nancy to come and laid down with me.  She laid down next
to me and laid her head affectionately against my chest and laid a arm also
across my chest I reach around her and held her next to me with one arm and
I gently stroked her hair and her small beautiful child like face with my
other hand. We both closed our eyes and enjoyed the afterglow of our fuck
and enjoyed the feeling of the fine shower spay hitting our exposed bodies
with the warm gentle spray. We kind of dozed off for a few minutes and when
I woke up Nancy was cupping my cock and balls in her small little hand and
I was gently holding on to one of her little ass cheeks and I was gently
cupping one of her shy little breast mounds. We both kind of woke up and
slowly stirred till we were fully awake, we both stood up and started to
soap each other down all over to remove any of my come that was still on
her or me and once we where complete squeaky clean we got out of the shower
and we toweled each other off in big soft fluffy towels. We both walked
back into the bed room and I asked Nancy if she wanted anything to eat or
drink.  She said she would love a strawberry pop so, I walked out of the
bed room and down the stairs to the kitchen and got her soda and I also got
me a coke.  I got some glasses and some ice and brought it all back up into
the bed room and when I came back into the room and closed the door, I
found her looking through the photo albums of me and my sister. We got
comfortable on the bed and we were both enjoying our cold drinks and I let
Nancy page through the photo albums at her own speed and she would
occasionally stop at a alluring picture and ask me a question about it.
Nancy also began to ask me questions about me and my sister and also about
me and Kim (her Mom). But it was mostly about me and my sister and all of
the things we did to each other and together as lovers, as we were growing
up. It was then that I asked her if she had ever though about her older
brother Nick and if maybe she would like to do, what I have done to my
sister, with her own brother and she paused for a few seconds and said,
"Well, I would like to, but right now, I want to learn more about sex and
lovemaking with you daddy, there is a lot of things I would like for us to
do before I start doing it with my brother." She said she would like to do
all sorts of things with her brother and she did not feel ashamed or
embarrassed about having sex with her own brother because her own daddy did
the same thing with his sister.  She went on to say that she liked the idea
of that maybe someday we (the whole family) could all do it here in front
of each other and she thought that would be really neat and a lot of fun.
She really surprised me by saying that she would like to see me do my
sister right in front of her because seeing pictures of me and my sister
was making her hot and wet between the legs she thought maybe seeing me do
my sister for real would even be better. I leaned over and kissed her and
said, "Nancy I would love to show you, but you have to understand that I
have not made love to my sister for over ten years and I did not know if
she would want to start back up again." She smiled at me and said, "Well if
I was your sister and we did all of these things for so long, I would jump
at the chance to start them back up again, besides I just started fucking
and I love what you do to me, so I'm sure your sister would love the chance
to fuck her own brother again." I smiled at her and leaned over and kissed
her again.  We broke our french kiss and she looked at this one picture and
said, "Daddy?  Can we do it like this?" It was a picture on me laying on my
back and my sister sitting up on my top of me with my hard cock in her
pussy and the series of photos that followed showed her laying down on top
of me while we were fucking and the last couple of photos showed my cock
still embedded in her pussy but the tell tell sign of my come all around
the outside edge of her pussy and come hanging from my balls.  I had used a
remote control shutter release and a auto wind to catch this set of photos
and that brought back vivid memories of that time with my dear sweet little
sister.  She just turned 16 and I was 19 at the time.  I told my young
excited little daughter that I would love to fuck her that way and we then
proceeded to get into position and we enjoyed a slow tantalizing fuck with
my 12 year old daughter sitting on top of me with my once again rock hard
cock sliding in and out of my daughter's young, tight, warm and wet juicy
12 year old pussy which was showing signs of become a prime piece of
talented pussy for a girl so young. Like I said, this was indeed a slow
enjoyable, relaxing fuck, we did not rush into coming but kept a slow pace
and Nancy laid down on top of me spread her young, lean, firm body out
along with mine and we slowly enjoyed our come together. Once I fired off,
maybe only four solid shots of come into my adorably little daughter, we
both just kind of went to sleep with my cock still inside her and that was
the way we were find when Kim (my Wife, Nancy's mom) opened up the bedroom

   Chapter #3 Part #2 Kim Returns Home:

   Kim came home a little early and found us in a lovers embrace. I woke up
first and looked into the eyes of my lovely wife, Kim and then I almost
throw Nancy off my chest, but Kim held me down slightly and smiled and told
me to relax and then the next thought hit my mind, NICK!?  Oh sit were was
he, and had he already come home and seen us, His dad and his little sister
together in a sexual embrace?  I then said, quietly, "OH SHIT!!  WERE IS
NICK?" Kim smiled and said calmly, "Don't worry he called me on the car
phone from the lake and said he tried calling the house and there was no
answer so he called me to ask if he could stay out at the lake for another
night because the fish were really biting and they were having tons of fun,
so I told him sure and that I would tell you as soon as I got home." She
smiled and then leaned down to kiss me and I returned the favor and then
she broke the kiss and looked at Nancy still sleeping on top of my chest
and smiled and said, "Well, You must have really worn her out!!." She then
leaned back and looked at where my cock was still embedded inside her
daughters little pussy and she then looked back up at me and said, "That is
such a beautiful sight Honey, I would have never have guessed or believed
that this would have taken place or that I would have allowed this!!  If
someone would have told me, 13 years ago, that I would marry a man fall in
love with him and then allow and encourage him to fuck our own daughter,
let alone help prepare our daughter in the ways that I have done, to get
her ready to give up her virginity to her own father!!!!" I gently rolled
over and slowly and gently removed my soft penis from my daughter's tight,
little, freshly fucked cunt and rolled her over and she woke up for just a
few seconds and saw that her mom was there and she smiled slightly and just
said, "Hi Mommie." Kim leaned over and kissed her daughter lightly on the
cheeks and said, "Hi baby, you just go back to sleep and rest we will talk
later OK?" Nancy responded and smiled and closed her eyes once again and
just said, "OooKkkk." I got out of bed and pulled the light bed sheet up
and covered Nancy's beautiful nude 12 year old body, which have given me
more pleasure than I could have possibly dreamed of. I got out of bed nude
and followed Kim into our master bathroom and I started to watch her
undress, but she told me to get into the shower and get it ready for us and
we could talk in the shower about what all had happened. Well, I was in the
shower and was scrubbing down with soap when Kim enter the shower and she
had her back to me and asked me to wash her back for me and then she told
me to turn around and she would do my back. She finished my back and I
turned around to do her front and that was when I noticed that she had a
hickey (love bit) on her right breast, I think my mouth was hanging open
and my bottom jaw hit the shower floor when I saw that, it was then I also
noticed a another love bit at the top and to the right of her bare pussy
slit. I was totally speechless and looked directly at her and tried to spit
out a sentence or question, "WHO THE HELL DID THIS TO YOU!!!!!?" Kim smiled
and said, "Well I though that since you were here at home having fun with
our child, Nancy that just maybe I should look for a little fun of my own."
I replied and said, "But .....  But .....  You said you were going over to
stay with your sister?  I didn't think you were going out to find someone
to replace me?" She smiled and leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the
lips and said, "But Honey, I did stay at my sister's house this weekend, in
fact, who do you think gave me these little tattoos and then sent me home?"
Kim laughed and said, "She (Debbie) did this to me, so that you would
notice them and see that she is marking her territory and property." I was
totally speechless for about 10 seconds as this was sinking into my mind,
my lovely little innocent wife had not only prepared her own daughter for
her husband to fuck, but she had also started on taking in incestuous
lovers herself and she started with her younger sister, Debbie. Needless to
say I was still speechless and then Kim proceeded to tell me about her
first time with her little sister and how it all happened and what all took
place over at her house this weekend. While she was tell me that story I
was getting all pumped up again and was ready to fuck her or jerk off, what
ever the case maybe.  We also began to play with other and we both got
excited and she sit down in the same corner of the shower stall and told me
(she did not ask) she told me to eat her pussy and she would continue with
her story about her first time with Debbie. Needless to say I was sucking
and licking her pussy like there was no tomorrow.  I still could not
believe the change my wife, Kim had gone through just recently, but it was
a turn for the better.  She would still keep my attention for years to
come. I guess that is what is so special about her, she is always exciting
me with new and inventive ideas and suggestions. It is not like what a lot
of married couples experience today, after a while the flame goes dim and
sometimes the flame goes out and the couples begins to drift apart and the
next thing you know they are in divorce court splitting everything up and
they are at each others throats and they never ever speak to each other
again. Kim and I on the other hand are finding that our flame is not
growing dim as the years go by, but in fact the flame is growing and
getting bigger and instead of growing apart, we are more together and have
really broke down the barriers and have begun to accept and enjoy each
others most private of all thoughts and desires, no matter how bizarre or
kinky or sick they might be. In fact, we seemed to feed off of each others
secrete desires and helped each other in fulfilling them. It is really a
shame that more couples and families could not do what we have started to
do and that is to brake down all of the barriers and look beyond. I once
again gave a silent pray of thanks, that my wife and I have been able to
grow together and love and respect each others most private desires and
still accept them for who they really are. She continued with her story and
I continued to eat Kim's bare pussy and I was staring right at the love
bite that Debbie had left knowing that I would be looking at it as I was
eating Kim's pussy. I bet Debbie was really enjoying herself and I bet she
would have loved to be a little fly on the wall to see my reaction and hear
exactly what I said, when I noticed the love bits she had placed on her
older sisters right breast and upper right part of her pussy slit. Debbie
is 6 years younger than Kim so that would make her 27 years old.  She is
still single and from what I knew was not living with a guy because she
travels quit bit, it never dawned on me that she was into lesbian sex but
then again, big deal, to each their own. Any way, Debbie is 27 years old,
single and is just about a young version of Kim.  In fact I think Kim has
bigger tits that Debbie so Debbie would probably be my be 32A or maybe 33A
she still had a slim waist maybe smaller than Kim because she has never
married or had kids, so I would have to say she is maybe 22 or 24 and her
hips is 35, but not over 36 at the most.  She also has a short business
like hair cut, almost like a guy, but it is in no way a butch hair cut, at
least in my view. Every time I have ever see her, she is almost always in a
very stylish woman's business suite and dressed to the high nines.  In fact
she really looks sexily in her professional business suites and I have
always wondered what she would look like in the nude, since she was almost
a mirror younger image to Kim her older sister.  It was her breasts that
intrigued me the most, because I have always loved small breasts.  I guess
that goes back to when I first made love to my little sister at 13 and she
had small breasts then and she still has small breasts now.  Hey I love
small breasts, so that is the way it is.  Big breasts are OK but I still
prefer small shapely breasts, the best. Getting back to the story at hand,
I was eating Kim's pussy and I was also stroking my cock with my other hand
as I was listening to her story about her and her younger sister Debbie.
Since Kim stayed over at her sisters house until Saturday afternoon, Kim
and her sister went out Friday night drinking and partying.  Well, the wine
flowed and before long they were telling each other about their sex lives
and Kim found out for the first time that Debbie enjoyed girls/women just
as much as she enjoyed guys. Debbie complained that guys were such pricks,
when it came to having fun with sex and they were too protective, and
jealous once you started dating them and she wished she could find a
boyfriend that would turn into her husband, that was as kind, gentle and
understanding as Kim's husband, (Mike) ME! Well that brought Kim into the
discussing and said, "Well, If you can't find someone like Mike, maybe I,
(Kim) would think about maybe loaning me (Mike) out to her kid sister or
maybe joining in on a friendly sisterly threesome." Debbie was speechless,
that her straight laced older sister would even dream of joining in on a
threesome let alone admit to wanting to have sex with another girl/woman.
Well, one thing led to another and before long Kim and Debbie were
undressing each other in a frenzy, right there in Debbie's living room.
Debbie was pleasantly shocked to see that her older sister (Kim) had her
pussy shaved completely smooth. Debbie on the other hand had just a small
little strip of pubic hair about a half inch wide and it was just above her
pussy slit and was only about three inches long.  The rest of her pussy and
ass area was also shaved bare. They enjoyed doing each other separately and
then enjoyed a sisterly 69 till they both came. It was then that Debbie
brought up the fact, that they have just committed incest and what did Kim
think of that? Kim smiled and said, "I don't think that what we did and
shared together could or should be called a sin or taboo, but then again,
it was very exciting and quit the turn on knowing that what they did
together was something most sisters never get to experience and that in
itself was a real turn on." As they were relaxing in each other arms Debbie
confessed to Kim that she wished that they could have done this a long time
ago.  In fact, Debbie said, that she had wanted to do that with Kim since
Debbie was about a freshman in high school but was scared to approach Kim
about it. Kim smiled and said, "Yea, I know what you mean and I probably
would not have done it then, but now, she was willing to make up for lost
time." Kim said she just started to learn the pleasures of girl/girl sex
and went on to say that Mike (her husband) knew of this and even approved
of it. Debbie then asked if they have ever had a threesome or a foursome.
Kim said, "No, but she would like to know if Debbie would like to join in
and experience Mike for the first time with Kim being present or would she
rather have Mike by herself the first time." Debbie thought about it for a
while and said, "I really don't care, it is what ever you and Mike decide."
Well, Kim started to come in Mike's mouth at that point and stopped talking
and gave in to enjoying her come. After Kim finished coming and opened up
her eyes it was then that she noticed Nancy standing totally nude behind
Mike in the shower also. Nancy started to washer herself clean and Mike sat
down between Kim's spread open legs and they both enjoyed the show that
Nancy was putting on for them. The way Nancy was washing herself and
touching herself was a complete display of erotic art and to think that
Nancy was only 12 years old and she was less than 6 hours old in being
sexually active was unbelievable. In fact, some porn stars who have been in
the business for over 10 years could not even put on a erotic show like
their, little, 12 year daughter was doing for them. After everybody was
cleaned up in the shower, they, all three got out and toweled off and then
returned into the bedroom and Mike set up the video camera on a tripod and
then got his 35 millimeter camera out and started taking pictures.  He
asked Kim and Nancy to get up on the bed and start enjoying each other.
Nancy noticed the love bits on Kim and asked her about them and Kim replied
that she got them from Debbie, (Aunt Debbie).  Well Nancy, was really
surprised and asked if Aunt Debbie knew about what all was happening and
Kim replied, "No, not all of it but just enough." Kim then asked Nancy what
she thought of that and Nancy replied that she thought that was really cool
and said, "She would like to see her mom and Aunt Debbie do each other and
that she was a little sad because she did not have a sister she could enjoy
also." Kim then said, "Well, You have an older brother and would you like
to do things to her older brother like she did to her dad? Nancy replied
that she would like to do that too and maybe we (the whole family) could
all do it together in front of each other pretty soon. Kim said, she would
like to see that happen also and that Nick did not know about any of this
yet but hopefully she would be able to talk to Nick and ask him privately
if he would like to do something like this. Nancy laughed and said, Don't
worry, he would love it.  Kim then asked Nancy, How do she know? Nancy
said, She had caught him a couple of times trying to peek in on you while
you were in the shower and also while you were in here by yourself or with
daddy doing it. Kim looked over at Mike and smiled and then took Nancy into
her arms and asked her what else did she see her brother doing. Nancy told
her mom and dad about how Nick kept coming into her room while she was
changing clothes without knocking and he would also open up the bathroom
door and then open the shower door while Nancy was taking a shower. She
also went on and told them that a couple of time Nick waited outside the
bathroom door and when she came out of the bathroom he would bump into her
as his was going into the bathroom door and sometimes he even pulled the
towel I had wrapped around me off and he saw me naked again. One time he
even reached out and touched my tits and just the other day he even reached
down and touched my pussy. He then went into his bedroom and closed the
door.  I waited a couple of minutes and then I opened up his door and saw
him on his bed naked and he was pulling on his cock and he then saw me and
he just kept going. Kim was really enjoying this new story about her son
and what he had been up to lately. Nancy continued and said, "He then asked
me, to take the towel off and let him look at me naked." "Well, I never
have seen a guy do it, you know, I mean it was kind of neat, to see him
pulling up and down on his cock and then I just dropped my towel, because I
was scared that he would stop doing it to himself if I didn't do what he
asked." "He was looking right at me and then he lifted his rear up off the
bed and kind of groaned and then his cock started to shoot his stuff out
the end and the first one went real high in the air and it landed on his
shoulder and then the rest of it landed on his chest and stomach." "After
that was over, he kind of relaxed and then he rolled over to the side of
his bed and got a sock off the floor and began to wipe up all that white
sticky stuff off of himself and that was when you came through the front
door, so I ran into my bedroom and I guess he got all cleaned up and got
dressed again. Nancy also told them about seeing him (Nick) in their
bedroom while mom was in the shower and he was peeking through the partly
closed door and he left when I came up the stairs and walked past your
bedroom door. He went into his room again and closed it so I think he has
been doing himself quit a while from looking at me and you too. Kim was
pleasantly pleased and surprised by what all Nancy had told both her and
Mike, about the activities that Nick has been enjoying. By now Kim was wet
and ready and so was Nancy, so they both put on a steamy lesbian show for
Mike and all the while Mike was recording in on the camcorder and taking 35
millimeter pictures of the action. Mike surprised and impressed at what all
they did to each other and how they did it with no shame or embarrassment
by him watching and filming the whole thing. Kim got up off the bed for
just a few moment and got her box of adult play toys out and set them on
the bed with them.  There was all sorts and sizes of dildos, vibrators,
string beads, anal plugs, joy jelly, flavored lubricants, strap on dildos
even a pair of nipple clamps. Both Kim and Nancy were using and
experimenting with all sorts of play toys with each other and also by
themselves. Nancy and Kim took turns going down on each other and them
doing a 69 to each other at the same time. All the while Mike was shooting
film and recording everything.  Mike was also totally naked and he had to
stop every once an a while and slowly jerk his long, thin, cock, but he
always stopped before he went to far, because he did not want to come just
yet.  However his cock was totally slick and wet from all of the pre-come
juice which was leaking out from the tip of his cock because of the erotic
show of Mother/Daughter Incest taking place on his own bed, in his house.
It was still hard for him to believe that all of this was taking place with
his own family.  Just a week ago, it was nothing more than a wishful
fantasy, to be involved in incest with his family and now it was 100 times
better than he could of ever dreamed of. Kim had accept incest better and
faster than he could of ever thought possible and Nancy seemed to really
enjoying herself and also her mom and dad.  Nancy was willing and eager to
try almost anything and I guess it was the innocent nature of young kids to
accept things as they are and are not jaded to what older people have
already decided as to what is wrong or right, black or white, good or evil,
sinful or taboo. She (Nancy) was learning to accept sex as something to a
sport and not based off the old concept of love and fidelity, and all of
those other big words with even longer meanings that really did make since
when it really came down to it.  After both Kim and Nancy had come several
times Nancy wanted to see her dad fuck her mom and she was going to be
right there as it happened and she would also join in on the fun. Mike was
more than ready to fuck one or both of them and since Nancy wanted to see
him fuck her mom and see if they did anything differently than when her dad
fucked her. Mike set the camcorder up on the tripod and positioned it at a
angle from one corner of the foot of the bed and placed it on a wide angle
shot so that everyone and everything could be seen he then walked over and
got up on the bed with his 33 year old wife and his 12 year old daughter.
He started out by kissing both of them passionately and then laying back on
the bed and Kim was laying next to him and Kim was laying next to her mom.
Mike made the suggestion that Nancy could lay across her moms belly and
finger fuck her and keep her hot, wet and ready and Nancy could lean over
and suck his cock for a little while. Nancy took up her position laying
across her mom's belly and started to finger fuck her mom and she leaned
over and grabbed hold of her father's long, hard, thin cock and sucked on
the top half while jerking off the lower part of his cock shaft. Mike in
turn was french kissing his lovely wife and playing with her breasts and
occasionally reaching down to place his hand on top of Nancy's head while
she was bobbing up and down along his cock shaft.  He even reached down
also played with Nancy's small lemon sized breasts with their hard pointy
nipples sticking out in pure lust and sexual excitement. Kim was also
playing with Nancy's body and was gently rubbing and massaging and feel any
part of her young body that her hands could reach. The camcorder was
silently recording everything that was taking place on their bed. Mike was
the one who reached down and had to physically lift Nancy's sucking mouth
and swirling tongue off of his super heated long, thin, hard cock and Nancy
moved to make room for her dad to mount mom in the missionary position. Kim
was the one who asked Nancy to grab a hold of her father's cock and guide
it into her pussy.  Nancy did it without reservations or hesitation. Mike
was once again in position and his cock head was ready to enter his lovely
wife's pussy.  Even though he has fucked this same cunt for over 15 years
it still was a turn on to him and a thrill every time he entered her slick,
warm, wet and tight pussy.  It was even better now than ever before.  But
what he really liked most was that she had shaved her pussy totally clean,
bare and smooth.  She had done this some time ago, just right after she had
found his secrete stash of incest books and magazines in his foot locker.
Once Kim had shaved herself totally bare, she found out that she enjoyed
sex even more without the hair down there and Mike seemed to want sex all
the time and that they actually increased in having more sex per week than
before and then their sex life picked up even more when they both began to
share each others deepest and darkest sexual fantasies. Kim was also
experiencing a increase in her sex drive and she also began to initiate the
sex act more and more and she also began to think about her deep and dark
sexual fantasies and Mike was more than supportive about them and they had
a lot of fun acting out each others sexual fantasies. Kim really broke
loose so to speak that one night that Mike played her father and she was
acting as a little girl of 12 or 13 and she was being seduced by her own
father.  Once that had taking place she began to accept incest more openly
and then they both began to explore all types of sexual fantasies together.
