Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Date: Jun 10 2017 Subject: School Photo Day (MFggb -> Mb Fg bg Mgg Fgg Fbg, extreme-ped, inc, ped, exob) Author: Adam Cunny ( Credit: Credit goes to Silent Steps for creating this series. BTC Donation: 1KansasB34uNHqcphXPsfkLB8qDLHhyRxU -------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons living or deceased is entirely coincidental. If you are under eighteen years old, or if it is illegal in your community to read explicit stories depicting sex between adults and minors, or if you are offended by such material, close this and go do something else. Do not contact me attempting to arrange illegal activities or the trading of illegal material. In short, let's keep this legal - that way, we can keep it fun. Thank you. -------------------------------------------------- Characters Terrance Aubern Dad 33 Sylvia Aubern Mom 32 Lucy Aubern Daughter 9 Samuel Aubern Son 7 Cassie Aubern Daughter 5 ------------ Chapter 1 ------------ It was another school day morning in the Silent Steps Community Enclave and Sylvia Aubern was doing most of her normal morning routine getting the family up and moving this morning. Today was a little different everyone was a little sexually frustrated this morning. You see it was school photo day and everyone wanted the kids to look bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, cute and sexy. She got the school photo sign-up form in the mail a month ago and was overjoyed to see that this year the kids would be doing an angelic children theme for the photo set and style of clothes to be worn for the day. It also came with a pamphlet that suggested, amongst other things, that the kids don't engage in any sexual activities for 24 hours, so that their skin will have an adorable angelic glow. It was annoying but she and her husband Terrance figured the school and photographers knew what they were doing as last years photos came out so wonderfully. So up she was, going to the kids room and making sure that they were up and getting ready for school. Her husband went to their son Samuel's room and she went to their daughters room. Terrance wanted to make sure Samuel was awake before he jumped in the shower. As he approached his boy's room he heard the bed squeak as you would with the boy rolling around on the covers. He peaked in the open door to the kid's rooms (kids rooms that were almost never shut or locked in any house in the community) and sure enough little 7yo Samuel was lying naked on the bed and having an uncomfortable time with his morning hard-on. Terrance thought about his very own morning erection and how painfully swollen the mushroom head was and how heavy and fat his cum filled balls were. He smiled and thought that many boys and fathers were having the same problem at the same time this morning. He opened the door with a grin seeing Samuel so cute. Samuel looked up at his father and smiled with a look of lust on his face. How could he not, his father that he loved so very much was standing in the door way like he did almost every morning and had what looked to be a larger than normal angry veiny erection with a purple head and large saggy balls. Samuel was used to this playful pedo activity and once he realized his father was there or heard him walking down the hall to his bed he would be excited to play. His father would come wake him up and usually give him a pre breakfast protein shake, unless it was the weekend or some other day the his parents slept in. On those days Samuel would sometimes sneak down the hall and try to get to his mom or dad first and beat his sisters. Sometimes he wanted to suckle and kiss with mommy but mostly he was a daddy's boy and mom and dad knew it and approved. His friend Cody got the same treatment, as he did, most if not all of the boys and girls in the Silent Steps Community Enclave also had some of the same morning sexual play. Terrance frowned slightly with an expression of empathy for the boy because to he would not be giving or receiving until the kids got home from school. Samuel saw the expression on his dad's face and knew that his dad remembered the pamphlet from school and so did Samuel at that moment. Samuel said in a whisper, "Please dad can we play real quick. No one has to know Pleeeese." Terrance smirked and thought how good it would be to get some relief and then said, "Not this morning son you know it is a special day. And we want you and your sisters to look the best that you can for your school pictures. Remember these pictures will be in the yearbook as well. Plus that would not be fair to your sisters, they didn't get any fun yesterday either." Samuel looked dejected and sad with a little lower lip curling pouty face, but knew his father was right. None of the other kids would probably get any fun for 24 hours leading up till the school photos. His 'Kiddy Scouts Troop' photos where real quick compared to the school photos and there was no need to abstain for that. Hell, he was sitting balls deep on his scout masters monster cock in that photo with a huge grin. Terrance was aware of this tactic that Samuel used and liked to give in when it suited them both. He was aware that standing there naked looking as his beautiful boy that was glowing like the school said he would, just made his cock leak pre-cum all the more. He didn't want any stains in the carpet from the dripping and that was a good enough excuse to walk over to the boy's bed with his over-inflated purple dick head and shaft bobbing and leading the way. His son's, now upturned face, looked in wonderment, as if he never saw his dad's cock that big before. Terrance stroking the boys hair and the beautiful flawless skin of the boy's naked back while his cock bobbed in front of the boy's wide open eyes. He said in a low whisper voice "There.. there.. Sammy if you promise to keep it a secret from your mom and sisters you can suck my dick clean of pre-cum so I don't make a mess on the carpet. But only for a minute OK?" This was true of course, but Sammy knew by when his father said to keep it a secret that his father was giving in. Before Terrance even finished, Sammy went from an expression of semi frown mixed with big eye wonderment at the larger that normal organ bobbing in front of him like a dessert, to a smile like he won his dad over and could have anything he wanted. He wanted his normal morning cuddle suckle with his dad and he was going to get some of that. Terrance looked lovingly with relief at his son. Samuel said, "Ok, thanks daph..." and had licked the underside of the large skyward pointing shaft and sucked the big purple cock head in his mouth before he even finished the sentence. He sucked and licked the head to relieve the pressure for his father., swallowing as much pre-cum as his dad could produce. "Don't think you won just because I gave in. And don't let your sisters know, we don't want anyone jealous in this house." Terrance said. Sammy knew this as he heard it many times before, and mumbled "mmmuOky..." around his dad's engorged cock head, then smiled at he heard himself slur his speech and then looked up as his dad giggling like the little boy he was. His impatience to even take the cock out of his mouth when he answered, he knew what his father was going to say and was already smiling all the more. Terrance made the corny joke of "Don't talk with your mouth full unless it is my cock.", and they both laughed and enjoyed the joke that never seamed to get old. Samuel continued sucking and messaging Terrance's large discolored cum heavy balls. He wanted to get his dad to cum so he began to stroke his dads cock as he bobbed the silky smooth knob. Samuel had been suckling for a while now and Terrance decided that was enough, he did not want to blow his load and make anyone jealous or make a mess of Samuel's face which he was well on the way to doing. He said, still stroking the boys hair as they were looking in each others eyes cooing, "Ok, finish cleaning me up, we have to get to breakfast." Sammy