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Middle School Mischief is a continuation of Grade School Grazing and Middle School Mischief at Dorset. The following is a background summary and update of the principal characters.

Bob Best is the teacher at the Elementary School at Dorset, a small village near Middleville. Last year he had to marry his landlord's busty, sixteen- year-old daughter Priscilla Wilson who, in early August, delivered their daughter. Bob's sixteen-year-old sister, Audrey Best has come to live with them and help care for her new niece.

Reverend Ebenezer Wilson, Priscilla's father is a libidinous preacher who is married to the voluptuous Lucinda. She has also just delivered a daughter. The baby is, in fact, the result of Lucinda's guiltily reluctant dalliance with her stepson in law, Bob Best. Wilson's other daughter, thirteen-year-old Leena is staying with her grandmother but her baby, born at about the same time as Lucinda's and also sired by Bob Best, is being passed off as a twin to Lucinda's baby. Molly Hawkins, Lucinda's fifteen-year-old niece is staying with the family to care for the two babies.

Reverend Orest Saunders has been engaged to assist Reverend Wilson. He is a widower with two children who has just returned from four years in Africa. His children are fourteen-year-old (almost fifteen) twins, Fran, a plump virgin and Floyd, a predatory nerd.

Jack Allen began last year as a teacher at Middleville but his job was cancelled because of a change of school plans. He has returned to be Principal of the new Middleville Secondary School that accommodates grades seven through twelve in three classrooms. The new school includes apartments for the three teachers. Jack is boarding with the Widow Miller and her daughters while he awaits completion of his apartment at the school.

Beth Safic has returned to Middleville where she had conducted a brief study (at Dorset) last year and got to know (in the biblical sense) Reverend Wilson and fourteen year old (nearly fifteen) Jason. She is one of the three teachers in Middleville Secondary.

Chapter 1: Available Annette

Last year had been a bummer for Jack Allen. Right after he arrived at Middleville to take up his teaching duties the larger of the two pig farms that had brought on the new prosperity was closed because of failure to comply with environmental laws. The plans for a big school were abandoned and Jack was suddenly unemployed.

Luckily he was rehired at his old school and for the past year he had been a model of propriety. More or less. He had enjoyed the ongoing delights of the girls he'd had during the previous year and successfully had fought the temptation to seduce any others.

And now he was back only this time as Principal. Of course Middleville Middle School wasn't what had been envisioned. There were only three teachers and it included all of grades seven through twelve but it was still better than an ordinary teaching job.

There would be an apartment for him at the school but it was not yet complete and in the meantime he was to board with Widow Miller and her two daughters. Actually there were four daughters but only two lived at home. Cute and busty twelve-year-old Sue and Amazonian fourteen-year-old Tina lived with their mother. Pious, pretty eighteen-year-old Sally worked in an office in the city and boarded there and big assed, nineteen- year-old Annette was a clerk in a store in a neighboring town and she often came home on the weekend. The Widow Miller herself had a certain appeal although she was almost on the shady side of forty. She was quite pretty and not well endowed in the tit category but she had massive thighs and a large, bobbly ass that invited exploration. And she wasn't really a widow. Divorce was frowned on in her religious circles so people just began calling her a widow. And they similarly cast a blind eye at the frequent overnight visits by her preacher brother in law although several of the women felt that he was cheating on them.

Of course Jack knew little of this. He'd had a look at Bev, Tina and Sue when he arrived yesterday but that was about all. And today, Sunday, they were all at church when he got out of bed. Last night he had heard when Annette arrived home but he hadn't got up to meet her. He figured that she had gone to church with the others so he wore only his polo pajamas when he came downstairs.

Annette was horny. Very horny! Her boss had not screwed her for almost a month, the longest she'd gone without being fucked since her uncle had initiated her seven years ago. But her boss had found another employee to screw, a younger grocery clerk who had big tits and a soft body. Annette had her eye on one of her co-workers but he was married and shy and, so far, she had not lured him into bed. When she saw the big, handsome schoolteacher, she immediately decided she could use him for temporary relief.

"Have they dragged you off to church, Jack?" she asked when he came downstairs. "This is a religious family, you know," she added with an ironic smile.

"Not yet. But I may go tonight," Jack replied, wondering what her strange smile meant. And it seemed like a good idea to go to church like the locals did, even if he wasn't really into church stuff. "Are you religious, Annette?"

"In a way, Jack. Uncle John is a preacher and he taught me to worship a few years ago." She chuckled inwardly as she recalled how her incestuous uncle had persuaded her that God had directed him to show her about the sinful ways of the flesh. Maybe I can show you the special chapel where he first showed me the way to heaven."

Jack was puzzled by what she said. The quirky smile that played at the corner of her mouth implied that there was something strange about her conversion and he could not help but notice the way she wriggled her hips as if to emphasize her words.

"Why sure, Annette. I'd like to see it," he said although he really wasn't that interested in any chapel.

"C'mon, then. Lets go now. It's right here in the house."

The young woman, wearing a flannel bathrobe over her sheer, shorty nightgown, led him through the kitchen to a door he had not noticed before. She opened it, revealing a stairway, and she led him up the stairs. At the top of the stairs was another door and, behind it was a small, plain room with a low, sloping ceiling.

"This is my uncle's chapel. And that's the altar where he makes sacrifices to his Lord," Annette said, pointing to a thin, bare mattress that was on the floor. It was the only thing resembling furniture in the room.

The schoolteacher looked at her quizzically. He was sure she was putting him on but he couldn't understand how or why.

"Hmmm... Yeah? It's a strange chapel?"

"Well Jack, Uncle John is a strange preacher. And he has strange ideas about praying, too. Maybe I can show you how we prayed together."

"Uh, sure," Jack replied. "I guess so."

The young woman shrugged the robe off her shoulders and stood there in her nightgown. It was flimsy and sheer and barely reached mid- thighs. He noted that her legs were thick and heavy but well shaped with full thighs and large calves. Her breasts were full and not very large but he could see through the almost transparent nightie the large, dark circles of her areola and the thick, oversized nipples that punched out the flimsy fabric. He could see also the dark triangle above the juncture of her heavy thighs.

"Uncle John looked at me the same way you are," the young woman said with a smile. "I was only twelve then but I haven't changed much." She noted the impressive bulge under his polo pajamas and added, "And his religion showed the way yours is showing, too." She looked brazenly at Jack's bulging crotch.

"Hmmm... I see," Jack replied. He was beginning to guess what her uncle had done and it seemed like she was offering herself to him for the same thing. But he didn't make a move. If he was going to screw his landlady's daughter he wanted to be certain it was her idea.

"He told me that I had to make a sacrifice," Annette continued. She bent down and flipped the thin mattress over. "And there's the blood of the sacrificial lamb." She pointed to a dark, circular stain on the mattress and there could be no doubt that she was saying that it was the blood of her lost virginity.

"I think I'll like praying with you, Annette. Shall we kneel?"

"You're cute, Jack. Do you think he was awful to do that? I mean to seduce his twelve year old niece?" As she spoke, she knelt on all fours and her nightie rode up on her hips, revealing that she wore nothing under it. She had a fabulous ass, he could see.

"I can understand why he did it, Annette, if you looked anything like this at twelve. You're lovely," Jack said as he dropped to his knees beside her and pushed down his pajamas. "Did you pray with him often?"

The horny, young woman grasped the man's erect penis and gasped when she realized how big it was. Her uncle and her second lover, her boss, had been of average dimensions and she shivered with anticipation as she fondled the schoolteacher's large dong. She'd heard that a big cock was really great, and now she'd find out.

"Every other week he would bring me up here to pray. It was two years before I realized what he was doing. But, by then, I didn't care. It was too much fun. Can I tell you about it? I mean, that first time? I've never told anyone before."

"I'd like that, Annette." Jack moved in behind the kneeling woman and slipped his throbbing cock up between her thighs to bump the moist softness of her hair-wreathed vulva.

"This is how he started me, Jack," the young woman said as she directed the bulbous knob between the swollen lips of her cunt. "He got me to kneel like this and he put his cock... he didn't call it a cock that day... he called it God's staff... on my cunt and he rubbed it up and down, like this." She moved his hard prick up and down in the humid crevice as she spoke. "He did that for a while and he got me all hot and bothered. I hadn't even fingered myself before that so I didn't know what to expect. But I liked it. I thought I was really finding God's way."

Jack was getting anxious and he tried to push into her quim but she wouldn't let him. "No, Jack. Not that way. Not yet. Uncle John kept doing that to me until I was almost ready to cum. Only I didn't know what cum was. Oh yes. Like that! He was playing with my breasts, too."

Jack pushed her nightie higher, up around her shoulders and then fondled her oversized nipples, pinching and tugging the thick, long, rubbery cylinders and, at the same time, caressing the firm curves of her large buttocks.

"Let me lie down now. On my back." Annette twisted away and rolled over on her back, spreading her heavy thighs wide and then pulling him between them. She had both hands on his tool, stroking it, and she tilted her pelvis, her swollen cuntlips parting as she offered herself to him.

"That's what he told me to do. Lie down like this and spread my legs. He said my pussy was wet because Satan was in me and he'd have to drive him out. Then he told me to hold God's staff like this. But he didn't have a cock like yours. I'd have been scared outa my tree if he had. He said that he was going to use it to drive Satan from me and that I'd know when Satan was gone because I would feel a glorious sense of release. He said it would hurt a bit at first when he destroyed the barrier Satan had put there. He's a scheming devil, isn't he? I mean, to tell an innocent child such nonsense. But he was right in a couple of ways. It did hurt, at first. And I felt a glorious sense of release. And I've wanted the devil driven out of me again and again, ever since."

"Aaaahhhhh... oohhhh Gawwd... that's good..." Annette sighed as Jim penetrated her snug, wet cuntsheath. "I never took anyone as big as you before, Jack. I love it. You sure don't leave any room for Satan in there, do you?" She raised her knees, positioning her feet flat on the mattress and levering her wide hips up at him. Her large thighs clasped his hips warmly and she undulated with the skill of experience. Her immoral uncle had obviously been a good teacher.

"Jeeze, you're good, Annette. I love the way your cunt squeezes when you rock that lovely ass," and he drove hard into her, grinding against her firm fucksaddle at the bottom of his thrust.

"Unnh... Gawwd... unnh... you're going right through me, Jack. Unnngh... I love it... love your big cock..." He felt her tempo quicken and he increased his own to match. "Hannh... Gawwd... hannh... gonna cum..." she panted. Then, suddenly, she gasped, "My God! You're not wearing a condom! You can't go in me! It's not safe!"

"I won't go, baby," Jack promised, hoping he could keep that vow. "Just let me make you cum, Annette. I want to do that."

"Hannh... annh... will you? Hannh... can you?"

"I don't want to but I can."

"Hannh... quick... oh God yes... I'm cumming... fuck me... fuck me lover." The young woman's heavy legs wrapped around his hips and she arched up to him, writhing against him as she orgasmed. He felt the spasmodic clasp of her sheath and, with great difficulty, kept from exploding into her as she bucked and wriggled beneath him.

"Oohhh Gawwd... that was good... oohhh Jack... I'm sorry... I just didn't dare let you cum too... not without a condom. But I'll make it up to you. Do you want to... like... go in my ass? Or I can suck you, if you'd rather?"

"You don't have to, Annette. Just feeling you cum was great for me," and he cupped the firmness of her large buttocks.

"But... like... have you ever done it? I mean... in a girl's ass?"

"No, I haven't," he lied. "Have you ever taken it that way?"

"Uncle John... when he didn't have a safe... he used to do me that way... You probably think I'm awful but I kind of like it. Not as much as in my pussy but... like... it's different. Do you want to try?"

"You have a lovely ass, Annette. Yes, baby, I'd love to fuck you in the ass..." and he withdrew from her steamy twat.

The young woman rolled over and knelt on all fours. Then she lowered her shoulders so that they were resting on the mattress and looked back at him. "Wet your cock in my cunt, Jack. Get lots of juice on it so it'll slide in without hurting. God, the first time Uncle John fucked me that way, I didn't know what to think."

Jack caressed the fullness of her big ass, and then spread the cheeks apart. He slid his cock into her cuntsheath and, for a minute or so, he spread her profuse juices from her cunthole to her anus, teasing the tiny, puckered rosebud and sending renewed thrills through the woman's body.

"Put it in, Jack! Put it in!" Annette gasped as he fingered her clit. "I want to be fucked in the ass, Jack baby. I want it!" and she reached back to pull her asscheeks apart and aid his entry.

Bending down as she was, Annette's hips flared out widely and Jack directed the tip of his organ to the crinkled, brown circle with just a tiny, black opening in the centre. He pushed and saw the elastic ring widen as the glistening, purple knob stretched the oft-entered sphincter.

"Oohhhh Gawwwd... I hope it'll fit..." the horny, young woman moaned as she felt a twinge of discomfort. Suddenly the ring-muscle popped and admitted the thick, bulbous knob. "Hunnnnghh!" Annette wailed from the combination of pain and pleasure. The pain passed immediately but her belly churned at the intrusion into her anal passage.

"My God, Annette! It's tight as a virgin's cunt!"

"Yeah baby... and it will be tight when you fuck it again... now give it to me, lover. I want to feel that big cock all the way up into my belly." She pushed her big ass back at him and he slid deeper and deeper into her hot bowels until his throbbing penis was buried completely. The woman wriggled her lush ass and, reaching back between her legs, she cupped and tugged his heavily swaying balls.

"Oh God, Annette! Oh God! You're going to make me cum!"

Annette fucked her lovely ass back at him and, excited beyond reason, Jack pushed hard. "Huummmmph!" she grunted and she fell forward. He pulled himself higher on her pillowing buttocks, squirming between the firm, melonlike hemispheres, and he fucked the tight channel with increasing tempo.

The skillful woman's hand was beneath her body, still playing with his love eggs as she panted, "Cum baby... cummm... wanta feel you cum..."

"Haannnnhhh... annnhhhh...", the man gasped as his well primed load surged through his cock and into the clasping depths of her asshole. She rocked her hips, making her big buttocks roll and she milked his lust- cream into the safe haven of her educated asshole.

"Oohhh God, Annette. That was good," he sighed as the last drops were discharged into her. He stayed on her for a few minutes, relishing the warm, cushioning feel of her round, quivering ass and then he withdrew. He noted that, when he pulled out, the opening gaped from being stretched but he knew that she'd soon regain that virgin tightness.

"God, Jack. I'll be home every weekend from now on. You're great. I hope you haven't been trying the same thing with my kid sisters?"

"You know they're too young, Annette," he said, remembering how desirable they were.

"They're old enough... Tina is older than I was when Uncle John got my cherry. And that little minx, Sue, is asking for it. I'll bet she's already been fucked. Just stay away from them. And Sally, too, when she comes home. But she's so religious I don't think there's any risk there."

Jack's cock was sore from the tightness of Annette's nether orifice but the delightful friction had also sensitized it. By the time the rest of the family got home from church his organ was in a semi-erect state and it remained like that until, after he went to bed, he masturbated with the big fourteen-year-old girl Tina as his fantasy partner.

On Monday, the first day of school, Jack took special notice of his Homeroom class and especially the nubile Grade 7 and 8 girls. Damn! It was going to be difficult to control his libido in this environment.

Chapter 2: Beth's Big Boy

Beth Safic thought that she should be paid more than they offered her. After all, she did have a Master's degree. But she wanted to teach and Middleville was a good opportunity because it was a quiet, church-oriented community. And it was neat in a way to have an apartment that was right in the schoolhouse but she knew she could have found a boardinghouse that would have charged her less than the rent the School Board assessed as part of her salary. And maybe she just didn't play her cards right.

As she dressed for her first day of school Beth cupped and hefted her newly acquired DD bosom. Like the man who was always afraid he was too small where it counted, Beth had always felt like she was flat chested although her natural endowment was really quite sufficient to leave no doubt about her womanhood. She straightened up, conscious of the extra weight that tended to round her shoulders. And as usual, the downward drag of the heavy globes dragged her thoughts down too. Down to the constantly hungry, hair-wreathed mouth between her legs. Damn! Ever since the breast surgery she'd been incessantly horny, even more than before.

Beth harnessed her large boobs into an expensive brassiere that held them high and made them look even larger than their considerable size. She chuckled as she recalled how Reverend Joshua Scroggins had kept slyly peeking at them when he had interviewed her for the job. She shuddered as she remembered also her unpleasant earlier experience with the other minister, Reverend Wilson. Had it not been for that she might have perhaps given Scroggins something more to remember. Maybe she could have persuaded him to up the pay ante a bit? He wasn't bad looking, at least not for a man well into his fifties. Damn! Why hadn't she at least tried?

When the German pig farm shut down and the School Board had to make major changes to their ambitious plans the school building was already well underway so it became necessary to innovate. The teachers' apartments were one of the innovations. Beth was in one of them and Mrs. Bartley in another. The third one was not yet complete but when it was, Jack Allen the Principal would move in. In the meantime he was boarding with Widow Miller and her family.

Beth's classroom was the Homeroom for grades nine and ten. Immediately behind her desk was a door that led to her office and to the left of her office desk was another door that led to her apartment. Through that door was a narrow hallway. To the right was her bedroom, to the left the kitchen and straight ahead was the living room/dining room. And it was all tastefully furnished including a queen-sized bed and, in the bathroom, a bidet. The German representative on the School Board had suggested this European feature. Mrs. Bartley whose classroom was home for grades eleven and twelve and Mr. Allen who had the grade seven and eight homeroom had similar layouts although, as noted, Mr. Allen's wasn't yet ready for him to move in.

But for Beth Safic the best part of it all wasn't the office, although few first-year teachers got an office, nor was it the very comfortable apartment. It was when today she had her first look at the students in her Homeroom. Thirteen-year-old Mary MacLean got her attention right away, partly because the cute youngster sat in the front row but also because of her apparent timidity. Beth liked girls, but especially she liked the docile ones. And she was sure she would be able to get to know Mary very well. And then she noticed Floyd Saunders. God, he was pretty. It would be like fucking a girl, she thought, but a girl with a real cock, not a dildo. And then she discovered the presence in her homeroom of Jason Jenkins, the boy who had given her his virginity last year and who had also given her the most satisfying fuck of her life. When she saw him in her classroom her pussy swelled and moistened just from the memory.

The teacher's pussy was not the only thing that swelled. Young Jason blushed with shame and embarrassment when he saw his new teacher. For months he had been stroking his member every night as he tried to remember exactly how it had felt to be in the beautiful, lovely older woman. Did it really happen? Had this vision of loveliness actually told him to fuck her? Told him she loved his big cock? It must have been a dream. A sinful dream.

It was hard to imagine, looking at him, that such a cuddly, plump, soft boy could have so much that was so hard. The schoolteacher's loins were liquid with the desire to have the young teen again. She was sure that she'd got his virginity that day but it was tainted because Reverend Wilson had set it up. And they were both drugged. Had Jason been with anyone else? She couldn't get his virginity again but maybe he was still pure?

Beth Safic's cavernous vagina had never been filled like young Jason had filled it. Not before and not since. But that one time had ignited a huge need within her. Sure, her trusty dildo Whilly was as big but gel filled plastic wasn't like real meat and what the boy had between his legs was real meat. Oh God! What was she going to do?

One by one her students shyly introduced themselves. At least, most of them were shy. Floyd Saunders was an exception although his twin sister, Fran, seemed quite timid. And Jason had stammered and had blushed scarlet when Beth mentioned that they knew one another from her visit to Dorset. "By the way, Jason, I have completed my report of that visit and if you'd like to see it I can show it to you after class."

"Uh... uh sure, Ms. Safic," the boy said in his soft voice. Was she asking him because... ? Oh God. His heart jumped with hope and his semi-hard cock jumped also. No. No, it couldn't be that.

Beth went through the usual formalities of the first day of school and, shortly before noon, she dismissed the class. "But Jason, if you'd like we can review that report before you go home. Don't worry, your school rated pretty high."

The boy glanced around but nobody seemed to take note of what Ms. Safic said so he went to her desk as the others trooped out the door. But somebody had noticed. Floyd Saunders saw how the two looked at one another and with wisdom in these matters that belied his years he guessed that there was something other than a simple report that bonded these two. What had happened last year? He left with the others but he was determined to find out more.

"It's more comfortable in my apartment," Beth said as she led the nervous boy through her office and into the apartment hallway. "But we won't tell anyone that we met here, will we?" She turned right and led him into her bedroom with the bed still unmade from this morning.

Jason knew now for sure that she was going to make love to him again and he could hardly breathe. She moved in close behind him and he felt her huge breasts pressing into his back. And then her hand snaked around and grasped the bulge in his pants.

Even though he didn't want to, Jason suddenly became limp at her touch, and he allowed her to revolve his body facing her. No sooner had he looked into her dark eyes than she bent toward him and pressed a firm wet kiss on his open mouth. For what seemed like an eternity she held him against her, squirming her tongue deeply into his mouth and pressing it tightly against the back of his throat. Her hands gently stroked his face and his arms hung loosely at his sides. At last she released his head, and she moved herself back from him a little, a wicked little smile coming across her face. Jason was awestruck. She was going to make love to him again.

And then his schoolteacher took one of his hands in hers and slipped it into her blouse to one of the huge, bra-encased breasts. Instinctively he squeezed it as she moved her own hand to his crotch, laying it lightly along the massive ridge growing again in his pants.

He almost panicked when her hands left him but then her brassiere was gone and his own hand was filled with the pliant fleshiness of a large, naked breast. His hand was constricted tightly around the smooth fleshy mound of her naked tit, squeezing it and releasing as he delighted in the hardness of her sex-tight nipple pressing tightly against his palm.

Beth was as excited as the teenaged schoolboy as she reached to his belt buckle and unfastened it, running her hand along his zipper and pulling it down. Jason allowed his pants to drop to the ground and rapidly removed his cock stretched shorts. Standing before her half naked, he sighed nervously as she peeled her clothing from her body, squirming out of her skirt and arching her back as she pulled her blouse from her large, luscious breasts, dropping her clothing on top of Jason's.

The schoolteacher gasped at the huge size of the young penis that was thrusting from between his legs. It was even bigger than she remembered and she could see the young cock flesh seethe and pulse in his sexual arousal, the tip was like a red, rubber ball balanced on top of the excitedly throbbing column.

The sight of his teacher's trim, large-breasted nakedness was turning his prick into a heated rod of sexual delight, purple and swollen with his desire-throbbing blood pumping through it. Beth wanted to feel it ramming in and out of her cunt, wanted to feel the amazing length reach deep into her pussy and fill her belly with his searing, burning sperm like it had that one other time. She couldn't wait any longer. She had to have him now.

Moving her body against the boy's softly quivering flesh, she encircled his naked waist with her arms, pulling him tightly against her, pressing his thick, hot cock firmly against her naked belly and allowing her large breasts to flatten as they rubbed against his smooth chest. Had he had anyone else since she got his virginity? From the way he was acting she was sure that his passions would be so heated and uncontrollable that she would be swept away in the fiery force of his lust, and that was what she wanted.

Jason was certain he was in heaven. He had masturbated for months with the image of this beautiful woman in his mind but he never thought it would come true. His eyes drank in his teacher's total sensuous beauty. Her neck was long and graceful, and her marvelous breasts were two jiggly, luscious mountains of flesh, the turgid, bright red nipples gazing back at him like two eyes. He feasted his eyes on the large breasts, swollen with the flood of her lust-aroused blood, and Jason remembered how soft they had felt when he'd squeezed them. They rested on her heaving chest like melons ripe for the picking. Farther down, her belly was smooth and flat, curving gracefully at her flaring hips, hips that were well rounded without being the least bit fatty. The inward pucker of her navel was like a fleshy hole, set deep in the luscious, silky skin of her belly, and finally, there, down there, where she was the most a woman, the dainty, hair fringed hole of her naked pussy, already palpitating as she lowered her naked body onto the carpeted floor, opened her thighs, and showed Jason the pink, wetly glistening lips of her hungry vagina. She spread her legs and held out her arms, inviting him to mount her open and cock-hungry body.

This time the fourteen-year-old boy knew he wasn't dreaming. His beautiful schoolteacher was lying naked and open, waiting for him to fuck her. His eyes were fixed on her already hotly flexing cunt and almost fearfully his hands passed lightly across her naked belly, delighting in the sensual sensations of his first fully conscious contact with nude female flesh and he found the new feeling rippling up through his fingertips delightful. He wanted to miss nothing, wanted to feel everything.

The boy lowered his body closer to hers and pressed his lips tightly against hers, driving his tongue deeply into her throat as she had done to him before, thrilling at the lascivious sensation it caused. Keeping his body from resting too heavily on hers, he ran his hand over the high mound of one luscious, naked tit. Had he been more experienced he would have realized that these marvelous mammaries were artificially enhanced for the tips did not flatten like natural ones would but remained delightfully high and firm. Palming the full globe he squeezed it as he had once before, only this time he did it slowly and deliberately, closing his fingers into the soft, warm gland. Her nipple was tight and hard, and he tapered his fingers around her breast, closing the tips of his fingers around the budding hardness of her nipple. He was a little surprised at what happened.

His teacher stiffened her body and brought her hands into play, reaching along his tense body and gripping tightly around his huge, heavily throbbing young cock. For a moment, Jason was embarrassed but soon that passed away as he felt her warm, slender fingers pull lightly at his prick, stroking it slowly and lavishly. And then a thought hit Jason. She was doing the same thing to him that he had done to himself so many times as he dreamed of her.

Instinctively, his hand left her breast and coursed down her body, burying itself in the fleecy mound of her pubic hair and fingering the openly spread slit of her warm, moist vagina. It was wet and soft as his finger slithered into it, pressing tightly against the now hungrily clasping lips of her vagina, and he liked the sensations. Moving his hand farther down her cunt, he wormed his middle fuck finger deeply into the oily well, reaching with it as far up inside as he could while the palm of his hand massaged her whole pubic area. His schoolteacher's hips were lifting and failing against his slowly fucking finger and she spread her legs wider apart, stretching her cuntal opening to the delirious plunging of his hand. The boy wormed another finger into her cunt and again drove his tongue deeply into her mouth, delighting as she licked against his with her own tongue.

Beth gently stroked the thick shaft, marveling at the smoothness of the taut skin that was stretched over the steel-like hardness and she could sense from the pulsing that he was close to climax. And she didn't want to give him a handjob. She had better things in mind for that mammoth fucktool.

Jason moaned with pleasure from his schoolteacher's gentle stroking hand pulling and moving his cock and then she was fondling his aching, sperm-laden testicles and drawing him down between her legs.

He'd fucked once before, fucked this same wonderful woman, and now instinct took over. Holding his thickly throbbing young cock in one hand and looking at her deep, dark eyes, he teased the tip of his cock along the hotly seething slit of her cunt, resisting the temptation to fuck it immediately up into the softly waiting folds of her pussy.

Beth smiled through the hotly searing desire that was washing through her mind. She had waited so long for this, and now it was going to happen. Her legs opened as far as she could force them, exposing her deliciously quivering pussy fully in anticipation of his first forceful and brutal inward fuck.

Jason knelt between his schoolteacher's nakedly splayed thighs and again gripped his heavy young cock tightly in his hand, running the bulbous mushroom along the pulpy, oily slit as he watched her arch her shapely hips up against him in an effort to engulf his penis with the hungrily flaring lips of her aroused cunt. It was heaven. He placed the tip of his cock against the eagerly pulsing opening and slipped his swollen young hardness slowly up into the elastic sheath. Farther and farther he drove his cock into her, inch by cunt-stretching inch until he had driven his full length into the greedily churning depths of the woman's belly, touching the soft sensual walls at the back of her cuntal chamber. When he was at last deeply imbedded in her vagina, he lowered his body down on top of her and began fucking with the full force of his lust-driven young hips, again and again driving his cock into the sensitively gripping walls of her seething cunt.

"Yesss Jason! Oohhh Gawwd yesss!" Beth cried out as his cock fucked deeper and deeper up into her. This was what she'd been waiting for. She gasped and hissed between her tightly clenched teeth as a wave of intensely delightful pleasure washed through her nakedly quivering form. "Yaaahhhh! Fuck me! Aahhh Gawwd!" she cried out again as the boy's mammoth pole battered her cervix and threatened to force its way right up into her womb.

As soon as her student had established the quick, instinctive little fucking motions, she undulated her hips to match his, driving her lower body down against his deeply fucking hardness with the same brutal force he fucked it into her. She timed her motions perfectly, matching his thrusts with hers, and withdrawing her cunt as he pulled his penis along the slippery folds of her cunt for yet another brutal inward thrust. Again and again their naked bodies smashed together, her lust-swollen breasts thrusting up sensuously against his hairless chest, her aching nipples rubbing against his smooth skin, sending wave after searing wave of surging delight coursing through her breasts and racing to the swelling fires raging deep within her cunt below. She reached out with her hands and firmly gripped his rhythmically bouncing buttocks, holding him tightly against her writhing pussy, opening and pulling his cock as deeply into her as was possible. She grunted aloud each time the boy's mammoth cock battered her cervix but the pain of being so deeply skewered was minor compared to the satisfaction she was getting from once again being completely fucked by a real cock. She revolved her hips in lewd little circles to accent the inward thrusts of his penis in her vaginal passage and she clenched the hotly gripping walls of her burning pussy around the searing, torching rod sunk so deep within her.

Each thrust was like being in a sexual heaven. Her mind was gripped in a sheet of blazing flame as she thrashed her nakedly sweating body faster and faster, losing the rhythm and jerking her body about beneath him in mindless abandonment. Her hips were moving with a feral rhythm, the crack of her lush ass being slapped by the freely swinging balls at the base of Jason's deeply fucking cock, her juicy cunt making lewd, wet sluicing noises as her motions smeared their profuse fluids all around in the tangled curls of their tightly enmeshed pubic hairs.

Jason was beyond himself in the total pleasure and he too broke the fucking rhythm, bobbing his ass in deeply driving thrusts, his heavily throbbing young fourteen year old cock pumping into her like a piston in an over worked steam engine. He could feel the mounting pressures of his semen pushing against the bulbous head of his penis, begging for relief, but he tightened his stomach muscles and prevented his sperm from erupting too soon. He wanted this moment to last forever, and he was determined to do just that. Again and again he drove his cock in and out of the slippery, tightly clasping walls of her vagina, driving his cock with a brutal force against the hotly pulsing bottom of her belly so deep within her wetly gushing cuntal folds.

Finally, he knew he could hold his thick, hot sperm in his cock no longer. He gritted his teeth and breathed in hisses, driving his burgeoned penis into her for one final thrust before it exploded. Holding his cock deeply into the seething passage, pressing it tightly against the bottom of her belly up inside, he arched his back and tightened his whole body as his surging semen jetted from his smoldering rod and glutted her cunt with the first torching rush of his thick, milky-white cum. His cock was like a geyser in the hot, wet folds of her pussy, jetting out his wetly creaming sperm into her hole again and again in a seemingly unending flood of sexual juices.

Beth could feel the seething heat of his sperm splash heatedly against her tightening vaginal walls. As he arched his back and drove the base of his cock harder against her clitoral bud, she tightened and stiffened her body, pressing her pussy hard up against his body and crying out insanely, wildly, as the intensity of her orgasm burst through her body in a sheet of blinding, mind-searing flame.

"Aaaarrrggghhhh! The schoolteacher's animal-like cry echoed in the room as she thrashed and bucked her naked loins up hard against Jason's powerful young thighs. Her body was covered in a fine film of sweat, and her pussy opening was flooded to overflowing with the boy's sperm-laden semen.

But, his young balls still not empty; Jason again and again thrust his heavily exploding cock into the hungrily churning depths of his teacher's cunt. He was blasting his sperm inward and each time his prick exploded anew in the hungrily devouring walls of her pussy, he felt a fresh wave of lascivious delight race through his body. Their naked thighs banged and slapped together, making lewd slurping noises as they fucked their trembling bodies to the point of exhaustion, wringing and squeezing from their sexual organs every drop of cum they could.

Finally, however, Jason began to slow his movements, easing up on the violence with which he rammed his bursting cock into her cunt. Ramming and thrusting his cock slower and slower, Jason gasped for breath, panting as he forced his slowly waning penis beyond normal limits until he was just too exhausted to fuck her any longer. With a heavy, weighty sigh, he collapsed on top of the still trembling and thrashing body beneath him, his cock already beginning to shrivel and withdraw from the still tightly gripping hole. His arms flayed out and he turned his head, resting totally on the jerking body of his schoolteacher. At last he rolled over, removing his weight from the gasping girl, his cock now limp and lifeless, drooping along one cum-glistening thigh.

His schoolteacher's body was still gasping and jerking slightly, her still openly spread cunt seeping out small droplets and trickles of his sperm. At last, she was calm enough to speak, though she could think of nothing to say that would express the total satisfaction she was feeling. Each time Jason touched her body, new waves of utter delight rippled through her breasts and cunt, and she reached out to stroke the now limp penis drooping between his thighs. Finally, even the delirious little ripples ceased flowing through her body, and she was again in full possession of her mind.

"Can you stay after school on Wednesday?" Beth didn't dare do a repeat tomorrow for it might be too evident but the next day should be okay. And right now she felt as if she could wait even longer but she'd wanted this boy's mammoth tool for too long to wait any more than she had to.

"Uh... sure Ms. Safic. Whatever you say." The boy was drained and a bit afraid but this was his teacher so he knew he had to do what she wanted.

After the boy left Beth lay naked on the floor and congratulated herself on her choice of schools. There would be a variety for her, big and little ones, and she could hardly wait to find out who and how.

Chapter 3: Ploughing Priscilla

Reverend Wilson shook the water from his coat as he entered his office. Then he placed the bottle of Jack Daniels on his desk, took off his coat and sat down. Damn. It was going to be a bad harvest with so much rain. He took a small glass from the top left drawer of his desk and poured a stiff drink. Vengeance was on his mind as it had been for the past week, ever since the lab results had come back to him.

To a casual observer and even to other members of Wilson's family, things were going as well as could be expected. Maybe even better that that. Priscilla Best, Bob's wife, had delivered a granddaughter for Reverend Wilson about three months ago. Today was, in fact, the first anniversary of Priscilla's devirgination but of course Wilson couldn't know that.

The other two women in the family (if we call the thirteen-year-old girl Leena a woman) had also delivered girls a month ago, another daughter and, from Leena, a granddaughter for the seemingly prolific minister. When Lucinda returned from Leena's grandparents' farm where she and Leena had gone for the last month of their pregnancies, she brought both babies. They were twins, people were told. So Leena's shameless promiscuity did not have to be revealed to the Reverend's congregation.

With the return of Lucinda with two infants to add to Priscilla's baby the house had been too crowded so Bob and Priscilla had moved into the cottage that had once been for a married farmhand, a two bedroom uninsulated building not very far from the main house. And Bob's sixteen-year-old sister, Audrey, had come to help Priscilla look after the baby and to attend the new school in nearby Middleville.

Lucinda had also needed help and her fifteen-year-old sister, Molly Hawkins, had come to help her out.

Wilson unlocked the bottom left-hand drawer of his desk and withdrew a thick envelope from which he extracted a letter and accompanying pages. His eyes blazed with anger as he read the statements in the letter.

The following interpretations of our results are based on the information you provided and our DNA analyses of the relevant samples:

We can state with absolute certainty that B is the father of F, G and H.

We are similarly certain that C, D and E respectively are the mothers of F, G and H.

A is the father of E and therefore the grandfather of H. He is not related by blood to any others in the group.

If we can be of further service to you please let us know.

Yours truly,

Dr. S. Cox

There was also a handwritten note in the envelope and a small, flat package of pills that were shrink-wrapped in plastic.

Dear Eb,

It was a real pleasure meeting you and hearing of your marvelous ministry. Hope the results of the tests we carried out are what you were hoping for.

Since George has vouched for you I've included a dozen samples of the new (and still experimental) product I told you about. Use it carefully and keep a detailed record of your subjects' reactions. Remember, it has not yet been approved for use and may never get that approval but based on the results we've seen to date it has the potential to outsell viagra by a wide margin. (and maybe prompt additional viagra sales).

The minister scanned the handwritten letter again and then looked at the other letter and its reference chart that connected the alphabet letters to the names of the people in the group. He was A and therefore he was not the father of his wife's baby. Nor was he Priscilla's father and that angered him even more. He wished futilely to know the identity of the girl's real father to get revenge since her mother was no longer there to punish. And B, that sonuvabitch schoolteacher Bob Best had stayed in his house, knocked up his real daughter, Leena and his supposed daughter Priscilla and even his own wife. He wanted revenge. Revenge on the schoolteacher and on his wife. And maybe even on Priscilla although she wasn't the cause of his cuckolding, only the result of another betrayal.

One hour, with most of the Jack Daniels transferred from the bottle to Wilson's burning gut he had a plan. What goes around, comes around and something was going to come around to the bastardly schoolteacher.

With the knowledge that Priscilla was not his blood daughter and that the schoolteacher had sired Lucinda's baby Wilson could feel the cuckold horns sticking out of his head. Truly the cuckoo had been there and left his eggs in Wilson's nest. Two different cuckoos.

Still, if the good Reverend had been cool enough to be rational he would have recognized the part of this situation that was bothering him most. It was missed opportunity. It was ironic that the prurient and unprincipled preacher had in a way been hoist on the petard of moral rectitude. He had been unwilling to commit incest with Priscilla because he thought she was his daughter. There had been no doubt in his mind at the time that the busty youngster would have been completely willing to spread her legs for him had he asked. And he was equally sure that if he had chosen to commit the sin of incest with the voluptuous teen (which he now knew would not have been incest) he would have been the one who claimed her virginity. And he was sure she had been a virgin the day she'd given him a handjob.

Wilson's cock had begun swelling as soon as he thought of the busty girl who was now a mother. He remembered clearly the sight of her long legs and mammoth breasts as she lay here in his office, her voluptuous body as naked as the day she was born. And he'd failed in his duty to protect her from sexual predators... failed and thereby allowed the unprincipled schoolteacher to take advantage of the girl's innocence... innocence that he himself had a right to possess.

His testicles felt tender and heavy as he sat there and sipped the bourbon and dreamed about his daughter... no... his next conquest. She wasn't his daughter.

Should he tell her? Yes. She would still love him... maybe love him even more when she heard how her mother had deceived him and how her stepmother had deceived him and how her husband also had deceived him. And her. And also corrupted and impregnated her younger sister. And he'd let her know how her husband was still cheating on her and not just with her stepmother and her sister. Damn. This was going to be good, he thought as his cock tried to burst out of his pants. He'd call her right now and tell her to come to his office. Even though it was the first day of school, Best never got home from school before six and it was usually because he was giving some extra-curricular instruction to one of his female students. Wilson couldn't really fault him for that, considering his own propensity for similar educational endeavors.

Priscilla had suffered from a brief bout of post partum depression but her natural good nature had quickly overcome it. But she was getting more and more upset at her sister in law, Audrey. She was supposed to be taking care of the baby and helping out with the housework but it was Lucinda's sister, Molly, who was taking care of little Prissy and doing most of the housework. Molly was a pain, praying at every opportunity, never complaining. And all Audrey did was lie around and watch her brother. And Priscilla was a bit unhappy... maybe jealous... at the way Audrey looked at her brother. If the girl hadn't been his sister she would have been downright suspicious.

She noticed also how Molly looked at Reverend Wilson. She was obviously respectful, almost worshipping the cleric. Priscilla knew that her father sometimes did things to girls, things she'd watched from the little corridor beside his office. She got a nasty thrill as she pictured the obeisant girl on her knees with the minister's penis in her mouth. Or on all fours while he had her that way.

But Priscilla was mostly upset by Audrey, her sister in law. She let Molly do all the work for the three babies. And she didn't like the way she acted towards her brother, Priscilla's husband. He was the only person she ever paid attention to. Or tried to please.

The buxom, young mother had mixed feelings about the man she knew as her father. She loved him and respected him but it made her jealous when he paid attention to other women... especially to young ones her own age or younger. She knew what he did with some of them... maybe all of them. Was it really as sinful as he said in his sermons? And she still had vivid memories of her first-ever sexual experience when she had held his long, hard penis and stroked it until he'd ejaculated. She felt guilty because of the way that memory always gave her that funny feeling in her belly... sort of like she got when her husband was having his way with her. But she shouldn't feel that way about her father. Or did it matter? The things she'd seen him do with girls were sometimes sins of Sodom but he still did it. Did God forgive him? Was that it?

As she sat on the big chair in the small living room of the cottage Priscilla pulled the blanket higher. It was cold in the uninsulated building and seemed especially so right after her bath but nonetheless the young mother pulled the blanket up more to hide what her hands were doing than for warmth. As she thought about her father and her husband and as images of girls performing lewd acts raced through her mind the young mother's hands were under her bathrobe probing and caressing her ample flesh.

