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A Perfect Wife Part One.txt 27K11-May-2002 20:40
A Perfect Wife p2.txt 28K11-May-2002 20:40
A Perfect Wife p3.txt 22K11-May-2002 20:40
A Wife in Venice California PartTwo.txt 34K11-May-2002 20:41
A Wife in Venice California.txt 42K11-May-2002 20:41
Annabelle Out West.txt 35K11-May-2002 20:41
AnnabelleAsia.txt 11K11-May-2002 20:41
AnnabelleLunchtime.txt 682611-May-2002 20:41
Aural Sex.txt 15K11-May-2002 20:43
Dave and Diane part 2.txt 32K11-May-2002 20:43
Dave and Diane part 3.txt 37K11-May-2002 20:43
Dave and Diane part 4.txt 30K11-May-2002 20:43
Dave and Diane part 5.txt 55K11-May-2002 20:43
Dave and Diane part 6.txt 29K11-May-2002 20:45
Dave and DianePart 7.txt 35K11-May-2002 20:45
Diane and Dave Part1.txt 53K11-May-2002 20:45
Going Native.txt 51K11-May-2002 20:47
Singapore One.txt 798611-May-2002 20:45
Singapore2.txt 837311-May-2002 20:47
The Beach Wedding.txt 25K11-May-2002 20:45