Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Date: Jul 11 2018 Subject: Ely's Vacation Episode 2 (Mb, Mb,MMbb , extreme-ped, inc, ped, exob, nudist) Author: Adam Cunny ( Credit: Credit goes to Silent Steps for creating this series. BTC Donation: 1KansasB34uNHqcphXPsfkLB8qDLHhyRxU -------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons living or deceased is entirely coincidental. If you are under eighteen years old, or if it is illegal in your community to read explicit stories depicting sex between adults and minors, or if you are offended by such material, close this and go do something else. Do not contact me attempting to arrange illegal activities or the trading of illegal material. In short, let's keep this legal - that way, we can keep it fun. Thank you. -------------------------------------------------- James Herchel Dad 46 Jake Herchel Son 3 Ely Fletcher Friend 28 Episode 1. Vacation start. Episode 2. Visit the park Episode 3. The walk in the woods. Episode 4. The trip to the beach. Episode 5. For the love of all children. (maybe a shared kiddy bukkake among giggling little boys) Episode 6. The long goodbye. "Wake up 'uncle' Ely!" little 3 1/2 year old Jakey yelled excitedly as he jumped on Ely's bed trying to wake the older man up. Ely looked up at the cute little boy jumping on his bed and was mesmerized by the little cock wagging up and down as the little boy jumped. Ely was then gifted with the boy landing on his hands an knees with his cute bubble boy butt facing Ely. The sight of the boy wearing his sparkly butt plug and wagging his bum at Ely had an immediate effect on him. He quickly stretched and then threw the bed sheet off of himself. With his hard morning cock at full erection he pounced on the naked little boy and began to wrestle and kiss the giggling boy all over. Unable to control himself Ely tugged on the little boy butt plug to see if Jake would complain. Jake spread his legs and giggled as he looked over his shoulder to Ely. Taking that as a sign of approval Ely pulled the plug fully from it's hot confines with an audible pop. Jake squealed and giggled at his comfort-toy butt-plug quick removal. Ely smiled at the boy's playfulness then spreading the cute deep tanned butt cheeks. He noticed the boy had a tan that ran all the way down to his now gaping pink rosebud of an anus. It was obvious that the boy never wears clothes and that there was no-where that sun didn't shine on this little pedo wet dream. Ely then quickly leaned down and licked the boy's gaping hole savoring the taste of a clean boy butt. Jakey squealed happily in response. After Ely deposited enough natural lube on the boys beautiful sweet anus he positioned himself and planted his now leaking cock-head at the entrance of his friend's loving son's hot ass. Ely held one of Jakes legs back to his chest to keep him split and open. He then looked pleadingly into the giggling little boy's eyes as he began to sink his hard adult cock into the little boy's hot love tunnel pussy. Ely enjoyed the sight of the boy's deep tanned cheeks splitting and his hard cock sinking into the pink ring of little boy-pussy. "MMmmm oh god yes this is what I need in the morning." Ely said as a few more inches of his cock were buried in the little 3 1/2 year old's soft and stretchy boy pussy. Jake giggled and moaned in reply, as he knew his hot little boy pussy had that effect on men, and teen boys for that matter. "Mmmm ya me too." Jakey added dreamily as Ely hugged the little boy closer. Ely not satisfied and needing some relief pulled out a few inches and shuddered. He then gripped the boy's shoulder and hip pinning the boy to the bed as he firmly sank his hard man dong back into the little boy, where it belongs. "Oh Jakey, I'm afraid if I move my cock it will explode too soon." "It's OK that's what daddy sent me in here for." "He said you get to go first and he would take sloppy seconds." Jakey giggled. Ely's cock throbbed and he felt dizzy with lust. He began to uncontrollably thrust his hips forward just a little bit. After a moment he snapped out of it and looking longingly into the little boy's eyes he leaned down and kissed him. Jakey's little cock began to harden and did not go unnoticed by Ely. Maybe he was a little gay boy Ely thought. Being courteous Ely said, "Thank you for accepting my pedo love Jakey. You truly are a wonderful little boy." before he began to hump the little boy with steady 6 inch strokes. Jake giggled at Ely openly calling himself a pedophile. Jake thought nothing of playing with a naked man, he played naked with his father every day. Boy lover pedophiles were the most fun to play with. If you suck them or make them cum, they'll