Mike and Kim grow closer together after that one night and they were more
open and supportive of each other than ever before.  It was like they both
had fallen in love again to and with each other and it was even on a deeper
plane of love, lust and emotion than they had ever felt. Nancy was really
enjoying the sights and sounds as her mom and dad fucked right there in
front of her and she was also part of this new equation as she was also
leaning down to french kiss her mom and then switched to kiss her dad as
they continued to fuck in front of her. Nancy sit back and watched both her
mom and dad fuck each other and she then reached over and got a small
little vibrating dildo which was about 5 inches long and only about 1 1/2
inches in diameter and began to slide it in and out of her young cute
little pussy in time with her dad as he was sliding his own cock in and out
of her mom's pussy. Both Kim and Mike enjoyed looking over at Nancy sitting
besides them doing herself and enjoying the show that they were putting on
for her. Nancy also withdrew the dildo from her pussy every once in a while
to bring up and run it over her super sensitive nipples and also up to her
lips and mouth were she licked it clean and sucked on it like it was a
small cock. Mike did not last very long inside his wife's pussy because he
had been filming the girls together and was playing with his cock all
during the time that they put on a show for him, so before long Mike moaned
out that he was going to come and then he sent his cock in as deep as
possible into Kim's pussy and shoot off his load of bubbling come into her
pussy. Mike was just about worn out after that and he immediately rolled
off of Kim and onto his back. Nancy took this opportunity to crawl over her
mom and began to suck her dad's cock clean of his come and her mom's come.
Nancy kept the small dildo in place in her pussy as she was doing this and
then after she had cleaned his cock totally clean, she then got between her
mom's spread open legs and began to eat, lick and suck her mom's pussy and
she was enjoying her first taste of her mom's pussy soaked with her daddy's
come.  Mike repositioned himself so that he could reach Nancy's pussy and
began to fuck his daughter's pussy with the small dildo that was still
vibrating in her small little pussy. In just a few minutes Kim came again
but this time her own daughter was the one who brought her off and Nancy
also began to come from all of the action going on in her pussy from the
vibrating dildo and the fucking motion that her own dad was causing by
sliding the dildo in and out of her pussy. After that session both Kim and
Mike placed Nancy between them and began to sexually please their own
daughter together. They toyed and played with her till she came three more
times and began to beg them to stop because her pussy became to sensitive
and was on the verge of causing pain instead of pleasure. They all laid
down to rest and relax and before long they all fell asleep together on the
bed. Mike was the first one to wake up in the morning and had to go take a
piss and after he came back into the bedroom he noticed that he had forgot
to turn the camcorder off and the tape had already run out and
automatically rewound itself.  He turned it off and took the tape out and
put a fresh tape in just in case thing started up again when his girls woke
up, then turned the recorder back on with the new tape in it. He then
decided to surprise both of them and went down stairs and fixed them
breakfast and brought it up to them.  He fixed french toast, bacon, orange
juice, coffee and brought up real butter and warm maple syrup.  Mike came
back into the room and called out that breakfast is now being severed.  Kim
and Nancy were still asleep, but the smell of the french toast, bacon and
coffee woke them up and all three of them ate breakfast in bed together.
Kim was really please at the thoughtfulness of Mike to do this for them and
they all enjoy a tasty hot breakfast in bed totally nude. They all talked
like nothing sexual had happened and none of them were embarrassed about
their nudity in front of each other it was just kind of natural so to
speak. Kim and Nancy did not know that the camcorder was on and a new tape
was in place. After they had finished breakfast and Mike removed the bed
tray, he then got the warm syrup bottle and poured a small amount out onto
Nancy's breasts and nipples and they all laughed at this new outrageous act
and he bent down and began to suck the sweet syrup off his daughter's
young, small, firm, breasts. Nancy's nipples were soft till the warm syrup
was dripped onto them and they began to swell up and became erect once more
in sexual excitement. Mike was enjoying himself in licking and sucking her
nipples clean and then Kim got into position and began to suck her
daughter's other breast also coated with warm, sticky, maple syrup. After
all the syrup was cleaned off her breasts, Nancy took the bottle and did
the same thing to her mom and Mike and Nancy began to lick and suck her
breasts clean at the same time causing Kim to become sexually aroused.
After they got done with Kim and her breasts, Kim took the bottle and said,
"OK MIKE it's your turn and she proceeded to pour the warm sticky sweet
syrup all over his cock and also on each of his nipples on his chest. Both
Kim and Nancy took turns sucking and licking his sweet flavored cock and
sucking and sometimes biting his nipples on his chest. Nancy and Kim
continued to pour more syrup over his cock and continued to suck his cock
till he could not hold back his orgasm any longer and he shot off first
into Kim's mouth and she let it shoot two (2) solid shots of hot come into
her mouth and then she passed his shooting cock off to her daughter and
Nancy took his cock into her mouth and let him finish shooting his load of
come into her mouth. After he finished coming in Nancy's mouth Kim was
there to french kiss Nancy and together they shared his come with each
other.  They were both kneeling and as they shared his come they both were
playing with each others breasts and pussies. Mike then got up and took all
of the trays and food back down into the kitchen and placed them in the
dishwasher and cleaned up the kitchen before going back up stairs. When he
got back up stairs both Kim and Nancy were still going at it with each
other and they still had the bottle of syrup.  They were both in a 69
position and they were just going crazy eating each other and finger
fucking each other. Mike just stood at the foot of the bed and watched as
they brought each other off.  Mike started to clap and say, "Bravo, Bravo,
encore, encore." They all laughed and Kim and Nancy both took a bow before
him and the camcorder which was taking this all in. They all got up and
took a shower together and then Kim and Nancy changed the sheets on the bed
because of all the come and syrup and other stuff that was on it. The rest
of the morning was uneventful.  They had their share of sex for a while at
least, so they all just did things most families do on the weekend. It was
later in the afternoon that they all got together in the family room down
stairs in the basement that Mike played back both tapes and they all sit
around and watched themselves as they made love to each other on the tape.
It was really kind of strange to watch yourself as you did things like
this. It was like looking at yourself through another persons eyes so to
speak. They all enjoyed the tapes and this brought about another sex
session this time in the family room in the basement. This time Nancy
experienced her best, biggest, longest and strongest orgasm to date. Mike
sat on a chair towards the edge and Nancy sit down on his cock and was
sitting on his lap.  Nancy was facing away from her father and in this
position she was spread open for her mom to kneel down in front of her and
lick her pussy and clit while her dad's cock was sliding in and out of her
young pussy. Nancy really enjoyed this new position and she got off faster
than ever before.  It seemed to her that she was coming non-stop during the
entire session. After that session took place they are got showered and
dressed, because they all knew that Nick would be showing back up at home
any time soon. End of Part #3.

   Chapter #4 Nancy's Check Up: The following week, after Nancy and her Dad
began having sexual relations, Kim made an appointment with Dr.  Tom
Richardson, their family doctor.  She thought it best to have Nancy checked
over and see about putting her on the pill as soon as possible.  Since
things have started to change around the house, it would be best to make
sure something unexpected did not pop up, so to speak.  Dr.  Tom Richardson
is Cami's dad, and Cami is Nancy's Best Close Friend.  Cami is about 6
months older than Nancy, so she just turned 13 just last month.  Sometimes
you would think that Cami & Nancy were joined at the hips or that they were
traveling sisters living apart, because they each took turns staying over
at each others houses so much. Dr.  Tom Richardson occasionally plays golf
with Mike at the Country Club and they have even gone hunting & fishing a
few times.  They are not what you call best of friends but they do know
each other pretty well. Tom is a few years older than Mike.  Tom is 40
years old, about 6' 2" and weighs in at about 180lbs.  Slim, but well
built. Short sandy blond hair.  His hobbies are his boats, he has a fairly
large 38' house boat that has three decks.  It can sleep up to 12 people if
you wanted to crowd that many in their 4 sleeping areas.  He also has a
sleek fast 27' Cuddy Cab boat that goes about 90mph.  Then he has a small
bass boat he fishes from most of the time. Mike has gone out quit a few
time with him fishing and has even made the comment on more than one
occasion that he would like to have a boat too.  He has even asked Tom to
go shopping and looking at boat shows and boat dealers to see what is
available and what kind of prices they are asking. Tom has been real nice
and has taken Mike around to show him different boats and taken him out to
a few marinas at a couple of lakes near by, that Tom goes to and has
introduced him to quit a few boat owners and they have in turn showed him
their boats and taken him out on them. Mike in return has taken Tom out
hunting and shooting.  So they have each shown the other what their hobbies
are and they each enjoy the others hobby. His wife is Catherina, she is a
37 year old knockout red head with breasts that must be at least 38D's or
DD's maybe even 40D or DD.  I've also heard that they are real breasts that
mother nature gave her.  Like I said, beautiful long red hair that goes
down to the middle of her back, She also has the most vivid emerald green
eyes that I have ever seen, almost hypnotic, slim waist and slim hips.  She
stands almost 6' tall maybe 5' 11" to maybe 6' 1" without heels.  She
weighs maybe 130lbs to 145lbs.  Measurements are about 38D-24-34. Dr.  Tom
& Catheriana Richardson have three (3) lovely kids.  Their oldest is a son,
Eric 17 soon to be 18 in a few months and will be a senior is high school.
Daughter, Tami who just turned 16 and will be a Sophomore in high school
and Cami who is Nancy's best friend is 13 and will be in 7th grade with
Nancy.  All three of their kids have beautiful cooper red hair. Kim and
Nancy were lead into an examination room and Kim sit down in the chair
beside the examination table.  Nancy hopped up onto the exam table.  The
nurse first took Nancy's temperature, blood pressure and pulse and
proceeded to write all the information down on Nancy's medical health
record. While all of this was going on the nurse was asking all sorts of
health related history type information and was also recording that down.
Kim helped out in supplying most of the information when Nancy could not
come up with the answers and she would look over to her mom for help. The
nurse asked then if this was to be a complete annual physical plus Nancy's
first pelvic exam and Kim and Nancy both answered yes. The nurse just
nodded and then opened up a draw and pulled out a light pink paper
examination robe.  Handed it to Nancy and told her to disrobe completely
and hop back up on the table when she was done and the Doctor would be in
shortly. The nurse left the room. Nancy looked at the paper contraption and
shook her head. Her mom (Kim) laughed and said, "They don't make them out
of cloth any more because of the cost to wash and clean them, so now they
make them out of paper and they just throw them away." Nancy replied, "That
is really stupid!!!!  They kill a tree just because they don't want to wash
some clothes?" Nancy unfolded the robe and noticed that there was no front
or back depending on how you put it on.  She once again shook her head and
said, "Who ever dreamed this design up should be made to wear it for a week
and then maybe they would change the design." Kim laughed again at Nancy's
remarks and said laughingly, "I bet that a man designed this thing instead
of a woman." Nancy agreed with her on that one and then looked at her mom
and asked, "So how do I wear this thing?" Kim smiled reassuringly and said,
"Well, jump down and take all of your clothes off and I will help you put
it on." Nancy hopped down and started unbuttoning her shirt/blouse, then
she hung it on a hook in the corner.  She was not wearing her training bra
today.  Her breast were and still are a beautiful sight for anyone to see.
Just small little mounds about the size of half cut lemons to half cut
oranges, capped with very large erect nipples which almost always stayed
erect.  Her beautiful breasts were highlighted and showcased by her tan,
that she seems to have all year round and since the summer vacation has
started it would only get darker.  Sometimes Kim and Mike thought she was
part fish because she was always around water, ether at the swimming pool
or out at the lake with Cami.  Mike knew that it must be in the genes
because he was the same way till after he got out of college. Nancy then
unhooked her skirt and zipped it down and then she stepped out of it and
also hung it on another hook next to her blouse. She then looked over at
her mom and said, "OK ......  so how does this thing go on?" Kim replied by
saying, "Nancy, You need to take your shoes and socks off too." She paused
while Nancy bent over and removed her shoes and socks and stuffed her socks
into the shoes and put under were her clothes were hanging. Nancy then
said, "OK so how ....." Kim interrupted her and said, "Nancy, This is a
complete physical, so you also need to take your panties off too" Kim was
smiling after she said that and Nancy looked with wide eyes at her mom and
said softly, "You mean he is going to look at all of me?" Kim was still
smiling and remembered back to the first time she had to display herself
before a doctor and had him feel and touch her all over, but Kim was almost
17 years old then. Kim went on to say, "Remember, what I told you the other
day?  He will be looking and touching you all over and remember, what I
told you about having to spread your legs and let him look up inside of
you?" Nancy replied, "Yea, I remember, but I though I would just have to
pull my panties down for just a couple of seconds or so.  How long is he
going to be looking at me down here?" She put her hand down over her panty
covered pussy to make her point. Kim said, "Well, that depends sometimes it
will be quick maybe 5 or 10 minutes, maybe longer, since this is your first
time here, to have this done.  I don't know.  Nancy, Honey don't worry he
won't hurt you and sometimes it even feels good." Nancy was still unsure of
the whole thing.  Even though she knew Dr.  Richardson she still felt
uneasy at the idea that her best friends dad will be looking at her pussy.
Not only that he will be touching her and from what mom said the other
night he will be sticking his fingers and other instruments up inside her
young little pussy. She continued to think to herself and she could accept
the fact that her daddy had fucked her just three days ago and had slid his
cock up inside her pussy and had even shot his hot sticky come into her
pussy.  That did not bother her a bit.  In fact just thinking about what
dad had done to her just three days ago was beginning to replay itself all
over again in her head.  She was lost in thought and replaying what all she
and her dad did together just last weekend and she started to get excited
all over again, not to mention what she and her mom did to each other.  Now
she was really getting excited all over again. Kim brought her back to the
present by saying, "Nancy? .....  Nancy?" Nancy kind of shook her head and
look directly into her moms eyes and said, "Sorry, What?" Kim just replied,
"Your panties Sweetheart." Nancy hooked her thumbs into the waist bands on
each side of her hips and without further ado simply and quickly bent over
and pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. Kim held out her hand
and Nancy gave her mom her panties.  Kim placed them on a small writing
shelf next to her chair and then stood up and proceeded to help Nancy put
on the light pink paper exam robe. It covered Nancy's front completely and
the back was totally open.  There was a tie at her neck, another one about
her waist.  That is if she would have been a full size woman.  So needless
to say it did not fit well at all.  The front extended past her knees. Kim
smiled and said, "Well I don't think the man that invented and designed it
had you in mind sweetheart." She was smiling reassuringly." Nancy looked
down her front and turned her head and tried to look over her shoulder to
see her back side and then looked back over at her mom and shook her head
in discuss at this crazy out fit. Nancy then jumped back up onto the exam
table and was letting her feet hang over the edge and swung them back and
forth.  At the same time she was trying to rearrange the garment and tried
to flatten it out and smooth it down, she finial shook her head and gave a
sigh of dis-spare and then just gave up trying to make it better. Kim
smiled again at her daughter and said, "Don't worry Honey you are still
beautiful even if you are wearing that thing." Nancy cocked her head
slightly to the side and looked at her mom and shot back a reply, "Yea
Right Mom!!!!  I would look better in a black plastic garbage bag than
wearing this thing!!!" Kim was beginning to laugh at the last remark when
the door open and in walked Dr.  Richardson. Dr.  Tom came in and
immediately closed the door behind him, he was smiling and said to Nancy,
"Well I'm sorry, but I'm all out of black plastic garbage bags!!" Nancy
turned a couple of shades red from embarrassment at having Dr.  Richardson
over hear her last comment. Kim had a closed lip smile as she tried to hold
back her laughter. Nancy was getting ready to apologies when Tom replied
once again, "That's OK Nancy, Cami practically said the same thing about
the exam robe when she had it on for the first time too." Nancy felt a
little better about that, but then she thought that Dr.  Richardson had
said, Cami wore this too.  That means ........  Did he mean that He looked
at ........  examined Cami too?  His own daughter?  My best friend?  That
comment also struck a cord with Kim.  Kim's smile faded just a bit and
though that most doctors have their own kids go to another doctor to be
examined or treated, that is in most cases.  Kim's mind was thinking more
about that last comment and was running wild with all sorts of images of
Dr. Tom Richardson looking and doing these things he is about to do to
Nancy and what he had done to her on her annual complete physical.  The
term of Family Doctor took on a whole new meaning now. Kim snapped out of
her heavy thoughts when Dr.  Richardson began to talk to both of them and
she had to answer some questions he was asking both of them. He started off
by saying, "Well, Nancy have you had any problems lately?" Nancy Shook her
head and said, "No not really." OK!  So you need to have a complete
physical then right? Nancy once again shook her head and said, "Yea" Kim
then broke in and said, "Dr.  Richardson, Nancy is almost 13 and she has
been having her periods for awhile and I wanted to see about having her put
on the pill now to regulate her periods and also she is getting at the age
that you know, that .....  that .....  sex is going to come up somewhere
along the line and I just don't want her to ........  you know pay for her
mistakes." "I mean ........" Dr.  Richardson broke in and replied, "Kim, I
know exactly what you mean, She ....." He pause for a moment and looked
over at Nancy and then started all over again.  "Nancy is at the age that
sex will become an issue and topic among her friends both girls and boys
and Yes, since she has already started to menstruate then she should take
precautions to protect herself and her sexual partners as well.  The last
thing I want to see is Nancy here getting pregnant at such a young age.  Of
course she should reframe from having any type of sexual foreplay and
actual sexual intercourse, but I have seen it over and over again.  Kids
will be kids!" He laughed at that one and Kim also laughed, shook her head
and smiled at Dr.  Richardson, but Nancy on the other hand didn't take to
kindly to be called a Kid. Nancy thought to herself, I'm not a kid anymore.
If Dr.  Richardson know that I just fucked and got fucked last weekend he
would fall over an have a cow, then if he found out that my own dad was the
one who fucked me for the first time he would then die of a stroke.  She
smiled to herself at the very thought of Dr.  Richardson flopping on the
ground, but she took it all back, because Cami was her best friend and it
was not right to even think of such a thing happening to her best friends
dad.  Besides both Nancy and Cami thought that most parents acted worse
than kids sometimes, and that brought her back to the present. Dr.
Richardson began again by continuing his train of thought. "Well sooner or
later Nancy is going to want to know and experiment with sexual foreplay
and then she will eventually take the final step and have sexual
intercourse for the first time.  So, yes, I will agree with you there, that
no matter what her decision is or when it will be, we definitely don't want
her to get pregnant." "So, Kim have you and Nancy had a talk about sex and
sexual intercourse and what all is involved?" Kim smiled back at Dr.
Richardson and said, "Yes, We have had a very long and detailed discussion
on the entire subject of sexual urges, foreplay, masturbation, sexual
intercourse, sexual behavior, sexual relationships, just about everything I
could, I mean WE could think about." Dr.  Richardson shook his head
understandingly and said, "We?  You mean you and Nancy?" Kim replied, "Oh
No, I mean Mike and I.  I mean just Nancy and I on some parts that you
know, involve just woman stuff, but Mike was there to help and answer any
of her questions about guy stuff if you know what I mean." Dr.  Richardson
again shook his head understandingly and smiled at both Nancy and Kim and
said, "That is really great to have pro-active parents who share and work
together to teach their children about sex education and sexual behavior
and sexual relationships and all that goes with it.  You would be really
surprised to see how many girls and boys come in here and ask me or my
nurses questions about sex.  I mean some parents don't even talk to their
kids about sex and I mean nothing at all!" He went on to say, "I just wish
more parents would take after you and Mike in explaining the entire scope
of sex and sexual relationships, because then maybe teen pregnancies would
be cut in half, if not more and sexual transmitted diseases would fall
among teenagers and young adults." He keep going but this time look
directly into Nancy's eyes and continued, "Nancy, sex is very natural and
you should never think of sex as dirty or disgusting.  I'm mean the human
being is a very sexual creature.  Sex is not only for reproduction (making
babies)." Nancy had a big closed lip smiled come onto her face when he said
that and looked downward in slight embarrassment but then quickly recovered
and looked back up to him. He went on to say, "Sex is a very pleasurable
activity that everybody (and I do mean everybody) likes.  Sooner or later
you will find that out for yourself and you will see what I mean.  So,
please don't think of sex or the sex acts themselves are dirty.  Like your
mom said, masturbation is OK too." He leaned over to Nancy closer and kind
of whispered into her ear, but said it loud enough for Kim to hear it also.
"Don't let anyone fool you, everybody and I do mean everybody masturbates.
If they say they don't you and I know better, right?" Kim once again bit
her lower lip to keep from laughing at that last comment, but it was so
true. Nancy had a closed lip smile too and she was just about to bust out
laughing when he said, "OK, Nancy, I would like for you to take a few deep
breaths for me." He had stepped closer to Nancy and was leaning over the
table and had his stethoscope on her back and was listening to her
breathing and heart beat.  He moved from side to side and from top to
bottom along her partly exposed back.  As he was doing this he was looking
at her slim, firm, little ass and the small crack separating each cheek.
He really enjoyed his job as a family doctor because he always had
something new to look at, and he saw patience's from 1 day old to people
who were over a 100 years old.  For him the best part of the job was
looking at and examining beautiful young girls as they began to flower and
bloom into womanhood.  If he could, he would like to do nothing but examine
young girls from 11 to 17 well maybe 11 to 45 year old women.  He had
definitely seen a bunch of older looking women he would like to sample in a
more non-professional manner. His examination was very through he felt her
all over the back and her sides and he even had her jump down off the table
for a second and had her bend over at the waist.  He asked her to grab her
ankles and bend over as much as she could.  Her feet were together when she
did this and since she had been in gymnastics most of her life she easily
bent over and folded her upper body against her legs. He was standing
behind her and looked at her small little butt and her slim firm young legs
that were long and very well toned.  He stepped behind her and leaned over
her and ran his fingers along her spine to see if she had curvature of the
spine and to check that her back and spine was normal.  He then reached
down and gently took hold of her hips on the side and felt her hip bone and
hip joints and then he felt her firm young ass in the palm of his hands.
