"Amanda’s Holiday at Grandpa's House"


Story by Angelgirl

Editing done by "Cyberguy"




Before I say anything about this story I have to tell you about a great writer on this site. He goes by the pen name "Cyberguy" and he writes wonderful stories. He has been so kind to edit this story for me.


                                                     “The Story”

   Amanda had been pleading with her parents to let her go to her Grandpa's home for the summer holidays; and now her wish had finally come true.


"Amanda, your father and I have been talking and we feel you're old enough to make your own decision about where you wish to spend your summer holidays. We have talked with your Grandfather and he said he would love it if you could spend the July 4th long weekend at his place, and if you wanted to stay for the summer he would be pleased to have you. So if it's what you really want, you can go tomorrow."


 Amanda could hardly hold her emotions in control; she wanted to scream but knew the reason they hadn't let her go in the past was because they felt she was too young and immature; it was also the reason they wouldn't let her have a puppy


With all her self control she looked up to her mother," I would love to spend the summer with Gramps," she said as calmly as she could. "He's all alone since Grandma died and I'm sure he would like to have someone there with him."


 "You're a wonderful girl Amanda, to give up your summer to bring joy to your Grandpa is such a lovely thing", her mother said smiling proudly. "I'm going to give him a call right now and tell him the good news. You will be staying there almost two months so you had better start packing."


   Amanda ran to her room closing the door behind her. She jumped onto her bed, burying her face in the pillow, and screamed as hard as she could,  pounding her feet up and down.


   "Oh God, oh god, oh god, I'm really going to Gramps for the summer, I can hardly believe it", she thought as she gasped for air. I didn't think Mom and Dad would ever let me go; I'm so excited. Gramps is the coolest person in the world; he lets me do anything I want. He doesn't think I'm a baby like my parents do; I'm going to have the best time of my life this summer."


       Amanda jumped to her feet and ran into the bathroom. She stood in front of the floor to ceiling mirror.

"I wonder if I'll meet any cute boys while I'm there. I'm sure Gramps will let me go out, after all I'll be twelve in another month."


 The girl in the mirror was staring back. She looked up and down at the slender four-foot-nine body before her.

She smiled devilishly at the reflection and the girl smiled back as she slowly put her hands onto her hips and ran them up to her neck. She could feel goose bumps welling all over her body as her fingers tickled her quivering flesh. Her hips swayed from side to side to music only she could hear. Her fingers trembled as they unbuttoned the top of her blouse, her eyes watching every movement in the reflection of the mirror. The music in her head was getting wilder as she swayed from side to side. She undid all the buttons and her blouse opened wide exposing her pink skin and small white training bra. She moved her shoulders, causing the blouse to fall to the floor, and stood gazing at the breasts that seemed almost ready to burst from her small bra.


"My goodness," she giggled with surprise,"My breasts are too big for my bra; they are finally growing."


Amanda was right, she had gotten the bra only a few weeks ago and now her young breasts were bursting out on all sides. She unfastened it and let it drop to the floor.


"I must be at least a 32A," she gasped.


Then her eyes fell to her nipples. They were darker that usual and looked hard and swollen. Her fingers teased up her belly 'til they were making little circles around each nipple. She moaned as shocks surged throughout her body.


"I can't believe how hard my nipples are, and they're so sensitive." she purred as she continued to rub her fingers across them.


She began to dance fast, trying to make her new breasts bounce, but the firm new mounds were still too small. What did fly through the air like a golden halo was her long strawberry blond hair -- it hadn't been cut since birth and went well past her waist to the soft white cheeks of her well-rounded ass. Her deep green eyes burned into the reflection as she watched her hair sweep across her nipples, each time causing a shiver to embrace her so strongly she could feel it deep in her belly. Her green eyes traveled down to where the shivers stopped; it was the soft pubis mound between her legs that her eyes fell on.


"I think I see hair." she said as she stepped closer into the reflection.


She looked down at the soft pink mound and slowly spread her legs open. She could see the small indentation where her vagina lips began. Her trembling fingers went between and she felt the wetness. Her fingers moved slowly all around the soft damp flesh.


  "I do have hair!" she exclaimed proudly as she ran her fingers over the Golden Fleece that was still only fluff." I'm sure that someday soon I'm going to get my period and then no one will be able to call me a little girl again." she thought proudly.


Then she noticed the clock on the wall. "Oh my god!, it's almost bedtime and I haven't had my bath yet. I had better stop admiring myself and have my bath. I've got a big day tomorrow.


  Amanda could hardly control herself when she saw her Grandpas car pull into the driveway at noon the next day. She ran out to meet him, jumping up into his arms.


 "Oh, my, Mandy. You are getting so big." he said with a smile. "Are you ready to go? I have a few things to do before we get to my place."


 "Yes Gramps, I have everything on the porch. I'll go get them," she answered happily.


 Amanda gave her mother and father a hug, then ran with her suitcase back to her grandfather's car. Within moments they were driving down the road.


 "I can't believe how much you've grown in the past few months." he said looking down at the long slender legs protruding from beneath her bright pink short shorts. "I think you must have grown another inch or two since I saw you last, and that baby fat looks like it has moved into all the right places. You must have all the boys at school chasing you." He said with a knowing wink.


  Mandy was blushing as she turned to her Gramps,”Do you really think I'm growing up? Mom and Dad still think I'm a baby; they won't let me buy any cool clothes and would never let me go out with boys.”


 “I think you have become a lovely young lady,” he answered. “I think you are plenty old enough to have your own say in the type of clothes you buy and to go on a date with a nice boy. This summer you can forget all those silly rules your parents have made for you, In fact, I think we should stop at your favourite shop and get you some new clothes right now.  I have a little surprise for you; every July 4th since your Grandma died I've had a few of my friends over to play cards. This year, after I told them you will be coming, two of them are going to bring their sons to meet you. I've seen the boys and if I'm any judge of character they are good boys. Barry is 14 and James is 16. Their dads tell me they are really looking forward to meeting you. You never can tell if one of them might want to take you out on a date, so you might need to get yourself a new outfit” he laughed loudly.


   Mandy could hardly believe what she was hearing. “Oh Granps, Your the greatest Grandfather a girl could ever hope for; I know I'm going to have the best time ever this summer. And I know just the store I want to go to.”


 Her Grandfather reached over and placed his hand on her leg just above her knee patting it softly.” Yes Mandy I'm sure you do.” He said smiling down on her.


   When they got to the Mall Mandi went straight to the “Teen Shop”, her grandfather had told her she could pick out a complete outfit and she could hardly wait to get started. He followed her into the shop but wasn't interested in running behind her as she looked through everything in the store.


  “When you find something you’re really interested in let me know,” he laughed sitting down in one of the chairs in the store.


   She tried on several dresses and skirts but just couldn't find what she was looking for until she rounded a corner and came face to face with a manikin. It was just about the same height as her and it was completely decked out in an outfit that made her eyes go as wide as silver dollars.


  “Oh my god, it's the most beautiful outfit I’ve ever seen,” she thought. “But I’m sure Gramps wouldn’t let me get it; he'd say it's way too sexy for me,”   She didn't know her grandfather was standing right behind her watching her as she staired at the manikin with so much yearning in her eyes.


  “I think that outfit would look much prettier on you than it does on that manikin,” he laughed.