looked up at his father with the cock head in his mouth and smiled with a giggle like all children do when they think they are getting away with something. "You little scamp." Terrance followed up with as he stroked Sammy's hair and patted Sammy on the head. Then took the cock out of Samuel's sucking mouth with a loud pop and smacked the boy on the nose with the still plump but no longer purple head, leaving a wet splat of pre-cum on the boy's nose. They both laughed as Terrance played keep away with the cock head watching Sammy chase after it with his mouth open giggling as it wiped across his cheek leaving another smear. (How could anyone not love to do this in the morning Terrance thought, it was the exclusiveness of the Community and it's child and family loving ways that made it possible) then put the cock under the boys nose, offering it back to the kid, "That's enough, suck the OUTSIDE dry, please." Samuel had done this many times before and took to the task with pleasure. It was pleasure and love he felt for his father and loved to cuddle like this whenever he could. Terrance was mostly dry now and a little bit relieved, he said, "Thank you, I love you Sammy" and gave the boy a nice deep french kiss. He turned to leave and saw his wife Sylvia in the doorway watching and with arms folded in a sassed pose wearing a smirk on her face and nothing else. She said, "Did you do what I think you just did?" with a little bit of annoyance but not at all angry. He looked surprised still and then smiles with a laugh and said, "No honey, I just had some cuddle time with Sammy and he cleaned my cock of the pre-cum. I did't want to make any staines in the carpet you know.", sheepishly. She said swaying from one leg to the other, "Well I could have done that for you, ya know." Still trying to act surprised and angry but her smile was showing through. Terrance was right in front of her now and gave her a deep kiss and then said "You still can after I get a shower." Sylvia said in mock protest, "I may not want to then.", and then gave a humph, turning her head up. "Suite yourself I have three other hungry mouthes in the house to feed.", he said as he slid past her and she smacked his butt in retaliation. She then looked at the boy who stood up and was acting like nothing was wrong as he moved to get dressed. She pointed her finger and said, "And you mister get that pre-cum washed off your face and comb your hair BEFORE you come down for breakfast. And don't use any soap. I don't want you to wash the glow off of your beautiful young skin." Sammy said, "Ok.", and proceed to head to the bathroom as ordered but was stopped by his mom who kissed him on the lips and said, "Don't I get any sugar?" Sammy knew what she meant and figured with a dirty face she thought her getting some was only fair. He leaned down a little, hugged her around the butt and stuck his face in her wet pussy mound. He stuck out his tongue and licked a few times then sucked on the lips and clit with a smooch giving his mom the kind of kiss that a little boy from the Community gives when he has good pedo family manners. Sylvia says, "Good boy.", and stroked his hair as he looks up at her for approval. She then leaned down and gave the boy a french kiss enjoying the taste of her pussy on his face. She then swatted him on the butt and sent him off to the bathroom with a sloppy smile on his face. ------------ Chapter 2 ------------ Sylvia went to Lucy's room and found both girls asleep in Lucy's bed. This happened all the time and Sylvia took it with pride that her daughters were so sexual developed and not at all shy. They were in the classic sideways sixty-nine that they often sleep in when they slept together. The blanket was half falling off the bed and the girls were mostly uncovered. She woke them up and admonished them for making a mess of their face on the morning of school photo day. They did look sexy with little girl pussy juice smeared all over their faces, and they were glowing, but that was not the point she told herself. She made them get up and apologize. "Remember your manners.", She said and stood with her hands on her hips and her legs spread about shoulder width. The girls knew what she really wanted and immediately crouched down in front of her. Lucy was first and said, "I'm sorry mommy.", while hugging her mom by the hips then buried her face in her mothers wet fat pussy. She was very experienced at this and licked her mother from the bottom of her slit to the top, sucking the clit with a noisy smooch and then sucking each puffy pussy lip with a pop. It was Cassie's turn and she copied what her sister had done but not as well. Still, the little lesbo tried and was getting better with practice. She then told them with a giggle, "Thank you girls. Now go wash your faces, they are a mess." To this the girls giggled as well and continued down the hall to the bathroom. As they scurried away Sylvia added, "When you are done I want you to brush your hair and wear the cute hair bows that make you look really young and sexy." Sylvia loved her husband for giving her three beautiful children, but she was a pedophile and as such she loved sexy little kids more. She just loved when her little girls and her son acted sweet and cuddly. When they went skinny dipping out at the pool or where smiling while performing oral sex. It all got her just so wet and tingly. Sylvia watch her girls' pert bottoms jiggle as they padded down the hall to the bathroom to do as she asked. Sylvia went down-stairs to setup the kitchen table for breakfast. ------------ Chapter 3 ------------ Sylvia was at the counter making light breakfast of coffee and toast for her husband and putting the boxes of cereal on the table for the kids. The girls where late coming to the table as they took longer to do their hair. Here they were coming to sit down at the table with there cute little hair bows a smile and nothing else. -~Thank GOD she and her husband found the Community!' she thought to her self as she smiled at her two little girls. They grow up so fast but they made her pussy drip every time they walked into the room. She complemented them on how their hair looked and the girls ate it up. They were so easy to butter up when they were young. Well, Cassie was for that matter and Lucy loved the attention as well. About that time Samuel walked into the room in much the same state with a hard-on pointing the way and the girls giggled pointing at it. Samuel blushed out of instinct and Sylvia shushed the girls for teasing their bother. Terrance came into the room shortly after with a towel around his neck and a hard cock with a renewed purple head pointing the way. He figures that he was already caught with Samuel and walked over to the 2 girls with there eyes big as soccers, and then says, "Good morning Lucy.", with his prick right in her face. She was unsure and looked at her mother or approval. Terrance pushed the head into her parted lips and she accepted it in playfully and sucked the head clean of the pre-cum with a pop and says, "Good morning Daddy." He then turns to offer it to Cassie. It swaying back and forth, bobbing and oozing out a few drops of pre-cum as it throbs under her nose. He says, "Good morning pumpkin.", and she looks up at him and sucks his cock head like her sister just did. She gave a mischievous grin and started to stroke her daddy's large cock with her small hand. With a pop his glans is dry and the purple color dims a little bit. He smiles at his wife, who is shaking her head, and takes a seat with his cock covered by the towel. Sylvia poured him a coffee and says, "Do you need me to take care of that for you today?" Terrance says, "No I promised the kids I would not blow a load until they came home from school today and got it out for themselves." Sylvia look lovingly at her husband and knew why she fell in love with him. He loved children in all the right natural nurturing ways. "That is so adorable," she said giving her husband a quick smooch, then directs her comments