Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Date: Jun 10 2017 Subject: Big Brothers Program (Mb tb tb tb, bi, extreme-ped, anal) Author: Adam Cunny ( Credit: Credit goes to Silent Steps for creating this series. BTC Donation: 1KansasB34uNHqcphXPsfkLB8qDLHhyRxU -------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons living or deceased is entirely coincidental. If you are under eighteen years old, or if it is illegal in your community to read explicit stories depicting sex between adults and minors, or if you are offended by such material, close this and go do something else. Do not contact me attempting to arrange illegal activities or the trading of illegal material. In short, let's keep this legal - that way, we can keep it fun. Thank you. -------------------------------------------------- Lillian Mom 33 Tommy Teen 17 Beth Sister 7 Susan Miller Mom 32 Ashley Miller Son 5 ------------ Chapter 1 ------------ Tommy woke up in his bed with his little sister cuddling with him. They both liked to fuck before going to bed and that is what they did the night before. His sister Beth was the cutest little girl he thought as he looked down at her snuggled up to him. She could do no wrong in his eyes. He was looking at her sleeping and his teen dick began to stir awake between her legs. Beth felt the penis push into her fat little girl pussy mound and the pleasure jolt woke her right up. She looked up at her brother with sleepy eyes and smiled as she stretched. "Do you need your balls drained already?", she said with a grin. "Anytime I am with you for too long, I need my balls drained!" he said jokingly with a laugh. "Well then I guess I am going to have to help you out then." she said as she climbed up onto him sitting on his lap. She reached to the nightstand and squeezed the handle of a bottle of lube and got a little dollop for her pussy. She quickly smeared the cool gel over her pussy lips and fingered her sweet pussy hole to get it ready. When she felt ready she put her big brother's stiff cock head at her little pussy entrance and welcomed him inside. She slowly sank down all the way like she had done many times before and then laid back down on her brothers chest while she milked his prick with her loving warm pussy. Her mother had always told her to practice her pussy exercises whenever she could and cuddling in the morning was a great opportunity. Tommy was in no hurry to cum or get out of bed but he did have a babysitting appointment this afternoon. He was a member of the Big Brothers program and was supposed to 'babysit' a little 5 yo boy named Ashley. He seemed to watch him almost every Saturday for the last few months. He was not complaining he loved to play and cuddle-fuck with the cute baby soft little boy. Boys are so squishy and fun sized at that age. Being that Ashley did not have a father at home, it was very important to Tommy and Ashley's mom that he be a Big Brother for the little guy. Beth was getting ready for the riding of the cock she loved to do with Tommy when she noticed that he had a far away look in his eyes. She knew he was signed up to baby-sit on Saturdays and Sundays and was getting jealous of the attention he was giving other kids. She looked up into his eyes and said, "Are you sleeping over your boyfriend Ashley's tonight?" Tommy's cock twitched and pulsed. He smiled and ticked her saying, "Ya..., are you jealous?" Beth began to laugh and giggle. It was music to his ears and her pussy contracted around his cock. It was so pleasurable he pulled her to him to steady her and had his eyes rolled back in his eyes. He then began to kiss her and thank his lucky stars he was born in the community. He then said between kisses, "Ok, are you ready for a ride or do you want me to pound that tight little girl pussy of yours?" Beth put her finger to her chin acting like she was trying to decide. "Lets see what you got big boy." She said playfully with a sly grin. Tommy smiled and playfully flipped her over and climbed on top of her without taking his cock out. He grabbed her by her boyish little underage girl hips and started fucking her slowly but with heavy thrusts. After a few moments to let her get used to the thrusting he sped up and started fucking her harder and they both started panting. It wasn't long until Beth started orgasming and Tommy took this as his queue to go ahead and jizz in her plump little cunny as deep as he could. Tommy pinned her down and jammed his cock as deep into her as he could. She liked to be man handled when they were cumming. He unloaded rope after rope of creamy jizz into her little velvety cunny and then collapsed onto her breathing heavily. After catching his breath he looked her in the eyes and said, "Good morning lil sis, I love you." then kissed her lovingly on the mouth. It was for the warm loving moments like theses that parents move to Silent Steps Community. ------------ Chapter 2 ------------ Tommy and Beth had gotten cleaned up and dressed after there morning fun. They walked into the kitchen and both gave their mother a sexy kiss on the lips. It was their normal hello mom kiss, for the community. Tommy's mom Lillian said, "Don't forget that you signed up for babysitting this weekend, you don't want to be late." "Oh, I haven't forgotten." He said with a smile. "Who are you babysitting this weekend?" she asked. Beth said, "His boyfriend Ashley." with a jealous smirk. Tommy blushed and shot dagger eyes at her and their mother said, "Don't be jealous honey. It's good for Tommy to be a big brother for the little boys in the community." She then said to Tommy, "But please don't spend all your time with your horny teen cock in little boy pussy, honey, I do want you to give me some grandkids some day you know." picking on him playfully. To this Tommy blushed even harder and was getting a little warm under the collar. His mom and sister laughed and he said, "Ah mom, I know I will find a girl at school soon enough." Beth then piped in, "Don't worry mom, As long as he keeps fucking me like he did this morning, I'll give you some grandkids." Implying she would bare them. Lillian laughed and said to her daughter, "I may beat you to that honey." as she kissed her son and he gave her breast a playful squeeze. "Hey thats not fair." Beth said. "Girls please! There is plenty of me to go around." then Tommy said with a lewd smile, "There is no reason I can't knock both of you up." All three laughed at this and Lillian said "Ok you two have a seat and eat your breakfast. You need to keep your energy up if you are going to keep fucking like rabbits." Lillian said with a smile. As the kids began to eat Lillian reached over and cupped Tommy's crotch. "I hope you have time to give me some