Her husband had made love to her only once since the doctor had said she could resume normal marital relations. And even though h had been months without it, he had seemed unsatisfied. He'd been quite angry when she wouldn't let him do it in her mouth. He'd been trying to get her to do that almost since the first time they'd made love but Priscilla knew it was a sin and even though she'd seen her father do it she wasn't going to do it that way. Ever. She was glad that Leena hadn't returned because she suspected that her husband had continued to have his way with her little sister even after his marriage. And then the phone rang,

"Yes Daddy... I can come over right now." She had a hot rush of guilt as she realized that the finger she had put inside her aching pussy had been, in her mind's eye, her father's long penis. Oh God! If he knew she was having such thoughts about him he would banish her completely from the household.

Wilson played and replayed the approach he would take as he waited for his daughter... no... his daughter's half-sister... to come to his office. They weren't related, not by blood, anyway, so it wouldn't be incest. He poured a strong alcoholic drink for her and took it to the inner room where he set up his camera equipment. It wasn't fair to the girl but it was part of his vengeance plan to have pictures to show the schoolteacher that he too was now a cuckold.

Priscilla was anxious as she pulled on a loose housedress with nothing under it and then got her coat from the closet. Her father had never called her to his office before except that one day when she... an unwilled shudder shook her loins as she remembered how his fingers had felt to her when they explored her virgin pussy. What was wrong? He wouldn't be able to tell from her face what she'd been thinking about, would he? Maybe he needed her to help him? The doctor wouldn't have allowed Lucinda to take him inside her yet. It was too soon after little Lucy's birth. Maybe he wanted her to use her hands again? She thrilled again at the memory of the heat and hardness of the slick-skinned pole. Bob never asked her to do that. Except to take his thick penis in her mouth and she shuddered with distaste at the thought.

"Thank you for coming right away, Priscilla."

"You know I'd do anything for you, Daddy. So I came."

"Please don't call me that, Priscilla... don't call me Daddy. I have some important news for you... for us."

"All right Da... uh... what'll I call you, then? Why?" The girl was truly puzzled. Why couldn't she call her father Daddy?

"Come sit here and I'll explain it all to you, Priscilla. And maybe you can call me Uncle Eb?"

The young mother sat on the office bed beside the man she's known as her father but her thoughts at that moment were on what she knew was between the man's legs... the steely fleshrod that she'd stroked and pumped more than a year ago, when she was still an innocent virgin.

"You don't know me very well, Priscilla so that may make what I have to say easier on you," Wilson began with uncharacteristic sensitivity but, true to character, he placed a hand on the girl's naked thigh slipping it up under her dress until it was halfway between her knee and her pussy. "You've lived most of your life with your grandparents so we never really got into a father-daughter relationship, did we?"

"No Da... Uncle Eb. I guess not? But I love you."

"I'm glad you do, Priscilla... but you're not my daughter. I'm not your real father." The minister's eyes were fixed on the girl's mammoth, unhaltered boobs that were jiggling loosely under her flimsy dress and his organ swelled in anticipation of filling his hands with her mammarial blessings.

"But Da... Uncle Eb? Who is my real Daddy?"

"I'm sorry to say that we may never know, my dear. And I have more bad news for you."

Priscilla unconsciously parted her thighs and slid forward, inviting Wilson's hand to come closer to her moistening pussy. "Uh... what do you mean?"

"Your husband... Bob... has been unfaithful to you. He's the father of your baby as I'm sure you know but he's also the father of Leena's and Lucinda's babies. He has cheated on you and he has made me an object of ridicule. Or I would be if anyone knew but only I... and now you know the truth."

Wilson was partly right about Priscilla's feelings. She didn't think of him primarily as her father. She felt strong affection and she respected him to the point of being in awe of him but her most vivid memory and strongest emotional tie to him was when she had pleasured him with her hands and then when she had seen him commit sodomy with Felicity Tanner. Again she felt a twinge of jealousy that another girl had pleased the man she'd known as her father in a way he hadn't asked of her. Did that mean that now he would treat her differently?

"But Da... Uncle Eb? Why... how are you an object of... you know... ridicule? You didn't do anything wrong. Am I the same? I mean... like... he's my husband and he's made babies with other woman?"

"It's not the same, Priscilla. I'm called a cuckold because my wife... now it's both wives... had sex with another man. And it's even worse because they also had babies with another man and tried to pass the babies off as being my own. It was a cruel thing to do... cruel of your husband and cruel of your mother and Lucinda."

Priscilla's heart went out to the man who looked and sounded so sad. But Wilson didn't get the result he hoped for. Not all of it, anyway.

"But Dah... Uncle Eb? I know Bob couldn't help himself. I just know that they went after him. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?

"There is something we can do that would help, Priscilla." Wilson's hand completed its slow progress to the girl's profusely furred pussy and he was delighted to find the fat labia were already oily-wet. "If we... if we had sex and had pictures to prove it I could get back at him some. And if you had my baby it would be even better."

"Oh Da... Uncle Eb... Pictures? Tell him? I don't want that but... like... I'd let you... I mean... you know... not to give me a baby but... if you want to do it to me... if it would make you feel better... then you can. Do you want to?"

"Are you sure, Priscilla? Are you sure you won't feel guilty?"

"Not now, Dah... Uncle Eb. Since you're not my real father and... like... he's done it too with Leena... and Lucinda."

"Take off your dress, then. And get down on your hands and knees on the floor then, Priscilla," he said in a firm but gentle voice. "I want to see you... have you like that."

Quickly as if she was afraid she might change her mind if she waited the buxom girl peeled off her dress and stood naked for just a moment. Then she dropped to all fours, her heavy tit-melons bobbling and swaying while her pseudo-uncle got off the bed and came around to stand behind her. The girl didn't see him start the two cameras that were pointed at her as she knelt. One was a video camera, the other a still camera with a timed, automatic advance that would take high-definition, digital photos at fifteen-second intervals. He dropped down onto his knees behind her and his hands gripped her thighs and pulled her heavy legs apart. Then his hand slid between them and cupped her pussy. Priscilla gasped and her ass jerked up in response. Was he going to do to her what he did to Felicity? Put it in her bum? She shuddered with lewd anticipation.

The young mother was almost hyperventilating as she panted for air. Her body was shrieking with sexual fire, with nerve grinding excitement.

She felt something, it had to be, she was sure it was his cock. His cock was touching her between the legs! And she knew she'd wanted this... this man's cock inside her ever since that day she'd jerked him off.

"You need this, baby," the man gasped. "You need a good hard ride! I know your husband... the bastard... has been giving other women what you should be getting. Am I right?"

"Yeesss!" she sobbed. "Oohhh Dah... Dah... Unnncle! I want you." She moaned and shuddered, feeling a burst of orgasmic pressure burn through the inner walls of her cunt tunnel. Then she felt his hardness prying her pussy lips wide and she felt her groin shaking, felt her insides rippling with energy, felt her orgasm approaching like a wildfire. Then his cock slammed into her with violent force. She felt it thrust deep into her belly and screamed as her first orgasm since months before her baby's birth tore through her.

"Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrggggghhh!!!" she shrieked.

The minister held her by the hips as she shook and jerked and twisted within his grip. He drew back slightly and then drove into her again, his long penis stabbing as deep into her as her husband had ever been. The sex-starved girl trembled and shook with delirious sexual pleasure.

"That's it, baby," Wilson gasped. "Cum for me, Priscilla. Cum for you old

Uncle Eb! I can feel your sweet pussy squeezing and shaking around my cock, baby." God. Why hadn't he taken her when she was still a virgin? That bastard schoolteacher didn't deserve her.

"Oohhhh! Oohh! Ooooooooohhhhhh!" the young woman groaned as her hungry twat swallowed the preacher's long prick.

"That's my baby," he moaned. He pulled back slightly, then pushed the final inches of his organ into his trembling young pseudo-niece's spasming cunt tunnel. "Did you like that, baby?" he sighed.

"OOOOOh! Oohhh, Unnnnnncle!" Her moans and sighs told the minister more than words ever could and his hands slid up and down her sides, kneading and massaging her soft, warm flesh. "I feel... so full," she moaned.

"I'm way up inside you, baby," he said. He pulled his cock out a couple of inches, and then thrust into her. He savoured the lushness of her body, grinding his hips against the voluptuous, young woman, feeling the smoothness, then softness of her tight young flesh against his hips as he rubbed against her.

"Oh Unnnnnncle!" she groaned, feeling his cock twisting around inside her.

"Have you had it like this, baby? Did he ever make you kneel?"

"Nah... nooo... love it Da... Uncle Eb... love it."

Wilson continued to grind his hips for a long minute, then slowly halted, his cock deep inside her. "Pull yourself forward a little, Priscilla," he directed. "Pull your hips forward."

She obeyed, groaning as her cunt sheath gripped his cock and tried to hold it within her. Her velvet cunt tunnel sucked hard on his fleshy organ as she slid several inches up its length.

"That's it, Priscilla, now push back again," he told her.

She pushed herself back, her eyes closing and her body shuddering as she rook his prick into her to the balls once again.

"Ooohhhhhh," she moaned.

"Again," he ordered. She willingly obeyed. Slowly at first, but picking up speed with each passing second, she began to hump back and forth on his big male cock, gasping and whimpering as she slid her throbbing pussy back and forth over its length.

She drew far forward; so only his cockhead was still inside her, and then drove herself all the way back, gasping in delight as his cock filled her. She began to hump wildly, grunting with ecstasy as she jerked off on his prick.

The horny minister watched her round ass cheeks from above, watched the play of muscles over them' over her back and shoulders, watched his cock appear, then disappear inside her. Only a rigid control kept him from blowing his cork inside her.

His hands gripped her hips again as she slapped her ass back into his hips. He started to thrust forward to meet her, thrusting hard. The teenage mother grunted louder, with more excitement. Her round ass meat started slapping noisily against his hips.

Wilson took over, gripping her hips tightly and rutting into her. She squealed as his cock pistoned inside her. Her head shook from side to side, then jerked up and back as she let out an excited gurgle of pleasure.

In the week since he had received the shocking news from the DNA clinic and for a week before that, Wilson had been celibate. His oversized testes had accumulated a hefty charge of sperm laden semen and when he felt the girl's cunt spasming around his tool he knew she was coming again. He drilled her furry cunt opening with his steel hard prong, pounding his hips into her shapely round ass cheeks as he penetrates to the mouth of her womb.

He felt like his whole lower body was aflame as his cock continued to thrust up into her soft belly as his hands worked upwards onto her shoulders, jerking her back against him with even more force and speed. He could feel the vibration of her fat rounded tit meat as it bounced wildly beneath her.

His hands slid down under her and sank up into her soft, malleable depths. She groaned loudly as his fingers dug deep furrows in her swollen tit mounds. He mashed her round melons with his big hands, his fingers twisting and squeezing them as he pounded his cock into her slit.

"Uhng! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!" Priscilla grunted as she took the man's fierce thrusts. She came again, her head thrashing violently as her body was engulfed in a mad sexual vortex, a cataclysmic sexual firestorm. Her faux uncle's cock pounded back and forth in her groin as her mind shattered under the prolonged sensory assault.

"That's it, baby," he gasped. "Take it! Take my sperm!" and his pent-up lust cream spurted hotly into the depths of the young woman's cunt flooding the inner reaches with his potent sperm.

Wilson gripped her by her thick, dark hair and jerked her up and back, his left hand pulling savagely, forcing her head hack. His right hand squeezed her huge, soft left breast, twisting it with ruthless violence as she shuddered insanely.

He twisted her head to the side, pulling it back against him. His tongue slid along her slender throat, then onto her cheek. He pulled her hair again and her mouth opened in a gasp of pain. He mashed his lips down onto Priscilla's mouth, his tongue shooting into her oral cavity as he ground his hips into her ass cheeks.

She trembled and shook and quivered, moaning into his mouth as his tongue whipped around inside her and his lips rolled and slid and mashed down on hers.

He let her head go and she fell forward like a falling tree. Her arms wouldn't support her and she collapsed onto her elbows, then onto her shoulders as he pounded his cock into her tight, wet cunt box.

Priscilla's pussy lips, her entire crotch, even her inner thighs were covered in her cunt drool. He was slicing his cock back and forth between her pussy lips with savage delight, forcing their mixed fuck milk out with each hard, deep thrust.

Priscilla groaned with mindless delight, her body jerking back and forth on the rug as the preacher's heavy' muscular hips hammered her buttocks again and again. Her head bounced lightly on the floor, her big, soft breasts ground against the rough fibres, and her knees scraped back and forth, now and then bouncing up off the rug for a brief instant when he thrust particularly hard.

She shuddered and then came again, whimpering and groaning, drooling onto the carpet as her body was slashed by tremendously powerful orgasmic sensations.

His cock spurted yet more sperm into the deepest pit of her fuck tunnel as he jammed every last inch of meat into her lush young body. Wilson groaned himself, feeling his juices draining down into her, feeling her pelvis shaking against him, her cunt sucking out the last dregs of his jism.

He slowed and then halted, panting for breath, as was she.

"That's what you needed, Priscilla," he gasped. "We both needed it. But we have a lot to talk about."

Priscilla was in a state of exhaustion and shock after the hard fucking from the man she had thought of as her father. And she knew that, even if he'd been her true father, she'd have welcomed what he did. She had been fucked! By a man who wasn't her husband and she didn't care. But she still didn't want her husband to know.

"You're a lovely girl, Priscilla." Reverend Wilson had helped the well-fucked girl to her feet and he had his arm around her, supporting her as she stood on shaky legs. "Are you sure you don't want to get even with your husband for being so... so disrespectful to you?"

"No Uncle Eb. I'm sure it wasn't his fault. You know what Leena is like... and I bet Lucinda was the same."

"But how about the others, Priscilla? The schoolgirls that he has been... you know... the others he's had... even after he married you?"

"I don't believe that, Uncle Eb. He wouldn't." Priscilla put on her coat, determined to make amends to her husband for her own infidelity.

Chapter 4: Franny's First

While Reverend Wilson was enjoying the dual pleasures of fucking the buxom body of the girl he had thought was his daughter and getting some vengeance on the schoolteacher, Bob Best was doing some pleasuring of his own. Or, more accurately, reaping the fruit of a well-laid plot and being well laid himself. Literally and figuratively.

With the opening of the new and larger school in nearby Middleville Bob's classroom had been limited to the lower grades with grade six now the highest in the Dorset school. And, despite his enjoyment of the tender sweetness of lovely little Lolitas he was afraid to initiate any dalliances with the girls who were very pre-teen and therefore extra risky.

There was one special opportunity, however. Fran Saunders along with her twin brother Floyd had gone with their missionary parents on an African assignment when they were ten years old. Fran was now a plump, timid and quite busty fourteen-year-old girl. As soon as their widower father arrived to be an assistant to Reverend Wilson he had arranged with Best to tutor his two children because they had fallen behind in their schooling. There was something about the pretty girl that made Bob suspect that she would be an easy conquest but during the several weeks he'd tutored them he had been unable to get her alone, away from her twin brother. But now that school had started he was able to schedule a tutoring session with Fran only. And after the abbreviated first day of school and the temptation of some of the budding, young creatures in grade six, he needed the older girl.

Bob Best felt a certain macho satisfaction from his belief that he had fathered three children since he arrived here barely a year ago. He didn't know that for sure but the timing of the pregnancies fitted the timing of when he'd screwed both little Leena and her stepmother. Priscilla of course was slam-dunk his, he knew. He smiled as he imagined what Wilson would say if he ever found out how he'd been so completely cuckolded. The mothers of the three babies had kept him more or less satisfied until they had gone away to have their babies at a distance that would guard against outsiders learning about Priscilla's pr-marital pregnancy and the fact of little Leena's pregnancy. None would have had reason to guess that the Reverend's wife was pregnant by anyone other than her lawfully wedded spouse but her absence helped them to pass off Leena's baby as a twin.

But, for the last four months it had been slim picking. Priscilla was at last ready to service his needs but, stretched by the baby's birth, she was anything but a tight fit even for his thicker than average tool. As he'd looked at the underaged girls in his classroom that day he'd remembered the delightful compression that juvenile cunts provided, especially the virgin ones. How many of the grade six girls still had their cherries? And then through the window his lustful gaze came to rest on Fran Saunders.

The girl was going to school in grade nine at Middleville but of course Ms. Safic had dismissed class early since it was the first day and she'd got a lift home with a grade twelve girl who had her father's car. And now Fran was coming to the school for another tutoring session.

Fran Saunders was a virgin but she knew more about sex than most other girls her age and more even than the several non-virgins in Bob's grade six class. Living in an African village had been an eye-opener for her. It seemed that her father's preaching was directed more at trying to convince his somewhat na´ve congregation that sex before marriage was a sin than at any of the other more egregious acts that occurred routinely. And he wasn't very successful.

By the end of three years in the village during which time Fran had passed through puberty and her breasts had grown into soft globes the size of large grapefruit she knew exactly what sex was about. Or at least she knew about the physical nature of it. She'd seen girls her own age and younger being molested. At least her father said they were being molested. Some times he was right. Seeing a slender pre-teen being skewered by the sizeable appendage of a man old enough to be her father (and sometimes it actually was the girl's own father) definitely looked like molestation. At other times however when the ages were closer and when the girl was writhing and her cries were of something more exciting than fear Fran was sure that the girl was not being molested. And it gave her an almost nauseous feeling in her belly, a feeling of anticipation and need.

It was only after her father's replacement arrived and Fran got to know his fifteen-year-old daughter that she learned how to alleviate the gut-churning, forbidden desires that her frequent, surreptitious viewing of others having sex created in her adolescent loins. It was also then that she saw her father instructing a particularly lovely African girl not much older than Fran herself. And the instruction he was providing was at odds with his sermons. Maybe her feelings were not sinful? Maybe it was all right to sin that way if you prayed for forgiveness? But Fran returned home before she was able to check out that idea. Fran's twin brother, Floyd, however had found out much more during their African sojourn but more of that later.

Bob Best would have been surprised and elated if he had been able to read the mind of the pretty girl walking up the pathway to the school. And if he'd read her thoughts there's no way he'd have believed she was cherry. But she was. The minister's daughter had heard three of her classmates whispering and giggling about their boyfriends and what they'd done last night. Fran had no way of knowing that what they said was mainly fiction but their sex talk had excited her in a very fundamental way. Why should she still be a virgin when most girls and guys her age were already having sex? Even her twin brother, she was sure. There was serendipity in the scheduling of today's tutoring session. Both the fourteen-year-old girl and her tutor needed the solace of a sexual encounter.

The last cherry that the schoolteacher had plucked was the cute Indian girl, Madhuri. She was also the tightest that he still had occasional access to. And if he really wanted tight, she had somehow picked up a yen for taking it up her ass and that was always tight. Big Brenda whose cherry he'd had before Madhuri's had loosened quickly and wasn't much tighter now than his wife. His cock swelled as he tried to imagine how it would feel to be inside plump, young Fran's twat.

"Oh. Hello Fran. I didn't expect you this soon. I thought you were in school at Middleville?" he lied when the girl made her way through the departing youngsters and entered the schoolroom.

"Ms. Safic let us go early, Sir. And I thought... hoped... we could have the lesson early?" And although she didn't know it, they both had the same kind of lesson in mind.

"I'll sure try, Fran. Let's go into my office."

Fran had never been in Bob's little room before because Floyd had always been there and the teacher thought that the boy might be suspicious. In fact, Floyd was more than suspicious. He'd heard from his new friend Jason that Mr. Best had screwed Brenda and maybe some others in that room. He was not timid and obedient like his sister. And he was also into technical stuff like little cameras and recorders and such. Bob's little office or, more accurately, seduction lair, was bugged. And Floyd was about to get more than he'd ever imagined from his spying equipment.

"Why are we in here," Fran asked nervously as the teacher gently guided her into the little office and closed the door. She'd hoped to be alone with the teacher but now that she was, she was getting nervous. Maybe she should just go home?

"Because I've wanted to be alone with you, Fran, ever since we began studying together," and he turned on the desk lamp before turning off the overhead light. "But you can leave whenever you want to," he added as he put an arm around her and drew her unresisting body close, his hand filling with the weight of a large, soft boob.

Fran trembled. It was going to happen. Her schoolteacher was going to molest her. Her knees quaked with a mix of apprehension and anticipation and she felt her unsullied vulva swell and moisten as it had often done when she saw other girls being violated.

"Wh... what are you going to do?" The timidity in her voice further aroused Bob's lust and it did not reveal the fourteen-year-old girl's true feelings. Like a puppet she allowed her teacher to fondle her breasts and when his other hand slid under the waistband of her skirt she bit her lip to stifle a moan of anticipation.

"Further your education, my dear. I'm going to give you a special lesson." To his delight the girl made no protest and stood quietly beside him. Bob took advantage of the young schoolgirl's immobility and eased his hand inside the flimsy nylon protection of her panties and slipped down to the soft, scantily furred pelt above the pouting bulge of her vagina. The fingers hesitated there for a moment before slipping downwards and teasing slowly into the warm moist furrow of her fat, uninitiated pussy. He probed and searched in the softly yielding cuntal folds, exploring the smooth, slightly pulsating lips, teasing about with confident insistence.

The horny schoolteacher could feel a tiny, but sensuous flexing beginning inside her trembling vagina, and her whole body was beginning to shiver in anticipatory pleasure. "Mr. Best? Hannh? Sirrrr?" Tiny mewls of pleasure began to spew from Fran's lips and she leaned back against her teacher and began to writhe, her inexperienced, adolescent loins churning in simulation of copulatory rhythm. If she'd had any desire to resist, her will to resist was curbed by the greater mastery of desire. Her entire ripening crotch was a throbbing mass of aroused nerve endings, and she felt as if an uncontrollable fire had been kindled there. Her clitoris felt round and hard and was pulsing strongly with the heated blood of desire, and the swollen fleshy outer lips of her hair-lined split were moist with passion. Chills rippled through her spine which contrasted with the heat which was rising from her groin, rising up to cover her face and neck in a hot, rosy flush. Never had her own fumbling searches for sexual relief caused such turmoil in her mind or her lower body.

Moaning uncontrollably now, the fourteen-year-old girl was conscious of nothing but the delicious pleasure, which was seeping into every crack and crevice in her maidenly body and infusing her with a joy. Her hips were jerking in a heathen rhythm such as she'd observed with African girls in the jungle. She was mashing her vagina down onto her teacher's tiring hand in ceaseless motion, and her hotly seeping pussy juices simmered down onto his fingers and lubricated them completely as they continued to instigate new and exciting pleasure inside her.

"Hah hah hah hah," she panted and it was only the hand between her legs, probing and cupping her convulsing twat that kept her erect. Then, finally, when the heated sensations of passion had subsided and her body was reduced to convulsive twitching, a blanketing peace came over her she felt herself being laid out on the floor and she shivered with the coolness of the air as her clothing was removed leaving her naked and vulnerable.

Bob quickly removed his pants and undershorts, freeing his raging erection to the cool air as he knelt over the shapely girl. Fran looked up at her teacher, her eyes dulled by the incredible sensations that had just engulfed her adolescent body. She saw only the outline of her teacher's form, the lower part of his body shaded from the dim desk lamp by the desk. But she sensed... she knew what he was about to do.

Fran's tits were 34D in size and the lovely orbs were tender and soft. Her nipples were hard and extremely sensitive and when the schoolteacher's hand went to her full and sensitive tits, he heard the audible sigh let out by the docile and completely tractable schoolgirl.

"Aaaah." Fran moaned as her eyes fixed upon her teacher. The girl was ablaze with lust as her teacher stepped up his actions on Fran's nakedly jutting bosom and caused the teenager to squirm and move about on the hard floor.

Fran felt her nipples being worked on by her teacher as he squeezed and pinched the swollen tips. Bob worked the long, rubbery erectiles up and down as if he was masturbating tiny cocks, delighted with the girl's response.

The lecherous schoolteacher lowered his head and took one of the hard nipples into his mouth. His tongue slowly pushed against the nub and brushed it lightly. This sent a spasm of new delight through the ingenuous but lust besotted fourteen-year-old schoolgirl.

"Oohhh!" Fran cooed as she squirmed her naked back against the bare, wooden floor. Her teacher's mouth felt delicious on her tits as his warm, moist suckling caress went from one nipple to the other.

Bob sucked and licked the firmly jiggling breasts and soon he had Fran undulating on the floor in a dry fuck with an imaginary partner. The luscious teen spread her legs further apart as her teacher dropped his hand to the girl's sparse, dark bush and started to stroke her tender pussy.

"GGgeeeeze!" Fran hissed as she felt her teacher dig into her virgin cunt. An image of a young, black girl writhing on the ground as she was skewered by a long, thick cock came into Fran's lust-fogged mind and she finally understood what made the girl squirm as she did.

"What is it?" Bob asked coyly.

"Are you sure it's OK?" the excited virgin muttered under her breath as her teacher kept rubbing her tits and then stopped. "No... don't stop," Fran protested when his hands were removed from her naked body. She wasn't prepared for the withdrawal of her pleasure. And then her teacher's big form was above her, his knees in the space between her widely spread thighs. In the dim light she could see the thick, white projection jutting out from his groin and she shuddered with fear. Oh God! He was going to put that inside her. And it was too late now to stop him. But she didn't want to stop him anyway.

Damn. This was going to be good Bob thought as he lined the bulbous head of his throbbing tool up on the narrow slit of the young girl's swollen love box. He was sure now that she wasn't a virgin but her plump, busty form was his to invade. Bob inserted the knob between the lips and pushed it inside.

Fran suddenly came alive as she felt her virgin twat being invaded. She knew she had invited this but she was suddenly afraid and this was against all she'd been taught. She was supposed to preserve her virginity for marriage as she had been conditioned to all of her young life. The shapely virgin tried to pull herself away from the imminent invasion but the hard floor was as unyielding as her teacher's determination to fuck this succulent, young peach. "Oh No," she cried out futilely and her hands reached down to grasp the man's member before it was pushed into her untried cunt. The impaling rod felt huge and as hot as a red-hot poker.

Naked and helpless, the busty fourteen-year-old virgin tried hard to stop the unseen invader from going further into her unplumbed cunt, squirming her butt around on the hard floor in an effort to dislodge it but her teacher didn't seem to understand. The head of the impaling rod of man meat had already slithered through the mouth to her sheath, the hot juices leaking from her slit easing the way. She felt his hardness prying her pussy lips wide, wider than she'd ever made them go with her fingers. They strained tightly as his thick organ probed at her entrance.

The girl's sudden attempts to escape and her cries of alarm were not entirely unexpected. She had seemed willing at first but this new reaction filled the unprincipled teacher with hot anticipation. Maybe she was still a virgin? Was she suddenly trying to protect her cherry? He quickly slipped his hand down and easily found her hard, erect clitoris. When his finger slid over the slippery, little girl-cock he felt a change in her body and heard a guttural cry erupt in a breathless gasp from her pretty mouth


When her teacher's fingers contacted her young twat Fran felt her groin shake, felt her insides ripple with untapped energy and felt as if an orgasm was approaching like a wildfire. At the same time she felt as though she was being split asunder. The thick rod her schoolteacher's penis was slowly sinking further into her depths. She tried squeezing her inner cunt muscles to force it out, but to no avail.

The dominated now by her schoolteacher and her blossoming libidinous response the fourteen-year-old girl closed her eyes and surrendered to the inevitable. Her shapely body relaxed, as her teacher's cock pushed in farther and farther. It was in fact barely inside with only the bulbous knob contained by her unsullied cuntmouth but then the young virgin felt an ache as the hot, thick invader pressed against her hymen.

Fran stiffened as the pain of her imminent devirgination blossomed in her loins. She felt her teacher's cock push inward roughly. She tried to twist away in a last, futile attempt to preserve her chastity but it was hopeless. She felt the sharp sting, felt the welling up of her virgin blood, and then she was driven down onto the hard floor as her teacher's cock pushed deep, deep into her never before entered cuntal passage.

"Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrggggghhh!!!" Fran shrieked as her teacher's cock slammed into her with violent force. She felt it thrust deep into her belly and screamed as the pain and her orgasm tore through her in the same instant. Bob's cock was buried balls-deep in the fourteen-year-old schoolgirl's quivering quim and he felt as if the tightness of the tender passage was ripping his foreskin back to the base of his cock. He paused for a while, his cock motionless in her softly spasming cunt, letting the young, just broken virgin get used to the length and breadth of the hard, thick invader. Her teacher held her by the hips as she shook and jerked and twisted against his grip. He drew back slightly, and then drove into her again, his penis stabbing deep into her guts as she trembled and shook with delirious sexual pleasure. Never before when playing with her own pussy, nor even when watched other girls getting it had she ever had such an explosive, mind blowing orgasm. Her entire body was afire with ecstasy.

Then her schoolteacher started to move his organ in and out of his trembling young schoolgirl's spasming cunt tunnel. Fran's breathing became labored and harsh as her teacher's cock pulled out to the tip, and then moved in again, slowly. Each thrust sent hot furrows of pleasure coursing through her inexperienced, adolescent body.

It was marvelous. She'd been a virgin; a tight, big-titted virgin and he'd made her cum. The unprincipled schoolteacher savoured each cock-skinning thrust into her ripe, young body, enjoying the feel of her big tits rolling under his hairy chest and the quivers and jerks of her adolescent loins as she took each hard thrust.

The first-fucked teen kept her eyes closed and shivered as the pleasure grew and grew, like a lurid plant, in the depths of her belly. Almost instinctively, she brought her knees up, exposing more of her fat, cherry-juice splattered quim to her teacher's cock. As he thrust inward, she felt his hairy groin, pressing against her sensitive pink sex flesh. Her clitoris tingled with bliss as the wiry hairs tickled it and, tilted high as she now was, his heavy balls slid up and down in the crevice of her quivering ass cheeks, as she lay pinned beneath the man's weight.

Bob kept pumping in and out of her cock-skinning cunt, slowly and Fran felt every inch of her cuntal flesh massaged by the huge dick as it pistoned in and out of her. The pain for her was gone, submerged beneath a sea of sexual sensations and she moaned wordlessly with increasing passion.

Bob knew he was close and he fingered the girl's clit, anxious to bring her off again with him. She started to hump her hips upward, wanting to feel her teacher's cock deeper and deeper into her aroused, newly opened fuck hole. She felt her cuntwalls spread before her teacher's cock, as it slid in and out of her. She felt strange, demanding, pleasurable sensations well up in her belly. She felt weak. She felt hot and cold at the same time. She felt as if she were going to faint, possibly die, but the feelings were all so fabulous, that the lust-besotted Fran didn't care.

Her hips started bucking up into her teacher's cock with more and more fury, driven to wild action by the feelings that seemed to take possession of her cunt, and give it a mind of her own. Her whole body shuddered violently as the feelings continued to build in her, driving her crazy. The girl's inflamed clitoris twitched and jerked under the hot tickling stimulation of her teacher's thick hairs and she whimpered with hot pleasure. And finally her hips humped up madly into her teacher's loins, and her body stiffened as the first convulsions of her orgasm rippled through her.

The teacher released the girl's legs and she was totally wide-open beneath him, a wanton and wild sexual novice who smashed her ripe, young body into his groin, as he drove his cock deeper and deeper into her trembling, young quim.

The girl started to grunt as the convulsions built sharply. Her cuntal muscles gripped rhythmically against her teacher's hard-driving cock. She heard his harsh breathing as he drove harder and harder into her cock-stretched, quivering quim. Her body went wild under her teacher. He gripped her shoulder, steadying her, as she abandoned herself to the hot convulsive waves of ecstasy that ripped through her body. The sensation to Fran was devastating. Her head reeled with the power of her passion, and she felt as if she were going to faint. And neither she nor her teacher noticed that a draft had made the door swing open slightly.

Bob came down full-weight on the writhing, young teen, grinding into her fuck-saddle for maximum penetration and enjoying the feel of her hot, firm tits under his chest. He uttered a low groan as he felt his explosion begin and the distended walls of the youngster's involuntarily spasming passage massaged his throbbing tool as if trying to suck the semen from his aching balls.

As her teacher's cock exploded with a frothing hot geyser of semen he slammed into her with the short, fast strokes of climax and Fran thought it was the best moment of her entire young life. Her body stiffened for a moment, and then she collapsed heavily onto the hard floor as her teacher continued to shoot wad after wad of thick jism deep into her flooded, young cunt.

The teacher felt a belated twinge of guilt as he collapsed on top of his schoolgirl victim. But she'd acted like she wanted it, hadn't she? He gave a few more thrusts with his slowly deflating tool and then withdrew. The cool air was like a balm on the redly chafed skin of his cock. Damn! This one was great.

"Are you all right, Fran? Did I hurt you?"

"Nah... I mean, I'm all right Mr. Best. And you didn't hurt me... except some at first. Was I? Did I? Like... was I what you wanted?"

"You were fabulous, Fran. But... this has to be a secret, you know?"

"Yeah... I knew that. I'm not going to tell. I don't have any friends to tell anyway."

Bob was relieved by the girl's response. She obviously hadn't even considered telling her parents. He helped the girl to her feet and as she stood there naked on trembling legs he took a vial from the desk drawer "Here, Fran," he said as he took a pill from the vial. You should take this little pill right now and tomorrow after you come to school I'll give you another,"

"But Mr. Best? Why?"

"It's to be sure that what we did today doesn't make you a mother before you want to be one. It's OK medically."

At least now he wouldn't get into more trouble, Bob thought as the girl obediently took the pill. And he definitely wanted this one again.

Priscilla went to the schoolhouse awash with guilt at what she'd just done with the man she'd formerly known as her father. She would take her husband home and do something to make up for her infidelity, maybe let him have her in her mouth as he'd so often asked but she'd never done. Or even in the bottom. And he wouldn't be able to tell from that the awful thing she just did. Despite what Reverend Wilson had said she just knew that Bob's dalliance with her sister and her stepmother was due to them, not him. She had to make up for it, somehow.

It was windy and, when Priscilla opened the schoolhouse door a gust drove some leaves into the cloakroom and blew open the inner door. It also moved the door to Bob's pseudo office but in the throes of passion neither he nor Fran noticed.

When she saw that her husband was not in the schoolroom Priscilla had a momentary fright. What if he'd gone home and discovered she wasn't there? But then she heard a sound from the other cloakroom that was now her husband's office. Good. He was still here. She tiptoed over to the other door that was slightly ajar.

The sight she saw as she peered through the partly open door sent her heart plunging down to her ankles. A man's bare bottom was rapidly pumping up and down between two plump, naked legs. It was Bob she knew and in the dim light she saw the contorted face of a girl, a young girl, one of his students. Oh God! He was making love to her. To one of his schoolgirls! Priscilla's eyes flooded with tears, tears of sadness but mostly tears of rage. As she watched she heard Bob's groan of completion and saw how young the girl beneath him was. How could he? Reverend Wilson was right to want to humiliate him. And she'd help! She'd do whatever he wanted.

Chapter 5: After-School Action

When Jason finally exited the schoolhouse he was walking on air. He was in love with his beautiful schoolteacher and, although he had just emptied his heavy load of adolescent sperm into her hungrily milking twat the memory was making him hard again. He could hardly wait until Wednesday. Maybe he could stay after school again tomorrow?

Jason's erotic reverie was broken suddenly when he heard, "Must have been some report she wrote. I'd like to read it too."

"Whah? Oh, Floyd. Yeah... uh... like it was pretty long. And big words. Didn't say much though."

"Yeah, sure. I'll wait until I see how she treats you tomorrow Jase but I bet right now she's still on her back after you fucked her with that big dong of yours. I can see in her eyes that she's a hot one."

"No! No! That's not true. I didn't! She's not like that at all. She's not a slut. She's a wonderful woman and a good teacher."

If Floyd had any doubts before he had none now. He was the same age as Jason chronologically but he was many years older in knowledge of women. And he knew how big his friend's cock was and how much many women liked the big ones. But he didn't pursue the matter. He'd wait until tomorrow and he could see how Ms. Safic acted towards Jason.

For Floyd Saunders and his twin sister Fran their four year sojourn in Africa had been educational and for him, especially so. Separately they both surreptitiously observed many more sexual acts than they would have had they remained at home and, although Fran retained her virginity the same wasn't true of the her brother.

Shortly after Floyd's twelfth birthday their housekeeper's ten-year-old daughter Belinda, a plump and very black girl with budding breasts and fat lips caught him standing and masturbating while he peeked through a window at her sleeping, fifteen-year-old sister. She knew what to do for she'd seen her mother orally servicing Reverend Saunders. The boy looked down with surprised delight when the kneeling girl's hot, moist mouth closed over the tip of his cock and since he too had seen girls giving head before, he fucked in and out between her thick, softly clinging lips.

He didn't last long. The youngster wasn't that skilful but she didn't have to be to make the young boy cum. And, just as the little girl backed away, some of the boy's white, viscous gism drooling from her slack-lipped, deep red mouth, her sister Beulah appeared.

Beulah was a bigger, older version of Belinda and, it so happened, a smaller, younger version of her mother, Reverend Saunders' housekeeper. And although her mother was willingly helping to curb the preacher's baser instincts, i.e. she regularly made her orifices available to him; Beulah was also giving the virile Reverend similar solace. But at this moment the fifteen-year-old girl was not thinking about the horny minister. Her attention was drawn to the boy's penis.

Glistening with a mixture of Belinda's saliva and his own semen, Floyd's cock was still as hard as it had been moments earlier. It stood at least at a forty-five degree angle from his still hairless groin but, in addition, it had a curve like a banana. The curve was likely more than European Union regulations would permit in a banana but Beulah knew nothing of such regulations. Neither did she know anything about G-spot but what she did know was that being fucked by a cock shaped like the boy's produced wonderful feelings even though his instrument was not very big.

Floyd's well-sucked cock had barely begun to soften when the girl who he had imagined he was fucking had shouldered her kid sister out of the way and was on her knees before him. Belinda's mouth had been thrilling but Beulah's, despite the fact that he'd just gone off in the younger girl's mouth, was instantly bringing on a resurgence of desire with her superbly skillful use of her hot, pebbly tongue and her fat, mobile lips.

The girl's mouths had given Floyd wonderful thrills but then Beulah was pulling him down on top of her, her hands holding his bare bottom as she guided him in between her widely splayed thighs. The boy moaned with renewed pleasure when he felt himself sinking into a soft, hot well that seemed to touch every little bit of the surface of his throbbing cock.

The girl was no novice and she used the twelve-year-old boy like a human puppet, holding his hips, moving them up and down, angling her own pelvis and humping up at him to gain the maximum benefit from his upthrust, in-curved fucktool. Jason didn't really understand what was happening and he was hardly aware of the red, bleeding stripes on his back as the girl scratched him in the passion of her orgasms. And she had three before her cunt's muscular spasms milked another load from the boy's wonderfully exciting cock.

Ten-year-old Belinda wasn't happy at losing him to her sister but she had to wait until next day before she could sample young Master Floyd's cock. She didn't get as much pleasure as her sister did but for Floyd it was another matter. This girl, though not by any means a virgin, was very young and with her youth came the delightful, squeezing tightness of an immature twat. Since then he had enjoyed many more, some young like Belinda but most older than Beulah and he knew he liked the young ones best.

Tuesday was a long day for Beth Safic. It was long partly because she was sated and lethargic after being so wonderfully plowed by fourteen-year-old Jason's humungous tool but mostly it was from lack of sleep. The boy had called her in a panic last evening to say that another boy, Floyd Saunders, guessed what they'd done and Jason was sure he'd tell everyone about it. Beth didn't want to lose this job and she knew that if word got out then she was finished. How was she going to prevent it?

"Floyd, you lived in Africa, didn't you?"

"Yes Miss Safic. For four years." Damn! That Jason was one lucky guy. And if he'd ever doubted that Jason had fucked their teacher his doubts had meted away when he saw the way the woman looked at the boy.

"Would you stay behind after school today. I'd like to talk to you about perhaps telling the class what it was like living there?"

"Uh sure Miss Safic. But I'm not a good speaker."

"Well, I'm your teacher so maybe I can teach you how."

Was she one of those women who liked young boys? Floyd had some experience in that regard, not only from the African women but also from the wife of a missionary who visited them last year. But he'd never had anyone as beautiful as this one. His organ swelled as he looked at the busty beauty sitting at her desk.

Damn, he was pretty. Was he gay? What was with her, anyway? First there's timid, plump young Jason and now she's imagining fucking another almost effeminate young boy. She liked girls but... ?

"We can go into my apartment, Floyd. It's more comfortable than the office." And I can fuck you easier, too. Wonder if he's a virgin like Jason was. Damn! I wish there was some way I could know for sure if I get a boy's cherry. Men are lucky that way. They can tell. At least, most of the time they can.

