The Prison Whipping by Alex Birch

  The most sexually exciting and, I have to say, the most
shameful experience I have ever witnessed was the bare bottom
whipping of a young English woman at the women's reformatory in
Georgetown, Queensland in 1948.  I was just twenty five then and
employed as a security guard along with seven other guys.  There
were only 120 women prisoners in the reformatory and most of the
routine minding was done by the twenty or so female warders.  The
eight men were employed primarily in case of fights between
prisoners and to subdue any of the women who became violent,
neither of which happened often. On this particular day, I
happened to be on duty and there was a lot of excitement among
the prisoners because it was known that one of the women was to
receive corporal punishment, a pretty rare experience so tension
was heightened all round.  I have to say there was not much
sympathy among the prisoners for the unfortunate young woman,
primarily it must be said, because she was English and there was
not much sympathy in Queensland in those days for the immigrant

  I hadn't worked there long and didn't know the woman concerned
but as I knew I'd have to take her to the punishment room, I made
it my business to find out her background. Her name was Anne
Curtis and she was a thirty two year old mother of a twelve year
old boy.  She and her husband had come to Australia after the war
in 1946 in search of a new life and times had been hard for them,
her husband finding it difficult to hold down a job.

  This was a common story with regard to the Poms and why we all
had so much contempt for them because they all seemed to expect a
living without working hard for it.  Anyway, Anne's husband had
gone off with some barmaid after 6 months and Anne was left with
the child to bring up on her own.  Apparently, in desperation,
she had begun to steal food and clothing from shops, was
eventually caught and sentenced to 12 months in the Georgetown

  On hearing all this I must admit I'd begun to feel sorry for
poor Anne, her feckless husband being the bastard who'd caused
her plight.  Being a Pom she had not been well treated by some of
the other prisoners and hadn't got much sympathy from the
Governor, Mrs Welby, when she'd reported her troubles, the
Governor saying she only had herself to blame.  The fact that she
was a frequent complainant put Anne Curtis in bad odour with the
Governor and I believe that good lady was only waiting for an
opportunity to really make an example of her.  It was presented
when Anne found herself alone in the dorm with one of her fellow
prisoners who was a raving dyke. The woman began to make
aggressive lesbian advances to her and, apparently, more in
fright than anything Anne had grabbed the empty slop bucket,
hitting the woman in the face with it and causing quite a severe
facial gash.

  Anne was sent to the Governor and despite her desperate pleas
of self defence, she was found guilty of unprovoked violence
towards a fellow prisoner and sentenced to five days in solitary
confinement to be completed, after her last night in solitary,
with thirty strokes of the sturdy prison strap applied to her
bare bottom.  Apparently she fainted on hearing the sentence and
had to be revived with smelling salts.

  Flogging sentences were always carried out on a Friday morning
at 9am and it was the duty of two male guards to take the
prisoner to the punishment room and remain while the sentence was
carried out.  There had been a minor furore over this in the
newspapers but the authorities maintained that in all cases,
women sentenced to corporal punishment by the Governor had shown
evidence of violent conduct both in deserving the punishment and,
sometimes, violent resistance as they were being prepared for
punishment, thus prime concern was for the safety of the female

  There were reasons for the selection of a set day too,
primarily the availability of someone to do the flogging.  The
Governor was quite happy to hand down corporal punishment
sentences but certainly was not prepared to get involved in the
unsavoury business of carrying them out.  It was originally
suggested that a female warder should apply the strap but the
warders refused to take the distasteful responsibility. 
Eventually it was agreed that on one set day a week, when
necessary, the police service would supply an expert, a woman who
had previous experience of applying corporal punishment in the
tough Australian prison system and who was extremely happy to
perform the duty.

