What Happened



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Chapter 1

New York City in the middle of August, is not the place to be. Hot and humid are the only words to describe the weather. But if you really want to be miserable, try working in an office cubical while the air conditioning is on the frizz. That's how is was on the day that this started. And to compound matters, A lot of the crew had called in sick, so the workload was greater than normal.

It was almost funny when the clock on the wall hit 5 PM. Their was a sudden mad dash for the exits, and thirty seconds later the place was deserted. I was one of the leaders in the exit.

I took the elevator to the ground floor, and beat feet to the subway a half block away. I caught my train and wonder of wonders, it was not crowded. I got off at my stop, and walked three blocks to my street.

As I turned the corner, I felt a very sharp pain at the base of my skull in back. Instant black out.

Just as fast as the pain hit me it left and I opened my eyes. I could tell that something had happened to me, because I was not laying on the concrete side walk, but a dirt path. All of the buildings had vanished. The time had changed from around five PM to sometime early in the morning. I stood up and looked around. Then I noticed that I didn't have a stitch on. Nude. Not even socks or shoes. Then I looked at the things near me. The path looked like a game trail as it wandered down the little grade in front of me. On each side of the path, were trees. Now I don't mean regrowth trees, but giant trees, four to six feet across at the base. I looked up to see the leaves about one hundred or more feet above my head. These trees were OLD.

The training that I received while a member of the USMC Special Forces Unit started to kick in. A little panic was trying to build, but I fought it down.

What happened?

First off, I knew that something had knocked me out while I was on my way home from work. Next I knew that I was no longer in the city. Someone had taken me from the city to this place and left me. I was thinking “Some kind of bad joke”. Now to make due until I can figure out how to get back to the city.

I could hear water running over rocks, somewhere off the trail to the south. I eased off in that direction. About fifty meters from the trail, I found a small spring feeding a little stream. The water was just coming up out of the ground and then running down the small slope. About ten more meters away from the trail I could see a clearing. I went to the edge of the trees and looked around. The area was rather flat with a grass covering. I was about fifty meters wide and about seventy five meters long. It looked almost too good.

I decided to try and set up a camp in the clearing. I would stay here until I could figure out how to get back to the city or someone found me.

I started hunting for fallen limbs to build a shelter with. I started to walk around the edge of the clearing, when right in front of me a large shipping container just popped into view. I almost shit. I of course had dropped to the ground when that happened. I lay there for several minutes, fighting down a full blown panic attack. Hell, I knew that something had just happened that was impossible. But, that sucker had just appeared out of thin air in front of me. I eased up to the container. There was a small placard on the door. It said, “PROPERTY OF ANDREW JOHN POWERS”. That's me.

I opened the doors on the end and found that it was packed from top to bottom with all kinds of equipment and clothing. The first things that caught my eye was clothing. Blue Jeans, blue work shirts, underwear, and boots. I got dressed. Then I spotted a tent, that had a ground platform with it. It took almost an hour to put the platform together and put the tent on top of it. Next, came food, and I found several cases of Meals Ready To Eat. It was still early, so I grabbed a packet from the case that had Breakfast on the side. I was thinking that if all I had to eat MRE's, I would be doing some hunting and gathering, before long.

I got the meal heated and dug in. Hey, this stuff tasted very good. I knew that this was NOT government issue.

A little later I dug around in the container again. I found pots and pans for cooking, along with a grate for over a camp fire. Then I found pistols and rifles with enough ammo to last a lifetime. Then some hand tools. A short handled shovel, a bow saw, an axe and several other things.

I put the tools to good use right away. I dug a fire pit and then went to the other side of the clearing and dug a latrine just inside the wood line.

I then went into the woods and found a dead fall. I cut several arm loads of fire wood. I soon had a small fire going in the fire pit, with the grate over it. It was starting to look like a good camp.

I found sleeping bags, air mattress, and a cot. At least I was going to sleep in comfort.

I got a feeling that I needed to get acquainted with the hand guns and rifles.