I wonder if she brought Jason in here to fuck him? I hope she's not disappointed because I'm smaller than Jason. Hell. Everybody is. "It's nice here, Miss Safic. Guess you can sleep later coz you're so close?"

"That's an advantage I hadn't thought of. Now, sit down here and tell me what Africa was like," and Beth sat on the wide sofa, patting the cushion beside her to signal where he should sit.

The fourteen-year-old boy sat down beside his schoolteacher, his oft-dipped fuckwand swelling as he looked at her beautiful face and her large breasts. He was still apprehensive about the size comparison between himself and Jason for he was now certain that she was going to let him fuck her but he had only had one girl since they arrived back from Africa and that was more than a month ago. And she'd been the first white girl he'd ever had. (He'd had a white woman, though, the horny missionary in Africa.)

"Why do you think I asked you to stay after school, Floyd? Did you believe me when I said it was to hear abut Africa?" As she spoke, Beth placed a hand on the boy's thigh and gave it a little squeeze. She might as well be direct, she thought. If she kept him here too long it wouldn't look good but she'd like to savour his youth and freshness. Was he a virgin like Jason had been?

"I'd better not say, Ms. Safic. You might get mad at me?"

"Go ahead, Floyd. I'm listening," and she let her hand slide higher on his thigh so that she could be leaving no doubt of her intent.

"I think you kept me here to... like... make love?"

Although the boy's statement was delivered in a shy, halting tone the woman knew right away that she wasn't dealing with an innocent like Jason. On the one hand that disappointed her but on the other hand it might make it easier to hide her activity with Jason.

The schoolteacher slid closer to the fourteen-year-old boy and put her arm around his shoulders. Floyd looked deeply into her eyes, and she tilted her mouth up for a kiss. Beth moaned as his mouth covered hers and his tongue thrust inward sensuously. As Floyd flicked his tongue around and around on his schoolteacher's soft lips and pried it in slowly, into her mouth the woman knew for sure that she was not dealing with a novice. Sprawling across his lap she threw both arms around his neck, and pressed her muff into the schoolboy's raging hard-on, feeling its hardness pushing against her pussy that was still tender from yesterday's thorough plowing by young Jason's mammoth prick.

"Oh, Floyd," she moaned, softly, "Are you going to make your old-lady schoolteacher happy?" Beth grabbed his hand and kissed it, sucking on one of the boy's fingers, and then biting it gently.

Floyd grunted and pulled her down on his lap as again he kissed her.

The schoolteacher, sitting on his muscular, lean thighs, felt the tremor of his passion, and responded to it with a passion of her own. She sucked her schoolboy's tongue into her mouth, and bit on it gently. He started to raise her skirt, and fondled her pussy, feeling the juices of her lust soaking her panties.

Beth lifted off his lap slightly, as his fingers hooked into the elastic waistband, and pulled her panties off, down to her knees. Kicking her legs, the schoolteacher worked them down to her ankles, and then dropped them.

The schoolboy pushed her onto her back on the couch, and raised her skirt above her hips, until it was bunched at her waist, while Beth fumbled with his belt buckle, releasing it, and then pulled down his fly zipper.

Beth moaned as her schoolboy's erection popped out at her, hard and ready, and pulsing with lust. She gripped it, kneading the slick flesh, which encased his hardness. His size was ordinary but, in the brief moment before he lowered his hips, she noted its fascinating curve.

Floyd lay on top of his schoolteacher's lush body, and pulled his pants down around his knees. He felt his lust grow as the woman's hands reached around to cup his tight, muscular buttocks.

With the skill of experience, he placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy, and thrust inward slowly. His cock slipped easily into her well-buttered cunt and he thought fleetingly of Barbara's virgin tightness, the one girl he'd had since his return from Africa.

The precocious schoolboy worked his hands under his teacher's sweating back, pressing her huge tits against his throbbing chest, flattening them out.

Beth moaned, feeling her nipples pucker, feeling the hot ripples of pleasure that the sensitive buds sent through her body.

The boy pushed inward, feeling his schoolteacher's soft cunt give way before the fleshy onslaught of his powerful prick. He felt his sensitive flesh twitch and tingle under the wet soft stimulation of her soft tunnel.

"Oh, Floyd," Beth moaned, as she felt her schoolboy's cock thrust inward, until she felt his balls pressing against her quivering ass cheeks. It wasn't as deep as Jason had been but as he began to pump she thrilled to the sensations that rippled through her twat. He was good, she thought as he raised his ass high in the air, pulling his cock out until only the tip of it was embedded in her cunt, and then lunged forward again, driving his cock deeply into the steaming well of her sex.

The schoolteacher could feel the hard beating of Floyd's heart against her swollen tits and she felt as if she were melting in the boy's embrace, as he moved his cock in and out of her sensuously, slowly, driving his cock deeply into her, and pulling it out with smooth, firm strokes.

Her cuntal walls closed in around his slowly thrusting tool and she felt the heat of his prick permeate the twitching walls of her cunt. Her pussy juices dribbled in a warm, slimy stream down her ass crack, and pooled on the sofa cushions beneath her humping ass.

Oh God! Boys were good and this one was the best the woman thought as she ground her swollen, hot pussy up into the boy's groin. Her clitoris tingled and jerked as it made hot contact with his wiry pubic hairs and her breathing issued from her passion-constricted throat in gasping sobs, as her heat built.

Floyd rose up enough to get at the woman's large breasts and as he drove his teenaged tool in and out of her cunt the schoolteacher kneaded the flesh of his ass cheeks, savoring the smoothness of his skin. His cock felt hot and hard in her cunt as it drove deeply and smoothly in and out of her and she sensed that it was doing something special to her.

Beth started to grind her hips upward, mashing her swollen pink flesh against her schoolboy's groin. She became wanton, wild, as the passion increased and her schoolboy continued to hump in and out of her with a steady, demanding force, as the woman started to go wild under him.

Floyd grunted breathlessly and his humping became harder, and faster. The schoolteacher felt the boy's cock swelling in her cunt, felt it growing like a wild snake slithering deeper into the dark, wet reaches of her sex tunnel. He wasn't as big as his friend but what he was doing to her was every bit as good, maybe better.

The passionate schoolteacher threw her legs around her schoolboy's hard-humping waist and clung to him, as the first throes of her orgasm gripped at her gut, like a warm, wet fist, massaging her entrails gently. She felt the pleasure well up hotly, felt her pussy juices spew out of her tightly stuffed hole. She started to whimper as the delicious delirium overtook her mind, fogging it. The spasms in her gut spread outward in hot, ponderous waves, until her itching cuntal walls began to convulse.

The woman's toes curled and she felt her muscles gripping at Floyd's hard-driving cock, felt her orgasm drive higher and higher, as her schoolboy continued to plow in and out of the hot dark hole of her pussy.

Ms. Beth Safic, schoolteacher, guardian and protector of the young people in her charge, gripped at the schoolboy's waist with her legs, and pulled his face down to hers, kissing him hotly, greedily. The boy's mouth took possession of hers, and his tongue flicked in and out of her hot oral cavity with almost the same rhythm that his cock was driving in and out of her hot, wet cunt.

Beth felt totally abandoned to the pleasure of her schoolboy's lust, felt her orgasm wash over her in convulsive wave after wave until she writhed like a mad woman under the fourteen-year-old boy's strong demanding body.

As his schoolteacher's orgasm peaked, the boy's cock exploded with its hot eruption of man juice. The woman felt her cunt, like a hungry, gaping maw, suck up the juices, deep into her womb while against her quivering, humping ass cheeks, her student's balls slapped wildly, wetly, lewdly.

Floyd's cock made wet sucking noises, as it thrust in and out of her quivering, convulsing quim and Beth heard him grunt, felt his grip on her flailing body tighten, as his cock pistoned in and out of her like greased lightning, every inward thrust depositing another load of gism into her hot and eager hole.

The schoolteacher squealed as her orgasm peaked, and then started to fade away. She writhed against her schoolboy for a long time, her orgasm prolonged, and powerful, and when she finally relaxed against the boy's still-heaving body, while he emptied his balls into her, she was still trembling with the intense pleasure of the fuck she had had.

Floyd thrust into his schoolteacher one last time, and then lay, relaxed and trembling with the aftermath of his own orgasm, pressing her body into the couch. Damn. He wasn't as big as Jason but she sure seemed to like him. This was going to be a good year.

Chapter 6: Sexy Sibling


Priscilla's anger after she saw her husband having sex with the plump schoolgirl, Fran did not fade overnight. She could hardly wait to tell Reverend Wilson, the man she'd thought until yesterday was her father, that she would help him do whatever he wanted to humiliate her husband. And then she found the diary.

Sixteen-year-old Audrey was ten years younger than her brother Bob. She'd been only seven when he went away to school so she had not had a close relationship with him. Not in the usual brother-sister way, anyway. They had, however, been very close for the year or so beginning shortly before her twelfth birthday. She loved, admired and respected him and in fact, was in love with him in a very non-sibling sense.

When Audrey passed through puberty at age eleven things changed. Bob had always played with her during his visits but their play together changed. Bob couldn't help but notice the way his kid sister filled out, her hips widening and her breasts swelling. And he was tempted. As a teaching intern he was being severely tempted by the tween-agers in his practice teaching classes and he couldn't help wondering if his tween-age sister was now old enough to enjoy sex. But his natural aversion to incest kept him from going too far. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say it prevented him from going all the way. In fact most would say that he did go too far.

He began his serious flirtation with incest one weekend when he'd been at home. He was drinking and reading when his sister came home from her friend's place. It wasn't late but their parents were in bed when the girl came in and went quickly upstairs to her bedroom. Then, after a few minutes Audrey came back down and joined him in the living room. She wore only a short, flimsy nightgown and Bob's inhibitions were relaxed enough from the drink that the sight of his eleven, nearly twelve-year-old sister's nicely developing body triggered an urge to explore. Had her sensuality developed apace with her physical attributes? He patted the sofa next to where he sat and his little sister sat down beside him.

Audrey was pleased, happy that the big brother she loved and admired wanted her to sit by him but the innocent youngster never dreamed what delight was in store.

"You're a lovely girl, Audrey," Bob said in a soft voice as soon as she was sitting beside him. "If you weren't my sister and you were a few years older I'd want you as my girlfriend."

The girl thrilled to hear this from the brother she adored. Then, as his hand caressed her hair in long strokes while he told her in hushed tones how pretty it was, she felt paralyzed. She could feel. She could hear, She could see. But she couldn't react. He never stopped speaking. It was a mantra of soft, quiet words dedicated to her beauty. She quit listening to the words and only heard the hymned rhythm of his deep voice. Her eyes sluggishly shut and a sort of deep itch developed in her lower belly...

When his hand moved from her hair, she hardly noticed. She was caught up in the hypnotizing hum of his voice. When his fingertips inched down her breast and gently pinched her distended nipple, her eyes shot open in a fixed stare. And still he didn't quit. Over and over he told her how beautiful she was. Her hands were clenched in tight fists and her fingernails dug into her palms. A voice in her head shouted at her "this was wrong" but she remained immobile in stony silence.

His big hand molded around her developing breast and tenderly massaged it. He released it then and left only his palm to touch the very tip of her nipple. The fires of hell surged through her and she shuddered from it. And still he murmured on. He flattened his hand on her stomach and let his middle finger dance around her belly button. It didn't tickle as much as it tugged at the same spot that had been itching earlier.

Bob was in complete control of his young sister and, perhaps more importantly, in control of himself. He wanted to learn from his twelve-year-old sister whether a girl as young as she could experience orgasm. He would find out that Audrey could and she therefore may have unwittingly played a role in her older brother's subsequent dalliances with underaged girls.

Bobs fingertip pushed at his sister's belly, forcing a gap in the elastic waistband of her panties. And then his hand slipped through the gap. His litanous song continued to boast at how lovely she was. How lovely and sweet. Oh so sweet. He lightly stroked his fingers through the beginnings of her pubic hair that had recently started growing. His fingers inched right to the spot that was burning.

The innocent girl's heart raced. She felt feverish. A slight buzzing vibrated in her ears. Her breathing was disjointed. She remained still. Scared. Excited. Anxious. Violated. But motionless.

The man's hand flattened against the young girl's privates and his middle finger again led the way. It jabbed at her tightness and tunneled its way inside. He dug until he hit that itchy spot. He crooned how sweet, how slippery and sweetly ready she was. She didn't understand.

On and on went his words of how beautiful she was, how lovely, how good. She wanted to believe him. And on and on went his touching, soft, gentle and deliberately slow. Something was building inside of her. Climbing, growing, becoming bigger and making her breathless. She wanted it to stop but she needed it to go on. She started to panic. She couldn't breathe. He continued to draw tiny circles. She tried to speak, She tried to tell him she couldn't breathe, that she was burning, that what he was doing was wrong, but all that came out was short puffs of air.

The feeling exploded over her with tiny bursts spiraling to her toes. His finger stopped, and pressed tightly against her. She felt little spasms fighting back at his finger, wave after wave that peaked, and then flittered out into her body, and finally died out. Her body went limp from exhaustion.

Bob was thrilled and excited by his sister's response. She had cum as intensely as the older girl he'd fucked. He looked at his kid sister in a different way after that. Audrey was also thrilled. She could hardly wait for his next visit.

For several months after that evening, whenever Bob came home, the intimacy was repeated. They didn't speak of it, not even to one another, but the memories and the desires for more were constantly with the young girl. She was truly a slave to her older brother's manipulations but he never tried to go beyond intimate touching. And, each night afterwards, in the privacy of his bedroom, Bob would masturbate but always using one of his tween-aged schoolgirls as his fantasy partner. Incest with his sister, tempting though she was, was too much against the values that had been drilled into him. (Some might wonder why similar values with respect to abuse of other females had not been acquired.)

Bob enjoyed his weekend sessions with his young sister. She was a pretty and shapely girl and as she moved from eleven to twelve and approached her thirteenth birthday something happened that made him realize that he was treading on very dangerous ground. He knew already that Audrey would let him do whatever he wanted but he thought he could control his own libidinous urges. Until the night he kissed her.

"Do it more slowly... like this." Bob said softly as he lifted his mouth from his sisters rapidly moving lips. It was as if she thought a kiss required her to move her head from side to side. He pressed his mouth gently against hers and felt the soft warmth of her lips tremble against his. Her body stiffened in surprise when he flicked his tongue lightly across her lips but she allowed it to happen without complaint. His penis jerked and hardened in response to the touch of her soft lips under his tongue.

The youngster breathed excitedly. "Was that a French kiss?"

"Almost... did you like it?"

"Mmmm... it was nice," she said dreamily. "Do it again."

"I'll have to move you a little bit first" he said, conscious of the feel of her warm bottom crushing his swelling tool. He lifted her slightly and turned her, so that she was facing him with her firm legs straddling his.

The young schoolgirl stared wide-eyed at the bulge in her brother's trousers. She had felt his hardness under her many times but as she looked at the way his pants were pushed out by what was underneath she marveled at the apparent size.

"Are you going to kiss me again?"

Bob nodded and brushed her lips delicately with his. She was ready this time when his tongue flickered smoothly over her trembling lips and she crooned softly with satisfaction. Her shapely body quivered with surprise when he slid the tip of his tongue between her lips but she did not object. He kissed her a little harder and his tongue ventured further into the warmth of her mouth. The tip of her tongue brushed timidly against his and her body squirmed on his lap as she whimpered quietly with pleasure.

"Was that a French kiss?" she whispered breathlessly.

"It certainly was," Bob replied as he held her hand gently and slowly guided it onto the bulge in his trousers. The girl's fingers rested lightly on his pulsing erection for a brief moment before she realized and jerked her hand away with a gasp.

"Oh Bob! Oh! It's so hard!" she exclaimed and she did nothing to resist when he gently moved her hand back to rest on his erection. The hard swelling jerked under her touch and the innocent child flinched in surprise but she kept her hand in place. "I can feel it moving," she whispered in awe.

Audrey wasn't quite as innocent now as when Bob had fingered her to her first orgasm. She'd listened to her classmates and she knew that some of them went all the way. And some did it with uncles or brothers. And now she knew the words, all of them.

The girl's slender fingers fluttered hesitantly over the bulging material of her brother's trousers and he groaned softly with pleasure. "That feels so nice Audrey. You're making it bigger and harder... don't stop."

Audrey's eyes widened in amazement as she gently drew her slim fingers along the length of his swollen organ. "It feels so big," she said huskily, "I can't believe I did that." The innocent youngster stared in fascination as her brother's body jerked in response when she casually stroked his trouser front. Bob groaned with frustration and tried to press her hand more firmly against his aching erection. She shook his hand away impatiently. Enthralled that she could control her brother with a touch of her fingers, she was unwilling to surrender the power she had discovered,

"Leave me alone. I can manage." She ran her finger smoothly down the swelling, relishing his groans of frustration as her fingertips rested lightly on the sensitive end of his erection. She gazed innocently into his eyes as he groaned and pushed forward to increase the pressure.

The thoroughly aroused man fumbled for his zip and tried clumsily to pull it open. The rasp of his zip sent a shiver of fear through his sister's curvaceous frame and she pulled back. She knew that they were moving to a new height of intimacy and it frightened her. The fastener jammed and her brother groaned in frustration. "Help me Audrey. Undo my zipper."

"Why can't I just do it like before? You liked that didn't you?"

"Yes... okay, it felt great but I want... I want..." His voice trailed off as her finger returned to graze a lazy path along the length of his erection. Still gazing into his pleading eyes with guileless innocence, the young schoolgirl wet her lips with the tip of her tongue as she gave his trouser front another careless stroke.

"What? What do you want?"

"I want you to touch it... to stroke it properly," he managed to gasp.

Her wide eyes and innocent smile contradicted the slow deliberate movement of her fingertips. "But that's what I'm doing."

"I know but..."

"You want more than that... You want me to get it out and hold it, don't you?"

He nodded, "Yes... yes hold it... you want to see, don't you?"

"I suppose so, " she admitted, pretending to be reluctant, "but only to look... not to hold it. Wouldn't that be incest?" Audrey knew full well that true incest went well beyond just holding her brother's cock and the thought of it was vaguely exciting to her but she wanted to find out how far he'd be willing to go.

"No, of course not. It would only be incest if we made love."

"What do you mean... if you put it in me? Is that what you're thinking about, brother Bob."

"I wasn't thinking about it. I was just explaining..."

"I know," she sighed impatiently, "so it's only incest if you fuck me. Is that right?"

"Where did you learn language like that?"

"If I'm not old enough to say fuck, then I must be too young to do this," she said teasingly, idly stroking him through the material of his trousers.

"It just doesn't sound nice from a young girl."

"But it's okay for a nice young girl like me to touch your cock, to do incest with you"

"I told you, it wouldn't be incest just to touch it."

"Hold it, is what you said... make you come. I know what you want but I mustn't say it."

"What do you mean?"

"You want me to give you a handjob... but I mustn't say that because it isn't very nice, isn't that it?"

"I was just surprised... I didn't know you used language like that."

"I don't usually," she said matter of factly, "but I've never given anyone a handjob before either." She gave his bulging trousers a final tantalizing stroke and her brother held his breath as the youngster started to open his zip. She paused and cocked her head enquiringly.

"You do want me to jerk you off don't you?"

"Yes, jerk me off. Please do it Audrey." For the moment Bob just wanted someone... anyone to relieve the pressure in his groin. Even his sister.

"Will you promise to behave yourself?" Audrey didn't know if she wanted her big brother to behave himself or not. The arousal she felt from his touch was enhanced by the intensity of his response to her teasing touch.

"Of course I will... you know I wouldn't do anything to hurt you... anything you didn't want." Did she think he'd try to take advantage of her? Did she think he'd try to fuck her?

Audrey pulled a disbelieving face and slowly pulled his zip open. "I've never done this before. I might hurt you."

"It's all right, I'll show you what to do... it's not hard."

"Feels pretty hard to me," she giggled as she slid her slim hand into his trousers. Her fingers felt the heat of his hardness through the material of his underpants but she fumbled to reach his bare flesh without success.

"Wait a moment," Bob said, tugging one handed at his belt. He unfastened his trousers to expose the bulge beneath his pants and parted his legs so that she could reach. And, as he did so, he slid his other hand up between his sister's thighs to cup and finger the wet softness of her almost hairless pussy. It was hot and wet and her clitoris was fully engorged under his finger.

The twelve-year-old girl scarcely noticed what her brother was doing as her trembling fingers fumbled clumsily with his elastic waistband and slowly pulled it downwards. She felt the sudden hardness of him against her hand as his swollen penis burst free and she pulled her hand away in surprise. "It's enormous," she gasped, "I didn't think it would be this big."

"It won't hurt you," he said as he gently pushed her hand back into contact with his eager flesh.

She could not believe anything that big could ever fit inside a grown woman, let alone a child of her age. She suspected that, despite his denials, this was what her brother would put inside her if she let him. Shivering from fear and excitement, she could see that it was too big ever to fit inside her even if she allowed her brother to try. Or was it? The ingenuous girl felt a slow pulse begin to throb between her thighs that made her wish that she had the courage to let him try. Her hands seemed too small to hold him as he guided her cool fingers onto his throbbing erection and led them to explore the full length of it. Her hand shook as it nervously stroked his rigid flesh.

Bob gradually curled his sister's slender fingers around the massive girth until they almost encircled it, then he slowly coaxed her hand into motion. Still guiding her hand up and down, he struggled to keep his voice steady. "That's it Audrey. Now stroke it just like that, very gentle, very slow." He released her hand and allowed her to continue unaided. The distended organ throbbed and jerked in her cool grip and somehow she knew what to do. She held his penis firmly and moved her hand up and down slowly.

She could tell from her brother's harsh panting that she was doing something right and she pumped his throbbing cock with a steady rhythm. There was a small bead of transparent liquid on the end and she touched it curiously with her fingertip. Her brother jumped and gasped out loud. She grinned at him impishly and deliberately slid her thumb lightly across the wet tip. His erection jerked frantically and he groaned in frustration. She ignored his agonized moans and calmly curled her slender fingers around the rigid organ and squeezed it as she moved her hand. His foreskin slid back and forth across the slippery head until he groaned softly in ecstasy. His hand stroked and probed her swollen pussy and her hand stroked his throbbing tool with the same rhythm.

"Don't do that, I can't concentrate," Audrey complained.

"I want you to cum too," Bob murmured as he rubbed her clit.

Audrey's hand moved slightly, "Don't you want to do it to yourself now... you're probably better at it than me."

"No... don't stop Audrey. It's much better when you do it."

"Stop putting me off then," she said severely, "I need to concentrate." His body shook and strained upwards to meet the movement of her hand as she started again. Her curled fist moved faster in instinctive response when she felt his excitement mounting. He gasped her name as his orgasm approached and somehow the innocent youngster knew. She paused, leaving him on the brink of coming and stroked the hard length of his penis with a tantalizing gossamer soft touch, her long nails lightly grazing the tip of his bursting organ.

"Am I doing it right?"

"Yes, you're doing fine. Just don't keep stopping."

She paused and slid her thumb teasingly across the slippery tip. "I don't know what you mean."

"Yes you do. Stop that."

"But I like doing it."

"Audrey please stop teasing me. Make me cum!"

Her clear brown eyes gazed calmly into his face. "I've never done this before... will it be messy?"

"Don't worry. Use a tissue. Just stop teasing me."

"Do you think we'll need that tissue soon?"

Her brother fumbled a tissue from the box beside the sofa and pressed it into her free hand. Inexperienced though she was, she sensed that his orgasm was imminent but she massaged his frantically jerking penis with agonizing slowness. The twelve-year-old girl was curious to see her brother cum but she was also enjoying the control that she had over him and she was reluctant for it to end. Her brother's breath was becoming more uneven and his body spasmed every time she squeezed and moved her hand on his penis so she knew it she knew that it would happen soon even though she had no idea what to expect when it did happen. Her innocent young face betrayed nothing as she spoke quietly. "You're going to cum soon aren't you?" Too breathless to speak, he nodded mutely. Audrey knew she was playing with fire but her smile shone with naive simplicity as she whispered sweetly.

"I bet you'd like to put this up inside me now, wouldn't you?" Her brother stared in wordless astonishment as the innocent child continued. "You know it would be incest to fuck me but you don't care, do you? You still want to fuck me with your big cock, don't you?" Her lewd words triggered his climax and he had no time to reply as, with a last drawn-out groan of pleasure, hot liquid spurted from his penis over her wrist and hand. She was too surprised to get the handkerchief into place and she stared in fascination as his sperm flooded her hand and dripped over her thighs. She stroked the bucking, spasming shaft several times before she gave his penis a final gentle squeeze. As she withdrew her hand, she smiled brightly and whispered in his ear. "You didn't answer me brother Bob. You did want to fuck me didn't you?"

"My God, Audrey! What have we done?" In that moment of post-orgasmic guilt Bob was shocked at how close he'd been to committing incest. Real incest. And with a girl so young. The hypocrisy of fantasizing that he was screwing the equally young grade six and seven students in his training classes didn't register with him. "We can't do this again... not ever!"

Audrey Best had been keeping a diary since she was ten years old. Like all diaries, it was secret and that's a good thing. Her parents would have been shocked and saddened had they read what she was writing, especially about her older brother. But, when Bob told her that he would no longer play with her, she stopped writing her diary. Until she came to help with the baby.

The diary that Priscilla found under the mattress of her sister in law's bed was Book III. Audrey had just started it before Bob squelched their intimate relationship and when she moved in with Bob and his wife, she resumed writing in the same book.

Dear Diary - Shelly says that Bob wants to fuck me. She says that all brothers want to fuck their sisters but I don't know if I believe her or not. Wonder what it would feel like? I can feel his cock (that's what Shelly calls it) under my bottom and it feels awful big.

Dear Diary - I finally felt it with my hands! Wow! Is it ever hard! And he let me do what he's been doing for me. I gave him a handjob. I love him more than ever. I know he wants to put it inside me and I want that, too. I wonder if I'll feel it when he shoots? Some of it hit my cheek tonight and it was so hot. He says we can't ever do it again but I don't believe he means it. Can't wait until tomorrow night.

That was the last entry from the twelve year old. Then there was a one-page gap before the new diary began.

Dear Diary - (Aug 20) I must apologize for leaving you alone for so long but there wasn't anything interesting to write anyway. Bob wouldn't do anything after he let me feel him with my hands. And he still hasn't but at least now I can be close to him. He's married, Diary, and it breaks my heart. But I don't know why Bob chose a cow like Priscilla? God! Those udders belong in a freak show. But I guess he didn't exactly choose her to be his wife. She was just a quick and easy lay for him, I'm sure, and he knocked her up. I'll tell you more tomorrow.

Priscilla got angrier when she read that. Were her breasts really freakish? She'd ask her... Reverend Wilson. She skipped through some entries and then read:

Dear Diary - (Aug 29) I know he notices me and not just as his kid-sister. I think he likes my bubs better than those bags of flesh his wife has. I've seen him sneaking a look when I don't have a bra on and I let my blouse hang open. It's so frustrating to be lying in bed at night with him in the next room.

I'll have to keep an eye on them, Priscilla thought. It's a wonder he hasn't had her already. She skipped ahead to the last entry.

Dear Diary - (Sep 6) I know I'd be better than she. I could hear the bedsprings squeaking and I'm sure he was making love to her but I don't think she gave him much pleasure. And he's not making love - he's just fucking her. It isn't fair. I bet she seduced him and the baby likely isn't even his. And I bet she doesn't appreciate him and he just has to fuck her because she's his wife. But I think he's looking at me that way. Maybe he's changed his mind? If he ever gets in bed with me I'll just keep quiet and then maybe he'll forget that I'm his sister. Wish I could have his baby.

Priscilla went to see Reverend Wilson that afternoon but, to her dismay, there was a note on the door saying he would be away until Sunday. She went home and began to scheme, to plot revenge on the man who'd seduced, was cheating on her and had disrespected the man she'd known as her father. Her anger did not lessen a she tried to think of ways to hurt her husband.

Chapter 7: Deceiving Audrey

By the time Reverend Wilson returned, Mrs. Bob Best was ready to do anything to get even with her philandering husband but she wasn't very imaginative. She understood why the minister, the man she'd known until two days ago as her father, was embarrassed and ashamed that her husband had fathered his wife's baby. It even made her look at him as something of a failure. Cuckold was the term Wilson had used and he'd explained that it was named after cuckoos that left eggs in other nests.

Priscilla decided quite soon that she wanted Bob to know that she'd made him a cuckold. But not yet. And the next night when Priscilla saw how her sister in law looked at Bob and how deferential he was to his sister, the wronged woman had another thought of how to hurt her husband as he had hurt her. And at the same time take down his snooty sister. Would Reverend Wilson agree?

Ebenezer Wilson had already decided that he was going to knock up Bob Best's wife. But it wasn't just a revenge strategy because, after the man knew he'd been thoroughly cuckolded, he and Priscilla would go away and set up as man and wife in another place. Wilson hoped that the girl would be amenable to the idea.

When Priscilla showed up unannounced at his office soon after his return Wilson was surprised. He was even more surprised when she told him she had changed her mind about her husband. A tearful recounting of her experience in finding him having sex with a young teenager led somehow to the bed in Wilson's inner office and a mutually satisfying repeat of what had happened between them two days earlier.

Wilson was relaxing, his deflating cock still gripped, albeit loosely, by Priscilla's twitching, cum-flooded vagina. She liked feeling the man's warm weight on top of her. Bob rarely stayed on her... in her after he was done. And, with a feeling of confidence as well as of safety she broached her idea to the preacher.

"And... like... if she had your baby, Uncle Eb... and if we... I showed him pictures of you making love to me... then he'd be hurt the way you and me are.

Wilson was shocked and surprised at the girl's suggestion. But he liked it. It was almost better than knocking up Priscilla. Bob really idolized his kid sister and the thought of getting her cherry... if what Priscilla had said was correct... was just icing on the cake. He could hardly wait to see the diary.

"Tell me, Priscilla, do you know when she has her period?"

"Uh... yeah... it started six days ago. I know because mine had started a week before that and she had to get a... you know... a pad from me. Why? What difference does it make.:

"You know, my dear. If we want to get her pregnant we need to do it at the right time. Like, two weeks after her period begins give or take a day. So we'll have to try to set this up for a week from now."

"Oh. Oh my God!" Priscilla gasped as the import of what Reverend Wilson told her sunk in. "Oh sir? That was... for me... like did you make a baby when we did it day before yesterday? Or today?"

Wilson gave a couple of short pumps with his deflating tool. Maybe he had? Maybe he'd knocked her up? At least the time was right and he'd been loaded for it and even now his sperm could be swimming higher up into her womb. "Don't worry, my dear. If you are we'll think of some way to make things right for you."

The following day, while Audrey was in school at Middleville and Bob was teaching in Dorset, Wilson visited Priscilla at home. They reviewed the diary together. The thought of screwing shapely, young Audrey Best was a turn-on and, somewhat perversely, the thought of facilitating her sister in law's violation turned on Priscilla also. They coupled once again, this time on the girl's marriage bed. And after Wilson had planted another load of seed in the girl's fertile womb they planned Audrey's ravishment.

It was complicated. Unprincipled though he was, Wilson wanted the girl to be conscious when he fucked her. And her husband had to be suitably taken care of. And the timing was tight if it was to happen during the girl's most vulnerable time. But they worked it out.

Wednesday night arrived, thirteen days since Audrey's last period had begun. Priscilla carried out her part of the scheme without a hitch. Bob had been surprised when Priscilla brought him a before dinner scotch, and then another one. Soon after dinner he became very sleepy and, without a word, went to bed. At about eight o'clock Priscilla surprised Audrey too when she offered her a cup of cocoa. And by nine Audrey too was in bed.

Wilson had enough experience with the potion he used to soften up his young (and some not so young) conquests so he was able to give Priscilla precise instructions as to amounts to give her husband and her sister in law. Bob was out cold and he'd remain that way for several hours. Audrey, on the other hand, was conscious but not fully so. If she realized what was happening or rather whom it was happening with she would have objected. But Wilson and Best were about the same size and both of them had similar beards so it was hoped that the girl would believe that her brother was finally completing what he'd started almost four years ago.

The bedroom was dimly lit by the moonlight streaming in through the window when a naked Reverend Wilson slipped into bed with the young, virgin, Audrey Best. She murmured softly when the mattress sagged from the added weight and something tugged her flimsy nightgown higher on her body. As always she was naked under the nightgown, which made it easier for her to enact her nightly fantasy of having her brother make love to her.

Oh yes, the sixteen-year-old girl thought drowsily, it's happening. Bob is in bed with me. But she didn't dare speak, as if afraid that she'd break the spell or waken from her dream. She was lying on her side in a fetal position and compliantly she lifted her hip from the bed so her nightie could be raised higher. And then she was raising her arms to let her brother take it off completely.

Wilson was surprised and very pleased at the girl's cooperation. He guessed accurately that she thought he was her brother and he would do nothing to discourage that belief. He was already rock-hard, the result of a prostin injection that would ensure that he stayed with the girl as long as was necessary to bring her to orgasm. That wasn't essential but her inner spasms would help direct his sperm up into her womb.

She had delightful breasts, firm and, as he easily rolled her over onto her back, he could see in the moonlight that they were tipped by long, already erect nipples. Audrey's breasts were about the size of grapefruits and they sagged not an inch, standing up firmly and proudly and capped with pink aureoles that were barely darker than the surrounding flesh itself. The outthrust nipples were rigid, just begging for his mouth to suckle them. He liked Priscilla's body and especially her abundant breastflesh but variety is the spice of life and Wilson always liked a bit of spice. His mouth enclosed one thick, rubbery nipple and he heard the girl moan with pleasure as he tongued the sensitive nubbin.

She was lying on her back now; her shapely legs lightly spread as Wilson smothered her full, firm breasts with skilful kisses while his right hand explored her naked body. He could feel that her pubic hair was only a light covering and that her vaginal lips were swollen with arousal. Her wetness was a surprise but of course he didn't know that Audrey had made her virgin passage well greased from her earlier masturbation.

The minister stroked her legs from her knees to her upper thighs and gradually forced his hands in between them. The compliant virgin spread her legs for him as she felt his hand traveling towards her center and soon he was touching the junction between her inner thighs and her crotch.

"Yes Bob... oohhh yeesss," the girl whispered to the man she thought was her brother. "That feels so gooood."

Pleased by the girl's acquiescence, Wilson let his fingers slowly explore her. They moved through kinky pubic hair and across soft, velvety outer lips before finding the warm wetness of her inner lips. Audrey moaned again as he touched her there and then again as he slowly slipped his middle finger inside of her. Her sex was saturated with her musky juices and very tight. He could feel her muscles clenching at him strongly, gripping his finger. He added one more finger and began to slowly push and pull, sliding them in and out, up and down. Her body stiffened, she let out a short "Ack!" and began to shake as if electrocuted. He let his thumb lightly touch her erect clitoris and she jumped, squealing a little. Her tight sleeve felt like a silken glove made for him alone.

The minister rose above the vulnerable virgin and her arms came up around him and her legs opened up, allowing him to fall between them. He took his erection in his hand and rubbed it slowly through her wetness, lubricating it for the coming festivity in a most pleasurable way. Below him he could feel Audrey trembling as he managed with one hand to slide a pillow under her quivering ass.

Priscilla had been watching from the doorway but, perversely aroused by the salacious pageant being acted out before her, she moved closer to the bed so she could better see and hear the ravishment of her haughty sister in law.

Wilson put the head of his cock between the artless girl's undefiled cuntlips and pushed forward slowly. Despite the abundance of natural lubrication he had to force his way inside of her, she was that tight. It took a while to accomplish and, when her hymen ruptured she uttered a shrill gasp of pain but soon his entire length was gripped within the snugness of her clenching sheath. He felt her sparse pubic hair mingling with his. He felt his balls resting against her butt.

Audrey had a feeling of success, of triumph. She was sure that now her brother would prefer her to the big-titted cow he'd had to marry. And, along with those feelings were the thrills she was experiencing as the man's hot hardness massaged the internal flesh that had never before been touched.

Wilson began to move within the receptive girl and very quickly the going became easier as her body adjusted to having him inside of her. Soon he was moving in a delightful friction, a tight, slippery channel that seemed custom designed for his pleasure. She brought her legs up around his back, pulling him even harder against her. The spasms began and soon he was unloading thick jets of sperm into her body, plastering her cervix and flooding all of her tender, first-fucked passage.

But he wasn't done. Not yet, for the girl had not reached an orgasm. Wilson lay full-weight on her firm tit-pillows and slid both hands under her flexing buttocks. The girl was close, he could tell, and he ground against her, the base of his still hard cock rubbing her clit and the deeply buried head stirring the viscous puddle of sperm-laden semen that surrounded her cervix.

"Hanh... Bob... Oohh Bob!" Audrey cried out as she convulsed with her first cock-made climax. She jerked and bucked and her cock-stuffed vagina squeezed and writhed and virtually sucked Wilson's sperm up into her womb.

Reverend Wilson remained on top of the sated girl for almost half an hour. By the time he rolled off her semi-conscious state had become a sleep of exhaustion for the stress of finally getting her brother inside her had overwhelmed her.

Audrey woke up next morning excited. Excited in the sense of being thrilled and energized because she remembered, or thought she remembered that her brother had finally made love to her. All the way. And to support that memory, vague though it was, there was the tenderness, soreness between her legs and the red stain on the bedsheet... So she was sure she hadn't been dreaming. But she was excited also in the sense of being aroused. Her sensual nature had been thoroughly unlocked and she wanted more.

Bob didn't really notice the knowing glances his sister cast his way next day. Audrey was disappointed that he didn't acknowledge them in some way but of course, she told herself, he didn't want Priscilla to know. Not yet. But she was sure also that he would soon run away with her so they could live as man and wife.

Wilson's plan to have Audrey a second time, two days after the first, was made easier by the fact that Bob had to go away for a Teachers' Study Session".

Another drug-laced cocoa and Audrey was ready for another servicing by the unprincipled pastor. And this time it was even easier. As soon as Wilson slid in beside her and began to caress her, the sixteen-year-old girl peeled off her nightie and lay on her back, her legs spread wide apart.

Wilson's mouth covered hers as he mounted her and, with brazenness that belied her innocence, she reached down between their bodies and took hold of his pre-cum dripping tool. She pulled him closer and her hands smeared her own juices over the head and the shaft. She moved the hard fucktool back and forth for a moment, trying to line it up just right, rubbing the head against her folds as she did so. Wilson groaned at the sensation and pulled on her ass, trying to force her up at him.

The head slipped inside of her at last and, with a gentle tug on his part and a gentle push on her part, he sank down, pushing the rest of him in. Though he had experienced the exquisite tightness of her before, it still came as an altogether pleasant surprise to feel her clutching at him, engulfing him. Both sighed as the penetration occurred, as their crotches joined at the hairs. He began to thrust slowly and firmly, grinding himself against her body, pushing on the nerve channels that gave her pleasure. They kissed each other hotly as they fucked, his hands squeezing the cheeks of her ass, her hands scratching at his back.

Perhaps it was genetic but, for whatever reason, Audrey demonstrated a marvelous aptitude for sexual congress. As soon as Wilson's cock was buried hilt-deep in her tight, once-fucked passage she began to undulate smoothly beneath him. He could feel her strong thighs flexing, cradling his hips while her broad pelvis rocked rhythmically in perfect time with his thrusts. Her vaginal muscles squeezed delightfully and the girl moaned and panted with growing excitement.

"Yuh Bob... yuh... hard... love it," Audrey gasped. "Always... anh... always with me... love you," and her legs wrapped around Wilson's hips as her body jerked in the spasms of climax. She came twice more before the minister felt the heat of his own climax and, as he blasted his sperm into her again she seemed to become weak under him.

"When will you tell Priscilla?" Audrey's murmured question caught Wilson by surprise when, twenty minutes later, he dismounted from the girl's body.

"Not yet Audrey. Not 'til the baby's older," he said. "We can't let her know yet."

Priscilla, aroused by watching Wilson screw her sister in law, was waiting for him when he left Audrey's room. Warm fingers and a soft, wet mouth brought Wilson back to life and for the next hour he ploughed the big-titted, sex-hungry girl. Yes, he mused afterwards, life was good.

Chapter 8: Artless Amazonian

Jack had been looking at Sue and Tina with increasing interest ever since their older sister had accused him of fucking them. He had so far resisted the temptations of the many nubile teens in Middleville School, his school, his resistance helped by Annette's weekend visits. But Tina was a big, tall fourteen-year-old girl with long legs and mountainous tits and he found himself fantasizing about fucking her. He was sure she would give him a memorable ride if he could get into her but, living in the same house with her, he knew that he should not try to seduce her. Tina, however, proved to be too ripe and innocent to ignore.