  Thus Georgetown got Sergeant Beatrice Kruger, a feisty little
Queenslander of Afrikaans descent who prosecuted her duty with an
almost religious zeal.  Although the previous flogging had been
over a year before and thus Sergeant Kruger had not been required
for a long time, her reputation was legendary.  I was told that,
in the past, women had emerged completely naked and squealing
hysterically from a punishment session with Kruger in such agony
that they were quite unable to replace any clothing. We were told
that Sergeant Kruger passionately hated Poms too so the outlook
for poor Anne Curtis was not bright.

  The time for the punishment arrived and I, together with an
older colleague named Jimmy Nash, duly walked down to the
solitary wing of the reformatory at 8.50 am where Jimmy unlocked
the door of Anne's cell.  She had obviously been waiting for us
in dread for as the door opened we heard a small girlish sob and
then the clearing of a throat.  Anne Curtis sat hunched up on the
bench by the cell window, her small hands clenched white in her
lap and her big wide eyes filled with fear.  I had seen her
before, taking exercise, but now up close I was conscious of how
attractive she was, hardly the stereotype of a violent, hardened
criminal.  She had a rich head of dark hair which formed natural
ringlets around her forehead and a natural English rosy
complexion set off by those stunning blue eyes.  She wore the
standard grey reformatory smock which, other than knickers and
plimsoles, was the only item the prisoners were allowed to wear,
all brassieres of course having been confiscated on entry as a
potential source of self harm. As she raised her body to rise on
our arrival, a pair of firm full breasts were delineated against
the material of the thin smock.

  I could feel my penis begin to harden as my colleague said
sharply "Come on, Curtis, time for your arse warming.  Hold out
your hands for the cuffs" The tears began to roll down Anne
Curtis's face as she took in the horror of his words, then she
meekly held out her hands for the handcuffs, got up from her seat
and walked between us down the corridor.  She sobbed quietly all
the way, stopping only to clear her throat and ask quietly
"W..will it hurt very much?"  I felt so sorry for her and she was
so appealing that I almost muttered some comforting words but I
caught Jimmy's warning expression just in time.  He stopped for a
moment and stared deeply and not unkindly into her eyes.

  "Yes, Curtis, it will hurt very much ..." he said quietly " ...
and you will be in so much pain after six strokes of Sergeant
Kruger's strap that you will be screaming for mercy but there
will be none.  You must just try and breathe deeply and control
the urge to shit ...because thats how it gets them.  Then you
must try and relax your bottom for the rest of the punishment but
your arse will be on fire, you will be sweating buckets and that
strap just keeps on coming.  It gets better on the last ten cos'
your bum's probably too numb to feel any more pain.  You'll
survive, kiddo, but only if you resign yourself to how bad its
gonna be and deal with it!"

  Anne Curtis looked wide eyed in terror but managed a dignified,
though sobbing "thank you" as we continued the walk to the
punishment room, arriving at one minute to nine.

  I was tense as Jimmy knocked peremptorily before opening the
door for I had never been inside this room before, though nowhere
near as tense as Anne Curtis who had begun to tremble from head
to foot.  As we walked through the door I got my first sight of
both the whipping bench and Sergeant Beatrice Kruger.  Both were
a fearsome sight and I heard Anne Curtis give a sob and another
ripple of fear ran through her body as she stared in horror at
the tough muscly uniformed policewoman who was already swinging
the heavy three tailed strap against her toughened palm with a
sharp crack.

  She smiled grimly.  "I see you've brought the Pommie bitch bang
on time ..." she began "...well done boys.  Well, Curtis, are you
looking forward to your date with my strap?  By Christ, you're
going to get an arse roasting you'll remember all your life!  Go
and stand at the end of the bench!" Anne Curtis, trembling
violently and sobbing quietly, stood to attention at the end of
the bench as, on instruction from Kruger, I removed her
handcuffs.  The whipping bench was a bit like a gym vaulting
horse with adjustable legs to suit a prisoner's height but with a
curved and hinged leather leather cushion at one end where the
prisoner stood ready to bend over.  The bench then sloped
downwards so that the woman's outstretched arms and upper body
could be bent right forward and down then secured to straps at
the far end.  Her bottom was then tight over the leather cushion
pushing the buttocks apart whatever the height of the prisoner,
her legs then spread slightly so that her ankles were secured to
each of the two near legs of the bench.  It was not a device
designed to protect a woman's modesty!

