Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Date: Jul 11 2018 Subject: Ely's Vacation Episode 3 (Mb, Mb,MMbb , extreme-ped, inc, ped, exob, nudist) Author: Adam Cunny ( Credit: Credit goes to Silent Steps for creating this series. BTC Donation: 1KansasB34uNHqcphXPsfkLB8qDLHhyRxU -------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons living or deceased is entirely coincidental. If you are under eighteen years old, or if it is illegal in your community to read explicit stories depicting sex between adults and minors, or if you are offended by such material, close this and go do something else. Do not contact me attempting to arrange illegal activities or the trading of illegal material. In short, let's keep this legal - that way, we can keep it fun. Thank you. -------------------------------------------------- James Herchel Dad 46 Jake Herchel Son 3 Zack(Zacky) Friend 4 Ely Fletcher Friend 28 Episode 1. Vacation start. Episode 2. Visit the park Episode 3. The walk in the woods. Episode 4. The trip to the beach. Episode 5. For the love of all children. (maybe a shared kiddy bukkake among giggling little boys) Episode 6. The long goodbye. There Ely was suddenly awakened in bed by some slight movement. He quickly realized where he was, he was on vacation in what could only be described as a pedophiles wet dream. He was vacationing as a nudist at the Silent Steps Community in the home of his friend and host James Herchel. It is a community that prides itself on family togetherness with loving and protecting children. Ely realized what had woke him up. It was little Jakey, his hosts little 3 1/2 year old son just laying there sucking his thumb like a cute baby. This cute little nudist boy with the most beautiful all over golden tan was wrapped in Ely's arms snuggled up to his front in the fetus position. What's more is that Ely had his morning chubby firmly planted in the loving cute little boy's rectum. It wasn't by force that Ely ended up there, it was by little Jakey's insistence that his 'uncle Ely' keep him 'full' and penetrated as Jakey slept in his loving uncle's arms. Ely looked down at the little boy angel snuggled in his arms and realized the boy was subconsciously squirming to get into a more comfortable position and had not woken up yet. Ely held the boy lovingly and warmly as his pedo man cock swelled deeply in the little boy's hot wet boy-pussy. He kissed the boy on top of his head enjoying the silky soft blond boy hair and the smell of little boy scent filling his nostrils. Ely then moaned lightly as he felt his balls tighten up and churn with more cum as his cock head flared and dribbled more pre-cum into the little boy's colon. Ely shuddered and whimpered, trying to suppress his moan as not to wake the warm little boy. With how insatiable Jakey was at riding and milking his 'uncle Ely's' cock and balls, it was no surprise the any man why Ely just wanted to lay and enjoy the moment a little while longer. With the hard cock throbbing and dribbling precum in little Jakey's warm soft boy pussy, Jakey's little boy cock began to harden in response. It would not be long now until little Jake wakes up. Ely gently and lovingly squeezed and pulled the little boy down slowly onto his rock-hard pedo-cock. Ely needed to sink his enraged cock all the way home in this little boy. No self respecting boy loving pedophile could fight such an urge. The firmness of Ely movements caused little Jakey to stir awake. He pulled his thumb from his mouth with a little pop and gave a big stretch for such a little boy. Ely held the boy firmly on his cock and felt the boy's anus and stretched rosebud squeeze his cock as the boy stretched. Oh what a wonderful feeling Ely thought as he moaned with the little boy stretching. Ely lovingly stroked the boy's naked golden tan hips and beautiful bubble butt. "Good morning beautiful boy, did you sleep well?" Ely whispered in the little angel's ear before kissing him on the cheek. "Mmmhh humm" "Good... good..." Ely said lovingly petting the boy's blond page-boy hair and scooping it out of his eyes. "You want to help 'uncle' Ely with draining his balls this morning?" "Mmmhh humm" Jakey repeated, answering like is was the most normal question. "Good boy... mmmmhhh" Ely said encouragingly and ended with a moan. Ely rolled into a sitting position and then maneuvered little Jakey on his lap to face him. He crouched down and began to make out with the little boy with his fully hard cock still firmly implanted in the little boy's soft butt. Ely then laid back and little Jakey put his hand on his 'uncle Ely's' chest as he humped himself up and down on the stiff pedo cock. "That's a good boy, we don't want 'uncle' Ely to get blue-balls do we." "No." Jakey said softly with a moan as he lazily slid back down on Ely's stiff pedo dick with a shudder. Ely automatically began to play with little Jakes hard little cocklet, stroking it playfully for the little boy. He looked up at the smiling little golden skinned boy humping up and down sleepily on his