to the kids, "you know your father loves you and I hope you all make it up to him when you get home today." They all smiled and nodded there heads in agreement and then continued eating their cereal. They had a quick breakfast the parents drilled the kids on how they should behave today. Lucy was pretty good at behaving but the other two where always trying to get away with something naughty like any other kid there age. It would be something they would grow out of, but hopefully not too fast she thought lewdly. She said, "Now remember you are not to masterbate or have sex with anyone until all your pictures are done?" The kids said in almost unison while rolling their eyes, "I knowww..." Everyone laughed and giggled at how in sync the kids were. "If you don't do as the teachers tell you and otherwise get into trouble I will not give you any cuddles for 3 days." Terrance said. All three kids gave a "We promise, daddy." "Good! I don't want to be punished either." Terrance said with a smiled and took a bite of toast and a sip of coffee. As the kids got done Sylvia says, "Go brush your teeth, and put your new school clothes on. You don't have to wear underwear today if you don't want to." She knew that the kids preferred to show off most of the time and wanted to make sure they didn't feel forced. The kids all ran up the stairs to go to the bathroom to wash up and get dressed. She then said, "Now that the kids are busy give me a quick fuck before they get back I'm so horny." He looked her in the face with a look of pain. "I did promise the kids today's cums just now.", he said. "You know but you are going to pop a blood vessel if you don't empty your balls soon. Now get over hear and have a seat.", she gestured to the table in front of her. Terrance sits down on the table in front of her and says with a whimper, "I really want to save my load for the kids, just take the top off would ya." Sylvia smiles and takes his cock in her mouth. She bobs a few times and then squeezes the base to inhibit him from blowing his full load and sucks hard on the swollen purple head. She can taste the pre-cum change to cum and keeps him from coming all the way by squeezing the shaft tightly. She continues to give a blowjob like this for a few minutes. After she takes care of the overflow and his swelling goes down she says, "There that should do it". He has his eyes closed and is smiling she says, "Ok my turn.", and stands up. They switch places and he begins eating her out. It is better this way. They both get some relief and he gets to save his cum for the kids. Sylvia has been on edge just like Terrance had been and has no problem cumming in short order. They share a deep sloppy french kiss, sharing the flavor of sex between them. and giggle at how great their family life is. Sylvia tells him to go get dressed and she will clean up. He leaves the kitchen with no longer painful cock bobbing as it leads the way. She does good work he thinks as he leaves. ------------ Chapter 4 ------------ After Sylvia straitens up the kitchen she goes to get a t-shirt and brush her hair real quick. After she is done she yells up the stairs, "Kids hurry up and no hanky-panky." The kids come out of there rooms giggling tickling and pinching each other's butts. The new dresses that she bought them last week were light yellow colored dress tops with a pastel colored accent collar for the girls. The skirt was the -~piece de resistance' as it was so short it showed the legs all the way up to the bottom of the girls butt and crotch. The split in the skirt was right up the front with the fabric stitch back with a fold. The girls would be showing off there panties or pudenda as the case may be, wherever they went. Most of the girls would be wearing the same style because of this years school photos' cute angelic theme. For the boys it was khaki shorts with a pastel colored Polo that made the boys look so cute, and Samuel was no exception. Now she did say they could where underwear if they wanted but she was happy to see that the girls chose not to. Their pudgy pink pudenda mounds looked swollen, flushed, and shinny wet as she looked up there skirts while the girls descended the stairs. She knew right then that the photos would turn out great. Terrance was finished dressing and came to see the kids before the bus pulled up and was blown away by how the kids looked. As her husband Terrance walks up she tells the kids to do a quick turn around 'for daddy', and asks Samuel if he chose to wear underwear and he giggles and says NO as he flashes his butt cheeks through the 'SplitTail backside access for boys' khaki shorts. The girls giggle and point to try to embarrass him. Their father tells them, "Now, now, girls don't be mean or I will make Sammy sleep in your bed for a week." This was not really a punishment as the girls sometimes slept apart or in bed with Samuel, but the girls slept together most of the time so they would have a boy getting in the way as they spooned. They liked boys all right and they loved their father and brother but they were sisters and liked to cuddle with other girls and each other as they slept most of the time. They were still at that little lezzy princess age where they preferred the sweet taste of pussy. Sylvia told the girls to do the quick pose that they were to practice. The girls got turned around and flipped what little of there was of a skirt, up over their butts and while bending over to smile from between their legs. The girls looked beautiful with their pussy lips all full and pudgy and their rosebud showing a nice pink hue with a smile that was to die for. Terrance looked and said, "I have died and gone to heaven. What a pedo wet dream you are." Both girls laughed and said, "Thank you daddy." Sammy had a similar pose but there was no time for that. His mom said, "Did you practice yours?". He smiled and nodded. Just then the buss pulled up and honked the horn. The kids turned around and grabbed their back-packs that we're hanging up. As was his habit, Terrance unzipped his pants and his penis came out. The head was wrapped in a paper towel so he did not make a mess of his pants before he got to work. He pulled that off and offered it to the kids to do a quick suck on the glans and kiss it before they went out the door. This was normal for many kids in the community and Terrance made no effort to hide what they were doing as the kids left the front door. Three smiling beautiful kids walked to the bus with lips glossed with pre-cum as their parents looked on lovingly. ------------ Chapter 5 ------------ The kids got to school and went to their home rooms. The first order of the day was to take all of the school pictures before the kids messed up their clothes. The principle and extra office staff were helping the photographers get the equipment into the auditorium. As the photographers setup the equipment and where getting done he called over the paging system to have grades k-2nd come to the auditorium. You have to get the younger kids first as they get their clothes dirty easily and have less self control overall. As the kids came in he almost jizzed in his pats right there and then. They looked amazing in the new clothes. He thought to him self that they should institute this as the official uniform for the school. After these pictures the parents would probably agree. The teachers got the kids in single file and sent them to the mat with backdrop in front of the camera. They had 2 photographers, one was Chris and the other was Jack. Chris was the town historian and therefore it was appropriate that he be involved in taking pictures whenever possible for the town and it's functions. Jack was a cameraman for the Community local news station, so he had the appropriate experience to help Chris as he did from time to time. Both cameramen gave each other a look of -~this was a good idea, the kids look so good', and then, -~How where they going to do all the pictures and not get off. This may be painful.' The adults went about getting