Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Girl Troubles pt3 Karl lay in bed chasing thoughts of the two sex pots just down the hall, he tossed and turned trying to get his mind to settle. Sleep slowly came to him as thoughts turned to dreams, many girls chased his cock in a obscene game of tag. One girl in particular was an amalgam of his daughter, Mei and Angela's body, she was the main focus of his dream. She had just caught his cock and was beginning to suckle on it when something in the real world snapped him from his delightful dream. It took him a few seconds to realise it was the sound of the toilet flushing that woke him. He tried to find that peaceful place of sleep again, hoping to continue his dream but a voice disturbed his half slumber. It was Brandy and she was standing next to the bed rubbing her eye with one hand and her crotch with the other. He didn't hear what she had said exactly when she spoke to him in his half asleep state, but woke enough to make an inquisitive noise as to why she was there. "Bed's too crowded...wanna sleep here." Brandy demanded in a grumpy tone, not happy with not being able to sleep. Karl grunted in acknowledgment, briefly raising the covers for her to crawl in, he was to tired to argue or worry about his new found attraction to her. If he had been more awake he would have let her sleep in the bed and taken the couch. Instead Brandy crawled into bed next to Karl in his wife's spot, turning on her side and cuddling up to Karl. He drifted back off to sleep feeling Brandy snuggle next to him. Dreams came again this time wild and without form, sometimes his wife would appear only to morph into one of the girls. He felt smooth wonderful skin under his fingers as he stroked the ever changing female form in his dreams. He awoke in a daze feeling his wife spooning next to him, his hand pressed firmly against her pubis and her small ass pressed against his crotch. Only something didn't feel right, his wife must have shaved because he felt smooth skin above her pussy. Karl's fingers drifted deeper into his wife's crotch feeling her small pussy lips. Again this didn't quite feel right under his fingers, her lips seemed to small to him. Still his middle finger moved to her hole and searched for the entrance, finding it and marveling at how tight it felt as he pressed his finger into her, a soft moan came from the pillow beside him. He smiled in his sleepy state glad she came home from work....wait...she was at work! Karl's eyes snapped open and his daughters hair blocked his vision, her shampoo's scent filled his nostrils. His hand was under the covers and draped over Brandy, buried deep in her flannel pajama bottoms. He pulled his hand out of her bottoms like it was on fire, his daughter shifted at the sudden movement but didn't wake up. Karl sat there leaning on his left elbow looking over his slumbering daughter mortified he had been fingering her pussy. His mind spun as he looked at his fingers in the dim light from the moon, it was hard to tell but he didn't think he saw any blood on any of them. He was certain he had his finger inside Brandy and wondered where her hymen was. Thoughts of someone molesting his daughter raced through his mind as jealousy and rage built in him. Then through the cloud of fatherly and non-fatherly emotions a memory stirred, one of Brandy saying she hurt herself on her bike and was bleeding between her legs. Mary had taken care of Brandy during that incident and a cryptic thing Mary had said at the time now made sense, she had said something about 'Brandy's first time being a lot easier now' with a sour look on her face. Karl had been clueless at the time but now it was clear as day, his daughter had broken her cherry on her she didn't have one now. His dick flexed as his mind worked out why she was not a "virgin", his hard helmet burrowing into his daughter's very soft ass. He rolled away from her out of bed sitting up on the mattress, rubbing his head and face with his hands in frustration. He needed to get away from her now, before his dick started thinking for him. Flipping the blanket back over Brandy to cover her appealing body as he stood up, Karl looked her over like a hungry wolf for a minute. He was beyond thinking rationally as he slowly walked out of the room, drinking in his daughter's sleeping beauty as he left the room. He didn't even think as he headed for Brandy's room, entering it to find Mei and Angela still sleeping. Mei was partially turned on her right side with her right arm out and crooked like it had been holding something or someone, probably Brandy he thought. Angela was on her right side snuggled up next to Mei with her left arm around Mei. The blanket covered both girls left arms but it looked to Karl like they were holding hands in their sleep. Karl pulled the blanket back to take a peek and was met with a surprise, while entwined with Mei's arm Angela's hand was not holding Mei's hand. Angela's small brown hand had disappeared under Mei's silk pajama bottoms and looked to be comfortably planted in the Asian girl's crotch. Karl's dick throbbed as he thought of Angela playing with Mei's pussy while they slept, feeling bold he reached out for Mei's pajama hem. Lifting and pulling her bottoms down slightly he had an excellent view of Angela's hand cupping Mei's perfect bald pussy, one of her tiny fingers buried between her parted lips. Taking mental snapshots of the girls as he held Mei's bottoms out and down from her crotch. Gently he placed her bottoms back and then gingerly pulled Angela's hand from Mei's bottoms, neither girl twitched during the extraction. With Mei's body free of Angela's grasp he carefully slid his hands under the sleeping girl, lifting her up off the bed away from Angela. Pulling the limp girl's body close to his, he lowered his head and inhaled Mei's scent, her head rolled around as he moved her body. Taking one last look at Angela as he turned to leave the room with his prize, he promised himself he would be back to sample her some more before dawn. Right now he had a burning desire to satisfy and he knew Mei was the only one who could do it. He carried her out into the hall and headed for the front room, but stopped as a little voice in his head said that was a bad spot to do what he wanted. Brandy or Angela could wake up and walk out to use the bathroom, either would easily see him and Mei in the front room as they came down the hall. His eyes looked around the dark house, falling on the basement door. Of course, the basement was perfect, there was a spot he had set up for himself to be alone when Brandy and Mary got on his nerves. He popped the door open and descended the stairs very carefully, he didn't want to drop Mei now. He was making it down the stairs fairly easy, but the jerking motion as he stepped down was making Mei's head flop around waking her. She groaned as she felt her body moving and slowly peeled her eyes open a little looking sleepily at Karl's face. He made a gentle shushing sound as she grumbled and pulled herself closer to Karl to stop the jerky motions