cock and it made him even more horny. His dick swelled with lust and he gave out a whimpered moan as his little snuggle buddy happily milked his uncle's cock with his sweet little boy pussy. Having his uncle Ely moan was music to little Jakes ears. All little kids of the community liked to have control over the adults in some way or another. It was best to share sex with an adult and have a very loving relationship. After several more shuddering moans Ely said softly "Jakey baby, can I fuck you and fill you now?" as he lovingly stroked the little boy's arms and shoulders with a pleading look in his face. Jakey sat up and continued his little hopping humping action. "Ok" the little boy replied waiting to see what his 'uncle' had in mind. "Thank you." Ely replied softly and then leaned the boy back on the bed with a pillow under his head. He then picked up both of the boys legs and rolled them back to the little boy chest. Jakey knew this position well and held his legs back for his 'uncle' Ely. Ely got them both comfortable and began to slowly and lovingly piston into the little boy's slick precum lubed boy pussy. Jakey's little boy hole was so well trained, used and stretched that Ely sank in without any impedance. Before he himself picked up speed and had his way with this willing little cuddle bunny, he heard bed-springs squeaking and skin slapping from the other room down the hall. Ely and Jakey, listening to this erotic sound, looked in each other's eyes and began to giggle. "It sounds like your daddy is up and Zacky is helping him with his big fat cum-bloated daddy-balls." Ely began to pick up speed and more roughly fuck the little boy. He pinned the boy down so he did not move as he made the same skin-slapping sounds of his hips and balls smacking the little boy's bubble-butt. "Maybe after breakfast your father and I can swap boys and make sure you boys get a double filling." Ely said as he lovingly pistoned his cock into little Jake. Eliciting little yelps between little boy giggles and moans. "Here it cums Jakey! Squeeze me and milk me!" he yelled to the little boy as he humped deeply into the little boy. The head of his cock punched the little boy's prostate and as his balls slapped loudly and wet against Jakey's little bubble butt. Jakey had drool dripping out the corner of his mouth from the boy-gasmic fucking 'uncle' Ely was giving him. Thick ropes of pearly white jizz erupted from Ely's cock and quickly filled little Jake's anus with hot sloppy man-boy love juice. Ely shuddered and moaned as his orgasm took over the he breed the little boy pussy lovingly pinned under him. Ely thrust his cock deeply till he was buried to the root with each powerful squirt of jizz. "Wow... What an orgasm..." Ely said as he lied next to the little boy still joined at the hip. "Wow uncle Ely, you squirted a lot. I'm so full and squishy inside." the boy said with amusement as he poked at his tummy playfully. "Yes you are, full of just the right stuff. A big load of pedo-jizz and a big stiff pedo-mans dick." Ely said loudly and proudly whilst still cuddling and kissing the little boy. Jakey giggled and laughed as Ely tickled him and they both enjoyed the union of man-boy. After a little while of orgasmic bliss Ely sat up pulling the little boy to the sitting position also. "We should go get breakfast, but first we need to get you plugged so you don't loose any of your man milk feeding." --------- Ely sat on the chair with little Zack firmly planted on his cock. James sat right in front of him with his son Jake sat upon his daddy's loving warm wet cock. With both boys facing each other they were in the perfect position to play kissing games as their adult play-mate played with his boys little cock. The men stroked and played with the little boy in their lap as they chatted about the weather and news. The boys never seemed to stop squeezing their little love tunnels when they have a man lover invading it. "You picked a great week to visit. It's supposed to be sunny all week and today I thought we would take a trip to the woods." James said as we watch the boys kissed and make out lovingly. James stroked his boy's warm silky skin enjoying the feeling as he made eye contact with Ely. Ely was doing the same to little Zack as he excitedly watched the little boys make out. Ely moaned with love as little Zack's tight boy-pussy gripped and firmly milked Ely's cock. After Ely collected himself he leaned in and softly kissed Zack's head and shoulder then says softly next to the little boy's ear, "Well Zack's tight little boy-pussy likes the idea of going camping in the woods. What fun things do you do there?" Ely was rewarded with the Zack's very experienced boy-pussy uncontrollably pulsating and contracting around Ely's hard 8" pedo-dick. Ely moaned then sighed with delight as he and the boy naturally pleasured each other. "Mostly go hiking in the nude of-corse, catch fireflies, eat s-mores, do sing alongs around the campfire and sleep out under the stars, it's very romantic, isn't that right