Dr. Richardson took a step back and said, "Fine, that is very fine Nancy, I
just wish I could bend and move around like you do." Kim gave a small laugh
and said, "Don't we all." "OK!  Nancy, I need you to stand up straight and
spread your legs a little more than shoulder width apart and hold your arms
straight out to your sides now." Nancy responded by doing what he asked and
it reminded her of warm up exercises in gymnastics class. He then asked her
to swing her arms in wide circles out to her side.  As she started to do
this he looked at her shoulder muscles and then he looked down at the
junction of her spread legs.  From where was standing her could not really
see her asshole or pussy but the thought that they were there and exposed
before him.  His cock took an involuntary jump in his pants and started to
swell and grow. He stepped forward and gently touched Nancy's back and felt
her shoulder muscles along her back along her side, under her arms.  Which
by the way made Nancy stop for a second because it tickled and she giggled,
she then went on to continue her movements and he then slide his hands
around to her front and lightly ran them up over her bare breasts and
touched her and felt her above her breasts. When he went to remove his
hands from her front he deliberately slid his hands back down directly over
her budding young breasts again.  He could really feel the hardness and the
size of small breasts and their extended nipples. He once again took a step
back.  He then said, "That's OK Nancy, you can stop for now.  Now I need
you bend over again like last time.  He started to say, With your feet
spread apart you might not be able to bend as much as you did last time."
It was too late, Nancy was already bent over and she was bent over just as
far as when her feet were together. As he stood back at look at her again,
he said, "WOW!!!  You are really flexible.  That hurts me just looking at
how easy you do that." You could hear Nancy giggle while she was bent over
in that position. Kim on the other hand said, "Yea, I know what you mean,
the mind wants to, but my body says, no way." She was looking at Dr.
Richardson and smiling and he returned her smile. Dr.  Richardson replied,
"That doesn't hurt at all with your legs spread like that?" Nancy replied,
"No, here I can go farther." Without waiting for a reply Nancy Spread her
legs almost twice as far apart as she had. Dr.  Richardson immediately
replied, "Wow, that is far enough Nancy." From where he stood he could
clearly see Nancy's small pink puckered little asshole but what really
caught his eyes was her spread open little pussy from behind. He really
liked to view women and see them spread open and exposed like this.  His
responding cock once again swelled in his pants and went from laying over
side ways to now growing upward and hard.  He always favored taking his
women from behind like this and young blossoming little Nancy really got
him going.  He wished he could just step right up and mount her just like
that.  He quickly recovered and stepped forward and placed his hands on the
side of hips and began feeling her muscles and joints and then he slid both
hands forward and keeping in contact with her skin slide around to her
front and slid to the inside of her thighs.  His right hand slid directly
over her young pussy mount and his fingers slid through her soft fine pubic
hair and his middle finger slid down the center of her spread pussy lips.
It was a quick pass but it felt really good to him.  He just wish he could
do more to her that just that.  But he had to keep his mind on the business
at hand and beside Nancy's Mom was just 4 feet away intently watching
everything he did and he did not want anyone or anything to go wrong or for
her to get the wrong idea. He did notice that her inner lips did feel a
little moist.  He continued and felt her inner thigh muscles and then when
he removed his hands he once again deliberately slid his right hand and
finger along her spread open pussy slit.  He could swear that she was just
a little wetter on his return trip through her pussy track. "OK, Nancy you
can stand back up and then jump back up on the table." Once she was back up
on the table he stepped up beside her closer and looked at the back of her
neck and then reached back there and untied the simple bow tie that held
the garment up around her neck.  Once it was undone.  He gently held the
garment up with one hand and then stood more in front of her and switched
hands so that both of his hands now holding onto the top part of the paper
robe by her neck and he slowly began to lower the robe, by pulling it away
from her young body and then folding outward.  The fold was at about her
waist where the other tie was. As he did this he said to Nancy, in a very
soft, gentle and almost sexy tone, "I'm going to need to look at your
breasts now, Nancy." Nancy got about two shades redder as her breasts were
exposed to her best friends dad.  Her heart rate jumped and her ears and
cheeks felt burning hot as the garment was lowered and her small budding
breast came into view of the doctors eyes. Tom could actually see Nancy's
nipples grow and expand right before his very eyes.  Even though this has
happened with quit a few women who come in to get examined, this was a
special treat because hardly anyone has seen these young nubile budding
breasts.  This is what makes being a family doctor such a treat.  They
looked so beautiful and so lovely that if he could get away with it he
would just lean forward and bend down and suck those beautiful little hard
nipples into his mouth and caress them with his lips, tongue and even
nibble on them with his teeth. His cock gave one more finial jump in his
pants and now he was rock solid.  The things he wanted to do to her would
get him into deep shit to say the least, Loose his medical license,
arrested and thrown into jail till hell freezes over, that is if he was
lucky. Once he folded the robe down into her lap he reach up and almost
reverently cupped her small budding breasts in the palm of his hands.  He
lifted his hands slightly to feel their weight and firmness.  He started
with her right breast and gently felt the outside area all around the
swelling breast.  He used his finger tips to feel the mass inside and added
a slight amount of pressure and began giving her a breast exam.  He worked
in a circle all around her breast and worked inward in a tighter circle
till he was finally at her center where her rubbery, rock hard, extended,
and now very sensitive nipple was.  He took her nipple in between his thumb
and index finger and gently rolled it, rubbed it, for just a second or two.
Then he removed his hand. He then looked up and looked directly into
Nancy's eyes and said, "What I just did was to examine your breast for any
lumps or hard spots.  I'm going to do your other breast and then I will
teach you how to do this yourself, OK?" "OK TOM" Nancy replied. Kim heard
Nancy's reply and said, "Nancy, that is Dr.  Richardson not Tom!" Tom
laughed and turned to look at Kim and smiled and said, "No that is OK,
Nancy practically lives over at our house and I told her to call me Tom."
"Personally I hate it when people call me Mr.  Richardson, that name is
always and will be forever my Dad's name not mine, and Dr.  Richardson is
to much of a mouth full to spit out so I really prefer to be called, Tom
,OK?" Besides I bet Cami calls you Kim and your husband Mike when she is
staying over at your place Right?" "Well I guess" was Kim's reply. Tom then
went on to say, "Nobody and I mean nobody calls me Tommy except my Mom!!!"
Nancy giggled and said, "OK Tommy!!!" Dr.  Richardson turned around in mock
anger and looked Nancy right in the eye and said with a sly smile, "OK,
Young lady just for that, I think I will wash my hands in ice cold water
before I examine you some more.  How does that sound?" Kim openly laughed
at that response and Nancy laughed and giggled some more and said, "NO
PLEASE !!!!!!  OK!!!!!  A TRUCE !!!!  OK !!!!!  A TRUCE!!!!!!!" Tom laughed
a big laugh and said, "OK Nancy, I'll let it go this time." Then Nancy just
had to do it.  She said with a devilish smirk on her face, "OK Mr.  I mean
Dr.  Richardson, I promise I won't call you TOooooMMmmmmmYyyyyy!!!!  (She
deliberately drew the word out as long as possible) then she snickered and
giggled, and then held out her little pinkie finger to Dr.  Richardson.
Then she added, "Truce Right?" Tom looked over to Kim and said, "See, us
adults, just don't get no respect any more" He had a ear to ear grin on his
face.  He then went on to say I hope Cami doesn't give you all this much
trouble and if she does tell Mike, you both can spank her real good if she
gets out of line OK?" Tom then winked at Kim and Kim understood the meaning
and Kim replied, "Well Tom, from now on, if Nancy here gets out of line you
have our permission to spank her little butt too." Kim tried to say that
with as much authority as possible and she was biting her lower lip to keep
from smiling or laughing out loud. That in turn brought out a loud protest
from Nancy. Tom extended his little finger from his right hand and they
shook little fingers to seal their truce.  Tom then said, "Remember, no
more Tommy or I'll have to warm my hand up on your little bottom, Right?"
Nancy reluctantly accepted defeat, but you could tell that in her eyes she
was going to get even with Tom the next time she stayed over at their
house. Tom then proceeded to exam Nancy's beautiful left breast that
matched the right breast.  Tom was thinking to himself, OH!!!  These
breasts were just breath takingly beautiful.  He had seen hundreds,
thousands of breasts before and since becoming a doctor but he favored
small budding young breasts, because very few people got to see them due to
all the stupid laws, rules and regulations. He really enjoyed his job and
profession because he was able to literally watch a young girl go from no
breasts to just budding nipples to gentle swells to budding breasts just
like Nancy's and grow into teenage breasts and then into young adult
breasts and then into Milk laden breasts during the child bearing years and
then into older breasts.  He could also watch a girls entire body change
from no breast and straight hips all the way through to old age.  The
female body fascinated him to no end, it was like watching a caterpillar
going through its changes to a gracefully butterfly. After he examined her
left breast he then proceeded to teach her, Nancy, how to examine herself
and said she should do this once a month but she should go home and
practice it each night to get the hang of it and make it almost second
nature. Both Tom and Kim knew that she would examine herself each day for
maybe a week or more and then she would taper off and do it once a month or
so.  The point was to reassure her that it was OK to touch herself and
become comfortable about it. Tom then reached around and pulled the string
tie that was around her waist loose and it came undone.  He gently held the
robe in place by placing his hand on her abdomen, and He then asked Nancy
to turn around and lay down on her back and lay out on the exam table. She
did as she was told and she rested her head on the cheap pillow and
stretched out. Tom walked around on the other side of the table so that Kim
was directly across from him. He then place his hand just above Nancy pubic
mound and held the paper garment in place and then folded it once again
back and down. Nancy was now almost totally exposed, except for the small
amount of covering over her private of private parts and down to about her
knees. Dr.  Richardson began to examine her lower abdomen and her upper
chest.  He began with her neck just below her chin and worked his was down
lower and lower.  He once again felt her breasts but did not stay as long
as the first time.  Then down to her abdomen.  He gently pushed and poked
and thumped her. He then walked down to the end of the table and this time
placed his hand just below her crotch and folded the paper garment up onto
her lower abdomen.  He then asked her to spread her legs a little bit and
he started with her right foot and her toes. He said, "OK Nancy, This
little piggy went to market and this little piggy went to ......." Nancy
lifted her head slightly off the pillow while she was giggling and said,
"You better not tickle me or the truce is off!!!" Tom looked over at Kim
and then up Nancy's nearly nude and fully exposed body and smiled and said,
"OK, Nancy a truce is a truce, I just hope you remember that the next time
you stay over at our house!" He made his point by grabbing her big toe and
wiggling it back and forth. Nancy giggled some more and responded by
saying, "OK Tom!!  I'll try to remember that but you know us kids, we
always seem to forget things, especially rules!!" Tom laughed and said,
"Yes, I know, I know very well indeed." He proceeded to examine her toes,
foot ankle lower leg, knee, and thigh and then started all over again with
her left leg.  After he was done then he asked Nancy to scoot down to the
end of the table and bring your read end down to the edge.  He reached for
her one hand and placed it in her own lap so that she could hold the folded
up garment in place as she scooted down to the edge of the table. Tom in
the mean time walked to the head of the exam table and turned on the goose
neck lamp with a big flared reflector on and pointed toward the foot of the
table.  He then took the pillow she was resting her head on and slide it
down lower on the table. He then opened up a cabinet door on the side and
then swung out a small metal tray on a swing arm and swung it over to the
foot of the table right next to Nancy's bare leg. Nancy looked down at the
tray and there was all sorts of strange and freighting pieces of equipment.
She did not recognizes a single piece except for the funny looking head
band thing that has a round looking mirror with a hole in the center.  She
hand seen that thing quit a few times on TV.  Mostly from horror movies but
she did not know what purpose it served. Tom then reached next to Nancy's
thigh and pulled a metal stirrup out from the table and extended it out
about 18 inched and then it kind of locked in place.  He reached over on
the other side of the table and pulled the other stirrup out the same
length and it to locked into place.  He then pushed each stirrup outward
away from the table more than 45 degree and then it kind of locked in
place. Nancy's big eyes were looking and trying to take all of this in and
her heart rate sky rocketed because she didn't quit understand how all of
this was going to workout. She knew from what her mom told her about this
type of exam and how he was going to spread her legs and then her was going
to look up inside her pussy and then do some tests. Even through her mom
assured her there was going to be no pain and it was not going to hurt.
She was still a little worried about all of this.  Her mind keep flashing
back to the first time she could remember going to the doctor and then to
top it off they gave her a shot and drew blood from her vein.  And to think
her mom and dad said it was not going to hurt.  Yea Right! Then look what
happened just this last weekend.  Her first time having sex.  Yea Right!!
Pain Again!! Tom then turned around and he was in front of a small sink and
he turned it on and began to wash his hands with soap and stuff and then he
dried them off and reached over and pulled out a pair of rubber gloves and
pulled them on. He turned around and faced Nancy, with his right foot he
moved a rollable foot stool over closer to the table and then he started to
talk to her in that deep, rich, soothing, sexy, voice. He began to explain
just what he is about to do to her and he said, "Nancy, what I want you to
do is hold your garment in place and slowly lean back.  What I'm going to
do, is to lift up your legs and then I want you to spread your legs outward
and place each of your heels of your feet into this little holder here OK?"
"Your not going to fall off the table or anything like that OK.  Just relax
and lay your head down on the table and just relax OK?" Kim got up out of
the chair and stood beside Nancy and said, "Here Honey, I will hold you up
and help you lay down as Tom, I mean Dr.  Richardson lifts your legs and
help you place your heels in the stirrups. Nancy was unsure of her self but
she went a head and nodded her head and said, "OK." Tom bent down and
gently grasped her young firm legs down by her ankles and said, "OK Nancy
lean back and just lay down." Kim lovingly helped her daughter lay back
onto the examination table and placed the pillow under her daughter's head.
At the same time Tom stepped back so that her feet was held out in front of
him and he step forward and began to spread her legs as he stepped forward
between them.  He took her left leg and brought it outward till it was in
line with the stirrup and told Nancy to bend her knee and he placed her
heel into the padded stirrup.  He then told her to keep her left foot in
the stirrup and he said, "I'm going to spread your legs open quit a bit
now, so let me know if you can't spread them that far apart, OK?" Nancy
lifted her head up off the pillow and watched as Tom slowly spread her leg
outward till it was in line with the other stirrup.  He then told Nancy to
bend her knee and he then placed her heel into that stirrup. As he was
standing there he looked at her spread open for the examine and though if
only he could do her right here just like this.  Wow!!!  That would be a
trill and a half.  He looked at Kim and she was looking down at her
daughter spread open in the same position she had been in numerous times.
His cock was still hard and now it was going to get even harder in just a
few seconds when he gets to see her cute, little, pussy for the first time
up close and personal.  He even thought, I wouldn't mind seeing Kim spread
out like this again. He remembered the last few times he had examined her
and remembered her bare, hairless, baby smooth, shaved pussy.  Just that
though alone made his cock swell and he knew that the last swell had
produced a drop of pre-come on the end of his hard cock, just from
remembering Kim's shaved pussy and thinking that in just a matter of
seconds he will be looking at a brand new virgin pussy no one has ever seen
before and gets to have first rights on it so to speak. Tom though to
himself, BOY I LOVE MY JOB, this is what makes it all worth while.  He
began to think it would be great to look at nothing but pre-teen and
teenage pussies and breasts and totally naked bodies of these types of
girls all day long. Just think, small girls, big girls, short girls, tall
girls, fat girls, skinny girls, flat chests with small nipples to just
budding nipple breasts, budding breasts with erect nipples, to small
breasts with flat nipples, fat nipples, long nipples to short nipples,
inies and outie nipples, medium breasts, large breasts, to extra large OH
MY GOD Breasts.  Firm breasts, medium breasts to flabby and saggie breasts.
The possibilities were endless.  That is just on breasts. Then you have to
take into account all of the different types of pussies there are,
pre-teen, teenage, young adult, adult, overage pussies, small pussies,
medium pussies, large pussies, upper pussies, lower pussies, big liped
pussies, medium lips to small lips even no lip pussies. OH MAN then you
have to figure in hair color and length or amount of bush, bare young
pussies before they even grown any pubic hair to the ones just started to
grow, some have a lot of hair naturally then other have almost no hair at
all.  The possibilities are totally endless.  That is why each girl, woman
is totally unique and special and should be chariest Tom snapped out of it
and said, "OK Nancy, I just want you to lay back and relax OK, If you feel
any pain or discomfort let me know OK?  Just don't kick me in the head OK?"
He was smiling at her and she smiled back at him.  She was still lifting
her head up off the pillow and he said, if you would like you can fold the
pillow in two and that should raise you head so you won't get tried looking
down here.  Kim was smiling and she looked from Tom back to her lovely
young daughter and she took the pillow and fold it for Nancy and placed it
back under her head and moved it more toward her neck and lower part of her
head. Tom went on and said, "OK, What I going to do is sit down here, on my
stool so that I can take a look at you and check the outside of your vagina
and then I'm going to open you up just a bit and take a peek at you on the
inside OK?  Every girl goes through this type of examination at least once
a year from the time they start menstruating and then on OK?" "Now I'm
going to be touching you and looking at you and then I'm going to be
touching you on the inside of you so don't be scared OK Nancy?" "I know
that you feel embarrassed about me looking at your private parts but we
need to make sure everything is OK so just relax." "Here we go." Tom sit
down on his low stool and scooted up closer to Nancy's crotch and reached
up and lifted Nancy's hand that was holding the folded up garment against
her young little pussy. She removed her hand reluctantly and Tom then
gently slid the folded up garment off across her body to one side and then
placed it on the tray down below.  Tom was looking down to where he placed
her garment and then looked back up and for the first time he was gazing at
Nancy's completely exposed and spread open 12 year old pussy. It was a
beautiful sight to behold.  Words could not express or convey what he saw
with his own eyes. Her baby soft and fine pubic hair which was just coming
in was mostly above her slit and up on her mound.  The sides of her spread
open pussy were totally bare of any hair.  He could even see her small
little puckered asshole just below her spread open slit. Nancy had a small
set of outer and inner pussy lips and you could just make out the small
little hole that led into her vagina and further in to her young little
womb. He had to fight off all of the thoughts that ran wild through his
head, about leaning forward and showering her little, cute, young, 12 year
old pussy with kisses and licks and slurps with his lips mouth and tongue.
He then reached over and picked up the head band with the funny looking
round mirror with the hole in the center and put it on his head.  He got it
into position and turned the round mirror down so that it covered his right
eye and then he leaned forward and gently reached and felt her young
adolescent pussy for the first time. He wished like hell he did not have to
wear these damn rubber gloves.  He would much rather feel her with his bare
fingers, but rules are rules and the last thing he wanted to do was break
the rules and get into very serious trouble. He felt her up all long the
out side of her pussy from side to side and top to bottom slightly pushing
and pulling and poking at other times. He pulled each side of her outer
pussy lips out farther and looked at them closely from top to bottom and
looked on each side of the lips and checked their color and thickness. He
then reached over and got a small squeeze bottle of light oil and looked up
over her pussy mound and across her flat well defined abdomen and up her
chest between her small firm breasts capped with erect medium length
nipples and up till he come eye to eye with her. Nancy was looking intently
down at him and she wished she could sit up and watch exactly what he was
doing to her, but each time she started to lift up more and bend at the
hips, Kim put her hand lightly on her chest and gently made her go back
down till she was once again resting her chin on her chest. Tom lifted the
plastic bottle up so she could see it and said, "Nancy, this is just baby
oil and I'm going to squirt some on the outside and a little on the inside
of your vagina, Now this might be a little cold so bare with me OK?" Nancy
was looking intently down at him and she just said, "OK." Tom then tilted
the bottle and squirted out a thin stream at the top of her young spread
open pussy and then ran the stream right down the center and then to each
side of her pussy lips. He looked back up at her and said, "Well, was too
cold for you?" Nancy just shook her head and said, "No, not really, feels
kind of strange, because now it is running down and well it feels like I
just ......" She didn't finish the sentence because she was going to say it
feels like I just peed on myself and I need to wipe. Tom then said, "Yea, I
know what you mean, it feels like you had a accident and now you want to
reach down here and wipe yourself, Right?" Nancy was embarrassed by what he
just said but it was so true. Tom then looked down and held his right hand
out over the tray beside him and squirted some of the oil over his fingers
and thumb of his right hand and then rubbed his thumb and fingers together
to spread the oil around his gloved hand.  He put down the plastic bottle
and then looked up at Nancy and Kim and said, "Nancy, I'm now going touch
and rub and examine your clitrious and I want you to tell me if this feels
good or if this hurts and causes you any pain, OK?" This was the part he
really enjoyed.  Playing with a young girls cliterious and making her
sexually respond to his touch.  He did this to all of his female patients
for the first time to make sure that they knew what their clitoris is and
where to find it and touch it so that they could learn how to make
themselves come and have a juicy orgasm. He play with her clit and just
stroked it for a while and then he gently took a hold of it between his
finger and thrums and kind of rotated them around her clitoris.  Boy, he
was impressed with her, because she started to heat up almost immediately
and he knew that she would have no trouble at all in having an orgasm this
way. He stopped playing with her clit and asked Nancy, "Well, did that hurt
and cause you any pain or did it feel good and pleasurable?" Nancy replied
in a embarrassed voice that it did indeed feel good. Tom then looked over
at Kim and said, "Well, I think she will be able to function just fine when
the time comes.  Uuuhhh!  You said you talked to her about masturbating?"
Kim looked directly at him and had a slight smile and said, "Well, yes, and
we went a little farther and I actually showed her how to play with herself
and she does function perfectly too, if you know what I mean." Tom's eyes
grew wide and he swallowed hard and then said, "Well, Great, I don't run
across to many parents who are willing to go that far in teaching their own
children about sex.  I'm really proud of you and I'm really proud of you
Nancy, You have a great Mom and Dad, you are so very lucky to have them."