  I stepped back to join my colleague as Kruger walked over to
the trembling prisoner and looked her up and down, still testing
the vicious strap across her palm. "Alright Curtis ..." she
snarled "...get that smock right off!"

Jimmy flashed a knowing grin at me as we heard the terrified
woman gasp.

"P..please, Maam, what ..what about the men?  Surely they don't
..." but Kruger interrupted her with a grim laugh.

"Oh yes they do Curtis, they stay for the entire proceedings so I
hope you're going to give 'em a worthwhile show.  After all, you
are a violent criminal and you might attack me if we were alone.
Now then, looks to me like a good figure under that smock but
we'll soon see, won't we!"

  Anne Curtis stood in white faced shock for a few seconds then
with a wail of submission undid the buttons down the front,
hoisted the smock over her head and let it fall to the floor. 
Her skin was completely white unlike most of the Australian women
in the prison and I gazed at her with ever growing lust and a
severe discomfort in my pants.  She was half turned away from me
but as she stood to attention, pale and trembling in just her
prison issue grey cotton knickers, I could hardly resist a
whistle of approval for she had a pair of the most beautiful
breasts I'd ever seen.  She was almost beyond terror now and
little mewing noises came from her mouth as she stood still, her
breasts heaving in her distress, the nipples fully erect and
blood red with shame and fear.

  "Very nice, Curtis ..." the Sergeant said with a smirk
"...perhaps I'll take you back to solitary myself for a session
after we've finished here!" and she roared with laughter,
obviously aware of her prisoner's accusation of Lesbian assault.
Anne Curtis began to weep openly, her shoulders shaking with
distress for already this was beyond her worst nightmare.  I was
struggling to keep my penis from bursting through my trousers as
I watched the theatre unfold.

  "Alright let's get on with the proceedings, Curtis!  You know
what comes next.  Get your knickers off!"

  I knew this command was coming but I gasped anyway and tried to
hide the bulge in my trousers.  Anne Curtis began to shake and
tremble once more, her hand on the elastic of her pants,
reluctant to take them down in front of us.

  Kruger snorted her contempt.

  "Oh we have a shy little Pommie bitch, do we!  Whats the
matter, Curtis? Afraid to show your nice big bare arse to the
boys are you ...or is it bending over and showing your cute
little pussy hole that you're so shy about ?  Then again, perhaps
it ain't so little!  You've been married haven't you, Curtis? 
Got a kid?  So at least one bloke's been up it let alone seen it
and a few more too I'll be bound!  Well these lads are only young
but they're men of the world, Curtis.  You can bet they've cocked
an eye at a few juicy cunts in their time, so yours will be
nothing new!  Now get your knickers off before I add five strokes
to your sentence for disobedience!"

  Anne Curtis swung round, her face red with anger, shame and
indignation and she was about to reply when she saw the
expectant, challenging look on Kruger's face.  Suddenly her slim
shoulders sank down in defeat and a violent fit of sobbing
coursed through her body as she turned slowly back to face the
bench, raised her trembling hands to her waist and pushed her
knickers down to her feet before stepping out of them.