of his steps. He descended the last step just as Mei spoke. "What's going on?" Her sleepy voice demanded, a slight tone of annoyance tinted it. Karl didn't say anything as he walked to the finished room he had set up in the basement, he had a little trouble opening the door because it swung out but finally entered the cosy room. He always kept a little light on in the corner so he didn't need to turn on the overhead light, shadows played along the wall in the dim light as he laid her down on the lounge chair he had down there. Mei gave him a grumpy look as he laid her down on the cold leather chair, her head resting on the back rest like a pillow and her back on the seat. The girls tiny legs dangled off the edge of the chair just a few inches from touching the ground. Karl hooked his thumbs into Mei's pajama bottoms and worked them down over her hips, the sash made it difficult to pull easily down. Mei realized what he was doing immediately and raised her hips to ease Karl's troubles, her bottoms slipped by her hips and slid down her porcelain white thighs. Karl pulled the girls bottoms clean off her leaving her naked from the waist down, the oversized top making her loom smaller than she already was. Mei eyed him with a mix of curiosity and nervousness, still her bare legs parted to show him her smooth tight lips. Karl knelt down and kissed the girl's thighs right above the knee bringing a nervous giggle from Mei. He kissed his way slowly up her thighs, switching from one to the other, his tongue occasionally tasting her skin. Mei began to squirm as Karl's experienced mouth teased and pleased her sensitive thighs, no one had ever kissed her thighs before and she was liking it very much. Her stomach fluttered as neared closer to her pussy, she wanted him to kiss her there but was also nervous about how it would feel. Her legs spread more as he neared closer, instinct driving her to open herself up to him in anticipation. Her breath had gotten heavier and little girlish moans came from her as he got closer to her pussy. He stopped kissing her for a moment when he came to her pussy, he stared at the perfect patch of skin the formed a small V between her legs with a thin crack trailing down it. It looked so beautiful and delicious, his mouth watered and was dry at the same time while his hot breath ticked her delicate skin. Mei looked at Karl pleading, her neck muscles straining as she presses her head back into the chair. Her body was taunt in anticipation of something it hoped would be wonderful, the butterflies in her stomach were making her feel queasy. Her hips muscles flexed involuntarily to tempt Karl in, her body doing all it knew to attract a mate. Karl didn't miss the subtle hip motion, his heart hammered in his chest as lust for this child burned in his mind. His cock was so hard it bounced with every hard beat of his heart, making his sweatpants pulse with his cock's intention. A pleading croak came from Mei just as Karl dived his face into her, his mouth completely covered her child pussy as his tongue dug into her slit. Mei gave a loud surprised 'AAWWWAA' as Karl tasted her for the first time. Her tiny legs shot straight out from her body then hooked around his head like a Python, her thighs squeezed his head hard as the first intense wave of pure pleasure swept over her. She shoved her crotch hard into his face, making his teeth scrape across her smooth skin, she hissed and squeezed harder at the mix of pleasure and pain. Karl placed his hands on her hips in an attempt to take control but felt her little hands seize his and grip searching for his fingers. Taking his palms off her hips and raising them up with fingers spayed against her hands, he felt her tiny fingers entwine and grip his tightly as if he was her lifeline to reality. He wormed his tongue around her tiny pussy slurping and licking her sweet nectar, the little girls pussy began to flow as it experienced oral stimulation for the first time. Every time he found a new area of her pussy she squeezed her thighs tighter, Karl soon felt uncomfortable with the viselike grip she had on him. But nothing on this green earth was going to pull him away from Mei's delectable treasure, God himself could have shown up and demanded he quit and Karl would of laughed in his face. Karl looked up Mei's body towards her face and he saw a red hue spreading across her white skin as her pleasure mounted. He decided to search for the magic button all females have, the spot that sends them on a rocket ride to the stars. Using the tip of his tongue he dug around the spot his wife's usually was, it took him a moment to find Mei's tiny bud but when he did she reacted instantly. Her legs let go of their viselike grip for a second as a spasm shot through them, then squeezed down in a death grip. Her thighs gripped his head so tightly if felt like she was trying to crush it, he was having trouble breathing. She would inhale quickly and let her breaths out in long strained 'Nghuuh' sounds as her stomach tensed, the muscles and cords in her neck straining with each exhale. Her fingers clutched his as tightly as she could, her fingers turning even whiter around the knuckles. Her cute slanted eyes would close tightly as she exhaled, then open wide as if she was seeing Nirvana while she took her quick breath, then slam shut tightly again as she exhaled again. Her long 'Nghuuhs' echoed in the room often ending in an almost audible whine, somewhere there was a dog saying to itself 'what the hell is that whining sound'. Karl sucked and slurped on her tiny clit, trying his damnest to make her cum, his tongue worming and digging around the minuscule nub of flesh as her pussy quivered below. It actually felt like it her pussy lip were trying to clutch at his tongue, Karl had never felt anything like it on any other woman. Either her pussy did strange things as it was getting off or she had control over muscles that most women didn't. He dipped his tongue lower towards her hole, jabbing the tip into it expecting some resistance. Instead his tongue found a small bit of resistance at first, like pushing his tongue through a small tight rubber band, then a tiny fleshy tube encased his tongue as it slid deeper into her. Mei felt Karl's tongue burrow into her, digging past her entrance and squirming deeper inside her adolescent pussy. Her eyes popped open as did her mouth as she curled up, letting go of Karl's hands and clutching his head. Her breath caught in her lungs as she tried to scream in pleasure, only a squelching croak came out. Her body convulsed around his head as her pussy squeezed and spasmed on his intruding tongue, her legs tried to pull Karl's head inside her. Her hands grabbed handfuls of his short hair, her silk sleeves added an exotic feeling to it as they brushed against his forehead. He jabbed his tongue into her trying to get it deeper into her but her pussy gripped it to tightly, he could feel her walls clenching down on his worming muscle. Mei's hips rocked back and forth instinctively as she tried to fuck herself on Karl's tongue as his nose rubbed