    Mandy jumped into the air and spun around when she heard his voice.


   “Do you really mean that gramps? Can I get it?” she pleaded.


   “Yes my dear, if it's what you really want, by all means ,” he answered with a smile.


   Mandy got the clerk to get everything in her size and put it into a box, and then it was her grandfather paid for everything. On the way home she couldn't stop thanking him for the wonderful gift he had given her.


   “Oh grandpa, I'm so happy, I've never in my life had such a lovely outfit. Thank you so much. I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have a gramps like you, and I love you so much.”


   “I'm sure you will look lovely tonight,” he laughed. “And I think I'll probably have to get myself a big stick to beat off those boys when they see you in it. I can hardly wait to see you all dressed up myself.”


   When they arrived at his farm it was already evening and her grandfather got busy getting things ready for his guests.


“Is there anything I can do to help Grandpa?” she asked.


 “I have everything under control Mandy. Everyone should be here soon, so if you want to take a bath and put on your flashy new outfit you had better get to it.” he laughed.


    “Oh god”, thought Mandy. “He really is going to let me talk to boys. I sure hope they're cute.”


     She went to the bathroom and poured her bath, then lowered her body into the warm water. She lay in the tub for over half an hour thinking about what this night might bring, when suddenly she heard her grandfather calling to ask if she was ok.


She dried herself and went into her room. On the bed was the box from the store .She opened it and took everything out, placing it onto the bed. She was so excited she danced around the bed not knowing where to start.  She reached onto the bed and lifted the sheerest pair of black lace panties she had ever seen, as she stepped into them they clung to her like a second skin. It was when she lifted one leg up onto the bed that she first saw the petal-like design on the crotch.


  “Oh no, are they ripped?” she thought when she saw the petals separating as her legs opened.


  She leaned forward putting one foot up onto the bed, again she saw the petals split open.  She began to examine them more closely.


  “Oh my, Oh my,” she said, "I didn't know they were this type of panties. I've never seen any like this before. I think they are called crotchless panties, they are so cool. I really like them, but I would never try to go pee without taking them off, it's silly to think you wouldn't get them wet just because they have a little split in the crotch,”.


 Mandi thought the reason crotchless panties were made was so she wouldn't need to take them off when she went to the bathroom.  Next she took one of the black silk thigh-high stockings and sat on the bed. She pulled it over her foot and up her slender leg. It stopped about three inches above her knee. Then she did the same on the other leg. She stood in front of the mirror in her panties and stockings.


  “They are so beautiful,” she thought. “The lace all around the top of the stockings matches the lace on the panties, It's too bad no one is going to see them except me,” she giggled.


  Next she picked the black velvet pleated skirt. It was a middrif-revealing type no more than six inches from top hems to bottom and was meant to ride about four inches below her bellybutton. There were three buttons on the side as it was a wrap around skirt. She pulled it around her waist but quickly realized it went much lower than that. She dropped it down to her hips and fastened the buttons and the elastic strap that held it from falling off; again she stood in front of the mirror.


  “I can't believe Gramps let me get this outfit; it is so, so, sexy,” My belly is totally uncovered and it rides so low; I sure hope that elastic strap holds,” she laughed.


  The next thing she took was a black satin spaghetti-strap camisole. It had about as much fabric as a Kleenex and was also designed to expose the midriff; it covered little more than her breasts when she put it on. She turned to the mirror again.


 “Oh God! Maybe I should have gotten a bra after all. The girl at the store said I didn't need one with this outfit but when I lift up my arms I’m sure my nipples will pop out,” she giggled nervously. Thank goodness I bought a blouse to wear over it.”


   She took the black silk blouse from the bed; it wasn't really a blouse at all; more like a wrap, as it didn't have any buttons down the front and only a tie at the bottom. When she put it on it covered little more than the camisole.  She nervously turned to the mirror again.


  “Oh my god!  I'm completely dressed except for shoes and I look like I'm almost naked.” she laughed. My blouse just covers my top and my skirt is so low I can't believe it won't fall off.”


  She stood for several long minuets staring at herself in the mirror. She turned from side to side and then back to front. Finally a very satisfied look fell onto her face.


        “I can't believe it's really me. I look so different. Mom would die if she could see me. I just love it, I love it.  Oh my god! It looks so sexy. I can't wait to see what Gramps thinks.”


  “It's exactly the way I wanted it to look,” she said loudly. “The skirt doesn’t come down to the stockings and my thighs are showing. I think it's so sexy”


 “Oh God! I can see my nipples through the camisole! I don't want everyone to think I'm a slut.” she gasped as she tried to pull the blouse over them.


 She stood again in front of the mirror swaying her hips from side to side.


“Oh I hope Gramps thinks I look nice. I can't wait to show him the new me.” She smiled proudly.


   She ran down the stairs to the kitchen bursting through the door, not noticing a guest had already arrived and was sitting right behind her.


 “Gramps! What do you think? Will the boys like me? Do you think I'm to sluttish?” She was so excited


 She would have talked forever if she hadn't noticed movement from behind her.


As she spun around the guest began to speak.  “My my. What do we have here?” he said in a deep gravely voice.


 “This is Willie”, her grandfather said. “He owns a pig farm a few miles from here and is one of the boys' fathers I told you about. Let's ask him if he thinks you will please his son.”


 “She is a delightful little nymph,” Willie laughed. “I can't imagine any hot blooded male not wanting some of her action; her beautiful white flesh looks almost eatable against all those black wrappings. Is this the granddaughter you have told me so much about? She is far more beautiful than I imagined her to be.”


  Before her grandfather could answer, the door to the bathroom opened and a young man stepped out. Mandi's mouth dropped as she stared at the handsome young man walking towards her.


 “This is my son James; he is sixteen and has been looking forward to meeting you.” Willie said.


 As the muscular young man walked towards her with his shirt completely unbuttoned down to his shorts, and his thick flowing black hair swaying, Mandi couldn't take her eyes off of him.


  “Oh my!,” she thought. “He is so handsome, and he must be at least six feet tall.  I can't believe he's only sixteen, he looks like a man.


 “I'm so glad to meet you,” he said. “Your grandpa didn’t do you justice, he never said you were so beautiful.”


“I guess that answers your question Mandy,” her grandfather laughed aloud. “You look absolutely lovely my dear.”


 Mandy was so embarrassed she couldn't speak, her face went red as a beat. Her Gramps broke the ice by saying they all should have a cool a drink.


  As each guest arrived they all said how beautiful she was and how nice it was that she was going to spend the summer with them.


   When the last one arrived, he had a young man with him. As soon as they were in the house the boy walked up to her.


   “You must be Mandy,” he said. “I'm Barry, and I'm really glad you decided to come be with us, Are you really twelve? You are so sexy looking.”


    Everyone laughed as Mandy blushed again, but this time she answered.


   “Thank you very much for such a nice complement, and yes I’m twelve. You look older that fourteen yourself, but so does James look older; I guess its good farm life,” she joked


  By the time everyone had arrived there were four men and the two boys sitting in the kitchen.  Bart, Mandy’s grandpa, had given them all a drink, including one for her.


 “All right boys lets get started with the game, the card table is set up in the living room.”


   Mandy followed them into the living room and sat on the couch. She watched as the men took their places around the table but was a little surprised when both of the boys came over to the couch and sat on either side of her.