Tina was having trouble with her grade eight math and, when the teacher came to board with them, she saw it as an opportunity to get special tutoring. She got special tutoring, too, and not only in math.

The first evening that Jack worked with her was torment for him. The fabulously endowed juvenile wore a loose fitting frock and, as far as he could see, nothing at all under it. Her huge breast-melons jiggled in all their unsupported glory every time she moved and, sitting close to him, she innocently pressed their pliant softness against his arm. But he did nothing that night.

The following evening was even more frustrating for him. She wore an open-necked blouse and he was able to look down into the deep valley between the hugely swelling mounds of tit-flesh while her flimsy, crotch- hugging shorts revealed the pale flesh of her long, full thighs. The teacher was unable to resist the temptation to touch the buxom teenager and, during the evening, his arm frequently brushed against her big boobs. For a while, his hand was even resting on her upper thigh.

Tina was not completely unaffected by the contact, either. In fact, the artless girl was excited by it. Every time her teacher reached across in front of her, which he did with increasing frequency, his arm rubbed over her blouse and, through the light fabric, it was almost as if he was touching her bare nipples. The contact sent shivers down her back and hot thrills coursing from her breasts to the pit of her stomach. She liked the feeling and, although intuitively she knew it was sinful, she invited more frequent contact by always placing their textbook where he would have to reach in front of her for it. By then, his hand was on her bare thigh, also. It seemed to her to be accidental but it also gave her warm feelings and she'd wished he'd move it higher.

The third night was prayer meeting night but, because there were tests the next day, Tina asked to stay home to get more tutoring. Really, though, her reason was to feel her teacher's arm on her breasts some more. For thirty minutes, things continued as on the previous two nights. Jack could not help but notice, however, that the girl seemed to be inviting contact. Last night he had made progress and had been caressing her bare leg most of the evening. She had even shifted her position in the chair to make it easier and, if it had not been for the presence of her mother and sister in the next room, Jack would have done much more than feel her up.

Now, however, they were alone, and after only ten minutes, his hand was on her thigh, high up on her thigh. Actually, between her thighs, pressing against the soft bulge of her plump mons. And she seemed to be parting her legs and sort of moving hips as if to allow closer contact. Also, when he reached across in front of her and his forearm rubbed the tips of her breasts, he could feel that her nipples were erect and hard. And, when he did this, the teenager looked at him with an ingenuous, wide-eyed expression on her face as if she wanted more.

"You're a big girl, Tina," he said finally as, tempted beyond his limited restraint, he put his arm around her and squeezed and hefted one of her mammoth breast-bags. "And I'm having trouble keeping my mind on your lesson." With that statement he moved his other hand to cup the bulge at the apex of her thighs and was rewarded by the discovery that her flimsy shorts were damp. "It feels like you've been thinking about something other than arithmetic, too. Is that right, Tina?"

"Uh? No. What do you mean, sir?" she asked, squirming as his finger slipped inside the leg of her shorts, touching the bare flesh of her soft, young quim and sending a hot thrill through her young loins. She felt an almost nauseous excitement in her belly.

"I don't think that arithmetic made your hot, little pussy wet and slippery like this, did it?" His unprincipled lust was exacerbated by the fact that the docile youngster made not the slightest attempt to escape his increasingly intimate touch and he quickly removed his hand from the tight constraint of the leg of her shorts and slipped it down over her round belly, under the elastic waistband to cover the bulging, wet softness of her vulva.

"Oh, sir? Oh! I don't understand? What do you mean, sir? Oh! I don't know what you mean?" The girl sat there submissively, her belly churning from his gentle, intimate touch, shocked by his language and very confused. She made no move to stop the horny teacher as he fingered her smooth, soft cuntflesh and mauled her huge, heavy tits.

"I mean that I think you would rather have me play with your big tits and your hot, little cunt than do arithmetic. That's right, isn't it, Tina? You like the way it makes you feel, don't you, Tina? Isn't it better than algebra?"

"Uh, yeah? I guess so? It makes me feel kinda funny, though? Are yuh sure we oughta be doin' this, sir?"

"We'll stop if you want to, my dear, but you're making me feel kind of funny, too." He took his hand away from her swollen breasts and guided her hand under the waistband of his sweatpants to his already raging erection. "See what you've done to me, Tina?"

"SIR! Oh, sir?" the fourteen year old girl gasped as she felt the big, hard bone. "What? Oh, sir? What is it? What did I do?"

"Come upstairs with me, Tina. I'll show you what you did to me and I can give you some really wonderful feelings, too. Don't you feel as if you'd like something more than this?" He stood, her hand still grasping his tool inside his pants, and the big, busty, docile youngster let him lead her up to his bedroom.

Once they were in his bedroom, he slid his hand again under the waist of her shorts and cupped her vulva. It was wet, very wet, and the smooth flesh with its scant growth of hair was oily slick.

"Do you ever touch yourself there, Tina?", he asked as he slid his finger into the crevice between her fat labia.

"Nuh... nuh... no, sir? Not exactly. That is, I never did 'til three nights ago, after we finished studying?" she replied, a shudder of innocent desire making her big body quiver and her warm hand squeezed even tighter on the thick hardness of his throbbing penis.

"Did it make you feel good?"

"Uh... sorta?"

"Did you make yourself cum?"

"I don't know what you mean sir?" she replied, her eyes downcast with embarrassment, remembering the hot sensations that had coursed through her body, at the end.

"Oh, Tina," he said with a smile. "I meant, did you have an orgasm? Cum is kind of a slang term for that."

"What's a... an orgasm, sir?"

"Well, Tina, maybe I ought to show you. Most girls your age have found out... like you probably almost did last night... I'm sure you'll like it, Tina." Jack unbuttoned her blouse, baring her huge, lush breasts.

"But, sir? Are you sure we should be doing this? Are yuh gonna take off my clothes? Alla them?"

"Nobody else will know, Tina. And I'll stop if you don't like it," he said, knowing that he wasn't going to stop now until he'd fucked the big, buxom juvenile. The submissive, voluptuous teenager made no attempt to stop him as he removed her blouse and pulled off her shorts although she blushed and crossed her arms in front, modestly trying to cover her breasts and pussy.

She was naked, the lush curves of her big, ripe, young body revealed in all their buxom beauty. Her huge, fleshbag tits hung and jiggled, her belly swelled out convexly and, below it, her smooth, nearly hairless Venus mound projected roundly. Tina looked at him shyly, wondering what he was going to do as he reached out to take her hands in his.

"Show me what you did last night, Tina. Lie down and show me."

The young girl blushed furiously and looked toward the bed but Jack, afraid of staining the sheets if she was, in fact, a virgin, eased the big, compliant, young girl to the floor. He was virtually certain that she'd never been fucked but he knew that her hymen might have been broken some other way. Nonetheless, he didn't want to take the chance of leaving telltale evidence on his sheets for her mother to find.

He took her hand and placed it on her pussy. "Now, show me."

At first the teenager's shyness almost prevented her from doing what her teacher asked but he pushed her hand closer and, already primed by his earlier touches, she quickly became excited.

"Open your legs wider, Tina," he said in a lust thickened voice while he mauled the pliant flesh of her big, floppy breasts. "And tell me how you feel."

"Sir? Oh sir? It makes me feel... all squishy... like? Oh sir!" She gasped when Jack's fingers joined hers in titillating her fat, innocent cunt and, when he found her erect, little clitoris, she cried out even louder, "OH SIR! OOHHH!"

Tina's belly churned from the exciting but unfamiliar titillation of her sensitive cuntflesh but she felt a kind of unease or guilt. She'd heard her uncle preach about loose women and whores and she wondered if her teacher was trying to get her to be one of these? But his finger was sending more of the delightful feelings through her and his other hand was playing with her breasts and causing more of the same and the other thoughts were soon out of her mind.

"Do you feel different now, Tina? Do you feel like something is going to happen to you?"

The innocent youngster's fingers were massaging her pussy rapidly but without any skill and she felt a terrible frustration. She wanted something more but she didn't know what. Her big body squirmed and writhed and she was hardly aware of what was happening when her teacher mounted between her long, widespread legs and pushed down his sweatpants.

When the naive juvenile saw her teacher's thick, long penis spring free, she gasped in shocked surprise. "SIR! OH SIR!" The long, white organ looked like a third arm projecting out from the black, curly bush of pubic hair and she was paralyzed with fright.

"Take it in your hands again, Tina. Hold it and feel it while I feel your pussy."

Tina reached out nervously with her hand and then jerked it away when she first touched the hot, hard shaft. But the thickly veined, rock-hard column fascinated her. Looking up at the man above her, she once again touched the thick shaft, and then wrapped her fingers around it.

Jack guided the tip of his cock between the sleek, swollen lips of the young girl's pussy, her hands still holding it, too.

"Do you like the way it feels when I do this, Tina? When I rub my cock in your cunt?" He added a bit of pressure for emphasis when he said the words cock and cunt to be certain she knew what he meant.

"Oh, sir!" the youngster gasped as an incredible surge of hot, exciting sensations shot through her innocent loins. "Oohhh sirrrr?"

"I want you to rub my cock on your cunt, baby... Tina... it's better that way. Just rub it slowly."

Innocently, the naive girl did as he told her and her tender, soft pussy began to throb with a strange urgency. Jack let the youngster rub the thick tip of his hard cock in the crevice between the soft, fat fleshrolls, spreading them so that the pink inner lips were visible. When she began to rub it harder and faster, he knew the full-bodied adolescent was primed for her devirgination.

"Does that feel good, Tina? Do you like it?"

"Hanhh! Oh sir! Hannh.! Oh yes!" she panted. "Hannh! Are you sure it's alright? Hannh! I mean, for us to be doing... hannh... this? Would Mom be hannh... mad at me if she... hannh... knew?" She could hardly talk now in her innocent excitement.

"She might be, Tina. But I think she's probably going to want to do the same thing with me before long, herself. I think she needs to be fucked even more than you do. He reached over to a chair and got a cushion. "Lift up your lovely, big ass, baby. Let me put this cushion under you."

"Why, sir? Hannh... What are you going to do?" she asked, breathlessly, her hands releasing their grip on the thick cockshaft. But, obediently, the teenager arched her body so that the man could slide the thick pillow under her. Her smooth, fleshy labia parted slightly as her wide hips were arched upward by the combined thickness of the pillow and her deep buttocks and the ingenuous young creature watched with fearful expectancy as he guided the shaft between her soft, fat cuntlips.

"Just relax, Tina. Relax and you'll see what I'm going to do." The heat of her vaginal mouth was like a magnet to the iron of his cock and pushed in until his ingress was blocked by the incontrovertible proof of her virginity. And then he pushed harder.

"OH SIR? OOHHH! OH! YOU'RE HURTING ME!" Tina cried out loudly as the bulbous knob forced her soft labia wider apart and expanded the narrow portal of her virgin quim. But, despite the aching sensation that she felt, she felt also a strange yearning and her hands went down to grip the big, hard fleshpole tightly.

Jack hooked his elbows under the girl's knees and lifted her long legs, tilting her pelvis higher and then, taking her ankles in his hands, he spread them out to the side so that she was wide open for his final, unprincipled assault on her virginity. The slit between her smooth, fat labial rolls widened as, pinned immobile beneath him the big, voluptuous juvenile could not do anything but lie there, holding the thick shaft with submissive acquiescence. The painful ache in her juvenile loins was subordinate to the erotic sensations from her cuntmouth and, trustingly, she looked up at her teacher as he loomed hugely over her.

The purple tip of his penis was already hidden in the fat crevice that divided her fat, shiny vulva into two halves. The youngster flinched as he pushed harder against her vestal barrier, the dull ache in her loins blossoming into a kind of pleasure-pain from the pressure.

"Hannhh... huuurrr... hurrrrtssss..." she whined sibilantly but she lay there in total submission as the man took advantage of her artlessness. And then the ache was displaced by a sharp, tearing pain as the elastic barrier ruptured with an almost audible 'plop'. Half the length of his thick shaft disappeared into her big, young body as her girlish squeal of pain rent the air. Only her hands, still wrapped around the thick pole, prevented him from impaling her completely with his deflowering thrust.

"There, my dear. It's done, Tina. It's over," he gasped as her vestal blood added to the heat that surrounded his cock. He paused. He released her long legs and they flopped down limply, still splayed wide." I'm sorry I had to hurt you, but... God. You had the toughest cherry I ever broken. Does it still hurt, Tina?"

"Sir? Oohhh sirr? Yesss... some... but? But not like before? Not like at first? Oohhh sirr... are you sure it's alright to do this?"

"It was meant to happen, Tina. It won't hurt much longer, my dear. You're a big girl and you'll like feeling all of my cock in you... in a minute or so..."

The immoral teacher let his cock soak in the wet heat of the girl's delightfully tight twat while he mauled her heavy breasts and flexed his shaft within the clasping softness of her vagina. She lay spread-eagled beneath him, her wide hips arched high by the pillow under her big, deep ass, more thrills coursing through her belly as the man gently pinched her large, rubbery nipples. The youngster gradually relaxed as the pain diminished and she felt an unknown hunger as he flexed the hugely distending organ in the tight confines of her juicy, young cunt.

"Now, baby... now you're ready," he sighed as he felt the tension leave her big body and a slight relaxation of the tight grip of her newly deflowered cunt. With short strokes he slowly buried his cock deeper in the hotness of her cuntal channel while she lay, her eyes widening, as she took the progressively deeper penetration. The pressure in her juvenile cuntsheath was incredible. She felt as if she was splitting apart but, at the same time, there was an urgent, exciting heat building in her belly. Despite the erotic discomfort she felt as the man invaded her unsullied vaginal channel, stretching and extending the elastic receptacle, it was making her moan with the intensity of the sensations. Finally he was all in, his pubic hair scratching the smooth, tender flesh of her hairless, young pussy, her labia spread and her fuckwell stretched in both length and diameter by the huge fucktool.

"Oohhhh baby... oohhhh Tina... God, you're good... you're big and so wonderfully tight," and Jack rested on his elbows while he began to fuck the buxom youngster with long, deliberate thrusts.

"Unnh... sir? Unnh... sir... is this... unnh... how you're gonna... unnh... give me a 'gasm?" Tina asked, her question punctuated by breathless little grunts as he repeatedly pumped into her.

"That's right, Tina baby. I'm fucking you and I'm going to make you cum." He reached between their bodies to rub her clit. It took only the briefest touch to trigger the innocent youngster's first orgasm.

As soon as his finger touched her cum-trigger, the big fourteen-year-old girl felt a rush of intense heat in her loins. Her belly bulged and her cuntsheath contracted and she went, momentarily, weak with the intense, paralyzing spasms of her beginning orgasm. Then, as her seducer picked up the tempo and hammered her wide, full hips, her big body went out of control. Tina's back arched, her hips gyrated and she squirmed and bucked wildly beneath her lecherous teacher.

Jack felt the clasping spasms of her tight fuckwell and it seemed to be trying to draw him in even deeper. The girl was incredible. He drove into her compliantly writhing, big body and then, with a whining sigh, she went limp, her climax waning.

"Was that good, Tina? Did you like it?", he asked, pushing in to the hilt in her twitching, spasming vagina and lying full weight on her tall, wide-hipped body, feeling her huge tit-pillows roll under his chest.

"Hannh... annh... oohhhh sirrrr... oohhhh," the first-fucked juvenile panted, unable to get her breath. The teacher fingered her clit while he continued, slowly, to ream the soft tightness of her young cunt.

"You're good, baby. A great fuck." And then his efforts were rewarded by a stirring of the girl's big body beneath him. Her wide hips squirmed at first, and then began to rock as she matched his slow tempo. "Oh yes, Tina. Yes baby. Fuck me. God, Tina, you're a fast learner."

The innocent youngster felt a renewal of the fabulous thrill she had just experienced. Her pelvis pushed up at him as he ground against the tender softness of her fat, hairless cunt. Faster and faster he rode her and then, suddenly, Tina was out of control. She'd never felt anything remotely like this. Wave after wave of sensation washed over her young loins and she drove up at her seducer. Her big body enveloped him, her long legs rose to wrap around his hips and she bucked and humped up at him with mindless abandon.

This was going to be great the unprincipled teacher thought as he screwed the big, compliant fourteen-year-old girl. Annette on the weekends and this one during the week. He'd have to get her on the pill though. He didn't want to get caught like Bob Best and have to marry the girl.

Jack felt the contraction of her tight sheath as his heavy balls bumped the upturned cheeks of her big ass. And then he felt the burning heat of his own climax as his sperm began its course from his balls and along the length of his cock. He rammed his thick tool as deep as it could reach into Tina's spasming sheath, grinding against her fleshy hips and her bulging, fluttering belly as his groin burned with the paralyzing heat of his own climax. Like a soft hand molded to his throbbing fuckpole, squeezing with involuntary muscular spasms, her cunt surrounded him and he exploded wetly into the spasming depths of the girl's ravished, fourteen year old fuckwell.

"Yuh, baby. Yuh," the teacher panted as her juvenile sheath milked his bucking, spitting cock, her frantic hip-heaves adding to the delightful action of her young twat. Tina was aware of nothing but the hot thrills that suffused her young body as she drained the man's lust into her innocent channel. The wet heat of his gism added to her thrills and she felt as if he was flooding her.

"My God, Tina! My God! You're fantastic!" Jack exclaimed when, finally, the big girl subsided and went limp beneath him. "Was it good for you, too?"

"Hannh... annh... oohhhh sirrrr? Oohhh sirrrr... I never felt anything like that before. Oohhh yesss. I liked it a lot."

Jack dismounted from the fourteen year old girl's big, slack body and then helped her to sit up. "We'll have to be careful, Tina, but I hope we can do this again. Would you like that?"

"Oh yes, Mr. Allen. I'd like it lots," the freshly deflowered girl said innocently. "Whenever you say, sir."

Chapter 9: Sexy Sandwich


Beth Safic felt a twinge of guilt as young Jason left her apartment. For two weeks now she had been regularly entertaining (and been entertained by) the two fourteen-year-old boys, Jason and Floyd. They're almost fifteen, she told herself as if that really made a difference. The two teens complemented each other. Jason's phenomenal size made him special even though he was unskilled and Floyd's precocious sexual skill was enhanced by the g-spot reaching curve of his cock. But it was wrong and she felt guilty.

The schoolteacher's sudden attack of conscience was the partly the fault of her boss, the school Principal Jack Allen. He was a big, handsome man and as much as she enjoyed the boys she would have given them up in a flash to have the Principal. And, along with being attractive and sexy, he was a good man. Good and honorable. She'd seen and heard enough to know that some of the girls would have been delighted to have their Principal keep them after school and teach them something other than what was in the textbooks. But Beth could see that he was not even tempted by the nubile pulchritude that surrounded him. Or so she thought. Why couldn't she be like him instead of like that other teacher Bob Best who had screwed young Leena and God knows how many other of his innocent schoolgirls?

The teacher poured herself a gin and tonic, her third and sat on the sofa. Guilty though she felt, she liked the feeling of satisfied languor that Jason produced and the tenderness from taking his oversized, young prick inside. She just wasn't cut out to be good and honorable like her Principal.

"No. It's not true! I don't believe you!"

Tears welled up in young Jason Jenkins' eyes and he clenched his fists as he contradicted Floyd but, deep in his heart, he suspected that his friend was telling him the truth.

"She'll fuck anyone who has a cock," Floyd said with certainty. Hell. I got into her ten minutes after school ended. See!" And as he spoke the boy handed several photos to his friend.

Right after the first time he screwed Beth Safic, Floyd had set up some well-hidden spy cameras and a tape recorder in Beth's bedroom and living room. The pictures he now showed Jason were of Floyd himself with their schoolteacher. They weren't great photos but they left nothing to the imagination. The schoolteacher was sprawled naked on her bed and, although the boy's face wasn't visible, Floyd was on top of her between her widely spread legs. He didn't bother letting Jason listen to the audiotape because he sensed that the other boy thought he was in love. Floyd, of course, understood that the teacher wanted him only because of his oversized tool and love was not on her agenda.

"And not only that... she's putting a move on the Virgin Mary. And she's so dumb she won't know how to stop her." He didn't add that he was pissed off at Mary McCarthy because she'd spurned his advances after that one time many weeks ago.

"But... but Floyd? She seems so nice?"

"Oh, she's nice all right. A nice lay. How about the two of us... like... you in front and me behind? I can make her let us... but she'll prob'ly want to anyways."

"Yeah! Yeah, sure," Jason blurted out after Floyd explained what they'd do. Jason just wanted to get even with her somehow and this seemed like a way.

"OK, Jason. Today after school is over. You wait while I talk to her. She'll take me to her place and you can come in after about half an hour."

"But how will I get in?"

"Oh. Glad you asked. These are the lock codes for the door to her office and the one to her apartment" he said as he jotted some numbers down on a scrap of paper. "Just punch those numbers into the keypad on the door and the door will open. You can watch until I signal for you to join us."

Floyd had better pictures than the ones he'd shown Jason, shots of Jason with the schoolteacher that would be great blackmail material. And they'd be all he needed to convince Ms. Safic to be a sandwich if she needed more convincing. By the time school ended that day his balls were aching with adolescent lust.

Beth was really enjoying her first teaching job. She liked the teaching and especially she liked the after class teaching she was doing. Not that young Floyd needed teaching. He almost frightened her with the depth of his knowledge. But Jason was a dream. Tractable with marvelous stamina and that mammoth tool. And she hadn't even started yet with the girls. Had Floyd's sister Fran learned as much as he while they were in Africa? Beth wanted to find out but mostly she wanted to give Mary McCarthy some after class instruction. The thirteen-year-old girl's shapeliness and docility were an open invitation to a closer relationship.

By the time Floyd followed his teacher into her apartment they were both in heat. Beth had been averaging three times a week with her two teenage studs but if anything her appetite for sex had increased rather than been sated. And she enjoyed the contrast between Jason's timid acquiescence and the other boy's aggression. And she was sure she could handle him.

They were both naked. The boy had begun by slowly undressing her and showering kisses on her bare flesh. Her breasts felt swollen and heavy with desire as he suckled the erect nipples while his hand roamed over her back and her belly and between her willingly parted thighs. And then he was standing behind her, his hot, hard erection nudging between the firm hemispheres of her shapely buttocks.

The horny schoolteacher writhed and pushed her ass back at the schoolboy standing behind her. One of his hands was mauling her large breasts and doing it none too tenderly while the other was stroking and probing her hungry twat. As he slid first one finger, then a second finger up into her dripping wet vagina she moaned and reached around, trying to grasp the hard love muscle that was pushing between her asscheeks.

"Do I satisfy you, Ms. Safic? Do you get enough from me when Jason isn't here?" As he spoke Floyd slid his hand lower, his fingers slipping out of the woman's well-lubricated cunt and sliding over the small pucker of her anal orifice. "He makes you kind of loose for little me, you know."

"Whah... what are you talking about Floyd?" Beth had a sudden sinking sensation in her stomach. Floyd definitely knew about her and Jason. My God. How many had Jason told?

"You know what I mean, Ms. Safic. I don't mind sharing you with him, and the boy carefully applied more pressure to the corrugated circle he was fingering. "Do you have any KY? You know... lubricating jelly?"

"What? What are you thinking of?" But Beth suddenly realized what he meant and what he planned to do. She'd been buggered before, twice, and she wasn't terribly turned on by the experiences but the idea of having this young boy up her butt suddenly seemed intensely erotic. "Yeah... over there... in the bedside table."

Still holding his schoolteacher, fingering her anus and fondling her breasts, the boy walked her over to the little table, opened the drawer and took out the tube of jelly.

"You put it on me, Ms. Safic," he said, handing it to her as he backed away enough to free his cock from the crack of her ass but not so far that he couldn't continue to caress her breasts and asshole.

It was awkward but Beth leaned forward, her heavy breasts swaying as she reached around behind her back to grasp the boy's rigid appendage. Then she released it, withdrew her hand and squirted a liberal quantity of the clear lubricant into her cupped palm.

For just a moment the lubricant felt cool as the woman slathered it on the outthrust cock but then, as her hand enclosed his throbbing tool the boy moaned with pleasure. Beth looked up then at their reflection in the mirror she had installed in the bedroom for occasions just like this. And then she felt herself being drawn back and down as the boy sat on the edge of the bed.

There were no words spoken as Floyd manipulated his schoolteacher's responsive body. She stood straddling his legs, leaning forward with her huge breasts swaying from side to side as she watched their reflection in the mirror. She couldn't see exactly what was happening but she could feel.

Floyd grabbed the tube of lubricant that the woman had dropped on the bed and squirted a dollop onto his fingers. Aided by the oily substance he was able to easily slip one finger through the puckered sphincter, and then a second. His other arm was looped around her right thigh, his hand cupping and probing her wetly swollen pussy. Withdrawing his fingers from her asshole, he slowly urged the woman back and down, guiding his glistening, well-lubricated tool closer and closer to the dark circle with its little, black bull's-eye that gaped slightly from the fingering.

The cleft between the schoolteacher's full, firm buttocks was deep and inviting, and the boy shuddered in rising excitement as he ran the edge of his hand down the smooth crease of Beth's ass, parting the half-moons more so that the tiny puckered anus was visible. Floyd slowly drew aside the firm, white mounds of her buttocks and the woman leaned farther forward as if to help him open her to his assault.

This would not be the boy's first assfuck but perhaps it would be his most enjoyable. He guided the compliant woman down until the bulbous tip of his cock was pressing on the brown target. He moaned with pleasure as the tiny ring of soft, tender sphincter muscle slowly yielded to penetration and his teacher jumped spasmodically and cried out as she felt the unnatural invasion into the tight rubbery opening. For just a moment her buttocks tensed tightly together to try and escape the hot spear being thrust into her nakedly vulnerable rectal channel.

The precociously sexual boy paused to savour the moment. The thick, full length of his shaft lay pressed in the crevice of her ass, the tip resting against the tiny, throbbing hole that was now slippery and wet from the lubricant. He spread the pliant white moons wide apart and used his grip on her assflesh to tilt her hips. Then, his eyes fixed on the reflection of her pretty face in the mirror opposite; he directed his iron-hard penis straight into the tightly clenched orifice of her rectum.

Beth held her breath for what seemed an eternity and then groaned involuntarily as she felt the hot staff pop suddenly through the tiny, restricting ring of her unresisting anal flesh. For the boy it felt like a tightly pulled rubber band slipped over the head of his cock and he pulled his teacher down, sinking his rod into her halfway to the hilt.

The woman's buttocks jerked and twisted as she was penetrated and her pretty mouth twisted into a grimace that was part discomfort and part lust. She squirmed as the boy mauled her heaving breasts and fingered her juicy pussy and, with each buck of her firm, shapely body, his cock skewered into the tightly resisting anus another tortuous inch until finally; "Oggghhhh! Uuuuuggh!" she gasped out the last of her strength, and Floyd's hard, young penis slipped unimpeded into the warm, rubbery depths of her rectum to the hilt. Beth jerked for a moment longer then let him draw her down until she was lying on her back atop him, her legs spread outside his and her lush ass coupled intimately as if bolted to him by the deeply penetrating cock.

Floyd was running his fingers up the swollen slit of his schoolteacher's fat cunt, parting the soft vaginal hairs and feeling the smooth, moist, pink flesh beneath jerking against his probing contact. Now, as he began to hump up at her ass, he dug slightly deeper into her throbbing vaginal opening, feeling her shiver from the sudden sensation.

Beth could feel her stomach and thighs hot and moist from the boy's fingerings and the excitement of the lewd spectacle in the mirror. Raising her head slightly she could see her naked body sprawled on top of another body. Her hair-wreathed pussy was clearly visible except where a hand partly covered it and, beyond that, she could see her hugely heaving, long-nippled breasts. The sheer lewdness and obscenity of what was happening to her sent hot thrills shooting through her wanton loins.

And then it got worse.

"OK Jase. It's time."

Beth Safic heard the words. She couldn't help it. The boy's mouth was right beside her head, as she lay sprawled atop him. But she didn't understand what he meant. Her mind was mainly on the sensations in her loins, the constipated feeling from having her rectal channel plugged by the boy's cock and the other heat that his nimble fingers had ignited in her hungry twat. Even when the other boy appeared, naked and fully aroused, she didn't grasp what was happening. The whole thing was just too far beyond her not inconsiderable lustful fantasies.

Jason was nervous but seeing the woman he'd worshipped lying as she was, knowing that the other boy's cock was up the woman's asshole destroyed the respect and admiration he'd had for his schoolteacher. And the sight of her naked, big-titted frame lying in legspread openness before him overcame all thoughts of anything other than having the beautiful creature. At that moment he wouldn't have cared if every boy in the school had fucked her. All he wanted was to bury his hugely throbbing cock in the wonderful receptacle that had taken his virginity months ago.

"No! Oh No!" the woman cried out as she regained her senses. She struggled to disengage herself from Floyd's bowel-filling spear but he locked his hands tightly to her hips and kept his huge, throbbing cock still imbedded deep inside her anus. The helpless schoolteacher lay full length on her back, tight against the boy's stomach and chest, her legs splayed out limply on the outside of his legs.

Young Jason leapt nakedly over between his schoolteacher's widespread legs, straddling Floyd's knees, and pushed her thighs further apart. He grasped his hard, aching cock in his hands and guided it without a moment's delay deep into the moist open cavern of her widely spread cunt.

"Oohhhh, God," came the grunt from Beth's throat as the boy's mammoth cock slithered deep inside her belly, joining Floyd's cock already buried there in her rectum, just a membrane away. She lay moaning and panting, sandwiched between the two of them, impaled on their penises like a helpless insect stuck to a mounting board.

How could she have let herself be caught this way? She felt sick with shame. The boy beneath her was grunting and she forced herself to look at the boy on top of her. Oh God! And then Jason began to furiously fuck into her hotly receiving vagina while Floyd began thrusting up with long hard strokes into the heatedly milking depths of her anus. It took a moment, but then they began a natural rhythm, buffeting her between them like a mass of soft, resilient raw meat with only the thin wall between her anus and cunt separating their two sperm-bloated cocks.

Beth was uttering a single, low whine which went on and on all the time they ground into her, but interrupted occasionally by a deep grunt from her chest as they smacked into her body with harder and faster force. And then the low, whining moans of shame begin to change, almost imperceptibly at first, but increasingly more to a tone that left no room for doubt. It was a low whimper of passionate pleading!

Floyd was enjoying the feel of the woman's tight anal passage as it squeezed his tool. It had loosened since he started fucking her there but it was still the tightest thing he'd had since he busted the Virgin Mary's cherry and, despite the pleasure of what was happening now he longed for a young cunt.

The schoolteacher was actually starting to enjoy this unnatural, brutal double fuck she was receiving from the two schoolboys. Perhaps it was from the very obscene helplessness of her position or from the lewd thought of being fucked half to death by two males at once like this. But whatever it was, she was responding to it. Her hips were moving backwards to meet the upthrust of young Floyd cramming his cock into her rectum and then forward again to swallow the whole of fourteen-year-old Jason's hugely plunging penis into her hot steaming pussy. Her whole shapely body was undulating more and more in between the two teenagers, and her buttocks were moving increasingly in tiny, furious circles of excitement.

"Oohhhh! Hanh! Oohhhh! Hanh! Oohhhh!" Beth chanted on and on in time to their seemingly synchronized thrusts. The boy on top would lift his hips while the boy beneath her was angling downward and partially withdrawing his too from her anal passage. Then both cocks would come crashing into her and hot thrills would wash over her lower region. Wilder and wilder they became, crushing her between them like a rag-doll puppet, all three of their coarse groans intermingling in a symphony of sexual abandonment.

"Aaaahhhhh!" Beth mewled delightedly. "Ahhhh! Oh God, keep fucking me! Keep on! Keep... on fucking meeee!"

The schoolteacher was out of her mind with desire now and began gasping loudly as she felt her orgasm rapidly engulf her writhing, battered flesh. The boys, sensing their total conquest of her mature body and mind, plunged forward at the same time, imbedding their suddenly wildly ejaculating cocks deep up into her wide-stretched anus and vagina, pumping their hot, thickly jetting loads of white sperm far, far up into her bowels and her heaving belly. They collapsed in a spent and satiated heap, Jason Jenkins rolling off of the top of her body, his oversized penis still hard in spite of his orgasm slipping from her wide-stretched cunt with a lewd, wet, sucking sound. Beth Safic lay still, flat on her back, on top of Floyd Saunders. His penis was still imbedded deep in her rectum, and she looked as though she was in a daze. Her legs were still spread wide apart so that the mirror reflected the pink ridge of her wet, throbbing vagina and it could be seen pulsing and glistening with the thick stump of Floyd's sperm-drained young cock protruding from her anal mouth below.

Oh God. She was depraved. She'd let the boys humble her and she'd enjoyed it. Beth looked over at Jason but, for a change, the sight of his slowly deflating tool didn't send thrills of desire through her. And she felt the boy beneath her wriggle as his hands mauled her tender breasts, his cock still giving her a full feeling in her rectum.

"Great, Teach... you're really good," Floyd said as he gently eased the schoolteacher off his body. "You're not mad at me because I got Jason to join us, are you?"

"You should have warned me, Floyd. I've never done that before, you know. And I don't want you surprising me again, either." Beth tried to look stern and teacherlike but it was difficult after what had just happened. "You know you're both special to me and what we do is special, too. But it has to be a secret among just the three of us."

Chapter 10: Satisfying Sue

The day after Jack deflowered the big, fourteen-year-old girl, Tina, his landlady decided he should move to the room that Annette called 'the chapel'. Bev said that it was only to give him more privacy but there may have been a sub-conscious hope that it would lead to something more, with her. This would be convenient, he mused, when Annette came home for the weekend. And maybe for more sessions with Tina, too.

It was good for him. He could lounge around with little or nothing on, could drink with less risk of discovery and generally be as independent as if he had his own apartment. And it worked. During the next ten days he got a very willing Tina up there twice and emptied his passion into her receptive body.

It was Wednesday Prayer Meeting night but quite late. Jack was sitting by the window with a drink in his hand, his fourth or fifth, he'd lost count. It was a clear, cold night with a big Harvest moon shining brightly. He was thinking of Tina and wishing he'd arranged for her to come visit, despite the danger of being caught. And then he heard a sound behind him, by the door.

Sue was barely thirteen but nicely developed physically and, along with that, she was somewhat promiscuous. Not that she'd had much experience and what she'd had had not been great. But she was no longer a virgin. And she had the hots for the boarder, her schoolteacher. She suspected that Tina had already been in bed with him and that was especially frustrating for the younger teen. Ever since her cousin had busted her cherry more than a year ago, Sue had thought of herself as more mature and worldly that her older sister.

Jack stood up and turned around to see, standing just inside the doorway, the scantily clad, thirteen-year-old girl Sue. In the moonlight that came through the window he could see that her grapefruit-sized breasts were high and firm and, although she was slender, her hips had the curve of precocious maturity.

"You got a hard-on," Sue taunted brazenly when her teacher turned toward her and she saw the tenting of his undershorts. "Was you thinking about Tina?"

Jack flushed, covering his crotch with both hands.

"Well, what do you expect, waving your tits around like that7" he growled, his eyes staring at her full, high, proud breasts. The girl arched her back a little, smiling provocatively.

Jack moved over to her, standing just in front of her lewdly displayed young body.

"What are you doing here?"' he asked quietly.

He was tall, but she wasn't short either. With boldness that belied her youth Sue put her arms around her teacher, pulling him in tight, pressing her fat breasts into his hard, naked chest as she kissed him, rubbing them against his big muscular body.

The young girl's lips were hot and demanding, sliding wetly over the older man's. Her tongue darted and probed at his mouth, dipping in just a little bit before pulling out, sliding from side to side along his lips.

Underaged schoolgirl or not it had been impossible not to notice Sue's fine body and it had tested his resolve. Of course the lovely Tina had already demolished his resolve so, with Sue's naked flesh pressed against him and her lips sliding across his own, Jack found his body responding with more excitement than he could have ever imagined. He fought it, trying

to pretend that he was unaffected, but it was no use.

The sight of the lovely, young girl had made his eyes bug out, and now, feeling Sue's body, her full breasts pressed into him, he found himself

trembling with surprised sexual fever. His hands finally jerked away from his control and folded tightly around the slender young teenager as he hugged her tightly against him.

"Oh Christ!" he gasped, one big hand cupping her round ass cheeks as he pressed her back against the wall.

Their kiss grew hotter, more passionate, as their bodies ignited in raging sexual desire.

Sue's leg curled up around the older man as she slid her lips against his. Her hands moved through his short brown hair, and she ground her fat breasts into his muscular chest continuously. She felt the hardness of his thickly muscled arms around her and pushed her ass back on his big hand.

He wouldn't be her first but he would be the first adult for her and the thirteen-year-old girl thrilled to the thought of having not only a man but also a schoolteacher. She could hardly wait to tell her friend Della.

Jack ground his loins into her crotch, his hands groping her ass in a tight grip. He brought a hand up between them to cup her left breast, his fingers squeezing excitedly, mashing the fat tit as he tore his lips away from hers, then brought his mouth down onto her engorged nipple.

He sucked deeply, his teeth chewing at her tit flesh, drawing in a big mouthful of meat as the young girl groaned and sighed in delight. Neither of the boys who'd fucked her had excited her this way.

He pulled back and shoved his shorts down. His cock was huge and Sue stared at it with wide eyes. The others she'd seen and taken had seemed very big to her inexperienced eyes but this one was gigantic, hard and thick and knobby as it pointed at her slit.

The brash girl gulped nervously, wondering if her schoolteacher's cock would split her apart, both fearful and excited at the prospect of taking the fat thing up inside her.

Jack was excited and in no mood for hesitation anyway. Sue was slender and willowy except for her large breasts but she was much smaller than her sister, the Amazonian Tina. Her body was dwarfed by the schoolteacher's muscular frame. He grabbed her arm and jerked her away from the wall, then pushed her down onto her hands and knees.

Sue spread her legs and raised her ass, quivering with desire as her schoolteacher knelt behind her. Her heart pounded in her ears and her breathing was ragged and loud as she waited for him to mount her. He's doing me like a dog, she thought, but it didn't dampen her enthusiasm. Maybe men always did it like this instead of taking the woman lying down?

Jack's hands gripped the girl's round, firm buttocks and fondled them gently and then he slid a hand onto his thick prong and pushed it against her entrance. He rubbed the head up and down a little then sank it slowly into her.

Sue groaned as she felt her cunt lips slowly pried open. She gritted her teeth as her pussy lips were stretched tautly around the thick girth of the man's cock. Air puffed out in harsh little pants as she felt his fat tool push deeper and deeper into her cunt tunnel.

"Oh! Oohhhh!" she groaned.

"You can take it," Jack gasped, pleased by the vise-like tightness of her adolescent quim.

"It's so biiiiig!"

"Uhhhhnnngh!" he gasped, giving a little thrust.

"Unnngh!' It's too big!" she groaned.

"No it's not!" he gritted.

He drew back and worked his cock back and forth. He held her hips tightly and the veins in his neck stood out as he pulled his head back and drove his cock slowly up into the super tight confines of her steaming snatch. His cock felt like it would snap off, either that or be squeezed into spaghetti. Her cunt was as tight as he'd ever had; tighter even than her sister Tina's had been when he broke her cherry.

Sue whimpered and moaned and gasped in pain as the giant cock pierced her. She felt like she was being impaled on his log of a cock. Her fingers dug into the thick carpeting and she panted furiously.

Jack drew back a little, then his hands shifted upwards along her body. He put one arm under her waist, pinning her tightly against him, then put his free hand over her mouth and thrust into her with all his might.

The thirteen-year-old girl screamed into his hand, jerking and shaking and trying desperately to pull away as his prong speared her. He felt his tool thrust up several inches, then slowly sink in deeper. Sue thrashed like a bucking bronco but he stayed on, feeding her gash more and more meat until it was choked with it, until her belly was bloated out by his massive organ, until his cockknob mashed against her cervix and his hips were pressed firmly into her softly rounded ass flesh.

"Oh yeaahh!" he groaned.

Sue's muffled moans came through his hand. He took his hand away slowly and she groaned in pain.

"Ooohhhhhh! Oh God it hurts!"

"Just relax," he whispered.

"It huuuurts! My pussy feels torn."

"It's not torn. You'll get used to it."

He slid a hand down under her and rubbed his fingers gently against her clit. His other hand squeezed her breasts as he held his fat pole still inside her.

"You weren't a virgin were you?"


"It's probably because you're so little," he sighed.