boys." James said with the little boys giggling to some sort of inside joke. "Then their are all the little sprouts and scouts that may need a good fucking along the way." James said with a grin petting his boy's hair lovingly before nibbling at his neck playfully. "Romantic?" Ely asked. "Oh yes. Many of the teenage boys take their girlfriend or little boyfriend camping out under the stars." "With a full moon the girls just swoon and the boys get extra horny like a ware-wolf." James explained with a laugh. "They make-love all night sometimes, isn't that right boys." Both of the boys had a dreamy look in their eyes and moaned "mmm Daddy..." in response, obviously having experienced an all night love session under the big moon with their own daddy. Ely moaned and stood up with little Zack firmly planted to the hilt on his large 8" man cock and with little boy legs dangling. He spun around and landed the boy's feet on the couch and leaned the boy over to hold onto the back for stability. Zack squealed then giggled at the sudden change in position. Ely gripped the little boy by his golden-tanned plump butt cheeks with his large man hands. Ely began to fuck the little boy firmly and lovingly as Jakey and his dad watched. Ely closed his eyes and let the feeling of making love to this little boy take him over. Remembering what the Zacky's mother said about the boy needing a boy lover, Ely firmly and rapidly jack-hammered away at the little boy's sweet squishy boy-pussy. His firm thrusts send his balls slapping against the boy's soft golden tan butt, filling the room with the sound of man-boy love-making. Ely roared with purpose as he imagined this little boy, silhouetted in the moonlight, riding his hard pedo-cock all night long. Hi cock spasmed and gushed more pre-cum lube at the thought. It wouldn't be long now before he fulled this soft little boy-pussy with his 'uncle' love milk. "Oh, uncle, Ely, love, me, harder. Love, me, deeper." The boy said punctuating each word with each thrust of Ely's well nourished pedo-cock. What a miracle the community fertility drink was Ely thought as the tingle in his balls let him know they were ready to feed this lovely young boy. Little Zacky began to boy-gasm and Ely lost it. His heavy cum bursting balls swelled with purpose and pulled up tight as he began to cum with the little boy. His pedo-loving-cock fired off volley after volley of mind-blowing gushers of cum. There was so much cum that it leaked out and was running down the inside of Zacky's leg before Ely was even done shooting. Seeing this James reached over and scooped up some the the escapee cum with his finger and offered it to Jakey. Jaked happily opened his mouth and accepted his daddy's offering. When his dad's creamy-cum coated finger was past his lips he closed his lips and wrapped his tongue around it enjoying he taste. Jakey immediately had a cat getting the cream grin on his face. James repeated the process 2 more times as Ely continued the pump the Zack's little-boy-pussy throughout his post orgasmic bliss. Ely now exhausted from the vigorous pedo love making, picked the boy up by his waist and collapsed on the couch with the boy sat atop his lap. Zack yelped when his sensitive well used boy-pussy came crashing down on Ely's cock and the two breather heavy trying to catch their breath. Zack laid back limply against Ely's hot sweaty chest as Ely wrapped his arm around the Zack and held the hot sweaty boy close. Zack picked up his legs and rested them astride the outside of Ely's and let his little boy cock and balls rest on Ely's much larger ball sack. ----------- "Lets sun lube the boys and go now before you recover and are unable to walk." James said jokingly. Sitting on the floor Indian-style like yesterday James announced, "Ok boys! Time to get sun lubed before we go to the woods." Taking his queue Ely sat on the floor Indian-style also and received Zacky into his lap. James had little Jakey sitting on his lap with his big daddy-dick right were it belonged. James and Ely shared the SunLube sunscreen bottle back and forth as they lubed up their respective little boy lover. In no time at all the boys were all sun screened and lubed. James then instructed the boys to go to Jakey's room and put in new overnight butt plugs for camping and they would stop by Zacky's house to pickup his plug and let his mom and dad know they would be camping out under the stars tonight. --------- "Oh, how romantic laying out under the stars and filling some kiddy pussy with your love cream." Zack's mother gushed at her little boy, so proud that he was going to get the loving he deserved. "You make sure you thank Mr Ely and Mr James real good in the morning." She said with a wink. "Oh and James, please make sure Zack says his prayers and worships a cock before bedtime." Zacks mother added very motherly. James assured her, "Don't worry I will make sure he says his prayers and worships real good before bed, just like a good little boy." and scratched his plump balls as his long dangling cock chubbed up.