Little Cherry and the Ancient Bauble

   by Alvo Torelli, November, 2015   

(Mg, MMg, inc, bond, mc, 106 stanzas,  3491 words)

When the sweet little girl found the jewel
She'd no idea of what it would fuel.
     She was eight, nearly nine,
     Innocent and so fine!
Unaware that the world could be cruel. 

So the leather she fixed round her throat,
Very pleased in the mirror to gloat,
     'Cause the green of her eyes
     Was a match to her prize.
She'd no thought what the stone might connote.

Now our sweet little blonde is called Cherry,
And her tale I hope you will find merry.
     She's about four feet four
     And I'm sure you'd adore,
For her beauty is quite visionary.

As she watches her bauble alights!
And she blanches - she's quick filled with fright.
     But the collar is locked
     Round her throat - she is shocked!
It won't come off despite all her fight.

Then the jewel makes a sound like a gong
And at once Cherry knows something's wrong.
     She senses it's magic
     (She'll soon know it's tragic).
She feels a compulsion quite strong!

For the jewel at our little girl's throat
Is more ancient than Noah's old boat. 
     Its magic will sense,
     How to breach the defense,
Of its wearer - there's no antidote.
Our sweet Cherry's a well-behaved youth.
Never naughty she must tell the truth.
     Every night with her prayer
     And she never would swear -
She is TOO good, and that's her weak tooth.

So it pains little Cherry to sense
An idea that gives her great offense.
     She wants to scream out
     But she finds she can't shout.
She can't stop it - it's going to commence!

With her clothes strewn about on the floor
Naked Cherry walks out through her door.
     As she walks down the hall
     She feels frightened and small
And ashamed for she knows what's in store.

But she boldly walks into a room,
Knowing well she goes in at her doom.
     He looks angry at first
     Then his eyes nearly burst
When he sees Cherry's lack of costume.

Cherry's brother's a boy of eighteen.
Known as Jack, he is quite tall and lean.
     And for several months now
     He's been noticing how
His young sister's a sexy preteen. 

But now she is standing there nude
And the look on her face doth exude 
     A desire so strong
     It brings life to Jack's dong,
But his shock to his chair keeps him glued.

Gaping Jack looks askance at the child.
As she closes the door he's beguiled.
     Every curve, every line
     Of her body's so fine,
And she makes his libido go wild. 

Long blonde hair frames a beautiful face,
With thick lips and big eyes in their place.
     Though her chest is not mounded
     Her young ass has rounded
And she moves with an erotic grace.

Poor stunned Jack's not sure what he should do
(Though his cock has an idea or two).
     There's a smile on her lips
     As she straddles his hips,
But she blushes a bright crimson hue.

"No, no, no," Cherry screams in her mind.
"I am naked, he saw my behind!"
     But she presses her chest
     And her sweet hairless nest
'Gainst her big brother, starting to grind.

"Jesus, Cherry!" Jack says, "what the heck?"
But he feels her small arms round his neck.
     And the next thing he knows
     They are kissing like pros,
No, this isn't a sisterly peck. 

So much anguish our little girl feels,
So embarrassed, her pretty head reels.
     Shame and lust war inside
     But her bauble will guide
Her down paths that will be hard ordeals. 

Strong young tongues are exploring each other,
While their lips lock and mutually smother. 
     It occurs to teen Jack
     That he ought to pull back,
This is taboo for sister and brother!

But Jack can't see the gem that is glowing
And the magic affects him unknowing.
     Any morals he felt
     Swirl around and then melt
Leaving nothing but lust that is growing.

In a flash Jack's hands fondle his sister,
Skin to skin it's so hot they might blister.
    He grabs her small rump.
    In his pants there's a lump.
He has found that he just can't resist her
Cherry gasps as she feels Jack's hot hands.
'Tween her legs fingers make new demands!
     "You can't touch me down there!"
     She cries out in despair
In her mind - finally she understands.

It's the things Cherry finds most alarming
That the bauble thinks are the most charming.
     And wherever there's shame
     She will jump in the flame
Though her mind screams "No, no, this is harming!"

Jack's rough fingers find his sister dripping.
In a flash he is up and he's stripping.
     On his bed Cherry waits
     With her eyes big as plates.
What's that thing that sticks out and keeps dipping?!
Cherry finds herself down on her knees. 
And the bobbing thing's all that she sees.
     She finds it disgusting
     But then she is thrusting
Small hands up, the big cock to seize.      
Stretching up, Cherry licks the long pole
And a shudder of horror does roll
     Down her naked young frame,
     As Jack moans out her name
Grabs her hair, shoves his cock in her hole. 
Cherry gags as she swallows Jacks prick,
And she strokes it with tiny hands quick.
     Jack looks down at the sight,
     Sees her mouth stretched so tight,
He pulls out - she continues to lick.
In and out, slurp and lick, stroke and bob,
There was never a better blow job!
      Never had one before,
      Soon Jack can not ignore
That his young balls are starting to throb.