attention before you go out this afternoon. I haven't got any of your cum in two days." she said. Tommy almost chocked on his food but replied, "I don't have to be over till this afternoon, so I have plenty of time for you mommy." Lillian leaned in and kissed Tommy on the forehead and said with a smile, "Good boy, now eat up so you get your strength back." Tommy finished his breakfast and drank down a community fertility drink before going to his room to get his dirty laundry. After breakfast Tommy went around the house looking for his mom. He did promise to service her before he left for his babysitting job. "Mom?" he said questioningly looking around the corner and down the hall. "In here honey." his mom said from her bedroom. -------- After a few chores were done, Tommy asked him mom where she wanted to make love. She smiled at him and pulled him to her room. She arranged the pillows on the edge of the bed to support her back, then laid down on them spreading her legs for her son. Tommy got a beautiful view of his mom's very wet extra full lips pussy. Tommy stroked his cock head against his mom's wet pussy and coated the cock head with his mom's natural lubricant. Then without further ado he held on to her thighs and plunged forward. His mom closed her eyes and moaned at the feeling of her teen son's large cock sinking home balls deep into her. Tommy sank in all the way like he always does and holds his mom as he snuggles into her warm loving bosom. His mother naturally wraps her arms and legs around her son as he snuggles into her. "I love you mommy." Josh says to his mother before slowly humping his cock into her warm pussy. "Mmm ya go slow baby, make it last." she says as he spastically humps his cock up into his mom. ------------ Chapter 3 ------------ ------------ Chapter 4 ------------ Tommy walked up to the front door of the Miller house and knocked. While he waited he could hear what sounded like porn playing on the TV inside the house. Tommy knew why Ashley's mom Susan Miller was watching gay porn with Ashley. She enjoyed gay porn but it was more than that. She thought that since all boys and girls of the community were gay when they were young, she did not want Ashley to miss out on the Man-boy love that other boys got on a regular basis. She was a single mother and that meant that Ashley did not have a father figure around the house to give him any daddy-son gay cuddle time. That was where Tommy and the other Big Brother program members stepped in. Susan Miller opened the door and greeted Tommy with a smile and a pretty good looking dress. The only thing that was unusual about what she had on was that her blouse was open and her bra was off showing off her milky breasts. She shook Tommy's hand and asked him to come in. "I was just breast feeding little Ashley when you knocked.", She said "No need to stop on my account.", He said with a smile and a wink. Tommy turned the corner into the living room with Susan. Ashley was laying down waiting for his mother to return. Susan said, "Look who is here to see you Ashley." With a bolt Ashly sat up and had a huge smile on his face he yelled "TOMMY!". He hopped up off the couch and ran to give Tommy a hug and a kiss. He was naked like he almost always was when at home. Ashley leaped into the air for Tommy to catch him and Tommy picked him right up. With his arms around neck and his legs around hips, he gave Tommy a very passionate tongue kiss that ended with some open mouth tongue play and giggles and tickling. Tommy was holding Ashley by the butt and squeezing the soft little boy closer to him as he breathed in the beautiful scent of the little boy. He noticed the scent of strawberry and knew immediately that Ashley had wanted to smell that way for Tommy. Tommy worked at the clothing store and they had a creams, lotions, soaps and shampoos section. He bought Ashley a kit that was strawberry flavored - Tommy's favorite. Tommy could feel and smell the slippery 'Strawberry Anal Pussy Cream - for boys TM' lube on Ashley's bubble butt cheeks and hiney hole, he looked the boy in the eyes and said "Your little boy PUSSY is so soft and squishy." "Is that my favorite strawberry flavored boy pussy I smell?" He continued with making hungry monster sounds and licking and kissing the little boy on the neck and shoulder. Susan laughed and said with a smile stroking Ashley's hair and answered for him, "Oh yes honey, Ashley insisted I get him ready for your play date while he took a feeding." They all laughed while Tommy put the boy down, spun him around, and patted his soft butt saying, "Go finish you're feeding with mommy while I get a drink from the fridge." The giggling little boy jumped into his mothers arms as she picked him up and walked him back to the couch to watch porn while she nurse him. Tommy got a community fertility soft drink from the fridge and sat down on one of the seats in the living room. He sipped on the drink as they all watched the different scenes of Man-boy love on the TV while Susan was feeding Ashley. Tommy had no intention of just coming over here and JUST fucking the little boy, even if that would have been just fine with Ashley and Susan. He liked to play with the little boy and wanted to take him out to play in the park. He waned to give that boy a bath and have a naked wrestle with this adorable little boy. He wanted to sit naked with his hard teen cock up the cute little bubble butt of Ashley while they played video games and watched cartoons. Only then, did he want to fuck the boy until they fell asleep together as they often did on Saturdays. Tommy really liked boys and girls but lucky for Ashley, he was on a little boy kick at the moment. He couldn't get enough of how their hair and skin smelt, or how cute their little boy pussies looked with his teen cock splitting the cheeks. He especially liked that he could play boy games that they both liked and he could teach his 'little brother' how to be a cute community pedo-loving boy. He realized that this 'Big Brother' program was just a training program for teen boys to be good daddies. He did not mind, he knew that he would soon find a girl at school and they would get married and make more babies in the community. He finished the drink about the same time Susan finished feeding Ashley. She said, "Ok that is enough milk for lunch. Why don't you cuddle with Tommy and I will make both of you grilled cheeses?" Tommy was going to take the boy to the park and service him later but he would be able to get it up all day with Ashley so why not. Tommy said, "Sure thing Ms Miller." and then stood up to slip his pants off then sat back down with his erect penis pointing up and stretched out his arms invitingly to receive the