around where her clit throbbed. Her breathing was hitched and labored as her body began to quake, suddenly she let go of his hair and began flailing her arms around his head. He wasn't sure if was trying to push his head away or just spazing out, he didn't dare look up for fear of catching a finger in his eye. Then he knew she had enough as she pushed hard on the top of his head trying to push him away, her hips turning away from his planted mouth. Reluctantly Karl slowly retracted his tongue, it felt like her pussy was squeezing it out as he removed it. Her knees snapped together as he pulled his head from her lap, his mouth and chin glistening from his saliva and her juices. Mei lay there half curled up staring off blankly with her mouth hung open, her body twitching every now and then for a few minutes after. Karl sat back on his heels watching the Asian girl ride the high of sexual ecstasy, his cock tenting the front of his sweatpants. As Mei enjoyed her buzz Karl stood up stripping his shirt off as he did, then dropping his pants to stand before the spasming child naked and with a raging hard on. Mei saw movement out of the corner of her eye and slowly looked in Karl's direction, only it was as if she was looking at something really far away, her eyes were unfocused and dull. A glimmer of recognition shone in her eyes when they landed on his hard cock, her tongue absentmindedly licked her lips. Karl turned the girl onto her back as he crawled onto the lounge chair over her, his knees on either side of her hips. Her silk top slid up her torso drug by Karl's knees as he shimmied towards her head, the feeling of the silk material made his balls twitch. He stopped halfway up her chest, his cock bobbing several inches from her face, her eyes following it up and down. Her lips smacked and her tongue kept wetting them, her nostrils flared as if she was trying to smell his dick. Her eyes focused on his hard cock and seemed to enlarge as she leaned her head forward and tried to lick it. Her tongue could barely touch the tip of his cock, the pointy little red organ tickled his throbbing helmet. Mei was straining to lean forward farther but where Karl was sitting kept her from raising up so she tried to shift her position so she could get more of his cock into her mouth. Karl surprised her when her placed his hand on her holding her in place, a slightly leering look on his face, he wanted full control of the situation. She laid her head back as he shuffled a little closer to her head, grabbing the sides of her face in a firm but loving grip. Slowly he pushed his cock towards her closed but waiting mouth, she sensed he didn't want her mouth open. His helmet pushed into her small soft lips, smushing them against her crooked teeth, Karl gave a low growl of pleasure as he felt her cool pliable lip skin against his hot flesh. He rubbed his cock around her lips, smearing his precum all around them until they looked like they had lip gloss on them. Mei raised her brown eyes up to his as he felt her lips with his cock, she locked eyes as she opened her mouth to accept him inside. Karl hissed as her teeth scrapped deliciously across his sensitive skin, her hot wet mouth engulfing his knob. Karl gave another long hard groan as Mei sucked hard on his spongy cock head, she felt the soft yet hard organ conform to the shape of her mouth as she sucked, tangy precum flooded her mouth. Mei's eyes drooped a little as she looked back down at his cock, giving a moan of her own because she loved how his cock felt in her mouth. But Karl wasn't just there to enjoy her mouth, he knew what this girl was really capable of when she was taken control of. Tightening his grip on her head as her eyes snapped up to his with a slightly questioning look, she tensed slightly as he pushed deeper into her mouth. Mei didn't resist though, she only opened her mouth as wide as she could and mentally prepared herself for the onslaught that was coming. Karl stopped for a second when Mei gagged on his cock as it socketed into the entrance of her throat, an excited twinkle in her eyes as she recovered from her gag. There was a twinge of fear there also, even though she had done this before it was still a little scary not to be able to breathe normally. Karl pressed again firmly but slowly, enjoying the feeling of Mei's throat opening up before him, Mei gagged again and again against the slow assault. Tears formed in the corner of her eyes as his cock dug into the back of her throat, the angle wasn't right for him to slide right down her throat with her head against the back of the chair. Karl didn't care about how uncomfortable it was for Mei, her throat felt to wonderful to change positions, he loved the way his cock flexed as it hit the back of her throat as it tried to follow the tube downward. Then it flexed enough to slide father down her throat, pressing hard against the back of Mei's esophagus making her retch uncontrollably. Her throat spasmed around his cock as she fought against his hands trying to remove the obstruction in her throat. Panic was building in her as her uncontrollable gagging made it impossible to breathe, she tried to shake her head and push Karl off her. Her heart hammered in her chest and her pussy burned with fiery itch demanding attention. She didn't know why this panic was making her so excited, for some reason not being able to breathe was ratcheting up her pleasure to 11. Still she needed to breathe and was starting to see little black spots in front of her eyes. Karl noticed her eyes roll back in her head as a long gurgling gag followed by a spew of foamy spit made him withdraw his cock from her with a sloppy wet trail of throat slime. Mei's red face contorted as she coughed up foamy slime in long stings that hung from her open mouth and dripped down into her neck and pajama top. Karl stroked his hard cock feeling his balls churn, he was almost there and wanted to make a big finish. Mei caught her breath but was still spitting up slime when Karl grabbed her head and shoved his cock back at her face. Mei turned her head to keep the cock out of her mouth at the last second making Karl's cock spear her cheek. Giving a warning growl he pulled her head away from him and tried again, this time Mei opened her mouth to let it in. He didn't go easy this time, he just pressed as hard as he could and forced his cock down her throat, making Mei's hands fly about in panic. He had pressed so hard and fast that Mei didn't have a chance to get used to it, the cock dug hard into her soft gullet making her retch very hard. Karl fucked her throat with short quick jabs for about thirty seconds then pulled out and bellowed as he stroked his cock. His nuts tightened up and fired cum through his cock, the first long hard stream shooting out and smacking Mei right on the bridge of the nose. Her eyes clenched shut as the thick liquid spattered into them, her mouth opened in surprise and the trailing end of the first shot landed in her open mouth. A second shot nailed her directly in the top of her teeth, making the cum splatter around her mouth