   He then looked back down at her spread open pussy and said, "I'm now
going to slide my finger up inside of you a little ways and I'm going to
feel the inside of you.  Let me know if I cause you any pain or discomfort
and for goosh sakes don't kick me in the head OK?" He smiled up at her and
Kim and then looked back down at her beautiful little spread open pussy and
thought to himself, well here goes, I get to be the first one in this
little pussy too.  He slide his index finger in first and felt her inner
lips give way and then he felt her contract them around his finger.  He
automatically said, "Its OK, just relax we are almost done." If he had is
way he would like to keep her up on this table for another hour or so and
do all sort of things to her. She relaxed her inner muscles just a bit and
he slide in just a bit further and then began to feel the insides of her
pussy walls, first on the her left side and then he had to turn his hand
around and feel the other side and then he felt her at the top and then
switched to feeling her at the bottom of her pussy. He then withdrew his
finger and then looked up over her lightly haired pussy mound, across her
stomach and then between those beautifully young budding breasts and looked
her in the eyes and said, "Now, what I going to do is slide my finger in a
little deeper and I want you to tell me when you start to feel any
discomfort and the start of any pain, OK?" Nancy was still in the same
position with her head on her chest looking intently down between her
breasts across her stomach and then looking at and focusing on just the
area just past her fluffy pubic hair. Nancy once again nodded and then just
said, "OK." Tom look back down at her gorgeous 12 year old pussy spread out
before him and this time he began to insert his middle finger into her
pussy.  He gently and slowly moved in deeper and deeper.  In to the first
knuckle .........  now into the middle of the first and second knuckle
.......  Huuummmm still nothing.  Up to his second knuckle ........  still
nothing ........  OK just a little bit more and I will bump into it.  He
moved slower and slower as more and more of his finger slide into her.  He
then moved his middle finger slowly from side to side and gently up and
down to see if maybe he was already past her hymen and that he somehow
pasted between a small gap or hole.  Still nothing. He looked up at Nancy
and then over to Kim and when his eyes meet Kim's she immediately broke eye
contact and look down at her daughter's chest. Tom then looked back down
and saw that his middle finger was now coming to a stop because he had his
long middle finger inside Nancy's little 12 year old virgin cunt and there
was now hymen to be found. He first thought that maybe she had broke it
because she was in gymnastics or that maybe she had experimented on her own
all ready with some sort of object like a candle or maybe the handle of a
hair brush. There was no doubt about it Nancy was not a virgin and she has
yet to say anything.  Then her mom's (Kim's) reaction by looking away.  I'm
just sure that if I didn't know any better she knew that Nancy is not a
virgin any more. I wonder how did she lose it?  With some inanimate object,
her gymnastic training, I wonder if, maybe, even some little snot nosed
little prick of a kid has already tapped this beautiful little child or I
should say beautiful blossoming young girl.  Maybe some older kid maybe 14
to 16 has had his way with her. But still why did Kim look away when I
looked at her?  Maybe she knows something I don't know.  Maybe Nancy told
her what happened to her virginity? Tom then came back to the present and
proceeded to feel more freely around her young tight 12 year old pussy and
she never once complained of any pain or discomfort. Once his was through
feeling her all over on the inside he slowly withdrew his finger and then
looked up at both of them and said, "Well everything seems to feel normal
so far, I have just a couple of other things I need to do and then we are
done." He kept watching both of them for any signs, but then he had to look
down and picked up a stainless steel tool that was bent at a 90 degree
angle and it had a pair of handles at the bottom like a pair of pliers and
the bent part was a small curved tapered shaft that was similar to a pair
of tongue depressors and when you squeezed the handles together the two
tapered half round shafts spread apart and you could look down through the
center.  That tool is used to insert into a girls vagina and then by
squeezing the handles together you can have a clear view up inside the
woman's vagina and see her cervix and womb. He picked it up and once again
picked up the bottle of oil and squirted out some on each of the tapered
shafts and then he brought it up and got it into position and looked back
up and said, "OK, Nancy, I'm going to insert a small tool up inside of you,
this tool will help me look a little deeper inside of you OK? Nancy once
again shook her head and just said, "OK" He then went on to say, now this
might be a little cold because it is metal so just relax and after this we
will be done and then you can get dressed. He looked up at Kim and she
again adverted her eyes from him again. He kept thinking to himself.  She
knows something and she is trying to avoid my eye contact. He wanted to
think about this some more but he had to finish his exam.  He then brought
the tool up and got it in line with her spread open pussy and slowly began
to insert it into her pussy. Nancy took a deep breath and then said,
"WOW!!! That is cold, did you have it sitting in an ice bucket or what?"
She shivered and her hips moved and her little ass lifted up off the table.
Tom froze and looked up over her pussy mound and looked at Nancy and had a
half smile and said, "Sorry Nancy, but there is no way I could warm it up
for you so you are just going to have to grin and bear it so to speak." He
then looked over at Kim and Kim was smiling down at Nancy and then she
turned her head and looked briefly at Tom and then she turned and looked
back down at Nancy. Tom then turned his attention back to the job at hand
and then when it was in far enough he began to slowly grip the handles and
her pussy began to spread apart, he lean forward closer and he could smell
her sex. OH MAN!!!!  That smell it was like a drug to him he leaned a
little more forward and inhaled as deeply as possible without alerting Kim
or Nancy that he was breathing in and savoring the smell of her young 12
year old pussy.  His dick just about busted his zipper and it was hard as a
rock like it had been for the last 20 minutes.  But now it was totally out
of control and it was really tough for him to bend over and smell her pussy
and yet he still needed to look up inside of her and see for himself that
her cherry was in fact gone. As he looked up inside of her he did in fact
see that her hymen was indeed gone but there was the tell tell signs that
she lost her cherry just a couple of days ago, in fact, he would bet money
she lost her virginity just last weekend at the very latest. He even looked
up and saw her cervix and womb and it seemed to have been slightly bruised.
If he didn't know any better it was caused by something at least 6 1/2
inches or longer and most kids up to the age of 16 do not pack around that
type or size of equipment. So that left one of two things that caused this.
It was either a hair brush handle or some inanimate object like that or it
was an adult sized hard cock that did this to her. He slowly removed the
special tool from her pussy and laid it back into the tray beside him and
lifted up the mirror that covered his right eye and then removed the head
band from his head and laid in also on the tray. He then looked up over
Nancy's fine, young, prominent, pussy mound with her small amount of young,
fine and soft pussy hair, across her flat stomach and between her young
budding breasts capped by a beautiful set of fine young long and erect
nipples and then into her beautiful bright young shining eyes. He then
said, "Well, Nancy I'm almost done here, I just have to do one more thing
OK?" He went on to say without waiting for a response from her.  "I'm going
to have to stick my finger up your anus (your rear end) and check you
there. Now this may feel really uncomfortable but I need you to relax your
muscles down here as much as possible.  OK?" Nancy replied as always by
shaking her head and just saying OK. Tom then extended his middle finger
out on his lubricated right hand and folded the other fingers down and
positioned his finger tip up against her asshole. As soon as he touched her
there, She involuntarily clenched her cheek muscles and he could actually
see her asshole tighten up. He once again automatically responded by
saying, "Come on Nancy, just relax, just look up at the ceiling and think
about something else and just relax." Nancy replied, "Hey!!!  Tom replied,
"Just relax, Nancy, I know this feels really strange and weird but after
awhile you will get use to it." Nancy replied back, "I don't think so." He
then proceeded to push his middle finger up into her tight little asshole
and she once again tried to tighten her muscles and expel or void his
probing finger. He keep up the pressure and kept going up into her tight
little asshole and he could feel her muscles tighten up and then relax just
a bit so that his invading finger could go a little deeper. Then he was
inside her as far as he really needed to go and he began to feel her
insides of her annual canal.  He felt her up and down and to each side and
he knew right off the bat that she has not yet experienced anal sex.  Her
tight little asshole was way to tight to allow any size cock to get inside
her.  Hell it was tough enough for just one finger let alone a sizable hard
stiff cock to make its way up here inside her warm, soft little butt hole.
Once he had felt her all over on the inside of her anus as far as his
finger could reach he slowly and gently removed his finger from her
asshole. He made sure to gently and slowly leave her tiny little spinter
muscle and she griped his finger tip as it finally left her asshole and her
muscle closed right behind his finger tip. Dr.  Richardson then removed his
right rubber glove that was just recently up Nancy's cute little pussy and
her virgin tight little asshole and dropped it in the waste can that he
opened with his foot and the lid lifted up.  he turned around a got a roll
of toilet paper that was on top of the cabinet and rolled a long piece off
and folded it over a couple of times and turned back around and said, "OK,
Nancy, we are done, let me clean you up a little bit and then I will leave
and let you get dressed again and then we can all talk for a little bit
before you go, OK?" He gently wiped her pussy and then folded the toilet
paper and wiped her small little asshole with it and then turned and also
put that in the trash can. He stood up and gently grabbed each of her legs
at the knee and lifted her feet out of the stirrups and slowly lowered them
down till they were almost level with the table and while he had a leg on
each side of him he asked Nancy to scoot back on the table till her knees
were at the end of the table. It was quit the erotic sight to see her
wiggle back and forth as she scooted back and he was between her legs and
he thought to himself he would give just about anything to do this for real
with her and also for him to be complete nude too. Once she was back far
enough he let her legs down and he walked over to the side of the exam time
and slid one hand under her shoulder blades and helped her sit up straight.
"OK, Nancy We are done and I hope I have not hurt you or embarrassed you by
doing those things to you but every girl and woman goes through this same
thing at least once a year.", he said to her. Nancy looked over at him and
said, "Well, it really didn't hurt, but a lot of it was really strange and
some of it didn't feel to good but at least I lived through it." She then
smiled slightly and he returned her smile and said, "Well, thanks for the
vote of confidence.  I'll leave you two alone and then when you are dressed
and ready to leave I would like you two to go down to the end of the hall
and the door to your right is my office.  I'll just meet you there, beside
the chairs are more comfortable there too." They both said, "OK." He then
turned to leave and closed the door behind him. Ten minutes later they came
to his office and he looked up from his desk and said, "Please come in and
have a seat." He then stood up and walked over to the door and closed it so
that they could talk privately. Kim and Nancy both sit down into chairs and
Tom just kind of sit up on the edge of his desk. He started out by saying,
"Nancy is in great condition and I see no problems what so ever.  However
on doing her pelvic examination I did see and notice that she does not have
her hymen any more and there is some slight bruising and swelling near her
cervix and womb." "There is nothing to be alarmed, at that, its just that I
generally don't see a young girl like her, that has become sexually active
and has taken in more that she can really handle if you know what I mean."
"Now before you say anything, I want to assure you that what is said in
here is strictly confidential, no matter what you would say, OK?.  I'm not
here to judge anyone or the lifestyle they chose.  If Nancy, wants to start
having sexual relationships with who ever she likes that is fine by me.
OK?" "I'm just saying that certain precautions need to be taken to protect
her and her sexual partner or partners." "That is why, I would like to go
ahead and start her on birth control pills now and she needs to know that
they will not take affect for at least 30 days." "So, Nancy you need to be
real careful and make sure that if you are going to have sexual intercourse
with a man ....  I mean boy that you have to make sure that he has a condom
on and that it is fully unrolled, I'm sure Kim will teach you and show you
how to do that and I 'm also going to give you foam and your mom will tell
you how to use that also.  This way you can be fully protected against
getting pregnant.  You also need to make sure that you practice safe sex
Nancy, OK?" "Now I really mean it!  OK?  You are a very beautiful and
special girl to me and I don't want to see you hurt or get sick with a
disease, OK?  Besides Cami needs you more now than ever, so please be
careful when it comes to having sex." Nancy and Kim both looked at him and
he then walked around his desk and picked up a plastic bag filled with
samples of all types of things plus a prescription for her birth control
pills. He explained to Nancy all that was in the bag and then handed Nancy
the bag of goodies. He then asked Nancy if she would go wait out in the
office waiting room so that he could talk to Kim alone. Nancy looked
frighten and looked over at her mom and she nodded and Nancy got up and
left the room and closed the door behind her. Dr.  Richardson then walked
over and sit in the chair that Nancy was in and turned it side ways and
looked directly at Kim and said, "I was kind of surprised that Nancy is
already sexually active." Kim looked down at the floor and her heart was
beating 200 miles an hour and she then got control of herself and looked
back up at him and said, "Dr.  Richardson ......" He broke in and said,
"Please, Tom, OK?" He smiled his big smile and let her continue. "Well, I
was showing Nancy how to masturbate over the last couple of months because
I ...  I mean Mike & I would much rather have her doing that than having
sex with someone we know nothing about, because like you said, diseases and
stuff like that and because of a chance pregnancy at her early age, so any
way, I have taught her how to please herself with her fingers and then I
showed her what a vibrator was and I guess she got carried away and she
kind of took her own virginity by mistake.  So I hope that you didn't think
that some man .....  I mean boy has started having sex with her or
something like that.  I mean, if word of something like that got out, We
....  Mike and I and Nancy and Nick would be ruined for life and everyone
in town would talk and you know how things like that go." Tom reached over
and placed his hand on Kim's thigh for just a second and then removed it
and said, "I know exactly what you mean, but I'm not here to judge anyone,
I'm just here to help, OK? besides you would be surprised and shocked at
some of the things I have witnesses here in the office." He pause for a
moment and then said, "Some parents are not like you and Mike and take an
active role in teaching their children about their bodies and explaining
what sex and sexual relationships is all about." "One case in point, I'm
helping a girl who is now six months pregnant by her older brother." He
pause and looked right at her. Kim looked at him and then said, "OH MY
GOD!!!  Why didn't she get an abortion? Tom then replied, "Kim, pregnancies
by incest does not mean that the baby will be born retarted or mutated, in
fact, most case histories of children of incest show that over 95% are
perfect little babies, just because a brother and sister engage in sex with
one another does not mean they should be punished and the baby should not
be killed just because they had sex together." "Kim you would be surprised
by how many families have had some form or another of incest." "In fact
there are at least six girls ...  I mean young ladies who are living in
this town that are currently having sexual relationships with their own
fathers." Kim looked at him, he smiled reassuringly and shook his head.
All Kim could say was, "your kidding?  right?" "No, No, I'm not, in fact,
I'm also treating two older ladies and they are having sex with their
teenage sons." Kim looked at Tom with even bigger eyes and said, "They came
out and told you this?" Tom smiled and said, "Well yes, I'm their doctor
not their judge." "It is their life and if that is what they want to do,
fine.  I'm just here to help them in any way I can, as a doctor and as a
friend. Kim just stared at Tom and said, "but that is incest and that is
against the law." Tom just looked back at Kim and said, "Well, sometimes
the laws are wrong." Kim then said, "You mean you don't think incest should
be against the law?" Tom paused for a few seconds and then replied, "Kim
you have to understand, I have seen many things here in my office and
practice as a doctor in some cases, yes, incest should be against the law,
but in most cases no.  What I'm trying to say is, that if everyone agrees
and gives their consent to have sex with a family member, then fine, but I
draw the line when it comes to little kids, who are not capable both
mentally and physically to have sex.  For example, most girls begin to have
menstruation's by age 10 or 11.  That is mother natures way of tell them
that they are now capable of baring children, so actually they could have
sex and have kids, so what is wrong with that, but then you take into
account that with modern medicine and the invention of the condom and birth
control pills and other forms of contraceptives, then actually, there
should not be a single child born that was not planed, but people and their
old way of thinking, well, that is another story.  I mean look back in
history and some very famous women where married at the age of 12 and 13,
now you can't tell me that the new husband waited till she was 18." "Any
way I sorry to bore you with all of this stuff besides Nancy is probably
wondering what is taking you so long." "So don't worry, Kim I'm sure,
Nancy, will be fine and I hope that if any problems or concerns come up
please give me a call even at the house OK? Tom then got up and walked over
to the door and open it and Kim turned and said, "Thanks for all your help
and if we need anything I will definitely give you a call." End of Part #4.

   Chapter #5 Cleaning the houseboat: The very next day Tom Richardson
called up Mike and asked him if had any plans for the upcoming weekend.
Mike thought to himself for a second or two and said, "No not really why?"
Tom replied and said, "Since summer is just around the corner I was going
to go out to the lake and clean up and get the house boat ready for the
summer and I thought maybe you might like to help me out, besides we can
get away from the wives for a while and enjoy some beer and fishing." Mike
replied, "Hey that sounds great, I guess you are wanting to get out of the
house since Nancy is spending the weekend over at your house." Tom laughed
and said, "I can hold my own, but you know how women can be, when they
start getting in a pack of three or more, so I though I would leave
gracefully, if you know what I mean." They both laughed and agreed to that,
so they made plans to meet at the marina at 9:00am and they should get done
prepping the houseboat by 12:00 noon or may 1:00 at the latest and that
would leave plenty of time for drinking and fishing and relaxing. They both
hung up and Mike smiled to himself and thought maybe this will work out
better than he had originally planed. Kim and Mike planed that Mike would
be gone for most of the weekend and that would leave Kim plenty of time to
try to seduce Nick and really see if he would want to make love to his own
mother.  Kim had told Mike that she had caught him (Nick) on more than one
occasion trying to look down her shirt at her breasts or walking into their
bedroom while she was changing clothes. Kim was pretty sure of herself that
if the timing was right she would have Nick in bed in no time. Besides
after what Nancy had said about Nick and some of the things he had been
doing, well she was pretty sure he would go for it in a big way. Just
thinking of the image of his lovely wife Kim totally naked in bed with her
own teenage son and then thinking of his son sliding his hard young cock
into his own mom and then Kim letting her own son shoot off and come inside
her pussy was just to much for him to think about. Mike then though about
Tom and how he had that talked with Kim in the Doctors office the other day
and brought up the subject of incest and how it did not really bother him
one way or the other.  Mike also thought that maybe he could find a way to
bring up the subject of incest again with Tom and see if he could get any
more information about the other families that are doing each other in
their own home town. Wow!!!  Just thinking what those other families where
doing to each other and what they might look like and who they might be was
just to much to think about without getting a rock hard erection.  The idea
of people telling their own doctor about engaging in family incest and then
getting a family member pregnant, that was just too much. Then he started
to think about what Kim had said about Cami being examined by her own dad
and having a pelvic exam also at her young age too, but then again, Kim and
Mike could be reading more into it that than they should, maybe it was just
a cautious parent that just happened to be a doctor and that's all, who
knows. The weekend arrived and Mike was early and was waiting on the dock
when Dr.  Tom Richardson drove up and started to unload the back end of his
truck. Mike grabbed a dock cart and helped Tom put all the stuff on the
cart and together they hauled it all down to the slip where his giant house
boat was tied up. There was some small talk and then they unloaded it all
onto the house boat and they started to work on prepping the boat for the
summer. The engines had already been serviced and were ready to go.  All
they really had to do was light house cleaning and dusting and washing down
the decks and flushing the clean water holding tanks and small general
maintenance. The work was easy and it did kind of go fast.  They got done
by 1:00pm and they went below and fixed themselves dinner.  Tom brought new
supplies for the galley and brought on board a lot of food stuffs to be
stored away dry goods and also a bunch of steaks, hamburger, roasts,
hot-dogs to be put in the freezer.  The refrigerator was still pretty well
stock and they removed the old stuff and throw it away and replaced it with
fresh, pickles, relish, mustard, ketchup, and all sorts of other stuff that
would keep all summer long. Tom already had a bunch of hamburger patties
already made up so they fired up the gas grill that was mounted on the main
back deck.  While Tom was getting the grill ready he asked Mike to grab a
couple of cold ones (Beers) from the refrigerator and they both sat in
chairs around a fairly large round see through table also mounted on the
main back deck. They relaxed and had a great view of the marina and kind of
just watched different people come and go.  Some of the people had the same
idea and was getting their boats ready for the summer. It was a fairly hot
day and most of the women around the marina were wearing their swimsuits or
summer short cover ups or wraps. Tom knew most of the people coming and
going and was telling Mike who they were and all of that stuff, like where
they worked or what company or business they owned or were in and stuff
like that. Most of the people waved and said hello to Tom since there was
smoke coming from the grilling burgers and he was on the board of directors
of this marina. As they relaxed and enjoyed the smell of their cooking food
and the taste of the ice cold beer.  They were making comments about some
of the ladies and young girls around the marina.  You know guy stuff, like,
man she has great legs and that one has great breasts and how Tom or Mike
would love to try them out, if you know what I mean. A young girl about 16
or 17 was wearing a very skimpy bright yellow bikini that almost hurt your
eyes to look at, but the body inside that bikini was definitely something
to look at.  She was about 5'6" weighing not over 100 pounds wet.  Her body
was unreal even though her breasts were only maybe 34B's maybe C's her
waist was maybe 22" and her hips were lucky to be 30" or 32", but she had
the longest legs I have ever seen on a young girl her age and her little
ass could fit in the palm of your cupped hands.  She had short dark brown
almost black hair and a rich golden brown tan that really was set off by
her bright yellow bikini. Tom saw her first and said, "There you go Mike.
How would you like to play with that one over there?" Mike turned slightly
and looked over his shoulder and saw her come their way, then said, "Holly
Cow, Now that is what I call a Wet Dream in high heels!" "Man OH MAN, I bet
her boyfriend really enjoys himself with her." Mike turned back around and
took another drink of his beer and Tom continued to watch her as she came
their way. Tom then said, "Yea I bet she could make a grown man cry with
legs like that!" He then went on to say, "That is Suzi Simpson she is 17
years old and she is pretty good from what I have heard." Mike looked at
Tom and said, "Yea, I bet she would be real good, If only I was about 20
years younger." Tom then replied, "Hey, I wouldn't be so sure about that, I
hear she likes older guys." Mike looked directly at Tom and then sat up a
little straighter in his chair and leaned forward and said, "Oh Yea, what
do you mean by that?  Older guys?  like 18 to 20 or what?" Tom took a drink
from his beer bottle and shook his head from side to side slightly and then
swallowed and then said, "No, I mean she likes older guys!  Like your age
or my age, some where around there." Mike's mouth dropped open and then he
turned around and looked at Suzi Simpson coming closer and looking better
the closer she came and then turned back around and looked at Tom and then
said, "Shit!!!!  I'm old enough to be her father.  so what does she have a
father complex or something like that?" Tom laughed and said back to Mike,
"Hey, Who am I to complain, if that is what she likes then more power to
her, Right?" Mike then said, "Yea, I guess your right, I wonder what made
her go for older guys?" Just then Suzi Simpson was close enough to call out
to Tom and said, "Hi!!!  Doctor Richardson, smells good can I join you?"
Tom stood up and said, "Sure come aboard and pull up a chair." Suzi then
came up to the side of the boat and stepped aboard and she looked at Mike
and said Hi!" Tom then said, "Suzi, I would like you to meet Mike Bridges."
