Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Aislinn Title: A Tale Of One Summary: About a young girl, and her first climax. Keywords: 1st, preteen, g-solo This is just something I've written. I'm bad at writing, and english isn't my native, so I'm sure I've made a lot of mistakes. Any questions and/or suggestions are welcome! You can reach me on ______________________________ I crawled into my bed with a funny feeling in my tummy. It was midday, and it was an awfully weird time to get in bed. I wondered what my mother would say if she knew. Luckily, she wasn't there. For a short time-span, I'd have the house all to myself. And that was for the best. What I was planning on was not at all what my mum would agree to. My friend and I were naughty; She asked me to do things. At first, just things for her. But now she wanted me to do something for me. She hadn't forced me, or rushed me, but still I felt nervous. I trusted her judgment on this though. She was 12. 5 years older then I was. She would know more about it then me, ofcourse. I knew darned well this was to be kept a secret. The Christian school I went to hadn't talked about this topic yet, but instinctively I knew it was taboo, and I shouldn't speak of it. And ofcourse, my friend had warned me multiple times not to tell of our little games. I took my shoes off, and that took an indecent amount of time. My mum had made a double knot in my shoelaces, and to this day I cannot undo those. When I finally managed to pull my shoes off, I threw them to a corner of my room. I rolled over on my tummy, and pulled the blankets over my head. It was totally dark under them, cause they were warm and thick, and the only thing I could hear was my own breath and the sound of some birds outside. From my rooms window you could see the street; As a matter of fact, I often used it instead of the front door to get out. I hadn't even closed my curtains though. For some reason I felt that if I was under the blankets, nobody would see me. Still on my tummy, I spread my legs. I let my hand slip under my jeans, and for a moment or two I flicked my fingers over the little bowtie on the front of my panties. I remember it had a hot-pink design of polkadots or hearts or such. But I can't remember exactly. I thought about what my friend had told me. Well.. I tried to. But my mind wandered off a bit. I had somewhat of a childish crush on her, and it took some time to recall what she had said on this matter, instead of just thinking her. We played this game before... But after a while, the feeling would start to get too intense for me, and I'd stop. Her advice was that I wouldn't stop. She had told me it would be so much nicer. I was so curious about how it'd feel, if only I had the courage. Determined to make it happen this time, I pushed away the panties. Slowly, I let my fingers explore further down. With my eyes closed, even under the blankets, I stroked my pussy softly. I was excited, but I never rushed it. Not because I didn't want to, but from some sort of guilt I felt when doing these things. Slowly, to make no sound, I layed my head down on my other arm. Without noticing I had held my breath, and now I let it out, sighing softly as I stroked myself over the entire lenght of my pussy. I really wanted my friend to see me, but I was sure that would come sooner or later. After all, she had showed me her coochie as well. Even though she was older then me, it looked rather similar, although I didn't realise that at the time. It was soft and smooth, and the next day I took a mirror to the shower to see if mine was the same. It was. I actually got caught by my mother, and when that happened, I had the scare of my life. She didn't think much of it though. She told me it was okay to want to know how it looked. I just gave her a sheep-ish smile, and put the mirror down. I felt it getting warmer, and concentrated my own caress to one point a bit more. Although touching the little bump directly was too sensitive for me, it felt amazing if I worked it through the skin of my little clithood. I knew my friend had told me to move in circles, but for some reason going up and down somewhat diagonally felt better. There was a side on my clit that felt the best, and this way was perfect to stimulate it. My clit was swollen, I could tell just by rubbing over it. It didn't take more then 5 minutes to get myself, and after another 5 the clear liquid was dripping over my fingers as I worked them furiously over my little clit. I had bitten down on the arm I rested my head on earlier, because even though I was alone now, I shouldn't make any noise. If I cried out like I did with my friend, my mum would hear it, even if she was still outside of my room. It turned me on to whisper silly things to myself, and with my eyes still closed and breathing heavily, I imagined ordering my friend to do all these things to me and more. Nobody else would hear it, since I had covered myself with these thick blankets. So I talked softly, and I was the only one that heard me say the things I secretly wanted to say. And there was so much I wanted to say. In my little, pink-painted room, I verbalized how much I wanted her to touch me, and more specifically, touch me right there. How much I wanted her to lick it quickly, and how much I wanted her to look at me, look at how I pleased my pussy with my small slender fingers. Like I had done to her, or had done for her. Hearing myself say those incredibly dirty things, I spasm'd a little bit. I could feel almost electrical shivers shooting up to my tummy from my lovepearl, that felt like the center of my body right then. I shivered, although it was really warm under the blankets, and I felt it building up. I wanted to go on so bad... But I was scared. It felt like I might pass out, and it would be a disaster if they found me like this, with my hand in my panties. Right before I would go past the point of no return, I quit. My hand froze, and I suddenly noticed how heavily I was panting, and that I drooled over my arm a bit. I tried to breathe a little less loud, and waited untill my slippery and swollen clit stopped sending lightning up my tummy without even being touched. I rubbed the spit on my arm off on my bedsheets, and wiped if off my cheek as well. Then, I slowly started it all again. This time, it was even more sensitive. I moved a bit, and I felt a wet spot on the bed with my leg. I knew I was incredibly wet, but I didn't know I was that wet! Again, I thought about what my mum would say. What if they thought I had pissed the bed? But I doubt they would; it didn't smell similar at all. It smelled way too sweet, and hadn't had an "accident" in 2 years. I didn't know what was worse though, that they thought I had an accident, or that they thought I had sinned like this. But it couldn't top me from wanting to feel that amazing feeling again, and it wasn't too long before I picked up the pace again. It came much faster this time, and before I knew it I was on the edge again, and tried to make it last as long as possible. But I chickened out again. It got so intense , and in the back of my head I had the strange idea this could kill me, it was just too much sensation to handle. Again I stopped, and took a minute to breath. Or at least, I planned to. But suddenly, I really didn't want this feeling to stop anymore. With renewed energy I worked my fingers over and around my clit. I squeezed it between my middle and index finger softly, and by now I couldn't help but uttering soft moans every time my throbbing clit came in contact with my eager fingers. I felt it build-up again, in a scary but most enjoyable way. I really wanted to push though that last barrier this time, although I didn't know exactly what I was working up to. I was edging again in less then a minute, and I got less aware of how warm it had gotten under the blanket, my existence revolved around just my clit those minutes. This time I didn't stop, and when I reached a point where I would faint from pure longing to something I didn't know, it washed over me. My body became rigid, and unvoluntarily, I collapsed in a way. My body curled up, and my legs were trembling and shaking as I finally got my release. I felt a warm flow of sticky fluid trickling down my labia, and realised it was my own. I swear I blacked out for just a moment, and the next thing I know, I was panting and gasping as my pussy and even my little asshole contracted, sending exquisite surges of pleasure up my tummy. At the same time shivers went down my spine, and all I could do was wait untill my body finally cooled down again, and let me rest. Moving slowly, I pulled the blankets down a bit to get some fresh air. I was still out of breath, and my forehead was sweaty, but I felt amazing. When I pulled down the blankets even further and looked down, I could literally see my heart pounding in my little chest. I could see how unsteady I was breathing. My friend had been right all along, it had been amazing. I was addicted. For a few weeks, I played wherever I could. I even once pleasured myself in the public bathrooms of my elementary school, when nobody was in there. Since then, I found a lot more and more creative ways to get to this exstacy, but that first time has always been the most intense.