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"Tell your father this..." or "Remind your father that..." was the sum total of his communication with his wife. She was doing a great job of punishing him for his indiscretion, a threesome with Sandy and Frank almost a week ago. That wild, fateful night now seemed like a lifetime ago. Following that evening came the most mindblowing night of his life. It was a night in which Bill had fucked Sandy until his energy and spirit could go no further. But more importantly, it was a night where Bill saw his beautiful, but sexually bland and boring wife, transformed into the hottest slut on the face of the earth. He watched as his neighbor reamed his wife's pussy with his huge nine-inch cock for an entire evening. And he watched as his wife begged for more as she gave up her anal virginity to Frank's huge prick. Or had she? She was ass fucking like a pro, taking all nine inches deep into her ass without a wince or moment's hesitation. And what about her re-enacting his anal tryst with Sandy? Allison had obviously been there hiding and watching the entire thing. But how? And what about Sandy's comment that Allison "lost." What did she lose? All of these things spun in Bill Raines' head as he drove home. He slowly turned the corner onto his street and drove past Frank and Sandy's home, the site of the biggest mistake of his life. He noticed their drive and the street in front filled with cars and trucks. There were plumbing trucks, power company trucks, and painters vans numbering twenty or so. Obviously Frank and Sandy had chosen to redecorate the entire house, Bill thought. He pulled into his own drive and slowly entered the house, dreading yet another night of punishment and retribution. He was greeted by silence. In the kitchen, a note posted on the refrigerator proclaimed, "Kids are at sleep-over. I'm at Sandy's. - A" He poured himself a drink, in part to stiffen his resolve and in part to procrastinate. He dreaded going back to Frank and Sandy's house... too many mistakes - too many strange feelings. He swallowed his drink in a single gulp and headed down the street to Frank and Sandy's house. As he approached, he noticed that the workmen had the music blaring from within the house. The door was ajar and he pushed through and entered. Bill froze instantly in his steps on the landing as he looked down onto the living room, dazed and confused by the vision in front of him. All of the furniture in the room had been pushed aside and now lined the walls. A large sheet of heavy black plastic covered the entire floor. And there, in the middle of the room, was Allison, nearly naked. She wore only black fishnet stockings and a pair of black patent high heels. She was sitting astraddle a young man with stringy blonde hair and a beard lying on his back on the floor. She was impaled on his engorged cock as she bounced up and down. Another man, a tall black man, stood next to them, his massive cock stuffed into Allison's mouth. She had both hands wrapped around the huge black cock and was plunging it deep into her mouth. Surrounding this threesome, Bill saw at least twenty men, all naked, all with erections bouncing to the shaking bass of the music and the sight of the exquisite brunette on the floor. He started to rush in, but his arm was suddenly grabbed. "There you are, sweetie," Sandy shouted over the music, as she clutched his arm. "We thought you'd never get here." "What the hell's going on?" Bill shouted. "Didn't Allison tell you?" Sandy said smiling. "We made bet the other day. She bet that when you and I fucked, you would wear me out first. And I bet that I could wear you out first. Well, as you know, she lost," Sandy said teasingly. "And the loser has to be Gang Bang Queen for the day. So, Allison is paying up," Sandy continued. "Secretly, I was hoping that I would lose, but... ah, well. She's been at it for over three hours now. So far, they've cum thirty eight times. But she's nowhere near my record of eighty two." But Bill was not longer listening. He was staring into the middle of the room seeing that a third man was now grinding away into Allison's asshole, as she jerked to the force of two cocks inside her at once. The black man now grabbed his cock and furiously pumped his load into her open mouth. Bill saw her licking furiously to catch and swallow all of the spurting juices, but unable to use her hands to wipe her face off. The pace of the pounding behind in her cunt and ass had become so fierce that she needed her hands to steady herself, digging into the shoulders of the man beneath her. "That's thirty nine," he heard Sandy say. "She's had eight orgasms already for the day, so I'd say my record of eleven is in serious jeopardy. But now you're here and you can play with me, since the rule is I can't have anyone in the gang." "What?" Bill replied in utter confusion. "The rule is, outsiders can't take action away from the Gang Bang Queen. So now you're here and I can have you. Unless, of course, you decide to join the gangbang," Sandy answered. Bill stared at Sandy in total confusion. Then he looked back to the floor to see Frank, Sandy's husband, lying down on his back next to Allison, his huge, stiff cock falling onto his stomach. A thin black