little boy into a cuddle hug. Ashley replied to his mother, "Ya!" and ran into his 'big brother's' arms. Tommy was sitting on the edge of the couch with Ashley between his welcoming spread legs. As both boys kissed Ashley gyrated his hips and rubbed his little boy penis against Tommy's larger teen cock. Both boys used one hand to take hold of their shaft and playfully rub it against the penis of the other boy and sword fight with their cocks as they kissed. Tommy being a teen boy, was leaking precum all over both of their crotches. Having had enough Tommy picked little Ashley up by the armpits and pulled him onto his lap as he sat back on the couch. Now the two were kissing and making out with Tommy's penis bubbling precum in-between them as he grabbed playfully massaged Ashley's soft butt cheeks. Tommy was playfully rubbing his hands all over the little boys body and enjoying the feeling of warm baby soft naked boy skin. He would stroke up and down the boys back. Up to his shoulders and down to his cute bubble butt. He would rub his finder under the boy's taint and up his little butt crack taking time to play with Ashley's stretched pink rosebud boy pussy. While he was being loved on by Tommy, Ashley used his hands to stroke the play with the dripping teen cock that was making a mess between them. Having had enough of the kissing Ashley disengaged from kissing Tommy and sat back astride the Teens legs while playing with the engorged swollen shaft with dark red glans that would pulse and sway between them if not for the steady experienced masturbating hands of Ashley. He would lick his fingers of the tasty teen pre-cum that coated them. Tommy sat back and sighed, smiling at the little boy. Ashley's hands were getting messy with precum but the boy was not put off by it, he would periodically put his hand to his mouth and playfully lick his fingers clean before continuing his milking of the teen's dribbling shaft. Tommy loved how sexy this looked and continued to stroke the little boy's butt, hips and thigh playing with his 'hard as a nail' penis periodically. Tommy was enjoying this too much and would soon be painting Ashley's chest and face with jizz if he did not stop or take a break. Tommy hugged the warm naked boy to him and gave his little love bug a sloppy french kiss, tasting his own salty precum from the little boys mouth and lips. "Why don't you sit on the floor here and help me drain my swollen balls." Tommy said as he took hold of his cock and waged it around slapping the little boy's penis with his much larger swollen precum slicked teen dick. Ashley being the giggly boy that he was kept smiling and giggling as he got down off of Tommy's lap and sat on the floor between Tommy's inviting wide spread legs. Ashley put his hands on Tommy's legs and held himself as he leaned forward to suck on the end of his babysitter's cock with hollowed out cheeks. Tommy was jerking his cock watching this beautiful boy sucking and swallowing the precum as it leaked onto his tongue, when he thought of cumming on the boy's face. He said, "You look so pretty there with my cock in your mouth but, I think you will look even hotter if I emptied my balls all over your face." Ashley had played this game before and broke out in a big smiled as backed a foot away from Tommy's jerking cock. Tommy said, "Not yet, keep sucking I will tell you when." Ashley went back to sucking and used one hand to fondle Tommy's ball sack as he nursed on the end of the tasty teen cock. "Watch your teeth baby." "Oh, sorry" the little boy said then latched onto the dick again. In another few minutes Tommy gave Ashley the signal, "Ok here it comes, get ready!" Ashley had leaned back and had not even closed his eyes before the first gusher of cum blasted from Tommy's cock. The first rope of cum struck Ashley on the cheek and went across the bridge of his nose and above his eyebrow. He was surprised but quickly closed his eyes and opened his mouth wide with his tongue hanging out. Tommy kept stroking his dick firing off rope after creamy white rope of teen jizz all over the little boy's face. He shot at the boys forehead and hit bullseye but the tail end of the load landed in the boys hair. He also aimed at the boys mouth and got most of three loads in there with a little catching the boys lips and chin. On one of the last loads he fired he shot the little boy directly on the bridge of his nose and that sent cum slashing across cheeks and over his closed eyes. Tommy pulled on Ashley's hand guiding him back to the teen's dribbling cock while saying, "Wow that was awesome, don't wipe your face I need to get a picture of this." Tommy reached for his phone and quickly snapped a few pictures of the giggling boy now sucking his teen boyfriend's dick again. Tommy then began wiping the boys eyes and cheeks feeding the cum off of his finger to Ashley as he caught his breath. After he wiped the boys face and fed most of the creamy cum load to him, he looked at the boy and said, "Ok time to share.", as he pulled gently on Ashley's arm guiding him to climb back onto Tommy's lap. Tommy leaned back and hugged the warm boy close to his body as he licked the boy's face and french kissed the little boy playfully feeding what was left of his own cum to the little boy with his tongue. After a time of this he said, "Why don't you climb up here and let me suck this for you?", with a naughty grin while stroking Ashley's little cocklet. Ashley kissed back one last time and quickly climbed up on the couch to put his little hard as a nail cocklet into Tommy's mouth. Tommy had his hands on the little boy's butt and hips messaging the little boy as he sucked on the little penis and balls. Ashley was in heaven and moaned as he ground his hips on Tommy's face. It was music to Tommy's ears but it only lasted a little while. Susan Miller was finishing up the grilled cheeses and putting them on plates. She saw most of the blowjob from the kitchen and smiled as both boys enjoyed their gay pedo playtime. She let them do that for a while and then announced that lunch was ready. Tommy mumbled "OK be right there.", around the blowjob he was giving Ashley. After a few more moments he stopped sucking and carefully got Ashley back down on his lap. He looks at the little boy with dreamy eyes and said "Lets go get some real food to eat and then play some more?" Ashley excitedly and playfully demands "Carry me!" as he wraps his hands around Tommy's neck. Tommy playfully kisses Ashley and says "My pleasure!", as he hugs the boy to his chest and stand up. Ashley wraps his legs around Tommy's hips and keeps kissing as they start walking. ------------ Chapter 5 ------------ Tommy gave Ashley one last strong smooch kiss while holding