  “You don't mind if we sit with you do you?” James asked. I can't imagine playing cards when there's such a beautiful girl sitting all by herself.”


 Mandy beamed with pride as the two boys sat beside her.


  “I can't believe they both want to sit with me,” she thought. “I've never had anything like this happen to me in my life; I hope they can't hear my heart pounding.”


  “Sure”, she answered shyly. “I'd love to have you guys sit with me.”


   As the evening wore on the men laughed and joked at the table as they played cards. They didn't seem to notice the two boys were going to the bar and getting themselves and Mandy more drinks, and the more she drank the braver they got with her.


   “I'm really getting tipsy,” Mandy thought. “But I know I wouldn't be so relaxed if I wasn't. It's so much fun having two handsome boys paying all their attention to me.”


  The boys kept getting closer and closer to her until there wasn't any room between them. They were asking her all kinds of questions, about school, about what sports she liked, music, but slowly their questions became more and more personal.


  “So tell me Mandy, how many boyfriends have you had? Barry asked. “I bet the guys at your school are all over you every chance they get.”


 Before she could answer James spoke.


 “Ya, you must have to beat the guys off; you are so sexy. Do your parents let you take the pill, or do you make your boyfriend wear a condom?”


 Mandy was a little taken back by their questions but she knew it was all in fun and they had quite a lot to drink.


  She didn't want to sound like a complete geek so she decided to tell a little white lie.


   “I'm not going to just come right out and tell you guys everything about my private life,” she said boldly. “You’re just going to have to try to find that out for yourselves.”


   The boys laughed and James put his arm around her giving her a big hug. At the same time Barry put his hand onto her knee; Mandy was enjoying herself so much she didn't mind at all.


  “I know one reason why guys like you so much.” Barry smiled. “You have the hottest panties on I’ve ever seen, and I think they're crotchless. That would drive any guy crazy.”


 She was amazed when she looked down to see he had pushed up her skirt without her realizing it till the black petals of her silk panties were showing; she was relieved to see they hadn’t opened. Again she didn't want to seem like she was a baby to them.


  “Don't do that, what if my gramps saw you doing that? He would really get mad if he saw you had pulled my skirt up so far so you could look at my panties.” she giggled pulling down her skirt.


 James was still hugging her tightly as he leaned over. “I bet he wouldn't get mad if you gave us a sweet kiss under the mistletoe.” he said.


  “Well, I guess not,” she laughed. “That is if there were any, and it was Xmas.”


   James pointed his finger up into the air.  “Do you mean like that?” he asked.


  When she looked up there was a large leaf of dried old mistletoe hanging on the ceiling right over them. It looked like it had been there for years.


  “Oh my” she exclaimed. “I didn't know that was there.”


   Before she could say another word James had taken her face in both his hands. He looked her in the eyes for what seemed eternity.


 “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen,” he said softly. “I think I'm falling for you big time.”


  He lowered his mouth to hers. Mandy's head was spinning from his words and all the booze she had consumed. When she felt his soft lips touch hers her heart began to pound wildly, she had never been spoken to in such a way in her life. Then she felt his tongue pushing her lips open to find its way into her mouth.


  “Oh my god! He is putting his tongue into my mouth; I don't know what to do; I've never kissed like that.”


 He wrapped his hands around her back as his tongue probed deep into her open mouth, they began rubbing up and down her back. A feeling came over her she had never felt before; it was of total joy and pleasure.


 She felt his hand go down her back till it reached the seat of the couch. He pushed under her and began squeezing her bum; it made her nervous.


 “I think you need a breather James, after all, Barry hasn't had his kiss yet.” she said hoping it might slow things down a little.


 “Right on," Barry cried out. “Back off and let a real man show you how it's done James.”


 With that he pulled her away from James and into his arms. He wasn't as big as James but he seemed much more aggressive. One hand went around her waist and the other rested on her knee as he placed his mouth to hers. He pulled her tight and pushed his tongue deep into her mouth, at the same time his hand moved quickly up her leg to her inner thigh and before she knew what was happening his fingers pushed between the petals of her panties and he pulled them to one side. Mandy jumped off the couch.


  “What do you think you’re doing? I'm not that kind of girl.” she said loud enough for everyone to hear.


  “What's going on over there?” Willie shouted. “Are you boys forgetting your manners?”


  Barry looked to Mandy with pleading eyes.


   “It’s ok”, Mandy said. We were just playing around.”


   “Don't do that again,” she said scolding them. “Or I will tell”.


    “We're sorry”, Barry said. “It’s just that you are so beautiful and I guess I got carried away. I promise I'll be a good guy from now on.”


  “Me, too” said James with a nervous laugh.


  “Ok, let’s just start all over and pretend it didn't happen.” she said, not really wanting for their attention to stop.


     “I think it's time for a toast”, James’s father said from the table. “I have something special I want everyone to try.”


  He pulled a bottle from the inside pocket of his coat and said everyone had to have some. He went to the kitchen and when he returned he had a platter with eight small glasses on it. He personally gave each person their own glass.


  “I want to give a toast to our good health this July 4th, and thank our lucky stars for bringing us such a lovely nymphet to enjoy on this festive night. Now remember, you have to down it all in one gulp, or you will get very bad luck.” he said looking right at Mandy.


 She put the glass to her lips and tried to do as he had told her but there was an instant burning in her belly that made her feel like she was going to throw up. It took her two tries to down the drink.


  “Oh my god! What was that? It is terrible, I've never tasted anything so bad, and it makes my tummy really hurt,” She shouted without thinking.


   But the pain only lasted for a few seconds; a warm glowing sensation was spreading over her.


 “I hope for your sake the curse isn’t true,” Willie laughed. “That’s the first time I’ve seen someone take two tries to down that little drink. I guess we will have to take special care of you.


  “I feel so strange, I feel so relaxed all of a sudden, and my legs feel like rubber; maybe I should sit down.” She thought as the drug began to take effect.


 She felt like everyone was watching her as she made her way to the couch. Barry and James were by her side as she sat down.


  “Are you all right? You look a little woozy,” Barry asked as he wrapped his arm around her.


  “I don't know I feel so funny, like I'm floating.” she answered.


  Barry and James smiled a knowing smile to each other as they pushed her down onto the couch and sat on either side of her. They reached over at the same time putting their hands onto her; James, her back and Barry on her leg.


  “You probably just need a little rest,” James said. “Put your head back and I'll give you a nice rub down.”


   Mandy didn't question anything as she put her head back into the couch. As soon as her head hit the pillow her eyes closed and her head began to spin. She was having trouble -- drifting between consciousness and deep sleep.


  James took hold of one side of her blouse and began to pull it open. Barry's hand went onto on her knee and began rubbing up and down her leg; this time she did nothing to protest. James pulled her blouse to the side and lifted her camisole up to her neck.


  “Holly fuck!” he yelled out. “This little slut hasn't got a bra on. Look at how fucking big her nipples are. They're so pink and hard. I'm going to suck one right now till it gives me a feeding.” He said lowering his mouth to her breast. He put both his hands around one breast and squeezed it as hard as he could, causing it to swell up into his mouth as he sucked and bit down on her nipple.


