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Chapter 1: Introduction

The predatory schoolteachers, Jack Allen and Bob Best, had resolved to mend their ways. Their resolutions were more the result of fear of being found out than from an improvement in morality. The Principal of the Grade School where they'd formerly taught had offered them the opportunity to get away from the temptation of the nubile girls in that school and at the same time to do some service for society. More importantly, for her, this would also get them away from her school. They had met her in her office one day last May.

"I'm sure you both know that the two of you have made my job more difficult than it should be and I'd be happy if you chose other schools for next year. That is, if you plan to keep on teaching?

Bob and Jack looked at each other, then at Mrs. Wilson, the Principal. She'd asked them to her office and they wondered why. They were still wondering.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Wilson. But... I'm turning over a new leaf," Bob said. "And I haven't decided yet about next year."

"I'm like Bob. I'm going to tread the straight and narrow from now on. If I come back, I won't cause you any problems." Jack didn't really believe he'd caused her any problems anyway. Unlike Bob and his brief upset abut Ilse; none of the girls had said anything about him.

"I have about as much confidence in your promises as I have in a politician's promise. But I do have something that might get one of you out of my hair."

"What is that, Mrs. Wilson?" Bob looked up, interested.

"It may not appeal to you, Mr. Best... or to you, Mr. Allen. It's a way to give something back to your country, though. I've been asked to recruit a good teacher for an out of the way location. You don't have to know where... not yet. But it's within the boundaries of the forty-eight states, not Hawaii or Alaska. It's more or less a rural area. Should I continue?"

"I'm interested," Jack said, looking up for the first time.

"I am, too. What's it about?" Bob sat forward in his chair.

"Well, you both meet the requirements. You're big and you're good teachers... it's the non-curriculum teaching that's a problem with you two. Anyway, in a way it's like a trip back in time. This place has just a two-room school for all grades. They need someone to teach Grade seven and up... I think the highest grade is eleven, but I'm not sure. Some of the students can be unruly... they were specific about wanting a man, a big man. They went through three women teachers this year. The pay isn't great but you can get cheap room and board next door to the school."

"But you said it's a two-room school?" Bob looked over at Jack, trying to gauge his interest.

"They've already hired a teacher for the Primary grades. So, is either one of you interested?"

"What if we're both interested?" It sounded different and Jack liked the idea of a rural area.

"If you're both interested I'll send both CV's to them and they can decide. I'll say you're both good teachers although I really shouldn't." The woman smiled meaningfully at both of them and closed the folder on her desk, signaling that their meeting was over.

Middleville, known usually just as Middle, was a sprawling farming community that was all that Mrs. Wilson had suggested. It was a ten-hour drive from the nearest airport and the road to get there was narrow and winding. The inhabitants of Middleville and the neighboring community, High Dorset which was usually just called Dorset, all three hundred of them, were descended from British, Scandinavian and French-Canadian settlers who had arrived in the late nineteenth century. The out of the way location had combined with generations of inbreeding to produce a quaint, close-knit if somewhat backward society.

Reverend Joshua Scroggins, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees came to the city to interview Jack and Bill for the teaching job. This was done for economic reasons since it was cheaper for him to travel there than for the two of them to go to Middleville but there was an added reason. It gave the good Reverend an opportunity to get away from the small community fish bowl and enjoy the freedom of anonymity a city provided him.

"Well gentlemen, things have changed somewhat since we first began looking for another teacher."

Joshua felt warm and comfortable in the dimly lit restaurant where he was meeting the two candidates. The warmth was mostly internal and the result of several shots of Jack Daniels' famed potion and he was anxious to get the business over with so he could become better acquainted with the young lady he'd met in the bar at his hotel.

"Middleville and Dorset are getting bigger. A Japanese company and a German one have just built large pig farms and they've brought in quite a few people to run it. The Middleville School can't handle all the kids now. We're building a big, new school and we have to reopen the Dorset school until the new school is ready next year so we need several teachers. Are both of you still interested?" Reverend Scroggins settled back and sipped his bourbon while he waited for an answer.

"Sure, Reverend," the two men answered together. "How big is the Dorset school going to be?" Bob asked the question since he suspected that he was the likely candidate for the new position there."

For the next hour, while they dined and drank, Josh described the situation. Dorset school would have about twenty students with the oldest possibly in grade eleven. The Middleville School was considerably larger with seventy or eighty in the five or six classrooms that had been completed. Next year when everything was ready they would again bus students from High Dorset to Middleville. Some of the students were what Reverend Scroggins called 'high-spirited' but they were all from good Christian families and he and the other parents didn't cotton to the new-fangled permissiveness of modern schools. They expected the teachers to apply corporal punishment when needed. Last year's teachers had mollycoddled the students and that's why, in his opinion, the women had not been able to control them. Of course the new students might be different but the School Board had no intention of changing their practices.

Handshakes sealed the deals. Jack would go to the Middleville School and Bob would have the Dorset school, which was about six miles away. Another teacher, Beth Safic had already been hired, probably for the primary grades at Middle.

Bob was the first to arrive at his new assignment. His nieces, Irene and Lucy, were living now with their parents. Lucy was with her father and Irene plus baby were with her mother. Bob felt a mix of guilt and disappointment that he couldn't acknowledge that he was the father of Irene's child but it was definitely best this way.

He had phoned ahead and Reverend Scroggins met him at the dusty crossroads to give him directions to Dorset. It was evening by the time Bob arrived at the big, rambling farmhouse that was to be his home during the coming school year.

The Reverend Ebenezer Wilson, his landlord, met Bob at the door. Reverend Wilson was the Pastor of the Living Light Church, one of the local fundamentalist churches much like the one that Reverend Scroggins ministered to. He was in his mid-forties and had become a widower some five years ago, left with two daughters, seven and eleven years old. The eleven-year-old girl, Priscilla, had gone to live with her maternal grandparents but the younger girl; Leena had remained with her father.

After a year of mourning, as was appropriate, he had married again. His new bride, Lucinda, had been an innocent and submissive virgin of eighteen and she had taken on her new responsibilities as stepmother to the eight-year-old girl with no reservations. Then, several months ago, the older daughter had returned and this had gone well also.

The new teacher was fed a substantial supper as he made the acquaintance of the family. Reverend Wilson was tall and powerful looking and his ego was gargantuan. He was quietly domineering and there was no doubt that he ruled the household with an iron hand. His libido was as large as his ego and, although of course Bob did not yet know this, he regularly gave religious instruction of a very unchaste nature to several of his parishioners.

Mrs. Wilson, Lucinda, was a dark, ripe-bodied but meek and submissive woman who, despite her determination to be a good mother to the girls, was perhaps too near their own ages to be completely effective. She'd been a virgin when Reverend Wilson married her and she still had thrilling memories of her introduction to sex but after less than a month he seemed to lose interest in her. In the five years since then, the marriage bed had been, at best, boring and despite the occasional stirring of her libido when she submitted to the weekly ritual coupling, she had not experienced an orgasm since the second week of her marriage. Nor did she consciously yearn for one.

Twelve-year-old Leena was short and baby-fat plump with high, hard breasts and buttocks round as honeydew melons. Leena was a confused and disturbed young girl who was very angry with her father. Her confusion and her anger had the same origin and both began eight months ago.

Leena's sixteen-year-old cousin, Elvin, had found the girl alone in the church basement. She had been playing in the snow and had gone into the church to get warm and dry her clothes, which were soaking wet from the wet, sloppy snow. When Elvin came upon her she had taken off her coat and sweater and her snow pants and wore only a light blouse and panties.

The sight of the cute youngster with her precociously developed breasts pushing out the blouse in two delightful hillocks while the slit below her fat mons was outlined enticingly by her too-tight panties was too much for the undisciplined teen.

Little Leena fought her much bigger cousin but to no avail. Less than five minutes after he grabbed her she was lying, legs widespread with a red-stained trickle of gism running down her ravished cunt slit and puddling on the wooden floor. In that brief time Elvin had ripped off her panties, forced her to the floor and unceremoniously popped her cherry. The quick-triggered youth had lasted only a dozen or so strokes before he pumped his semen into the little girl's tight receptacle.

The eleven-year-old girl lay there after her assailant dismounted. She was angry. Furious. And not just at her cousin. She knew her father was in his office right next to where she'd been raped and she was sure he must have heard her call for help but he hadn't come to her rescue. The loss of her virginity didn't bother her particularly. She knew that it was bound to happen soon anyway. In Dorset when tits appeared, hymens disappeared.

By the time Elvin was out the door Leena was halfway across the room to the little corridor where the door to her father's office was located. The door was locked but there was light showing under it and she knocked. She knocked again and again; each time harder but there was no response.

Leena hurt some and her legs were sort of quaky after the shock of her experience. She moved to the end of the corridor and leaned against the office wall. As her weight pressed against it, the wall suddenly moved, or at least a part of it next to the outside wall of the building moved. She turned and pushed harder and a narrow door opened leading into a dark passageway that was between the sidewall of the office and the building wall.

The girl was curious. She went inside and as soon as she was in the door closed leaving her in total darkness. Total darkness that is except for two narrow beams of light that were visible because of reflections from dust particles in the air. When she moved closer she felt the faint touch of cobwebs against her face and she shuddered but she didn't stop.

The first light was from a small hole in the wall but when she rose up on tiptoes to look through the hole she got another surprise. The light was coming through a fisheye lens and when she looked through it she got an almost complete view of her father's office. But he wasn't there. The door to his relaxation room was open and Leena deduced that the second light was from the wall of that room.

Holding a hand in front of her face to break through the cobwebs the young girl went quickly to the second light. Once more she strained up on tiptoes to look and this time the room was not empty.

Reverend Wilson's predecessor and his wife who had been the only Deaconess the Church of the Leading Light ever had believed in sharing experiences with each other. One part of the sharing was this. One or the other of them would watch through the lens while the partner was holding unconventional but highly pleasurable training sessions with the young people of the congregation. Little Leena was now observing a similar event through a lens that was angled down at the big bed beneath where she was peeping.

Leena saw a man's hairy bare rump slowly rising and lowering between two plump, widely spread legs. Her gaze shifted along his bare back which was raised up from the bed by his outstretched arms and she realized that the man was her father. The shock of that discovery did not have time to sink in before she got an even greater shock when she recognized who was under him. It was her very best ever friend, Eloise Hampton.

Eloise's eyes were open wide and her pretty mouth was open, too. She was whimpering softly and just as Leena began watching her, her whimpers became panting gasps and she sounded like she'd been running very hard and was out of breath.

The man's hips pumped faster and Eloise's plump legs began to jump and jerk and she uttered a series of short, shrill cries before seeming to go limp.

"Yes little Eloise... you're being born again... you're milking God's Seeds up into your Heavenly haven," Reverend Wilson said in a husky voice. His hips hammered Leena's little friend fast and hard for a moment and then, with a groan, he just pushed down hard and quivered.

Leena's saw red. Hot anger washed over her. This was why her father had not come to her rescue. Her anger was exacerbated by her instinctive knowledge that her best friend had not been just thrown down and raped. Something special had happened to her that was evidenced by the lax, satisfied expression that was now showing on her pretty, young face. The watching youngster had a strange almost nauseous feeling in her belly and her recently violated pussy swelled and twitched with a sort of hunger for what Eloise had just experienced.

The frustrated and rudely deflowered youngster made her way out of the dark corridor and went home, vowing revenge on her father and her best friend.

Leena's sixteen year old sister, Priscilla was tall, her breasts already too large to be self-supporting despite the youthful firmness of her flesh. She was wide hipped and long-legged and, like her stepmother, quiet and docile. Unlike her younger sibling she was still a virgin, a chaste, unsuspecting young lady who had not yet even discovered how to temporarily quell the strange yearnings that disturbed her ripe, young body.

After her mother's death, Priscilla had been sent to live with her maternal grandparents on a prairie farm in the Midwest. For more than four years she had lived on the farm where her grandmother home-schooled her and watched her grow into the big, luscious creature she now was.

Priscilla had no resident uncles or cousins or even schoolmates to introduce her to sex so when she returned to Dorset because of her grandmother's illness she was unique in the community. The sixteen year old girl was a virgin and an innocent, totally na´ve one at that.

Of course as he became acquainted with the family with whom he would be living Bob was aware only that the females were uncommonly desirable creatures but he knew nothing much of their personalities. Admittedly, the deference shown to him by Priscilla and her stepmother had an almost erotic appeal but the Reverend's seeming piety served to reinforce the schoolteacher's resolve to be an upstanding citizen. Despite that, the three visions of feminine pulchritude that served him supper caused another unruly part of him to be upstanding.

After his sojourn as a private tutor Bob had made a momentous decision. Like many men he felt that his penis was too small although it was in fact a bit larger than average. He had sensed that compliant, big-busted Carla wanted more than he was able to give her although he certainly had enough to satisfy her docile, pre-teen daughters. His niece Irene however had provided the final touch because after her baby was born she had been a loose fit compared to his usual schoolgirl diet and had definitely been less than satisfied by his equipment. Thorough research had taken him to the surgical alternative and he'd blown all his savings on some state-of-the-art surgery. His erect organ remained a respectable six plus inches in length but it was now almost three inches in diameter. "If you're much longer you'll make it painful for some women but thickness will more than make up for length, even with those women who like the real big ones." His surgeon went on to explain what he already knew, that the most sensitive area was in the first couple of inches inside a woman's vagina.

The results had been gratifying although Irene and Lucy had been the only recipients of his enhanced tool. Irene had definitely been satisfied and her younger sister, after her initial trepidation, had also been delighted. Why on earth had he agreed to come to this Godforsaken, backwoods community? He was still determined to behave in a proper and honorable way but he felt like he was wasting his expensive augmentation of his sexual equipment. Definitely he would have to go elsewhere at every opportunity.

That first evening Reverend Wilson was out as usual. Prayer Meetings and religious counseling took up much of his time. The religious counseling, however, was somewhat unconventional.

The Fundamentalist Minister came from a much larger place and had started his education with the plan to become a medical doctor. He didn't make it through the arduous and demanding training but in the course of his attempt he serendipitously acquired a skill that was to serve him well in his career as a preacher. An old doctor who became his friend had taught him hypnotism. The good Reverend Wilson used this skill in a way his mentor had probably not intended. His congregation, after six years under his ministry, now included many female parishioners who knew him intimately, in the biblical sense of the word but most of them had no real memory of this intimate knowledge.

When he first took over the spiritual guidance of the small congregation Reverend Wilson had good intentions. His first wife's illness however made the marriage bed unavailable to him for quenching his substantial sex drive and he began to look lustfully at some of his female parishioners. He quickly discovered that some of them had their own unquenched needs and by judicious application of his skill with hypnotism he had accomplished the dual effect of giving pleasure to selected, very religious women and satisfying his own needs while ensuring that they had no memory of their unchaste transgressions.

Along the way he discovered the special pleasure of training some of their young daughters with the accompanying delight of filling immature vaginas with his somewhat long but slender organ. Soon after the death of his first wife he had found one of the rare virgins among his flock and had married her. She had been a comparatively mature eighteen-year-old girl and after the initial pleasure of her virginal tightness he found himself again attracted to the younger girls.

Four years ago he had introduced a program to prepare young people for full membership in the church. The program would have shocked and angered the parents of the girls even though some of the fathers had already undertaken begun similar training of their nubile offspring. Along the way he had added a refinement to his hypnotic technique, a potion of mainly natural herbs that made even the resistant recipients of his lecherous attention to be easily entranced.

With the boys and young men however, since he was completely heterosexual, Reverend Wilson used his hypnotic technique mainly to extract information about the girls and women in the community. This information had served him well since it gave him insight into the character of his potential sex-toys. He knew which of them were still unfucked and which ones were easy lays or reluctant lays. Generally he knew who sucked cock and many other bits of information he was able to use when he prepared them for baptism.

Of course Bob Best had no inkling of his landlord's predilection for illicit sex and especially for the underaged female members of his congregation. Neither did he realize that the minister's wife and daughters were prime candidates to provide a release from his own growing disenchantment with honorable celibacy.

That night in bed Bob stroked his tool, admiring its enhanced dimensions and fantasizing about the lovely females in bed not far from his own.

Chapter 2: Launching Leena's Libido

Bob managed to have a good night's sleep but he woke with a major hard on. Last night's stroking had given only momentary relief. His frustration didn't ease when Mrs. Wilson served his breakfast while wearing a robe that made him aware of the shapeliness of her body. The lovely woman seemed totally unaware of the havoc she was causing his undernourished libido and the occasional display of naked tit-swell appeared to be quite innocent. He left early for the school, which was conveniently just next-door to his boarding house.

It was, as he already knew, a one-room school. He entered through the single door on the right in the front of the building and into a cloakroom. From there he passed through another door into the classroom. His desk was on a raised platform to his left as he exited the cloakroom and to the left of it was another door.

The classroom was set up with an open space across the full width of the room in front of his desk and then three rows of old-fashioned double desks, enough he calculated for thirty students. The center row extended only partway back however to leave room for a wood burning stove that would heat the room in cold weather. There was a single door in the back wall, which Bob opened to find a well-stocked woodshed. How cold was winter going to be, he thought?

Bob then returned to the front of the room and checked behind the door to the left of his desk (or to the right if you were facing it.) He was surprised. What had been originally a cloakroom for the girls had been modified into a cozy office and restroom. There was a small desk, a wooden, armless rocking chair and a narrow cot.

He went outside then and checked around back of the schoolhouse, next to the forest. There were two well-separated outhouses clearly marked Boys and Girls. They were reasonably clean with no unpleasant smell but he suspected that as the school year progressed that might change.

The Register supplied by the Trustees and already filled out with the necessary details showed that he would have nineteen pupils. They ranged in age from six to eighteen and encompassed grades one to eleven. Reverend Wilson had given him an unofficial briefing the night before so he had some idea of what to expect.

"You'll find this place different from what you've known, Mr. Best. The boys don't take school seriously nor do their parents. Boys begin working hard to help out on the farm or woodlot when they're pretty young and the oldest on you have is in Grade Eleven but there's a boy in Grade ten who may be older. The girls don't do much better except there's a Philipino girl in Grade Eleven who is new this year and from the transcript she gave us she may be a good student. With few exceptions the locals don't start school until they're seven so most of them are old for their grades. You'll soon notice that they look old for their real ages, too."

Last night Reverend Wilson, who was enjoying the opportunity to talk with another person from 'civilization' as he called it, had given Bob more local background. He explained that, because of the relative isolation of the community there'd been a great deal of inbreeding. This seemed to produce a population that was not really up to par in the intelligence area; at least as far as bookwork was concerned. With candor and maybe a bit of salaciousness thrown in, he theorized that a sort of natural selection process had occurred in the century or so that Dorset existed. The boys, though below average in IQ were above average in size. The girls developed precociously and were certainly bustier than most. They often married before they finished school and sixteen or even fifteen was considered to be prime marriage age for girls.

Curious about what this teaching assignment would really be like Bob made out name cards from the list in the register. Placing the cards for the youngest on desks near the front and allowing one desk per student for the older ones he placed the cards on the desks. He could adjust the seating arrangement later after he got to know his students.

Bob nodded at the students as they arrived in singles, pairs and trios. "Good morning," he said to them with more assurance than he felt as they arrived. "Look for your name on the desks to see where I want you to sit." For the youngest he asked older students to help and by nine o'clock sixteen pupils were sitting quietly, facing him.

"Good morning, boys and girls. I'm Mr. Best, your teacher, but I guess you knew that, didn't you?" He got a polite titter of amusement from the schoolchildren and he proceeded to lay down the law as far as behavior, study and class work were concerned.

Bob passed out a simple questionnaire he had prepared and asked them to fill it out. The older girls were asked to help the five youngest who were too young to read and write the answers and once that was underway he paused to look more closely at his students.

Just as Reverend Wilson had said, the boys were big. The oldest one in attendance today was Seth Hardy who was sixteen and in Grade Nine. He was as tall as Bob but looked like a bodybuilder with wide shoulders and legs that strained his jeans. The other boys were smaller but nonetheless large for their ages.

The girls may also have matched Wilson's description but it was hard to tell. Most of the girls wore shapeless dresses of dark, heavy material that were buttoned full length in the front. These dresses gave only a hint of their contents but even two of the girls in Grade Five appeared to have fat chests. The exception was the Philipino girl, Marie, a short, slender, dark-skinned girl with large eyes and a pretty face. She was sixteen, according to the register, and she wore a white blouse that showed off her rather small, high breasts and a skirt that molded tightly to her cute, bulbous bottom. He was going to have a hard time sticking to his resolution, he mused as he surveyed the lovely juvenile girls seated before him.

The remaining days of the week and the weekend went well. The school children were reasonably well behaved and, aided by the detailed book the School Board provided, Bob managed multiple grades more easily then he'd expected to. A dark look or a glance at the strap that hung at the side of his desk seemed to quell any of the occasional ventures into disobedience.

The nights were another matter. Celibacy was not a natural state for Bob Best and celibacy in the presence of so much feminine pulchritude both in school and at home was painful. It was going to be a long year and Bob began marking off the days until his first study break that was scheduled for mid-October.

While Bob was fighting his burgeoning desire for various of the schoolgirls in his charge and for his increasingly appealing landlady, Mrs. Wilson, he was not the only one with prurient thoughts.

Almost all of the girls from grade five and up knew something about sex. In fact, most of them had experienced it. Their idea of the future was centered on marriage and kids, hopefully to a man who could provide lots of material comforts. As noted, there were few virgins in the classroom and in the local culture marriage was likely to be to a much older man. The new teacher, big and handsome and by Dorset standards, wealthy, was a potential husband in the minds of these unsophisticated girls.

The principal exception to this line of thought was Priscilla Wilson, his landlord's sixteen-year-old daughter. Her twelve-year-old sister, Leena, was another matter.

As she sat in school studying her handsome teacher little Leena mused about what had happened since she'd first seen her father in his relaxation room. If a twelve-year-old girl can be a cynic, then Leena was one. Eloise was no longer her best friend. This was partly jealousy but mainly because she lied to Leena.

"You're crazy, Leena. Reverend Wilson didn't do nothing like that to me. He just prayed with me. And saved me."

Leena knew different. She had seen with her own eyes what her father had done to her friend but she didn't know that Eloise truly didn't remember.

Eloise, in fact, had some fleeting doubts. Yesterday after praying with Reverend Wilson, along with the feeling of peace and fatigue from her religious experience she had a strange tenderness between her legs. But, despite what Leena said, Eloise knew that she would have remembered if her minister had fucked her. And she knew equally well that he was a kind, Godly man who would never do that to her, especially when he was getting her ready to be baptized.

But Leena was certain that her friend was lying and she became even surer of that when, three days later, she saw Eloise kneeling naked before the cross on the wall while Reverend Wilson knelt behind her. This time Leena saw her father's long cock disappear in the crevice of her friend's buttocks and she'd watched while her father's hips sawed back and forth in the unmistakable motions of fucking. Eloise's plump, naked ass squirmed and writhed and she moaned softly at first, then louder and harder, her hands gripping the table frame as her minister pumped his long spear in and out of her little body. Leena's legs wobbled and her belly became warm with unwilled excitement as she gazed through teary eyes while her best friend was fucked again.

"He didn't! I didn't! I hate you Leena!" Eloise had said the next day when Leena again accused her of sinning with the Reverend.

"You're a liar, Eloise. How can you lie like this?" Leena said, knowing what she'd seen. "You're not my friend any more."

Since then Leena had seen her father doing the same things to grown women including Eloise's mother and their fat neighbor, Mrs. Hatfield. There had been several others as well that Leena observed during her frequent visits to the peeping place, mostly teenaged and younger girls being prepared, supposedly, for baptism. She wasn't sure what was going on but it was obvious to her that Reverend Wilson was not just saving them for Jesus. Plainly and simply, her Godly father was using his special status to get women and girls to allow him to fuck them.

The no longer virginal twelve-year-old girl had discovered that she could pleasure herself with her fingers. She understood better now what the girls might be feeling when her father fucked them and when she watched, she fingered her soft, little pussy until she too was breathing hard and her hips became mobile with excitement.

Elvin had been gratified to find that his little cousin no longer tried to fight off his lewd attentions but it was always over before Leena got beyond the initial stirrings, leaving her, so to speak, to finish by hand. Last month Elvin's friend Jeremy had grabbed her when she was taking a shortcut through the woods and she'd spread her legs for him without a fight. But it too had left her unsatisfied. Maybe, she thought, she ought to ask her father to prepare her for baptism? Perhaps boys didn't know how to do it? Maybe he was really doing God's work?

Who knows how Reverend Ebenezer Wilson might have reacted if his twelve-year-old daughter had asked to be prepared for baptism as he was preparing her peers? It never happened, perhaps because of the arrival of their boarder, the schoolteacher Bob Best.

Since she began spying on her father, Leena had become a quite accomplished voyeur (or is that voyeuse?). She had taken a box to the peep-corridor so that she didn't have to strain up on her tiptoes to watch and, right after the new schoolteacher moved into the bedroom next to hers she decided to spy on him.

She got home before he did after the first day of school and she got a drill from her father's sparsely equipped toolkit. She drilled a hole in the wall behind her dresser at just the height where she could sit on a chair and look through it. Then she moved the dresser back into place and checked the teacher's room. There was a bit of wallboard dust on the floor under the hole, which she cleaned up and then she examined the hole, wondering if Mr. Best would notice it. As long as her dresser was in place she was sure he wouldn't see it but, to be certain, she went back to her own room and taped a piece of white paper over the hole.

It was not until the next Monday that Leena's preparations finally bore fruit. That night Leena went to bed early and waited for the sounds of the teacher going to his room. It seemed to take forever before he climbed the stairs and then she heard him go to the bathroom, which was opposite her room. Again he took a long time before he exited the bathroom, his clothes in his arms and wrapped only in his bath towel.

Bob had clear mental images of many of his schoolgirls as well as a well-defined idea of what Mrs. Wilson would look like unclothed but using any of those images, as fuel for relieving his sexual tension was dangerous. He was determined that he would not stray into his former predatory behavior so he took one of the sex magazines he'd brought with him for such occasions.

By the time Bob was sprawled naked on the bed, magazine in hand and just the small, bedside lamp for illumination, Leena was also in position. Her bedroom light was off she had moved the dresser aside and she was crouched down on a chair, her eye pressed to the little peephole.

Leena was fascinated. And aroused.

When he flopped down onto the bed Bob was already hard without the need of erotic pictures. It wouldn't hurt just once to imagine he was fucking Lucinda, would it? And before he had thought about it any further he was massaging his wrist-thick cock lovingly in his hands. Its added girth filled his hand and it was oddly soothing at a moment like this, when he didn't quite know where he was going to turn for solace. Bob hadn't had to masturbate very often in recent years. God, the tits on those women... not the ones in the magazine. He's already dropped that to the floor. It was Lucinda and Priscilla he was thinking about. Even little Leena filled out her blouse a lot for a twelve year old.

Fervently his hand moved up and down on his stiffening prick as he pictured Lucinda's thick lips wrapped around it. Eyes closed, he pulled up the encircling foreskin until it covered the smooth tip of his penis, then forcefully, he brought it back down. Trying to imagine what his landlady's mouth would feel like he continued slipping his fist over his heated penis. Did she suck Reverend Wilson's cock or were they too religious for that? He hadn't had his cock sucked since the surgery and he thrilled to the thought of how it would stretch a woman's lips.

The watching girl was having her own fantasy, her fingers stroking and probing her wet, slippery pussy. Mr. Best's cock wasn't as long as her father's but it was much fatter. Would it fit inside her own little cunt? Would he make her squirm and moan the way Eloise did? Would a man keep on and on like her father did instead of just doing it for a couple of minutes like with Elvin and Jeremy?

Leena cupped her full, firm tits as she leaned forward. She felt her areola swell and pucker and she rolled her lengthening nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. The twelve-year-old girl watched her teacher intently as his hand slid up and down over his sturdy cock. Already she felt hotter than she had ever felt when she'd watched her father fucking the others or even when Elvin or Jeremy had been fucking her. Her nipples stood out, rubbery and prominent on her swollen breasts and she felt her pussy getting wet.

One hand slid down over her rounded belly to her pussy. Her fingers slipped past the fuzzy beginnings of pubic hair on her mons and dipped between her fat, hairless labia. As she touched her sensitive cuntal orifice it almost felt like her cuntmouth throbbed, as if the man was pushing that stout prick into it and she slid her fingers into her hot, wet interior.

Little Leena's face became flushed as the fever of her desire mounted. She pulled at her nipples, feeling them elongate. She pulled harder, wanting more sensation and a shiver of intense pleasure coursed through her. Her cunt was almost vibrating with her juvenile, sexual hunger. Her breathing became shallow as the excitement built in her young body.

Bob was in a similar state of arousal. First it had been Lucinda's mouth engulfing his cock and then it had been the beautiful, big-titted Priscilla riding him. But now it was the cute, sexy underaged youngster, twelve-year-old Leena that he was fantasizing about. He squeezed his fat tool, remembering how juvenile cunts gripped ans squeezed a man's cock.

His fantasy-girl was pressing her hand into her pussy; feeling the soft, wet meat spread beneath her questing fingers. She dug into the swollen, hot folds, and her body jumped with the sharp hot ripples of pleasure.

"Oohh!" she moaned as she pushed a hot little finger into her drooling hole and wiggled it around against her cuntal walls. The sensation was phenomenal. If only Elvin had waited it would have felt like that she knew. She gasped, and her hips started to rock up and down on the hard chair.

The sight of the masturbating man had an even greater sensuous impact on the young girl than watching her father fucking. Her little fingers felt inadequate to quench the fire that was burning in her juvenile loins. Leena stuck two fingers into her hot hole and she moaned louder as her body stiffened with the physical effect of the two fingers expanding her pre-teen cuntmouth and sending more hot sensations coursing through her,

She spread her fingers a little, feeling the pressure increase and then she started to twirl them around in her cunt. Her pussy seemed to have developed a life of its own. It rippled with hot pleasure, and she felt her cuntal walls close in greedily around the two little digits.

The hugely excited girl pumped her fingers in and out of her cunt and at the same time her little thumb worked on the hardened love button, which sent more thrilling shivers of pleasure through her, pushing them in until she had them buried up to her knuckles as she imagined it was Mr. Best's thick cock inside her.

Her body became covered with goose bumps, as the pleasure built and built and little Leena was oblivious to everything but the sight of her teacher pumping his big cock and the hot, harsh, demanding waves of pre-orgasmic tension which coursed through her body.

Blindly Bob reached out for a tissue with his left hand as he felt the tightening of his scrotum on his aching balls. He couldn't find a tissue and, gripped the imagined squeeze of the twelve-year-old girl's cunt; he surrendered to his lewd passion. His hand slowed its up-down motion as he felt it swell and he felt in the little tube that ran along its underside the passage of his rushing semen.

The young girl heard her teacher's harsh groan and saw the sudden eruption from the purple tip of his cock. As the creamy stream shot into the air she felt the first spasms of her orgasm grip at her muscles and cause them to stiffen and shake with a fine tremor. Then her cunt convulsed, as the orgasm built, and coursed through her whole body.

She opened her mouth in a soundless scream as pleasure built and built until she felt almost delirious as the delicious spasms wracked her nubile body. It was the most intense climax she had ever achieved and she could almost feel the viscous jets that spouted from her teacher's thick cock entering her spasming vagina. Her eye still glued to the little peephole she settled down on the chair, her body feeling marvelously warm and relaxed.

Bob Best pumped his cock slowly like a milkmaid tripping the last drops of milk from a cow's teat, the hot remnants of his climax dribbling wetly over his knuckles. He felt drained but unsatisfied. How was he going to get through the time until he could get away for a weekend? He was disgusted with himself for imagining he was again having kiddy-sex and even for thinking of seducing his landlady. He was sure that she was a chaste, religious woman and it would be totally immoral to seduce her, even if he could, which he doubted. It would be equally reprehensible to betray Reverend Wilson who likely would never even suspect such lewd behavior.

The schoolteacher would have been surprised had he known of the prurient thoughts of the young girl who was watching him as he wiped up the sticky fluid from his legs and the sheets. Little Leena, although pleasantly satisfied at the moment, was scheming about how she would get her teacher fuck her sex-hungry, young body like she'd seen her father fuck Eloise and the others.

Chapter 3: Foreplay With Felicity

While Bob Best was suffering from the temptations surrounding him the Reverend Wilson had no such hang-ups. Although he had not founded the Church of the Leading Light he had furthered its development as a refuge for Christians who were uncomfortable with the permissiveness of modern society.

As noted earlier, many Dorset girls married young, often because they needed a legal father for their soon-to-be born child. When Reverend Wilson became their minister the age for baptism, for formal induction into the church, was sixteen. This frequently necessitated rush confirmations for girls who were about to be wed because of pregnancy. Sometimes, in the case of the atypical Dorset girl who had retained her virginity until she was of marriageable age it was just because her intended just couldn't wait until she was sixteen.

This was the case with Felicity Tanner, the fourteen-year-old bride-to-be of Josh Hansen. Josh was a forty-something widower who was in a hurry to replace his late wife with someone who could take care of his house and children as well as service his baser needs. His friend Harry Tanner, the girl's uncle had promoted the idea during one of their frequent discussions of local matters over a forbidden bottle of rum.

"She's a big, strong girl, Josh. And if she doesn't soon have a strong hand to rule her she'd likely going to have to get married to some guy that can't even put a roof over her head."

"Yeah Harry. She's a looker all right. But is she? Like? Has she been stepping out?"

"Nah. She's still got her cherry if that's what you mean. My brother keeps a pretty tight rein on her. But there's a lot of young bucks sniffing around."

Felicity had been flattered by the older man's interest. He was a handsome man and he had a big house with lots of stuff in it, even a satellite television. And Uncle Harry had, for the past two years, been helping her understand more about marriage even though she was not really sure that he should have.

"Please, do sit down Felicity, my dear," Reverend Wilson intoned as he looked appraisingly at the fourteen-year-old girl. At his direction she sat in one of the two small, wooden chairs near his big desk. "Relax for a moment while I fetch us something to drink." He turned and quickly disappeared through a door at the back of the room.

Felicity sat nervously as she looked around the minister's office, which was illuminated by only a small lamp on the desk. Through the door she could see Reverend Wilson pouring something into a small, golden goblet. Beside him was a large, high bed. He must rest here sometimes the girl thought, never dreaming what the principal purpose of the bed was. She looked away and examined the objects on the big desk taking particular note of a small, gold cross encrusted with what appeared to be diamonds.

Reverend Wilson startled Felicity as he walked quietly back into the room. "Please, drink this, it will help you to relax. " Wilson offered Felicity the small, ornately engraved, golden goblet.

"What is it?" Felicity asked as she sniffed at the big cup.

"It contains Holy wine mixed with some special herbs. After you have completed your Confirmation into full membership of the Church you will have a sip of this each time you attend Holy Communion."

The unprincipled Pastor naturally didn't tell his adolescent parishioner the real purpose of the drink although he did, on occasion, add the same mixture of herbs to the communion wine. The herbs, by themselves, were mildly intoxicating although the quantity imbibed during Communion was normally insufficient to have a noticeable effect. They were however a powerful aid to hypnotism and since he began using the potion along with hypnotism on his parishioners, the young and some not so young, he had achieved remarkable success.

"But I'm really not supposed to drink," said Felicity timidly. She was however glad of anything that would help her to relax. The minister was to her a big, overpowering man and although his voice was quiet and soft in his presence she felt fearful and intimidated.

"Don't worry Felicity, the Communion Cup has only a small amount of wine," Wilson reassured her. "Everything you say and do will be blessed in the Lord's sight, so long as you are in my Church."

Felicity brought the golden goblet to her lips and took a tentative sip as she watched the handsome preacher over the rim. He looked younger than Mr. Hansen, she thought. The Pastor leaned back in his big, swivel chair and smiled warmly at the ripe bodied girl across from him.

"Drink it all down, Felicity," the man insisted as Felicity started to place the goblet on the desk. Felicity brought the cup back to her mouth and tipped it up. The lecherous preacher watched patiently as the young girl consumed the last of its contents. "That's very good, my dear," he said as he reached for the goblet.

Felicity handed it to him and sat back in her seat. She shook her pretty head slightly and brought a hand to her cheek. "I feel kinda funny," the young girl said.

Wilson saw the telltale rise of color in Felicity's pretty, young face. His concoction of mild sedatives and stimulants mixed with the cheap, sweet, fortified wine would serve to relax his young subject as well as to lower her resistance and inhibitions.

"Just relax, Felicity. Sit back and close your eyes for a moment and think peaceful thoughts," Wilson droned on in a slow, soothing voice.

Felicity soon dozed peacefully in her seat until her Pastor said in a soft voice, "I want to ask you a few questions. Can you hear me alright, Felicity?"

"Uh huh," Felicity nodded slowly, completely under Wilson's spell.

"Good, that's very good. You don't mind answering a few questions do you?"

"No, Sir," Felicity answered softly, her eyes closed, her breathing slow and regular.

"That's a good girl, Felicity. Have you been with a man before, Felicity?" Wilson's question was delivered in a firm, interrogative tone.

"No, I... Well, I uh... My uncle Harry, he... Oh please... I don't want to tell you, Sir," Felicity whined.

"That's OK, Felicity, we'll talk about that part later, perhaps. Just relax and think peaceful thoughts. Look at the Holy Cross and think deep, quiet thoughts, my dear." As he spoke the minister took the small, gold cross from the desk and held it suspended by its fine chain.

As she watched the slowly swaying cross, Felicity's sweet face became more tranquil almost at once as her breathing again became slow and regular.

"That's very, very good, my dear. Felicity, it's time for you show yourself to God. It's time for you to undress. Would you like to do that for me now, my dear?"

"But Sir?" The girl's eyes widened in alarm. "I don't want to?"

"Felicity!" The man spoke sternly. "You must bare your body and your mind for God. You want to be baptized, don't you?"

"I... I guess so," the fourteen-year-old girl replied sleepily and rose to her feet. Her eyes remained fixed on the little cross which the minister continued to dangle from his fingers while she slowly began to disrobe.

Reverend Wilson watched with lustful pleasure and delight as his young parishioner's body came into view. Felicity was even more voluptuous than she had appeared with clothes on. Her breasts were two perfect, white globes and each was topped with delicate, dark, pink nipples surrounded by silky, pink areola. The large, heavy globes bulged slightly at the bottom, their weight too much for even her youthful flesh to support. As soon as the nipples were bared and the cool air caressed them they swelled to erection.

She was not fat but her belly was convex and below it her mons bulged out, its scant cover of dark curls not quite hiding the top of her cuntal slit. This tempting target was framed by wide, rounded hips and full, plump thighs and. As she turned away from the watching cleric, the shelving prominence of her lovely ass came into view.

Felicity was not beautiful but her face was a study in roundness. Her cheeks, pink now with embarrassment, were chubby, her wide-spaced eyes almost circular and her small, full-lipped mouth had an almost permanent pout.

Ebenezer's organ was throbbingly erect, trapped in his pants and the sight of this young piece tempted him to deviate from his usual, careful schedule. Pleasure delayed can be pleasure enhanced he told himself as he fought the temptation to fuck her right now.

"Good, Felicity, that's very nice. When I count to three, you may open your eyes, but before you do, I want you to remember the phrase, 'Under the big oak tree'. Will you repeat that for me please Felicity."

"Under the big oak tree," Felicity droned in a monotone response.

"That's just right, Felicity. Whenever you hear this phrase, you will again fall into a deep sleep. A very relaxed, deep and peaceful sleep, do you understand, Felicity?"

"Yes, Reverend Wilson, I understand."

"Very well, then when I count to three, you will wake up, but you will still be under the Lord's complete control. You will do whatever He asks of you and I will be His messenger. One... Two... Three. Open your eyes, Felicity."

Felicity's blue eyes opened. She stared straight ahead, a blank expression on her face. Her large, young breasts swelled as she breathed and Wilson's eyes scanned again slowly down Felicity's perfect body then came to rest at the juncture of her thighs. The horny cleric began to muse, wondering what Felicity would be like when he was finally able to have his way with her. Would she be as good as her mother?

Wilson contented himself to simply gaze at the lovely, full-bodied girl before him. "You look lovely, my dear," he said in a rasping whisper. "Turn around so the Lord can see all of His lovely creation."

Felicity smiled innocently as she slowly turned in a circle before the Reverend and he could see every ripe curve of the sweet girl's body as she posed in complete nudity for him. She knew that God can see all, even through clothes so that thought lessened her embarrassment at being naked in front of this older man. And the expression of approval on His messenger's face was so pleasing to the ingenuous girl that she forgot her unease.

Reverend Wilson slowly got to his feet and moved close to the young girl and placed two fingers beneath Felicity's chin and raised her pretty face saying, "I want you to do exactly as I say from this point onward. Do you understand, Felicity?"

"Yes, Reverend," came the young virgin's trance like reply.

"Everything I do and say is God's will, my dear. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Reverend Wilson."

"Good, very good. Now, Felicity, do not be afraid. I want you to tell me exactly what your Uncle Harry did to you when you were younger. Only the Lord and I will ever know."

"Well... I," the young girl hesitated, tried to look down, but Wilson held her chin causing Felicity to look directly into his dark eyes. He placed his other hand on Felicity's shoulder and squeezed gently.

"Obey me, Felicity. Tell me, did your Uncle Harry ever touch you?"

"Yes, he..." and the girl paused as if not wanting to say more.

"Go on, Felicity. Where did your Uncle Harry touch you?" Wilson slowly moved his hand over the young girl's shoulder and down her arm. "Where, Felicity?"

"He touched me... you know..." she shivered. "You know, down there." Felicity lowered her blue eyes.

Wilson's hand had by now come to rest on the young girl's warm, naked hip. "Look up at me, Felicity," Wilson said somewhat sternly. Her gaze quickly returned to meet his. "We are in God's house and we can now speak openly of such things. Did he touch your pussy, Felicity?" the Reverend Ebenezer Wilson asked the nervous and trembling, youngster standing before him.

Felicity looked down and said softly, hesitantly, "Yes... yes he did, Sir. I didn't want him to, but he's my uncle and he said I should do as I was told."

Wilson moved his hand to Felicity's cheek and as he gently stroked her soft skin the trusting girl nuzzled her face against his warm hand.

Suddenly the Reverend's voice became harder as he moved his hand behind Felicity's neck and held her. "Look at me now, Felicity, and listen. You could have said no. You should have said no. It was your fault that he touched you and you must be cleansed."

Without warning he quickly moved his hand from Felicity's hip to cup her plump pussy. "God is with us," Wilson cried as he pulled the startled, young girl closer while his hand was busy between her firm thighs as he reveled in the feel of her soft, warm, little cunt. Damn! This one was going to be special. Even if that dirty old bugger Harry had been feeling her up Ebenezer believed the man's claim that his young niece was still a virgin.

Felicity was too startled to cry out. Although she was still under a hypnotic spell, and also affected by the drug the young girl instinctively tried to pull away from her assailant, but the Reverend had dropped an arm around her shoulders, and now held her tightly against him as he fondled her at will. She felt the familiar warmth in her belly that she got when Uncle Harry did this. Yes, her minister was correct. She was a sinner. Finally Felicity found her voice and squealed, "Reverend Wilson, no! Oh please stop, Reverend Wilson!"

The horny preacher gave her one final squeeze, and then removed his hand from between her thighs. He then grabbed her not too gently by her jaw and cheeks, glared down at the frightened girl and said authoritatively, "You must be cleansed, young lady! You wouldn't want Mr. Hansen to find out that his bride has been sullied by the hand of her uncle would you, Felicity?" A gentler tone had crept into the Reverend's voice.

"Oh no, Reverend, but..."

"Well, then. Young lady" the man went on, cutting her off. "We must explore further the depths of your defilement. We must probe deep into your very being in order to root out the evil hidden within and replace it with seeds of virtue. This will require courage and fortitude, my child. Are you ready to be cleansed, my sweet girl?"

Felicity trembled. What was he going to do? How would he cleanse her? In her dull-minded state the innocent youngster had no doubt that her minister spoke the truth. She had been sinful. She had taken pleasure from her uncle's evil touch.

"Are you ready?" the man said again, more ominously this time.

"I... I guess so?" Felicity answered timidly her blue eyes blinking back tears of fright.

Wilson looked upon the sweet innocence of the young girl's face clasped between his large hands. He leaned forward and kissed Felicity gently on the forehead.

"Reverend, I," Felicity started, but before she could finish her plea, the lecherous Reverend Ebenezer Wilson placed his lips over Felicity's tender, young mouth and quickly slipped his tongue inside.

"Mmnnoo... Mmnnoo," the inexperienced teen whined through her nose as she fought to pull back from her minister, but the man had her face held firmly between his hands and would not release her. Felicity began to struggle weakly as she felt the Reverend's tongue dart around inside her mouth. Her Uncle Harry had kissed her on many occasions, but never like this.

"Obey me, Felicity," the preacher commanded as he pulled away briefly and shook the young girl by her shoulders. Young Felicity opened her mouth to protest but immediately the Reverend's long, hot tongue was back inside probing at the back of her throat and stroking the inside of her teeth. She trembled in the powerful man's embrace as he held her tightly with one arm around her shoulders and one hand behind her head.

After several moments Wilson felt the young girl begin to slowly relax in his embrace. Felicity's sweet, warm mouth yielded to his intrusion reluctantly, and although she did not know how to respond properly, she allowed herself to be kissed deeply and passionately for several long minutes. As he kissed her, Wilson thrilled to the sweet taste of the young girl's mouth as she trembled in his arms.

He sensed that he was making significant progress, as her thighs seemed to loosen to admit his leg between them. He knew she must feel the hardness of his erection pressing against her belly but held close as she was, she could not pull away from it.

When finally he released her he could see that pretty face and neck had taken on a definite glow. He held her firmly by the shoulders and gazed upon her, as she stood slightly dazed and blinking.

The girl's reluctant response to his lewd assault disturbed him. She was more alert than many of his other baptismal candidates but she still was not struggling. Had that incestuous uncle deflowered this delectable creature? Seldom was he blessed with virgin candidates but he had hoped that Felicity would be an exception.

"What else did your Uncle Harry do to you, my child?"

Felicity looked up at the tall Reverend questioningly but did not reply.

"Tell me, Felicity," he said firmly. "What else did your wicked Uncle Harry do to you? You must tell me every detail. Did he try to kiss you, Felicity?"

"Yes, Reverend. Uncle Harry kissed me a lot, but never like you just did, with your tongue and all." She blushed. The shy girl was embarrassed and worried because of the way the minister's kiss had given her that funny feeling in her belly that her Uncle Harry's touch produced. She hoped with all her heart that Reverend Wilson could cleanse her.

"I understand, my dear," Ebenezer said smiling at the innocent girl. "You must relax while I probe into you to seek out the evil left within from your incestuous encounters. I will use my mouth and my hands and whatever is necessary to search your every opening to cleanse you, Felicity to make you pure again. This purification process may take several sessions but what we do in these private sessions will remain a secret, strictly confidential between the two of us. Is that understood?"

"Uh huh," Felicity replied nervously.

"Before we are through, my child, you will be an empty vessel waiting to be filled, and I shall fill you. Don't be afraid, my sweet Felicity."

Felicity stood entranced before the powerful preacher.

"Now, my dear, we must go into the other room and Wilson pointed at the open door to the adjoining room.

Chapter 4: Felicity's First Purification

The Reverend Ebenezer Wilson's erection was straining at his trousers as he led the lovely, naked fourteen-year-old girl into the adjoining room. The sight of her large, heavy breasts and her lush, round bottom as they jiggled and rolled nakedly and displayed the promise of sensual delights made him doubt that he could maintain his plan for her.

Felicity looked through drug-dulled eyes at the room as she stumbled into it. There was the big, high bed that she'd noted earlier on one side of the room and against the opposite wall was a desk and another big, swivel chair like the one in Reverend Wilson's office. There was a cross on a mirrored wall by the bed the bed and against the wall opposite the door was what she assumed was a place to pray. There was a narrow, open topped table and at the other end of the short table was a place to kneel. A large cross was hanging in front of the table on another mirrored wall. She stood quietly, staring at the cross until she heard the preacher speak.

"Come over here and stand before me, Felicity," Wilson instructed as he led the fourteen-year-old girl to the big swivel chair and sat facing her. "What else did your uncle do? Is there more you should tell me, Felicity? When

he touched your pussy?" Wilson started to ask, but the young girl turned away blushing hotly, her hands instinctively covering herself from God's messenger.

"Do not turn away!" Wilson commanded in a loud voice startling the young girl. Then in a gentler tone he continued, "You must not be shy or embarrassed in front of your Minister, my child. You must open yourself up to me in every way if you are to be cleansed, "Wilson commanded.

The young girl reluctantly brought her big, blue eyes back to look at the

Reverend seated before her. "You have such a pretty, warm, little mouth," the preacher sighed and then allowed his gaze to once again slip down

Felicity's young body. "Such lovely, big breasts and round bottom and of course your sweet, soft pussy. Did your uncle touch all of them, my dear?"

Tears formed in the girl's big eyes and rolled down her cheeks. "Yes, Reverend Wilson," she said in a meek voice."

"Now, when your uncle touched your pussy, how did he do it, Felicity?"

Even in her drugged, hypnotic state, Felicity squirmed in embarrassment. She had a vivid mental picture of her Uncle Harry as he leaned over her in her bedroom. From when she was ten when her breasts began to grow up until her twelfth birthday, Uncle Harry liked for her to lie down when they played the 'touching game'. He would then rub his hand up one of her little thighs until his hand found her soft, young sex, which he would begin to rub her through her panties. She didn't like it at first but after a few times she found that she began to like the way his hand felt down there. This confused her but after several minutes of rubbing her through her panties, her uncle would usually lean down to her and kiss her on the lips then mumble something like, "You're a lovely girl." Felicity remembered the smell of stale liquor on his breath and her uncle would then move his hand beneath the waistband of her panties. Uncle Harry would use his other hand to spread her little thighs as he slowly pushed his finger over the outer lips of her young pussy and down into the warm slit between.

Felicity's mind reeled with a confused array of thoughts as she remembered the strange sensations that were transmitted from between her legs. Her uncle would rub his finger up and down in her pussy for several minutes before he left her room.

As she grew older, Felicity found her uncle's fondling to be more and more pleasurable, even though she knew in her soul that what he was doing was wrong. She had wanted to tell her mother on several occasions but then stopped herself for some reason, knowing that Uncle Harry was coming to visit the next day.

It wasn't long before her body began to respond instinctively to her uncle's manipulations. She found herself getting wet down there just by thinking of how it felt and without the aid of her uncle's moistened finger. She found her legs spreading for her uncle without his having to coax. As her breasts grew her uncle paid more and more attention to them also and that too sent hot thrills through her juvenile body. All of these feelings combined to form a big quandary in her young mind that left Felicity feeling guilty. She never spoke of these "touching games" to anyone. Until now.

"He would use his finger to kinda, you know..." Felicity said as she returned to the present. Her knees were locked tightly together, and her young body twisted one way and then the other as she blushed hotly.

"I'm not quite sure I follow you, Felicity? Take my hand and show me how he touched you."

"But," Felicity said in a worried, little voice.

"Do what I say, young lady," Wilson said flatly then continued. "You must guide me so that I touch you exactly like your uncle did. This is just the beginning, Felicity. You must let me touch you if you are to be healed. You must be cleansed before I can prepare you for your husband by planting God's Holy Seed."

The Reverend placed his hand on one of Felicity's soft, inner thighs and slowly he moved upward as the young girl closed her eyes and trembled slightly. With his other hand, Wilson gently coaxed Felicity's legs apart.

"Oohhhh," Felicity moaned softly as the preacher's hand moved up between her legs.

"Take my hand, Felicity. Show me where he touched you." Wilson smiled as he watched the mixture of expressions cross Felicity's sweet face. As his hand moved farther up toward its target her hand grasped his, weakly trying to stay its progress closer to her fourteen-year-old sex.

Frightened and nervous though she was the young girl felt the familiar stirring in her adolescent loins. Her plump thighs opened wider and, despite the guilt she felt, she tilted her pelvis outward, her knees quaking as the man's hand moved inexorably closer to her pussy.

Ebenezer felt the familiar warm, female moisture radiating down from above. 'A heavenly warmth, ' he thought to himself and, just as he was about to touch the exquisite softness of her pussy Felicity reflexively tightened her grip on his hand and jerked her hips back away from him.

Although he could have easily put the girl back into a deep trance, the Reverend preferred to use verbal persuasion and mild intimidation to bend her to his wishes. "Please guide me, Felicity and stand up straight. If you will not allow me to proceed with this cleansing process, Mr. Hansen might have to be told that his bride-to-be is unclean in God's eyes. You wouldn't want that, would you, my dear?"

"Well, no but..." Felicity replied in a meek, nervous voice.

"Then stand still and show me exactly how your Uncle Harry touched you." Wilson once again slid his hand up the young girl's thigh. This time as the edge of his index finger touched Felicity's soft pussy, she stood still looking down at the hand that was cupping her moistening sex.

"Oohhh... Oohhh Sirrrr, I... Oohhhh," Felicity moaned as the man began to rub her soft pussy while applying a slight rotational pressure against her clitoral area. The preacher took great care not to slip his hand between her pussy lips as he gazed up at the troubled, young girl while massaging her fat, little pussy slowly and rhythmically.

"Is this how your uncle touched you, my dear?" Wilson asked softly.

"Uh huh," Felicity replied.

"Then what did he do?"

"Well he... he pushed his finger into my... into my..." Felicity stammered as her little hips slowly moved to the preacher's rubbing rhythm.

"Into your wet, little cunt," Wilson finished her sentence for Felicity as he rotated his hand between her thighs then applied gentle pressure with his middle finger at the back of her tight pussy slit just in front of her vaginal opening.

"Uh huh... Oohhh... Mmnnoo," the young teen cried softly as she felt the preacher's finger slip between her puffy vulva and slowly draw forward over the tender petals of her labia.

"Is this how he touched you, Felicity, my dear?" Reverend Wilson again asked the young girl.

"Yes... oohhhh... God! Please, Reverend Wilson, will you stop now?"

Wilson couldn't believe what he felt as his finger dipped into Felicity's hot, little trench. There was a barrier. Yes! She was still a virgin! And he also felt the moisture begin to seep from inside the young girl to surround his probing finger. He continued to move his finger back and forth in Felicity's rapidly dampening pussy, slowly rubbing from one end of her tight slit to the other, pausing to push gently at her virgin openings and to slowly rub her tiny, swelling clitoris.

"Can you tell, my dear? The Lord is sharing his healing touch with you. I can feel your body beginning to respond. As your warm, little pussy gets hotter and wetter, the pain and guilt of your past will drain from you and onto my healing hand. You must allow me to continue, Felicity, for your own salvation."

"I know Sir, but..."

"What is it, my child?" Wilson asked gently as he applied pressure against Felicity's tight anus.

"Ahhhuuhh," Felicity gasped as the tip of the Reverend's finger popped inside. Her round ass squirmed against his hand between her thighs as her body was assailed by the forbidden sensations her uncle had shown her.

"What, my dear?" Wilson again asked as he smiled up at the young girl.

"It feels so... It feels so... so strange," Felicity said huskily as Wilson began to gently tease her tight, little ass. "I feel guilty, Reverend, like I did with Uncle Harry," the young virgin whined softly.

"Bless you, my child," the Reverend Wilson said softly. "I not told you that you are in God's hands? When I touch you, The Lord touches you. It is the Lord God's finger you feel caressing your tight, young ass right now."

"Uuunngghhh," Felicity grunted softly as Wilson pushed his finger harder and it popped through her tight, elastic sphincter. "Yes, Reverend, if you say so, but I still feel funny doing this. Oohhh... Ungh," she grunted once again as the Reverend felt around inside her virgin rectum.

"Together, we will discover all of your openings, my dear child and the Lord will cleanse your soul." Wilson had not only been busy with his finger, but had also been steadily rubbing Felicity's hard, little clit causing it to push out from inside its tiny sheath. Felicity's breathing rate had increased dramatically as her hips humped rhythmically back and forth. Suddenly her big, blue eyes opened wide as she panted breathlessly, "Oh God, Reverend Wilson! I feel kinda funny... I... Oohhh Sirrrr... it feels like... Oh Reverend Wilson, I'm scared. What am I feeling?" Felicity bent her knees and clamped her thighs together tightly on Wilson's hand. As the young girl started to tremble, Wilson pushed his finger deep into her spasming little anus and began to rub her little love bud in a quick circular motion with his thumb.

"It's OK, Felicity, my child. Let yourself go. Feel God's love pour over you like a warm glow."

Oohhh... nnnnnnn... oohhhh... ggggggodddd," Felicity cried as she began to cum for the very first time. Wilson put his other arm around the young girl and guided her to a sitting position on his knees as she fell forward into his lap. He continued to work on her little clit with his thumb and never removed his probing finger from her tight, virgin ass. Felicity leaned back against the big man, helpless in the throes of her first orgasm. Wilson delighted in the warmth of her young body against his legs until finally Felicity's little hips jerked twice and she lay still against the preacher panting heavily.

"Mmmm," Felicity moaned as the Reverend carefully withdrew his finger from her ass. He slowly rubbed his hand up over the girl's pubic mound and over her tender belly, spreading her juices over her smooth skin as he went.

As the Reverend's hand moved caressed her Felicity opened her big, blue eyes and gazed fuzzily at the preacher. Wilson's hand reached one large, heavy breast and proceeded to knead it gently, rolling the thick, erect nipple between finger and thumb. Felicity opened her mouth to protest, but the man quickly covered her mouth with his and kissed her deeply once again.

"Mmmm... mmmmo," Felicity breathed through her nose as Wilson pinched one large nipple, then the other and his tongue darted in and out of her mouth. She began to struggle weakly with the big man as he continued to handle her big, swollen breasts and to kiss her passionately.

"Please stop, Reverend," Felicity gasped as Wilson finally withdrew his hungry mouth from hers.

"We've started your purification, my dear," the lecherous preacher murmured as he nuzzled her warm neck. What we just did was not like with your uncle. Don't you feel relieved?"

"Oohhh Sirrrr... Uncle Harry never... it was never like that." And the fourteen-year-old girl felt a great sense of trust in her minister. It must truly have been God's fingers that had made her feel as she had. She had a feeling of contentment unlike anything she had ever felt before. Was her confirmation, her baptism going to be as wonderful? She longed for the rest of it, never dreaming what the horny pastor had in mind.

Ebenezer was in pain, his testicles aching from the erotic experience with this ingenuous, young virgin. He helped her to her feet and as she stood before him on trembling legs he held her hands in his.

"Now my dear, tell me, did your uncle make you touch him, too?" Surely Harry must have made her give him hand jobs? Or maybe he made her suck him? Reverend looked lustfully at the girl's small, full-lipped mouth.

"Uh... uh yes," Felicity replied timidly. Again the vivid memories returned. Soon after her Uncle Harry began the touching game he asked her to touch him, too. It frightened her at first.

He would play the touching game with her until she was warm and flushed and had that funny feeling down below. Then he would push down his clothes. The first time she almost fainted in fright when she saw that part of his anatomy. She'd had glimpses before of little boys and once she'd seen her father naked leaving the bathroom after a shower. But Uncle Harry's penis was scary. It was almost the size of her forearm with a big, bulbous, angry purple knob at the end.

"Hold it Felicity," he had said and when she made no move to comply he took her hand and forced her to touch it. It was very hard and hot to the touch with two thick veins spiraling down its incredible length. She tried to pull her hand away but he held it there.

"Uncle Harry? I don't want to." But he ignored her protest and made her wrap her little hand around the thick pole or at least as far around it as she could. He held her hand and stroked it up an down and she got a funny feeling from the way the taut skin slid up and down on its inner hardness. After a moment she saw a drop of clear liquid appear from the little slit in the tip and then another until a hot, wet, oily stream was running down and bathing her hand.

"I wish you were bigger, Felicity... so I could put this where it's meant to be," he had moaned. The young girl didn't know what he meant but she could see that she was pleasing him and, despite her reservations about the touching game, she like to please him.

It didn't take long, probably not much more than a minute before the hot staff suddenly bucked and a jet of creamy liquid spurted out to splash on her naked thigh.

As time went on she learned what he liked and she used both hands. Later, when she was twelve and her breasts became larger he sometimes aid on to of her and got her to push her breasts together around his hardness. He would pump his hips until the hot liquid spurted out, hitting the underside of her chin. She liked that but only because it meant that he'd leave her alone again for a few days.

Harry had never tried to fuck her, at least not in the normal ways. This was not because of the immorality of incest or molestation of an underaged girl. He was exceptionally well-endowed and he was afraid that he would cause real physical damage to his lovely young niece. So all of Felicity's orifices were still unentered.

"Kneel on the floor, my dear," Wilson said as he eased the girl off his lap. Kneel as if you were going to pray." As he gave directions in a firm voice Reverend Wilson arched his hips and pushed down his pants and undershorts to free his throbbing tool. "Now touch me, Felicity. Touch me like you touched your Uncle Harry!"

"Reverend Wilson?" The fourteen year old girl uttered a tremulous exclamation as her minister's rigid organ was revealed to her innocent eyes. But she didn't resist as the man took her hand in his and pulled it against the hard, upthrust staff. Her mind was fuzzy but she knew what he wanted, or at least she thought she did. Her uncle had not prepared her for the lecherous preacher's predatory demands.

"Hold it, my dear," Ebenezer said huskily. "Put your hand around it and show me what you did for your uncle."

Without a word the young girl began to stroke her minister's cock. It looked big to her but not as long and not nearly as thick as Uncle Harry's huge dong. It was hard and smooth except for the bulging veins and with the skill she'd learned by doing this with her uncle's tool she pumped it slowly.

"Do you know what these are?" Reverend Wilson took her other hand and placed it under his heavy, aching testicles.

"N... No Reverend," Felicity stammered as she felt the loose skin-bag and hefted the weighty eggs within.

"That's where God's Seeds are stored, my dear. Be gentle. His storage eggs are tender." And the horny preacher placed his hand on the back of the girl's head, pushing her down towards the upthrust staff.

The ingenouos youngster had no idea of what the man wanted and she resisted the pressure of his hand as from her kneeling position, she looked up at him imploringly.

"Did you ever drink what came out of your uncle's cock, Felicity?"

"No. Oh no, Reverend. Never!"

"That is good, my child. It will be easier to cleanse you. But you must drink God's Seeds. You must take it into your mouth like a lollipop and lick and suck it until God's Seeds are released."

"But? But Sir?" Felicity protested as her pretty mouth was forced closer and closer to the angry, purple knob. Then it bumped her lips, hot and wet and slick and reluctantly she opened her mouth.

Ebenezer sighed with pleasure as the young girl's mouth opened grudgingly to engulf the sensitive bulb. "Lick it, my dear. Lick the tip and then take as much of it in your mouth as you can."

The obedient fourteen year old girl did as she was told. He was her minister, a man of God, and he'd already helped her by releasing the evil from her body. Eyes closed she trustingly moved her head lower. There little taste and sensation of the hot, hard cylinder of manflesh sliding between her lips was strangely exciting. Reverend Wilson was moaning softly and she knew it was because he liked what she was doing so she tried to take in more of the mouthfilling fleshpole.

"Glangh," Felicuty gagged when the bulbous knob bumped the entry to her throat but her attempt to back away was hindered by pressure from the man's hand. With hypno-drug induced docility the girl surrendered to his lewd demands and instinctively she began to suck.

Reverend Wilson could not have been more pleased by his success. The young girl looked incredibly salacious with her full lips stretched around his throbbing tool, her mouth hot and wet as he saliva flowed profusely and trickled in hot streams down the unenclosed length of his cock. One hand was wrapped partway around him and the fingers of the other hand were playing gently with his aching testicles. He could feel the pressure in his balls and he began to fuck the young girl's pretty mouth.

Felicity sensed that her minister was about to shoot his cream into her mouth and her belly fluttered at the thought. But she knew she had to let him do this. She had to swallow the thick cream if she was to be cleansed. She looked up trustingly at the man as his hands on her head guided her, her hot, little mouth sliding up and down over the rigid pole.

The Reverend Ebenezer Wilson was ready. He felt the tightness in his scrotum, the burning heat as his sperm began its passage through the narrow vessels that carried it to his penis. A virgin mouth was second only to a virgin cunt and he was about to empty his lust into this fourteen year old girl's virgin mouth while she innocently caressed and sucked his bursting tool.

Felicity felt the sudden expansion of the gristly tube with her fingers and her lips and she knew what was about to happen. Instinctively, despite the Reverend's command, she tried to pull her head back but his hand held her there and she remembered that she was supposed to obey. Reverend Wilson was cleansing her, blessing her with God's Seeds. She held onto the long instrument and moved her head, applying gentle suction to his hot hardness.

"Don't stop, my child. You must be cleansed. Unnhhh... take God's Seeds into your mouth my... annhh... my dear and swallow," Ebenezer groaned as he felt the release of his semen into the obedient girl's mouth. "Suck it Felicity! Don't let any of God's Seeds escape."

"Glanngh," the kneeling girl gurgled as the first viscous jet of gism blasted into her innocent, young mouth. "Glullp... Shlurrp... Glullp," she swallowed and sucked with wet, noisy gurgles and sloshes as successive spurts of her minister's semen mixed with her profusely flowing saliva. Her fingers closed more snugly on the egg-shaped reservoirs as if trying to squeeze more of the cleansing cream from them and her pink-flushed cheeks hollowed with her inexpert efforts.

The lecherous preacher felt as if his young baptismal candidate was draining every drop of lust from his body. It was pure ecstasy and even when his hands fell away from her head she remained there, sucking and swallowing while his organ slowly deflated.

"That is good, Felicity. You can stop now," and he lifted her face to look up at him. A milky film covered her red lips and as a glob of white semen escaped her loosely gaping mouth her pink tongue trapped it and drew it back in.

The naked girl sank back onto her lush haunches and looked at the drooping instrument of her cleansing. Then her hypno-drugged eyes looked up adoringly at her minister, the wonderful man who was purifying her, cleansing her of her sinful uncle's acts.

"We made good progress, my dear. You must come back after three days and we will continue your cleansing. You must first take a bath and be sure that you have thoroughly washed here," Wilson said as he cupped his hand between her legs. "Do you understand, Felicity?"

"Uh Huh," she nodded in assent.

"Remember what I told you, Felicity. I will speak a Godly phrase and you will remove your clothes and kneel over there before the cross. Now put on your clothes and meet me in the outer office.

The girl fumbled with her clothes while Wilson returned to his big swivel chair in the outer office. When she joined him there was no visible sign of her experience. "Under the big oak tree," the preacher intoned and the girl's eyes suddenly brightened. "There Felicity. You have prayed and we have completed the first part of your preparation. Don't be concerned if you can't remember. It is a deep, spiritual experience and most girls don't remember the details. Do you feel all right, my dear?"

"Uh... Yes Reverend Wilson. Is that all for today?" Felicity felt strange, a fuzzy taste in her mouth and a weak, languorous feeling in her body.

"Yes, my dear. You will soon be ready for baptism," the preacher said softly. He was pleased with how this one was responding so readily to his methods. The older ones always gave him some concern although none, not even the grown women, had failed to succumb to his technique.

Felicity was in a way more relaxed than she could ever remember. With a shy glance back over her shoulder she left the office and went home.

Chapter 5: Laying Little Leena

Posted: August 21, 2003 - 12:00:00 am

"Won't you come with us to the Prayer Meeting, Mr. Best?"

"Thanks Mrs. Wilson but I have to prepare lessons for tomorrow." Bob almost drooled at the sight of his landlady. She was dressed modestly enough in a loose-fitting, long skirt and a white blouse but her clothes could not disguise the fullness of her lovely body. He turned towards the stairs to his room.

Lucinda picked up her bible as she added, "Leena is staying home too. She isn't feeling well. Maybe you're working her too hard at school," she said with a little laugh and left for church.

It wasn't getting any easier for him. There were enough lovely, nubile girls in his school to fuel his fantasies but he was determined that he would not do as he had last year. And the girls didn't make it any easier for him. The way some of them looked at him was suggestive although he was sure it was completely innocent. Even little Leena, his landlady's (and landlord's) twelve year old daughter looked at him in a way that was unfitting for one so young. But that was just his prurient imagination, he mused.

Little Leena wasn't actually that little. She was only five feet tall, if that, but her littleness ended with her height, or lack of it. Her breasts were the size of grapefruit and, unlike her mother and her older sister; she didn't dress to hide them. And her diminutive stature made those grapefruit look like cantaloupes. Her hips had filled out too since she turned twelve and her ass was marvelous, like two melons that shelved out from her back and rotated with smooth rhythm when she walked. Her waist was a bit thick with the remnants of babyfat but if Bob had seen her naked he would have had no doubt about her rush to pubescent readiness.

Bob settled down with his laptop at the desk in his room. The thing he missed most living here in Dorset (other than available females) was an Internet connection. Letter writing using old-fashioned snail-mail didn't interest him but last summer he had made connection with several women who had been interesting and sometimes erotic correspondents. The room was warm. Too warm. The Wilsons kept the house warmer than Bob would have liked. He opened the window and stripped down to his shorts and returned to his desk.

Leena squatted on the low chair as she peeped through the little hole. Her mind still retained the vivid image of Mr. Best's thick cock spouting its creamy gism. Her fingers were busy between her legs as she imagined what it would be like to have that thick tool inside. Inside long enough that she would feel the way that Eloise and the others must have felt. What would her teacher do of she went to his room without anything on? She still seethed from hearing him describe her as a 'cute young girl', as if she was a child. She'd like to show him that she wasn't a child any more!

The lesson outline he was preparing on his computer had become something quite different. He was writing about his 'good bye' party with his nieces, Irene and Lucy. And as he relived in his mind that night he got an erection.

That was the night that he christened his surgically enlarged penis. With both of them. The results had been gratifying. 'Lucy is thirteen now but she felt almost as tight as when we first made love, more than a year ago, ' he had written. 'And she felt the difference. "Uncle Bob! It's so big!" she said when I slid into her. Irene too felt as tight as she did before our baby was born. I'd never before fucked one of them with the other watching. It added extra excitement to our lovemaking but it's a good thing that my doctor gave me those alprostadil suppositories so I was able to stay hard long enough to satisfy both of them.'

Bob heard a faint squeak behind him but he didn't turn to see the door open and then close. Neither did he see the young girl who entered his bedroom.

Leena was nervous. Mr. Best was older though not as old as her father, and he was her teacher. But her father liked young girls. She knew that because she'd seen him with Eloise and three other girls who weren't much older. She tiptoed across the floor until she was standing right behind her teacher.

Being as quiet as the proverbial mouse, Leena looked over Bob's shoulder to read what he was typing. She barely suppressed her gasp of astonishment when she saw what he'd written. Was it true? Had he really made love to his twelve-year-old niece? The idea wasn't as shocking to her, a Dorset girl, as it might have been to many pre-teen girls. Leena knew that uncles quite often did it with their nieces. It really wasn't much different than having Elvin, her cousin, do it to her. But the thought of her teacher doing it to his twelve-year-old niece was exciting.

'But even though Irene was good she wasn't as good as her sister, ' Leena read as Bob typed. 'Little girl cunts are special. They have that elastic tightness that older girls don't have and Lucy still has it even though she's a teenager now and we've fucked many times.'

Leena's got a warm feeling in her belly as she read what her teacher was writing. Would he like her as much as he liked his niece, Lucy? She slipped her hand between her thighs and slid her middle finger into the soft, wet slit of her pussy.

'Irene is really good, though. She wraps her long legs around me and she really knows how to move her ass.' Bob stopped typing long enough to free his throbbing erection from the constraints of his undershorts. He leaned back in the swivel chair and held the hard, thick shaft while he reached out with the other hand and continued to type.

The little girl behind him rose up on tiptoes to see her teacher's naked tool. Up close it looked even bigger than it had through her peephole. She could see the clear liquid that was welling up out of the little slit in the purple knob and she wondered innocently if he was going to spurt like he had the night she watched him before.

The hairs on the back of Bob's neck stood out as he became conscious of some extra warmth behind him. Had he locked his door? And then he saw the reflection on the laptop screen. It was fuzzy and faint but it was also recognizable. It was little Leena's pretty face.

"My God! Leena? What are you doing?" He turned slowly and saw first the girl's bare shoulder and then the full, round globe of her naked, right breast. "My God! You shouldn't be here!" He grabbed the small towel he'd been using to wipe his brow and dropped it to his lap to hide his upthrust prick as his eyes took in the rest of the young girl's naked body.

"Nobody else knows, Mr. Best," Leena said nervously. "They won't be home until late."

"But Leena? Please? Go put in some clothes?" Bob knew he should be more commanding but his hungry tool jumped with anticipation as he fought his urge to take what was being offered.

"Hee Hee," Leena giggled. "You ain't got no clothes on neither, Mr. Best."

"I mean it! Leave me alone!" Bob said firmly as he swung the chair around and faced the girl. But despite his words the schoolteacher was tremendously tempted as his eyes took in the vision of nubile loveliness standing beside him. Her small mouth was cherry red and pouty and her breasts stood out from her chest like two perfectly shaped globes tipped by pink, jutting nipples.

"You don't really want me to go, do you?"

"My God, Leena? What would your Dad think? You're only twelve years old... you're too young?" but even as he protested in a lust-choked voice his arm reached around her and he drew her small body closer.

"I'm as old as Lucy was." Leena shivered as the man stroked back, his hand sliding ever lower until he was holding her bottom. His other hand brushed lightly over her proud, outthrust breasts, down over the slight convexity of her belly and moving closer and closer to her fat, little cunt. "And Daddy can't say nothin'. I seen him doin' Eloise and she was only 'leven."

It dawned on Jack then that the girl had been reading over his shoulder but he was shocked by what she said about her father. Still, Reverend Wilson had perhaps implied something like that when he'd said that girls were mature for their years in more than just physical development. Maybe the minister was as bad as he?

Bob's gaze was fixed on the juncture of the young girl's plump thighs. There were the fuzzy beginnings of pubic hair on her bulging mons but the top of her crevice was still hairless. Definitely she was too young.

"I done it lots, too, Mr. Best. And I seen you... like... doin' it to yourself the other night." Leena liked how her teacher was acting. It was like he was scared of her.

The girl's left breast was right beside his cheek although he was seated and she was standing. Bob leaned in closer and the hard, jutting nipple bumped his mouth. He opened it to draw the rubbery projection between his lips and sucked more of her luscious titflesh inside. He licked and sucked and kissed and nibbled every square centimeter of the girl's mouthfilling, firm boob while his hand groped at and squeezed and felt and savored the resilience of the other. His other hand slid along her naked back, reaching all the way up to the back of her neck and then down again to cup and squeeze her marvelous buttocks.

Bob marveled at the feel of the young girl's body. It was smooth and warm and her flesh was springy. It was as if her skin was stretched taut to contain the flesh inside, as if there was almost too much of her growing breasts and buttocks to be constrained by her young skin.

Leena had been fucked but she'd never been made love to. As her teacher's hands and mouth feasted on her young breasts they felt like they were going to burst and hot thrills coursed through her juvenile belly from the teasing caresses of the voluptuous mounds.

Any resolutions he may have made disappeared, melted away by the heat of the girl's luscious body. She was like a toy and he easily lifted her small body, kneeing her short legs apart and settling her down on his lap astride his thighs.

The little twelve-year-old girl glanced down at the big, thick fleshpole that projected out from the man's pubic bush and a tremor of apprehension gripped her. But then his face blocked her view as his mouth covered hers.

Leena had never been kissed. Not in a wet, tongue tangling way. Each time she'd been fucked it was without any foreplay. Her teacher's lips pressed against hers and then his tongue pushed in as her mouth opened. His hot breath mixed with hers and she uttered a soft gasp as she felt her mouth being explored by the mobile tongue. Straddling her teacher's thighs, her own short legs splayed wide apart, she thrilled to the new sensations.

God, her soft, little mouth was sweet. Bob could tell that the girl was inexperienced as he filled her humid, oral cavity with his tongue while his hands explored her silken flesh.

Barely touching the surface of her skin with his finger tips; Bob slid his hands up and down along the smoothness of her inner thigh and the roundness of her ass. Then he was caressing the entire naked area between her widespread legs. He took his time, enjoying the feel of her skin, incredibly aroused by the thought of what he was doing to this horny and willing pre-teen girl.

He cupped her mound with his hand; the outside fingers and thumb lying in the crease of her widely parted thighs. He worked the length of his middle finger back and forth through the cleft of her hairless pubes and felt her sexual wetness coat the digit as it delved in between the pink pussy lips. When it was covered with her musk, he casually inserted the tip of his middle finger into her moistening little-girl slit and sank about half of the narrow shaft up inside the tight, warm center between her thighs. There was no sign of a barrier and Bob felt a twinge of disappointment.

Slowly, he began to finger-fuck the sexy twelve-year-old as she sat with her knees spread wide. Her hot breath was gusting into his mouth, telling him that he was making progress. He caressed the outside of her pussy lips with his outer fingers and made gentle little circles on her clit with his thumb as his middle finger slowly, leisurely, slipped in and out between the tight lips of her barely pubescent pussy. He could feel the elastic grip of her cunt-opening close around his finger as, over and over again; it plunged into her wet girl opening. God, she felt good. She liked it, too. His cock felt like it would burst in the anticipation of getting into that juicy, young fuckwell.

"Mmmmmm..." Leena moaned quietly and her body squirmed slightly as her teacher fingered her hot little-girl pussy. All of her senses were tuned to every little nuance, and she was aware that everything was adding to her arousal. The sound of her own panting moans and the feel of the man's mouth and lips on her breast, the delicious massaging of his hand on her crotch all served to excite her more than she'd ever been before.

His little sextoy was totally compliant, her widespread legs relaxed, her large, firm breasts and soft, little mouth freely offered to his oral and tactile caresses. He could wait no longer and he raised his head, leaning back in throbbing readiness to fuck the twelve-year-old girl.

Reverend Ebenezer Wilson was in his finest preaching form just as Bob Best was getting ready to fuck the minister's twelve-year-old daughter. Always on the nights after he cleansed one of his young parishioners the prurient preacher felt moved to lecture his congregation about the sins of the flesh. Sodom and painted harlots were his usual themes and tonight, after Felicity had performed on the minister the best that Sodom had to offer, he was not even interested in any of the other delectable creatures that had accompanied their parents to his weekly harangue. The obedient fourteen-year-old girl had used her pretty mouth with exciting skill to empty his oversized gonads and make him ready to truly dispense God's Holy Word.