and lips. A third coated her chin, neck and silk top, a small puddle formed in the little dent in her neck. More cum spattered over her top, the grey white jism contrasting sharply against the dark black silk. Karl glazed Mei good in his cum, by the time he was done she was covered from her face to her chest in long greyish ropes of his seed. Karl could see Mei's tongue swirling his cum in her mouth around, she seemed to be savoring the taste before her lips closed and she swallowed. She opened her eyes gingerly to make sure there wasn't any cum that was going to get into her eyes, a glob that landed on her lashes strung out in a thin tendril between her lashes over her eyeball. She looked up at him through the cum strand, her eye blinking making it spread and create more tendrils. Mei started to raise her hand up to wipe the cum from her eyes but Karl grabbed her hand to stop her shaking his head, he wanted her to stay coated in his cum. He shuffled off the chair, his cock still hard and bouncing, he looked down at his feast from earlier. Mei squirmed as he stared lustfully at her twat, he slowly began stroking his cock as he knelt down. Mei watched him nervous as he aimed his cock at her slit, several inches still between them, her eyes switching from his cock to her slit. She knew what he was intending to do even though she had never done it before, she lost her cherry in gymnastics. Sweat beaded up on her brow as the butterflies came back to her stomach ten fold, there was no way that big thing was going to fit. Karl was thinking something similar as he neared her small cunt, his dick looked like a huge porno cock to her small pussy. He was determined to try though, all rational thought of her being too young or the consequences of his actions were thrown out the window as he touched his fat helmet to her tiny V. Mei made a slight whimper when she felt the fiercely hot piece of flesh touch her itchy pussy, she was scared to continue but desperately wanted it at the same time. Her hips moved on their own, rocking up and down rubbing his cock head through her slit. Karl moved his cock up and down as she moved her hips, relishing the feeling of her lips slipping over his tip. A few minutes of this was all Karl could take before he lowered his cock to her hole and pressed. His cock didn't penetrate her, instead it bent painfully as her hole refused to allow access. Mei gave a long whine of pain as Karl pressed harder, it hurt him too but he was determined to get his dick in her even if it broke them both. Tears welled up in Mei's eyes again as she felt something give slightly, a yelp of pain escaped her as she felt Karl's cock begin to enter her. Karl felt her pussy beginning to give and like a man possessed pressed with all his weight. His cock suddenly slipped a half an inch into her extremely tight passage, Mei shrieked loudly as she felt something hot slice into her. The pain was intense and she felt like she was being stuffed full from the bottom up, she was certain this was the worst thing ever and wanted it over now. The sobbed from the child brought Karl back to reality and he realized how savage he was being with her, he held still and took his weight off the small girl. The last sensible part of his mind screamed at him to remove his cock from the child, he was causing her pain, but his cock threatened to revolt if he dared move. Staying dead still he stroked Mei's crying face saying he was sorry but it would feel better real soon, at least he hoped he thought. Mei's sobs died down to snuffles and she looked at him with a little nod of her head. They lay there for several agonising minutes as he let her grow accustom to his size, he had to concentrate so he wouldn't cum from just being inside her. He was beginning to think she wasn't going to be able to take him when he felt the unmistakable feeling of her hips moving. Her hips gave a test push towards him then quickly away, he felt his cock just about slip from her and pushed it back in. Instead of a cry Mei gave a gasp as he filled her entrance again, the tight tube of her pussy letting him slip slightly farther in. She gave a wince of pain as his cock opened up some more of her immature cunt, but the pain was slowly fading. A warm tingling sensation began to spread out from her pussy, she began to want more of it. Karl worked his cock in and out of her in slow short strokes, trying to work a little more in at a time. Mei's eyes fluttered as the pain fades more and the warm feeling grew into a more intense pleasure, better than she had ever hoped for. Her hips began to match his rhythm as she tried to get more of that wonderful feeling from the large cock digging in her. He was soon working a full inch into her, panting as his orgasm threatened to end the sex before he could fully fill her. Her hands ran up his strong arms feeling the mature muscles holding him up, drips of sweat dropped onto her face from his chest. Her dark hair began to mat to her head as her sweat and his soaked her exotic straight locks, trails of sweat ran down her face mixing with the cum on her face. Her mouth hung open as her breath became ragged, sweat and cum dripped into it unnoticed by her. Karl quickened his pace as he felt his balls boiling, he rutted in her trying to dig deeper. He had almost two and half inches in when he felt something more solid than before, Mei gave a guttural grunt as her eyes rolled back in her head. He kept pressing but wasn't getting any farther, every time he hit the wall Mei gave a grunt. Wanting to bury his dick balls deep he plunged in and held his dick hard against the barrier wall pressing his weight into it. Mei gave a painful yet sexually sounding growl as Karl bared down on her. Suddenly a moment of clarity hit him as he bared down, that was as deep as he could go, he'd hit her immature cervix. Lustful pride welled up in him as he realized he'd filled this child up with all the cock her pussy could handle, yet still he pressed against her cervical wall. Mei was in pain and ecstasy at the same time as she felt so full and still Karl kept pressing, she was certain he was going to break her in some way but didn't care, this felt too good to stop. Karl suddenly pulled back to her entrance and slammed her back into her, making the girl scream in pain/pleasure, her hips jerked at the assault then ground against the meat inside her. Karl repeated the motion enraptured by the tight gripping of her pussy walls as he pulled out, he was probably dragging part of her pussy out with his dick, then the magical feeling of her pussy walls parting over his cock head before the mushy wall of her cervix stopped him. He rutted in her for a few more minutes trying to penetrate that wall inside her, when he felt something give slightly. When he felt it he kept pressing into her, amazed by the feeling of an incredibly tight ring squeezing over his tip. It was painful for him so it had to hurt her but Karl couldn't keep from driving his cock into Mei's immature womb. She was gritting her teeth with her eyes squeezed tight, a high pitched whine