Suzi leaned over the table more than necessary to extend her hand and Mike
stood up and shook her hand. Suzi then said, "I'm pleased to meet you and
any friend of Doctor Tom is definitely a friend of mine." Mike smiled and
he could feel his cock jump in his shorts that he was wearing and then he
could not help but notice that Suzi openly stared right down and looked
directly at his cock in his pants or at least that is what he thought,
because she was no longer looking into his eyes.  Mike on the other hand
looked at her breasts encased in the shear lycra top, if you could even
call it that.  He could plainly and clearly see her erect nipples poking
out from the top and then he lowered his eyes down and he almost lost it,
because her bikini bottoms clearly showed her pussy slit indention and he
thought that she was probably shaved bare or was closely shaved. After they
shook hands for a second and they quite staring at each others body parts
she sit down in a chair across from him. Tom then asked Suzi if she would
like a coke or something to drink? Suzi replied, "No Thanks Tom, I was just
out cruising around and saw your truck and decided to stop by and say Hi,
Now I'm glad I stopped by to meet your friend Mike here." She then looked
over at Mike and smiled a very beautiful smile. Mike returned the smile.
Suzi then went on to say, "No really, I'm meeting Daddy on the boat and we
are going to spend the weekend out on the lake in the boat, but I just
wanted to stop by and see what you are up to.  So are you two spending the
weekend on the boat?" She then again smiled at Mike and then looked over at
Tom as he walked back to the table and sit down.  He placed a new, fresh,
ice cold, beer in front of Mike and put a new one down in front of him and
then sit back down. Tom said, "Well, I really wanted to, but I'm on call
this weekend at the hospital starting at 7:00p.m.  and so I get to live in
the hospital Hilton for the rest of the weekend.  Mike was helping me get
this old tub ready for another summer of use on the lake." Suzi looked at
Tom and kind of pouted and said, "Oh bummer, it looks like I have to put up
with just Daddy all weekend by myself!" Tom shook his head and lifted up
his shoulders and then relaxed them and said, "Sorry Suzi, but duty calls
and I have to go, but maybe next weekend I'll have the whole family out
here and we can get together then?" Suzi replied, "Well SHIT!!!!!  I have
to go to Cheerleading camp starting next Friday night and I'll be gone for
a whole week and I won't get back until late Sunday night of the next
weekend.  That means I won't be able to go boating, skiing and sunbathing
for two whole weekends and I really wanted to party and have some fun
before I had to take off." "Well sorry about that, but I can't change my
plans with the hospital, because the other doctors are already gone for the
weekend and we don't have new interns doing their training here yet, so I
have to man the front line at the ER and all of that stuff." replied Tom.
Suzi then stood up and kind of pulled her bikini bottom up higher on her
hips which in turned caused her pussy slit to become even more defined than
before. She then took a couple of steps toward Tom and then bent down and
hugged him and kissed him on the side of his cheek and then said, "Well I
better go, maybe in a couple of weeks or so, we can all get together and
park all of our boats together out at Treasure Cove and have a get
together." She then stood up and looked at Mike and said, "It was nice
meeting you Mr.  Bridges maybe I'll see you around here more often?" Mike
stood up and extended his hand to her to shake and smiled at her and again
looked her all over and then looked into her eyes and said, "Suzi, it was a
pleasure meeting you, and I'm sure you will see me around here from time to
time." Tom then said, "I'll see you later Suzi, take care now." The look in
her eyes was something else and his cock jumped again at the very thought
of doing her, knowing she liked older guys. She turned around got off the
boat and headed down the dock till she disappeared from their line of
sight. Tom was smiling at Mike and said, "Well, what do you think of her
now?" Mike was quite for a moment and then took another swig of beer and
leaned forward and said, "Uuuhhh .......  is she one of them?" Tom sit back
in his chair and looked at Mike and said, "One of Who?" Mike paused for a
time before he responded and said, "Well ......  Well ......  Kim was
telling me about your little talk in your office the other day and she said
that you had a few patience's that were involved in ........  uh ...  uh
....  well were engaged in ....  uh .....  family fun, so to speak?  Uh you
know?" Tom looked at Mike with a straight face and said, "You mean involved
in INCEST?" Mike looked down at his beer bottle and then slowly looked back
up at Tom and slowly replied, "Uh ...  Uh ...  Yea that." Tom smiled and
said, "What made you come up with an idea or assumption like that?" Mike
immediately felt like a real jerk and replied, "Well I just guessed,
because ......  well .......  anyway, you said, that she was into older
guys and I just assumed that ......  well ......Kim said, that a couple of
your patients, were young girls doing ......  uh ......  well .....  you
know, with their dads." Tom kind of laughed and said, "Well Mike, you have
to understand that not all girls, who like to have sex with older guys is a
sure sign that they are having sexual intercourse with their own dad or
father." Tom went on to say, "You also have to understand that I'm a Doctor
and patient doctor confidentiality is a code of conduct that I will never
break, not to you, my wife, another doctor, lawyer, priest or even the
police." Tom continued, "Take for example, How would you feel, if you were
having sexual relations with your daughter and you trusted me in telling me
that, and another person just like you were sitting here on the boat in
your place and asked the same question you asked me, If you were fucking
your own daughter?" Mike felt like all of his blood drained from his head
and felt like he was going to pass out, when Tom mentioned Him fucking his
own daughter.  He felt like his whole body was going to turn into jelly and
simply slip to the floor in a giant blob of guilt. Mike looked back down at
his beer bottle in front of him for a few seconds and tried to recover as
best as he could and then looked back at Tom and said, "I definitely see
your point there, I'm sorry I should have never of asked you that question,
I'm sorry Tom." Tom smiled and said, "Hey no problem, but you have to
understand that a lot of people, in fact the majority of the people don't
like the idea of incest and if words or comments got out and the wrong
people get a hold of that kind of information then some very nice people
and friends/patients of mine will get into some very serious trouble and
that alone can do more damage than incest ever thought of doing." Mike
nodded his head and then said, "Yea, I guess your right.  I'm sorry, but I
was just curious and when you made that one comment I just put one and one
together and came up with two." Tom replied, "Yea, well maybe it is true
and maybe it is not, its just that I can't and won't tell you.  If the shoe
was on the other foot you would understand more clearly, at what the risk
would be." Tom continue, "Hell, I'll tell you something else, if incest was
legalized in this country and it was not a crime, most of the people who
are so against it would end up fucking their own kids, their sisters,
brothers, uncles, cousins, moms, sons, daughters before the ink was dry on
the paper that made incest legal.  Hell, I bet teen pregnancies, sexual
transmitted diseases, rape, and crime would drop in half or more if incest
was legal, Hell, I bet divorces would drop in half too." Tom leaned forward
in his chair and took a big drink of his beer as he was looking at Mike and
Mike copied his actions and took a big swallow of beer also and just nodded
to Tom about his last remark. Tom put his beer down and then said, "Mike?
Does the idea of incest turn you on?" Mike froze up at that remark and
immediately broke eye contact and looked down at his beer bottle and he
wished he could be any where, any place other than being right here now.
Mike looked back up at Tom and said, "Well ......  I don't know, Why?" Tom
smiled at Mike and said, "Don't worry I won't tell anyone, besides most
people who are strongly against incest will almost immediately jump up and
say, that is totally sick and disgusting or perverted." Tom continued, "You
on the other hand didn't get upset, in fact you asked me about it." Mike
then though he had to do something fast because now the spot light was on
him and he had to do something to defuse the situation. Mike then replied,
"Hey!!!  I just asked a question, because Kim told me, about the talk you
and her had the other day!!  I mean ..." Tom interrupted Mike and Mike
stopped talking hoping that maybe he could find a way to change the
subject. Tom then calmly said, "Mike, Calm down, I'm not accusing you of
anything OK?  Besides, if it will make you feel any better, I find the idea
of incest quit a turn on." Mike then stared directly at Tom and his mouth
felt like it hit the floor, all Mike could do was say, "Really?  Your
kidding right?" Tom took another sip of beer and calmly said, "No I'm not
kidding, look incest can be very positive in most cases.  I don't believe
in incest with little kids or anything like that, If a young girl is old
enough to begin menstruating, then that is mother natures way of telling
her that she is now old enough to reproduce, and the same way with young
boys, when they are capable of producing sperm then they are ready to
reproduce too, it is in nature all over.  Any girl or boy who can not
reproduce should not in my view engage in that type of activity because
their body is not ready yet." Mike listen intently and then took another
drink of beer and found that it was empty and then got up and went inside
for another one.  He then asked Tom if he needed another one and Tom
replied, "Yea, but first I need to hit the head, I rent beer by the
minute." Mike laughed and said, "Yea, Me Too" Tom then got up and opened up
the grill and said, well these are done too, so lets take them inside and
chow down. Mike was relieved that Tom had changed the subject and thanked
god, that the burgers were done too, thank god for small favors. They ended
up sitting down in the galley and they eat the hamburgers and baked beans
and had a fresh bag of potato chips and dip, along with a fresh bottle of
beer. As they ate they talked about fishing, boating, hunting and shooting.
Luckily for Mike the topic of incest was not brought up again while they
were eating. After they finished up the meal, they cleaned up their mess
and washed out the pan that had the baked beans in and cleaned the grill.
Mike then said, "Well it time for me to hit the head this time, I guess I
get more money out of my beer than you do." They both laughed and when Mike
came out of the head he got another fresh beer and asked Tom who sitting on
a sofa in the living area of the boat if he wanted another beer and Tom
said, No Thanks, but help yourself, I'm nursing this one, besides I go on
call in about 6 hours so three beers is my limit, for safety reasons you
understand.  Mike got him a fresh beer and walked into the living area and
he noticed that Tom had the small TV on. Mike sit down on the other sofa
across from Tom and the TV was up in one corner of the room the volume was
down. Tom then took another swig from his bottle of beer and then looked
over at Mike and said, "So, Mike if incest was legal would you do it?"
Mike, was taking a drink of beer when Tom asked him that question and he
just about shit right there on the spot, if fact he choked and coughed on
his beer as he was swallowing it. Mike looked a Tom and was quite for a few
seconds and the only thing he could think of saying was, "I .....  I .....
I don't know, would you?" He figured that the best way was to turn it
around at Tom. Tom was taking a drink of beer and he did not flinch or
anything like what happened to Mike when he was asked the same question.
Tom put his beer down and looked directly at Mike and said, "Sure, I would
do it in a heart beat!" He paused for a few seconds and then went on to say
something else but before that Mike was shocked beyond belief and blurted
out, "Your kidding?" Tom calmly continued, "Hey you asked me if I would
engage in incest if it was legal and the answer is yes, why not?  you just
said it was legal, However I would not engage in incest with young kids
who's body is not yet ready for reproduction, but other than that, if it
was legal, why not?" Tom then smiled slightly and said, "Well?  Would you?
If it is was legal that is?" Mike then felt like his head was on fire and
ready to explode and then looked down at his beer bottle and then said,
"Yea, I guess, I would too, but the same thing applies with me too, not the
young kids." Mike then looked back up at Tom and paused for a second and
said, "Would you still do it, if it wasn't legal?" Tom laughed and said,
"In other words you are asking me if I have ever committed the act of
incest with a family member right?" Mike looked at Tom to see if there way
any kind of reaction to his question and there was almost none. Mike then
shook his head and replied, "Yea, I guess?" Tom then looked at Mike and
said, "Well that is a tough question, because if I would say yes, then my
family and my job and my profession will be at risk.  I mean that is really
a tough question and to give out a yes response would mean that I would be
putting a lot of trust and confidence in you to protect that kind of
information right? Mike then looked down at his bottle of beer and though
he should have never have asked that question. Mike nodded his head and
said, "Yea, I'm sorry Tom, I should have never have asked you that
question, I guess if you would have asked me the same question, yea, that
is an awful lot of trust to put into someone.  Tom!  I'm sorry, I was way
out of bounds on that one.  I guess I better go." Tom laughed and said,
"Shit Mike, take a lude and mellow out OK?  You didn't offend me in any
way." Tom paused and then said, "Well Mike, to answer your six million
dollar question, the answer is Yes, I've been involved in incest." Mike was
totally shocked and Tom was looking at him and he began laughing, and said,
"OH MAN MIKE!!!!!  I wish I had a camera here, so I can take a picture of
you right now, your reaction is classic, It looks like you have just seen a
ghost." Tom then quit laughing and got serious once again.  and said, "I
hope you realize how much I'm trusting you to keep this just between us
right?" Mikes response was almost a whisper, "Your kidding right?  With
who?" Mike paused and said, "Wow!!!  I can not believe you told me that, I
mean I don't think I could ever admit to something like that." He paused
and then said, "I'm sorry Tom, I mean, you really trusted me to say that
and I will not tell a sole, I promise man!" Tom then said, "Well Mike, I
guess I get to ask you the same question, so have you ever committed the
act of incest?" Mike looked directly at Tom and paused of a second or two
and then shook his head and said, "Yea, I've had sex with a family member
too." Tom then smiled and said, "Well it looks like we trust each other
quit a bit to admit to each other that we have both enjoyed the act of
making love and having sex with a family member UH?" Mike smiled and said,
"I have never ever told anyone except Kim that I have had sex with a family
member!  I'm mean ........" Tom replied, "Yea, I know exactly how you feel,
but then on the other hand it feels pretty good to actually meet someone
else in person who has had the same experience you have had especially on
the topic of incest, Right?" Mike just nodded and then asked, "So, may I
ask who you have had in your family?" Tom smiled and said, "Well, I guess,
maybe I should ask you the same question and let you answer it first, since
I was first in admitting that I have been involved in incest to begin with,
does that sound fair to you? Mike smiled back at Tom and kind of laughed
and said, "Yea, that sounds fair." Mike paused for a few seconds to build
up his courage and then tried to collect his thoughts and remembered how
tuff it was to tell Kim that first time, but this was a little different
because Tom admitted to have been involved in incest to start with.  Then a
bad though came into his mind and thought maybe Tom was just leading him on
so that he would admit a very private and personal event that took place
and it was illegal.  Mike then thought, No, Tom would not do anything like
that, besides what would he have to gain by it.  Tom was by far richer than
Mike was, so blackmail was out of the question.  Mike then decided to go
with his gut feeling and trust Tom because deep down he felt he could
really trust him, besides if something did go wrong he could always deny
it, but for some reason he felt he could trust Tom with his life so he
said, "I've had my sister and my cousin, but I only did my cousin a couple
of times and then we just kind of stopped." Tom sit back and shook his head
understandingly and said, "So how old was everybody?" Mike then relaxed
some and sit back and said, "Well, I was 16, my younger sister was 13 and
my cousin was 16 she was the same age as me." Mike then smiled a little bit
and said, "And you?" Tom said calmly, "My whole family was involved." then
he went on to say, "You have to understand my mom and dad were
naturalist/nudists and they never hide anything from us kids.  I have a
older brother and two younger sisters." Mike was, ah struck and just said,
"WOW!!!" Tom smiled and then said, "My Mom was the first woman or I should
say the first female I ever had sex with, I was 13 at the time." Then Tom
continued before Mike could ask the next question.  "I'm sure your
wondering and yes I had sex with Dad too, but you have to understand it was
done in a loving manner and No, I'm not ashamed or embarrassed to tell you
that I'm BI, but on the other hand I like females better than males any day
of the week, so please don't feel threatened by me OK?  Tom then smiled
again at Mike reassuringly. Mike just nodded his head and smiled back and
said, "OK, I'll try to remember that, the next time I'm in the shower at
the country club with you and I bend over and pick up a bar of soap." Mike
was laughing even before he could finish his comment and Tom was laughing
too because he knew Mike was just teasing him with good humor. Then Mike
asked, "Does your wife know?" Tom replied, "Yes, and Yes to your next
question, which I'm sure you were going to ask if I or my Wife and I were
doing our own kids, so, yes, the answer is yes, We are doing all of our
kids, and yes, even Cami is involved now with us. Mike fell back against
the back of his sofa he was sitting on and had a wide open mouth blank
stare on his face and all he could stay was, "WOWwwww!!!!!  That is
unbelievable." Tom replied, "Well, it is all true." Then Tom paused for a
second and looked at Mike and then asked, "Mike?  Did you take your
daughter's virginity last weekend?" Mike froze at that question and then
kept looking over at Tom and said, "Well, since you have been open and
honest with me.  Yea!  I made love to my daughter for the first time last
Saturday Afternoon.  So how did you know?" Tom smiled and said, "You forget
that I'm a doctor and I gave Nancy a complete physical along with her first
pelvic examination, (Tom paused for a moment and then continued) You have
to understand I saw and examined your daughter completely, I mean I saw for
myself that she was no longer a virgin.  (Tom paused for a couple of
seconds) I saw the signs that she was still sore and tender inside her
vagina and her cervix was slightly bruised, so I knew that someone or
something had just recently been inside her and took her virginity." Mike
just nodded and then it hit him that Tom had seen his own daughter (Nancy)
completely nude and that he had her legs spread and had looked up inside
her cute, little 12 year old pussy.  Hell, Tom has seen more of his little
girl than he has. Tom then asked Mike, "So does Kim know about you doing
Nancy last weekend?" Mike looked at Tom and shook his head yes and then
replied, "Yea, In fact she, I mean Her and Nancy had planed it out in
advance." Mike paused and smiled at Tom and also to himself and thought
about the events and then went on to say, "In fact, I knew nothing about it
until, well you know!  anyway yea, Kim knows and she approves of it." Tom
smiled and shook his head and then said, "Well, what about your son, Nick?
Is his involved or what?" Mike stared at Tom for a second and then looked
at his watched and then looked back up at Tom and smiled, then said, "Well,
I would have to guess that right about now or so He should be or he won't
be!" Tom smiled and then kind of laughed and said, "You mean, This is his
first time, I mean, Your wife is trying to seduce him for the very first
time as we speak?" Mike was kind of laughing too and smiled and then said,
"Yea, In fact I'm going on a road trip over to the next town or so and
spend the night and leave the two of them alone for the whole weekend, then
I'll show back up at home Sunday night sometime and see how things went."
Tom was smiling and shaking his head and then said, "Hell, you don't need
to get a motel room for the weekend, Shit Mike you can stay here on the
boat, Hell, you can take it out and go fishing and just kick back and relax
here." Mike looked over at Tom and said, "Hey Thanks man, but I better not,
I mean ......" Tom then looked seriously at Mike and said, "Fuck Mike, Your
staying here and that's it, GOT IT?  Jesus we have both admitted to having
committed incest to each other and you don't think it is proper to stay on
my house boat for the weekend while your wife and son are going to
consummate their first time together?  Hey like I said, Your staying here
for the duration, beside the cell phone is here and you can check in with
Kim later on tonight." Mike kind of shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well,
I guess I can stay here then, (He smiled at Tom and then went on to say)
but I'll just leave it here tied up, OK?" Tom got up off the sofa and said,
"Shit you know how to captain this old tub, Hell, Take it out and enjoy
yourself." Tom then looked down at his watch and said, "Shit I better get
going so that I can get cleaned up and dressed to go on duty for tonight.
Oh!  I'll tell my wife to make sure to keeps the kids over at our place so
that Kim and your son Nick can enjoy their time together without any
distractions." Mike got up and said, "Well, I guess I'll get my clothes out
of the my truck and get them aboard along with my fishing poles." Tom said,
"There you go, just remember there is plenty of food to eat and ......."
Tom paused and then walked into the master cabin and then came back with a
v.c.r.  tape and said, "Here!!!  guard this tape with your life and then,
after I'm gone you can enjoy the movie." Tom took the tape and placed it in
the v.c.r.  and then started to walk out onto the back lower deck and then
climbed up on the dock. Mike looked at the tape and then head out and
followed Tom and they walked together back to their trucks and Mike asked
tome, "So what is on the tape?" Tom just smiled and said, "Well, I guess
you will just have to see it for yourself, Oh and don't worry about Nancy,
we won't do anything until you ask us to, if you know what I mean." Mike
knew exactly what he meant by that last remark, and said, "Thanks Tom, I
really appreciate at that." Tom got in his truck and started it up and
rolled the window down and said, "Mike!!!  If something should come along
tonight, you have my permission." Mike looked puzzled at that last remark
and then said, "What do the mean by that?" Tom put the truck in gear and
started to drive off and said, "Hey, just relax and enjoy yourself and what
ever comes up!!" Tom was already to far away to ask him what he meant by
that too, so Mike walked over to his truck and pulled out his overnight bag
and fishing gear and headed back to the house boat. Once Mike was back on
board he though about going in and turning on the TV and seeing what all
was on the tape, but decide he would wait till night.  He had a pretty good
Idea that is was some kind of porno tape, so he figured he would wait till
night to view it once he battened down the hatches and closed all the
window blinds and then he might jerk himself off while watching it. He
looked at his watch and saw that it was only 3:00p.m.  and that it would
take Tom about half an hour to drive home.  He wondered if Tom was going to
tell his wife what all happened on the boat today and if he would mention
anything to his kids, Eric, Tami or Cami? Mike would just have to play
everything by ear from now on and see if things were going to be OK or if
all sorts of shit was going to fly apart. Then Mike thought, I wonder if
Kim and Nick have done it already, I wonder how long he lasted the first
time in his own mother's pussy?  Then he thought maybe Nick refused Kim and
thought that was really gross and sick, would he take off and tell his
friends that his mom tried to attack him and tried to rape him and have sex
with him?  Mike then thought No, Nick would not act that way, I'm sure he
would not pass up the chance of fucking a good looking older lady even if
it was his own mom. Mike smiled and thought, "Yea, If my mom would have
tried to seduce me I would have jumped on her and done her right there on
the floor or where ever, Hell Yes, I would have fucked my own Mom and I
would have kept doing her for as long as she would have let me. Mike
started getting hard and though maybe I should go ahead and watch the tape
and jack off now.  Then he thought, oh I will just tease myself and make
myself wait, but in the mean time I will set my poles and fish off the back
of the boat in the marina and maybe catch a few small bass or crappies.