His daughter, Priscilla, had heard her father's sermon many times since she moved back to live with him. Most of the girls in the congregation, even those who were ten or eleven years old, understood her father's hypocritical message better that she. And those who understood the message were sinfully aroused by the vivid images the minister's carefully chosen words portrayed. Priscilla wasn't because she didn't understand. Sitting near the back she quietly rose to her feet and ducked out the side door. She was not especially endowed with gray matter and was having trouble with her schoolwork and she could better use her time working on that.

"Have you..." Bob Best started. "I mean, have you ever..."

"Oh, yes... yes..." Leena assured him, "I told you..." Her teacher's cock looked absolutely huge to the twelve-year-old girl but she was ready for it, her juvenile pussy swollen and moist from his skillful touch.

Bob slid his hands down under her firm, round bottom and, smashing his mouth onto hers he guided her wide open body down until her incredibly soft, hot cunt was nestled against the tip of his cock. He was ravenously hungry for her and, held poised as she was directly over the thick fleshtower, her arms hugged tightly round his neck.

The girl shuddered and pressed her open mouth to her teacher's as she felt her pussy yielding to the rock-hard spear of his penis. Letting gravity do the work, Bob lowered the young girl downward and panting hard, he let the tip of his aching cock slide into the velvety moisture of her tight little vaginal slit, rubbing it up and down along a short length of it, the enormous mass of his thick pole spreading the juvenile cunt lips far apart.

The friction was unbelievable! Leena moaned and gasped with delight as she felt the increasing heat in her nubile cunt. Her hips began a tentative, rotating motion while her legs straightened out sideways and then suddenly jerked up and clutched around his muscular back.

"Oh, Sirrrr... Mr. Best... I'm ready... oh, I'm ready for you..."

Bob's heavy cock was resting hard against the entrance to her nimble body, and then he let it press up farther into the narrow aperture of her tender pussy. It was just too much for him to take... he couldn't take it any more. He wedged his hand down between their bodies, circling his own throbbing cock. His finger measured the tiny opening of the petite girl's vagina.

"God!" he thought. "I'll never fit!" Bob groaned as he felt her tiny cunt move eagerly against his bloated prick. He felt her spreading her thighs apart as far as she possibly could until he thought she might split in two from the pressure.

"Oohhh Yesss, Mr. Best," Leena whimpered fearfully but, even though her words were brave she was apprehensive. Her teacher's penis was much, much bigger than her cousin's. Yet, she couldn't allow herself the thought that it might not go in. It had to. It just had to. She had to prove to him that she was not a little girl. She felt his hands squeeze her bottom and she unwrapped her legs from around the man's waist, letting them dangle down as she tried to reach the floor with her toes and gain some semblance of control of her impalement on the thick spear.

Bob broke off their kiss and gasped as he viewed the incredible sight of the little schoolgirl's lovely, fat pussy. He felt as though he were strangling with lust for her young body. His eyes remained glued to the young girl's widespread gemlike genitals as he easily manipulated her voluptuous little body. His cock was hard and hot and heavy in its upright position with the bulbous knob just inside her cuntmouth and he paused to savour the sight of her creamy nakedness, her large, upthrust breasts, the pudgy waist that gave onto wide, maturing hips and plump thighs. Bob knew he was going to fuck her! There was no question about it. He HAD to fuck her, underaged or not.

Leena's eyes were also desire-filled, as she looked downward toward her teacher's belly and there she saw again the full huge looming hulk of his member, red and angry looking, piercing skyward.

"Oh!" she said, reaching her hand down to touch it. "It's so big! So big!"

Bob was sweating. She was touching his cock; her small hand encircling it as he slowly let her settle down, her hot tightness enclosing him.

With half of his tool engulfed by the deliciously tight clasp of the girl's young channel Bob stopped all movement, holding perfectly still until he was sure the twelve year old girl was all right, only to hear her whisper through clenched teeth: "Don't stop, Mr. Best... don't stop now..."

Leena squirmed as her teacher's thick organ stretched her cuntwalls and rubbed on nerve-endings never before touched. Incredible sensations were surging through her juvenile loins and she knew only that she wanted more.

Incited by her words, Bob let her succulent bottom sink lower as his young temptress's pussy lips spread even further to accommodate his splitting ramrod.

"Ooooohhhh... nnnnnnnggggggggg... AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Despite her efforts not to cry out, Leena couldn't help herself. She had never had such a feeling, a feeling that was the agony of expansion and the ecstasy of fucking. She gasped for breath.

"Oh, Leena... You're so good, baby!" Bob crooned at her. He felt a pang of guilt as he looked at her pretty, young face but the guilt he felt did not erase the ever-growing lust in his aching loins. He pushed up gently against the warm velvet of her unbelievably tight cuntal channel, the huge blood filled head making progress deeper and deeper into her naked flesh. His thick penis slipped forward bit-by-bit feeling her moist, quivering furrow squeeze against it. The heavy veined member was being strangled by the tight snugness of her exquisite young cunt.

"Ooohhhhhh... OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!! OH GOD!!" the girl cried out, over and over again. And then, with one powerful, final upward thrust, the full length of the man's massive prick thundered the remaining distance to little Leena's waiting womb.

Despite the disparity in their sizes Bob wanted to be on top of her, to fuck her in the old-fashioned, missionary way. He rose to his feet, still coupled to her small frame and holding her with his arms he lowered her to the carpeted floor.

Was it going to be over? Was her teacher going to be like the boys who had laid her on her back and fucked her? Leena felt a mammoth pressure building in her loins, something like what she had felt when she'd watched her teacher masturbate. She felt small and insignificant under the man's big body but her thoughts were concentrated on the boiling pleasure-center between her widespread legs.

Supporting his upper body away from the little girl's large, proud breasts, Bob panted heavily as his throbbing penis began to piston into the pink of the young girl's sweet little hairless cunt. The tickling hairs of his balls nestled in the crevice of her upturned buttocks as he drove to the bottom and beyond into her now unresisting passage. The pink edges of her pussy were drawn back with each outstroke and then when he thrust back into her, they were swallowed up again along with his piercing organ.

Leena teetered on the brink between pleasure and pain but the pleasure side was winning. Suddenly she felt an obscene ecstasy take hold of her. She was really doing it... really doing it with a man! She pulled his face down to hers and flicked her tongue wildly into her schoolteacher's mouth, spreading her thighs still wider, giving him even greater access to her wide-stretched little cunt.

"Oh, yes, Sirrrr... do it like that... like that... as hard as you can... it's good now sooooo gooooood. YES... OH, GOD that's it... harder HARDER..."

Bob's cock seemed to expand even more as he heard Leena's lewd encouragement. He answered her urgent requests with equally intense thrusts, gaining momentum as the rapture of the young girl's lovemaking enveloped him. Soft mewling noises escaped her throat as his giant piston continued to widen her clasping cuntal channel.

Leena screwed herself up tighter onto her teacher's advancing fleshy rod, her cunt nibbling at his penis as though she wanted to devour it. Their tongues mingled in ecstatic bliss while together their bodies molded to each other's demands, giving and taking, pushing and pulling. No more was it a twelve-year-old schoolgirl being taken advantage of by her much older teacher. Now it was a passionately aroused female seeking sexual satisfaction from an equally aroused male.

When Priscilla had entered the house only minutes earlier she had gone directly to the stairs. As she climbed to the second floor she heard the sounds from the teacher's room. What could it be? He didn't have a TV there. Was it a radio?

At the top of the stairs she paused and stood at the door of the teacher's bedroom. It sounded like her sister and she sounded like she was in pain. Was Mr. Best punishing Leena for some reason? In Priscilla's na´ve mind there were lots of reasons for her kid sister to be punished, not least the way she talked about boys. But if Mr. Best was going to punish her he should do it at school.

The normally timid and deferential sixteen-year-old girl paused briefly before she got the courage to open the door. She turned the knob slowly and silently. If there were nothing wrong, then maybe Mr. Best wouldn't see her? She pushed the door open and stifled a gasp of alarm at what she saw.

It was the teacher, Mr. Best. He didn't have any clothes on and he was lying, face down on the carpet. But he was lying on top of someone. Priscilla could see two legs stretched out on either side of the teacher's pumping, bare bottom. And then as she looked closer she saw Leena's face twisted in an obscene grimace as she gasped and moaned and pleaded for their teacher to do something harder.

What should she do? Was this a special lesson? Was it just her ignorance that made her afraid? Her sister's gasping cries and the moans of their teacher gave her a strange feeling in her belly and she stayed there, immobile, not sure what to do.

Leena writhed incessantly, her childish face growing sexier as her passion increased. Her neck strained and her head tossed to and fro. Bob felt like some ancient pagan god, fucking some tender, nubile young wood nymph as he rode her budding young body relentlessly.

"Oh, don't ever stop!" Leena groaned, half witless with desire. Mr. Best wasn't like the boys. He was going to make it happen for her. He wouldn't stop like they had. New pinpoints of lust sprouted as her teacher lifted her buttocks up higher, playing with the hungrily clenching cheeks of her smooth white bottom, spreading the cheeks and bringing them back together. Her breasts were swollen and taut, her belly quivered against his hardness. The flat planes of his thighs smashed against and between her upraised cord-tensed legs. He adjusted his position, inching ever deeper into her young depths, the smooth raw flesh of her pussy showing itself equal to his measure.

Bob rose up and grabbed her magnificent breasts in his hands, holding onto them as he fucked like a wild man into her. Pushing upward higher, he began to run his hands all over her body, feeling every sensitive area he could.

When Mr. Best raised up from her little sister, Priscilla got a total look at what was happening. As the teacher's hips lifted she saw something white and thick, like her wrist, between his and Leena's bodies. Then, when his hips lowered it disappeared as if the object or attachment was becoming shorter so that his hips could meld with her sister's. Without thought or knowledge she was caught up in their rhythmic loving and each time the man's massive cock slammed home between her younger sister's widespread legs, her hand pressed against the soft flesh between her own legs.

Priscilla had never heard Leena utter such low guttural cries and some of the sounds she was making were almost frightening. Should she stop Mr. Best? Was he hurting Leena?

"Mr. Best! SIRRRR!!!" Leena screamed and Bob felt her tight passage suddenly compress on his bursting cock. Groaning with relief, he arched back and using his thick pole like a blunt cudgel, smacked into her wet crevice. His loins were afire with the ecstasy of orgasm and then he was spurting his long withheld, viscous semen high up into her hungrily clutching womb.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH..." Leena's head whirled as the wet walls of her clasping vagina dilated around his squirting penis, accepting all of the juices it had to offer with greedy need. She felt herself being slammed harder down into the hard as her convulsing young pussy soaked up the last remaining starbursts of orgasm and then she looked towards the door.

As she watched her younger sister being fucked, Priscilla's fingers had instinctively made their way under her modest dress and under her cotton panties to titillate her own pussy. Despite the frantic cries she had heard from her twelve-year-old sister, she sensed that Leena didn't want her to intervene. Was that thick, white object she'd glimpsed between them somehow giving Leena the same feelings that she, herself, was getting from her fingers? When little Leena sighed loudly at completion and looked towards the door, Priscilla knew she'd been seen and, blushing with embarrassment, she fled to her own room. But, just before she left, the teacher had got off her sister and the na´ve; sixteen-year-old girl had seen the white object that projected out hugely from his hairy groin.

The unprincipled teacher too had seen something out of the corner of his eye and had turned to look. My God! It was Priscilla. And she was seeing him fucking her little sister. Even as he pumped the last gouts of semen into his underaged consort he got a sinking feeling in his belly. Why hadn't he stuck to his resolution? Bob was drained. The little sexpot's tight cunt had virtually sucked his gism into her underaged body and he was weak. Oh God, he worried, what if Reverend Wilson found out what he'd done? He rolled off the big-titted; little girl's open body and got to his feet as the other girl turned and ran from the doorway.

The well-fucked twelve-year-old girl felt a surge of pride. Did her sister understand the importance of what she'd seen? Did Priscilla realize that her kid sister was grown up and had fucked a man? Leena knew now what Eloise had felt but she was more certain than ever that her ex-friend had lied to her. Nobody could forget that bliss! And she knew too that she wanted men, not boys. Mr. Best had quenched the fire that Elvin and Jeremy had left burning. She'd seen the shocked look on her sister's flushed face but she wasn't worried. Even if Priscilla told, their father couldn't punish her because of what he'd done.

"My God, Leena! What are we going to do?"

"Nothin', Sir. She ain't gonna tell. And if she does, Daddy can't do nothin' 'bout it coz he's done it too. 'Cept not with me."

Bob helped the little girl to her feet and on shaky legs she went back to her room. She wasn't worried but it still wasn't a good idea to have her parents find her in the teacher's room with no clothes on.

Chapter 6: Fucking Felicity

Posted: August 21, 2003 - 12:00:00 am

"Under the big oak tree." The Reverend Ebenezer Wilson said the words softly to the fourteen-year-old girl who stood nervously before him in his office. He was wearing only a long, dark robe that made him look to the girl like some prophet in a biblical illustration.

Felicity's eyes seemed to cloud over and she went immediately to the adjoining room. Wilson followed her, his erection swelling as he watched the ripe-bodied youngster begin to disrobe. God, she was lovely. Lovely and ready, Ebenezer mused as the girl's large, round breasts, her wide hips and her lush, full ass were bared to his lewd gaze.

Felicity stood naked and blushing before her minister. Saying nothing, the Reverend reached for her and pulled her young body close to his. She felt his hands move down her naked back and over her firm, bare bottom where they paused to squeeze her prominent buttocks. The young girl looked up questioningly into her minister's eyes as he leaned down and planted his mouth over hers. Just as she had three days ago, Felicity felt the man's tongue force entry into her mouth, its tip sliding between her teeth and the inner flesh of her lips before probing deeper into her mouth and throat. She could feel something hard pressing into her belly and she knew it was Reverend Wilson's cock, the hard cylinder that had pumped the Lord's cleansing seed into her mouth.

When at last the man stopped kissing her, Felicity was left flushed and breathing hard. She hadn't noticed that her arms had encircled the preacher's waist while he probed her mouth with his long tongue. Felicity was one very confused young girl at this point. This was precisely what Wilson wanted, to keep her off balance and vulnerable to his licentious intent.

"Why must you kiss me like that, Reverend?" the disconcerted, young girl asked. "Is God's seed in your mouth too?"

Wilson smiled and replied, "No my dear, but it is part of preparing you for the next injection of His healing balm. Did the kiss cause you any discomfort, Felicity? It should give you other feelings... down here," and he placed his hand on the bulge of her fat, lightly furred mons. "And now I shall kiss you in another place."

"What do you mean?" Felicity responded in an alarmed voice.

Without replying to her question, the Reverend placed a large, firm pillow on top of the frilly bed cover and said, "Please get up on the bed, Felicity and lie on your tummy facing the cross with your hips over this pillow."

"But Reverend Wilson," Felicity whined. Even in her lightly hypnotized state she sensed something odd was about to happen to her.

"Do it now, Felicity," The Reverend Wilson said sternly. "Do not try my patience at this crucial time before you are baptized." He pointed to the bed.

Reluctantly the young girl did as she was told. Wilson's mouth began to water as Felicity draped her firm, young body crossways on the bed over the big pillow causing her fully rounded ass to poke up lewdly, her firm legs off the edge of the mattress from her knees down. Felicity hugged a pillow to her chest as she lay staring to the side at the cross on the mirrored wall.

As soon as she was positioned, Wilson took Felicity by her ankles and spread her legs wide as he quickly stepped between them. When the nervous girl tried to rise from her prone position, the Reverend restrained her with one hand between her shoulder blades while he moistened the middle finger of his other.

"What are you doing, Reverend?" Felicity asked in a tremulous voice when she felt her minister's hand insinuating itself between her buttocks.

"Lie still, young lady! I am preparing you for next week's injection of God's Seeds before I get you ready for today's cleansing." The man chuckled silently as he spread his hand and parted the girl's bulbous asscheeks. With his moistened middle finger he teased her puckered anal orifice, pressing gently but not yet penetrating it.

Felicity squirmed as hot little thrills and tingles suffused her bottom from the titillation of the sensitive orifice. "Unnngh!" she grunted loudly. "Reverend Wilson? What are you doing?" she cried out when she felt the sudden entry into her rectum.

"This is part the preparation phase for the placement of the Lord's Seeds. Soon you will be ready to be filled, my child. Filled in all the places that must be cleansed." Wilson smiled and began to rotate his finger in the young girl as he plunged it deeper until the knuckles of his hand were wedging her pneumatic buttocks wide apart. Felicity groaned and writhed against the pillow as her tight, little ass was probed by the man's long finger.

"Oh, Reverend Wilson," Felicity whined. "Do you really have to put it in there? Ungh... Unnngh... Oohhh... Uunngghh"

"Yes, my dear," Wilson whispered as he worked. "But it will not be unpleasant for you." He felt Felicity's tiny anus begin to relax around his steadily plunging digit. 'She was responding perfectly, ' Wilson thought to himself. When he felt her strong shoulders go limp in submission, the Reverend brought his other hand between the young virgin's spread legs. He moved all four of his fingertips slowly back and forth in Felicity's rapidly dampening, little, cunt slit.

"Oowww," Felicity whined as Wilson carefully pushed one finger tip into her tight, vaginal entrance.

"Hush my child," Wilson whispered as he hooked the long finger in Felicity's rectum down to begin massaging her vagina from within her anal canal. He moved his finger tip slowly back and forth massaging the young virgin's insides while ever so slowly his other finger, he ventured a little deeper into her vagina.

"Oowwww!" Felicity cried a bit louder as Wilson's finger tip pressed against the her intact hymen.

"There we are, my dear child," the Reverend murmured as he continued to move his long finger in Felicity's ass. "I have found what I was seeking. I have located the barrier inside you that will prevent you from receiving God's Seeds of Goodness. Where you now feel pain, soon you will know great pleasure. I will do both you and Mr. Hansen a great service today by removing this barrier for you, my dear," the prurient preacher said in a falsely humble voice. Once again he pushed against Felicity's cherry, testing its elasticity and strength.

"Oohhhh... please stop, Reverend. You're hurting me," cried the young girl.

"Yes, my child, I will stop for now as it is time for another kiss to prepare you for removal of the barrier."

Before Felicity knew what was happening, the Reverend Wilson removed both his fingers from within her and rolled her over onto her back. Then he knelt on the floor and draped her legs over his shoulders leaving her body arched upwards by the big pillow that was now under her big ass. He leaned in closer and placed his hungry mouth directly over Felicity's wet pussy.

"Oohhh my God!" Felicity gasped as she felt the man's stiff tongue wiggle into her vaginal opening. "What are you doing, Reverend? Oohhhh... Nnnnnnn... Mmmmmm... Gawwwd!"

Reverend Wilson was delighted by the girl's response. He slid his hands under her firm assmelons and could feel the muscles flexing in time with the thrusting of his tongue into her sweet, juicy honeypot.

Felicity's wide, firm hips began to buck rapidly as the preachers tongue licked her wet slit from one end to the other pausing to swirl over her hard, little, love button. The man began to make loud, slurping noises as he thrilled to the sweet taste of the young girl. Her tasty pussy was worked into lather in minutes. Suddenly Felicity felt the same exciting but frightening feeling in her belly that she had felt three days before.

"Oh... Oh God, Reverend... Oh God!" she panted as her hips rose up even higher to meet the Reverend's lapping tongue. The preacher, sensing her impending orgasm, quickly spread Felicity's ass cheeks wide and plunged his finger into her quivering anus. He fastened his mouth to her bulging sex, feeling the puffy labia pulsing as her vagina spasmed internally and thrust his tongue in and out of the narrow opening. As he flicked it in and out and side to side rapidly the young virgin arced into a blazing orgasm.

"Oohhhh... noooo... Godddddddddddd," the ingenuous fourteen-year-old girl wailed as she came repeatedly, her ripe, young body thrashing about in the ecstasy of climax.

Wilson took one final, long lick of her pussy as he plunged his finger deeper into Felicity's ass.

"Uuunngghhh," Felicity groaned as her strong anal muscles pulsed and quivered around the preacher's long finger and the young girl hurtled into another orgasm as she shook inside and out.

After another intense minute or so, Felicity finally lay spent and quivering, The minister's ever present finger still deep inside her.

"That was excellent, Felicity," the Reverend whispered as he slowly extracted his long finger from Felicity's clinging anus. "I believe you are now fully ready for the next filling."

"I don't understand, Reverend," Felicity said in a perplexed tone after she regained her breath. "How will the Lord fill me, and fill me with what?" she asked innocently.

"My dear young girl," Wilson chuckled. "The Lord, God has given to me a great gift which I intend to share with you. He has endowed me with a wondrous cream that contains his most Holy Seeds. All that is required is that I now place some of this virtuous cream up inside your young body. At the same time I will do as I have promised and remove the barrier inside of you so that your and Mr. Hansen can have a happy, pain free union at the proper time. Do you understand, what I am telling you, Felicity?"

"I guess so, Reverend," she replied hesitantly.

She watched as the minister went to his desk and poured liquid from a crystal decanter into the little goblet she had drunk from on her first visit.

"Now my dear, I think you need some of the special, blessed nectar that God's wonderful goodness has made available to us." The intensity of the girl's orgasm was so great that Wilson feared it might have weakened her hypnotic state.

Wordlessly Felicity drank down the pleasant tasting liquid and immediately she felt relaxed, her embarrassment quickly dissipating.

"Good then let's get started shall we? He pulled the pillow from under the lax bodied youngster. "Move my dear. Lie with your head near the headboard.

Obediently the girl did as she was told and only then did she see that the ceiling, like the bedside wall, was mirrored. She blushed with embarrassment to see the image of her completely naked body lying flat on the bed and with instinctive modesty she drew her legs together, crossed one arm over her large breasts and placed her other hand like the sculptor's fig leaf over her sex.

"Put your arms by your sides Felicity!" Wilson ordered in a dark voice and the girl hastened to obey. "Do you see the cross hanging down above you?"

"Uh huh," the girl replied meekly,

"I want you to look directly up at the cross. Do not take your eyes away from it no matter what happens. If you do, all we have accomplished will be for naught. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Reverend, but..."

"But, what, Felicity?" Wilson replied in a slightly exasperated tone of voice.

"What are you going to do?" the young girl asked in a frightened voice.

"The Lord's Work," the Reverend Ebenezer Wilson said smiling warmly at his young subject on the bed before him. "Now look up at the cross, Felicity and do not interrupt me again until I tell you that you may speak," he said sternly.

Felicity did as she was told and stared intently at the big, carved cross hanging above her from the ceiling. She heard the bedsprings groan softly as the Reverend knelt on the mattress between her widely spread legs. Next she heard the rustling of robes and then out of the corner of her eye, she saw Wilson place his hand on the bed beside her elbow. She sensed his large body suspended over her much smaller frame. It took every ounce of her will power not to look away from the swaying cross. Felicity gasped in a breath quickly as the next thing she felt was something hot touch her between her legs in her most sensitive area.

"Just relax, my child," she heard the Reverend whisper from above. Wilson gazed down at his soon to be ex-virgin subject as she followed his orders and stared fixedly at the cross above the big bed. Slowly he crawled up onto the bed between the young girl's thighs. He pulled back his dark robe exposing his cock.

Wilson felt that he was endowed with the best possible tool for the deflowering of young girls. His now rock hard cock was about seven inches long from his oversized gonads to its rather pointed tip. It was not particularly large in diameter and could therefore be more easily inserted into the uninitiated cunts of the young girls who were his prey. Over the years, the Reverend Wilson had deflowered countless numbers of unsuspecting young women and girls in these parts. And now he was about to add the lovely, young Felicity to his carnal list.

Wilson placed one hand on the mattress beside Felicity's shoulder and leaned over the unsuspecting, young girl. "When you can't see the cross you must look at my face," he said sternly, knowing that his head was blocking her view of the cross. He gazed down at her firm, round breasts, the nipples softened now after her orgasm, the large areola looking like pink snowcaps on her large, creamy titmounds. Watching the girl's narrowly slitted eyes he guided the head of his tool toward its target.

The lecherous preacher always enjoyed the varying reactions of his victims as they accepted their very first cock. Ripe, young Felicity was particularly thrilling. She was a big girl and above all, she was a virgin. Seldom did he get the opportunity to deflower a fourteen-year-old girl, especially one with a build like this one's. Her hot, wet, little vaginal opening would easily accept the tip of his prick. Wilson felt Felicity jump slightly beneath him as the tip of his cock first touched her soft labia, as he began to push forward with his hips. When the moist, snug softness engulfed his cockhead he was instantly rewarded with the sweet sound of the young girl's wail of surprise and pain as he forced the head of his cock against the mouth of her never fucked sheath.

Felicity looked down with drug-dulled eyes and saw the long, white fleshpole that had filled her mouth the other day. It was between her legs, pushing into her and, despite the drugs and the hypnotism she twisted away from her impending defloration.

The Reverend restrained the struggling, young girl, pinning her shoulders to the bed and moving his hips as he tried to follow her frightened attempts to escape his threatening cock. He knew already that Felicity was one of those girls who have extremely active lubrication glands. She had almost drowned him with her juices when he'd eaten her sweet, young pussy and now that hot, oily fluid would make it easier to penetrate her virgin cunt.

"Be still Felicity!" He spoke harshly and commandingly. "Look up at me or at the cross and do not move!"

The soon-to-be ex-virgin whimpered in fright at her minister's command and forced herself to lie stiff and unmoving beneath him. When the girl's ripe, young body became still, Wilson again collared the bulbous knob of his deflowering tool in the juicy portal. Watching the girl's pretty face for reaction, he slowly pushed his cock into her tight, virgin cunt. Immediately he felt the head of his prick meet with the barrier of her hymen and the degenerate minister paused momentarily while the fourteen-year-old girl sobbed softly beneath him. He moved his head to the side so she could see the cross.

The sight of the golden cross with the small statue of Jesus gave comfort to the young baptismal candidate. There was an ache, a distending pressure that suffused her lower body but she was reassured now that Reverend Wilson was truly only doing God's work. He was cleansing her, purifying her, preparing her for God and for Mr. Hansen.

Then the prurient preacher pushed harder. Felicity's virgin membrane was quite tough, but no matter. He had punctured stronger ones in his day. He savoured the clasp of her undefiled passage on his cockhead and he got a perverse thrill when the girl's pretty mouth twisted in a grimace of pain. Inflicting pain did not give him pleasure but bursting maidenheads was exquisitely gratifying. He prolonged the moment as long as he could as the lovely girl's buxom body quivered tensely under him.

"Oowwww... Ooohhhhhh... Gawwwd... Oowwww!" Felicity cried aloud as the next thing she felt was an intense ache that emanated from between her legs and rapidly spread up into her belly. The pressure inside her increased. Something was blocking the passage of this huge, invading engine. It was as if the muscles were being pulled and stretched and through the red haze of her pain, the girl vaguely sensed something hot and hard being relentlessly forced up inside her. In the recesses of her drugged brain she remembered that the Reverend had mentioned a barrier. Was that it? Was her minister breaking through the barrier? Felicity's thoughts raced to her belly as she felt a slight tearing sensation deep inside, followed by a brief searing pain. She tried desperately to pull her hips away from the hot source of her pain, but the big man over her had her pinned beneath his large body. Felicity thought she would pass out as the unknown object suddenly stopped its progress into her. Felicity had never felt such pain. Whatever it was that the Reverend was pushing into her felt as if it would tear her asunder.

"Oowwww... Godddddddddddd," the young girl cried out again, as next she felt a hot, hard fullness move up into her heaving tummy.

"Ooohhhhhh... Yeesssss, my sweet Felicity," Ebenezer Wilson groaned as he felt the young girl's hymen let go causing her to cry out once more. Music to the Reverend's ears. Without pause, Wilson plunged his long cock into Felicity's quivering, young pussy. Her strong muscles surrounded his meat like a hot, wet glove.

"Uunngghh!" Felicity grunted as the head of Wilson's cock reached the very end of her vaginal canal. The pain was gradually subsiding only to be replaced with a mildly uncomfortable feeling of fullness. 'Could this be what the Reverend meant by filling her?' she thought briefly.

Wilson looked down to see at that at least an inch of his cock shaft remained outside the young ex-virgin as he felt the head push hard against the end of her tight tube. He held perfectly still for several moments. Next time he would give her all of it, he mused lecherously. Wilson smiled his wicked smile. "You are a dear, dear child," Wilson whispered gruffly next to Felicity's ear as he bent to kiss her on her shoulders and her big, full breasts whose thick nipples were once again jutting out like large caliber bullets from the roughly puckered areola. "Are you OK, Felicity?"

"I... I guess so," Felicity replied huskily as she tentatively moved her hips from side to side. The feeling of fullness increased as she did so and she was tempted to shift her gaze from the figure of Jesus to look at the man above her.

Wilson interrupted her train of thought by saying, "Felicity, I want you to lift your bottom up off the bed so I can slide a pillow under you."

"All right, Reverend Wilson," Felicity half grunted in response. She was still unable to identify the source of the very full feeling in her belly. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before. She was no longer in a lot of pain as the warmth inside her began to feel almost pleasurable. She felt the big preacher's hands grasp her by her hips and lift her up and she strained to help him. She continued to stare at the cross.

Wilson leaned over Felicity, once more kissing her softly on one large breast as he slid the big pillow under her buttocks. The youngster felt the man's weight shift on the bed, spreading her legs wider apart and the full feeling inside of her increased slightly as the pressure of his legs on her thighs increased. Suddenly she felt the fullness withdraw. Whatever it was slowly began to exit her tummy the way it had entered. As the hard instrument fractioned the tattered edges of her ruptured hymen the pain returned.

"Oowww, Reverend," Felicity whined. "Whatever it is you are using, you are hurting me again. Please stop, Reverend Wilson."

As Felicity felt the strange fullness leave her almost completely the Reverend Wilson replied, "You may look down at me now, Felicity. You may look down and gaze at how it is that I intend to fill you with the Lord's Holy Seed."

Wilson held perfectly still once more, the head of his cock now withdrawn and poised against Felicity's tight, vaginal opening, the long, wet shaft of his cock glistened in the light as it protruded from his hairy groin.

The first things Felicity noticed when she slowly looked away from the cross and down past her belly were the Reverend's large hands holding her by her hips. Next her eyes traveled up his strong arms and fixed on his benignly smiling face. It wasn't until the Reverent Wilson dropped his eyes to below her belly that Felicity followed his gaze and realized that his dark robes were thrown back exposing the minister from the waist down. The next thing the young girl noticed brought a chill to her heart. With dread she saw the Reverend's gleaming penis jutting out and disappearing out of her line of vision below her waist and between her legs.

The Reverend, noticing her shocked stare, grinned broadly then wiggled his hips quickly, causing the head of his cock to move into view and sway back and forth over her arched hips.

Felicity opened her mouth to scream in protest, but all that came out was a breathless, guttural grunt as Wilson slammed angled the threatening pole down again and thrust his hips forward driving his throbbing cock deep into the stunned, young girl.

"Uunngghh," Felicity grunted again as her minister followed his initial thrust with another of equal or greater force. The big fourteen-year-old girl felt herself being crushed down into the pillow from the sheer power of the Reverend's assault, her hips pinned helplessly by his impaling organ.

"Oohh... oohhh... oohh... no... o... o... Reverend Willll... ssonnnnn," Felicity cried as the big man began to plunge his long, thin cock into her tender pussy with ever increasing frequency. The devirginated youngster threw her head back as she endured her first serious fucking. Feelings of shame flooded over her as she thought about Mr. Hansen and Uncle Harry and what they would think if he could see her now. Her greatest treasure, the jewel her mother had told her was to be saved for her had been ripped away by the dark preacher now groaning rhythmically above her. She sobbed softly between involuntary grunts and groans as the Reverend Ebenezer Wilson's cock pumped in and out of her young, quivering vagina. As the fucking continued unabated, to her dismay Felicity found herself fighting off waves of unexpected pleasure as she felt the hard mass of the minister's cock repeatedly try to rearrange her interior. She was thoroughly mortified.

"Oohhh, yes, my sweet, young child," Wilson cried as the little alcove filled with the wet sounds of their lovemaking. "You are such a hot, young thing and your little pussy is so tight," he continued with unaccustomed vulgarity. He slowed his pace slightly, now ramming the young girl with long, hard strokes, repeatedly driving the pointed head of his cock into Felicity's defenseless cervix.

The fucking continued. On and on and in and out Wilson hammered away at the young girl. Felicity's vision began to blur as time stood still for her. All she knew was the rhythmic plunging of the big cock as it moved ceaselessly in and out of her belly. Her sweet juices flowed unabated now, down out of her cock-plugged pussy and into the crack of her uptilted ass. Although the young girl's heart and mind weren't in it, her body was reacting with the intensity of a mature woman. Unfamiliar waves of profound pleasure began to wash over Felicity more and more frequently as her hips slowly rolled from side to side in time with Wilson's ever pistoning shaft. Her gasps of pain mixed with moans of pleasure as the sweet girl unconsciously arched her back higher, increasing the friction on the big cock that moved inside her.

The Reverend Wilson leaned forward over Felicity once more and this time brought his hands up to her chest. "Ooohhhhhh..." Felicity moaned as the big man began to squeeze and knead her large, malleable breasts, pinching her big, hard nipples and rolling them between his fingers and thumb. The man allowed his hand to stray down to Felicity's soft, warm belly, which he felt, was heaving nicely in time to his fucking. He smelled her moist, musky scent as it steamed from the hot, young girl. The Reverend felt his big balls begin to contract and knew that he was getting close to cumming. Just one more manipulation should send the sweet beauty beneath him over the edge as well.

Quickly Wilson moved his exploring hand down Felicity's heaving belly and over her pubic arch until he felt the very top of her tight, pussy slit. It felt to Wilson as if he had dipped his finger into a hot jar of grease as he slipped deftly between the outer lips of Felicity's dripping cunt to find her hard, little clit. The prurient preacher felt immediate waves of vaginal spasms pass along the shaft of his cock as he rubbed Felicity furiously. Suddenly the young girl stiffened beneath him.

"Oh... Oh God... Oh God... I... It's happening again... I... Oh God... Oh... Oohh... Ooohhhhhh!"

Wilson's cock was forced to a standstill as Felicity's once virgin pussy clamped down on him with a steely, soft grip. The young girl shuddered then cried out loudly, "Ooohhhhhh... Godddddddddddd!" as she reached her climax. Her back arched as Felicity threw her head back and the minister grabbed the young girl by her wide hips and shoved his cock deep into her, gradually overpowering Felicity's twitching, vaginal muscles. As the instinctive milking action of Felicity's young muscles began, the Reverend Wilson's balls exploded.

"Accept the seed of the Lord, my sweet Felicity," Wilson shouted as the first wave of hot, viscous semen blasted into the shivering, young girl impaled by his cock. "For the Lord will make thee full of his goodness," Wilson preached on as the second pulse of cum fired deep into young Felicity.

"Ooohhhhhh... nooooooooo," Felicity cried as her eyes opened wide feeling the hot cum fill her tender belly. Although the warm, filling feeling was wonderful, the inexperienced girl instinctively knew that something was not right about this, but was powerless to do anything about it.

"Take it all inside, my young child," Wilson moaned. "Take all of my cream of virtue into your warm, tender tummy, Felicity." Wilson moved his hand back to her belly and began to gently massage over her uterus. He could feel Felicity's continued vaginal contractions both through the shaft of his impaling cock as well as through the soft skin of her warm tummy.

"That's my girl," the Reverend cooed near Felicity's ear. "Milk my big cock dry with your tight, young cunt. That's my sweet Felicity. Suck God's Seeds into your hot cunt like you did with your sweet mouth." The Reverend finally fell forward, his weight pushing Felicity down to the mattress beneath her. The big man's breathing slowed as he dozed on top of her. Eventually, Felicity too dropped off into a fitful sleep, the Reverend's flaccid cock still inside of her. She had a brief terrible dream about her Uncle Jimmy. He was laughing at her and telling her that she was a harlot. She awoke, still beneath the Reverend, about thirty minutes later.

Reverend Wilson awakened to the pleasant soft warmth of the big girl's body beneath him. Her legs were still Vee'd, her open fucksaddle cradling his hips and her big breasts were cushioning his hairy chest. He felt a resurgence of his libido and his tool, still held inside the ex-virgin's sloppy cunt was erect again. He looked at his watch. No. It was too late. Not today. He'd have to wait until her next visit.

"Tell me, my child, do you feel purified now that you have received God's Seeds again? Has His glorious instrument released you from the sinning you did with your uncle?" The preacher gave a couple of hard lunges into her cum-flooded cunt.

"Unh... Yes, Reverend. I guess so?" But Felicity wasn't sure. Her tender, young pussy ached but she felt lethargic and tired.

Ebenezer rolled off her buxom frame and took her hand in his; guiding it to the soft, wet swamp between her legs. "Tonight, my dear, when you are in bed, you must put your hand here. Touch yourself with your fingers until you have the same feelings as when God's instrument was delivering His Seeds. Do the same thing as soon as you wake up in the morning and every day until Friday. After school on Friday go home and take a bath and finger yourself again. Then come back to my office for your final cleansing."

When Reverend Wilson had dismounted from her aching body Felicity wasn't sure what to think. In the back of her drug-dulled mind she somehow sensed that she'd been the victim of trickery. Her minister had taken her precious virginity even though he said it was necessary in order to cleanse her by filling her and planting God's Seed inside her. What was the final cleansing going to be? The touch of her hand between her legs was sending little tingles through her belly but then her minister took it away and helped her to her feet.

Felicity's knees were weak and wobbly as she put on her clothes and then she stood silently as the preacher intoned, "Under the old oak tree."

"Come back on Friday, Felicity. We have just one more session to complete your preparation for baptism and marriage."

Felicity was unusually quiet when she arrived home for supper. Her mother said nothing of it, but knew all too well why her young daughter appeared to be walking gingerly, almost bow-legged. Mr. Hansen came by to visit after supper, but did not stay long. He asked Felicity briefly how her session with the Reverend had gone.

Felicity's mother looked the other way, and a tear ran down her cheek as she heard her innocent, young daughter reply, "Oh just fine, I guess. He wants me to come back again on Friday." The mother knew she should have somehow stopped the preacher from defiling her daughter but if she ever told on him then her own sinning would be known. And she had sinned. She had come out of her trance before the minister had finished with her but, in the grip of evil lust, she didn't want him to stop. She'd let him believe she was hypnotized not only that day but the other times as well.

"That's wonderful, Felicity," Hansen replied in blissful ignorance. "You do just what the good Reverend tells you to do. After all, he knows what's best for us."

As Josh hugged her goodbye, Felicity felt an urge to rub her hips against him, a strange hunger suffusing her newly devirginated loins.

Chapter 7: Preparing Priscilla

Posted: August 21, 2003 - 12:00:00 am

When little Leena walked, or more accurately, waddled back to her room after her schoolteacher, Mr. Best had fucked her to her first ever cock-made orgasm she was fatigued. Her twelve-year-old body ached from the expansion of her juvenile twat and she felt lethargic and satisfied.

Her sister, Priscilla, had none of the same feelings. She didn't comprehend what she'd observed. Living on the prairies with her grandparents and schooled at home she knew essentially nothing about sex. They had not even had any animals other than a few chickens and a milk cow that might have naturally demonstrated the act. Her brief glimpse of the thick, white object projecting out from the schoolteacher's groin was her first and only look at a man's penis.

When Priscilla entered puberty at age eleven, had her first period and experienced the initial development of her now humungous breasts her shy questions had been unanswered. Body hair under her arms and on her fat pussy followed and now she was a fully matured (in body, anyway) female. But the sixteen year old girl was completely innocent and na´ve.

The strange stirrings that Priscilla felt in her belly when she'd watched her kid sister being fucked by their teacher were almost completely new to her. The only thing similar she'd ever felt was sometimes when she was riding her bike. She hadn't understood that either but in the last three years on the farm she had ridden her bike at every opportunity. She'd even had a few micro-orgasms in the process but that had only served to further arouse a weird and wonderful hunger in her innocent loins.

Priscilla undressed, put on her modest nightgown and got into bed. Her hand immediately returned to the warm softness between her legs and she shuddered as her fingers probed the pulpy, hair-wreathed lips. Years ago her Gramma had told her she shouldn't touch herself there but she hadn't explained why except that it was a sin. Tonight though, after what she'd seen, she guiltily ignored what she'd been told. The na´ve teen didn't understand the oily wetness but she associated it with bike riding and as her fingers moved over her bulging sex, she found something hard, something that sent a jolt of sensation surging through her lower body.

Bob Best was worried. Even though Leena had said there was nothing to worry about, he was concerned. What if Priscilla told her parents what she'd seen? He lay on his bed, his hand gently feeling his deflated tool. It was tender to the touch. Little Leena hadn't been a virgin but her twelve year old passage had that wonderful tightness of a pre-teen pussy and, despite the ample lubrication, the friction from the narrow enclosure had left his thick cock pleasantly raw.

Leena had never felt as sexually satisfied as she now was but despite what she'd said to Mr. Best, she was also a bit worried about what her sister might do. After a few minutes she rose and went down the hall to her sister's room.

"Well, Sis... what did you think?"

"Uh... think? Like, how Leena?" Priscilla had difficulty answering because her agile fingers were making her short of breath and a delicious warmth was spreading over her whole lower body.

"Like, seeing Mr. Best making love to me. Didja ever do it with a man?"

"Uh... like... no. I've never done anything like you were doing. What was it? How?"

"Silly. Ain't you never done it even with a boy?" Was Priscilla going to be like Eloise and deny it ever happened?

"I? I couldn't see exactly what you were doing, Leena. I thought he was hurting you. Was he?"

"Nah... 'Cept a bit at first. But it was a good hurt. He's bigger'n the boys who done me before." Leena didn't really know her older sister. They had been living together for only a few months and Priscilla's natural shyness and timidity had discouraged a closer relationship. The younger girl suddenly realized that her sister was truly ignorant about lovemaking but before she could say more Priscilla reconfirmed her naivetÚ.

"There are some boys who are bigger," and she spoke the names of two of the older boys who were taller and heavier than their teacher.

"Hee Hee. I didn't mean big like that, silly. I meant big like... a big cock. And Mr. Best's is a lot bigger around than Elvin's or Jeremy's. He made me... like... I never felt anything so good! Don't you know nothin'?"

"But Leena? Isn't it? Like? A sin? Like, isn't what you did the bad stuff that Daddy preaches about? Scarlet women and Sodom and that stuff?"

"Yeah... sorta. But, like, Daddy preaches about it but he don't really mean it. Like, he does it too. I mean, not just when he made us... you and me... with our mother. I seen him doin' it with a lot of women... and girls. It's OK to do it just so long as you don't let people know."

Priscilla wasn't sure she believed her sister but she was so embarrassed by her ignorance she didn't contradict her. "Will you tell me? Like, how he made you feel so good?" Was it like she was feeling now, she wondered?

During the next five minutes Leena gave her sister a graphic description of fucking although words failed her when she tried to describe orgasm. The listening neophyte tried to imagine everything that her sister told her, her imagination enhanced by the feelings from her fingers. It might have progressed to an even more interesting experience but just as Leena was trying to describe her climax they heard the sounds of their parents returning from church.

Despite his amoral nature, Ebenezer Wilson had never had incestuous thoughts about his shapely, young daughter, Leena. The same was not proving to be the case with her older sister, Priscilla. Maybe it was because he hadn't seen much of his sixteen-year-old daughter as a child nor seen her going through puberty so when she had reappeared on the scene she was a buxom, supremely desirable young lady rather than a daughter. Although he fought the incestuous urge, his daughter's long legs and mammoth breasts were eroding whatever moral constraints he had. Had he known that Priscilla was not his biological daughter he would have likely taken his revenge on his faithless spouse through her. But he didn't know so he was left to wrestle with his conscience.

Priscilla was experiencing a somewhat similar turmoil although she was not cognizant of it. During the few months since she had returned to live with her family she had developed a good, old-fashioned 'crush' on her father. It was not a sexual one or at least not sexual in a way that she could have recognized. She idolized him. And her sister's assertion that he committed sin like she had with the schoolteacher was totally unbelievable.

"When will I get married, Father?" Priscilla had screwed up her courage. She had to find out more about what she'd seen last night. She was sure that what Leena had done was a sin. Her grandmother had never told her anything about sex except that she warned Priscilla about men who would try to make her sin, to cleave to them before marriage. The girl didn't know what cleave meant but she suspected that Leena had cleaved to Mr. Best. Her grandmother also spoke of the sins of Sodom but never explained what they were either. Would her father tell her? Could she ask him?

Reverend Wilson looked up in surprise from the bible he was reading at the breakfast table. "Uh? I can't answer that, Priscilla. Why? Have you found the man you want for a husband?

"Oh no, Father. Not that. It's just... like... Gramma said I had to be careful around men. But she didn't say why. And I don't know how I should act if a man wanted to marry me." The girl slumped down in her chair; exhausted from the effort it had taken to ask her father about marriage.

If Ebenezer had been fighting temptation before, now he was locked in a death struggle with his conscience. And his conscience was coming out second best. "Well Priscilla, I guess it's a good thing you asked me. Most girls go through indoctrination when they are baptized. You were away when that should have happened. Come to my office this afternoon after school and I will talk to you about marriage and related matters.

The prurient preacher continued his internal struggle all that day. He couldn't put her through the complete baptismal program. She was his daughter and it would not be right. But he could teach her to distinguish between right and wrong. He could protect her from sexual predators who would want to defile her. But, despite his determination not to commit incest his sexual appendage was in a state of semi-erection all day.

"When you are married, my dear, your husband will expect you to join with him in a very physical way. Do you know anything about a man's body?"

"No Father. I guess not?"

Reverend Wilson went through the 'birds and bees' routine for his ripe but ignorant daughter. His carefully chosen words and the gentle way he delivered them achieved two things. His daughter gained knowledge and her love for her father grew greatly.

"Are you going to? Like? Do what my husband will? Are you going to teach me how?"

The girl's ingenuous question almost demolished the preacher's will to preserve her chastity. "No Priscilla. That would be a serious sin called incest. A parent is not supposed to cleave to his or her child." Oh God! He wished he could change Felicity's schedule so he could see her today. But maybe there was a way that wasn't incest.

"But Father? How will I know how to please my husband? And God?"

"Come with me Priscilla. There is something you... we can do. Has another person looked at your naked body?"

"Oh no, Father. Except Leena. She saw some of me after she..." and the girl didn't finish her sentence. Definitely what Leena and Mr. Best did was wrong and a sin.

"Only your husband should see you but today you can undress before me. And I will show you a man's special gift for a woman."

Shyly but trustingly Priscilla took off her clothes while her father removed his pants. "Close you eyes, Priscilla. I'm going to lie on the bed and guide you there beside me."

The sixteen-year-old girl kept her eyes tightly closed while her father led her over to the bed and pushed her down to a sitting position. She got a warm pleasure from the way his hands played with her breasts and she opened her thighs willingly in response to his urging.

"We must pray for guidance, my dear," and Wilson intoned a prayerful request for God's help in guiding his young daughter and all the while his hands explored her voluptuous charms from her hufe, soft breasts to her fat, desire-swollen pussy.

"You can open your eyes now, my dear."

"OH! Oh Father!" the girl exclaimed when she saw the seven inch projection sticking up from her father's groin."

"That's my penis, Priscilla. And when you marry your husband will put his penis in here." Wilson slipped a finger between the soft, wet lips of his daughter's cunt. He'd better find her a husband soon, he thought. She's a hot cookie. Why not him? No! He wouldn't.

"But? How? It looks too big?"

"You're bigger there than you know, my dear. Someday babies will come out of there. Your husband will put his penis in you and then he will pump seeds into you to make a baby."

"Oh." Priscilla wasn't sure what to say.

"Some men want to put their penises here and here," and Ebenezer indicated the girl's mouth and ass. "You must never allow that. That is what Lot's family escaped from when they left Sodom. It is a sin that only truly evil people commit. Now I want you to touch me so I can show you how your husband will make babies in you."

The innocent sixteen-year-old girl was in a state of information overload. First the sight of her father's penis, which looked to her innocent, eyes much larger than Mr. Best's. She'd seen that the teacher had put himself inside her sister, just like her father was describing. Had Mr. Best and Leena made a baby? She didn't dare ask because she knew now, for sure, that what they had done was a sin. And his penis looked huge, then the warning about all the places men wanted to put it and finally the whole idea of baby making. She let the preacher take her hand and place it on the upthrust fleshpole.

"OH! Oh, did I hurt you," Priscilla gasped when the hard staff jumped at her touch and her father uttered a soft groan of pleasure.

"No, my dear. Far from it. Use both hands, Priscilla... yes... stroke them up and down... that's the way."

Happy that she was pleasing her father the naked teen followed his instructions. She felt the smooth, tautly stretched skin with the tips of her fingers, marveling at its heat and hardness. Then a clear liquid welled up from the little slit in the tip of his penis to be followed by a veritable flood that streamed out and down to wet her hands.

"Is that? Like? The stuff that makes babies?"

"No Priscilla. That's not my sperm. Do you mind doing this for me?"

"No. Oh no, Father. I like pleasing you. Am I doing it right?"

"Oh yes, my dear. Oh yes. Wrap your hands right around me."

Priscilla was now totally engrossed with pleasing her father. Her hands slid easily up and down the thickly veined shaft, now wet and slick with the flowing pre-cum. She could see a dreamy expression in his eyes and his face was a study in pre-orgasmic bliss although the ingenuous teen had no way of knowing that. All she knew was that it was her actions that were making her father happy and she was filled with a love for him greater than ever before.

"Why can't we... like... be married?" The thought of being joined to this wonderful man of God gave her a warm, blissful feeling. She opened her legs wider as his fingers probed and teased her sensitive cuntflesh.

"We can't, my dear. It's against God's Rules. Even this is sinful but God will forgive us because we can't make a baby."

Wilson could feel the blood rushing to his balls and cocktip. His shaft was throbbing how, pounding forcefully against his daughter's palms as she jacked him. The girl saw his belly go hard and watched his eyes roll in his head as he choked on a breath.

"Priscilla... Priscilla," the man rasped and his hands went to her shoulders as his eyes rolled shut.

The inexperienced girl was frightened for a moment. Was her father having a heart attack? Should she stop? But then his hands were moving frantically on her breasts and between her legs, tugging and mauling her mammoth titbags, digging into the sloppy flesh-pudding between her thighs and she knew she should continue. Her gaze was fixed on the tiny, slitted opening in the bulbous, purple knob. She saw a bubble, a white, creamy bubble appear and then it was followed by a small, milky rivulet that overflowed. And then the hard staff jumped in her hands, the man uttered a loud groan and there was a big, upward surge of his hips as he fucked up into her clasping hands. A thick streak of gism leaped into the air and splattered hotly and wetly on her enormous breasts.

"Don't stop... do it... stroke me," the preacher grunted as the pleasure-pain of orgasm washed over him. For the briefest moment he regretted not taking advantage of his voluptuous daughter but, as his lust ebbed in successive, viscous jets, he knew he did the right thing.

As the girl saw her father's face torn between absolute pleasure and excruciating pain she paused. Maybe because at the first leap of seed, Priscilla had become so interested in the way his prick was pumping that she'd stopped working the skin up and down the shaft. She started the rhythmic milking again and another flood of hot curds rolled thickly from the little opening. They dribbled down over her knuckles, down into the curls around the minister's balls until at last the drops splattered down to join the growing puddle between his feet.

The unprincipled preacher lay there, his lust suppressed for the moment by his daughter's trusting ministrations. God, he had to find a husband for her. The temptation to commit incest... real incest... would be too great. And he sensed also that his daughter, innocent though she doubtless was, was hot-blooded and would stray into sinful actions of her didn't find her a husband.

Priscilla meanwhile was in her own private cell. The sticky, slimy strings of his semen were on her fingers and she shuddered a little, fascinated. How did this greasy, viscous stuff make a baby? As she made a few final strokes on her father's softening cock he took his hands from her body and she was left with a yearning, an ache in her virgin belly.

"Thank you Priscilla. That made me feel wonderful," Wilson said softly to his daughter as she put on her clothes. "I hope you didn't mind?"

"No, Father. I'm glad I made you happy. And thank you for explaining about... you know... what husbands and wives do." She was certain now that Leena had lied to her. What her young sister and Mr. Best had done was a sin. And there was no way that their father would commit such a sin. Leena had definitely told a big lie to make what she'd done sound better.

"Were you ever married, Bob... You don't mind if I call you Bob, do you?"

"Not at all, Reverend Wilson." The man's question sent a pang of alarm through the randy teacher. It was three days since he'd fucked the underaged sexpot, three days of nervous apprehension. Had Leena or Priscilla said something to make their father suspicious? "And, no, I've never been married."

"Must be difficult for you? I mean... with those lovely schoolgirls around all day? Have you ever? I mean... like... you know?"

"Of course not, Reverend. I guess I'm in a position similar to yours as far as the girls are concerned. I don't think of them as young women, only children wanting to be taught." I wonder if what Leena said is true? Maybe he is like me, only not in the bullshit way I just described.

"Yeah... I suppose so, Bob." He had to find a man for Priscilla before she got in trouble... or he lost control and took advantage of her. Thank God the day after tomorrow was Felicity's next session.

"By the way, Bob, there's something you can do for me tomorrow," Ebenezer Wilson said to the nervous schoolteacher.

"Sure Reverend Wilson. How can I help you?"

"I'm giving instruction... religious instruction... to Felicity Tanner. Will you ask her to come by my office before school on Friday?"

Today, as his sexual battery regained full charge, the preacher had decided that Felicity's final session would be somewhat different than he had originally planned. He wanted to preserve her total domination on film or, more accurately, on video. If she was following his instructions, and he was sure she was, she would be well juiced from her morning masturbation and that would facilitate another preparatory step.

Chapter 8: Shocked by Sodomy

Posted: August 21, 2003 - 12:00:00 am

"You wanted to see me, Reverend Wilson?"

"Under the big oak tree," the preacher intoned and Felicity's eyes immediately clouded over. The man closed the outer office door and followed the girl as she went into the inner office, shedding her jacket and blouse as she walked.

"Not this morning, my dear. There isn't time," but the sight of the pretty girl's heavy breasts straining at the enclosing brassiere was almost enough to cause him to deviate from his lewd course. "Did you do what I told you to this morning, Felicity?"

"Uh... you mean? Like? With my fingers?"

"Of course, my dear."

"Yes," the girl replied shyly.

"Did you cum?"

"Uh? What do you mean, Reverend?"

"Did you get that special feeling? Here?" and the horny pastor placed his hand on the girl's lower belly, insinuating it between her full thighs to press her vulval area.

"Uh, yeah... but not as much as..." And Felicity looked down at the floor as her minister's hand sent unwilled thrills surging through her loins.

"As much as when I fucked you? Is that what you mean?'"

"Uh... I guess so, Sir?"

"We have only a short time, Felicity... until tonight. But there is much more for you to learn."

Wilson fingered the girl's sloppy-wet pussy as he moved with her to his chair. Then, sitting beside the standing teen, her legs accommodatingly spread to allow her minister to caress her sex the minister continued her instruction.

"Now tell me Felicity, when you return... after school today... what are you going to say... and do?" His thumb was inserted completely into the fourteen-year-old girl's once-fucked vagina and his index finger was wriggling around in the hot, tight clasp of her not-yet-fucked rectum.

"I'll take off all my clothes, just like Mr. Hansen will want me to after he marries me, and I'll... unh? Whah? What do you want, Sir?"

"Continue, my dear. But bend down." The prurient preacher held in his free hand a shiny, pink, five-inch long, flexible device. It was more or less cylindrical, somewhat pointed at one end, swelling out to almost two inches across then tapering down to about an inch where a large, flat disk formed the other end.

"I'm going to bend over like this... so you can open me in another place."

The bent over girl did not at first seem to notice when her minister's finger was withdrawn from her anus. It was only when the thickest part of the device he was pushing into her rectal channel began to dilate the sphincter that she realized something had changed.

"Whah? Anh? Reverend Wilson?" she whimpered as the slick, jelly-filled cylinder dilated her asshole and slid up into her bowels. Her circular ass-muscle clamped down on the narrower portion at the base and locked the butt-plug deeper inside her than her minister's finger had ever been.

"Don't try to remove it," Ebenezer said sternly. "You are being prepared for the final phase of your training. As you sit in school today you will press your bottom down so that God's training tool will make you ready for His final blessing. Now, remember all that you've learned today."

The butt-plugged girl stood before her minister and recited what she was to say this afternoon when she returned to his office after school. She could feel the difference as she stood with the butt-plug held up inside her fingered but not fucked asshole. Mortified though she was, she could not quell the delicious thrills that permeated her juvenile loins as she nervously shifted her weight from one foot to the other and the intrusive cylinder massaged the sensitive nerve-endings of her nether portal.

"That's a good girl, Felicity. You will make Mr. Hansen a very happy man. "Under the big oak tree," he said softly and the girl returned to reality. Then left her minister's office to hurry to school.

When Felicity arrived at school almost half an hour late Bob looked at her with prurient curiosity. She was walking in an odd way, her hips thrust forward and her lovely ass taut, and not rotating as it normally did when she walked. Had Reverend Wilson just screwed her? Is that why he wanted to see her this morning? All day long Bob watched the lovely girl, looking for signs that would confirm his suspicion.

For young Felicity the day seemed to drag on and on. In the front of her mind she knew that after school she had another instructional session with Reverend Wilson. Would she feel the same after this one as after the other two? Praying with her minister was such a beautiful experience. It had left her with a feeling of contentment, as if the Good Lord had spoken to her and entered her body. She pushed her bottom down hard on the seat as he had told her to and moved slowly side-to-side, backward and forward, a rotating, screwing movement.

Bob couldn't help but notice his pupil's constant movements. Her eyes had a somewhat vacant stare and her cheeks were flushed as she worked on her lesson assignment. Damn! The preacher had definitely done something to disturb the girl. His unruly organ swelled as he pictured the lovely fourteen-year-old girl naked with her legs spread and a cock ploughing her ripe, young furrow. Little Leena had been making it obvious to him that she wanted to be screwed again and maybe he would. But the one he really wanted was her older sister. She'd not looked him in the eye, not even in the classroom, since she saw him fucking Leena. He glanced over at the buxom sixteen-year-old girl and felt a stirring in his groin.

The schoolteacher was not the only person who observed Felicity's strange behavior. Leena had seen her father greet Felicity that morning and when the older girl went into his office Leena had no doubt that Felicity was in the process of getting the same education as Eloise had. Then, when Felicity came late to school Leena noticed the way she walked although she attributed it to the wrong reason. During the day she saw how the buxom girl squirmed in her seat and Leena wondered if Felicity felt as satisfied as she had after Mr. Best fucked her.

Leena was not surprised therefore when, late that afternoon, she saw Felicity go into the church again. The buxom girl's behavior during the day had seemed strange and Leena suspected that her father was not yet done with his latest baptismal candidate.

Priscilla, innocent though she was, had not really believed her younger sister when Leena told her that everyone did what she'd seen Leena and Mr. Best do. And especially she didn't believe that her Father would preach about it being bad and then go do it with women. Or girls. And he'd told her to her face that it was a sin. Leena had to be lying about that so maybe she was lying about everything. Should she tell her father about what she'd seen Leena and Mr. Best doing? Or that Leena said he did it too with women and girls he wasn't married to? No. That would be an insult to him and he'd be mad at Leena.

Little Leena could tell that Priscilla didn't believe her and she was afraid that her sister would tell their father. Sure, she had seen him with Eloise ad the others but she was still afraid of him. She definitely didn't want Priscilla to tell and now she saw a way to stop her. If Priscilla saw their father doing it to somebody she would have to believe her. And if she got her to do it herself with Mr. Best, then she couldn't tell. Leena really wanted to have her schoolteacher again but she reasoned that if she helped him get into her sister he'd do it with her, too.

Leena had been watching and when after school, as she'd expected, Felicity went to Reverend Wilson's office, Leena had immediately gone to Priscilla's room.

"You don't believe what I told you about Daddy, do you?"

"Uh, no Leena. I just know he wouldn't sin like that!"

"C'mon with me then, Priscilla. I'll show you what he does."

Wilson had wasted no time. The handjob from his daughter had made him even more anxious to enjoy a young female and this morning's session when he'd fitted Eloise with the butt-plug had left him with a severe case of aching, swollen balls.

'She is definitely one hot, little girl, ' he thought. 'A much better fuck than her mother.' Felicity's mother was only thirty- two and was still a pretty good fuck with the proper enticement. Wilson had had her most recently just a few weeks ago. 'Well', Wilson thought, 'she'll always be available. Right now I have young Felicity to finish breaking in.'

"We must complete your filling, now Felicity," the Reverend spoke softly to the young girl. "You will not resist me as we continue. Do you understand, my dear?"

"Yes, Reverend Wilson."

"Do you remember what we talked about this morning?"

"Uh... yeah... but?" The girl struggled to recall everything and as she did she wriggled her ass, thrilling to the sensations the intrusive object imparted.

"Please go to the bathroom, Felicity and bring back the big blue and white tube marked K/Y Jelly. Will you do that for me please?" "All right, Reverend," she replied slowly. Felicity padded off to the bathroom and returned with the big tube of lubricant and handed it to the tall preacher who was waiting for her.

"Thank you, Felicity. Today, while I prepare you for filling again with God's Seeds you must be especially obedient. Now, if you would please face the wall and place your hands on the end of the bed." The girl did as she was told and the Reverend then stepped behind her. "Please move your feet back farther from the bed, Felicity, and spread your legs more for me."

If the prurient preacher and his unwitting sex-slave had listened they would have heard the shocked gasp from Priscilla Wilson as she saw the naked, young girl kneeling before her father. She and Leena had arrived only a couple of minutes ago and Leena, with a triumphant smirk had showed her where to look

"What are you going to do, Reverend Wilson?" Felicity asked fearfully as she moved to comply with the tall man's wishes.

Wilson held a small video camera and was carefully recording the sight of the girl's lush, naked buttocks as she bent over the bed. The washer-like base of the butt-plug was clearly visible between the full, fleshy ass melons. Wilson did not always videotape his lecherous assaults but he might someday need a special inducement with this girl and the planned tape could be such a lever. Along with the hand held video cam he had another mounted on the wall beside the cross that would record her expression and her words as he carried out today's initiation.

"Today my dear, we must explore and prepare again. By the time you leave here today your fillings will be complete. "Please face the cross on the headboard and be silent, Felicity."

"Why are you taking pictures, Reverend?"

"Silence, Felicity!" Wilson commanded slapping her on her bottom.

"Oowww!" Felicity squealed in surprise, and then whined softly, "Ooohhhhhh," as she faced the cross on the wall.

The prurient preacher took hold of the butt-plug and moved it in the tight grip of the girl's anal ring before pulling it out. He heard her soft whimper as the plastic device popped out and it sounded like a whimper of disappointment, as if she'd like the feel. He hoped so for she was going to feel much more and much deeper very soon.

Without further ado, the Reverend Wilson quickly put a condom on his throbbingly erect cock and squeezed a liberal amount of Jelly onto his middle finger. He stepped up just behind Felicity's large, firm ass then pushed his finger deep into her tight, little anus.

"Mmmhmmm," Felicity moaned softly. Today she had become used to the foreign object in her asshole and as Wilson's long finger pushed in it felt almost good to her. The Reverend didn't hesitate but immediately began to move his finger in and out of Felicity's clinging rectum, smiling as soon he noticed the young girl's full hips fall into time with his fingering.

"That's my girl, Felicity. You like my finger up your ass, don't you?" Wilson began to rotate his finger as he moved in and out. "Don't you, Felicity?" he cooed.

"Mmmhmmm," Felicity sighed.

After a minute or two more, Wilson pulled his finger out of the young girl and replaced it with his thumb.

"Oohhhh," Felicity groaned as Wilson then slipped his long finger into her vagina. Placing his other hand on her hip to steady her, the Reverend began to finger fuck both of Felicity's openings, at times simultaneously; at times he would alternate strokes. His hot, young beauty immediately began to moan and pant as her sweet ass moved in time. Sticky, wet sounds came from between the young girl's legs as Wilson worked.

The watching girls on the other side of the wall could hear the sounds too and especially they could see Felicity's face as her expression changed from apprehension to dumb acceptance to its present flushed excitement. Priscilla was frantically trying to come up with a religious explanation for her father's behavior and at the same time she was perversely aroused by the sight.

When he felt that Felicity was sufficiently warmed up, Wilson leaned close to the young girl's ear and whispered, "I am now going to fill the third of your openings, my dear." Felicity's hypnotic conditioning held. She did not protest as Wilson removed his hand from between her thighs.

Felicity had begun to relax and enjoy the feeling of the steadily fucking fingers moving in and out of both her tight openings. When they were unexpectedly withdrawn, she looked back over her shoulder with a questioning look on her pretty face. Her blue eyes went wide when she saw the tall minister remove his dark robe, take his long dick in one hand and guide it between her spread legs. Felicity braced herself for the fullness to begin within her, but to her surprise, Reverend Wilson began to push the pointed tip of his prick against her unused bottom.

"Reverend Wilson? What are you doing," she whined as she tried to squirm away. She could tell that he was aiming at a different place.

"Hold still, Felicity!" Wilson commanded.

"But," she began to protest. "Oohhhh... Godddddd... Nnnnnnn... Uugghh...

Reverend Wilson... Oohhh it hurrrrtssss!" Felicity cried as the Reverend forced the tip of his prick into her tight, little ass.

A burning sensation spread from Felicity's rectal area down her thighs and up her back. Aided perhaps by the preparation of the butt plug, the pain was not nearly as severe as when he had first entered her virgin vagina. The young girl's trepidation arose more from the totally unexpected nature of Wilson's assault. Actually, this new feeling inside was not all that uncomfortable; Felicity thought as looked at the cross and tried to think religious thoughts.

The Reverend held her by the hips again for better leverage as he slowly worked his cock into Felicity's rectum. Like most girls, Felicity's ass was far tighter than her virgin pussy had been, so Wilson had to really work to get into her. Slowly, however, aided by the film of K/Y Jelly, which lubricated her insides, Wilson's long cock forced aside Felicity's strong, rectal muscles as it eased deeper and deeper into the lush-bodied girl.

"Oh Felicity, my sweet girl," Wilson groaned. "What a wonderful, tight, little ass you have. Feel me, my child, as I fill you."

"Ooohhhhhh... Reverend Wilson... Ooohhhhhh," Felicity moaned as her insides adjusted to the slow invasion of hard, hot flesh. Farther and farther the Reverend's long cock moved into her, until at last she felt the dark priest's thighs press hard against her quivering ass cheeks.

"Ooohhhhhh... Yeesssss, my lovely child. You have taken all of me. We are one, my dear," the Reverend Wilson said softly as he leaned over Felicity's trembling back to whisper in her ear. "Can you feel my presence deep inside of you Felicity, my child? Can you feel the fullness in your very soul?"

"Ye... yes, Reverend," Felicity gasped in a trembling voice. "Are you going to... like... give me more of God's Seeds... fill me again?" Felicity whined and she shivered once as her young body adjusted to the hot meat up her ass.

"Yes, my child, soon. Do you feel filled now? Have I filled your bottom enough that it no longer hurts or feels unpleasant?"

"Yes Reverend... I mean... it doesn't hurt now," and the buxom teen punctuated her statement with an awkward wriggle of her big ass. The hurt was long gone and the slow plunging of her minister's organ up into the dark depths of her bowels and the delicious friction on the nerve ends of her widely stretched anal ring had ignited a fire in her adolescent loins like the one his mouth had ignited several days earlier.

"Lower your shoulders, Felicity. Prepare yourself to be a vessel for God's love. Be still now, my sweet Felicity, and allow me to fill that vessel."

Wilson took her wide hips in his large hands once more and slowly extracted his throbbing cock from Felicity's tight ass, watching closely as her sphincter bulged outward as it clung tightly to his shaft. With the videocam held in one hand he recorded the withdrawal and, when his slender shaft was completely removed there was a gaping, black hole. Her sphincter remained open as the minister peeled off the condom.

The pale columns of her thighs framed the girl's fat, hair-wreathed vulva as Wilson directed his cock to the narrow slit that bisected the fleshy bulge. The preacher thrilled as the soft crevice parted and he found the hotter target, her cuntmouth. The sensations from her hot, snugly clasping cuntflesh on his sensitive, uncircumcised cock were blissfully intense and the girl's timid moan as he sank his seven-inch weapon into her once-fucked depths added to his licentious pleasure.

He had no fear of knocking up the young girl. In fact, he hoped he would. She would be married within two months and if Hansen's first child came a bit early, so what. Of course he never worried much about impregnating any of his conquests. For those who did not have imminent marriage nuptials he made other arrangements. These arrangements sometimes led to a male baptismal candidate enjoying the favors of the girl concerned and becoming the apparent father of the girl's child.

As he sank the last inch inside the young girl's passage and heard her grunt as her cervix was bumped Wilson said in a loud, commanding voice, "Prepare yourself, my child, to receive His holy grace. Let the filling begin!"

Felicity actually heard the Reverend's hips smack into her ass cheeks before the intense sensations of pain and bloating pressure arrived in her brain. Before she could catch a breath, the huge invading member inside her tender vagina was withdraw and rammed home once more with equal force. The next hammering blow followed only seconds later, then the next, and the next, and the next as kneeling the young girl received the lustful energy incited by the preacher's daughter, Priscilla.

Priscilla had no doubt now that her father had put his penis into the girl's bottom. He had committed sodomy. And now he had put it in the proper place. Proper that is if they were married but definitely not proper with this young girl. She had a deep nauseous feeling in her belly, a nausea caused in part by her betrayal but also by an unwilled jealousy that this girl was receiving the hard, hot pole that she had been allowed only to caress.

Reverend Wilson rammed his hips hard against the kneeling girl's firm-fleshed ass as he drove to the greatest depth his seven-inch organ could reach. His pent-up sperm blasted into her womb as he ground against the warm flesh of her buttocks with his cock totally engulfed by her snug, young cuntal passage. He groaned with relief as he emptied his lust into the compliant receptacle.

Felicity's jaw hung slack and a thin stream of spittle from the corner of her mouth as she lay with her cheek pressed to the bed sheet. Her vision began to darken and small bright specks swam crazily before her eyes. The incredible plunging of her inexperienced cuntal passage continued with such relentless speed and intensity, that she could not breathe. The last thing she remembered before consciousness faded was hearing, seemingly far in the distance, followed by a warm sensation, which spread from between her legs up deep inside her. Then she knew no more.

Priscilla saw her father's rapid thrusts and she could almost feel what was happening inside the kneeling girl. In her mind's eye she saw the thick, creamy eruption that had bathed her own naked breasts and greased her slowly sliding hand. Oh God. Her father would impregnate the girl. And then Leena was pushing her aside to get her own view of the action.

"See Sis. I told yuh. Daddy does that to most of the girls in the church just like he done Felicity. I bet he ain't done yet, neither."

Chapter 9: Felicity Fellates

Reverend Wilson ground his belly against young Felicity's large, upthrust buttocks as he made his final short jabs into her flooded cunt. Her near-virgin tightness milked the last dribbles up into her humid depths, the viscous, sperm-laden fluid puddling and flowing into her. It was not only for sensual reasons that Wilson had chosen to have the fourteen-year-old girl kneel for her second fuck. With her hips raised high, her womb was inverted and the frantically swimming seeds would be aided by gravity in their search for an egg to fertilize. The prurient preacher already had more than a handful of children fathered in this way with innocent seekers of God's love and peace.

Leena had dragged her sister from the peephole and was looking at the obscene display barely a yard from her hot-eyed gaze. Tonight for sure she'd get Mr. Best again, she vowed. Tears coursed down her older sister's flushed cheeks as the enormity of what she'd just witnessed demolished her innocence.

"Wow! I bet he's gonna do her mouth too," Leena whispered to Priscilla as she turned away from the peephole. "I never let a guy out his cock in my mouth but Daddy sure likes to do it that way. It's OK, Sis. You can watch some more. I seen him do this stuff lotsa times."

Priscilla felt sick. Her father wasn't the wonderful man she'd thought him to be. He was a sinner. Even worse, he was a hypocrite. She rubbed her hand on her skirt as if to remove the memory of the greasy ejaculation she'd pumped from his evil penis. But prurient curiosity gripped her and she moved to place her eye at the lens.

The preacher slowly withdrew his softening tool from the hot clasp of the young girl's cunt. It was as if the fleshpole had been a bar supporting her kneeling body in an upright position. When the minister's cock was no longer connected she simply flopped over onto her side in her unconscious state.

Even though her adolescent passage had just drained his lust the sight of her pretty, full-lipped mouth only inches from his limp tool and the knowledge that he had complete power over the young beauty was enough to send the blood rushing into the flaccid tube.

Felicity regained consciousness with the feeling of something large and warm being pushed into her mouth. She tried to cry out but was only able to

utter a muffled "Mmph!" around whatever it was that was lodged between her teeth, stretching her lips taught and pressing her tongue down. She gagged and opened her eyes. As her vision slowly cleared it dawned on her that she was looking at a slightly rounded belly. Memories flooded back, and she realized it was Reverend Wilson's long, limp cock that she now followed with her eyes, the white sausage extending from the hairy nest at his groin and into her mouth.

"Awwwppp... Gawwkkk!" Felicity croaked in dismay as she tried desperately to pull her head back, but immediately realized that the Reverend had one restraining hand behind her head and one on her shoulder as she lay helplessly on her side at the edge of the big, rumpled bed. The girl's staring eyes moved up the man's naked body to lock onto his dark gaze.

Wilson smiled lecherously down at the trembling, young girl. "One more time, my dear Felicity. I have completely opened your juicy cunt and your tight asshole but the third passage has not been opened completely. Can you feel the weight of God's Seeds in your belly, my dear?"

"Mmph," the girl grunted but the hot, greasy cocktip was swelling and hardening between her lips and she couldn't answer even if she'd known what to say.

The naked girl was limp and unresisting as her minister moved her buxom body so that she was crossways on the bed with her feet against the wall. Wilson placed a large pillow under her shoulders and adjusted the wall-mounted videocam so that it was pointing right at the length of her naked, buxom body.

The preacher took his time, allowing his batteries to recharge in preparation for one more violation of the hypnotized young girl's chastity. He knelt astride her head, which because of the thick pillow under her shoulders, was tilted downwards. Their positions were ideally suited for sixty-nine but the selfish minister wanted only to savour the total submission of the young girl

Priscilla was again watching her evil father, drawn to the peephole like it was the devil's magnet. The slit of Felicity's fat, young pussy was slightly open and a dribble of creamy gism oozed from it. Looking higher, Priscilla saw the girl's large, upthrust breasts and in the valley between them she could see the underside of her chin and throat. The watching teen stifled a gasp of shock as her gaze finally took in the sight of her father's long, white penis and she realized that he was beginning to push it into the girl's mouth.

Reverend Wilson began to push forward with his hips and Felicity's eyes became ever more wide and staring as she felt the hard mass of flesh press first against the back of her soft pallet, then slip around the corner and into her throat. "Gluurgh," she gagged reflexively as the bulbous knob pushed in and she tried to push the man away.

"Relax, my child," Wilson ordered. He moved his hand from Felicity's shoulder to her throat where he pressed his thumb against her larynx. He began to massage her throat gently and through the young girl's soft skin he could feel the hard mass of his cock entering her throat. Despite his recent ejaculation he thrilled to the silky grip of the girl's gullet as it enclosed the tip of his cock.

It had taken time and practice to learn how to get into even the most innocent girl's throats but Wilson had mastered the skill. Positioning the head to give a straight line into the throat passage was the secret and now, with four inches of his cock in Felicity's mouth the Reverend slipped his fingers into her cum-flooded cuntal passage.

"Soon Felicity I will be fully inside you once more. Remember to breathe through your nose and you will be OK, my dear." A muffled, high-pitched whine sounded from the girl's nasal passages as she felt the bone-like shaft pushing into her throat.

Felicity could see only the underside of her minister's cock and the two large lust-eggs suspended in their slack-skinned pouch. Her throat muscles spasmed and contracted and her stomach heaved with her gag reflex as the preacher's prick began it's invasion.

On her back and totally dominated by her lecherous preacher, Felicity submitted slavishly to the hot spear that was entering her mouth. Inch by inch she felt the slick shaft slide past her lips until her nose was pressed into the soft, dark matt of the Reverend's pubic bush. It must be down between my breasts she thought as she whined involuntarily.

"Oohhh, my sweet child. You are a wondrous creature indeed. I am sure that you shall be a very special giver of the Lord's love at our prayer meetings."

Felicity's eyes closed and her chest and tummy heaved as her breathing reflex struggled with the throat-filling cock. Wilson smiled wickedly as he slowly pulled his long dick out enough to allow the girl to breathe through her mouth. She puffed heavily through her nose, breathing deeply around Wilson's cock for several seconds. A tear formed in one of her big, blue eyes as the Reverend again pushed forward, sending the head of his cock deep into her throat. Wilson soon started a slow, rocking rhythm with his hips sending his long cock deep into Felicity's throat with each thrust. Felicity did her best to breathe when she had the chance, and soon the panicky feeling of being unable to get air slowly ebbed. Wilson continued to massage the young girl's throat as he fucked her sweet mouth, and the slow, steady, plunging thrusts continued.

Suddenly, after what seemed to Felicity like hours, she felt the end of the

Reverend's long cock swell even larger in her mouth. Wilson snapped his head back with a long guttural wail, "Uunnnhuunnnhhh," as at the same time, he pushed his hips forward forcefully driving his long dick deep into Felicity's throat. He probed her cum-sodden pussy with three fingers while his other hand mauled her pneumatic titflesh. Incited by the lovely girl's helpless acquiescence he felt as if he hadn't gone off for days. Felicity uttered a choking groan and her lips worked mindlessly on the root of the man's deeply buried cock as it jumped within her gagging gullet and her minister's lewd gusher was released.

Felicity began to struggle violently as the hot cum began pumping down her spasming throat. Wilson had to use all of his strength to restrain the young girl as his big balls pulsed load after load of sticky semen down into Felicity's tummy.

