Teen Temptations

Chapter 1

Oral Obeisance

Joe looked down at his bride-to-be (or was she already a bride before their vows were finalized?) She barely came up to his chest and was not much if any taller than she'd been five years ago at age twelve. Her tits were visibly larger but even as a pre-teen she'd been unusually well endowed in that department. And she was still pretty.

Damn! He'd been careless. What was she, four months along now? It was beginning to show.

The groom's mind drifted in recollection. It had not been a fair contest when Barbara was an innocent twelve year old virgin and he was a horny, fourteen year old who was a virgin also but definitely not innocent. And if he'd been more careful they wouldn't be standing here like this.

It was a small, Christian community where everyone knew everyone else. And when Joe knocked up the buxom girl he was now marrying there was only one thing to do. And they were doing it. Barbara was not the only girl he'd been intimate with but she was the first. And once she was broken in she became a perfect submissive and compliant sex-toy. He felt the beginnings of an erection as he recalled how it had all begun.

"Mom asked me to get some church stuff for Sunday's sermon," the buxom twelve year old had said to the big fourteen year old. "Did your Mom say anything about it before they went away?"

"Yeah... I think so." The boy's frequent masturbatory pastime had been interrupted by the girl's knock. Now, his libido rampant, he was looking at a pretty girl whose blouse bulged with the obvious precocious beginnings of her tits and he was scheming about how to take advantage of this propitious opportunity.

He found the papers the girl was looking for just as the skies opened up in a tremendous downpour.

"Want lemonade, Barbara?"

"Yeah, I guess so the girl replied as she looked out at the weather. She was a bit uneasy. Her older brother had been hassling her lately, grabbing her breasts and sometimes getting his hand between her legs. She didn't like it, sort of. What if Joe who was older and bigger wanted to try something? Could she stop him?

Joe's rapidly developing plan moved to its next step. He was as virgin as Barbara but not nearly as innocent. He'd read, in books and on the Internet, about seduction. And through a mail order source he'd got some rohypnol, a so-called date-rape drug. He wasn't sure how much was safe but he put some in a can of lemonade before he took it to the girl.

Barbara docilely followed the older boy into the parlour, her docility more natural than drug-induced. She sat on the sofa and when Joe sat beside her and placed his hand on her thigh she drowsily acquiesced to his advance.

Joe wasn't sure how far he should go but when the girl didn't try to stop him he moved his hand under her skirt and up to the juncture of her hips and thighs.

And then he saw that her eyes were closed. Piece by piece the boy removed the girl's clothes while the storm raged outside. She was like a puppet, an unconscious puppet as he opened her blouse and pushed her brassiere up around her neck. He was taken by surprise when he cupped her 'more than a handful' breasts and the nipples popped out against his palm. Limply and acquiescently the drugged girl allowed him to drag her body off the sofa to the carpeted floor.

The fourteen year old boy wasn't sure what to do. He knew from reading that he should mount his lovely victim and put his raging hard-on inside her but he was afraid. If she was a virgin, and he was sure that she was, he might harm her. He didn't want to harm her.

Joe lay on the floor beside his intended prey. She lay unconscious as he began to press his hand against her panties. Placing his hand on her cheek he turned her sweet face gently to face him. He was going to cum any second. First he reached down and gently rubbed her soft pussy. He was happy to see her plump hips respond after two or three minutes. Through her panties he could feel that she was wet and slippery and he knew from what he'd read that she must be aroused.

Next he began to rub her mouth with his thumb until she slowly parted her sweet pink lips. He rubbed his thumb over her smooth white teeth and then slowly pressed it into her warm mouth. Her lips closed on his thumb and at first nothing happened except for a faint whimper. In a second or two he felt her little tongue begin to explore the tip of his thumb as her sweet lips started sucking lightly.

He slipped his other hand under her panties and began to rub the soft flesh of her pussy, excited by the oily, slippery wetness he found there.

She was a natural! Barely able to contain himself, he let the little girl suck on his thumb for a minute longer. Carefully he shifted position so that his throbbing hard-on was next to her face. Then slowly he pulled his thumb out of her mouth and began to tease her little lips with the tip of his finger. As she moved her head to his finger he replaced it with the head of his young cock. Awkwardly he reached to the little table by the sofa and got the videocam. If he got a video if this, he thought, he could claim that she was willing and he could also use it to get her to do more.

He almost shot off right in her face when he felt her warm lips touch the tip of his cock. He moved the tip over her lips and teeth like he had done with his thumb. Her mouth slowly opened. He wasn't at all sure he would fit. Her sweet mouth looked so small in comparison to the engorged purple head of his prick. He placed one hand behind her little head and pressed his cock slowly into her virgin young mouth. His balls were pulsing and he had to increase the pressure of his grip on his shaft to keep from unloading prematurely.

Her little mouth opened wider and wider as Barbara unconsciously admitted the throbbing member into her. He could feel her teeth glide over his shaft as he moved deeper into her mouth. He felt her warm little tongue move down and out of the way. She gagged briefly as the tip of his dick met the back of her tight throat. He pulled back slightly and she took a deep breath in through her nose and held it. It was as if she'd done this before.

The time was ripe. He held perfectly still for a moment hoping her instincts would take over. Sure enough, to his delight, He felt her gently begin to suck and milk his now ready weapon with her young tender mouth. He couldn't hold back any longer. He released his hold on his cock shaft and felt his nuts heave. That wonderful feeling like a giant sneeze in his guts hit as his head rocked back. Instinctively he pushed his cock further into the warm tunnel that contained it.

Joe felt Barbara' head move back against his restraining hand as she struggled in her sleep for air. Gurgling noises came from her nose as what felt like gallons of hot cum boiled out of his pulsing cock and down her tight little throat. He could see and feel her throat muscles heave as she sought to swallow the flood of cum that fired down into her belly in wave after hot wave.

Most of it went down but some invariably escaped from her nose and from around his throbbing shaft to run down her cheeks and chin. She never opened her eyes during the entire time which felt to him like several minutes passing as he filled her full. He reluctantly pulled his cock back slightly and she inhaled a shuddering gasp of air through her partially blocked nose. She then coughed and gagged a bit around his cock which he left firmly lodged in the back of her mouth.

When the spasms passed he slipped a finger into her tight vaginal opening and slowly started to finger fuck the little girl again. She moaned around his cock as he put pressure once more on her hymen. He kept up his intimate manipulations until he felt her mouth begin to suck lightly. He pulled his cock out a little more and she immediately began to milk him with that hot little mouth of hers. Her hips began to hump against his finger and he wondered if she was getting excited.

"God! If she was this good in her sleep, what would she be like fully awake?"

He had awkwardly been getting it all on video and when he finally pulled his drained tool from her red-lipped mouth he got a perfect view of the creamy gism dribbling from the corner.

When Barbara came to she was dressed. She had a bit of a headache and was upset that she'd 'gone to sleep' but she had no idea of what had happened.

Joe was relieved that she remembered nothing but within hours his relief was overwhelmed by his lustful desire to fuck the girl. Being sucked off was fantastic but if she didn't remember, some of the pleasure was lost. But he had the video and he was sure that it would help persuade her to succumb. And he was equally sure that he could make her enjoy her capitulation.