man, with a large horse-like penis was on his knees next to Frank. Allison rose slightly, pulling away from the two men inside her. As she moved, their two deflated cocks fell out of her, followed by small streams of cum which began to leak from both her opening. Taking only a second, Allison slid off the man beneath her and quickly onto Frank. Lifting his rigid penis upward, she positioned the head at her dripping slit and slid downward. Bill saw Frank's huge member quickly disappear inside his wife's gaping hole. In another instant, the enormous black tube poised at her asshole, disappeared as the thin black man and Frank began to simultaneously pump to the beat of the music. Two men moved toward her face and soon she had their two cocks pressed together in her hand and was attempting to push both of them into her mouth. "Well, what's it going to be?" he heard Sandy ask. Tearing his attention away for the tangle of bodies in the middle of the room, Bill turned to Sandy. "Huh?" he said, still not understanding any of this. "Would you like to fuck me all by yourself, or do you want to stand in line?" Sandy asked, now rubbing the erection that was exploding inside Bill's trousers. He hadn't realized it, but his dick was now rock hard and making a tent in the front of his pants. She pulled his zipper down and smoothly flopped is stiff member out and began to stroke it. "Honey, do you want to fuck me or are you going to join the gang?" she said now dropping to her knees in front of him and licking the precum off that had gathered on the the tip of his penis. For the first time since he entered the house, Bill felt like his eyes and his brain were finally catching up to each other. He looked down at Sandy, now with her luscious, red lips wrapped around his aching cock. Like Allison she was wearing only fishnet stocking and black patent heels. But Sandy was wearing panties - crotchless black panties! They were sheer, flimsy fabric and split from back to front. He could look down and see the inviting split wide open around Sandy's smooth, round ass globes. God, he thought, he really wanted to fuck her. She did things to his cock like no woman had ever done before. He pulled her up to her feet and slipped his hand between her legs. The crotchless panties spread wide to his probing fingers as he slipped his hand into her hot, wet opening. "Oh, God," Bill thought. "She is so hot!" He began to rub her slippery, shaved lips, now sure that he had to fuck her. He had four fingers inside her and she was grinding her hips against his hand. "Yes, fuck me! Please fuck me now. I've been so hot all day waiting for you," Sandy groaned. At that exact moment he heard Allison shriek and snapped his head around to see. Allison was on the verge of her ninth orgasm as Frank and the slender black guy pounded their huge meat rods deep into her steaming openings. "That the hottest bitch I've ever seen," said a burly, bearded guy standing nearby to another man in the group. "I don't know who she is, but she's the best fuck I've ever had or seen. "No shit, man," said the younger man next to him. "How would you like to be married to that?" "I'd be dead in a week. She's the fuck of a lifetime" the heavyset guy replied and they both moved closer to watch Allison. Allison was tossing her head violently from side to side. Her hair, matted with sweat and cum, flapped to and from as she shook. Her sweat covered body glistened as her large tits were bounced up and down. Frank and the black man pummeled away, slapping and thumping against her wet flesh. The huge balls of the black man swung wildly up and down and crashed again and against her smooth ass, appearing at times as if they too were going to slip inside and disappear inside her now cavernous asshole. Bill could no longer control what he did next than fly to the moon. He broke away from Sandy's hot mouth clenched around his stiff cock and began stripping. "I'll owe you one," he yelled over his shoulder to Sandy's as he threw aside his shorts and the last of his clothes, and waded into the throng of naked men. Bill arrived just in time to witness Allison's climax. The three of them, - Allison, Frank and their black partner erupted simultaneously. Wrenching her body from side to side, Allison shuddered under the hot bath of cum that drenched her insides. "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," she screamed, then dropped her head as her body heaved with several deep breaths. She softly kissed Frank, who was lying beneath her and said, "Oh, that was a good one." She pulled the black man from around behind her and said, "Sweetie, you get some rest 'cause I want to see you again in a few minutes." Bill had worked himself up to the front edge of the circle where she saw his wife pulling Frank's cock out of her swollen, red cunt. Again, as soon as her opening was vacant, he saw a riverlet of sticky, off-white liquid poured forth. Next to him, a young guy with close-cropped hair was preparing to take Frank's place when he noticed Bill. "Hey," he asked Bill. "You a new guy?" "Uh, yeah," Bill replied, and the room erupted with the chant of "New guy! New guy! New, guy!" "Jump in here with me," he directed Bill. "Hell, I've already been twice, one of 'em in her ass. But you