"Yess, my child. And you shall be filled, saith the Lord." Wilson could feel the muscles in young Felicity's throat work around his pulsing prick as she swallowed the copious amounts of fluid steadily flowing into her. Soon the flow diminished and with a wet sucking sound, the Reverend Wilson extracted his cock from her mouth, leaving Felicity to gag and choke for several minutes on the residue of his passion.

The Reverend smiled as he surveyed his work. A line of sticky, white cum flowed out of the sweet girl's mouth and down one cheek. Felicity closed her eyes, then moaning softly she rolled over onto her side and lay there weak and spent. Wilson reached quickly between her limp thighs and slipped a finger between Felicity's pussy lips then up into her vagina. He fucked his finger slowly in and out of her several times before he withdrew and began to rub Felicity's cum soaked, young pussy, his juices mixed with hers oozing slowly from all of her openings.

"You are indeed now filled with God's Seeds, my child," Wilson murmured softly to the spent young girl. "I'm happy that I was able to help you, Felicity, and whenever you need help again, I'll be there for you."

"Wow! I never seen him go all the way into a girl's mouth before. But she sure took it OK." Leena definitely had some of her father's genes for she was unmoved by the lewdness and hypocrisy of what she'd observed. Her sister on the other hand was distraught but of course she did not have any if the good reverend's genes, either.

While Reverend Wilson was emptying his semen into Felicity's gullet, Beth Safic sat inside the church in the back pew. The taxi driver who'd dropped her off there said that Reverend Wilson was always in his office in late afternoon so she'd let him go back to Middleville. She'd entered the church and spotted the little corridor off to her right. She checked it out and found the minister's office but the door was closed and locked. With no other apparent alternative, she'd sat in the pew.

The pretty, young woman read over the letter she held in her hand. It said:

Dear Reverend Wilson,

The bearer of this letter, Elizabeth Safic, is a graduate of our Alma Mater with a teaching degree. She is scheduled to teach at your neighboring town, Middleville, next year. This year she is working on her Master of Arts degree and her thesis is "The Evangelical Church in Rural America".

I am hoping that you will be able to assist Ms. Safic by showing her how your church fits into the community of Dorset.

Yours sincerely,

George Lewis PhD

The graduate student had another letter addressed to Reverend Wilson also but it was in a sealed envelope. She wondered what Dr. Lewis wrote in it. She wondered also about what she'd let herself in for. She hadn't even made arrangements for a hotel and it didn't look like this little country village had even a Bed & Breakfast, let alone a hotel.

The sun was low in the sky and very little light was entering the church through the fake, stained glass windows. Beth heard a sound behind her, to her right, and she turned to investigate.

Priscilla could hardly see as she stumbled out of the narrow corridor into the hallway by her father's office because her eyes were flooded with tears. They were multi-purpose tear, tears of anger, sadness, and disillusionment and, most importantly, tears of fear. What she had just witnessed had a profound effect on the ingenuous sixteen-year-old girl. Her younger sister, accustomed to their father's dalliances, was more aroused than upset. Then she saw the woman sitting at the back of the church.

"Hi. Are you here to see Daddy... Reverend Wilson?"

"Yes I am. Do you know when he'll be back?" Beth studied the two girls, noting that the bigger one was silent and looking at the floor.

"Hee Hee. He's there now... in his office... but he's been busy. He's getting Felicity ready to get married. Hee Hee."

Beth wondered why the girl was giggling and at the same time she saw the other girl's shoulders shake in what looked like a dry sob. What kind of marriage preparation would the minister do and where had the girls been?

"Do you think he'll be much longer?"

"No, I don't think so. You can go in soon as Felicity leaves."

The girls left and Beth continued waiting, looking down the hallway towards the minister's office door. Finally it opened and another girl appeared.

Felicity knew subconsciously all too well just how much "help" the Reverend had been. The unprincipled preacher was leaving her with an imbedded, hypnotic trigger as well as a few deep, subliminal suggestions. After her marriage, whenever she had sexual intercourse with her husband she would imagine that he was Reverend Wilson. And a simple 'trigger phrase' from the minister during a sermon would bring her to his office to be his sex toy. Now, as she left his office, her thoughts were programmed to be about only her soon-to-be coupling with Mr. Hansen.

Beth's first thought when she saw the girl exit the minister's office was 'my God. She looks drunk.' And then she noted how the girl walked, her stout legs separated as if something was between them, her hips thrust forward in a tight-assed way. The observant woman was experienced enough that she had no doubt she was looking at a girl who had just been fucked. The buxom girl looked unseeingly at Beth, her eyes blank and her pretty mouth slack and the woman wondered what kind of marriage preparation had just taken place in the office. Well, Reverend Wilson must be alone now. She waited until the girl had left the church and then, with her letter of introduction in her hand, she knocked on the office door.

Chapter 10: Romantic Reverie

Reverend Ebenezer Wilson read the official letter and looked at the pretty, young woman who was seated on the opposite side of his desk.

Dear Reverend Wilson,

The bearer of this letter, Elizabeth Safic, is a graduate of our Alma Mater with a teaching degree. She is scheduled to teach at your neighboring town, Middleville, next year. This year she is working on her Master of Arts degree and her thesis is "The Evangelical Church in Rural America".

I am hoping that you will be able to assist Ms. Safic by showing her how your church fits into the community of Dorset.

Yours sincerely,
George Lewis PhD

Wilson said nothing as he opened the other letter that, unlike the official one, was in a sealed envelope.

Dear Eb,

Greetings from the halls of Academe. Been a long time but I kept track of your whereabouts and now I'm asking a favor of you.

The young lady who brought this letter is one of the brightest grad students I've had and, as you can see, she's easy on the eyes. She just needs a few weeks doing research and I think Dorset is a great location for it, so please help.

I expect that you've changed your ways since you got into the preaching business but even if you haven't, this one is not for you. I've tried my damndest but didn't even get a feel so I'm sure a country preacher is not going to succeed where I couldn't.

Please write and tell me how it goes,

Your old college buddy,

Not much in the tit department, Wilson mused and after going off twice in the lovely, young Felicity he wasn't in the mood anyway. Damn. That girl's throat did a great job. Wonder how this one wraps her lips around a cock?

Beth shifted uneasily on the hard chair. The minister wasn't bad looking for an older man. But his eyes. When he looked at her they sent a shiver down her spine. Like a hunting cat. A predator. And he was, she was sure. Those eyes reminded her of Brad's, her older brother's best friend, the one who'd seduced her when she was only fourteen. The way that young girl walked meant only one thing. The preacher had fucked her. Had she liked it?

Beth had been a fourteen-year-old virgin when her older brother's friend had noticed that she was pretty and, more importantly, all alone with him in her family's basement recreation room. Brad was almost twenty and was very experienced for his age. Like Reverend Wilson, he was a predatory male who believed that 'if they're big enough, they're old enough'. Only he used to say, 'if they're old enough to bleed, they're old enough to butcher.' At fourteen Beth qualified under either criterion.

Virgin though she was, Beth was not exactly innocent. She'd already had some delightful experiences with her friends; other girls who, like her, were feeling the rush of newly released hormones. She was, in fact, becoming a bit afraid that she was lesbian and that perhaps made her an easier target that she otherwise might have been.

Brad was big, good-looking and with females, completely amoral. Young Beth was a slender, athletic girl and as soon as he realized they would be alone together until her brother, his friend, returned in three hours time, he decided to have her.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Nobody special. How about you... I mean, girlfriend."

"I was hoping you'd be my girlfriend." Brad's smile was cute and even though he was obviously kidding her, Beth got a warm rush, flattered that this big, older guy would even joke about it.

"Hee Hee," she giggled and then she blushed, embarrassed by her little-girl response to the man's flattery. And then he was standing right in front of her, his arms around her, pulling her firmly against his body.

With his arms around her, Brad wrestled her over to the sofa although wrestled is too strong a term since Beth was so surprised and confused by his actions that she didn't really struggle. And then his mouth was on hers.

She'd tongue kissed before, with girls. This was different. The man was rough and forceful as he forced her lips and teeth apart with his tongue and all the while his hands were all over her. She wanted to protest but he was so strong, so dominant, that she just submitted to his assault.

Brad hadn't planned this in advance. Beth was just a fourteen-year-old girl, his best friend's sister. But damn, she was cute. He wormed his hand between her jean-clad thighs and began a slow massage of her pussy.

Although he didn't know it, his progressively intimate assault was bearing fruit. Beth had a warm glow in her belly. Was Brad going to fuck her? She had mixed emotions about that. She never admitted to her friends that she was still virgin and even though they claimed not to be, she wasn't sure if they were telling the truth. The girl's mind was in turmoil but the feel of the boy's, no, man's hand on her was exciting.

Aroused by Brad's caresses, Beth arched her hips and as she pushed her hips upward, he became bolder, and slipped his hand lower until it was well settled between her thighs, and he could feel the dampness and heat from her pussy. Finding that her jeans were inhibiting his ability to really do very much, he moved his hand and started to push her jeans lower on her thighs.

Brad couldn't believe how easily he was making it with this youngster. He had his hand on the hot swell of flesh between her thighs and he pushed her blouse up to get at her breasts. Her bra was too big for her modest development and he slid it up to bare the hard-nippled mounds to his kiss.

Beth wanted to protest, but the feel of his mouth on her breast was more important, so she lifted her hips, and allowed Brad to push her jeans down until they were all the way off her legs, and she was laying with her torso fully exposed, and the lower part of her body only covered by her panties. As he moved his hand aimlessly over her torso, and lower over her legs, she began to move and pant in earnest. She felt Brad place his hand over her pussy and begin a slow, rhythmic massage.

Frightened at this new liberty he was taking, she clamped her thighs together and protested, "No, Brad. Not there, please. I'm scared. Oh... it feels... it feels... so-o-o-o good. Oh... oh... oh... please... stop." Maybe, sub-consciously, Beth knew that her panting protest was really an invitation to continue because the spreading dampness and the grasping of her pussy told her that she really didn't want him to stop. Brad was able to insinuate a finger so that it was massaging her crack, and as he pushed against her clit with his finger, a mini-orgasm flashed through her, and in reaction she spread her thighs apart.

Brad was now able to massage the length of her crack, from the clit all the way down to her virgin hole. As he moved his finger between the lips of her pussy, Beth began a slow pumping of her hips in rhythm. Her breath was now escaping in panting grunts as she felt herself being taken higher and higher towards the release of orgasm.

Suddenly Brad ceased his massage and moved his hand up to massage her belly. With each touch, her belly gave a spasmodic jerk, and her pussy clamped tight on itself as if her whole lower body was inviting him to enter.

Beth was close to sensory overload. All of her senses were tuned to every little nuance, and she was aware that everything was adding to her arousal. The sound of her panting moans and Brad's murmurs of love, the feel of his mouth and lips on her breast, the delicious massaging of his hand on her crotch, and finally the musky smell that was emanating upward from her pussy all served to excite her more.

Raising her head and looking down at her body, she was frightened by the almost involuntary reactions that she saw. Her nipples were so erect that they seemed to be almost bigger than her breasts.

The massaging and teasing of her sensitive cuntflesh caused Beth's hips to jerk and move uncontrollably. Although she really didn't want him to go further, the jerking and dancing of her body that his touch caused was too insistent. Without really being aware of what it was she was doing, Beth pushed his hand firmly against her pussy and placing her hand over his, held it there.

Pumping her hips madly and clutching Brad's hand to her aroused pussy, Beth crashed towards climax. Her pussy was pumping, and the opening and closing of her hole as if it was trying to draw something inside was the final push that she need to climax.

"Brad... love me,... oh... oh... oh... ah-h-h-h... Yessss... that's right... yes... please... love me. Oh,... what are you doing to me? Oh, oh,... please... I... can't... breathe... Oh,... yes... Brad, now. Hold me,... oh... harder... There... now,... please... now. Uh... uh... uh... oh-h-h-h... ye-e-e-e-s-s-s-s."

Keeping one hand on the young girl's pussy, Brad stripped off his pants and undershorts and then dragged her off the sofa to the carpeted floor. She might be jailbait but she was definitely a hot, little bitch and he was going to have her.

Young Beth knew what her brother's friend was doing. And she guessed what he planned to do. Her legs flopped open limply as he peeled her panties off and then he was dragging her nearly nude body over his.

The fourteen-year-old girl was ready. She wanted the older guy to fuck her. He'd know how, she was sure. She sat up astride his naked hips and taking both hands moved his cock so that the head was lodged at the opening of her never used tunnel of delight. She moved down on his cock, never breaking her eye contact. She had a look of sheer concentration on her face, focusing her thoughts on how the penetration of her brother's friend's cock into her innermost recesses would feel. Did he guess that she was cherry? Would it hurt? Did he care?

Beth had to break eye contact so she could see what she was doing as she cautiously lowered her pelvis onto the man's long, thick organ. The soft, slippery lips of her adolescent twat spread to engulf the purple knob. She took an inch into her and then stopped. It didn't hurt. She felt pressure as her never-fucked passage was expanded by the man's tool and then a brief twinge, as if she'd pulled a muscle in the space between her opened thighs. Had he broken her cherry?

Brad could feel the tightness of the young girl's pussy around the head of his cock. It was hot, wet, and glove-tight. For a moment there was resistance, a fleeting hindrance to penetration but after a few seconds the young girl moved down even more, engulfing almost half of his eight cock inches. "Ummm!," was the only sound she made. Once more she was staring into his eyes, as if seeking a reflection of what was going on at the juncture of their bodies. After a few more seconds pause, Beth sat down fully on his cock.

Wet lock met wet lock. Pubic bone ground against pubic bone. Beth sighed and whispered, "Oh, God!" She then leaned over, brushing her breasts lightly against his chest, the nipples sending waves of pleasure through both them as they brushed between their bodies. Her mouth crushed against his and she tongued his mouth and tried to take all his lips into her mouth and suck on them. She broke the kiss, and whispered, "Brad, it's all the way in. I can feel you filling me up with your hardness. I can feel every little ridge on your cock and feel it throbbing with each of your heartbeats. Having you in me is like satisfying a need I didn't know I had. Oh, Brad, it hardly hurt at all going in, and now it doesn't hurt at all. Now is just feels sooo goooood."

Beth sat up straight again, and they stayed in the position without moving for several long minutes. Beth's breathing slowed to near normal, and they both rested from the penetration effort. Beth looked down at him and regained their direct eye contact. While she looked into his eyes, she smiled softly, secretly, with an almost beatific expression. Her pussy was still so tight around his cock he thought he would not be able to move it. Every ripple and spasm of her pussy also swept through his cock, as if they were one person, each completely a part of the other.

Nature soon took over, though. Unable to hold still any longer, Beth began little pelvic movements, small jerks, little circles, barely perceptible up and down movements. His hips reciprocated, and he made his own motions, matching pace with Beth's. Soon, their motions intensified, with Beth moving up and down about two inches. Each motion brought him intense pleasure, with Beth's glove-tight pussy grabbing and stroking his cock with each movement. His pre-cum flow coupled with Beth's feminine pussy cream lubricated her pussy walls, and the hot flow together with their passion fires made him feel as though a hot fire burned at the point of their sexual junction.

Beth continued her movements, each stroke getting longer and longer. All of his eight inches moved in and out of her. Down hard to the base, bush meeting bush, and then up to where the head was almost ready to pop out.

Beth's breathing was growing faster again, and her breath was beginning to come in gasps, not just from the effort but also from the way she was obviously climbing up the scale toward climax.

Beth's enthusiasm increased even more, and suddenly his cock popped out of her pussy with an audible popping sound. "Ohhh, noooo!," Beth cried. "Put it back in! Get it back into meeee!"

He pushed Beth down and onto her back. He grabbed her legs and held them high in the air and spread them wide apart. His big cock jutted out just in front of her pussy. Wetly, the pussy lips gaped open, inviting his cock to plunge between them, into the cream saturated depths of Beth's womanhood. He inserted just the head of his cock into the pulsing, throbbing opening and holding it in one hand, He swirled it around and around, stirring the creaming center of Beth's sopping pussy. Beth moaned and cried, "Oh, do it, Bret! Do it to me! Fuck me hard!"

He plunged his stiffened manhood into Beth in one hard stroke, pushing in until the head of his cock lodged against her cervix. He could hardly believe how tight she was and how hot her pussy was as it clung and grasped at his cock, trying to keep it locked within its depths. He withdrew all the way out to where his cock-head was just inside her lips and then plunged in again. Beth's hips drove up to him as he drove his down to her. Their strokes met hard, each grinding their sexes into the other. "Oh, yes... yes... hard... hard!" Beth moaned in a just audible whisper

As much as he had fought against it, his orgasm was building up fast.

The knowledge that it was his best friend's kid sister gave him such a sense of sheer sexual pleasure that he could not stop the climax sweeping over him. Suddenly, his cock was spurting, shooting jet after jet of his scalding jism up into the first-fucked depths of the young girl's cunt.

"Oh my Gawwdd!" the girl cried out as she felt the hard staff jump and buck within her. "Hurry! Faster! Fuck me!" she pleaded as she took the short, fast final strokes of her seducer's climax.

Panting from the exertion Brad rolled off the girl's squirming frame.

"No... don't stop... please don't stop yet," the deflowered fourteen year old girl pleaded, her loins churning with frustration.

The sight of the lovely, naked youngster sprawled in open-legged readiness while her pretty lips begged for more was like a powerful aphrodisiac. Brad's cock had not diminished one bit as a result of his orgasm. It was still rigidly hard and still throbbed. It was almost as if he had not even cum. Desire still welled up in his groin. He was ready to do it all over again. He guided his cock back into Beth's now cum-flooded pussy and reamed it into her child-woman hole. She pushed up against him; eager to restart the lover's ride just ended.

Brad began the seesaw, up and down motion, twisting his pelvis so as to increase the pleasure. And pleasure it was. Despite his having just cum, his cock was anxious to ride to the peak again, to climb to new climactic heights. He was no less horny now than he had been before cumming. He felt he could fuck forever.

They were both wet with sweat from their passionate coupling. Brad lay on young Beth and rubbed their naked bodies together, slick, sweat-soaked skins slipping and sliding against each other. Her breasts were so slick and slippery they turned in little circles against his chest. Wet belly slipped against wet belly, and cum-soaked pubic hair interlocked and interwove together. It was one of the most voluptuous experiences he had ever had.

Beth wrapped her arms around his shoulders and neck and held him tight. Her legs came up and locked around his back. Their thrusts were in perfect harmony, pulling back and pushing forward, each in time with the other. Sweat-slippery skin moved against the other's skin, adding to the pleasure.

Beth's movements became almost frantic. She was moving her hips in circles and thrusting her pussy at his cock with such force he was fearful she would hurt herself. She was crying and moaning at the same time, ecstatic sounds of almost unbearable pleasure. His movements increased in their pace also, and he was groaning in pleasure. As their peaks approached, their mouths hungrily sought each other, wanting to imitate the action below. They brought their wide-open mouths to each other's and kissed and suckled at each other with an abandon neither had ever before experienced.

Brad reached under them and grasped Beth's buttocks. He caressed and kneaded them, ran his fingers down their deep crease, and then pulled her pelvis up tight against him. We were both so close, so close. He pulled back, and holding her buttocks firmly in his hands, pushed hard into Beth's creamy cavity. Over and over, in and out, harder and harder. Each time, Beth's juice poured out of her and down the crease of her ass into his hands. Her whole buttocks as well as their fronts were now soaked in the outpourings of their love juices.

The muscles in Beth's buttocks clinched, drawing tight and hard. Her pussy clamped down on his cock, almost immobilizing it. She jerked her mouth from his and cried, "Oh, God! It's there! It's cumming... It's cumming so hard!" Her buttocks started quivering and spasms tore through her abdomen, shuddering her body over and over. She was panting loudly and her breath came in ragged gasps. Her hips pushed up and back, over and over again, just a little less with each movement. Gradually they slowed down and the intensity of her orgasm began to fade.

The man then lifted the fourteen-year-old girl's legs straight up in the air and drove into her pussy, over and over, like a pile driver driving steel. His climax was building up fast and his cock began the throbbing and swelling that occurs just before orgasm. Beth looked up at him and started reciprocating, pushing him higher and higher. Suddenly, with hardly any warning, he was there, over the edge, cumming hard. Once more, cum came jetting out of his cock and up into Beth's steamy twat. He could feel the slippery cum flow over and around his cock, making it hot and slick. White foam came out of Beth's pussy as he drove in and out, forcing the cum out of her already filled hole.

Beth whispered, "I can feel you cumming, Brad. You're spurting into me, filling me. God, it's so hot and slick. Oh, Brad, I'm gonna cum again! Brad, don't stop! Keep going, don't stop!"

The man kept right on driving in and out, incited to superhuman effort by the sexy youngster's response. Beth had her eyes closed, concentrating on her own pleasure. She humped against him, and her pussy clamped down on his cock again, squeezing it. Still, he continued his cock action, concerned now with giving Beth even greater pleasure.

Beth opened her eyes and looked up at him. "Are you going to tell my brother that you fucked his little sister?" she asked with an impish grin.

Beth snapped out of her reverie and looked at the handsome preacher. Had he noticed that she'd been daydreaming? What would he think if he knew what she'd been dreaming about?

"So you want to find out how us church going country folk do things, Miss Safic? Is that it?"

"Yes Reverend. I'm a city girl so I have a lot to learn." I wonder if he fucks all the young girls in his congregation? Maybe I can interview some of them, like the one who just left?

"Where are you going to stay while you're here?"

"Uh... the hotel, I guess?"

"Ha! The nearest hotel is fifty mile away and you don't have a car."

"Oh." Beth's voice was soft. What was she going to do? "Is there some place I can stay? Somebody I can board with? I can pay well."

"Not much around here, Miss. I can do some checking for you but it's too late today. Tell you what, Miss Safic. Our spare room isn't available because the teacher boards with us but if you're not too proud to share a bed, you could bunk in with my daughter, Leena. Do you want to do that?"

"Oh Sir. I don't like to be so much trouble but... will she mind?"

"Leena? Not a chance. She'll jump at the chance to talk to a city girl like you. Probably talk your ears off."

Beth followed Reverend Wilson as he carried her heavy bag to the house. The idea of sharing a room, let alone a bed with some little girl didn't appeal to her. Her pussy was moist and swollen from her daydream and she wanted to have some time alone with Whilly.

Chapter 11: Ploughing Priscilla

At dinner that evening at Reverend Wilson's house there were many unspoken thoughts. This was not completely unusual except for the fact that everyone at the table except for Mrs. Wilson had similar thoughts, or at least the subjects of their thoughts were similar. This made the dinner conversation somewhat strained since the thoughts, speaking generically, were of sex.

Reverend Wilson was watching the visitor, Beth Safic, very closely and planning his words carefully. Even though young Felicity had thoroughly drained him that afternoon he still felt the tingle of a swelling erection as he looked at the pretty, young woman and pictured those red lips wrapped around his tool. He chuckled inwardly as he thought of his old buddy George's reaction when he received photos of the unattainable grad student being fucked and sucking the cock of an old preacher. And Wilson had no doubt that he'd achieve what he so lewdly desired.

Beth herself was still thinking of what she'd observed. First there'd been the sight of an obviously well fucked young girl waddling out of the minister's office. And then it was the two girls now at the table with her who had perhaps observed the preacher's perfidy. But also she was glancing sideways at the handsome teacher and noting the way that little Leena looked at him. God. If the girl weren't so young Beth would have thought that the teacher had been screwing her. But she was only twelve. He wouldn't have done it, she was sure. Or would he?

Little Leena was thinking about Mr. Best. A precociously mature hunger gnawed at her juvenile loins and she knew how to feed it. But her plans for the evening were dashed when she heard the teacher say that he had to go back to school to do some work there. Then Leena began to study the new arrival, the woman who was going to share her bed tonight. Was she going to go after Mr. Best? She sure was looking at him a lot. Maybe they could both peek through the hole at him? She smiled at the thought.

But the most confused and disturbed person at the dinner table was sixteen-year-old Priscilla. The only virgin at the table was consumed by conflicting feelings and emotions. Looking at her father she saw a collage of mental pictures, his big staff in her hand and erupting with its flood of semen, that same gristly pole disappearing into Felicity's body, sodomizing her bottom, penetrating her private shrine, filling her mouth. Her father said it was a sin, but was it? He'd done it to Felicity. And Mr. Best did it to Leena. And that image of the thick pole that had filled her little sister, joined the others and her belly churned with the nausea of sexual frustration.

Tonight was Prayer Meeting night and Reverend Wilson was primed to give a resounding hellfire and brimstone sermon with an eye to setting up the visiting college girl. Beth willingly accepted the invitation to attend. It would add to her dissertation, she was sure. The teacher couldn't attend, he said, because of the work he had to do at school and Priscilla begged off because she felt sick.

As soon as she had the house to herself, Priscilla undressed and went to the bathroom to shower. She felt dirty from what she'd seen her father do to young Felicity and felt wicked and sinful from the evil feelings and thoughts the scene had evoked in her innocent mind.

The warmth of the shower seemed to relax her as she lathered her firm, young body, caressing her large breasts and her sloping flanks. As her hands made their way below her large, jutting tit-melons to her belly her fingers tangled in her forest of pubic hair. Unlike little Leena, whose cunthair was just beginning to grow or Beth who kept her rather sparse growth neatly trimmed, Priscilla was unschooled in that aspect (along with many other aspects) of feminine presentation. Beginning just below her navel was a black, furry diamond. The outer points of the hirsute diamond extended as far as the crease where thighs met hips and the bottom point disappeared into the dark valley between her full, round thighs.

The busty virgin soaped her lower belly and worked up a thick lather in her coarse, curly bush. She leaned back against the shower wall as, with both hands she stroked and massaged and shampooed her fluffy forest. Her fingers strayed ever lower until they were sliding along and between the puffy softness of her hair-wreathed labia. This was wrong, she knew and as a strange heat glowed in her innocent loins she tore her hands away and turned the shower to a cooler temperature.

Bob's schoolwork had been merely a subterfuge so he could escape Prayer Meeting without offending Reverend Wilson. He stayed there only long enough to be sure that the others had left before he returned to the house. The teacher was surprised when, as he climbed the stairs to his room, he saw that the bathroom light was on, the door was partly closed and he heard the shower running. Probably the grad student, he surmised. Damn. Maybe if he could get a piece of that he wouldn't be so tempted by the jailbait that surrounded him.

Believing that she was alone in the house Priscilla opened the bathroom door wide to help the steam from the shower dissipate. She toweled herself dry, standing in front of the full-length mirror on the wall and shyly evaluating her physical attributes.

Bob Best came quietly out of his room. Maybe he could pretend it was an accident if he went into the bathroom while Ms. Safic was there? Wearing only his bathrobe, he walked on tiptoes down the hall, glancing to his left in case she had already returned to her room and then he looked up.

My God! The schoolteacher barely stifled his gasp of surprise and admiration. Priscilla was standing with her back to him but he could see the reflection of her front in the mirror. God, she was lovely. Her dark hair, still wet from the shower, trailed down over her shoulders and his hot gaze traversed down over the gentle curve of her swarthy hued back to the symmetric swell of her buttocks and her long, somewhat heavy legs.

Looking then over her shoulder he felt a huge surge of mindless lust as he viewed her magnificent breasts. Bob didn't class himself exactly as a tit-man. As long as the girl had a shapely ass and her legs weren't skinny he liked them all. But this one was superb. He'd known she was well endowed but how much so he hadn't realized. Her breasts truly were melons, two slightly elongated hemispheres that jutted out from her chest and jiggled softly as her hands played with the dark, hairy forest that covered her pelvic area.

It was more than he could stand. The sight of this lush-bodied girl standing there naked and vulnerable would have tempted a Saint and Bob Best was certainly not a Saint. Just as the girl looked up and saw his reflection in the mirror he closed the gap between them, his robe falling open as he pressed close to the girl's warm, naked body.

"Oh Mr. Best! Oh No?" Priscilla cried out in alarm as she felt her teacher's hairy chest on her back and his hands cupping her breasts. She was frightened and embarrassed and ashamed all at the same time. And, even before his hands began to play with her breasts, she felt something hot and hard pushing against her bottom and she knew what it was,

Bob ran his hands over the girl's marvelous breasts, enjoying the firm resilience of her flesh. He squeezed and pinched them gently, filling his hands with their heavy fleshiness and hefting then. Her nipples had popped out like large caliber bullets from the large, pebbled areola and she twisted and writhed against him, moaning and whimpering, straining against the hugging clasp of his arms. But not very hard.

The na´ve girl was in a state of torment and confusion. When her teacher squeezed her breasts with his big hands, and when she felt his fingers twisting her tender nipples, strange new feelings shot through her body. At first she just wanted him to stop, but then he turned her so that she was facing him and his head dropped down to her breasts. "OH NO! NOOOO!" she cried out in panic when she felt his mouth sucking on her bare nipples while his tongue circled their tips, and the fire in her belly became a frightening inferno. The sensations deep in her pussy caused her to squirm and press her thighs together.

From the way the girl trembled and squirmed, moving around in his arms but not really trying to escape, Bob knew she was beginning to like what he was doing to her breasts. He slid one hand down from her marvelous boobs until his fingers were tangling in the wiry hair that covered her lower belly. He slid the hand slowly lower until he was rubbing her hair-padded mound. His intimate caresses increased the sensuous feelings surging through Priscilla's pussy and she could not resist the urge to relax her legs, giving the marauding schoolteacher more access to her most intimate areas. Feeling the girl's resistance relax, Bob knew this lovely, young innocent was getting turned on, and he slid his fingers between her thighs and pressed between her cuntlips, rubbing them over her clitoris until he felt the girl responding to the exciting sensations by forcing her pussy down into his hand. He pushed his erectly throbbing tool into the valley between her lush asscheeks and pulled her closer.

Tears welled up in Priscilla's eyes, overflowed and trickled down her flushed cheeks. "Please Sir... please," she moaned as his cunt-teasing fingers and breast-mauling hand sent hot sensations surging through her inexperienced, young body. "Noooo... Nooooo," she whined, feeling the hot, hard object pushing at her bottom but she was powerless to do more than utter her ineffective, vocal protest.

Shrugging his robe from his shoulders, Bob turned the girl to face him and lowered his face to her lovely, large breasts. He buried his face between her soft breast mounds, enjoying the feel of her soft, hot flesh on his face. With one hand still fingering her slippery, wet vulva, he sucked as much of her breast as he could into his mouth and held it there. The skin was stretched tight, pressing against the hard ridge of his teeth. He ran his tongue around the rigid nipple, teasing it mercilessly. And then he was dropping to his knees, drawing her unresisting body with him and easily arranging her lush, naked body flat on her back on the hard, tiled floor.

Her vision blurred by tears, Priscilla could see one large nipple standing out stiff and hard in the center of her breast and feel the frightening sensations from the man's plundering mouth. She felt a strange new sensation also, a kind of warm, itchy feeling between her legs. The girl squirmed and rubbed her soft thighs together, which forced her teacher's hand more firmly against her innocently throbbing cuntflesh. Priscilla was in a daze. Her breath was coming in shallow, ragged gasps. The blood pounded in her ears. Her mouth hung open, her lips were dry. Her mind was centered on her right breast and nothing else in the world mattered, just her aching, quivering breast, and her teacher's hot, questing mouth.

Priscilla looked beyond the nipple that was projecting thickly from her swollen, left breast and she saw the teacher's penis. It was not as long as the one she'd stroked to climax but thicker and immensely more threatening.

"Mr. Best... hanh... Sir..." the girl sobbed. If the schoolteacher fornicated her would God blame her for sinning? If he put his penis in her would it hurt? It hadn't seemed to hurt the girl she'd seen with her father this afternoon had it? Why was Mr. Best's mouth making her feel the way she did?

Lifting his head from Priscilla's big, juicy breasts Bob raised his upper body from hers and looked down at the luscious creature sprawled in open-legged submission beneath him. Her splendid boobs jiggled slightly with each shaking breath the young girl took. She was not a beauty but what she lacked in prettiness was more than compensated for by her sultry, heavy-lidded though untapped sexuality. For a brief moment she looked up at the man who loomed over her and then shyly looked away.

Priscilla couldn't look at her assailant but, as she lowered her eyes, she saw the threatening penis descending closer to her defenseless body. Instinctively she tried to close her legs but the teacher's knees were between hers so she remained naked and completely vulnerable to whatever he planned. And the sixteen-year-old virgin, after what she'd seen since moving back to her father's home, had a pretty good idea what her teacher had in mind.

"No. No. No." Priscilla protested but her words were almost meaningless to her or her assailant. The virgin's belly was churning with the unwilled desires the man's mouth and fingers had aroused. What would it be like? Leena had done it and said she loved it. The other girl had seemed to enjoy it. And God would know she had no choice, wouldn't he?

Bob Best couldn't believe how easy this girl was. "No hanh... No hanh... No hanh..." sounded from her red-lipped mouth and tears flowed from her eyes down the sides of her head but she was offering no physical resistance. She wants it, he rationalized. But she's afraid her father will find out. He grabbed her legs and lifted them up and out, spreading her open for his lecherous assault.

"Hunh... Nunh," Priscilla grunted as her legs were raised and her hips were tilted. Her fat, hair wreathed labia were swollen and parted and she looked down in fright as her teacher's thick tool moved in. "Nanh... NANH!" she cried out when, like a hot poker the man's penis slid against her cuntal fireplace.

Pausing to savour his good fortune, Bob slowly sluiced his throbbing cock in the crevice of the girl's engorged labia. Her sister had been a wonderful fuck, large breasted for her age and hungry for it but this one was special. The hairiness of her twat and the size of her marvelous boobs added to the lewd anticipation of fucking this sultry sexpot. And her protests, though he judged them to be meaningless, made this an almost perfect tableau for the lecherous teacher.

Priscilla's eyes were so wide that Bob could see her whites vividly. He saw her eyes widen even more and she moaned as he began to tease her juicy vulva with his cock. Her body trembled, but she made no move to get free. His massive cock throbbed painfully. Priscilla's gaze was still glued to it. Bob spread her legs further apart. He looked at her swollen pink meat with the curly tendrils of wet hair on the lips and the thick, matted bush at the apex of the slit. Then he lowered his hips to hers, pressing his cock head at the entrance to her fat, furry cunt.

He thrilled to the delight of a new conquest as he began to push his massive mauler into the fat cunt of the sixteen-year-old girl. Her breathing issued from her throat in sobbing gasps when he pushed into her. He felt the pressure build in his cock as he lodged the bulbous head between the outer lips. She was hot and very, very wet. All that had happened this day had made her pussy well greased for Bob's massive cock.

Bob kept pushing inward, lost in the surrealistic sexuality of the moment, drowning in his own desire and then he realized that something was impeding his entrance. My God! A thrill of triumph shot through him. The girl was a virgin. He was about to get her cherry. He looked again at her huge breasts; the tips slightly flattened by their own mass, their juicy softness jiggling like jello with each sobbing gasp from her pretty mouth. He pushed harder.

Priscilla lay enthralled under the man. Nothing in her sheltered life had prepared her for the sensations she was experiencing. She gasped, and stiffened as she felt his monstrous cock stretching her pussy mouth. The sensation to the overheated young teenager was wild. It didn't hurt at all, even if it felt somewhat uncomfortable. The man's cock pressed against her hymen. She felt some slight discomfort as his cock head pushed into the delicate barrier, and then, the man thrust harder, and his powerful prick rammed through her hymen, ripping it from the walls of her pussy.

Priscilla sucked in a startled breath and stiffened as she felt the sharp sting, a tearing sensation as her virginity was plundered, demolished by the man's thick, hard cock. And then there was no more pain, as the thick pole continued to snake deeply into her virginal cunt.

The unprincipled schoolteacher was in heaven. The tip of his tool encountered the folds of Priscilla's cunt and then began to nudge its way between them and into the opening of her love tunnel. Her never-fucked labia clung to the sides of his tool, skinning his foreskin back and exposing the blunt mushroom shaped head of his dick. Deeper and deeper that mushroom slid into the virgin's warm wet tunnel, demolishing the fragile vestal barrier and sliding ever deeper into her submissive body. When his shaft could sink no further into her clasping cunt Bob paused and relished the sensations of the girl's inexpert cunt muscles reflexively gripping and rippling on his cock.

The innocent teen felt her teacher's cock pry so deeply into her twat, that she would have sworn, sexually naive, as she was, that the head of his prick was lodged in her stomach. Her busty body was bloated with the hot sensations, which filled her and caused her to tremble hotly. She felt his huge raging cock, which seemed to go on forever, like a sexy snake, slithering into her well-greased cunt. Her heart pounded violently in her chest, not from her original fear, but from erotic excitement.

She felt her breathing get puffy and shallow as the man continued to thrust his cock into her. She lay still, fascinated by the wild sensations, which coursed through her. She heard the man moan, and somehow, the sound made her even more excited. Her body trembled. Priscilla had not finished drying herself from the shower when Mr. Best had embraced her and now a feverish sweat covered her lovely skin.

Bob was in a transport of delight that was almost orgasmic in its intensity. Her fleshy cunt began to accommodate his cock, the walls stretching elastically around his throbbing cock. Her pussy flesh seemed to ripple around the massive prick, and each movement, each twitch of her sex flesh added more hot pleasure to the overflowing well of his sexual bliss. He released her legs and lowered his chest to her huge tit-melons, enjoying the way they yielded, cushioning him,

Priscilla's young body started to tremble violently, as wild new sensations coursed through her. She felt that she was on the verge of something momentous, something unlike anything she had ever experienced. Her teacher had released her legs and now she was free to move. She started to moan. Her hips jerked awkwardly but with a sort of rhythm as the man pushed in and out of her. As the devirginated sixteen-year-old girl felt her teacher's massive cock pump in and out of her cunt, massaging the walls of her pussy, prying deep into her sexual, dripping well, she surrendered to the hot sensations, which welled up in her.

He couldn't last much longer Bob knew. His mouth covered the girl's slack lips and his tongue forced its way past her teeth. Priscilla had never been kissed in a sexual way before and the sensations added to what she was already feeling. The man's tongue was fucking her mouth, moving in and out the same as the hot hardness of his penis was moving in and out of her battered vagina. She closed her eyes, and her body started to twitch.

Bob felt her pussy walls close in around his cock. Priscilla felt the pressure of the man's cock, pistoning faster and faster in and out of her hot, hungry twat. As his tempo increased, so did the wild ecstasy that had taken possession of her body.

Totally dominated and in the thrall of her first total sexual arousal, Priscilla clenched her fists, and concentrated on the fiery hole into which the man was thrusting his thick rod over and over again. Bob's hairy balls ached as they slapped against the teenager's quivering ass cheeks. Her hips heaved up and down, her upward thrusts matching the man's inward plunges as he reamed out her cunt.

Her pussy juices flowed lavishly out of her tightly stuffed hole, and Priscilla felt a pre-orgasmic tension grip at her muscles and make her body stiff with electric currents of joy. Her sweat poured over her copiously and she started to squeal, as the spasms of her climax began to build in her thoroughly stuffed cunt.

The man's pumping became more and more frenzied and the sweat from his face dripped down onto the girl's face. For both of them it was a moment of extreme ecstasy. The inexperienced teen felt as if all her insides were melting, that the man's cock was like a torch, burning her out, leaving her deprived of every organ she had once had in her body, except her cunt. And the man felt her burning, twitching cunt become momentarily like a wide, gaping hole before her pussy walls closed in again more tightly around the hard rod which drove deeply into her, piercing her newly-opened womanhood over and over again.

Priscilla's legs flew up in the air, and she wrapped them around the man's waist, feeling it rise and fall, as his cock pulled out to the tip, and then thrust inward again, rubbing against her itching cuntal walls, relieving her of the insistent nagging need which had bothered her after what she'd seen today.

It was supremely erotic for the man. He rose up from her chest and watched her mammoth fleshbags jump and jiggle as he hammered her hairy hips. He felt her pussy walls started to convulse, the walls contracting rhythmically around his hard-thrusting cock of the man. She was cumming, cumming to her first ever orgasm and she was in Heaven.

The girl's nostrils flared, as she strove to drive oxygen into her passion-spent lungs. The heat rose until her ears were ringing. The only reality she was aware of was the wild convulsing of her cunt, as the schoolteacher fucked her with insane, strong strokes. The man's cock seemed to swell in her cunt, pushing deeper to push on her cervix as the hot hard flesh abraded her cunt walls, sending hot shivers of bliss coursing through her.

Bob Best felt his own climax begin. It seemed to originate at his toes that curled as he let his full weight rest on the padded softness of the girl's pelvic center. His aching balls, swollen with a heavy accumulation of lust juice emptied their load through the inner channel to his throbbing, deeply buried cock and then it blasted out to gush forcefully into the newly deflowered girl's womb.

Priscilla felt a whole different sensation, which shot her orgasm even higher on the plane of intensity. She felt his come juice starting to pour into her. At first she wasn't sure what it was and then she remembered the creamy fluid that she had drawn from her father's penis. She was feeling his jism as it exploded hotly from his cum slit, and mixed with her own juices in the very depths of her teenaged body.

The first-fucked girl's cunt was a soggy, quivering mess, a swamp of lust and heated desire, as she humped her hips lasciviously into the man's hard-humping loins. His grinding motions into her cunt had spread her swollen pink flesh wide open and she became abandoned to the pleasure, and behaved like a wild wanton slut under the hard body of the man who had stolen her precious virginity,

Panting loudly from exertion, Bob grunted and then his body fell on top of hers, pressing her into the tiled floor. The girl kept right on writhing around on the thick cock which still pulsed powerfully in her cunt. Her cunt seemed to be hammering like a tom-tom, the pulsing of her teacher's cock countering the throbbing of her own cunt, as her orgasm faded away.

Suddenly conscious of the time and afraid of discovery, Bob withdrew from the girl's still bleeding, cum-flooded twat. He felt empty, as if the girl's muscular sheath had drained everything from him.

Priscilla felt as if there was an aching void down there between her legs, an emptiness that needed filling again and again. Her hand moved down to her twat. It was still hot, and dripping. She curled up, moaning with pleasure, savoring the wonderful warmth that had suffused her body in the aftermath of her orgasm.

"Are you OK Priscilla?" Bob asked solicitously as he helped the naked girl to her feet.

"Uh... yeah... I guess so?" she replied, thankful that he was supporting her for her legs felt watery weak. A thick dribble of red-tinged gism drooled from her furry fucknest and ran down her inner thigh. Was she forever damned? Would she go to Hell? Surely not. Her father had done this to Felicity and God wouldn't punish her, would he?

There was no conversation for they heard the sounds of somebody coming in the door. Bob rushed to his room while Priscilla wiped up from her shower and, especially, cleaned up the bloodstained evidence of her devirgination.

In bed she felt more of the man's sinful injection leaking from her tender pussy but her sexual naivetÚ was such that the possible consequences of unprotected sex did not occur to her. In his room, the thoroughly drained schoolteacher was, however, thinking of how risky it was to do what he'd done. It was time to have a vasectomy, he decided, before there was another unwanted pregnancy, especially with jailbait like Leena.

Chapter 12: Leena Gets a Licking

The sounds that Priscilla and Bob heard were, as they'd thought, the noise that Mrs. Wilson, Beth and Leena made returning from Prayer Meeting. Reverend Wilson stayed at the church for a meeting of the Deacons and other church officers.

"Are you gonna pray with me, Miss Safic"

Leena was ready for bed, wearing the baby doll pajamas that her mother had bought her after extracting a promise that she'd never let her father know about it. She knelt by the edge of the bed and Beth, still wearing all her clothes, knelt beside her.

"I have to confess, Leena. I haven't prayed like this since I was your age. So we'll just make a silent prayer, eh?"

"Uh... Sure Miss Safic." And she folded her hands in the ritual position, bowed her head and prayed.

Beth also bowed her head but mostly she was looking at the lovely youngster kneeling beside her. She got a brief glimpse of the youngster's firm, round breast and a warm rush of desire washed over her.

Reverend Wilson had given a sermon that was directed at sinners, sexual sinners. It was in fact more of a tirade than a sermon. He spoke of Sodom and Gomorrah, of the adulteress who flatters man with words and the Lot's scheming daughters who got their father drunk and then seduced him. The preacher's rant dwelt on the perfidy of women, as if they were the cause of all sexual transgression, just as Eve was the cause of all sin.

Beth had listened closely to the preacher's words while studying the congregation, wondering at their modest, old-fashioned style of dress and their close attention to Wilson's condemning words. She saw the girl whom she'd seen that afternoon waddling from Wilson's office. Tonight she was seated with an older man and, as the preacher ranted about adultery and harlots Beth thought the girl blushed. The graduate student would have been shocked if she'd known how many of the women in the congregation had in fact lay with their minister but only a few had more than a nagging remembrance of their infidelities.

"I have a problem, Leena. I don't wear pajamas and yours would be too small for me so... will you mind if I just wear panties to bed?"

"Hee Hee. Sometimes that's all I wear, Miss Safic. Maybe not even that much. I don't mind. It's nicer sleepin' that way."

While Beth undressed she looked more closely at her bedmate. She was short, almost half a foot shorter than herself but the older girl looked enviously at the other's grapefruit-sized breasts. Damn. As soon as she started earning money she was going to get implants. The room was quite cold so quickly, almost shyly; she completed disrobing and slipped under the covers.

Leena noted that the woman, although taller and bigger than she, had smaller bubs and she swelled with pride. Then she too slipped under the covers.

"I never slept with nobody before, Miss Safic. I think it's gonna be fun." The twelve year old girl had no idea yet of how much fun it would be for, despite her knowledge and experience with male-female sex, she knew little about same gender coupling.

Beth Safic, unlike her young bedmate, had plenty of knowledge and experience, beginning when she was Leena's present age. Tonight she wasn't thinking about that, however. Her thoughts, incited by Reverend Wilson's almost pornographic sermon, were of Whilly. Damn! There was no way she could bring her toy into bed with her. And then, as she felt the warmth of her pre-teen companion's body close to hers on the narrow bed a delightfully lewd idea blossomed in her mind. And then it was as if her juvenile bedmate was colluding with her.

"Do you have a man, Miss Safic? I mean... like... you know... someone you're going to marry?"

"No Leena, I don't have anyone right now. How about you? Do you have a boyfriend?" Beth slid her arm under the girl's shoulders. There was a night-light plugged into the wall above the bed so, as her eyes adjusted, Beth was able to see Leena's pretty face. Her small mouth was cherry red and pouty and her eyes had a heavy-lidded appearance that was at odds with her youth.

"Hee Hee. Sort of. I mean... like... he's not a boy but... like... I guess... you know?" Could she tell this woman? She hadn't shared her experience with anyone yet. Except for Priscilla and she was so dumb she didn't count. "I useta have a boy... sort of... but he don't know how... you know... to make a woman happy. You know what I mean, don'cha?"

"Yes Leena. I know what you mean." Yes, that teacher was a pedophile, screwing a girl as young as this one even if she was likely asking for it. "Did you... do you have any girlfriends? I mean close ones?" As she asked the question Beth pulled the covers down and took one of the girl's hands in hers, drawing it over to cover one breast.

"You mean? Like? To kiss and do stuff?" Leena gave a tentative squeeze of the woman's breast and a shudder of pleasure went through her.

"Yes Leena, that's what I mean. I had girlfriends when I was your age, before I had any man friends." Damn, I'm no better that that vile teacher in the next room, the grad student thought as she pulled up the flimsy top of the young girl's pajamas. As soon as she did that Leena pulled the top right off over her head and, urged on by the older woman's hands, she wriggled out of her bottoms too.

Beth liked not only the sight and feel of her young companion's body but her pussy swelled and moistened just from the girl's unskilled groping of her breast. In the dim illumination from the little night-light she could see how Leena's breasts stood out from her chest like two perfectly shaped globes tipped by pink, jutting nipples. And, now that the twelve year old temptress had stripped off her pajama bottoms Beth could see her plump thighs and her bulging mons with it's fuzzy beginnings of pubic hair that did not extend down to her barely visible cuntal crevice. She wouldn't admit it, not even to herself but Beth's mushrooming desire for this delectable creature was triggered as much by her youth as by her beauty. The thought of kissing an almost hairless pussy brought back memories of her first experiences with her girlfriends, more than a decade ago.

The naked twelve-year-old shivered when the woman's palm grazed her already erect nipples and she felt a gnawing hunger growing in her abdomen. Her own small hand began its own exploratory journey.

The mature graduate student placed her hand gently on her bedmate's firm, smooth body and began a slow, deliberate circular caress with her open palm, letting it lightly brush over Leena's flesh. The hand moved in an ever-downward spiral and by the time that the outstretched tips of Beth's fingers touched the swelling of her puffy vulva, Leena had spread her legs wide, lifting and splaying them in an innocently obscene attitude of invitation.

The naked twelve year old girl felt a rush of excitement and desire sweep through her and her own hand reached across to the hip of the naked woman beside her. Her hand moved down over Beth's hip and belly until her small fingers could twine and explore in the neatly trimmed patch of pubic curls that hid her mature sex from view. Beth moaned and hugged Leena tight for a moment, letting the little girl poke a clumsy finger into the mouth of her desire soaked cunt.

Then the attractive university student pushed the little girl away. Leena was surprised. She didn't understand what Beth wanted until the college girl's hands pulled and tugged at her and guided her until she was sitting astride her chest. Her firm little ass mashed the woman's breasts flat as she squirmed apprehensively, wondering what was going to come next.

"Hasn't anyone done this for you before?" Beth whispered as she stared up at the excited girl. Her hands caught each firm cheek of Leena's rounded bottom and jerked her closer. Close enough so that she could lift her head slightly and thrust her pink, wet tongue directly between the fleshy lips of the girl's juvenile vulva." Beth thrilled almost as much as if it was she who was being eaten when the young girl cried out with pleasure.

"Does that feel good, Leena?" Beth asked in a lust-choked voice as she slid a finger along the valley between the girl's firm asscheeks.

"Oh Miss Safic! Oohhh Yeesss." The naked twelve-year-old lifted her pelvis so that she had a clear view of the woman's extended tongue as it spread the velvet smooth lips of her cunt and lapped and twisted in her.

"Did he... your teacher... do anything to you, Leena?" Beth moved her middle finger from where her tongue was teasing the excited girl's preteen pussy to the puckered little anal rosebud, wetting and lubricating the nether portal.

"Hanh... he... like... he's my man friend... he done me... AHHH!" and when Beth's finger penetrated her asshole, little Leena cried out so loud that the man in the next room heard.

"You mean that Bob... Mr. Best fucked you?"

"Hanh... Yeah... don't stop Miss Safic. Do that some more," Leena gasped when the flat blade of the woman's tongue dove into her and speared into the tender mouth of her vagina. Each time that the tip of Beth's searching tongue found the firm nub of her hard little love knot, Leena would groan and wiggle, clenching her firm asscheeks on the hand between them, writhing on the impaling, deep thrust finger.

The twelve-year-old girl was feeling so many sensations at the same time that she was getting dizzy. She could feel her pulsating pussy swelling as her older bedmate's mouth caressed and titillated the sensitive flesh. Beth knew exactly what to do to make her body buck and the horny juvenile felt like she was out of control. Her body was reaching for the woman's hands and mouth and her brain was just along for the ride. When she felt her clit explode, starting to pulse at Beth's touch, she ground down on Beth's face to make her mouth rub harder sending convulsions of pleasure through her entire being

Beth was squirming too, her hips heaving and bucking as if seeking some phantom cock, hugely turned on by the lovely, young creature's response. She mashed her face into the girl's almost hairless pussy pudding, pushing her tongue in as deeply as she could, her nose bumping and rubbing the youngster's throbbing clitoris.

The naked twelve-year-old hunched her back and squealed loudly when the first waves of her orgasm hit her. "Aaaaagh... I'm... I'm... aaaaiiiieeee!!" It was wonderful. Leena squealed and whimpered. The tongue and the finger popped in and out of her bottom, making her shapely, little body twist and jiggle like a mindless top. The moaning little girl's legs gave out and when Beth's head fell back on the pillow and her hands dropped away, Leena slipped sideways and fell face down on the bed. The little sexpot was so stunned and so tired that she couldn't even roll over and fell asleep where she was.

She had no idea what time it was, but when the beautiful sensations awoke her, Leena found herself sprawling halfway across the college student's naked body. Her bedmate had pressed one of her tits into Leena's mouth and she was using her free hand to lightly rub and flick the naked little girl's clitoris back to life while she slept. Leena uttered a soft moan and began to roll her hips. It felt nice to be made love to, especially when she was so sleepy and warm. Beth took advantage of her mood. Leena didn't try to resist when she felt herself being lifted again and suddenly she found herself lying face down on the woman's naked body, her pretty lips pressing against the perfumed silk of her pubic hairs.

"Do it for me, little baby! Kiss my pussy just the way that I kissed yours!" Leena heard Beth's voice. It sounded like it was coming from miles and miles away. The sleepy girl looked down and shivered when she saw the moist lips of the woman's cunt glisten, two shiny fleshrolls still swollen from her unsatisfied arousal. For a second, Leena hesitated, but then Beth's fingers began to tease and explore between her opened thighs and the lovely fire was burning bright inside of her again.

The female graduate student was every bit as lecherous and unprincipled as the schoolteacher in the next room. Even though her present partner was only a twelve-year-old girl she felt no compunction about seducing the youngster into acts that should only occur between adults or, in the view of many, should not occur at all. Now, as the compliant pre-teen sprawled over her, she easily manipulated her small body so that she was kneeling astride her chest, her plump, little cunt clearly visible in the glow from the night light and her firm, round breasts framing Leena's pretty, inverted face as she pressed her mouth to Beth's hungry twat.

"Like I did for you, baby. Use your tongue. Lick me," Beth whispered in the urgency of desire. Would Whilly fit in there? Could she try? But her lewd musings were overwhelmed by the sensations from the young girl's unskilled but hugely exciting kissing of her pulsating pussy. The twelve year old girl was demonstrating that her precocity was not limited to body development and libido. The older woman's bush tickled her nose but she dove lower between Beth's widely splayed thighs and licked the oily slit from top to bottom.

"That's it Leena... my clit... get my clit," and the college student reached down to draw apart her hair-fringed outer labia and reveal the hooded flap from under which the tip of her large, whitish cum-trigger protruded.

Leena knew at once what she was seeing and her lips closed over the little erection, her tongue thrumming on it as if she'd been eating pussy for years. The young girl slipped a finger inside the wet passage that was flooded not only with Beth's own emissions but also with Leena's profusely flowing saliva. A second finger followed the first and, incited by the woman's excited writhing and her moans of pleasure, Leena soon had her little hand inside the college student's steamy twat.

It didn't last long. Beth's arousal had commenced that afternoon as she reminisced about her first time, had continued while listening to Wilson's suggestive tirade and she'd been brought to a state of painful frustration when she had brought her lovely, little companion to orgasm. Now, as the cute youngster tongued her and fisted her, the libidinous woman could feel the unmistakable electric thrills that seemed to flow inward from her extremities to that central point where her pussy met the young girl's mouth and fist... And then, like a rocket that has climbed into the sky trailing sparks, Beth's orgasm exploded and sent hot sensations rocketing out from her throbbing clitoris to her belly and beyond.

Little Leena held on tight as her companion arched her back, humped wildly for a moment and then lifted her legs and locked them around the youngster's neck. Leena wondered for a moment if she'd be smothered or drown as her face was mashed against the woman's soft, wet pudding but after only a few seconds she was released.

"My Gawwd Leena! Haanhhh! You're a marvel," Beth sighed as she shuddered through the downward, post-orgasmic slope. She grabbed the girl and brought her face close to kiss and, as she did so, Leena's hand came out of the woman's well-stretched snatch.

Bob's room adjoined theirs and the walls were certainly not soundproofed. He's dropped off to sleep with a semi-erection as he wondered if he could safely go to Priscilla's room. He awakened to the echo of a strange sound and he got up to check its source. Definitely it was from the next room and as he pressed his ear to the wall he could hear the sounds of labored breathing. Damn! That horny bitch is doing Leena, he thought.

Bob had been half awake ever since Leena had cried out when Beth pushed her finger in her bottom. He had not really connected the ongoing sounds from the room with the activity taking place there but finally, in urgent need of a piss, Bob went out into the dark hallway. As he tiptoed past Leena's door he realized that it was open just a crack. Moving closer, he peeked through the crack and got an eyeful. Leena was on her knees with her head down between the grad student's widespread thighs. His need to urinate overcame his lewd curiosity and he continued to the bathroom. When he returned the two females were cuddled together and it was obvious that the action was over. Bob went to bed again with a hugely throbbing erection and a pressing need to do something about it.

Chapter 13: Interview versus Intercourse

Posted: August 21, 2003 - 12:00:00 am

Breakfast next morning at Reverend Wilson's house resembled outwardly the dinner the night before. There were, however, some changes and, for the two youngest at the table, they were significant.

Little Leena glanced sideways at the college student seated beside her. The memory of the woman's tongue probing her sensitive, young pussy sent a responsive shiver through her firm-fleshed body but at the same time she felt resentment. The woman had almost forced her to do the same thing and, although she hadn't minded, she didn't like being pushed into doing anything. Absent-mindedly she brushed her hand across her face as if to wipe off the slippery wetness from Beth's pussy.

Her busty, sixteen year old sister, Priscilla was another matter. The night before last, images of her father sodomizing Felicity and her sister being fucked by the schoolteacher, Mr. Best had tormented her virgin body and psyche. This morning as she sat with her pussy throbbing in the aftermath of last night's devirgination the images and thoughts all related to Mr. Best's thick tool ploughing her tender furrow. She felt sinful and guilty and those feelings were exacerbated by the fact that she wanted to sin again.

Reverend Wilson was again watching the visitor, Beth Safic. He was disturbed by the way she was looking at his youngest daughter and Leena's strange expression as she looked up at the older woman. Had they? No. It couldn't be? Could it? Wilson was suddenly angry. Even if Ms. Safic hadn't done anything he was certain she wanted to. He'd show her. He'd give her his seven inches and get the proof for his buddy George.

The object of the minister's attention was unaware of the disruption she was causing. She was remembering the pleasure of her twelve-year-old bedmate, Leena's firm young body and juvenile passion. And she wanted more of it. Her pussy moistened at the thought and she wondered if she could somehow manage a session with Whilly to see her through until tonight. She was, however, determined to research her thesis carefully and she suspected that there was some good material here. She'd find out more about what went on in Reverend Wilson's office when he was preparing girls for baptism. Already she had some down low thoughts.

"What are your plans for today, Miss Safic?"

"I though I'd spend some time at the school, if Mr. Best will allow it?"

"Sure. That's OK, Bob offered. His cock was sore as it usually was after breaking in a virgin and he wondered if Priscilla would be as easy next time as she'd been last night. Little Leena was also appealing and the college student looked like she needed to be taught a lesson herself. His eyes and his mind, however, kept straying to the quiet one, Mrs. Wilson. There was something about her that told him she would be special. But unattainable. She was devoutly religious and, he was sure, as chaste as the Virgin Mary.

"That's great Mr. Best. Can I talk to some of the students?"

"No problem. I have a little office there that you can use."

"Good. Then, Reverend Wilson, I'd like to talk to you this afternoon if that's possible?"

"It's Mrs. Wilson's day to go to market," the preacher said, "so I take a lunch to my office. I'm sure she'll be happy to make an extra sandwich and we can have lunch together." Mrs. Wilson dutifully nodded assent and they finished their breakfasts.

Wilson was fully recharged from yesterday's great session with young Felicity and the vision of Beth's sexy, red lips wrapped around his cock was bringing on an erection. Had she ever sucked cock? Yes. The knowing way she looked at him told him she'd one that and lots more. Could she deepthroat him? He was going to find out. For lunch she'd get more than she bargained for, a cocktail of the potion he used on the women and girls in his congregation spiced up with a roofie. She'd be docile and obedient and he'd get a great collection of photos for George.

Beth arrived at the preacher's office shortly after noon to find her lunch ready for her on a small table in the room that adjoined Wilson's office. As they sat down she looked curiously at the dÚcor, the bed, the kneeling platform, the crosses and even mirrors. What sort of things did Reverend Wilson do with his baptismal candidates?

Her morning at the school had been interesting and the students she had interviewed had been different from the city types she knew so well. They were polite, shy and said little. Anything she learned, and she hadn't learned much, she had practically pried from the soft-spoken children. She did notice a definite difference between those who had gone through Reverend Wilson's baptismal preparation although she couldn't quite define what the difference was.

One of the students had made a strong impression on her, however. Jason Jenkins was a fourteen-year-old boy who looked and acted younger than his age. He was cute, almost pretty, about the same height as she but plump and cuddly. Beth had an almost overpowering desire to put her arms around him and hug him, to feel his soft, round body close to hers. Perhaps it was latent lesbianism battling with her more dominant heterosexuality but, whatever the cause, she liked him a lot. A boy with the tender softness of a girl. Being in bed with him instead of Leena had a huge appeal but she knew that was impossible. Wouldn't it be wonderful, she mused, to break in such a lovely, young boy?

"Made from our own, home-grown tomatoes," Wilson said as he pointed to the generous glass of tomato juice beside Beth's sandwich. "I'll be insulted if you don't drink all of it."

"Mmmm... it's delicious. So fresh tasting and tangy," the graduate student said as she sipped the cool, thick drink. She didn't really think so and she began to drink it in larger gulps to get rid of it. It had an almost bitter taste.

Wilson was a bit nervous. The doctor who had given him the 'persuader potion' had cautioned him about mixing it with alcohol or other medicines. Maybe the results would not be what Wilson wanted?

It happened suddenly. One moment Beth was taking the last bite of her sandwich and the next she was swallowing it and sitting there with her mouth hanging open, a stunned expression on her pretty face and her eyes staring glassily at the man sitting across from her.

"Do you know where you are?" Wilson asked in a soft voice.

"N... No. Where am I?" the young woman asked hesitantly.

"Come over her my dear," the preacher said as he led Beth to the bed. "Just lie down and close your eyes and relax."

Zombie-like the young woman lay down on the bed. Still talking in his soft, deep voice the preacher began to take off her clothes and the semi-conscious girl offered no resistance.

"Do you have a lover, Miss Safic?"

"Not now. Not for a long time."

"Have you had many lovers?"

"No... yes... several. Not a lot."

"Was there a favorite lover? One you liked better than the others?"

"Yes, Reverend. Mike. He was my favorite."

"Mike is going to make love to you today, Ms. Safic. Just relax for a while and imagine what it will be like. Touch yourself and prepare for him. Then you will hear me say 'precipice' and you will awaken to find him lying beside you on this bed."

Wilson prepared the camera, stripped off his clothes and lay down beside the naked, shapely young woman. He watched as her hands stroked and caressed her silken flanks and she touched her lightly furred pussy and her firm, hard-nippled breasts. Soon she was breathing hard and his cock had risen to full erection.

'Precipice'. Beth heard the word and her eyes opened. Yes, Mike was there. And she was ready for him. She rose to her knees and knelt over him, her hand reaching out to the heated protuberance of the man's upthrust cock. As her fingers encircled it, pulling on it gently, he moaned. Beth pushed her hand down hard into the forest of pubic hair as if this would make the ivory column longer than it's rock-hard seven inches. Mike was not as big as she remembered him to be but her belly churned in anticipation of the glorious filling she was about to experience.

Wilson's hands reached up eagerly and grabbed the full soft mounds of the woman's tender breasts, and clutched at the delicate flesh with his talon-like fingers, making her wince from the sudden pain, and leaving little red welts on the smooth white skin. His fingers drubbed the hard little beads of her nipples, rubbing them mercilessly, tugging on them until they were rigid, stubby spears. The preacher made a mental comparison of these firm-fleshed tits with his wife's much larger and softer ones and, observing Beth's obvious response to the rough mauling of her breasts, he decided that size didn't matter. We shall soon see that Beth does not reach the same conclusion.

With the skill acquired by many such sojourns into uninhibited coupling the woman draped herself over the unprincipled preacher, her long smooth thighs straddling his naked hips and Wilson could feel the graze of her soft curling pubic hair as it brushed against his naked stomach. Still grasping his distended cock in her hand, she began to guide it towards the warm grasping furrow of her cunt, and Wilson sighed with pleasure as he felt the hard rubbery head caress the soft delicate tissue already moist with expectation.

The woman seemed unaware of the camera in the man's hand as she began to sweep the bulging head of his inflated prick along the length of her pulsating cuntal split, and the fluted edges of her moistly glistening inner lips clung tenaciously to his hard masculine flesh, and the bulbous head became lubricated with her free-flowing vaginal juices.

If the horny pastor had any misgivings about what he was doing they melted with the heat from the naked young college student. All that mattered was the unbelievable thrill of ecstasy he was feeling and which he knew would mount up to an incredible crescendo of hedonistic delight. This one would match the busty, young virgin, Felicity, he knew. Her absence of innocence would be more than compensated for by the woman's obvious skill.

"Mmmm..." Beth sighed, "your cock feels so good against my pussy..." and she stopped moving with the man's cock knob just inside the mouth of her ravenous pussy. "It's been so long, Mike... with you... with anybody... I need your big cock inside me."

The lewd words coming from the beautiful girl's lips excited Wilson even more and he felt lust mushrooming inside him and threatening to turn him into a raving beast. His hands flew down and grasped the girl's slim tapering hips, and held her in a vise-like grip. Hungrily, he began to rotate her entire pelvis until she was revolving over the spongy cap of his burgeoning penis, the shaft still grasped firmly in her hand. Gingerly, she began to position herself over the jutting instrument, easing herself down slowly until the huge distended head was up inside the sensitive inner folds of her cunt mouth.

"Aaaahhhhh..." she sighed, accustoming herself to the hard feeling of a heavy, pounding prick inside her. But the initial contact unleashed the fury of Wilson's lust, and with a savage snarl, he hauled the lovely college student's pelvis downward, driving his thick rod upwards with flesh-splitting cruelty.

"AAAARRRRGHHHHHHHH..." Beth cried out in passion as she was completely skewered, her body hauled down until the fleshy hair-lined outer lips of her pulsing vagina were resting on the tickling nest of Wilson's dark pubic forest.

Wilson's fingers clawed at the soft resilient flesh of Beth's smooth rounded buttocks as he raised her loins upward, feeling her sensitive inner flesh cling to his hard fleshy rod as her heated vaginal sheath slid upwards. He held her poised above him, leaving just the hard burgeoning head still buried inside her, and then he crashed her down again, feeling the spongy globular mounds of her buttocks flatten down against his pubic area as his tunneling prick plunged far up inside her.

Wilson felt a sense of triumph at skewering this haughty graduate student but he missed the tightness of the immature cunts he usually fucked. As he hauled her loose-limbed, compliant down hard he missed the usual feel as the pliant entrance of a youngster's cringing womb yielded to his seven-inch tool. He arched his hips upward as if this would help him reach that intimate target.

The hot-blooded woman uttered a gasp of mingled shock and excitement as she felt the penetrating pressure so deep up inside her impaled belly and she ground downwards, seeking just a bit more of Mike's marvelous and always satisfying tool.

Beth began to move up and down freely, establishing a yo-yo like rhythm. Wilson's palpitating cock seemed to expand more inside her as if it was seeking closer contact with the soft walls of the woman's vagina. Instinctively she responded with a gentle tentative flexing of her practiced inner muscles, which seemed to excite him to even greater lust. His hands shot up eagerly and enfolded the enticing orbs of her breasts in his palms, and they rubbed and caressed her throbbing flesh, sending chill after chill curdling through her blood, making passion pulse hotly through her veins.

"Oh God, Mike..." she gasped, her hands clutching at his tensely corded thighs, "your hands feel good on my breasts... as good as your cock feels inside me..."

Tremors of passion were spasming through Wilson. Beth's lewd words of praise sent lurid shivers running up and down his spine and doubled the already incredible pleasure he was feeling. He released his grasp from her breasts and snapped photo after photo, showing the cloudy passion that colored her lovely face and the cock-cradling cuntlips as she rode him hotly.

And riding was the best word to describe Beth's motions. She was riding him like a savage Indian girl on a half-wild mustang, her thighs clenching his hips viciously, and the soft inner hole up between her legs milking furiously on his rampaging cock. Even though she lacked the tightness of his usual conquests it was wonderful. He was being screwed by a real woman because that's what Beth was, there was no doubt about that.

Wilson glanced up and saw that Beth's face was coated with perspiration, her mouth was half open and her head was flung back. Her dark hair trailed down her back and her shapely pelvis writhed and rotated as she fucked herself on the preacher's rampant tool.

Wilson had released his savage hold on her breasts and now the full ripe spheres were bobbing from her exertion, the reddish-brown nipples jutting out like berries, and the brown aureoles were crinkled in their contracted excitement. His lust-glazed eyes traveled down the length of her magnificent body, coated with moisture, reveling in the soft yet supple tanned flesh, the provocative curve of her womanly hips, the carefully trimmed pubic hair which meshed so indistinguishably with his own. Her long shapely thighs were like brown columns and Wilson could see that the inner tendons stood out like whipcord against the lightly tanned inner skin. She continued to grind wildly up and down on his jerking prick, making a little teasing rotary movement as she rose up. Her fingers slipped around behind her squirming buttocks and stroked the stuffed sac of his testicles in a sudden swift movement, which sent his roiling sperm into a frenzy of churning liquid deep inside the darkness of his balls.

Wilson felt a rush of heat that started in the pit of his stomach rise up in an overpowering curtain and steam through him, and at the same time, his cock began to jerk uncontrollably and the ache in his writhing balls had become unbearable.

"Fuck me woman... keep fucking... keep fucking... I'm cumming! Oh God! I'm CUUUMMMMIIINNNGGGGG... !!!"

And then his body was caught up in a gigantic whirlwind, and he thought he would lose consciousness because blackness appeared in front of his eyes,

and he felt he was drifting away, but his faltering rationality was arrested by Beth's own hoarse screams.

"Oh God Reverend Wilson, I'm cumming too. I'm... AAAHHHHHHH!!" And she was cumming too, her pelvis pounding against his like gigantic waves against storm-tossed rocks. Her fingers were like razor-sharp spears cutting into the flesh of his hips, and the interior muscle of her vaginal sheath was an insatiable entity of its own. It was sucking, demanding, and getting, its life-giving quencher of his thick store of semen, which suddenly began to spurt along the pulsating tube of his spasming penis and hose hotly up into the heated cavern of her pussy. Almost immediately it seemed, the frothy liquid trickled back down around his pumping prick and seeped into the matted pubic curls as the last heave convulsed his dying prick and he emptied the final drop of his boiling semen into Beth's still hungrily twitching pussy.

"Don't stop! Not yet! No!" Beth cried out in the urgency of her need. "Keep fucking me Reverend! Don't stop!" Cumming but not quite. She needed something more.

Neither of them was aware at that moment that the woman was naming her true partner, not her imagined one. Then, as the import of her words dawned on him, Wilson made another dozen or so almost vicious upward thrusts into the slippery hot entrance to Beth's writhing, bucking body. As his semen emptied into her straining receptacle ha hauled her down hard and hunched into her to the very hilt, still seeking the feel of her cervix.

"Not Yet! Oh, God, MORE! JUST A LITTLE MORE!" the college student begged, gyrating her rump, bearing down on his prick and hunching him desperately, even after she felt the sticky-hot spurts of his emission jetting forth from the ballooning head of his twitching organ. "Damn you! Bastard! You're not Mike. He'd have given me enough. He has a real cock!" she panted as she felt the preacher's staff wilt inside her.

Angered by his inability to satisfy the college woman, by her insults and worried that she knew who he was Wilson pushed her off.

In a daze, Beth lay beside the man, wondering why Mike had failed her. She was suffering the tortures of the carnal damned due to the blood-congested condition of her aroused but unsatisfied loins as, in trance-like obedience, she pulled on her clothes and returned to the table.

"Precipice," Wilson intoned and Beth returned again to the real world. Her loins were churning with unfilled need but she didn't understand why. She could feel the sticky wetness between her thighs and that too puzzled her.

"I'm sorry Ms. Safic," the minister said softly, relieved that the woman had gone back into her trance and forgotten what had happened and with whom. "I have an appointment soon but perhaps you can return and I can answer more of your questions."

"Yes Reverend. I guess we didn't get far, did we?" She looked down at the blank pages of her notebook and wondered why she hadn't asked him any questions. This afternoon she would for sure.

As soon as the woman left, Wilson rushed over to the schoolhouse and asked to speak to one of his young, former baptismal candidates, Jason Jenkins. The shy, fourteen year old boy obediently agreed to come to Reverend Wilson's office right after school for an important bible lesson.

Chapter 14: Skillful Sucker

One of the students had made a strong impression on her, however. Jason Jenkins was a fourteen-year-old boy who looked and acted younger than his age. He was cute, almost pretty, about the same height as she but plump and cuddly. Beth had an almost overpowering desire to put her arms around him and hug him, to feel his soft, round body close to hers. Perhaps it was latent lesbianism battling with her more dominant heterosexuality but, whatever the cause, she liked him a lot. A boy with the tender softness of a girl. Being in bed with him instead of Leena had a huge appeal but she knew that was impossible. Wouldn't it be wonderful, she mused, to break in such a lovely, young boy?

As soon as Miss Safic left Reverend Wilson's office she went to his house. It had been more than a month since she'd last had a man and she felt as if last night's little episode with the minister's twelve-year-old daughter had been the coal that fired the furnace between her legs. She needed her trusty Whilly to quench that fire.

Reverend Wilson, as soon as he returned from the school, made himself busy with preparations for Beth's next visit. And for young Jason's visit. Wilson had emptied his sizeable gonads into the young woman's cavernous cunt but he was unsatisfied. His ego was sorely bruised by her plea for someone bigger and, as he readied the trap his tool hung semi-erect between his legs.

Horny and frustrated, Beth was unable to find relief. Mrs. Wilson was at home and the cock-hungry college student didn't dare risk being caught with Whilly. Maybe Mrs. Wilson needs him too, she mused as she looked at the woman's voluptuous body. Did Reverend Wilson really satisfy her?

If Jason Jenkins made a strong impression on the visitor, Ms. Safic, it was nothing compared to the impression she made on him. To the fourteen-year-old boy she was the loveliest and most beautiful person he had ever seen. Her voice was like soft chimes to his ear and the words flowed like liquid honey. He was enchanted. He was in love.

But it was not only the woman's soft voice and gentle words that were affecting the ingenuous teen. Although he fought it, her beauty and the indefinable something he could see in her glorious eyes aroused evil, sinful lust within him. The adult-sized testes between his legs churned and ached and he knew he would have difficulty tonight in avoiding the sin of Onan.

Reverend Wilson was plotting the next course of his lecherous feast. Would she drink another of his potions? Had she connected their earlier meeting to the doctored tomato juice? Wilson took care as he prepared a glass of wine for the soon-to-return graduate student. The young boy would not be a problem, he was sure, but he prepared a coke for him.

The graduate student was neither na´ve nor unduly trusting but she hadn't yet put the available evidence together. First there was the lack of any interview even though she spent almost two hours over lunch. She didn't even connect the unusual discharge that stained her panties. An effect of her frustration and need after her session with the little sexpot, Leena, she'd thought as she showered. That was also the reason for her greater than usual need to be filled by a man or, since few men could really fill her, by Whilly.

Therefore she accepted the proffered glass of wine without suspicion.

"Precipice," Wilson said softly, uncertain if the word would still trigger the mindless response he wanted. He need not have worried. The mixed dose of drugs he'd given earlier combined with the added amount in the wine and enhanced by the sexual frustration the libidinous, young woman was experiencing produced a state of mind (or mindlessness) that left her completely at the not-so-tender mercy of the unprincipled pastor.

Wilson knew right away that he was successful. The pretty young woman's facial expression alternated between blankness and a timid smile and her eyes one moment looked brazenly at him, then shyly looked down. It was only the experienced ones who acted this way but there'd been others. The young ones only showed the shy timidity.

"Take off your clothes, woman!" Wilson commanded. The speed of her response would tell him if she was totally under his spell. It did and she was. Beth appeared to be startled by his stern tone of voice and she looked at him timidly as, with alacrity, she began to remove her clothes.

Reverend Wilson had unwittingly tapped into a hidden chapter of the young woman's sexual history, a chapter that was about to be re-written with the aid of hypnotic drugs. When her older sister discovered that Brad had seduced (or maybe been seduced by) Beth, she had tried to take over the relationship. She'd been unsuccessful for Brad was a strong-willed and dominant person and for more than a year the two sisters submissively catered to his needs. Beth, especially, had been obedient and tractable but, after Brad moved away, she discovered that she could also be dominant. Her submissive partners were younger girls and sometimes boys who, like little Leena, could be persuaded to sate her sexual needs.

Now, in her drugged state, the lovely, young woman was fifteen again and her masterful lover, Brad, was telling her what to do. As she bared her body she saw the man removing his pants and she knew exactly what he wanted.

Wilson hadn't planned it this way. He wanted to feel and see and photograph the college girl's mouth as it serviced his cock but he had thought, first, he would see her satisfied. The sight of her shapely, naked body and her sexy face and heavy-lidded eyes had aroused him too much for him to delay the pleasure and the strange submission he was seeing just added to his need.

"Come here," he said commandingly and the now nude woman moved close to where he sat. Wilson reached between her compliantly parted thighs and cupped the plumpness of her soft pussy. Beth tightened her body and gasped as she felt a rush of blazing fire race through her entire vagina as Wilson screwed his middle finger deeply up into her hotly engulfing cunt walls. Opening his hand, he impaled her wetly seething vagina fully, driving his finger deeper and deeper up into the slippery wet opening of her hotly aroused pussy, nipping at the thin silken wisps of softly curling cuntal hair that lined and fringed the tiny, tightly clasping little hole. His other hand gripped tightly at her ass-cheeks, probing between the warm fleshy orbs of her buttocks and teasing at the tightly puckered little circle of her asshole.

Taking the camera from the desk beside where he was sprawled in the chair the preacher said softly, "On your knees, baby. Go down on your knees."

Beth knew exactly what was wanted. She ran her pink tongue over her luscious, red lips as she knelt between the man's legs. She remembered her distaste the first time Brad had forced her head down and made her take his hard cock into her mouth and her surprise when he his viscous semen had jetted into her throat. But she grew to like it, to enjoy his pleasure and also the feeling of power it gave her when she drained his hard organ into a state of limp weakness.