  Barry wasn't paying much attention to what James was doing; he had other things on his mind. His hand had made its way up the inside of her leg and was beginning to open her crotchless panties. His fingers roughly pushed between them to her virgin pussy lips, he could feel the wetness at the opening of her cunt when all at once she leapt to her feet.


She stood in the center of the room with a dead look on her face. She did nothing to cover herself and seemed not to realize her blouse was wide open and one nipple was dark red and swollen looking; exposed to everyone’s stare. She was trying to clear her head when James took her into his arms.


  “Lets dance, my sweet little thing” he said in a calming tone.


 But she was finally beginning to understand there was something terribly wrong and she tried to pull away.


  “LET ME GO!” she screamed. “Grandpa, where are you? Make them leave me alone please.”


  As hard as she tried she couldn't pull away from the strong arms that held her so tightly.


  “Hay dad, I think you had better do something now.” James shouted. “This cunt is really getting crazy.”


   James held her tight to his body as he ran his hands down her back until he could feel the hem of her skirt, he grabbed onto it and lifted it up . His father was standing behind her and smiled when James exposed her almost naked ass. He got onto his knees behind her and took both cheeks of her sweet white ass into his hands and spread them wide open.


   “Oh God!, what are they doing to my bum? Why doesn’t gramps make them stop.” she though in terror.


   “Hold her tight son; I don't want her little butt hole moving around to much.” Willie's voice said from behind her.


   Willie held a small cylinder object in his hand that looked like a fat cigarette.  He pulled her panties open and pushed it up into her bum. He gave one last push and it disappeared inside of her. Then he gave her bum a soft kiss and stood up.


  “You can let her go now; everything will be fine in a few seconds.” Willie laughed.


 As soon as James released her she ran for her grandfather; he was sitting on the couch but looked like he was sleeping. She ran to him jumping up onto his lap.


  “Grandpa! Grandpa!” she pleaded. “Please tell them to stop, I want them to go. Please, Please”


   Her grandfather’s head rocked from side to side as she shook him but his eyes never opened, he seemed fast asleep.


    She turned and looked out into the room, there were six men standing in a circle around her.


   “There isn't much sense talking to him,” Willie laughed. We gave him something quite different than we gave you.”


    “What are you talking about?” she screamed. “What did you do to my grandfather?”



    “You don't need to worry about him; he is just going to have a very relaxing sleep, but I'd really like to know how you feel right now Mandi?” Willie asked with a large grin.


   Mandy's heart almost stopped; she realized what he was talking about; the thing he had pushed into her.


    “No! No! What did you do? What did you put in my bum? Why? Why? Why?” she pleaded.


        She could feel the effects of the powerful drug beginning to take effect as she spoke. Her head was spinning and her body was becoming numb.  Their voices seemed to be coming from somewhere far away as she slumped into the couch beside her grandfather.


  “I’m a pig farmer Mandy, and it's important that I am able to work with my pigs without being injured. For that reason I am able to get many drugs. I conceder myself an expert when it comes to mixing them into a potion. After giving some to my little piglets they let me cut their balls off or do anything else I want to them; it's almost like they're enjoying it. You have the honour of being the first little cunt I have given it to.”


   Willie turned to the men standing around her,” Well, boys, now we're going to find out if our sweet little nymphet really is a good little girl like her grandpa said”.


   “Mandy”, he called out to her. “Are you a good girl?”


   Mandy was trying to clear her mind but all she was able to understand were his words; it was as if she had no choice but to answer him.


   “Yes, I'm a good girl” she whimpered.


   “Good girls do as their told, don't they Mandy? You want to be a good girl. You want to do as you’re told. Do you understand Mandy?


 “Yes I'm good, I'm a good girl, and I’ll be good.” she said softly.


   “I need you to stand up and come to me, NOW!” Willie ordered.


   It was like she was in a dream world; everything was cloudy. The only thing she could cling to was the sound of Willie's voice; it comforted her. It was the only thing she was sure of; and she didn't want to lose it.


  “I'm good, Please, I'm a good girl, Please,” she pleaded as she tried to get to her feet.


   It took her several tries but finally she stood in front of the six leering men. She was unaware of anything except Willies voice.


    “Now I want you to remove your blouse and that little t-shirt,” he ordered, to the giddy laughter of the other men.


     Without a thought she slipped her blouse from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor, then she pulled her arms from the camisole and it also fell. Her pink nipples were swollen and standing out like the erasers on a pencil, one still larger and red. One of the men reached out and took it into his fingers; he squeezed it and gave it a twist. All eyes were on her to see if she would protest, but she didn't react in any way. Everyone looked to Willie and gave him a thumb up.


     “That's very good Mandy, you’re doing very well, you really are a good little girl. I'm pleased with you. But now I need you to take off your skirt so we can all see those smutty panties.”


    Mandy lowered her hands to the elastic clasp of her skirt and it snapped open causing the skirt to drop to the floor. She stood before them in just her lovely black satin crotchless panties and her lace thigh-high stockings. She was relaxed and calm.


  “Holy fucking shit!” Barry shouted out, “This is just to crazy. She freaked every time I tried to touch her and now she's fucking doing a strip in front of us. What gives? How did you make her like that?


  “I’ve been working on the perfect drug for a long time”, Willie answered. “I knew I had it right when I was able to skin one of my piglets alive without any protest. It took me an hour and the little squealer didn't scream out once. It just hung there on the meat hooks and let me skin it. If I'm right she should be willing to let us do anything we want with her.”


   “Well let’s fucking find out. Let’s skin the bitch,” James laughed loudly.


   Mandy was standing almost in the center of the room as Willie walked up to her.


   “Take your panties off now my sweet little squealer.” he ordered.


       Without hesitation her hands pushed under the waist band of her panties and dropped them to the floor, and without prompting she stepped out of them. Her soft and puffy mons exposed to all their eyes.


   “That was very good Mandy, I’m so pleased with you. I think we will let you keep those sexy black stockings on. You must have a lovely little twat, but it's tightly closed and I need it wide open so I can examine it better, I want you to spread your legs apart and use your fingers to open your cunt slit so we can all get a good look inside your sweet little fuck hole .”


    When she tried to open her legs she fell backwards, but James caught her in his arms and held her upright. She didn't seem to realize anything had happened, and continued to spread her legs. After she spread her legs apart she lowered her fingers to her puffy vagina and pulled the lips open as best she could. All of the men bent down and moved forward, they could see the bright pink flesh glistening with her wet juices.


   “Fuck! I can't take this anymore,” Barry yelled “Throw the fucking slut on the floor, I have to fuck that juicy cunt right now or my balls are going to explode, I'm so fucking hard”.


   “Not so fast young man”, Willie laughed. “After all, you’re just young boys, only fourteen and sixteen.”


   Both the young men began to laugh. “Ya, and if I had told her I was twenty and Barry is eighteen do you think she would have sat with us.”


   All the men in the room began to laugh wildly. It had no effect on Mandy; she just stood there as if nothing was being said.


   “I think it's only proper that we let her grandpa sleep here in the living room”, Willie said. “Let's take the little piglet somewhere we can have more fun with her.


   James pushed her forward and Mandy began to walk without any complaint or question. He led her through the kitchen to a small room that was totally in darkness.