  She stood there naked and crying, her shapely bare white bottom
now exposed fully to view and I began to have trouble breathing.
I was ashamed to admit that the sight of Anne Curtis completely
naked, her head bowed with shame and crying with embarrassment,
was an enormous turn on, my penis really tensing against my

  "At last we've got you down to the buff Curtis ..." Kruger
grinned "...and very nice too!  OK, boys, get her strapped down!"
 I felt my breathing tighten as Jimmy and I moved forward to our
prearranged positions, Jimmy behind the weeping prisoner and me
in front.  Anne Curtis began to tremble anew as Jimmy pushed her
a step nearer to the bench and then adjusted the bench legs so
that the hinged cushion was at Anne's hip height.  Then, telling
her to get her feet apart, he secured her ankles to each leg of
the bench before telling her to bend right forward with her arms
outstretched.  Red faced she bent forwards over the cushion as
ordered and I took over, pulling her forwards until her breasts
and stomach were flat along the leather covering of the slightly
downward sloping bench and I could secure her wrists to the
straps at the far end.  The task completed, Jimmy and I moved
back into position behind the secured prisoner as Beatrice Kruger
smiled grimly and smacked the strap across her palm once more
before moving into position to the side of the anguished woman's
unprotected bottom.

  From where I stood the view was stunning and as humiliating as
it is possible to display a naked woman, my legs trembling and my
penis straining for release as I absorbed the sight.  Anne Curtis
was bent over at about a 75 -80 degree angle, her legs about a
foot apart, her naked bottom thrust right up and out, the shapely
white cheeks pulled slightly open to reveal the dark bud of her
anus and, beneath the thin perineum, the fully displayed fleshy
pink labia and the thin seam of her cunt, thick dark hairs
sprouting from around the area and back betwen her parted thighs.
 As Anne wriggled her bottom slightly in fearful anticipation, so
the cunt seam opened slightly and then closed again.

  The strap was incredibly heavy and I wondered what Kruger's
technique would be as her capacity to deliver maximum pain was
legendary.  I hadn't long to wait for it seemed that Kruger's
humiliating banter was over, temporarily at least, for with
pursed lips she said to Anne Curtis "Prepare yourself, girl" and
I heard a muffled sob and saw the buttocks involuntarily tighten.
Beatrice Kruger, her feet slightly apart, held the strap in her
right hand with the business end trailing across her left palm. 
Suddenly with a sense of timing which would have graced a
professional golfer, she simultaneously swivelled on her hip,
released her left palm and brought back her right arm with a
muscular flick of the wrist which brought the heavy strap right
up behind her like a golf club, then as it reached its optimum
arc, her body swivelled back with remarkable grace and speed as
her arm and wrist propelled the strap on its downward journey. 
It met the naked bottom with a massive thwaaack and I watched in
astonishment as the two buttocks indented like craters on a
landscape before resuming their shape as the strap left the
target area.  I gazed at the incredible bright crimson band that
first stroke left in its wake, the blush beginning to spread
across the surface of the bottom.

  At first all that could be heard from Anne Curtis was a sucking
in of breath like a choking asthmatic which slowly turned into a
disbelieving wail and finally a loud and continuous scream of
anguish as the pain began to rack her nervous system.  With
hardly a pause, Kruger raised the strap again swivelled and
delivered a second mighty blow very accurately indeed a
millimetre below the first so that not a patch of white skin
could be seen between the two crimson bars and prompting a second
almost inhuman scream from the tormented victim.  After six
strokes, Anne Curtis's bottom was just a scarlet map of pain and
she simply screamed in non stop anguish.  Three more strokes and
she was trying to thresh in her bonds, her bottom, so limited for
movement, trying to rise in agony, the bottom cheeks opening and
closing in her anguish, the puckered anus moving restlessly - a
reminder of Jimmy's warning to Anne before the punishment

  After six more strokes, Anne's screams were hideous and I began
to wonder how anybody, let alone a young woman, could take thirty
strokes of this strap yet they obviously did.  Her bottom was now
a mixture of scarlet and blue where deep bruising below the skin
had begun to form, the fearsome blood heat having spread to her
vulva where the once pink lips were swollen and red.