"I'm... not... little."

"You've got big tits, but the rest of you is little."

"You're just too big. Did Tina cry when you done her?"

"You'll change your mind in a few minutes, kid."


"That feel good?" he grinned, fingering her clitty.

"Yeesss. But you're so big?"

"You'll loosen up, don't worry."

"Rub it a little harder."

He did and began a slow grinding motion with his hips. The young teen gasped but didn't ask him to stop. She shuddered and her eyes closed as

her body was assaulted by the conflicting sensations of pain and pleasure. Her pussy was so bloated out with cock meat that she thought the walls must be pressing against her internal organs. Her teacher's cock felt like it was way up inside her stomach and her belly ached with cramps.

But gradually her pussy did loosen up. The pressure of those elastic cunt walls lessened and as he continued to rub her clit and she trembled slightly, her eyes half closed as she knelt before him. She felt the slightest movement of his giant log as it shifted inside her belly. His hands stroked and caressed her round behind, then slid up her back kneading her muscles.

The horny teacher gripped the side of the teenager's chest, and then slid his hands under to squeeze her fat, hanging breasts. His hips slid back just a

little, but his cock was gripped so tightly inside her that the motion, rather than easing his cock out of her super tight hole, tugged her ass back with him.

He straightened up, his hands going to the schoolgirl's hips and locking tightly around them. Holding the panting girl in place he drew his ass back again. This time he felt the skin on his steel hard prick rasping against her flesh as it slid back out of her a couple of inches.

Sue groaned as the big cock slid out of her a little but braced herself for it to stab forward. Over the years Jack had learned to go slowly with the girls he fucked, since it always took their cunts a while to get used to his thickness. He did not slam his tool back into her but instead used a steady pressure to force it slowly back inside.

His cockhead mashed against her cervix and he ground his hips into her ass cheeks again, moving in slow circles as he twisted his big pole inside her tight belly. Sue's breathing was getting harsher and louder, and her brain was being flooded by more and more powerful sexual sensations of bliss.

Then, using only an inch or so of his cock, Jack began to fuck her hard. His prick ripped in and out in a furious pummelling grind that tore her mind to shreds and made her body flail and writhe in paroxysms of orgasmic pleasure. Her breath was a long, gurgling rattle as her body heaved and shook under the onslaught of a blistering wave of sex-heat.

Sue's arms collapsed, dropping her to her shoulders. Her body jerked and bounced helplessly her mind reeling from the hammer blows of ecstatic delight. She almost blacked out, all the air driven from her lungs. Then, with a deep, ragged inhalation, she breathed again, her eyes closing as she shuddered in release.

Her head rolled beneath her and she went limp, but Jack, his cock even harder from the furious spasming of her cunt tube, was in no mood for patience. He gripped her slim wrists where they lay beside her on the floor, and pulled them up and back, jerking them taut down either side of her body, using them like the reins of a horse or the handles of a wheel barrow.

The pressure lifted her shoulders off the floor, and kept her upper body horizontal, hanging in mid-air. Her head hung down, her hair covering her face as he began to fuck her for real. Using her wrists to hold her in position he drew back, inch after inch of glistening wet cock emerging from her pink cavern.

With almost eight inches in view he stopped, then slid them back into her. Sue writhed helplessly as the full length of his pole was forced back into her. He was panting himself, grunting with the effort of keeping down his cum. He drew back again, and then slid his tool back into her. He moved faster and faster, her cunt now loose enough to use almost freely.

Jack's big cock pumped within the shaking, mumbling thirteen-year-old girl, his hips slapping against her buttocks as her body jerked and swayed in

time to his powerful thrusts. He used her wrists to jerk her body back and forth to meet his strokes.

Sue's head jerked up and down, making her dizzy as her teacher fucked into her quivering body. She was impaled, again and again, his long, thick pole slicing up between her pussy lips and punching deep into her belly.

The man gasped in lewd pleasure, then let go of her wrists, both his arms

encircling her slim waist as he bent forward. He circled both arms around her, locking her tightly against him as he ground his hips against her with superheated desire.

He came, his juice blasting up into her like it was shot out of a fire hose. He felt each powerful blast as the semen was spit out of his tool, and Sue felt the impact of each big glob of seed inside the deepest reaches of her fuck pit.

They knelt, half lay there for several minutes, Sue on her shoulders, Jack half laying atop her, his softening tool still buried in her guts. Sue groaned weakly and Jack pulled himself up, his cock slipping out between her wet pussy lips.

"Was that what you came here for?" He sat on the chair by the window and took a long drink of his scotch.

"Uh... oohhh Sirr? Mr. Allen? I never had it so hard before. Or so big. Did you... like... was I too tight?"

"You can never be too tight, Sue. If you're loose enough to get into, you're not too tight." He leaned over and helped the girl to her feet. "But we'd better be careful. Your Mom wouldn't be happy if she knew that you came here."

Sue stumbled down the stairs, over to the other wing and back to her own room. She wasn't sure if she wanted to do it again or not. Jack, his cock sore and almost raw fro the tightness of the girl's vagina, felt well drained but he knew he preferred the bigger girl, Tina. And this would help him resist the temptations in his schoolrooms.

Chapter 11: Molesting Mary

Just before her thirteenth birthday, twelve-year-old Mary MacLean is raped by Floyd and she turns to her schoolteacher, Ms. Safic, for commiseration.

It had been different. And she'd liked it. But, as she looked out at her class, Beth didn't feel good. The libidinous schoolteacher felt a twinge of guilt. She should feel abused but she didn't. She was not exactly sore but she felt battered and exhausted from yesterday's encounter with Jason and Floyd. What had she started with these young boys? And right now the way Floyd was looking at her made her uneasy. Was he going to be difficult to drop when she'd had enough of him??

The schoolteacher was not the only one looking somewhat balefully at Floyd Saunders. Mary MacLean was also glancing sideways at the fourteen-year-old boy. She hated him! He ought to go to jail for what he'd done to her but she knew that her parents would blame her, not him, if she told them. Could Ms. Safic help her? Would she?

Just as Mary's eyes shifted to look at her schoolteacher, Beth's gaze shifted also and suddenly the two women, or rather the woman and the thirteen-year-old girl were looking directly at each other.

She'd be different from the boys Beth thought as the pretty girl's eyes held contact with her own for a few seconds before the young blonde looked down at her desktop. I wonder how she'd react if I tried to seduce her?

For the rest of the day Beth did her teaching from the chair behind her desk. And mostly she assigned her various classes work they could do at their desks by themselves. Mary was in three of her classes that day and by the last bell she knew that her teacher was noticing her. She'd have to ask her for help.

"Uh... Ms. Safic, Ma'am," Mary MacLean said hesitantly and timidly, "Uh... can I talk to you?"

"Certainly Mary. That's what I'm here for." Beth looked closely at the lovely youngster standing shyly beside her desk, her books clutched tightly to her chest. "How can I help you?"

Mary looked around as if to be sure nobody else could hear her. "It's... like... I'm embarrassed, Ms. Safic. It's Floyd. He... like... he... he hurt me."

"Hurt you? How? Did he hit you? Was it in school?"

"N... no... not in school. And... like... he didn't hit me. He... like... he made me... raped me."

"OH!" the schoolteacher exclaimed, surprised by the girl's statement. "You mean he forced you physically to have sex with him?" OhmyGod. If this came out and the authorities took action against him they might find out about her own illicit liaisons.

"Yes Ms. Safic. Last month before school started."

"Oh, you poor girl," the schoolteacher said softly. "Come with me to my apartment and I'll give you a coke and we can talk about it." Oh God! What would Mr. Allen, the Principal, think of her if he knew what she did? He'd never understand. Why couldn't she be good and honorable like him?

Floyd had the house all to himself for two weeks right after they moved to Dorset and he planned to take advantage of that opportunity to find out if the local girls were as easy and as good as the African ones had been. But despite his great plans he had been unable to entice any of the local girls into his lair. Then, after four frustrating days with his only sexual solace being the five-fingered widow, his luck changed. Floyd was as horny as an underfucked teenager could be when, at ten o'clock in the morning, there was a quiet knock on the kitchen door.

He hadn't taken particular notice of little Mary MacLean before that fateful day but when he opened the door and saw the twelve-year-old girl (who would be a thirteen-year-old in a week's time) standing there, her eyes focused on the floor, he noticed the way her firm, high breasts stood out under her too-tight sweater.

Mary had been reluctant to do her mother's bidding. She hadn't met the new minister yet and she was very shy. Now, when his son met her at the door she was even more timid.

"Hi Mary. Come on in," he said, his voice cracking with the sexual tension that had immediately beset him. "What can I do for you?" He asked but his mind was mainly on what he could do to her, not for her.

"Uh... Mom wants to know if... like... did your mother leave a book here for her? Something from the church?"

Floyd had no idea what she was looking for but he quickly took advantage of her request. "Yeah, maybe? Come upstairs with me and help me look," and he headed down the short hallway to the stairs. The girl hesitated for a moment but she was so timid that she didn't dare say she was afraid of going with him and she followed him to the stairs. Then, when he stood aside to allow her to pass, she preceded the boy up the stairs.

He'd already been suffering from his usual morning horniness and now, as he watched the girl ascend the stairs ahead of him, his need became almost unbearable. Mary was wearing a short, plaid skirt that only reached mid-thigh. Although it was not at all tight-fitting her well-rounded ass-melons moved wonderfully under the skirt and, following behind her as he was and therefore lower on the stairs than she, Floyd caught a glimpse if her white, cotton panties. His virile, young tool sprang to full erection and pushed out his polo pajamas into a horizontal teepee.

"In there," the boy managed to say as he pointed the girl to his bedroom. With her natural obedience the girl entered the small room, wondering why his mother would have left a church book there. As her gaze flicked nervously around the little room she saw the dresser, a straight chair and a storage box of some kind. And a bed that was messy and unmade for almost a week. It seemed to occupy most of the room. And, at that moment, she wondered if the boy had tricked her.

Mary didn't have to wonder for long. Suddenly she felt herself being grabbed from behind and pushed down on the unmade bed. "Nah! Whah?" she exclaimed as she was roughly rolled over onto her back and the full weight of the bigger boy came down on top of her, pinning her there. "Nah! Let me go! Let me up!" she cried and she tried to push him away.

The girl's lovely body felt tremendously exciting to the excited teen and, as she tried to push him off, he grabbed her arms and pinned them to the bed above her head. She was wriggling and struggling beneath him but he managed to force her short legs apart and get his own legs between them. Her brief skirt had crept up around her hips so the prominent bulge in his pajamas was pushing at his ultimate target through her panties.

Once before, in Africa, Floyd had fucked a girl who hadn't wanted to. It hadn't been very good but it made her older sister, the one who had put him up to it, really horny and she'd given him a great fuck after he'd finished with her sister. A brief memory of that encounter flashed through his mind but at this point he didn't much care if the girl was a good fuck or not. He just wanted a live body to sink his cock into.

"Nah! Hanh! Nanh!" the girl sobbed. She felt the hardness pushing at her most private part but as much as she tried she couldn't get her legs closed. The boy was so big and strong and the Barbara was inherently so timid and docile that the outcome was predestined. She might have screamed but if she had it is unlikely that she would have been heard by anyone other than her assailant and she was so intimidated now that she didn't want to anger him. She continued to struggle but he had now managed to get both of her wrists in one of his large hands and his other hand was clutching and probing at her midriff.

Floyd was unmoved by the girls sobs and tears. Once he managed to pin both of her arms with one hand he was able to explore the lovely girl's body. He felt her firm' full breasts and wanted to strip her bare so he could see them but he had other wants that took precedence. The hem of her skirt was now higher than its waistband and he pushed his hand roughly under the leg of her panties. Neither of them noticed the ripping sound as her flimsy, well-worn panties tore but both of them felt the result.

Mary uttered a soft wail, "Nooooooooooo," when she felt the boy's hand on her bare, nearly hairless pussy. "Dooooohhhnnntttt," her wail continued as his fingers probed into her virgin twat. She still fought against him but she was no match and her protests weakened and her sobs became piteous instead of angry.

He'd felt pussies before, lots of them, but they'd been freely offered and mostly they had been well oiled with the juices of desire. This one however was dry but still it was incredibly soft and exciting and when his probing finger pushed past the mouth of her vagina he felt the burning, moist heat of her interior. The girl made an extra heave at this latest indignity and this caused her panties to separate completely and fall away leaving her precious pussy bare for whatever her assailant chose to do.

The girl's struggles had lessened somewhat and Floyd dropped his shoulders to pin her upper body while he released his grip on her wrists. With his other hand now free he worked his pajamas down over his hips to free his rampant tool while Mary's now freed arms flailed ineffectively at his back.

The touch of hard, hot cock flesh to soft, cringing girl flesh was a shock to both of them. The boy thrilled to the feel, first of the girl's warm, inner thigh and then of the pulpy softness of her cunt. The girl felt a thrill of intense fear when the hot spear bumped her defenselessly opened leg and then insinuated itself against her secret opening.

The girl was still wriggling and squirming as much as she could with her shoulders pinned to the bed by the boy's heavy weight and her hips partly immobilized by his cunt-clutching hand. Floyd got his throbbing cock into place, rubbing his oozing cockhead up against the young teen's womanhood. (Or, more accurately, girlhood.) Then he pushed forward and forced his thick cockhead between her tight dry cuntlips, hearing her cry out in fear. His other times with girls had been different. Even with the other girl who had tried to stop him, when he'd reached this stage he had slid easily into a well-greased and well-used portal. This time was different and not only due to the lack of lubrication. Actually his profusely leaking pre-cum was providing considerable lubrication by itself as his slick cocktip pushed into Mary's cuntmouth again and again. Floyd pushed his hips forward harder as the girl twisted her hips from side to side in her ongoing but futile attempt to escape but only another inch of his cock was able to penetrate the sobbing beauty.

With his cock collared in the mouth of the thirteen-year-old girl's virgin twat, Floyd used both hands to grasp her broad hips and hold her down.

"Oohhhh, please... no, pleassse... it hurts... it hurts... please NO... STOP... STOP!" Mary cried out as she felt the huge pressure of the boy's penetrating prick. "Please... please stop... please," she pleaded as she tried ineffectively to throw the big boy off her stocky frame.

With one arm wrapped around waist to keep her from squirming too much, young Floyd then slammed forward with a brutal thrust, his chest pressed down on the short girl's face and effectively muffling her cries...

"Mmmmmmpppfffhhhhhh... mmpppfffhh... mmpppfffhh!" the girl's muffled screams sounded in the bedroom as a hot, agonizing pain shot through her lower body and she felt herself being invaded by the boy's hard member.

Floyd's body shuddered with pleasure as he felt the momentary obstruction give way and his cock was suddenly buried to the hilt in the gloriously tight clasp of the girl's devirginated cunt. He felt the special triumph of knowing he had just popped this pretty girl's precious, young cherry as he felt his cock being bathed in her cherry juice. He withdrew, and then slammed forward with all his might, his cock being painfully skinned by the barely lubricated tightness of the girl's passage.

"Mmmmpppfffhhhhhh... mmpppfffhh... mmpppfffhh!" came the girl's muffled cries of anguish and, although it was too late to save her virginity, she gave a mighty heave of her strong hips as if she could dislodge the instrument that was stretching her violated vagina so cruelly.

When Mary's hips pushed up Floyd gained that last bit of penetration and the tip of his cock pushed on the girl's cervix. That added sensation combined with the feel of her tight passage moving around his cock took the boy over the top. The girl felt the thick organ within her body begin to pulse and throb madly and then, burying himself deeply in the sobbing thirteen-year-old beauty, the boy unleashed his hot potent jism right into her fertile womb.

It was as if the bucking, spitting tool within her was injecting a paralyzing solution. The girl went suddenly limp beneath her assailant as he made the short strokes of male climax and pumped his overheated semen into the first-fucked depths of her body. Her sobs, still muffled by the boy's chest, lessened and as he made a few, cock-draining final strokes, a glimmer of pleasure displaced the pain of her defloration. The boy's full weight was on her now and he just lay there without moving except that she could feel little movements where he was up inside her. She had a strange urge to move her hips but, before that happened she felt him lift his hips from hers and pull out of her.

"Are you okay, Mary," Floyd asked softly as he dismounted from the open-legged girl. "I'm sorry... I couldn't help it," he added and a thrill of fear shot through him when he saw the red stain of her vestal blood staining the sheet beneath her.

"You shouldn't... didn't want to," Mary said in a half sob as she sat up and tried to wrap her torn panties around her. She got to her feet and a red-tinged dribble of gism leaked from her bruised pussy and trickled down her inner thigh. Unthinkingly she used her torn panties to wipe herself off.

Floyd was suddenly afraid as the enormity of what he'd just done sunk in. "It was your fault, Barbara. You shouldn't have come to my room if you didn't want to. But I won't tell on you." Would she be dumb enough to believe what he'd said?

"But... I didn't... hanh," the devirginated youngster sobbed. "I didn't know?" And then she stumbled down the stairs and out the door.

For the next week Floyd waited fearfully for the knock on the door that would be either Mary's father or the police. He needn't have worried. Like many rape victims, Mary him when he said that it was her fault. And she was sure that her father would think that. She was mostly afraid that he would somehow find out. There was a secondary effect also. That night at home as she gingerly felt her battered and broken-in pussy she discovered that she got some pleasant feelings, exciting ones. And on many nights since then she had continued her exploration although so far she had succeeded only in arousing herself without achieving satisfaction of orgasm. Young Barbara was wonderfully prepared for her schoolteacher's advances.

Beth suspected that she could turn Floyd's despicable action to her own advantage and she could hardly contain her excitement as she punched in the code to enter her apartment with her thirteen-year-old girl student following her inside.

Chapter 12: Kissing it Makes it Better

The schoolteacher Beth Safic consoles and soothes her thirteen-year-old student, Mary MacLean with a mutually satisfying result.

"Here Mary, have this soft drink," the schoolteacher said as she gave the girl a large glass filled with coke and a sizeable shot of vodka and led her to the sofa. "I want to hear everything," Beth said and she put her arm around the thirteen-year-old girl's shoulder. "Tell me how it happened."

Already the timid girl felt better than she had since it happened. She could tell that her teacher would listen. And understand. She snuggled in closer to the older woman and began, hesitantly, to tell her what had happened.

"It was... like... Mom asked me to... like... at Reverend Saunders' place. Only he wasn't home. Only Floyd." Mary had been really nervous when she started to speak but as she stammered out a rather confusing beginning the teacher's gentle touch and a few sips of the coke relaxed her.

"Go on Mary... then what happened?" This was so much better, Beth mused, than being with that arrogant boy, Floyd. Had he really raped this timid youngster? She certainly was a tempting morsel.

"He... like... he told me to go with him up to his bedroom. I wanted to say no but... but... he's so sure of himself... like... it had to be what I was s'posed to do so I went with him. Right into his bedroom."

"I guess that wasn't wise, Mary." Beth filed her hand with one of the girl's full, firm breasts while her other hand held the girl's hand. "But it still didn't give him the right to do anything you didn't want to do. What happened next?"

"Oh Ms. Safic. He just grabbed me and threw me down on the bed and he put his hands all over me. Everywhere."

"Did he feel you breasts, Mary?" The libidinous teacher fondled both of the large globes, slipping her had under the girl's sweater to the taut brassiere. "They're lovely Mary. I can understand why he wanted to touch them."

"Yeah but... like... he wasn't gentle like you are Ms. Safic. I like the way you touch me." The ingenuous thirteen-year-old girl squirmed as she felt a strange warmth in her belly and she shifted position so her teacher could unsnap the bra. "Oohhh... that feels so nice," she murmured as the woman stroked and fondled her titflesh."

"Tell me more, Mary." Beth Safic moved her other hand that was twined with the girl's fingers to the youngster's bare thighs, just below the hem of her short skirt.

"He... like... he got his hand in there, where your hand is," and the girl pulled her teacher's hand up under her skirt to the juncture of her stocky thighs. And he tore my panties... hah... right off... hah... Ms. Safic? Oh! Oh My!" The girl couldn't stifle her gasp of frightened pleasure as her teacher's fingers slipped under the leg of her panties to gently probe her soft, young pussy.

"I'm hoping that maybe I can make you forget the awful thing Floyd did to you," Beth said softly and she thrilled to the ease with which the young girl's thighs opened to allow further intimacy. "Tell me what else he did."

"He... hanh... Oohhh Ms. Safic... he touched me but it didn't feel good... not like now. And then I felt something hot and I got a peek at his thing... You know... his p.p.penis. It scared me it was so big. And then he was... like... he's bigger'n me and he had me pinned down so I couldn't stop him. I fought him. Really I did. You believe me don't you, Ms. Safic?"

"Of course I do, Mary. Keep on." Damn. The little girl was getting wet already. Maybe she hadn't fought as hard as she might have?

"I couldn't move, Ms. Safic. He was between my legs so I couldn't close them and I could feel his thing... it was like a hot poker... pushing at me and then... Oohhh! Oohhh yesss Ms. Safic. I like that!" The thirteen-year-old girl pushed up at her teacher's fingers as the woman found and titillated the youngster's clitoris.

"You're a lovely girl, Mary. And you're beautiful, too. Did he stop then?"

"Nah... no... it hurt... it hurt something awful and I guess he put his thing... penis... inside me. I tried to get him off me then but I couldn't. He sort of rammed me real hard... and fast... and I gave up."

"Did he do it you for long?" Beth was even more turned on by the thought of this shapely youngster with a cock in her.

"Nah... only... like... it seemed like he did. And then he just laid there on top of me. Until he got up."

"Did he say he was sorry?"

"No. There was a lot of blood on the sheet and... and he said it was my fault coz I went to his bedroom. Was it, Ms. Safic? Was it my fault?"

"Definitely not, Mary. It was a terrible thing to do. He took something that should have been a wonderful moment of you life and made it into something bad. Something you don't want to remember. But... maybe I can show you how wonderful it can be? Would you like that, Mary?"

While she had told her story Mary had allowed her teacher to remove most of her clothes and now she was sprawled on the sofa with only her skirt and shoes and stockings on and her skirt was just a band of fabric bunched up around her middle.

"Oh yes, Ms. Safic. I love the way you're touching me. Is that how it's s'posed to be?"

"It is, sweetie," Beth murmured as she lowered her face to the young girl's and her warm lips covered the teen's soft mouth.

The next few minutes were an incredible experience for the innocent youngster. She'd been fucked but never kissed and her schoolteacher took care of that deficiency. With gentle skill her lips and then her tongue became intimate with the thirteen-year-old girl's mouth while her hands were exploring her shapely body. Had Floyd tried to enter that once-fucked portal now he would have slid in much more easily. The ease of entry would have been due more to lubrication than to experience for the boy's brief invasion of that delightfully narrow channel had not caused a significant, lasting expansion.

"Come, my dear. Come lie down with me," and the schoolteacher led her compliant pupil to her bedroom. Mary was in a trance, a foggy daze of never known sexual desire. Not knowing what was happening she let the woman guide her down onto the edge of the bed and then watched with lust-dimmed eyes as her teacher knelt on the floor before her.

Young Mary couldn't believe what she was seeing. Or feeling. It was like nothing she had ever known. Her wonderful schoolteacher pushed her knees wide apart and leaned forward. The girl blushed with embarrassment as she realized that the woman was looking directly at her most private part. And then she felt the most exquisite sensation she ever experienced: her teacher' tongue gliding wetly along her labia. She moaned aloud. Beth heard that moan, and smiled to herself. The young teen moaned again as she felt the warmth of her teacher's breath and then the burning heat as Beth's tongue made a slow, sinuous pass along the length of her swollen, oily sex-slit.

"OH! Oohhhh Ms. Safic!" the girl cried out and she lay back while her teacher stroked and caressed her throbbing breasts and kissed her swollen, sensitive cuntlips. "OH JESUS!!" she cried out as, uncharacteristically she took the name of the Lord in vain when Beth's tongue found her throbbing cum-trigger.

For Beth too it was ecstasy. She forced her face firmly into the youngster's fuck-saddle and tongued and sucked her erect clit. Her hands mauled the girl's large, upthrust breasts as she brought the squirming, writhing youngster higher on the road to orgasm.

Young, innocent Mary writhed and squirmed beneath her teacher's insanely licking tongue until she thought she would surely go mad from the sheer ecstatic rapture in her love-starved loins and stomach. She needed something but she didn't know what. God, she had to have release, had to have it soon! Her head continued to flail like a broken puppet's, grinding her crotch up into Ms. Safic's lusting face and tongue, and she felt the gathering billows of her orgasm rising, rising, and then cresting and...

She was there!

She was cumming!

A deep, almost half-human scream erupted from young Mary MacLean's throat and she locked her hands hard in Beth's hair, drawing her into her crotch with all her might. Her juices began to flow from her widespread cunt, inundating the woman's face and tongue, flowing down along her tortured rectum to pool in fragrant stickiness in the sheets beneath her. She screamed again, and again, and Beth sucked and licked and burrowed until, at long last, the cumming was over and the youngster sank back with a long, exhausted, satiated sigh, releasing her schoolteacher's hair and opening her thighs to allow her to remove her head from between her fevered legs.

The schoolteacher moved up to lie half atop her lovely, young conquest. It was wonderful. She'd just had a virgin. Maybe thirteen-year-old Mary wasn't technically a virgin because that bastard Floyd had raped her and broken her cherry but Beth was sure she'd just given the girl her first orgasm. So young and innocent. This had been much more rewarding that having Leena, the preacher's daughter who was experienced and somewhat sluttish.

Mary MacLean was as much in love with her schoolteacher as the hugely endowed Jason had been before he'd shared her with Floyd. The girl felt a pleasant lassitude after her mind-blowing, first-ever climax and her plumpish thighs parted with the looseness of fatigue as the taller woman rolled over on top of her. Mary had a fleeting moment of uneasiness as she remembered being in this position under Floyd when he raped her but she trusted her teacher and anyway, she knew that Ms. Safic was not equipped with a pain-inducing penis.

Beth wanted most all to have this lovely youngster eat her but she didn't want to scare her off. There would be lots of time on other days to teach her and to enjoy the pleasure her pretty mouth could provide. Her second choice would have been to have this young innocent strap on the 9 Ż" dildo and fuck her but that too would likely shock the thirteen year old girl into a state of fear. Beth Safic was, however, about as horny and frustrated as she'd ever been and she wished her clitoris were bigger, big enough to actually fuck this delightful morsel.

Mary didn't know what was happening. Her teacher was lying on her, her gentle hands caressing her and finding sensitive places that she hadn't known existed. And the woman was rubbing her pussy hard against her own pussy with pleasurable effects. She was half-smothered by Ms. Safic's huge breasts but when one of the big, thick nipples sort of popped into her mouth she sucked on it instinctively. The cry she heard from her teacher was definitely of pleasure and, while the woman rubbed and squirmed against her with increasing force and speed the young girl sucked and squeezed her breasts and added to the woman's bliss.

Beth wallowed in the sensual delight of making love to her pretty student, her moans and wheezes of passion filling the air as she welded her swollen cunt to the girl's almost hairless quim. Her own sparse fur was soft and soaked with their juices and then, with a soft wail of satisfaction, Beth shuddered to a climax.

"Thank you Mary," the teacher said as she gave a final wriggle between her thirteen-year-old student's loosely spread thighs. "You're wonderful."

"Oohhh Ms. Safic. Thank you! I feel so much better now."

"You're a lovely girl, Mary. I hope we can meet here again. Would you like that?"

"Oh yes Ms. Safic. More than anything else in the world." The girl was slowly donning her clothes as she sat on the edge of the bed. ""But... like... does this mean that I'm a les... you know... one of those?"

"Not at all, my dear. I love men too but they aren't as gentle or perfect as you are my dear. And all men aren't beasts like Floyd was... with you," she added the last words as she remembered that he hadn't exactly been beastly with her. "I'm sure that when the right time comes you'll find out how beautiful and exciting it can be with a man. But she'd definitely protect Mary from him in the future.

Chapter 13: Satisfying Sally


Beth Safic was wallowing in sex. Her thirteen-year-old student, Mary MacLean was a tractable and timid sex-trainee who was also very passionate. Young Jason was also available whenever she wanted as was Floyd although after he'd set her up for the distressingly pleasurable sandwich fuck and especially after Mary told that he'd raped her, Beth really wanted as little as possible to do with him despite the special g-spot tickler between his legs.

The teacher always felt sheepish and guilty when in the presence of her Supervisor, the Principal, Jack Allen. She wished that she had the same control over her sexual urges that he displayed. He was resisting with apparent ease the sometimes quite blatant invitations from the older girls (and maybe certain younger ones too) but he seemed determined to behave in an honorable fashion. She had let him know in subtle ways that she would be amenable to having a closer relationship with him but with tact and class he let her know that it would be improper.

Beth's exalted opinion of her Principal might have suffered severely had she been aware of the goings on at his boarding house. Jack was not at all inhibited by conscience and was having a truly delightful time with fourteen-year-old Tina, thirteen-year-old Sue and, on the weekends, nineteen-year-old Annette.

And then the other sister Sally came home, and not just for the weekend. She had quit her job. Quit because her boss would not leave her alone. She could have claimed sexual harassment but, because once last month he had caught her masturbating in his office, she was afraid of the embarrassment.

Sally was very pretty, Jack saw, when she joined them at dinner that first evening. And, next morning, he saw that she was more than pretty. She was stacked! She was not big and tall like her younger sister, Tina but her five foot-two inch frame was decorated with a pair of firm, upthrust tit-melons the size of honeydew melons and her ass, which moved beautifully, shelved out smoothly. She had shapely but not slender legs and all of this was topped by a lovely face with a full-lipped little mouth.

But Jack's lascivious aspirations were dampened when he found out that Sally was also very religious and read the bible constantly. On a few occasions during that first week, the schoolteacher had picked up the bible to see if she had a special area that she concentrated on. By the fifth time he looked, it appeared to be more than coincidence that the book was always at one of the steamier passages, at least by bible standards. He wondered if, beneath her pretty and pious exterior, there was some fire of desire burning.

His opportunity to find out occurred in mid-week. Her mother had taken the two younger girls away to the city for their annual eye examinations. It was an overnight trip but Bev was sure that her daughter's chastity was not in danger. The combination of Sally's piety and the schoolteacher's demonstrated (in Bev's eyes anyway) maturity and responsibility made her sure that nothing untoward would happen. If she had asked her other daughters for advice she might have acted differently for they all knew first-hand what their teacher was capable of. And they knew something about the fires that smoldered under their sister's pious fašade because her three years of increasingly fervent masturbation had not gone completely unnoticed by her siblings.

Sally had a vivid imagination, especially where men and sex were involved. And now she was looking for a husband. Someone who could, she hoped, still the raging fires of sinful lust that consumed her body. Ever since her uncle was interrupted before he could pluck her cherry, which was already ripe at fourteen, she had looked at men and wondered about sex. If her uncle had tried another time he would have found his niece to be quite prepared for his lewd advances but he chose to take the easy road and continue to fuck her older sister, Annette. Jack, the only man around at the moment, now became the object of her conjecture... and fantasy.

That night she had sat in the living room with him, reading her bible and sneaking looks at him. Jack, as he often did, was wearing polo pajamas and the presence of the dark-eyed, lush bodied girl had its usual effect. He shifted position to try to hide the partial erection that caused an unnatural looking bulge along his thigh but not before Sally had noticed it. She wondered if he might be a possible husband? Would he be shocked at how she felt about sex? Would he be disgusted with her if he knew what she did at night, alone in bed?

The tension she felt was too much for the young woman. She had to go to bed. Right now. She looked up, surreptitiously, to fix the image of the big man in her mind. God would understand, surely. She'd pretend that they were married. She would imagine how it would feel to have that male organ inside. It would probably hurt, she thought. It looked so big when she'd had that brief glance at it. Maybe that was how God was going to punish her? Her husband wouldn't be an ordinary man like her uncle although even his organ had looked too big to fit?

In the three years since the near seduction that had awakened her young sensuality, Sally had established a routine. A routine that had become an almost nightly ritual.

First she would kneel by her bed and pray. Then, with lights out, she would select a mental image of the man who, that night would be her fantasy husband. At the same time, for it was part of the selection process, she would decide on her role for the night. Some nights she replayed her near seduction to completion but never with her uncle. Her seducer would be a good Christian and she would be like Rachel. She would protest but he would not be deterred and, afterwards, he would offer to marry her. At other times the man would be her husband and he would be gentle with her.

Secondly, after choosing her fantasy and partner, she would masturbate. Sometimes it would be to one orgasm, sometimes more, depending on how tired she was.

Finally, after her desires were satisfied, she would kneel and pray once more. Except that, if she had a vivid image of her imaginary husband fixed in her mind, she would find herself masturbating again when she got back into bed. Those were times when her fingers just weren't enough to quench her sinful lust and she would lie awake, frustrated.

Tonight there was no question of who would be her partner. In fact, ever since she got home he had been the object of her salacious, bedroom fantasies. But tonight, the image of the big, tall, handsome schoolteacher was etched indelibly in her mind. As was the brief glimpse she'd had of his organ. She didn't know if Jack was a good Christian or not but she hoped so. She'd already used all of her usual fantasy scenarios with him and, tonight, she would invent a special one.

Sally had found a book when she was cleaning his room, today. It had shocked her. It had also fascinated her in a lewd, sinful way. She had, in fact, spent much of the day reading it since she'd been home alone. It was about a Christian knight, a Crusader. But he hadn't acted like she'd imagined Crusaders did. He had been a violent, lustful man who went with lascivious women and even ravished young virgins. It was for that reason that, this evening, she'd been seeking guidance from her bible. Tonight she would be the proud daughter of a chieftain and Jack would be the knight who ravished her.

Jack had noted the pretty girl's sly glances and the hot flush on her cheeks when she'd seen his semi-erection. In fact, he'd made sure that she got a good look at the sausage shape along his thigh before he had shifted position. When she left, with a shy goodnight to go to bed, he'd wondered what she was going to do, now.

Sally had moved into the bedroom next to his and, each night, he'd heard faint noises, small, sharp cries and, if he put his ear to the dividing wall, heavy breathing. He suspected, correctly, that the pious girl was masturbating. Tonight, therefore, when she went up to bed, he waited only a short time before going to his room. Her piety was possibly a hypocritical sham and, with this opportunity, he was going to find out.

There was a connecting door between their rooms and, this night, he examined it carefully. He discovered, to his surprise, that it had no latch and, when he pushed on it, it swung open silently. He waited until he could hear the sounds he suspected were the girl masturbating, and then he pushed the door open enough to give him a view of the room, or at least the bed.

Sally was nude, lying on her back. Her knees were bent and her hand was between her legs and there was no doubt about what she was doing. The door was directly opposite and in line with her bed so that he was looking right at her. Had she been other than engrossed in self-satisfaction, she would have seen him. But he could hear more than heavy breathing. She was whimpering, as if protesting. Dropping to his hands and knees, he crept over close to the bed.

"No, sir. Oh, no, sir. I'm a maiden. My father, the chief will have your head if you do this. Oh, no, Sir Knight. I'll not allow it!"

Jim wondered if the girl was having some sort of strange, wet dream? But she'd only gone to bed moments ago?

"NO SIR! NO!" her loud whisper was clearly audible. "Oohhh siirr... Sir Jack... Oohhh... you're in me... I'm ruined!" Then the girl's wide, full hips arched higher, her hand moving more quickly, as she gasped, "Oh, Sir Jack. Oohhh... Ooohhhh yeess... yeess... I'll marry you..." The girl's hips jerked and the schoolteacher could see that she was cumming.

After, when as usual she knelt beside the bed to pray, he was careful to avoid detection. He stayed there, wondering how he could turn her apparent sexual fantasy to his advantage. The fact that her fantasy lover was Sir Jack made him hope that he, himself, was the object of her masturbatory experience.

"Please Lord, forgive me. Please help me deal with my lust," he heard her whispered prayer. "I can't help it, Lord. I know I need to be married. Please forgive my transgressions. You know I am still chaste, Lord. Even though I have lustful, sinful thoughts. But help me, Lord. Send me a sign... or a husband."

She was ripe, She was ready to be plucked... to be fucked... And then she climbed back into her bed.

Despite the fact that her three sisters had kept his lust under control, the thought of having this short, full-bodied girl was arousing him intensely. Especially if she was still a virgin. She was ready. There was no doubt about that. But he wasn't sure how to go about it.

Sally had been in a state of sexual tension all day, ever since she started reading the book from Jack's room. Now, after her fantasy rape and her prayers, she remained on her knees beside the bed. Her climax tonight had been more satisfying than usual, perhaps because of the new fantasy as well as her vivid image of Jack as the big, dominant knight. Her hand went between her legs as she knelt, moving over her fat, swollen pussy and then, for the first time ever, teasing her tiny bumhole. Her body shuddered with renewed desire at the touch. She remembered how, in the book, the knight had ravished the girl's bum, too, and she'd wondered about it. Resting her chin on the edge of the bed, Sally used both hands as she fantasized that ravishment, as well.

Jack wanted the girl, desperately, but he wasn't one to force her. He enjoyed resistance, but at the end, he wanted her acquiescence. And then he heard her voicing her fantasy.

"Please, Sir Jack. Please? I'm ruined! You've ruined me... Oh, Sir Knight. Are you going to ruin me there, too? Are you going to force me to kneel and put it in there?"

It finally dawned on Jack that the girl was reciting passages from the book in his room and he realized that she must have been reading it. His penis was now fully erect, throbbingly so. He had to have this girl who was, it seemed, as horny as he. He moved silently in behind the kneeling, masturbating young woman.

The buxom seventeen-year-old girl was on the verge of orgasm when the teacher cupped and squeezed one of her large, heavily hanging, round breasts. She whimpered but, in her advanced state of excitement, she was not really aware of what was happening. His other hand moved under her firm, convex belly to her well bushed, prominent mons, then dipped in the slippery, wet crevice of her swollen pussy, displacing her own hand. The girl whimpered, tremendously aroused by the realness of her latest fantasy. "Yes Sir Jack. Oh yes. You may have me one more time before we marry." As he fondled the pulpy softness of her fat cunt, her hand closed over his, pressing it harder against the wet lovenest. Jack moved closer until his erection was pressed into the crack of her large, round ass.

When the hot hardness of the teacher's thick penis pushed against her bottom, Sally came to her senses.

"NO! OH NO!" the girl cried out and she twisted away from him. She saw then that it was the man she'd been fantasizing about but, before she could get away, he had his arms around her and was wrestling her down on her back on the floor. "NO! NO! STOP! LET ME UP!" she exclaimed but the big man was on top of her, his knees forcing hers apart, and the hot, steel-hard shaft was pressed against her throbbing vulva.

"Nooo... Oohhh please... Oohhh Nooo," Sally whimpered as she looked up at the big man on top of her. "Let me up, Jack. Please let me up." She tried to push him away but he grasped both her wrists in one hand, pinning them to the floor above her head, his hips and hairy belly pressing heavily down on hers and immobilizing her.

"I'm Sir Jack. Remember? I'm going to ravish you, the proud, young chieftain's daughter. Just as you were imagining, Sally," Jack said as he raised his hips from hers and looked down at her lush, plump body.

Sally saw, for the first time, his threatening, white organ. It was huge. Immense. A long, thick tree trunk that projected out from his groin. Bigger than what her uncle had nearly taken her with, three years ago. Bigger than anything in her virgin fantasies.

"You need this, Sally. You know you do," and Jack lowered his hips and began to rub his cock in the soft, wet, hairy nest. "Your fingers don't satisfy you, do they? You really want to have a cock up in that soft, juicy cunt, don't you?"

The shapely virgin tried to squirm away but the big man, with his free hand, pushed down hard on her firm, convex belly and stopped her from moving.

"No Jack. Oh no, please don't," the girl whimpered, tears welling up in her eyes. "It's wrong, Jack. It's a sin. We're not married. It's adultery. Oohhh please, sir? Please let me go? Don't do this awful thing?"

"You wanted this, Sally. You dreamed that I was doing this, didn't you? I'm going to fuck you now. Just like you dreamed.

The girl went limp beneath him in helpless surrender. She was beautiful, lying there on her back, her shapely legs spread and her broad pelvis tilted by the depth of her ass. And, despite her words, she made no move to escape his intimate assault.

"Maybe this is God's way of helping you, Sally? Maybe he made it so we'd be alone together tonight." He found her hard, little clit button and rubbed it with the tip of his cock. "He helped me to hear you when you were playing with yourself, my dear. And sent the moonlight so that I would see your lovely nudity and be drawn to you. He knows that you need to be fucked, Sally. It is His will that I fuck you."