Ashley by the cheeks of his bubble butt. He walked into the kitchen and then to the sink so they could wash their hands. Susan loved how Tommy took the time to teach Ashley good habits. Tommy then dried both their hands and lead Ashley by the hand to the table. She said with a sly grin, "I hope you didn't wear yourself out Tommy." Tommy blushed and said, "Oh no Miss Miller, I have plenty of playful energy left for an adorably cute boy like Ashley." "And with such a cute sexy lubed butt too." he added giving Ashley a playfully loud slap on the ass. Signaling that he would be interested in Ashley's 5 year old boy pussy very soon. They all giggled as the 2 boys sat down at the kitchen table. Tommy sat down first and Ashley being excited and as horny as a 5 year old can be, climbed into Tommy's lap and began to eat the grilled cheese in front of him. Tommy smiled as Susan moved the other grilled cheese to the same plate now that they were sitting together. As they ate their grilled cheese and chocolate milk that Susan made for them, Tommy took the time to playfully stroke little Ashley's cockles and kiss him on his silky hair cheek and neck. Tommy really enjoyed loving on the little kids he babysat. Susan smiled as she watched Tommy stroke her little boy and breath deeply his sexy little boy scent. She said "You two look so adorable together, hold there, let me get a picture." before getting her phone from the counter. She lined up the camera and had them pose for a picture. She then said "Ok, everyone say 'kiddy pussyyyy'." Tommy and Ashley both gave a big smile as they said in unison 'kiddy pussyyyy'. She took a few pictures of them and then Tommy kissed Ashley on the mouth for one of the pictures which resulted in the boys taking a moment to have a little make out session. Susan Miller was wet and needed a fuck. She looked lovingly at Ashley and Tommy and said "You two make me so wet, Tommy could you give me a cum before I get ready for my appointment this afternoon?" Tommy had this happen all the time. He looked at her and said, "Sure thing Miss Miller." He playfully slapped Ashley on the side of his butt and said, "Ok little guy let me help your mother and then we will go play." Ashley was a little jealous but let Tommy scoot out from under the little boy. Miss Miller scooted her skirt up over her butt as she leaned over the table. Tommy got behind her and lined up his cock with her clean shaved dripping wet beautiful fat pussy. She was not lying he thought as he began to give her a very experienced fucking in her already dripping pussy. "Please cum as fast as you can Miss Miller, I want to save my next load and feed it to Ashley." he said looking as Ashley and giving him a wink. This did not offend Susan as Tommy was here for little Ashley and was only doing her a favor. She moaned at the thought and replied "Thats... fine... Tommy... I won't... take... long..." as he was hammering away at her pussy. Tommy was looking at the ceiling and really trying to concentration on not cumming. In a little over 2 minutes Susan moaned and started to shake in orgasm. Tommy didn't want the contractions of her orgasm to push him over the edge and so he pulled his cock out and reached around to masturbate her clit while she creamed out an afternoon cum. Susan said panting "Wow..., Thank you Tommy." "No problem Ms. Miller." Tommy replied as Susan used a paper towel to wipe her-self. Susan smiled lovingly at the two boys and then said "Ok, you two be good I am going to get ready for my appointment" and then left the kitchen to get ready. Before leaving she turned to the two boys and said, "I have to go to an appointment in an hour. So take the house key with you if you go to the park so you can get back in." Tommy said "Sure thing Ms. Miller." as he went back to where he and Ashley were seated. He lovingly guided Ashley's head down to his pussy covered cock and Ashley opened his mouth and engulfed the teen cock. He could taste the flavor of his mom's pussy and it made the blowjob even tastier. He moaned an "mmmm mmmm" sound as he enjoyed the sweet pussy tasting cock he was licking and sucking. After he shared with the little boy, Tommy pulled out of the little boy's mouth and picked Ashley up to sit the boy on his lap as he himself sat back down again. Tommy now had another full hard-on and adjusted his cock down to the entrance of Ashley's lubed butt hole. Ashley leaned forward on the table and hunched his butt up as Tommy pressed his cock head into Ashley's soft pink elastic sphincter until it gave way and welcomed Tommy's soft thick mushroom shaped cock head inside. Tommy took the small boy by the hips and guided him down the shaft until he was balls deep in the pre-lubed boy pussy and felt Ashley's little balls resting on his own quickly refilling teen balls. Tommy hugged the boy to his body and rested his chin on the little boys head, taking a moment to breathing in the sweet boy scent as he felt Ashley automatic squeezing and milking of the teen cock buried in his boy pussy. Tommy stroked Ashley's soft brunet cute pageboy hair and lovingly kissed him on the top of his head while gently stroking and playing with the the little boy's hard penis and balls. He continued doing this while he himself went back to eating his grilled cheese with the other hand. Ashley being the energetic little boy that he was, hummed wiggled and bounced ever so gently on Tommy's lap as he ate his grilled cheese and chocolate milk. ------------ Chapter 6 ------------ When they were done, Tommy said "Ok lets clean up and go into the living room to have some more fun." Ashley squeezed Tommy's cock with his anal musicals and moaned in disapproval as Tommy slowly lifted the boy, by the hips. Ashley squeezed the hard teen cock as hard as he could to hold it in his warm boy pussy, but Tommy reluctantly lifted the loving boy off his cock and stood him on the floor. Tommy took the plates and drinks off of the table and walked them over to the dish washer with his hard sticky dick swaying back and forth as he walked. He had a very stiff cock with very thick veins and a glans that was starting to turn purple to match the color his balls were starting to look. He then went over to Ashley and took his hand leading him back into the living room. Tommy quickly cleans his cock with a baby wipe and then sits down on the couch. Ashley gets between Tommy's welcoming spread legs and leans in to give Tommy a kiss. While he kisses the boy, Tommy pulls Ashley's crotch against his own and the two rub there cocks together again. With a nod from Tommy Ashley got on his knees right away and took the teens cock in his hand. Ashley bends it slightly towards his face and give the glands a kiss as he