The unprincipled preacher's cock stood straight up in the air like a flagpole. Hardly taking a moment to catch her breath, Beth knelt, her mouth poised just over Wilson's dick. She lowered her face until her lips were only inches away from the man's swollen, throbbing hard-on. Then she blew softly against the rubbery bulb at the tip of his cock. Beth leaned forward and took the entire head of the man's prick in her mouth. She just held it for a moment, letting her mouth fill with saliva. Then she parted her lips slightly so that two thin rivulets of saliva trickled out from between her lips and rolled slowly down the shining length of his prick. Then, with a serpentine movement of her tongue, she lashed out at the little rivulets of saliva and stopped them with her tongue, just before they had reached the matted jungle of his black pubic hair. She rolled her tongue back and forth across the soft underside of the shank of his prick as she moved upward toward the tip once more.

The sexy woman pouted her lips and planted a wet, noisy kiss on the purple head of Wilson's big dick. Keeping her lips in her wide-open pout, she trailed them wetly down the upper surface of the sturdy fuckpole, nibbling and nipping gently at it as she worked her way down and playfully tugged at a curling tuft of hair with her teeth. Then, her teeth bared, she nibbled her way back up his throbbing cock.

Wilson thought that he would go out of his mind with pleasure. He wriggled his hips from side to side, pressing his feet down hard on the floor and let a long low moan escape his lips. Beth ran the broad flat surface of her tongue over and around the satiny smooth skin of the head of his cock. Then,

opening her mouth wide, she lowered her head swiftly, swallowing his cock until he could feel the tip nosing at the back of her throat. God, she was good. The best cocksucker he'd ever had, he was sure.

For a moment, Beth thought that she would gag, but she managed to control the impulse by moving her head slightly up again. She held his cock in place with gentle pressure of her teeth as she swept her tongue back and forth inside her mouth, churning her saliva to a froth, which played around his cock like ocean waves.

Just as Beth took his hairy scrotum in her hands and began to softly caress the sac with her fingertips, Wilson thrust his hips up into the air, driving his cock all the way to Beth's tonsils. With a slurping sound, she moved her head up and down in a steady rhythm, sucking hard each time her lips came to the throbbing tip of the man's hard-on. With her long fingernails, she raked gently at his sac of nuts. With her other hand, she reached around under his ass.

Her index finger snaked its way between the contracting cheeks of his ass. He could feel her fingernail probing deeper and higher, in search of his asshole. Then her fingertip found its mark. She continued scratching at the wrinkled down-covered skin of his sac as the index finger of her other hand parted the tightly clenched lips of his asshole and worked its way inside to explore the rubbery softness. She lowered her head at the same time, swallowing his prick. Then on the upstroke she bared her teeth, scraping them on the smooth skin of Wilson's cock. All the while she let the wet, slushy sibilance of her oral action sound in the room. Brad like the sounds, she knew, and she was determined that she would satisfy him, empty him, debilitate him.

Wilson was barely able to keep his mind on his other objective but he managed to take a few photos of the pretty girl with her mouth stuffed with his cock. She looked up for some of the shots and he wondered what his former colleague would think when he saw his former student sucking cock.

As Beth lowered her head again, she pulled her teeth in and stroked her master's cock with the moist surfaces of her lips. She gently kneaded his balls while wiggling a finger around inside his asshole. Wilson gasped in delight.

Wilson felt the hot juice in his balls begin to boil. His cock began to pulsate violently, and he could feel short bursts of hot cum beginning to work their tortuous way up from his twin reservoirs through the convoluted tubing which led to the hole at the tip of his cock. He reached for the woman's hair and tangled his fingers in it, hauling her head close, then pushing it away as he used her mobile mouth like a masturbating hand to bring himself off.

"Oh, baby," he murmured, "I'm going to come."

Immediately, Beth began to suck vigorously, taking control again and moving her head up and down and fluttering her tongue back and forth across his throbbing shaft. Within seconds Wilson felt his orgasm begin. The hot gobs of gism worked their way further and further along the tight tubes of his prick until at last, with a moan, he felt the first hot jet spurting forth from the tight slit in the head of his cock.

Beth felt the hot burst of come juice strike the back of her throat with the heat and fury of a flow of volcanic lava. She gulped greedily at the thick hot fluid, trying to swallow it before the next torrent began. She managed to gulp the gism down a split second before it was followed by another hot blast of goo. And then another. And another.

Beth's cheeks puffed and hollowed as she struggled to keep up with the river of hot gism that pumped from the pulsating tip of Wilson's powerful cock. She knew that at any moment she would lose the contest and that the hot torrent of gism would overflow from her gulping mouth. She felt her mouth filling completely with the white liquid, and still she continued to swallow as fast and as much as she could, all the while continuing her sucking of the firehose cock. At last it overcame her, and she could feel thin hot trickles of semen oozing from the corners of her sucking mouth.

The prurient pastor could not believe how he was cumming. Only a few hours ago he had emptied his load into this woman's loose-fitting cunt but now her skilled mouth was drawing more from him, draining him, leaving him weak and empty.

The thin streams of white ooze trailed their way down the length of the shank of Wilson's cock and matted in his thick shock of black pubic hair. Beth kept swallowing, trying to prevent any more of the precious fluid from being lost. Finally, as Wilson neared the end of his orgasm, she began to catch up with the hot flow. She swallowed with big noisy gulps as the pulsations of her violator's big cock began to ease off. At last the pumping ceased completely, and she felt the big prick begin to soften in her mouth. She sucked gently at it until it was shriveled and clean. Then she let it plop from her mouth and, smiling, deposited a wet, noisy kiss on Wilson's hairy belly.

And all the while, as Beth finished her task with the man's excess gism drooling whitely from her scarlet lips, Wilson was taking more photos. And, in the next room, a somnolent, hypno-drugged fourteen-year-old boy was waiting on the bed for a visit to a Heaven he'd never known.

Chapter 15: Beth's Big One

Beth looked up dully at the seated man, a dribble of creamy cum drooling from her slack-lipped mouth. She had pleased him, she knew, and that was gratifying for her but her mature loins were afire with a hunger that giving head could not assuage.

"You're good, baby... the best," Wilson sighed appreciatively, feeling weak and drained by the woman's skillful mouth-job. "Now I have something... someone for you."

Still in the drug-induced trance as the lecherous preacher helped her to her feet, Beth followed him into the adjoining room where only a few hours ago, she had been fucked. There, on the bed by the wall, lay the wonderful, fourteen-year-old boy she had interviewed this morning. He was naked, his body pale, slightly plump and almost girlish in its smoothness with only a small tuft of pubic hair at the base of his limp penis.

"He's yours, Miss Safic. All yours. He's a virgin and when you have him I'm sure you won't have to plead for more." Wilson led her over beside the bed and then got a chair so he could watch and photograph close-up the action that was sure to come.

"Will I? Can I? How? Is he asleep?" Beth's questions tumbled from her mouth as she looked lovingly at the beautiful boy. Would he be afraid? Could he satisfy her?

"He'll awaken. Just give him some of that fantastic mouth of yours, Miss Safic. That would wake up the dead."

The pretty, young woman gently spread the boy's legs apart and knelt on the bed between them. Carefully she took his limp tool between thumb and forefinger and lowered her head to engulf the tapered had with its surplus of foreskin.

Young Jason was not exactly asleep. He was not exactly awake either. He was dreaming. He must be dreaming. The beautiful, angelic vision that hovered above him could not be real. Oh God! He was sinning. He was dreaming she was undressed. Guiltily his eyed drank in the sight of her naked breasts with the thickly projecting buttons on the tips and the shadowed secret place between her thighs.

Jason cringed when the vision bent low over him. He was naked too, and ashamed of it. Oh no! She was looking at him there. She shouldn't. It was wrong. "Hannh!" The boy cried out when he felt a soft, wet and incredibly thrilling sensation surge through his lower body. Oh no! She couldn't! She had her mouth on him. She had his penis inside her mouth. But then all thoughts of right and wrong melted away in the rush of blood to his uninitiated organ.

Beth's hand stroked the smoothness of the boy's flanks as she opened her mouth and engulfed the soft, thick young cock. The idea of being the boy's first lover was adding to her already well-stoked desire furnace and, as soon as her lips wrapped around the hot fleshtube, she felt it swell. And swell. And swell.

Jason had never felt anything as wonderful as this. Never dreamed anything could be as wonderful. He moaned as the beautiful woman did this terrible, sinful thing to him, afraid that she'd stop and afraid that she wouldn't. Satan was fighting for ascendancy, he was sure. And winning.

A feeling of tremendous power surged through the kneeling woman as she felt the boy's maleness expand in her mouth. She could feel with her lips the pulsing of blood as it rushed into his young cock and like Pinocchio's nose when he lied; it grew and grew and grew. She stretched her lips wider and wider to encompass the massive girth and she backed away as it lengthened until the unsheathed knob was bumping the back of her throat.

Wilson was leaning in close with the camera, making sure that he got it all on film. Yes. These pictures would be great for his friend but they would be excellent material to use to control this headstrong, young woman in the future.

The lovely, young woman couldn't believe what she was feeling... and seeing. She held the boy's now erect, virgin cock with both hands as she licked it from its almost hairless base along its marvelous length to the shiny, purple plum that was now freed from its foreskin cover. Oh God! He was as big as Whilly in his largest form. Beth backed away to look lovingly at the splendid staff. Unlike Whilly this would be warm and alive inside her and it would satisfy the carnal appetite whetted by Reverend Wilson's not quite large enough equipment.

Holding the boy's third leg as if she was afraid it would walk away the naked woman lay down beside him on the bed. Then, using his oversized cock as a handle she maneuvered the young teen over her legspread body.

Jason knew he was dreaming. Any moment he would wake up and his bedsheet would be wet and stained by the product of his sinful lust. The tension melted from his body. God made him like this and Reverend Wilson had told him that this was God's way of keeping him pure. The ingenuous teen wanted to make his dream last as long as he could, to prolong the pleasure of this imagined contact with the most beautiful woman in the whole world.

Beth pulled Jason closer to her trembling body and pressed the burgeoning mass of cock flesh against her naked pussy. Her passion was incited to new heights by the young boy's beauty and her breasts had become full and swollen. Her jutting nipples were bright red and rock hard, and they looked like two eyes gazing up at the fourteen-year-old boy who was lying compliantly but not full weight on top of her... The boy was motionless as his eyes roamed the sensuous body laid before him, his hot gaze wandering over her curvaceous form, drinking in the sensual beauty of this wonderful dream woman. His outsized cock jutted from between his legs like an angry spear. His skin was warm against hers, and she raced her hands along his trembling waist and gripped the soft warmth of his fleshy buttocks, delighting in the sensuous feeling of his naked ass-cheeks. Moving her hands around to the front, she encircled his turgid cock in her slender hands, his seething, young penis flesh searing her dainty skin as she found that she could not close her fingers around the torrid mass of hot flesh jutting from between his strong, smooth legs. She could feel the surging; pulsing blood pump through the massive, spear-like rod, and her hand stroked the scorching cock gently and lightly.

Never before had his dreams been as realistic. The boy looked down at the slender, beautiful woman lying beneath him and he thrilled to the gentle caresses from her warm hands. The pressure in his lower body was intense but like a man holding back to satisfy a woman, the boy tried to delay his inevitable and imminent climax believing that this would be the end of this wonderful dream.

The hot-blooded woman fondled young Jason's Herculean cock as he crouched over her. It was thickly webbed with blue veins; turning it into an angry looking, purple shaft of promised delight. She could see it expand and contact slightly as his lust heated blood coursed through the massive staff, its mushroom shaped head glowing like a burning coal. His large balls were swollen and swaying, hanging loosely beneath the base of his prick, his scrotum still bare of pubic hair.

Beth was certainly no innocent ingÚnue but her widely parted legs were trembling as she tried to imagine the boy's massive cock fucking deeply in and out of her hotly burning, cunt lips. For a moment she thought it would never fit but then she knew it was no larger than Whilly sometimes was for her. The teen's penis was the hardest she'd ever felt, as if it was a thick cylinder filled with concrete. Her shapely hips rotated down away from the mammoth fuckpole in an instinctive, defensive reaction to the immensity of the threatening cock. Even though she knew better, Beth couldn't escape the fear that the boy's oversized equipment would rip her pussy mouth wide apart and turn her whole lower body into a giant cunt. His cock was so long that she imagined it would fuck all the way up inside her vagina through her belly and between her swollen breasts. And that was what she wanted. She wanted to feel him ram his turgidly throbbing cock all the way to the hilt, wanted to feel the seething mass of sex-heated flesh plunging far back up into her desire-stricken cunt and fuck her into a belly-wrenching orgasm.

Jason was resting on his knees and forearms, holding his cock poised at the hungrily nibbling opening of his dream-woman's gyrating cunt. She was stroking his cock with her warm hands and he knew he could not prolong this wonderful dream any longer. It was more from instinct than from the rudimentary knowledge gained from boy-talk but the fourteen-year-old virgin knew that the ultimate bliss would be achieved by burying his throbbing tool in the beckoning softness of the woman's cunt. Her stroking was making his penis swell even more, now that he had placed it so close to her hotly revolving little cunt, and he wanted to drive it into her searing gushiness all the way to her belly

Beth was writhing in an agony of frustration, her loins aching to be filled by the boy's marvelous monster. She released her gentle grasp of his lust-expanded cock and she heard the boy's sharp intake of breath as he pushed his heavily swollen rod past the quivering, oiled lips of her cunt.

This must be Heaven the boy thought as his virgin cock was engulfed by the hot, snug wetness of the woman's inner body. He lowered his pelvis slowly, afraid he'd awaken, pushing in and stretching the woman's oft-entered pussy like it had never been expanded before. He moaned with pleasure as he wormed his massive opening wide cock up into the soft, sensuous walls of her cunt.

Beth uttered a cry that was halfway between a gasp and a gurgle as she was entered. She felt as though she were being fucked deliciously apart with her virgin lover's monstrously swollen cock. Her whole cunt was on fire as he tucked his cock deeper and deeper up into the hotly seething depths of her pussy. There seemed to be no end to its huge, thick length as he continued to slither it relentlessly up between the gushing folds of her cunt. Farther and farther he drove his cock into her vagina until, finally, he touched the sex-hardened tip of her womb up inside, causing her to constrict her body as a wave of lascivious, lust-enraged pain seared through her love-wracked body.

The sudden and involuntary contraction of the soft sheath that enclosed his throbbing cock was too much for the inexperienced boy. Even though it would undoubtedly end his dream he rammed his cock harder into the woman's lovely, all encompassing body as he felt his sperm pressing against his swollen penis tip with an unbelievable pressure. The boy uttered a loud moan of ecstasy as he felt his cock erupt deep in the wonderful woman's vagina, his sperm spurting forcefully inward, right into the mouth of her womb.

Beth's whole body tightened convulsively, and she arched her hips and her widely stretched pussy lips as high as she could, driving Jason's bucking, spitting cock deeply into her hungrily welcoming cunt. She opened her eyes widely and her mouth emitted a scream of frustration.

"Naaaa... Not yet! Don't cum yet!" Her burning and still unsatisfied need conquered her drug-induced mindlessness. She was suddenly fully conscious and alertly aware that a fourteen-year-old boy was fucking her.

As the heat of orgasm engulfed his young loins and he pumped his sperm up into his dream-woman's body Jason too regained normal consciousness. But in his mind there was nothing normal about the situation he awoke to.

"Miss Safic? Oh no! I'm sorry," he stammered with guilt and fear. Had his evil, sinful daydreams made him somehow force this beautiful angel to submit to his lewd assault? He'd go to Hell. He was sure about that. And maybe to jail, too? He tried to pull away, to draw his now numb engine of sin from the angel's battered body.

"No Jason! No! Don't stop! Not yet!" Beth gasped when she felt the boy begin to withdraw from her unsatisfied fuckwell. She hugged him with her arms around his shoulders and her wrapped long, shapely legs around his hips, pulling his marvelous weapon back into the depths of her cum-sodden interior.

With the virile resilience of youth the boy's once-emptied fucktool remained almost fully expanded and lost little of its rigidity. The beautiful woman's butter soft vagina was molded tightly to his ten-inch tool and he liked it. Loved it. And she said it was OK. And then he suffered another crush of confusion and guilt when he saw his minister on a chair beside the bed.

"It's all right Jason. Sometimes this is not a sin. She needs you to help her fight Satan's temptations."

Wilson's rationale was senseless but the ingenuous boy and the cock-stuffed woman were not at that moment very rational. Beth in fact got an extra fillip of lustful pleasure from being watched and having pictures taken.

Beth Safic had been with quite a few men since her devirgination a decade or so ago but she had never been fucked by such a large cock before, and she was determined that she was going to enjoy every moment, every belly-stretching thrust of the boy's penis up into her seething wet depths. She arched her hips and with her vaginal muscles, drew his cock still deeper into her hotly boiling cunt, pressing it tighter against her inner cunt walls. A blinding flash of white-hot flame seared across her inner eye as his cock tip rammed deeper into her, and instantly he was bobbing his ass up and down, fucking in and out of her with wanton delight, matching her upwardly grinding thrusts with his own plunges deep into her pussy.

Jason's cock was surrounded with the oily softness of Beth's cunt and he delighted in the warm, heated tightness of her cum-lubricated sheath which was moving around in tiny, desire-driven little circles, dragging his cock with it as she strove to wring from his sperm laden balls every drop of his thick, hot sperm that she could.

Young Jason had been a virgin until this moment but instinctively he knew what the woman wanted. His hips rose and fell with a steady rhythm as he fucked this beautiful angel. Her words were not consistent with those of a Christian angel but they added heat to his loins and hastened the resurrection of his libido.

Beth's strong legs tightly gripped the boy's heavy driving buttocks, forcing him tightly against her wildly thrashing body. Each time he rammed his cock deeper into the wildly gyrating hole of her passion-slippery cunt, she felt a fresh wave of intense delight race through her body, a fiery sheet of blazing flame that seared and burned wantonly in her cuntal depths, consuming every thought except the constant ramming and driving of his huge, lust-hardened penis. She thrashed and reeled her hips, driving them upwards to meet his deeply plunging cock, and forced the blood-engorged organ to press tighter against the sensitive hardness of her throbbing clit.

"Fuck me Jason! Oh yes! Fuck me with that wonderful, big cock!" the woman panted aloud to the shocked boy on top of her. "Give it to me Jason. Fuck me hard!"

Beth pulled his face down to hers, opened her mouth and pressed her lips tightly against his, driving her tongue deeply into his throat. The fourteen-year-old boy had never been kissed like this but he reciprocated immediately, winding his tongue wetly around hers and pressing tightly against her warm body. He could feel the sex-hard breast nipples rubbing against his chest, sending lascivious ripples of insane delight searing through his body and resting in his quivering loins.

"I'm... I'm ccccc... ccuummiinngggg! Aaaaaahhhhhh!!" the woman suddenly cried out, the intensity of her cry almost frightening the boy. Her whole body quivered violently, thrashing and tossing on the bed as she felt her whole being swept away in a torrential wash of orgasmic frenzy. The explosion started by Wilson's cunt-pumping screw this morning and enhanced by having this young virgin with his oversized organ finally erupted within her hot-blooded body.

Beth was swinging her hips and ass crazily, tossing and thrashing her body like a woman possessed as Jason quickened his violent cunt fucking. The boy's cock was like a moving torch in her cunt, and she could feel it press against her vaginal walls, the inner membranes tightening with the contractions of climax. Each inward, cunt-lip flattening thrust increased the fires raging nearly out of control in her vagina, and squealed and moaned with unbridled passion.

In the throes of adult passion he tucked his cock deeper and deeper into the seething, flooding chamber of her butter soft vagina, and as she bucked and jerked beneath him. Even though he'd gone off only minutes ago, Jason was feeling his own cum race along the full length of his cock and gather forcefully at the head of the heavily pumping organ. Plunging his cock again and again into the supple warmth of her yielding pussy passage, Jason tightened his teeth and tensed his pubic muscles against the burgeoning rush of semen filling the cum-filled tip of his cock. Each time he drove and rammed his cock deeper and deeper into her hotly spread cunt lips, a fresh wave of sperm pressed against the bulbous, rubbery tip. The first surge of his thick, milky white semen pumped into the depths of Beth's convulsing cunt as he rammed his cock into her fully to the hilt, slapping his heavily erupting balls against the nakedness of her upturned ass.

In an act of wanton lust, Beth arched her legs up and wrapped them around the lower part of Jason's back, driving her hips upwards and stretching her pussy-hole even wider for him to fuck. She locked her ankles around his and thrashed her hips up and down and around in little circles, tossing her body as through she were trying to rid herself of some demon. She bucked and jerked her hips brutally and violently, slapping the hair fringed slit of her hotly cumming cunt against his pussy slapping balls, her actions squeezing his semen bloated cock again and again as she felt her vaginal walls begin to relax to receive the full load of the boy's hot gism. Again and again she tightened her vaginal muscles and milked every drop of his viscous sperm from him delivering it into the very mouth of her womb.

Wilson was amazed and jealous. It was not only the boy's cock-size but also his stamina that caused the minister's envy. This woman was certainly ruined for him and the boy would likely ruin many women once he learned that he was specially endowed. Reverend Wilson wondered which of the young girls in his church was next to be prepared for baptism. Tomorrow at the latest he would have to commence instruction and the ache in his heavy balls told him that the first lesson would be more than just preparation.

Beth felt exhausted. Exhausted and satisfied. Her young lover was still on top of her, his shrinking cock still filling her more than most did when fully erect. And her belly felt heavy with the small lake of semen that his two awesome orgasms had produced. Thank God she was on the pill. That boy delivered his seed right up into the action location and if it was the right time of month he would probably hit the jackpot each time.

The boy in question was bewildered. He'd been taught that this was a sin but Reverend Wilson was here and said it was OK and the wonderful, beautiful woman he as with, inside, connected as intimately as he ever could be had not tried to stop him. She'd encouraged him. She'd used words that he never expected to hear from a woman.

There were a few awkward moments, as Beth and her teenaged lover got dressed. Nothing was said, however although Beth and the minister exchanged meaningful glances that seemed to say that each knew what the other was up to. That is an invalid conclusion.

Beth had no idea of Wilson's intended use of the photographs, believing he wanted them only as 'sexy souvenirs'. And Wilson had no knowledge of the anger that the young woman felt as she regained the memory of this morning's assault on her body. She wanted revenge. She wanted also to have her fourteen-year-old lover again and again and again and she wasn't sure how she would manage that.

As Jason stumbled home, his newly initiated tool empty but still hungry, he wondered it the beautiful woman would look at him again. He knew he was a lucky boy but he didn't really appreciate how lucky he was. The woman, his first lover, was exceptional. The cavernous vagina that Reverend Wilson had been unable to sate had been made for the boy's oversized equipment. He'd been able to hammer her receptive body without restraint and yet not cause any pain or discomfort, a situation he would seldom encounter in the future.

Chapter 16: Showing Shelly How

Suddenly it was Saturday and Beth had accomplished nothing more. She had been exhausted by her coupling with Jason. She'd been totally sated. The fourteen-year-old boy's youthful virility combined with his gargantuan genital gifts had left the lecherous woman for the moment desirous of nothing but restful sleep. Even the presence beside her in bed of the naked and compliant nymphet Leena hadn't tempted her. And since that afternoon with the hugely endowed boy she'd tried to have him again but to no avail. Feeling guilty and afraid of discovery he had hidden whenever the beautiful woman got close and had quelled his raging desires with his hands.

Little Leena was tortured by her precocious libido but she'd been afraid to make the first move on the older woman and had discovered to her dismay that Mr. Best had found another bedmate. On Friday afternoon, however, she had peeked into Ms. Safic's bag and discovered Whilly but she didn't really understand it. She'd opened the box and seen a model of a rather ordinary penis that was notable mainly for the detail including a movable outer skin and veins. There were also a number of little switches and dials on the base but nothing happened when she fiddled with them. Beth had wisely put the power pack in another location in her bag so Leena did not discover what made Whilly more than just a model penis or another dildo.

Mrs. Wilson, like little Leena, had discovered that Mr. Best was sharing a bed with her stepdaughter, Priscilla. While most women would have been outraged at the man's perfidy, the timid woman's reaction was more of curiosity than anger. She had, in fact, returned on Friday night to view the passionate pair as her busty, fifteen-year-old stepdaughter humped the schoolteacher with the abandon of a mature woman. The girl's hip-bucking action was quite different than her own placid acceptance of Mr. Wilson's weekly plunge into her own body and the sight and sound of the coupling caused a resurgence of that same disturbance she often felt just as the good Reverend was anointing her womb with his seed. So far, though, his seed had failed to find a suitable germination site.

The same could not be said of Bob Best's seed. His thoughts of vasectomy came too late. On the very first night when the newly devirginated teen writhed under him, her spasming sheath milking his sperm up into her orgasming body, one of his little wrigglies had found a ripe egg and together they combined to start a sibling for his niece Irene's child.

"We have only a few minutes, Miss Safic. What did you want to see me about?"

Wilson had not really talked to the graduate student since the afternoon when she'd sucked him and fucked the boy Jason. He knew she'd come out of her hypno-drugged state before it was all over but he was not really worried about recriminations. His photos were a good defense against any threats the woman might plan.

"You know damned well why I want to talk to you. I'm going to see you in jail. You drugged me! And you've been abusing young girls, too. I saw how that young girl was the first day I was here. You fucked her. I know you did. And she's not much more than a child!"

"Well, my dear, she's older than this boy," and the preacher displayed a photo of Beth with Jason, her lips stretched around the girth of the boy's cock and another with her legs wrapped around his naked hips while her lips were drawn back in the blissful agony of orgasm. "Don't you think that my word is likely to count for more than the word of a harlot who sucks a young boy's cock and then makes him fuck her?"

Beth knew she was defeated. For the moment. With a grunt of anger she picked up her briefcase and left. Somehow she'd get a ride to Middleville or whatever they called it and get away from this place. But she'd get even. Maybe she had to wait until next year when she was teaching near here but she'd get the bastard. She gritted her teeth as she realized that he was likely going to send photos to Professor Lewis.

Wilson chuckled as the woman left. He had gained some revenge for her ego-busting request for more cock when he was screwing her and he'd be sure that his buddy George had some of the best photos of her, especially when she was sucking his cock and with his semen dribbling from her mouth. But right now he had other things on his mind. He looked at his watch.

Shelly was due here any minute. She was an experiment. A lewdly daring experiment that had been prompted by seeing the graduate student with young Jason. Jason had snapped out of his trance and it had, if anything made it better for the woman so Wilson tried a different tack with this girl.

Shelly West was a rather ordinary twelve-year-old girl. At least she was rather ordinary in most respects. Her breasts were showing nicely but still a lot smaller than the DD size they would become. Her hips were spreading and she had the fuzzy beginnings of a pubic bush. Her legs had filled out so that her thighs were full, her calves shapely.

Whether it was only by chance or perhaps some innate sense that went well with his lechery, Reverend Wilson had selected for this experiment one of the small number of pre-teens who would have been easy marks for the first seducer t come along. Young Shelly, although ordinary in most ways, had an extraordinarily advanced curiosity about matters related to sex. And unlike the similarly curious twelve-year-old girl, Leena, Shelly had no cousin to further her education.

Today was Shelly's third visit to Reverend Wilson's office. The first had been the day after he'd watched Jason give the arrogant grad student the fucking of her life and that episode had triggered the preacher's scheme. Wilson had used a small dose of the hypno potion and molded the girl's drug-softened psyche to his purpose.

Shelly had been every bit as moldable as the unprincipled pastor could desire. Under the influence of the potion she had freely revealed her interest in and ignorance of sexual matters. Wilson had taught her how to masturbate and while he gently frigged her almost hairless, little twat she had, with her warm, little hands released the huge pressure that Beth's sexy display had created.

Yesterday when Shelly returned for another lesson Wilson had, for the first time, tried teaching his young penitent the words that go with uninhibited sex. She had been a star pupil. While she was unable to speak because her mouth was filled by her minister's long prick he had described in crude but lucid terms what she was doing and what he was going to do to her. After her pretty, little mouth had done its sexy duty and she'd swallowed the creamy result the lesson continued. While Wilson's lips and tongue were titillating her soft, virginal pussy, she recited back to him what she had learned.

"I done like you said, Rev'rend," the girl said as she came into Wilson's office. "'Cept it wasn't as good as when you done it."

"That's fine Shelly. Now let's go to the other room. You remember what you're supposed to do, don't you?"

"Yeah, sure," the girl said with a smile as she went through the doorway and began removing her clothes.

Wilson sat on the corner of the desk and watched as the young girl undressed. And it didn't take long because under her coat she wore only a blouse and skirt with no stockings or underwear. Then, with her shapely, young body completely naked, she went to the bed and lay down across it with her legs spread wide.

The horny preacher dropped his pants to the floor and mounted above the naked youngster. Slipping one hand under her smooth, firm bottom he lifted her while with his other hand he slid a thick pillow beneath her. Then, with her young body arched upwards he lowered his hips until the tip of his throbbing tool was touching the smooth-skinned slit that bisected her fat, young vulva.

The girl bit her lower lip, determined that she would not flinch or cry out when her minister put that huge cock inside her little cunt. As she silently mouthed the newly learned words she shuddered with a funny feeling in her belly. Reverend Wilson was going to make her a complete Christian. He was going to fuck her and if she fucked back at him she would be saved for all time.

It was all Wilson could do to keep from shoving his desire-bloated cock into the young virgin right then, impaling her the way he might someone more experienced like the cavernous-cunted graduate student, Beth. However the desire to be able to fuck this sweet young innocent anytime he wanted in the future made him slow his teasing slightly, to work her into a state where she would always want cock, more cock, all the time. He lowered his hips until his rigid penis was brushing against the dampness of her underaged twat, planting his hands on either side of her shoulders so he could look down between their bodies and see her upturned little cuntal split completely exposed to his throbbing shaft, and its narrow hairless little mouth throbbing in lewd invitation. Her smooth inner thighs were held wide apart by the pressure of his thighs pressing tightly outward against her helplessly splayed legs.

Shelly could see the man hovering over her through her passion and drug-filled eyes, and felt the hugeness of his fleshy hardness lying the full length of her excitedly quivering pussy-lips, the jerking head of his cock pulsing, insinuating itself in her in a maddening tease that caused her to twist her hips up toward it automatically, her starving young pussy searching desperately for fulfillment. As instructed, she had teased her sensitive pussy for an hour before she came to the preacher's office, teased it but not all the way. As much as she'd wanted the wonderful, paralyzing feeling she had only brought herself close to but not over the peak. Waiting for the Reverend to make her into a Christian woman.

Wilson pushed forward.

"OOOOOh God." Shelly groaned as the almost hairless furrow around her hungrily throbbing vagina opened, and the elastic barrier of her hymen resisted. Wilson flexed again, driving a little harder at the entrance to her virginity, and then gave a small surge, the cock-head buried in the clasping grip of her cunt acting like a battering ram against the thin defensively resisting hymen. Suddenly, the flimsy membrane split, giving way before the cruel pressure, and with a pain so harsh that Shelly emitted a high-pitched scream; she felt the wound of her virginity gush blood. Wilson liked that, liked the whole damned idea that he was fucking another cherry, and he shoved again, sinking his lust-inflated cock all the way up into her until suddenly, with a low moaning grunt, he hit the tip of her cervix at the back of her vaginal tunnel.

The girl screwed her firm rounded young buttocks down on the mattress in

a futile attempt to escape the sudden impalement, her legs jerking wide and kicking helplessly up in the air.

"Noooo! Reverend! Oh, please, noooo!" Shelly whined, not caring who heard her so long as the pain which was burning deep up in her crowded entrails would stop, but Wilson pinned her down with his body and arms, his hard penis burrowing farther and farther up inside her belly with each further fucking motion. Oh God, she thought hazily to herself, it was alive in her. The smooth rubbery tip pressed hotly against the thinly grasping folds of her womb and was a part of her, and as her beautifully formed face contorted insanely with the agony of his tortuous stabbings, her tongue licking wildly at her slightly swollen lips as she defensively flexed her cuntal muscles to ease the cruelly searing pain. But, her actions only incited the now triumphantly grinning man more, and he rotated his penis eagerly around inside the vainly resisting passage while her cringing young pussy walls clasped it like a warm, butter-filled glove.

Then, as he slowed his assault, and began a smooth, gentle fucking motion between her thighs the pain began oddly to recede, giving way to an electric thrill which first started where the head of his cock was, and then worked its way relentlessly, teasingly, into every nerve fiber in her flesh, until it was sensuously, and with unwanted pleasure, rippling her cunt and contracting her belly and making the berry-like nipples of her breasts harden as never before.

Reverend Wilson was in Heaven. Again. Cherry-Busting Heaven. And this twelve-year-old girl was responding beautifully. She was conscious. She knew what he was doing to her. She was a perfect lay.

"Oohh," the girl whimpered through bared teeth, as frightened of the new sensation as she was of the old pain. Wilson jerked again and with a thin, knowing smile on his lips, watched her mouth drop slackly open.

"Oohhhh!" she gasped as his pumping cock expanded and stretched her newly devirginated young cunt still more. "Oohhh, Reverend! Oh, Reverend, Ooohhhhhh!"

The man felt the involuntary answering throbs of her cunt walls begin around the head of his penis, and her almost hairless little pussy-lips opening and closing now in a slow, pulsating manner as she rotated her hips tentatively to his slowly grinding pelvis. Shelly felt as if her heart was imbedded deep up inside her cunt, and she and Wilson were one fleshy mass of sensation, wickedly pleasurable, merging magically with one another. "Oohhhh," she sighed. "Aaaahhhhh!"

The plundering preacher initiated lengthy, hard strokes into her hotly steaming channel now, the full hard shaft of his incited member sinking deeply up into her ravaged vagina. His shoulders pushed against her and kept her secured in a helpless position, but it was unnecessary now for the suddenly wildly aroused young Shelly West was thrusting up against him, her heavings more urgent and faster by the second, her small white teeth biting hard together as she strained desperately in response, the juices of her deflowered young vagina flowing wildly and rivuleting down between the crevice of her buttocks to pool with the tiny, already drying droplets of blood on the sheet below.

Shelly's feet kicked out again, but this time in pleasure, not pain, a whirlwind of delirious sensations tearing through the girl as half-coherent cries of rising ecstasy tumbled ceaselessly from her open lips and she locked her ankles to his legs and skewered her hot, moist pussy up the full length of the man's plunging cock. Sweat poured from her, and her fingers raked the pounding cheeks of his buttocks, trying to pull him still deeper. She rolled in heat, and the hard penis continued its powerful surging motions, her cunt hole stretched wide and becoming accustomed to it now. She let him fuck her as he willed, wanting to experience everything about sex now, especially what she'd seen when she'd jerked him off. She hungered to take his climactic ejaculation, to feel how his white-hot sperm would shoot up in her and mingle with her own orgasmic secretions.

"Oohhhh, yes, Reverend," she chanted. "Oohhh, oohhh, oohhhh..."

"Tell me better," he hissed. "Tell me exactly what you want!"

"Oh, Reverend... what are you doing to me? I never thought it could be so wonderful! Do it! Do it to me!"

"Say it the right way!" he choked impatiently. "Tell me you like me fucking you!"

"OOOOOh God, I... I like you fucking me!" she whispered but then he levered again and she screamed out passionately: "Oohhh yesss; Fuck me like that! Fuck my hot little cunt!" She burned with a crazy potpourri of passion, desire, and lust, which ran rampant through her greedily writhing body. She didn't care about anything or anybody -- except for Reverend Wilson's raging, surging cock.

"I knew you'd like to get fucked all the time once you had your first taste of it," he gloated over her.

"Oh, yes. You can fuck me, fuck me... Reverend you can fuck me any time you want. Oohhh, this is so wonderful." She was willing to say anything so that he wouldn't stop the magnificent stroking of his hardened cock into her newly awakened vagina. She was shocked to hear what her own traitorous lips were saying, but the only thing that mattered for her desire-maddened mind and body was to be fucked... to be fucked and cum, to reach that apex of ecstasy rising deep within her belly and loins.

"That's my hot little bitch-girl." Wilson crowed, and he surged forward still harder, enveloping her entire mind and body in pressing lusts of the flesh. She turned her face to one side so she could suck in the hot air her aching lungs required, panting with sexual frenzy now that she'd allowed the bridge of a man's cock to cross the chasm between being a child and a woman.

"Fuck... fuck me..." she moaned. "Cum... Cum in me, Reverend..."

"I will. I will, my child." Wilson groaned in reply. "Fuck back harder, baby. I'm almost there. Fuck harder."

Shelly obeyed mindlessly, for she was approaching orgasm as well, and her sweat-drenched body was more animal than human, twisting and contorting crazily under the man's wildly driving penis as she spread her legs and pulled them back, bending them at the knees so that she could buck up against the battering force of his iron-like cock harder and deeper. Her eyes whirled as Wilson fucked into her.

And then Shelly sensed the muscles of Wilson's abdomen tighten against her flesh and she braced herself. This was it. Her first male cum. The first time a man would empty his sperm into her belly. She knew in an illogical flash of thought that it would not be her last time... and then Wilson's penis expanded and she could feel that the whole tube which ran beneath the underside of his penis was bulging with white-hot fluid. He moaned and hissed and then thick semen splashed deep inside her belly, causing her cuntal walls to pulse in time to the rhythmically throbbing spurts, and she shivered and blindly reacted.

Shelly's nostrils flared as she pulled back her thighs until the whole of her pink, cock-filled vaginal slit was presented to the prurient preacher to batter and crush, while her stomach and breasts jerked spasmodically against his belly and chest. She held her breath, only to expel it a moment later as if she had been hit in the gut, and her body collapsed limply onto the bed, her hungrily quivering cunt still locked tightly around Wilson's surging cock.

"You're a wonderful girl," the man sighed as he lay on top of her nakedly quivering body, feeling the wet heat of her cum-flooded passage twitching around his cum-numbed tool. "You have learned your lessons well."

Shelly was pleased by the man's compliment and although her battered, young cunt was tender from its initiation she managed an appreciative wriggle against the belly-filling hardness. "You're a good teacher, Reverend Wilson. When is my next lesson?"

"I'll get word to you, my dear. And don't forget what I told you yesterday. You'll have to help me sometimes when I teach other girls."

"Yeah... I remember." But Shelly was a bit puzzled by the minister's request. And she didn't really want to help another girl get what she'd just had. She wanted her minister all to herself.

Chapter 17: Ravi Ravishes Leena

Leena was a very horny little girl. Her cousin had rudely and inexpertly taken her cherry, her father had inadvertently demonstrated a classier scene of ravishment, her schoolteacher had given her a proper screwing and an older girl, a woman, had shown her what two females could achieve together. So she knew all about fucking (or at least she thought she did) and she loved fucking and she was horny and unsatisfied. And jealous.

The past twelve days had been interesting. Little Leena had seen her father, Reverend Wilson; take his pleasure with her friend Felicity. Then she'd surprised and had her wonderful teacher, Mr. Best. Finally she had experienced the soft delights of Ms. Safic's mouth. But she had a hunger. A hunger for what her older sister Priscilla was getting every night.

It was a new boy in school who gave Leena some relief. And showed her that she didn't know all about fucking. Ravi was older, almost eighteen. His father was a veterinarian hired from India by one of the pig farms and Ravi was going to school in Dorset in order to learn about social customs in his new country. He liked it here but he missed the servants they had in India. And especially he missed what he'd been given by (or taken from) a series of obedient, young servant girls.

Leena had been looking at the brown-skinned youth ever since he arrived. He was beautiful. He was tall, slim and dark haired with fine features and big, brown eyes. Just looking at him made her melt inside. And now that she'd lost Mr. Best she wondered if she could tempt the new boy.

She had no need to wonder. Her small, cherry red mouth and her breasts which under her tight sweater stood out from her chest like two perfectly shaped globes were driving the young man crazy with desire. Back home in India he knew what he'd do if this was a servant girl. But he wasn't back home and this wasn't a servant girl.

The object of the youth's lustful reveries solved the problem. Actually it was her father, Reverend Wilson who solved the problem but he certainly had no idea that he was endangering what little was left of his daughter's chastity.

"Are you a Christian, Ravi?"

"Yes, certainly Leena. All my family are." Ravi looked down at the pretty youngster walking beside him. How old was she? She looked too old to be in grade six. Did she have a kori choot?

"Well Ravi, Daddy has asked us... you know... the regular church goers to bring a new person to church tonight so will you come with me?"

"Certainly, Leena. Chudwayegi?"

"Huh? What did you say?"

"That's just a word for thank you," Ravi said with a smile. What would she do if she knew he'd just asked her to fuck him? God, he was horny.

It was cold and snowy that night and during the service Leena sat as close to Ravi as she could. She was determined to have the handsome youth as her boyfriend and she was sure that if she let him fuck her he'd never want anyone else. But how?

"C'mon Ravi," Leena whispered and she dragged him to the side, away from the rush of people to the exit. Down the stairs into the dark church basement she led him and into the small kitchen where the women prepared for the occasional church suppers.

My God? Is she inviting what I think she is? His eyes adjusted to the darkness and in fact it wasn't that dark. The outside entry light reflected off the snow and through the basement window and as well there were several small ready lights on the kitchen equipment. Ravi could see that the little girl was looking up at him as if the next move was his.

Leena felt herself being lifted from the floor onto the wide table and then the boy's mouth was on hers. The only time she'd ever been kissed by a man was the night Mr. Best fucked her but Ravi was equally skillful. His lips were soft and gentle, his tongue invasive but not demanding. And his hands were busy, opening her blouse, unfastening her brassiere, unsnapping the waistband of her skirt. The twelve-year-old sexpot knew she'd chosen well. The beautiful, older boy knew what he was doing.

"You're lovely, Leena," Ravi said softly as he bared her breasts. "How old are you?" The girl's tits were as close to divine as a set of breasts could be. About the size of grapefruits, they sagged not an inch, standing up firmly and proudly as only the mammaries of teenage girls can do. They were capped with pink aureoles that were barely darker than the surrounding flesh itself. The nipples were small but rigid, just begging for his mouth to suckle them.

"I'm almost thirteen, Ravi. Ahhhh," the girl sighed loudly as the boy's mouth closed over one of her sensitive, turgid nipples.

"Mmmm... I thought you were older. You've bigger breasts than girls you age in my country... much bigger." Ravi eased her skirt and panties down over her hips as she shifted position to accommodate him.

Little Leena was lying on her back; her beautiful cheerleader's legs spread and in the dim light Ravi could see that her vaginal lips were swollen with arousal. He cupped the almost hairless mound.

"I lied to you this afternoon," the youth murmured as he dipped his middle finger into the well-lubricated slit of the girl's preteen pussy. Chudwayegi means 'will you fuck me?'

"Hee Hee," the girl giggled as she pushed up at his invading finger. "I guess you know the answer, don't you?"

"I guess this isn't a kori choot then.?

"That's my pussy. What's kori choot?"

"That's a virgin pussy, Leena. I guess you're not a virgin?"

"Nah... I done it lots. Even with Mr. Best. Are you gonna teach me more words in your language?"

"Maybe, Leena." He let his fingers slowly explore her. They moved across soft, velvety outer lips before finding the warm wetness of her inner lips. She moaned again as he touched her there and then again as he slowly slipped his middle finger inside of her. Her sex was saturated with her musky juices and very tight. He could feel her muscles clenching at him strongly, gripping his finger. He added one more finger and began to slowly push and pull, sliding them in and out, up and down. He let his thumb lightly touch her erect clitoris and she jumped, squealing a little.

With his free hand Ravi pulled his wallet from his pocked and managed to extract a small, plastic wrapped object from it. Then her unfastened his pants and let them drop in a heap around his ankles as he pushed down his undershorts to free his raging erection.

"Sorry Leena but I need both hands for this," the girl heard the older boy say and she raised her head to see what he was doing.

"What's that?" she asked as she saw Ravi opening the little packet and then put something shiny on his beautiful cock.

"It's just a condom, Leena. You've seen them haven't you?"

"Uh, no? What is it? Why are you putting it on?"

"So I won't go off inside you and make a baby." He put the head of his condom covered cock between the youngster's soft cuntlips and pushed forward slowly. Despite the abundance of natural lubrication and the lubricant on the condom he had to force his way inside of her, she was that tight. It took a while to accomplish but soon his entire length was gripped within the snugness of her clenching sheath. He felt her plump mons pressing against his pubic hair and his hugely loaded balls were resting against her upturned butt.

Ravi began to move within the compliant twelve-year-old girl, keeping it slow so as to avoid a premature ejaculation. Very quickly the going became easier as the young girl's body that had been thoroughly stretched by her teacher's thick tool adjusted to having this cock inside of her. Soon he was moving in a delightful friction, a tight, slippery channel that seemed custom designed for his pleasure with the tightness and the allure of youth.

"Hunh... Hunh... Hurry!. Hurry!" the young girl cried out as she felt the electric thrills of orgasm begin within her ravenous, young quim. She brought her legs up around his back, pulling him even harder against her. The spasms began and soon the youth was unloading thick jets of sperm into the thin plastic enclosure of the condom.

"Oh... Wow. I feel better now Ravi. Was it? I? Like... was it good for you too?"

"You're wonderful, Leena. You have a wonderful, tight choot. You made me feel like I had a barda laurda, that's big cock in my language.

Ravi withdrew from the snug enclosure of the girl's preteen pussy and peeled off the cum-loaded condom, letting it drop to the floor with a sodden 'plop'. And then the young girl's hands were on him, tugging and stroking as if urging him to another coupling.

"You have big dudhoos... mammas, Leena... that's breasts... tits." And he fondled the hard-nippled globes while the girl stroked him back to full erection. She was drawing his bare cock closer and closer and the head slipped inside of her at last and, with a gentle tug on her part and a gentle push on his part, he sank down, pushing the rest of him in. Though he had experienced the exquisite tightness of her before, it still came as an altogether pleasant surprise to feel her clutching at him, engulfing him and it was especially delightful with noting between her inner flesh and the skin of his cock. Both sighed as the penetration occurred, as their crotches joined and he began to thrust inward, grinding himself against her body, pushing on the nerve channels that gave her pleasure. They kissed each other hotly as they fucked, his hands squeezing the cheeks of her ass, her hands scratching at his back.

He did not have another condom but a plan was developing in the youth's mind. Little Leena's legs were held high now, her ankle draped over his shoulders and he slipped a hand under her luscious, little bottom. The girl did not realize at first what was going on because the sensations from his slowly pumping cock in her cunt were too intense. Her oily juices had flooded the crevice between her asscheeks and as Ravi pressed in with his forefinger the first joint slid past the tightly clenched pucker with minimal resistance. He pressed harder, pushing his finger in deeper and working it around and around. Leena moaned deeply and thrust her ass down at his finger, encouraging him to stick the invading digit all the way in her rear.

Suddenly the girl started wheezing like an asthmatic and moaning so loudly that it was almost a shout. "Ahhhh! Hunnhh! Oh, god! Yes! Hunnhh! Ooohhhhhh!" She jerked back and forth, slamming her ass against the table hard enough to cause audible smacks as flesh met wood.

Ravi used his free hand to pin the hotly writhing youngster flat. The delightful action of her cock-squeezing cunt threatened to bring him off again and with no condom he couldn't allow that to happen. Not with his bare cock in her vagina.

Leena's second orgasm shook her. Her hips shook and jerked. She let out a rising "Ooohhhhhh!" and then began crying inarticulately, over and over again as her orgasm shot through her in electric jolts.

Popping his finger out her butt at the same time he pulled back and slid his cock out of her pussy, he wrapped a hand around his prick and guided the head up to Leena's butthole. Ravi pushed forward, but the resistance was greater than he had expected, especially since Leena clenched her cheeks, tightened her anal opening, and tried to shrink forward and away from his probing pole. His hard cock ran into a wall and bent painfully.

"Oowww! Stop!" Leena cried. "That's the wrong place!"

The youth hesitated only a moment. "No it isn't," he said. "I'm going to put my cock... my laurda in there. I'm gonna fuck your asshole... your gaand, little girl."

"No!" Leena protested, but there was something less than complete rejection in her tone... perhaps a hint of thrill, of danger, of forbidden excitement. She tried to slide to one side and get away from him but he put a hand in the middle of her pelvis and pressed her down against the table.

Sliding his hand up just under the head of his prick, he pressed forward again, centering the tip in her ass pucker. Her legs were spread wide around his neck, her lush, young pelvis tilted up so that she was totally defenseless.

Stiffening his cock with his hand, Ravi hunched his hips forward again. The tightly clenched rosette of Leena's virgin asshole suddenly bloomed outward, and he saw the head of his dick push inside her.

"Nahhhhh!" Leena yelled. "Oww! Oww! It hurts Ravi, it hurts! Take it out! Please! Pleeeeeeeease!"

The young man didn't take it out, but he stopped pressing forward. He held his position with the bulge of his cockhead trapped inside Leena's tight asshole. She snapped her hips first to one side, then the other, trying to dislodge him, but he stayed with her. She couldn't move downward with her hips pressed hard against the table top and she couldn't move upward without pressing his prick deeper up into her ass.

Leena continued to whine for several moments, but the initial pain of his partial penetration seemed to have eased. She moved her hips up and down a few more times, more to ease the pressure than to try to rid her stretched anal opening of the fat intruder that had taken incomplete possession of it.

When she stopped crying, Leena took a deep and ragged breath.

"That hurt like hell, Ravi," she complained. "Worse than when I lost my cherry. It's a stupid place to do it." But her actions belied her words. She moved her hips again, this time experimentally, in a slow, rolling, twisting motion, rather than in quick jerks that tried to get away.

"I don't have another condom, Leena. It's safe this way and it won't hurt for long. I'll go slow."

"Umm... Oohhh... It's not so bad, now," she whimpered.

In response, he started pressing forward again. Looking down between their bodies, he saw another inch of his cock slide up her asshole.

"Oowwww!" Leena yelped. She threw her head back, eyes clenched shut, her mouth open in a grimace of pain. He stopped again, but again kept his prick where it was. The older boy had a couple of inches up her butt and there was no way she could get away from him now. He was fiendishly, feverishly determined to get his cock into her ass which seemed tighter than any of those he'd had back home in India.

Once again, the pain of his penetration seemed to fade after a few moments. Leena relaxed her tense muscles and Ravi felt the tight ring of flesh that encircled his cock shaft ease slightly. Slowly, millimeter by millimeter, he pushed forward again, goosing his cock relentlessly up Leena's butthole. She winced, as if expecting another jolt of pain, but then seemed to realize it

wasn't hurting as much as it had.

"Oh, god, Ravi, go slow!" she begged. "It's not so bad if you go slow. Wait! Wait, please! Give me a second. Ahhhh. Okay. Okay. Real slow, now. Please. Oh, god! Oh, god! It feels so big in there. My butt is so small and tight. Oh, God, Ravi. Go slow. Ah! Ah! Easy!"

He was creeping in as slow as he could and now almost three quarters of his prick was now up her ass. The feel was incredible. It was similar to sticking it in her pussy, but much tighter and less slippery. Her asstube seemed to clutch at his cock and threatened to skin it right to the bone.

When Leena drew a sharp breath and then whined, he stopped pushing forward and slowly drew back until just the head was still in her butt. Then he moved forward again, still slowly and gradually. He reached the previous point of maximum penetration and smoothly, minutely, slid past it and deeper. Leena's fists clenched tightly and she moaned, but she did not try to move away. Indeed, she held her hips steady now, offering him a firm, solid target.

Ravi got all but an inch up her ass this time before stopping and pulling back again. Leena let out a deep breath that she had been holding when he let up the inward pressure. He let her pant like that for a moment before he began his relentless slide up her asshole again.

Leena made a strange, new sound, a high keening "Eeeeeeeeee!" as he slowly forced his cock deeper and deeper up her butthole, pressing forward into new territory. He felt and saw the split of her hairless pussy press against his stomach. Moving his hands to her hips, he pulled up on them, slowly but persistently, forcing her upward onto his thrusting cock, burying it to the hilt in her ass.

"Arrrrgggh!" Leena moaned. "Hold it! Please, Ravi. Don't move for a second. Just let me get used to it. Please! Hold still for a moment."

The youth was happy to oblige, since he was enjoying the unique pleasure of having his cock wrapped in a young girl's never fucked asshole. Leena's tight anal tube twitched spasmodically every few moments, increasing the already strong pressure that surround his cockshaft in the tightest grip it had ever felt. He spread her asscheeks with his thumbs and pressed forward as far as possible, holding his prick buried all the way in her back channel.

After a while, Leena relaxed. She began to roll her hips around on his cock again. Her breathing was still ragged, but now it was more passion than pain.

The pinioned, twelve year old girl began to pant with juvenile passion as the older boy began to shove in and out of her little ass with more authority. Leena held still at first, holding firm to give him a solid target to oppose his thrusts and gradually her hips movements became more uninhibited, more demanding, more open. She slipped a hand down past her bulging belly and into her snatch. She rubbed her clit for several strokes, then reached down further and felt with her fingers the hard cylinder that was sliding in and out of her ass. Briefly she circled a thumb and finger around the shaft, and then she cupped his balls and squeezed them very gently as if she was an experienced woman. She let go after a few moments and moved her hand back to her notch, where she began rubbing her clit again in time to his movements in and out of her butt.

The man continued to slide in and out of Leena's asshole, gradually increasing the force of his movements. Soon, he was snapping his hips forward to drive his cock all the way up her ass, then dragging it back, only to plunge forward again. Leena was making almost continuous moaning sounds and had begun heaving her hips upward to drive his prick deeper. Between her thighs, her hand was rotating rapidly. She moaned, groaned and whimpered as he fucked her ass with increasing vigor.

He hadn't expected to get Leena off again. he really had no thought about her at all when he had decided to jam his cock up her ass. It was purely for him. He hadn't come yet, and the temptation of her exposed anal pucker had just been too much to deny. But he could tell that the combination of her flying fingers and his deep butt probes had Leena going again. She was whimpering almost continuously, giving out little grunts of passion each time he plunged his cock into the depths of her asshole.

"Oh, jeez, Ravi, you're gonna make me come again," she cried, and, almost before she got it out, began to buck and jerk as her orgasm bolted through her. "Ahhhhhhhhhh, GOD! Oh yessss! It's so good! Ram me, Ravi! Ram your cock up my ass! Doitdoitdoit! Oooh! Oooh! Arrgghhhhhh!"

It was way too much for the young Hindu. He looked down at his cock, jerked his hips back and slammed it home, slapping against her soft ass cheeks. The obscene sight of his rampant bone plunging into her butthole while Leena cried and jerked and shuddered in the throes of her second orgasm sent him plummeting over the edge. Ravi felt the cum boil out of his balls and gush into her spasming asstube. He slammed his prick in and out twice more, then buried it to the hilt, jamming it all the way up her butt, yanking Leena up onto it as the last jets spurted deep into her back tunnel.

The youth fell across Leena's body, keeping his cock deep in her backside. They lay that way for a while, with Leena rolling her hips occasionally to work his prick inside her.

"Did you ever do it that way before?"

"Sometimes, Leena... when I don't have a condom and she doesn't want to... you know... with her mouth."

Leena didn't know and she didn't want to find out either. "Hee Hee. Now you've had your barda laurda in my choot and up my gaand. I like those words better than cock and cunt and asshole. But I better get dressed before Daddy comes looking for me."

Ravi was afraid now. If anyone found out that he'd screwed a twelve-year-old girl they'd send him back to India. But it wasn't like she hadn't wanted it, was it? He'd just have to be careful.

Chapter 18: Caught in the Act

They say that unless we learn from it, history tends to repeat itself. This certainly proved to be the case for Bob Best, the boarder in the Wilson household and for others in the family also. Bob, however, may not have particularly regretted being a slow learner in this regard.

It had been a quiet fortnight since Beth Safic had gone back to the city to complete her dissertation and give her thoroughly plumbed pussy a rest. Fourteen-year-old Jason Jenkins' cock was no larger than Whilly could achieve but he was hot flesh, not artificially warmed plastic. And, although he didn't have the endless stamina of a Whilly machine, he had the fresh, indefatigable libido of a healthy, young teen. During the two couplings that Beth had arranged on her own the boy had satisfied her beyond her expectations and she could hardly wait until the next school year when she'd begin teaching in the neighboring village of Middleville. She'd have him again and who knows, maybe there were other similarly endowed, young farm boys in the village?

Anyway, enough of Ms. Safic's lusts, realized and yearned for. The facilitator of her liaisons with young Jason, Reverend Wilson, had gone off to the city to meet and gloat over his university pal, Professor Lewis. On this night Mrs. Wilson had attended prayer meeting with little Leena but Priscilla had begged off because of homework. The schoolteacher seldom attended anyway so his absence wasn't noted.

The service had been unbearably boring. In Reverend Wilson's absence one of the Deacon's was giving the address and it was not only difficult to understand but of doubtful relevance to this particular community. Shortly after he began to speak in his drawly, scratchy voice, Lucinda leaned over and told Leena that she had a headache and had to leave. And this didn't bother Leena at all.

In fact, Leena thought that her stepmom's early departure was a good thing. The sexually precocious but not especially religious youngster was being an ambassador of sorts. Ravi's overweight, fourteen-year-old sister, Madhuri was having trouble adjusting to the customs and people of her new country but she had formed an attachment to Leena. The little blonde had become Madhuri's idol and the other girl could not help but see it.

Ravi had really enjoyed fucking little Leena but he was afraid to be seen with her. She was too young and he was sure the other boys would torment him without mercy. Madhuri's fixation on Leena provided an opportunity for contact and tonight the blonde had invited his sister to come to the prayer meeting. Ravi had accompanied his kid sister because he was worried that the promiscuous blonde might lead his little sister down the same road. Even though Madhuri was almost two years older than Leena, the younger girl was much more worldly. He very much wanted to fuck Leena again but he was equally determined that Madhuri would retain her kori choot until she could be given to the man to whom she'd been promised by their parents.

As soon as her mother left Leena moved over to sit between Madhuri and her brother. With the rising for hymns, the head-bowing for prayers and the hustle and bustle of various people becoming carried away by the Spirit of the service Leena had lots of opportunity to rub and snuggle and tease the older boy and, by the time the service was over he (and she) were afire with adolescent lust.

When Lucinda arrived home everything was quiet. She could see a light under the boarder's door and assumed that he was in there reading or doing schoolwork. There wasn't any light showing under Priscilla's door and the woman concluded that her stepdaughter had gone to bed early. Had she looked in on the girl at that moment the story may have been very different.

Mrs. Wilson did not have a headache. She had left the church service because she didn't really enjoy it. Now she had a feeling of freedom. It was as if she was alone in the house with no responsibilities. Slowly she took off her clothes and putting on her short, terrycloth bathrobe, she went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Lucinda's libido was generally well suppressed. Sometimes she was disappointed when Mr. Wilson finished his weekly demand that she submit to him. She felt as if she might regain that vaguely remembered bliss she had experienced once when she was first married. But she suppressed those thoughts. They were sinful. And she was remiss in her duty for she had not yet provided her husband with a male heir.

She was not going to provide Ebenezer with a male heir either. The promiscuous preacher was, among other things, having a vasectomy while visiting Professor Lewis. He had no particular desire for an heir and in fact for several months he had been using condoms during his weekly servicing of his wife. His extra-marital liaisons were a different matter. He didn't want to have anything between his organ and the tender flesh of his young conquests, especially when that flesh was an inviolate hymen. There had been a few pregnancies that he had covered up by rushing the girl's pending marriage or setting up one of the local boys to take the rap but this might not always be possible. And therefore the vasectomy.

Mrs. Wilson let the robe slip from her shoulders onto the floor and stepped into the tub enclosure. She adjusted the water temperature and washed herself all over, thoroughly. The showerhead was removable, connected with a hose. After completing washing herself Lucinda took the moveable head, increased the water temperature as hot as she could bear and adjusted the showerhead to a heavy, pulsating spray.

The preacher's wife had discovered only a few weeks ago that the hot water gave her some very pleasurable sensations when she directed the pulsating spray at certain parts of her anatomy. It always left her with the same feeling of disappointment she sometimes had when Reverend Wilson completed his weekly ritual coupling and she hadn't yet learned that the showerhead had the ability to give her a blissful experience similar to the vaguely remembered one from long ago.

Priscilla's bedroom was far enough away from the bathroom that Bob and she did not hear the sound of the shower. They believed that they were alone in the house for the first time since Bob had introduced the buxom sixteen-year-old girl to the pleasures of sinful sexual congress. During the interim they had fucked lots but it was always with the fear that someone might hear. Tonight the schoolteacher was free to hammer his luscious, busty companion without worrying about squeaking bedsprings and young Priscilla was able to momentarily escape the fear that her sinful behavior would be found out.

Bob Best was determined that tonight would be memorable for his pneumatic, young partner. In her unlit bedroom he had buried his face in the hairy nest between her legs and given her thrills like she'd never felt. It was fortunate that the culmination of that stage of their coupling occurred after Mrs. Wilson entered the shower or she most certainly would have heard her stepdaughter's shrill cries of completion. Bob had then mounted his lovely, buxom and fast-learning companion and commenced a slow, deep-thrusting fuck of her voluptuous form.

Lucinda, still damp from the shower, loosely wrapped in her terrycloth robe, her knees wobbly from the frustrating caress of the shower spray, was on her way back to her bedroom when she heard a strange series of soulful groans coming from the direction of Priscilla's room. Was the girl ill? She didn't feel much like taking care of a sick child but it was her duty so, still somewhat puzzled, she walked over to the bedroom door, which was now standing slightly ajar.

The preacher's wife held her breath listening. There it was again, weird sounds like someone in pain. 'Please God, don't let it be serious', she said under her breath as, her heart thudding, she crept silently closer to the door. She didn't want Priscilla to think she was spying but, very slowly, she pushed the door open wider and as she did the light from the hallway fell across the girl's bed.

Lucinda saw in that single instant the nude jumble of arms and legs, white and glistening with sweat, that thrashed and writhed on the bed; she saw the wide, hirsute, wildly pumping buttocks of a man who could only be the schoolteacher, Bob Best flailing between the upraised and widely spread thighs of a woman who could only be the innocent, young Priscilla. She couldn't see either of their faces, but she knew who they had to be.

The prudish, sexually unawakened woman recoiled in horror as she saw her stepdaughter's stout legs kick out in the air and lewdly wrap themselves around the schoolteacher's upper torso, presenting up her naked crotch in wanton sacrifice to his frenzied thrusts as she approached her orgasm under his pistoning, thundering cock.

The watching woman's horror dissolved to shock and her hands went instinctively to her own heavy breasts and the soft, wetly swollen flesh between her thighs. She felt ill... or something. She had a nauseous feeling in the pit of her stomach and as her hands moved without conscious direction to maul her sex-starved flesh she uttered a low, distressed moan.

The big man raised his upper body from the girl, breaking the stranglehold of her strong legs around his back and he hammered her grunting body with long, firm thrusts. Priscilla's big breasts jumped and jiggled with each thrust as she finally uttered a long shrill cry of orgasmic ecstasy.

Mrs. Wilson had never seen, let alone experienced anything like the passion the sixteen-year-old girl, her stepdaughter was displaying. And it was contagious. The strange nausea in her belly blossomed into an even stranger heat and her fingers dug into the wet, pulpy seat of her condition. A series of short, whimpering cries escaped her gaping mouth and she collapsed to the floor on her knees.

Bob Best had been enjoying the uninhibited response of the voluptuous girl who was panting and gasping beneath him. He was close to his own climax but was determined that he would give the buxom innocent beneath him one more orgasm before he exploded and pumped his sperm up into her snugly fitting vagina. And then he heard the sound at the door.

The effect of seeing his landlady, the stepmother of the youngster he was fucking, was quick and negative. The blood rushed from his cock and the softened fleshtube slipped out of the girl's juicy cunt as she writhed and jerked in the aftermath of her climax. Bob was terrified.

The woman was embarrassed. She'd been caught spying on two people doing what God meant to be a sacred act. She got shakily to her feet and ran to her bedroom. As she stumbled down the hallway she regained perspective and her embarrassment changed to anger. Mr. Best, the schoolteacher, had violated her stepdaughter. He'd raped her. But even as her anger grew she knew that Priscilla was not making any attempt to escape. How long had this been going on? She fell across her bed, not even conscious of the fact that her robe had dropped from her shoulders while she was in the doorway and she was now completely naked.

What was he going to do? Bob was scared. He got off the bed, leaving his naked partner looking up at him with sex-dulled eyes. She didn't know what had happened and wondered what she'd done to displease her teacher. What could she do to get him back?

Bob made his way down the hall to Mrs. Wilson's bedroom. Maybe if he promised never to do it again she would keep quiet. He shuddered at the thought of Reverend Wilson's anger. And what if they found out he'd also fucked little Leena? Oh God.

The woman was embarrassed. She'd been caught spying on two people doing something very private. She got shakily to her feet and ran to her bedroom. As she stumbled down the hallway she regained perspective and her embarrassment changed to anger. Mr. Best, the schoolteacher, had violated her stepdaughter. He'd raped her. But even as her anger grew she knew that Priscilla was not making any attempt to escape. How long had this been going on? She fell across her bed, not even conscious of the fact that her robe had dropped from her shoulders while she was in the doorway and she was now completely naked.

What was he going to do? Bob was scared. He got off the bed, leaving his naked partner looking up at him with sex-dulled eyes. She didn't know what had happened and wondered what she'd done to displease her teacher. What could she do to get him back?

Bob made his way down the hall to Mrs. Wilson's bedroom. Maybe if he promised never to do it again she would keep quiet. He shuddered at the thought of Reverend Wilson's anger. And what if they found out he'd also fucked little Leena? Oh God.

Bob knew he was in trouble when he saw his landlady lying prone in all her voluptuous nakedness on the bed. Oh God. She'd been so upset by seeing him fucking her stepdaughter that her robe had fallen off.

"Please... Mrs. Wilson... can we talk?"

Lucinda rolled over then and became suddenly aware of her nakedness. She clasped a sheet in a futile attempt to cover her ample charms as she made a half-whimpered protest. "Mr. Best... Sir..." she stammered guiltily. What was foremost in her somewhat slow mind was not that the schoolteacher had been fucking her sixteen-year-old stepdaughter right here in her own house. What concerned her was that the man had seen her naked and now was standing in front of her without any clothes on either. "Please... I didn't mean to... to spy on you, Sir," Lucinda mumbled, her voice quavering.

As fast as the fear-induced rush of adrenalin had caused the blood to leave his erectile tissue, the sight and sound of the timid, docile woman brought it rushing back. The woman's eyes widened in shock as the man's limply dangling tool became suddenly larger and rose up to stick out at her in a terribly threatening manner. Although her husband had been inside her almost every week during the years of her marriage it had always occurred in the dark and she had never before seen a man's cock, soft or hard.

Bob's fear of being reported melted away as quickly as his organ swelled and hardened. With no preliminaries he fell across the woman's body, yanking the sheet away and forcing his knees between hers. His mouth covered hers with a firm and bruising kiss, pressing his lips firmly against hers and worming his tongue deeply into the warm confines of her mouth.

Lucinda had not been kissed like this since Reverend Wilson had first tried to seduce her, before he gave up and decided he might as well marry her. Her whimpered objection was stifled by the man's mouth-filling tongue and she was able only to push futilely at his shoulders.

Pinning her naked body to the bed with the weight of his hips Bob slid his arms down the curves of her wide hips and gripped her firm, well-rounded buttocks, pulling her hungrily against his body. The na´ve woman could feel his massive rod of swelling cock-flesh pushing against her and she could feel also the hotly burning juices of unwilled desire seeping through her cuntal opening as the schoolteacher kneaded her malleable ass cheeks, pulling her tighter and tighter against him. Then, when he wedged his hand between their bodies and ran his finger along her hotly throbbing cunt lips, Lucinda tightened her body and gasped as she felt a rush of blazing fire race through her entire vagina as her boarder screwed his middle finger deeply up into her hotly engulfing cunt walls.

If he'd ever had any doubt that he'd get into this voluptuous beauty it disappeared while, opening his hand, he impaled her wetly seething vagina fully, driving his finger deeper and deeper up into the slippery wet opening of her hotly aroused pussy. Still stifling her protests with his mouth, his other hand gripped tightly at her ass-cheeks, probing between the warm fleshy orbs of her buttocks and teasing at the tightly puckered little circle of her asshole.

It was going to be quick. Bob had built up an explosive head of liquid lust while fucking Priscilla and he knew that he could not last long once he was inside this latest conquest. But he sensed from her reactions that, whether she admitted it or not, she too was ready.

"Nooo... hannh... doonn't... hannh... noooo," the chaste woman pleaded in a soft, weak voice when her assailant broke off the kiss and rose up from her helpless body, one hand still fingering her steamy twat. And then she saw him again... saw his massive cock bobbing like a stubby flagpole just above her hotly burning, cunt lips. She knew he was going to push it into her and for a moment she thought it would never fit. The schoolteacher's organ looked so long that she imagined it would enter all the way up to the bottom of her belly inside her vagina.

Lucinda's whole body seemed as though it was on fire, and the fire was centered in the depths below her bulging belly. The schoolteacher was rubbing his finger against her vaginal walls, sending ripples of lascivious delight coursing through her body. The man's skillful hand was squeezing and mauling her wet, puffy cuntflesh, making lewd sounds as he rubbed his flattened palm firmly against the lubricated pussy opening, and as he wormed another finger into the burning, aching cuntal lips, the preacher's always faithful wife uttered a seething hiss despair as a wave of wanton lust washed through her body.

The legs he'd forced apart with his knees were no longer reluctantly spread. They were now splayed wide apart, bent at the knees as she instinctively tilted her broad pelvis for something other than the finger that were teasing her ravenous cunt. Removing his fingers from her vagina and holding his cock in his hand, he ran the smooth rubbery head along the wetly pulsing slit of Mrs. Wilson's swollen pussy.

"Nooo... nooo... nooo," Lucinda moaned but her lewdly sprawled body that was thrashing about below the hugely threatening manmeat belied her protests. Momentarily resting on his knees and forearms, holding his cock poised at the opening of the woman's fat pussy Bob took a deep breath and lowered his pelvis slowly, pushing his heavily swollen rod inch by inch past the quivering oiled lips of her cunt, stretching her tight pussy opening wide with the girth of his massive cock. Slowly he wormed it up into the sensuous soft, walls of her cunt as she moaned, "Nooo... Naaa... Aaahhh."

Lucinda felt as though she were being fucked deliciously apart with the schoolteacher's monstrously swollen cock. Her whole cunt was on fire as he tucked his cock deeper and deeper up into the hotly seething depths of her pussy. Although her husband's organ was longer there seemed to be no end to this man's huge, thick length as he continued to slither it relentlessly up between the gushing folds of her cunt.

"Naahhh... sinnn... sinnnn," the preacher's wife moaned, distressed more by the fact that she was experiencing never known thrills of pleasure than by the fact that she was committing adultery. Farther and farther the man drove his cock into her vagina until, finally, he touched the sex-hardened tip of her womb up inside, causing her to constrict her body as a wave of lascivious sensation seared through her ravished body.

Bob's cock was surrounded with the buttery softness of Lucinda's cunt and he delighted in the warm, heated tightness of her masturbation-lubricated passage. She was almost as tight as her sixteen-year-old stepdaughter who was, by now, more frequently fucked than the preacher's wife. He began, slowly at first and then with increasing speed to fuck the voluptuous woman and, although he could hear her panting moans of denial, he felt her broad hips begin to rise and fall beneath him as she fucked back.

A surging rush of intensely fiery liquid heat coursed through the preacher's wife, racing along her quivering thighs and circled her cunt. She had never been fucked by such a thick cock before and every belly-stretching thrust of the man's penis up into her seething wet depths sent new thrills coursing through her. She arched her hips and her vaginal muscles involuntarily pulled his cock still deeper into her hotly boiling cunt, pressing it tighter against her inner cunt walls. A blinding flash of white-hot flame seared across her inner eye as his cock tip slipped deeper into her, and then he was bobbing his ass up and down, fucking in and out of her with wanton delight, matching her upwardly grinding thrusts with his own plunges deep into her pussy.

Lucinda was making lewd, throaty moans in time with the wild, rhythmic fucking motions of her boarder, and she undulated her hips against his, her nakedly spread asscheeks slapping hard up against his semen-filled testicles as they bounced against her upturned bottom. Her widely parted thighs were trembling as ripple after ripple of lust washed through her body, a blissful pain of wanton desire, desire for nothing except the constant ramming of the schoolteacher's massive cock. She was panting in rhythm to his fucking, making short moaning sounds as she began to feel her vaginal walls constrict around the thundering, plunging prick

Bob felt his cum race along the full length of his cock and gather forcefully at the head of the heavily pumping organ. He tightened his pubic muscles and held his breath as he felt that, with each long hard fuck up into the buttery softness of the woman's slippery hole, the sperm he had been ready to flood into Priscilla's sixteen year old cunt would gush into the older but delightfully snug fuckwell of the schoolgirl's stepmother. Lucinda's pussy lips were grasping tightly on his deeply fucking organ but, plunging his cock again and again into the supple warmth of her yielding pussy passage, Bob tightened his teeth and tensed his pubic muscles against the burgeoning rush of semen. Each time he drove and rammed his cock deeper and deeper into her hotly spread cunt lips; a huge wave of sperm seemed to press against the bulbous, rubbery tip.

"Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh," the minister's wife panted as she felt fresh waves of intense delight race through her body, fiery sheets of blazing flame that seared and burned wantonly in her cuntal depths, consuming every thought except the constant ramming and driving of her boarder's huge, lust-hardened penis. She thrashed and reeled her hips, driving them upwards to meet his deeply plunging cock, and forced the blood-engorged organ to press tighter against the sensitive hardness of her clitoral bud.

For the second time that night, history was about to repeat itself. The bedroom door was wide open and, as little Leena came up the stairs, she could not help but hear her stepmother's breathless moans and whimpers. She looked through the open doorway and saw the schoolteacher's bare, white ass bobbing up and down between the widespread legs of her stepmother.

Then, just as Leena appeared in the doorway Lucinda arched her legs up and wrapped them around the lower part of Bob's back, driving her hips upwards and stretching her pussy-hole even wider for him to fuck. She locked her ankles around his and thrashed her hips up and down and around in little circles, tossing her body as through she was trying to rid herself of some demon. She bucked and jerked her hips brutally and violently, her actions squeezing the man's semen bloated cock again and again as she felt her vaginal walls begin to pulsate. Her whole body tightened convulsively, and she arched her widely stretched pussy lips as hard as she could, driving

Bob's near bursting cock deeply into her quivering, thrashing cunt as her whole body was engulfed by the torrential wash of lust and bliss. She opened her eyes widely and her mouth emitted a scream of unwilled, guilty delight. "Oohhh Sirrrr... Oohhh Yesss... Yeesssss... Aaaaaahhhhhh!!"

Little Leena gritted her teeth with jealousy and anger. This was not supposed to happen. Not with both Lucinda and Priscilla.

Bob felt the woman's body tighten and tense, and he knew that he, too, was cumming, and no power on earth would be able to prevent it. Again and again he fucked his cock deeper and deeper into the seething, spasming chamber of her butter soft vagina, and as she bucked and jerked her body beneath his, he felt that his sperm was pressing against the swollen penis tip with an unbelievable pressure. As he felt his cock being massaged by Lucinda's contracting passage he rammed his cock deeper to erupt deep in

her vagina, spurting his sperm forcefully inward into her womb. As he blasted his semen into the deepest reaches of her body the woman went limp, her legs untangling from his as if she was opening herself to take the monumental flood of his semen far up into her open belly.

The schoolteacher lay there exhausted, his tool bathed by the viscous, sperm-laden semen that he'd pumped into the preacher's wife. Lucinda was equally exhausted but, unfamiliar as she'd been with the debilitating ecstasy of orgasm, she was only semi-conscious. The man's heavy weight atop her and the cunt-filling sensations from his slowly deflating fucktool made her feel loved and secure.

Leena looked at them for the longest time, tears of anger and disappointment trickling down her cheeks.

Chapter 19: Possibly Pregnant

Leena Wilson was angry. Frustrated and angry. She was angry at Ravi because he had turned down her not very subtle invitation to have sex with her again. And, not only had he turned her down, he virtually told her she was a slut. She'd get even for that. She didn't know how but she would. And she was mad at his prissy kid sister, the reason Ravi wouldn't have sex with her and the 'good girl' he compared her to.

And now she was angry with her stepmother, too. Not angry because the woman was cheating on Leena's Daddy, Reverend Wilson. He deserved that because he cheated all the time. She was mad at her because as she grunted and moaned and wrapped her legs around Mr. Best, she was getting what little Leena had been sure she herself would get tonight.

Finally and perhaps most of all she was angry with Mr. Best, her schoolteacher and the one who had shown her how much fun and pleasure a girl could have from a good fuck. She wasn't jealous. She knew he was fucking Priscilla regularly and she didn't care if her fucked Lucinda as long as he would once in a while fuck her too. And tonight she really needed it.

The watching thirteen-year-old girl absentmindedly let her hand drift down between her legs and under her wet-crotched panties to cup the puffy moistness of her hungry, young pussy.

Earlier that evening, as soon as Lucinda left the church service, Leena had led Ravi and Madhuri out of the main meeting room and down to her father's office. Then, leaving Ravi behind in the office, she'd taken his sister with her to the peeping corridor from where they could watch Ravi.

"This is our secret, Madhuri. Maybe sometime if you can sleep over with me I'll show you what Daddy does here in the office... when he thinks nobody can see him. Now, wait here while I go talk to Ravi... Hee Hee... And you can see what Ravi and I do when we're all alone."

Leena was pleased and flattered that the foreign girl was so obviously looking up to her even though Madhuri was almost two years older. She wanted to show off for her and although proud of her own shapeliness she was envious of the other girl's large breasts. The handsome, dark-skinned boy was leaning against her father's desk when she returned to the office.

"Where's Madhuri?" Ravi looked past Leena at the door, wondering where his sister was.

"She's safe, Ravi. I left her in a secret room Daddy has... with some stuff she can look at." The young teen sidled closer to the older boy. He'd only made love to her once. At least only once in the proper way. He never had a condom and that meant that she had to let him go in her bottom. She liked it OK but she really wanted to be made love to in the right place.