Mike then got his poles out and dug through his tackle box and pulled out
some lures and throw them out once he had them all set up on the poles. He
walked back inside into the galley and got himself another beer and then he
thought maybe I better hit the head first. He was out on the back for about
45 minutes sitting in his chair and just about to nod off when he heard
someone on the boat behind him.  He kind of jumped up and spun around and
their standing before him was Tami (Tom's oldest daughter of 16) Tami
looked at Mike and laughed and then said, "Sorry Mike, I didn't mean to
scare you half to death." You could tell from her mischievous eyes and the
way they shined in the warm afternoon sunlight that she was indeed pleased
to scare Mike and make him jump.  Her smile also confirmed that young
innocent looked that enjoyed shocking her Dad's friends when ever possible.
Tami was dressed in a summer wrap around skirt that partly covered up her
silver metallic lycra bikini bottoms and she had on a light cover top that
matched her bottom skirt.  You could also see her silver metallic bikini
top, if you could even call it that! Tami was and still is a very healthy
young girl of only 16 in fact she was 15 three months ago, but from looking
at that body of hers, well lets just say she turned heads, both females and
males of all ages.  Her breasts had to be at least 36D's if not better,
small waist of maybe 18" to 22" at the most, and her hips were maybe 34 or
less but she was about 5' 6" tall Shoulder length red hair just like her
mom and emerald green eyes again just like her mom.  However she did not
have the snow white skin that her mother had or the freckles like her mom
had. Tami on the other hand had a light golden tan and she did have a few
freckles but the were mostly on her nose and few on her cheeks and a few
scattered across her chest.  She was in deed a beautiful looking young
lady. I bet she had all the boys in school knocking down each other trying
to date her and trying to get hold of those tits, MAN OH MAN!!!!!  She was
indeed a big titted girl for her age. Then it dawned on Mike that Tom her
own father had been sampling her and her stand up tits for sometime now or
at least that is what he thought, I mean he did say he was doing his kids
and he would start when they started menstruation, so I would have guessed
that she has been doing her dad since she was 11 or 12. SHIT!!!!!  That
means she has been actively fucking her dad, brother and god knows who else
for what?  4 or 5 years already.  OH MAN!!!!! Tami then said, "Well Mike,
Daddy called me on the cell phone and said you were going to spend the
weekend on the boat and you were too chicken to take her out, so I get to
be the captain and you are my firstmate" she paused for a moment after that
last statement about him being her firstmate and then she went on to say,
"Well maybe not my first mate, but at least you will be my firstmate today
since I'm going to captain this party barge." Mike got the full meaning of
her statement about being firstmate and the play on words and he didn't
quit know what to think about Tami.  He was also wondering if Tom (her dad)
said anything to her about him knowing about their family activities and
his family fun. Tami then said, "Better reel in your lines and get the
stern line and prepare to cast off Mate!" Mike didn't know what to think
but he went ahead and reeled in his lines and untied the back of the boat
from the dock and Tami was already at the controls of the giant house boat
and she expertly backed it out of it's slip and they slowly motored out of
the marina. Once they were clear of the marina Tami gave the boat more
throttle and they were off, out in open lake water. Mike walked up to Tami
at the helm of the boat and asked, "Where are we going?" Tami looked at him
and smiled and said, "Oh, I know a great place were there is a secluded
cove, great fishing there and there is a small island out in the middle of
this cove with fine blond sand beaches and has trees all over this island.
We'll anchor there for the night and go swimming and other things." Mike
looked at Tami and just nodded, he was also thinking to himself about what
other things she had in mind. It took the large slow moving house boat
about forty (40) minutes to reach this special cove that Tami was talking
about. Mike noticed that a large cabin cruiser was anchored off the north
end of the island and Tami anchored the house boat on the south end of the
island.  This caused both boats to be hidden and unseen by each other, but
they could both use the island and still have a fair amount of privacy.
Once the boat was anchored and the engines shut down, Mike went back and
cast out his fishing lines because the fish finder showed a large school of
large fish. Mike then went to the head (bathroom) again and decided to
drink something other than beer, he got a 7-up instead. Mike looked around
and Tami was no where in sight.  He came back out on deck and again she was
nowhere around.  It struck him as odd and strange that one minute she was
there and the next she was gone.  He then decided to call out her name and
he was relieved to hear her answer from the top upper sun deck. He then
climbed the steps and as his head cleared the upper deck he saw Tami laid
out on her stomach trying to catch the last rays of warm sun before it
started to go down. As he climbed higher and then stepped onto the upper
deck he noticed that she had undone her top.  He did not want to disturb
her so he took a chair on the upper sun deck and looked out and enjoyed the
view of the lake. This was the first time that he had been at this part of
the lake and he was checking out the lay of the land and the scenery and he
was also occasionally glancing back to look at Tami and her fine 16 year
old body laid out on the upper sun deck. Mike noticed that the upper sun
deck had a 3 1/2 foot guard rail all around the upper sun deck for safety
reasons and then there was a white cloth covering from the top rail all the
way down to the bottom of the deck so this provided a nice look for the
boat and also provided more privacy and safety keeping items from blowing
off the upper deck into the water below. Mike enjoyed the view of both the
land, lake and also Tami.  It was then that Tami lifted her head and caught
Mike looking at her and all she did was just smile and then she lifted up
just enough to tease him with a view of her big 36 or 38 D Cup breasts.
She had enormous aureoles and the nipples were some of the biggest nipples
he had ever seen.  The nipples themselves were bigger around than a pencil
and their length were over a half an inch long. Mike started to get a
instant hard on from the sight of her tits alone and then thinking that his
friend (her dad) Tom had less than two (2) hours ago admitted that he has
been having sex with his own family, that also did not help make the
swelling go down, in fact it made his cock get harder and longer just
thinking about Tami having sex with her own dad. Tami then broke the
silence by saying, "Mike?  Would you do me a favor and put some sun tan oil
on me?  Please?" Mike was ready to jump at the chance to touch this 16 year
old, Red Headed, green eyed, big titty, girl. Tami laid back down on her
stomach and Mike got up out of his lounge chair and got the bottle of sun
tan oil and pop the cap open and got both of his hands oiled up.  He
kneeled down beside her and began on her shoulders and worked his way down
her back.  All the while enjoying the view of her flawless smooth skin. He
took his time and gave her a full body massage in the process of putting
sun tan oil on her.  He did not even wait to be asked to do her legs, he
just kept going till he got down to her feet and then he started back up
her other leg this time spending more time on the inside of her thighs than
normal. Tami would occasionally moan and make the comment that he was doing
an excellent job and please don't ever stop. As Mike was going back up her
legs and he got to about her knees Tami willingly spread her legs wider and
Mike was pleased at that and also the sight of her young womanly charms
nestled at the junction of her young teenage thighs.  Mike touched her on
the inside of her thighs, right up next to her bikini bottoms and she did
not react in a negative way.  In fact she even spread her legs a little bit
more. By now Mike had a raging hard on in his shorts and he was thinking to
himself if he should make his advancement and try to touch her between her
legs on her bikini covered pussy. Before he could make up his mind and do
what he really wanted to do, Tami moved and then rolled over on her back
and smiled up at Mike and said, "WOW!!!  You did such a good job on my back
and it just about put me to sleep, why don't you do my front too!" Well
needless to say Mike was not looking at Tami's face when she turned over
but was in fact staring at her big beautiful breasts fully exposed.  He
noticed right off that she did not have much of a tan difference between
her bare breasts and the rest of her tanned body.  He though to himself
that Tami must sun bath in the nude or at least topless for her to look
like this. Mike was also impressed with the way her big, young, firm tits
stood up on her chest.  He had always seen big breasts that ended up
sliding down on the side of the girls chest or going flat so to speak.
Mike then though that most of the big breasted girls, ladies, women he had
seen, were usually over 20, but then he remembered that this young girl who
was laying out on her back before him was only 16 years old in fact she was
just 15 years old just a couple of months ago.  In fact these were the
biggest set of young tits he had ever seen in his entire life. Tami did not
miss the fact that Mike was openly staring at her bare breasts and she
giggled and said, "I see you like my tits!" to make her point she cupped
her breasts in her hands and giggled them a few times and then took her
nipples in between her fingers and thumbs and rubbed them around and
twisted them till they got rock hard and then pulled upward toward the open
sky and then released them.  The firm young breasts giggled for just a
short time before settling back down as before. Mike was awe struck at the
sight and didn't say anything for a few seconds and then tried to apologize
for staring at her breasts. Tami responded by saying, "It's OK, I like to
show my tits and my body off to people who appreciate it." Mike was at a
loss for words and Tami broke the tension by reaching over and getting the
bottle of sun tan oil and handing it to Mike. Mike got the message and
started on her arms and upper chest and Tami said, "Don't forget to do my
tits because I don't want these babies to burn and peel." Mike laughed and
said, "Well, you don't have to worry about that, because you already have a
good base tan and I really don't think you will burn and peel today." but
Mike went ahead and began to spread the oil over her big, firm, young
breasts and was enjoying the sights and the feel of these breasts. His cock
was beyond being hard, it was down right throbbing in his shorts. He
continued to massage Tami from top to bottom and when he got to the bottom
of her feet she once again spread her legs and Mike once again began to go
back up her legs this time on the front and mostly on the inside of her
legs and thighs. When Mike got to about mid thigh Tami reached down and at
the same time lifted her small little 16 year old butt off the deck and
started to pull her bikini bottoms off. Mike withdrew his hands from her
thighs and kind of sit back and watched as Tami bared herself in front of
him.  Tami acted like this was just a natural part of life, baring herself
in front of her fathers friend.  She pulled her bottoms down farther and
then she bent her knees and drew then up to her waist and pulled the
bottoms all the way off. In this position Mike could not see what he wanted
to see.  He wanted to see her 16 year old pussy. Well, Mike did not have to
wait for long to see what he wanted to see, because Tami then stretched her
legs back out straight and she spread her legs even farther apart and Mike
was blessed with a beautiful sight. Tami did in deed sun bath in the nude
because she had the same tan all over.  He was really impressed with her
rich copper colored pubic hair.  It was trimmed short but it was trimmed in
a V just above her pussy slit and the rest of her was bare. Mike was openly
admiring her naked beauty and was just enjoying the sight of this nude 16
year old girl with big, beautiful, breasts and a picture perfect pussy to
mach.  He really enjoyed the red hair that was above her pussy as it was
almost an exact match to the color of hair on her head. Tami once again
took the lead and broke the spell and silence by saying, "I think you
missed a spot or two." She made her point by running her hand down slowly
across her middle and then through her short pubic hair to cup her own
pussy in her hand and she slightly rubbed herself to make her point.  She
then removed her hand and brought it back up to her breasts to join her
other hand which was already cupping the other breast. Mike was silent for
a few moment and he wanted so badly to just jump on top of her and just
fuck the living daylights out of her, but he also thought that maybe he
should first find out just what all she knows and how far she wanted to
take this playing around to. Mike then said in a shaky voice, "Uhhhh Tami?
Uhhh maybe we have gone to far already, I mean .....  uhhhh." Tami replied
by saying, "It's OK!  Mike, I know and it's OK with daddy too." Mike was
dumb struck by her casual reply like they were talking about the weather or
stock market or anything else. Mike then replied and said, "What!?  You
have already talked to your dad?  Today?  I mean ......  this afternoon?"
Tami replied, "Yea!  He called me up and asked me what I had planed for the
weekend and told me that you were going to spend the night and most of
tomorrow out on our boat and he asked me if I would take the boat out
because you were too chicken to captain it yourself." she laughed a bit on
the last part and Mike knew that it was all said in a playful and joking
manner. Then she went on and said, "Well, daddy also said that you were
also a family man and you were one of us, so to speak and that I could feel
free to do anything thing I wanted as long as you also agreed to it too."
Mike was almost in a state of shock and Tami could see that for herself,
just from the look on his face and she tried to make Mike feel better by
saying, "It's OK, I mean you also know about me and daddy and Cami and
well, our whole family ........  we all enjoy doing each other and I guess
your family also enjoys doing the same thing, so what's wrong with us doing
each other.  I mean it's not like I'm a virgin or something like that,
beside I like to fuck, don't you?" Mike snapped out of it, and laughed and
then said, "Well, yea, I like sex too, it's just well, ........  this is
all kind of new to me, I mean ......  you guys are the first people I have
ever come in contact with that have openly admitted to .......  you know
..........  doing each other." Tami then smiled at Mike and said, "Yea, I
know what you mean, because, I have seen your reaction from other people
more than once." Mike looked directly into Tami's eyes and said in awe,
"You mean you know of other families who have .............  I mean you
have actually met other families that have .........." Tami smiled back up
at Mike and said, "Yes!!  We (my family) has actually met other families
who also like incest and we have all seen them as they fucked each other
right in front of us and they have also seen us (my family) take turns
fucking one another." Mike was totally stunned to say the least about this
new revelation.  He could not believe that other families would openly fuck
their own family members in front of another family, let alone take part
and fuck your own family members in return in front of the other family. He
then had to rethink what he just thought and figured that if one family was
willing to perform incest in front of another family then it would only be
fair and right to have that family also watch as you also performed and
fucked your own family members in front of them.  In a way it was just good
manors to return the favor so to speak. Mike then got his thoughts together
and asked Tami, "Wow!!!  Who were they?  How many?  What were their ages?
Where did all of this take place?  Are they from around here?" Tami laughed
and said, "Woa!!!  Not so fast!!!  First of all, I can't tell you their
names.  OK?" Mike then thought back to what Tom had said before he left the
boat, about the need for privacy and things like that. Mike then said, "I'm
sorry!!!  I should have know better." "So, can I ask how many families have
you guys been involved with then?", Mike asked. Tami replied by saying,
"Yea, you can ask that then." Mike paused and waited for Tami to answer but
all she did was just smile at him in a teasing way. Mike then could not
wait any longer and then said, "Well!?" Tami laughed and then kind of
giggled to herself, enjoying the way she was teasing Mike and drawing out
the anticipation of what the answer would be. Tami then said, "Well!!!
Mike?  Are you going to finish the job you started or do I have to finish
myself off?" Mike then remembered that he should have finished oiling her
nude body down and enjoy playing with this completely nude, little, red
hair, green eyed, big titty, spread open pussy girl laying out before him,
instead of talking about other families engaging in incest, let alone about
other families watching other families doing each other. Like the old
saying goes, "A bird in the hand is worth more, than two birds in the
bush." speaking of bushes, Tami V shaped pussy hair was quit the sight.
Mike leaned over and started to rub oil all over where her bottom bikini
bottom use to be and then he slowly started to play with her young pussy
and see what her reactions would be. Tami relaxed and enjoyed and accepted
his advances to play with her pussy and before long, Mike slowly started to
finger fuck, a nude 16 year old girl, spread out totally nude, on top of
her dad's house boat, on and in the middle of a lake, in broad daylight no
less. Mike did not feel too exposed because of the covered deck railing
that hid them from view, except for maybe an airplane or helicopter that
might fly over. Mike then had a funny thought, just think some guys and
girls could actually be watching this from a spy satellite over head.  He
once heard that they could actually see and read a news paper from way up
there.  He laughed to himself about that one. Mike started to really get
into finger fucking this young girl and he then also began to once again
ask her about those other families. Tami got into having her pussy finger
fucked by a new older guy that was almost the same age as her own dad and
she began to heat up. Tami then started to give a kind of running dialog of
what all their own family have done in regards to openly doing themselves
in front of other families and also what the other families have also done
in front of them. Tami then said, "I'll tell you what!  Why don't you also
strip and that way I can also play with you and I'll tell you more about
these other families, but I can't tell you who they are or say any names,
OK?" Mike was up in a flash and said, "Deal" He striped as fast as he could
and then kneeled down besides Tami and this time he played with her big
tits in one hand and played with her cute red hair little pussy in the
other hand. Tami also reached over and got her bottle of sun tan oil and
got her hands all coated with the oil and she reached over with her right
hand and took a hold of Mike's hard, long thin cock and slowly began to
stroke him as she started to tell him about the other families she had seen
and been involved with. Tami started out by saying, "Well, I know of two
(2) older ladies who are making love to their own sons.  One is divorced
and the other is still married and the father knows and accepts this.  In
fact the divorced mom is pregnant now by her own son." Tami paused and Mike
replied as he was slowly finger fucking Tami's cute little red hair pussy,
"WOW!!!  No Shit!!!!" Mike then asked, "How old is the boy?  that got his
own mom knocked up?". Tami then replied, "He just turned 16." Mike then
said, "How old is the other boy, the one that the father knows about doing
his own mom?" Tami simply replied, "He is 19 and he has been doing his mom
since he about 16 or so." All Mike could do was just groan and say,
"Wow!!!".  Mike was also enjoying the sensation that Tami was giving him,
by stroking his cock slowly and then stopping to play with his balls and
then start back up stroking his cock again. Tami was slowly building Mike
up and Mike was also building Tami up by using slow finger fuck strokes and
then changing the depth of his finger as he slid in and out of her red hair
16 year old pussy. Mike then asked, "So, What other families have you come
across?" Tami smiled and then replied, "I know of a young girl who has
doing her dad since her mom died." Tami kind of laughed and said, "And you
know what?  She is pregnant also!!!" Mike was shocked, yet turned on, by
the very thought of a family member getting another family member pregnant.
He also groaned out loud and slightly lifted his hips, like he was fucking
her stroking hand. Tami tightened her grip on his long, thin, hard, cock as
he did this and this also brought out another loud, long, low, moan from
Mike.  Mike fucked his hips up and forward three or four more times and
enjoyed what all Tami was doing to him and for him. Mike then asked, "How
old was she?  When her dad started doing her?" Tami replied, "She was way
young, they said, she was only 9 at the time, but she didn't get knocked up
till she was 14 though." All Mike could do was again groan out loud and
thrust his hips, once again in a fucking motion, this time in a rapid
motion, five or six times and groan out, "OH!!  GOD!!". Tami really enjoyed
telling new comers about other families she had been involved with.  It
pleased her, to see the lusty reaction, most adult males had, when they
hear for the first time, about what other families had done and how old
they all were, that she had contact with. She also liked the way the young
teenage boys reacted when they were also brought in on this type of fun for
the first time. The younger guys were happy as pigs in shit, so to speak,
because they now had a almost endless supply of both older and younger
girls to fuck to their hearts content. The older guys were just as happy
and just as eager, but they also liked to watch more, than the younger
ones. The young ones just wanted to fuck till they couldn't fuck any more.
It also seemed to Tami that the older guys preferred to fuck the younger
girls, the ones, 18 and younger, more than the older ones.  She thought
that, that must be because fucking an underage girl is more exciting,
knowing that what they were doing was against the law and also the younger
girls just hadn't fucked as much. Tami also thought back to the first time
she was gang banged by just the male members of her family. It was on her
14th birthday.  She closed her eyes and thought back to that very day and
how this was a kind of family tradition for all the females in their family
to have this done to them on their 14th birthday. Tami was enjoying the
slow finger fuck that Mike was giving her and she continued to also slowly
stroke him as she thought back and remembered that fateful day just like it
happened yesterday. She was taken down stairs into the basement of her
grandfathers house out at the nudist camp.  There, they had what they
called the family play room and that play room was built for one reason and
one reason alone, it was nothing more than a sex play room. There was all
sorts of things in the room.  There was also two smaller rooms that was
know as the alter rooms.  This one room had but only one object in the
center of the room it was a small alter like table, slightly padded, in the
middle of this one room.  The table was elevated about 28 to 30 inches off
the floor.  It was only about 24 to 30 inches wide and about 4 feet long.
At one end of the table was a set of stirrups like what they have on a
doctors examination table. The walls and ceiling of this smaller room was
covered with nothing but mirrors.  Even the door had mirrors on it and once
the door was shut it was hard to tell were the door actually was. This
alter was in fact the same alter that she had been placed on at the tender
age of 11 and her dad took her virginity then, as all of the other family
members stood around the small alter table and silently watched as she was
entered for the very first time. Tami had had sex on the alter so many
times, since she was 11, she had actually lost count, but it was always
with only one of two males and females at a time maybe four at the most. On
her 14th birthday, she was once again placed on the alter and this time she
was gang banged by all of her male relatives.  She was fucked nonstop by 9
males that day.  Her dad was first, followed by her grandpa, then three
uncles, then she had three cousins and her older brother. It was also a
tradition that no other female family members were aloud in the alter room
during the girls first traditional gang bang on their 14th birthday. It was
also forbidden for the males to talk to the other females later as to what
happened in the room, only the female who was gang banged was allowed to
tell the rest of the females as to what all happened and took place in the
room during her ordeal of her first gang bang. This way it was more special
for the girl and she would tell her own side of the story as to what all
took place.  It also built up the excitement and curiosity of the other
girls and women in the family as to what all was taking place behind closed
doors. However, after the girl's first gang bang on her 14th birthday, if
any of them wanted to have another gang bang they could allow everyone in
the family to come in and watch or they could choose to make it a private
affair like their first time at the age of 14. Tami's family also believed
that, what is good for the goose, is also good for the gander, so to speak,
and the same thing happened to the boys on their 16th birthday. The boy's
on their 16th birthday was also treated to a gang bang, however, they were
the bangee and not the banger. There is another room just like the small
alter room and this room instead had a large firm king size bed in the
center instead of the small thin alter used for the girls. This room was
used first on the boys at the age of 13 when they lost their virginity to
their own mother and the rest of the family was invited to watch as the
young boy was introduced into the ways of manhood. However on their 16th
birthday, they are lead into the room with only the females and the females
took turns fucking the living daylights out of the young 16 year old boy.
Once again only the boy this time could tell the other guys what all took
place in the room during his ordeal on his 16th birthday. This room was
also used as a regular orgy room for small groups. The main giant room had
one corner totally padded with Japanese futons this large orgy pit measured
about 15 foot X 15 foot square.  The rest of the room had other things like
a sex swing and another alter table that was shorter so that two woman
could 69 each other and a guy on each end could easily fuck each woman
while standing up. There was also a homemade motorized double dildo machine
that was like a half round five gallon bucket so that two woman could get
fucked by these dildos and they could also embrace each other as they were
in a kneeling position.  Each dildo was controlled by a hand held control
box and a lot of times the women would let the other woman control their
dildo and they would make a game of who could make the other woman come
first. The entire basement was nothing more than a incest play pit for all
of the families to come back home to visit and enjoy the other family
members. This gave a completely whole new meaning, to a family reunion.