let you get away with anything. In no time at all Ely was teetering on orgasm and was about to unload when Jake said, "Uncle... Ely... you... can... pound... me... harder... than... that.... I... can... take... it..." his words punctuated by each thrust of his man lover's pistoning cock. Needing no further invitation Ely firmly pinned the boy down against the bed as he picked up speed and force. Ely's fucking of this little boy's hole got enjoyably louder with the noise of skin slapping and little boy moans and yelps echoing out the open door and down the hall filling the house with the sound of love. Ely couldn't contain himself any longer and unloaded copious blasts of thick rich morning cum as deep as he could in the little 3 1/2 year old boy. When he was spent he collapsed over the little boy gently pinning him down in a loving embrace. Ely and Jake breathed heavily after their vigorous love making. "Ok little boy, flip over and ass up. You need to get plugged before you make a mess." With Ely's guidance, Jakey was rolled over with Ely's pedo cock still embedded in his anus. Ely found the little boy's butt-plug on the bed next to them and picked it up. He then leaned in slowly with his sensitive cock to get one last feel of tight boy-pussy before he pulled out. Ely masterfully swapped his cock with the butt-plug and let Jakey go. Jakey climbed back up on nimble little boy legs and began hopping and bouncing on Ely's bed like a trampoline once again. This time his little boy stiffy bounced along with him. Ely shook off the post orgasm weakness and rolled out of bed. He stood up next the the bed with his now deflated cock hanging limply between his legs. Jake playfully kept jumping on the bouncy guest bed as if nothing had happened. Ely reached over the bed and seized the energetic little boy by the arms pulling him forward a lifting him off the bed. The little boy squirmed and fought to playfully get away until Ely began to kiss him. Ely now awake and drained of his uncomfortable morning cum walked naked with the beautiful nudist boy in his arms to the bathroom to pee. He gave Jake one last kiss and then gently let the boy slide down out of his arms. They both turned to the toilet ball and began to pee. Even though Jake was only 3 1/2 years old he was well trained on keeping clean so after Ely was done Jake quickly sucked on the mans cock head to clean it. Ely then took Jake's hand and they walked to the kitchen naked and with their dicks swinging happily. Ely got a glass of water for himself and a little cup of water for little Jake. He sat next to the boy at the table and enjoyed the beautifully cute naked little boy. Remembering some of the advertisements he saw on the tv yesterday he got up and got a recovery sips drink out of the fridge for little Jake to have before his breakfast this morning. Little Jake happily drank down the little sips pouch while playing with his own little cock. James came into the kitchen soon after. "Good morning." James greeted the two while approaching his son. "Good morning Daddy." Jake said as he looked up to his father to share a morning kiss. James hovered over the little boy and leaned down saying "Good morning baby. I love you." before sharing a quick sweet kiss on the mouth. Ely could still not get over how beautiful the two father and son nudists looked sharing a loving moment. It was made even more enjoyable and beautiful when James pulled away from kissing his son and his large hard daddy cock sprang into the little boys face. Little Jake smiled expectantly, and very comfortably took it in his hand to hold it still as he gave the glans a suck followed by a kiss. "I love you daddy." little Jakey said. His father then turned to his guest and shook his hand. "Good morning Ely, I trust you slept well?" "Oh yes, it's hard to have a problem sleeping when your balls are so well drained." Ely recounted happily the multiple cums he gave Jakey the night before. James asked "Did uncle Ely feed you good this morning?" as his son licked at his flared out swollen glans. Jakey gave a little nod as he keeps licking and then said, "Ya in my pussy." before continuing the cock licking. "Good boy." James said with pride as he pet and stroked his son's messy hair. James being the good host that he is had already begun taking items out of the refrigerator to fix breakfast for all three of them. -- After the plates were set out with food in front of Ely and Jake, James walked up next to Jake. "Ok daddy's turn." James announced as he put his hands under Jake's arm pits in preparation to pick him up. Jake put down his fork in preparation and James quickly picked up his son and sat in the same seat. He then sat