filled the room. Then he felt something completely give and he sunk fast and fully into the child, a strange gurgling sound came from her throat as his dick sliced into her womb. He shook from the intense orgasm that shot through him, his balls unloaded all they had. A torrent of slimy cum worked it way through his cock, her tight holes acted like two strangling cockrings on his dick, his cum almost couldn't come out the end of his cock. Then he felt the first spurt pass her cervix and groaned in ecstasy as it squirted out all over her wombs walls. Mei felt something hot beginning to fill her deep inside and it felt so wonderful to her, her body began to vibrate as an intense orgasm started to wash over her. Her toes curled and her back arched as she felt her belly begin to feel bloated from the hot semen filling her womb, sparks flashed in front of her eyes and squeak filled moans filled the room. Karl couldn't quit cumming, Mei's womb seemed to be milking his cock for all it was worth, he panted and grunted with each heave of his sac. Mei bucked her hips around his spurting cock like a girl possessed, his cock head stirred her insides as he emptied into her. Their orgasms died down together, occasionally prolonged by one or the others twitching sex organs. Karl almost collapsed onto Mei exhausted from the intense sex, it was all he could do to hold himself up off her small frame. Mei lay there with a blissed out look on her face, staring off into space slack jawed. Karl tried to pull himself out of Mei but quickly realized there was a problem, his cock seemed to be stuck in her womb. When he tried to pull out Mei groaned and gripped him tight to keep him in place. Fuck he was knotted up with her like a dog he thought, her tight rings were keeping his cock hard and in place. He pondered his situation when it occurred to him that he was in a unique position, balls deep in a child's pussy, and should enjoy it again while the opportunity was still available. Besides it wasn't like his cock was going to go down anytime soon and her gripping slot was asking him for round two. Karl watched as Mei's slack jaw opened wider as she felt him beginning to saw in and out of her again, her slanted eyes fluttering at the return of the feeling. Her hands which had been holding his arm, feeling his muscles, now curled up into claws. She raked her nails down his arms leaving three or four red trails on each arm as her extremely tight cunt became unbearably tight on his dick. When he started fucking Mei again she hadn't finished her first orgasm, his attempts to free himself from her had prolonged it, so his sudden thrusts stoked a second orgasm from her. This one was more intense because he caught her off guard so to speak, her body wasn't ready for a second onslaught of adult dick. Her hips pitched and heaved around his cock and animalistic sounds came from her throat as her second orgasm took control. Karl felt her pussy walls go crazy on his shaft, ripples ran up and down it in rapid succession. Deep red splotches appeared on her neck, her cheeks burned crimson from exertion and excitement. Her pussy was deep red except for her tiny lips which were yellowish white from stretching around his cock. A small puddle of sweat and other body fluids threatened to stain the chair under Mei's upturned pussy, a dribble of cum leaked from it down to her small rosebud asshole. The two of them humped madly at each other even though Karl's cock didn't really move due to being trapped inside her. Mei started babbling nonsensical syllables, her mouth trying to speak without her minds help, it echoed loudly through the room over the grunting of Karl and the slapping of his hips against hers. They didn't hear the door to the room unlatch with a loud click or feel the cool breeze come in as the door slightly opened, a glinting green eye peered through the crack watching where the two bodies met. Karl knew he would last alot longer this time since he already came twice, he feared Mei wouldn't be able to keep up as her body began to ragdoll on his dick. Mei's mind had blanked as nothing but pleasure overtook it, she no longer had control of her body, it felt like she was melting. Mei's head rolled to the side rocking to the rhythm of Karl's hips, her tongue lulled out of her mouth like she was unconscious. Her dark hair now was shiny black and wet looking from her and his sweat, it plastered to her forehead and the side of her face. Her eyes were unfocused as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure surged through her body. Her six and a half year old mind was totally unprepared for the pleasure of adult sex, she was on full tilt and hooked for life. "OH MY GAWD MEI!!! MEI ARE ALRIGHT!?!?" came a screeching little girls voice from the corner of the room as a pink and tan blur ran over and started beating on Karl's solid back. Angela had been spying on them and became scared Karl had killed her when she saw Mei's blank expression and near dead eyes. She had no idea that Mei was more than alright, she was in a state of pure ecstasy. Karl nearly jumped out of his skin when Angela screamed, it had the same effect as if she had thrown a bucket of ice water on him, his cock shriveled inside Mei. The sudden drop in size allowed him to pull from her used pussy with a slurping pop, her distorted lips closed up behind him leaving a wide crack to indicated it was in use. Angela continued to pummel Karl with little effect until she felt a light touch on her arm, Mei was weakly trying to stop Angela's attack, Angela looked at her for a second before seeing a blissful smile cross her friend's lips. Angela began to realise that Karl wasn't hurting Mei, she had been enjoying it, relief swept through the Latin girl. Karl got up and turned the overhead light on,bathing the room in bright light, Mei groaned and covered her eyes with the soiled sleeve of her top. Angela's eyes grew wide as she drank in the mess Karl had made, Mei's top was spattered with white splotches and sweat stains. Angela's eyes traveled up to her friends face, white stuff was crusting on the bridge of Mei's nose, on her cheeks and in her eyelashes. Karl gave a slight groan as he drank in his handiwork also, he had a perverse sense of pride in turning Mei into a living Jackson Pollock painting. Angela's face was a mix of awe, confusion and tinge of envy, she now knew she was no where near Mei's league in sex stuff. Her eyes glanced down briefly to Mei's red pussy, she was afraid to look at it because it looked like Karl had been stabbing her in her crotch with his willy and she was afraid she was going to something horrible. Instead of a gory mess she saw a puffy red and inflamed set of pussy lips, Mei's normally thin slit was spread open a bit letting a gash of crimson red wet flesh peek out. Angela's heart fluttered with fear thinking the red was blood but a second glance told her it wasn't, it was just Mei's sexualized inner pussy. Karl tried to read Angel's expression, she had been worried and anxious but now it looked like she was more upset or angry than anything. She