Deeply locked in the thrall of her curse,
Cherry thinks it can't get any worse:
     Jack's big thing's so repulsive,
     She's nearly convulsive,
And her shame rocks her whole universe!

But she's wrong, of course. She's just too young
To know what will soon flow 'cross her tongue!
     Cherry hears Jack yell out,
     Say her name with a shout,
Some vile goop in her mouth is then flung.

Jack groans loudly and lets his cum out.
In her mouth, cross her face, it does spout!
     In her mind there's a scream.
     Jack continues to cream.
Cherry swallows and sucks all throughout. 

When he's done Jack steps back looking dazed.
Cherry looks up, her pretty face glazed
     With a load of his spunk,
     Licks her lips for more gunk,
And she smiles though inside she is crazed.

And all through this scene there's a glow
As the bauble enjoys the vile show.
     For the genie inside
     Can't help showing his pride
As he basks in the sex-charged warm flow. 
Cherry wants to jump up. Off she'd fly!
Find some place where she might hide and cry.
     But the gems far from done
     The djinn plans much more fun,
Little Cherry he'll soon terrify!

Cherry hears herself saying to Jack,
"That was so good, a wonderful snack.
     I'm so hot to have more,
     I'm you're own little whore,
Oh dear brother, please give me a smack!"

Then she jumps on his bed - hands and knees,
Sticks her butt in the air and mewls "Please!"
     Brother Jack takes the bait.
     (And in fact he can't wait.)
He starts spanking her ass with great ease. 

Oh the pain is intense - she's aflame
From the swats and the horrible shame.
     Never been spanked before, 
     Cherry's shocked to her core,
She cries out 'till Jack ends the cruel game.

Tiny Cherry collapses and wails,
Still quite naked she shivers and quails.
     In her shock she forgets
     That nearby there are threats
In the form of a mesmerized male. 

But she looks up and sees Jack is near
With his cock hard - a really fat spear.
     Jumping up she will flee,
     The gem's let her go free!
She can bolt! She can get away clear!

As her hopes soar our heroine darts
Towards the door where escape maybe starts.
     But then just as she gets there
     (Yes, the story's so unfair)
The door opens! Hope quickly departs.      

For it's Daddy who's standing there scowling,
Looking down at his naked girl, growling,
     "What goes on? What is this?
     Where's your clothes little miss?
Why did I hear a terrible howling?"

As dad speaks the old bauble goes bright
And the flash makes him stumble then right.
     There's a gleam in his eye.
     Cherry gasps, she knows why!
It's the magic - the source of her fright!

"What's the meaning of this little girl?"
Daddy says grasping her by a curl. 
     "I can see you've done sin
     By the cum on your chin!
Your poor brother you took for a whirl."

"Daddy no!" Cherry wails and she flushes
"It's the magic, let go please," she gushes.
     But Daddy is staring, 
     Increasingly scaring,
All modesty gone then she blushes.
"It was Cherry, dad, she's all to blame.
She came on to me," Jack doth proclaim.
     "She came here with no clothes, 
     Kissed me first, sucked my hose.
You can see she's a slut with no shame."
"It's not true, Daddy," Cherry exclaims,
But she knows that there's truth in Jack's claims.
    "Little girl you're a whore!"
    Daddy says with a roar
"On your family you've brought many shames!"

Daddy lifts Cherry up like a doll
She can see in his eyes he's in thrall.
     "Oh! Your slutty conduct
     Makes me have to instruct.
Little whores must know what will befall!"

"No please Daddy! You don't understand.
It's the mag…" her mouth's clapped by a hand.
     Cherry struggles in vain
     As the two men restrain
Her small body for something quite grand!

Our sweet Cherry is now terrified
She's too young to know what is implied
     She just knows Daddy's eyes
     Shouldn't stare 'tween her thighs
From six inches. She's so mortified!

"Oh my god" Cherry cries as Dad sips
At her pure and so chaste pussy lips!
     His tongue is inside her
     His face is astride her.
Cherry can't keep from bucking her hips!

As Dad's tongue explores chasms so tight,
"Oh no please!" Cherry screams in her fright.
     But in seconds she's thrusting 
     Her hips towards his lusting
Her first orgasm lights up the night!