his son down on his lap. Little Jakey leaned forward and pushed himself up on the table. It was now that Ely understood what James was doing. He planted his cock at Jake's spread ass and took hold of the anal plug. With practiced deft, James pulled the little-boy butt-plug out and sank his cock head in it's place. James put the butt toy on the table and used both hands to guide his son back onto his lap, fully. "Mmmm good boy." James cooed softly in appreciation of his son. James smiled at Ely, who just stared at the display of natural pedo-boy-love unfolding right in front of him. When Jakey was seated all the way he wiggled down a little bit to get comfortable before picking up his fork and continuing to eat his scrambled eggs. "My pussy feels so full daddy." Jake blurted out. "Wow he's really squishy inside. You really filled him up good this morning Ely, good job." Ely blushed all over and smiled coyly as he took a bite of eggs. The 2 men talked casually about how things were going while Jakey sat smiling with his daddy's cock buried to the hilt in his cute little ass. They talked about what James had planned out for Ely's vacation while little Jakey danced around in his father's lap and squeezed his daddy's hard pedo cock as he nibbled breakfast. Jakey's prostate was being massaged by his daddy's fat flared out cock head. Jakey just loved to practice squeezing and milking his daddy's shaft with his hot squishy kiddy boy-pussy. This caused James to stop and shudder in mid sentence as his cock pulsed out more precum and cum overflow from his balls. Jakey loved having his father by the cock and making him shudder and moan. He also liked when his daddy wrapped his big manly arms around the boy and made him feel safe. It was a fun game for all the boys and girls in the community to play with their lover, be they adult or teen. After they were done eating Jakey got anxious and wanted to go play. James noticed the boy fidgeting in his lap and asked lovingly, "Do you want to go play in the play room?" Jakey being bored with the adult talk looked up as his daddy and nodded yes. Jamed rubbed his son's shoulders and arms and replied, "Ok let daddy finish his cummy and you can go play." With that James scooted out the chair he was sitting on and with his son firmly perched on his hard pedo-daddy cock he laid his son face first on the table. Making sure the boy was comfortable for the moment he then braced Jakey's hips at the edge of the table and spread the little boy's golden tanned buns with his strong hands. He moaned as he began to fuck the little boy slowly and firmly built up his orgasm. Ely watched the lazy smile expression on Jakey's face as his father quite firmly fucked his son's happy little boy pussy like a little girl. It only took a minute or 2 for the already horny man to build up his orgasm and start firing his thick daddy cum into his 3 1/2 year old son's velvety soft boy pussy. He fired off squirt after squirt of cum moaning and thrusting his boy to the hilt as Jake gave out little yelps to his daddy's thrusts, and his little prostate rang his little boy bell. Ely watched in aww as the little boy happily accepted getting fucked on the kitchen table by his daddy while their guest watched. Lolling and drooling on the table as his daddy bred the little boy. James relaxed and stroked his little boy's back and cute tanned buns saying soothing words of "Good boy" and "Daddy loves your sweet little pussy." He then looks at Ely and says "Hand me his plug would ya." snapping Ely out of his drooling slack jaw coma. Ely quickly snapped out of his stupor and handed the man his son's little-boy butt-plug and watched as he expertly swaps his still swollen pedo-daddy-cock with the cute little boy-butt-plug. James then gently and playfully smacks Jake's cute little buns and says, "Ok love bug your filled for breakfast, go play and come get a refill if you need it. Daddy and uncle Ely will be ready." Jakey giggles at the playful spanking and hops off the table and lands on the floor. The giggling boy scampered away, bow legged, to go play with his toys in his play room. --------------------- A good while later... --------------------- "Well I thought we might visit the park for a little while today." James mentioned to Ely "There are a few different parks around the community but we always go to the nudist one closest to us, it'a only a couple of streets over." "They even have towels for the kids to use on the slide without getting skin burned." "Oh how thoughtful." Ely replied, clearly impressed by the thought that went into protecting the kids. --------------- "Jakey! Come get sunscreen and your sandals. 