Glory Hole Depravity - How It Started
By Ache4Fun

I was constantly traveling away from home, sometimes for weeks,
leading to unrelenting horniness.  But I get ahead of myself. 
Although not that important, my name is Adam and I suppose a
brief description might help.  I am a tall, fairly athletic,
white married man, who was around 30 at the time of this
incident.  It's difficult to be faithful when you are on the road
and I did want to be true to my wife.  Masturbating in the hotel
room gets old after a while and going to bars or clubs would
definitely get me in trouble.  I figured an adult bookstore or
theater could be the ticket for a little relief without
complications - or so I thought - but again, I am getting ahead
of myself.

Searching through the yellow pages is never straightforward it
seems, but I finally found a listing for an adult movie rental
place.  Normally, the adult establishments are all in the same
area, so that could be the right area to look.  I looked on a map
for the street and headed in that direction.  This was a good
idea, because I started seeing strip clubs after getting close to
the address.  Watching for a good stopping place, I drove slowly
looking side to side.  The thought of a good fuck flick sounded
good and I was getting aroused just thinking about it.  I saw an
adult bookstore that listed novelties, toys, and video booths on
their sign.  Perfect.  I pulled the car into the lot.

Walking into the store, I found an adult superstore with toys and
movies.  Being a na´ve first-timer, I wandered around looking as
if I knew what I was doing.  I kept looking around trying to look
inconspicuous.  Then, I spied the entrance to the video booths. 
I was uncertain how they worked and looked for signs.  I finally
gave up after I realized that I was going down the same aisles
again.  The guy behind the counter looked like he was totally
disinterested in what was going on.  I suppose it would get to be
mundane after a while.  I stepped up to the counter and asked him
about the video booths.  He pointed at a sign for the rates and
cost of tokens.  I went ahead and bought $20 worth of tokens and
headed through the entrance.

Easing past the entrance, it was almost total darkness.  As my
eyes started to adjust, I noticed a lot of doors leading into
small booths with signs to indicate vacancy.  I don't know why I
was acting like I didn't want to get caught, but I darted into
the first vacant booth.  Locking the door, I looked at the
display in front of me.  A slot was located next to it and I
slipped in a token.

The display lit up with a movie already in progress.  A hot girl
was giving a dude with a large cock a blowjob.  It was
exceptionally hot and I watched for a couple of minutes until he
pasted her face with a healthy load.  My cock was hard as a rock
and I massaged it through my pants.

I noticed there was a button that takes you through many
different movies.  I went ahead and put in all of the tokens to
add a lot of time.  I would watch a cumshot or a good fucking and
flip to the next one.  I came across some gay videos on some of
the channels.  I watched a few seconds, but usually changed the
channel.  They usually sort of "grossed me out".  But, I must
admit there were some she-male videos that I found rather
fascinating and stopped on those to watch.   It seemed so kinky
and, for some odd reason, it didn't seem gay!  It happens to be a
woman that has her own cock.  I always wondered if most men would
have sex with a she-male if they thought nobody would ever know.
Personally, I think most would.

While exploring the channels, I had lowered my zipper and pulled
out my hard cock to relieve the pressure.  Of course, that led to
some slow masturbation while watching cum-covered bodies and
faces.  After going through quite a few channels, I decided to
relax a little.  There was a small bench inside the booth, as
well as a couple of hooks on the wall and a roll of paper towels.
 Talk about looking out for the customers!  I removed all of my
clothes and hung them on the hooks.  I placed a paper towel on
the bench and sat down.

Watching the videos and changing the channels occasionally, I
started looking at my surroundings.  To my surprise, I saw a hole
in the wall on my left.  I bent down and peaked through it. 
There was nobody in the next booth.  I glanced to the other side
of the booth and saw another hole.  This time I was shocked when
I saw movement in the other booth.  As I focused a little, I
could see a guy stroking his cock!  I moved a little closer to
the hole and realized he knew I was there.  He probably had been
watching me since I got there and I suddenly was a little
embarrassed at the thought.  He was closer to the hole than he
needed to be and I thought he was just an exhibitionist or
something.  I moved closer to the hole, mostly out of fascination
and, if he was into exhibition, was willing to oblige him and see
him cum.