looks into Tommy's eyes. Tommy's cock keeps leaking pre-cum down Ashley's hands and Ashley licks from the base to the tip to collect the ooze. He then engulfs the head in his hot wet boy mouth and sucks it like a large over-sized straw. Tommy moans and puts one hand on the boys shoulder to help him keep rhythm as he sucks and uses the other hand to stroke the boys hair and cheek. Tommy loved to watch little kids give blow jobs. It was lovely to watch them smile and be so oral with a dick that was so large. Kids are so oral he thought as he enjoyed the miking he was receiving. Ashley's jaw was getting tired so he held the cock in his mouth and just stroked the shaft as he lay with his head on the teens leg. Tommy noticed the slowdown and asked empathetically, "Your jaw getting tired buddy?" Ashley nodded with the cock in his mouth. Tommy said with a smile, "That's ok, not long now anyway." as he lovingly stroked the boys cheek and ran his hands through the little boy's hair. After a minute more of this Tommy pulled his cock from the boy's grasp, leaving just the glans between the little boy's silky lips. He then asked Ashley with a sly grin, "Do you want to drink my cum or do you want me to paint your face again?" Ashley with sloppy lips and precum dripping down his chin looked Tommy in the eyes and then looked up and gave a 'huummmmm' as if it was so hard to decide. He looked at Tommy again and without taking the glans out of his mouth said "drink" as best he could with the over sized mushroom stamper still in his mouth. Tommy started to jerk off furiously and shot rope after rope of thick white teen jizz into the little boy's mouth. Ashley was used to this and did not take his mouth off of Tommy's engorged pulsing cock. The ropes of teen cum shot out of the piss slit with force and hit the top of Ashley's mouth and coated the young boy's tongue and teeth. Ashley swallowed and sucking with hollowed out cheeks to get the last few dribbles. He knew boys loved the vacuum pressure and he transitioned this into a penis kiss when the cock was done shooting. He then looked up and opened his mouth to show Tommy and then closed his mouth and swallowed with a smile and a giggle and opened his mouth for his teen lover to inspect. Tommy smiled as Ashley took the now deflating teen penis into his mouth sucked while tonguing the piss slit. When Tommy's cock was adequately cleaned Tommy pulled it from the grinning boys mouth with a playful pop. Tommy smeared the cock head across the boy's lips and said with a smile, "I hope you are full now after all that milk." He them playfully mushroom stamped Ashley on the forehead with his sloppy wet cock head of his semi-hard dick. Ashley giggled and then climbed up into Tommy's lap. Tommy instinctively wrapped his arms around the little boy as they snuggled together, kissed, giggled and tongue played with each other as they rest. ------------ Chapter 7 ------------ After Tommy rested a little he said, "How would you like me to give your cock a sucking little guy?", as he laid down on the couch knowing what the answer would be. Sure enough Ashley lit up and quickly climbed up his teen friend so that Tommy could suck on his immature boy cocklet. Tommy didn't like sucking boys as much as the younger kids did but it was still fun to watch a little boy squirm as you suck his cockles and both of his immature balls at the same time. Soon Tommy was back to full hard-on and was in need of some more relief. He had been caressing Ashley's lubed bubble butt the whole time he sucked. He had been fingering the little boy to keep him opened up. Tommy had enough and wanted to give this beautiful boy a fucking before he took him out to the park to go play. Tommy took Ashley's cocklet out of his mouth and said with a sly grin, "Are you ready for some back-boor action?" Ashley giggled and said 'ya!' as he climbed back off of Tommy. Tommy picked the boy up and laid him over the arm rest of the couch. He then lubed his cock with some Astroglide lube that was on the coffee table. He lined his cock up with the already lubed and winking rosebud of the giggling little boy and slowly started to penetrate the soft elastic anal sphincter. It took Tommy what seemed like an eternity to slowly bury his teen cock to the hilt in such a little boy. He squeezed the boys pert bubble butt cheeks and messaged his lower back as he gently sank his cock in the warm little boy pussy. Ashley felt warm inside and his eyes rolled back in his head as he moaned, enjoying the long gentle penetration he was receiving. Tommy took this as a signal to go ahead, and then began to slowly pump the little bubble butt boy pussy as he leaned over and put his nose in the little boys silky soft pageboy hair and breathed deeply. While hunched over began to kiss the little boy's neck and ear lobes. Tommy was enjoying slowly pumping this little boy pussy. He thought to himself that it could be better and after a little while he pulled out of the boy with a pop and flipped him onto the couch. Tommy then pulled Ashley's feet up holding them together with one hand as he used the other to reposition his cock and sink it back into Ashley's needy winking hole. Now with both hands he held the little boy feet and licked the little boy toes as Ashley squirming and giggling. The squirming and giggling sent ripples of pleasure through his cock and Tommy knew he would need to slow down or he would be cumming too soon. Tommy, like any teen boy, loved to fuck pussy. It did not matter to him if is was little boy or little girl pussy. He was in need of relief and this adorable little boy wanted to help him with his problem. Tommy playfully slowed down and would pull out as if he was done. This elicited a pout and whimper from Ashley. Tommy would then forcefully sink in all the way, quickly pounding the little boy's prostate and getting a playful yelp as he pushed that little boy button with his cock. After a few rounds of this Tommy began to pick up speed and the lovely sounds of rapid soft skin slapping and the sweet pleasure filled moans followed by playful yelps of a little boy filled the house. Tommy enjoying himself immensely saying, "Oh Ashley, you are so good to me." as he rapidly long dicked the little boy and licked the cute little boy toes. "Thank you so much for sharing your body with me." Tommy continued breathlessly as he rapidly made love to the little boy in his welcoming little love hole. Ashley was feeling over-stimulated and would be orgasming if he was old enough. Instead, with his eyes lolling around and rolling back in his head as he moaned in ecstasy, "Tommy... Tommy... I love you Tommy." over and over again as his hot slick boy pussy was pounded by the older teen boy. Seeing