'Uncle' Ely's and I are taking you to Fountain Park!" "K! Daddy!" Jakey yelled from the padded floor of the play room. He got up and came bounding out of the room as fast as his little legs would take him and ran right up to 'uncle' Ely. Jakey collided with his faux uncle by jumping on his back like he was getting a piggy back ride. Thankfully he didn't crush his little boy balls, since they hadn't even dropped yet. But he did share with Ely his little boy-excitement honey-dew leaking from his little boy stiffy. "Time for your SunLube(tm) little guy." James said as he squirted some sun screen in his hand and handed the bottle to Ely to use on his own body. James sat on the floor Indian style and signaled for Jakey to came sit in his lap. Clearly they do this often and little Jakey had no problem getting into position. Jake squatted over his daddy's lap and reached under himself to steady the man's dick as he sank down onto it. After his son was sitting spoon with his daddy, James began to lovingly run his hands all over his son's body, working the white sun screen into his glowing golden brown skin until it disappeared. James didn't miss a spot, even getting his son's arm pits. Taking a moment to look at the squirt bottle Ely noticed it did indeed say 'SunLube - Keeps Skin soft and heathy while keeping daddy hard.' Well now how can you argue with that Ely said to himself as he squirted some in his hand and began to lube up. He handed the bottle back to James to finish up sunscreening his son. James' hands roamed all over the boy's golden skin touching every corner of exposed skin and even the unexposed parts. He leaned back as he held the boys feet together with one hand, pulling up the boy's knees separated and his nether regions were exposed. James happily wiped the SunLube sun screen between the little boy's golden brown cheeks and little stiff cocklet. He made sure to get it under the butt-plug and coating the little boy's pink rosebud, because his son would most likely not be wearing it later and needed to keep his little anus protected from the harsh sun's rays. James then played with and messaged his boy's feet making sure to protect them with sun screen as well. James let the boys feet go and gave his son a quick kiss on the cheek. Jakey turned his head to his father for more smooching and father and son shared a much longer, deeper, wetter and more loving father-son smooch. After Jakey was done he got up off of his father's lap and sank to his knees in front of his father and began to suck his daddy's cock. James smiled down at his little boy and squirted some sunscreen in his hand to cover his own skin as his son played with and nursed on daddy's cock. He got Jakey to quit sucking and milking his daddy's dick and began to sunscreen that beautiful sensitive organ as well. After James was done he got up and said, "Jakey honey go get your jewelry on and we can go." with his always present smile. "K daddy!" Jakey exclaimed as he ran with little cocklet bouncing up and down as he an out of the room. "Jewelry?" Ely asked. "Wait and see." James replied. Little Jakey came back into the room a little while later wearing a cute little belly-chain with his name and age on it. It showed multiple times so you could read it no matter what position you were fucking him. He had a little cross necklace and a anklet with the symbol of dicks and boy-boy sex symbols hanging from it. After Ely picked his jaw up off the floor the three proceeded to put on their sandals and walk with stiff sky-pointing cocks waving, hand in hand with little Jake in the middle, off to the nearby park. As they walked on the sidewalk through the neighborhood, Ely noticed that there were many folks in this part of the neighborhood that were nudists. He got an eye-full of cute little naked girls and boys running around the yards and playing basket ball in a few of the driveways. Some of the very young little girls had the most beautiful fat little cunny's and it made Ely drool to think he would probably be getting a taste of such a wonderful treasure later on in his visit. Most of the boys had large dangling cocks for their age. A few houses had fathers or sometimes older brothers lounging nude on a porch chair or porch swing, and had a little boy or girl firmly and lovingly impaled on their hard cock. As Ely watched they would notice him and wave pleasantly, sharing the sight of family love. Ely and James passed a few pregnant mother's with long stretched pussies and big distended wombs. It was so beautiful to see a nudist woman with no bush and pregnant as can be walk with a toddler in her arms breast feeding the baby. As they walked by one of the yards Jakey saw one of his friends and ran over to say