Suddenly, he moved his cock up to the hole and pushed it through
to my side!  Whoa, this was what these holes are for.  I was
thinking that this guy must think I'm queer.  You can't blame
him.  I did look through the hole and watch.  I was really
flustered at first thinking about what I should do.  The guy must
know that I had reservations and simply waited.  Then, I thought
again about the she-males and what if nobody knew.  It dawned on
me that nobody would know if I tried it.  Wasn't I always curious
about what it felt and tasted like?  I've had some success at
sucking my own cock (another story, maybe) and wondered about
sucking someone else's, but never dared talk about it or try it.
I reached out and touched his cock with the tips of my fingers. 
I was mesmerized.  I couldn't help it and wrapped my fingers
around his hard cock.  His cock felt about the same thickness as
my own, but was definitely longer.  It was going through the hole
and a couple of inches of cock still protruded past my hand.

I started to slowly jack his cock with my hand.  Man did it feel
different than I expected.  And it felt good!  It was hotter than
I expected and it stiffened even more as I stroked him.  It had
probably only been a minute, but it seemed like much more, all in
slow motion.  A small bead of pre-cum formed at his piss hole as
I continued.  Without a thought, I extended my tongue to it and a
string formed between his cock head and my tongue.  Then, I
swiped the tip of my tongue across his piss hole.  Wow, what a
feeling.  I was overcome with lust and pushed my lips down over
the head, slurping up the pre-cum.  I almost quit right there and
then when I heard him let out a moan.  It was almost too surreal
and it was like he wasn't a man up to that moment.  But he WAS a
man and he was enjoying it.

Pulling my hand off and with only slight hesitation, I decided to
go for the "whole enchilada" and slid my lips back over his cock
head.  I pushed down a couple of inches.  I moved back, clamping
my lips lightly while running my tongue underneath as I went. 
Then I went down a little farther.  It took a few strokes and my
nose pressed against the wall.  Later, I realized that there was
more to be had due to the wall, but at that instant, I felt that
I took the whole thing and it felt awesome.  I could not have
given a reason why it made a difference, but I felt proud and it
gave me inspiration to give him a great blowjob.  I pulled off
and licked up and down his cock and all around the head paying
close attention to the contours and ridges of the head along with
his piss hole.  This was more for my fascination than him, but
based on his moaning, he liked it very much.

I went back to taking his cock to the back of my throat, setting
up a rhythm to make him cum.  Another funny thing was I didn't
think about what I was going to do when he cum.  It's like I was
giving total effort to make him cum without considering the

My head was bouncing up and down on his cock like a pro it
seemed.  Saliva was running down his shaft and dripping down the
wall.  He started to groan a little louder, but it didn't connect
with my brain that he was about to cum.  His cum blasted off the
roof of my mouth and almost made me choke.  I fought the urge to
cough and took my time, relishing the feel of his cock pulsating
and dumping its load in my mouth.  I didn't pull back while he
was cumming and, after his cock stopped spasming, I slowly ran my
lips up and down caressing out the last few dollops of cum.  The
sensitivity of his cock made him start to shake and I wasn't
ready for him to pull back yet, so I let his cock go for a

I was happy to see that he didn't pull back right away.  I
started making small licks to clean his cock here and there to
show I wasn't done yet.  That's when I picked up speed on jacking
off my own cock.  I was thinking that this would never happen
again and I wanted to cum while his cock was there.  His cock
started deflating and began to droop down.  As it drooped down, I
took it back into my mouth.  His sensitivity had reduced and I
was able to suck him in again to extract every last drop of cum.
I had tasted my own cum, but this was totally different.  The
taste wasn't that much different, but everything about it was. 
The simple action of sucking and cleaning up his cock made me
orgasm and shoot stream after stream of cum against the wall and
on the floor.  This had to be one of my best orgasms ever!  After
the cum was completely drained from both our cocks, I let his
cock drop out of my mouth.

He pulled back and I could hear him getting dressed and then
leave without a peep.  I was technically now a cocksucker and
would be considered gay by many, but ironically I am definitely a
straight guy.  I have thought about this many times since,
especially considering my many escapades after this, but I
consider myself neither gay nor even bisexual.  I'll leave that
for a future episode to explain.

Almost as if a bell rang, I felt I had to get out of there quick
and hope that nobody saw me.  It was illogical, especially
considering that this was a strange town to me, and, also, that
nobody knew what I did anyway - well, of course, except the
stranger from the booth.  I drove back to the hotel and must
admit that I masturbated later than night thinking about what

Please stay tuned for my continued depravity at the glory hole!