Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Date: Apr 05 2019 Subject: Jenning's Family Values 1 (Fg, gg, FFgg, gg, ffgg, extreme-ped, inc, ped, exob, nudist) Author: Adam Cunny ( Credit: Credit goes to Silent Steps for creating this series. BTC Donation: 1KansasB34uNHqcphXPsfkLB8qDLHhyRxU -------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons living or deceased is entirely coincidental. If you are under eighteen years old, or if it is illegal in your community to read explicit stories depicting sex between adults and minors, or if you are offended by such material, close this and go do something else. Do not contact me attempting to arrange illegal activities or the trading of illegal material. In short, let's keep this legal - that way, we can keep it fun. Thank you. -------------------------------------------------- Abigail Jennings Grand Mom 44 Zoey Jennings Mom 32 Heather Jennings mom 31 Erin Jennings Daughter 10 Lucy Jennings Daughter 8 Anna-Lee Jennings Daughter 8 Sam Jennings Daughter 6 Episode 1. A day in the life Episode 2. Remembering Episode 3. Neighbors Episode 4. A trip to the Mall Episode 5. Grandma's Birthday Episode 6. Scouts, Sprouts, and Brownies; oh my ------------ Chapter 1 ------------ Erin Jennings woke up to the warm squirming of her naked little sister Sam. Sam had slept in her big sister's bed again last night. Sam began sleeping in her older sister's bed right after she was potty trained. She rely looked up to her big sister in more than one way. She could sleep with anyone in the family or alone on her own bed if she wanted to but she preferred to sleep/cuddle with her big sister. So most night the two little girls got naked and cuddled under the warm blankets kissing and petting each other's sweet pussy. The other two sisters Lucy and Anna-Lee were snuggled up in each-other's arms like lovers. In fact they were lovers; two little 8 year old lesbian lovers. Incest lovers at that. You see they had the same daddy, but different mothers. Their mothers were biological sisters that also enjoyed lesbian activities with each other. So it was not surprising that their 4 little daughters had a strong craving for pussy. The room that the 4 girls shared was a little messy and smelled of little girl-pussy, cherry-blossom and lube. It was littered with dolls little princess dress-up clothes and jewelry. Erin thought back to last night and looking past her little sister's fluffy blond hair saw the little-girl pussy and butt plugs laying on the nightstand. On the bedside nightstand the girl's 4 silver and 4 polymer vibrator plugs sat ready to be reinserted. The girls' mothers spared no expense and got the girls whatever sex toys they asked for. Erin pulled the squirming snuggling little girl to her naked front; feeling the little girls supple baby-soft butt cheeks in her groping hands. The little girl stirred awake and looked up into her loving big sister's eyes. Erin leaned forward and kissed her little sister on the lips sucking her soft lips open and running her tongue across her own. "Morning pussy breath." Erin said jokingly rubbing her nose over her little sister's in an Eskimo kiss. "You should know, it's your pussy." little Sam replied in a drowsy matter-of-fact tone. "Mmmm, no wonder it tastes so good." Erin moaned. The sisters giggled quietly and Erin began to more aggressively kiss and make out with her little 6 year old sister. The other two sisters, Lucy and Anna-Lee, began to wake from the noises of two girls kissing and making out. Erin being the older more responsible sister that she was reached over and picked up the little girls butt plug from the nightstand. She paused her kissing long enough to suck the plug to get it lubed for her little sister's pink rear entrance. "I don't want to wear my butt plug." The little 6 year old pouted. "Oh come on Sammy, you know you are too small to take a dick in your tight little sweet lesbian pussy. You need to keep your little boy pussy stretched for a man to give you man-milk." The older sister lovingly engaged her little pouting sister in tongue kisses to distract her as she slipped the cool silver anal plug against the little girls tightly closed little pouting pink rosebud. Erin kept the plug firmly seated against her little sister's anal opening, giving the little girl a few moments to relax. Then all at once Erin pushed the plug all the way home, eliciting a cute yelp from the little girl. Erin was ready and muted her by kissing her at the same time. Erin patted her little sister's baby-soft butt and gave the newly re-inserted butt-plug a few pats to stimulate the little girl. Erin then leaned over and picked up her much larger silver butt-plug and put it up to her little 6 year old sister's smiling mouth. Blushing, Sam opened her mouth and sucked on the large mouth-filling bulbous anal toy. Sam slobbered it up for her big sister and when it was wet enough Erin pulled it from her little sister's sucking mouth with a playful pop before slipping it in her own pink well-used