hi. The two boys greeted each other by hugging and kissing on the lips. "Do all boys kiss like that in the community?" "If they are good friends they do." "Wow" "Zack this is my uncle Ely, he's from the outside and is staying with us for a while." Jake said excitedly. "Hi, mister Ely." little Zack said as he came closer and Ely replied with "Hello Zack." Zack then proceeded to grab Ely by his hard dick and point it down to his big soft pink cock sucking lips and suck the wet head of Ely's cock, licking the pre-cum dribble. The boy then pointed the cock up out of the way and licked from the balls, back up the shaft to the head licking the pre-cum dribble as he went. He then ended with a kiss on Ely's cock head. He then nonchalantly went to James and did the same. What a wonderful way for little boys to meet people, Ely thought. "Thank you Zacky." James said and leaned down to kiss the boy tasting the fresh man juice on his lips. "We're going to the park, want to come." Jakey over excitedly invited Zack. "Oh, I don't know Jakey. His daddy may have other plans for him tonight." James said learing at the boy hungrily. "Nuh'uh my daddy is making a baby with mommy tonight." Zack said matter-of-factually. "Well in that case Zacky, lets go ask your mom and dad if we can take you to the park." James said knowingly. The group walked to the front door and nude little Zacky invited them in. His parents were taking a break from their lovemaking and were sitting on the couch in the living room. "Mom; dad; can I go play at the park with Jakey." their son asked hugging his naked friend next to him. Seeing their neighborhood friend James Herchel and his cute son Jakey, both parents were relieved that Zackey did not go off without telling them. "Well honey I don't know, is it ok with you James?" "Sure thing Glen, I don't mind baby sitting your beautiful little tyke." James replied as he pulled on his balls to relieve the tension. "I also have help today." James said as he gestured to Ely standing naked in a complete stranger's living room. "This is Ely. He is a friend from outside that's visiting me for a little while." James said, patting Ely on the shoulder, as he introduced Ely to some friends of his. "Pleased to meet you Ely." Glen and his wife Helen said in turn as they shook hands. "Well Glen, little Zackey let it slip you two are working on another beautiful baby. Congratulations." "Well yes we love each other very much and want to do whats best for the Community." "I bring it up because I could host a sleepover for the boys and have Zackey stay over tonight if you'd like." "Well that would be great, we are not putting you out are we?" "No no. Think nothing of it. Besides my friend Ely can help." "Is that right Ely? Are you a boy lover? Will you keep my son safe tonight?" Helen said playfully in a salutary voice. Ely went from chubbed up to fully erect as her words sank in. "aaa... Ya.a.. I'll keep him safe Helen." Ely replied with his voice a little horse. Helen laughed and reached out giving Ely's newly re-hardened cock a squeeze and a few strokes saying, "Zackey doesn't sleep with just anyone. He needs a confirmed boy lover to cuddle with at night. Are you an experienced boy lover Ely?" Ely was weak in the knees and shuddered at her words and her stroking his dick as he replied "Yeessss..." "Good!" she said and let go of his cock abruptly. Her fingers were wet with precum and she put her fingers out for little Zacky to lick clean. He leaned in and licked the pre-cum dribble from his mom's fingers as everyone watched. "Well you four have a good time at the park." Glen said as he hugged his wife close to him. "We will, and you 2 have a good time making that beautiful new baby." James said as they departed. --------------------- Two boys and Two men walked hand in hand down to the park. When they arrived James had the boys give Ely and himself a kiss before running off. "Ok boys give us a kiss before you go." James said as he squatted down on the heels of his feet with his legs spread and his hard wet pedo cock pointing skyward. Ely copied the position of his friend and was happy he did. First Jakey went between his father's legs and kissed him on the mouth while little Zack did the same with Ely. The boys hugged real close and took hold of their man's cock. When the boys were done with the kiss they leaned down and gave a single suck and a kiss to their man's glans. The boys then traded places and repeated the same kissing and dick head kissing before running off to go play. The two men watched as the boy's golden buns bounced and their cute little butt plugs peaked out as they ran. "Mmmm so beautiful." James said to Ely referring the the 2 naked