the kids to go through the poses that were ordered on their school photo form. There was the normal bust pose sitting, a standing pose, a sitting Indian style pose, a laying down with the kids head propped up on their hand with one knee bent up, and then the peak-a-boo shot that the Aubern kids practiced. These poses were for both boys and girls and most families has a tri-frame for each child of the 3 pictures that looked the best, proudly displayed in they're living room for any guests to see and admire. As they went the kids got into the rhythm and knocked out the poses with ease. The next phase was to get the kids to take off there bottoms and sit down or stand for their class photo. The pictures came out great and they could get to the next part of what made this year's school photos so special. The kids that were in families would get to take a picture with their siblings. This was what many of the teen boys were looking forward to as they had to abstain to get that glow in their skin as well. The boys idea was to sit their little brother or sister on there hard cock and kiss with a smile for the camera. This showed off the family love between siblings. Those photos looked great as well and the principle mentally patted himself on the back as he got his son to suck him off there in the auditorium. He knew his son wanted to get a nice cuddle fuck with his dad but the principle had other thoughts. What if he had his son suck him off and paint the boys face with creamy pent up load of jizz and get a picture of that. He stroked the boys face and said, "Adam I want to get a picture of you with a face full of daddy's cum." Adam groaned, not because he did not like getting cream faced, he just wanted to suckle his dad and then cuddle fuck. Adam whined, "But I want to get a cuddle fuck or drink your milk daddy." Principle Hammond looked at his boy and said in a loving tone, "I will definitely be able to fill you up shortly after I paint your pretty face baby." Adam looked up into his dads eyes and knew his dad was probably making a promising he could not keep, but he loved his father and wanted to please him. Principle Hammond signed for Jack to take a picture of when he blows his load on the boys face and then tells the boy, "When I jizz on your face make sure to smile for the camera." After Principle Hammond was done there was not much time left in the day for classes so he ordered the teachers to just play a movie for the rest of the day. He took his son with him to his office to "clean up" and give Adam what he really wanted, a nice long cuddle butt fuck with daddy. ------------ Chapter 6 ------------ As Sylvia was finishing up loading the laundry with pants and shirts. She realized that she had not done any panties in a while and thought how beautiful it was to see the girls pussies anytime she wanted and to flash hers whenever she wanted some attention. Just then the kids came in the front door and dropped their school bags and then flipped off their shoes and socks. Samuel dropped his shorts that he thankfully did not loose as he sometimes does during school events or Cub Scouts. His prick popped free and it was a relief to be able to jerk and massage his little boy prick. He wanted some cuddle time with his daddy for being so behaved. Sylvia walked into the living room sat down on the couch as she asked the kids how their day was and how the school photos went? The kids were all bubbly and wanted to have sex right away. That suited her just fine and she took off her t-shirt and spread her legs for them. With her breasts free the girls sat on either side of her. They latched to a tits while she fingered their pussies. She then had Samuel between her spread legs fucking her adult pussy after a pussy kiss from the good mannered boy. Since the girls mouths were full Samuel asked where dad was? He wanted to be the one that got the first load that their father promised them. Sylvia said, "He's not home yet honey but don't worry he will be here shortly." She too wanted to see who would get the load that tames that beast of a cock he was sporting this morning. "You can all get a drink if you do like I showed you and just suck the overflow.", she tells the kids knowing that they wanted it for themselves. It was hard to teach good cock and cum sharing manners sometimes. And a fathers cock was the toy that kept on giving so they got selfish about the first creamy load after school. In a few minutes Terrance opened the door and walked in. He looks over to the couch and sees that his wife has all three kids under control. He takes off his pants and says, "Anyone want a daddy milkshake?" The kids all scream "Daddy's home" and Sammy still rhythmically fucking his mom, speeds up with lust seeing the cock he almost missed this morning. His mom looked at the boys face and knew her husband was already naked and ready. Samuel knew not to leave a woman hanging and was trying to finish up so he could go play with daddy. Sylvia didn't want her son to have to wait, the boy was an anal slut for his daddy after all. She let herself cum hugging the boy to her breasts and he sucked a free nipple while his still hard penis leaked pre-cum. After she is done Terrance leans over his wife and give her a kiss. She says through post orgasmic bliss, "Welcome home sweetheart." Samuel knew the rules of the house and knew that ass to mouth was not ok. He knew he wanted that large cock in his little boy bubble butt. The problem was he had to share with his sisters and they wanted -~daddy milkshakes'. Sylvia looked at Samuel who had stopped suckling her and asked what was wrong. He looked up at her with pouty lips and said with a little bit of a whine, "I want daddy in my butt, but the girls want milkshakes." Sylvia chuckled, "Sammy it's all right. Just give them a minute, I'm sure daddy is about to pop and it won't take long. In the meantime..." She licked her fingers wet and slid her hand down his back to his butt and started working his little hole. Samuel felt this was a good compromise and sighed while suckling his mom's tit again and gyrating his hips with little thrusts. Sylvia smiled lovingly and kissed the boy on the head while taking a deep breath of his young boy scent. Terrance listening to Samuel's complaint said with a sly grin, "Don't worry kids daddy is going to fill all of you up today. I promise!" Terrance did not care who emptied his balls at the moment, but the boy's luscious lips and eyes made his heart melt. His girls where excitedly standing in front of him stroking his penis and gently massaging his balls with lust in their eyes. He looked down at them and the sight made his cock spurt a few beads of pearly white pre-cum out the tip. The girls giggled as it landed on Cassie head from her hair to the bridge of her nose. "Nice shot daddy!", Lucy said, to which Terrance replied, "That was just the pre-cum baby." The girls took turns sucking the cock that made them and reducing the pressure on his balls by sucking the pre-cum out. It was light pearly white, which meant that cum was coming out mixed in and the girls could taste that. Though they liked getting their juicy cunnies fucked and filled with their daddy cum most of all, they where told they could not have any cum to eat for over a day and they now wanted that most of all. The girls passing the still bloated cock back and forth sucking hard on the mushroom head and bobbing a few times. He playfully slapping them on the lips and mouth and mushroom stamping the girls on the forehead to which the girls giggled at the little game of keep-away. It was lots of fun and in only a small time it was coming to an end. Terrance knew he could not last any longer and there was no need to. The kids behaved today and were doing a good job at home. He grunted and said, "Here it comes!". This got Sammy's attention and he looked up over his mothers shoulder to watch the 'fireworks'. He did not get to see much because of the angle, but did see a few ropes of cum shoot onto Cassie's face and into her