crossed her small arms as she turned to Karl, taking a defiant stance, her bottom lip stuck out in an angry pout. She glared at Karl then spoke. "What makes her so special?" Angela spat out as Karl realized she was jealous, " I can do anything she can do!!" She stated, her eyes flashing at him. The pushy little girl then reached down and pulled her pink fuzzy top off in one swift movement revealing her naturally tan skin. Two tiny brown nipples adorned her smooth flat chest, her taunt stomach showing a few tone muscles from playing hard. With her top clear of her head she bent over and shucked her pink bottoms down into a puddle of fuzzy fabric on the floor around her feet before stepping out of them. She stood there nude before Karl and her friend, crossing her arms again over her bare chest. A definite look of 'you better make it up to me " was stuck on Angela's face, she was determined to show Karl she was just as good as Mei. "Well!?!?" She insisted, apparently expecting Karl to just rush her after she got naked, her fiery green eyes bore a hole into his. She stood there waiting for Karl to make a move and when he just stood there gawking at her she stamped her foot angrily, uncrossing her arms she strode over to him stood in front of him. Her hands were on her hips giving him an impression of a little Wonder Woman standing before him, naked and Latino but still a Wonder Woman impression. Seeing that Karl still wasn't doing anything, he was enjoying her naked body, she reached out and grabbed his half flaccid penis with her cold right hand. Karl jumped at the iciness of her hand, it felt like the last time his doctor checked him out. "Christ your hand's are cold girl!!" Karl said gripping her wrist and pulling her hand off his cock, her face swiftly changed from defiance to dismay as she realized she has messed up already. Karl's heart ached as he saw her face scrunch up and tears well up in her eyes, he grabbed her hand in his and began rubbing it as he spoke. "Hey....hey it's okay," his hands began to warm her hand, "see it's easily fixed, don't cry... You're too beautiful to be crying." He cooed at her softly. She sniffled and wiped her eyes with her other hand, a small smile appeared when he said she was "too beautiful". " You really think I'm beautiful? " she asked shyly, sniffling her nose after she spoke, she looked down almost as if she was expecting him to tell her he was lying. Karl knelt down as he brought his right hand up to her chin, turning her face upwards towards his. Their eyes met, hers shimmering from the tears with a sparkle of hope mixed in, he moved his lips to hers and kissed her. He gave her a slow loving kiss, one adults give each other to tell them they are loved, Angela's lips seemed to melt against his. She was motionless at first, then her lips started to move as he kissed her. She sunk deeper into him turning her head instinctively, her lips tried to mimic his. He broke their kiss for a second to tell her to not to try so hard...let it happen. Angela took the advice and relaxed, her lips pursed in a kiss waiting for him to return. He moved back into her and they resumed kissing, Angela soon got the hang of closed mouth kissing and was enjoying it very much. Her body fluttered as Karl's lips danced with hers, she felt light headed and her crotch was beginning to itch making her rub her thighs together. Karl let go of her hand and pulled her body close to his as he sat down. He pulled her on top of him, their lips never breaking, as he laid down on the floor. Her thighs spread over his hips as her warm torso pressed against his, she had to scoot up a bit to keep her lips locked with his making her pussy rest a little above his now hardening dick. He ran his hands over her soft skin on her back, bringing little sounds from Angela as she moaned into his lips. Running a hand to her ass he cupped it giving it a good squeezing then a hard rub, Angela rocked her butt towards his hand enjoying his touches. Tracing her ass crack he found the dimple of her anus and gave it a playful press making Angela jump a little, her lips pressed harder against his as she felt his finger tease her asshole. He stretched his arm farther around her ass and felt for her warm wet pud, finding the outer edges with his fingertips, he searched for her tiny hole. Finding a dent he pressed a little making the girl yelp into his lips, she broke their kiss and pulled her pussy away from his fingers. "That hurt." She said sternly, Karl gave an apologetic look. Angela's face soften and she lowered her lips back to his forcefully, continuity their kiss. Karl tried to work out what the problem had been when it dawned on him that she might still have her cherry. 'What the fuck' he thought, 'out of the three of them she was the last one he expected to have her hymen still intact. Her pussy moved back to greet his fingers giving Karl another chance to explore it, this time he was very gentle about how he felt around. He traced around her outer lips with his ring and fore finger while his middle finger dipped slightly into her slit. Angela tensed for a second as she felt the fingers playing with her but relaxed when it felt good. He gingerly felt around her hole and he could feel the thin layer of skin just past the entrance, Angela gave a little whine as his finger brushed against it so he removed it to play with just her slit. He realized there was no way he was going to be fucking this girl tonight, Mei had been able to take him because she didn't have her cherry and he suspected she like it very rough anyways. Angela despite her hard ass attitude was a delicate flower in comparison, she wouldn't be able to handle his adult dick inside her pussy, it would destroy her. Disappointed he wouldn't be able to fuck her, he felt around her asshole again with his other hand, she didn't seem to mind the double stimulation. His finger on his left hand began to prod and press on her asshole, making Angela grunt a little into his lips, she didn't break the kiss though so Karl took that as a good sign. Her eyes opened and looked at his questioning as she felt his finger try to gain access to her bumhole, it felt weird but kinds nice to her at the same time. Karl had never had the opportunity to try anal before, his wife was adamantly against it and so had every girlfriend he ever had, so it had never been high on his list of needs, Angela had changed all that though, if he was going to get inside this child anal was probably going to be the only way. He suspected she didn't know shit about blowjobs and fucking her pussy wasn't an option, but maybe... just maybe if he played his cards right he could fuck this girl up the ass. He worked on her asshole with his left index finger while rubbing her pussy with his right hand, Angela's reaction was to grind her lips hard against his and moaning. He ran his tongue over her lips and tried to introduce her to French kissing, her little mouth soon parted and let his thick tongue inside, Angela seemed to melt as the new kind of kissing was introduced to her. Her tiny tongue began to