boys. "Those kids are good kissers for just 3 1/2 years old." Ely said as a comment to how much he was enjoying himself. "They are good everything!" James said sexual gesturing down to his hard cock in a joking tone. "I know that's right!", Ely replied as both men broke out laughing. Both men laughed as they began walking through the park. As they walked James and Ely enjoyed the sight of so many naked nudist boys and girls, both little and a little older, just running around playing. If Ely didn't know better, then at first glance he would think this is a normal nudist park. There were a bunch of older kids aged 8-14 playing frisbee in an open space. Their were a bunch of naked kids climbing all over the jungle-gym play-set. There were many kids and adults sitting on blankets under the trees picnicking and cuddling. There were many swings on the swing-set and many had two kids to a swing. It gave a whole new meaning to "Push me! push me!". Most of the swings had a larger teen or young adult boy on the bottom and a little kid impaled on his hard pedo cock as they swung. Ely thought that must be great to have your hard cock be pushed into the little kids by the extra gravity. Ely's cock stiffened at all the beautiful sights. His dick throbbed and swung lewdly in front of him as he walked. "It's wonderful, don't you think?" James asked Ely knowingly. "Yes, very much so." Ely replied in aw as they walked. They ended up at a large pool with a large central fountain that sprayed water into they air. The fountain was tastefully shaped in the image or 3 large skyward pointing penises and fat balls underneath. There were cute statues of naked angel babies sitting atop the balls whilst hugging a penis and kissing it. The penises sprayed water up into the air and it poured over the cherubs and balls splashing outward. There were many naked kids and a few adults playing in the water. Many woman sat together in groups on the edge of the pool with their feet in the cool water as they chatted and breast-fed the children. It turned out that the women would nurse any child or baby that wanted to cuddle in their lap. There were a few men that could be found lovingly nursing a child on their daddy cock. James took Ely to a seating area so that they could sit comfortably with their feet in the summer warm yet refreshing water. It wasn't long before one of the little girls came running through the shallow water and excitedly yelled "Daddy James!" James being sweet on this little girl replied happily, "Hello Clair, I'm so happy to see you today. My, you and your cunny look beautiful today." "Oh, Daddy James thank you! Can we cuddle? Pleeeeassss?" she asked excitedly reaching for his hardening cock. She deftly stroked it and her excitement was infectious. Clearly the two were familiar. "Why, yes honey I always like to cuddle a beautiful little pussy like you." James said and the little girl was clearly buttered up by his remark. She quickly began to climb into his lap facing him. He helped her up and planted his cock against her pussy lips and held onto her cute butt to steady her. James slowly pulled her forward down onto his cock. The cute little child wagged and pumped her legs energetically as she enjoyed her penetration. Ely smiled as he watched the loving sight unfold next to him. James turned to his friend and said, "This is a great place to get some girl pussy when it's warm out." Ely just nodded in agreement and looked around to see if he could attract a little girl to cuddle and make her feel warm and safe in his arms. "Clair this is my friend Ely. Say hello." James instructed as he firmly pressed her hips down planting his hard dick a little deeper. Clair shuddered and after composing herself reached out and pulled on Ely's arm. She said "Hello Ely. Pleased to meet you." as she leaned over to give Ely a kiss. Ely leaned in to share the hello kiss with this little girl and replied, "Why hello there, Clair it's nice to meet you." Ely began to get hard all over again and this time it wasn't going down. If he didn't get some relief soon he was going to get blue balls. Ely quickly locked eyes with a very cute little asian girl. She had noticed him sitting with James and figured if he was a friend of James then that was good enough for her. Alina came over to where the two were sitting, she had her long shiny black hair in a ponytail and a hair-bow to accent her cuteness. She wore a cute little anklet on her left foot and gold neckless with a gold cross on it. Alina was a cute girl for sure but was also a bit shy with people she did not know. Luckily James knew this and upon spotting her called out to her. "Alina honey come meet my friend Ely!" Being