the little boy in ecstasy having a dry orgasm, Tommy let himself go and started to shoot his newest load of jizz into the little boy as he smiled lovingly down at the boy. Tommy held the boys feet together by putting both big toes together in his mouth to suckle as he put his hands on the little boys thighs for leverage. He pressed Ashely's thighs back against his belly and began to vigorously pump into the boy pussy, bouncing the boy's bottom half against the couch cushion. Tommy's tightened balls let loose a gusher of jizz and he shot each rope of teen love spunk deep into the welcoming hot boy oven. Breathing hard Tommy began to slow down, with each jet of cum, he would quickly deep dick the little boy, balls deep and drive each squirt of cum deep into the boys bowls. Smiling up at Tommy, the little boy would giggle, moan and yelp as he received quick long jabs to his prostate. To top it all off Ashley was still using his internal muscles to help milk Tommy of all the love he could produce for the small 5 year old boy. After the last orgasmic shot of cum left Tommy's cock, he leaned in to kiss Ashley and they both giggled and open mouth tongue kissed while breathing hard. After he was finished he told the boy not to drip any cum and had him hold his legs back as he pulled out with a pop. Tommy stopped to enjoy the look of the gaping little boy butt, before Ashley tightly winked his little gaping sphincter closed, keeping all the hot teen boy love milk inside. Tommy had babysat Ashley many times and had done this many times now, it was always a cute enjoyable sight and it never got old. He told the boy he would go get his butt plug from his bedroom. Tommy went to the little boy's room and straight to his boy jewelery box and selected the butt plug he had bought for Ashley months back. It was a plug made for Ashley, it was a soft silicon material that had a heart shaped handle. Inside the handle was the inscription 'Tommy Loves Ashley'. Many of the boys and girls had sex toys like this with inscriptions like 'Daddy's Favorite', 'Love Bug' or 'Wish you were here.'. Shortly after Tommy returned to the living room with the butt plug and quickly rubbed a little lube on it. Tommy quickly inserted the plug into the tired little boy's tightly quenched hiney hole. He leaned in and gave the little boy a kiss on the nose as he picked him up and traded places with the little guy as he sat down. With Ashley's butt now secure and not making a mess he cuddled the little boy in his lap to him enjoying the warmth and scent of the boy as he lazily stroked, tugged and caressed the little cock and balls. ------------ Chapter 8 ------------ After a 20 min or so rest he turned to face Ashley and said, "How about we go to the park and play?". Ashley hopped up with his still hard little dick and said ya as he ran to the door waiting for Tommy. Tommy smiled and said, "Come back here and go to your room to get your new Split Tail shorts on. I want to see you in them." Ashley being so young was a brazen exhibitionist and a little put off by needing to get dressed. He did it anyway as Tommy put his underwear and pants back on and then his shirt. He grabbed the house key as he walked to the door. After Ashley was ready Tommy leaned down to the little boy and gave him a kiss and a tongue fight play kiss. He then said, "Ya know, I think I am going to enjoy undressing you tonight." Ashley was quick and said, running to the door, "You have to catch me first!" and had the door open and was out in a flash. Tommy yelled after him, "I will enjoy it all the more when I catch you!" as he followed not far behind the little boy as they ran to the park. At the park they played tag then played Frisbee with a few other kids that were there also. Tommy saw some of the other kids playing two to a swing and wanted to try that with Ashley. He went to the swings and took his pants off with his dick pointing to the sky as he sat down and put his hand out to accept Ashley into a hug. Ashley waisted no time in trying to climb into Tommy's lap. Tommy embraced the boy and reached behind him to remove the butt plug from inside the shorts. He leaned down next to them and laid the plug on the rubber floor pointing up so it did not get dirty. When he leaned back up, and helped Ashley climb up into Tommy's lap with his hands interlaced together around Tommy's neck. Tommy parted the backside of the split tail shorts that Ashley was wearing and tucked his cock inside. He lined up with the little boy's rosebud and between the silky smooth cheeks of his bubble butt and sank in slowly. Ashley was giggling and laughing as he sat in Tommy's lap humping up and down on the teen boys cock. They pumped forwards and back, going up and down on the swing. They got tired of this as Tommy had not fully recovered yet and was not fully hard. They then went to play tag with the other kids before heading back home. ------------ Chapter 9 Back home, Bath time. ------------ As they got back to the house Tommy used the key on the front door and opened it. They went in and Ashley ran inside yelling, "You still have to catch me." Tommy was not new to this and enjoyed it quite a bit. It was like hunting your pray and it stirred something primordial inside him. His lust went through the roof as he playfully chased the young boy around the house. He chased the boy around the house for 5 to 7 minutes and then cornered the boy in his own bedroom. After he caught Ashley he pinned him down and tickled him. Ashley squirmed and laughed uncontrollably. As they both laughed uncontrollably Tommy leaned down and blew fart sounds on the little boy's stomach while Ashley squirmed and laughed even harder. When they were exhausted Tommy began to pull the shirt off of Ashley. He said, "Ok buddy now is the fun part. We are both sweaty and dirty so lets go take a shower together and get cleaned up." and then kissed the still giggling little boy. Ashley said giggling with his arms stretched out forward "Carry me!" Tommy smiled and said, "Sure thing, get naked first." The little boy sat on the floor and started to take off his shoes and socks while tommy started to take his own clothes off. After Tommy finished taking off his own shirt, Ashley was already there with his arms out dressed only in a smile and his little boy penis pointing straight up, waiting to be picked up. Tommy hooked his hand under the boys armpits and hoisted him up to his chest. He changed position and held the boy by the cheeks of his butt while Ashley wrapped his arms and legs around Tommy's neck and torso. Ashley was elated by all the male attention he was getting and said, "Tommy I love you, you'r the best big brother ever." and then gave Tommy a kiss. Tommy said "You too little guy." as he kissed him back and then let the boy sag down a little until his northern pointing teen cock was resting between the spread cheeks of the little boy and the head of his penis was resting against the little boy's buttplug stretched puckered elastic anus. Tommy loved the praise and they stood there kissing for a few moments before Tommy said smiling, "I bet you say that to all the boys. Ok smelly guy time for your bath." and started to walk out of the room to the bathroom. Ashley said with a sly grin, "I hope you can reach my hard to reach places." and then snuggled close to Tommy laying his head on Tommy's shoulder, as he was being carried to the bathroom. Tommy smiled at the joke and said, "I didn't have any problem last week." as he ran a finger up the little boy butt crack feeling the little boy pussy winking around the love plug as he stroked the crack and flicked the plug. Ashley cooed at remembering last week. Tommy walked into the bathroom and reluctantly landed the cute little boy standing on the floor and breathed deeply the little boy smell from Ashley's hair. He smiled and said, "I love the smell of little boys." To which Ashley replied with a giggle and a smile, "Ya because you're a pedophile. You like to fuck little boys in the butt." Tommy thought what a nice thing to say and countered with a smile, "I don't remember you complaining earlier." and then goosed the little boy on the butt. Tommy bent over to start the water but Ashley was still in a playful mood and goosed Tommy on the butt right back. They both began to play grab ass as they waited for the water to heat up. While the water finished getting ready Tommy had the little boy take his butt plug out and sit on the toilet to relieve himself as Tommy cleaned the plug in the sink. After Ashley flushed he hopped over and between Tommy's spread legs as he sat on the edge oh the tub. The horny little boy still wanted to play, and with a wicked grin began to playfully sword fight Tommy's much larger teen cock with his hard little dick. After a few moments of swiping cocks together and Tommy mushroom stamping the little boy on the stomach a few times, he decided that the water was ready. Tommy picked the boy up with both hands and walked them both into the shower water jet. Ashley screeched at getting wet and then settled down soon after he was placed down. Tommy closed the door and began to lovingly lather up the angelic little boy in front of him. He was sporting a very hard vainy cock that was going to need some more relief soon. Luckily he knew someone that could help him with that he thought as he shampooed the little boy's hair. Ashley had his eyes shut as to not get any soap in them as he was turned around. He felt Tommy continue the shampoo and then felt the head of a penis push agents his lips. He smiled and tried to get it in his mouth but Tommy was playing a little game of keep-away. Ashley felt the cock slide against his cheek and he latched on forcefully. Tommy moaned and then continued to shampoo the little boys hair as Ashley sucked hard with hollowed out cheeks. He did not want to blow his load down the boys throat again and said to Ashley. "Ok enough of that or I won't have anything to cuddle fuck you with." Ashley was disappointed but knew that more play time would come. They both washed themselves and each other until shower time was ending. That was when Tommy did a last cleaning of Ashley's butt cheeks and anus. He fingered the boy good and deep to get him ready. He sudsed up his own cock and turned Ashley around so that he could get to the hard to reach places. :) Ashley was used to this exercise and his little sphincter opened right up for the Teen boy that was about to give him a good deep cleaning. Tommy used plenty of soap suds and gave the boy another nice stretching and a cleaning reaming. Tommy then used the detachable shower head to wash the boy out while he was still gaping. Even a young little well-used butt hole like Ashley's closed up fast so he has to hurry. When they were done they got out of the shower and dried off. Ashley then proceeded to brush his teeth while Tommy combed Ashley's pretty Page-boy haircut. After they were both done Tommy picked Ashley up and sat him on the sink. He leaned the boy back and had him hold his legs up so that his butt was available to Tommy. Tommy grinned as he leaned down and licked and tongued the welcoming little boy butt hole to get it wet and slick with spit. After much giggling and squirming Tommy reinserted the buttplug in Ashley so it would be available and within reach when he dumped a creamy load of cum in the little boy later tonight. He then gave the little boy a quick little cockles suck and a kiss before helping him back up and onto the floor. ------------ Chapter 10 Playing games with a lot of 'together time'. ------------ After they got done in the bathroom Tommy and Ashley went to the kitchen to get something to drink. They both got a drink of water to rehydrate from playing in the park then Ashley got a soda while Tommy got a fertility drink. Tommy then asked, "Ok little guy, what do you wanted to do next." Ashley looked at Tommy's big engorged newly pre-cum dripping cock pointing up at the ceiling and said. "Wrestle!" Ashley knew that would surly end with him pinned and the large organ shooting roped of teen cum in his butt or mouth. He went over to Tommy and licked the drool from the teens cock and gave the head a nice hard suck to clean it up. Tommy loved the attention and said with a laugh, "Wrestling ah, I guess we can do that as long as I don't get kicked in the balls." they both laughed. Ashley said, "I promise I won't." "Oh ya, we'll see." Tommy said as he playfully smeared his cock head over the little boys lips and then mushroom stamped him on the nose with the drooling teen cock. They both giggled and Tommy ran out of the kitchen with Ashley chasing after. When they got to the living room they took the cushions off of the couch and lay them on the floor. Their wrestling was mostly Tommy tickling Ashley as Ashley climbed all over Tommy. Tommy was much bigger and would pin Ashley in bendy upside-down positions, rubbing his teen cock on the boys face and butt or tea bagging the little boy. This would include Tommy making a sloppy mess of the boy's face smacking him on the cheek or the nose witch his horny precum drooling cock. They both got tired of that when they couldn't breath because they were laughing so much. Then Ashley would rub his cocklet on Tommy's face or butt or against Tommy's cock. After a while of this Tommy was lying down and Ashley was sitting on Tommy's legs with their cocks together. Ashley was amusing himself, sword fighting Tommy with