The girl's sex-sodden mind was further battered by the man's crude description of what he was going to do and she latched onto the man's justification. Possibly he was right. She felt his hardness probing her genitals and then it was at the portal to her inner body. Instinctively, she spread her legs wider apart. There was a sensation of pressure there. He was going to put it in. He was going to enter her with that mammoth organ.

The pulpy softness of the buxom girl's labia surrounded the tip of his cock and Jack easily found the identifying heat of the mouth of her vagina. He guided his cock in and then discovered that his ingress was blocked. Yes, she was truly a virgin. A hot, juicy virgin! He felt a salacious thrill. She would be the fourth of the sisters he would fuck. And the second virgin of the four. Maybe he could get their mother, too, so that he'd have the whole family.

"Oohhh Jack? Are you sure? Do you think He planned it?" Sally was conflicted. She knew in her heart that this was wrong, a sin. But she felt a deep, instinctive yearning for something her fingers did not quite achieve. God would know she was sinning but at least the big man on top of her might believe that she thought it was God's will like he said.

Jack pushed harder against the elastic barrier and felt it tear. The fragile membrane parted around the thick knob and he was suddenly immersed in the tight, hot wetness of her juicy twat.

"Unnh? Hunnh? It's in?" the girl gasped in surprise. "You're in me?" There had been only a brief pang when her hymen ruptured. Her virginity was gone. It had been so easy. Perhaps this was, in fact, God's way of ending her torment? Perhaps he had sent this man to help her?

"Oh yes, Sally. Yes.", the schoolteacher moaned as he slowly progressed deeper and deeper into her tight, juicy vagina. "Oh Sally, baby. You feel so good. So hot and tight. Your cunt is wonderful, baby. And your tits and ass and face... you're all so wonderful." He rammed the last inch home into her compliant body and the girl whimpered in total, abject surrender to his lustful assault.

Jack drew himself higher on her wide, deep hips, the shaft of his cock rubbing on her clit. And that was all it took. The young woman gasped as she felt the first wave of orgasm washing over her loins. Her hips heaved involuntarily and lodged him even deeper inside. She jerked. She bucked. She wriggled. Her cuntsheath contracted and her belly bulged. She uttered short, sharp gasps. And Jack hammered her lush body with fierce, hard thrusts, plunging again and again into the tightness of her cunt.

"Was that better than with your hand, Sally? Did you like that?"

"Unnh... Oohhh Jack? Do you really think it's alright with God?" the girl answered as she went limp beneath him. "Will he forgive me?"

The man wrapped his arms around her waist and rolled, still inside her, so that she was sprawled on top of him. "God made you the way you are, Sally. He made you want this... and He sent me to give it to you." Then Jack pushed on her shoulders and guided her to an upright position astraddle his hips.

"Jack... Jack... Ooohhhhhh Jaaaaccckk," the ripe, young woman moaned as she felt herself again filled impossibly deep by the man's thick staff. "Are you sure? Are you sure we're not sinning? Committing adultery?" She wanted to believe him but it seemed that it must be sinful...

"It's not a sin, Sally. It's what you need... Don't you like how it feels to have a cock up inside your hot, juicy cunt, Baby? I'm the knight you fantasized about. You're the chieftain's daughter and we're out on the desert. You're being fucked for the first time, Sally. And you love it. You love being fucked, don't you?"

"Ohh Jack... I do... but?"

"And didn't you like it when I fucked you and made you cum?"

"But sir? I did... but?"

And don't you want to fuck me now?" he asked as he grasped her large tit-globes and began to maul their malleable fleshy firmness.

"I... aahhh... I... aahhhh..." she sighed as, tentatively she moved her cock-speared body and the thrills of being filled by his hot, hard fleshtube surged, once again, through her first-fucked loins. "I don't know, Jack? Aahhhh... I'm scared that we're sinning?"

The big man rocked his hips and his cunt-stretching organ moved within her, fractioning her sensitive, expanded cuntwalls. "We're not sinning, baby... we're fucking... and I want you to fuck me, baby. Move that lovely ass, Sally. Make that tight, juicy cunt slide up and down on my cock... fuck me, baby... fuck me."

The man's crude exhortation combined with the intense sensations that were coursing through her belly and, as he milked her large breasts, the young woman began to slide back and forth on his hips. Slowly, at first, then with increasing tempo as the pressure of her burgeoning lust built within her. And then she found added excitement when she raised and lowered her hips so that the long, thick fucktool moved in and out of her steamy, young lovenest.

Jack mauled and milked her large, firm tits and arched up to her, meeting her downward thrusts and, each time, battering the bottom of her tight, young fuckwell. It didn't take long before the young woman felt the hot waves of climax washing over her lower regions. She lost rhythm but the man beneath her, inside her, took over.

Jack held the girl's wide hips and moved them, aided by the young woman's own jerking, bucking movements. He felt her hot, juicy sheath contract, then release him and contract again. Her belly bulged out convexly and, as he pulled her down hard, her pelvis made a succession of short, spasmodic thrusts. The milking action of her cuntwell brought him off, too.

Sally was now aware only of being filled with his hot, hard bone and of the delightful waves of sensation that suffused her loins. "Unh... Hunnh... Unnh..." she grunted as she came.

And then just as she was relaxing in the aftermath of her climax she felt the cuntstretching pole jump inside her. It seemed to swell to even broader dimensions until suddenly she felt something new. A hot wetness was inundating her body as the man's staff bucked and spit and flooded her with his sperm. Her sheath reacted to the added stimulus by milking the lively rod and she extracted his lust-juices into her first- fucked cunt. She fell forward to lie, panting, on his chest.

"God, you're good, Sally."

"Hannh? Oohhh Jack? Annh? Sir? What happened? What did you do?"

"I came with you, baby. Just like I'm going to do a lot of times, now that you've shown me how you like it."

It took him almost an hour to console her. She was sure they had sinned but, nonetheless, she wanted him to tell her it was all right. And he did, many times. After about fifteen minutes, they got into bed together and, although she whimpered that she didn't want to sin again, she spread her legs to take him in her tender cunt again. This time it lasted longer, much longer. He manipulated her lush body, screwed her slowly and brought her to three more orgasms before, once again; he anointed her novice sheath with his hot sperm.

Next morning Sally acted as if nothing had happened except that, when she saw the schoolteacher looking at her, she blushed scarlet. She felt tender, almost sore where the man had so thoroughly initiated her and she wondered if he'd pray with her for forgiveness. But Jack had to go to school and could not take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the girl again that day.

Chapter 14: In-Law Incest

Vengeance is mine saith The Lord. Reverend Ebenezer Wilson wasn't The Lord but he was saying the same thing... and he was taking vengeance on Bob Best, the man who had so thoroughly cuckolded him. At the moment Reverend Wilson's seed was germinating in the fertile wombs of Best's formerly chaste wife and his until recently virgin sister. Preliminary tests indicated that both of them were pregnant but the further proof of a second missed period was a couple of weeks away.

Wilson had been satisfied that his vengeance was sufficient and. Although his method was somewhat indirect he was quite sure that his vengeance vessels were not being hurt. The girl he'd once thought was his daughter, Priscilla, was regularly spreading her legs for him and later, after the baby came and Bob Best was aware of his own cuckolding she would join Wilson in whatever place he chose as his next church. Bob would also feel guilt when he found out that, because of his own actions he had caused the preacher to take vengeance through sixteen-year-old Audrey, the schoolteacher's chaste sister. Audrey herself would likely never believe that Bob was not the father of her child and if Bob consented to take her as his wife in practice if not in law, then she would be happy.

The prurient preacher had been prepared to forgive his wife for her part in his cuckolding. He had, after all, not been a faithful husband and had not really taken care of her needs. It was, therefore, partly his own fault. They had enjoyed a loving reconciliation in Lucinda's bed and he had been both surprised and satisfied by his wife's uninhibited performance. He had decided at that moment, three weeks ago, that he would remain here in this marriage. That decision lasted for three days and changed as soon as he saw his loving wife on her knees giving head to the bastardly schoolteacher.

Wilson saw only one way to take vengeance on his wife although in this case the vessel for his vengeance might be harmed emotionally. But maybe not? Lucinda's sister, fifteen-year-old Molly Hawkins was a cute and rather na´ve, churchgoing teenager. Her family recognized that she was vulnerable and had been very reluctant to allow her to come live with her sister and take care of the babies. The Hawkins family suspected that their thirteen-year-old step-granddaughter Leena had become pregnant so, if that could happen to Wilson's own daughter at such a young age, then their own daughter Molly would be at risk wouldn't she? Lucinda had pleaded and promised that her sister would be as safe with her as at home and that nothing would happen to endanger her chastity or anything else. Thankful for the help they were receiving, Wilson had made no attempt to seduce his young sister in law. But that had to change.

The church was Wilson's chosen lair for seducing Molly. The location was no different than it had been for many similar young virgins but his purpose was not only to enjoy another nubile teen but also to impregnate her. And to be sure she was fully aware of her surrender.

Molly Hawkins was a virgin but she was not totally innocent. Her best friend back home, Martha, had lost her cherry two years ago and since then had given Molly a series of somewhat embellished descriptions of her escapades with a number of boys and, more recently, men. But Molly was determined that she would remain a virgin until she married so, despite her parents' concern, she was likely quite safe. At home. Here however in her preacher brother in law's lair her chastity was hopelessly vulnerable.

The kindly appearing preacher chatted with the fifteen-year-old girl while she sipped her drug-spiked 7-Up and gradually his soothing voice had the desired effect. His questions were at first simple but then more personal.

Molly's answers were soft and hesitant but she answered each question with puppetlike obedience. "Yes Reverend, I'm pure. Last week, Reverend. Nine days ago. Sometimes, Reverend. I'm embarrassed. Is it a bad sin?" And by the end of the session during which she had revealed her menstrual schedule and had also masturbated for her minister, the course was set for their next meeting, four days hence.

She was a beautiful young girl, much like his wife, her sister, with an upturned, freckle-splattered nose and cheeks like spots from a paintbrush, and her ice-blue eyes were more cat-like and devilish than distant, as many blue eyes can be. But she did not have her sister's mammoth mammaries. Her ripe, young breasts were two small firm cylinders, tapering from their swollen moorings to cherry-nippled crests, and they bobbed invitingly as she moved in the chair, for under her sheer, almost see-through blouse she wore nothing more than a thin bra.

Wilson was pleased with the way things were progressing. Molly sat beside him on a cushion on the inner-office bed as she sipped her second spiked soft drink, her face flushed from its effects and sinful warmth suffusing her lower body. After last week with Reverend Wilson she'd cried her frustrations into her pillow, for she'd been aroused hotter than she'd ever been before by the act of masturbating in front of her minister's eyes. And then she'd had to use her fingers again for relief. She kept telling herself that he would help her get over it but she wasn't sure how and it worried her.

He'd have to take it slow, he knew. Slow and easy so he wouldn't scare her. First time's the big time, he knew, having melted many a cherry in his day. He let his hand drop down so that it brushed against her breast casually, almost accidentally. "You're a lovely girl, Molly," he crooned, "Your sister is very proud of you." He felt Molly jump slightly as she heard him, and he squeezed her tighter, pressing his dangling hand once more against her palpitating breast.

Molly shivered in her minister's embrace, and the chemical in the soft drink seemed to diffuse through her system. She pressed her thighs tightly together to control a peculiar tickle, which was worming its way through the soft sensitive flesh down between her thighs.

Wilson pressed his attack, feeling the swelling, bud-like nipple of her breast harden under the thinness of her brassiere. Molly wondered if she ought to stop her brother in law before things got out of control; she squirmed, hoping to move his fingers away without him noticing it, and her short skirt hiked up over her hips, exposing her thighs and the white crotch-band of her panties. She blushed furiously and tried to pull her skirt down again.

Young Molly tilted her head back and drained her glass and, as the cold liquid reached her stomach she began to float. While the preacher went to refill her glass she squirmed down against the cushion, sensing the round edge of it push her dress and panties tightly up into her vaginal crevice. She rubbed herself against it, working the corner of the cushion between the moist lips of her vulva, her body rocking on it in an almost indiscernible rhythm and she could feel a wetness spreading between her thighs. Her virgin cunt was tingling with anticipation as she recalled the intensity of the feeling when she touched it while Reverend Wilson watched her. A soft moan escaped from her lips, and once again she grabbed the drink proffered to her to try and quench the fluttering heat in her belly and loins; the cool contents of the glass only intensified the fire inside her. She squirmed down on the sofa and she felt Wilson's hands now groping at the straps of her brassiere, unbuttoning them at the back. Before she could react, they were free and falling over the swollen slopes of her breasts; his hand slipped inside, pulling the material free from her brassiere, and she stiffened, filled with both foreboding and excitement. She tried to pull his hand away, but her own fingers moved only as far as Wilson's, and then fell back again, and she could only stare with glassy, drug-dimmed eyes at the movie and submit.

Molly fuzzily tried to convince herself that she still had control of herself in this situation, and that somehow she'd be able to stop the warm feeling in her belly from overcoming her natural prudence. And she didn't have to worry, did she? This man was not only her minister but also her brother in law. But her face and body shone in a luster of sexual sweat, a trickle of which ran down between her breasts that her minister was kneading and squeezing. This must be a sin, she thought but there was nothing in the way of her brother in law's probing fingers except whatever mental resistance she could muster. And she couldn't seem to move away or to make her body obey the warning bells in her mind. She squirmed down tighter into the seat as Wilson's fingers caressed the soft underside of one whitely exposed tit-mound, then his fingers and thumb were wickedly tweaking her already hardened nipple. Her breasts ached with swollen desire, and she felt tiny, unwanted throbs of tell-tale desire pulsing hotly in her belly and vagina, and she bit her lip to hold back any more of the lewdly forbidden sensations.

Wilson's hand came to rest on her lap now, and though she tried to fight off his caresses by raising her knees, his fingers moved insinuatingly closer to her panty-covered crotch, kneading the softness of her naked thighs and legs which were exposed by the shortness of her mini-skirt, while at the same time caressing the open and tremblingly free mounds of her throbbing breasts with his other hand. She sucked in her breath in ragged, fevered gasps from the crawling, insect-like contact with her lower flesh, and guiltily she looked at the cross on the wall.

She certainly couldn't allow Wilson to go any further with her body. But his hotly searching hand pressed tighter and tighter against the mound of her crotch, unable to slip lower because of her tightly clenched thighs, the pleasures he raised began to break down her will to resist, for it was so good, so wickedly good, and she turned her eyes once more to the cross while his fingers teased like tiny squirming snakes in the crevice of her skirt. Surely God understood what was happening to her. Perhaps it was all right. Reverend Wilson wouldn't do this if it was a sin, would he? She dully promised herself she would force him to stop if he tried more. But what could she do? There was no more she could do except squirm down helplessly against the cushion and squeeze her legs together.

Molly groaned aloud, grinding her buttocks harder down into the cushion, and as she did so Wilson's hand was suddenly up under her skirt and covering the crotch-band of her desire-moistened panties. She quivered as her tender young cunt walls secreted more fluids of sexual excitement around his fingers, and in response Wilson moved his fingers in circled, precise motions, which made her vaginal area pulsate with ever-increasing desire. She was almost out of control with passion now, and didn't think she could stand another moment of his maddening tease of her barely covered genitals. She was ready to spread her legs and allow his touch to quench the fires that raged through her hotly contracting cunt, the spiked soft drink stoking the furnace of her arousal.

It was too much for the young, drugged virgin to take! In a last-ditch attempt to preserve her chastity, she desperately gasped: "No! No, Reverend, don't touch me there! Please let me alone!"

"Why not, Molly? Doesn't it feel good?" Wilson was almost beside himself with lust but he wouldn't rush it. There was a special attraction this time in that the girl was not reduced to drugged docility but would be conscious of her... their sin when he finally fucked her.

"I'm... I'm not that kind of girl, Reverend!" she whimpered. Wilson wormed one finger underneath the wet leg-band of her panties and softly grazed the moist, demanding flesh of her gently pulsating pussy. The trembling virgin Molly tightened her inner cunt muscles against further invasion, only making the teasing little shocks that much more acute. She held her breath for fear that some tell-tale sound would escape through her lips, while her very being trembled as he wormed his hand up under her flimsy panties... and now she felt more fingers searching in her warm pink vaginal lips and moist pubic hair.

"I don't know what you mean, my dear? What kind of girl," Wilson grunted, wanting to make this young beauty surrender.

Molly's nerves were shattered, her brain whirled, and her body prickled with sexual heat. "Hanh... Reverend... Hanh... not a girl like... you know... who does it?" She knew deep in her mind now that she was that kind of girl. She was just like Martha and she couldn't resist the insistent hand on her helplessly throbbing cunt and the realization that she was acting this was almost too much for her innocent mind to bear!

But Wilson continued to stroke and caress her breasts and thighs, teeth bared over straining lips in lewd mockery of her increasing helplessness. Molly spasmed, gurgling deep in her throat as she felt her brother in law slowly rolling her panties down over the whiteness of her thighs... ever so slowly, inch by inch, and she moaned out her humiliation as they fell to her knees, down her legs... and finally off onto the floor.

"You're going to fuck me, Molly. That's why you came here. You've been tempting me and I can't resist any longer. You're offering me your hot cunt, aren't you Molly? That's what you're doing."

"No... Oohhh Nooo Reverend... I'm not," the fifteen-year-old virgin protested but his lewd words strangely, and against her will, excited Molly. She groaned in drugged surrender as he moved his hands back to her softly pulsating cunt, spreading her unresisting young thighs open to his greedily working fingers. Her muscles felt like rubber and she almost tumbled over, but the man held her in an imprisoning grip and caressed her desire-heated flesh and blood-swollen vagina, then parted her thin blonde pubic hair to open her tender young cunt-lips further for his coming invasion.

Molly's breath was coming in tight gasps and the burning sensation bubbling in her virgin pussy grew maddeningly intense with each movement she watched and with each fingering Wilson was ravishing her with.

Unconsciously she spread her legs wider and leaned back so that Wilson could have full access to her cunt. Wilson was mesmerized by the breathtaking loveliness of her young, shapely virgin pussy so obscenely displayed, the sleek nubile body of golden curls and soft contours, the thin, pink slit running down from the whiteness of her belly to the full length of her crotch below. He'd fucked a lot of girls, but never anything so pure, so innocent, so proud. The helpless, uncontrollable mewling escaping from those barely touched lips goaded his cock to rock hardness, and he could feel blood pounding in its shaft and tiny droplets of seminal fluid oozing from its sensitive head.

Wild-eyed with excitement she felt the tempo build and it caused her to groan and rock on her buttocks, spreading them open to the ever-increasing demands of her minister's hands. Her cunt opened and closed tormentedly around his fingers as they sawed into her virgin pussy, the cords of her neck standing out as she pulled with all of her strength to somehow control the enveloping flames of lust.

"Oohhh, Aahhhh!" the wildly aroused teenager moaned, and she rolled against Wilson, and he moved around, forcing her to sprawl like a helplessly gasping lamb held down for shearing on the mattress. Molly was unable to stop the relentless course of her brother in law's attentions, not knowing what she should do or say, and not even knowing at this point if she wanted them stopped! She couldn't believe what was happening to her, what had broken through every one of the searing commandments her mother and her own morality had engraved upon her! Who was she to have made those silly vows about chastity and then to be twisting and undulating her naked body like a little slut beneath her sister's husband? Was he right? Had she set out unconsciously to get him to seduce her?

She had to get hold of herself. She had to -- and then Wilson unzipped his pants and let her anguished eyes see his virile penis and the last remnants of Molly's promises shattered into tiny unrecognizable pieces.

It was all Wilson could do to keep from shoving his desire-bloated cock into her right then. He rolled on top of her, his rigid penis brushing against the dampness of her pubic hair, and planting his hands on either side of her shoulders, he could look down between their bodies and see her upturned little cuntal split completely exposed to his throbbing shaft, and its narrow hair-fringed little mouth throbbing in lewd invitation. Her smooth inner thighs were held wide apart by the pressure of his thighs pressing tightly outward against her helplessly splayed legs.

Molly watched with passion and drug-dulled eyes as the man loomed over her and she felt the hugeness of the hot, hard bone nestled threateningly in the narrow crevice of her swollen, quivering pussy-lips. The bulbous head of his cock was jerking, slowly but inexorably insinuating itself into her in a maddening tease that caused her to twist her hips up toward it. Virgin though she was, Molly's starving young pussy was searching desperately for fulfillment.

Wilson pushed grunted as he pushed in. "OOOOOh God." Molly groaned as the fat, engorged lips of hungrily throbbing vagina opened, and the fragile, elastic barrier that was her hymen resisted. Wilson flexed again, pushing a little harder at the blockage and then, savoring the moment of defloration, he gave a small surge. "Nyaahhhh!" his fifteen-year-old sister in law squealed as the man's cock-head acted like a battering ram against the helplessly yielding hymen. Suddenly, the flimsy membrane split, giving way before the cruel pressure, and with a pain so harsh that Molly emitted a louder high-pitched scream; the skewered girl felt her never-filled cuntal passage being stretched and expanded as her minister pushed deeper and deeper inside.

Wilson felt a surge of triumph. He could hardly wait for his cheating wife to learn that he'd violated her precious, young sister. And nobody else would ever have the chance to be this one's first fuck. With a grunt of satisfaction he shoved again, sinking his lust-inflated cock all the way up into her until he felt the hardness of her cringing cervix at the back of her vaginal tunnel.

The girl screwed her firm rounded young buttocks down on the mattress in

a futile attempt to escape the sudden impalement, her legs jerking wide, kicking hopelessly up in the air.

"Noooo! Revvverrrennd! Oh, God, Noooo!"

Molly's cries became mewling whines as the burning ache in her belly eased and she held her breath in fear when she felt the man on top of her begin to move. Wilson kept the vanquished virgin pinned her down with his body and arms, his hard penis burrowing deeper and deeper up into her belly with each further fucking motion.

Oh God, the girl thought hazily to herself, the man was alive in her. She felt the smooth rubbery tip as it pressed hotly against the mouth of her womb. It was a part of her and her pretty face twisted in a lewd grimace as she flexed her cuntal muscles to ease the cruelly searing pain. But, her actions only incited the triumphantly domineering man more, and he rotated his penis eagerly around inside the tightly clinging passage that clasped him like an undersized, butter-filled glove.

Then, as her minister slowed his assault and began a smooth, deep-thrusting fucking motion between her thighs the pain began to recede, giving way to an electric thrill as the thickly veined shaft fractioned the tightly clinging mouth of her cunt. These thrills arced like static electricity into every nerve fiber in her vulval flesh, rippling through her cunt and contracting her belly with each firm thrust.

"Oohhh, Reverend Wilson," the fifteen-year-old girl whimpered through bared teeth, frightened of the new sensations but also wanting more. The predatory preacher watched his young sister in law's mouth drop slackly open as she was overwhelmed by her cherry-losing experience. Then he reached for the cushion she had sat on earlier, the cushion that had teased and tickled her swelling young pussy and had helped to bring her to her present conquered state. He slipped the firm, little pillow under the girls shelving ass and caused her shapely frame to arch up to him.

"Ooohhhhhh!" the tender youngster gasped as her minister's slowly pumping cock expanded and stretched her newly devirginated young cunt still more. "Oohhh, Reverend! Oh, Reverend, Ooohhhhhh!"

Wilson felt the involuntary answering throbs of the girl's cunt walls as they caressed his shaft. He got a further surge of satisfaction when he felt the first tentative rotation of her hips under his. Yes. She was maybe better... hotter than her sister, his wife. And young Molly felt as if the man, all of him, was imbedded deep up inside her cunt, and she and Wilson were one fleshy mass of sensation, wickedly pleasurable, merging magically with one another. "Oohhh," she sighed. "Aahhhh!"

The preacher fucked with lengthy, hard strokes into the fifteen-year-old girl's juicy channel, the full hard shaft of his invading member sinking right to the bottom of her ravaged vagina. His shoulders pinned hers to the bed and she was helpless beneath him. And now his wildly aroused young sister in law was thrusting up against him, her heavings urgent and faster by the second, her pretty lips pursed with the effort as she strained desperately in response, the juices of her ravished young vagina flowing wildly and rivuleting down between the crevice of her buttocks to pool with the tiny, already drying droplets of blood on the mattress below.

Molly's feet kicked out in pleasure as the whirlwind of new and delirious sensations tore through her and incoherent cries of blossoming ecstasy sounded from her open lips. The totally seduced and conquered girl locked her ankles to her minister's legs and skewered her hot, moist pussy up the full length of the man's pounding cock. Sweat poured from her, and her fingers raked the flexing cheeks of his buttocks, trying to pull him still deeper into her first-fucked cunt. She rolled and heaved and the hard penis continued its powerful surging motions, her cunt hole stretched wide and becoming accustomed to it now. She let her brother in law fuck her as he willed as she sought something that his deep-thrusting tool was promising.

"Oohhh yes Reverend Wilson," she chanted mindlessly. "Oohhh, Oohhh, Oohhh..." The recent virgin was lost in the lust that ran rampant through her greedily writhing body. She didn't care about anything or anybody, not even the sister she was sinfully betraying with this man. The only thing that mattered was the magnificent strokings of the man's hardened cock into her newly awakened vagina. The only thing that mattered for her desire-maddened mind and body was to be fucked... to be fucked and cum, to reach that apex of ecstasy rising deep within her belly and loins.

The unprincipled preacher was enjoying his monumental success with his wife's virgin sister. He watched lustfully as she turned her face to one side so she could suck in the hot air her aching lungs required, panting with sexual frenzy. Then, as the first wave of orgasm built in her belly her ankles unlocked form the minister's and she spread her legs and pulled them back, bending them at the knees so that she could buck up against the battering force of his iron-like cock harder and deeper. Molly's nostrils flared as the hot waves of orgasm washed over her. Her belly and breasts jerked spasmodically against her seducer's heavy frame and she made a sharp intake of breath, only to expel it a moment later as if she had been hit in the gut. The girl's body collapsed limply onto the cushions, her hungrily quivering cunt still locked tightly around her brother in law's surging cock.

This was it. This was the critical time. As he felt the girl's tight sheath contracting on his throbbing tool Wilson held her hips while he began the fast, short strokes that would bring him off. There was an urgency in him now, an urgency that went beyond his need for release. He wanted to deposit his seed there while her receptacle was still milking him, so it would milk his sperm into the depths of her womb.

And then, even as her own body was convulsing with never before known delight Molly felt the muscles of Wilson's abdomen tighten against her flesh and instinctively she braced herself. And then Wilson's penis expanded and the whole tube which ran beneath the underside of his penis bulged with the hot, viscous fluid he would use to wreak vengeance on his unfaithful wife. The na´ve girl heard her minister moan and hiss and then his thick semen splashed deep up inside her belly, causing her cuntal walls to pulse in time to the rhythmically throbbing spurts, and she shivered with strange pleasure.

As his cock erupted deep up inside his fifteen-year-old sister in law's pussy, Wilson ground against her nubile hips and rammed his cockhead hard against the hardness of her cervix. Then, with short, bucking jabs he emptied his sperm and hoped he was spurting directly into her womb where an egg would wait for its own special mating.

Molly felt drained of all normal emotions as the paralyzing orgasm covered her like a warm blanket, deadening her nerves and bones until she couldn't feel anything but one huge miraculous joy. Her legs unwound from around her brother in law and dropped limply to his sides after her convulsive spasms had ceased. But inside she was still filled by his meaty shaft and her uptilted pelvis contained the potent, baby-making fruit of his climax.

Wilson relaxed, his hips supported comfortably by the compliant, fifteen year old girl's twitching, twitching pelvis, his tool still plugging her ravaged, young fuckhole.

"Do you feel better now, Molly? Do you know what kind of girl you are?"

"Oohhh Reverend Wilson. Am I? Like? Will I go to Hell?"

"No, my dear. What happened was natural and God understands. And because I'm your minister and especially because we're family, God will care for us. But we must not reveal what happened to others. This is something private and special between you and your minister."

Maybe it was because of her na´vetÚ or just because she wanted to believe him but anyway Molly relaxed too. Her newly devirginated pussy was tender and it felt full even though her ravisher's tool was slowly deflating but she liked the feelings that permeated her body. They remained coupled like that as Wilson maintained the prescribed ten to fifteen minutes with her on her back to increase the probability of pregnancy.

Molly was easily persuaded to return two days later for another educational episode and, even during the month after impregnating her ceased to be the object, Wilson continued to enjoy his fifteen-year-old sister in law's nubile passion. And, whether it happened by the calendar or at another time, his wife's sister was knocked up and due only a few weeks after Bob's sister.

Chapter 15

Floyd Saunders would have been amused if he had known the effect he was having on young Mary MacLean and his schoolteacher, Ms. Safic. Mary was in love with the schoolteacher, or at least it was nearly that. And she felt that way because Beth Safic had made gentle love to her and helped dim the unpleasant memory being forcefully devirginated by Floyd. And the schoolteacher was similarly deeply attracted to her young student. In her case it was because the thirteen-year-old girl's submissive innocence and tractability helped her fight the feeling of inadequacy that the precocious boy's manipulative actions created in her.

It was Saturday and Mary came at the invitation of her wonderful teacher to talk more of what had happened to her with Floyd... and with Ms. Safic. It had been even better than the first time as her beautiful schoolteacher not only kissed her 'down there' and gave her another mind-blowing orgasm but she also guided Mary so that she could do the same for Ms. Safic. Now, fatigued and lethargic from sexual satisfaction, the naked thirteen-year-old girl snuggled up to her busty, older companion and slept.

Mary slept like a baby. She had just endured on of the most exciting but exhausting days of her young life. As she slept beside Ms. Safic, her schoolteacher, Mary began to dream. She dreamed about what she had done with and to the wonderful woman and her body squirmed under sheet that covered her nudity. She dreamt about how nervous she'd been at first and then how something changed. Her back arched as she remembered how much better she felt when she did that while her teacher kissed her there... 'down there'. A small smile graced her lips when she dreamed about how Ms. Safic had pushed her tongue into her mouth and then how fabulous it had felt when she pushed that same hot tongue into her 'down there'. Would she ever be able to call it her pussy like Ms. Safic did?

Beth had dozed briefly but now was awake and observing the tractable, young schoolgirl. Mary's breathing picked up and she cooed and moaned in her sleep as she dreamt about how her teacher had made love to her and her pussy moistened once more and began to swell. Her sensitive skin tingled as the woman pulled back the covers and the sheet was drawn across her nipples causing them to harden. Mary was beginning to feel the effects of arousal as she slept and she didn't even know it.

Mary's dream took a strange turn as she remembered how absolutely gorgeous Ms. Safic's body was, how perfect it was in every way. Would her own breasts ever be as large as Ms. Safic's? Did it matter? Mary smiled softly again as she remembered, in her dream, what Beth's skin felt like as her naked body snuggled next to hers. She imagined the warmth their two naked bodies would generate together as they laid next to each other under the flimsy sheet.

Mary sighed deeply as she felt Beth's lips caress her neck and shoulder. She dreamed about how it'd feel to have Beth's hand slip across her stomach and up to her breast. Mary's short staccato breaths made her firm breasts thrust and heave, bouncing with ripples that she could feel all the way up to her collarbone. She felt her nipples stiffen and the veins in her breasts pulse and throb with desire.

It was about then when thirteen-year-old Mary realized that she was not dreaming. Her eyes fluttered open and she could see her teacher above her, her large, heavy breasts hanging like ripe melons from her chest and then the woman lowered her head again.

Beth paused and moaned a soft "mmmm, nice" when she sensed the texture change under her fingertips. She could see Mary's nipple throbbing in rhythm to her heartbeat. She wet her fingertip in her mouth, and then touched it to the very tip of Mary's nipple and brushed it back and forth, back and forth. Then a little harder, Beth pressed her finger against the flesh of Mary's nipple then let it pop back up as her finger moved past it. Each time she pushed across the nipple she flattened it and let it pop up.

Beth's gentle touches sent electric shocks down Mary's tummy to her clitoris and made her tense those lower intimate muscles and almost squeezing more of her profusely flowing lubricating fluid over her swelling labia. And, as the schoolteacher's skillful caresses continued Mary's open legs tensed and relaxed, tensed and relaxed.

Mary lay with her eyes closed as she felt Beth's mouth work it's way down her shoulder and then..."huh!" she gasped as Beth's lips surrounded her swollen nipple and sucked it in.

Mary rolled completely onto her back and her arms flopped above her head and she spread her legs to try and cool her heated flesh. She could feel Beth's warm figure pressing against her, sucking her breast, fondling her, stroking her and she was breathing hard.

The girl felt Ms. Safic's weight as the woman who was her teacher in more than classroom subjects mounted her. Lying chest-to-chest, the woman's large, cushiony mammaries crushing her own firm globes, Mary had feelings that positively incredible!

The inexperienced thirteen-year-old girl sighed deeply as her pussy heated up again as Beth ground her mound into Mary's. She squirmed under the pressure being applied by her trusted teacher and felt her own hips begin to thrust in response. Mary's hands took hold of the headboard and squeezed as she pumped her hips against the voluptuous figure of the woman lying on top of her. Mary's wetness was spilling out from between her swollen labia and leaking onto her thighs. The feeling of Beth's pubic hair grinding into her own was sending her over the edge.

Then suddenly... Beth was gone. Mary kept writhing even though the pressure from Beth's body weight had left her. She still felt the effects of a pending orgasm and her need to cum.

Beth Safic was almost beside herself with lust for this beautiful, ripe young girl. The feel and sight of her breasts, her hips and her widely parted legs was an invitation to ravish her. Quickly she dismounted from her trusting student's body and from the table beside the bed she took a strap-on dildo. She paused for a moment and debated whether to use her 91/2" Whilly or the more modest 7" device. As much as she wanted to see how the young schoolgirl would react to the mammoth pseudo-cock Beth decided that it would be better to use the more modest, though still sizeable 7" one as a starter. Then, the harness tightly fastened to her hips, the lewd schoolteacher mounted her unsuspecting thirteen-year-old schoolgirl and guided the flexible but hard plastic dong into her well-lubricated twat. This was no doubt a better choice than Whilly anyway because of Mary's unwilled initiation when Floyd had raped her.

The lightly sleeping girl clung to the crossbar of the headboard and her hot, sweet breath exhaled as her teacher's expert touch milked her swollen breasts and tugged on her hardened nipples. With each gentle massage that ended with a sharp pull on her nipples, Mary's pussy throbbed as her nubile body built toward another orgasm. Had her eyes opened so she could see her teacher, now seemingly equipped with man's genital equipment, she would likely have been frightened. Extremely. But when she felt the pressure as her teacher slowly and carefully guided the dildo to her adolescent quim she thought it was Ms. Safic's mouth and she spread her legs farther apart, opening herself to her teacher's loving assault.

Beth took her time. She was sure that this hot-blooded youngster would like being filled but she feared that her previous time would cause her to be terrified. Slowly she stroked the slick-headed device up and down the narrow crevice of the girl's once fucked lovenest, warming the cool plastic and lubricating it at the same time.

The drowsy girl thought that the pressure on her labia was from her schoolteacher's tongue and Mary wriggled as she spread her legs opening herself up wider to Beth's intrusion. Mary was so hot she could barely stand it.

The horny teacher's vaginal muscles contracted excitedly, hungering her young student was about to get as the thirteen-year-old girl gasped and squeezed the metal bars above her head. Mary felt the bulbous head of the imitation prick begin to enter and for a sleepfilled moment she marveled at the size of her teacher's tongue.

"Oh! Oohhh! Ms. Safic?" Mary cried out in an alarmed voice when her eyes opened and she saw what was happening. She saw but at first didn't comprehend. Her schoolteacher's large breasts hung over her own and made a fleshy frame for the incredible sight below. Ms. Safic had somehow grown a penis, a shiny penis that she was beginning to push into her. Like Floyd had done.

Mary wanted to scream in her mind as the large pseudo-cock pressed against her pussy opening and stretched it beyond what her rapist's tool had done. She could feel her labia spread before the unrelenting pressure and her head flopped from side-to-side as she tried to imagine what it would feel like to have that object inside her body.

"Relax, Sweetheart," the schoolteacher said in a gentle voice although at that moment she wasn't feeling gentle. She wanted to ram the dildo unceremoniously into this lovely youngster but she restrained the urge. "You'll like this, little darling," Beth murmured. "I won't be thoughtless like he was... I'll make sure you cum, baby."

Mary arched her back hard and her mouth flew open as she choked for air when she felt the rubber dickhead thump into her tight opening. The schoolgirl gasped for as she felt her teacher ram the dildo deeper and deeper, stretching her more than Floyd had done.

"Ooohhhh... Aaahhhh," Mary moaned as she felt her teacher's hips touch hers and she knew that the woman had pushed the entire length of the imitation cock inside her. It felt like her insides were filled to the brim. She bit her lower lip as Beth withdrew a little and pushed back in. Mary was more than lubricated and the latex dong slid in and out with surprising ease.

As Beth began to fuck Mary with repeated strokes into her tender, almost unused pussy the young girl wrapped her legs around her teacher's legs and pulled her in tightly. Beth was supporting herself by her hands placed just above Mary's shoulders and the youngster could see her schoolteacher's big breasts wobbling each time her belly tightened for another thrust.

And the inexperienced youngster could feel the big sex toy plunging in and out of her pussy at an increasing rate that was making her feel better and better. It was like it had begun to feel with Floyd, just before he stopped.

The schoolteacher could see the effect her skillful reaming of the young girl's sex-channel was having and it excited her too. Each time, when her hips drove forward as far as they'd go, she writhed against Mary's nubile body, wishing that her own flesh was inside and not just the plastic dildo.

Mary began to pant, "ungh... ungh... ungh," as she was brought closer and closer to orgasm. She could feel her body slammed into the firm mattress as teacher's ramming rocked her. The thirteen-year-old girl's swollen clit had pushed free of its sheath and every time Beth penetrated her to the fullest she crushed against Mary's clit, which sent myriad, hot thrills surging through the girl's adolescent loins and brought her ever closer to orgasm.

The youngster released her grip on the bedpost above her and reached down to touch herself. Her wrist was momentarily trapped between her own and her teacher's bodies and she pulled her hand away and re-grasped the bedframe above her head. She lay in open submission as the punishing intrusions continued at a relentless pace. Her body was being lifted and hammered down repeatedly and she realized that she had her legs wrapped around her teacher's hips so that she moved in unison with her.

"Ungh... unngh... ungh... unngh," Mary panted in unison with each deep thrust. She kept humping up at the massive dildo allowing it to plunge deeper and deeper into her saturated pussy. It was as if the young girl had been fucked many times before and not just quickly raped as she had been

On and on the thrusting continued, Beth was enjoying the moment and she

came herself without even being touched. Her sweaty heated flesh was burning with arousal as she fucked the ingenuous, thirteen year old girl and then it was there.

It wasn't Beth's climax although she'd had several shudders as she fucked the plump schoolgirl. It was Mary. Her body seemed to suddenly become limp and malleable, her legs loosing their grip on her teacher's plunging hips and she opened totally to the plunging, plastic prick. A long, low moan escaped her ripe lips and she began to shake and shudder and twitch as if she was in the throes of an epileptic seizure. Her young body was wracked and inundated by a wash of sensation unlike anything she had felt before.

For the schoolteacher too it was wonderful. She knew she was giving her young pupil her first total orgasm and as she looked down at her pretty face and saw the full-lipped mouth twist in an incredibly sexy grimace she wished that she was a man so she could feel the contractions that must be massaging the deep thrust dildo at that very moment.

When Beth finally rolled off of her exhausted schoolgirl-playmate the youngster just lay there, her legs widely splayed, her hips jerking and twitching in the aftermath of her experience. There was little talk as Mary dressed to go home.

The schoolteacher was both satisfied and frustrated. Doing what she'd done to her student had been hugely satisfying and exciting but it had produced a mammoth hunger in her loins. But she didn't dare call for Jason and she didn't want Floyd so Whilly, hand-held, was her only release.

If the whole event had been both exciting and frustrating for Mary and Beth, the audio and video record had done likewise for Floyd. It was time now, he knew, to bring the schoolteacher into line and maybe, at the same time, tap into that little bitch Mary again.

Chapter 16: Schoolboy Shakedown


Ms. Safic's sexy reverie about her schoolchildren lovers is suddenly interrupted by a special delivery from one of them. Floyd Saunders presents his schoolteacher with photos and more that graphically illustrate her unprincipled and illegal dalliance with him, Jason and Mary.

As she looked out wearily at her students, Beth Safic felt like a juggler with three pins in the air that wanted to juggle a fourth. Monday was always a long day or at least it had become so since she began filling her weekends with extra-curricular tutelage of her special students. Today was, she mused, the ninth Monday she'd sat here in her position of trust and authority. And she'd really betrayed the trust she thought with a shudder of shame. But she hadn't taken advantage of her authority except a bit with Mary. Not yet, she hadn't.