Ravi gently cupped the little girl's bulbous bottom with one hand and a full, round breast with the other. "Are you sure she won't catch us?"

"For sure, Ravi. And... like... it's safe tonight, too. You know? Like, you can do me right?" The precocious juvenile pulled his fly open and plunged her long fingers inside. She searched under the elastic of his jockey shorts until she found the rigid shaft of his cock. It felt damp and very, very hot. She began to squeeze the spongy tip and massage the skin up and down.

"Leena... Jesus! Ohhh Jesus Christ!" Ravi could not stifle his unreligious exclamation as the girl played with his swelling cock.

Leena could feel the blood rushing to his balls and cocktip. His shaft was throbbing how, pounding forcefully against her palm as she jacked him. She felt his belly go hard, watched his eyes roll in his head. He choked on a breath and fell back against the side of the desk.

"You'll do me, won't you? In my pussy?" Leena grabbed one of the boy's hands and drew it between her legs. "It's exactly fourteen days since my last period, Ravi. So it's safe. Even if you don't have a condom I can't get pregnant."

Ravi wonered if Leena was that ignorant about baby-making. God. Her most vulnerable time. Did she want to get knocked up?

The top of the boy's slacks came unbuttoned and fell halfway down his thighs. Leena could see the heavy orbs of his balls swinging back and forth as she worked the skin of his tumid cock. She found herself staring at the tiny slitted opening at the tip of the head. And she felt him get tense. No! Oh Damn! He was going to go off!

Madhuri had her eye pressed to the little opening and she watched breathlessly as her friend did unspeakable things to her brother. Leena's naivetÚ paled in comparison to that of her idolizing friend. The fourteen-year-old girl had never dreamed that her friend would touch her brother in the way she was. Nor did she understand what her new friend meant about being safe, let alone know that Leena's ideas of procreational safety were totally at odds with reality.

"Leena... Leena... Leeeenaa!" Ravi rasped, hands going to the little girl's shoulders as his eyes rolled shut. The first appearance of gism was only a bubble. It was followed by a rivulet of foamy white and then came the big surge. A thick streak of jizz leaped into the air and splattered loudly on the top of the preacher's desk. Ravi's face looked torn between absolute pleasure and excruciating pain. Maybe because at the first leap of seed, Leena had become so interested in the way his prick was pumping that she'd stopped working the skin up and down the shaft. She started the rhythmic milking again and another flood of hot curds rolled thickly from the little opening. They dribbled down over her knuckles, down into the curls around Ravi's balls until at last the drops splattered down to join the growing puddle between his feet.

"Yuckk," she whispered, seeing the sticky, slimy strings of the boy's cum hanging between her fingers. She wiped them against his shirt and shuddered a little, her fascination quickly gone. How did all that snotty-looking stuff make a baby, she wondered. And yet even with the aversion she felt for its consistency, something about its slickness, its aroma, made an unexpected thrill tremble through her. Ravi had pumped that stuff up her bottom and Mr. Best had put it in the right place.

Madhuri couldn't believe what she'd seen. It was repulsive but at the same time it gave her a funny feeling in her belly. Her brother had looked odd, afraid yet happy in a way she'd never seen. Her friend had made him that way and the Indian girl wished that she could give her brother the same kind of joy.

"Dammit Ravi. Now I'm gonna be hung out with nothin'" Leena whined as the boy pulled up his pants. "Can't you... like... use your fingers on me?"

"I don't want Madhuri to see anything. Indian girls... the nice ones... they don't ever do this until they're married." And then, as if he suddenly realized what he'd said, Ravi stuttered, "But you're nice, Leena... it's just... it's different with girls like Madhuri."

"Yeah, sure," the girl said disgustedly. Ravi was good looking but he was never going to get close to her again. And already a plan to get even with him was germinating in her mind.

Bob got off the loose-limbed woman as she lay quivering and twitching from the first truly satisfying fuck of her life. She watched dully as the man's thick tool swayed and sagged and then he left. She felt guilty, a sinner, but she was fatigued with a tremendous lethargy and her belly felt heavy from the sinful act she had just allowed.

Leena moved quickly out of the way as her schoolteacher left her stepmother's room and walked naked to the bathroom. She heard the wet sound of him urinating and then the softer sound as he turned on the shower.

Priscilla had been in the throes of orgasm when Lucinda had interrupted the nighttime pleasure she liked more and more. When Mr. Best dismounted she had been disappointed and, as she returned to earth from the heaven of sexual bliss she was also somewhat afraid. But then she dozed off and was completely unaware of her lover's activities. When her sister peeked in she was lying naked but mainly covered by the bedsheet. What would Priscilla say if she awakened her and told her that Mr. Best had just fucked their stepmother? Leena paused for a minute or so but left her blissfully asleep.

Bob finished his quick shower and, exhausted by his marathon lovemaking session with Priscilla and then Lucinda, he fell asleep immediately. Little Leena was not at all sleepy. Or tired. But she was horny. She was as horny as a thirteen-year-old girl can be. And frustrated. The unplanned handjob she'd given Ravi added to her frustration but there was no way that the Indian boy was going to get into her again.

Leena looked in again at her stepmother. Lucinda was still lying flat on her back, her pelvis tilted by the natural cushions of her lush buttocks. In the light from the hallway Leena could see the creamy trickle of excess semen oozing from the pink, vertical gash of the woman's twat.

What the peeping girl couldn't see was the sperm-loaded semen that was not oozing out. With the natural tilt of the woman's pelvis, the mouth of her cervix that the man's bulbous knob had so recently been battering was now resting in the pool of viscous gism that he'd pumped into her. Neither could little Leena see the multitude of sperm swimming into Lucinda's cervix and seeking a lifelong partner. The chances were slim but an egg that was propitiously released just before the boarder had blasted his gism into the spasming vaginal channel would soon complete its journey successfully and Lucinda, like her stepdaughter Priscilla, would be knocked up.

Leena was now mad at everyone. Lucinda, Priscilla, Ravi, Mr. Best and even Madhuri although she really had no reason at all to be mad at the young Indian girl. She went to the schoolteacher's room. He was sprawled naked atop the bedclothes, his penis just a small, limp sausage dangling over the bulge of his gonad container.

Leena went to her room, undressed and went to bed. But she couldn't sleep. She lay there and played with her pussy but masturbation seemed totally inadequate to the thirteen-year-old girl after giving Ravi the satisfaction of a handjob and seeing her stepmother being fucked. She fingered her clit and reached the toe-curling stage that immediately preceded orgasm but the emptiness of her young pussy seemed to block her climax. Finally she dozed.

It was the middle of the night, three or four A.M., when Leena awoke from her restless sleep. And she awoke with the female equivalent of a hard on. Her juvenile loins ached with desire even more than when she'd gone to sleep. Her long-lashed eyes fluttered open and her hand slid familiarly down to her moistly swollen vulva. Without a sound she rose from the bed and padded in bare feet to the schoolteacher's bedroom.

Bob Best was asleep. But not all of him. Even though his thick cock had been well and truly massaged by sixteen-year-old Priscilla's snug fuckwell and then by her chaste stepmother's equally snug twenty-something passage his organ was standing up like a flagpole. When the thirteen-year-old girl approached the bed he heard something and his eyes opened.

The only light was from the hallway but it was enough to show off the girl's ripe, young shape. Although Bob had fucked two women (or one woman and one girl) that night he had gone off only once and his testicles were once again heavy with life-giving fluid. As the horny youngster arrived by his bed he got up quickly.

Leena was suddenly apprehensive as her teacher pushed her down and onto her back. He grabbed her legs and pulled her to where her lush, little ass was just on the edge of the bed and her pussy was just hanging over it. Bob held her legs high in the air and spread them wide apart. His cock thrust out just in front of her pussy. Wet from fingering, the almost hairless labia gaped open, inviting his cock to plunge between them, into the juicy depths of Leena's precocious womanhood. The schoolteacher inserted just the head

of his cock into the pulsing, throbbing opening and holding it in one hand, he swirled it around and around, teasing the sensitive softness of the young girl's sopping pussy. Leena moaned breathlessly, "Oh, do it, Sirrrr! Do it to me! Fuck your little schoolgirl hard!"

Looking down at the thirteen year old girl Bob plunged his stiffened manhood into her adolescent opening in one hard stroke, pushing in until the head of his cock lodged against her cervix. He could hardly believe how tight she was and how hot her pussy was as it clung and grasped at his cock, trying to keep it locked within its depths. He withdrew all the way out until his cock-head was just inside her cuntlips and then plunged in again. The little teen's hips drove up to his as he drove down to her. Their strokes met hard, each grinding their sexes into the other. "Oh, yes... yes... hard... hard!," Leena moaned in a just audible whisper

Three of them in one night, the man mused as he savoured the youngest of the trio. He'd had a mother and her two daughters before but never all three in the same night. Never mind that Lucinda was not their biological mother, it was still lewdly exciting.

The shapely, little thirteen year old pushed up against the older man as he began the see-saw, up and down motion, twisting his pelvis so as

to increase the pleasure. And pleasure it was. Despite his having only a short while ago pumped his potent sperm up into this girl's stepmother, his cock was anxious to ride to the peak again, to climb to new climatic heights. And now that Lucinda had released the pressure of his need he felt he could fuck forever.

Bob used his thrusting cock as a pusher to move the girl over the bed and then he lay down on her and rubbed their naked bodies together. Though the house was cool they were both already slick with perspiration and their sweaty skins slipped and slid against each other. Leena's firm, upthrust breasts were slick and slippery and they turned in little circles against his hairy chest. Wet belly slipped against wet belly and pubic hair wet with their juices interlocked and interwove together.

Leena wrapped her arms around his shoulders and neck and held him tight. Her short legs came up and locked around his back. Their thrusts were in perfect harmony, pulling back and pushing forward, each in time with the other. Leena's movements became almost frantic. She was moving her hips in circles and thrusting her pussy at his cock with such force he was fearful she would hurt herself. She was crying and moaning at the same time, ecstatic sounds of almost unbearable pleasure. His movements increased in their pace also, and he was groaning in pleasure. As their peaks approached, their mouths hungrily sought each other, wanting to imitate the action below. They brought their wide-open mouths to each other's and kissed and suckled at each other with total abandon.

The sounds from the boarder's room were loud enough that they were heard across the hall by Leena's stepmother who was sleeping only fitfully. As she came fully awake her first thought was of herself and her sinful, adulterous coupling with the boarder. Her second though was of the heaviness, the relaxing lethargy she felt after allowing herself to be taken. And then the nature of the sounds she heard registered.

It must be Priscilla? She must have gone to the schoolteacher's room to sin with him again. She was angry. Not at the boarder but at her sinful, sluttish stepdaughter. Her anger, though she'd never admit it, was about jealousy, not sin. Pulling on her robe that was still on the floor where it had fallen before she'd been made to sin, Lucinda went across the hall.

Bob Best reached under and grasped Leena's round, firm buttocks. He caressed and kneaded them, ran his fingers down their deep crease, and then pulled her pelvis up tight against him. Slowly he pulled back, and holding her buttocks firmly in his hands, he pushed hard into the ripe teenager's juicy cavity. Over and over, in and out, harder and harder. Their blended juices ran out of the little girl's cock-stuffed pussy and down the crease of her ass into his hands. Her whole buttocks as well as their fronts were now soaked in the outpourings of their love juices.

Lucinda stopped in the open doorway. My God! He was raping little Leena. She was just a child and he was raping her. What could she do? And then the significance of what she was seeing and especially what she was hearing became clearer.

The muscles in Leena's buttocks clinched, drawing tight and hard. Her pussy clamped down on her teacher's cock, almost immobilizing it. She jerked her mouth from his and cried, "Oh, God! Mr. Best! I'm there! I'm

cumming... Ohhhh Sirrr!" Her buttocks started quivering and spasms tore through her abdomen, shuddering her body over and over. She was panting loudly and her breath came in ragged gasps. Her hips pushed up and back, over and over again, just a little less with each movement. Gradually they slowed down and the intensity of her orgasm began to fade.

Bob lifted the writhing girl's legs straight up in the air and drove into her pussy, over and over, like a pile driver driving steel. His climax was building up fast and his cock began the throbbing and swelling that occurs just before orgasm. Leena looked up at him and started reciprocating, pushing him higher and higher.

"Oohhh Gawwd," the man moaned and suddenly, his cock was spurting, shooting out jet after jet of his scalding jism, filling the young girl's receptive passage, bathing her cervix with his potent sperm. Leena had her eyes closed, concentrating on her own pleasure as she felt the belly-filling staff jump and pump within her. She humped against her teacher and he could see the muscles across her stomach draw tight. Her pussy clamped down on his cock again, squeezing it. Milking it, drawing from him the essence of new life. Finally, the ejaculatory spasms ceased and cum stopped flowing and Bob eased down gently on the quivering, twitching youngster.

Leena opened her eyes and looked up at him. There was hero worship in her eyes, but also something else. With a qualm of misgiving the schoolteacher realized that the little girl was seeing him as lover as well as teacher, and this added a new and dangerous dimension to their relationship

For the satisfied youngster this man was all she could ever hope for. Ravi, even if she had not been angry with him, could never satisfy her as Mr. Best did. She'd have to share him with Priscilla, she knew, but maybe she could be better than Priscilla?

After almost half an hour Bob slowly withdrew his cum-numbed, limp tool from its snug enclosure and some of the excess semen leaked out to dribble down the girl's labial slit and into the crack of her ass. But he had kept her sperm-receptacle plugged long enough that another of the little swimmers had found a permanent home. If Bob had felt perversely proud of fucking a mother and her two daughters all in the same night, how would he have felt had he known that he had also knocked up two of them that same night? And the third a few weeks before.

Mrs. Lucinda Wilson went quietly back to her room. What kind of man was this who was living in their home? Teaching their children in school? And having sinful, carnal knowledge of them right under her own roof? Her belly churned with anger, fear and guilt.

Chapter 20: Indian Giver

Bob Best was very careful for the next couple of weeks. Little Leena let him know that she was ready to come to his bed any time he wanted and Priscilla, although less forward about it, was similarly inviting. Lucinda gave no indication that anything had happened between them but her normal reticence became a virtual lack of acknowledgement of his existence.

Leena watched her teacher carefully. If he didn't want to risk having her, she understood and as long as he left her stepmother and Priscilla alone too, she accepted it. Ravi was subtly pestering her while making sure that none of his friends observed him and Madhuri was spending every moment she could with her blonde friend. Leena was flattered by the older girl's attention and respect but she was still determined to get even with Ravi through his sister.

Madhuri's na´ve, fourteen-year-old mind was flooded with new and disturbing information. She'd quizzed her friend incessantly about what she'd seen her do to Ravi and her questions had led to answers that simply added to her confusion. Leena talked a lot about Mr. Best, too, and the things he could teach her. Her friend didn't define what these things were except that they were similar to what she'd done to Ravi. It was all very secret because other people would be jealous if they knew what Mr. Best taught and Leena said she doubted that the teacher would want to teach a foreign girl like Madhuri.

And then the church schedule handed Leena an opportunity for executing her vengeful design. Some might say that it wasn't fair to Madhuri because she hadn't offended Leena in any way but Leena was so angry at Ravi that the effect on her friend was secondary. And anyway, Madhuri was going to have to marry some old guy in India so she'd be better off if the marriage got cancelled.

It was not only the church schedule that pleased Leena. It was also her friend's menstrual schedule. Madhuri had just finished her period and, in Leena's mis-educated mind, that meant that she was at the most vulnerable point in her cycle. It wasn't like it had been in her own case when Mr. Best had made love to her at the mid-point of her cycle. Maybe then she'd really get revenge on Ravi.

The joint Retreat with the Middleville congregation was an annual affair. Everyone sixteen years and older attended except for those who had to remain behind to care for the younger children and the infirm. Leena was excluded because of her age but since Bob Best was only an occasional attendee at services, he was a natural caregiver. And nobody would suspect that a schoolteacher like he would take advantage of his position and have improper relations with a schoolgirl, especially one barely into her teens.

The new family in the congregation, Ravi's family, were also invited. Ravi didn't really want to go and suggested that he should stay home and care for his fourteen-year-old sister. For a day or so it looked like that would be the solution but then Leena suggested that Madhuri could stay with her and the schoolteacher, Mr. Best could look after both of them. Madhuri's parents agreed with alacrity, never dreaming of how their precious daughter would be taken care of.

"You gotta fuck her Mr. Best. You gotta!" It was Friday night and Madhuri was in Leena's bed but Leena was in Bob Best's bedroom. She was wearing only a shorty nightgown and she had her hand on her teacher's rock-hard tool. "I want you to do me too, but you gotta do her first. Willya?"

Bob had been drinking all evening while he watched the two schoolgirls he was caring for. The younger one's firm, shapely body appealed to him but the dark girl's plump, busty softness also appealed, especially since he had not yet sampled her delightful charms. Her appeal was heightened by her timid deference to whatever he said or did.

"I'll get her ready for you, Mr. Best. Just wait and listen and when you hear me go to the bathroom, you go to my bedroom. I bet she'll letcha do whatever you want."

Madhuri was extremely naive, innocent to the core. Her parents were already faithful members of Reverend Wilson's church. The idea of what was right and what was wrong was preached into her system every Sunday, backed up by numerous Bible verses.

Leena had gone to sleep almost as soon as she got in bed beside the bigger, older girl. Then she'd snuggled closer, pushing her thigh between Madhuri's and causing both nighties to slide up so that they were naked belly to naked belly. Madhuri was getting a warm feeling in her belly like she had when she'd seen Leena playing with Ravi's private part and she began to slide her hand up under the other girl's nightie. She heard Leena groan something and she jerked her hand back down to her side, scared to death that she had awakened and knew what she was doing. Her heart was pounding so hard it thrummed in her ears. Leena groaned again, only this time Madhuri thought she heard formed words. It sounded like she had said, "feel me."

Leena was pretending to talk in her sleep so it came out, "fuuuuuume." She shifted in her feigned sleep to her stomach and let her arm flop over onto the older girl. Madhuri didn't move. Leena's arm was over her bare hip, her hand under the high-riding hem of her nightie. Seconds went by, long seconds. She silently begged her friend to accidentally touch her more and as if she heard her prayer, Leena moved her hand up under her nightie and directly over her breast, palm down. Madhuri's breathing stopped. And then it sped out of control. Her nipple was so sensitive she wanted to scream. Heat rushed up her body. The tingling that began where Leena's palm touched the point of her nipple shot out in all directions, darting about wildly until she almost couldn't bear it. She'd never felt anything like this before. She now knew why Ravi's expression had been so euphoric. She also knew that Leena knew she was awake but it was easier to pretend this was happening in their sleep.

Madhuri's innocent teenage morals had been thoroughly bathed in religious waters. She had warring thoughts of right and wrong swirling in her head. It felt so incredibly good to have her breast touched but it was wrong, wasn't it? This wasn't something "good" girls would do. She wasn't able to understand why her body was reacting this way to something that was supposedly wrong but it seemed to prove what Leena had said. What she'd done to Ravi had been wonderful for him and Madhuri wondered what Mr. Best did for Leena that was also so wonderful. More seconds crept by as the plump girl luxuriated in the warm feelings that radiated outward from her soft breasts which her friend was squeezing and then, without a word Leena was slipping out of bed and out of the bedroom.

At first the Indian girl imagined that her friend was going to the bathroom, but some minutes later when she hadn't returned she let panic conjure up all sorts of conclusions. She was in Mr. Best's room telling him what they'd been doing, wasn't she? Madhuri tossed about in the bed, sure Leena was telling on her

When the door finally creaked open and Mr. Best peeked in, Madhuri was sure her conclusion was correct. Leena had told on her. Guilt washed over her like a baptismal dunking. Mr. Best never turned on the light. He walked through the dark room slowly, deliberately, with eerie precision, and she watched him. There was nothing she could do. He stood over the bed looking at her and then he sat down on the edge. His weight made her body shift towards him. She couldn't help it. Her hip met his muscled thigh. She froze with the contact.

She tried to pretend sleep but it was no use, she was sure the gasp she had made when our bodies touched gave me away. "Where did Leena go," she asked, feigning a sleepy voice although she was as awake at that moment as she'd ever been in her whole life.

"She's asleep in my bed, Madhuri. She told me that you seemed lonely and afraid and she asked me to come in and comfort you."

The na´ve Indian girl lay there tensely as the man's hand began to caress her hair in long strokes. "You're a very pretty girl, Maddy. A lovely girl. I'm so glad you're staying here with us."

Madhuri felt paralyzed. Nobody had ever called her Maddy before and it was a secret bond now with her schoolteacher. She remained quiet. She could feel, she could hear, she could see, but she couldn't react. The man never stopped speaking in his deep, gentle voice. It was a mantra of soft, quiet words dedicated to her beauty. She quit listening to the words and only heard the hymned rhythm as her eyes sluggishly shut.

When the man's hand moved from her hair, she hardly noticed. She was caught up in the hypnotizing hum of his voice. When his fingertips inched down her breast and snagged on her distended nipple, her eyes shot open in a fixed stare. And still he didn't quit. Over and over he told her how beautiful she was. Her hands were clenched in tight fists and her fingernails dug into her palms. A voice in her head shouted at her "this is wrong" but she remained immobile in stony silence.

Bob's big hand hefted her soft, heavy left breast and tenderly massaged it. He released it then and left only his palm to touch the very tip of her nipple. The fires of hell surged through her and she shuddered from it. And still he murmured on. "You have a perfect body, Maddy. You're made for love." He flattened his hand on her bulging stomach and let his middle finger dance around her belly button. It didn't tickle as much as enhanced the warmth that radiated out from her swollen breasts.

His fingertip pushed at her belly, moving lower to the hair-crowned mons. "So lovely, Maddy. So beautiful and lovely," his litanous song continued. He lightly stroked his fingers through her pubic hair that had recently started growing. His fingers inched right to the spot that was burning.

Madhuri's heart raced. She felt feverish. A slight buzzing vibrated in her ears. Her breathing was disjointed. She remained still. Scared. Excited. Anxious. Violated. But motionless.

Bob's hand flattened against the girl's privates and his middle finger again led the way. It jabbed at her tightness and tunneled its way inside. He dug until he hit that itchy spot. "You're so sweet, Maddy. So wet... so slippery... so ready," he crooned but in her innocence the fourteen year old girl didn't understand.

On and on went the man's words of how beautiful she was, how lovely, how good. She wanted to believe him. And on and on went his touching, soft, gentle and deliberately slow. Something was building inside of her. It was climbing, growing, becoming bigger and making her breathless. She wanted it to stop but she needed it to go on. She started to panic. She couldn't breathe. He continued to draw tiny circles. She tried to speak, she tried to tell him she couldn't breathe, that she was burning, that what he was doing was wrong, but all that came out was short puffs of air.

The feeling exploded over her with tiny bursts spiraling to her toes. The man's finger stopped, and pressed tightly against her. She felt little spasms fighting back at his finger, wave after wave that peaked, and then flittered out into her body, and finally died out. Her body went limp from exhaustion.

"You're so beautiful, Maddy. So wonderful," he whispered as he removed his hand and stood. The distraught girl watched him walk to the door, and then turn to her.

She was mortified. Flushed with shame. She had lain there, not moving, not complaining, and just letting him touch her. She knew how wrong it was for him to do that despite what Leena said and her friend's words didn't stop guilt from creeping over her like uncontained ivy. And then Mr. Best turned away from the door and returned to the bed.

"It's not right to leave you like this, Maddy. It's not right," and he sat down beside her, pushing the sheet down and uncovering her plump, busty body.Bob took a trembling breath, as he looked down at the naked, semi-conscious young woman on the bed. He had just finished giving her an orgasm, her first ever, with his hand. Now, as he sat beside the lovely youngster he took the opportunity to take a few deep, steadying breaths. His hand stroked her swollen labia, petting her like a small, vulnerable kitten. He fondled her large breasts with the other hand, marveling at their pliant fleshiness.

His cock strained upward seeking a way out from beneath his shorts. He stroked her body, slowly and Madhuri began to stir, softly moving on the bed until suddenly she gasped, coming fully awake. She looked up at Bob with wide frightened eyes, confusion mingled with wonder on her face. She pulled her arms up around her breasts to shield them and then tried to cover her sex all at the same time. She pulled her legs up and closed. Closing her eyes tight, a flow of tears began to trickle down her cheek.

Bob brushed the tears away with gentle fingers and stroked her hair. "It's all right Madhuri. You should never be ashamed of your body". He slipped a hand between her buttocks and dipped a finger into her drenched cunt from behind. She began to straighten her legs and draw away, but Bob held her firmly. Slowly drawing his thick finger in and out of her pussy, rolling and twirling it inside her wet tightness, he whispered, "oh Madhuri... feel the wetness from your sex? Feel the pulse of your heart, the rush of blood through your veins"? He continued his leisurely finger fucking, adding another finger. "Feel how your cunt muscles contract around my fingers? This is all good and natural. As natural as breathing. Doesn't this feel good, Maddy"?

Madhuri began to relax with the hypnotic, deep voice of her teacher. She felt his fingers deep inside her, her muscles pulsing around them all on their own. Mr. Best was her guide, her advisor, and the teacher of her school. She had always trusted him and trusted him still. She was afraid to open her eyes as his voice washed over her like a warm shower. Afraid that if she did, she would see her shame. But how could it be? If Mr. Best was doing this to her, how could it be wrong. Could it be wrong when it felt so good?

"Open your eyes, Maddy. Open your eyes and look at me" Bob commanded.

Madhuri took a shuddering breath; then she opened both eyes, years of obedience ingrained into her. Bob was looking at her, his eyes searching her face and traveling up and down her naked body. She shivered slightly, not from cold but from exposure. This time she did not try to cover her nudity. He once again began running his long thick finger up and down the entire length of her pussylips, circling lightly around her hardened erect clit.

"Mmmmmmm", she moaned.

"You're such a good girl, Maddy". He tilted her face up to his and kissed her. His tongue slid readily into her waiting mouth. This aroused him. She was so open to him, not fighting him at all. He kissed her deeply, breathing in her breath, stealing it from her, literally taking her breath away. When she was pliant in his arms once again, he stroked his hand up and down her belly. He circled around her breasts until reaching the peak and pinching her stiff nipples. He nudged his hand between her thighs, insistent to claim the prize that waited there.

Bob felt the lust building again inside himself. His cock jumped and strained, waiting restlessly to be unleashed.

The fourteen-year-old girl's silken wetness greeted his warm hand and he began to rub her clitoris. This time with the intention of getting her on the verge of a climax. Rubbing, stroking and pinching her clitoris, Madhuri was soon writhing on the bed like before. This time, she did not fight the rising heat of desire and gave in willingly. Her long, full thighs fell open, her submission causing Bob to swell with lust, pride and power. Taking advantage of her open legs, he pulled and stretched her labia, rubbed and stroked her clitoris, finger-fucked her hot wet cunt.

Manipulating the tender virgin flesh between her innocent thighs, he brought the innocent schoolgirl to the brink of cumming again and again. Madhuri moaned and begged with him without knowing what she was begging for. Her words and sounds were meaningless noises and whimpers but understandable just the same. When she was mindless with need, Bob rose to kneel over her on the bed... He quickly spread her legs and knelt down between her thighs. Before she could protest, he had his tongue on her swollen, throbbing clitoris, licking and sucking at it like a baby at his mother's tit. Her protests were bitten back before she could voice them as he inserted one finger, then two, into her tight young pussyhole.

Madhuri gasped, the teasing orgasm just out of reach as Bob expertly used her. Moaning and half-sobbing, she felt his hot tongue licking her, sending unimaginable waves of pleasure rippling through her body. Her hands found his head and she kneaded his hair like a kitten.

Bob was crazy with lust and finally allowed himself to act on it. Shedding shorts, he exposed his raging hard cock. The head was flaming red, a big mushroom shape. The shaft was thick and heavily veined terminating in heavy, cum-filled balls. It jumped and jerked with a life of its own. Not missing a beat, he continued to lick and suck Madhuri's clitoris. It was so swollen and red and sensitive that Bob knew this succulent woman child would orgasm soon.

Overcome, Bob said huskily, "Maddy, open your eyes". He stood up and let her see his powerful cock, jutting proudly from heavy balls amid curls of thick hair. Her eyes widened in alarm. Her teacher was so much bigger than her brother, Ravi. The terror in her eyes spurred him on. He quickly clamped a hand over her mouth and held her down. "Ah, Maddy, don't struggle now. This is still right and good". Warily he took his hand off her mouth and reached down to grasp his cock.

His cock transfixed her. She had never seen one before except for Ravi's when Leena had played with it and her teacher's was huge and red and so hard looking. Her breath caught in her throat as she watched him begin to stroke his cock slowly. His big, warm hand on his cock aroused her. She remembered that same hand buried in her wetness, fingering her, stroking her. She was confused and scared but too aroused, too curious to prevent what happened next.

"Maddy, grab your knees and pull them up, open yourself to me", Bob said. He stroked his cock, which swelled even larger as she obeyed him. It took everything he had not to moan when he saw her legs lift and spread for him, separating her labia and exposing her throbbing clitoris to his view. This delightful girl was a perfect choice, he thought. Then all thinking left him as he single-mindedly began to rape her.

Madhuri watched as Bob leaned over, one arm by her side supporting his weight above her. He was between her legs now and she felt the first nudges of his cock against her hot cunt. He was so hot and hard... she felt drunk with the feeling of no control over what he might do to her next!

Bob wanted to ram his cock into the girl's virgin sex, for he was sure she was a virgin. He wanted to rip her hymen from her and claim her for himself to forever be the one who made this plum girl into a busty woman. But instead he began to rub the head of his cock up and down her slit, letting her get use to the feel. He rubbed the head of his cock in her juices and ran it up and over, back and forth across her clit. He watched through hazy desire as Madhuri pulled her legs wider. He placed the velvety mushroom head against her clitoris and rubbed her there until he could feel her throbbing, see her bucking hips straining for him. Then, placing a thumb on her clitoris, he placed the tip of his cock right outside her inviting slit.

Madhuri gasped, realizing what would happen, what had to happen. This whole night had been building up to this very moment slowly and she knew that she did not have the power, or desire to stop it. She almost stopped breathing, waiting.

Bob was sweating from the effort to keep from violating her savagely, and slowly eased the head of his cock into her pussy. He watched the head push her labia in and pull them out until the head was all the way inside of her smoldering, silken hole. He felt a rush as his cock bumped against the useless barrier blocking his entry. He began to work her clit with his thumb, the smooth silk of her wet sex, the virginal tightness of her vagina slowly breaking down his composure and patience. He steadily pushed against her hymen, at the same time fingering, rubbing, and pinching her clitoris until she was moaning loudly. All of a sudden she went rigid and then began bucking wildly. He gave a shout of triumph as he rammed his cock all the way into her tight tunnel, sheathing his entire cock in her hot pussy, ripping past her hymen like it was so much cotton candy.

Madhuri screamed in pain as her hymen ripped, but the crashing of her orgasm dulled the pain almost immediately. She could not stop the convulsive buck of her body or the spasming of her muscles as they sucked and gripped Bob's huge thick cock. Whimpering and moaning, she gripped his arms as he moved within her. Her vagina was sore and violated, but the beginnings of a deeper, scarier feeling began to emerge.

Bob grunted, shoving his cock deep into Madhuri's tightness, holding it there just savouring her velvet heat surrounding him. Her pussy was almost viselike, the grip on his cock almost painful. He began to rotate his hips, his cock mirroring his movements deep inside her. Feeling her body tense and her muscle's milking him, he knew that she was approaching another orgasm. Confident, he let loose finally.

With her legs wrapped around him and her fingers digging into his arms, he hunched over her and began to piston into her; the coming release so desperate that he no longer cared about her feelings. He fucked her hard and slow and hard and fast. Pounding and pounding his thick cock into her tight wet pussy. Gripping her hips tightly, leaving bruises he lifted her to meet his thrusts. Ramming her cunt - in and out he finally got to have her-totally and completely... she was now his.

Madhuri flopped like a rag doll impaled on his cock, but her clitoris was so tender, her vagina so stuffed that she could feel the climax building. It started slowly and then built more and more until she was screaming from the pleasure and need for release. Oh, God... how could this feel sooooo good? He continued his deep thrusts for what seemed at times for hours and then-only seconds.

With a few more savage thrusts Bob let loose and filled Madhuri with his sperm. His cock thrusting and jerking itself inside her; he could feel the hot sperm pulsing out of his thick cock in thick urgent wads.

Madhuri felt Bob's cock jerking hard inside her and then felt the hot splash of his sperm. This sent her soaring and she moaned and screamed as her body danced on his cock, climaxing with him.

Bob pulled out of her and rubbed the head of his glistening cock on her labia and clitoris, wiping himself off on her. With the rage of desire satiated for the moment, he was able to concentrate on her again. He pulled himself together and sat down, pulling her onto his lap. Holding her trembling body, he caressed her face and stroked her hair. He noticed that she was once again crying but let her cry this time. It was appropriate. She had given herself to him. She would be his now. His tongue licked her salty neck, tasting her spent desire. She was soon limp in his arms as she slept. He laid her on the couch and covered her with a blanket.

Unnoticed by either of them, Leena had entered the room and was seated on the floor. They had not seen the flash when the pictures were taken, the photos that Leena would use to torment the girl's brother. But the sight of Madhuri's obvious ecstasy had been too much and the other girl had masturbated furiously to her own climax while Mr. Best completed his initiation of the Indian girl; Madhuri's choot was no longer kori, Leena mused with satisfaction as the teacher dismounted from the girl's limply twitching frame. She'd show Ravi who was a slut.

Chapter 21: Juicy Juveniles

Reverend Wilson's trip had been successful only in that he'd had a vasectomy. Even that hadn't been exactly what he expected because the doctor told him he should wait until he'd ejaculated at least a dozen times before he started having sex without a condom.

By the time he returned home some six days later he had met the doctor's prescribed total but mostly by masturbation. He had visited his professor friend, Dr. George Lewis, and shared the photos of the grad student, Beth sucking his cock and being long-cocked by the hugely endowed, fourteen-year-old schoolboy, Jason Jenkins. His friend was more determined now than ever to get into his lovely and sexy grad student.

Reverend Wilson's tenth ejaculation after his operation was a memorable occurrence. On his last night in the University city he stayed with Professor Lewis and his family, a rather dumpy wife, a college freshman son and a daughter who was coincidentally the same age as Leena, Wilson's own daughter.

They celebrated that evening, or at least Wilson and the senior Lewis celebrated. They were closeted in Professor Lewis's den surrounded by walls of books as they sipped a smoky, single malt whiskey and reminisced and talked about the talented Beth Safic. And about how much they wanted to spend more time with her... in her.

Wilson's bedroom was in a wing of the rambling, old house and, as he somewhat drunkenly stumbled there at about midnight he heard a funny sound from behind a door. If he'd been sober he would have walked right by but that night, drunk and curious, he eased the door open to see what had caused the noise.

The room was dark except for the light that came through the window from a streetlight just outside. But it was enough to show him what the noise had been caused by.

Professor Lewis's eighteen-year-old son was lying naked on his back on the bed. And Professor Lewis's shapely, thirteen-year-old daughter, also naked, was seated astride her brother's hips.

"Oh God no, George!" she exclaimed. "You came inside me. I felt it! I'm never going to let you do it again without a safe"

"It was your fault, Sis. You fucked so fast when you came that I couldn't hold it. You made me go off in you!"

Wilson's jaw dropped with astonishment at the sight of the incestuous children and his cock swelled in appreciation of the girl's ripe, young form. Accidentally he bumped the doorframe and Alison turned her head and saw him. Embarrassed at being caught peeping, the minister turned and stumbled down the hall to his room.

It was only four month's since George had overcome his kid sister's reluctance and introduced her to the carnal pleasure of simple sex unencumbered by the unnecessary baggage of love or commitment. And this suited the lovely juvenile. Now, knowing she had been caught doing what many others (including her parents) would consider very wrong and especially knowing a preacher had caught her; she mulled over briefly what she should do. Her brother's tool was rapidly deflating due mainly to the fact that he'd gone off but the softening of his tool hastened by having been caught molesting his kid sister. He was less sanguine about it that Alison was but before he could voice his concern she said, "I know what to do. I bet he's just a dirty old man even if he is a minister. He's going to be just like my math teacher, Mr. Mallory." She dismounted from her brother's body and went to the minister's bedroom.

"Did you like what you saw, Reverend?"

Wilson turned from where he stood beside his bed to see the lovely youngster walking toward him, her full, ripe breasts bobbing.

"I won't tell, Alison. But you know it's wrong... a sin. Do you want to pray with me?"

The minister's cock was making a tent of his boxer shorts and the thirteen-year-old seductress put her hand into the opening and grabbed his throbbing prick and pulled it out. Oh God, she thought. It was more than seven inches long and almost too thick for her touch her thumb and forefinger around it and hard as iron in her grip. And hot! The glans was swollen and purple and unbelievably slick to her touch. Wilson's cock was bigger than her brother's who's was still the only cock she'd been close to. She leaned forward and kissed it.

"Alison!" he gasped.

"You like that?"

"Yeah! But you can't!"

She did it again, this time parting her lips a little and letting the tip of her little tongue work across the velvety smoothness.

"Alison... no... you shouldn't" he moaned but he put his hands on her shoulders, caressing them, then dropped lower to cup her ripe young tits.

Alison had never done this before but her brother had shown her in a book how it was done. She opened her lips, just as she read, and sucked the man's cock into her young mouth. When it hit the back of her mouth, she backed off. She gripped the shaft with one hand and began moving her mouth up and down on him, clasping him with her lips and sucking urgently. His hands went to her head and he started thrusting his hips at her -- too hard.

She jerked her head back. "Please... No! You're hurting me that way!"

Wilson shook his head, as if trying to clear it. "I'm sorry, baby, it just felt so good." He caressed her head and then put his hands on her shoulders. She took his cock back into her mouth and felt the tension in him as he fought the urge to resume fucking her face.

"Baby, you're going to make me cum in your mouth," he warned.

She pulled back, releasing his thick prick with a pop. "Don't you want to?"

"Yes, but, you know, I was thinking maybe you'd rather have me in you, or maybe you wouldn't want me to cum in your mouth."

"That's sweet, Reverend but I won't know if I like it until I try it, right?"

"You never did this before?" He sounded horrified

"You know I'm not a virgin, sir... but I never sucked a man before and I want to know what it's like." She kissed the underside of his glans. "So far, I like it!" And she started sucking again. She put her free hand between her own legs and began rubbing her pussy and clitoris. She was already close to cumming again herself, and being on her knees sucking a minister's cock was turning her on even more.

Wilson began moaning urgently. His hands tightened carefully on her shoulders. She sucked harder and rubbed her tongue on the underside of his glans.

"I'm almost there, baby!"

The barely teenager moaned around her mouthful of cock and jerked on his shaft. There was an eruption in her mouth. The man's cock swelled, lurched, and then he was shooting a powerful stream of that thick cream right into the hot suction of her mouth. Alison squeezed her pussy, jerked on his cock, swallowed and sucked in another geyser as she came again herself. She moaned and writhed while she knelt submissively and sucked and she had to swallow. She jerked back hard on his cock, toward the base, and there were a few shots of reduced volume and then some dry spasms, but there was no more cum. Wilson's efforts to drain off his potent sperm since his operation had drained his usually sizeable testicular reservoir. Three days from now young Alison would get a larger mouthful of fluid when her big brother finally persuades her to satisfy his desire to fuck her pretty, young face.

The kneeling youngster looked up and saw the preacher staring, slack-jawed at her. As he looked down at the pretty 13-year-old face and mouth that had just drained him -- and she'd claimed it was her first time -- Wilson couldn't believe how sexy she was.

"Would you like to pray now," Wilson said softly, wondering if he could get it up and fuck her too. "We both know it's a sin but God moves in mysterious ways. Maybe He wants me to turn you from sinning with your brother?

Even though the nubile teen was tempting, Wilson got only that one blowjob from her and next day he returned home.

Wilson had not ploughed any new furrows in his church garden since his return although he'd renewed his carnal acquaintance with three of the mature women. He wanted some young stuff for a change and now he had selected a girl who was due to be christened in his own inimitable fashion. His doctor had given him a new medication that, he was told, would bring his hypnotic effect to a new and higher level.

Betsy Jenkins was Jason Jenkins kid sister. The twelve-year-old girl could not, of course, be endowed in the same way as her older brother but she was on the way to being superbly endowed with the very female asset of breasts.

The young girl was in Reverend Wilson's inner office. She had quickly downed the cola he had given her and had immediately become entranced by the diamond-studded, gold cross that her minister had dangled before her rapidly dimming gaze. Wilson had experimented by using the new potion on three of the woman he had already been with and had been pleased by the way they had reacted. Now, as soon as he spoke the trigger word, Koala, young Betsy Jenkins eyes opened and she began to undress.

Betsy was proud of her breasts and she watched her minister's face as she removed her sweater and her well-filled brassiere. Having really only developed in the past year or so, her tits were about the size of largish grapefruit, and stood out from her chest slightly uplifted. The nipples were a treat though. Large, almost half an inch across, and when stiffened as they were now, they stood out from the supple flesh of each tit almost half an inch or more as well.

Now, when Wilson eyed her tits, he gave a low whistle of appreciation, softly whispering, "Oh my, they're gorgeous. You're ready for this!" Then before she could even move or say no, he slid from his chair, knelt on the floor and leaning forward took the nipple of the youngster's right breast into his mouth. Betsy gave a little squeal in surprise, and then moaned deeply as for the first time in her young life, she felt someone sucking on her boobs. Intense, excruciating bolts of pleasure raced from her now highly charged mammaries down to her cunt and up into her mind. Instinctively, she grabbed her pastor's head and pulled his lips harder against her swollen breast.

Dimly the hypnotized youngster felt the man's warm hands slide along her thighs, and up under her skirt, his fingers finding and brushing against the crotch of her panties. She jerked as a thumb found her clitoris through the cloth, and began to work the little nib of sensitive flesh. Her mind swirled, her body started to shiver and shake, as his lips and tongue worked first one and then the other boob, and his fingers slipped under the leg of her panties and into her cuntal sheath, a thumb furiously massaging her tight clit, eliciting groans of pleasure and ecstasy from deep in her throat.

"Oh oohhh, Reverend," she moaned. Her mind was in a shambles. What was her minister doing to her! She had never felt like this before. She knew somehow that it wasn't right... that he shouldn't be doing this... but she couldn't find any way to resist. Then her mind seemed to laugh at her dilemma. Just relax and enjoy, flashed like a flickering light across her mind's eye. She tried to fight it, but the thrill was much too strong, and she let herself fall into the whirlpool of sensations.

Wilson worked on her boobs and clitoris for several minutes, slowly raising the youngster to a fever pitch of bliss. If it looked as though she was about to come, he would slow down his ministrations, and then slowly take her back up. In a wave of unadulterated lust generated by what Wilson was doing to her, Betsy moaned and gurgled out her ecstasy. She felt as if she was going to explode. It was torture, this fabulous yearning that rose until she was almost there... wherever that was... and then the letdown when Reverend Wilson's fingers moved away from her throbbing pussy.

Was she still a virgin? Wilson hoped beyond hope that she was but, developed as she was, he had his doubts. Slowly her removed the rest of her clothes and then eased the twelve-year-old girl's naked body down onto the bare floor. Then he lay on his back beside her.

As her minister manipulated her compliantly docile young body a wild sense of excitement was rumbling inside her. Betsy's naked body was jerking and screaming for the release she'd been so close to but hadn't quite achieved. She acquiescently spread her short legs wide apart as the preacher rolled her on top of him, lifting her up so that she was straddling his hips. His long, hard cockshaft lay flat as she sat on it. She knew what he was going to do and in her drug-induced, hypnotic state she welcomed it.

The pretty little blonde could feel the man's hard, slick penis pressing against the fat lips of her pussy and she found that by rocking her hips she could make the shaft rub against her hairless labia and press firmly against her hard, protruding clitoris.

Reverend Wilson's big hands slipped under her and cupped Betsy's trim little bottom. The naked girl sighed as his fingers squeezed and mauled her bouncy ass cheeks. But when he began to lift her, the busty pre-teen began to tremble with a mixture of fear and desire.

"I'm going to put it in you, Betsy," Reverend Wilson breathed in her ear. "I'm going to fuck you. Are you afraid?" He waited for her answer. Had the new potion brought her totally under his spell?

Betsy moaned and hugged her minister tightly as he positioned her above him. She could feel his hard prick dragging across the velvet-smooth flesh of her inner thighs, leaving a wet, slick trail of lube as it blindly sought the small opening of her virgin cunt.

"Yesss, I'm scairt," the lovely little girl admitted. "Is it going to hurt me?"

Wilson chuckled a little with satisfaction and hugged her in return before he answered. "A little, baby. It'll hurt just a little at first, but afterward... after that it's going to feel good to you... heavenly good."

The twelve-year-old virgin was still afraid, but the excited little girl knew that she had to have it. Somewhere inside her there was a longing, a need to feel him up inside and no amount of fear or pain could stop her!

She didn't need to say a word; Betsy simply rolled her hips forward and pressed the swollen lips of her wet little love groove against the head of Reverend Wilson's big dong. The man gasped and groaned as the soft mouth of her juvenile cunt kissed his cock head.

"That's my baby," Reverend Wilson moaned softly. He pushed her back a little and Betsy could watch as he used one hand to center the head of his big cock under her puffy vulva. "Now go slow. Sit down on it a little at a time, honey. I don't want to hurt you, I want you to love this!"

Her insides had melted and drained away. Betsy felt light-headed and giddy as she did as she was told and lowered her trembling, naked body onto the cock. She could see everything and it added an extra sense of pleasure for the little girl to be able to see the purplish head of the penis spread the pink and white lips of her cunt apart and disappear into her tight little twat.

Betsy gasped and shivered, the naked child felt a moan of pain trying to tear its way out of her open mouth and she clenched her jaw hard to keep it inside. Little ripples of pleasure and pain met and mixed along her nervous system until Betsy wasn't certain that she could tell them apart. The firm knob of the man's big prick was fully inserted in the stretched throat of her vagina and was slowly entering her body. For the first time, Betsy fully realized what was going to happen to her, that her minister was going to put part of his body inside of hers!

A wave of panic and fear shook her and the naked little girl whimpered as she tried to pull herself off of the spear of flesh that was inching its way into her plump little belly.

"Shhh, it's going to be all right, honey," Reverend Wilson whispered in her ear. "Don't worry, don't be frightened. I won't hurt you." His deep, gentle voice calmed her a little and the feel of his strong hands moving up and down on her back soothed the lovely youngster and she stopped struggling. "Relax, don't go tense because that will only make it harder for us," Wilson whispered.

The hypnotized, young girl tried, she really did, but the feel of the hard staff stretching and opening her uninitiated sex set off alarm bells in Betsy's mind and she had to force the muscles of her belly and the muscles between her splayed thighs to unlock.

Wilson's fingers tightened under her and pulled the pert, high riding cheeks of the girl's bottom apart, helping make room for his hairy dong as it slowly forced its way into her. He stopped and uttered a low moan of intense satisfaction when he felt his glans butt hard against the elastic membrane that blocked Betsy's unseasoned love sheath. He paused then, determined to savor the violation of this lovely youngster to the utmost.

Betsy knew what was happening, too, the pretty little girl winced when she felt her hymen stretch and her undefiled passage instinctively clenched in a vain attempt to keep the big cock head out. They both stopped moving, allowing her body to grow accustomed to the feel of him inside of her.

The compliant youngster was sure that Reverend Wilson must have known how frightened she was because he was so gentle with her. Betsy sighed happily when the Godly man paused to suck at her swollen, sensitive breasts and lightly tickled the tightly closed opening to her anal canal.

"You'll have to help me, baby," the lecherous preacher sighed as he taught Betsy to twist her hips and make the knob of his throbbing cock turn and pull inside of her. Each time that she moved, it felt better as the elastic walls adjusted to the invasion. Betsy could feel the hard flesh of the shaft brushing lightly against her swollen lovebud and the flame of desire beat down her fears and gave her a fresh wave of courage.

"Oohhhh Sirrrr, it feels so big," Betsy moaned breathlessly and she pressed her plump body down on the man's prick. "It feels like... awwwgghh!" Betsy stopped moving and stiffened but it was already too late! The lovely little girl felt her tissue-thin membrane rip and the greasy feeling head of the prick glide into the slick, waiting grip of her virginal cunt!!

"Mmmm, you're sooooo tight and warm." Reverend Wilson moaned as he began to thrust gently at Betsy. Each time that the big cock would back off an inch then slip back she would groan but gradually the moans of pain turned to groans of pleasure and in minutes he had Betsy twisting and rolling her hips and bouncing up and down on his hard, hot prick.

"Oooooo, I... like it," Betsy panted. "It feels good, Rev'rend." Impulsively the little girl pulled his face up to hers and kissed him. This time, when

Reverend Wilson forced his tongue into her mouth, the precociously horny youngster's cunt sucked and pulled around his blood hot rammer.

"Oggghhhh... do it like that again!" Betsy's eyes and popped open and she yelped a little when the big man lifted her until only the flanged head of his cock was still in her before he relaxed and let the lovely, naked girl drop back on his cock, taking all of it in one long plunge!! "Oh... Oohhhh!!! It's going to... oohhhh... aaaaaiiiiieeeee!!"

She was cumming!

Betsy called out; her small hands clenched and dug her nails into Wilson's shoulders while she forced her stretched, full little cunt to dance and pound against his lap. The man grinned and then gasped himself when the terrible friction of her tight little sheath seemed to suck his cum up from his balls.

"Awwwgghh... I'm cumming too, honey!" Betsy gasped then moaned when she felt a hot gush of cum fill her and soak her stinging little cunt with a thick coat of slick semen and all she could do was squeal and work faster as she tried to pump all of his hot load into herself. She knew it, she was even farther over that line of childhood and it was certain that she could never get back. She wasn't even sure she wanted to!

"OOOOOh, harder!" The lovely little blonde cooed in the panting man's ear. "Do it harder for me!!" The preacher groaned and then laughed happily when he felt her small pussy tighten around his wilting cock and fight to keep it hard and stuffed deep inside of her.

That day was an acid test of the efficacy of Wilson's operation. He managed to remain hard just like a teenager and to fuck the lovely, busty youngster again without uncunting. And, although he flooded her sub-teen receptacle with two sizeable loads of semen there was no sperm to impregnate her and cause him problems.

Betsy, after the session, was sore and tired but also more relaxed than she usually was. Despite the way she'd acquiesced to and responded to her first ever fuck, she had no memory of it. A month later when an older boy persuaded her to yield to his blandishments and he fucked her she had honestly claimed he was her first. He didn't believe her, partly because there was no cherry but mostly because she demanded more after a too-brief (for her) romp in the hay. In fact the only thing that saved Betsy from getting a reputation was that her minister gave her more special bible lessons almost every week and after each lesson that nagging desire in her loins was sated for a while.

Chapter 22: Sharing a Secret

Lucinda was in many ways na´ve but she was also a mature woman who knew the facts of life... and how life was created. It was now almost two months since the boarder, Mr. Best, had had his way with her. And she hadn't had a period. Priscilla had not had one for three months but she never thought about it nor did she really know the significance. Little Leena, like her stepmother, had missed two periods but she knew it was just chance. Mr. Best had never fucked her when her period was close so in her ignorance she believed she was safe.

Mrs. Wilson was sick. Every morning. And sick emotionally also for she realized that she was with child. And it wasn't Reverend Wilson's child. He always used protection until he'd gone away to have that operation. The first time after his return he'd used a condom but since then he'd done it twice without protection. Maybe the operation didn't work. Unless it was the schoolteacher's child? An unwilled rush of warmth suffused her loins as the memory of that sinful experiences returned once again, as it had many times since she'd sinned. But she had to tell him. Maybe he would know what to do?

Bob was surprised when there was a knock on his door shortly after the family left for the church service. He was even more surprised when he opened the door to find the preacher's wife standing there.

The chaste (except for that one time) woman would never admit, not even to herself, that her purpose was anything other than to apprise Mr. Best of her pregnancy. And she was sure that she was pregnant. But she came to the door wearing a blouse that, when worn like now without a jacket, showed off her magnificent breasts.

Lucinda's big round tits had been a source of embarrassment to her ever since her teens. When the other girls at high school had been stuffing socks and tissues in their bras to make their boobs appear bigger, Lucinda's had already grown to be bigger and rounder and fuller than the tits of most full-grown women. It was these large mammaries that had first attracted the attention of Reverend Wilson but, until tonight, Bob Best had really not noticed them. Priscilla's bounteous bosom was no larger and perhaps not even as large.

"Mrs. Wilson? I thought you were at church," Bob exclaimed as his eyes took in the splendid fullness of the woman's blouse. "Come in and have a seat," he added although there was not much of a seat selection in his bedroom.

"Uh, Sir. Mr. Best. I had to see you... to talk to you," Lucinda stammered nervously as her boarder led her over to the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed while Bob moved the straight chair from his desk over beside where his buxom landlady was perched.

"Sure, Mrs. Wilson. What do you want to talk about." Mentally he was stripping off the woman's clothes as he remembered how comfortable her plushly upholstered body had felt beneath and around him. It had been several days since he had last enjoyed the compliant services of Leena or Priscilla and his organ swelled at the sight of this mature, luscious creature.

"It's... like... I'm with child, Mr. Best," the woman said haltingly. "You made me with child, Sir."

"What? Me? No, Mrs. Wilson, it must have been Reverend Wilson. I'm sure it was."

"No. No it wasn't. He's been... like... he had an operation. It couldn't have been him. What are we going to do?"

Bob wasn't a stranger to this situation only this time, with a married woman, he wasn't very worried. He got an extra charge out of having demonstrated his virility and his unruly penis jutted out hungrily under his loose-fitting sweatpants. The woman's obvious timidity and trepidation added to his arousal and, as he spoke he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"We shouldn't do anything, Mrs. Wilson. Not about that, anyway. Are you sure you're pregnant?" He slid his hand down over the swell of her blouse-filling breasts and hefted one of the heavy, bra-encased globes. "Are yur breasts getting bigger? Have you noticed a change in them?"

Lucinda blushed furiously at the man's question and his increasingly intimate touch. "Sir? No. That is... I don't know?" He was opening the buttons of her blouse and she wasn't sure what she should do.

The woman had been taught that it was wrong to let a man gaze lustfully upon her naked body. Reverend Wilson had rarely seen her naked but of course he didn't really try any more.

"We'll just have to check, then," Bob said, amused and excited by the woman's almost childish tractability. She looked up at him with a mix of alarm and submissiveness in her expression as he pushed the blouse down off her shoulders and reached behind to unhook her brassiere.

The Reverend Wilson's wife couldn't help but see the projecting bulge at the schoolteacher's crotch that was only inches away from her face. She was anxious and uneasy but as she looked at the evidence of the man's long stiff cock she felt another emotion stirring within her. She had been feeling this new emotion more and more since the night her boarder had assaulted her and her husband's infrequent demands just made it worse because they increased the intensity of the emotion without giving her the release she had felt when Mr. Best had taken her. It seemed to start as a tingling in the vicinity of her private parts, and then spread gradually throughout her body. Suddenly she realized that she was staring at her boarder's crotch, and that he was watching her. She looked quickly away in embarrassment.

"Hey, that's all right, Mrs. Wilson," Bob said, chuckling. "There's nothing wrong with you looking at me... at my cock." He quickly pushed down his sweats to free his throbbing tool for action. "It's not as if you haven't had it inside you."

"Mr. Best! No! Don't. Don't talk that way," Lucinda protested as the man sat beside her, took her in his arms and kissed her warmly on the mouth. As they kissed, Lucinda felt herself softening. She didn't understand her reaction but she allowed her body to go limp, and let herself be supported by the strength of the muscular boarder's arms alone. He tightened his grip, holding her closer to him. As he kissed her, he pushed his tongue into her mouth, running its tip along her even white teeth. She hadn't been kissed like this since Reverend Wilson had begun his seduction, years ago, and she felt the heat grow in her belly.

Bob felt the woman's resistance melting. He reached one arm around behind her, and, lifting her gently he began to remove her skirt and undergarments. As soon as she was naked he pressed his lips passionately to hers and kissed her again. This time, when his tongue invaded her mouth, he sought her tongue. He found it and jabbed gently at it with his own.

At first the chaste and inexperienced woman did nothing, but then, tentatively, she began to fence with his tongue. The points of their tongues played together for a moment, and then Bob drew his tongue back into his own mouth. A moment later, he pressed forward again and explored her mouth with his tongue, seeking her little pink tongue. When he found it, they fenced for a moment, and then once more Bob's tongue retreated into his own mouth. This time Lucinda's tongue followed his part of the way, stopping when she reached her own lips


Bob immediately drove his tongue forward again, this time meeting Lucinda's at the parted entrance to her mouth. He ran the point of his tongue around hers for a moment and then drew back again. This time she followed.

When Bob felt the woman's tongue entering his mouth for the first time, he was elated. This time he wouldn't have to force her, he hoped. He sucked gently, drawing her tongue even further into his mouth. After dueling with it for a moment, he pressed forward with his own tongue, driving back into

Lucinda's soft, warm mouth.

Bob continued to kiss and nibble at his landlady's mouth until her breathing became slightly heavier. Gently, and ever so softly, he let one hand rest lightly on the mountainous swell of her big tit. Without moving his hand at all, he allowed the pressure to become slightly heavier. He could feel her nipple against the palm of his hand. He began to move his hand in a tight little circle over the hard point of her nipple. Lucinda sighed.

Taking her sigh as his cue to move ahead, Bob cupped one of her naked tits in his hand. Although his hands were large, the giant mound of flesh was almost too much for one of his hands to hold. He squeezed her tit with a firm but gentle pressure, feeling the nipple hardening still more.

He continued to kiss her, but now moved his other hand so that it cupped her other tit. His cock was so hard that it ached and pained him. For a moment he was tempted to just stick his cock in but her big soft tits felt so good in his hand that he just couldn't bring himself to stop. He continued moving his hands around in gentle little circles across the soft swell of her big booby. As he did so, Lucinda moaned softly. It was a sound of need and compliance, and it set his cock to throbbing.

He lowered his head until his lips found the pebble-hard point of one of her erect nipples and he began to suck it. He moved his hands slowly down across the contour of her convex abdomen, moving his fingertips back and forth as he went. Then, at the point where her thighs met her torso, he felt the thick fur of her pubic hair. That was his goal. He began to move his hand back and forth across her pubic mound, petting her hair and her cunt and he could feel the lips of her pussy flowering open at his gently caressing touch.

Lucinda did not understand herself. She should stop him. She knew that. Even if she'd committed adultery with him once it had not really been her fault. He had forced her. But, as he nibbled at the hard point of her nipple while he continued to rub his hand back and forth across the furry mound. of her sex she felt as if it was swelling and flooding with sinful desire, Lucinda's eyes were closed tightly and she was turning her head from side to side, overcome by the sheer pleasure which she was experiencing. For the moment, all thought of morality was lost to the wonderful warm waves of sensuous delight. Somewhere in the depths of her subconscious mind she was sure that what she was doing, and that what she was feeling, was wrong, and that she shouldn't allow it to continue. But it felt so good.

The tingling, which had begun earlier in her seldom used cunt, had become a fire which was beginning to consume her entire body.

"Oh, Mr. Best," she moaned. "Please Sir?" The woman wasn't sure what she was asking for. She knew she should be asking him to stop but she didn't really want him to stop.

Bob moved his head downward and kissed his way across her belly, moving closer and closer to her pussy. Meanwhile he stroked her thighs, moving his hands in little circles around the silky-smooth skin just above her knees. As he petted and stroked her, he slowly pushed her legs apart. He rubbed his hand over her furry cunt, stroking her outer cuntlips briefly, and then pressing the flat of his hand against the swollen mound near her clit.

Now Lucinda was moaning continuously and her voluptuous body was writhing uncontrollably about on the bed. She was experiencing feelings which she had never imagined possible. The physical pleasure was so intense that all thought of guilt was banished. If she was pregnant by him, it was all right. She was his to have.

Bob's finger penetrated Lucinda's cunt. Her cunt was juicy and moist, and Bob's finger was worming around inside it and moving in all directions at once. It felt wonderful, exquisite. She didn't want it to ever stop.

The feeling of Bob's lips on her nipples was driving her wild. Tentatively, unsure of herself, the preacher's wife reached to the side of the bed for her boarder's cock. It was huge and hard and, as Lucinda wrapped her fingers around it, it began to throb. Even though she was married she had never really touched a man's cock before. The touch of it thrilled her. It was like a living thing, pulsating and throbbing in her hand. Instinctively, she began stroking up and down on the shank of her boarder's tremendous prick.

As she pulled on Bob's hard-on, Bob bit gently at her nipples. The thumb and middle finger of his right hand separated the lips of her cunt, while his index finger moved exploringly between the slickly smooth walls of her inner channel. She felt his fingertip making contact with every hidden fold of her swollen pussy. The new sensations, which she was experiencing, were almost more than she could stand. She wanted to make the schoolteacher feel the same delightful pleasures that he was giving her. Lovingly, she caressed his swollen cock. She let her fingers trail softly from the base of the shank to the bulbous tip.

Bob couldn't wait any longer. He shifted the compliant woman's body higher on the bed and looked at her lush form. Her skin was a pale white, which gave her a virginal appearance. Her shoulders were soft and smooth and perfectly unblemished. The curve of her mammoth tits seemed to begin at the shoulder. From there they swelled outward like twin mountains. At the peaks were perfectly formed nipples, bright rosy red, and quiveringly erect. The areolas were the size of silver dollars. Her belly was convex and just below it was the thick patch of curling hair, which covered her pubic mound.

Inside the jungle of her pussy fur nestled her throbbing clit, in its keyhole-shaped tent. Just below it, her pussy lay, the lips parted and glistening with the moist secretions of her desire. Her perfectly formed thighs were long and white and tapered gracefully toward her knees. Her calves were exquisite.

With a gurgling sound, which started deep in his throat, Bob fell upon her, throwing his body full length across hers. Instinctively, she spread her legs as he neared her; opening her cunt still more.

Bob's rock-hard prick jabbed at the tender flesh of her seldom used pussy, trying in vain to find the hole. He continued humping his hips forward in an attempt to get his cock in. Finally, because he was beginning to hurt her, Lucinda reached between them and took hold of his cock. Slowly, gently, she rubbed it up and down against the wet flesh of her cunt. She brought the rubbery head of his cock into contact with her quivering little clit. She rubbed the bulbous cockhead against her hot pleasure-button and then she moved it lower, rubbing it gently against the moist inner surfaces of her parted cuntlips. As soon as Bob felt the silky smoothness of her outer lips, he humped his hips forward, driving his cock part of the way into her pussy.

Lucinda was tight, and fit his huge prick like a glove. But she was also well lubricated, and he slipped in easily. When about three inches of his cock had penetrated her hot slash, he stopped the forward motion, and began to move outward again.

"Oh, no," Lucinda whispered. "Don't go. I like it."

Bob moved forward again, feeling a rush of satisfaction that the preacher's wife was indirectly asking him to fuck her. This time he treated her to a little more of his cock. When about half its length had penetrated her pussy he stopped. Slowly he began grinding his hips in a tight little circle. The head of his cock scoured at the inner walls of her cunt as he ground his hips around. Then, continuing the circular motion with his hips, he began, slowly, to withdraw. When nothing but the swollen head of his prick remained inside her, he reversed direction. But this time, he rammed his hips forward with one powerful thrust, driving his swollen cock to the hilt inside her hot tight twat.

Lucinda raised her legs high in the air, pointing her feet at the ceiling. This pulled the lips of her pussy even further apart. Bob swayed from side to side, rubbing her clit with the hair-covered mound of his pubic bone, and causing her to moan again.

Unable to prolong it any further, Bob began to pump his hips in and out in the age-old rhythm of fucking. Lucinda wrapped her legs around his waist as though trying to drive him even deeper inside her. As he humped, her ass rose off the mattress and then pushed against it again. He drove relentlessly on, pumping in and out, up and down, all the while grinding his hips around and around and back and forth, using movements that he learned with other woman and girls.

Suddenly Lucinda began to sob. "Oh, Sir!" she cried. "I never... Oh, I think I'm going to explode! Oh, yes, oh, yesss! Oh, it's terrible! Oh, it's wonderful! Oohhhh..." Her voice trailed off as her orgasm began to overtake her.

As his landlady stiffened beneath him he felt his own orgasm beginning. "Get ready, baby, here I come," he muttered. And with that, the first hot blast of gism shot from the end of his prick, splattering against the back wall of her writhing cunt. Lucinda could feel the jets of juice pumping from his cock and filling her cunt to overflowing. She felt her own juices flowing in rhythmic waves to mingle with her boarder's. She felt as though she was being transported to another plane of existence. A buzzing sound filled her head as she climbed the velvet ladder of fulfillment. She could feel Bob's prick expanding and contracting as it spewed its hot load inside her. If he had not already impregnated her he would have this time, for sure,

After what seemed like an eternity, the pulsations began to diminish. She felt her own orgasm coming to a descending conclusion just as Bob's burst of gism began to get smaller and less powerful.

The once-chaste woman felt as though she was coming to the bottom of a long chute. At the same time she felt physically drained. The teacher's cock was beginning to soften inside her pussy. Then, as he was concluding an out-stroke, it slipped from the grasp of her pussylips with an obscene plop. Bob rolled over onto his back next to her, puffing and panting. He felt as though his strength had been completely sapped.

The unfaithful wife was first to speak. "Sir... Mr. Best? You made me sin again. What am I going to tell Mr. Wilson?"

"Just tell him you're pregnant, Mrs. Wilson. The operation he had... a vasectomy... isn't always successful. Just tell him that it mustn't have worked." And Bob concluded his remarks by exclaiming, "God, woman, you're good."

"Oh Sir... I feel so... so wicked," Lucinda sighed but at that moment she felt mainly fatigued and lethargic. She also felt satisfied and content but she could not bring herself to admit it. Was Mr. Best right? Would her husband believe that his operation hadn't worked? Maybe that was really why she was with child? Perhaps it was not as bad as she'd thought?

Chapter 23: Classroom Comfort

Spring had arrived, the season of planting and new growth. Except for the winter wheat. It had been planted in the fall and the green sprouts were already appearing in the fields. But wheat was not the only fall planting that was becoming evident. Young Sherry whose seed had germinated with the assistance of her schoolteacher's sperm had gained considerable weight. She was a big girl so it didn't show that much except for the loss of a waistline and the development of a bit of a potbelly. And now, only two months short of giving birth, the ingenuous teen still didn't know that she was knocked up.

Lucinda had been the first of the trio to realize she was pregnant and she and the schoolteacher had decided she could bluff her way through with the lie that it was the Reverend's baby. And maybe it was, she'd consoled herself. But she'd also consoled herself by bedding the schoolteacher at every opportunity. The newfound delight of sexual congress was enhanced by the illicit nature of their liaison although she kept telling herself that it was the devil's fault.

And now Bob was worried. And maybe a bit macho. Two weeks after Lucinda had revealed her pregnancy, little Leena had come to his room.

Mr. Best, Sir? I'm scairt. I'm real late and I think you musta knocked me up?

He hoped but so far in vain that it was a false alarm. Damn. If he got out of this one he'd get a vasectomy, for sure. And if he didn't... if she really was pregnant... he'd likely go to jail. God, she was only a thirteen-year-old girl. She must be mistaken.

It was now almost another month since Leena had given him her news. And, except for the two times Lucinda had stayed home from church and once with Sherry, Bob had been unusually inactive, sexually. Now, as he sat in the classroom, his testicles had that heavy, bloated feeling and even though he was very worried about Leena, he was horny as hell.

Brenda felt a warm moistness between her legs. Golly, Mr. Best was good looking. She wished she lived ib the same house with him like Leena did. She was sure that Leena was doing it with him. And she was only thirteen. She acted as if she owned him. And she'd seen her leave the school late sometimes and she walked kind of funny. Brenda was sure that the teacher had been into her.

"Please may I leave the room, sir?" the fifteen year old girl asked when the teacher acknowledged her upraised hand.

"You may, Brenda," Bob replied to the standard request for permission to visit the outdoor toilet. He noticed how her large breasts bobbled under her blouse as she walked to the front of the room and he fought the tingle of lust in his loins. He didn't need any more complications.

Once inside the small, rough wood cubicle, Brenda loosened her clothing. Even though spring was here it was too cold to take anything off and, still wearing her coat, she sat on the bench between the two holes and pulled her panties down to her knees. The she managed to unclasp her brassiere before she leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes.

Brenda's pussy was wet and slippery, the way it always got when she sat in class and daydreamed about Mr. Best. She could feel the coarse, curly tendrils of pubic hair as her fingers stroked her soft, vulval flesh. It was better at night in her bed but she didn't want to wait until then. She'd do it again then, anyway.

Brenda squeezed her well-developed breasts with the other hand and wondered what her teacher would think if he knew what she was doing. She wondered also what it would be like to do the real thing. She'd seen her sister getting it last summer in the barn and she'd been surprised at how big a man's thing got. But her sister sure seemed to like having it stuck up into her.

"Oh yes, Mr. Best. You can stick your cock into my cunt," she whispered to herself. "You can fuck me, sir. I want it. I want you to break my cherry, sir." And, as she rubbed her sleek, juicy pussy, she imagined what it would feel like to have a cock inside. Her fingers moved faster and faster, her clitoris getting big and hard, and as she felt the growing heat in her belly, she arched her hips forward and put a finger inside the tiny, virginal hole. And then she came. If anyone had happened to pass within thirty feet of the little outhouse, they would have wondered at the sharp, panting gasps that would have been clearly audible.

Straightening her clothes, the teenager got up and, her knees still watery weak from her orgasm, she returned to the classroom. Bob noted that she was flushed but he attributed it to the chilly outside air.

Four hours later, in mid-afternoon, Brenda was once again beset by her belly-churning erotic fantasies. Her hand crept under her desk as if independently driven and, checking first to be sure that she could not be observed, she slipped it inside her skirt. She was wearing a skirt that buttoned in front and by opening one of the buttons, she was able to get her hand on the bare flesh of her swollen pussy.

Brenda only thought she was unobserved. In fact, her teacher had a marvelous view of what was occurring. Behind the girl, on the wall to her right, was a mirror. From his desk, some thirty feet ahead of her and slightly elevated, the teacher could see some of what she was doing. At first he didn't catch on. Her arm and wrist were visible and, as he watched more closely with increasing interest, he could see that she was reaching inside her skirt.

This was really exciting, she thought. She didn't have to use her imagination to remember what Mr. Best looked like. She could watch him while she played with herself. He'd sure be surprised if he knew what she was doing. She didn't want to keep on until she came because she wasn't sure she could keep quiet but she didn't want to stop, either.

Bob couldn't believe what he was seeing. Brenda was masturbating right in the classroom. And her eyes were fixed on him. Was she really fantasizing that he was fucking her? Fortunately he was seated behind his desk so that his sudden, raging erection was not visible to any of the students.

When it was time to end the day, he had the opportunity to select someone to clean the blackboards. Needless to say, he asked Brenda to remain.

Brenda was a wreck. When it was about time for the class to end, she had reluctantly ceased her genital caress but, by then, she was aching with the need to reach orgasm. Ordinarily she would have been pleased to be the one to stay and clean the boards but, today, it just meant a longer wait before she could get home and finish what she had started and maintained for so long.

Bob could see that the girl was almost wobbly on her feet. He remained behind his desk and watched her as she reached up to wipe the top of one slate. Her breasts were truly magnificent. He could hardly stand the temptation.

"Come up here, Brenda. I think we need to have a little talk."

Putting down the eraser, the teenager walked shakily to his desk, wondering what her teacher wanted. Hopefully it wouldn't take very long and she'd be able to go home.

"I could see that something was bothering you today, Brenda. Do you want to tell me about it?"

"Huh? Whaddya mean, sir?" She got a sinking feeling in her belly. Had he seen what she was doing? And, if he did, what would he do? Would he punish her? Or tell her parents?

"Who were you dreaming about this afternoon, Brenda? There's nothing wrong with what you were doing, you know. It's perfectly natural to play with yourself." The girl tensed when her teacher placed a hand on the flare of her young hip. "But it's kind if dangerous doing it right here in the classroom. Someone might have seen you. I mean someone other than I. One of yur schoolmates might get the wrong idea. Were you feelings so strong that you couldn't wait until you got home?"

"Uh... uh... uh, gee, sir? I? I? I couldn't help it, sir," she stammered, not sure how much he had seen.

"Close the blinds, Brenda. And turn off the lights. I think we'd better try to find a way to help you. And we don't want to be seen, do we?"

"Oh gee, sir? I don't know? Are yuh sure yuh oughta?"

"Yes, I'm sure, young lady. Now, do as I say!"

Brenda went to the windows and closed the Venetian blinds and then turned off the overhead lights and returned to stand by his desk. The young teenager wondered what her teacher was going to do now. If he'd really been fucking Leena, then he might actually plan to do it to her too? Her knees quaked at the thought.

"You're a big girl, Brenda. Especially up here," Bob said as he squeezed one of her big tit-globes. A wave of heat coursed through her belly when the man cupped and hefted her large breasts. "I guess all the guys keep trying to do this, eh? Do you have a boyfriend? Is there someone who helps you with your feelings?"

"Oh gee, Mr. Best? I'm scairt? Are yuh sure it's OK fer yuh to touch me like that? I mean... like? OH, MR. BEST!" She cried out in surprise when her teacher's hand slid under her skirt and up between her thighs to the wet crotch of her panties.

"Mmmmmm... yes... you're in need of something, my dear. Do you masturbate a lot, Brenda?" She clamped her thighs closed on his wrist when his finger insinuated itself under the elastic of her panties.

"But? b.b.but? Oh, sir?"

"You were imagining I was fucking you this afternoon, weren't you, my dear? You were fingering yourself and imagining that my cock was inside you, weren't you, Brenda?. Right?"

"Hanh? Oh, Mr. Best? Oh, sir?" She couldn't reply when his finger rubbed her soft, swollen labia, sending new thrills shooting through her loins.

Bob knew now that it was just a matter of taking off the teenager's clothes and fucking her. She was standing there unresistingly while he teased the sloppy softness of her fat, young cunt. He unbuttoned her skirt and it dropped in a heap around her ankles and then he reached under her blouse to unclasp her brassiere.

"If I didn't know your real age, I'd think you were twenty.", the horny teacher said as he played with her huge, firm tit-globes. "You have a very mature body, my dear. And you must have some very mature desires, too. Lie down on my desk, Brenda. Lie down so we can do something about your needs."

In docile obedience the big-titted virgin followed his directions, getting up on the desk and then letting him push her down to a horizontal position.

"You're a lovely piece, Brenda.", Jim said as he pulled her panties down and off and began to stroke her nearly nude, young body. In the fading light he could see that her plump pussy, the convex mound bisected by a vertical slit that hid the portal to her lush, ripe body. This was really dangerous, right here on his desk. Someone could look in the window through a gap in the blinds and see them. But he wanted her. He wanted her right here on his paper littered desk.

Brenda was apprehensive but she felt a surge of triumph. Her teacher, the man she had fantasized about so many times, was definitely planning to fuck her. Just like she'd dreamed. Then she'd be able to lord it over her thirteen-year-old friend Cindy. She'd call her as soon as it was over. As soon as she got home she'd call and tell her, She'd really be jealous, too.

The teacher unbuckled his belt, loosened his pants and then pushed down his pants and shorts to release his throbbing erection. He took the girl's hand in his and drew it to his groin, placing her fingers around the thick, gristly cylinder.

"OH SIR! OH, MR. BEST!", the young teen exclaimed when she felt the burning heat of the rock-hard organ. Instinctively she wrapped her fingers around it as she gasped, "Oh gee, sir? It's so big? Oh, sir? Are yuh gonna? Like? You know? Are yuh really gonna do it to me? Right here on yer desk?"

"It's what you want, isn't it, Brenda? Isn't that what you were thinking about this afternoon when you were fingering yourself?

"Uh... I? I? I guess so, sir? B.b.but? Like? I din't know it was so big, sir? I'm kinda scairt?"

In for a dime, in for a dollar, Bob thought. The youngster needed this. Wanted it. He might as well treat her like the loose-legged little sexpot she seemed to be. And if little Leena was going to cause him to go to jail he might as well have some other memories to take with him.

"You have a lovely, fat cunt, Brenda. I'm not too big for that. I bet you're always asking for more when you're being fucked, aren't you? I bet this hot pussy is always hungry, isn't it?"

"Oh, sir? OOHHH!" the adolescent cried out when he placed the hot knob against her soft cuntlips. He thought she'd done this before. He thought she'd been fucked already. She wondered if she ought to tell him that she was a virgin.

The teacher slid the bulbous knob of his dong up and down in the slick crevice, pushing the fat lips apart and pressing on the nearly hidden bud of her clitoris. Brenda was quite slender but her hips flared out nicely from her narrow waist and her huge breasts stood high and proud from her chest. He guided the knob to the hot portal to her vagina and, as he attempted to enter, he encountered her hymenal blockage.

"My God, Brenda? Haven't you been fucked before?"

"Uh... oohhh Mr. Best? Uh, no sir? I ain't never done it?"

"Do you want me to stop?"

"Uh, gee? I don't know, sir? Is it gonna hurt?"

Bob wouldn't have stopped then, no matter what she said. He pushed against the elastic barrier and felt it give. Backing off a bit, he pushed again and saw the young girl flinch. Then, his lust aroused to extreme heights by her ripe, young innocence, her pushed once more.

"Hannh? Annhh? AAANNNHHH!" the girl squealed as her vestal barrier ruptured, sending a sharp pain shooting through her loins. There was an incredible pressure as the thick shaft dilated her virgin sheath and it seemed to the innocent youngster that she was going to be split apart by the huge pole.

"Nnoooo... nnooooo... take it out... taaake it oouutttt!" she cried as, too late, she shanged her mind and her virginity came to an end.

As her tight cunt surrounded the first three inches of his cock, Bob felt the added heat of the blood from her ruptured hymen. The immoral teacher felt the usual sense of triumph from being the first to enter a girl and, despite a momentary fear of discovery; he grabbed her huge tits and stayed inside.