I had a quick lunch and pulled out two hand guns and ammo. They were Glock's, one in .45 Cal and one in .357 Mag. Cal. I found a web belt and holsters for the guns. I put them on and started feeling better about my situation. Next came a modified M1 Garand. This on had a twenty round clip hanging from just in front of the trigger guard. On top it had a day night scope of unknown manufacture. I then found a rifle that I had never seen before. It was in .50 Cal. It weighed less than the M1. No name plate or anything stamped into the metal. I knew that this one would kick somewhere on the order of a Missouri mule.

Now being in a strange place was not new for me. Iraq is a very strange place. I knew that I had to check out the weapons that I had.

I gathered them up and headed for the path. It was the only place I could get enough distance to sight in my weapons.

I had no targets, but their were plenty of things to shoot at. I tried the Glock .45 first. It had a good feel and I hit within an inch of what I was going for. Next came the Glock .357 Mag. Same results, bigger hole.

I then tried the M1. I put the cross hairs on a rock about 200 meters out, and eased the trigger back. The kick raised the muzzle but I soon got back on target, to find that I didn't have to mess with the sights on the M1. Next came the ,50 Cal, I almost passed on this big bastard, but now I'm glad I didn't. I sighted in on the same rock as before and touched one off. I had been expecting a huge kick. Not so, this weapon had less kick than the M1. Best damn damping system I had ever run across. The rock I was aiming at had turned to dust.

I know one round from each of the weapons I had was not enough, but even though I had a lot, no since in wasting it on targets.

So, back to camp I went. For the next three weeks I got into a routine. Get up in the morning and have breakfast. Just lay around until about noon. Eat. Same for the afternoon. Eat just before sundown and then sleep. Repeat the following day. Life is good.

Then it happened. I had just went to bed when I heard a woman scream. Shit, I was up, had the .50 Cal. In hand and running in the direction of the scream. Then I heard a sound that pissed me off. It was the sound of a fist hitting flesh and then a grunt from the female.

When I arrived at the spot, I found two guys dressed in some kind of fur outfit. They were binding the woman's wrists with raw hide thongs. From what I could see, in the light of their small fire, the girl was very pretty.

I was about ten meters away when I said, “Just what the fuck are you idiots doing?” The one closest to me grabbed a spear and turned to throw the thing at me. I had no time to aim. I pointed the 50 at him and touched the trigger. A red dot appeared on his left shoulder. I moved the 50 a bit and put the dot centre of mass. BOOM! The guy flew back to land next to the fire. I jacked another round up the tube and put the dot on the second guy. He was in the process of throwing his spear. I pulled the trigger again. BOOM! The spear fell short, and the guy flew back to land next to his friend.

Next I looked at the girl. Her eyes were almost bugged out of her head, I asked, “Any others”? She answered me in a language that I had never heard before. And I understood every word she said. “No others”. I said, “Good, I don't want to deal with anyone else tonight”. I rummaged around on one of the bodies, and found a flint bladed knife. Very strange, Flint tipped spears, Flint bladed knives, and people dresses in tunic like fur clothing.

I cut the bindings on the girls wrists and legs. She groaned as the blood flowed back into her hands and feet. She tried to take a step and fell down. I just picked her up after I put the .50 Cal's sling over my shoulder.

When I got to camp I carried her into the tent and sat her down on the edge of the cot. I turned on a small bright battery operated light. I had her move all of her fingers on each hand. Her hands seemed to be OK. Then I noticed I had some fresh blood on my arm that I had under her legs when I carried her. I had her stand up and turn around. FUCK! Her legs looked as if someone had caned her. I touched the back of her tunic and she cried out. FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!

I told her to take off and lay down on the cot. Then I ran to the container and dug around and found a Medic's kit pack. Back to the tent. She had her tunic off and was laying on the cot on her belly. I almost got sick at what I saw. Her back from the shoulders to her ankles was crossed with angry welts. Most of them looked like they were trying to get infected.

It took over four hours to get her cleaned up and bandaged. I put an antibacterial powder on all of the wounds, then covered them with several layers of bandage. I gave her a pain pill and an antibiotic. Ten minutes later she was sound asleep.

I dug out a couple of blankets and made a pallet on the floor. I did not sleep well for the rest of the night.

The thought kept going in my mind all night, "What Happened"?