Jason, as always, looked shy and nice as he worked away at his math assignment. The boy had retained his gentle innocence even though, with experience, he had learned to wield his ponderous prick with great skill. Even after he'd participated in her front and back ravishment he continued to be respectful and polite.

And Mary, pretty, lovely Mary glanced up at her occasionally and blushed. Was she remembering how she'd reacted when Beth finally filled her with Whilly's mammoth dimensions? Damn. She'd taken it well, Beth mused. And then her gaze fixed on Floyd. Him she could do without. In the two months since she'd first enjoyed his upcurved organ he had become arrogant and unpleasant and somehow threatening. How could she get rid of him?

But the schoolteacher's gaze fixed most frequently on thirteen-year-old Sybil Sinden and her twin brother, Sydney. They were not identical twins but they were equally beautiful. Sybil was not very big, only an inch or so over five feet tall with nicely rounded, firm-looking breasts and buttocks and legs that were shapely although maybe a bit thick for her body. Sydney was about eight or nine inches taller with wide shoulders and narrow hips. Facially they were both dolls with skin like fine porcelain and very blonde hair.

The twins had registered late; almost a month after school began. Beth had interviewed them together, at first, and since then on three occasions each separately. The pair of them tempted her almost beyond restraint. Their parents, like some others in the school, had been missionaries and the twins had been home-schooled in a foreign country since they were five years old. Their academic knowledge equaled or exceeded that of their thirteen-year-old classmates but their knowledge of how people act or behave was not very realistic.

The libidinous schoolteacher was tiring of her trio of underage companions and she was confident after the interviews she'd had with the twins that they could be easily led down whatever path she chose for them. Beth's pussy swelled and moistened at the thought of being kissed there by Sybil's small but full-lipped mouth and of being the first to show Sydney the pleasure of being inside that soft, juicy receptacle. The teacher's mind wandered farther in the fields of prurience, scheming already to be the one to take the girl's cherry with a strap-on dildo. She'd never been first that way and the thought of devirginating the innocent beauty sent another surge of hot lust coursing through her body. And then, later, after she'd taken the twin brother's innocence she and Sydney would make a sex-sandwich of the lovely blonde girl. The thought of getting the boy to fuck his own sister sent another shudder of lust coursing through the teacher's body and caused her large, heavy breasts to bobble.

While Beth Safic was daydreaming in front of her class she was being watched closely by one of the subjects of her reverie. Floyd Saunders, the boy of the curved, g-spot seeking cock and his precocious sexual knowledge was also tiring of his schoolteacher's busty body. "Like sticking your cock out the window and fucking the world," he'd wanted to say to Jason but with his freaky dong the schoolteacher was probably tight enough. Anyway Floyd was surer than ever that the young stuff was best. Actually, his big-titted teacher wasn't that bad, especially when compared to some of the cavernous cunts he'd been in before. But whether in Africa or here, youn was best he was sure.

And for fourteen-year-old Floyd, young meant as young as or younger than he. He still remembered how tight Mary had been but he hadn't been in her long enough for it to really count. But now he had his eyes on another girl. He was fortunate to have Jason as a friend because he could tell him about other people and especially about the girls.

"They stick together like burdocks," Jason told him when he'd asked about two of the Dorset girls who were still attending school in Dorset. "If Odie says jump, Patsy asks, how high?" And that was all that Floyd needed to know about the cute eleven-year-old girl, Patsy Timm.Odelia, the girl Jason called Odie was often called Obie. She was also eleven years old but, unlike her closest friend, she was not little. Odelia was already about five feet, three inches tall and she weighed almost 170 pounds. And this led to 'Obie', short for obese. Actually her excess weight was nicely distributed around her juvenile frame and she had thick, heavy legs, a deep, round ass and, although she'd barely reached puberty, two well-rounded, grapefruit-sized breasts. She'd had her first period three months ago, one month before Patsy, but her pussy was still truly unfledged without a trace of even the fuzzy beginnings of pubic hair.

Floyd wasn't primarily interested in Odie but he suspected that he wouldn't get to little Patsy unless her best friend Odie approved. And right now he had another priority.

Beth had not been able to hide her growing dislike of the arrogant teen, Floyd and since dislike breeds dislike, the boy was not only bored with his teacher but he wanted to hurt her. The sandwich fuck was perhaps his first attempt to degrade her but it hadn't worked because she had very obviously enjoyed it. But he had collected enough other ammunition now that he was sure he could control her.

Floyd's ammunition took the form of photos and a CD that contained some edited portions of the action that his strategically placed webcam had transmitted to his school computer. Ms. Safic's apartment was a veritable spy target and over the past two months he had collected enough evidence of the woman's illegal dalliance with underage partners to send her to prison. But he didn't want that. He wanted to use his power to cause his schoolteacher to do his bidding, to use her powers of persuasion or maybe just her power of authority to give him sexual access to several of her students.

The scheming teen had one immediate target in mind. He wouldn't admit to himself that he'd raped Mary MacClean and he illogically attributed his too-fast climax to her phony struggles. Now, after hearing her breathless cries of passion on the webcam transmissions and viewing still photos he was even more convinced that she had done him wrong. Now that Ms. Safic had stretched the little bitch with that obscene dildo though, he didn't want to fuck her. He wanted to have the little bitch on her knees and sucking his cock. And now he could force the schoolteacher to cause that to happen.

It was a cold and miserable November day and when it started to snow Beth decided that was sufficient excuse to send the children home early. Then she could rest, have a drink and develop her scheme for seducing the Sinden twins.

"Can I see you for a few minutes Ms. Safic, before I leave?"

"Can't it wait until tomorrow, Floyd?"

"Uh, not really. I have something here you ought to see," and the boy showed his teacher a large, manila envelope.

"Well, alright. Can I look at it here?" What did the boy have? She was sure that it wasn't schoolwork.

"I think it would be better if you looked at it in your office."

"All right then, Floyd. But lets make it brief. I have some homework to prepare for tomorrow." The teacher led her student through the door to her office and then stopped in front of her desk.

"Now Floyd, what do you have there?"

Without a word but with a little smirk on his face the boy passed the envelope to his schoolteacher and waited for her reaction.

Beth took the envelope and, leaning against the front edge of her desk she opened it and removed a thin stack of 8x10 photos and what appeared to be a CD for a computer. Without looking at the photos she went around to her chair and sat down. Her stomach was churning with apprehension. The look she'd seen in the boy's eyes was like that of a cat about to pounce on a helplessly captive mouse.

The schoolteacher's face was expressionless as she leafed through the seven photographs. But her tension and concern could be read from the way her teeth clenched and her shoulders jerked. The pictures were obscene. And potentially damaging.

On top was a picture taken by the camera that was situated beside the wall mirror. It showed Beth's face clearly and her expression was not of fear or anger, it was raw sexual passion. Also shown clearly were her legs that were spread wide and cradling Jason's hips as he looked back over his shoulder at the camera. Also visible was another pair of legs, the feet pointed upwards and, over Beth's shoulder Floyd's face could be seen. The picture left little doubt about what was happening and, although she could hide her expression, the teacher could not hide the red blush that suffused her cheeks.

The other photos were even more explicit and they showed the boys having her individually including one of Beth kneeling and sucking Floyd's cock. Two of the photos were of her and Mary, one of them showing her as she was beginning to invade the young girl's vagina with Whilly's huge dimensions. Beth could hardly stifle a cry of fear. What she was holding would not only end her teaching career but would also send her to prison. What was this despicable boy going to want to keep quiet? She didn't have a lot of money but if she had to, she'd give it to him.

"What do you want, Floyd? Obviously you know how damaging this is... to me... so you must have a plan. Do you want money?"

"Nah... I don't need money. I want other things. Like girls."

"What do you mean? I can't get you girls."

"Sure you can. In fact you got complete control over the first one I want. Mary."

"No Floyd. You're wrong. I don't control her. I just... like... I helped her after what you did to her."

"Yeah. I could see how you helped her. She didn't like me coz I ain't a freak like Jason. Or you with that big one strapped on."

"That's not right and you know it," Beth said in her best, stern schoolteacher voice. "You raped her and I showed her that sex could be wonderful."

"I didn't rape her. She was asking for it. And I want her on her knees and sucking my cock. That's something she can't do for you. But you can give her lessons. Yeah. That's how we'll do it."

"NO! Absolutely no!"

"Maybe you better look at the CD, Teech. Then tell me if you still want to say no. It looks like Mary was a bit scared at first and nobody's going to believe that it wasn't you that got her cherry. Do you want me to send a copy of this stuff... and I got more... to Reverend Scroggins?"

"Wait, Floyd. Let me think about it a while. Next week?"

"Not waiting that long. Tell me tomorrow!"

"Can't it wait until Thursday? I need to figure things out... and... and I need to think about Mary."

"No later than that, then. I'll be here at seven on Thursday night and you better have Mary here and waiting"

The boy left, his cock already swelling at the thought of having that bitch Mary's fat lips wrapped around it. But Beth didn't know what to do. If she gave in this time it would just go on and on and she'd be under the boy's control forever. What could she do?

Floyd Saunders left his schoolteacher's office feeling triumphant. He had scared the woman, he was sure. And she'd do what he wanted her to do, too. After Mary, who would he get? Maybe that new girl, Sybil?

Chapter 17: Balling Bev

As soon as the boy was gone Beth rushed into her apartment and poured a stiff gin and tonic, then sat on the sofa and tried to figure out what to do. Three drinks later she was still sitting there and no closer to a solution. Why couldn't she be like the Principal, Jack Allen? He could be screwing his schoolgirls easily but he had control over his baser urges. Unless he was gay? No. That was no excuse for her. Even if he were gay, he wasn't buggering any boys and she knew that a few of them would have been receptive.

It was almost eight o'clock, after her fifth gin and tonic and a shower that Beth decided on what she had to do. Her career as a teacher was finished. She had to accept that. And the way things stood right now she'd be lucky if she didn't go to jail. But she couldn't give in to young Floyd's blackmail. Not when it involved betraying Mary and she was sure that in the future he'd want others like her. She might as well bite the bullet and call Mr. Allen and tell him what she'd done. And resign and hope Floyd would leave it at that.

Jack was about to embark on another venereal venture when the telephone rang. His love life (or rather, lust life) had been enjoyable since he arrived. His landlady's four daughters had been increasingly adventurous partners and he knew that going beyond them was unnecessary and perhaps even unwise. But the challenge of conquest was for him an aphrodisiac and his religious, big-assed landlady was his latest target.

"It's for you, Mr. Allen," Mrs. Miller said to him after she answered the phone. The voice on the other end was strained and he knew that Ms. Safic had some kind of problem. He agreed to come visit her, disappointed that this was not going to be the night he made his way between Bev's massive thighs. Damn! If she weren't working for him, he'd really like to have a go at the big-titted teacher.

"Oh Mr. Allen. I'm so ashamed."

"Relax, Ms. Safic. Nothing can be that bad," Jack said as he sat on the sofa beside the scantily clad woman and sipped the stiff whiskey she'd poured for him. "You look like you lost your best friend."

"Oh, Sir. I hope you'll understand. I know you'd never get in the position I'm in but..." and her voice trailed away as she looked at the big man with tear-filled eyes as she passed him the brief resignation letter she had written after she called him.

"Why? I need you, Ms. Safic. You're a very popular teacher. All you students like you... and their parents do, too. You can't quit."

"You don't understand, Mr. Allen. They won't like me when they find out what I've done. And you won't like me, either."

"What have you done, Ms. Safic? I'm sure it's not that serious."

"But it is, Sir. I... I took advantage of my position. I lost control of my senses and... and... Oohhhh Shirr." Her eyes overflowed with tears and the big man beside her drew her close to console her. Inadvertently one hand was filled, overfilled with voluminous titflesh that felt warm and pliant under her blouse. His sex-hungry organ swelled from the temptation of the lovely woman but he fought his urge.

"Just relax, Ms. Safic. It will seem better tomorrow. Do you want to tell me more?" Which of her students had she fucked? He ought to be one happy camper to get into this lovely one so what was she afraid of?

"Please, Mr. Allen. It won't get better. Look at what's in this envelope."

For five minutes Jack viewed and reviewed the pictures, uttering gentle words of comfort to the schoolteacher beside him although he could see that if these photos got out she'd have a real problem.

"How about the CD? What's on it?"

"I... I don't know, Sir. I didn't want to... dare to look at it."

"Put on a robe, Ms. Safic. We'll go to the computer room and check this out."

Beth looked over her Principal's shoulder as he loaded the CD into the computer and brought the contents onto the screen. She uttered a choked cry of embarrassment when the vidcam recording showed her on her knees giving head to the fabulously endowed fourteen-year-old boy, Jason. And then he was fucking her and she was exclaiming loudly and on and on the scenes went. She was mortified that her Principal was seeing her in the throes of raw, passionate lust with schoolboys... and with a schoolgirl.

"Hmmm. We do have a problem, Ms. Safic. None of these schoolchildren are keepers," Jack said with an ironic smile. "I can understand why each of them appealed to you but... now we have to figure out what to do."

Jack shut down the computer and went with Beth back to her apartment. Beth was so humiliated she just stumbled along behind him.

"Now, Ms. Safic, who is trying to blackmail you?"

"It's Floyd, Mr. Allen. Floyd Saunders," she added as if there was more than one Floyd who had something over her.

"Hmm. I see. Well, I have an idea but it will take me a while to find out if I can do what I want to do. Why don't you have another drink and then get some rest and I'll go to work. But I need all of the material he gave to you."

"That's all there was," Beth said timidly, pointing to the envelope that contained the photos and CD. He hadn't accepted her resignation. Did that mean that he still wanted her to teach here? Did he know how to silence Floyd?

Relaxed by too much gin, the schoolteacher went to sleep on the sofa. Her Principal however went to the computer room and for the next five hours he massaged the images from the CD. Finally, satisfied with his products, he printed a series of glossy, 8 by 10 inch images, put them in an envelope and stored them along with the envelope from Ms. Safic in his locked desk.

Jack spent the next three hours at his computer and, by the time he finished, it was too late to continue his planned liaison with his landlady.

Was Ms. Safic going to tell him this morning? Floyd had a semi-erection from just thinking about fucking little Mary again. But before he did that he was going to make Ms. Safic strip off her clothes right here in the classroom and then go down on her knees and suck his cock. It was going to be fun.


The boy looked up to see his teacher standing beside his desk.

"Yes, Ms. Safic? What do you want?" He leered at the busty teacher.

"Mr. Allen wants to see you during morning recess." Beth turned away, wondering what her Principal was going to say to this blackmailing boy. She didn't really think that Jack could make him keep quiet.

Floyd wondered too what Mr. Allen wanted to see him about. Surely the teacher hadn't told him about the photos, had he? Hell. Even if she had there was no way Mr. Allen could stop him from letting them slip out if Ms. Safic didn't come across. The fourteen year old boy was confident as he went to the principal's office.

"Well Floyd, you must be proud of yourself," Jack said as soon as the boy was seated in front of hid desk. He put two of the photos face-up in front of the arrogant teen.

"I don't know what you mean, Sir. I just... it was her idea... I mean, like, she seduced me."

"Maybe so, Floyd, but that doesn't give you the right to use her to take advantage of others. And maybe you should reconsider doing anything with the photos you've collected." As he spoke Jack put two 8 by 10 glossy prints on the desk before the schoolboy.

Floyd's already light complexion paled when he saw the photos. One of them showed him kneeling in front of Jason with the other boy's mammoth tool aimed directly at his mouth. Just as if he was about to suck Jason's cock. The second had him kneeling over the edge of Ms. Safic's bed and a hard-cocked Jason was directly behind him in position to bugger him.

"Sir! Mr. Allen! They're not real! That stuff never happened," Floyd protested as he looked at the pictures.

"You may know that, Floyd. And I may know that but if copies of these and other pictures show up the people who see them won't know that. What do you think? Is it time to forget all about your plan?

Middleville and Dorset were both reasonably modern communities in many respects but the fundamentalist religion that prevailed left no room for acceptance of alternate lifestyles. Especially homosexuality. If pictures like this got out Floyd would have become an object of ridicule and derision. And he knew that very well.

"But... but... what do you want me to do?" Floyd felt ill, partly from fear of these fake photos getting out and partly from disappointment. He'd really had his heart set on screwing little Mary again.

"Tomorrow morning you bring to me all of the material you have collected... tapes, negatives, digital disks or whatever you have. As long as I'm satisfied that you are keeping quiet abut this I won't let the other photos slip out into the public. And I expect you to make sure that Jason keeps quiet also. I doubt that he'd want the photos out either."

At noon Jack went briefly by Beth Safic's classroom and told her that she had nothing to worry about. Beth was almost delirious with relief and the man she'd admired became in her eyes a God. She didn't know how he'd done it but he'd saved her. How could she repay him?

Beth wasn't alone in wondering how she could repay him. Jack could see that the schoolteacher was looking at him with starry eyes. She was a good fuck. He knew that from reviewing the aural and photographic evidence he had extracted from Floyd. But Hell, he liked getting into the reluctant ones and she certainly didn't meet that criterion. Maybe she could get little Mary for him? No. He didn't want the woman to know of his own immoralities. And besides, his new accommodations were almost ready so if he was going to check out his big-assed landlady he'd have to move on her soon.

Bev had been divorced for ten years but she'd had occasional sexual satisfaction since then. Occasional, but rare. And that was from her brother, the preacher. He had initiated her at the age of fourteen, just like he had broken in her oldest daughter but, of course, she didn't know about Annette. Bev's sex life during her marriage had been boring for her, mainly because, subconsciously, she got turned on by sinning and sex with her husband wasn't sinning. Not like sex with her brother was.

The forty year old woman had become increasingly curious about her boarder. He was big and good looking and he didn't seem to have a girl, or at least none that she knew about. She would have been shocked and furious had she guessed that he had deflowered two of her daughters and had been regularly screwing all four of them, but that thought was too obscene to ever cross her mind.

And then one day she saw how Tina looked at him and she saw, also, an impressive bulge at his crotch. He was definitely lusting after her daughter and Tina, in her innocence, was vulnerable. Bev decided that she had to do something, either tell him to find another boarding house or... ? And yesterday, just before that teacher, Miss Safic called, the woman had decided she should try to seduce him.

"We must have a discussion, Mr. Allen," she said after the girls were in bed and she was sitting with the teacher at the kitchen table. Bev had showered and was wearing a flannel robe with nothing under it but her warm, bare flesh. "I am worried about... like... You are a healthy, young man and... well... I have beautiful, impressionable young daughters and... You haven't sinned with them, have you?"

"My God, Bev! Of course not," Jack lied, a surge of fear coursing through him at the thought of discovery. "They're so young!"

"They're not too young, Jack. You know that, I'm sure. And they must tempt you? Don't they?"

"I never thought of them that way, Bev."

"Don't lie to me, Jack. I know you have. I've seen the signs." She placed her hand on his crotch and pressed. "I've seen this when you look at Tina. I'd tell you to find another place to stay but... well... I need the money. Tell me, do you ever... like... ? Do you ever think of me that way?" It didn't dawn on her that, basically, she was offering to do it for money.

"What do you mean, Bev? Think of you in what way?" It was Monday night and he'd not had any of his young harem since Thursday so, as the likely meaning of her question registered on him, his unruly prick swelled under his pajamas but, at least, Bev's hand was no longer there.

"Don't be coy, Jack. You know what I mean. I know that Satan has made you look at Tina with sinful thoughts. Do you have sinful thoughts about me, too? Or am I just a fat, old woman to you?"

"You're a beautiful woman, Bev," Jack said quickly. This was getting interesting. It might be fun to ride this big-assed woman. She was probably pretty horny, he thought, even if she wouldn't be as tight and fresh as her daughters. And he'd have then had the complete family.

"Well, Jack, I'm worried that Satan might lead you... and Tina... to sin. And God... well... He's sent me a message... that I should..." and she didn't quite finish her sentence as she put her hand on his thigh and once more moved it slowly up towards his crotch.

The schoolteacher wasted no time as he slipped his hand under her loosely fitting robe to cup her breasts. The nipple was already hard and, as he squeezed the fleshy globe, Bev gasped.

"Oh Jack! Oh! You're huge!" his landlady exclaimed as her hand encountered his fully erect penis and, with the urgency of long unsatisfied lust, she was suddenly groping under his pajamas and parting her own thighs to his caress.

They stumbled their way up the stairs, feeling each other's body with wordless intimacy as they moved to her bedroom. Her robe dropped to the floor outside her bedroom door and she tumbled on her back onto the bed, pulling him on top of her, between her fat, widespread legs.

"It's God's will, Jack. To save my daughter's virtue." she moaned hotly as, with both hands, she guided him into her wet, slippery quim. "Oohhhh yeessss..." was her sibilant sigh as she felt her hungry cunt being filled by the young man's long, thick cock.

He settled between the woman's softly clasping thighs and, gaining a toehold on the footboard, he pushed higher on the mountain of her wide, fleshy hips. He felt like he was completely surrounded by Bev's soft body, enveloped by her pulpy, clinging flesh, her mountainous thighs and, as he began to pump on her, she heaved her wide hips up at him.

"Jack... Oohhhh Jack... give it to me... harder... harder... it's been so long," she panted as the friction of his cunt-filling cock sent lewd thrills through her mature loins. And then, almost as soon as they started, her climax exploded.

"Yunh... harder... yunnh... faster..." the woman chanted as he jolted her big body with fierce thrusts. Then, with a low moan of satisfaction, Bev arched her broad-hipped body.

Since her divorce, more than a decade ago, Bev's only male solace had come from her brother but, after he seduced Annette, this had been a rare occurrence. Now the combination of her extended celibacy and the biggest cock she had ever taken was bringing her quickly to a level of lust beyond any she had experienced since her incestuous initiation.

"You're good, Bev... you're a great fuck, baby," Jack whispered as he rode her deep, soft hips. He lifted her large legs and spread them wide as he pushed harder. He rubbed his hairy chest on her hard-nippled tits and, reaching beneath her, he pulled her fat asscheeks apart to touch her anal orifice.

"Puh... puh... pray with me... ahh... ahh... ahhfterr," the woman gasped and, when his finger pushed on her sphincter, she arched her broad pelvis. "Sin... know it's a sin... buh... buh... but... fuh... fuh... fuhck meee!" Bev panted as the pressure of impending orgasm grew in her belly.

The softness of her hips and thighs clasped him and the sex- starved matron heaved and bucked awkwardly as she took his deep thrusts. Once more he took the big woman to climax and then, wrapping his arms around her big ass, he rolled so that she was on top. "You fuck me now, Bev. Push that hot cunt down on my cock and fuck me, big baby."

The religious, albeit hypocritical matron had never been spoken to in such language and the words added to her already overheated lust. She spread her soft thighs and sank down on the hard staff. It sank even deeper into her hungry twat and, aided by his hands on her hips, she began to ride him faster and faster.

"That's the way, Bev, baby. That's the way. God, you're a hot bitch. Love that juicy cunt, Bev. And you love being fucked too, don't you, baby."

"Yunh... yunnh... yunnh... love it... love big cock... yunnh..." the woman moaned as, carried away by her lust, she said things she'd never said before."Fuh... fuhck meee... fuck my hot cunt with your big cock..."

Jack was determined to subjugate the older woman just as he had controlled her four daughters and, with some difficulty, he kept from going off in her hot, snug cunt. One finger continued to tease her bumhole all the while and, this time, when Bev orgasmed, she fell forward to lie panting on top of him.

"Hunnh... unnh... Jack... unnh... gotta stop... kids might hear..."

The teacher squirmed out from under the heavy woman, ignoring her faint objection when he withdrew from her steamy fuckhole. She lay face down on the bed as he pulled her toward the edge and over so that she was kneeling on the floor. Then he knelt behind her and directed his throbbing cock between the fat, wet lips of her cunt.

"You have a lovely, big ass, Bev, baby... and a hot, snug snatch," he said crudely as he thrust into her again.

"Duh... duh... don't say that," she objected but, as she felt herself being filled again, renewed lustful desires coursed through her. The man fucked her for a minute or so while he fingered her clit and her rosehole. Then, when he felt the pre-orgasmic tension growing in her big, soft body, he eased out of her.

The matron's whimper of protest at her abandonment was changed to a cry of shocked surprise when Jim pulled apart her massive buttocks and thrust into the well prepared nether orifice.

"Whannh? Whannh? Jack?" she cried out as, for the first time in her life she felt her asshole being expanded by a cock. Roughly the man rammed into the virgin tightness of her rectal passage just as his finger brought her to one more climax.

"Cum, Bev baby... cumm... Oohhhh baby... your ass is tight as a virgin's cunt... lovely..." he moaned as he ground between her softly spread asscheeks and speared the tight channel. The woman squirmed and writhed as she took this novel screwing, and then, another orgasm washing over her, she slumped forward in twitching release.

Jack spread his hands on her round, white buttocks, squeezing the large, soft melons while he insinuated his hips deeper into the valley between them. Panting still, Bev looked back over her shoulder and the absolute enormity of her sin sent a renewed, salacious thrill through her belly. She was being sodomized. Like the women of Sodom, she was being used in this unnatural way. Her belly churned as she felt the man's big penis penetrating, then withdrawing, and her hips writhed with involuntary, salacious pleasure.

"Oh yes, Bev, baby. Oh yes. Wriggle that lovely ass, baby. You like it up the ass don't you, Bev. I feel like I'm fucking a virgin, you're so tight."

"Noooo... nooooo... nooooo..." she moaned but her eyes were hot and she pushed back at him, wriggling her big bottom around the spearing tool."Haaa... aaaahhh..." she sighed as she felt the thick pole jump within her and then felt the heat as he flooded her cockstuffed bowels.

"Oh, Jack. Oohhhh. That was an awful thing to do to me." the woman said as he withdrew from her ample, twitching backside.

"But you liked it, didn't you?". He pulled out of the hot depths of her asstube and helped her to her feet.

"Well... yes... but," Bev replied with a smile. "I guess you'd better get out of here before one of my girls sees you here and wonders why you're in my room."

Jack felt a sense of lewd triumph similar to what he felt when he broke a cherry. He'd had mother and daughter before but never mother and four daughters. And when he was ensconced in his new apartment at the school they'd still all be available to him. Fatigued, he went to his own room.

Chapter 18

Jack Allen was the Principal of the school but he had not taken advantage of the power and opportunity that position gave him. Beth Safic believed it was because her supervisor was an honest, honorable and ethical man that it was because of this that he was not responding to her increasingly brazen indications that she was available nor was he taking advantage of the nubile girls in the school. But the reason was mainly that the live-in harem he had at his boarding place used up enough of his lustful desires that he hadn't risked other dalliances. But Beth's unknowing displays of her sexual prowess and desirability were now causing him to be horny.

Having his landlady Bev was a one-time event for Jack and when the weekend came he moved into his apartment at the school. It was on the opposite side of the building from Beth's and was essentially a mirror image of hers. He accessed it from either an outside door or from his office, a layout that should not interfere with any liaisons he decided to have.

But Jack was disturbed. He'd solved Ms. Safic's difficulty with Floyd and the boy had delivered to him his complete collection of pictures, videos and aural tapes. And that was the source of his disturbance. He'd become addicted to them and spent hours in the evening reviewing them.

The busty schoolteacher's performances with her underage pupils, male and female, had aroused another emotion also. Even though he had been even guiltier than she of taking advantage of many schoolgirls under his charge, the sight of this beautiful woman being sexually satisfied by young teens made him jealous. He had an irrational need to show her what a mature man could accomplish and also a desire to dominate her.

The situation finally came to a head, figuratively speaking, the next weekend. Actually, before the weekend was over it had come to a head in another way, as well but more of that later. Jack had interviewed Beth's thirteen year old lover Mary just before classes ended on Friday. He'd been studying the pictures and videos in which she unknowingly starred and he wanted to see her for real, up close. Could Ms. Safic be persuaded to let him do with a real cock what she herself did with a dildo? Definitely, he concluded, it was time to explore the possibility with Ms. Safic.

When Beth got the phone call, shortly before eight that Friday evening, she was already on her third gin and lamenting that she could no longer call on Floyd or Jason for sexual solace. And definitely she could not ask Mary over, not at night. Girls were watched more closely than boys.

"Sure Mr. Allen. I'll be right over. Does it matter how I'm dressed?" Beth was wearing only the robe she'd donned after her shower and, although she'd have liked visiting him dressed that way, she knew she had to wear something more appropriate. She chose a light frock that clung provocatively to her shapely body and showed off her large, full breasts and nicely rounded buttocks to good advantage. Was tonight the night? Her hungry pussy swelled and moistened in anticipation.

"Thank you for coming over," Jack said in a soft voice. "Has that nasty boy been giving you any more trouble?"

"Oh no, Mr. Allen. Not at all. I don't know how to thank you. It was wonderful of you to do what you did."

"What are you drinking, Ms. Safic?"

"Uh... I just had a little gin, sir. Just one."

"That's all right Ms. Safic. I wasn't going to reprimand you for drinking... just wanted to know what to pour for you and he went to the kitchen and mixed a strong gin and tonic.

"Thank you, sir. I was feeling lonely, I guess so I'm glad you called."

"I've been reviewing the material that young Floyd turned over to me, Ms. Safic. And I must say that your behavior was way out of line for a schoolteacher. Are you continuing your... your meetings... with the girl, Mary?"

"Uh... no... no I'm not," Beth lied. Two days ago Mary had stayed after class and they'd had a quick but satisfying session in Beth's bed.

"I see," the school Principal replied, knowing that the woman was lying. Floyd had not only given him all of his visual and audio record of what happened in the schoolteacher's apartment but had left him access to his spying equipment and Jack had been adding to what the boy had given to him. "Come into my office. There is something you should see."

They went together to Jack's office and then to the small computer cubicle next to it. The computer was already on and then Jack put a CD in the slot and clicked the icon.

Beth was standing beside the principal as the images began to appear on the big, 19" monitor and he was looking at her out of the corner of his eye. He couldn't wait to get his hands on those big beautiful round tits of this hot-blooded schoolteacher but he didn't want to spoil his dignified image.

On the monitor screen Jason Jenkins was stretched out flat on his back on the bed, his eyes tightly shut. Beth, nude and beautiful, was kneeling next to the mattress. Her tits were big and round and they jiggled slightly as she bent down, her face at his groin and held the fourteen year old boy's balls in her hands and began rubbing them softly and sensuously. Her pink tongue slowly licked the boy's huge cock up and down and at the sight of it; Jack's own prick sprang to full erection.

They continued to watch as Beth took her young student's prick m her mouth and held it there without moving her head. She kept up the steady movement of her hands on his balls and it became obvious that her mouth was filling with saliva for it began to leak from where her lips didn't quite make a seal around Jason's big cock. At the erotic sight, Jack felt his cock beginning to throb achingly.

Beth looked at her Principal, embarrassed that he was seeing her blowing the Jenkins boy and at the same time, her pussy swelled and tingled with the realization that he was seeing her in a most intimate moment. While they watched, the videotaped Beth began to move her head slowly from side to side and Jack knew that she was rolling the stiff young prick around in her mouth with her tongue. Yes, this woman was an accomplished sex-partner, a highly skilled cocksucker. Beth's head began to move up and down, dragging her warm soft moist lips along the entire length of the shank of Jason's cock and, as he watched the big-titted schoolteacher sucking voraciously at the young boy's stiff young prick, he couldn't stop himself from putting an arm around the real-life Beth who was standing beside him.

On the screen they saw her head move rhythmically up and down as she fucked the teen's big cock with her mouth and then they heard the boy's guttural moan as he grabbed his schoolteacher's head and held it while his hips made a succession of short, rapid upward thrusts.

"Glanng... glunngh," sounded from the immobilized teacher's mouth and it was clearly evident that the boy was ejaculating into her mouth. It looked also like she was trying to pull away but he held her there and there was a tit-jiggling heave of her shoulders as she was forced to swallow the boy's load.

"Damn you Jason don't ever do that again unless I tell you to," the woman said as she raised her head, a white, stringy dribble of cum drooling from the corner of her mouth.

Glancing down, Beth saw the impressive bulge in her Principal's trousers and it pleased her immensely that she had aroused him. She felt his arm go around her and his hand cupped and gently squeezed her heavy, right breast. And then, after an embarrassing final close-up of her red-lipped, cum-drooling mouth the scene on the monitor changed.

Seeing the beautiful schoolteacher with her mouth full of cock had been exciting for the horny Principal but the next scene had been especially hot. Ms. Beth Safic was completely naked, her large breasts jiggling slightly with her heavy breathing as she knelt between the widespread legs of a pretty, young girl. Mary MacLean was, he knew, a grade seven or eight student in his school and he hoped that her schoolteacher would soon serve the cute youngster up to him for further education. But the lewdest, most obscene aspect of the image was the seven inch plastic penis that projected out from the big-titted teacher's shapely hips.

Jack's hand slipped lower on Beth's body as if he was confirming that she did not actually have a penis. The woman's thighs separated, inviting closer investigation and she snuggled as close to him as she could while still standing beside him.

"You realize, Ms. Safic, that you have great power over your students don't you?" Jack had to work hard to make his voice sound stern as his lust for the beautiful teacher grew hotter. "I can easily understand how fourteen year old boys would be overwhelmed by your beauty... your desirability... and how a girl like this one would obediently submit to whatever lewdness you chose."

Beth's knees wobbled and she could hardly stand as her principal's hand slid under her panties and cupped her wetly swollen quim. "But? But Mr. Allen?" she stammered even as she felt his fingers probing her hungry cunt, "I... I couldn't help it."

"I understand, Ms. Safic... just as I can't stop what I'm doing right now even though I know I shouldn't." Then they both watched as Beth penetrated her thirteen year old student with the plastic prick and the girl whimpered in a mix of fear and desire. "Was she a virgin, Ms. Safic? Did you break her cherry?"

"Nah... Hannah... no," Beth gasped as her Principal's finger found her erect clit and began a gentle massage. "Oh no, Mr. Allen. I wouldn't do that. She wanted it, Sir. She wanted me to make love to her like that," Beth huffed although she knew she wasn't being entirely truthful.

"If you say so," Jack grunted, making sure she understood that he didn't believe her. "But it was wrong, even more this is wrong." He rose to his feet and half led, half dragged the unresisting woman to his bedroom.

Inside the room, Jack silenced the schoolteacher's with a firm and bruising kiss, pressing his lips firmly against hers and worming his tongue deeply into the warm confines of her mouth. She responded by holding tightly his waist while he slid his arms down the curves of her hips and gripped her firm, well-rounded buttocks, pulling her hungrily against his body. Beth could feel her supervisor's massive rod of swelling cock-flesh pressing against her belly and the heavy, desire seething organ seemed to burn right through the skimpy bikini panties she wore beneath her dress. His hands were kneading her ass cheeks, pulling her tighter and tighter against him, and she finally slid her arms from his waist, gripping firmly his tightening buttocks and drawing him passionately to her trembling body. Yes, she exulted silently; he was going to fuck her like she'd wanted practically since she first met him.

Pulling the horny schoolteacher tighter against his body, Jack placed one leg between hers and slipped his hand up beneath the elastic band of the thin cum-wet panties and ran his finger along her hotly throbbing cunt lips.

Instantly, Beth tightened her body and gasped as she felt a rush of blazing fire race through her entire vagina as Jack screwed his middle finger deeply up into her hotly engulfing cunt walls. Opening his hand, he impaled her wetly seething vagina fully, driving his finger deeper and deeper up into the slippery wet opening of her hotly aroused pussy, nipping at the thin silken wisps of softly curling cuntal hair that lined and fringed the tiny, tightly clasping little hole. His other hand slipped between her panties and body and gripped tightly at her ass-cheeks, probing between the warm fleshy orbs of her buttocks and teasing at the tightly puckered little circle of her asshole.

Beth pulled Jack tighter still against her trembling body and pressed the burgeoning mass of cock flesh against her now nearly completely naked pussy.

"Oh, baby," the man grunted through tightly clenched teeth. "I want you.

I want to fuck your hot cunt so bad. I want to fuck you right now."

His lewd words excited Beth even more, and she slipped her hands into the Principal's pants, reaching through the cloth and gripping tightly at his turgidly throbbing cock as best she could.

"My God! You're huge," she moaned breathlessly. "I want you too... want you to get on top of me and fuck me!"

Pushing him away from her body, she placed her hands on the lower hem of her dress and pulled the garment up over her head and in a brief second, she was standing before her Supervisor wearing nothing but a half bra and the skimpiest of bikini panties. Already there was a warm wet circle on her panties between her legs where her cunt lips had been seeping profusely. Her large breasts were full and swollen, and her bra seemed ready to burst with the rapid expansion of the fleshy orbs

Her Supervisor was motionless as his eyes roamed the sensuous body laid before him, and he wandered over her curvaceous form, drinking in the sensual beauty of his ripe-for-fucking schoolteacher.

Unbuckling his pants, Jack dropped them to the floor, his outsized cock jutting from between his legs against his underwear like an angry spear.

Pulling his shirt from his body, he ripped several buttons from it, but he hardly heard their tinkling on the floor. Kicking his shoes off his feet, he stood in front of the luscious schoolteacher, his arms stretched out to pull her nearly naked body against his.

Beth encircled his turgid cock in her slender hands, his seething penis flesh searing her skin as she found that she could not fully close her fingers around the torrid mass of hot flesh jutting from between his hairy legs. She could feel the surging, pulsing blood pump through the massive, spear-like rod, and her hand stroked the scorching cock gently and lightly, moving his shorts down his thighs until he finally reached with his hands and pulled them off his body altogether.

Freed from its confinement, his Herculean cock bounced upwards at a forty-five degree angle, and Beth stepped away from him to gaze at his hardened desire. It was thickly webbed with blue veins; turning it into an angry looking, purple shaft of wanton delight. She could see it expand and contact slightly as his lust heated blood coursed through the mass, the mushroom shaped head glowing like a burning coal. His balls were swollen and hanging loosely beneath the base of his prick, the scrotum covered with his dark, course pubic hair.

Unable to wait any longer, she stripped her bra from her swollen breasts and allowed them to fall freely to her chest. Lifting up one leg, she quickly removed her passion-moistened panties and tossed them aside, presenting herself in all her naked glory before her Supervisor. Her legs were trembling as she tried to imagine his massive cock fucking deeply in and out of her hotly burning, cunt lips. For a moment she thought it would never fit. He was bigger even than young Jason, no longer than the boy but so thick she thought he'd split her asunder. His penis was harder than she had ever seen, and he would surely tip her pussy mouth wide apart, turning her whole lower body into a giant cunt. His cock was so long that she imagined it would fuck all the way up to the bottom of her belly inside her vagina. And that was what she wanted. She wanted to feel him ram his turgidly throbbing cock all the way to the hilt, wanted to feel the seething mass of sex-heated flesh plunging far back up into her desire-stricken cunt and fuck her into a belly-wrenching orgasm.

Jack wrapped his arms around her narrow waist and pulled her tightly against him, pressing his burgeoned cock firmly against the quivering flesh of her soft, flat belly. He felt her shiver as she came into first contact with the searing penis and she opened her mouth and pressed her lips tightly against his, driving her tongue deeply into his throat. He reciprocated immediately, winding his wetly around hers and pressing tightly against it. He could feel the sex-hard breast nipples rubbing against his chest, sending lascivious ripples of insane delight searing through his body and resting in his quivering loins. His hand moved around her body and fingered her cuntal slit from behind, the fore finger running along the whole, hotly seething length of her pussy orifice a quarter of an inch into the wet, heated depths.

Beth instantly spread her legs, lifting her body up on her toes as she tried to impale her aching cunt on the hardened flesh between his strong, masculine thighs. He backed away slightly, and she lowered her body on nothing, a lascivious moan of disappointment emanating from her lips.

"Ummmmmmm," she hissed wantonly. "Don't make me wait. Fuck it to me now!"

Sitting down at the edge of the bed, he pulled her to his naked body, and together they fell backwards, bouncing as they hit the mattress. Beth lay on her back and she reached out with her own slender fingers and gripped tightly the torching, seething mass of cock touching her belly. Stroking the burning rod, she pulled his tighter against her sweat and cum-covered thighs, plunging his finger deeper still into the yielding depths of her wet, hot cunt.

Her whole body seemed as though it was on fire, and the fire was centered in the abyssal depths of her hotly aroused cunt. Jack's hand was undulating in and out of her cunt, making lewd and exciting sucking sounds as he slapped his flattened palm firmly against the cum-lubricated pussy opening, and as he wormed another finger into the burning, aching cuntal lips, Beth seethed a hiss of utter delight as a wave of wanton lust washed through her body.