"Oh my god, oh my god, daddy YES!"
Cherry screams in orgasmic distress.
    This wild new compulsion
    (It's sure not revulsion!)
Isn't magic - we have to confess.

In the hot glowing jewel there's a grin
On the face of the genie within
    He is feeding his might
    From her shame, lust and fright,
Getting stronger with every new sin.

For the djinn knew he'd found the right child.
Oh so innocent, pretty and mild.
     To escape from his tower
     He'd soak up the power
From the angst as sweet Cherry's defiled. 
As her orgasm comes down to earth,
Cherry finds herself in a new berth!
     She is straddling Jack
     Where he lays on his back
With her sopping cunt pressed to his girth.

Now our eight-year-old lass isn't thick
She knows she's in a bad place quite quick.
     Oh she needn't look back,
     For to know brother Jack,
Just behind her is stroking his prick.

And it's just about then pretty Cherry
Figures how birds and bees stay so merry!
     That big pole that Jack's got
     Just might fit in her slot!
Surely he'd not do something so scary?

But he would, and he does and it hurts!
The big prick pushes hard and exerts
     Just enough force to spread
     Tender lips and the head
Of his cock he so rudely inserts!

In a panic poor Cherry flails out
And she pushes on Jack with a shout
     But she can't even squirm
     'Cause Dad's holding her firm
From behind where he's looming about. 

Cherry's pressed between two naked men
And she screams out again and again
     The head of Jack's cock
     Is still ready to rock
But he waits for his father's 'amen.'
Cherry feels something hard at her rose.
Then she knows Daddy too has a hose!
     He can't push it in there,
     Oh it hurts, it's not fair!
But then into her ass the cock goes. 

And then brother Jack thrusts up so hard,
Just as Dad plunges in her back yard.
     Cherry's cherry is slashed
     'Tween their bodies she's smashed,
And her screams both the men disregard.

Several inches of cock front and back,
Little Cherry is raped in a pack.
     In her ass and her cunt,
     Both the men groan and grunt,
Half their cocks buried deep in attack.

As sweet Cherry's deflowered there's thunder,
For the genie's full powered - what wonder.
     He casts spells at his jail,
     There's a roaring wild gale,
Lightening bolts break his prison asunder!

All at once all compulsion has ceased
Both the men and the girl are released!
     But it isn't a snap
     When your cock's in a trap
To stop being a ravaging beast.

For the men can't do much more than gape,
Though they know it's dear Cherry they rape. 
     Thus they each keep on thrusting
     So enthralled by their lusting.
Little Cherry will not find escape.

And they all hear the genie there roaring,
Growing stronger the longer they're boring. 
     But he has one more trick
     And he throws the spell quick
Laughing loudly, their shame underscoring.

Both the men note the change in a blink,
It can't be! Dad and Jack each do think.
     Their dear Cherry's too small
     She can not take it all!
But she can! To their balls they both sink.

Cherry feels just how deep the cocks go.
And the jewel at her throat is aglow.
     She is so terrified
     But it can't be denied
That an orgasm's starting to grow!

Neither man can stop raping the lass.
Jack thrusts hard as his spunk starts to pass.
     They hear laughter so loud 
     And they're not very proud
Daddy screams as he cums in her ass!

Little Cherry just shivers and quakes
As the men thrust so hard with their snakes.
     She is filled through and through
     With their hot baby spew.
But in orgasmic bliss she still shakes.

When the trio slows down at long last
And the men have quite finished their blast.
     Little Cherry is slack
     From their brutal attack.
Both men look at her feeling aghast. 

Then the loud sound of laughing breaks out.
They're all startled and tangled about.
     But they gasp when they see
     The great genie who's free
And the men back away with a shout.

For the genie is near eight feet tall    
And they know he's the source of their thrall.
     He is green head to toe
     Not a stitch does he show
And each eye's like a red fireball

But the thing that draws Cherry's attention
Is the penis of epic dimension.
     It hangs down to his knees
     Big around as you please, 
As she watches it starts it ascension!
It's as big as a grown man's forearm!
Cherry knows that the thing means her harm.
     When it's done with its rise
     It points straight at her eyes
And the genie grins wide with great charm.

Cherry looks left and right for assistance.
But the men can not help with resistance.
     Leaving her to her doom,
     They both walk from the room
Glassy eyed, like she had no existence.       

"Little girl," the djinn speaks and the roar
Is so deep that it rattles the floor.
     "I give thanks for your fear,
     For your shame so sincere,
Now it's time that I gave you some more!"