gotta be quick or somebody will slide in front of ya." "Thanks," Bill replied, as the young guy scrambled underneath Allison while Frank stood up. Recognizing Bill, Frank smiled, patted him on the shoulder and moved off as Bill dropped to his knees behind his wife. Bill could overhear her talking to the young guy below her while he shoved his stiff cock upward between her wide spread legs. "That's it! That's it! Fuck me good! I need that stiff cock in me. C'mom, baby, fuck me hard," Allison whispered, and she was off again, pumping her hips in a frenzy of lust. Bill put his hands on her bouncing ass as he steadied her for entry, though he could hardly miss her asshole. Her rectum was so stretched it no longer resembled female anatomy. He could see deep into the bright red opening, as the seminal deposits of numerous others sloshed and spilled out. Bill simply put his cock into the massive opening and drove forward. He was rewarded by a wave of cum splattering onto his belly and a groan from his wife "Uhhhmmppphh," Allison grunted, feeling another entrant into her ass. "Oh, that's good, baby. I love it in my ass. Yes! Push it! Deeper! I need cock up my ass. Lot's of it! Use me as your ass slut!" she groaned. "C'mon, boys! I love double fucking." With that, Allison began madly grinding away, swept up in her own world of pleasure. Bill knew that his wife had no idea that it was her husband's cock in her ass. And he knew that if she had recognized him, it wouldn't have mattered. Whatever years of boredom, repression, and sexual apathy had gripped her previously had now been swept away. He could feel the wanton lust of the woman whose asshole he was now plowing, and this woman was not anyone he had know before, even in their early years of hot, good sex. Bill and the young guy easily pumped into the wild, moaning woman wedged between them. Bill could feel the younger man's penis in Allison's canal moving back and forth against his own cock, separated only by the thinnest of membranes. Bill had never thought about double penetration as part of their sex life, but now he knew that it would be difficult for either he or Allison to ignore it. Bill pushed deeper and deeper into his wife's rectum but she just kept coming back for more. "Yes, deeper! Fuck my ass deeper! Please," she wailed, as it became apparent that she was going to cum again. "Let's see if we can make her tenth one memorable," Bill thought to himself. With that, he quickly pulled his penis out of his wife's ass and slipped it into her cunt, sliding in on top of the pounding erection of the younger man. The two of them were now both jammed into Allison's vaginal opening. Their two hard cocks slid in and out as one giant penis or as a single beast with two penises. Allison instantly lost it, tumbling into the abyss of orgasm number ten. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO," she screamed. As she erupted, so did the room, with hoots and hollers of lust. Bill and the young guy simultaneously ejaculated their loads deep into Allison's vaginal tunnel. Bill could feel the other man's spasming organ contract and spurt it's hot load along with his own into his wife's steaming passage. The two men drained their loads with seven or eight deep waves, finally finishing as the last wave subsided. Allison lay inert between them, seeming for the first time to be drained of the passionate fire that had fueled her that day. Bill and the young guy simultaneously pull their cocks out of her, and she gave out with a loud gasp, shook, and took a deep breath. She reached around behind her and grasped Bill's drained cock with a firm grip, and started pulling him around and up toward her head. "Honey, you have got to take another turn. That is the hottest cock I've ..." suddenly stopping dead silent when he was next to her and she saw her husband's face. Bill reached up and pushed the strands of sweat and cum soaked hair covering her face over to the side. Neither seemed to know what to say. Rather than make a mistake that he would regret for the rest of his life, Bill chose not to say anything. He simply kissed his wife deeply and passionately. She responded by slipping her wet tongue deep into his mouth. After several moments, they broke and Allison smiled a smile that told him a whole new world was about to open up for them - together. "Honey," she said smiling. "You have got to come back again for another turn." And she kissed him again. Bill and the young man stood and two more men quickly took their places. Two black men, both sporting massive erections, were now in the center of the floor, one flat on his back. Allison straddled the guy on the floor, but this time she was now sitting with her ass facing him as she slowly sucked on the enormous cock of the other black man standing before her. With her mouth full, Allison rocked forward on her knees pulled the giant organ on the guy beneath her straight up into the air, and sat directly on top of him, ramming the black monster deep into her asshole. "Uhhhhhmmmm," she groaned, as she squirmed and wriggled her ass further down, now fully impaled. She then pulled the large erection out of her mouth and reclined backwards onto the chest of the man beneath her. Allison then lifted her legs and spread