Tami was reliving all of the past events in her head as Mike was now
increasing his speed and depth and motion, finger fucking her, and Tami
snapped back to the present and was surprised that maybe not even five
minutes had past.  To her, it seemed like she was lost in her memories for
hours on end as she replayed all of the major highlights of what all
happened to her and her family. Mike brought her back to reality by
continuing his questioning of what these other families consisted of and
their ages. Tami was not in the mood to talk any more about other families,
she had more important things on her mind and she said to Mike, "Ummm let's
not talk any more about that, what I need, is for you to fuck me, right
here and now!!" Mike really wanted to find out about those other families,
but he was also hot to trot and so he figured that he could find out more
about those other families later and so he dropped the subject and moved
around into position and mounted her in the missionary position. Tami was
dripping wet and he slid into her young, warm, wet, and tight 16 year old
pussy all the way in without stopping till he could go not father into her
pussy. Mike was balls deep in this 16 year old, red headed, green eyed, and
really big titted girl.  Tami was indeed built for sex and she proved
herself to Mike, as a young sex machine, by gripping his cock with her
talented pussy muscles and she started to rotate and lift her hips up off
the deck of the boat in perfect rhythm to his thrusting cock in and out of
her red hair pussy. Mike was impressed by the way Tami fucked.  He mentally
compared Tami to his own sister Kristy when she was also 16 and in some
ways she was better and in other ways Kristy was better, but Mike was still
prefered small breasted women and girls, but then again change and variety
is good. Mike thought to himself that since his own sister, Kristy wasn't
here and his wife, Kim wasn't here, nor was his lovable little daughter,
Nancy wasn't here, he would just enjoy the pleasures of Tami and her
talented 16 year old pussy and her big tits. Tami was talented in ways that
even some of Mike's non-family sexual partners paled to compare, to how
this young girl acted and did, for him, that only others, could only begin
to dream what a really good fuck should be like. Mike reached the point of
no return before Tami did and as he slid his long, hard, thin, cock into
her talented pussy as far as he could go, he then arched his back and
lifted up off of her chest and ground his hips and cock as far as he could
and then he began to shake as his cock swelled up inside this young 16 year
old's red hair pussy and began to shoot his load of hot come into her. Tami
began her own orgasm as soon as she felt Mike's cock swell inside her own
pussy and she really started to come as his hot come started to shoot out
of the end of his hard, long, thin, cock embedded in as far as he could go.
Tami enjoyed the sensation and feeling she had when ever a guy shot off
inside her without a rubber.  She felt the warmth of his come as it entered
her pussy.  To her it felt like a warm bubble that grew and grew inside her
tummy and it was a feeling she really enjoyed. Tami then started to squeeze
her pussy muscles in time with Mike's come shooting out of the tip of his
cock and this helped milk his cock completely and it also help spread that
warm expanding bubble she felt inside her. After Mike's cock quite shooting
its' load of come into her young 16 year old pussy he then began to relax
and he once again laid his chest down on top of her big firm titties and he
then looked down at Tami and she was still experiencing her come so he
waited and keep still till she slowly opened her eyes and looked into his
eyes and they both smiled. Mike then leaned his head down towards Tami's
and they kissed for the very first time. It was kind of strange and funny,
but they had experienced the complete sex act and yet they both forgot to
kiss one another till after the fact, so to speak. They both made up for
it, by sharing quit a few extra long, deep and passionate french kisses all
the while they were still joined together, his slowly softening 36 year old
cock inside her young, talented, warm, tight and now very wet and sticky 16
year old red hair pussy. They both relaxed for about 10 minutes before Mike
slowly and regrettably began to pull his completely limp and soft cock out
of her pussy. Tami tightened her pussy muscles up as tight as possible and
they played a slow tug of war as he withdrew from her come soaked pussy.
Mike was very impressed at what all Tami could do with her pussy, just by
using her pussy muscles on the inside. Mike then rolled off to the side of
Tami and cuddled up next to her as they enjoyed the slowly falling sun.
They both rested next to each other and enjoyed the sights and sounds of
the water and the sky, they also took in the fresh clean smell of the lake.
Mike and Tami both tenderly and playfully played and touched one another in
the after glow of their mating.  They were both silent and they both
enjoyed the others silent company. About 15 minutes later Tami broke the
silence and said, "Well, are you up to a little skinny dipping?" Mike was
kind of shocked, but after this last week of indulging into incest with his
own daughter and his wife at home right now probably fucking his (her) own
son and then finding out, that Tom and his family is also into incest in a
very big way, and to top it off he had just fucked a 16 year old girl with
big tits to boot, skinny dipping sounded like child's play, so he agreed
and they both dove off the top of the sun deck of the house boat. The water
was over 15 feet deep were they anchored and Tami knew this part of the
lake better than he did, so he followed her lead.  Besides Mike was a good
diver and he could easily dive from a 3 meter board and go less than 3 feet
deep in the water before turning his body back up to the surface. They both
swam around and splashed each other and then they both slowly swam over to
the back of the house boat and climbed up the ladder. They had both got
back up on the main deck and they both got a towel and began to
affectionately dry each other off. They both sat down in the chairs on the
back deck and relaxed and enjoyed the lake view. Mike was becoming more and
more relaxed about the idea of nudity and incest in general, because he had
at last really met a real family who also practiced incest and this family
(The Richardson's) had been doing this type of family relations for at
least three (3) generations as far as he knew.  He had also found out that
there were other families, who the Richardson's not only knew, but had
apparently had also witnessed and then also join in with these other
families and had even gone as far trading and swapping family members with
the other families.  It was something like an incest swing group. Mike and
Tami stayed nude and decided to start fixing supper.  They went inside and
was getting things ready and Mike got out a couple of steaks and he went
out on the back deck to fire up the grill, when he noticed two people on
the small island.  The house boat was anchored about 100 yard from the
beach that these two (2) people were on and he could tell that they were a
male and female. Mike did not think to much about it at first and he went
back inside and he then returned to the grill in about ten minutes to put
the steaks on and it was then that he noticed that the male and female
couple were rolling around on the beach and it looked like they were nude
at least from this distance it looked like it to him. Mike then remembered
that he had seen a pair of binoculars in the main living room of the house
boat and he once again went inside and walked past Tami as she was making a
tossed salad and microwaving a couple of potatoes and heating up some caned
corn to go alone with the grilled steaks. Mike got the binoculars out and
was looking through the side living room window with them toward the beach
and as he focused on the couple on the beach the image that he saw now
through the magnification of the binoculars was beyond belief and
description. It was Suzie Simpson, he was almost positive of that and he
remembered from meeting her on this very house boat that she said she was
spending the weekend on her dad's boat and her dad was also spending the
weekend on the boat. Mike was standing next to a couch and he was still
naked and when he realized that this was Suzie Simpson and that meat that
guy with her must in fact be her dad. His limp cock started to grow as he
watched in total amazement as another pair of incestuous lovers were doing
things to each other that most fathers and daughters do not do, let alone,
do it in public and in plane sight. Mike's cock got bigger and bigger as he
watched in total amazement as another pair of father and daughters started
to sexually please one another. Suzie Simpson was totally nude as was her
father and Suzie was going down on her dad.  He was standing up in on the
sandy beach and she was kneeling before him, Mike saw them in profile. He
watched in shear pleasure as she slowly started to bob her head up and down
along the length of her father's short but thick cock. Mike's own cock was
now totally and fully extended and rock hard and ready to go again because
of the incestuous act he was watching.  He kind of kneeled on the couch and
was resting his elbows on the back of the couch using it as a rest to
steady the magnified image he was now intently watching. He then released
one hand from the binoculars and used his right hand to go down and slowly
started stroking his own hard, long thin cock. Mike did not notice Tami as
she walked into the main living room and she was watching Mike please
himself as he watched from afar the acts of a father and daughter in the
act of incest. Tami then walked up next to Mike and looked out the same
window and saw for herself ,what all the excitement was, so to speak.  Even
at a 100 yards, she knew who they were right off the bat, because she had
seen their boat parked on the other side of the island. Tami then broke the
silence by saying, "Well, they are at it again!" Mike almost jumped off the
couch, because he was so into watching this father and daughter in the act
of committing incest out in the open for almost anyone to see. Mike looked
over to Tami and said, "Is that Suzie Simpson?" Tami smiled and said, "Yes
it is, Why?  Have you already meet her?" Mike then said in response, "Is
that her dad there?" Tami smiled and said, "Yes, it is why?" Mike then
replied by saying, "Jesus Christ!!!!  They are doing in broad daylight,
Fuck!!!!  What if someone comes by and sees them doing this!!!???" Tami
calmly replied, "That's what they like, they like the thrill and excitement
of doing it in public, where there is the possibility of someone coming by
and catching them in the act." Mike then turned back and looked once again
through the binoculars and watched this father/daughter show taking place
on a public beach on a public island on a public lake in broad daylight.
Tami walked behind and then stood right behind Mike and then pressed her
still nude body up against Mike's and she reached a round with both hands
and started to stroke his long, hard, thin, cock with her right hand and
she played with his balls in her left hand. She leaned forward so that most
of her body was leaning against Mike's back. Mike felt her nude body in
contact with his back and he also enjoyed the attention he was getting from
her in the way she was stroking him and playing with his balls, while he
continued to watch this public exhibition of father/daughter incest. Tami
continued to use her right hand exclusively to stroke Mike's now dripping
and slick, rock hard, long thin cock.  Mike was expelling a lot of precome
as the sight of a father and daughter actually enjoying the ultimate act of
family love and lust, INCEST!! Tami then used her left hand to occasionally
go up and massage Mike's hairy firm chest.  She even pinched and pulled on
his small nipples and then ran her hand down across Mike's firm washboard
stomach and she even slid her left hand down and between his butt cheeks
and started to play with his asshole and the sensitive skin between his
balls and asshole. Mike continued to watch through the binoculars at the
lust crazed father daughter incest team and just moaned out low sexy grunts
and moans of pleasure as Tami continued to play with him and bring about
more sexual excitement.  She even leaned down and kissed and licked his
back and sides that she could reach with her lips and tongue. As Mike
continued to watch them, Suzie Simpson stopped sucking on her father's
short but very thick cock and her father immediately laid down on his back
on the sandy beach and Suzie stood up and walked over and stood above her
own father. Suzie then squatted down and sat her pussy directly on her
father's face and she then leaned forward so that she could once again suck
his cock. The father daughter incest team was now in the classic 69
position with Suzie on top of her father.  Suzie started to bob her head up
and down on his cock and Mike was almost certain that Suzie's dad was
sticking his tongue up inside his own daughter's sweet little pussy and
drinking her sweet sex nectar. The Simpson's continued for about two or
three minutes and then Suzie lifted up off her father and then turned
around to face him and then took up a new position of standing over the
crotch of her dad and Mike watched in total amazement as Suzie's dad held
his short but very thick cock straight up and Suzie started to squat down
and before long their bodies came in contact with each other and then Suzie
sat down almost forcefully and impaled herself on her own father's cock.
Once Suzie was fully seated on top of her father she then put her knees
down on each side of her fathers side and then she started to ride him.
Suzie's dad then reached up and started to play with his daughter beautiful
small firm breasts and she was slowly building speed in her fucking motion.
Tami then moved and got on the couch with Mike and she in turn laid down
and placed her head between the couch back and Mike's wet, long, hard, thin
cock and she took him into her mouth and started to suck him while he
continued to watch from a distance at the incestuous lovers on the beach.
Tami kind of held her head in place and Mike started to thrust forward and
then withdraw in a fucking motion and he was in a way face fucking 16 year
old Tami as he watched another father/daughter engaged in the finial act of
incest. Suzie was riding her dad and seemed to be enjoying their mating
right there on the open beach of this small little secluded island located
on a large public lake. She was now riding her dad at what seemed to be
full speed and then Suzie sit down on her dad's crotch and pushed her
crotch as far down onto her dad's short but very thick cock and just froze
in place. Her dad raised his head and from the look on his face he must
have reached the end of his sexual rope because he had the look of a man
enjoying and riding out his orgasm while fully embedded in his own
daughter's pussy. Mike then noticed that as soon as Suzie's dad shot his
come into her pussy he was lifting her up and drawing her crotch up to his
face once again. Suzie knee walked up her dad's body and planted her young
little well fucked pussy on her dad's mouth.  Mike could see that they both
liked this new position.  It accrued to Mike that Suzie's dad must like
eating his own come out of his own daughter's pussy as soon as they done
fucking and that was fine with him. Mike was now passing the point of no
return now himself and he let out a big excited groan and said to Tami, "OH
FUCK!!!!  I'm coming!!!" Tami did not flinch a bit in fact she deep
throated Mike's long thin hard cock all the way to the base of his cock and
held him firmly in the back of her throat. Mike pushed forward and froze as
the thrill and rush of his come over took him.  He fired off at least 4
good solid spurts of hot rich thick man come directly into and down Tami's
young experienced throat. After Mike quit coming in Tami's throat, Tami
began to lick and suck his cock clean.  Once that was done she then got up
off the couch and looked back out the window and noticed that Suzie and her
dad was just finishing each other off so to speak. Tami then walked up to
the cockpit of the house boat and push the horn button three short honks
and then one long honk. Suzie and her dad both looked over and the house
boat and they both waved and then they walked out into the water and they
both began to swim towards the boat. Mike had already put down the
binoculars and it was then that he not only noticed but he also remembered
the steaks and he ran out to the grill and opened up the lid.  He was
expecting to see burnt steaks but apparently Tami remembered and turned
down the grill before she came into the main room for a little play time.
Suzie and her dad both got to the back of the boat at about the same time
and climbed up the ladder and Tami was there to greet them both and Mike
kind of stayed back until both Suzie and her dad were given fresh clean
towels. Mike and Tami were both still nude besides they had both watched a
father and daughter commit incest right on the beach in plain sight for
just about anyone to see and they both swam over to the house boat nude, so
what was the point of putting clothes on now. Tami then introduce Mike to
both Suzi and her dad. Suzie's dad, Jim Simpson stuck out his hand and Mike
shook it.  Tami went on to explain that Jim owns a luxury car dealership.
Jim stands about 5' 11" 185lbs Short dark brown hair, brown eyes, decent
build for a guy that is 45 years old. Jim was not embarrassed a bit in Mike
seeing him or his daughter nude.  Mike was a little bit embarrassed by his
nudity and Suzie Simpson was openly staring at Mike's nude body.  Suzie
made no bones about looking directly and openly at Mike's limp cock. Mike
decided that two can play this game and he in turned looked at Suzie
Simpson in all her naked glory.  Mike really liked her 34-B or maybe 34-C
breasts but what got him most was her super small waist and small hips.
Suzie indeed shaved most of her pussy hair off but what she had was trimmed
very close and it was in the shape of maybe a flower bud or something.
Mike was amazed at what this younger generation was doing with their bodies
and the shape and designs they come up with for trimming their pubic hair,
body piercing, tattoos etc. Suzie then broke in an said to Mike, "Wow!!!  I
didn't know that I would be seeing you so soon." Mike replied that he was
also surprised at seeing her again so soon too. Suzie then said, "So Mike?
What did you think of the little show we put on for you and Tami?  Daddy
and I thought that it was Tami and her brother or mom on board, I would
have never of dreamed that it was Tami and you!!!" Mike smiled and said,
"Well, I didn't think I was going to be here either but, Tami here hijacked
me and I had no choice in the matter." Suzie then asked Mike again, "So,
What did you think of our little show then?" Suzie was smiling ear to ear
and was pushing her chest out towards Mike. Mike smiled at Suzie and then
over to Jim and then said, "Well, personally I thought it was totally
unreal, I mean that is the first time in my entire life that I have
actually seen and witnessed a father and daughter together." Suzie then
asked Mike, "So did it turn you on or what?" Mike laughed and smiled and
said, "Yes, you can definitely say that." "Did you get hard too, watching
me and daddy fuck right there on the beach?", Suzie asked Mike. Mike once
again smiled and said, "Yea!  You definitely made me hard." Tami then broke
into the conversation and said, "Jim?, Suzie?  Have you guys already
eaten?" Jim answered first and said, "No, We were about to go back over the
hill and fix something on our boat, then you honked the horn so we thought
we would come over to visit you guys on the boat first." Tami then said,
"Great, I'll get a couple more steaks and we can all have supper here
together." Tami went back into the galley and brought out 2 more steaks and
then gave them to Mike and said, "This time don't forget the steaks, if it
wouldn't have been for me, they would have been burnt to a cinder." Tami
was openly smiling at Mike.  Mike only reply was, "Hey!!!  It's not my
fault, I got distracted by some of the local wildlife and their unusual
mating habits!" Everybody was laughing out loud at that last comment and
observation.  They all then sat around the table on the back deck and
enjoyed the setting sun. Tami also brought out cold drinks for everyone.
Tami then sat down and explain to Jim and Suzie that Mike was new to this
type of open family relations. Mike corrected Tami by saying that he had
been involved in a incestuous relationship with his little sister long
before both of the girls were even born, it was just that, only his sister
and himself knew what was going on that's all. Jim got into the
conversation and asked Mike if they ever got caught. Mike replied, "No, but
it was a close call a couple of times." Jim smiled and said, "Well, I was
doing my little sister and cousin both and we ended up getting caught by my
uncle who was 40 at the time." Jim continued with his story by saying,
"Well, that son of a bitch said, that if he could join us he wouldn't tell
our parents and we all said, "No." Well then that bastard told our parents
and we all caught hell over that.  Mom and Dad really wasn't that mad at us
and they told us that most brothers and sisters don't do that.  The funny
thing was, Dad then bought me a big box of rubbers and showed me how to use
them.  Then he shocked the shit out of me and said, "If you and your sister
are going to keep doing this, to each other, then you need to wear one of
these each time from now on, and you and your sister should do it only in
the house were you all won't get caught, by people who will not
understand." In less than a month, I ended up fucking my own mom and I got
to watch as my dad fucked his daughter, my sister and we have been doing it
ever since.  My little cousin got in trouble too, but we held off for about
a year with her and then brought her back into the fold so to speak." Mike
was totally shocked by this new story about family members doing one
another and he began to think that incest was more common than most people
would like to believe or even think. Incest is something most people do not
want to talk about, yet so many have done it, but are afraid to step
forward and admit it to anyone because of what the reactions might be.
There was more talk about other things other that sex and incest and they
all sat down to a steak supper in the nude and enjoyed to fast approaching
night time sky with a beautiful sky full of stars. Once they had finished
supper and cleaned up the back deck and Tami and Suzie washed the dishes
while Mike and Jim cleaned the grill and bagged the trash they all went
inside and lounged around for a while and they all began to talk more about
themselves and how each of them got into incest and what each of them liked
best, such as type of sex, position, location.  It was about a half hour
later inside the main living room of the house boat when Jim asked Mike if
he would like to fuck Suzie while he watched. Mike first looked over at
Tami and all she said with a big smile on her face was, "Hey Mike, don't
look at me, I'm not your wife, besides Suzie likes to fuck older men and
Jim here just loves to watch as other guys fuck his daughter, Suzie
senseless." Suzie then said, "Hey Tami, you like to fuck just as much, if
not more than me, you know!" Jim stepped in and broke up the good natured
augment before it went any farther and then looked over at Mike, still
waiting for an answer from Mike, if he wanted to fuck Suzie or not in front
of him. Mike then said, "Well, I could never pass up an invitation to make
love to a beautiful young girl and if her father wants to watch, then that
is fine with me." Suzie then said, "Hey everyone!!  Let's go outside and up
on the sun deck and we can all watch the stars come out while we all enjoy
some good fucking." Mike still could not get over how much dirty talking he
has been witnessed to every since he began to fuck his own 12 year old
daughter just one week earlier. The all went out and climbed the ladder to
the upper sun deck and Tami and Jim pulled up a chair and just sat back and
began to relax. Suzie was in the middle of the deck and Mike was kind of
shy so to speak because he now had two strangers who were not family
members and this was kind of new to him.  Mike then began to wonder if this
is what a male porn star feels like the first time he has to perform in
front of the camera and a group of strange people. Suzie was not shy at all
and walked right up to Mike and put her arms around his neck and pressed
her nude young firm body up against the Mike's nude body and she leaned
forward and planted a sexy long french kiss right on his mouth.  Suzie's
tongue shot out of her mouth and right into his as soon as her lips touched
his. They staid in this sexy embrace for about a minute before Suzie broke
the kiss and she dropped her right arm down and her small hand immediately
went for his crotch.  She gently cupped his balls in the palm of her hand
and then began to slide her palm slowly up and down the semi hard length of
his now growing cock. Suzie then turned her head towards her dad and said,
"Oooohhhhh!!!!  Daddy!!!  He has a nice cock and I know it will feel really
good when he slides it up into my little pussy." Jim responded to Suzie by
saying, "Oh yea baby!!!  Let me see!!!  Let me see how you excite him and
get him ready for your sweet juicy little pussy, Honey!" Suzie stepped back
about a half of step so that her dad could see what she was doing to him.
Tami in the mean time had lit four small tiki lamps on the four corners of
the upper deck and this provided everyone with enough light for everyone to
see quite well, yet the yellow flickering light gave it a almost primeval
effect for making out by fire light. Mike looked over at Tami and he looked
at her setting next to Jim and she was slowly and casually beginning to
touch herself. Jim was also beginning to touch and excite himself as he
watched his own daughter in the arms of another man.  He knew full well
that he would soon watch as the couple, his daughter and Mike would soon
sink down onto the deck and mate with each other right there in front of
him and Tami. It excited Jim to watch is own daughter and in a way he
seemed to enjoy watching her fuck and have sex with other people than
having sex with her himself.  I guess you could saw he was more of a voyeur
than anything else. Jim then said to Suzie, "Yea Baby!!  Let me see you
stroke him and get him all hard and ready!" Suzie then took Mike's
hardening cock into her hand and griped him and slowly began to stroke his
manhood.  She then said to her dad, "Like this daddy?  Stroke him like
this?" Jim replied by saying, "Ohhhh!!!  Baby!!!!  Yes!!!!  Stroke him
good, Honey!!!" Mike was getting more and more turned on by the words and
phrases exchanged between Jim and his lovely little 17 year old daughter
Suzie. Mike wondered to himself, if he could every go that far and openly
share and encourage his own daughter Nancy to do the same things that Suzie
was doing to him and for him to sit ideally by and watch as another man
makes love to his own daughter. Mean while Suzie began to french kiss Mike
again and this time Mike began to run his hands over the lovely smooth
young firm flesh of this 17 year old girl.  Mike then began to play with
Suzie's small but firm breasts in the palms of his hands and he even
twisted her hard long excited nipples between his thumbs and fore fingers.