anal opening. "I don't want a penis up my butt." Sam wined in her normal little girl pouty way. "Well if you don't take man-milk in your little boy pussy then you need to suck him off and drink it." Erin replied with a laugh knowing the little girl liked sweet tasting girl-pussy too much and had not yet grown accustomed to drinking salty man-milk. "Yuck!" little Sam said making a scrunched up face. "Don't yuck a man's gift of milk Sam. You need it to grow up big strong and smart like me." "I'd rather be a lesbian." Sam replied still giving a pout. "You are a lesbian pachka. Just like me and mommy and all the other little girls. But that doesn't mean you don't love daddy and take your vitamins." "Mmm, ok. I still like wet mommy pussy better." Sam said. "Mmm, me too..." Erin replied before kissing her sister more. "Lucy and Anna are still sleeping, you want to be a good pedo-lesbian to go eat some juicy mommy pussy for breakfast?" Erin said naughtily to her little sister. Sam had a big wet grin from all the kissing and excitedly nodded her head and whispered "Yah." Erin quickly but quietly through the covers off of the two naked girls. They scurried off the bed and then sneakily to the bedroom door. The two cute sisters left behind their little vibrator pussy plugs, where they were going they would not be missing them. The other 2 sisters admitted defeat at not being morning girls and greeted each other with some very sisterly kissing as they held each other close. ---- Erin and Sam went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and bring one to their mothers so they would get their morning juices flowing. After they filled a cup of water each they fast walked down the hall to their mothers' room. The door was ajar and the girls peeked inside seeing that their mothers had not gotten up yet. Erin knocked gently and asked softly, "Mommy we're hungry, can we have some wet sloppy mommy pussy for breakfast?" the girls nagged their own biological mother, who were sleeping together. The two woman took the cup of water from her daughter and drank it down. She then leaned in to kiss her daughter before pulling her daughter up onto the bed. "Oh baby, yes you can but don't get full on sweet pussy. You still need to eat a real breakfast." Heather answered the girls pulling back the blanket to let her daughter Erin crawl under and between her legs. Zoey did the same for her daughter Sammy. The two moms spread their legs and lied back enjoying their little daughter's experienced tongues licking and munching the pussy that created them. Heather and Zoey held hand like lovers as they enjoyed their daughters oral performance. "Did you sleep with Erin last night?" Zoey asked her daughter Sammy as she ran her fingers through the little girls long silky hair. Sammy was almost unheard with all the slurping noise in the room. She nodded and mumbled "uh-hu." with her face buried in her mother's wet pussy. "Good girl." her mother encouraged her. "Did you show her you love her by eat her sweet pussy like a good little lesbian?" Her mother asked as she got wet thinking about her 6 year old daughter's face buried in her big sister's pre-teen pussy. Sammy gave another nod and mumbled "uh-hu... 69" before slurping up more of her mother's juices. Zoey moaned "Oh baby what a good lesbian your becoming. Just like your mothers." as the two mothers looked at each other and smiled. The two women laughed and moaned as they enjoyed feeding their daughters with sweet pedo-mommy pussy juice. After a while of enjoying their daughter's well trained pussy licking skills, Heather turned to Zoey and asked "Switch?" Zoey moaned then nodded, "Yes, lets." "Girls! switch!" she commanded to the two little girls under the blanket. The two little girls had played this game before and obediently stopped slurping their mommy's pussy before giggling as they quickly traded places under the blanket and burying their face in their aunt/mommy pussies and began feasting again. "Ohhh that feels so good... Good girls... mmmm" Heather moaned as she enjoyed the little 6 year old eating her wet pedo-mommy pussy like a well trained lesbian. It wasn't long before the two women orgasmed and their pussies were overflowing with loving juice. The two girls happily swallowed all that they were given. Both Sam and Erin had mommy pussy juice smeared all over their face and running down their chin. After the two mothers were done they switched daughters again a each girl climbed into her mothers bosom enjoying her mother's loving embrace. Being lesbians the women enjoyed licking their daughter's sloppy face clean of the mixed pussy juice. ------------ Chapter 2 ------------ Donations Please :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stories like this are a work of love but not completely free. A lot of effort goes into them and you should always show your appreciation. If you have a few bucks, then please support the author(s) and the site you see them on. 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