"The worst is over now, my dear. The rest of it should be pure pleasure for you... and me...", and Bob remained motionless, allowing his cock to soak in the young girl's juicy twat. Brenda felt, at first, only an ache, as if she had a toothache in her twat, but in only a few seconds, it lessened as the pliant sheath adjusted to its expansion by her horny teacher's thick fuckpole.

"You're a lovely young lady, Brenda. I never dreamed when I saw you masturbating this afternoon that you were still a virgin. Does it still hurt, my dear? Do you still want me to take it out?"

Brenda raised her head and looked down between her large breast mounds, across the slight swell of her belly to where the long, thick male organ was joining their bodies. It looked immense to her inexperienced eyes. But the ache had diminished and was being replaced by a tingling feeling that pervaded her whole lower body.

"Uh, gee, Mr. Best? I guess not. Not now. But? It still looks awful big? Are yuh? Like? Are yuh gonna put it all inside? Will it fit?"

"It'll fit, alright, Brenda. That tight little cunt of yours can take all of this and more." He began a slow in-out motion advancing only a fraction of an inch each time. As she felt her body being invaded, the young girl spread her legs wider apart as if to relieve the pressure.

The teenager's soft, swollen cuntsheath gripped his cock with a hot, cock-skinning tightness as, bit by bit, he buried his long, thick organ inside. Her eyes widened as she felt her body being invaded, her virgin channel reluctantly expanding to a larger diameter and, as he went deeper, its length was also increased.

Finally the immoral teacher was totally buried in the young girl's nubile body and his hands were filled by her huge tits. Her legs dangled over the edge of the desk as, with slow, rhythmic strokes, he plumbed the tight depths of her young cunt.

"Is this better than your fingers, my dear? Does it feel good to you, Brenda? You're really good, you know. So tight and juicy."

"Mmmmmm... hmmmmm... Mr. Best... mmmmmm... I like it... It hurts some but I like it..." the girl sighed as she felt a churning in her young belly, a pre-cursor to her orgasm. "I didn't know... didn't think you'd ever do this... Not with me." And then, as he touched her throbbing clitoris, the girl felt a rushing heat in her loins. Her widespread thighs tensed, jumped and quivered and the familiar convulsions of climax began.

"Unnh... unnh... unnhh..." she panted and, feeling the contractions of her tight fuckwell, the immoral teacher extended his stroke as he took the first-fucked teenager over the top. Her firm belly palpitated, her soft cuntlips pulsated and her eyes rolled back as she was gripped by the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. The hand produced variety was insignificant in comparison to what she was now experiencing. Bob held back, determined to give her a second climax before he discharged his lust into her ripe, young body.

"Hannh? Annh? Hannh?", the girl gasped breathlessly. "Oh, sir? Oh, Mr. Best? That was fab. Have you done this to any of the other girls, sir?"

"This is just between us, Brenda. I knew that you needed it and... well... I wanted you, too. You're a lovely girl, Brenda. And you look a lot older than you are. Is it as good as you hoped?"

"Oh yes! Better! Oh yes, Mr. Best. Are you? Like? How much longer? I gotta get home, you know? But, like, can yuh make it happen again?", she panted, her awakened body hungry for more.

"One more time for you, baby. That's all today," and he began to thrust harder, her huge breasts jumping at each cunt-filling drive. His finger was once more titillating her clit and he felt the enlargement of her cum-trigger that signaled another climax.

"Now, baby. Now!" she heard her teacher gasp, just as her loins convulsed with another hot climax. Her hips jerked and wriggled, her tight sheath compressing his thick organ as he drove hard into her. The girl felt the thick pole swell within her, then jump, and then for the first time, she felt the wet heat as he exploded.

The girl's sheath was milking his cock with tight-muscled spasms and it seemed to be drawing even his balls up into her tender depths. His knees quaked as his sperm rushed along the length of his prick to jet hotly into the virgin fuckwell, bathing his shaft with its greasy heat.

"Hunnh? Unnh? Whannh?", the youngster gasped as she felt her cunt being inundated with his ejaculation. Her hips jerked, her big tits bobbled and her belly bulged as his semen filled her, the hotly spurting semen sending new thrills coursing through her young loins.

"Sirrr? Oh, Mr. Best? What did you do?", she asked as soon as she could get her breath. "What did you do in me, sir?"

"I went off, Brenda. I went off in your juicy, little cunt. And it was marvelous, baby. You're really something, you know." He made a few more full-length strokes to drain the last of his lust into her lush, young body and then pulled out. A string of white gism, stained red by her vestal blood, overflowed the soft receptacle and Brenda laid there, her legs still widespread and limp.

"Oh, Golly, sir? Yer not gonna tell nobody, are yuh? Like, I know I shouldn't have let yuh do this? But, like, did yuh like me? Even if I'm only fourteen? Was it good for you, too?"

"You were perfect, Brenda. And we're not going to tell anyone. Not even your friends. Right, Brenda?"

"Oh no sir. I mean, yes. I mean, I'm not going to tell anyone. But, sir? Are you going to want me again? I mean, like this?"

"For sure, my dear. But we have to be careful. Did you really like it? Was it good for you?

"Ohh sirr. Ohhh yesss. I loved it."

When was your last period, Brenda?

It was... like... it just finished, Sir? Why? She got shakily to her feet and bent down to retrieve her panties from the floor.

Just wanted to know. I'm sure you don't want to have a baby, do you?

Hee Hee. Fer sure not. Is some times safer than others?

That's right. And now is a safe time so maybe next month you can stay and do the blackboards again.

Bob did the blackboards himself that night after Brenda left. Damn. He was in a real fix, he worried. Perhaps he could somehow get an abortion for the underaged girl?

Chapter 24: Secrets Revealed

Reverend Ebenezer sat at his desk and sipped Jack Daniels. He rarely drank because the evil of strong drink was one of the things he railed against when he wasn't railing against the evil of extra marital sex. Perhaps the surprising thing is that he drank rarely, considering the way he handled the sex bit. In any case today he was trying to recover from a very stressful week. The alcohol was one part of the stress-cure. The other was Ruth Tanner, young Felicity Tanner's mother. But first there's the cause of the stress. Or, more accurately, the causes.

It all began after the church service last Sunday night when he decided it was time to give Lucinda her weekly servicing. Since his vasectomy the weekly sessions had been better than he remembered and she had not been totally limp beneath him. The last time she had even been surprisingly and uncharacteristically wet and slippery but of course Wilson didn't know he was mounting a wet deck after the schoolteacher had fucked the guilt-ridden but willing woman.

Uh, Mr. Wilson. I have something to tell you.

Wilson liked it when his wife called him Mister or, sometimes, Reverend. On those occasions she was even more subservient than usual and she was usually very subservient by most men's standards.

Oh? He slid his hand up under her nightgown to the furry nest between her plump thighs. What is it you want to tell me, my dear?

I... I'm pregnant, Sir. We're going to have a baby.

But? We can't. Not me. Are you sure? The thought that his wife might have cheated on him never entered the preacher's mind.

Yes, I'm sure. It's been more than three months and I went to the doctor. He confirmed it.

Well... that's not what I expected. I'm going to sue those guys. But, annoyed though he was, the minister looked forward with anticipation to maybe having a son to go with his two daughters. Of course Wilson already had two sons, the products of his pre-marital counseling, but their paternity was attributed to the unsuspecting swains who married the girls. And at that moment a third son was growing in Felicity Hansen's belly, a son that Josh Hansen would believe to be his own.

But the thought doused Wilson's usually unquenchable libido and they went to bed only to sleep.

And then on Monday afternoon as soon as school was out Bob Best and Wilson's older daughter, Priscilla, arrived at his office for a meeting that Best had requested that morning at breakfast.

Mr. Wilson? Ebenezer? I have a special request.

Anything you ask, Bob. Anything to get you to return to teach again next year, and Wilson smiled at his semi-serious condition.

We want to get married, Sir. We're in love and even though Priscilla is only sixteen we want to wed as soon as we can.

There was a brief further conversation as Wilson's initial suspicions were confirmed and they agreed to a brief wedding service on Saturday. The preacher had mixed feelings about the whole thing. On the one hand he was annoyed, almost angry that the schoolteacher had taken advantage of his position and proximity to seduce the na´ve teenager. On the other hand he was relieved that his daughter was getting a stable man, stable economically in any case. And he was sufficiently rational to consider his own behavior in matters like this. Best wasn't running away but was honest and up-front about what he'd done. Clearly he was an honorable man.

Then, on Wednesday, the preacher was presented with the most serious and difficult to accept situation. Lucinda brought little Leena to his office. This was unusual and was the first and only time Lucinda had come to his office. He was curious but his curiosity was quickly assuaged.

Leena has some bad news for us today. Do you want to tell him Leena, or should I?

It's not my fault Daddy. But... like... a man hurt me Daddy. He got me here in the church and he... he... oohhh Daddy, and the little girl rushed to her father and he put his arms around her.

Tell me who it was Daughter. Tell me and I'll... I'll... he'll go to jail.

It was a masterful acting job on the part of the thirteen-year-old girl. She had known about the schoolteacher and her sister and her Stepmom and once she was told that they also were pregnant, she had willingly become a participant in the bizarre plan. For the ingenuous teen it was a game where she could play being grown up.

Mr. Best would remain part of the household. Lucinda would raise Leena's child as her own. And Mr. Best, although married to Priscilla, would make love to both of them. His relationship with her stepmother in the future was not discussed but the young girl knew of her father's extramarital adventures so she was not particularly concerned.

Reverend Wilson was naturally concerned. And angry. His anger was directed at the unknown man who had molested and impregnated his younger daughter. For most of an hour he questioned her, trying to pin down who it might be. He questioned her also about the dark-skinned boy, Ravi and although he finally said he believed Leena's rape story he had a nagging suspicion that Ravi might be the father.

Wilson was angry also with the physician who had botched the vasectomy. He was thankful that the schoolteacher, Bob Best, was accepting full responsibility for his actions and marrying his daughter. He was the only really bright light in the whole dismal panorama.

Wilson postponed his planned indoctrination of a Philipino girl who had just joined the congregation. She was a bit of a special case because he had converted her from her Roman Catholic faith, much to the dismay of Father Murphy at the Convent School on the other side of the hill. The preacher did not want to spend the necessary time in preparing a young and inexperienced girl so he had invited Ruth Tanner, the mother of the newlywed fifteen-year-old girl, Felicity Hansen. With all the pregnancy going around in his own family and knowing that Felicity was also with child as a result of her marriage counseling, Wilson chuckled at the thought of getting her mother in a family way also. But that was unlikely and not only because of his operation. The repository or repositories he lusted after with the buxom Tanner woman would not lead to pregnancy even if he hadn't been vasectomized.

Ruth Tanner had married young as did most of the girls in Devon and her first child, Felicity, had been born when she was barely sixteen. Reverend Wilson had chosen her as one of the first local woman to receive the benefit (or whatever) of his hypnotic technique and for the first three times things went as he anticipated. The fourth time, however, the voluptuous and hot-blooded woman came out of her trance just as the fires of unbridled lust were consuming her womanly loins and she was fully conscious as her minister fucked her through her greatest ever orgasm.

After Ruth Tanner discovered her innate sexuality and overcame her guilt she became Reverend Wilson's escape valve, someone he could call on if a girl was proving difficult to seduce or if he just needed that extra touch of companionship. And ever since the minister had given her daughter, Felicity, her special indoctrination, Ruth had been especially anxious to be with the preacher.

The woman was ready for her minister when she arrived at his office. Her mind was filled with thoughts of him and the lovemaking they'd shared last week. His tender touches and the lips she loved to kiss and lick. The way his body felt against hers when he'd pulled her close against him. Remembering the feel of his large strong hands brought a sigh of longing from deep inside her.

Silently Wilson stripped off his clothes while the woman watched, seated at his messy desk. Carefully sliding the papers off her desk and stacking them on the floor he perched himself on the desk directly in front of her. Once seated with legs spread, he watched her and began to masturbate. Slowly, caressing himself until he was almost fully erect, tugging gently on the loose skin that covered his testicles while thinking of the pleasure they were about to share.

She wasn't hypnotized or drugged but Ruth Wilson was entranced. Her eyes were open wide, staring, and all she could see was him. His hand slowly sliding the skin up and down the shaft while the other tenderly squeezed and cupped his balls. She couldn't take her eyes off him, afraid to move in case it was a dream and he disappeared.

Dragging her gaze away from his center, she looked up into his eyes seeing the lust and desire growing. Then her eyes drifted downwards over his body, coming to rest again on his hands as they slowly tugged and teased.

Sliding his bottom to the edge of the desk, Wilson raised one leg and set his foot beside himself on the desk. His knee fell to the side, fully exposing himself to the woman. Then gazing down at his well spread legs he watched himself and Ruth watching him. This posture opened him fully and Ruth could see his tight nether hole peeking from below his balls as he caressed them. Lifting his half closed eyes he looked straight at Ruth almost dreamily. Her eyes followed as he eased his fingers back over his balls, tugging them before he stroked his now rigid tool. Eyes closed with pleasure, he moaned softly as Ruth sat trembling, watching his hands pleasuring yourself.

Unable to just sit and watch any longer, Ruth pulled herself forward and reached for him. With a soft smile on his face he looked down at her then pushed her hands away.

"Take off your clothes Ruth, please. God, you make me so horny. I want to show you how turned on you get me."

Sliding her chair back Ruth stood then quickly began shedding her clothes. Sweater, jeans, then making sure he was watching, she turned her back to him and slid the tips of her fingers into the sides of her panties. Twisting her face around she watched him over her shoulder. Slowly she pushed them down over her full ripe hips. Bending at the waist, she pushed them down her thighs then lower and finally off. Daintily stepping out of them, she tossed them aside. Making sure her legs were slightly parted she shifted so her bottom was pointing directly towards him. Again his moan brought her head around. Tightly his fist closed around the base of his blood filled shaft and she watched it throb.

"Sit down Ruth and watch me. I'm hard just for you," his voice, a gravel like whisper. She lowered herself into her chair, not taking her eyes off him. Making sure her knees were spread wide, her own tease began. How wet and swollen her sex had become.

Then he began to torment her with his cock. His hand wrapped firmly around its base he pointed it towards her. The first clear drop of pre cum oozed from the tip, begging to be licked off. Slowly his fist moved upwards forcing more of the precious liquid out of the widened slit. With the ball of his thumb, he spread it round the mushroom shaped head. His tightened fist pushed the skin down the shaft, drew it tight all the way to the base. Ruth watch as it twitched and swelled, another clear drop forming at the tip. Withdrawing the finger from his nether hole, he circle it around and over the plum shaped head.

His thighs tensed in pleasure, the exhibitionism a new exciting game. With experienced fingers he tickled along the slit then just beneath the head, to that sweet spot. Moaning as it jumped at the light touch, his mouth sagged open as his hips jerked upwards. Again, his hand moved to his swollen sack and pulled. The freshly lubricated digit found, and then entered his dark tunnel.

Ruth's hands were on her own crotch, unable to remain still any longer. Pussy lips spread wide with the fingers of one hand, the other plunged fingers deep inside. Groaning as her clitoris rubbed against the palm of her hand she mirrored his movements, her excitement rapidly climbing.

Nearing his threshold, he pulled his hands away and hopped off the desk. Standing in front of Ruth, his cock swayed and drooled. One hand, a little roughly dragged through her hair, then clenched. His fist held her in place while he rubbed his hard shaft all over her face. Ruth twisted and turned trying desperately to trap him in my mouth, but is held at bay.

She was nearly ready to scream when he relented. With a firm hold of the shaft, he allowed the tip to graze her lips. His hips swayed and her tongue darted across his glans tasting him. Groaning softy, he pushed forward and entered her mouth. Hungrily she sucked, her tongue still played over the head. You began to thrust it into her mouth, deeper and deeper with each stroke. Spongy crown touched the back of her throat. His hand held her there, cock filling her mouth. Closing her eyes, almost gagging, she swallowed. The head of his cock was squeezed deliciously as it entered her throat.

The woman was a marvel. He watched as she swallowed his full length, remembering how her daughter had also deep-throated him. Groaning, too close now to erupting he pulled all the way out and gripped the base of his shaft tightly. Ruth watched as it throbbed wildly, a long ribbon of his clear nectar hung from it. After a few moments he loosened his grip then released his prick to wave in front of her face. The tip brushed her lips, bruised from his use of them.

Reaching down he took her by the upper arms and pulled her, almost roughly to her feet. On weakened knees she's spun around then pushed across the desk. Her lushly curved ass faced him. Not satisfied, he pulled her legs further away from the desk then spread her feet still farther apart.

With slightly shaking hands he began to caress her from her tense shoulders on down. The tip of his cock left a wet sticky trail along her thigh. When his hands reached her bottom, he bent and began to lick and kiss then gently bite her plump white cheeks. Massaging the large muscles, pulling them apart then pressing them tight together. Long fingers stray to the deep cleft separating the soft globes of flesh, then further to gently probe. Circling the tight bud of her anus she sobbed with unfathomable desire. His tongue followed the same route, licking and kissing wetly. Her sweet woman juices ran freely down my thighs and he knelt to lick her clean.

With gentle hands he spread her cheeks wide and slid a hand down her crease. Ruth groaned as he touched her tightly clenched nether hole. Using the tip of his finger he touched and gently probed, entering her then withdrawing, only to enter again. Soon she was gasping, grinding herself back against his finger as it teased and enflamed her.

Standing he took hold of his prick once more and placed the tip at her dark entrance. Slowly he leaned forward pressing it in. She was tight and at first he met a slight resistance and held still. Then, like the bloom of a flower she opened beneath him. With patience and gentle pressure he slowly sank passed the outer ring of muscle. The head was encased within and he held still while her muscles loosened and relaxed around him. Then he pushed further into her. His shaft slowly sank deeper, each ridge and vein felt as it filled her. He groaned and held the cheeks of her bottom tightly. Pulling her back onto his hardness until she was impaled, his balls resting against her slick pussy lips. He held still for a moment, savoring the feel of her rectum as it clenched on him. Reaching down he found her clitoris and began to slowly slide his finger along its short shaft. Around and around his slick finger caressed her, till she was gasping and beginning to work her hips against him.

The dance began then, the slow animal dance that both wanted. Oh so slowly at first, with him barely moving inside her. His hand worked her clit and the sweat pouring off him both. She controlled the speed and began to move against him more. Not hard and fast slamming, but a gentle fucking in and out. Then grinding from side to side while she reached between her spread thighs and caressed his testicles. Feeling them tighten and pull away from her clutching fingers, his fingers tugged and stroking her clit. His fingers thrust into her pussy the muscles sucking at them. Her rectum clenched tightly around his prick, pulling him inside.

Juices trickled down her thighs, a mingled mixture from both. Sobbing loudly, she pushed her bottom back onto him grinding hard, cumming. His fingers on her clit pressed hard against the button of nerves and she began to convulse against him. Holding her tightly, he too began his own climax. Deep inside her bottom his cock jerked, sending his sperm deep into her bowels. His arms wrapped around her holding her tight he emptied himself, each jerk of his cock felt and answered by her spasms. Finally spent he lay across her back for a moment, regaining his breath just holding her in his arms.

The woman sprawled across the desk, her bowels still filled by the preacher's gristly tool. She felt no guilt. She wondered if he'd done this to her daughter but then a memory of Felicity's walk when she was undergoing her instruction let the woman know that her daughter had been similarly buggered. Had she liked it? Was Reverend Wilson the father of the granddaughter (or grandson) she would have in a few months? Ruth suspected he was and she gained some sort of unwilled erotic charge from having the man who had almost certainly deflowered her daughter.

Wilson finally withdrew from the hot clasp of the woman's rectum and led her to the back room and the shower. Together they showered and, with care and consideration well beyond what he ever showed his wife, the minister satisfied Ruth Tanner's libidinous desires. And for the moment he forgot about the three pregnant females in his house.

Chapter 25: Intense Incest

If he had tried, Madhuri would have gladly spread her legs again for her teacher, Mr. Best, but he never tried. In school she dreamed of him and at night her dreams took on a more practical form as she imagined it was he, not her fingers, playing with her no longer kori choot.

Ravi was having a similar problem. He saw the sexy temptress Leena every day but she would have nothing to do with him. Nothing except to taunt him about his impure sister, her loss of purity confirmed by the photographs Leena had shown him.

Perhaps what happened was inevitable or maybe it would not have occurred without Leena Wilson's vengeful behavior but in any case it happened. It was Saturday and their parents had gone to the city and would be away until tomorrow. Ravi came into the house in mid-afternoon after a brief swim in the frigid waters of the nearby millpond. As he reached the second floor of the old house they rented he heard a whimpering sound from his sister's room. Curious, he quietly pushed the door open.

The boy stifled a gasp as he saw his sister Madhuri who was naked on the bed bend her knees and spread her thighs apart. For a moment, before her hand covered it, he had a clear view of her pussy -- a reddened, vertical gash against her light brown inner thighs, with the two crinkled lips of her inner labia gaping slightly open and glistening with moisture. His cock swelled and hardened as he saw her hand begin to move. She was masturbating. Well, better that than being impure with the schoolteacher, he thought, but thoughts of purity were fast receding from his mind as his own hand contacted his rigid tool.

"Oh, jeez, Ravi," Madhuri said, fear on her face when she saw her brother standing there. "You're not going to tell Mom and Dad are you?"

Ravi glared at her without saying anything, his voice caught in his throat.

"Please, Ravi!" she begged. "Don't tell. They'd kill me!"

"Well..." he said, looking up as if he was thinking about what to do but his sister could not help but see that his hand was under his pants now.

Madhuri was beginning to catch on.

"So, just what do I have to do to keep you from telling on me?" she asked.

"You don't have to do anything," Ravi said as the same thought as she had flashed through his mind. "Unless you want to, that is. I think I'd rather tell Mom and Dad what's been going on. I really should..."

"Please Ravi... please don't tell. You can... you know... like Mr. Best did? I know you were right when you told me how bad I was but..." The girl took her hand away from her pussy and arched her shapely hips, brazenly offering herself to her brother.

The boy was now controlled by his lust for his pretty fourteen-year-old sister. He couldn't think or speak, but he could move. He put a hand on the other side of the naked girl on the bed and leaned down, bringing their faces close together. As he got close, Madhuri closed her eyes and raised her lips to meet his.

That first kiss was electric. Madhuri's lips were soft and warm and eager. Her tongue darted out and licked his lips, and then she opened her mouth, inviting his tongue in, welcoming it, licking it inside her mouth. This is what she'd dreamed of doing again with her schoolteacher but in the heat of her adolescent desire, her brother would do.

Ravi collapsed across her chest and was startled by the touch of her naked breasts, which he had momentarily forgotten. Through his t-shirt he could feel the soft mounds against his chest and the pebble-like nipples poking him. Madhuri raised her arms and wrapped them around his neck.

One kiss blended into the next. Soon both of them were breathing hard. He forced his lips against Madhuri's, thrusting his tongue deep into her welcoming mouth. She moaned and writhed against his chest, rubbing her tits into him.

Ravi slid a hand between them and cupped a tit, squeezing it, kneading it, taking the bud of her nipple in his fingers and pulling and twisting it. Madhuri pushed up against him, pressing her breast into his hand.

How many times had she been fucked? Ravi became more and more certain that his kid sister had done it with more than her teacher. He slipped a hand between her legs and pressed his fingers against her cunt. The young girl arched her back and pushed it up against his hand, spreading her knees wider to give him open access. Her pussy was slick with her juices, and it was easy to slip a finger between the lips and slide his finger into her.

The fiery hunger that Mr. Best had ignited in her innocent loins had become a ravenous urge. Holding onto her brother's cock, she pulled him toward her middle, dropping her closer knee flat against the bed and urging him to move between her legs. He rolled onto her, rising up on his hands and knees so that his prick stuck out between them.

Madhuri still had her hands wrapped around him, and used them to point the head of his cock at her gaping cuntal slit. As she guided him, he slowly let his weight down and pushed his hips forward. He felt the tip of his cock brush the wiry hair above her pussy, then slide between the lips near the top. His sister pushed down and raised her hips to align her opening with his descending prick. Ravi moaned with pleasure as he felt the head of it move deeper, felt it nudge into the opening of her channel.

Although she had been fucked only the one time before this the girl had an innate skill. Once her brother seemed securely started, Madhuri let go of his cock and moved her hands to his firm ass. Pulling inward and pushing up with her hips, she helped him force his prick into the tight passage, her legs spread as wide as possible to give him maximum access. He pushed an inch or so deeper, pulled back a little, then pressed forward again and sank about half of his cock in her.

Ravi had fantasized about fucking his sister ever since Leena had shown him the pictures of Madhuri in the throes of orgasm, her legs wrapped around the schoolteacher's hips. Fantasized guiltily without ever thinking it might happen. And now it was hard to believe it was actually happening. His prick was slowly burrowing into his kid sister's cunt. Her firm tits, which he couldn't help staring at whenever she was around, were naked and pressing against his chest, her nipples brushing against him. But the warm clasp of her pussy around his cock was all he could really think about.

"Oh, god, Ravi, that feels so good," Madhuri sighed. "Oh... oh... get it all the way in... that's right... that's right... more... push it in deeper," the girl panted. Her brother didn't feel as big in her as Mr. Best had but it was wonderful.

Ravi looked down between them and saw where their bodies were joined, Madhuri's widespread thighs wrapped around his and the pole of his cock half buried in her love nest. As he watched, he pushed forward and saw his prick slide the rest of the way into her. Madhuri clutched her legs around his and thrust her hips up to meet him. The soft mound just above her slot touched his. He felt the lips of her pussy around the base of his cock as he lodged it all the way in her. And then a sharp pang of fear struck him.

"Oh God, Maddy... gotta stop. Don't have a condom," he gasped and with a sigh of disappointment he withdrew.

"No... Ravi... don't stop now... it'll be OK... just this once," the fourteen-year-old girl protested. "I'm sure it'll be all right," and she tried to pull him back inside to fill the aching void he'd left behind.

"Come Maddy... I know what we can do," Ravi said urgently as he got up, pulling his sister up after him. "It will be safer if you're... like... standing up" and he led the girl to the bathroom, shedding the rest of his clothes as they went. "My stuff will run out of you if we're standing," he mumbled although he wasn't really that confident about it.

In the bathroom Ravi turned his kid sister around and bent her over the counter between the two sinks. Her back was almost horizontal and she spread her feet wide apart and thrust her ass back toward him. Moving up behind her, he quickly fed his cock into her notch and worked it into the depths of her pussy. Madhuri put her head down on folded arms and let him fuck her, rocking back and forth slightly in time to his more forceful thrusts. She moved one hand down between her legs and began to stroke her clit. The boy grabbed her ass cheeks with his hands and pulled them apart, exposing her asshole to view.

The combination of her older brother's slamming, penetrating cock sliding in and out of her cunt and the touch of her own fingers on her clit soon had Madhuri moaning and crying out. "Unnh... Unnh... Yeesssss... Do it, Ravi! Oh, jeez! Yesss! Give it to me!"

Madhuri's little brown puckered asshole intrigued him. He pressed one thumb against it and rolled it around and around. She seemed to like that, thrusting her butt back and wriggling her hips. He tried to push his thumb into her backdoor, but it was too dry and Madhuri winced forward. Ravi grabbed a tube of KY jelly that was on the edge of the counter and spread a glob of the lubricant into her ass crack. After spreading it around, he pressed in with his thumb again. This time, the first joint slid past the tightly clenched pucker with minimal resistance. He pressed harder, pushing his thumb in deeper and working it around and around. Madhuri moaned deeply and thrust her ass back at him, not understanding what he was doing but nonetheless encouraging him to stick his thumb all the way in her rear.

Suddenly Madhuri started wheezing like an asthmatic and moaning so loudly that it was almost a shout. "Ahhhh! Yunnhh! Oh, god! Yes! Yunnhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" She jerked back and forth, slamming her ass against his pelvis hard enough to cause audible smacks as flesh met flesh.

Ravi pushed his hips forward, trapping his kid sister's full thighs against the counter and burying his cock to the hilt in her pussy. At the same time, he rotated his wrist, making his thumb twist around in her butt. Madhuri had slid forward on the sink counter, her face almost up against the mirror.

Madhuri's orgasm shook her. It was like with Mr. Best, not the almost quiet release she felt when she used her fingers. She jerked her hand out from between her thighs and balled it into a fist beside her face.

Her hips shook and jerked. She let out a rising "Oooooooooooh!" and then began crying inarticulately, over and over again as her orgasm shot through her in electric jolts.

Ravi had masturbated shortly before he'd found his sister naked and despite the pleasure her young body was giving him, hadn't come yet. Now, as Madhuri slowed down, he wasn't getting much closer. And then he looked down at his thumb up her asshole. He remembered how hot and tight little Leena's asshole had been when he buggered her and the thought of doing the same to his sister leaped into his mind. The tight pucker seemed looser and the K-Y made it invitingly slippery. And he couldn't knock her up that way.

Popping his thumb out her butt at the same time he pulled back and slid his cock out of her pussy, he wrapped a hand around his prick and guided the head up to Madhuri's butthole. Ravi pushed forward, but the resistance was greater than he had expected, perhaps because unlike Leena, Madhuri clenched her asscheeks defensively and tightened her anal opening, and tried to shrink forward and away from his probing pole. The boy's cock could not enter the girl's virgin ass and bent painfully.

"Oww! Stop!" Madhuri cried. "That's the wrong place!"

Ravi hesitated only a moment. "No it isn't," he said. "I'm going to put my cock in there. I'm gonna fuck your asshole, little sister."

"No!" Madhuri protested, but there was something less than complete rejection in her tone, perhaps a hint of thrill, of danger, of forbidden excitement. She tried to slide to one side and get away from him, but he put a hand in the middle of her back and pressed her against the counter.

"Yes, Madhuri" he hissed. "Yes! I'm gonna do it. Hold still! I defended your reputation and you made me look foolish by fucking the schoolteacher. Now I'm gonna fuck you up the ass like the bitch you are!"

Sliding his hand up just under the head of his prick, he pressed forward again, centering the tip in her ass pucker. His legs were spread wide, outside Madhuri's thighs, trapping her in front of him. The hand on her back pinned her down further. Stiffening his cock with his hand, he hunched his hips forward again. The tightly clenched rosette of her asshole suddenly bloomed outward, and he saw the head of his dick push inside her.

"Nahhhhh!" Madhuri yelled. "Oww! Oww! Ravi, it hurts! Take it out! Please! Pleeeeeeeease!"

The excited teen didn't take it out, but he stopped pressing forward. He held his position with the bulge of his cockhead trapped inside his sister's tight, first-fucked asshole. She snapped her hips first to one side, then the other, trying to dislodge him, but he stayed with her. The skewered girl couldn't move forward with her thighs pressed hard against the sink counter, and she couldn't move backward without pressing her brother's prick deeper up her ass.

Madhuri continued to whine for several moments, but the initial pain of her brother's partial penetration seemed to have eased. She moved her hips from side to side a few times, more to ease the pressure than to try to rid her stretched anal opening of the bloated intruder that had taken incomplete possession of it.

When she stopped crying, Madhuri took a deep and ragged breath. "That hurt, Ravi," she complained. "You're too big!" But her actions belied her words. She moved her hips again, this time experimentally, in a slow, rolling, twisting motion, rather than in quick jerks that tried to get away.

Sensing from his sister's movements that she was over the pain of her first buggering, Ravi started pressing forward again. Looking down between their naked bodies, he saw another inch of his cock slide up deeper into her rectal channel.

"Oowwww!" Madhuri yelped. She threw her head back; eyes clenched shut, her mouth open in a grimace of pain. Ravi stopped again, but again kept his prick where it was. He had more than two inches up her butt and there was no way she could get away from him now. The tightness of her nether channel seemed less soft than the inside of her pussy but its tightness made up for any perceived deficiency and he was fiendishly, feverishly determined to get his cock all the way into her ass.

Once again, the pain of her brother's penetration seemed to fade after

a few moments. Madhuri relaxed her tense muscles. Her brother felt the tight ring of flesh that encircled his cock shaft ease slightly. Then, slowly, millimeter-by-millimeter, he pushed forward again, goosing his cock relentlessly up Madhuri's butthole. The girl winced, as if expecting another jolt of pain, but then seemed to realize it wasn't hurting as much as it had.

"Ravi... Please go slow!" she begged. "It's not so bad if you go slow. Wait! Wait, please! Give me a second. Ahhhh. Okay. Okay. Real slow, now. Please... Ah! Ah! Easy!"

The boy was working his way in as slow as he could and now all but about two inches of his prick was up his sister's ass. The feel to him was incredible. It was a lot like sticking it in her pussy, but much tighter and less slippery. Her asstube seemed to clutch at his cock with a delightful effect.

When Madhuri drew a sharp breath and then whined, he stopped pushing forward and slowly drew back until just the head was still in her butt. Then he moved forward again, still slowly and gradually. He reached the previous point of maximum penetration and smoothly, minutely, slid past it and deeper. Madhuri's fists clenched tightly and she moaned, but she did not try to move away. Indeed, she held her hips steady now, offering him a firm, solid target... Damn! She was a lot tighter than Leena had been. Had Leena had it that way before? No matter. Ravi was relishing the delightful clasp of his kid sister's nether channel.

This time Ravi got all but an inch up his sister's ass before stopping and pulling back again. Madhuri let out a deep breath that she had been holding when he let up the inward pressure. The boy let her pant for a moment before he began his relentless slide up her asshole again.

Madhuri began to make a strange, new sound, a high keening

"Eeeeeeeeee!" as the older teen slowly forced his cock deeper and deeper up his fourteen-year-old sister's rectum, gradually pressing forward into new territory. He felt and saw the round, firm cheeks of her ass brush and then press against his stomach. Moving his hands to her hips, he pulled back on them, slowly but persistently, forcing her backward onto his thrusting cock, burying it to the hilt in her ass.

"Arrrrgggh!" Madhuri moaned. "Hold it! Please, Ravi. Don't move for a second. Just let me get used to it. Please!"

Ravi was thoroughly enjoying the unique pleasure of having his cock wrapped in an entirely new experience. Madhuri's tight anal tube twitched spasmodically every few moments, increasing the already strong pressure that surround his cockshaft in the tightest grip it had ever felt. He spread her asscheeks with his thumbs and pressed forward as far as possible, holding his prick buried all the way in her back channel.

The pain was gone now, replaced by a strange and not unpleasant feeling of fullness. Madhuri relaxed. She began to roll her hips around on her brother's cock again. Her breathing was still ragged, but now it was more passion than pain.

Experimentally, Ravi pulled back about half an inch, and then pressed all the way back up her asshole again. "I think it's okay, now," Madhuri panted. The lewdness of what they were doing was giving her a feeling of wanton pleasure. She was being fucked by her brother. Fucked up the ass. "Go slow, big brother. Try it now, Ravi. Move back and forth a little. Pump me a little."

Tentatively, then with increasing confidence, he began to slip his cock in and out of her ass channel. At first, he moved just a little bit slightly more than an inch back and forth. The girl held still at first, and then gradually joined in, shifting back and forth in harmony with her brother's movements, tense with the apprehension of pain, but slowly relaxing, as her butt tube grew used to this large invader.

Ravi began to shove in and out of Madhuri's ass with more authority. She held still at first, holding firm to give him a solid target to oppose his thrusts. She began to pant with passion, and gradually her hips movements became more \uninhibited, more demanding, more open. Once again, she slipped a hand under her stomach and into her pussy. She rubbed her clit, then reached back further and felt with her fingers around her ass, briefly circling a thumb and finger around the shaft that was plumbing her bottom, then cupping her brother's heavy balls and squeezing very gently. Instinctively she knew that the swollen lust-eggs were tender and sensitive. She let go after a few moments and moved her hand back to her engorged pussy, where she began rubbing her clit again in time to the movements in and out of her butt.

The boy continued to slide in and out of his kid sister's asshole, gradually increasing the force of his movements. Soon, he was snapping his hips forward to drive his cock all the way up her ass, then dragging it back, only to plunge forward again. They were both now thoroughly aroused. The inexperienced girl was making almost continuous moaning sounds and had begun pushing her hips backward to drive the invading spear deeper. Between her thighs, her hand was rotating rapidly. She moaned, groaned and whimpered as her brother fucked her ass with increasing vigor.

And then, as his kid sister's moans increased in intensity and volume Ravi felt her tightly enclosing asstube make a spasmodic squeeze on his tool and he realized that she was cumming. He'd had no thought about her at all when he had decided to jam his cock up her ass. It was purely for him, to punish and humiliate her for making him seem a fool in Leena's eyes. The combination of her frantic fingers and his deep butt probes had Madhuri cumming. She was whimpering almost continuously, giving out little grunts of passion each time he plunged his cock into the depths of her asshole.

"You look like a whore, Sis," he spat, knowing that he was getting close, too. "You should see your big ass. Your cheeks are spread wide, especially when I push all the way in like this..." he shoved his cock in all the way and, holding her against him by her flesh-padded hipbones, ground his pelvis around, making his cock rotate deep inside her. Madhuri groaned with pleasure. She heard her brother's nasty comments but it served only to incite the girl to lewder heights. She clutched her fists and pounded them on the sink counter.

"Yes, Ravi, yesss. Say whatever you want. Just ram your barda laurda up my gaand, " she cried, and, almost before she got it out, began to buck and jerk as her orgasm bolted through her.

Hearing the lewd invitation from his kid sister drove the boy to even greater lustful efforts and he pushed up into the tight nether channel.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, GOD! Oh yesss! Ram me, Ravi! Ram your cock up my butt! Doitdoitdoit! Oohh! Oohh! Aaaarrrggghhhh!"

It was way too much for him. The teen looked down at his cock, jerked his hips back and slammed it home, slapping against her soft ass cheeks. The obscene sight of his rampant bone plunging into her butthole while Madhuri cried and jerked and shuddered in the throes of her orgasm sent him plummeting over the edge. He felt the cum boil out of his balls and gush into her spasming asstube as he slammed his prick in and out twice more, then buried it to the hilt, jamming it all the way up her butt, yanking his kid sister back onto it as the last jets spurted deep into her back tunnel.

Ravi fell across Madhuri's back, keeping his cock deep in her backside and they lay that way for a while, with the girl rolling her hips occasionally to work his prick inside her. When he had caught his breath, he pushed his upper body erect, keeping his hips pressed against her ass and his cock deep in her butt. Slipping his hands under her arms, he lifted up on her shoulders. Madhuri came up easily and he pulled her back to lean against him.

They were facing the mirror, Madhuri in front of him, his head behind and beside hers. He wrapped one arm around her chest just under her tits and held her back against him. Ravi slid his other hand between her open legs and let his middle finger slip back and forth through her slot. Pressing back against her pubic mound, he drove her ass back against him, forcing his cock, which remained surprisingly hard, as deep as possible into her ass.

"Did your schoolteacher ever do that to you, little sister?"

The girl sighed and leaned against him, rotating her hips to enjoy the feel of his cock in her butt. "No, big brother. Are you going to? Like? Make me do this for you all the time now?" Sated though she was, the girl hoped that her handsome brother would want her again... and again... and again. And he would. He stayed in her as long as possible, but gradually his prick became limp and popped out.

And Madhuri would remain his only lover until Beth Safic returned as a teacher at Middleville Middle School where he would attend the next year.

Chapter 26: Ploughing Patience

The effect of the pregnancies of his wife and his two daughters on Reverend Wilson was strange. There is likely a Freudian explanation but whether or not such explanation exists, the pastor's lechery increased in scope and intensity.

Reverend Wilson's Living Light Church was essentially under his complete control. Although the community, or at least his congregation, was not wealthy, the church was well financed. Wilson took care of the finances with the compliant assistance of three Deacons and a Treasurer. The Treasurer was the only woman with an official position in the church.

Not one to leave things to chance, Wilson cemented his control over the Deacons by making some of his own perquisites such as occasional trips at church expense available to them. Not least of these privileges was the opportunity to use his offices for any private business or personal matters they might need to attend to. As a student of human nature and especially the nature of males in the highly patriarchal church that he ran, Wilson was able to turn this little opportunity into a guarantee of freedom from unwanted questions about his own dealings, financial and otherwise.

The minister's technique was quite simple. It was blackmail. Of course if the Deacons had been as upright and honorable as their positions expected there would have been no opportunity for blackmail. They weren't and there was.

Wilson had acquired a small collection of videos and photos of various Deacons with various other parishioners, mainly female but sometimes male, some mature and others underage, in extremely intimate moments. The narrow corridor from which Leena had observed her lecherous father was used also by the good Reverend to make a permanent, portable record of his Deacons' transgressions and this served him well. For the female treasurers who were always comely, he usually used his tried and true technique that worked so well with baptismal and marriage candidates and sometimes with underfucked housewives.

The new Treasurer was Patience Holloway, the wife of former Deacon Gregory Holloway who had recently resigned that post because he had taken a job with a construction company that required he be away from High Dorset quite often. This meant that his childless wife had lots of time to spare and she had willingly accepted the treasurer position when offered.

Patience Holloway had been to Reverend Wilson's office late in the afternoon. He had asked her to come and discuss some problems with the church finances. The discussion of finances had been brief but she had been with the minister for more than an hour. She drank three glasses of delicious, icy lemonade and their discussion had wandered into personal matters, her personal matters. And then he asked her to return that evening.

As Patience dressed for her return visit to the minister's office she still felt softheaded and a bit groggy. Had she actually told Mr. Wilson that she didn't miss Greg except at night in couch? And that she had an empty feeling 'you know where'? My God!

She had chosen a black skirt that fit her perhaps a bit too tightly and she had on a tight-fitting white sweater that buttoned down the front. And although she didn't understand why, she had gone out without a bra. She felt a little self-conscious as she looked down at her mammoth breasts suggestively outlined by the tightly clinging the material of her sweater. She didn't know why she had done it but after their discussion this afternoon Reverend Wilson was somehow tied to thoughts of sex in her mind. And the idea that she was going to his office alone to see him after dark was making her feel sexy, and she supposed that this was what had impelled her to go braless. Not that it mattered. He was a man of God and she was sure he would have been shocked if he ever imagined her thoughts about him.

Patience heard Reverend Wilson' voice from inside calling "I'll be right there," after she knocked nervously on his office door. A moment later he opened the door. He was dressed neatly in a dark shirt with a contrasting white clerical collar and sharply creased white pants. He looked handsome and perhaps younger than his real age but still more than a decade older than she.

"Oh, hello, Mrs. Holloway," he said. "I'm so glad you could come. Thank you so much. I really must discuss something with you." He stepped to one side, taking her arm and ushering her into his office. "Would you like a drink?" He was already walking toward the desk on which, to the woman's great surprise, was a selection of bottles that were definitely alcoholic beverages.

"Thank you, Reverend Wilson..." Patience began.

"No, please," Wilson interrupted. "When we meet socially, you must call me Eb. And I hope tonight's meeting will be social. Will you do that?"

"I'll try, Reverend... I mean, Eb." Patience giggled in her nervousness. She felt unsure of herself, and Reverend Wilson's attempt to make her feel comfortable was unsettling her still more. Wilson poured some vodka into a glass and added about an equal quantity of orange juice. "Ice?" he asked. "Or would you like it undiluted, like I do?"

Patience, still unsure of what was proper, just smiled and said, "I'll take it any way you do."

Wilson carried her drink and led her to the couch in the inner office and handed it to her. Then he returned to the desk to pour himself one. Patience lifted the glass to her lips and sipped it. It was good. Tasted like straight orange juice. She took another swallow, and then another. The glass was empty. She looked at her empty glass and giggled. "Guess I was thirsty," she said.

Wilson took her empty glass from her hand. He quickly returned to the desk and refilled it. When he handed it to Patience, she just held the glass in her hand, not wanting to drink another so soon. But Wilson raised his own glass in a salute and said, "To our good health!" He drained his glass, and looked over the rim of it at Patience, the expression in his eyes telling her that he expected her to do the same.

Patience tilted her head back and drained her glass as she had just seen Reverend Wilson do. He immediately took it from her and returned to the bar to refill it.

"Oh, no," Patience called. "I think I've had enough. I'd rather not have another."

"Oh, that's all right," Wilson said. "I'll make this one mostly orange juice." But he poured even more vodka into the glass than he had the first two times. He was sure that she had already drunk enough of the drugged lemonade in the afternoon to have the desired effect, but there was no harm in making sure. When he handed the glass to Patience she took it from him and set it down on the arm of the couch. But Eb Wilson, wanting to be sure that she drank it, sat down on the arm of the couch, putting his arm on the back, so that it just brushed lightly at her shoulders. When Patience saw that the drink was in danger of being knocked to the floor, she picked it

up. As soon as the glass was in her hand, Wilson raised his own.

"To finance!" he said. He held his glass out for Patience to clink hers against it. She did so, still trying to do the right thing, and then put it to her lips. She guzzled the drink quickly, and set the empty glass down on the floor next to the couch.

Patience seldom drank alcoholic beverages and was feeling slightly dizzy. Of course even if she'd been a hard drinker the amount she had would have had an effect. Anyway she leaned her head back and felt it rest on Wilson's arm and thought perhaps that she should lift her head again. But Wilson didn't seem to mind, so she just leaned back, allowing him to cradle her head in the inside of his elbow. It felt comfortable and secure.

The vodka was having a strange effect on her. Her head felt light and seemed to be spinning. And there was something else. An unfamiliar kind of warmth seemed to suffuse her entire body. It felt something like what she had been feeling before she stepped into the shower earlier that evening. She felt as though she were bathed in perspiration, but when she put her hand to her forehead, it felt dry. But the room seemed extremely warm.

Without thinking about what she was doing, Patience opened the top button of her sweater to let some air in, but she still felt warm. She moved her hand downward slightly, and undid the second button. Maybe that would be a little better. She felt weak and dizzy. She leaned against Wilson for support.

When Wilson saw her opening the buttons of her sweater he knew that the mix of elixir and alcohol was beginning to take effect. When she had first come into the office he had noticed that she was braless. Her tits looked even bigger than he had thought as their unhaltered fullness bobbled and swayed under the tight-fitting sweater

He put his arm around her and drew her to him tightly. She was soft and pliant in his arm. She was breathing heavily, perhaps from the drink, and the rhythmic rise and fall of her boobs as she breathed was bringing his hand closer to the soft curves. He readjusted his position on the arm of the couch so that his fingers dangled even closer to her big tits. He wanted to warm her up a little more before he made more direct advances and he had to be careful not to scare her away.

Patience was trying hard to regain her presence of mind. She didn't want Reverend Wilson to think that she was a complete fool, but the room was still spinning, and she still felt possessed by this unearthly warmth.

"Tell me, Rev... Eb," she began, her voice slightly slurred by the vodka, "what it was you wanted to discuss with me."

As she spoke she tried to sit up again. The movement brought her big, soft tit into contact with Wilson's fingertips. She was vaguely aware of his fingers touching her tits through the light material of her sweater, but in her semi-somnolent state she did nothing to stop it.

Patience felt her nipples swelling and hardening against the sweater material, and she wondered whether Reverend Wilson was aware of the contact and the unwilled effect it was having on her. She could feel her panties getting damp and she remembered what her husband did for her when she felt like this

Suddenly, Wilson's hand was cupping her entire boob, squeezing it gently, and rolling it around in his fingers. Then, almost before she realized what was happening, he moved his hand away again, letting only his fingertips brush lightly at her stiff nipple. She sighed involuntarily as he let go of her massive globe. Then, quickly and lightly, his hand moved to her other boob and cupped it as he had done the first. It felt good, and the way he was stroking and petting her boobs made it somehow seem right. She was sure that he was touching her as her minister, a spiritual touching, and not out of sexual desire, but she couldn't control the flood of desire, which was inundating her body.

It seemed to begin in a wave, which started at the pointy tips of her hardened nipples and spread from there to the rest of her body. She felt warm, oily moisture oozing from the softly swelling slit of her pussy. She was afraid that Reverend Wilson would lose respect for her if she didn't regain control, but she simply couldn't remember how to act. Then, in desperation, she blurted, "Tell me, Sir; what was it you wanted to discuss with me?"

"This isn't going to be pleasant, my dear," Wilson said, his voice becoming somber. He pulled his arm from around Patience's shoulders and sat straight up. "In fact, I think it might be a good idea if you had another drink."

Without waiting for her to respond, he rose and picked her glass up from the floor. He refilled it and handed it to her again. Patience took the drink from him and dumbly put it to her lips. She drained it in one swig.

"I think I can take it," she said, trying to put a joking tone into her voice. "Tell me."

"Well," Wilson began, "I think it might be easier if I showed you. He went to the TV across from them and turned it on. Then he turned on the VCR.

"Now you'll have to be strong, Patience" he said. "I'm afraid this may come as a bit of a shock. But the main thing is to try to keep a clear head and come to a sensible decision. The TV came on and a picture from the video began to appear. "Now it may seem cruel, at first, for me to show you this without any warning or preparation, but I think you'll agree in the long run that what I'm doing is best all around."

Patience stood next to her minister and what the chaste, young wife saw on the TV startled her, even in her dazed condition. At first she wasn't sure of what she was seeing. It took her eyes a moment to focus. She blinked hard, trying to clear up the haze, which clouded her vision. Then everything came into focus.

On the screen she saw a waterbed. It was low, close to the floor. And there were two people on it. One of them was a girl. A young girl. She was stark naked. My God! It looked like her own sister, Penny. Her thirteen-year-old sister. She was on her hands and knees on the waterbed. Her big, bare ass was facing right at her. She could see the cheeks firm and round and slightly spread apart and, framed by the girl's full thighs, was the fuzzy peach of her adolescent vulva split into two fat halves by her cuntal slit.

There was a man with her, a naked man but Penny's body was directly in Patience's line of vision and she couldn't get a good look at him. While Patience watched, Penny lowered the top half of her body so that her face was flat against the waterbed. The movement spread her asscheeks even further, and Patience was sure that she could actually see the dark-brown pucker of her young sister's anus. For some strange reason the sight of the girl's lush bottom was having a stimulating effect on the chaste viewer and her entire body was suffused with an all-pervading warmth.

As Penny bent forward, Patience had a better view of the man who was with her. All she could see was the lower part of his body, since his top half was still obscured by Penny's naked form. His cock was swaying to and fro as he moved on the waterbed. Then he moved around toward Penny's ass, and Patience could see his whole naked body, all but his face. Who was this man who seemed about to violate her young sister?

For the moment the unworldly woman forgot where she was and that her young sister was about to be ravished by an unknown man. The mix of alcohol and whatever else Reverend Wilson had given her had unleashed the frustration of being manless even though her husband had been gone for only a short time. Patience's head was spinning as she drank the man's nudity with her eyes and she felt her pussy throbbing with desire at the sight of the hard penis that was about to violate her young sister.

Then the man bent over, bringing his face close to Penny's naked ass and Patience got her first clear look at his face. Oh, God! It couldn't be! It was her husband, Penny's own brother in law who was about to put his adulterous tongue into her thirteen-year-old sister's pussy.

Patience felt weak. Her knees were shaking. She felt as though she would fall down at any minute. She began to sway in her weakness as she watched the lewd scene with tear-filled eyes. Her head was spinning, and she took a step back, trying to regain her balance. Wilson caught her around the waist and guided her gently to the edge of the couch. When she felt it pressing against the backs of her legs she allowed herself to fall down heavily onto it. She sat there on the edge of the couch in her minister's office and stared blankly at the air in front of her, forcing herself to look away from the TV.

"Reverend Wilson? Oh sir? He didn't do it, did he? Not with her? She's only thirteen years old."

"But she's big for her age, Mrs. Holloway. And she was ready. Can't you see that," he murmured, smiling at the way the young woman kept glancing at then turning her head away from the TV screen.

"See that Patience? Did you see how she rolled over onto her back? Look at her, woman. See how she's guiding his cock into her hot, little cunt? Listen to her."

"Yes Deacon. Oohhh yesss. Put your big, hard cock into me. Fuck me!" Patience gasped as she heard the lascivious words from her pretty, little sister's mouth. Oh God! She couldn't believe it.

She knew her husband's infidelity and his seduction of her underaged sister should be infuriating her, and of course she was angry and hurt. But there was also something else. Some other emotion was creeping into her consciousness. She really didn't understand it but the sight she had seen, and the words that she was hearing, were exciting her. She felt her panties becoming wet, and her entire body felt as though it was bathed in perspiration. She felt weak and dizzy and she leaned back onto the couch.

"Oh, Reverend," she said weakly. "What am I going to do?"

Wilson was sitting beside her on the couch. His hands were tenderly stroking her face and her fevered brow. His hands were moving across her shoulders to the front of her tight sweater and they began to unbutton the remaining buttons. Patience knew she should stop him but she didn't feel in the least like doing so.

"You can get even," he said softly. The confused young woman felt his fingers working deftly at the buttons of her sweater. One by one they opened, exposing her large breasts to the cool air of the room. It felt good to be partially naked in front of this man for whom she had the highest respect. When he had finished opening all her buttons, he slipped one hand inside her sweater and cupped one of her mammoth boobs. Patience felt her nipple hardening to super-erectness as his fingers sought it. He held the firm ripe nipple between his thumb and index finger and rolled it gently back and forth. Patience moaned softly.

Almost before she knew it she was lying on the couch, nude from the waist up. She looked up at him as he stared first at one massive tit and then at the other. Now, certain that he had her exactly where he wanted her, Wilson bent over her naked breasts. He leaned close to the right one and breathed gently on the large round pink nipple. At the gust of hot breath, the nipple puckered to erection, the center standing straight out from the big areole. Then, as she watched, he stuck his tongue all the way out from between his lips and licked at the erect bud as though it was a lollipop. Patience shuddered at the delicious sensation. He held her other huge tit in the palm of his hand and rubbed it back and forth. The rough surface of his palm raked at the sensitive nipple, and Patience could feel the fluids flowing in her pussy.

Why had Greg done it? And with her sister? Patience shuddered and allowed the warmth from her minister's gentle caresses to suffuse her hungry body.

As Wilson kissed and petted her tits, his other hand began to ramble across her naked belly. He stroked gently, moving his fingertips around in little curves and circles, not keeping his hand in one place for more than a fraction of a second. When his fingers came into contact with the damp crotchband of her panties he let her nipple pop from his mouth. "Ah," he said softly. "Your hot, little cunt is all wet. You like this, don't you Patience."

"Oh, yes," she sighed. "I shouldn't but I do. Everything you're doing feels wonderful. Will I go to Hell?" Greg had never used those words with her and the sinful sound sent further thrills surging through her loins.

"Oh, don't worry about that, my dear. Your husband and your sister may, but not you." Patience instinctively lifted her hips off the mattress to help in the removal of her skirt and then she lay back again, clad in nothing but her panties.

Wilson took hold of her panties in front, placing his thumb under one legband and his fingers under the other. Then, with a sudden downward pull, Wilson snatched the panties from her, pulling them down her thighs, and completely exposing her pussy, red and wet, nestled within her sparse, wiry jungle of pale pubic hair.

Quickly he took off his pants and freed his raging erection. Patience's eyes opened and she stared at the preacher's cock. It stood straight out from his body and swayed slowly from side to side as he moved. It was longer than her husband's, the only other one she had seen, although not quite as thick. long or as thick as Jay's.

Patience was again aware of the sounds from the TV. Her young sister was moaning and panting and sounding like anything but an innocent thirteen-year-old girl. The older woman leaned back on the couch. She spread her legs wide to open her cunt all the way for her minister. The thought that the handsome and dignified Reverend would soon be slipping his long hard cock into her moist pussy was almost more than she could bear. As she looked up at him, she cupped her own tits in her hands and squeezed them gently.

Then Wilson got onto the couch with her. He stood on his knees between her legs, his cock waving over her hairy cunt like a magic wand. He leaned forward and placed his hands on either side of her head on the pillow. His cock swayed back and forth, brushing at the sensitive lips of her cunt. Then Wilson lowered the bottom half of his body, pressing his prick insistently at her juicy opening. Her cuntlips parted easily for him, and his prick slipped inside until the entire head was engulfed in pussy-flesh.

When Patience felt his cock sliding into her, she knew that she had taken the final step. Up until now, they had only been fooling around, but now she had actually done it. She had allowed him to place his cock inside her cunt. She had allowed another man to penetrate her body. She had committed adultery. And it felt wonderful. It felt better than anything she had ever experienced before. Wilson slid his cock in a little deeper. And deeper. And then, with one quick thrust of his hips, he drove his long hard prick into her pussy to the hilt. She felt her cuntlips closing around him, and she began an instinctive rocking motion with her hips.

Wilson's cock was sliding in and out of her pussy, and each stroke seemed to bring it deeper inside of her. She wrapped her legs around his waist in an effort to pull him still deeper. She felt an orgasm beginning already. His cock was plowing every wrinkle of her sweet young cunt. She knew that she was going to explode any second. And Wilson knew it too. He could tell by the way she squeezed him tightly with her legs. He could tell by the rosy glow of her skin.

Wilson knew that his own orgasm would come soon after the woman's. Now, as he fucked her, her ass lifted high off the couch on each of his upstrokes. Then, on the down-stroke, she slammed down hard against the

Springy couch.

"Hannhh! Yunnhh!" Patience cried out as the orgasmic wave broke over her and her body went wild. She wrapped her arms tightly around the preacher's neck and glued her body to his. Her tits pressed against his chest and flattened out, her hard pointy nipples drilling holes in his sweating skin. He could feel her hot cuntal fluids bathing his cock as she writhed in the hot paroxysms of orgasmic release. He fucked harder as she came; wanting to give her the most fulfilling sex experience she had ever known

Wilson's cock was swelling to even greater size as he felt his climax beginning to build. He knew that it would only be a matter of seconds before he would be pumping his hot load of gism into her waiting cunt and he wished that he had not had a vasectomy. What a pleasure it would have been to knock up this chaste, married woman. He moved his mouth to her ear and took the lobe in his teeth. He continued pounding his hips up and down as he drove his cock in and out of her pussy like a steam-powered piston.

Then, as the river of gism began to flow upwards toward the tip of his swollen prick, he bit on her earlobe, sinking his teeth into the resilient flesh.

"Unh! Unh! Unh!" Wilson grunted as the hot jets of sperm shot from the end of his cock and splashed hotly against the back wall of Patience's young womb. "Oh, baby," he groaned. "I'm filling your sweet pussy with my hot juices. Unh! Ahh! Ohh!"

The preacher continued sawing his prick in and out of her cunt long after the orgasmic spasms had ended. Finally Wilson rolled off Patience's heaving body, a thin trail of come following his cock as he went. He lay next to her, holding her hand, the room lit by the eerie blue light that came from the flickering TV, the video finished.

It had been good, Wilson mused as the busty woman dressed. Damn though, he wanted to knock her up and he couldn't. Was his wife going to be the last woman he knocked up? The vasectomy could be reversed. Should he get that done so he could continue on as he had before?

Chapter 27: Phoreign Phuck

Although Bob Best had an informal harem albeit a secret one and all pregnant the schoolteacher was not getting enough. His new bride, sixteen-year-old Priscilla was heavy with child and although she was tractable and still attractive in a huge-breasted, big-bellied way, Bob was not especially aroused by her very pregnant appearance and anyway they had decided to keep the marriage secret until after the school year ended. She and thirteen-year-old Leena had been sent away to complete their pregnancies at their grandparents' place, the farm where Priscilla had been for several years. And Mrs. Wilson, Lucinda, was too afraid of being found out to be much pleasure.

Shortly after Christmas a petite, pretty, sixteen-year-old Philipino girl had entered the school. Her father worked for the hog factory and the family had immediately left the Roman Catholic Church to join Reverend Wilson's congregation. And she was next on Wilson's list for preparation for baptism.

Bob could easily see that she was different from her classmates, and not only because of her brown skin. It was the way she looked at him. She had big, brown eyes and they seemed to be on him all the time. She had, also, a small, full lipped mouth and it seemed that, whenever she caught his eye, her little, pink tongue would stick out slightly and then, slowly, trace a path from one corner of her mouth over her upper lip, then back over her lower lip. And then she would pout her now shiny, red mouth in an incredibly sexy and suggestive way. He was sure it was not intentional. At least, he was sure of that until recently. And, since she wasn't busty and voluptuous like Priscilla and Brenda, she was not in his preferred category. (Not that he usually cared.)

It was after her final examinations began that he found out that she was not doing it innocently. He was just packing up to go home. All of the other schoolchildren had left when he heard a sound at the door. And Rita came in.

"Uh, sir? Uh... can Rita speak... talk to you?" she stammered as she walked, or rather, swayed, over to his desk. The other schoolchildren kidded her a lot because she seldom used first person pronouns but her walk was another matter. All of the girls over ten had been trying to imitate her smooth, effortless, oiled-hip movement.

"Of course, Rita. What can I do for you?"

"You no like Rita, do you?"

"Why of course I like you! What ever made you think I didn't?"

"You never give Rita chance to know you. You never keep her after school. And then you give her bad mark in exam, sir. You no let Rita do nice things for you to earn good mark.", the pretty girl said, and then her tongue made its sexy traverse of her full-lipped mouth.

"I don't understand, Rita? Do you mean you want me to help you after school? To give you some extra teaching time?"

"That good too, if it help Rita get better mark. But Rita want do things for you, too. You got wife, sir?"

"No, I'm not married." What would people say when they found out he was married? Especially when they had a baby?

"That good. In my country, wife don't like it when man teacher stay late with girl student wife know what they do. You no like boys do you? Instead of girls?"

"My God, Rita? You mean? Like? No, I don't like boys. Not that way!" It had finally dawned on the teacher what this sexy, little foreign student was saying. She was offering her body in return for better marks. He was shocked but as he saw her unbuttoning her blouse he was suddenly filled with lust for her small but shapely body

"Come with Rita to cloakroom, sir. Rita want do something nice for big teacher." and she went quickly though the door. Bob stood and followed the girl, watching her cute, little ass roll as she walked.

"You big man, sir. You think Rita too small for you, maybe?"

"My God, Rita? We don't do things like this in this country," the teacher said, ignoring the fact that he had, in fact, done exactly that with many of his schoolgirls. "They'd fire a teacher for it."

"They do same in Rita's country but teacher still like girl do nice things for him.", she said, smiling as she opened her blouse and, with a shrug of her shoulders, let it drop to the floor.

"Rita don't got big tits like American girls but she know how to do nice things better than them. She know how make you ver' happy." Then, as if it was completely natural, she pushed down her skirt and, wearing neither brassiere nor panties, she stood there naked except for her diamond patterned, knee-high stockings.

The girl was barely five feet tall and her head came only to his chest. She looked up at him and, as she had so often done before, she sexily licked her lips. Short though she was, she was perfectly formed. Her breasts were small; large, erect, pink nipples tipped the clearly defined cones. Her waist was narrow, less than a hand span, and it flared out to small but round hips. Her legs, although somewhat heavy in comparison to the rest of her body, were nicely shaped, their fullness enhanced by the patterned stockings.

"You like Rita. She can see how you like her," the seductive teen said with a smile as she looked at the bulge in his crotch. Her hands went to his belt and she began to open his pants. Then she pushed them down and his erect penis sprang free, making her jump back as it popped out at her.

"OH! OH SIR! You big man more ways than one! You biggest man Rita ever see. Rita don't know if your piece fit?" The worldly teenager dropped to her knees in front of him and opened her mouth wide, managing to just encompass the bulbous knob.

As the hot moistness of her oral cavity enclosed the tip of his cock, her tongue flicked skillfully on the sensitive underside. Then she pulled back and, looking up at him, she asked. "You want Rita do this? You want her suck your piece?"

"Oh God, Rita! Oh yes! But let me lie down." His fear of being caught was overwhelmed by his lust for the petite sexpot.

Bob lay back on the floor and the girl knelt over him. He cupped her small, hard tits with their rubbery, projecting nipples and he reached between her thighs to touch her pussy. It was covered with soft, fuzzy hair and, as he inserted his finger in the crease of her plump labia, she shifted her hips to guide him to her vaginal mouth.

"Rita wet for you already, sir. No had man in her since she come 'Merica. Rita... how you say... horny?" and she lowered her hips, enclosing his finger with her slick, wet fuckhole while, at the same time, she went down on his cock and took three inches of his thick shaft between her soft lips.

The schoolteacher wasn't thinking any more about anything other than this surprising girl. The young Philipino was using her mouth with a skill he'd never before experienced. Her tongue laved his balls, the sides of his cock and then, stretching her mouth open wide, she engulfed the throbbing shaft. And all the while she was doing this, she was gently fondling his cum-heavy balls, stroking his cock with both her hands and fucking herself on his two middle fingers.

"Mmmmph... Rita no able take all your piece in her mouth... hope she not split when teacher put it in her... how you call it? Cunt?"

Bob's free hand was squeezing her rubbery nipples and the girl was moaning and writhing. He felt her saliva drooling hotly down over his prick and, as she sucked, she made wet, slurpy sounds. Then he felt her fat, little pussy bulge and her vaginal sheath contracted on his fingers. Her hips moved faster and he felt her teeth biting his cock as she went wild with passion. The tip of his cock bumped the roof of her mouth and he felt it entering the snugness of her throat. She gasped, gagged, and then pulled away, panting breathlessly.

"Hannh... hannh... oohhh sir... Rita sorry she bit you... Got too excited... first time she had man make her cum for many months... Rita want teacher cum, too." She once again wrapped her sexy lips around his cock and began to suck noisily.

"Rita? Oh, God, Rita? I'm going to cum! I can't hold back. You have to stop, Rita!"

The girl lifted her head and looked at him with a puzzled expression "Why you no wanta cum, sir? Rita want you to cum, too." Then she engulfed his cock again with her hot, sexy mouth.

"You mean... aahhh... you want me to cum in your mouth?"

"Mmmmm... cum sir... mmmm... cum in Rita's mouth..." she said softly as she looked up at him. "You cum there now and then you able to give Rita longer fuck before you cum in her cunt." Her lips and tongue wrapped around his cock and she tugged at his balls. He felt it begin and, as his thick shaft jumped between her lips, her dark eyes flashed with pleasure. One hand gripped the base of his prick, pumping it, and he exploded.

"Mmmmm... mmmmm... mmmm..." she moaned as he spurted into her wetly nursing oral cavity. Her eyes were on him as, noisily, she swallowed his sperm and then she released him, raising her head.

"Rita no want drain everything.", she said with a sexy smile. "Want save some for other place... for Rita cunt." Then, before his cock had time to soften, she mounted him. As she directed the thick knob between the softness of her cuntal lips, she giggled.

"Hee hee... Rita like virgin again. Teacher's big piece gonna be where nobody been before." Carefully she lowered her trim, shapely hips, her hot little cunt enclosing him wetly until she was settled all the way down, every thick inch buried in her tight, little twat.

"Oh, sir. Oohhh. Rita feel like she gonna split. She never took big piece like this in her before. No move. Let Rita do it." And then he felt the most delicious sensations as her tightly muscled sheath squeezed his cum-numbed cock with a slow, rhythmic action.

The teacher moaned with pleasure and he felt an immediate return of his desire for this lovely, sex-skilled youngster. His enjoyment of the girl's ministrations showed on his face and she smiled with satisfaction.

"Teacher like what Rita do? Teacher think Rita do nice things for him? He going give Rita better marks, now?"

"My God, Rita! You're fantastic! Where did you learn to do this? I've never felt anything like it... it's wonderful..."

The girl compressed his thick shaft even tighter and she seemed to glow with pride as she replied, "Rita learn from mother... She show Rita how man likes woman to... what you say... to fuck him. She begin train Rita soon as Rita twelve. Rita thought big 'Merican girls do this too... You like, sir? You like when Rita squeeze you?"

"Oh yes, baby... oohhh yesss." Jim stroked and fondled the shapely girl, noting she responded with a gasp when he pinched her hard nipples.

"Does Rita like being fucked?", he asked, slipping into her way of not using pronouns. "How old was Rita when man got her cherry?"

"Man broke Rita in when she twelve... almost twelve... Now teacher finish job... hee hee. Rita like fucking, most times. Teacher going make Rita cum this time? Rita real horny."

The petite, dark skinned girl moved her hips slightly and then, satisfied that it wasn't going to hurt, she began to rock them back and forth while she continued the muscular compression on his cock. He could see where the base of his deeply buried shaft was nestled between the fat lips of her cunt and he could feel the her hard, little clitoral bump.

"Sir? Oh, sir? Rita going cum now! Rita going cum!" she cried out and her firm, little ass began to rotate faster and faster. The rhythmic squeezing of her cuntal channel ceased but was replaced by an even tighter spasmodic clasp as the girl reached orgasm. The teacher held her hips and, when she stiffened in climax, he moved her, frictioning her tight sheath through her breathless peak.

"Hannh... sirr... annh sir... You good. You make Rita very happy. You do nice things for Rita, too," she panted as she went limp atop him.

Bob relaxed beneath the petite, young female, enjoying the feel of her twitching cuntsheath but not now in urgent need of his own climax after her skillful oral ministrations.

After a minute or so the girl regained her breath. "Teacher want get on top of Rita? She not scared now. Teacher made Rita's cunt big so she can take big cock. You want get on top Rita and fuck her?"

Without withdrawing from the hot, tight channel the teacher carefully rolled with the small girl, easily handling her light weight until he was above her, supporting his weight on outstretched arms, her legs spread in a wide Vee. Then he began to fuck her.

"Hunnh... Rita never be same... unnngh... after teacher fuck her," the Philipino teenager panted. "You think... annh... Rita too little... unnh... for teacher's big cock. Rita love big cock... unnhh... not satisfied with little Philipino cock after teacher piece stretch her," and the girl began to raise and lower her trim hips, rotating them skillfully and lifting her lush, little ass off the floor as she took each belly-filling thrust of the thick fucktool.

The teacher brought the hot-blooded teenager to three more orgasms before his own became imminent. As her body went limp from the last climax, he paused.

"I can't hold back any longer, Rita. I'm going to go off."

"Rita glad teacher ready. She no take it much longer. Teacher got Rita's little cunt all stretched now... need rest." Then, a sexy little smile on her pretty face, her dark eyes heavy-lidded with satisfaction, she raised her short legs and wrapped them around his hips.

"Push all way in, sir.", and she used her legs to pull him deeper. "Let Rita do rest." He pushed into her small body, grinding bruisingly against her plump, fuzzy mons, and then the skillful youngster began, again, to exercise the muscles of her sex-trained sheath.

"My God, Rita! My God!", he exclaimed as her soft, muscular sheath milked his cock like a clinging, all encompassing mouth. She reached down and gently grasped his heavily dangling balls, tugging them rhythmically in time with the suction of her juicy fuckwell.

The girl's heels pushed on his buttocks and her arms pulled him down so that he was lying, full weight, on her small body. She uttered short gasps of effort as, crushed by his heavy weight; she worked her internal muscles to bring her teacher to climax.

He wanted to hammer her short form but, when he raised his hips, her body came up with him. He was locked in her hotly squeezing channel and then, as the paralyzing sensation of his climax shot through his lower body, he collapsed on her again.

"Cum, sir. Yess. Cum in Rita's cunt. Fill Rita with your juice, Mr.Teacher.", she gasped, her voice muffled by his hairy chest which was pressed to her face. The young girl, with the skill of a courtesan, milked his bucking, jumping fucktool and he exploded into the tightly squeezing channel. With a gasp as she felt the spurting flood, she increased her efforts, draining his sperm into her small body. She did not let go her grip until the thick, cunt-filling pole ceased its spasms of release. Then she pushed him away from her almost smothered face but still kept him locked inside by the clasp of her short legs.

."Rita happy now... even if don't get good marks. Little Philipino student just want teacher to fuck her... and want to make teacher happy too. You happy, sir? Even if Rita no got big tits like 'Merican girl?"

"Teacher is very happy, Rita." American girls have bigger tits... some of them, anyway... but none of them know how to fuck like you do, baby." He tried to pull away but she locked her legs tighter around him."

"Rita no need more fuck today, sir, but... Teacher gotta promise to fuck Rita again. You want?"

"My God yes, Rita. Squeeze me again... just for a moment? I want to feel that soft way you do it."

"Unnh... unnnh...", the girl grunted and he felt the delightful compression on his now semi-erect cock. "No can do good now. Rita tired. Rita cunt sore, too. Teacher stretch little Rita with big cock. You do more next day, sir. Rita want again then, for sure."

The girl released him then and, as he pulled out of her small body there was a slushy, gurgling sound. She lay there on her back, her legs splayed and she licked her lips suggestively.

"Rita suck Teacher's cock. Mouth not sore. Teacher want fuck little Rita's mouth now?"

"You've drained me, Rita. And it's late. You'd better get dressed now and go home. But you're going to get very good marks on your next tests, for sure."

The girl dressed silently and then, as she turned to leave, she looked back over her shoulder at the weary teacher.

"Rita walk funny, eh? Feel like Teacher still got big piece inside her. She dream about teacher and big piece and want it tomorrow. You fuck Rita after school tomorrow, sir?"

"Yes, Rita. Teacher fuck you tomorrow." And then she was gone.

The next day Rita was late. When she did arrive, at recess time, she brought a note from her mother saying that she had been sick and, therefore, had been allowed to sleep in. It said, also, that she would stay at school to make up the lost time.

"Rita not really sick last night.", she whispered as she handed him the note. "Rita worn out from Teacher's big cock. But Rita rested now. Ready for fuck."

Bob was a bit worried by the girl's eagerness and hoped that her sexiness was not too evident to the other students. The day seemed long, however, as he waited impatiently to be with her again. In her again.

"Rita know better way for big teacher fuck little girl.", she said with a smile as soon as they were alone. She pushed his chair to the cloakroom and, with a nod of her head, signaled for him to follow her.

The sixteen year old disrobed quickly. "Sit in chair, Mr. Teacher.", she said. "Rita know how do it. She sit on teacher's lap. You want Rita suck, first?" She was already pushing down his pants and, when he sat on the armless chair, she knelt between his knees.

"Love big cock.", she sighed as she stroked the hard, erect shaft. "Rita glad she live 'Merica. Philipino men no have big cock for Rita. Suck after. Need fuck now." The small, dark-skinned teenager climbed onto his lap, straddling his thighs with her short, shapely legs and then, holding his cock in both her warm, little hands, she wriggled closer.

"See how far Mr. Teacher go up into Rita?" she said, holding the nearly seven inch shaft against the firm flesh of her belly. "He go right up to Rita's tits. That why Rita sore yesterday." Then she knelt precariously on his thighs and directed the bulbous knob to the lightly furred crevice between her cuntlips.

"Rita small on outside but big inside.", she said with a lewd grin. "Watch how big teacher make little Rita cunt big, too." Gingerly the small teenager lowered her hips and, inch-by-inch, she took the long, thick pole into her petite body. She was tight but not like the virgins had been a month ago but, as she lowered, raised, and lowered a bit more, she contracted the muscles of her cunt and the sensations for him were like nothing he'd ever experienced.

"You're the best, Rita. The absolute best."

The girl was biting her lower lip and concentrating as she impaled herself on the massive shaft. Finally, when she seemed to have it all in, Bob parted his thighs and the girl's eyes popped as he went even deeper than yesterday.

"SIR! OH SIR!", she exclaimed as the last millimeter drove home. And then, cupping her firm, round buttocks, the teacher moved her up and down. The sight of her small, womanly body being fucked by the huge cock was lewdly erotic. He felt the muscles of her buttocks begin to flex as she picked up the rhythm and, after less than a minute, she gasped, "Rita cum. Rita cum! CUM!" and he felt the spasmodic contractions of her sheath.

Three times he brought the sexy Philipino to orgasm but, by then, his balls were aching and he knew he had to go too. She sensed it.

"Teacher good to Rita. Now Rita want be good to teacher. Rita do anything Teacher want. You want fuck Rita ass now? She no like much but teacher can? You want go off in Rita mouth? She not stop like yesterday. She suck all. What Mr.Teacher want?"

"This way, Rita baby. This way.", he gasped. "Fuck me!"

The girl began then to ride him, driving her small body forward, grunting but taking the full length of his deep thrusting tool. Faster and faster she moved until she felt the unmistakable swelling of the belly- filling pole. She pushed down so that her cuntlips were surrounding the base of his prick and he felt the tightening of the snug channel as the heat of his semen coursed through his cock.

"Yes... yes... yes...", she moaned and she ground and writhed against him. And then, as the first jet of thick gism spurted into her, she began to raise and lower her trim hips, her tight cunt drawing his liquid lust into her skilled channel. The compression of her sheath as she lifted her hips seemed to draw his balls right up into her and then, as she pushed down, her sheath widened as if to engulf him even more.

"Oh yes, Mr. Teacher. Oh yes. Fill Rita cunt. Rita love teacher."

"Ohhh God, Rita. You're incredible," he sighed after it felt she had drained him totally. "I'm worn out."

"Teacher not wore out yet," she said with a smile as she climbed down off his lap. She knelt between his knees and, before he knew what was happening, her mouth was around his wilting penis.

As Bob staggered home that night he wondered what the young Philipino would have thought if she'd known he was married to one of her classmates. Oh God. Or if he knocked her up too? But she seemed so knowledgeable that he was quite sure she wouldn't let that happen. Unless? Damn. He had to learn to keep his cock in his pants. There were too many ways he could get into trouble.

Chapter 28: Family Fotos

Bernice Bartlett finally felt as if they were settled down in their new house again. Not that the eighty-year-old structure was a new house, but it was theirs as long as Harvey paid the rent.

They had left Blossom, the prairie town where they'd lived for ten years, in a hurry. Harvey never told her exactly why but she knew it was a problem with Jacob Hartz, her brother in law and former next-door neighbor. And they hadn't told anyone, not even her relatives, where they were moving.

The dark-haired, voluptuous woman continued to reminisce while she rearranged the papers in the desk that served as their household office. This was the fifth place they'd lived since their marriage just over fourteen years ago. She'd just turned fifteen when she'd married Harvey who was nine years older than she. And three months after their marriage, Becky had arrived.

She was sure that her beautiful fourteen-year-old daughter would not get caught the way she had. Becky had the equipment to get in trouble, Bernice thought, but she also had the protection of her belief in Jesus. Even though her daughter was the same age as she had been when she'd been swept off her feet by the handsome, older man and immediately became pregnant, Bernice was confident that the buxom youngster would not suffer the same fate.

In the file drawer where Harvey kept their valuable papers like the lease on the house and his life insurance policy Bernice found a large envelope. Whatever was inside was quite stiff so she couldn't fold it and get it to fit with the insurance policy.