mouth. After Terrance was done painting the girls faces and feeding them some cum in the process, the girls cleaned him up sucking what they could from the head and leaving it wet with spit for their brother. Terrance was beaming to see his little girls smiling and giggling with his cum on their face as they kissed with his cock between their lips. Terrance said, "Thank you girls, that was worth the wait." He bent down and kissed the girls on the mouth not bothered by the taste and they said each in turn, "Your welcome daddy, I love you." The girls then went to the couch and began to lick each others face clean of his cum and kiss like lesbian lovers. Samuel wanted his turn and did not know if his dad would be able to get it up after all that. Terrance said, "I am not fully hard anymore but it's still stiff enough to put in that cute little butt of yours." Samuel was beaming, he was such an anal daddy's boy. Terrance sat down on the couch and his son wasted no time in getting between his legs and Terrance's less swollen cock down his throat. The boy tried what his mother taught him about getting a cock stiff by sucking on it and proceed to bob his daddy's knob and suck with hollowed out cheeks and pull off with a sexy pop. Sammy would lick his smiling lips and go down on his daddy's newly hardening shaft. After the dick that made him grew back to full hardness, Sammy tongued the piss slit a few times before kissing the glands and then climbing on his daddy's lap to kiss him. His fathered helped him up and they had a long series of kisses and daddy son tongue play. Terrance had learned in the community that boys and girls of pre-puberty are mostly gay and become bi as they develop into teens. The older teens grow up to be strait for the most part but they like to get in some boy and girl pussy from time to time. It is for this reason that he decided his secret favorite kiddy fuck was his own 7 year old son Samuel. His daughters would grow up to love him more and more, but he did not want to loose these precious moments with his son. He wanted to make the cuddle fuck time with Samuel last as long as possible but he knew the girls would get mad and start to complain. He would need to take a shower and a nap after he emptied what was left in his balls. Terrance said, "OK, that's enough I'm ready. Do you want fronts or spoon?" Samuel looked at his father and said, "Fronts.", And then grabbed his father's cock by the base and aimed it at his butt as he hunched up on his knees. Terrance said, "Hold on tiger you didn't even add any lube to your pretty little boy pussy". He reached over to the end table and squeezed a dollop of astro-glide lube onto his fingers and then reached under his boy to fingered the boy's hole, then wiped the remaining on his cock and proceeded to guide the boy down by the hips. Terrance held the boy by the hips as he slid Sammy's little boy pussy down on his large thick 8" man cock while Sammy held onto his daddy's large muscular arms. When Sammy was impaled all the way he reached up and hugged his daddy as he began to make out and kiss. Terrance continued to playfully french kiss and tongue kiss his 7 year old son as he pulled the boy up by the cheeks of his bubble butt and let him slide back down on his large lubed precum leaking daddy dick. The boy liked to start out in this position because he could hug cuddle and kiss his daddy. He knew his dad would pick him up, put him on the couch and fuck him to completion at the end, but for now this was the position of love for him. Sammy stopped kissing his daddy and laid his head on his daddy's chest as he was lovingly humped and fucked up and down on the engorged cock that made him. Sammy was feeling his tushy getting squishy and would try to squeeze his little boy pussy as his dad pulled him up his cock before letting the boy slide back down, impaling his little boy pussy without any resistance. Terrance looked at the other couch and saw his wife Sylvia licking the girls' pussies back and forth. She had them sit on the edge of the seat and hold their legs up from behind the knees. The girls had a look of ecstasy in their eyes as their mother eat them out with sloppy wet slurps. It still made his cock pulse looking at a scene like that. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sounds of family fucking and was ready to fully empty his balls for the first time today. He began played with and jacked his son's little penis to relieve the pressure. He would need to suck it at the end to really get it to go down. "ok baby, time to finish up. You ready?", he asks the boy, whose hair is bouncing around as he lolls up and down on his fathers engorged cock. "Ok daddy.", he says as he holds onto his fathers strong arms and braces to be lifted and spun around. Terrance holds the boy's back with one hand and grabs one cheek of the kids cute bubble butt with the other. After 2 more humps he spins the boy around and sits him on the space where he was sitting. Samuel lands with an oomph and Terrance slides in balls deep again with an "aaaahhhhhh". He pulls the boys feet from his hips up and together so his ass cheeks and anal passage are tighter. He could suck on the boys toes as he drilled him in this position. With the new position Terrance could feel his balls slapping the boys butt cheeks and the rhythmic sound of skin slapping sex and the low moans of the kid he was fucking, driving his sexual high to the limit. Samuel's eyes rolled back in his head as he was moaning and cooing with love for his father. Terrance said, "Here it comes big guy. Here cums daddy's love!", and then emptied his balls in the smiling anal slut that his son was. After more ropes than he could count were deposited, Terrance gave the boy's big toes one last suck with a huge smile on his face. He then spread the boys legs and leaned down to give him a kiss while still rooted to the hilt. Sylvia and the girls were on the floor in a 3 girl daisy-chain by this time and were just finishing up. She pulled her head away from Cassie's sweet cunny and said, "Honey you taste so good today". Then leaned up and said, "Yours too Lucy. It was worth the wait." The girls had a 3-way kiss and tasted their combined juices. The girls and Samuel where done for now but children recharge quick. It was Terrance that needed a rest. He reached over to grab 2 baby wipes from the container on the coffee table. He removed his slowly wilting penis, that now ached and was sore, from the love canal of Samuel and held one baby wipe over the Sammy's gaping hole. Samuel knew the routine and immediately put his hand on the baby wipe to hold it in place. Terrance said, "Go put your buttplug in and come back if you want me to take care of that for you.", gesturing to the deep pink prick of the boy that was leaking pre-cum on the boys waist. Terrance laid down longways on the couch and used the other baby wipe to gently clean his wilted cock of the ass juices and any butt smell. Samuel usually kept his butt-plugs either in the top drawer or the top of the night stand next to his bed. It was gift for his 5th birthday. There were 4 of them ranging in graduated size. He was on the 3rd one now and wore it when he had a big load or was gaped by his daddy or other large dicked playmate so that the cum did not drip out and make a mess. It was poor manners to poop out cum after receiving, and Samuel wore it a few times as week as a result of his love play. When he came back to the living room his dad was laying on the couch with one leg falling off. Terrance saw the boy and held out his arms to receive the boy for a cuddle nap. Sammy ran to the couch stopped short and excitedly claimed into an embrace with his father. His father hugged him to his chest, kissed the boys head and breathed deeply the scent of a young boy's hair. Could it get any better than this he thought? "Yes it could!", he remembered. The boy had a dripping prick that needed some attention and he whispered to Sammy, "Do you want to do a sixty-nine and let me suck