his little cock. Tommy's cock was making a mess of the two as it was still dripping pre-cum, smearing it across the two as they wrestled. Tommy said, "Ok enough, how about some video game cuddle time?" Ashley's eyes lit up and he went to the TV to set up the console while Tommy put the cushions back on the couch. Tommy sat on the couch and reached for some astro glide lube that was on the coffee table. He didn't really need any lube but it could only help the process. Seeing this Ashley removed his butt plug and put it on the coffee table. After Tommy lubed up his cock and glans, he took one of the controllers Ashley was holding and then helped the little boy onto his lap. The boy spread his silky smooth buns with one hand and held the controller with the other. Tommy held the controller with one hand and the boy around the waist with his other arm. Soon they wiggled together and the slippery teen glans of the relief needing vainy cock found the velvety winking pink sphincter of Ashley's butt and began to sink in. Ashley and Tommy both moaned as the little boy sank down further and further. Ashley was now stable and spread his legs on the outside of Tommy's, resting all his weight on Tommy's dick and then leaned back against the chest of his teen lover. When Tommy was balls deep in cute little boy pussy and could feel the little boy ball sack resting gently onto his own, he reached around the boy with his own game controller and hit start. Tommy loved this position as much as Ashley because he could now smell the clean boy smell that was intoxicating as he cuddled the boy and they could play video games together. He felt his cock throbbing in this warm little velvety boy pussy as he breathed in deeply the boy scent. They played like this for a while, the whole time Ashley would squirm and milk Tommy with his tight little boy pussy and Tommy would fill up the boy with squishy slimy precum. After each round Tommy would give Ashley a short little fuck. He would bounce Ashley up and down letting him slam back down on the swollen teen cock a few times watching Ashley's pageboy hair fluff out as he humped down on Tommy's cock. They both loved it but soon it would be time for bed. Tommy didn't want to go to bed just yes and decided to change the boys attention to watching some cartoons. They did not have to go to the bedroom to go to sleep. Tommy was just responsible to get the boy to sleep so he could get his rest. Tommy said, "Ok little guy I think that is enough gaming for tonight. Lets put some cartoons on tv and fall asleep cuddling." Ashley felt like he was being cheated out of a good fucking and started to whine that he wanted to play more. Tommy knew what the problem was and began to tickle the boy as he wrestled him into position. Tommy lifted Ashley still impaired on the hard teen cock and moved him around, while standing, so that Ashley was kneeing on the couch. Tommy then held on to Ashley shoulder and began to slide in and out and said, "Is this what you want? A nice long fuck with a creamy ending before bedtime?" Ashley was in heaven and said in a dreamy voice with his eyes rolled back, "Yaaaa, oh ya morrrrrre." Tommy was all too happy to oblige the kid. They both had waited long enough so Tommy began speeding up, slammed balls deep into the little tyke. He could hear the loud slapping sound of his thighs slapping the boy on the butt as he bottomed out, echoing around the room. He also felt his large teen balls slap at the underside of the little boy groin. Tommy grabbed the boy by the hips and fucked as hard as he could while he shot his last load of the night into his little boy love toy. Tommy groaned and leaned over Ashley trying to penetrate him as much as possible, shooing rope after creamy rope of teen jizz in the little boy. Ashley was not in any pain from this and loved it actually. When tommy was done he flipped the boy, still impaled, back onto his lap while he sat down. The two boys kissed as Tommy breathed and gasped deeply trying to catch his breath. After catching his breath he said to Ashley between kisses, "Wow..., did anyone ever tell you that you have a really nice, really sweet, really soft boy pussy?" Ashley blushed and hugged Tommy answering his question with a dreamy voice, "You say that every week.". Tommy snuggled the boy to his chest and said "It's true." as he laid down on the couch he reached up and pulled a knitted afghan, draped over the couch, onto the two. Tommy held Ashley while he was still impaled on his now deflating cock as Ashley leaned forward and got the remote off of the coffee table. Ashley changed the channel to cartoons and leaned back to cuddle with Tommy's hug as they watched. Tommy kissed and nibbled the little boy as they watched cartoons. They were both getting tired so Tommy whispered to Ashley while kissing him and stroking his body, "Why don't we 69 until we fall asleep? That way I can give your cock some attention while we rest." Ashley was all for this, but Tommy had to hold the little boy still or he would pop off of his lap and make a messy cum stain on the carpet. He said "Wohhh, hold on, I need to clean you up and put your butt-plug in." Tommy being the good babysitter he was rolled the little bundle of joy over until he was face down and gently pulled his semi-stuff cock out with a pop. Tommy took a baby wipe from the end table next to the couch and wiped the boys butt. He took his time making sure to get all the sticky cum and butt juice that started to drip out. He then inserted the plug in Ashley's already closing hole. Now that he was clean and plugged, Tommy kept the bubble butt parted and leaned down giving the little boy a long lick from his balls up his crack. Ashley loved it but could not hold still and jumped up giggling like he was being tickled. Tommy looked at Ashley with a sly grin and said "mmmm tasty." as he used another wipe to clean his cock of little boy anal juice. Tommy then laid down and Ashley climbed up on the teen. Tommy positioned the boy so he could bury the little boy cock and balls in his mouth. Once he had Ashley in position he said "Good night Ashley." and then started to suck and tongue the little boy cock and balls. Tommy thought what a wonderful flavor as he lazily toyed the boys genitals with his tongue. Ashley was not tall enough for a real 69 so he could not suck Tommy's semi-stiff cock. He watch it pulse as he felt Tommy suck his little cock and flick the balls with his tongue. Ashley reached out and put his hand on Tommy's cock like a safety blanket he needed to cuddle as he fell asleep watching TV getting a blowjob. ------------ Chapter 11 Mommy's home ------------ To be continued... 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