The envelope was stuffed with photographs the woman realized and, puzzled, she eased one out of the envelope. "Oh my!" she gasped aloud, and the blood rushed to her face, turning it a deep red. Her stomach heaved with the onrush of nausea brought on by her disgust and anger. Unable to tear her eyes away from what she saw, she stared at the colored photographic print she was holding in her hand.

Bernice couldn't believe that she was seeing right. She'd never seen anything like this before either in print or in real life. It was actually a photograph of a naked man and woman, sprawled out together, the woman's dark-haired head dipped between the man's widespread thighs; his grossly inflated penis clamped tightly between her ovalled red lips. The man's head was turned away, but there was no mistaking the expression on the rapt woman's face. She was enjoying taking that man's hardness in her mouth. There was no doubt either of who it was. It was her own sister, Bonnie who was three years older than she. How could she do such a disgusting thing, Bernice shuddered in disgust.

Bernice had heard that people did that sort of thing, but she was sure that such an act did not belong in a Christian marriage. The salacious scene had a hypnotic effect on her and she couldn't tear her gaze away from the sight of the hard, blood-filled penis that seemed to throb with lewd tension as was clasped between her sister's full, ripe lips.

Bonnie's half-closed eyes seemed glazed with passion, and Bernice felt a warm shudder of unwilled sensation ripple through her. She couldn't seem to draw her eyes away from the obscene photograph. How could her sister do such an obscene thing? How could Harvey keep such a filthy, lewd picture? Does he look at it often? When was it taken?

And then she remembered that the envelope had more in it and hurriedly, she drew out another of the colored prints. Her eyes flew immediately to the scene, and a sudden, strangled moan of horror broke from her lips.

"Oh no! It can't be!" she groaned as she stared fixedly at the second photograph. This shot displayed in detail the pink, shiny delineations of a moist, open vagina, the glistening, swollen lips framing the dark, slightly gaping opening to the woman's inner reaches. Bernice couldn't see the woman's face but she was sure it was her sister Bonnie again. It had to be. Who else would allow such a photo to be taken?

A man's face was poised over the woman's pussy, the tip of his long tongue poised at the entrance to the delicate roseate furrow. And there was no mistaking that face, so wreathed in anticipatory lust. It was Harvey! For a moment, Bernice couldn't believe that it was actually her husband who was portrayed in that disgusting snapshot. Numbed shock rushed in a roaring torrent to her head, threatening to explode, and she had to hold onto the arm of the office chair to steady herself. Harvey! How could he do this to another woman? How could he let himself be photographed like that? New thundering anger swelled inside the distraught wife at the thought that she had been deceived, and furiously, she snatched the remaining photographs up and scanned them

"How could he? How could he?" Bernice gasped and she sank back in hopeless bewilderment on the office chair. "Oh God," she sobbed, "What did I do to deserve this?" She buried her face in her hands and her shoulders shook with the racking sobs, which enveloped her.

The distraught woman felt broken in mind and spirit. She had looked upon marriage as sacred and had assumed that, after marrying her, Harvey would not go after other woman... and girls, for she had been only a young girl when Harvey had seduced her. How many more were there? She whined piteously, torturing herself with images of various women that both she and Harvey had known, women that he paid special attention to. Like her sister, Bonnie.

In her jealous humiliated anger, the images from the photos began to inject themselves into her consciousness, glimpses she had caught of naked bodies with full voluptuous breasts and full thighs, spread apart in opulent sensuality. And every time her mind banished one lewd image, a fresh one began to superimpose itself in her fervid imagination. Harvey kissing and slavering over an open, exposed vagina, lewdly displayed and eagerly offered to him... Harvey sinking his wildly excited penis into a greedy, grasping vaginal orifice, strong clasping thighs egging him on... Harvey lying back as luscious red lips encircled his bloated penis

Overcome with lewd curiosity she scanned them over again. Yes, there was no doubt about it! There were three different girls involved and Harvey was involved with each of them. She studied one, showing him and a plump brunette stretched out, touching at only two places. His mouth was firmly planted in the nest of her dark pubic curls, and her mouth was tightly clasped around the red thick length of his penis. The girl's eyes were half-closed and her dark hair fell in tendrils around her face, giving her an almost angelic look as she sucked Harvey's cock. Bernice stared at the lewd shot. What did it feel like, having a man's penis locked tightly in your mouth? She wondered at the look of almost reverent ecstasy on the girl's face. Harvey had tried once or twice, she remembered, pushing her head down under the blanket, and she had, of course, refused to do anything like that. She had always thought it perverted, somehow, and yet, this girl seemed to be thoroughly aroused by it. There was something familiar about the woman and Bernice tried to imagine what she looked like when her mouth wasn't filled by a cock. Oh God! No! It was her other sister. Her younger sister. How could she? How could he? How long had he been doing this?

Bernice's attention was caught by a snap she hadn't scrutinized before. It showed a short, dark girl, her breasts full and vibrant, spread-eagled beneath Harvey, whose engorged prick was sunk halfway into the soft, hair-fringed tunnel of her vagina. The girl's legs were wrapped around the man's lower back and her spine was arched up off the bed as she strove to open her depths wider and deeper to him. Bernice stared in lewd fascination at the minutely detailed photographs of sexual intercourse. There was an unwilled churning in her belly as she studied the picture. The girl's head was thrown back, and her mouth was open. Her hands were dug into his shoulders, and her whole body seemed afire. Harvey's hands were clutching at her large, firm breasts, and Bernice could see the reddened tips of her fully turgid nipples slipping out through his fingers. There was a look of pure animal desire on her husband's face, a look she hadn't seen in a long, long time!

And then Bernice recognized the girl. It was her niece, Bernie, which was short for Bernice. The precociously developed, thirteen-year-old girl had been named after her. And Harvey hadn't waited even for her to become fourteen before he'd seduced her.

Despite herself, Bernice felt a little tug of jealousy. She remembered how she used to arouse that complete passionate frenzy in her husband, how he used to be almost aflame with desire for her and now it was a young girl who was making him act like that.

Was the reason they had to rush away from their last home that Harvey had been found out? That one or the other of her brothers in law had discovered he was having sex with their wives... or Bonnie's daughter?

Sudden tears surprised her as they swam in her eyes. It isn't fair... she murmured to herself. It was so long since she had seen Harvey crazed with desire, so long since he had even made love to her... She felt a sudden emptiness inside her, a feeling that she recognized as vague desire. It began to gnaw at her, worming its way insidiously into her depths, gaining a foothold in her numb body. He never tries to kiss me there anymore... the thought leapt into her head. It was years since he had tried to persuade her to allow him to put his head down between her thighs and kiss her pussy, but she had so vehemently and absolutely refused him when he had made the attempt.

It can't be so bad, she muttered to herself, her eyes glued to another shot, this time of Harvey with his face buried in the sparse fleece of young Bernie's openly throbbing, adolescent cunt. Bernice could see the moist flanges of the girl's vagina where Harvey's wetly glistening nose and mouth were buried. The girl's eyes were closed and despite her youth it was obvious that she was in the throes of complete abandon. Then, in spite of it all, Bernice felt a tingle beginning between her own legs, a ripple that seemed to grow as her eyes remained fixed on the spectacle of her husband's groveling between a girl's widespread thighs. How did it feel, to have a man's tongue licking and sucking and blowing his hot, passionate breath into that secret place, have his mouth warm and caressing around your clitoris, feel his kiss on your nakedly exposed pubic mound? What right did a girl... a child, really, have to receive such devotion while she was left hungry and unsatisfied. The line of thought was illogical since she'd refused the opportunity but her pent up lust defied logic.

The mature woman felt hot all over, covered with a clammy moistness that made her feel like stripping naked. She was unconsciously clenching her heated thighs together and grinding her buttocks into the leather of the office chair. The tingling in her loins grew and her eyes flickered aimlessly to another picture. A startled gasp escaped her as she stared in disbelief at what she saw. Bernice thought that the photographs she had already examined had prepared her to a point where she was beyond surprise, but she was wrong. She gaped in astonishment at the candid snapshot, unable and unwilling to believe that it was her husband who was actually inserting his huge, lust-hardened penis in her sister's tiny puckered anus! But there was no doubt about it. The photograph showed in unerring detail the swollen girth of Harvey's blood-inflated prick encircled by the brown crinkled little rectal mouth. This lasciviously depicted anal entry was too much for Bernice.

The chaste, married woman was disgusted that the man she had married could and did indulge in such an animalistic, carnal act, a thing she, a grown woman, had only heard about in whispers. It was too shameful to even think about; it was disgusting! And yet her own sister was allowing it and judging by the lewd look of delight on her passion-contorted face as she looked back at the camera she seemed to be enjoying it.

Bernice's world seemed to have gone topsy-turvy. Her husband was cheating on her and doing it with her closest blood relatives. And he was doing... they all were doing things that repulsed and disgusted her. Didn't they? Why did she have that almost nauseous feeling in her belly like she used to get with Harvey? It was that same feeling that, when she was a fourteen-year-old virgin, had caused her to spread her legs and become pregnant.

The twenty nine year old mother was confused and bewildered. Her hands rose slowly to her breasts, and she gasped as she felt the exciting effect her own touch had on the now swollen and throbbing mounds. But she couldn't take her hands away. It was as if her perusal of the lewd pornographic pictures had imperiled her sanity and she could no longer control her stampeding libido. Her mind was awash with images of the various acts she had seen in the photographs, and lurid thrills were flooding her body. Involuntarily, she pressed her palms down her sides, along her hips, and then dipped them between her thighs.

It felt to her as if her Venus mound was straining to reach the comfort of her own hands, and she felt a rush of inner heat. Her fingers inched toward her swollen pussy as she struggled to understand what was happening to her. What had turned her into a mass of feverish desire? Was it because Harvey hadn't made love to her for so long? Or were the dirty pictures having an illicit prurient effect on her? Her fingers kneaded at the burning lips of her moistened pussy through the flimsy panties and Bernice winced from the delicious contact. Why should I be denied pleasure? Her sisters and even her young niece were enjoying themselves; Harvey was pleasing them... it's not fair that I should be left out, she reasoned as she yielded to the need that was consuming her.

As soon as she surrendered to her need her fingers burrowed hurriedly under the leg band of her panties and teased over to the tingling flesh of her swollen pussy lips. Bernice felt the fleshy folds pulsate under her sensitive fingertips. She sighed from the exquisite sensation, feeling relief flow through her. She'd done this a few times before she got married despite her mother's warnings. She had been and still was convinced that it was this that had led to her pregnancy. Masturbation had essentially softened her up, eroded her morals and caused her to spread her legs for the first determined guy that came along. She'd sheltered her daughter, Becky, and she was sure that the fourteen-year-old girl had never masturbated. And she was equally certain that by teaching her the ways of Jesus and teaching her to follow the teachings of the minister she would remain pure and unpregnant until she married.

At the moment Bernice was too intoxicated with the rush of pleasure to pay any heed to negative thoughts and her fingers continued to plunge into the warm deep recesses of her desire-drenched pussy. Nothing mattered to her now. Her husband was cheating and her sisters were betraying her but it didn't matter. All that she was concerned with was quenching the fire of lust that raged in her hungry loins using the only means readily available to her.

Frustrated by the impediment of her panties the sex-crazed woman began to tear impatiently at them, and she raised her hips from the office chair, and peeled them down over her thighs, leaving them dangling at her knees. She bunched her dress up around her hips and exposed her passion-enflamed loins to the cool evening air, which was rushing in from the half-opened window. Her fingers dug impatiently again at her burning furrow, and convulsively probed at the trembling hole of her clasping cunt.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhh..." she couldn't suppress a sigh as her hand cupped onto the now moistly pulsating orifice and she felt the heated walls close in like a vise on her sunken middle finger.

The passion inside her was goaded on to greater fever by the lurid thoughts, which had taken possession of her head and would not yield. Obscene thoughts framed by the disgusting photographs she had seen, images of desire and lust instigated by many actions and acted out in many forms. She was almost convinced that a large heated penis was ramming into her eager, open pussy, that she was one of her sisters r her niece whose head was thrown back in complete abandon, whose mouth was open and from which a stream of sighs was rushing, whose hips were churning under the delicious onslaught of a heavy, passion-bloated cock which was plunging deeper and deeper and harder into her...

Waves of heat were washing over her now as she ground her buttocks down into the leather of the seat and revolved her fingers around inside the velvety interior of her feverish vaginal sheath. A feeling of dizziness was taking control of her, coupled with a wonderful sensation of relief, and now she knew she was cumming. She knew because she felt so good all over, and her hips were jerking uncontrollably, and her belly was palpitating and she felt the little room revolve around her as her head was torpedoed by a kaleidoscope of collaged nude figures, male and female, all fucking and sucking and licking in total frenzy, and she was at the center of it all, and she was loving it, every minute of it...

Bernice slunk back against the chair, drained of all energy and unable to do anything, not even pull her dress down over her naked thighs. Her legs were splayed, her panties hanging uselessly at her knees, and even as the enormity of the betrayal sank in, she was unable to move from her lewdly open position on the chair.

The woman sprawled there for almost fifteen minutes. Weak though she was, she still had an emptiness within her, a need that her fingers had not satisfied. But she didn't recognize it nor would the prudish Christian have admitted it in any case. But, if her faithless hubby, Harvey, had walked through the door at that time she would have forgotten his obscene betrayals and welcomed the chance to do her wifely duty.

Finally Bernice got up from the chair and began tidying up. She wanted to leave her husband but she had nowhere to go. And she had to think of young Becky. Her fourteen-year-old daughter would definitely be attracting attention from her schoolmates... and from men, too. Was she doing the right thing by sheltering her, by keeping her ignorant of the facts of life? She couldn't talk to Harvey about it. Whom could she turn to? There was a time when she'd have asked one of her sisters but that was certainly no longer an option, even if they lived nearby.

Harvey wouldn't be back for three days, Bernice thought. What would she say to him when he came home? She loosened her brassiere and then, knowing she was all alone, she removed it. Picking up her panties from where they had dropped to the floor she went to the bedroom and removed her rumpled skirt. Then, enjoying the comfort and freedom of her nakedness, she donned an oversized, cotton robe before continuing r housekeeping.

How was Becky making out in her new school? She'd taken a lunch with her so she wouldn't be home at noon. Bernice wondered if there was more she could do to protect her daughter from her own fate of early pregnancy. She sat on the sofa and her hand, as if it had a mind of its own, found its way under her robe to her still sodden sex. Her other hand cupped a heavy breast and she tried to remember how exciting this had been when she was a young girl and the handsome man she later married had shown her what heaven was like.

Bernice Bartlett was guiltily embarked on her second masturbatory journey of the day when there was a firm knock on the front door.

Chapter 29: Chastity Challenged and Changed

It was a moment before Bernice actually heard the knock on the door and another moment before she placed its source as the front door, not the back door where people usually came. Re-tying her robe to conceal her nakedness she went on watery knees to the door, prepared to tell whomever it was to come back another time.

"Good morning, Mrs. Bartlett. I hope this isn't an inconvenient time for a brief visit?" Wilson noted the attractive, dark-haired woman's flushed appearance and wondered about it. There had been a bit of a delay in answering the door and the robe she was wearing wasn't exactly housework garb. What had she been doing? If he hadn't known that her husband was away he'd have guessed that she was having sex but Harvey was away and Wilson was sure that the woman wasn't likely to be straying from her marital vows. He'd observed that she attended all church events with her equally attractive daughter and how piously she behaved while there.

"Oh! Oh, Reverend Wilson. I was just... just trying to finish our unpacking. Come on in." Bernice wasn't sure whether she wanted him there or not. But she felt that she had to talk to someone and who better than her minister? She'd heard his impassioned condemnation of the sins of the flesh... those very same sins that her husband and sisters had committed. And really, she herself had just abused her body. God's body.

"Can I get you a cup of tea, Reverend?" The woman led the preacher into the sitting room,

"That would be nice," Wilson replied as he sat on the firm-cushioned sofa. "If it's not too much trouble?"

"No trouble at all, Reverend," and Bernice rushed to the kitchen. He was such a strong, Godly man, she thought as she put the water on to boil. What would he think if she told him... showed him what her husband had done? Could she tell him what she did, too?

Wilson wondered about the woman. Although she dressed modestly and the robe she wore today revealed nothing he suspected that she was buxom in build. Damn. He was due for some young stuff but Patience Holloway and Ruth Tanner had certainly been great lays. Would this one put out? Of course he knew he had a sure-fire way get her but it would be more satisfying, psychologically, if he got her without chemical assistance. And he mustn't lose sight of his primary purpose in coming here.

Becky Bartlett had been to church for every service since the family moved here several weeks ago. He'd found out from the school register that his new son in law, Bob Best gave him access to, that the girl was fourteen years old. Bob said that she was a polite and obedient girl but perhaps not in the upper echelons where IQ was counted. But no matter.

It was not IQ that Wilson was interested in although the girl's mind was an important factor in what he planned. She was a pretty, stocky, dark-haired girl and he believed that she might give him that youthful vigor he so much appreciated. But first he had to indoctrinate her mother, to get her on his side so he could get young Becky on her back.

They had each had two cups of tea and talked of mundane church things but Wilson observed that the woman seemed very ill at ease. "Is there anything bothering you, Mrs. Holloway? Is there something you need to pray about?"

"No... Yes... Oh Reverend... I'm so embarrassed. There is... I have... No. I can't talk about it, Reverend Wilson."

"Please Mrs. Bartlett. You don't need to be embarrassed with me any more than with Jesus. I'm here to listen for Him... as a message vehicle for things you want to tell Him."

"But Reverend? It's... like... it's awful. What he... they did... and then what I did."

"Tell me Mrs. Bartlett... Sister. You don't mind if I call you Sister, do you? Even though you haven't completed your indoctrination into our church I still look at you as one of my flock."

"No... I don't mind, Sir. I mean about you calling me Sister. But... I don't know if you'd want me as part of your flock if you knew more about us?"

"Certainly I would, Sister. And if you just tell me what is bothering you I'm sure I... Jesus can make it all right again."

Bernice got up from the chair where she was sitting and went to the little office area where she got the fateful envelope. What would the Reverend say when... if she showed the filthy pictured to him? She shuddered at the thought but her shudder was more of prurience than revulsion.

"Did you get a letter that disturbs you?" Wilson looked with more than idle curiosity at the large, manila envelope the woman clutched in her had as she sat down gingerly beside him on the sofa.

"No... it's not a letter, Reverend. It's... oh Sir... pictures... awful pictures."

Remembering how he'd got into Patience Holloway, Wilson's heart and a lower down organ jumped at the thought that the pictures the woman had might be of a similar nature. "I'm sure anything you've seen is perfectly natural and has a reasonable and Godly explanation, Sister." The preacher took the envelope from the woman's hand although she was reluctant to release her grip on it.

As Wilson began to slide the photos from the envelope Bernice put a hand to her mouth. What was he going to think? She was only the messenger, so to speak, but was he going to think she was like the people in the photographs? Why wouldn't he? They were all relatives of hers. Close relatives.

"Hmm, I see" Wilson said softly. "Oh my," he added as one by one he looked briefly at the pictures. "You're not in any of these, are you Sister?" he asked as he looked directly at the scarlet faced woman. "But the women all look like you?"

"It's... I'm... they're... Oohhh Reverend Wilson. They're my sisters... and my niece," and big, fat tears welled up out of her eyes and ran down over her pink cheeks.

"It's OK Sister. I understand," and the scheming minister put his arm around the woman and drew her close with her face pressed to his chest. Even through the cotton robe her body felt hot and Wilson's hands moved soothingly up and down from her shoulders to her waist. He moved his chest a bit too against the soft pillows of the woman's large breasts.

The distraught and betrayed woman was grateful for the care and comfort her minister was giving her. His deep voice and gentle manner helped her to relax and as his softly caressing hands strayed from her neck to the flanges of her large, soft breasts she relaxed in his arms.

"I know how you feel, Mrs. Bartlett. You're angry and hurt that your family could have done such things, aren't you?"

"Uh, yes Reverend. I... I guess that's it. But Sir? How could he? They?"

"It's the way God made us, Sister. Have you... have you done everything with him that they did?"

"Oh no Reverend Wilson! I couldn't! It's sinful isn't it? Like Sodom and Gomorrah?"

"No my dear. It's all natural. Sodom and Gomorrah is sinful because it was man with man. God doesn't condone such things but sometimes it's all right for two women to be together like that. But the rest... like these," and Wilson showed some oral and anal shots, "These are all part of God's plan. Have you never done those things? Ever?"

"Oh no Reverend. Never," Bernice replied in a small voice. She felt much more secure now, held in the arms of this wonderful, considerate man of God.

"Did he... Mr. Bartlett... ever try? Are you angry with him?"

"Yes. Bit I thought? I didn't let him. And I don't know how I can ever speak to him again. Or... you know... do that other thing?"

"God forgives us our transgressions and you ought to forgive him, too. You should take comfort from the fact that he chose your relatives... ones who look like you. That means that they were just surrogates for you... ones he could do those other acts with. But I know he... they have hurt you. And I know you want revenge. We could kneel and pray, Sister."

"Would you cheat on your wife like he did? For any reason?"

"It's not the same for me... as God's messenger. Sometimes I have to... you know... comfort others. But my wife understands and accepts it."

Bernice Bartlett was confused. She had turned slightly away from her minister and her loosely belted robe had fallen open. One of his hands was now on the bare, opulent flesh of her breast, caressing and hefting its heavy, pliant mass. She was sure that he meant nothing sexual by his actions but his caresses were re-igniting the fire in her loins that her fingers had briefly quenched.

"Please Reverend... like... what do you mean? Comfort others?"

"Sometimes when men stray the only final solution for the wife is vengeance... getting even. And I help them get even. But I'm sure that's not the case with you." The scheming pastor rubbed his palm over the now erect projection of the woman's sensitive nipples as he continued, "You're a beautiful and good woman and you will welcome him back, won't you? You'll let him enjoy you as he has enjoyed your sisters? And your niece?"

"I... I don't think I can, Sir. Not with him. Not first. Can you... would you show me? Like... if God understands... and you wife?"

"If that is what you want, Sister. Show me on the pictures which things you want me to help you with. You're a beautiful woman with a wonderful body and I will feel privileged to save your marriage... and family in whatever way will help."

Without further word the minister stood and helped the new member of his congregation to her feet. She somehow indicated where the bedroom was and he led her there and then he eased her robe off her shoulders.

"You're even lovelier than I thought," he said softly as he voluptuous charms were revealed to his lecherous eyes. Bernice his mouth slip down her neck to the shelving prominence of her aching breasts and then her minister caught her head between his hands and pressed his lips hard against hers. Her mouth opened readily although she had never been kissed sexually by anyone except her philandering husband. His tongue forced her teeth apart and raked the roof of her mouth. She gagged as the kiss went deeper and she felt herself weaken in his embrace. Her mind was in a state of hot confusion. She was about to cheat on her husband of fourteen years. With her church minister. Then the thought hit her... hit her like a storm. She wanted to feel that tongue of his against her somewhere else. It would feel a thousand times more wonderful if he'd do it there. She managed to slip her mouth to the side.

"Will you... you know... kiss me first... down there!" She was panting so hard she could hardly get the words out.

Wilson eased her buxom, naked body to the bed and spread her heavy legs apart. Kneeling over her, his tongue divided the swollen lips of her pussy and she choked a cry of pleasure, her heels digging wildly at the mattress. She rocked her hips, opening her blossoming folds to be licked. She couldn't even yell out her enjoyment it was so intense. Instead she just gurgled quietly, plunging and rubbing her dripping pussy against her wonderful minister's tongue and teeth and chin. Why had she never allowed this before?

The chaste woman humped violently against her minister and put her heels against the small of Wilson's back. He squirmed under the pressure but kept his mouth tight against her pussy. She could hear the slick sucking sound of his lips as they curved and pulled at her tender membranes. Bernice looked at her preacher with sex-dulled eyes when he raised his head and then she gaped with pleasure when she felt him press his lips against her pussy again. He had her clit now. She gripped him with the hug of her thighs and her toes spread and tingled. She felt like her skin was glowing red-hot. The slurpy sounds between her thighs grew louder as Wilson captured her clit between his lip and tongue and worked it over good. "Oohhh... Yaaahhhh! I'm gonna cummm, Reverend! Ooohhhhhh Yaaahhhh!" The excited woman's strong arms flailed the bed sheets and she beat against Wilson's back. She was so excited she was seeing stars. And she couldn't get enough air, couldn't scratch that lovely tickle enough. The explosion ripped through her and she could no longer stifle her passion. She gave a long, shuddering cry and fell back limp on her bed.

Wilson raised his dripping wet face from between the woman's loosely splayed thighs. "Do you understand now, my dear? God gave us nerve endings and orifices and instruments like my tongue for our benefit. Your husband wanted to please you as I did, you know. And when you wouldn't he turned to your sisters."

"Yes, Reverend Wilson. I think I understand," but Bernice at that moment was still too overwhelmed by the sensations she had experienced to truly understand anything.

"And now you must do what your husband asked, Sister. But this time with me so you can be sure to do it right for him."

Bernice felt the bed sag as the preacher, Reverend Wilson, crawled above her. She automatically cringed, though she knew that what her minister was about to do was not the lowest forms of depravity imaginable. What he had done with his mouth and agile tongue had turned her into a smoldering mass of sexually aroused flesh. She had been turned into as much of an animal as her husband and her siblings.

The chaste-minded woman felt her body shiver as the preacher moved his hands down over her soft round buttocks, moving higher above her, his long, hard member sticking out horizontally from his hairy groin. He'd managed to remove his pants, she realized although she had no idea when. "Ahhhh," she murmured as his hands ran in long, slow caresses over her large, swollen breasts, and her body strained against his hands as he stroked his fingers over her.

Wilson moved again, placing his knees on either side of the beautiful woman's neck, his massive balls laying gently against her moistened chin, his long thick cock directly over her face, presenting her the lewd view of the pulsating, sperm-filled ridge running beneath it. He knew that her mind was still fighting the dictates of her hotly aroused body, and he did not want to rape-fuck her in the mouth but the sight of her full, red lips was almost driving him to it.

But the minister wanted this woman insane with passion when he finally got between her legs and fucked her. He wanted the lusciously seductive mother of a teenager totally, unconditionally his, to do with as he wanted wherever and whenever he desired. Believing it was God's will. And now he was sure that he would accomplish this without the aid of any drug except religion.

The unprincipled preacher placed both his hands gently down behind the acquiescent woman's head and lifted it up off the bed, bending her neck up toward him so that her face and mouth were poised directly in front of the palpitating head of his penis. He pushed forward slightly, his ass-cheeks rolling on the cushion of her naked breasts beneath him until the tip of his penis was pressed gently between her slightly open lips. He groaned as he felt the soft, moist surfaces brush tantalizingly against the sensitive, uncut foreskin.

Bernice suddenly seemed to realize what he was attempting, and her eyes cleared of the fogged daze of her sinful thoughts. She looked up at her pastor with wide, pleading eyes. "Is this what he'll do to me?" she moaned plaintively as the fevered touch of the virile cock against her mouth sent wild electric shocks of alarm racing along her spine. Oh God. He was going to put it in her mouth. She shuddered with distaste but then remembered the expression of pleasure on her sister's face when Harvey did this to her.

Wilson surveyed the woman's trembling expression with excitement. "Remember what I just did for you," he said in his soft, deep voice. "Just relax and let it happen."

She resisted for a moment, still frightened by the sudden sight of the long, fleshy pole. But her meager protest was cut short as her minister, momentarily carried away by the salacious sight of the woman's full-lipped mouth, rammed the heavy, blood-filled tip of the thick shaft of flesh forward, crushing through her soft, moist lips into the wet saliva of her mouth. Bernice could feel the spongy bluntness of its head sliding the full length of her tongue, lifting momentarily her concentration on the nature of the act she was submitting to.

Still holding the woman's head with his hands Wilson began to undulate his pelvis, sliding the long hardened cock in and out of the lovely woman's mouth, never quite withdrawing, leaving the hot, swollen head a half an inch inside the warm, wet cavern of her hollowing cheeks. Bernice closed her eyes tightly to block out the sight of the curly pubic hairs growing at the thick base of her minister's cock, which thrust slowly in and out of her hot-flushed face. Saliva filled her mouth, puffing out her cheeks wide as the man shoved forward, pushing the rod to the entrance of her throat, keeping his hands tight around her head so she could not squirm free of his choking embrace.

Reverend Wilson looked down with lewd delight at the sweat-glistening face of the helplessly trapped Christian woman skewered lewdly on the cock in her mouth. What he really wanted to do was to force every last portion of his pumping shaft deeper between her wide-stretched lips but that delight was for another time, after this voluptuous female was under his complete control. He held her head tighter as she gagged when the tip of his cock brushed her tonsils on the instroke, seeing how her tender lips clasped tighter and tighter around it and her mouth slowly ovalled in docile acceptance of the fleshy invasion.

She liked it! Oh God. She was as depraved as her sisters. But she liked the feel of the hot, hard manflesh as it slid between her lips and over her tongue until it almost entered her throat.

"Oh yes, Sister. When you do this for your husband he'll never you're your sisters again," and the prurient preacher slowly withdrew completely from the woman's mouth. "Look at this picture, my dear. See how your young niece looks at your husband while she pleases him?"

Bernice lifted her head to study the photo and saw how her thirteen-year-old niece, her fat, red lips stretched around Harvey's thick tool, was looking at him with adoring eyes. Could she really compete? Perhaps Reverend Wilson could teach her how to satisfy her husband so that he wouldn't go after others, especially the young ones like her niece?

Bernice Bartlett began to suck to please, running her tongue wetly around and around the slippery lubricated head and flicking the tip teasingly into the tiny open slit of the moist gland. She could feel it throbbing as though it had a life of its own. Her minister was gasping and moaning in a way that told her she was pleasing him. She expected that at any moment it would erupt into a great gushing fountain of virile male sperm that would flow into her mouth instead of in her private place.

The skillful ravishment of her ovalled mouth was bringing tiny strange ripples of fire dancing through her shattered nerve. She groaned around the ever-thrusting cock in her mouth as waves of delicious sensations swept through her and flooded her mind. She could feel the involuntary secretions seeping from her softly pulsing vaginal lips and she hungered mightily for a touch down there.

Wilson loved the way the woman's inexperienced lips clasped his cock in a close elastic ring. He could feel the soft, fleshy oral labia as they moved over his penis and took as much as she could in her mouth. Bernice may have been up until then a chaste and faithful wife who knew only the missionary position but she was possessed of an inherent skill as a cocksucker. The man's cock was surrounded by the hot wetness of her saliva as it slid over her finely pebbled tongue. She sucked him with moist, nibbling pressure and her tongue licked and curled around him as though she had done this a thousand times before.

It was too much for either of them. The hunger that was burning out of control deep in the woman's vagina was now concentrated in one great gust of sensation in her mouth. Above her the preacher groaned incoherently, wanting her to flex her throat wider and swallow his hardened cock deeper so that she would know later that he had bent her completely to his will, that he had dominated her. But even more than that he needed to empty his heavily swollen testes and today it best served his purpose to empty his sperm into her womb even though he could not impregnate her.

Wilson watched his thick, glistening flesh disappeared into Bernice's clasping lips like it was another hungry, hairless, nibbling cunt. He could feel all of himself, every nerve he possessed, pulsating and throbbing between her lips and into the moist cavity of her warm, saliva-filled mouth. At the same time, he studied her face and the reaction he was having upon her.

It was gratifying! The lovely woman's eyes were open but she gazed unseeing up to the ceiling, a thin, smoky veil of passion obscuring the dilated pupils. Her wide hips and deep ass writhed on the bed below, her thighs limply kicking out and then drawing up again as though searching for some invisible lover to wrap them around and pull up inside of her. She was completely out of control now, unable to quell the fire that was raging furiously in her underused vagina, her mind overloaded by all she had experienced this day from the obscene photos to her masturbation to her minister's oral homage and now her own submission to the preacher.

Wilson's loins were aching, and he was sweating between his legs, and still she sucked, keeping his cock in her hotly nibbling mouth. He knew that if he didn't withdraw, he would cum. The pressure building in his testicles slapping against her chin as she worked in her unwilled passion was excruciating and unbearable. He had to fuck her!

The passion-drunk woman moaned in protest when her minister slipped his cock from the warm, moist confines of her mouth. Then he lifted his buttocks up off her tightly squashed breasts and moved sensuously down the length of her now hotly pulsing body knowing she was as ready as he was. He could feel the wet opening of her hungry pink cunt pulsing in its fleshy desperation, and then in a soft, breathless voice he said, "Reach down and put my cock in your pussy, Mrs. Bartlett. Guide my staff into you like it is the staff of your Lord."

He held his breath as he felt her hand tunneling down between their naked bodies, her warm fingers closing without hesitation over his glistening hard shaft. He could feel the soft pubic hairs grazing gently against the sensitive head as she gently pressed its moistly throbbing tip into the fleshy wet folds of her hungry cunt. Unable to contain himself a moment longer, he surged forward. There was not the slightest resistance, and he could feel the rippling wet walls of her waiting cunt clamp around his penis so moistly and firmly that it almost made him cum immediately.

"Oohhhh... Oh God, Oh God, yesss!" Bernice sighed as if in anguish, feeling her entire insides flowering open in welcome reception. She groaned and murmured incoherently as he began to fuck into her viciously, gritting her teeth with desire, her face contorted with ecstasy. Her arms wrapped tightly around his neck, pulling his large torso into the softness of her breasts and loins, her whole body caught up in the animal desire that had taken hold of her mind. There was nothing in her left to halt her maddening race for fulfillment now, and her minister, her preacher and friend fucked into her where no man except her husband had been.

The preacher fucked her from the tips of his toes, and he could feel the smooth raw flesh of her underused pussy clasping around his thundering cock like a heartbeat. Ecstatic groans came to his lips, and his lewd noises were blended with the sobbing cries that bubbled from the woman's throat. He slid his strong, sinewy hands under the wildly pumping cheeks of her buttocks and cupped them tightly, raising their rotating roundness up off the bed so he could have greater access to her hungry cunt...

Bernice was going out of her mind now. "Oohhh, God! I... I'm cumming tooo!" she gasped in intense passion, and she locked her ankles in a death grip as high as she could around Wilson's, rhythmically pumping buttocks. Her body arched and quivered, and she held tight to the preacher, not moving other than to jerk and spasm around him in a pulsating clasp as she felt its virile head burst with his hot sperm deep up inside her hungrily accepting vagina. She gasped out a deep sigh of satisfaction as she felt the preacher's rapidly deflating cock slowly withdraw from her heavily flooded vaginal hole, and a rush of cool air slipped between the full, whitely glistening columns of her exposed thighs. She shivered with tingling delight and rolled into a huddled ball of satiated female flesh.

"You're a wonderful, beautiful woman, Mrs. Bartlett. Your husband is fortunate to have you. I'm sure that if you pray with him... and let him know that you are more available than your sisters... he'll be all yours."

Wilson gently caressed the naked woman as he continued, "Your belief... no, faith in Jesus will save your marriage. And it's important that your daughter has an equally strong faith. Does she?"

"I... I don't know, Reverend." Bernice was suddenly afraid. She herself had been no older than Becky when Harvey had seduced her. And her niece whom her husband had so thoroughly skewered was even younger. "Can you help her?"

The scheming preacher almost laughed aloud at the woman's question. Things couldn't be working out better. "I can certainly try, Sister." He let his hand slip possessively between the woman's thighs and he cupped her cum-sodden pussy. "But she may be more receptive to my message if you ask her to come for instruction with me."

"Of course, Reverend." Bernice arched her wide hips forward against the preacher's intimately exploring fingers. "She's a nice girl... you'll like her," the woman added but, her mind clouded by her own resurgent lust, she never dreamed what her minister planned to teach her daughter or how much and in what ways he would like her.

It seemed quite natural and not the least hypocritical for the minister to once again mount the formerly chaste mother of his intended next victim and give her more of the sexual solace she had not been receiving from her husband.

It was an hour later that Wilson, now well drained by the voluptuous woman's considerable sexual appetite and newly discovered talent, met Becky at the door.

"Becky," her mother said. "You know Reverend Wilson, don't you?"

"Yes Mother. Of course I do," and she flashed an open and friendly smile at the minister.

"Well, my darling daughter, you'll be pleased to hear that Reverend Wilson has agreed to give you the special instruction you need to join his church. You do want to join, don't you?"

"Oh yes, Mother. I do. And thank you, Reverend Wilson. I hope I won't be too much of a bother to you?"

"Definitely not, my child. One of my favorite duties is that of giving instruction to my young would-be members." He smiled inwardly and wondered what they would have thought if they'd known what the instruction was and why it was his favorite duty.

Chapter 30: Baring Buxom Becky

The innocent and na´ve Becky had been very impressed by the gentle and handsome minister. She noticed also that her mother seemed happier and more relaxed than she'd been since before they moved here. The minister's message had been good for her, she thought and she felt a certain warmth and closeness to him because of that.

Next day Reverend Wilson waited impatiently for young Becky Bartlett to arrive to receive her instruction for joining the church. Her mother had definitely been an above average lay and clearly her husband had not developed her sexual talents. But Wilson wanted innocence. He had not had a virgin since the precocious pre-teen, Shelly and that was a month or more ago. The Philipino girl had been remarkably skilled but she certainly had not been innocent or a virgin. The lecherous preacher felt his organ swell as he remembered the caress of Marie's muscular passage and how Becky's sex-starved mother had responded to her own indoctrination.

Although the good Reverend Wilson had enjoyed extreme intimacies with many lovely women and girls, young fourteen-year-old Becky Bartlett was something special.

She had a clear brow, which is not surprising for one so young, and an upturned nose with slightly flared nostrils, high cheekbones and a firm round chin. Her eyes were large and brown and whenever he spoke to her they seemed to sparkle with friendliness. Would she be as friendly as he wanted?

The young girl's mouth was delicious, rather small but soft and pleasing with a superbly bowed and very full upper lip over an equally full, permanently pouting lower lip. The thought of having that small mouth stretched around his manhood and feeling those pretty, red lips slicing over it was a huge turn-on for the lecherous preacher. But it was not the greatest turn-on.

Becky's body was beautiful in a plump, girlish way. She was not very tall but was stunningly curved. The predatory preacher stripped her with his experienced eyes and, as he would soon confirm, his assessment was surprisingly accurate. The girl had wonderful breasts, large, full, firm, ripe and delectable with, he guessed, nipples that would be long and dark in puckered areolas when she was properly aroused. And, despite their size that was impressive for an adult, let alone a fourteen-year-old girl, they jutted out proudly as if defying gravity.

Beneath the prominent outswell of her breasts Wilson could see because of the stylish gap between skirt and blouse that her belly was convex, a sign of maybe residual babyfat making a bit of a roll at her waist. The rest of his mental image was pure fantasy although it too was surprisingly accurate. There would be an almost hairless mound that curved inward between her full thighs. His eyes bored through her clothes to imagine the narrow slit that bisected the target of his lustful dream. She had to be a virgin, he thought. She must be. And she must have inherited her mother's carnal aptitudes.

Yesterday when he interviewed Becky after her mother set things up it had been difficult to retrain his urge to have her right away. As he had already noted, at fourteen the dark-haired youngster was nicely rounded, in body anyway if not in experience, and she seemed to be delightfully tractable. She wasn't stupid but her innocence was such that she could be easily led, he was sure. He'd rely on the new substance he brought back after his vasectomy, with no hypnotism. If that didn't seem to be working he could always revert to his old technique. And of course he'd got her mother without any chemical assistance. Now he waited impatiently in his office.

Becky Bartlett stood in front of the minister's office door and stifled a moan. She had butterflies flittering around in her stomach from nervousness. Taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door.

The fourteen-year-old girl shivered when she heard the minister's deep voice say, "Come in"

Reverend Wilson looked up from his large desk. His eyes were like magnets, drawing her gaze to his as he said softly, "Dear Becky, please come in and sit down."

Becky came forward hesitantly and sat in the big padded chair in front of the desk. She sat up very straight with her ankles, not her legs, crossed; her hands folded submissively in her lap.

Reverend Wilson looked at her sternly. He was very nice looking, the girl thought. Bigger than her father and younger. And the dark robe he wore today gave him an almost majestic appearance, like a king in a fairy book. The way his eyes bored into her made her feel uneasy but at the same time it made her feel strangely warm. Silently she accepted the glass of lemonade the preacher offered.

Becky had almost no experience with boys. She'd gone to school with them of course but her parents kept her at home and she'd played mainly by herself. Despite that she had thought about boys like girls do but she had never even touched herself intimately or allowed herself to fantasize. She had been feeling strange sensations through her body for almost two years now, ever since her breasts began to swell and she had her first period. She sometimes slept with a pillow between her legs, getting a funny feeling from its pressure there but she was almost totally ignorant of what it meant.

"Becky," said Reverend Wilson. "I know that you have decided to join our church but before we can complete your baptism you have to be sure you are ready... and that the church is right for you."

As he spoke the minister rose to his feet and took the girl by her hand, leading her into the adjoining room and over to the couch where he had consummated so many sexual baptisms.

"Come Becky, sit down. I have been around many girls coming to womanhood and making this decision." Reverend Wilson sat down on one end of the couch and patted the seat near him.

Becky drained the glass of lemonade and then gingerly sat down on the couch several feet from Reverend Wilson. Demurely she placed her hands in her lap, her feet and knees together and her back straight. She glanced up at Reverend Wilson and said shyly, "Please Reverend, I... I... I hope you can help me." and she felt as if she needed help but she wasn't sure why.

"You have to trust me, Becky. You have to trust me while I prepare you for a woman's place in the church... and for becoming a wife and mother." He stared at her intensely, watching her reaction. "I'm sure that you're getting a special feeling here," and Wilson placed his hand on the firm bulge of the girl's tummy. The lemonade would have taken effect by now, he was sure.

Becky gasped softly and brought her hand to her mouth. Her belly felt warm but empty and her body weak. How had he known about how she felt?

The horny preacher drank in the sight of the pretty teenager, so young, so beautiful and so trusting. Her eyes, dark brown glowed with intelligence and yet confusion of youth. Reverend Wilson could see the outline of a matronly brassiere cupping those succulent globes. They were large like her mother's but firmer, he mused. Her torso dipped into a trim waist cinched tight with a belt then flared into hips that would hold him comfortably when her completed her baptismal preparation. Her legs were firm and shapely, her knees, pressed so firmly together that he wondered how he would get them spread apart.

"Do you think you can tell me how you are feeling, now that you are fourteen and can make the decision to join the church?" Reverend Wilson slid closer to Becky and put a hand on her shoulder.

Becky trembled slightly. She was not afraid or upset by the Reverend's nearness. On the contrary, her body was very aware of the man by her side. There was a sense of something special about the man, almost an odor that was making her even warmer. And her mother had told her that she should trust him. She squirmed slightly under Reverend Wilson's hand and she felt her nipples stiffen against the fabric of her brassiere.

Wilson's hand went to the back of her neck and gripped it lightly then began to rub it. He slid closer to the compliant youngster, her scent filling his nostrils. He breathed deeply, savoring the smell of Becky's virginal arousal. He let his hand massage her soft neck and the heat from her body was incredible, an aphrodisiac of innocence and freshness.

"Am I helping you to relax, my dear?"

The girl's breathing was getting heavier as Reverend Wilson's big, warm hand stroked her neck and stirred up deep longings in her belly that she could not identify.

The unprincipled preacher smiled to himself, enjoying her embarrassment as she stumbled for words she didn't know. His hand began kneading up around her shoulders. Moving his head closer still, Reverend Wilson put his mouth next to her ear and whispered; "Now you must relax totally, my dear. You must give yourself over to my care and teaching."

His hot breath caressed the delicate skin of her ear and he felt her shiver. He allowed himself the briefest surge of power and relished the feel of his cock jumping and straining under his robe. Gently he turned the girl's face to his and looked at the startled doe eyes staring at him, pupils dilated. Her full lips were slightly parted and wet from her licking them.

"Reverend?" The whimpered word came out as the extension of a breath as Becky leaned forward bringing her face closer to his.

The girl's sweet breath on his face made Wilson's prick jump under his loose robe. Her eyelashes fluttered close and she tilted her face up and with a tiny, soft whimper swayed toward him. The impressionable youngster was affected by the spiked lemonade and also by her trusting innocence and she was under the minister's spell. Her lips met his.

The soft resilience of her moist lips touching his told Reverend Wilson that he could proceed. Quickly slipping a mint into his mouth, he put both hands on her shoulders and turned her toward him, pulling her to him. Her young body yielded unresistingly. He pressed his lips onto hers tasting her and, holding her head gently he let the kiss deepen. The girl moaned softly, soothed by her minister's gentle, minty kiss and he took advantage of her acquiescence and let his tongue tease her closed lips. They parted slightly and his tongue slipped easily into the humid depths, claiming her, exploring her teeth, searching.

Wilson could tell that Becky didn't know what was happening to her. Her breathing was erratic and the small catches and pants she made sent shivers of desire through his veins. Clasping one of her demurely folded hands, he held it and drew her closer. The na´ve fourteen-year-old girl came to him willingly and in her unsuspecting innocence her large, soft ass snuggled down on her minister's lap. The lustful preacher was exploring her mouth almost brutally now, his teeth bruising her lips and his tongue raping the depths of her innocent mouth just as another probing part of his body would plunder an equally virginal orifice.

Becky was mindless as the storm of desire danced over her body. Ignorant though she was of man-woman things she sensed that what her minister was doing was somehow sinful and in her purity she believed that it was her fault. But the nagging guilt she felt for allowing the Reverend to kiss her was overcome by the strange, hot hunger in her belly. She melted into his kiss and nearly fainted when he pulled her onto his lap. She could feel something hard under his robes and sensed that he too had special feelings. She moaned deep in her throat as the preacher claimed her mouth again and again, enjoying the feel of his teeth bruising her swollen lips. Her nipples felt achy and distended and she unconsciously rubbed herself against him making herself weak and shaky all over with the sudden surge of desire that flooded her young, innocent body.

The unseasoned teen felt the novel stirrings of adult arousal as her clitoris began to tingle and swell and her vagina became wet with the lubricating nectar that would soon ease her transition into sexual womanhood.

Wilson worked the girl's short skirt higher so that only his robe and her panties separated her soft bottom from his straining cock as the artless youngster settled down directly on top of the threatening tool. Completely unaware of her virginity's peril, Becky's body acted on its own and she wriggled about until the hard bump was nestled between her swollen labia.

The philandering preacher's cock jerked and strained from the onslaught of the virgin's movements but not wanting to alarm her he just savored the heat of her young moist vaginal lips through the materials of their clothing.

As much as he wanted to prolong his lewd and unprincipled conquest of the girl's virginity Wilson's lust was becoming unmanageable. Gently he pulled the docile girl back until her upper body was sprawled on the arm of the couch. With licentious pleasure he watched the emotions of confusion, desire and shame flit across her face as he began to unbutton her blouse. He opened the shirt and exposed her well-stuffed brassiere. The heaving of her full breasts gave away her aroused state as he reached behind her and unhooked the brassiere.

Wilson slipped off the girl's brassiere exposing her large, firm breasts. Now he was confirming the accuracy of his imaginings. The twin globes were especially heavy for a fourteen-year-old girl; the dark, puckered areolas punctuating thickly projecting, deep rosy nipples. In a few years they would become soft, loose melons like her mother's but now, at fourteen, they still had the firmness and resiliency of young flesh. Leaning over he sucked one heated nipple into his mouth, rolling it with his tongue and biting it gently.

Becky, beyond thought with the sensations caused by her minister's skilled assault on her guileless senses, arched her young back thrusting herself against her minister as she whimpered and moaned with the unleashing of her unknown sexual desires and needs. She hugged the man's face to her heavily tingling breasts.

Sighing she moaned breathlessly, "Yes, oh yes please Reverend, yes," although in her innocence she had no idea what she was pleading for.

Reverend Wilson felt a surge of lust so powerful he wanted to rip off the rest of the young girl's and take her savagely. She was provoking a lust in him so profound he barely contained the animal urges to rut and conquer her.

Controlling his lewd urge for the moment the wanton pastor continued his obscene seduction of the helplessly trusting, innocent girl. He sucked first one taut nipple and then the other, nipping and biting the turgid peaks until his young victim was writhing in his arms gasping with abandon.

While he continued the onslaught against her breasts one hand bunched her skirt up around her waist and he glanced down. Her full, fleshy thighs were flung wide in innocence and abandon, the outline of her swollen labia visible through the dampened fabric of her flimsy panties.

Incited by having his lecherous goal almost naked to his view he renewed his assault on her nipples bringing the unwary youngster to another frenzy of moaning and thrashing. He began to stroke the outside of her legs and then moved to the tender flesh of her inner thigh. The excited innocent's moaning grew more frenzied and her hips began to move and thrust and he saw that her head was thrown back in complete wantonness. Her eyes were squeezed shut, her face a study of concentration and longing.

Slowly and cautiously Reverend Wilson allowed his fingers slip under the girl's panties and graze the outer edges of Becky's wetly swollen labia. He had to hold her down with one hand on her belly as she bucked convulsively on his lap. Surveying her nearly naked body the prurient preacher rejoiced in the complete power that he had to make this child jump and whimper to his erotic touch. Her innocence was being taken from her willingly as he played on the chords of her blossoming sexual symphony and prepared her for the final and irrevocable plucking of her vestal bloom.

Becky felt the minister's fingers exploring her inviolate private area. The newly awakened desire mixed with her instinctive knowledge that they were in forbidden territory had an effect that enhanced the aphrodisiacal lemonade she had swallowed. She could not, would not stop now. She didn't want to. She wanted to feel the Reverend's hands on her body, her breasts, even her hotly throbbing, never played with sex. She was filled with a longing that she didn't understand but she knew that her minister would help her, would bring her into his church in whatever way was needed.

Reverend Wilson sensed the final triumph as the fourteen-year-old girl's ripe, young body completely relaxed for him. Quickly he slipped her panties down over her hips and down her shapely legs and then he removed her skirt just as quickly. The helplessly aroused young virgin lay there completely naked except for her white socks and running shoes. Draped across his lap on her back, her bare bottom was pressed firmly down on his raging cock so he could feel every wriggle through his robes.

Wilson spread Becky's legs wide apart exposing her pouting labia and swollen clitoris to his hungry gaze. Circling his fingers around the outer edges of her labia, he let them trail slowly up and down her oily-wet slit. He touched her clitoris and the innocent youngster's body jerked and arched against his hand. Her moans and sighs charged him with obscene power. He loved the feel of this young girl helpless on his lap, writhing and moving as his fingers caressed and tweaked, pulled and stroked that erect, sensitive bud that would control her body and make her surrender her chastity to him.

The hopelessly aroused youngster felt the man's wet finger slip inside to where nothing had been before and she nearly fainted She could hear her own grunting animal sounds as another strong wave of lust washed over her virginal body. Her vaginal walls contracted instantly around her pastor's finger, sucking it, pulling it. The finger was hot and thick and felt good to her. She was mindless from the feel of it. His other hand alternately fingering her throbbing clitoris and pulling at her aching nipples and she groaned loudly as she felt him insert another finger into her vagina.

The horny preacher was himself in pain, his heavy testicles aching and swollen but he wanted this lovely girl to experience the bliss of climax before she felt the brief agony of defloration. And he knew for sure now from his probing that the girl was truly still a virgin. Slowly and skillfully Reverend Wilson finger-fucked the fourteen-year-old innocent, rubbing her clitoris up and down, back and forth, enjoying the feel of the swollen nub popping back and forth across his finger. He gloried in this naked, young virgin as she became wanton, writhing in his lap completely unashamed.

"Please," she gasped. "Please, oh Reverend Wilson please, please," Becky whimpered the words with urgency, not even knowing that for which she begged.

Wilson rubbed the young girl's oily, clitoral jewel, feeling it swell to maximum engorgement as her climax neared. Her wide hips were bucking up to meet his hand and he opened his hand to enclose her fat, young vulva. Keeping his palm pressed hard against the little clitoral projection he hooked two fingers into her vagina and he began to vibrate his hand swiftly, pressing downward. He felt the snug mouth her vagina opening and closing in little spasms and he knew she was beginning to cum.

"Nyee... Hneee... Nyyeeee," the girl whined, her soft, frightened squeal sounding like that of a baby porker in a sty. Her big breasts jittered and jiggled and her broad hips jerked as she gasped her way through her first-ever orgasm and then fell back limply onto the minister's lap.

Reverend Wilson took a trembling breath as he looked down at the naked, unconscious young girl on his lap. He knew she would not be unconscious long but he knew also that he needed to do something to dampen his own ardor. He eased the young teen's nude body off onto the couch and went to the outer office. He poured himself a very stiff vodka and at the same time he got another lemonade for the girl. Becky had been every bit as compliant and tractable as he could want but another weaker draft of his special potion would ensure that she continued to cooperate in her own defloration.

Wilson wanted the girl to remember this day with pleasure even though the pleasure might be tinged with regret at the loss of her precious jewel. He wanted too that she would return for more without the tiresome need of drugs or hypnotism and he sensed from what had transpired so far that after he initiated this lovely fourteen-year-old girl her hotly sensual nature would guarantee her return. She remained unconscious as he lifted her limp body and seated himself under her as he was before. He sipped his drink and stroked the oily wet, swollen labia of the girl's undefiled cunt, petting the nearly hairless fleshrolls. The hypocritical lecher relished the prospect of plundering the girl's innocence and having her adolescent flesh surrounding his rigid fucktool.

The horny pastor's cock strained upward seeking a way out from beneath his robes. His robe was wet from the juices of the girl's excitement and he could feel that the bulge of his erection was nestled between her legs. He stroked the young girl's naked body, slowly waking her up from the petit mort of her first ever orgasm...

Becky began to stir, softly moving on her minister's lap, a small smile playing around her full, kiss-bruised lips. Suddenly she gasped, coming fully awake. She looked up at Reverend Wilson with wide frightened eyes, confusion mingled with wonder on her innocent, young face. She pulled her arms up around her large, upthrust breasts in a futile shield them and then tried to cover her sex all at the same time. She pulled her legs up and closed her eyes tight and a flow of tears began to trickle down her cheek.

Reverend Wilson brushed the tears away with gentle fingers and stroked her hair. "It's all right Becky. You should never be ashamed of your body. God made your body responsive and vital. He would never have given this great gift to us if it was not meant to be savored and sought after."

"But Sir? Reverend Wilson? What happened to me?"

Wilson knew right then that the next step in her education would have to wait until another day. The sight of the innocent and compliant young girl with her well rounded hips, her large, firm breasts and her full, red-lipped mouth was too much for his overstressed libido. He had another less stressful adventure he could embark on to bring his lust under control before tomorrow when her would finish what he had begun today.

"Did you feel warm here... sort of like a convulsion," the preacher asked as he placed his hand on the girl's abdomen.

"Uh... yeh... I think so," she replied hesitantly.

"And did you see lights? Or a brightness?"

"Yes... it was very bright for a moment and... and... that's all I can remember, Reverend?"

"You are ready to join the church, my dear. You were receiving secret messages... messages I transmitted to you from the Spirit of Jesus. But the messages are secret... for you only."

Wilson gradually eased the girl off his lap and as she dressed he prepared her for another lesson tomorrow. "Tomorrow we will continue to search, my dear. We will find out if Jesus has any more messages for me to transmit to you."

On shaky legs, her belly feeling empty and with strange yearning in her lower body, Becky walked the short distance to her new home. And Reverend Wilson placed a brief telephone call to her mother.

Chapter 31: Bernice Blows It

"Did you bring the pictures, Mrs. Bartlett?"

"Yes, Reverend." Bernice placed the envelope on the desk and stood nervously before the seated minister. "Becky looked wonderful after her visit with you this afternoon. So happy."

"She's a wonderful girl, Sister Bartlett. You and Mr. Bartlett have brought her up well." Wilson's balls were not as swollen and painful now as they were two hours ago after his preparatory session with the woman's ripe-fourteen-year-old daughter and having this woman again was not as appealing as the thought of breaking in the delightfully innocent teen but when he did complete his initiation of the buxom adolescent he did not want to have a hair-trigger controlling his initial ejaculation.

"I don't think since we moved here I've seen her as relaxed as she is now. You're a wonderful man, Reverend." Bernice herself had not been as relaxed as now either but in her na´vetÚ she failed to connect the cause of her relaxed state with that of her daughter's. Despite her own history of seduction and pregnancy at fourteen and seeing photos of her thirteen year old niece having sex with Harvey, Bernice still viewed her daughter as a young child.

"It's God's will, Sister. Just as what has happened to you is God's will. She is ready to come to Jesus... she began today to experience His saving grace. Now come into the other room, my dear. I have prayed over your situation and God has signaled to me of a potential problem with the solution I was leading you to. Do you... are you bothered by what happened yesterday?"

"Oh no Reverend. I... I... it helped me understand my husband. I think?"

Although her chastity had been damaged if not demolished by sharing her troubles yesterday with her minister, Bernice still felt as if the handsome preacher was truly a man of God. She had not thought his instructions on the telephone unusual and had come to this meeting fresh from the shower and without either panties or brassiere. Now, as she looked at the wide couch in the inner office with the visible crucifix she wondered if it was here that her daughter had experienced the saving grace of Jesus.

"Well my dear, let's sit here and study the pictures some more. While I was praying for you God seemed to be telling me to look deeper... for something I missed."

"Yes... oh yes. There is something," the preacher said softly as he sat with his thigh pressed close to the woman's warm leg. "It's this." He held up a picture of Bernice's sister on her knees, her face buried in Harvey's crotch and, although it was not directly visible, it was obvious that she had taken the full length of his penis into her mouth... and throat. "Do you see what I mean?"

"Uh... no... I don't think so? Didn't I sort of... yesterday?" The memory of having the minister's hot hardness between her lips and filling her mouth sent a warm rush through her loins.

"You did that partly. But your sister is doing something special for your husband and the only way you can be sure he will be all yours again is to do the same thing."

"I don't understand?"

"I think the only way to explain it is to show you what you have to do. Will that be unpleasant for you, my dear?" Wilson placed his hand on the woman's full, firm thigh and felt her tension.

"No... not if that's what I need to save my marriage. But? What are you going to do?"

"What your sister is doing for your husband," and Wilson paused to let the word husband sink in," is very special. It gives a man a thrill like no other but it requires skill and practice." The minister's hand was slipping up under the woman's skirt as he spoke and his gaze bored into her eyes.

"Are you? Am I? What are you... we going to do, Reverend?"

"I'm going to teach you how to get your husband back, my dear. But you will give me great pleasure while it's happening... that's God's will too, I guess... but because of that... I want to be fair... I want to give you pleasure first."

Bernice looked at her minister with a quizzical expression on her face as he eased her down on the sofa to a horizontal position. "What do you mean? Oh. Oohhh Sirrr?" The chaste woman blushed as her minister unfastened the waist of her skirt and tugged it down, baring her broad hips with the well-furred nest in the middle. Was he going to have sex with her like he did yesterday? A faint doubt about whether or not that would be God's will flashed through her mind but the memory of how wonderful it had been displaced any thought of right and wrong.

"Take off your sweater, Sister. Your husband will want you to be naked for him," and Wilson watched with lust-filled eyes as the woman sat up and peeled off the loose-fitting sweater that had disguised the loose fullness of her huge breasts. Then, crossing her arms in front of her in a futile attempt to cover her nakedness, she layback again.

"He'll want to see you... all of you," the preacher said softly as he moved the woman's arms to her sides. "Just as I do. You are an example of the beauty that God has created and marriage has given your husband the right to honor and enjoy that beauty completely." Wilson continued his impromptu speech as he knelt at the foot of the bed and took the woman's rather thick ankles in his hands and separated them.

"Remember what your sisters did. Harvey did not have a right to them and they were extremely disrespectful of their husbands." Lowering his shoulders between Bernice's now widely spread legshe began to lick the warm smooth flesh of her inner thighs, starting near her knees, and moving slowly upward toward the pink; curl-framed lips of her rapidly moistening cunt. "But we are doing God's will now, Sister. Showing you how to hold your husband and what to expect from him also."

His coal-black eyes glittered lustfully as they fixed on the slightly gaping slit where a tiny dewdrop of moisture glistened from the underfucked woman's eager passionate response. Reaching the already quivering lips of her vagina, the lustful preacher flicked out his warm tongue tip, licking the pungent nectar from Bernice's palpitating pussy. Then he slid his tongue into the depths of the moist labial valley, lightly tracing the thin coral line separating the vaginal lips upward to the swelling bud of her pink clitoris, smiling inwardly as he heard the dark haired woman gasp with her rapidly mounting excitement.

"Uuuuuuuummmmmmm..." sounded the woman's dreamy and languid sigh. "Is this what you're going to do?" She quivered with anticipation, remembering how wonderful he had made her feel yesterday.

With his thumbs, the crouching black-haired minister spread apart the moistly clinging flesh of Bernice's pussy lips, until the shiny throbbing clitoris was completely exposed to his view. He dipped his face forward and eagerly began to suck on the sensitive area as the virtuous but duped woman's hips squirmed back and forth and she sighed in growing abandon.

Bernice, secure in her faith in Jesus and the goodness of her minister, allowed the passionate sensations to sweep through her, and she was only vaguely aware of Wilson's strong, caressing hands pressing her beautifully shaped legs up and back, pushing them until her knees were pressed against her large, soft breasts. She lifted her head to watch, her mind reeling with the storm of lust sweeping through her, as Wilson deliberately buried his face into her upturned loins to lick and suck at her moist hot cunt with lascivious fury and hunger.

Wilson's own cock was getting harder and more painfully swollen, but he tried not to think about it. He wanted to bring this voluptuous woman to a blissful climax before he had her satisfy his own hugely pressing need.

As Wilson's pleasure-giving tongue darted out, slicing along her throbbing cunt like a boat slides along a greased skidway, Bernice surrendered to the shocks of pleasure rippling delightfully through her body. If only this man was her husband. She couldn't imagine that Harvey would give her such delight. Or even that he would try. She moaned softly, delighting in the sensations her minister's tongue was sparking in her vagina

Bernice had been married for fourteen years but she was unworldly and rational thought began slipping quickly from her mind as her body responded more and more to the skillful tonguing she was receiving. Wilson's oral manipulations of her sex-inflamed, quivering vagina were bringing her to a level of excitement and desire she'd never before felt except, perhaps, for yesterday. Her broad hips began jerking forward and up, burying Wilson's flicking tongue in her up to its roots.

Nothing mattered to her by this point... not her husband or her sisters or even her ripe, young daughter, nothing but the reality of the probing tongue that crept so sensually up into her hot steaming vaginal furrow. Her buxom buttocks began to squirm desperately on the couch as the searing hot lashes of passion licked maddeningly at her nakedly quivering body. Arching her back wildly, she thrust her pelvis upward, frantically grinding her seething wet cunt up tightly into Wilson's face. Her trembling ass writhed in small, frenzied circles, struggling for the release that was now so close.

Wilson's hands grasped the woman's big, soft ass-melons and he buried his face in the fat softness of her furry pussy. Her thighs locked around his head, their fleshy softness molding to his ears and muffling the sounds of her breathless cries of orgasm. Her hands were in his hair, pulling his head harder between her legs and the pulpy softness of her cuntflesh blocked his deeply buried nose until he thought he would smother.

The prurient preacher managed to hold his breath long enough that he didn't have to force his head out from between the woman's legs before she relaxed and released him of her own accord. After a gasp for breath, Wilson said softly, "Only God could cause something like that, Sister. You know that, don't you?"

"Hanh... Oohhh Sirrrr... Reverend... Yes. Oh Sir... it was Heaven."

"Come now, Sister. Kneel with me and we will pray."

The minister helped the woman off the bed to kneel beside him. His prayer was a plea for God's guidance, to teach the woman how to satisfy and keep her husband. As he prayed, Wilson cupped and played with the woman's large, hanging mammary globes but his thoughts were on her daughter, Becky. He longed for the feel of her firm, pneumatic body and especially the virgin tightness of her cunt that would surround his throbbing cock. If eating the girl's mother had not been enough to bring him back to the state he was at that afternoon when he'd fingered the ripe, young girl to her first climax, thinking of her would have done the job. His testicles felt like fiery balloons as they swayed under him.

Bernice was puppet-like in her obedience as the preacher sat on the edge of the bed and positioned the woman on her knees before him. Hs lap was covered with a small blanket that covered his hotly throbbing erection. Wilson reached over and retrieved the photos, selecting two of them.

"Now Sister Bartlett, you remember what I said to you a while ago? About this picture?" and he showed her the one in which her sister was taking Harvey's entire penis into her mouth.

"Mmm Hmm. I remember," she replied nervously. Then, as the preacher took the towel away to reveal his rigid penis jutting up from its forest of pubic hair Bernice gasped, "But Reverend? It won't go? It's too big."

"It's no bigger than your husband's... and you can see what your sister does with it. Just relax, my dear, and I'll show you how you can do it." Wilson then showed her the other photo he had chosen

Bernice had seen the picture of course, but she had blocked its meaning from her mind. Her thirteen-year-old niece was kneeling naked in front of Harvey who was standing. Her small mouth was stretched around the man's penis and she was looking up at him with what appeared to be slave like devotion. But the part of the picture that had caused the chaste woman to block it from her memory was the viscous, white, stringy blob that drooled from the girl's cock-stretched, red lips and hung like a rounded stalactite from her chin. Bernice's stomach heaved with distaste at the sight.

"When you do that, Sister, you will show your husband that you truly love him and want to satisfy him. And I think you'll find that it's not unpleasant."

"But... but..." the woman stammered as she knelt subserviently before her minister. She could not tear her gaze away from his upright organ. The shiny, purple, bulbous knob was giving little jumps in time with the man's pulse rate and a little stream of clear liquid was dribbling from the little slit in the tip of his cock and running down the underside of the shaft to come to rest in the somewhat hairy wreath around his sac.

"It's all right, my dear," and Wilson placed his hands on either side of her head, holding her warm, flushed cheeks gently and drawing her full-lipped mouth closer to his raging erection. "You took it in your mouth yesterday Sister. I still remember how good it made me feel."

Bernice sighed and quivered, her soft, heavy breasts swaying nakedly as she stared at the impossibly huge rod of lust-hardened flesh that rose like a tree from Wilson's dark pubic thatch. She had seen it... had it in her mouth yesterday but now it looked so large... so mammoth that it frightened her.

The whole length of her minister's cock was mapped with pulsing blue veins and she resisted only weakly as he drew her head forward her lips were barely touching the bulbous, blunt end of his visibly throbbing penis

"Remember my dear... remember why you're doing this," Wilson said in a lust choked voice. After this afternoon's frustration he was ready to ram his cock into the woman's mouth with no further thought of her feelings but he restrained his lustful urge.

The woman lowered her face letting her lips finally touch the shining, rubbery head. She pursed her lips ever so slightly, planting a light, lust-provoking kiss on the pre-cum leaking slit at the head of the glans, and she uttered a soft moan of satisfaction when Wilson shuddered and stiffened his entire body. She felt his hands grip the sides of her face, his fingers tangling in her long, dark hair and with uncharacteristic boldness she used one hand to skin back the taut foreskin of his penis, fully exposing the swollen head. She stared at it, as though its majesty hypnotized her.

Then, the buxom woman ovalled her lips and took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could, pulling up on the throbbing shaft as she lowered her head. She nearly choked as, in her haste, she pressed the head of his penis against the back of her throat. She gagged.

"Oh yes Sister... you know what he'll want," Wilson murmured. "Tilt your head up this time... yes... like that... and when you feel it there... when you want to gag... swallow... and it'll go in."

Bernice listened raptly to the preacher's instructions and as she angled her neck she took the hot love wand into her mouth again. This time the full length of the towering rod of flesh disappeared into her ovalled mouth all the way to the hilt, causing Wilson to moan out in his surprised bliss.

It took the powerful minister a second or two, but he managed to regain control over himself, and he began fucking his long thick cock in and out of Bernice's thin-stretched lips, always leaving the hot swollen tip half an inch inside her mouth as he began to guide her head with his fingers wrapped tightly in her hair.

"Oh yes Sister... Mrs, Bartlett... that's so good... your throat squeezes me perfectly when you swallow me," and the horny preacher manipulated the compliant woman's head as he fucked her hotly sucking mouth.

Not that he needed to give her any help. Bernice was getting a huge reward from her minister's moans and words of approval. Each time she felt the thick, slick knob enter her throat and she swallowed to suppress her gag reflex she heard his breathless gasp of pleasure. The preachers heavy testicles, cum-swollen with the accumulation from that afternoon's incomplete assault of her virgin daughter, swung up and slapped against her chin, the thick, coarse fuzz covering them tickling like a light airy feather, and she fought to keep her breath, catching small gulps of air on each outstroke.

Wilson gleefully watched the puffing out of the woman's pink cheeks beneath him as her head bobbed on the end of his skewering penis. He could see that she was caught up in the obscene servicing of his lewd needs and he wondered if her fresh and innocent fourteen-year-old daughter would be, like her mother, a superb cocksucker.

Bernice knew that she was fast losing all her reason. She began to lick and suck madly like a demon at the thick, hardened shaft imbedded in her mouth, her lips slimy from the mixture of his pre-cum and her saliva. The thin tensile rim of her mouth clung to his shaft as though held there by some unseen force as he fucked with long deep strokes. The mere thought of his huge cock in her mouth suddenly exploding, squirting its white, thick sperm into her throat was driving her to even greater efforts to please her minister.

Although she had never done this before the chaste housewife seemed to have an innate understanding of how to please her man. Her tongue moved expertly along the sensitive underside of the thick cock that was moving slower now. She worked her tongue between the little lobes at his tip, sensing from his appreciative groans that this area was especially sensitive.

Wilson uttered a protesting gasp when the woman backed away for a moment to look at the mantool she had been servicing with her hotly sucking mouth. It was throbbing noticeably and her spit was glossy on the surface, oozing down into his balls. She made a trough of her tongue and eased forward again, taking him all the way into her throat.

The preacher arched his back forward and trembled. He was holding his breath. His fingers closed into hard fists as the woman began a slow, bobbing movement. She tightened her cheeks in around his shaft and made sure her tongue was in contact with the underside of his cock at all times. Up and down she bobbed, slurping noisily when the flared head bumped against her lips. She could feel that her minister's body was like tensioned rubber. He couldn't relax now that she was bringing him faster towards climax. She could feel his cock begin to spasm. His balls hung loose in their sac.

"Nhhuuggg!" he grunted, twitching, clawing at the hard couch. His heels dug and scratched at the floor. "Aahhh... Oohhh!"

"Mmmmmm," Bernice cooed through flared nostrils. She wanted to tell him to go ahead and unload. She wanted to tell him that she'd drink it all, drink whatever he could manage to spurt into her mouth. But she was too busy sucking at him to pause. And she wanted it to be good, the best he'd ever had. She wanted this Godly man to know how she would satisfy her husband.

Sensing that there was more she could do, the first-time cocksucker gently took the4 man's balls in her fingers and began to roll them around in the slickness of their sac.

"Yuuuhhhhh!" Wilson cried, pumping his hips instinctively. A hot spurt of gism ricocheted from the back of Mona's throat and into her throat and she swallowed noisily. Another leaped from the tiny orifice and washed over the roof of her mouth. Then it was coming in fast floods. The sticky globs puddled on her tongue and leaked from the corner of her mouth. She sucked noisily, getting almost all of it down. The minister thrashed like someone was horsewhipping him, his face twisted with the agonized ecstasy that men experienced when they really got their rocks good! Bernice felt like a fairy godmother taking care of him like that. She kept licking the bucking, jerking spear as its motions lessened and sagged in its emptiness.

And all the while Bernice's gaze had been fixed on her minister's face, an expression of slave like adoration in her eyes. Now, as she sat back on her heels, a stringy dribble of cum drooled from her slack-mouthed lips and she looked like an older version of her niece in the photo that now lay on the floor beside her.

Chapter 32: A Becky Banquet

Becky slept well that night but when she awakened in the morning she had a gnawing feeling, sort of an urge in her belly. She wanted something but she didn't know what. Was it Jesus' message from Reverend Wilson?

The day seemed to go on and on. Several times Mr. Best caught her daydreaming and she'd been very embarrassed but finally school was over and she was off to her appointment with her minister.

Although Mrs. Bartlett's inexperienced mouth had performed with consummate skill and she had relieved the pressure of his lust for her fourteen-year-old daughter, it seemed to take forever before the lovely young girl arrived at his office the next day. Wilson was unsure how the girl would feel about him after her experience the day before so he offered her a large glass of his special lemonade.

"We must pray again, my dear," he said as he led her to the inner office and locked the door behind them. Today she was wearing shorts and a sweater that her mother should have discarded at least a year ago. Based on its appearance, it had been worn a lot but it was meant for a smaller girl... perhaps for Becky a year or more ago. The knitted fabric was stretched almost to the tearing point and the outline of the girl's heavy-duty brassiere was clearly evident to his view. His cock lurched under his robe as he mentally stripped off the buxom youngster's clothes.

"Help us Lord... help young Becky to gain the spiritual knowledge of Your goodness... help her to relax and receive Your complete blessing today... to receive Your bounty... the bounty she began to receive yesterday." The minister spoke in a soft, deep voice while one hand caressed the girl's back from the nape of her neck to the broad, twin melons of her lovely ass.

Young Becky liked the sound of her minister's deep voice and the soothing touch of his hand as he caressed her back. Was it going to be like yesterday again? Would Jesus come into her soul as he had yesterday? She had felt so happy and contented after but still it was all somehow incomplete. Was that what Reverend Wilson meant. What was the bounty she would receive? Would she feel like yesterday? Her mind wandered and her adolescent loins warmed to the memory of the preacher's gentle yet demanding touch.

"Come my dear," Wilson said softly as he realized the girl's mind was elsewhere. He hoped it was where he wanted it to be. "Are you ready to learn more of the wonderful things God has in store for you... to learn now what you can look forward to when you marry?"

"Yes Reverend... I'm ready. I think I am?"

The docile youngster compliantly lay down on the couch and looked up at her minister with wide-eyed anticipation. When he grasped the bottom of her sweater and tugged it up she raised up on one elbow to assist. She blushed when he reached around behind her back and she felt him unfastening the clasp. Only her mother had seen her breasts bare since they began to get big except for yesterday with her minister. But it seemed different today somehow as he took off her brassiere and her pneumatic titflesh was exposed to his view. Still, the gentle and skillful way he had removed her bra told the girl that he had done this often before so it must be a regular duty. She relaxed.

Reverend Wilson gently pressed the girl back down onto her back. He took off her shoes and socks slowly, running his hand up her calf and thigh after each sock and each shoe. Becky's breathing became faster and her thighs quivered slightly with each stroke and she got that strange feeling in her belly... the feeling that Reverend Wilson had quelled with his hand. She gave an unconscious wriggle of her wide hips as if urging them closer to the man's gently caressing hand.

And then there was just her shorts and panties to go. There had been many girls before this one but Wilson's hands trembled and his heart beat faster as he reached for the waist of her shorts. He took hold of them and gently tugged them down until they stuck when they reached the shelving prominence of her buttocks. It was as if the girl had done this before too as she helped him by lifting herself so the shorts could finish sliding down. Down to her feet, then off and on to the floor. Now, only her panties were left.

The girl's panties were modest, cotton and full size and Wilson was pleased to see that the whole crotch area was soaked. The wet cotton was plastered to her body so that the fabric was in the crease that split the three-inch splay between her legs.

The predatory preacher tugged at the silken panties, pulling them down inch-by-inch, revealing Becky's softly rounded tummy and the bulge of her mons veneris with its light little patch of pubic hair. His hand shook as he pulled the fabric down even more. There it was - the beginning of the crease between Becky's legs, the swollen lips of her saturated pussy and he tugged the panties down over her legs and feet, caressing the thighs and legs as he went.

The trusting, young virgin could barely lie still. Her minister's gentle and skillful play on her unseasoned body made her belly churn with new and delicious sensations and ignited a hunger within her that she could not understand.

Wilson's restraint was almost overcome by the sight of Becky's totally revealed body. With her unwilled squirming, one leg had dropped to the floor, leaving her vulva area spread apart. The lips and valley between were shiny, glistening with her secretions. Her sparse pubic hair crowned the valley of pleasure but the glistening fleshrolls were hairless. And, as a further sign that his careful caresses were having the desired effect, the little nubbin of her clitoris had become engorged and enlarged and it was peeking from its little shroud where her cuntlips had swelled and parted. The girl's little cum-trigger looked swollen and ripe and glistened whitely between the pink of the youngster's labia.

Wilson's hot eyes traveled upward, to her softly mounded belly, to her large, upthrust breasts. They were round; white with long, thick nipples standing erect and little bumps speckling the brownish-pink circles of her areolas. Her breasts were not yet as big as her mother's, the prurient preacher mused, but there was no way that Bernice's would have stood up so high and firm as her daughter's did.

The virtuous fourteen-year-old girl got hot shivers from the way her minister was looking at her naked body. But she liked the way it made her feel. She wasn't used to being seen naked, not even by herself, but this was Jesus' messenger so it was like being naked for the Savior. Yesterday's soul-searing experience was still fresh in her young mind and she was sure that her kind and thoughtful minister was thinking only of bringing her into the church.

Wilson saw how the girl's eyes, round, brown, soft and languid were looking at him. It was good that his progressive intimacies hadn't frightened her and for a long moment he stared with unbridled lust into those guileless and trusting eyes and Becky returned his gaze silently, her unseasoned, young mind overwhelmed by the Godly man's tender caresses.

The preacher reached down and lightly stroked the naked girl's belly mound and the area under her breasts. At that moment this receptive, docile adolescent was the most wonderful of his many conquests. She combined the voluptuous body of a woman with the tremulous innocence of a child. He knelt between her legs and spread them apart so that he could see right into the area between them. He could see all her pussy and down into the crack between the globes of her lushly rounded buttocks. Her little brown rosette nestled there between those cheeks but that as a later target. The unprincipled pastor took his hands and spread the hairless lips of her young pussy even further apart.

Leaning closer Wilson drooled with the anticipation of this adolescent beauty's reaction to the kiss he would plant on the glistening softness of her pussy-pudding. The whole area was wet and coated in her slippery fluids and he ran his finger up and down the crease, feeling the wetness and slipperiness. He heard the girl's sharp intake of breath and felt her grow tense without trying to deter him from his lewd course.