invited over made it much easier for her to approach. She waded over through the shallow fountain water and shyly went to Jame's side away from Ely. She hugged next to him and gave him a kiss. James kissed her back and reached out to cop-a-feel of her little wet cunny and fluffy mound. She hugged onto his arm after they were done kissing hello and James continued to stroke and finger her horny little wet pussy. "Alina I'd like you to meet my friend Ely, he's from the outside." James said to the little girl softly. Alina, as shy as ever looked over and said "Hi... Mr. Ely..." ever so timidly. "Alina! He's not going to bite you or rape you or hurt you in any way." James chided the little girl softly. Alina blushed. "Why don't you go over and give him a hello-mister-kiss, I know you learned about them in school." James said taking his hand away from her sweet pussy and nudging her on the hip. As Alina walked through the shallow water, over to Ely, James put his fingers in him mouth and tasted the sweet taste of asian kiddy pussy. He licked his fingers and winked at Ely. Alina with her saved up courage stood in front of Ely and said a little shyly "Helloo... mister... Ely." As she took hold of his hard dripping shaft. Ely not knowing what to do put his hand out to hold the little girl but all to quickly she leaned over and took his cock head into her mouth and licked the cum dribble from it. She then gave a great big suck as she squeezed the shaft milking more pre-cum from his cock. Ely moaned and said, "I think I'm in love." She pulled off with a loud audible pop and it made Ely shudder and almost fall over. "Very good girl, Alina!" James complimented the little girl. Alina then hugged up to Ely shyly as Ely hugged her to him. James then added, "Alina honey why don't you ride Ely like Clair and then after you milk Ely with your sweet pussy, he'll go play and swim with you? I'm sure that if you ride him he will do whatever you want." James said with a wink, reminding the little girl of the power her pussy had over men. Clair gave out a moan as James stroked her hair and undulated her up and down on his cock. Alina liked that idea and put her arm up and out for Ely to help her climb onto his lap. Ely helped her climb up onto his lap and push his drooling cock down painfully to get it under the little girl. She sat up and taking hold of it rubbed it at her wet pussy entrance and worked it into her tight hole entrance. Ely's eyes rolled into the back of his head as the tight little girl pussy squeezed his shaft as she sank down. It was the first little girl pussy he had the pleasure of penetrating and it took his breath away. James knew that it was Ely's first little girl pussy and said so "Alina you are so nice. You are mister Ely's first little girl pussy. Now Alina, Ely is a boy lover... Why don't you show him why girl pussy is better." James commented to encourage and egg the little girl on. Ely was well on his way the cumming in this little girl and was doing all he could to make it last for her pleasure. All too soon she was bored and began to hop up and down on Ely's shaft, milking it fully as she did. It was too much for Ely and he began to cum. He tensed up and shot many long ropes of thick fertile cum into the adorable little asian girl and a bunch of it squirted out of her little pussy after it overfilled with Ely's cum. James had already filled Clair and they were sitting together cuddling and kissing as they watched Ely fuck little Alina. Ely hugged the little girl in a bear hug as he enjoyed their intimate snuggle. He instinctively began to kiss the little girl on the neck and nibble at her earlobe as he stayed rooted in her hot little pulsating pussy. Looking over to James he saw the man doing the same thing. Looking a little closer Ely realized that James was giving this little cuddle fuck girl a hickey. After releasing the suction on her neck and smiling as he inspected his work. He looked up to Ely and said with a smile, "You better give little Alina a love bite also, so people can see, it's customary." "Can I take her home?" Ely jokingly asked James. "Time to find the boys, give them a bath and fill their little boy-pussies before we put them to bed." Donations Please :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stories like this are a work of love but not completely free. A lot of effort goes into them and you should always show your appreciation. If you have a few bucks, then please support the author(s) and the site you see them on. Donate to Donate by Bitcoin to AdamCunny: 1KansasB34uNHqcphXPsfkLB8qDLHhyRxU Send Feedback or Appreciation: -------------------------------------------------------------------------