your prick for you?". Samuel hunched up and looked him in the eyes with big excited kid eyes and said, "YA!", while nodding his head. They had lots of practice at this and the boy flopped off and climbed back on top of Terrance from the end of the couch over his dad's head. The boy stopped to kiss his dad on the mouth before landing on his chest with an oomph. Samuel reached for the cock in front of him and his dad winced. "It's sore baby, let me recover." he said to the boy. Samuel said, "Oh, Sorry.", while feeling his prick and balls engulfed by his dad's mouth. Terrance didn't reply he just started hoovering the little boy dick and swallowing the sweet light little boy pre-cum. Samuel did not produce cum yet but did have a little bit of a drip at a young age. Terrance noticed the taste of his wife pussy and that made the experience all the more wonderful. Terrance then moved onto gently sucking and nursing on the boys shaft and balls while lazily stroking the head and shaft with his tongue. He had his hands on the boys back cute bubble butt holding his son to him in a loving embrace. He was relaxed and would be doing this for a while he thought to himself. Samuel was laying on his dad with his head on his dad's stomach. He was not tall enough to do a proper 69 with his dad unless his dad was sitting and holding Samuel upside down on his cock. He had his head turned and was looking over to the other couch at his sisters spooning hugging and kissing. His mom came over and said, "Did you boys have as much fun as we did?", while stroking her baby boys lower back and bottom, and using her thumb to pump the anal plug in a few times. The boy signed a relaxed dreamy "yaaaa" that trailed off, no doubt enjoying the sensation. Terrance had his mouth full and mumbled something that sounded like, "Still am, honey!". He took a breath through his nose and enjoyed the scent of his boy while he continued to lazily suckle on the little prick like a nipple. Reminding him that he owed the girls a fuck she said, "You two looks so beautiful but remember you owe the girls a full round each. Don't spend all afternoon dumping your loads into Sammy's pretty holes, it would not be fair to the girls.". He nodded a little and said with a full mouth, something that sounded like, "I won't. I'm just resting for them.". She thought that man was such a pussy hound especially for little girls, but damned if he didn't get so horny some times that he would be gay for his little boy. That only lasted until the two were separated and a pussy was put in front of him. Like any married man in Silent Steps Community, pussy was what made babies and pussy was where it was at but kiddy pussy both boy any girl was the best. Sylvia stroked his hair with a laugh and said, "Don't get full and ruin your dinner. I'm going to get it started now." Terrance laughed but did not stop his suction on the little boy dick and balls. He mumbled, "I won't dear.", and rolled his eyes. His wife tickled the back of Samuels legs under his butt with a laugh and then walked away to the kitchen. Samuel giggled and jerk his legs away, pumping down on his dad's face. Terrance spent about 10 more minutes sucking on his boy trying to reduce his sexual tension and get the boy to relax with a dry orgasm. When it came and went, Terrance did a long suck and popped Samuel out of his mouth with a loud pop. He then told the boy, "Ok, that is enough, you had a long day." He picked up Sammy and carried him to the boy's bed to take a nap. He tucked the boy in kissed him on the mouth and head then said, "I love you, have a quick nap before dinner and let my love milk seep into your tummy." They both giggled and Terrance let the room with the door slightly ajar. He walked past the girls room and noticed them playing some action video game. He thought to himself [How do girls have any energy left after that?], and then followed up with a sly grin, [They will be tired after I'm done with them tonight.]. ------------ Chapter 7 ------------ Terrance went to the kitchen and got a large drink of water to refill his fluids. He followed it up with a drink that the Community produced that recharged the male libido and started a mans balls refilling so that the men of the Community did not get sterile from all the sex. He then went to take a shower and lie down to take a small nap as well. He had a long and uncomfortable day at work but he had promised to fill all the kids up with cum by the end of the day and he intended to keep that promise. A little while later he woke up to Lucy sucking his full dick. She said, "Hi daddy, are you ready to give me a fuck for today like you promised?", then said defensively, "Mom said I could have it before dinner if you were ready." He looked at the clock and it had been over an hour since he lied down and still more than 30-40 minutes before dinner was usually ready. She was right it was her turn as he had fallen into the habit of rooting Cassie to the hilt while he and the family sat in front of the TV at night and watched a program or movie. She either fell asleep with him inside and he would carry her to her room or she would go play until bedtime and he would tuck her in with Mr. Bear. Lucy wasn't giving him much choice as she was massaging his newly refilled balls and using her tongue to entice him to do her now. She propped herself up higher on her elbows and grabbed his cock with both hands. She then squeezed fairly hard and sucked as hard as she could on the head. It felt like a tight little girl cunny and a great blowjob all rolled into one. She then popped off the now discolored and enlarged mushroom head with a loud pop and said with a giggle at the noise she made, "Pleeeeessss?" He did not feel sore all over anymore and was already leaking pre-cum. He figured what the hell, if he did not finish he could always finish later or, with a sly grin, at the dinner table. He then said, "Ok, ok honey. Where do you want it?" Lucy looked at him perplexed and said, "In my pussy of course. You know I like it their best." Terrance laughed and said, "I know that, I mean where (in your bed ; on the sofa in the living room ; or in the shower ; right here)". She put her finger to her cheek like she was thinking of something that would be over the top. She then sucked the head of his cock again and licked the head of any pre-cum that would be oozing out. It was like it helped her think. She then got this look of eureka and said, "Outside!". Terrance was mildly surprised, he knew she was getting an exhibitionist streak and this was not new, but he did not expect it. He knew she probably wanted him all to herself and still be able to have a screaming orgasm. She was in a phase where she likes to be noisy during sex. They both popped off of the bed and went down the hall down the stairs and thought the living room and the kitchen where his wife was preparing dinner. She looked at him amusingly as he has an erection and looked kind of like he was trying to get away from fucking a little girl. She just said, "Have fun.", as he opened the sliding door to the back patio. Both he and Lucy said through naughty grins "We will.", as they went though the door and shut it. He then led her by the hand to the shaded patio table and put 2 of the chair cushions on the table. He then turned to her and hooked his hands under her armpits and lifted her up and sat her on the table. He propped her legs up over his hips and then started making out with her while holder her by the back so her hands were free. Lucy use her hands to wipe his cock head over her pussy getting the entrance ready. This was not really necessary because she put a glob of lube in her pussy before she went to wake her daddy. She was plenty wet and so she just guided the cock in while he held her sitting up so she would not fall. After his veiny cock was in all the way to the hilt, he kissed her and laid her down on the cushions. He started out SLOWLY fucking his daughter outside on the patio in the cool summer air. Lucy was having none