  At this point, to our surprise, Kruger paused in her
punishment. "I'm going to pause for ten minutes, Curtis ..." she
said softly as the woman's screams began to die down to an
anguished wailing "...and I'm going to do something that butch
Lezzy you hit would love to have done.  I'm going to massage your
arse for you.  Don't think I'm doing you any favours ..." she
grinned as she began to rub the hideously bruised buttocks,
hearing Anne Curtis cry out in pain "...I'm just making sure you
feel the next fifteen just as much as you felt the last ones! 
And by Christ, you felt the last ones, didn't you, Curtis!  I'm
sure you won't be back for another dose of this, will you girl?"
and the anguished woman shook her head in frantic affirmation,
too exhausted and agonised to speak.

  After she had massaged the bottom for five minutes and Anne's
wails had died to choking sobs, Kruger bent over her and grinned.
 "If I'd have had my way, Curtis, do you know what I'd have done
this morning?  I'd have got your little twelve year old off
school and I'd have brought him up here.  Just in case he's got
any ideas about following in your criminal footsteps, I'd have
let him watch his mother lying over the bench bare arse naked
showing the lot then getting the tanning of her life and
screaming the place down.  I think that might have stopped any
bright ideas, don't you Curtis?" but the stricken woman just
lowered her head and cried in shame.

  Eventually the massage stopped and Kruger repeated the order
"Prepare yourself!" but this time, instead of the choking sob it
was met with an anguished half turn of the head and a cry of "Oh
mercy, dear God, please no more!" for now Anne Curtis did not
need to imagine the pain.

  Kruger's answer was to swivel on her hip and deliver an
almighty blow to the throbbing bruised backside which had Anne
Curtis howling again in anguish. The punishment continued with no
let up, the heavy strap brought down hard across the entire
surface of the woman's already bruised and tortured bottom until
the final stroke of the strap whipped across the junction of
Anne's bottom and thighs, provoking a scream which nearly took
the roof off.

  The job completed, Kruger wasted no further time but put down
the strap, shook our hands and with only a peremptory glance at
the anguished piece of throbbing bruised meat she had left lying
across the bench, she left the room in order to report to the
Governor after a brief piece of advice to leave Anne where she
was for five minutes to let her heart rate and pulse come back to
normal before releasing her.  Eventually we released Anne Curtis
and she could hardly stand let alone put her clothes on, so like
so many before her she was carried stark naked back to her
dormitory and put face down on her bed as the other girls
gathered round and cried out in horror at the state of her
bottom.  In a perverse way, I believe Anne's life improved for
the rest of her stay, the previous enmity from the other girls
apparently evaporating in a wave of sympathy for the torment
she'd been through.

  I was still shaking with shame and sexual arousal after
witnessing such a punishment when Jimmy and I left the dormitory
to resume our normal duties. As we reached the main reception, we
bumped into Beatrice Kruger who was about to leave the building
and return to her police duties.  She was all smiles and nudged
my arm knowingly.

  "Got you going, didn't it young Billy boy, seeing Curtis
getting her nice big arse warmed.  I could see it standing up for
fine weather.  Well nothing wrong with that for a healthy lad
..." as I blushed in confusion and Jimmy smiled "...and she's a
nice looking bit of stuff alright.  She'll do you well in bed
...though you might have to wait a few hours ..." and she laughed
aloud as my face burned and slapped me on the shoulder "...but I
reckon she's a juicy bit of cunt from what I could see!  I tell
you something for nothing and I've been strapping girls and women
here for twelve years.  You've heard the old red sky at night
shepherd's crap right? Well here's something even more reliable
for 95% of 'em!  Red hot arse in the morning, red hot cunt at
night.  Takes 'em eight hours or so to get over the worst of the
strap and then their pussies are itching for it.  You mark my
words, if you don't get in there tonight son, those lezzies will
have a field day!  There won't be much resistance, she''ll want
it filling tonight, you can bet!" and with a grin she departed
leaving me in helpless confusion and Jimmy laughing his socks

  Whether or not she was right, I never found out for I was off
duty that night and I never had the courage to attempt a liaison
after that, but I still remember that morning as one of the most
sexually exciting of my life.