This caused Suzie to brake the kiss and moan out, "OH GOD DADDY!!!!  He is
getting me ready!!!  My nipples are so hard daddy!!" Jim responded by
saying, "Oh Yea Baby!!!  Let him get you all wet and ready first!!!" Then
Jim said to Mike, "Suck her nipples Mike!!  She loves to have her nipples
sucked on!!  Get her nipples all wet and really suck on them hard.  Make
her nipples really hard and then bite them!!!  She goes crazy when someone
bites her rock hard nipples!!" Mike took Jim's suggestion and bent down to
suck on Suzie's erect nipples and then he tentatively and gently bit one
nipple and this caused Suzie to begin to shake and moan. Suzie then said,
"OH GOD DADDY!!!  He is biting my nipples like you told him to do!!!!  OH
GOD!!!!" Mike switched nipples and licked and suck on Suzie's other nipple
and got it all hard and wet and then started to bite this nipple a little
harder and this also brought out another long loud moan from Suzie.  Mike
also looked over and saw that Jim was now slowly stroking his now rock hard
erection in plain sight for everyone on the sun deck to see. Mike then
looked over and saw that Tami was also playing with her big breasts with
one hand and slowing stroking the inside of her spread open thighs but she
avoided touching her pussy.  Tami was slowly exciting herself and she
wanted to slowly build the fire and sexual excitement slowly. Mike then
slid his right hand down and slid it over Suzie's flat belly and down
through her flower shaped pussy hair and lovingly cupped her pussy mound in
the palm of his hand. He could plainly feel her sexual heat from her pussy
and he then slowly began to palm her pussy and slowly slide his palm up and
down along her young sex mound. Suzie once again moan out, "OH LOOK
DADDY!!! He is now cupping my pussy in the palm of his hand!!!  He is doing
me daddy!!!  Can you see him touch me down there?" Jim moaned out in a low
husky and sex fill voice, "Turn this way some more Suzie!!!  I want to see
him as he touches you!!" Suzie then turned more towards her dad and gently
moved Mike to her side just a bit so that her dad, Jim had a better view of
what they were doing to each other. Suzie then said, "How's that daddy?
Can you see him now?  Can you see what he is doing to me down there?" "OH
GOD HONEY!!  He is cupping your sweet little cunt in the palm of his
hand!!! OH YEA MIKE!!!  Turn my little girl on!!!  Get her all wet and
ready for your fingers to slide up inside her wet, juicy, tight, young
cunt!!!  Do her Mike!!!  Do her good!!!" Mike decided to get into the
action and said, "Here Jim!!!  Do you like to see me with your daughter
like this?" Jim moaned out in sexual excitement and responded to Mike by
saying, "Yea!!!  I love to see my daughter with you!!!  It turns me on so
much to see my little slut in the arms of another man as he get her ready
for a good fuck!!!" Jim then said, "Mike?  Is she wet yet?" Mike replied to
Jim, "Yea!!  Your little slut is dripping wet!!  Do you want me to slide
one of my fingers up into her cunt for you?" Jim moan out loud and he began
to stroke his short but very thick cock on his left hand a little faster
and said, "Yea Mike!!  Let me see you shove one of your fingers up her
cunt!!  Finger Fuck Her Mike!!  Stir her cunt into a frothy wet come!!!
Make her come on your fingers Mike!!  I want to see her come all over your
fingers and hand!" Mike was getting more and more into this new form of
sexual excitement and he once again looked over at Tami and noticed that
she had yet to touch her pussy directly yet.  Tami was on a slow simmer and
she was not ready to come just yet. Suzie on the other hand was wet and
ready and he figured that she would come pretty soon but he was sure that
she would not stop at just one come, at least if he had anything to say
about the deal.  Mike looked once again over at Tami and said, "So Tami, is
this turning you on?" Tami smiled and answered his question by spreading
her legs a little further apart and said, "Yea!!  I like to watch too!!"
Mike then looked over at and Jim and said, "OK JIM!!  Watch this!!" Mike
asked Suzie to spread her legs a little further apart and she knew what was
coming next. Suzie turned her head towards her dad and said, "OH GOD
DADDY!!!  He is getting me ready!!  He is going to ......." Suzie never had
the chance to finish her sentence as Mike then swiftly and surely slide his
middle finger up as far as he could into Suzie's little 17 year old cunt.
Her pussy was more than wet enough to accept this invasion and she finished
her sentence by saying, ".......OH GOD DADDY!!!!  He's in me daddy!!!  Oh
yea!!  He's all the way up inside me daddy!! OH DADDY!!!  I wish you could
feel what he is doing to me on the inside of me!!" Jim just moaned and
began to stroke his short thick cock a little faster and at the same time
he lifted his ass off the chair for just a short moment before settling
back down in his chair. Suzie was now getting into Mike's finger fucking
and she kind of squatted down just a bit and spread her legs a little bit
farther apart. Mike then added another finger into her pussy so that now
his two inside fingers were buried deep in her pussy and his palm was
resting to the front and top part of her pussy and he began to stir her
pussy into a wet frothy mess of pussy juice. Suzie began to squat lower and
lower as Mike brought her to a crashing climax and as she came, she came
all over his fingers and hand and she slowly slid to the sun deck and was
in a half kneeling and squatting position as she panted and tried to catch
her breath. She still had her right hand on his cock and she was kind of
holding on to it for support and then as she came around she then looked
over at her dad and said, "WOW!!!  Daddy!!!  He really made me come fast!
Did you like that daddy?" Jim moaned out, "OH!!  my cute little slut!!  you
look just like your mom does when she puts her show on for me!!!" Jim then
continued and said, "Now baby, I want to see you take his cock into your
cute little mouth and get him all wet and ready so that he can fuck you
with that long hard cock!!  Go on Honey do it!!  Suck his cock!!!  Let me
see you take him that way!!" Suzie moved over and got into a comfortable
kneeling position and then put on a big show for Jim, her dad, Tami and
especially for Mike as he was going to benefit the most from this next
little live sex show. Suzie started out by sticking her tongue out and
giving Mike's cock and balls long slow and teasing wide laps and licks all
over his crotch area.  Mike was thoroughly pleased and impressed by the way
Suzie was getting him more and more excited by the second. Mike moaned and
raised his head to the night time sky and moaned over and over as he
enjoyed sensation she was causing. Mike looked down at Suzie once again
just in time to see her back away just a bit.  She opened her mouth wide
and then all at once she moved forward and she bent his cock downward
slightly and completely swallowed his cock all the way in one big gulp, all
the way up to his balls.  She then closed her mouth and lips over his
manhood at the base near his balls and she immediately sucked inward and
her mouth on the inside closed in around his throbbing hard cock and then
she began to tease him with her flirting tongue all around his cock head.
Mike knew that she was indeed a expert cock sucker right off the bat.  She
was indeed a very oral girl and she loved to make love to a hard cock with
her mouth. Suzie began to slowly bob her head up and down along the length
of his long hard cock.  Her tongue and lips and the rest of her mouth on
the inside was doing marvelous things to him and his cock.  Mike was in
seventh heaven right now. Jim then moaned out, "Yea Suzie!!  That's my
little slut!!!  Suck him Honey!!  Suck him good Baby!!" Mike looked over
and it looked as if Jim was almost foaming at the mouth as he was moaning
out his dirty talk to his daughter as she was sucking him off.  He then
looked over and saw that Tami was now beginning to touch her own pussy for
the first time since they had climbed up onto the sun deck after supper.
She was still going slow and building her own excitement slowly but surely.
Jim then said to his daughter, "Slow down Honey!!  Don't make him come in
your mouth!!  I want him to come in your pussy!!  You know how much I like
it when I get to see another man come inside your sweet little cunt!!!"
Suzie responded by slowly pulling her mouth off of Mike's long hard cock
and then she looked over at her dad and said, "Well Daddy!!!  Do you think
he is ready?  Do you think he is ready to slide this long hard cock up into
my little pussy and fuck me, Daddy?  Do you want him to fuck me daddy?  Do
you want to see me fuck him, Daddy?" "OH GOD YES!!!  I want to see you fuck
him Honey!!!  I know he is more than ready to slam that long hard cock way
up into your cute little cunt!!!", Jim moaned out loud and stroked his cock
a little bit faster. Then Jim said, "Get into position Honey!!  Get into
position so that I can see it as he slides his long hard cock up into your
sweet little pussy!!  Do it!!  Do it now!!  Do it baby!!  OH GOD DO IT
NOW!!!" Suzie then laid back on her back with her head pointing toward her
dad and she immediately drew her legs up and bent her knees and then spread
her knees apart and pulled her bent legs almost up to her chest so that she
was complete spread open to Mike.  Suzie was in a modified missionary
position and with her legs bent and pulled up to her chest this was clearly
a female subjucation position in which the female was totally exposed and
complete accessible to the male. Mike knew this position and he enjoyed
this position very much in fact it was probably one of his favorite
positions.  He kneeled down and got into position between her spread open
legs and up turned ass and he moved closer and bent his cock down slightly
so that it would be in the proper position to breach her young tight little
pussy in one thrust. Jim was breathing more heavily and he was the one to
give the signal and then Mike placed his swollen cock head up to Suzie's
pussy entrance and waited till Jim gave the command. Suzie said, "OH GOD
DADDY!!!  He is there!!  I can feel him at my entrance!!!  Are you sure you
want him to do this to me daddy?  Are you sure you want him to slide into
my poor little pussy, Daddy?" Suzie and Jim must have played this type of
game quit a few times, teasing and exciting each other by talking dirty to
each other as another man has his way with his daughter as he jerks himself
to orgasm and she is totally fucked to come gushing orgasm. Jim replied,
"NOW!!!  SLAM IT IN HER!!!  Fuck the shit out of her!!!  Make her scream
and come over and over!!!  DO IT!!" After Jim said that Mike looked over at
Jim and then over to Tami and then back to Jim and then looked down at
Suzie and then without warning he bucked his hips forward and impaled her
in one single thrust.  He slid in all the way till his crotch came to
contact with her crotch and his balls slapped against her asshole because
he slammed into her so forcefully and quickly. Suzie let out a blood
curtailing scream as Mike slid into her.  At first Mike thought that maybe
he did in fact hurt Suzie and he was about to withdraw, but Suzie was
looking directly into his eyes and after her first scream she also had a
smile on her face and that made Mike feel a whole lot better.  It was then
that he knew that both Jim and Suzie were playing a game and the scream was
just part of the act.  She acted as thought Mike had brutally and
forcefully taken Suzie's virginity and broke her cherry right there in
front of father. Suzie keep up the act and was moaning as though she was in
pain and said, "Oh Daddy!!!  Please make him stop!!!  Oh Daddy Please!!  It
hurts so much!!!  Oh Daddy How could you!!  Why!!!" "Don't worry baby!!
The pain will go away.  All little girls go through the same kind of pain
the first time.  You are a woman now Honey!!!  He will now teach you what
it means to be a woman and you will soon love what he is doing to you.
Pretty soon baby, you will be begging him not to stop.  Fuck him Honey!!!
Fuck him back as he fucks you!!  Move you ass!!  Move your ass and show him
how much you love what he is doing to you!!", Jim said to his play acting
daughter. Mike was getting into this play acting as much as he did when he
fucks his own wife Kim.  He remembered like it was just yesterday when he
and his lovely wife Kim acted that she was only 13 or 14 and her dad took
her virginity.  Kim really went wild that night and it seemed that was the
straw that broke the camels back so to speak because ever since then she
was more turned on about the idea and subject of incest. Mike came back to
reality and began to fuck Suzie right there on the sun deck of the house
boat while her father Jim watched and continued to jerk himself off and
Tami was also playing with herself.  In fact Tami was now sliding her
fingers in and out of her wet juicy red haired little pussy and she was
pulling on her large breasts and nipples as she was sitting in the chair
next to Jim and enjoy the live sex show not more than five feet away. Mike
was fucking away at Suzie's talented pussy and was building up speed as he
was soon approaching orgasm.  He started to moan himself and said out load,
"OH GOD!!!  I'm almost there!!!  Do you want me to come inside you Suzie?"
Jim answered that question for her by saying, "Yea!!!  Come in her!!  Shoot
her full of your hot white juicy sticky come!!!  Do her to completion!!"
Suzie then said, "Yea Mike come in me!!!  Fill me full of your come!  Daddy
loves to see other guys come inside my pussy don't you daddy?" Jim said,
"Yes Honey!!  You know I do, don't you.  You know why I like them to fill
your sweet little pussy full of come don't you baby?" Suzie looked up at
Mike and said, "Fill me full Mike!!!  Shoot it all inside me, because after
you get done coming inside my pussy you will get to see my daddy here, suck
all of your come out of my pussy!  My daddy love to suck other guys come
out of my pussy!!  Don't you daddy?  You love to eat other guys come don't
you daddy?" Jim was really excited and was also at the point of coming
himself and he said, "Honey, you know I love eating come out of your pussy.
I'm going to suck your pussy completely dry." This kind of shocked Mike
because he had heard that some guys like to do things like that and he
thought to himself and wondered if he could ever do that in front of
others. I mean he had gone down on a woman after he had come inside their
pussies and ate them and licked them and made them come again, but that was
when he was alone in private with them and it was his own come that he had
eaten from their pussies.  He didn't know if he could go down on a woman
right after some other guy had shot off his load of come in her pussy and
he had to suck and swallow their come. Mike then reached the end of his
sexual rope and he plunged forward into Suzie's little pussy as far as he
could go and then he held himself deep inside her clasping pussy and began
to fire off round after round of hot sticky come into her 17 year old
pussy. He fired off about five of six solid spurts and then he was drained.
Suzie felt Mike's cock expand in her pussy and then she felt the liquid
warmth of his come as he began to fire off inside her pussy and this
brought on her own orgasm and she said, "OH GOD DADDY!!!!  I feel it!!!  I
feel his come shooting off inside my pussy!!!  Oh Daddy it feels so warm
and wet and sexy knowing that another man has shoot off inside me!!!" Mike
was just finishing his come and he noticed that Jim was already off his
chair and was getting closer to Suzie and Mike and after Mike had finished
his come he slowly and regrettably withdrew his cock from Suzie Simpsons
beautiful little pussy and knee walked back a little to give Jim and Suzie
a little bit more room. Jim almost throw himself on his daughter and she
staid in the same position and he was laying on top of her in a sixty nine
position and Jim began to suck, lick and draw Mike fresh come out of his
young daughters pussy. Mike then got up and walked over to Tami and kneeled
down in front of her and she immediately spread her legs as a silent
invitation for Mike to kiss, lick and suck her red hair little pussy and
help bring her to her own climax. Mike brought Tami off and after she
relaxed for a little bit she kneeled down in front of her chair and took
Mike's limp cock into her mouth and she sucked his cock clean and enjoyed
the mixed flavors of Mike's come and Suzie's come. Everyone was kind of out
of it for about five or ten minutes and then they all went down and back
into the main lounge of the house boat and they all got fresh drinks and
they all took turns going to the head. It was then that both Jim and Suzie
both said they needed to get back to their own boat and Mike and Tami
walked them to the back of the boat.  Mike was a little worried about them
swimming in the dark and they both said they had done this plenty of times
and to make Mike feel a little better they agreed to radio back from their
boat when they had both gotten aboard safely. Mike shook Jims hand and said
good bye and Suzie came over to stand next to Mike and said her good byes
too and said before diving into the lake that she would be more than happy
to spread her legs for him any time any place from now on.  All he had to
do was give her a call and she would be there with bells on. They both dove
off the back of the boat and Mike watched them until they disappeared into
the darkness. Tami then went into the cockpit and turned on the marine
radio and they both waited until they heard both of them on the other end
of the radio and they all said goodbye and good night to each other and
then Tami switched the marine radio into emergency stand by mode.  This way
if any boater called on the emergency channel it would pick the call up and
it would set off an alarm and the volume would automatically increase. Tami
went about checking to make sure the house boat was rigged for the night
and that all the right switches were on and the running lights were also
on. Once she was satisfied that everything was in good order she left the
cockpit and returned to the main lounge and asked Mike if he would like to
share a nice hot shower with her. Mike was more than happy to share a
shower with young red headed big titty girl like Tami and they both enjoyed
a long hot relaxing shower together. After the shower they both went back
into the main cabin area and sit back and relaxed and Mike then asked Tami
if he could use the cell phone to call home for a quick minute. Tami said
no problem and Mike then dialed his home phone number and it rang and it
rang and it rang.  Then the answering machine came on and Mike left a short
message and said he would try calling back in about thirty minutes. In the
mean time Tami got up and turned on the TV and noticed that there was a
tape in the VCR and she looked at the number on the tape and then replaced
it and looked at Mike and said, "I see dad left you a tape?  So I take it
you have not even looked at this yet right?" Mike replied, Well, I was
going to save it for later and then you showed up and well you kind of
distracted me from seeing what was on the tape." Tami smiled and said,
"Well, If you are up to it, we can watch it together." Mike smiled back and
said, "Sure, So what is on this tape any way?" Tami once again smiled and
said, "Well, I'll let it be a surprise for you to see, but it is one of the
better tapes in the collection." This got Mike's curiosity up and so Mike
laid back on the couch and Tami laid down beside him and she pushed the
play button on the remote control. It was by far one of the best porn tapes
Mike had ever seen in his entire life. The tape was a home made tape of the
Richardson Family, Tom and his wife, their oldest son, Tami and Cami all
having a family orgy and then Tom's own father and mother came in on the
tape later. Mike was complete at awe and totally impressed at the quality
of the filming and the clarity of the tape and it was really impressive to
see three generations of the Richardson family having sex with one another.
Mike was almost instantly hard from the very beginning and Tami didn't help
matters much either.  She also explained when and where this tape was taken
at and kind of gave a running commentary as to what all happened that day
and different things like that. Tami was also getting turned on again by
watching this old tape and it began to bring back memories of what all took
place that day and the feeling she had during that taping session.

   Mike almost forgot and luckily he remember to call back home and so Tami
turned down the volume as Mike stayed where his was and Tami was gently
playing with his cock and he was still watching the tape as he dialed home
once again on the cell phone. This time Kim answered the phone on about the
third ring and Mike said, "Well??  How did things go?" There was a short
silence and Mike began to worry that maybe things did not go as they had
thought they might. Kim then said, "Well, Honey, I don't know how to tell
you this but ....." Mike was now really worried and said, "What?  Did
something go wrong or what?" Kim then replied, "Well, I don't know what to
say other than, I can't believe I really did Honey!" Mike came back and
said, "What!?  You did it with Nick?!  Is everything OK?  I mean is Nick OK
and are you OK?  Should I come home now or what?" Kim then said, "No!!  You
don't need to come home now.  Everything is just fine.  I mean!!  I just
can't believe what I did!!  I really did it Honey!!  I really did it!!"
Mike then said, "So, Did you both like it?  Did you only do it once or
what?" Kim replied, "OH GOD HONEY!!!  I now know what you must have felt
that first time, I mean it was .........  I just can't begin to put into
words what all happened and what all I ......, I mean, what all we did to
each other!  OH GOD HONEY!!!  I REALLY DID IT!!!" Mike then asked in a more
excited voice, "So, How many times have you guys done it?  Does he still
want to do it again?  How was he?  What did he think of you?" Kim replied
in a more dreamy voice, "Oh god, we have done it maybe five or six time
today and he still want to do it some more!!" Mike replied, "No Shit!!?, so
he is really into it then?  I mean does he know about he rest of us or
what?" Kim then replied, "Well Honey, if you want the truth he is doing me
right now!!" Mike was now rock solid hard and his cock was now dripping out
more precome since he began to talk to his lovely wife on the phone.  Tami
noticed his cock and she crawled down and began to lick and suck his cock
as he was talking to his own wife on the phone. Mike then said, "OH WOW!!
He is doing you right now!?  Let me talk to him, OK?" Kim then replied,
"Well, He can't really talk right now because his mouth is full and busy,
if you know what I mean!!" Mike let out a low sexy groan as he pictured in
his own mind, his own son was going down and eating out his own mom's pussy
and he was talking to her while he was licking and sucking her bare,
shaved, smooth pussy he knew so well. Mike then asked her if she had
already told him about the rest of them. Kim replied that she told him
after that had done it the second time and that made him so hot that he did
her the third time and he had not gone soft from the very beginning. Mike
then said, "Well, I won't keep you too long, but all I can say is that I
have come across something that I'm sure you will like and I will tell you
all about it tomorrow afternoon about 4 or so." Kim then replied, "Why?
What is it?" Mike then said, "Well, it will be a big beautiful surprise.
OK?  Well, I'll let you go for now Honey and you all have fun OK?  OH !!
By the way, I love you more now than ever before sweetheart!!  I'll see you
all tomorrow about 4 OK?" Kim said, "OH GOD BABY!!!!  I LOVE YOU WITH ALL
MY HEART!!!  I can not begin to tell you how much you really mean to me and
I will be forever grateful for showing me all of these new things about me
and sharing your innerself with me.  I love you baby!!" Mike once again
said, "I know baby, I love you too!!  I'll see you all tomorrow!!  have fun
and enjoy!!!  Bye!" Kim said, "OooH!!!  OoooHhhhh!!!!  OK!!  Bye!" Mike
closed the cell phone and smiled to himself as he knew she was starting to
come over the phone and his own son was causing her to come.  Way to Nick!!
That's my boy!! Mike returned his attention to Tami and what she was doing
for him and once again began to watch the tape on the TV and watched as the
Richardson family enjoyed doing one another. End of Part #5 Working on
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