of it and loudly proclaimed it. "Dadyyyy, FUCK ME FASTER! MAKE ME CUM!" If Terrance had been anywhere else he would have been scared that anyone else could hear his daughter yell something so taboo, but here at Silent Steps Community it was looked at as normal to be lovingly fucking your daughter or son for that matter. Since he had nothing to be scared of he smiled and started to speed up. He knew no matter how good he fucked her she would yell something obscene to egg him on. She was obviously in this new phase of exhibitionism and wanted to express her sexual side and let everyone know. The girl moaned and yelled and cheered her daddy on to fuck her as hard and as deep as he could. He looked up while pounding away at her pussy and saw his neighbor John looking over to him from his own patio. John was cooking BBQ and getting a show at the same time. Terrance smiled and waived to the man to which the man smiled and waived back. Terrance began to get into this exhibitionism and began fucking her with renewed gusto. He didn't really fuck her too hard and bruise her or cause her any sore pain. He knew she could take his cock all the way and it was mostly the skin of his thighs and his balls slapping her bottom and pussy that made the fucking feel and look aggressive. Lucy said, "I'M GOING TO CUM DADDY! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME DEEEEP!". yelled for all to hear and know how much her daddy loved her. Repositioning her on the edge of the table and pined her down he said, "Here it comes baby! Take it all! Take all my cum!". He rammed her a few more times bottoming out repeatedly as his cock pistoned as many ropes of cum as he could as deep as he could get them in her young beautiful hairless pussy. He still loved his son Samuel, but he was back on -~girl' pussy for now. He was exhausted but somehow renewed. "Is that what you wanted baby?", he asked the girl who was still shaking over her orgasm. "Oh daddy that was awesome." She said no longer yelling and seemingly wanting to be intimate and personal in her orgasmic afterglow. He pulled her up and her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist. Hi lifted her up into his lap and sat on one of the still padded patio chairs. They kissed and cooed while her pussy pulsed and tried to milk his cock for more cum. He said to her, "If you ovulate you will be pregnant for sure after that." She looked at him seriously and beaming then realized it was a joke and giggled, "I wish." followed by, "mmmmmm, thank you daddy." as she laid her head on his chest hugging around his frame as best she could. Sylvia had heard the exchange and was watching with the patio door openly fingering herself. She had changed into a dress to cook dinner, and had the same style skirt her daughters wore today. She had easy access to her pussy and was fingering it for all she was worth. She said with a moan, "That was so hot, and you're timing was perfect, dinner is ready." Terrance was not sure that he could keep his promise for today at this rate. At least all he had left for today was his evening snuggle bug Cassie. He would need another bottle of the community fertility drink at dinner if he was to manage. ------------ Chapter 8 ------------ Sylvia was such a thoughtful wife and had grabbed a shirt for her husband so that he would be adequately dresses for dinner. Terrance put on the shirt and began cleaning his cock with another baby wipe as he sat down at the dinner table. His wife smiled at him lovingly thinking [He was the right man to be a father to her children. He relay knew how to lovingly take care of and raise children. He had hefty enough balls to put out multiple times a day for his babies, she thought.] She knew this was in part because of the drink the community made and had put one, chilled from the fridge, next to his plate. She looked over to Lucy as she was walking to her seat while cupping her pussy trying not to drip any cum. Sylvia said, "Here honey, use this.", throwing a dish towel to her daughter to sit on as not to make a mess of the seats. All the furniture was scotch guarded but it didn't hurt to be careful and teach the kids to be considerate and clean up after yourself. Lucy squeezed her legs together trying not to drip any as she folded the towel and slipped it between her legs and blocked the cum leakage from escaping her pussy. She sat down like that and the other two children coming down the stairs to join the family for dinner. Samuel had put his shirt from school back on. He hopped on the chair and gave a little yelp. Terrance said, "Still got your plug in Sammy?" Samuel blushed and nodded. He loved the feel and did not want to take it out just yet. "Thats ok, but after dinner take it out and clean yourself. We don't want you to get constipated.", his father said. Sylvia came back to the dinner table with Lucy's shirt from the living room. She handed it to her so she would have something to wear for dinner. Cassie came to the table wearing a shirt that her mother was always saying it made her look sexy. Though she was a bit of a lesbian at that age and would grow into a bi when she started puberty. She had eyes for her father and wanted to get in on the cummies he gave out. It was like confirmation of his love for her. He smiled at her and took a sip of his drink. Cassie saw this and brightened up immediately with a big smile aimed at him. She knew she was next and that he intended to be ready for her. As they ate the kids recounted how the day went, what positions they did for the photo shoot and what the other kids were wearing. They told of how the principle fucked his son for the school photo shoot and made a messy facial picture. ------------ Chapter 9 ------------ Cassie looked so cute and sexy with her pudenda sticking out from under her shirt as she bounced up and down saying, "Please daddy can we cuddle now?" Cassie, being the youngest with the most shallow of pussy, she did not want a hard fuck. She just wanted a gooey loving cuddle with her father, that included his cock in her tight little pussy. So to that end of most days they would cuddle fuck gently and slowly while they watched TV together as a family. He would sit in his chair and she would sit on lap with his cock as far as it would gently fit in her beautiful soft little 5 year old cunny. She would either spooning in his lap or front to front while hugging and kissing. She would take his cock as deep as she could and practice milking his cock like her mother taught her to. Sometimes daddy could not handle it and would jizz so soon and so much that it would squeeze out and they would make a mess. Terrance was not ready for another round just yet and said, "I'm not ready yet honey. Why don't you lay your head on my lap and suckle for a while until I am ready?" "Ok daddy.", she said and with a smile and plopped down in front of him after he sat down in his Lazy-boy recliner. After some lazy tongue play and playful sucking on the head of his penis, Terrance decided to that he wanted to play with and lick her soft and sweet pussy while she got him ready, "Honey why don't we 69 so I can get you ready while you recharge your 'horsey'?" Cassie giggled "ahuh, ya.", and excitedly got up and put her arms out to be picked up. At 5 years old she could be picked up with ease by Terrance and it excited him to man handle such a small child. He crossed his arms and grabbed her under her arms. She had done this many times before and kicked off with her feet tucked back at the right time as her father's strong arms picked her up while he laid back in the recliner. She flew around and landed on his chest and stomach with her eyes looking right at his pre-cum drooling cock head. She smiled and scootched up on his hips further the get it in her mouth. Terrance reclined the seat some more and kicked out the leg support so his daughter would be comfortable sucking his cock while they watch TV. With such a cute wet pudgy toddler pussy in front of him he was going to be playing with it more