dance with his in her small mouth, snorts of pleasure escaped her nose. The fingers on his right hand were slick with her juices now from his ministrations so he switched hands knowing the slickness would help with penetrating her ass. Angela barely noticed the switch till she felt his finger bore into her asshole, she broke their kiss and raised her head hissing. Karl thought momentarily he had fucked up until her little eyes looked at him with a devious glint, she then rocked her ass towards the invading finger pushing it farther into her. The shock of initial penetration had surprised her but the burst of pleasure she got from it was intense, she loved how his finger felt in her ass and wanted more of it in her. Karl was shocked at how well she took it, him just jamming a finger in her ass, but the little girl seemed to enjoy it very much, lust filled Karl as he realized there was a very good chance he was going to get his cock in there. Anger dove back down open mouthed with her tongue out, her teeth clanking against his as she shoved her tongue into his mouth. During this whole encounter with Angela and Karl, Mei had slowly recovered her senses and was now watching the two with great interest. She lay curled up in the chair with her head laying on the armrest, her right hand lazily playing with her pussy as she watched. She watched Angela's demeanor change from a nervous little girl to a sex crazed little slut in no time fast, she understood completely. Karl seemed to have some kind of effect on her,she would let him do anything he wanted to her... no that wasn't right...she wanted him to do anything he wanted with her, to use her as a object of his pleasure. It felt right to Mei to let Karl use her and she loved how he did, so she knew what Angela was feeling right now as she watched. She kind of wanted to join in but was to tired to get up right now so she just enjoyed the show. Angela had broken their kissing because Karl's fingers was making her feel so good, she had laid her head down sideways over his chin and mouth, her hair covered most of his face not he cared. Her tiny bubble butt rocked back and forth as Karl sawed his finger in and out of her ass. He would pull it all the way out then reinsert it again stretching her asshole open. Angela moaned every time he pressed his finger into her, her ass pushing back to take as much as it could in. Karl wanted to work on her ass some more but the position made it awkward, so with some difficulty he got to his feet while holding Angela. He managed to keep his finger in her ass the whole time he was getting up and when he was standing he lifted the girl up some, his finger borrowed farther in from the pressure of her weight. Angela groaned and clenched her ass around his finger then began rocking her hips around, enjoying the way his finger twirled in her ass when she did. He had never met anyone who seemed to enjoy their ass played with so much and was delighted it was a beautiful little girl like Angela that was enjoying it so much. He looked around the room and realized the only place to do this properly was the chair Mei was laying in and she didn't look like she was ready to move yet. He walked over to the chair and Mei raised her head to look at them smiling, at least she's not the jealous type he thought as he smiled back. Slipping his finger from her clenching sphincter, Karl set Angela down on the armrest opposite the one Mei was laying her head on. Angela gave a little 'ooft' as Karl set her down, then a surprised giggle when Karl flipped her over so she was laying over the armrest. Angela's head hovered over Mei's curled up form, Angela's face was less than a foot away from Mei's still red crotch. Mei turned some and spread her legs giving her friend a better view of her pussy, while Karl began playing with Angela's ass again. Seeing Angela's face so near Mei's pussy gave Karl an idea, he pressed the back of her head down and into Mei's crotch. Angela gave a little shriek the was cut short by her face being buried into Mei. "Lick her Angela... lick your friend's pussy!" Karl commanded his voice heavy with lust, Mei giggled as she felt Angela's face make contact with her pussy. "Yeah Angela lick my pussy..." Mei said as she laced her fingers through Angela's hair holding her head in place, "just like at camp!" She added when she felt her friend's tongue tentatively touched Mei's outer pussy lips. Karl groaned as he watched the girl begin to lick her friend, he wondered if the camp Mei mentioned was the same on his daughter had attended this summer, an image of his daughter getting her pussy licked by Angela or Mei flashed through his head. Kneeling down Karl stuck his tongue into Angela's pussy making the girl jerk and moan into Mei's cunt, her tongue picked up it pace and licked Mei harder. Mei sighed and rubbed her hands around her friend's head lovingly, her heels coming around Angela's back and resting on it to lightly trap Angela's head. Angela began to make a humming noise like she was trying to moan but mouth was full, Mei arched her back a little as the vibrations sent waves of pleasure throughout her body. Karl switched from Angela's pussy to her asshole, spearing his tongue into her tart rosebud. Angela stiffened and gave a hard humming moan while Mei clutched her head in place, Angela's eyes looked up to her friend's eyes to tell her this felt 'Sooo Gooood!', Mei nodded back at her in agreement. Karl stood up after giving Angela's ass a good tongue lashing, then he quickly measured how thick his cock was using his fingers. It was wider than two of his fingers but not as wide as three so he figured if he could get two fingers into her ass comfortably then she should be able to take his dick. Now with a goal in mind Karl worked his forefinger into the girl, sawing it in and out of her slowly, bringing more moans into Mei's pussy. While Karl worked her ass Angela slowly wormed her tongue around Mei's wet cunt, tasting her friends used pussy and finding she rather enjoyed it. They had played around in camp and Angela had talked Mei into licking her pussy but had chickened out when it came her turn to do it to Mei, Brandy had jumped in and took her place feeling bold that night. Now Angela was fulfilling her half of that bargain and regretted not doing it sooner, her friend's pussy was fun to lick. Angela moaned some more as Karl's finger wormed around in her, then to her disappointment it disappeared, she tried to look back at him but Mei's hands held her head firmly in place. Karl hocked up a big glob of spit and spread it over her asshole making the girl squirm as she felt the warm slimy spit lube up her sphincter. Then she gave a little shriek as his finger sliced into her again all the way up to base, it felt so deep to her and so good. Then she felt some pressure against her hole again as Karl began working his second finger in her tight hole. Her tongue stopped and her eyes bulged as she felt her asshole painfully widening, a whine of pain was muffled by Mei's pussy skin. Mei stroked Angela's face and told her its OK relax, Angela