Then he picks up the scared naked doll.
In his hands she's so dainty and small.
     Cherry screams out in fright
     Which just brings him delight
Then he speaks in his deep booming drawl.

"Little Cherry, my wonderful fuel,
I've been trapped in that wee little jewel
      For one thousand years
      Now it's time to bring tears
To the world that abused me so cruel!"

Little Cherry's now pinned to the bed
On her face with her legs so wide spread
     He is hung like a horse
     But he has no remorse
And she cries out in horrible dread.

"Oh my girl, 'twas the greatest surprise
When you picked up my bauble - unwise!
     Naive innocence glowed
     And at once power flowed
From the shame and the fear in your eyes!"

Cherry trembles in anguish and fear
But the words he says come to her ear.
     There is something that's troubling
     A new thought that is bubbling
But it's so hard to think when he's near.

"Now it's time to complete my release!
Even my power can not increase
     Far enough to destroy
     The fair gem you deploy
'Round your throat - it's a great masterpiece."

Cherry screams as she feels the huge cock
Start to press 'gainst her small childish lock. 
     Magic swirls round and round
     And the sight would astound
There's a flash of great light and a shock.

Then the genie's great rod is inside her
It should tear her apart as he rides her.
     But the magic is strong
     And soon three feet of dong
Are embedded - the genie astride her. 
As he rapes her the genie must gloat.
"Little girl, how's that feel in your throat!"
     For the length of each stroke
     Nearly makes Cherry choke
With each thrust she can feel her neck bloat. 

It's a sight you would never forget.
Though you might find yourself quite upset.
     She could not be more full
     Were she fucked by a bull!
You might give out a loud epithet.  
"Now get ready my child for your doom.
As I place magic seed in your womb.
     You will soon take my place
     You can share my disgrace
And the bauble be your living tomb!

With the power I draw from your will
Anyone in my way I can kill!
     Once I have you enshrined
     I will rule all mankind
And I'll rob every man of freewill!"

Cherry thinks that she might not survive,
But the magic will keep her alive.
     Even worse it appears
     An orgasm now nears
It's the final shame one could contrive.
But our Cherry has paid close attention.
In her mind there's a new comprehension.
     She must stop this mad djinn
     Ere he binds her within
The small gem, as it is his intention.

Cherry gasps as she sees a solution
It's her only chance for absolution!
     As the genie has said
     On her shame has he fed
That's the key to her own revolution.

"Here it comes, little child, little girl!
In the gem you will live in a swirl."
     Then the cum starts flow
     Cherry's gut starts to grow
And the magic begins to unfurl.

Cherry senses the baubles strong tug
And she knows she'll be sucked in quite snug.
     But she screams "I've no blame!
     I've no reason for shame!
It was you all along, you big thug!"

There's a rip and a thunderous clap.
Then a scream rends the air and a snap.
     Little Cherry remains
     All alone with no pains,
But the genie is back in his trap! 

Now that's not quite the end of our tale,
Little Cherry lies shaken and pale.
     There's no harm to her form
     She is back to her norm,
But recalls all her lengthy travail.

She will never be quite the same lass
A deep change in her has come to pass
     She has learned of the joy
     That can come from a boy
When he fucks her or uses her ass.

Cherry rises and walks still quite nude
'Til she find Jack and Daddy subdued
     In the kitchen they wait
     Neither one can relate
What's gone on - they're just both quite confused.

Cherry has a new deep understanding
And she knows she need not be demanding.
     "Daddy lay on the floor.
     Jack you must close the door."
Both men quickly obey her commanding.

At her throat the green bauble is glowing
Cherry smiles in a way that is knowing
     She's in charge of the jewel
     And the genie's the fuel
And her power is constantly growing.
Cherry has two big men for her needs
And they'll both go wherever she leads.
     Daddy gasps as she settles
     His cock 'twixt her petals
And plunges down hard at great speeds.

Then Jack joins them at Cherry's control
Kneels behind her and strokes his long pole
     Cherry shivers with bliss
     At the hot anal kiss
Of Jack's cock as it slides up her hole

There is just one more thing to recite
Ere we leave little Cherry alight -
     Deep in orgasm's pleasure
     Beyond any measure - 
It's a thing that may leave you with fright.

For so deep in the eight-year-old's womb
Lies a seed that escaped from the tomb.
     It is green and aglow
     For it's magic, you know,
And a baby is now there abloom!

Say goodbye to our sweet little Cherry.
We all hope this tale's made you quite merry.
     But remember this rule:
     If you see a green jewel
On a girl you should always be wary!