Becky closed her eyes and gave herself up to her minister's ministrations. She stiffened with apprehension when she felt him put one finger into the body cavity between her legs and slowly push it in to past the knuckle.

Wilson withdrew his finger from her and lightly rubbed his thumb over her hard, little clitoris. Becky gasped, moving her hips up and down just slightly and the predatory preacher sensed that this young girl would be as hot as her mother. He took his fingers and spread the lips of her pussy wide apart and, bending his head closer, pushed his tongue out and lightly stroked her little clit-nubbin with it. With a sharp intake of breath, the unwary teen hunched her center up at him.

Being the first to eat an adolescent's cunt was not a unique experience for Reverend Wilson but as he stroked his tongue up and down the slippery, pulpy slit the girl's breathless whine of excitement was special. He ran his lips up one side, caressing the swollen pussy lip, then down the other side, suckling and licking. He extended his tongue as far as it would go and bored it into the cavity down below and then he made love to the addle-minded innocent with his tongue, pushing in and out, twisting his head from side to side. Slowly, he pulled his tongue out of the soaking hole and pressing it so it was broad and fat ran it up and down, right in the middle of her cuntal crease. With single-minded intensity, incited even more by the unpracticed and unwilled response of his young victim, the man covered the area all around her vaginal opening, alternating pressure and light, fluttering strokes.

Young Becky had become like a vegetable as far as having a will of her own was concerned. She lay limply as her minister lifted her legs and draped them over his shoulders so he could have completely uninhibited access to the center of her sex. She pushed up at his hands when he reached up and caressed her breasts, rubbing his thumbs lightly over and around the swollen, projecting nipples. Becky was moaning almost constantly, a low crooning sound of pure pleasure. With her legs draped down the man's back, she pulled him in even closer and her thighs squeezed and loosened against the sides of his head, in perfect harmony with the actions of the intruding mouth and tongue.

Wilson lifted Becky up higher and slid a hand under her bulbous, cheek-spread bottom to her little brown star. It was coated with her secretions, just like his face and all the area of her sexual center. He extended a finger and rubbed it lightly over the wrinkled surface and Becky moaned louder, wrapping her legs completely around his neck and squeezing. Gently and skillfully his finger delved the wrinkles until he found the center. Twisting his index digit around and around, he worked a space for it to finally enter. Yes, he thought to himself, when the time comes she'll take it here. Too and as he continued his obscene probing caress Becky kept squeezing his head with her thighs and uttering softly crooning moans.

As he began using his tongue where he would soon use his cock the minister made it as long and slender as possible and pushed it into her and out, using a slow twisting motion. At the same time, he rubbed his thumb over her sensitive anal opening in small circles. The girl's hips seemed to have a mind of their own, undulating up and down as he ministered to the two inviolate orifices that he would initiate as he taught the hot-blooded teen all about sex.

Until now he had just barely touched her clitoris. He wanted to be sure that the girl gained maximum pleasure from his assault to make her more amenable to his further attentions. But Becky was not to be denied. She sensed where the major pleasure came from and she arched her hips so that her throbbing clitoris was right under her minister's tongue and he had to pay attention to it.

Wilson moved his fingers to her vaginal opening and began to stroke the soft, sensitive flesh of her cuntmouth. He sucked her little clit up between his lips and ran the tip of his tongue over it and he concentrated on this very tip of the tiny trigger using the lightest strokes he could manage.

For the ingenuous youngster her minister's gentle and delicate touching of her ripe, nubile body was giving her incredible pleasure. Becky started trembling all over, her legs pulling around his neck in spasms. She moved her hands down to his head, stroking his hair, making love to him with her hands. Her moan continued, soft and whispery, and then she started chanting, very softly, "Yes Reverend... Yes Reverend... Oohhh Yeesss."

The girl remained poised on the brink of an orgasmic precipice for half a minute and then, suddenly, Becky clamped her legs around the man's neck, arched her back and strained hard up against his mouth. Wilson could feel her pussy pulsating against his mouth and two of his fingers slipped inside the spasming mouth of her unsullied cuntmouth. And then it the hot entry-ring clamped down on his fingers, holding them in a vise grip and the man knew that fucking this buxom youngster was going to be a superb experience.

Becky uttered a series of choking cries as small convulsions wracked her abdomen, and her stomach. Her buttocks, and thighs shuddered. The jerks and jitters seemed to go on and on as her orgasm continued in wave after wave. The leg-clamp she had on her minister's head relaxed little by little, and he moved his tongue through her crease and over her clitoris very slowly and lightly, matching pace with her orgasm's slide down from its peak.

Gradually the girl's legs relaxed and she unwrapped them from around the preacher's neck and let them fall back down on his back. He took them from his shoulders and gently put them back on the couch and Becky lay there totally spent, absolutely still savoring the slowly ebbing after-shocks of her second-ever orgasm.

From between her legs Wilson gazed at the busty youngster and was filled with a mixture of both pride and pleasure. The realization that he was the one responsible for her pleasure, the knowledge that it was possible for him to give so much pleasure to a girl always thrilled him and filled him with awe. And now he hoped that she would respond the same way when her mounted her and entered her virginal cunt. And, despite the mature responses she had demonstrated to his assault he was quite sure that this girl was still a virgin.

Becky's tremors had stopped and she now lay completely still. Her eyelids fluttered open and she smiled weakly at her minister. Would being in his church mean that he would minister to her this way all the time? Had he ministered to her mother in this way? Is that why she seemed so content after his visit?

"Are you all right, my dear? Would you like to call it a day and return another time for more... ah... more... to receive more of God's message? Wilson wasn't sure how he'd handle the situation if she answered yes since he just had to have this wonderful jewel... and he couldn't wait another day.

"Yes Reverend... I mean... I'm all right... I think?" But innocent, young Becky wasn't really sure. "I don't want to... like... I'm ready for more of Jes... God's message. The young girl wasn't sure if Jesus' message differed from God's but she knew that her minister would get it right.

Chapter 33: Breaking in Becky

Reverend Wilson remained sprawled between stocky, young Becky's widespread legs for a few minutes as the naked fourteen year old slowly recovered from her minister's masterful oral caress. Her large, upthrust breasts heaved and jiggled as her breathing returned to normal and her eyes looked sightlessly at the ceiling.

"We must pray again, my dear," Wilson said softly as he decided on how he would approach his next lewd objective. "Are you cold?"

"Uh... no... yes... yes Reverend." As soon as she was asked the girl became aware that she was in fact quite chilly. Her body had become covered with a thin sheen of moisture as she sweated in the heat of her sexual arousal and, after her orgasm waned, the sweat had evaporated and now her plump flesh was covered with little goose bumps. And the preacher had noticed this.

Wilson eased the robe from his shoulders and he slid and squirmed from down between the young girls open legs up over her buxom body. "God has a natural way for us to keep warm, my dear. We can share the heat of each other's body while we pray together, mouth-to-mouth. By the time he had worked his body completely over hers his robe was gone and his bare flesh was pressed closely to Becky's.

The girl didn't understand all that her minister said and did but she trusted him. Everything he had done had seemed true and she felt at home with him and with the word of God. She liked the feel of his warmth against her and especially the feel of his chest hair rubbing on the tips of her breasts. And then his minty mouth was on hers and she parted her soft lips, remembering yesterday.

There had been reluctance when he'd first kissed her yesterday but today Becky's soft lips parted readily and as his tongue slid between them her own hot tongue began a sensual duel. Soft, breathless whimpers erupted from her throat and in hot little gusts entered his mouth. Her large, firm titmounds were fleshy cushions under his chest and he savoured their delightful yielding, rolling support.

Becky could feel something hot and hard against her thigh but in her na´vetÚ she had very limited knowledge of what it was. She felt warm and secure with the minister's big body covering hers and his hotly plundering tongue was arousing those strange feelings in her belly. As she felt the man's hand begin to work its way between their close-pressed bodies she pushed down into the mattress to make it easier for the hand to reach her sexual core. She wanted... needed to be touched there, down in her most private, most secret place.

The preacher noticed how the young girl moved as his hand slid between them. He felt the firm give of her plumply convex belly and then the scanty, little bush on her prominent mons. He tangled his fingers briefly in the fine curls that had not yet reached the coarseness that maturity would bring. Her full thighs were well parted but when his finger slid into her juicy crease and dilled into her sopping vagina her legs spread open even wider. His rigid prick jumped against the warm flesh of her thigh as the girl's reactions confirmed her readiness.

Reverend Wilson held the voluptuous fourteen-year-old girl firmly although there was no need of holding down her limply acquiescent body. He slowly drew his thick, middle finger in and out of her vagina, rolling and twirling it inside her wet tightness as he imagined how it was going to feel when it was his cock instead of his finger inside her adolescent passage.

Becky felt a momentary sense of loss when her minister took his hand away and rolled partway off of her body. Then, not knowing what he was doing, she let him take her hand and bring it down there where he had been touching her. The sensations she got from her own fingers did not match the feelings that Reverend Wilson's had produced but she obediently followed the man's guidance.

"Becky, feel the wetness from your sex? Can you feel the pulse of your heart, the rush of blood through your veins?" The prurient predator guided the girl's finger into her own vagina and slid his own finger in parallel with hers. He began a leisurely finger fucking of the girl's unfucked orifice and as he felt the involuntary response to the stimulus he said softly, "Feel how your vagina contracts around our fingers? This is all good and natural. As natural as breathing."

The ingenuous teen began to relax more with the hypnotic, deep voice of Reverend Wilson gentling her like careful brushing gentles a wild mare. She felt his and her fingers deep inside her, her muscles pulsing around them all on their own. Her minister was her guide, her advisor, and the leader of the Church she was becoming a member of. She had learned to trust him but she was afraid to open her eyes as his voice washed over her like a warm, soothing shower. Afraid that if she did, she would discover that something was wrong... sinful. She couldn't understand why she felt that way. Snippets of earlier teachings nagged at the back of her mind. "Sins of the flesh, adultery, sodomy, words she didn't know or understand but words that, in her adolescent mind, had been connected with what sinful men and women did. But this couldn't be wrong could it? If Reverend Wilson was doing this to her, how could it be wrong. Could it be wrong?

"Open your eyes, Becky. Open your eyes and look at me," her minister commanded.

Becky took a shuddering breath; then she opened both eyes, years of obedience to her parents, her teachers and her ministers ingrained in her trainable, young mind. Reverend Wilson was looking at her, his eyes searching her face and traveling up and down her naked body. She shivered slightly, not from cold this time but from exposure. This time she did not try to cover her nudity.

"Good, Becky," the said softly. He tilted her face up to his and kissed her. Again his tongue slid readily into her waiting mouth. This aroused him. She was so open to him, not fighting him at all. And he was achieving this without chemical aid. He kissed her deeply, breathing in her breath, stealing it from her, literally taking her breath away. When she was pliant in his arms once again, he stroked his hand up and down her belly. He circled around her large breasts, concentrating on the pebbled areola and pinching her stiff nipples. He nudged his hand between her thighs, insistent to claim the prize that waited there. Reverend Wilson felt the lust building again inside himself. His cock jumped and strained against the warm flesh of her thigh, waiting restlessly to be unleashed, to be immersed in her vestal honeypot.

The girl's silken wetness greeted his warm hand and he began to rub her clitoris. This time with the intention of getting her on the verge of a climax. Rubbing, stroking and pinching her clitoris, Becky was soon writhing on the couch like when his mouth was on her pussy. Unlike many of the adolescent virgins the minister had initiated, this one did not fight the rising heat of desire and gave in willingly. Her stout but shapely legs fell open, her submission causing the unprincipled preacher to swell with lust, pride and power. Taking advantage of her open legs, he pulled and stretched her labia, rubbed and stroked her clitoris, finger-fucking her steaming vagina. Manipulating the tender virgin flesh between her innocent thighs, he brought her to the brink of orgasm again and again. This one would be begging to be deflowered.

Becky was moaning and begging him although she didn't know what she was begging for. Her words and sounds were meaningless noises but understandable just the same. When she was mindless with need, Reverend Wilson rose up above her as again he inserted one finger, then two, into her tight vagina.

The excited youngster gasped with the teasing orgasm just out of reach as Reverend Wilson expertly used her. Moaning and half-sobbing, she felt the Reverend's fingers taking unimaginable liberties with her young body and sending unimaginable waves of pleasure rippling through her.

The minister himself was crazy with lust and he finally allowed himself to act on it. While continuing to titillate the young girl's cuntmouth and her sensitive anal rosebud he rose up to release his cock from where it had been trapped against Becky's thigh.

He looked down at the buxom, ripe-bodied the fourteen year old girl lying on her back with her lovely legs spread wide and her fat, glistening pussy being penetrated by his fingers. Overcome with desire for the beautiful youngster, Reverend Wilson said huskily, "Becky, open your eyes."

Wilson rose up and let the girl see his powerful cock, jutting proudly from heavy balls amid curls of thick hair. Becky had never seen or even imagined anything like she was seeing. Her minister's raging member's head was flaming red, a big mushroom shape. The shaft was thick and heavily veined terminating in heavy, cum-filled balls. It jumped and jerked with a life of its own. He gently touched the girl's clitoris. It was so swollen and red and sensitive that Reverend Wilson knew this succulent woman child would orgasm soon. And he wanted to be inside her when that happened.

Her minister's cock transfixed Becky. She had never seen one before and his was huge and red and so hard looking. Her breath caught in her throat as she watched him begin to stroke his cock slowly. Seeing his big, warm hand on his cock aroused her. She remembered that same hand buried in her wetness, fingering her, stroking her. First yesterday when he had shown her the impact of God's love and then moments ago when he was again bringing her close to that revelation. She was confused and scared but too aroused, too curious to prevent what happened next.

"Ah... my sweet, good little Becky. This is still right and good. This will be a holy union of God's Church with a woman made for God's Church." He stroked his cock, which swelled even larger as he said softly, "Becky, grab your knees and pull them up, open yourself to God's message."

As she obeyed him, it took everything he had not to moan when he saw her legs lift and spread for him, separating her labia and exposing her throbbing clitoris to his view. This delightful girl was a perfect choice, he thought. Then all thinking left him as he single-mindedly began the rape of the impressionable young girl.

Becky watched with breathless apprehension as Reverend Wilson leaned over, one arm by her side supporting his weight above her. He was between her legs now and she felt the first nudges of his cock against her heated flesh.

The randy preacher wanted to ram his cock into her virgin sex, ripping her hymen from her and claiming her for himself, for his Church. But instead he began to rub the head of his cock up and down her slit, letting her get use to the feel. He rubbed the head of is cock in her juices and ran it up and over, back and forth across her clitoris. He watched through hazy desire-filled eyes as she pulled her legs wider apart as if sensing the accommodation her inviolate cuntal orifice would soon have to make for her minister's teasing tool. Wilson placed the velvety mushroom head against her clitoris and rubbed her there until he could feel her throbbing, see her bucking hips straining for him. Then, placing a thumb on her clitoris, he placed the tip of his cock right outside the gaping mouth of her vagina.

The innocent virgin gasped, realizing what would happen, what had to happen. This whole afternoon... and yesterday had been building up to the moment slowly and she knew that she did not have the power, or desire to stop it. She almost stopped breathing, waiting.

The minister was sweating from the effort to keep from violating the voluptuous, defenseless girl savagely, and slowly he eased the head into her vagina. He watched the bulbous knob push her labia in and pull them out as he worked his way in with tiny in-out motions until the head was all the way inside of her smoldering, silken furnace. He felt a rush, a triumphal thrill as his cock bumped against the useless barrier blocking his entry. He began to work her clit with his thumb, the soft velvet of her wet sex, the virginal tightness of her vagina slowly breaking down his composure and patience. He steadily pushed against her hymen, at the same time fingering, rubbing, and pinching her clitoris until she was moaning loudly. All of a sudden young Becky went rigid and then began bucking wildly. Wilson gave a shout of pure victory as he rammed his cock all the way into her tight tunnel until he had sheathed his entire manhood in her girlish heat, ripping past her hymen like it was so much cotton candy.

Becky couldn't squelch her squeal of pain as her hymen ripped, but the crashing of her orgasm dulled the pain almost immediately. She could not stop the convulsive bucking of her body or the spasming of her muscles as they sucked and gripped Reverend Wilson's huge cock. Whimpering and moaning, she gripped his arms for purchase as he moved within her. Her vagina was sore and violated, but the beginnings of a deeper, scarier feeling began to emerge. Her legs wrapped around her minister and then her arms too went around his back as she hung on to her violator like a drowning person grasps a lifebuoy.

The triumphant preacher grunted, shoving his cock deep into Becky's tightness, holding it there just savoring her velvet heat surrounding him. Her tightness was almost viselike, the grip on his cock almost painful. He began to rotate his hips, his cock mirroring his movements deep inside her. Feeling her body tense and her muscles flex and milk him, he knew that she was approaching another orgasm. Confident now that the girl was totally his he let loose.

With her legs wrapped around him and her fingers digging into his bacck, the minister hunched over his young victim and began to piston into her; the coming release so desperate that he no longer cared about her feelings. He fucked her hard and slow and hard and fast. Pounding and pounding his thick cock into her tight wet vagina. Gripping her hips tightly, leaving bruises he lifted her broad hips to meet his thrusts.

Young Becky flopped like a rag doll impaled on his cock, but her clitoris was so tender, her vagina so stuffed that she could feel the climax building. This time it started slowly and then built more and more until she was moaning and gasping from the pleasure and need for release.

The girl's mother had sucked the preacher dry only a day ago but the effect an hour or more with this ripe, young sextoy had brought him back to a sperm-bursting condition. He felt it begin with the curling of his toes and the quiver of his legs against the undersides of the girl's firm, uplifted thighs. He filled his hands with her plastic titflesh and began the short strokes into the hot tightness of her young vagina. And then like a huge conflagration in his loins he let loose, his neutered sperm blasting up into the girl's virgin womb, filling her deflowered passage with the liquid fruits of his lust. Gripped as tightly as he was by her cunt he could feel his cock thrusting and jerking itself inside her; he could feel the hot sperm pulsing out of his thick cock in thick urgent wads.

The mind-blown youngster felt the Reverend's cock jerking hard inside her and then felt the hot splash of his sperm. This added to her blissful climax and sent her soaring as her body danced on her trusted minister's cock, climaxing with him.

For a moment Wilson thought that his latest conquest was crying. The big tit-pillows under his chest were heaving and her labored breath was coming in gasping sobs. Her vise-like passage was still giving an occasional spasm and if its marvelous action had not already drained him, he was sure her involuntary muscle action was completing the job. He lay on the quivering, twitching girl and savoured the wetness of his sperm surrounding his cock in her flooded cuntwell.

Finally Reverend Wilson pulled out of her and rubbed the head of his glistening cock on the girl's still gaping labia and clitoris, wiping himself off on her. With the rage of desire satiated for the moment, he was able to concentrate on her again.

He sat up on the edge of the couch and drew the young girl's trembling body onto his lap. He caressed her face and stroked her hair. He saw that she was crying silently, large salty tears running down over her flushed cheeks.

"What is the matter, my sweet?" Wilson spoke softly in his most considerate tone of voice. "Was it not a beautiful experience? Did you not feel the wonder of God's creation of our bodies?" His tongue licked her tear and sweat salted neck, tasting her spent desire.

"Yanh... hanh... hanh," Becky sobbed. She didn't know why she was crying but she felt as if something precious was gone even as she felt the undeniable feeling of satisfaction that pervaded her young body. The minister cuddled and caressed the ripe, young teen, marveling at the pneumatic firmness of her large breasts and the beauty of her pug-nosed face. His unruly organ began to swell again and as it expanded he felt the soreness, the tenderness from being chafed by the girl's well-oiled tightness. Yes, this one was a keeper, he thought.

Becky was soon limp in her minister's arms and as she slept he laid her on the couch and covered her with a blanket. After a while Reverend Wilson gently slid the blanket off the girl's naked, sleeping form but then, as if having second thoughts, he covered her again and sat on the edge of the couch.

Becky stirred in her sleep and woke up briefly. She snuggled deeper into the blanket, feeling the material against her naked skin. She liked the feel. Tentatively, she allowed herself to caress her breast and closed her eyes. Biting her lips gently, she slid her hand down, cupping her moist sex. Her trembling finger slid along her slit then dipped into her vagina. The newly devirginated youngster felt the greasy cum inside of her and without thinking brought her fingers to her lips and licked them. She smiled sleepily and snuggled back down into the blanket, her hand still covering her private center.

It was getting late when Wilson decided he should awaken the sleeping girl but, just before he did, he heard a sound in the Church vestibule. He left the inner room, closing the door behind himself and went to his desk.

"Come in," Bernice heard the minister's deep voice and she entered the office. Reverend Wilson, wearing a dark robe, was seated behind his desk.

"Oh? I thought Becky was here?" Bernice stood nervously before the minister's desk and looked around as if expecting to find her daughter behind a chair or something.

"Shhhh," the preacher whispered, placing a finger against his pursed lips signaling for the woman to be quiet. "She's in there," and he pointed at the door to the inner office. "She's sleeping. But we can all relax now because she has accepted Jesus... and our Church... as he guide and savior."

"Oh? But... like... why is she sleeping?" The unworldly woman truly did not understand but neither did she suspect what her minister had been up to with her innocent daughter.

"We prayed and when she received the message the effect was quite momentous. She became very emotional and by the time I had soothed her, she was exhausted. I'll bring her home as soon as she wakes up."

Mrs. Bartlett really wanted to look in on her little girl but the minister did not offer and she was too timid to ask. At the same time she felt the same hunger she had felt with him yesterday and the day before that. Was she as bad as Harvey? Did she want to commit adultery? She blushed, thankful that her minister could not see what was in her mind. He would have been shocked and disappointed, she was sure. And, carried away by her own sexual reverie, Bernice left her violated daughter sleeping in the minister's inner office.

Chapter 34: Bible for Bernice

It was almost dark when Bernice saw her buxom, young daughter coming up the lane to their house. And she suspected at once what had happened. By the time young Becky reached the door the woman's suspicions were translated into certainty. It was partly the way she walked, as if she had difficulty keeping her legs together. But it was mostly the look in her eyes, a heavy-lidded, lazy appearance. Bernice's heart sank down to her heels.

Becky's mother wasn't really angry but she felt betrayed. And she was afraid. Afraid that her daughter would be like herself and become pregnant before she could enjoy the freedom of youth. That's how she felt at first.

Lying in bed that night Bernice remembered how she'd gone down on her knees before the treacherous minister and let him put his penis into her mouth, let him fornicate with her mouth and then he did it. He shot his sperm right into her throat! Oh God. What had he done to her little girl? Had he put that same long sin-tool inside her young body? In her holiest place? Had he filled her with his lust cream? Was she now with child? The woman's belly churned with disgust at the thought.

But she wasn't sure that the churning was due to disgust for the recollection of sucking the minister's cock wasn't her only memory. As the long night continued other memories kept creeping into her mind. The delightful, hot feel of Reverend Wilson's tongue doing that filthy thing. Kissing her between the legs she'd so wantonly spread for him. And then she imagined he was doing it to her. Committing adultery! Fornicating! Sinning! And she was letting him do it like a whore of Babylon. And now she was sure he'd done the same to her little girl.

By morning Bernice Bartlett was a wreck. She had slept very little and when she did the results were awful. Awake she worried about her daughter and vowed revenge on the sinful minister. Asleep she was being filled by the handsome minister's long, hard penis. But each time she awakened just before the dam holding in her huge sexual energy burst and, by morning, her loins ached from hunger. A hunger she would never admit.

"Did Reverend Wilson do anything to you yesterday, Becky? Did he hurt you?" Bernice looked closely at her daughter as she sat at the breakfast table in her brief, babydoll pajamas, waiting for her reaction.

"Uh... n.n.no, Mom. He just..." and the girl paused as she tried to think of what to say. Without thinking her hand went down between her legs to feel the tenderness there, the bruised outer flesh of her mons and the tender, inner flesh, stretched by the minister's intimate invasion. "We prayed, Mom. That's all." He'd said it was their private secret but she wished she could tell her mother.

The mother knew that her daughter was lying. She saw the way she'd reached down to touch her pussy and she'd noticed that Becky didn't meet her eyes when she answered. Had he really taken the little girl's virginity? Or had someone else already done that? She remembered how her brother looked at his little niece. If her husband could do it to little Bernie then her brother might have been doing it to Becky. She was too innocent to be able to prevent it. Was that it? Was the minister just continuing what someone else had started?

While Mrs. Bartlett had a restless night, Reverend Wilson slept well. His only complaint (and it really wasn't a complaint, just a mild discomfort) was the somewhat sore skin that covered his cock. Well lubricated though she'd been, Becky's tight, virgin passage had chafed him. It had another and seemingly contradictory effect. His cock was not only tender but it was also more sensitive and even the gentle rubbing against his underwear when he walked gave him a semi-erection.

Bernice Bartlett arrived at her minister's office only a couple of minutes after he got there. She had been watching for him. She was figuratively loaded for bear. She would give her evil minister a piece of her mind. As it worked out, although Wilson got a piece of something, it wasn't her mind.

"You did it! You did her!" Bernice was standing in front of Reverend Wilson's desk, her hands on her hips and leaning forward as she accused the minister of violating her daughter.

"Whoa. Hold on," Wilson said placatingly, noting the way the angry woman's big boobs swayed under her loose sweater. "What did I do? What do you mean?" Blood rushed to his cock despite his unease. What had Becky told her?

"You know. You took advantage of her. Just like you took advantage of me!" Bernice backed away as the minister came around the desk. Could she have been wrong?

"Please Mrs. Bartlett... Bernice... I hope I can still call you that?" Wilson stood beside the voluptuous woman and put a hand on her arm. "We're more than just minister and church member aren't we? Haven't we shared something special?"

Bernice's anger dissolved into uncertainty as she heard her minister's almost hypnotic speech. He towered over her and she remembered how dominant and commanding he had seemed when she knelt before him... and before that, when he had been inside her. He knew her now... knew her in the biblical sense. He was leading her toward his inner office and she went with him, her loins liquefying with desire.

Wilson led the docile woman over to the couch where, only yesterday, he had plucked her daughter's ripe, young cherry. Sliding his arm around Bernice's ample waist, he looked deeply into her eyes, and the confused woman melted under his gaze. Without any thought of right or wrong she tilted her mouth up for a kiss, and moaned as her minister's mouth covered hers.

The prurient preacher's tongue thrust inward sensuously. He flicked it around and around on the woman's soft lips, and then slowly pushed it into her mouth. As he kissed her, he was in his mind's eye, kissing Becky and he became more and more aroused, but also more and more gentle. Bernice was aware of the soft quality, the burning desire, the sweetness of the kiss.

She threw her arms around his neck, and pressed her muff into her minister's raging hard-on, feeling the thick, hard meat pushing against her quivering, traitorous quiff.

"Oh, Reverend Wilson," she moaned, softly.

Wilson traced the flushed, rounded plane of her cheek from her cheekbones down to her chin. When his fingers touched her quivering lips she sucked on one of them and then bit it gently, remembering the last thing of his she had sucked on and feeling a shudder of lewd desire at the thought.

Wilson grunted, and pulled her toward the couch, and sat down, pulling her down on his lap. Again he kissed her.

Bernice, sitting on his muscular thighs, felt the tremor of his passion, and responded to it with a passion of her own. She sucked her minister's tongue into her mouth, and bit on it gently. He started to raise her skirt, and fondled her pussy, feeling the juices of her lust already soaking her panties. Bernice lifted off his lap slightly, as his fingers hooked into the elastic waistband, and pulled them off, down to her knees. Kicking her legs, Bernice worked them down to her ankles, and then dropped them.

The philandering minister pushed the voluptuous housewife down onto her back on the couch, and raised her skirt above her hips, until it was bunched at her waist, while she fumbled with his belt buckle, releasing it, and then pulled down his fly zipper. In the back of her mind the scene was like she had experienced fifteen years ago when the man who was now her husband would make love to her.

Bernice moaned, as her minister's erection popped out at her, hard and ready, and pulsing with lust. She gripped it, kneading the soft flesh, which encased his hardness.

Wilson lay on top of the woman's lush body, and pulled his pants down around his knees. He preferred having his women naked but he didn't want to give this one time to change her mind. He felt his own lust grow as the woman's hands reached around to cup his buttocks as he placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy, and thrust inward slowly. His cock head slipped easily into her well-buttered cunt as with practiced ease she opened her legs wider and tilted her broad pelvis

The woman moaned, feeling her nipples pucker, feeling the hot ripples of pleasure, which the sensitive buds sent through her body. She may have been a chaste and religious wife and mother two days ago but after seeing what her husband had been doing and after her minister's advances she had become a sex-hungry slut.

Wilson pushed inward, feeling the woman's tight cunt give way before the fleshy onslaught of his powerful prick. He felt his sensitive flesh twitch and tingle under the wet soft stimulation of her soft tunnel.

"Oh, Reverend Wilson," Bernice moaned, as she felt her minister's cock thrust inward, until she felt his balls resting against her quivering ass cheeks. She kept her hands on his firm, powerful buttocks, thrilling to the sensation of his muscles rippling, as he raised his ass high in the air, pulling his cock out until only the tip of it was embedded in her cunt, and then lunged forward again, driving his cock deeply into the steaming well of her sex. She could feel the hard beating of the man's heart against her breasts and the warmth of his body, which radiated from his clothes and into her body. Bernice felt as if she were melting in Wilson's embrace, as he moved his cock in and out of her sensuously, slowly, driving his cock deeply into her, and pulling it out with smooth, firm strokes.

All thought of her husband cheating with her sisters or the minister doing this to her daughter were gone for the moment. She moaned as her cuntal walls closed in around his plunging prick and she felt the heat of his prick permeate the twitching walls of her cunt. Her pussy juices flowed lavishly out of her cunt, and trickled out of her tightly stuffed hole. It dribbled in a warm, slimy stream down her ass crack, and pooled on the hard mattress beneath her humping ass. As she ground her swollen, hot pussy up into Wilson's hairy groin her clitoris tingled and jerked as it made hot contact with his wiry pubic hairs and her breathing issued from her passion constricted throat in gasping sobs, as her heat built.

This woman was one wonderful lay, Wilson realized as he drove his throbbing cock in and out of her cunt. She lacked her daughter's virgin tightness but as she ground her hips upward, mashing her swollen pink flesh against her minister's hairy groin, her skill and experienced passion compensated for her slacker grip. She became wanton, wild, as the passion increased.

Her minister continued to hump in and out of her with a steady, demanding force, as Bernice started to go wild under him. She felt lost in his arms, felt as if she were drowning in the weight of his passion.

Wilson grunted, and his humping became harder, and faster. Bernice felt his cock swelling in her cunt. She felt it growing, felt it like a wild snake slithering deeper into the dark, wet reaches of her sex tunnel. She threw her legs around her minister's hard-humping waist, and clung to him, as the first throes of her orgasm gripped at her gut, like a warm, wet fist, massaging her entrails gently, exacting from them their pleasure.

The writhing woman felt the pleasure well up hotly, felt the tiny convulsions of her lower body as the bliss began. She started to whimper as the delicious delirium overtook her mind, fogging it. The spasms in her gut spread outward in hot, ponderous waves, until her itching cuntal walls began to convulse. She felt her muscles gripping at her minister's hard-driving tool, felt her orgasm drive higher and higher, as her minister continued to plow in and out of the hot dark hole of her pussy.

Bernice gripped at his waist with her legs, and pulled his face down to hers, kissing him hotly, greedily. Wilson's mouth took possession of hers like his cock had taken possession of her cunt and his tongue flicked in and out of her hot oral cavity with almost the same rhythm that his cock was driving

in and out of her hot, wet cunt.

The horny housewife felt totally abandoned to the pleasure of her minister's lust and felt her orgasm wash over her in convulsive wave after wave, until she writhed like a mad woman under her minister's strong, demanding body. As her orgasm peaked, the deep plunging cock exploded with its hot eruption of scalding semen. Bernice felt her cunt, like a hungry, gaping maw, suck up the juices, deep into her womb, where they mixed hotly with her pussy cream, and then poured back down her cunt, spilling out in a golden stream onto her thoroughly soaked ass. Against her quivering, humping ass cheeks, her minister's balls slapped wildly, wetly, lewdly.

Wilson's cock made wet sucking noises, as it thrust in and out of her quivering, convulsing quim. Bernice heard him grunt, felt his grip on her flailing body tighten, as his cock pistoned in and out of her like greased lightning, every inward thrust depositing another load of scalding gism into her hot and eager receptacle.

Bernice squealed as her orgasm peaked, and then started to fade awry. She writhed against him for a long time. Her orgasm was prolonged, and powerful, and when she finally relaxed against her minister's still-heaving body, while he emptied his balls into her, she was still trembling with the intense pleasure of the fuck she had had.

Wilson thrust into her one last time, and then lay, relaxed, and trembling with the aftermath of his own orgasm, pressing her body into the couch.

"Sister Bartlett," Wilson sighed as he relaxed atop the buxom woman, "you are a wonderful woman. You may think that we just did was a sin... like what your husband did with your sisters... but it isn't." The unprincipled minister reached over to a small table by the couch and picked up a bible.

They say that anyone can justify anything at all by carefully selecting the right passages from the bible. Reverend Wilson, as a man of the church, was an expert at this and, remaining on top of the buxom housewife, he chose various verses that seemed to condone what they had done.

Wilson made most of his progress however quoting non-bible authorities and pointing out for example that: "In biblical times man could have as many wives and concubines as they wished once the man was age 12 and the women age 13, and adultery was only a sin for a married women. It was never a sin for a married man as long as the other women were not married and (Wilson made this part up) if a man was already going with someone else's wife then his wife was free to go with another man."

Finally Wilson's limp tool slid out of Bernice's cum-sodden cunt and he rolled off her limp body to lie beside her.

"I'm glad Reverend... glad you told me all that. I don't feel guilty now." She snuggled close to her minister and reached down timidly to grasp his limp tool. "But... like... with Becky? Did you? Did you have her like you've had me?"

"You know what I just told you, Sister. She is over thirteen... would it bother you if I had? Is there a reason why it shouldn't happen?"

"Uh... no... I guess not? Except she might get pregnant. Like I did."

"If I ever brought Becky into my church, Sister, I couldn't make her pregnant. I've had an operation."

"That's good, Reverend. I feel good all over now," and her hand began to slowly pump the man's now erect penis. It was late morning before Bernice, sated and content, returned home. She had no more concern whether or not the good minister was ploughing her daughter's adolescent furrow because he still had time and desire to plough her own hungry slit.

Chapter 35: Sally Springer's Secret

Marriage was not all that it was cracked up to be. At least, if your bride was seven months pregnant and away at her grandparents' to have your baby it wasn't. And anyway, Bob had been getting bored with Priscilla. He'd still enjoyed her body, her belly, swollen with the child contained therein and her large breasts now humungous, made for a great ride but she hadn't seemed to enjoy it any more. And definitely she was no longer tight. The Philipino girl was a pleasant change and her control of her internal muscles continued to amaze and excite him but he wanted a change from her slender body and her skilled ministrations. Damn. It had been months since his last cherry, the lovely Indian girl, Madhuri.

Bob surveyed his classroom, speculating on which of the tempting teens might be ready for further education. Becky was appealing but he could tell that she was getting it already. Likely from the preacher. Madhuri kept looking at him with those big, dark eyes but he'd picked up some bad vibes from her brother and he suspected that there was more danger in fucking her than she was worth. And of course Priscilla and Leena were both gone.

While Bob Best was studying the adolescent girls in his classroom, one of those girls was studying him, but in a different way. Sally Springer had not attracted the lecherous attention of her teacher because, when she arrived at the school as a late enrollee, Bob had been fully occupied with the Wilson family. Lucinda, Priscilla and little Leena had been more than enough to keep his prurient urges under control. Or at least to contain them within his landlord, Reverend Wilson's household. Otherwise the nicely rounded, thirteen year old girl would have been a subject of sexual speculation by her libidinous and unprincipled teacher.

If Mr. Best had made a move three months ago Sally would likely have been shocked and frightened. With the teacher's skill and experience he would have probably easily overcame the girl's apprehensions and played on her newly emerging sexuality and she would, by now, be as boring as Marie or as dangerous as Madhuri. But he hadn't and Sally was still a physical virgin. Psychologically, however, her vestal state had been damaged and her physical purity was also under siege.

Would he be anything like Dave? What would have happened if her mother hadn't caught them? And her mother had treated her as if she'd got knocked up like Ellie did. She remembered how her mother had acted towards her sister, Ellie after Uncle Frank was gone. She'd called her a little whore as if she'd invited Uncle Frank to her room and asked him to knock her up. But she'd have never let Dave get that far. Mr. Best must have done it to Priscilla when she was still one of his pupils so... ?? Could she get him to do what Dave did? He was always so nice to her and he was her teacher so she knew she could trust him.

Bob's eyes came to rest on the pretty, plump girl in the back row. Damn. Now that was a nice looking piece. Good tits. Great tits. And that pretty, rosebud mouth would be special. And she was looking at him. What was she thinking? Actually, her eyes had a far away, dreamy look.

And, in fact at that moment, Sally was far away and dreaming. She was remembering the first night that Dave came to her bedroom. They'd been drinking... her mother and Dave... and they'd had a big, noisy fight. Sally had heard her mother slam the bedroom door and lock it and heard Dave go to the living room. It wasn't the first time he'd had to sleep on the couch. And the thirteen-year-old girl would rather have that than have to listen to the way they carried on when they didn't fight. Was sex really like that? Did it have to have all those awful words and moans and cries?

Sally heard Dave moving around and then he was outside her bedroom door. He went away, came back, than went away again. When the door finally creaked open and Dave peeked in, the girl stiffened with apprehension. Ellie told her that Uncle Frank had started out by just coming to her room after fighting with Mom. Dave never turned on the light. He walked through the dark room slowly, deliberately, with eerie precision, and from her bed Sally watched him. There was nothing she could do. He stood over the bed looking at her and then he sat down on the edge. His weight made her body shift towards him. She couldn't help it. Her hip met his hard thigh and she froze with the contact.

The frightened girl tried to pretend sleep but it was no use. She was sure the gasp she had made when their bodies touched gave her away. Would he leave if she asked? Sally was afraid to say anything so she just lay there.

His hand began to caress her hair in long strokes, while he told her in hushed tones how pretty she was. She felt paralyzed. She could feel and hear and in the dark room lighted only by the hallway light she could even see, but she didn't dare to react. He never stopped speaking. He was saying soft, quiet words, talking about her beauty. "You're a lovely girl, Sally... lovely and beautiful." His deep voice had a hypnotic effect and she quit listening to the words and only heard the hymned rhythm. Her eyes sluggishly shut.

When his hand moved from her hair, she hardly noticed. She was caught up in the hypnotizing hum of his voice. When his fingertips inched down her breast and snagged on her distended nipple, her eyes opened widely in a fixed stare. And still he didn't quit. Over and over he told her how beautiful she was and how large and lovely her breasts were. Her hands were clenched in tight fists and her fingernails dug into her palms as a voice in her head shouted at her "stop him" but she remained immobile in stony silence.

His big hand molded around her precociously large breast and tenderly massaged it. He moved his rough palm over the very tip of her nipple and the fires of adolescent sexual arousal surged through her and she shuddered from it. And still he murmured on. "You have such wonderful breasts, Sally. If I hurt you, tell me and I will stop."

But she didn't say anything and he didn't stop. He flattened his other hand on her stomach and let his middle fingertip push at her belly, forcing a gap in the elastic waistband of her panties. And then his hand slipped through the gap. His soothing voice continued to boast at how lovely she was. How lovely and sweet. Oh so sweet. He lightly stroked his fingers through the beginnings of her pubic hair that had recently started growing. His fingers inched right to the spot that was beginning to burn with a strange, new feeling that tingled and throbbed.

The ingenuous virgin's heart raced and she felt feverish. A slight buzzing vibrated in her ears as her breathing became disjointed but she remained still. Scared. Excited. Anxious. Violated. But motionless. Was this how Ellie had reacted with Uncle Frank?

The man's hand flattened against her vulval region and his middle finger again led the way. It jabbed at her tightness and tunneled its way inside. He dug until he hit that itchy spot. He crooned how sweet, how slippery and sweetly ready she was. "Oohhh yesss Sally... you're so soft... so soft and wet and slippery." Was he going to? Would she be like her sister Ellie and be knocked up before she was through Middle School?

On and on went his words of how beautiful she was, how lovely, how good. She wanted to believe him even though she knew better. And on and on went his touching, soft, gentle and deliberately slow. Something was building inside of her. Climbing, growing, becoming bigger and making her breathless. She knew she should stop him, or at least try to, but she needed it to go on. She started to panic. She couldn't breathe. He continued to draw tiny circles. Finally she tried to speak, to tell him she couldn't breathe, that she was burning, that what he was doing was wrong, but all that came out was short puffs of air.

The feeling exploded over her with tiny bursts spiraling to her toes. His finger stopped, and pressed tightly against her, slipping inside past the second knuckle. She felt the little spasms fighting back at his finger, wave after wave that peaked, and then flittered out into her body, and finally died out. Her body went limp from exhaustion.

The man was delighted. Pruriently, lasciviously delighted. He'd made this ripe, young creature cum. Damn! Could he fuck her? Yes, probably. But it would be wrong. Maybe though there was a way that would work for him and still not spoil her innocence. He whispered how beautiful she was, how beautiful she had been. Sally was mortified. Flushed with shame. She had lain there, not moving, not complaining, and just letting him touch her. She knew how wrong it was for him to do that but it didn't stop guilt from creeping over her. And even more than that, the fear. The fear that he'd know now that he could control her. That she wouldn't be able to... might not even try to stop him. Had it been like that for Ellie? She lay there feeling drained and lethargic after her very first orgasm, worried because it was oh, so very sweet, even when it was so wrong and she had enjoyed it.

Dave had been waiting for Sally at the house after school the next afternoon. This wasn't usual although, since he'd only moved in with them two weeks ago, maybe it was normal for him to be home some afternoons. But it made her nervous. She sat on the sofa in the living room and he sat down beside her.

"I wanted to speak with you alone, Sally. About last night."

"Oh?" The girl's voice sounded every bit as nervous and timid as she was.

"I was afraid you'd be mad at me. Are you?"

"No. Not really mad, but... like... you shouldn't have done it. Mum would be mad if she knew.

"But she won't know, will she? Your legs are beautiful, Sally," Dave continued, placing his right hand on her plump, left thigh. "All of you is beautiful. You're not really mad at me for last night are you?"

"Uh... no... I guess not?" she replied, her nervousness giving a note of uncertainty to her voice. And she knew she ought to tell him that she was mad at him because she knew she should be.

The man and the young girl both looked at each other. Dave smiled at Sally, and she returned the smile uneasily. He ran his hand up and down her thigh slowly and softly. "Dave, I don't think we should be doing this," Sally said, trying again to put the brakes on the man's advances. "It feels good to you, doesn't it?" he asked. "Yes, but..."

"And you liked the way I made you feel last night, didn't you?"

"I know, but..." "So why not?" he added. Sally didn't say anything, so Dave continued caressing the girl's thigh. With each stroke, he slowly pushed her skirt up higher and higher until his fingertips, on the inside of her thigh, found her white cotton panties. He rubbed Sally's little pussy once through the soft material. Sally squeezed her legs together, trapping Dave's fingers there. He wiggled his fingertips against where he guessed her clit would be. "Dave, this isn't right," she protested meekly, frightened by the hot thrill that shot through her young loins. "Don't you like the way it feels?" he asked. "Yeah, but you really... shouldn't... have... your... hand... there..." Sally closed her eyes as she enjoyed the feeling. She spread her schoolgirl legs open again, wider than before. Dave fingered her tenderly through her panties. Sally's juices were starting to flow, and soon her crotch was soaked. "Oh... Dave... , " she murmured. He smiled as he fingered the young girl and hefted a large, soft breast. Sally's clit was so sensitive that the friction through her panties from his fingertips made her go numb with pleasure. Soon, little Sally was breathing loudly, gasping for air. "Dave! Oohhh Dave! You gotta stop!" she groaned, her eyes squeezed shut. Sally felt her teenaged body convulse and spasm with its second orgasm although less intense than last night's first one. She felt an incredible tingle and surge of warmth come over her. Her plump hips jerked and bucked against the man's hand as the climax washed over her juvenile loins. "Now Sally, there's something you can do for me," he said in a soft but firm voice as he pulled his hand from Sally's crotch. "What?" Sally asked innocently, still panting from her orgasm. Dave quickly pushed down his pants and his half-swollen cock was bared for the view of the girl's innocent eyes. "Dave!" Sally exclaimed, her fear evident in the faltering of her girlish voice. "It's okay, Sally," he assured her. "What did you want me to do?" she asked, afraid. "Just put your hand around it, Sally," he told her. He gently took her wrist and pulled her hand over to him, until her fingertips were touching his prick. Sally put her hand around it, softly. "Like this?" she asked, shyly. "Just like that, Sally," he answered. He smiled at her, and she smiled back with her sweet dimples. "Now, start stroking your hand back and forth on it," he instructed her. Sally started a slow jerk on his cock. "Like this?" she asked again, looking for approval. "Yeah, Sally, just like that," he answered as he slid a hand under her sweater and grasped one of her soft, heavy breasts. Then he slid forward on the sofa as the young seventh-grade girl stroked his prick with her hand. Sally kept up a good pace as she jacked him off, unsure of what she was doing. "Does this feel good, Dave?" she asked. "Is this what you wanted?" "Oh, yes, Sally." "What will this make you do?" Sally asked. "Will you be like me when you did it... touched me there?" "Yes, baby. You're gonna make me cum, sweetheart... like I did you." "What do you mean? How?" she asked, innocently. Dave's soft laugh was strained as he arched his hips out at the girl's hot, little hand. "You'll make white stuff squirt out of my tip," he told her. "Oh?" Sally wasn't sure what he meant but as she felt the penis grow bigger and harder in her hand she like the feel. "Uh huh," she nodded, her hand caressing his warm, thick cock. "I didn't know it got so hard and long, sir... your thing," she murmured. "That's because you make it that way, Sally." Sally smiled at him, and then looked back down in admiration at the thick cock-stalk in her young hand. She was suddenly quite relaxed. If this was all he wanted then it would be OK... "Do it faster, Sally," he instructed. The young girl picked up the pace. Dave panted as he sat there, getting closer and closer to his release. "Are you gonna do it soon?" Sally asked. "Oh yeah! Faster, Sally!" Sally's hand was almost a blur as she whacked away. Suddenly, Dave groaned loudly. As Sally continued jerking, a thick stream of cum shot out and arced onto the floor between his feet.

"Don't stop, Sally. Get it all out."

The thirteen year old girl kept up her stroke, as more gism escaped the jumping, throbbing tool only now it didn't go far, just dribbling down over her hand like hot, white grease. Finally, it slowed to a stop, trickling down over the young girl's hand, as she slowed her hand to a stop. "Thank you, Sally," said Dave. Sally released her grip on him and pulled her sticky, cum-covered hand away. "Now, that didn't hurt, did it?"

"Nah... no... I guess not." "Well then, Sally," he said. "I'll squirt my cum in your mouth next time. That way, we won't waste it."

"Yecch... you're kidding aren't you?" The girl couldn't comprehend what the man was suggesting. He must be joking?

"Wait and see, Sally. I'm never going to hurt you so don't worry."

But Sally did worry. Was this how Uncle Frank got Ellie into trouble?

Chapter 36: Forbidden Fruit

Sally was lost in reverie, her young pussy swelling and moistening as she sat at her desk and remembered what her mother's boyfriend had done to her. She'd been tremendously excited that first night. She'd never had a real orgasm before and Dave's skillful fingering of her virgin pussy had produced the most marvelous sensations she'd ever known. And she'd also got a strange thrill when she'd felt his hard penis buck and jerk in her grasp and then spout the hot cream out and up. But neither had prepared her for his next visit.

Dave had simply succumbed to the tempting presence of the young girl with her precociously large breasts that first night. It was not a pre-meditated assault on her innocence. But that taste of forbidden, not to say illegal fruit had whetted his appetite. He wouldn't harm her. He'd never have sexual intercourse with a girl as young as Sally. Or at least, not sexual intercourse as President Clinton defined it. But there was so much else that he could teach her. So much pleasure he could give her. He was almost self-righteous with his rationalization of further intimacies with the thirteen-year-old girl.

Sally's mother was too fond of the grape and Dave had no difficulty in getting her to drink to excess. To a state of near unconsciousness. And when she was tucked into bed he went to Sally's room, wondering how she would react this time.

"Dave. You shouldn't be here. I want you to leave," Sally said timidly, quickly taking her hands out from where they'd been exploring her sensitive breasts and pussy when the man sat on the edge of her bed. Oh God. What was she going to do? Since five nights ago when he'd touched her... gave her that fantastic feeling... she'd been touching herself. But it wasn't the same.

"It's OK, Sally," the man said and he tried to pull down the sheet that the girl was holding, neck-high. "I didn't hurt you, did I? I'd never hurt you." The sheet molded to the contours of the girl's plump body and showed every detail of her voluptuous shape.

"N.no... but?" and Sally felt herself losing her grip on the sheet. Since that night when Dave had played with her she hadn't worn pajamas or anything to bed. She was completely naked under the sheet.

Dave's cock swelled with lust as the girl lost her grip on the sheet and he pulled it down to bare her shapely form. Her large breasts were flat topped with their crinkled areola showing dark against her milky titflesh and the thick nipples jutting out proudly.

"N.no... n.no," Sally stammered as one of the man's hands gently cupped her right breast while the other slid slowly down over her convex belly to the juncture of her thighs.

The girl's plump thighs were tightly closed but the man easily forced his fingers through the softly yielding flesh to touch her almost hairless pussy. It was wet. Wet and slippery. "You want this, don't you Sally? You've been playing with yourself, haven't you?"

"B.but... b.but... I'm scairt," the youngster whimpered but, thrilled by the man's gently probing touch, she let her legs slowly spread.

"I won't hurt you, dear," and Dave quickly reached over to turn on the bedside lamp. "You're so lovely," he sighed as the young girl's large-breasted, wide-hipped nakedness became totally visible. And then he was manipulating her position and, puppetlike, she allowed him to place her across the bed, her legs dangling over the edge. He knelt and shouldered her knees apart.

The ingenuous, thirteen-year-old girl had no idea what was in store for her. She lay there holding her breath as her mother's boyfriend began to lick the warm smooth flesh of her inner thighs, starting near her knees, and moving slowly upward toward the pink, swollen lips of her moist-fleshed cunt.

Dave's coal-black eyes glittered lustfully as they fixed on the narrow pink slit where a tiny dewdrop of moisture glistened from the lovely Sally's unwilled passionate response. Reaching the already quivering lips of her vagina, the man flicked out his hot tongue tip, licking the oily nectar from the girl's palpitating pussy. Then, as she lay tense but unresisting he slid his tongue into the depths of the moist valley between her open thighs, lightly tracing the thin coral line separating the vaginal lips upward to the swelling bud of her pink clitoris, grinning knowingly as he heard the young girl gasp with her rapidly mounting excitement.

"Uuuuuuuummmmmmm," sounded from her throat, her voice dreamy and languid. Never had anything felt so delicious, so wonderfully exciting as this. Her plump thighs opened wider, inviting deeper exploration.

With his thumbs, the crouching black-haired young man spread apart the moistly clinging flesh of Sally's pussy lips until the tiny throbbing clitoris was completely exposed to his view. He dipped his face forward and eagerly began to suck on the sensitive area as the lovely young girl began to squirm and undulate in growing abandon. Dave pressed on with his lustful assault, his hands squeezing and massaging her large, soft breasts

Sally was already feeling sensually giddy. Her mother would kill them if she ever caught them but the pleasure of the man's intimate caresses overcame her apprehensions. Was this how Frank had got her sister? She allowed the passionate sensations to sweep through her, and she was only vaguely aware of Dave's strong, caressing hands pressing her beautifully shaped legs up and back, pushing them until her knees were pressed against her breasts. She lifted her head to watch, her mind reeling with the storm of lust sweeping through her, as Dave deliberately buried his handsome face again into her upturned loins to lick and suck at her moist hot cunt with lascivious fury and hunger.

Dave's own cock was getting harder and more painfully swollen, but he tried not to think about it. He loved licking pussy, and he especially liked sucking at this young, inexperienced girl's cunt more than any other he had found. He was sure he could fuck her but some deep-down conscience was holding him back.

As Dave's pleasure-giving tongue darted out, sending hot thrills shooting up through her straining throbbing cunt like jolts of electric current, Sally surrendered to the shocks of pleasure rippling delightfully through her young body. She moaned softly, delighting in the sensations the man's tongue was sparking in her vagina, and she opened her eyes just enough to see the the top of the man's head between her upraised thighs. Nothing mattered to her by this point... nothing but the reality of the probing tongue that crept so sensually up into her hot steaming vaginal furrow. Her soft smooth buttocks began to squirm desperately as the searing hot lashes of passion licked maddeningly at her nakedly quivering body. Arching her back wildly, she thrust her pelvis upward, frantically grinding her seething wet cunt up tightly into Dave's face. She writhed her trembling ass in tight-frenzied circles, struggling for the release that was now so close.

Suddenly he stopped and for a moment, she was totally confused and her lust-glazed eyes widened as she watched him open his jeans and pull them down off his body, revealing the threatening projection of his fully erect penis, throbbing and pulsing with the excitement he had brought upon himself with his cunt licking. Her mouth dropped open at the sight of the rigid pole she had caressed to climax a few nights ago and she cringed at the thought of having that hard spear thrust into her defenseless body.

"N.no... Oh no Dave... you can't," she whimpered. "I'll get pregnant like Ellie did," but she didn't resist as he moved her body higher on the bed and lay down beside her.

"You won't get pregnant... not this way," the man said softly as he knelt over her, straddling her shoulders and dipping his head down between her thighs.

For a moment the girl was frightened by the sight of the man's hugely threatening cock as it waved above her face but then her apprehension was once more melted by the burgeoning heat in her adolescent loins.

Dave's incredible tonguing of her anxious pussy had completely destroyed her thought process and she wanted nothing but the quelling of the passion that was ripping through her itching, burning cunt like a hot wind. She moaned and quivered in rapture as she stared apprehensively at the impossibly huge rod of lust-hardened flesh that projected out like a tree from Dave's dark pubic thatch. To the innocent youngster it looked so large... so mammoth that she was paralyzed with fear.

"Uuuuuuuummmmmmm," she moaned as she stared at the whole length of his cock. The pale shaft was mapped with blue pulsing veins and she mumbled as the bulbous, blunt end of the visibly throbbing penis lowered until it touched the soft lips of her mouth.

Dave thrilled to the feel of the girl's soft, red lips as they warmly touched the shining, rubbery head of his cock. With coquettish instinct she pursed her lips ever so slightly and blindly planted a light, lust-provoking kiss on the slit at the head of the glans. She liked the effect when Dave shuddered and stiffened his entire body and she knew she was really getting to him. For just a brief moment Sally's mind focused on the power she sensed she now had over the older man. She ovalled her lips and took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could, pulling up on the throbbing shaft as she raised her head. She nearly choked as her surprising action caused Dave to forget who she was and to push down until the head of his penis bumped against the back of her throat.

It took the powerful man a second or two, but he managed to regain control over himself, and he began fucking his long thick cock in and out of Sally's thin-stretched lips, always leaving the hot swollen tip half an inch inside her mouth as he buried his face in her wet pussy-pudding and tongue-fucked the narrow, virgin aperture.

The ingenuous but precocious thirteen-year-old girl moaned passionately as the man speeded up his deep, inward thrusts. His heavy, cum-swollen balls bumped her eyes and nose and the thick, coarse fuzz covering them tickled like a light airy feather, and she fought to keep her breath, catching small gulps of air on each outstroke.

But the novel power she felt over the man who was fucking her mouth was overwhelmed by her own passion. Her own pubic area was burning with the fire-like lashes of his tongue and flaming sweep of his mouth upon her clitoris and cunt. She was wild with frenzy, the sensations churning her belly and loins with erotic fermentations, driving her with breakneck speed to a crashing climax. God! She was going to cum with his giant cock in her mouth. She remembered the creamy jets that she had pumped from him before and imagined how it would feel when he blasted that hot, greasy liquid into her mouth. She pictured her cheeks bloating with the sudden engorgement of his semen and then her thoughts were lost in the immediacy of her own climax.

Jack groveled in her cunt, her fleshy, young sex spasming in tune to his thrusting tongue. The abandonment, the complete capitulation to this youngster overwhelmed him and blotted out any thoughts except the delicious debauchery of her lush, busty body. He breathed hard and blew into her, the cheeks of her ass clenching, then relaxing in front of his excited face. He pried her spread loins wider, pushing his mouth hard against the wetness of her vaginal slit, and she squirmed. He pushed his face down harder, so that her palpitating, soft-rimmed pussy was surrounding his nose and lips, and holding her tight around the buttocks he thrust his thick, wet tongue forward between the warm fleshy folds. He heard her gasp excitedly and renew her nibbling with frenzied motion. She jerked forward with his hot teasing contact, quickly screwing herself up at him harder. Her vaginal passage contracted, opening and closing around his tongue like a tight rubber band, until he had a difficult time breathing. His breath exploded into her with tiny, mewling grunts, that muffled themselves into oblivion, and then he spread her still wider with his palms and began to curl and flick his tongue at the expanse of her pearl-white backside. He sucked and licked while she swayed her ass around his face, almost out of control.

Sally's young cunt flowered open wider, her secretions cascading down over his face. Dave could feel her muscles hollow and contract around his head and sides of his cheeks, and he plunged slave-like, his tongue making wet sluicing sounds as it burrowed deeper into her cunt with each wicked thrust. Then he licked the girl's softly throbbing cuntlips, plunging into the secret valley of her desire to discover her pseudo-phallic clitoris. He began to suck and tease it unmercifully, his teeth biting tenderly, his tongue reaming the little button of love while she churned and writhed beneath him in the lewd dance of desire.

The inexperienced but hot-blooded teen was no longer conscious of the hard, meaty shaft that was pumping in and out of her young mouth. Her mother's lover was tonguing her own viscous opening to bring yet further guttural moans from her cock-filled mouth. Her soft warm thighs clenched the man viciously and he could feel the girl's wet cuntflesh slip moistly around his tongue as if the nibbling, sex-mouth was trying to snap and rip out his tongue by the roots, devouring it completely with all its might. She passionate thirteen-year-old girl snaked her heels against the man's shoulders and rubbed her bulging pussy against his face as he mashed against her palpitating, pulsating pussy. The cords of her muscles stood out all along her body and she sucked savagely on his penis, lost in the extremes of her excitement.

Then suddenly she stiffened, and Dave heard her muffled cry; "Hanh... Yunnhh... AAAAAAGGGGGGH!" and the pulpy pussy writhed against his mouth.

Sally's whole being seemed to explode under Dave, and he could no longer hold his climax. My God, he thought crazily as the rush of sperm began to burst along its narrow tube... my God, it's never... been this good... before!

Her orgasm waning, the young girl was again aware of the cock in her mouth as it suddenly exploded, squirting its white, thick sperm into her throat. The man pushed in, impaling her mouth deeper on his tremendously hard cock. She gagged at the choking entry, struggling to keep her breath.

"Urrgh... ulllgh... uurrgghh," she gurgled as her mouth was filled to overflowing, the viscous semen triggering a flow of saliva and Sally fought frantically for breath as the creamy hot fluid flowed into the warm wet interior of her desperately sucking mouth. As she sucked and swallowed to avoid drowning in the flood of gism she fastened her lips like a tight elastic ring around the jerking penis as if she could somehow shut off the profuse flow.

She didn't have to. Dave wriggled his hips, enjoying the hot clasp of the young girl's mouth and feeling drained as never before.

"You're a marvel, Sally. You're... that's... that's the best anyone has ever done that for me. Are you OK? I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"Hanhh... oohhh Dave. Was I really? Better than Mom?"

"Better than anyone, Sally."

And then everything went black.

Sally wondered if Mr. Best had kissed Priscilla the way Dave had kissed her. Or had Priscilla ever taken Mr. Best in her mouth? Somehow she couldn't imagine the preacher's daughter doing that, even to her own husband. And besides she was gone away now. Would Mr. Best be like Dave? Would he want to do to her what Dave had done? Darn. If only her mother hadn't caught them.

Sally's plump thighs had parted as she dreamed and her hand was at the open juncture of her thighs. One moment it was Dave's hand that was pushing, rubbing her there. And then it was Mr. Best. Her gaze fixed again on her teacher. The pressure built in her adolescent loins. Her eyes lost focus. Her round ass squirmed on the hard seat. And suddenly Mr. Best was beside her desk, looking right down at her lap where her hand was moving, pressing.

Chapter 37: Carnal Conclusion

Posted: August 21, 2003 - 12:00:00 am

Sally's plump thighs had parted as she dreamed and her hand was at the open juncture of her thighs. One moment it was Dave's hand that was pushing, rubbing her there. And then it was Mr. Best. Her gaze fixed again on her teacher. The pressure built in her adolescent loins. Her eyes lost focus. Her round ass squirmed on the hard seat. And suddenly Mr. Best was beside her desk, looking right down at her lap where her hand was moving, pressing.

Sally almost jumped in her seat as she pulled her hand away from where it had been recreating those delightful sensations of mock-sex. She clamped her thighs together and her face turned scarlet as she looked up at her schoolteacher, Mr. Best. He said nothing but turned and went back to his desk.

Damn! Here he was, a horny and at the moment sex-deprived teacher stuck in school with what looked like a horny little girl with big tits. Bob sat at his desk and looked steadily at the pretty youngster while she squirmed in hot embarrassment at her desk. Why not? She was no younger than lots of the girls he'd screwed. And many of them were not as experienced as this one appeared to be. His organ swelled with the anticipation of a warm, tight, liquid embrace.

Young Sally's gaze alternated between her lap and her teacher. What was he thinking? His eyes were fixed on her and they sent little shudders of fright through her. And something else. Even when she wasn't looking at him she still could see his eyes and her swollen pussy seemed to get even larger between her tightly closed thighs. His eyes were not as dark as Dave's or as soft. Her teacher's intense stare froze her in position. She didn't know or understand what was happening but she had become prey for a lecherous, unprincipled predator and there was now nothing she could do.

"It's raining quite hard, children so I'm going to let you go home early," Bob Best said to the delight of the schoolchildren. "Except Sally," he added. "You'll have to stay a while longer so we can review the homework you brought in today."

Sally didn't know what Mr. Best was talking about as far as homework was concerned but she was pretty sure that she knew what was on his mind. He'd seen what she was doing to herself. Maybe he'd be like Dave and do it for her? She was glad she'd had a bath this morning. Maybe he'd even kiss her there? No. That was too much to expect. And there was something about the way he looked at her, something in his eyes that made her uneasy.

"Come, Sally. I'm sure you know that I have to talk to you... about what you were doing a while ago. Come with me," and Bob led the plump youngster into his little office.

Bob's office had changed during the year. He'd had Priscilla here many times and the narrow cot was replaced by a wider, more comfortable sofa-bed that took up most of the space. There was, in fact, only one place to sit and as soon as she was inside, Bob closed the door and young Sally lost her balance and sat down on the bed. Any slight doubt she may have had about her teacher's intentions disappeared at that moment although she was not sure how far he planned to go with her.

"Now my dear, you have to tell me exactly what you were doing in class. Right in the classroom in front of everyone!" As he spoke in a stern voice Bob sat beside the trembling youngster and placed a hand on her knee.

"I... Oh Sir? I didn't mean to... I'm sorry."

"You didn't mean to do what, Sally?"

"Oh Mr. Best... I don't know?" and she shuddered as her teacher's hand slid slowly higher up between her legs. She started to close them but as she did his eyes narrowed and she thought better of what she should... could do. The pulse at the juncture of her thighs was growing stronger again, almost as if a hand was actually on it instead of being a foot or more away. She shivered at the sensation as his fingers traced a delicate line along the silken skin of her inner thigh.

"I didn't mean to... You know... touch myself."

"You should be more careful," Bob said quietly as he gently stroked the sensitive skin between the girl's compliantly spreading thighs. Sally held her breath and the pulse grew to a steady throbbing inside her as the tips of her teacher's fingers brushed the hem of her panties.

Her voice shook with timid apprehension. "Don't... please don't Mr. Best..."

"You don't mean that, Sally. I can see that you like what I'm doing." He gently pushed the young schoolgirl's thighs further apart and his fingers moved higher grazing lightly over the damp vee of her panties. Sally inhaled sharply with surprise as her teacher's fingers pressed gently into the soft swelling between her legs.

"No... you mustn't. Please don't touch me there Mr. Best," she whispered weakly "

"That's not fair. You made me want this by touching yourself right in front of me... so I could see you," he said in voice that matched the soothing slow rhythm of his fingers as they stroked between his young schoolgirl's thighs.

"But it's not right Mr. Best."

"Why not Sally? Doesn't it feel nice?"

"Well... yes, I suppose so," she admitted, "but I'm frightened."

"Frightened of me?" he said softly as his hand cupped the bulging mound of her sex through the thin cotton of her panties, "or frightened of feeling excited?"

His young schoolgirl shuddered with pleasure as the rhythmic pulse between her thighs exploded into a throbbing sensation that spread into her stomach. Bob felt for the cleft of her sex through the damp cotton and pressed gently into it sending a fresh thrill of reluctant pleasure through the young girl's inexperienced body. Her taut muscles relaxed as his fingers slid gently along the damp warmth of her panties.

"Doesn't that feel good Sally?" said her teacher as he kept up the insistent provocation. She wanted to deny it but, as his fingers stroked and pressed on the slick wet surface of the youngster's panties, she felt herself flood with moisture and she whimpered softly with pleasure and embarrassment. "It feels nice," she admitted," but we shouldn't be doing this." It wasn't the same as when Dave had done it. Then her mother had been close at hand and that somehow made her feel protected. Now she was all alone with her big, handsome schoolteacher and she felt threatened, vulnerable.

"Even when it feels this nice?"

"It's wrong for you to touch me there," she murmured, but she knew that she did not want him to stop now. His other hand began to slide over her flesh-padded ribs towards her large, soft breasts.

"I want to touch you all over Sally. I want to feel your lovely, big breasts too." as well."

"But I'm only thirteen Mr. Best. You oughtn't, should you? You're my teacher?"

The schoolteacher's finger traced lightly over the heavy swelling of his young schoolgirl's breast and she whimpered. He quickly reached behind her and unfastened her brassiere and a voluminous breast sagged nude into his hand. He began caressing her soft flesh in a gentle circular motion and the youngster felt her nipples expand and tingle in response. He moved his hand to gently cradle first one big breast, then the other and she blushed, Dave had never paid much attention to her breasts and now it was as if her teacher was being too intimate. She ought to stop him.

"No-o-o, please don't," she stammered in confused embarrassment. Her teacher pressed harder on the drenched material between her thighs and her breathing grew faster and deeper with her growing excitement. His hand left her breast while he unfastened the top button of her blouse. He did it so quickly and smoothly that she had no time to object. He was already busy on the second button when the confused child whispered timidly, "What are you doing?" The third button gave way to him and she groaned softly with embarrassment as it popped open revealing the naked fullness of her precociously developed breasts.

Meanwhile his other hand was busy under her skirt, under her panties as his fingers slipped inside the elastic of her undergarment. Sally opened her mouth to object again but she yelped with surprised pleasure as the fingers between her thighs found the tiny erect bud of her clitoris. Her teacher carefully teased the sensitive spot until the young girl's growing pleasure exploded into sudden ecstasy. He bent his head to her upturned face and pressed his lips to hers and, as his flickering tongue explored the sweet warmth of her innocent mouth, she hardly noticed when peeled off her panties. And then he lowered his head further and his lips brushed the soft swell of her breasts.

Sally could not ignore the sparks of pleasure that her teacher's hot breath and gentle lips sent to her rapidly hardening nipples anymore than she could deny the blossoming heat and moisture between her thighs. She sucked in her breath sharply as his hand slipped smoothly down over her round belly and the feather touch of his fingers grazed lazily down over her unprotected vagina. Sally held her breath as his teasing fingers edged with unbearable slowness over the soft swelling of her hairless mons then suddenly she could feel him on her hot wetness. His fingers gently separated the velvet lips of her moist vagina and glided easily along her slippery cleft. He found the tiny erect bud of her clitoris and carefully teased it until the young girl's growing pleasure exploded into sudden ecstasy. She could not stop the waves of pleasure that rocked her nervous system. She moaned softly as her wide hips pressed forward against the delicate pressure of her teacher's tantalizing caress. Each time she pushed uncontrollably forward, his fingers retreated to maintain the light tormenting touch that was inciting her to forget everything but the fulfillment that she craved. It was no different than with Dave, was it? And in her overheated, adolescent mind that was her thought.

But it was different. Her mother's boyfriend, although he was tremendously attracted to and excited by the thirteen-year-old girl with her cute face and plump, busty body, had wanted to preserve his relationship with her mother. But Sally's schoolteacher, Mr. Best, was restrained only by his duties as the girl's schoolteacher. And for him this was no restraint at all. His probing finger found her virginal opening and insinuated its tip into her tight little vagina. The young girl's whole body shook uncontrollably at the sudden invasion of her most private and sensitive spot. Her big breasts jiggled and bobbed at her sudden intake of breath and her virginal passage clasped the tip of his finger tightly. She cried out with pleasure as one fingertip slid back and forth a tantalizing inch inside her while another massaged her sensitive clitoris.

Bob was confident now that he was going to get this lovely girl and even though he suspected he would be one of many who had enjoyed her plump body he was still cautious. He'd already eased down his pants and now he took her hand gently and guided it to penis. Sally clasped it with the familiarity she'd developed with Dave's cock and her hand began to move instinctively as her teacher's penis jumped in immediate response. She felt her teacher's hand at her hips, pushing her forward onto his tormenting fingers and she compliantly allowed her body to move under the pressure. Her hand that gripped his erect penis brushed against his as he pressed his finger a fraction further inside her. She pressed her hand against his and they moved as one for several seconds.

The thirteen-year-old girl was intently conscious of the feel of her teacher's penis, its thick-veined, taut-skinned smoothness and she also sensed that it was more of a handful than Dave's had been. She'd been fingered but never fucked, eaten and she'd sucked cock but as the man pushed her down on the wide sofa bed and mounted over her she did not yet comprehend that Mr. Best intended to complete her initiation, to devirginate her.

Her teacher was still urging her down onto her back but suddenly his hand was gone. She felt his hand cover her own as she massaged his penis. He slowly pushed her hand downwards and the surprised youngster whimpered with pleasure when her teacher guided her hand until she felt the tip of his penis press briefly against her throbbing mound. She knew it was not an accident when he held her hand and repeated the action. She thought she should stop him but it felt so good that she did nothing to resist as her teacher rubbed his swollen sex against hers. He kept hold of her hand as his rigid organ pushed against the soft flesh of her hairless pussy helping to guide the swollen end of his penis onto her clitoris.

Young Sally was fearless now in the blossoming of her adolescent libido, innocently trusting her teacher and she pushed back, trying to increase the pressure on her inflamed sex as he moved rhythmically against her. The feeling inside her grew rapidly. She wanted to tell him how good it felt but the words came out only as a confused whimper. This was like with Dave, only better. The feel of the hot, slick tip of her teacher's penis against her adolescent sex was so much better than a finger.

The man whispered, "You're lovely Sally," then he released her hand and aimed his hard spear lower, below her throbbing clitoris to the soft, swollen lips of her virgin cunt.

The girl felt her teacher's hot, bare flesh against her inviolate, young sex and jerked his penis away with her trembling hand as she tried to wriggle away.

"You can't... hanh... not in me," she protested but he ignored her protest as he guided his erection back between her legs. "No... you mustn't... mustn't put it in," she complained weakly, but despite her objections, the excited child murmured with quiet pleasure when as she felt his penis press hotly against her naked vagina. She felt her swollen vaginal lips separate as his penis nuzzled gently between them. The thick cock slid smoothly along her cleft to her clitoris and she yelped with surprised delight when the slippery head of his erection again grazed the tiny bud of sensitive flesh. His other hand was still beneath her, urging her hips higher and she timidly obliged as he slipped the end of his erection back and forth carefully, stirring their juices together into a slippery lubricant.

The thirteen year old girl felt her teacher's legs move further apart pushing her plump thighs wider open than before but the powerful new feelings flooding through her young body clouded her doubts. She was already moaning with helpless pleasure when her teacher moved the head of his penis deeper into the tiny opening hidden between her vaginal lips. Her breath escaped in an explosive gasp as he pushed the bulbous end of his swollen penis against the narrow entrance to her vagina.

Sally shook her head in sudden panic as she realized what he was trying to do. "Mr. Best! No!" Oh God! Was she going to be knocked up, just like Ellie was?

Bob Best increased the pressure as he tried to enter his fat, little schoolgirl. Damn! This was good. She was tighter than he'd expected. He wondered about her as she cried out softy when she felt his cock pressing against the resistance of her virginal opening.

"No. Stop," the girl said in a soft, frightened voice but her teacher pushed again, much harder and the frightened youngster felt herself stretch under the pressure as he sought admission to her young body. "I don't want to," she whimpered in fear as she felt herself stretching to accommodate the bulbous head of her teacher's erection as it slowly expanded her vaginal entrance. She tried again to say no but it was already too late. The pressure on her reluctant opening gradually increased and she felt the bulbous tip of his penis begin to enter her. "Oh no. No. Take it out. Please stop?" But she knew now that her teacher was not going to stop. She held her breath, waiting for the unbearable agony that she had heard about from her friends but nothing happened. Her velvet soft vaginal passage was already wet and slippery and when the big man pushed again, the pressure released as the tip of his penis slid effortlessly into her. Her teacher made no effort to penetrate her further and she was so relieved at the absence of pain that she did nothing to resist him when he began to move the tip of his penis inside her.

Bob Best savoured the tight clasp of the young girl's cuntmouth and he fucked her gently, just an inch inside her never used vagina. He could tell that, despite her meek, tearful protests, she was aroused. Her big, white breasts heaved and jiggled with her sobbing intakes of breath and he knew the sobs were due more to passion than fear.

The helpless girl felt a brief sharp pain as her teacher penetrated her tight passage another inch. The pain was gone in a moment but she knew that she was no longer a virgin. Her eyes filled with tears at the loss of her innocence and she wondered if there would be blood. Her teacher continued to move the end of his penis just inside her vaginal passage and the pang of regret evaporated as she felt the sensation explode through her body. For the young girl it was mildly uncomfortable for a moment until her muscles adjusted, then the waves of pleasure returned and rocked through her plump body. She felt her teacher's cock advance inch by inch, filling and stretching her young cunt and sending pulses of pain and pleasure rocketing through every nerve in her body.

Bob stifled his deflowered, young schoolgirl's cries with his mouth and savoured the smooth tightness of her virgin passage as it clasped his fevered erection like a hot velvet glove. He felt every ridge and vein inside her as her vaginal muscles spasmed involuntarily and squeezed his throbbing cock until he thought he would come without moving himself.

Thirteen-year-old Sally whimpered softly as her body adjusted to the massive invasion and her schoolteacher paused to give her time to recover. She could feel his pulse inside her belly as his cock throbbed in eager readiness and as his lips brushed hers he whispered softly to her. Her teacher was inside her and she had barely struggled against him. She'd led him on but she had never expected him to actually put it inside her and she was amazed at how easily it had happened. He began to move within her and the pain returned. She whimpered like a hurt puppy each time his engorged penis thrust back into her sore vagina and she wondered if he knew how much he was hurting her. The exquisite sensation returned almost immediately. The young girl began to moan with pleasure and her hips were already arching up automatically toward him when the man grunted and made a fierce thrust, his firm hips molding against the soft flesh of hers, his hard belly crushing the soft convexity of her own. She felt something give inside as the man pushed at her cervix and she was paralyzed with the sensations. But then her hips took on an awkward but rhythmic rocking motion that she had no control over and she knew instinctively that she was about to climax only it was somehow different than before.

The girl's orgasm peaked and it seemed as if the incredible sensation would never end. Hot thrills rocketed through her belly and she gasped and grunted and panted in the throes of her juvenile passion. But then she felt her teacher's body tense and stiffen. He crushed his lips against hers and drove his tongue between her lips in the same moment that, with a single determined thrust, he forced his penis even deeper into her tight vagina.

She clenched her bottom lip between her teeth to stem the cry of pain as his swollen organ stretched her tiny passage. She shuddered uncontrollably when she felt his sperm explode deep inside her. She screamed with feral emotion as another orgasm engulfed her, and left her limp with exhaustion.

Bob settled down on the young girl's lax body as the involuntary squeezes and ripples of her tight passage milked the semen from his reservoir. Her big, soft breasts rolled plastically under his chest and her flesh was plastered moistly to his as he ground bruisingly against her bulging, hairless mons. He stayed there, enjoying the hot, liquid well that surrounded his wilting penis and he wondered if she would stay late with him another day.

Sally felt her teacher's softening penis slip from inside her and looked down to see traces of her blood on the end of it.

"You shouldn't have done that," she said tonelessly. "You're my teacher. You're not s'posed to do it with your students."

"I'm sorry Sally. I couldn't control it. And you started it by playing with yourself."

"You're not sorry at all. I said no, but you did it anyway, so it was rape. You raped me Mr. Best."

"Was it so bad?" he said gently. "Didn't you enjoy it?"

"Yeah... I guess so... but... like," she stammered meekly as she lay beside him. "But I'm scairt that you knocked me up."

"No, Sally. I've had an operation," Bob lied. "I can't make you pregnant and you're so lovely... so good... I'd like to do this again."

It was very late before young Sally made her way home. Mr. Best had demonstrated his skills and after sixty-nine had restored his thick penis to its full strength he had taken the girl on her knees and astride. By the time she left she had difficulty walking but her teacher had made her a willing partner for further adventures.

Bob was drained after his second orgasm in the young girl but his mind dwelled on the delight of fucking the young ones. Next year he would have no students above Grade Six and he'd been evaluating the class looking forward to that time. They were too young now and really they would still be too young next year but... Three of the six girls in Grade Five had missed a year of school and were already almost twelve. Two of the others, though younger, were as precociously developed as Sally and the thought of more Sally's caused his cunt-chafed cock to twitch with desire.