   It wasn't until Willie turned a light on over a large wooden table that everyone realized where they were; it was Hank's butcher shop. What had looked like a table was actually his butcher block. It was about three feet square and at least that deep; it stood on heavy legs. You could see the deep indents from many years of chopping meat. There were six small steel rings on the four sides and on the top there was indentations cut into it with pins through them so as to tie down the animal so it wouldn't move as he sawed through the bones. Over the table were all of his cutting tools, the saws, knives of every type and meat cleavers.


“Lift her up onto the table,” Willie said. “I do my best work in a butcher shop,” he laughed.


  James laid her on her back onto the table; it was too small to hold her entire body and she gave a little moan as her head fell backwards over one side and her legs dangled over the other.


  She was now completely under the control of the drugs that flowed through her veins, and unable to see through the thick cloud that embraced her. Her body felt like it was made of lead; and even the effort to lift a finger was too much for her.  She had no idea where she was or that she was completely naked and in front of six sex starved men. The only thing she was able to understand were the words spoken directly to her.


  “I want you guys to watch closely”, Willie laughed. “I'll show you how a real butcher readies a squealer to be killed and butchered, although this one will be a little different,” he laughed.


   He grabbed hold of her knees lifting them high and back, pushing them hard into her belly then he pulled her feet up to the far coroners of the block. He then tied her ankles tightly to either side of the table. Next he pulled her from her hips so that her ass was just about hanging off the table and the backs of her heels touched her soft bum. There were two rope pulleys hanging overhead on a track; he moved them as far to the sides as they would go and locked them into place. Next he put a rope around Mandy's knees and attached each one to the hooks on the pulleys; he began to pull on the ropes causing her legs to spread farther and farther apart. Her feet were not able to lift or move from the corners of the table as he had earlier tied them down. As he pulled her legs wider and wider her ass began to lift until it was about an inch off the block. Her legs were almost horizontal when James called out for him to stop.


  “Holly shit Dad!” he exclaimed.  “If you pull on that cunt any farther her fucking legs will snap right out of her hips,” he laughed.



   Mandy wasn't making a sound even though she was opened wider than any girl should be. Willie dropped the ropes and walked around to where her ass was hanging in the air, her outer vagina lips couldn't take the stretching he had inflicted on them and had split open exposing the smaller inner lips for everyone to see. He put his finger between her inner lips and gave them a little flick; they gave way with a pop sound from the pressure and were opening for everyone’s peering gaze. Her bright pink fuck hole was as open as it could be.


“This little squealer is a fucking virgin.” he shouted out loud.  “I can see her fucking little hymen. The hole is so small but I bet I can bust it with my finger.”


  Willie put his finger between her cunt lips and pushed hard into her. Her body began to slide up the table but the belt he had placed around her waist held her in place. He was getting mad that he couldn't bust her cherry open with his fingers and looked up to the knives hanging over her. He took one of the longest knives from its hook and laid it lengthwise on her firm belly from the slit of her pussy up to her belly button.


  “There’s nothing I'd like more than give you guys a lesson on how to butcher this little piglet right here and now,” he sneered as he flipped the blade over and over on her quivering flesh. “I could run this knife up into her birth cannel and cut it out with one twist and it would still be good for fucking for some time before it gets hard and dry. Her skin is so soft and white; I'd love to have it on the floor in front of my fireplace. Are you guys sure you don't want me to give you a show?” he asked as he placed the tip of the blade.


 “The rules are you don't do any harm tonight,” an unknown voice came from behind him.


   “I guess it's only right that a knife doesn’t pop her sweet cherry”, Willie exclaimed. “But it's going to take one fucking hard cock to push into that tight hole”.


  James began to laugh, “Well guys, I know just the guy who's up for that task.”


Everyone was sure he was referring to himself, but he surprised them with his answer.


  “Come on Barry, Pull out that fucking harpoon of yours and show everybody what a cherry busting weapon you have.”


 Barry didn't need to be asked twice to get his cock out; he had been in pain since he first touched her cunt. When he opened his pants and let his cock spring out everyone gasped. It was the strangest looking cock any of them had ever seen. The head was very small; almost the size of a thimble, but then it grew in girth to the thickness of a football, and it was at least nine inches long with thick purple vines covering it. It was obvious to everyone why James had called it a harpoon.


  “Well guys I guess we know who is going to get the cherry tonight”, Willie laughed.


 As Barry moved between her legs James had other ideas. Her head was still hanging over the edge of the table at the other end; he had been rubbing his hard penis all over her face as he spoke softly to her. He was trying to convince her that she was somewhere else and for another reason all together.


 “You are hungry Mandy” he said. You are a baby and you need your bottle to suck on. Mommy has a bottle for you, its right here, open your mouth and she will give it to you.”


 Everyone stopped what they were doing, even Billy to see if she would respond to his commands. There were gasps around the room as they watched her turn her head slightly to the side and open her mouth. James held his cock as steady as he could in his trembling hands. He moved closer to her open mouth and slowly inched his throbbing meat into it. As soon as Mandi felt something entering her mouth she began sucking just like a baby would on a bottle. James threw his head back.


  “That's right girl”, he roared. “Just keep doing that and you'll get a load of warm cream real soon”.


  Barrie’s cock bounced up and down as he watched Mandi open her mouth and take James into it.


  “I can't take any more of this”, he moaned taking his massive throbbing cock into his hands and moved between her legs.


  “Just a minute,” Willie yelled. “We can't have you ripping her up so badly that we have to take her to the hospital.”


   He told the men standing around to hold her legs wide open.  As two men held her open from either side Barry moved the tip of his huge throbbing cock to the opening of her sweet young cunt.


  “Hold her tight boys”, he shouted. “She’s about to be harpooned”.


  Everyone laughed as they watched his massive cock splitting open the outer lips of her cunt. But they stopped when it began to be hard to hold her to the table. Instead of entering her he was pushing her up the table.


  “Hold this fucking cunt down”, he shouted angrily.


  The men held her as tightly as they could and Barry stepped back a little.


   Then he thrust forward into her virgin hole. The tip of his cock disappeared instantly but then it slowed down. A look of worry showed on all their faces until all of a sudden his body burst forward again. A loud groan came from Mandy's mouth and around his cock a squirt of blood sprayed out onto his stomach; she arched her back as if wanting more. Barry looked down just in time to feel the stream of warm blood spray up onto his face.


    “Oh Fuck!  Oh fuck”, he screamed. “The fucking cherry is mine, it’s mine, and it’s mine.


   He screamed it over and over again as he pushed his massive cock deeper and deeper into her bleeding and swelling cunt. He grabbed onto her hips digging his nails into them and pulled her as hard as he could towards himself; within a few seconds his entire nine inches was buried inside of her. He was fucking her like a wild man causing her body to bounce all over the table; making a problem for James as her head was bouncing to.  James took her head into his hands and held it steady.


  “I think this is the best day of my life”, he howled as he pushed his cock deep down her throat.


   The men were all cheering as they watched Mandi getting fucked from both ends; no one cared if she could breathe with James so far down her throat. They were all to busy trying to get in on the action themselves, squeezing her breasts and sucking on her nipples; she was just a piece of meat now.


    James screamed and pushed his cock into her open mouth until his balls slapped on her chin. He threw his head back and pushed with all his might. Everyone knew he was filling her young belly with cum for the first time in her young life. The excitement was too much for Barry, he screamed and he began filling her virgin cunt with his hot seed.