than watch TV. His wife Sylvia had sat down while this was happening and there two other children where sitting on either side of her sucking a breast while watching TV with half their head turned. She put her arms around both of them and hugged them to her petting their soft hair lovingly. What a wonderful way for the family to spend the evening? Her husband was getting ready to finish his fatherly duties for the night by depositing his last load of cum for the day, where it belonged, in their 5 year old child's pussy. She had 2 beautiful children sucking her breasts and surly they would both eat her out for an after dinner dessert. How could life get much better she thought? Terrance looked over to his wife and read her mind. This was the life he thought. He was working Cassie's pussy fingering her gently and then looking at his wife licked his kiddy pussy wet fingers and blew her a kiss. She said, "I love you.", and he replied, "I love you too." The kids heard this and all started saying, "I love you mommy" and "I love you daddy". ------------ Chapter 10 ------------ Cassie was drooling pre-cum and saliva on her fathers prick and making a mess. He was fully hard and ready now so he said after licking his fingers, "Time for your cuddle fuck Cassie." She said, "Ok daddy.", and sucked the head one last time with a loud pop. He then picked her up be the hips and buried his face in her pussy to get one last drink of her young kiddy cunny. It was intoxicating. He blew a farting sound on her bottom and everyone laughed as she got up off of her father and he put the seat back in the sitting position. He spun her around and picked her up under her arms and sat her down. She landed on his lap above his very hard wet engorged red cock. He grabbed a small smear of astro-glide and wiped it on her hole before holding her hips so she did not fall as she wiggled and impaled herself on his cock. It was slow going at first but as the pussy stretched the head popped in. When that happened she leaned back and he wrapped his arms around her. He would not get all of his cock into her but she made up for it with milking his cock with her tight little velvet cunny. All the kids needed a bath but every pedophile loves the scent of a child, especially when they are a sexually active bundle of joy, it is a huge turn on. He put his face in her hair and breathed deeply, then moaning when the smell of his little girl filled his nose while she slid down his velvety soft skinned veiny cock a little more. His wife knew that look. It was seen all over the community. It was the look of an adult who was totally relaxed and sexually satisfied with a child. She was getting her pussy eaten now and was making a mess of the kids face. They were sitting on the floor in front of her and both trying to lick at her pussy. Each would take a turn as the primary oralist while the other kissed the pussy lips and thigh on his or her side. It was a position they practiced all the time. Sylvia had always told the children that love is best when shared within the family. When the TV program was over and so was her last orgasm. She lay there resting for a minute, before she said, "Enough dessert for tonight kids. You kids smell and need a bath.". The kids giggled and kissed each other. They then got up and hurried upstairs to the bathroom. In the community getting the kids to in a bath was not the problem. It was all the playing and getting them out that adults struggled with. Sylvia walked over to Terrance and Cassie on wobbly legs. She kissed Cassie on the lips and said, "That means you too honey. Hurry up and have a cummie with daddy you have 15 minutes before bath time." Cassie did not have a problem with this and said, "Ok mommy.". She then switched from milking his veiny shaft to bouncing up and down on her daddies cock as far as she could go. Terrance guided her by holding onto her hips to slow her down. He also did not want her to bruise her little cunny. The last thing he wanted was to bruise her cervix or tear her little pussy and have her be afraid of his penis. Boys and girls have stretchy pussies and were emotionally resilient but why chance it. Sylvia went up the stairs to check on the kids as Terrance finished with the little girl. He would take Cassie up after the kids were done and give this little beauty a bath all by himself he thought. Sylvia got in the bath with her kids and washed herself while cleaning every nook and cranny of her sexy playful children. They were giggling but were obviously worn out. They would sleep good tonight she thought. Terrance decided he would be too tired to give the girl a bath after he filled her with jizz. She would need a bath so he told her, "I'm going to finish this beautiful pussy in the bathroom." She did not know what he meant but soon found out. He stood up with her still impaled as far as she would go on his cock and carried her bouncing up the stairs to the bathroom. Once inside he gently laid her down on the wide edge of the tub. With her front to him now and her legs spread down the walls of the tub so she was open and looser than before. He began to pump into her with a squishy sound. Sylvia loved it and gave him a long french kiss as she fingered Samuel's and Lucy's butt. After a few minutes Samuel and Lucy were done with their bath. Sylvia finished fingering Sammy and patted both of them on the butt. She said, "Ok kids, time to get out so your dad can wash Cassie." Hearing this Terrance began to pick up speed gently fucking his little baby girl. Sylvia knew he was tired and looked on hopefully that he could fill her up before retiring for the night. He was able to fill Cassie's little pussy to overflow. Cassie loved how her pussy felt when the cum filled her up so much it squirted out. The best part this time was that she was already at the bathtub and could just slip into the comfortable water when he was done. He said, "Thank you honey.", and kissed the girl on the lips. He then picked her with his cock still stuffed up up her pussy as far as it would go and sank into to warm bath water. Using his hands he gently caressed and washed his little 5 year old girl all over. He stroked her soft skin with soap and warm bath water. After he was done washing her all over, he massaged her little butt hole which caused her to giggle and squirm. Having lovingly cleaned his little 5 year old pedo-fuck-doll of a daughter, he stood up to get out of the bath with her hands and legs wrapped around her father as far as they would go as she sat on his not yet deflated cock. Being the loving father that he was Terrance sat on the side of the tub and dried Cassie, taking care not to remove or dislodge his cock from her love hole. After she was dried he began to give her a few french kisses before picking her up and carrying her to her bed. They both giggled as he bounced her up and down a lille as he walked. When Terrance get to her bedroom he layed her down and handed her favorite stuffed animal to her. Terrance loved feeling the suction of the tight little pussy not want to let it go. Terrance said "I love you honey but it is now time for bed." as he slowly withdrew his cock from the velvety kiddy pussy with a pop. Cassie and he both laughed as Cassie had lots of practice squeezing her daddy's cock to make the pop sound as it was pulled out. He took a moment to look at the pudgy little gaping pussy already starting to close up holding what cum was still in there. He finished tucking her in with her bed cover and gave her a kiss on the forehead saying "Sweet dreams honey." He retired into bed and his wife spooned in behind him after finishing with the girl and tucking her in. She asked sympathetically, "You had a long day hun?" He just moaned and said, "Ya, I usually drain my balls in a cute boy or girl in the morning, but luckily the community makes a nutrient supplement for males to recharge and make more sperm." She hugged her man tightly and they both fell asleep quickly. 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