raised her now free head up and gave an unimpeded whine of displeasure. She was arching her back and trying to pull her ass away from Karl's fingers, her hands went to fend him off but she jump plopped down into Mei's crotch again. Mei trapped her head to keep her friend from moving, sensing Karl wanted her in this position so he could work his magic. Angela's face contorted as her asshole finally gave and accepted his second finger, a look of relief swept across Angela's face as her asshole relented. Once his finger was finally in it didn't hurt as bad and Angela began to adjust to the stuffed feeling of having two adult fingers in her asshole. Karl went easy on her at first letting her spasming hole grow accustom to his invading digits, he held his fingers still for a while before he even twitched them. When he did finally move them a little Angela gave a growling moan as her body began to react to the anal stimulus. Mei watched her friend's face go from an expression of pain to one of growing pleasure. It took Karl a while but soon he was moving his fingers around and making the girl moan with every movement. Mei pulled her friend's head down and Angela dived back into Mei, her tongue darting around Mei's pussy like mad. Mei threw her head back and gave a long sigh as her friend's tongue tickled all the right spots. Karl seen Mei with her head back and mouth open, he knew he was going to need lube for his cock and he thought about how Mei always got his cock slimy after a good throatjob. He had Angela's ass pretty loosened up, as much as he was going to get it with just his fingers for now, he just hoped it was enough to get his cock inside. He pulled his fingers from Angela's ass making the girl groan from the sudden loss, he got up and walked around to Mei. Lining his dick up with her mouth he pressed into it, Mei's eyes snapping open as she felt him sliding in, she opened her mouth wide and swallowed as his cock met her throat. She was getting better about taking his cock down her throat, she barely gagged this time as he sunk into her. Angela's eyes grew wide as she watched Karl's cock disappear down Mei's gullet, she could never do that she thought with a sense of dismay. Karl slid his cock in and out of her throat a few times getting a good coating of Mei's saliva on it before pulling back out. Angela's eyes were locked onto Karl's glistening hard meat as it emerged from Mei's mouth, a twinge of fear ran through her as she sensed Karl was ready to use it on her. He made his way back over to Angela's ass and stuck a finger then two fairly easily into her ass testing it, she was as ready as Karl could get her in a short amount of time. He shuffled up next to her, his slimy wet cock touching her ass cheek as Mei raised her head to watch her friend's anal deflowering. Angela gave a muffled protest as Mei shushed her, Mei stroked her head and face while Karl lined up his cock with her asshole. Angela's cords in her neck stood out when she felt something fat and squishy press against her ass, she knew what it was and didn't know what to do. Karl gave a slight pop of his hips and his cock head pushed past her anal ring making the girl jump and yelp into Mei's cunt. Some tears came to Angela's eyes as her ass burned from the fat member entering her. She whined as she felt him press further into her, her butt feeling so full she thought her ass might burst. Then a feeling like warm water began to flow over her as the burning began to subside, a pleasant glow began to form in her guts that swelled throughout her body. Karl let her ass adjust to him after he got his helmet in, her tight furnace of an ass was incredible as it clenched and squirmed around his cock. After a few minutes a moan came from Mei's crotch and her ass began to move some, trying to get Karl's cock deeper into her ass. Karl began to move his cock, pushing and pulling in very short, slow movements so as to not hurt Angela. The little girls ass would jump a little when he pressed into virgin territory but she quickly adjusted to his girth, soon he was sawing a few inches into her. Mei watched in fascination as Karl's cock dug into Angela's ass, she wondered what it felt like as she gazed at her friend's face, judging from the look it felt really good. Angela's mind was trying to process the assault of sensations that were emanating from her asshole, a mix of a little pain and a lot of pleasure had her mind on tilt. Every time Karl slid a little deeper her guts quivered and a small flash of pain went through her, but it was quickly replaced by new pleasure. She groaned as his plunged deeper, his cock now almost all the way into her. She felt like he was hitting her guts after a short bit and it felt very weird and very good at the same time. Little sparkles began to flash before her eyes as he rutted in her. Karl was feeling the urge to cum build in his balls, he was so ready to fill this girls ass up with his seed. Mei watched Karl's face contort as he pressed fully into Angela's ass, Angela raised her head with a 'oofft' as he bottomed out in her. His nuts heaved as they began to pour cum into Angela's ass. Angela gave an 'Oh' when she felt something hot and liquid beginning to fill her ass. Every squirt of Karl's cock brought an 'oh' from the girl, then the statement that it felt so warm. Karl huffed and puffed as he came, his cock firing in rapid secession into Angela, his orgasm was so strong he almost passed out from it. His vision grayed and the sound of the ocean roared in his ears from the blood pressure in them, his toes curled up to the point they began to cramp. He felt his knees beginning to give and he was afraid he would crush the girl so he tried to step back. Instead he just kind of collapsed onto the floor, cock coming free from Angela with a slight popping sound. He landed on his ass with a loud thump, his head spinning from his orgasm, his cock was still spitting cum out of it as he sat there. Mei jumped up nearly pushing Angela off the armrest as she went to see if Karl was alright. It took Angela a second to register what was going on as she was in the middle of reaching an orgasm of her own, but when she realized Karl was down she panicked like Mei. Both girl rushed to Karl asking him if he was OK, their voices high pitched with worry and fear. Through his daze Karl tried to ease the girls fears by smiling at them, only it looked more like a dopey grin than a reassuring smile. The girls held onto him, hugging his torso and head as he recovered. Once he regained some of his senses he patted the girls to let them know he was fine. Both girls relaxed and snuggled closer to him, they lay there cuddling in post sex bliss. He wanted to drift off to sleep but needed to get the girls cleaned up and back up stairs. He tried to move but found he was to wore out, the warmth of the girls felt good anyways so he lay there enjoying the feel of Mei and Angela. His mind drifted to what Mei had said about camp. "So Mei..." He said as she looked up at him lovingly, "tell me all about this camp you were talking about earlier."