   “Come on guys”, someone yelled. “Save some of that juicy twat for us”.


    As soon as Barry and James pulled their spent cocks out of her there was another guy standing in line with a throbbing cock to take their place.  Just as he was about to drive into her Willie’s voice call out, he had just come in from outside where he had gone for a piss.


“Look what I found in Hank’s garden,” he laughed. He was holding a large zucchini in his hand as he walked in.


“I saw this aying in the dirt and I just had to pick it,” he said as he moved between Mandy’s open legs.


 The zucchini must have been two feet long and ten inches around with a large stem sticking from the back end.


“I couldn’t believe how much it looks like a cock,” Willie laughed. “It even has a turned up end; a real  “G” spot fucker.


Everyone had their eyes glued to the monster as Willie took out his knife and cut off the tip, then gave it a squeeze; a clear liquid oozed out and he spread it all over the head of the zucchini. Next he put a notch on it about ten inches from the tip.


“Now we are going to have some fun with this cunt, let’s see how much she can take,” he laughed


He pushed it between her legs and spread her cunt lips with it. He moved it all around making it sparkle from her juices, and then all at once he pushed it forward as hard as he could. It drove deep into her but Willie wasn’t satisfied. He continued to pull it out and slam it deeper each time. All of a sudden Mandy began to lift her hips each time he thrust it forward. Everyone began to cheer as he drove it faster and harder causing her back to arch higher each time. A guy came closer and put his hand on her soft pubis and pulled back on the puffy flesh. When Willie slammed the zucchini in again the force caused her tender young clit to pop out from under its protective hood. It wasn’t much larges than the tip of a baby’s finger. The man standing over her pulled back hard on the flesh and dropped his mouth onto her pink clit; he began sucking and licking it. Mandy’s back was arched as far as it could go and her body was trembling as Willie continued to pound the zucchini and the man sucked on her soft clit. Without any warning a blood chilling scream burst from Mandy’s lungs and thick white fluid gushed out all around the zucchini; she was having a very powerful orgasm. Then as fast as it had happened she fell back to the table as if dead. Willie wasn’t happy with how far the zucchini had gone into her and continued to slam it in until a smile fell across his face.


“Now that’s what I call a fucking wet orgasm”, he laughed as he looked down and saw the notch was right at her lips. He slowly pulled it from her battered hole.


“That little cunt took ten inches,” he said somewhat surprised “I’m exhausted; you guys can have what’s left of her.”


They continued to take turns fucking her for several hours; until the sun was lifting into the morning sky.


 “It's time for this party to end,” James laughed loudly. “We got to put things right.”


   Mandy hadn't moved the entire night except for when Barry first entered her and Willie had used the zucchini. She seemed almost dead.


   James untied the ropes from around her knees and ankles, then lifted her from the table and carried her into the hallway.  He looked back to the others.


  “You guys clean up here and then get the fuck out; I'll look after our new toy”.


    He carried her to her bedroom laying her onto the bed. He looked down at the gooey mess that was running from between her legs and down her legs.


 “I'm sure as hell not going to clean up all that cum; it’s not like she won't know she had her brains fucked out tonight ,” he chuckled to himself.


   He dropped her naked onto the bed and then pulled her head up on her pillow and covered her over with her blankets.  Twenty minuets later he was the last to sneak out of the house; everything was peaceful and quiet.


               Mandy woke slowly that morning; she could hear the birds singing from her open window. She didn’t realize at first that her hands were between her legs and her fingers were softly caressing the swollen lips of her sensitive pussy. For a few brief and wonderful seconds she was in heaven; and then all at once she sat straight up in her bed.


  “Oh My GOD !!!” she yelled raising her hands to her face.


   They were covered in thick shinny slime and there was a trace of blood like tiny veins running through it.  She jumped from the bed looking back onto it; there was a large wet spot where she had been laying, half blood and half cum.


  “It can't be true!” she thought in terror as she ran into the bathroom. Standing in front of the mirror she looked at the naked and bruised body staring back at her. Her eyes dropped to the redness between her legs.


  “It looks all puffy and red,” she said out loud as she stared between her legs at her swollen pussy.


Where only yesterday there had been a tiny thin slit there were now thick puffy lips; red and glistening with the liquid from the night before.


 “OH My God!!” she screamed aloud,” It really happened. Those men did this to me. THEY RAPED ME!!”


 All she could think to do was find her grandfather. She ran from the bathroom just as she was, totally naked, to find him. When she got into the living room she could see him lying in the same place on the couch she remembered him to be in last evening. He was in his housecoat lying at the end of the couch and was still fast asleep; Mandy ran up to him and began to shake him.


 “Grandpa, Grandpa”, she screamed with tears pouring down her cheeks. “Wake up, Grandpa. Something terrible has happened.”


  When her grandfather opened his eyes he was shocked to see what she looked like, standing in front of him naked and covered in a large wet spots of blood and cum.


  “What is it Mandy?” he asked. “Why are you crying? What has happened to you?” his concerned eyes looking her over.


  “Those men grandpa; they drugged us, last night. You fell asleep right here and I couldn't wake you,  and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,” she couldn't say the words.


 “What my child? What are you trying to say? Did they hurt you?” he asked as he sat up.


 “Grandpa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,They “RAPED” me,” she screamed. “I don't remember much but I'm all gooey down there and my vagina is all puffy and big. I was lying on a table and they were all around me, and I was naked and they made me open my legs..................Oh grandpa they all did it to me; what am I going to do?”


  Mandy could see tears welling in her Grandfathers eyes as he spoke.


  “Oh Mandy; I'm so sorry. It’s my fault. I never thought in my wildest dreams they would have done this. I should have known better. It's all my fault; It's all my fault,” he kept saying over and over as he dropped his head into his hands.


  “How can you blame yourself for what they did grandpa? You were drugged,  just like me. I remember them saying you wouldn't remember anything. It wasn’t your fault Grandpa.” Please don't cry.” she pleaded more concerned about him now than herself.


 He looked up to her with sadness in his eyes.


  “I have to tell you the truth Mandi; you are going to hate me.”


“Before your grandmother died we had a rather unusual life. We both enjoyed sex more than anything else, I won't get into the details but it got wilder and wilder as time passed. On one night when I had several friends over to play cards things got a little out of hand. She had been teasing my friends a lot all evening. I don't think anyone even noticed I had passed out. As I said I won't get into the details but your grandma ended up having sex with most of them that night. When we talked about it the next morning your grandmother and I began to realized we were excited like we had never been before. We made love over and over that day like we were doing it for the first time. We agreed it was the best sex we had ever had. After that it became something we did on this day every year until she died.”


  “I am so stupid Mandy. When I found out you were coming for the holidays I never thought about it being the same weekend. I am also guilty of telling my friends how much you remind me of my lovely wife; how much you smell like her and look like her. I even told them you excite me the same way she did; I'm so embarrassed Mandy. I'm as guilty as they are; if not more; they must have thought I wanted it to be like it was before she died. I'm so sorry Mandi, I'm so sorry.


    I know we must report this to the police, and I must take responsibility for it, but all I ask is that you give me till tomorrow morning before you call the cops.”


 Mandy stood in total shock as she listened to what her grandfather was saying; the scariest thing that caught her attention was when she noticed his eyes turn to his gun case when he asked her to give him one day before reporting what had happened.