them wide apart, her stretched opening gaping wide in invitation. Like a blur, the standing man was down and in her, holding her ankles wide and spreading her legs even further. With the other huge black penis still stuffed in her ass, the other massive cock split her oozing cunt. Then the trio began to slowly glide to and fro. The deep lunges of the black men began to pick up speed and intensity. Soon, she was rocking so hard that her body began sliding up and down on the sweat-covered body of the man beneath her. Bill looked on in amazement, worried that the size of the two ebony cocks, both well over 12 inches, would be too much for Allison. But if she was in any discomfort, it didn't show. Now on her back, her large breasts surged back and forth with each powerful thrust. Other men soon joined the group and were on their knees preparing to ejaculate into Allison's open mouth as she moaned with pleasure. In another moment, jets of cum flew toward her face and mouth as she eagerly swallowed the offerings. Bill's concern grew as he saw his wife jerk and heave about. Without warning, Allison shifted up and dislodged herself from the two glistening black organs filling her. She reached down and grabbed the giant cock which had been in her ass and stuffed it into her steaming cunt. He saw her whisper something to the black guy kneeling between her spread legs and watched as he grabbed his huge bobbing cock in one hand and steered it into her already filled slit. "AHHHHHH," Allison shrieked as two massive, black cocks now stuffed in her swollen and dripping hole. Bill was about to jump forward in protest, when Allison cried out again. "YEEESSSSSSS! YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS! FUCK ME WITH THOSE BIG BLACK COCKS. FUUUUUCCKMEEEEE!" she yelled and Bill stood fast, watching in amazement as Allison approached orgasm eleven with well over two feet of stiff, black cock stuffed inside her. The scene continued for another three hours until Allison finally called it quits. Three more times in that time span had two men fucked her simultaneously in the same hole. At one point, both Bill and Frank had their cocks lodged in Allison's distended pussy, and tried to wedge in a third guy, the cock belonging to Frank's pool boy. But it was far too much for Allison, and after several failed attempts it became just Bill and Frank. Later, Allison had allowed a double entry into her ravaged and huge asshole, but had to call that off because of the pain from the two large cocks in the room was too great. In all, the Gang Bang Queen had reigned for seven hours. Allison had fallen two short of the male cum record, finally ending up with eighty. But she had shattered Sandy's orgasm record of eleven by reaching nineteen earth-shattering climaxes over the seven hours. Epilogue Two weeks had passed since that Friday when Allison paid off her bet with Sandy and seemingly paid Bill back for his infidelity. Bill Raines sat in his living room, sipping a cocktail and savoring the events of the past two weeks. Allison was still the loving wife and caring mother to their children, but she had become something more. She had become his dream, his fantasy - both goddess and slut. He didn't pry into the events leading up to the Friday gangbang. He knew that Allison, Sandy, and Frank had set the whole thing up, dating all the way back to the their neighborhood party. He was now pretty sure that Allison had been having sex with Sandy and Frank for weeks, perhaps months, prior to the party. But he didn't care. He was married to the most fantastic woman in the world, so why ruin it. "Daddy! Daddy! Look!" Bill heard his two-year-old son yell, pointing out of their front window. Bill rose and walked over to the window where he saw a beautiful, young redheaded woman purposefully walking down the street, being followed, and or rather chased by her young husband. Bill instantly recognized them as the young couple that had just moved into the neighborhood a month ago. But it was the woman's appearance that brought a smile to Bill's face. She was wearing a sheer black, see-through blouse and no bra. Bill could see her small, pert breasts bounce up and down as she marched down the middle of the street. She had on a white micro mini-skirt that didn't even cover her ass cheeks. Her tall stiletto high heels only slightly impeded her angry walk, but her rage was evident as she stormed down the street. Her embarrassed husband scrambled behind her, trying to keep up. Bill smiled as he recalled their own march down that same street just weeks ago. "Honey. Come take a look at this," Bill called over his shoulder to Allison, who instantly joined him. They both watched as the attractive young couple passed and disappeared into the familiar doorway several houses down the street. "Well," Allison said with a smile, as she began to rub the growing stiff lump in Bill's trousers. "Look's like we're about to pay a visit on Frank and Sandy. I'll get the babysitter," she said, kissed him deeply and went to answer the ringing the phone. Bill knew it was Sandy on the phone. He smiled and stared back out the window. Yes, he was married to the most fantastic woman in the world. "No," he thought to himself. "She's not just fantastic. She's perfect."