  “I feel like a monster Mandy,” he sobbed. I thought I could control my disgusting lustful feelings for you, but it has caused this to happen, even now I feel jealous that they enjoyed the tastes of your flesh, and it wasn't me. I am a monster Mandy, and I promise I'll put an end to it, I promise”, he said as he again looked to his gun case.


  “You should go take a bath and try to clean yourself up; no one should see you looking like this. I'll drive you home as soon as you get packed”. He sobbed.


    Mandi stood like a zombie staring at her grandfather; her young mind not able to comprehend what she had just been told. She slowly turned and walked to the bathroom.


  It wasn't until she had been laying in the warm bath for some time that her mind began to unwind and the events of what had happened played out. She couldn't get the image of her grandfather blaming himself and looking at his guns. She had almost forgotten about what had happened to her and was only thinking about him. She thought of happier times when he would take her to the circus or a movie; she always had so much fun with him.


   “I can't believe gramps blames himself for what happened to me. He wants to punish himself more than those men. He has been so sad since grandma died and now I think I understand why. They really loved each other and today would be the day they would make love all day. I don't blame him for telling his friends that I remind him of her; in fact it makes me proud. I must think of some way to make him happy again. I don't want him to get into trouble; I love him so much.”


   After her bath she dried herself off and stood looking at herself in front of the mirror.


  “I wonder if I really look like grandma did when she was younger?” she thought as she turned around in front of the mirror.


 “I'm sure she had bigger breasts than I do but my nipples get really big and hard when I'm excited; just like they are now,” she giggled.


  She turned herself around many times looking at her reflection. She pushed her hands under her breasts and lifted them as high as she could and smiled at the effect. Then her eyes traveled down to the puffy slit between her legs.


   “My vagina looks so strange; it's like it's not mine,” she thought as her fingers dropped to the swollen lips.


   “OH God!” she moaned as she pulled them open and the cool air licked deep into her. “It's so sensitive and it feels so good when I touch it. And I can push two fingers in so easily.”


  She stood in front of the mirror fingering herself and watching it all with surprise as her fingers disappeared deep inside.


   “I thought when I let a boy have me I would really be sore the next day, but my vagina is sensitive like it's never been before, it's like its alive, and it really likes to be touched. I guess those men didn't really hurt me after all.” then her thoughts turned back her grandfather.


   She finished drying herself and put on a fresh camisole. After brushing her hair she stood staring blankly into the mirror.


  “I have to do something for grandpa,” she thought. “He is so sad and I have to do something.”


   She walked down the hallway towards the living room not having any idea what would be waiting for her there. When she rounded the corner she saw him laying on the couch; his housecoat was open and half his body was exposed. There was just a small amount of fabric covering his private parts; she stopped in her tracks not sure if she should continue. He was snoring but he was also talking softly to himself. He was saying her grandmas name over and over.


  “He must be dreaming about grandma,” she thought. “I feel so sorry for him. This would be the day they would make love all day. I bet he is dreaming of that right now.”


  She slowly moved forward not having any idea what she was going to do.


As she got beside the couch he moaned and shifted his body to the side causing his housecoat to fall open and completely expose his rather large penis. Mandi gasped and put her hands over her mouth; it was the first time in her life she had ever seen a penis up close.


  “It's hard to believe I still don't know what a penis really looks like after last night,” she thought. “But those men weren’t really interested in showing me anything. Gramps penis looks like it would never hurt anyone; it looks so nice and soft.” she thought as she moved closer.


  Her grandfather was still calling out her grandmother’s name and rocking his hips up and down.


   “He must be thinking he is doing it with her; his penis is getting bigger every time he moves.” she giggled.


  Mandi continued to get closer and closer until her face was right over his semi erect penis.


  Without thinking, her hand stretched out and her finger touched the tip of its head.  It twitched and he called out her name.


 “Yes yes Gladas,” he said. “That's right honey. Give daddies cock a big kiss.”


  Mandi stood almost frozen wondering if he would wake and see her standing there, but he continued to snore softly.


   “He thinks it’s his wife touching him,” she giggled watching his penis grow larger and larger. “I wonder if I dare.”


   She slowly wrapped her fingers around the pink head and squeezed it, causing another cry from her grandfather.


  “Yes baby yes, suck that cock baby, suck that cock.”


  Mandy was trembling as she slowly lowered her head over his penis. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue touching it to the warm head. He lifted up his hips causing it to go into her mouth.


   “I can't believe I'm doing this,” she thought. “It is so soft and smooth, and I think he likes what I'm doing.”


   As her grandfather thrust his hips she continued to lower herself onto his throbbing cock. Her mouth was running with saliva and it was flowing down his shaft and soaking his balls. She took his shaft into both her hands and began to pump it into her mouth. She was really getting into sucking him when he cried out again.


  “Fuck me sweetie, fuck me. Give me that hot cunt. Ride my pole sweetie.” he said in his sleep.


   “Oh my god, what am I going to do now. I don’t know what to do,” she thought as fear fell over her.


  She was beginning to panic when she remembered a sex scene she had seen in a movie.


  “It's the only thing I can do. I hope it works. OH god I hope it works,” she preyed.


   She lifted herself over him and stood motionless for a second.  She lifted her camisole up over her hips and moved over her grandfather, placing a leg on the other side of his body. Then she lifted her other knee up onto the couch. She was kneeling over him with her vagina right over his rock hard cock. She looked down at the now huge cock lifting up to her; it no longer looked like the soft penis she had first seen.


  “Oh My God !! his penis is huge; it looks like a fence post I'm sitting over. How can that ever go into me?” she thought as fear filled her thoughts.


  “Please, please,please, I hope this is the way to do it,” she pleaded. I want to make him happy so badly. I hope he doesn’t hate me for doing this.”


  She lowered herself until she felt her pussy lips opening and his cock head slipped between them, he was trying to push into her open vagina.  She closed her eyes and dropped down onto him. She was surprised at how easily it went in.


  “It is going into me so easily, and it feels so good,” she purred.


   She continued to drop herself onto him until she felt his pubis hard against hers. She could feel his cock pushing into her belly and she threw her head back and began to rock on him. She was enjoying herself so much she didn't notice the hands on her hips; they were pulling her down hard. When she opened her eyes she was looking deep into her grandfathers eyes; they were wide and staring back into hers. There was no expression on her grandfathers face; just his eyes burning into hers. His hands lifted her off him a little and then pounded her back down again. He lifted her higher and higher and faster and faster until he yelled out and held her hard to his groin. She could feel his hot fluid rushing into her; it was the proudest moment of her young life. But it wouldn't last for long.


 “What have you done Mandy?” he shouted out as he tried to push her off. “Oh My God! What have you done?”


 But before he could push her off, she laid her body down on top of him and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck.


  “I love you grandpa. I love you more than anything in the world and all I want is for you to be happy. I don't blame you for anything; I understand how much you miss grandma, and I want to take her place for you. I love you, I love you, I love you, Please don't be mad at me.”  She begged as she continued to rock herself on his cock buried deep inside of her.


   He took her face into his hands and looked into her eyes. “Are you sure you understand what you’re saying?” he asked. “Do you know how much this means to me? I have wanted you for so long now Mandy.”


 His hands slowly went down her back resting on her ass. He pushed her tight to himself and his cock began swelling again.


  A huge smile burst across Mandy’s face, she could feel his cock swelling and stretching her young pussy again.


  “Oh grandpa, I want to make you happy more than anything else in the world; I don't care about those men or what they did I just want us to be together forever. I love you so much,” she said holding onto his neck and pushing herself into him.


  They continued to lie on the couch pushing themselves together until he was almost ready to burst another load of hot cum into her when they heard someone knocking on the front door. They lay motionless waiting to see if the visitor would go away.  When there weren’t any sounds Mandy jumped off her grandfather and hid behind the couch.


  Her grandfather laughed,” You don't need to hide now sweetie, it's not like we're fucking anymore.”


  She watched as he walked to the front door and opened it. There was a large box on the steps with a big red ribbon on top.


  “What the hell is this,” he said as he pulled it inside of the house.


    Mandy came over to see when the box moved and made her stop dead in her tracks.


    Her grandfather opened the box and began to laugh wildly, but Mandy wouldn't come close enough to look.


  “I have another confession for you sweetie,” he chuckled. “I didn't just tell my friends about you and how much you reminded me of my wife, I also told them how you have been asking your parents for a new puppy. You are going to have to come see this for yourself.”


  When she stepped up to the box her eyes opened wide and a smile from ear to ear appeared on her face.


    “It's a golden Lab puppy” she shouted. “Did my mom and dad get someone to do this? It’s exactly what I always wanted. Who did this?”


  There was a note attached to the top of the box. Mandy pulled it off and began to read it. Before she had finished her face went white as a sheet.  Her grandfather took the note from her and began to read.


    “Dear Mandy” it started. “We want to apologize for last night. I guess we might have gotten a little carried away but your grandfather never told us you were so beautiful. He did tell us you had been asking your parents for a new puppy for a long time so we thought it was the least we could do. We hope you like the little guy and accept our apology for getting a little wild last night.






        PS, his name is BUCK.



  Mandy and her grandfather stood staring down at the puppy for what seemed an eternity until it burst over the box and ran up to her licking her legs and feet all over. She bent down and picked it up, it wouldn't stop licking her face. A smile crept across her face.


  “I can't believe those guys grandpa, they raped me last night and now they think I'll forgive them just because they give me a puppy?”  The smile widened on her face as the puppy continued to lick her face.


  “But I do have to admit this is the best gift anybody could ever give me,” she said as she held it tight in her arms.


  “I don't want to thing about your crazy friends anymore,” she giggled as the puppy licked her lips. “This is going to be the best day in my life and I'm not going to let them spoil it. From now on it's just you me and our new puppy.”


  “Your right Mandy, this is the best day of my life to and nothing is going to wreck it” he said as he lifted her and the puppy into his arms. He carried them both into his bedroom.  He took the puppy from her arms and laid it down on the foot of the bed.


  “No one will disturb us here,” he said closing the door and throwing her roughly onto the bed.


     He leaned over her putting his fingers under the top of her camisole. With one violent yank he ripped it from her body; a look of shock came over Mandy’s face.


   “Your grandmother always said those guys only warmed her up for me. She said no man could fuck her like I could. Are you ready to be fucked like you never have been and never will be again?” he laughed


  “Oh yes grandpa,” she answered laying back onto the bad and opening her legs wide for him.


   She felt her lungs deflate as his entire weight fell onto her. It felt like his penis was bigger than before and was pushing itself into her belly. The bed creaked and groaned as he pounded himself into her as hard as he could. She was having trouble breathing but she wasn't going to let it bother her as she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his body. He began to scream as his hot seed filled her pussy and gushed out around their bodies.


    They made love for several more hours, until she collapsed into a deep sleep.  When her grandfather saw she was sound asleep he rolled over onto his elbow looking down onto her; then slowly began to pull the covers from her body until she was completely exposed. He put his hands between her knees and pushed her legs open knowing she would be hard to wake as she was exhausted from fucking all afternoon. He looked down at the naked body lying on its back before him and a smile covered his face. He put his fingers to the lips of her cunt and slowly pushed a finger into her, his thumb rubbing on her clit. She began to moan softly as her cunt lips swelled and she became very wet.


His fingers glistening with her juices as he looked down to the foot of the bed where her new puppy lay. He lowered his hand and the puppy began licking the juices from it. Slowly he moved his hand up until it was between her legs and the puppy followed till it was lying beside her wet cunt, He pulled the puppy’s nose up as far as he dare to her opening and removed his hand to see what it would do. A smile fell across his face when he saw the puppy begin to lick her glistening pussy lips. The more it licked the more fluid gushed from her swollen cunt. Mandy was humping her hips into the air and moaning wildly as the puppy dove it's tongue deep into her. Her swelling clit burst from under it'd protective hood and instinctively the puppy took it into his mouth. It was more that she could take and for the first time in her life she began to have an orgasm like no other. She screamed as the first shock rippled throughout her entire body, causing her eyes burst open.


          “Oh Grandpa,,,Oh Grandpa,, what are you doing, it feels so good ,,,so good ,,aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh” she screamed thinking it was her grandfather between her legs.


  A second later she noticed the hulking form lying beside her. Her eyes opened wide and she screamed realizing it wasn't her grandfather between her legs; she lifted her head to see her new puppy there. She took a swipe and knocked the dog to the floor, it yelped, mostly from fright.


   “I’m so sorry grandfather,” she pleaded. “I didn't know it was the puppy doing that to me. I feel terrible.” she said looking into her grandfathers smiling eyes.


  “It's ok Mandy” he laughed. “You don't need to be embarrassed. I knew your puppy was doing that and I was very pleased to see him showing you his love. Don't be mad at him for trying to show you he loves you; it's the only way a dog can let you know that he loves you. He can't talk and say he loves you and if you push him away he won't understand,” he said as he picked up the puppy and placed it on her chest. “If you really want it to be your dog you have to let it show you how much it loves you and never push it away.”


  Mandy looked down on the puppy as it lay on her chest; she could feel its little heart pounding on hers.


  “Is it really ok for it to do that grandpa?” she asked.


   “Well my sweet,” he answered with a big smile. “I'll let you answer that for yourself. I want you to remember what it felt like a few minutes ago when he was giving you the wildest orgasm you have ever had in your life and then say you don't want another like it,” he laughed.


  Mandy’s face turned red remembering how she had screamed with pleasure. She didn’t need to answer. She pulled the puppy to her chest and held it tight.


  Several hours later she and her puppy lay in bed fast asleep; she was totally unaware of the conversation happening on the telephone downstairs.


    “It went exactly as we planed; she fell for it hooks line and sinker. The little cunt was sucking my cock all afternoon. And that pup is sure a chip off of the old block. He's just like his dad; he was into her twat the first chance he had. I can't wait to see her surprise when she finds out her little puppy is a Bull Mastiff. I’m sure she will be ready for a visit to your place this weekend, and I'm positive we won’t need to use any drugs on her; she will do anything I tell her. Just make sure your dad realizes he can't skin the piglet ... just yet,    Ha  ha  ha   ha But that’s another story,  isn't it?




                                                                The END,,,,,or is it,,,, The Beginning?




   I really hope you have enjoyed this story. If you have I'd love to hear what you think might happen to Mandy in the future. Your ideas just might be right.