Beth couldn't remember ever being as hot as she now was. Her pussy felt swollen like a balloon between her receptively parted thighs as she lay beside him with both her hands holding her Principal's heavily throbbing cock. She turned her body from her back to her side and pressed it tightly against Jack's naked form, molding herself into the tightened flesh of his eagerly hardened cock.

The big man removed his finger and hand from her undulating cunt and placed both hands on her large breasts, squeezing the fleshy mounds as he pressed her again to her back. Lifting his body from his side, he arched his back and crawled up between her widely parted thighs, holding his cock in his hand and running the smooth rubbery head along the wetly pulsing slit of her hungrily revolving cunt.

The schoolteacher's lewdly sprawled body was thrashing uncontrollably now and her head was moving from side to side, tossing her hair in every direction as her supervisor rubbed the aching opening of her cunt with the bulbous tip of his massive cock. She reached out with her arms gripped tightly his up-raised ass-cheeks, trying to pull him deep up into the broiling depths of her wantonly aroused pussy. He was too strong for her, and nothing she could do would make him fuck deeper into her cunt than he wanted. Reaching from his ass to his cock, she stroked the tightly stretched skin up and down again and again as she tried to make him want to fuck his cock as deeply up into her seething cunt as he could.

Jack was resting on his knees and fore-arms, holding his cock poised at the hungrily nibbling opening of the schoolteacher's gyrating cunt, ready to plunge into her seething hot depths at a moments notice. Now that she was stroking his cock, that moment was coming nearer. Before the night was done he'd make her know the difference between a boy and a man.

Jack removed her hands from the burgeoning organ and, taking a deep breath, lowered his pelvis slowly, pushing his heavily swollen rod inch by inch passed the quivering oiled lips of her cunt, stretching her oft-fucked pussy opening wider than it had ever been with the size of his massive cock. Slowly he wormed it up into the sensuous soft, walls of her cunt.

Beth felt as though she were being fucked deliciously apart with his monstrously swollen cock. Her whole cunt was on fire as he tucked his cock deeper and deeper up into the hotly seething depths of her pussy. There seemed to be no end to its huge, thick length as he continued to slither it relentlessly up between the gushing folds of her cunt. Farther and farther he drove his cock into her vagina until, finally, he touched the sex-hardened tip of her womb up inside, causing her to constrict her body as a wave of lascivious, lust-enraged pain seared through her love-wracked body. A surging rush of intensely fiery liquid heat coursed through her, racing along her quivering thighs and circled her cunt. Not even young Jason's oversized too had caused this sensation and she moaned with every belly-stretching thrust of the man's penis up into her seething wet depths. A blinding flash of white-hot flame seared across her inner eye as his cock tip slipped deeper into her, and instantly he was bobbing his ass up and down, fucking in and out of her with wanton delight, matching her upwardly grinding thrusts with his own plunges deep into her pussy.

Beth was making lewd, throaty moans in time with the wild, rhythmic fucking motions of her Supervisor, and she used the bounciness of the new bed to drive her hips even more forcefully against his thrashing thighs.

Again and again she undulated her hips against his, her nakedly spread asscheeks slapping hard up against his semen-filled testicles. Her widely parted thighs were trembling as ripple after ripple of lust washed through her body, a blissful pain of wanton desire, desire for nothing except the constant ramming of her Principal's massive cock. She was panting in rhythm to his tucking, making short moaning sounds as she began to feel her vaginal walls constrict against the deluge of cum that was building deep up inside her beautifully filled vaginal passage.

"Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh."

Beth was swinging her hips and thrashing her body like a woman possessed as Jack quickened his violent cunt fucking. She could feel the huge cock press against her vaginal walls, the inner membranes tightening as each inward, cunt-lip flattening thrust increased the fires raging nearly out of control in her vagina

Jack was feeling his cum race along the full length of his cock and gather forcefully at the head of the heavily pumping organ. He tightened his pubic muscles and held his breath as he felt that, with each long hard fuck up into the buttery softness of her slippery hole, his sperm was about to explode out from his cock into her belly. The woman's pussy lips were grasping tightly on his deeply fucking hardened organ, but they were so well lubricated that his penis slid in and out of her gyrating pussy with grace and ease. Plunging his cock again and again into the supple warmth of her yielding pussy passage, Jack tightened his teeth and tensed his pubic muscles against the rush of semen flowing towards the tip of his cock

Then suddenly, in an act of wanton lust, Beth arched her legs up and wrapped them around the lower part of Jack's back, driving her hips upwards and stretching her pussy-hole even wider for him to fuck. She locked her ankles around his and thrashed her hips up and down and around in little circles, tossing her body as through she were trying to rid herself of some demon. She bucked and jerked her hips brutally and violently, slapping the hair fringed slit of her pussy against his cunt-stretching prick, her actions squeezing his semen bloated cock again and again as she began to cum. Her whole body tightened convulsively, and she arched her widely stretched pussy lips as hard as she could, driving Jack's near bursting cock deeply into her quivering, thrashing cunt and allowed her cum to rush out, the surging wave of hot clear juices filling her cuntal chamber and gushing back out from between her painfully stretched pussy lips in a torrent of lust and bliss. She opened her eyes widely and her mouth emitted a scream of utter delight.

"I'm... I'm ccccc... ccuummiinngggg! Aaaaaahhhhhh!!"

Beth's whole body quivered violently, thrashing and tossing on the bed as she felt her whole being swept away in a torrential wash of orgasmic frenzy. The flood of semen seared through her vagina and rushed in a violent current against the deeply thrusting penis ramming in and out of her cunt as her mind became a blank to everything except the blinding flash of lust that seared across her inner eye.

Jack could feet her body tighten and tense, and he knew that he, too, was cumming. Again and again he tucked his cock deeper and deeper into the seething flooding chamber of her butter soft vagina, and as she bucked and jerked her body beneath his, he felt that his sperm pressing against the swollen penis tip with an unbelievable pressure. Groaning, he rammed his cock to erupt deep in her vagina, spurting his sperm forcefully past her cervix and up into her womb. Taking a deep breath, he brutally rammed his cock into the wetly gushing hole and exploded the monumental flood of his semen far up into her open belly as he emitted a violent cry of his own orgasm,

"I... I'm cumming in it!!! Jjjeeesssuuusss!"

Together Jack and Beth groaned and smacked their nakedly erupting bodies against each other as they tried to keep their orgasmic frenzy at the dizzying fury they were experiencing, but all too soon they were forced to slow their movements as they exhausted themselves. Finally, Beth stopped her movements altogether as she regained control of her orgasm-wracked body, her cunt still blazing with the sensitive walls of her vagina pulsing slightly to extract the final drops of his sperm into the depths of her body.

Jack finally rolled off of the schoolteacher's twitching, quivering body and lay silently beside her. In a few minutes he'd get some chemical assistance to show this sexy woman what a real man could do but, for the moment, he was making other plans for her.

Beth felt relaxed but fatigued, as satisfied as she'd ever been and maybe more so. She too was thinking although her plans were almost diametrically opposite to those of her Principal.




Chapter 19

Ms. Safic had been a skilled and delightful partner, especially for a fourteen year old boy but Floyd liked the young ones. And when you're fourteen years old, the young ones are really young. Now that Ms. Safic was no longer available to him and because he was afraid to mess with any of the girl's in Mr. Allen's school, Floyd knew he had to turn elsewhere for pleasure.

Floyd's sex life had begun with mature girls in Africa but he had soon been given his first virgin. Their housemaid, hoping that the master's son would knock her sister up and have to pay for the family's upkeep, had brought her young sister to work with her. It had been easy to bring the two together and she had made sure that Master Floyd understood that her sister was a virgin. Unfortunately, from her point of view, no baby had resulted but Floyd had discovered the special delight that a young and unused passage can provide. But, since his return to America, Ms. Safic's mature vagina had been his only sexual solace except for his quick devirgination of Mary MacLean.

Jason had told him a lot about the local girls, especially the ones in his class and about the rumors that Mr. Best had been teaching some of the girls things that weren't in the official curriculum but he hadn't known much about the girls who were in Grade Six.

Patricia Timm, Patsy, had caught Floyd's eye. She was a little girl, not much more than four and a half feet tall, a bit plump and even though she was only eleven years old, she had developed a shape. She didn't have an hourglass figure but she was a bit on the plump side, with two very noticeable globes on her small chest and she had a waist. At least her hips were wider than her middle and her ass stuck out provocatively so that was close enough for young Floyd. Cute Patsy's best friend and constant companion was the big eleven year old girl, Odelia Simmons. They say that with any pair there's a leader and a follower. Odie was definitely the leader and Patsy was a very willing follower. Floyd had deduced this from what Jason had told him. He knew also that it was often (usually) easier to seduce the unattractive ones than the beauties. Not that Odie was unattractive. She wasn't. She was a very pretty girl with a round face, a small, full-lipped mouth and, as I've said, a tall and nicely rounded figure. Maybe too round for some. Patsy, on the other hand, was a beauty. The kind that could be expected to be conceited and self-assured. She wasn't but Floyd didn't know that so he targeted Odie as his first conquest.

"Hi Odie. What are you doing here?" It was a stupid question but that didn't matter. Odie was on her way to Sunday School, all freshly washed and prettied up in her new dress and Floyd was waiting for her beside the path that led beside his family's house and on to the church. Jason was with him but standing to the side beside a tree and Odelia couldn't see him. Floyd wasn't sure exactly how things would develop but Jason had to be part of his plan...

"Uh? Oh, Floyd? I didn't know you even knew my name? I'm going to Sunday School, I guess. Boring old Sunday School." She wasn't sure if she should say that because he was the new minister's son but she'd heard rumors that he wasn't really that religious.

"Y'know if you're not really hot to go there, then maybe we could talk instead? We could sit in Franny's playhouse and you could tell me about yourself."

Odelia couldn't believe it. This handsome, older boy wanted to talk to her. To fat Odie. Oh God. "Uh, yeah. Sure. I'd like that," she said and she followed the boy through the gate into his back yard and then he got down on his hands and knees and led her into the playhouse.

The playhouse had been inherited from the previous owners of the property and was no more Franny's than it was Floyd's. In fact what Floyd planned today was to be the first creative use of the little building since they'd moved there. The playhouse was hidden away in the back corner of the lot with the high board fence shielding it on two sides from the neighbors and a profusion of flowering shrubs hiding it from the house.

The small, plain structure had been built from 4' x 8' plywood sheets and was eight feet square and four feet high to the eaves of the sloping shed-type roof. There were small, somewhat dirty little windows on three sides and, facing the fence on the side farthest from the house, was the entrance, a sliding door.

The only special thing about the little house was the floor. It was raised from the ground about a foot to keep it dry and was covered with a plush carpet, left over from re-carpeting the main house, with a triple-thickness pad under it. This made for comfort when kneeling (or lying) and playing. Today Floyd planned to take special advantage of that comfort feature.

"You're real pretty, Odie. Do you have a boyfriend?" Floyd helped the fat girl to sit beside him on the plushly carpeted floor and as he did his hand brushed firmly across her breasts and her lower belly.

She flushed with pleasure at the boy's compliment as she blurted out, "No... I'm only eleven." And then she regretted saying that as Floyd put an arm around her and drew her closer.

"Really? You sure look a lot older than that. But... I was wondering? Like? Would you be my girlfriend? Do you think you're old enough for that?"

"Uh? Golly. Sure Floyd, if you want me to."

"Thanks, Odelia. Do you mind if I call you by your proper name. It's a pretty name."

He glanced over to where Jason was crouched behind the hedge. "Just a sec, Odie. I think I dropped something outside," and he quickly went out of the playhouse and whispered, "Just stay with us, Jason. I think this one will be easy... for both of us. I'll signal when it's time... just like I did when we had Ms. Safic together."

Returning to sprawl beside the girl, he took Odelia's hand as she stammered a reply to the question he'd asked her, "Yes... I mean, no. I'd like it. Do you mean... like... we'll go to movies together... and hang out... and stuff like that?"

"Of course, Odelia. You'd be my girlfriend and we'd do that stuff and... Like... you know. We'd do everything." And, before she could say any more his mouth was covering hers with a slow, gentle kiss.

Floyd knew he was making good progress and he didn't want to scare her off so he kissed her cautiously guessing correctly that she'd never been kissed sexually before. At first it was only with his lips as he moved them gently over hers, nibbling and leaking saliva so that the kiss became wetter and wetter. Then his tongue flicked out and traced the outline of her small mouth and, bit by bit, worked its way between her lips and into her mouth.

Odelia's belly churned as the new sensations assailed her. She wasn't sure at first if she liked kissing but she didn't dare object or he wouldn't want her to be his girl. But then as his hot tongue invaded her mouth her jaw gradually relaxed, her mouth opened wider and as if by mutual consent they sprawled horizontal on the carpeted floor. The novel intimacy was sending strange, hot thrills coursing through her belly and she liked it. She could feel that Floyd was unbuttoning her blouse and then his hands were at her back and she felt her brassiere loosen as he unfastened it. What had he meant when he'd said they'd do everything? Did he expect her to let him do it... make love to her? A shudder of trepidation coursed through her but it was neutralized by a different shudder when the boy's hand closed over her breast and rubbed the nipple.

Odie was thrilled that the handsome, older boy was treating her like he meant it when he asked her to be his girlfriend. But she was scared, too. She felt Floyd's hand slip up under her skirt and tug at her panties. The fat pre-teen didn't try to stop him but, as he slid her panties off, Floyd heard Odelia give a little moan. "Don't hurt me, Floyd! Don't hurt me!"

"I won't hurt you, Odie! I'll be careful."

It was an idle promise. He knew what to do, alright but he was pretty sure that Odie was a virgin and he didn't really know how to avoid hurting her when he broke her cherry. It wasn't like with Mary. So what if Mary was mad at him? But he didn't want Odie mad at him because that might make it more difficult to get Patsy. He knew he had to proceed with caution so as not to ruin her mood, OR his chances. With little Patsy.

Gently, Floyd began stroking and fondling her pussy, using his whole hand. He didn't try to go inside her cunt just yet because he knew he'd have to build up to that slowly. Odelia began to moan a little, not in fear exactly, but in excitement, and she twisted back and forth on the playhouse floor a little, rocking her shoulders up and down, up and down.

Floyd could feel himself getting hard, his cock stretching painfully inside his shorts, but he was afraid to stop stroking the girl's pussy for fear she might make him stop. He'd got used to regular sex with Ms. Safic so, since Mr. Allen shut him out of that avenue, he'd been limited to the less satisfying five-fingered widow.

He had his hand laid flat on her pussy, palm down, with his fingers pointing up her rounded belly. Gradually, he began to rub a little harder, sliding his hand first down between her legs, then up over her mound, pressing down with the heel of his hand as she became bolder and thrust up to meet him. He could feel the heat and moisture building between her thighs and knew he was making progress.

Then Floyd began to press harder with his middle finger, so that it slid inside her slit a little way each time his hand went down into the shadow between her thighs. Odie had instinctively spread her legs pretty wider and he had grabbed the nearest one with his free hand, holding it open. That didn't seem to scare her, so he dragged her plump legs wider apart, simultaneously letting his probing middle finger slide down until its tip actually entered her cuntslit. God, what a tight, hot little fuckhole she had! He couldn't wait to get his cock in there! Odie gave a sudden gasp as his finger sunk into her tight cunthole a little more.

"Be careful!" Odelia whispered. "That hurts." She was excited but thus far it was as much by the fact that the older boy was treating her like she was his girlfriend as by the new and delightful sensations his caresses were producing in her pre-teen body.

"Okay, okay!" he mumbled, unable keep the ragged edge out of his breath. "I'll be careful... but you're so lovely Odie... so sexy, I can't help myself."

Odie warmed with pleasure. This handsome, older boy said she was sexy. She was in a heaven with an egotistic high.

This fat, little girl was soft and willing and wet... and he just wanted to fuck her! With a single, swift motion Jason jabbed his finger deeper into her pussy.

Odelia arched her back, dug her fingers into his wrist and screamed. It was not too loud a scream, but it scared him shitless! He lunged on top of her, his finger still inside her cunt, and clamped his other hand over her mouth. She made muffled sounds and tried to push him away. Floyd stayed atop her. He ground his hips and thighs against her body, humping his hard cock against her leg, his finger still manipulating her pussy.

The fat pre-teen was twisting and fighting and there were tears of pain and fright in her eyes, but she wasn't really trying to get free. She was humping back at him! She had parted her thighs completely and had pulled her knees up until her feet were flat on the floor and she was lifting her broad hips against the push of his body and the insistent thrust of his finger in her clinging little cunthole.

"You're hurting me," she whimpered, "Take your finger out!"

"I promise not to hurt you again, Odie" he said comfortingly. "You're so lovely... so sexy I got carried away. You really like it, don't you?"

"Ummmmmmm, yes. That feels good." The young girl wasn't entirely sure of that but she didn't want to disappoint the older boy. She knew she'd have to let him do stuff if she was going to be his girlfriend.

"If you'll spread your legs a bit more and bend them up further, I can get put it in and out without having to stretch you so much."

Odelia opened her thighs like she was doing the splits and drew her knees back almost in line with her fat, young tits. Her tiny, hairless cunt looked like a vertical mouth around his finger and it felt like the mouth was sucking on it. God, he couldn't wait to fuck her!

The ache between his legs was getting intolerable. He felt that he had to do something about his bent cock or it was going to break off. He shifted his weight off Odelia and withdrew his finger. She gasped.

"What are you doing, Floyd?"

"Nothing... Hey! Keep your legs up!"

Odelia obediently raised her knees once more, then dropped them again as he reached for his zipper.

The horny teen pulled out his prick and showed the young girl how hard and red and swollen it was. Her little eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open. She'd never seen a boy's penis before and to her innocent eyes it looked immense. Was he going to really try to put that inside her? It took her a while to compose herself before she answered.

"You're not going to make me pregnant are you, Floyd!"

"Course not, Odie. What would I do if I got you pregnant? They'd throw me in jail for a thousand years."

Floyd lowered himself onto Odelia again with his hand palming her cunt. He was really turned on by the sight of her broad, hairless pelvis turned up toward him like that. It was like some sort of little surprise package opening up just for him. Her hairless little slit looked like two fat pink lips with a tiny pink tongue peeking out between them. She was gorgeous!

He dropped his weight onto her body and felt her spread her thighs a bit more to accommodate him. His finger was once more sliding into her crevice, but this time she didn't object, and this time it slid in easily. The inside of her pussy was wet and kind of greasy. He began to finger her more deeply, not poking as he had before, but moving in and out with a definite rhythm and she began to moan under him and her hands clutched at his back restlessly. The boy began to knead her fat, grapefruit-sized breasts with his free hand and he could tell that he was getting to her.

"Ooohhhh yes, Floyd! That's good. Do that some more!"

"Open your dress. I can't get at you with your dress in the way."

Odelia squirmed under the older boy awkwardly and parted unbuttoned the front of her Sunday dress. She sure didn't want it to get ripped. Finally, Odelia's dress was open all the way down the front with only her arms still in it, and her soft, fat body was naked under him.

"Wait a minute," he said, fumbling with his shirt.

"What are you doing Floyd?" she asked nervously.

"Opening my shirt. I want to feel your big tits against me." But he also unfastened his jean and pushed them down, freeing his raging erection for action.

The eleven year old girl was flattered by having her budding breasts called big and she lay compliantly as the boy lay down on her again.

Floyd was now naked to the waist as he lay back down full length on Odelia, the heat of her body like a perfume against his skin. His hand on her cunt served to conceal the throbbing cock that now lay bared above her steaming slot.

There was nothing between the young girl's pussy and his prick but that hand. And it wasn't an immovable object. It could, and damned sure would be moved at the first sign of opportunity knocking! This one was going to be easy, not like that stuck-up Mary. He was looking forward hotly to giving this fat one her first length of cock!

As though it were the most natural thing in the world, Odelia's mouth now opened under his and they kissed. She didn't really understand what the older boy was going to do to her but she whimpered softly, deep in her throat, and her mouth opened wider as he slid his tongue deep into her mouth.

The girl's tongue was soft and hard at the same time, wet and hot, and it felt like something he was supposed to have, all for his own. It made him want to take her quickly, like when he'd jammed his finger up her cunt and hurt her a little. It made him want to fuck her, right there, right then.

Apparently it had a similar effect on Odelia. As his tongue slipped between her teeth, her fat body arched up against his and her hands clawed at his back. He could feel the tenseness of her abdominal muscles bunched beneath her skin despite the thick covering of fat flesh, as though demanding that he do something to ease their plight.

With sly little movements he began to hump and wriggle on top of her, moving his legs and body back and forth over her. He squeezed at her tits and sucked at her tongue until he could tell she was in a little frenzy, moaning and drawing heavy breaths beneath him. All the time, he worked his finger back and forth, deeper and deeper, churning the inside of her tight little cunt to a wet jelly. He was going to make sure she didn't act like Mary had. There was no way he'd stop now but he didn't want to have to force her.

Carefully, Floyd slid another finger into the eleven year old girl's tiny hole, then another, amazed at the way it stretched so easily to admit his fingers. She gasped and tried to clench her thighs for an instant, then relaxed and made little gurgling noises. Now, he had the three fingers spread a little, feeling the hard, rubbery constriction of her cherry just inside her slit giving and stretching each time.

Odelia whimpered in pain each time the older boy stretched her virgin pussy, but kept her legs up and wide. The experienced boy concentrated on the ingenuous girl's erect clit, rubbing and massaging the sensitive little bud until Odelia began to really hunch her pussy up at his hand and rotate her big ass, grinding her cuntmound against the boy's fingers as she whimpered with pleasure. Then, he made his move!

With his own breath coming hard and fast and his mouth dry with excitement, Floyd backed his body off a couple of inches and let his cock slide into his palm. He let it lay there and began easing his body back down; timing his forward movements to coincide with the inward thrust of his fingers into the little girl's slit.

On each forward thrust, he let his prick slide further and further forward in his hand until at last, in one electric moment, he felt the wet heat of the outside of her cunt brush against the head of his cock. He humped slowly in and out a couple of strokes, happy that she didn't seem to notice his cock against her pussy yet, but worried that she might notice it any second and leap screaming from the playhouse.

But he was determined to prevent the latter occurrence, at whatever cost. And meanwhile he was going to get as far as he could before she found out what was happening. Floyd slid his cock a bit further in, between his fingers and then removed them completely leaving behind the head of his prick, now firmly wedged into the entrance of her tiny, wet slit!

For a moment the young girl sighed with pleasure. Then she stiffened, her resolve to let him make love to her overcome by fear of the unknown.

"Floyd! No! Floyd! Get it out of me! Take it out!"

"Relax, Odie. It's not hurting you, is it?"

"That doesn't matter. I'm scairt. I'm too young. I can't let you."

Her protest had come as the boy began to come down with his hips and to put some weight behind the blunt rod that parted her tight little cuntlips. It had moved inside another inch or so and was straining against the ring of constricting tissue inside her. Her cherry was taut and quivering, now, the fragile tissue on the edge of tearing.

"Oh, Floyd! Please take it out of me. It hurts bad. You're hurting me!" At that critical moment, fat, young Odelia no longer cared if she was the older boy's girlfriend or not. This was hurting and she didn't think that making love should hurt like this.

"It won't hurt for long, Odie", he promised, not knowing for sure if that was true or not and not really caring. His cock was getting into the hottest, tightest little cunt he'd ever fucked and he wasn't about to give up now.

All through her protests, Odelia kept her legs up and drawn apart, her fat young thighs lewdly spread. She was trying to fend his advances off with feeble pushes of her hands and with tossings of her head. But she had made no real moves to make him stop at all. Floyd realized that if she really wanted him to quit, all she had to do was bring her legs down by sliding her ass back. He might have been able to hold her down physically. But he couldn't have done that and still kept his cock in her like this. A whole lot of what got called "rape" must be a real crock. This wasn't like with Mary at all. So he just ignored Odelia's whimpered cries and protests and concentrated on the hot little slot between her legs. And it wasn't like with Mary, either. Despite her fear, the fat, young girl knew that this was the price she'd have to pay if she wanted to have the older boy as her boyfriend so she bit her lower lip, stifled her whimpers and braced for whatever was going to happen.

The heat of the girl's fat pussy was drawing him inside her like an irresistible magnet. He bore down with his hips, grinding his pelvis harder and harder into Odelia's body and pushing his cock with ever-demanding force into her eleven-year-old cunt.

"Relax, Odie," Floyd grunted as he pulled the girl's fat body upward and jammed his cock into her cunt until there was a tearing feeling, a short, harsh cry, and he was through. For a frightening instant as she squealed, he thought that he had really hurt her but he was so excited at getting his cock inside this fat, little girl's virgin cunt, that even in his fear and Odelia's obvious pain, he kept humping slowly in and out... and to his utter delight, Odie began to quiver and jerk with an erratic motion!

The fat girl's body felt warm and soft under his as he kept pushing, driving slowly and deeply into the eleven-year-old girl's hairless cunt. And after less than a minute of the slow screwing Odelia responded. She was drawing deep, ragged breaths. Her body was limp. Her arms were just lying there palms up, and her fat thighs slowly fell away sideways until they, too, were all but flat on the floor.

The underage girl was utterly, completely lost in the sensations and feelings she was experiencing. She was in a state of total sensual abandon. Her new boyfriend was making love to her and now she was a woman... a real woman. The pain she still felt was bearable, maybe even pleasant in a funny way,

Odie was as tight as a clenched fist but nice and hot and slippery. Floyd was in seventh heaven. The roof could have fallen in about then and wouldn't have missed a beat. He was humping away at full blast, trying to get his prick as far into her cunt as he could, just as fast as he could.

The boy thrust and jammed until he was all the way into the vice-like grip of Odelia's hot, wet hole. She was so tight, it almost made him shoot off straight away, but he'd fucked often enough that he knew how to control his orgasms a lot better than the average fourteen-year-old, and he managed to hold off, while still giving Odie the hot fucking she so obviously desired.

He lowered his mouth to Odelia's fat tit and began to suck hungrily at her nipple the way Ms. Safic had taught him. The panting girl moaned loudly and he felt her hands come back up and caress him, one on his back and one on the back of his head. He began to suck a little harder and to bite at the hard little nipple just a bit. He could tell that she really loved it because her grip on his hair was tighter and her thighs began to twitch. He knew she was responding to her instinct the same as he was, but it excited him immensely to know that she was really beginning to enjoy her very first fuck.

As he pounded harder and harder, Odelia responded in kind, lifting her wide hips up at him each time he lunged into her, grinding her hairless cuntmound hard against the base of his cockshaft. Odelia lowered her hands from his head and back and slid them over his ass and Floyd almost creamed on the spot when she grabbed a handful of each of his cheeks and began to knead the hard muscle beneath them. She was actually pulling his hips forward as he fucked her, grinding her juice-filled little cunt up against his deeply imbedded prick and moaning like a pro. It was hard to believe that she'd never done it before. She was a natural!

"Mmmm Mmmm! I love it!" moaned Odelia, "More, Floyd! Give me more," the precocious youngster demanded and her fat legs suddenly wrapped around his hips as she tried to pull the boy deeper into her. Just a little more, she thought ingenuously, just a little more and I'll be in Heaven.

And that was all Floyd could take. Everything went red with a heat of lust. He pounded into her savagely, feeling her soft body flatten beneath each brutal thrust. He jammed it on until nothing existed in his world but the hypnotic and ever-building tempo of his ass and cock. He could feel nothing outside that red and all-consuming universe bounded by his cock and Odelia's body. The boy strained to give the gasping, young girl the 'more, more' she was pleading for as he fucked and fucked while the male juices swelled his balls. He gripped Odie by the thighs with force enough to leave bruises for weeks, though that didn't matter to him at all just then. And in an achingly sweet final instant, he came into Odelia in all the hot gushes and rivers of young male potency. His sperm flowed like a river of fire, filling her tiny, bulging cunt and spilling down the crack of her pert little ass. He came and came and came.

"Are you finished? Is it over?" The disappointment in the girl's voice was unmistakable. "Can't you... like... do it some more, Floyd? Please?"

Chapter 20

When the fat, young girl who was squirming and twitching under him whined, "Are you finished? Is it over?" Floyd got angry. Angry and embarrassed. How could this overweight juvenile ask for more after he'd just busted her cherry? Not only was she asking him to fuck her longer, she had asked for a bigger cock, too. Well, she was going to get her wish!

Jason had followed Floyd and Odelia at a distance but, when they'd entered the playhouse, he had naturally stayed outside. Fortunately the entrance to the little building was on the side away from the main house and hidden from the alley by the high board face which it faced and sheltered by big, flowering shrubs on the unfenced sides of the small structure.

The boy wasn't sure what to expect as he followed Floyd's instructions and squatted beside the little side window of the playhouse out of sight of anyone.

When Floyd got Odelia's panties off Jason was surprised to see that the girl's pussy was smooth without a sign of hair. Jason of course had fucked only Ms. Safic, his schoolteacher. He'd never had a girl his own age, let alone a pre-teen like Odelia.

As he watched his friend touching, then finger-fucking the fat, little girl Jason got a mammoth hard-on. Looking around first to confirm that he couldn't be seen, he eased his throbbing boner out of his pants, held it in his clenched fist and squeezed it lightly. He began to jerk his hand up and down. At first he moved ever so slightly, his hand traveling less than an inch with each stroke. But then, as Odelia began to moan and pant with growing excitement, Jason matched his friend's finger strokes with those of his hand.

Jason liked jerking off but of course not as much as he'd liked being inside his beautiful, big-titted teacher. He liked to feel his cock swelling to meet the strokes of his hand. He liked to feel the ridges and veins of his own prick as he pulled it up and down, driving himself to orgasm.

Now as he watched Odelia writhing and panting and obviously enjoying the other boy's caresses he couldn't stop himself from pulling joyously at his throbbing tool. Then, just as he saw Floyd getting ready to fuck the helpless, young girl Jason pulled harder and more insistently on his own pulsating prick. He only wished that there was some way he could be fucking it onto the pretty, fat girl right then. Caught up in the hot hope that Floyd was going to let him fuck her too Jason felt his orgasm bursting and all he could do was watch the couple on the floor while his semen spurted out and splattered on the on the dirty window pane. Then, taking a handkerchief from his pocket, Jason wiped the thick scum off the window and although he had just finished his orgasm only moments before, he was again horny with the thought of fucking fat, little Odelia.

Floyd felt weak and drained as he lay on the fat girl's quivering body. An eleven year old girl, even a big, fat one like Odelia, should have been more than satisfied with his size. Damn. Now he'd see how she handled Jason, he thought maliciously. He hoped she'd scream that it was too big.

"Will you... like... after you rest, Floyd? Can you do it some more?" Floyd's annoyance at the young girl's put-down of his ability as a lover was offset by the realization that this provided an easy way to broach the subject of sharing... as he hoped to have Odie share him with Patsy.

"You're lovely, Odie... I'm glad you're my girlfriend," Floyd began as he gently stroked the girl's bloodstained, deflowered quim. "Do you share things with Patsy? I mean, like, she's your best friend, isn't she?"

"Unh... yeah... like... that feels good, Floyd," the still horny youngster said breathily and she grabbed the boy's hand and pulled it tighter against her swollen cunt. "We share everything... even our lunches."

Leave it to a fat girl to think of food, the boy thought, suddenly feeling in charge again. "I... like I share everything with Jason, too. And... like... I know you want me to make love to you more than I did but... like... I can't. But..." and before saying the crucial words Floyd began to rub the girl's clit to increase her arousal, "But Jason could... if I shared you with him. Would you like that, Odelia? I mean... like, I feel guilty because you're so wonderful and I've left my best friend out... so... would you?"

"Huh? You mean... like... let Jason make love to me, too?"

"Yeah... like... then I won't feel so guilty and selfish and maybe you'll feel better, too. He's close by, darling... if you'll do it?"

"Uh... Oohhhh Floyd... but you'll still be my boyfriend, won't you?"

"Of course, Odelia. That won't change... and I'll be the one who makes love to you tomorrow... first... I'll always be the first one."

"I guess so, then. But if you can do it too I want you after him."

Fat, little Odelia pushed up against her boyfriend's skillfully stroking hand and closed her eyes. She wasn't really sure about letting Jason do it to her but as long as Floyd said it was OK and that he'd still be her boyfriend she'd agree. And then maybe Floyd could finish her? She had an awful, gnawing feeling in her belly, like when she wanted to eat but more demanding.

Floyd signaled to Jason through the window and the other boy quickly came through the sliding door on hands and knees. With hand signals he determined that he should take off his pants and he did so with alacrity.

"Odie? Odie? It's Jason," the boy said in the girl's ear as he moved up to kneel beside her essentially naked body. "Can I make love to you?"

"Uh huh... if Floyd says so... but you gotta stop when he's ready." Odelia opened her eyes then but, perhaps fortunately, she couldn't see the kneeling boy's gargantuan cock. And Floyd's fingers were still titillating her swollen, young cunt and causing her to yearn hotly to be filled down there again.

Jason knelt between Odie's fat thighs, his oversized cock standing out from his hips like a gnarled limb. The veins on it were standing out, the head a dark purple with need even though it has erupted only minutes ago. Floyd watched in tense, needy silence as his friend slowly spread the little girl's fat pussylips open, revealing her soft slit and the blood-tinged gism from her earlier fucking that was puddled there. He held his breath when his friend set the hot, fat head of his cock against the fat girl's once-fucked hole and began to push inside of her newly ravished love sheath. She might never again really want his own more modest tool but that didn't really bother him. What he wanted was cute, little Patsy and this was going to pave the way to her young cunt.

The girl spread her short legs wider apart when she felt Jason's knees between them. She was nervous now but her nervousness was mostly offset by the hunger in her underage loins. Jason moved closer until Odelia felt a wide, blunt, hot object press against her overly excited body. The object felt huge as it slid between her fat outer labia and forced the cum-greased and ready inner lips of her vagina apart.

Floyd had a ringside seat as his new, self-styled girlfriend began to experience his friend's mammoth tool. Odelia bit her lip and moaned when she felt the boy begin to force his hot, heavy rod up into her tight channel. The sight was incredible - the fat, little girl, biting her lip, shivering and looking like she was beginning to cry, her fat thighs spread wide to accommodate his hips, her hairless slit split by his red, swollen cock that was slowly, by degrees, moving deeper up inside of her body.

When the head of Jason's penis started its movement inside her, Odie's body felt like something tore to accommodate it. She'd just had her boyfriend's penis inside her but this monster organ must have been twice the size. She felt every bump and gnarled vein on the hard shaft as it began to penetrate her tiny opening, tearing her skin a little. Odelia screamed between clenched teeth.

Inch by inch the huge cock entered her until the fat, eleven year old girl felt like it was pressing up into her chest. It could go no further and Jason held upon Odelia's hips and paused to savour the most delightful feeling he'd ever had. He moaned too, feeling the tight little girl cunt clamping and clenching in protest around the head of his cock and then he began to force it deeper into her.

The young girl's body was refusing to acknowledge the incredible pain she had felt when the mammoth penis penetrated her and she was rapidly becoming more aroused than even the first fuck had made her. In her helplessly pinned state Odelia wondered what she must look like with the huge invading penis thrust into her body. She knew from the feel that Jason's was much bigger than what Floyd had put into her.

Then Jason pulled his manhood almost from her body before lunging in. It felt to the girl like an arm was inside her, but Odelia felt a flash of deep pleasure from the boy's movement. Like nothing she had ever experienced before. Again he pulled from her body. Then again. In seconds, the grade six schoolgirl saw a cloud pass over her eyes and wondered if she would pass out. Odelia heard herself grunting and even the sloppy sound of Jason's fucktool sloshing around in the puddled semen from her first fuck was almost as if she was listening to someone else.

The torment and pleasure lasted for an immeasurable time. Jason had relieved the pressure of his own needs when he'd masturbated and now, with skills learned from Ms. Safic, he was playing with the excited youngster he was so delightedly fucking. When the thick tube pulled all the way from her cunt, and Odelia cried out for more he would re-enter very slowly, each time savouring the cock-skinning squeeze of the fat girl's eleven year old cunt.

Odelia felt as if her whole lower region was a fiery confusion of sensations. It was like each time Jason rammed his mammoth pole up inside her he took her body higher on a mountain from which she wanted to fall. And then the boy shifted position, moving higher on her hips and now each long thrust of his thickly veined organ rubbed across her swollen clitoris and added to the ecstasy of being fucked.

In her juvenile mind her boyfriend had made a woman out of her when he'd taken her virginity but now as she was skewered by Jason's oversize tool her immature sexual organs were being rearranged, their elasticity allowing her to accept the deeply plunging cock as it stretched her young sheath and battered the mouth of her underage womb. And it was arousing her to truly mature libidinous ecstasy.

First she was panting, then gasping, then holding her breath and screaming for more of Jason's thick cock, and then as she tensed her skin rippled with little tremors of delight. It was as though her pussy was sucking him deeper into her.

The feeling of her first orgasm exploded over her with tiny bursts spiralling to her toes. Totally without warning her heart began slamming away, each beat visibly moving her chest along with an audible rush of blood pumping through the vessels in her ears. Her whole body went rigid and straight as a board. Only her feet, shoulders and head were in contact with the carpeted floor -- everything in between was up off the floor and her butt cheeks hovered inches high, her wide hips supporting the boy's plunging hips. Her fat-padded rib cage expanded with every laboured gasp and she shrieked when convulsions gripped her pelvic region and quickly travelled outward to rock her entire being. Her hips were bucking uncontrollably with each violent pelvic thrust and there was a good amount of moaning coming from deep within her throat and then, as the contractions finally weakened and her orgasm subsided, the boy began to hammer her fat hips with jackhammer thrusts.

When he felt his eleven year old partner arch up to him and her cock-strangling sheath contracted in hot spasms Jason's cock swelled larger than it had ever been before, his throbbing blood filled manhood captured in the velvet vise between Odelia's legs. Then his balls began to pump load after load of white hot cum, exploding from the tip of his buried cock and splashing against her under aged womb.

"Oh Fuck! Fuck1 Aaaahhh! Aaaaaahhhhh!' Jason cried with each rapturous surge of his climax, closing his eyes and tossing his head back. Nothing mattered now except to spend himself inside the tightly strangling pussy of this fat grade six schoolgirl. He flooded her juvenile passage with his potent man seed that mixed with the equally potent sperm that Floyd had deposited there shortly before. Jason didn't care about knocking up obese pre-teen as he continued to drive his manhood back and forth, lusting in the supreme rapture of cumming in a gloriously tight, willing cunt.

And then he slumped down full weight on the girl as she collapsed under him, her legs falling loosely away from the older boys warm hips.

Floyd had mixed feelings at that moment. The sight of the fat, eleven year old getting fucked by Jason's huge tool had been extremely salacious and he had a raging erection. He didn't however want to embarrass himself by mounting Odelia after she'd been so thoroughly ploughed by Jason's big cock. For sure now she'd want bigger... unless Jason had totally quenched her desires.

"Are you OK, Odelia," Floyd asked immediately after he signaled to Jason that he should get out.

"Naahh," the girl whined as the other boy withdrew from her tender, sensitive pussy. "I'm OK I guess," she whined again. She really wanted Jason back on top of her, in her. He'd made her feel so good she didn't want to lose him but it was Floyd who was her boyfriend.

"Do you want me to? You know? Make love to you again?" Floyd looked over as Jason dismounted and saw the small flood of semen that gushed from the young girl's cunt when, with an audible 'plop, the cock-plug was removed from Odelia's ravished, underage pussy.

"Naahhh... not really Floyd. I'm kinda sore... and tired."

"How about tomorrow, then?"

"Yeah... I'd like that," Odie answered and she snuggled up to Floyd because she felt cold now that nobody was lying on top of her. "Are you going to? Like? Share? Will Jason be here too?"

"Uh, well... I dunno, Odelia? I like to share but... like... meet me here tomorrow after my bus gets back from Middleville. I want to make you happier than I did today... without any help. Is that OK?"

"Uh, yeah... sure Floyd. But when're yuh gonna take me out... you know... where other kids will see that I'm your girlfriend?"

"We'll talk about it tomorrow. But you can tell them now." The prurient teenager looked lustfully at the fat girl's small, red-lipped mouth. He'd get that tomorrow; he schemed... but not until after he'd made her cum at least three times. He might not have the cunt-splitting size of his friend Jason but he had an indefatigable tongue and he was sure that after she was well eaten she would reciprocate. He had to make her happy if he wanted to get into little Patsy with least trouble.

"Yeah... OK Floyd. Boy, do I ever feel whacked. But I'm glad that I'm your girlfriend." She wanted to add that she was glad he'd shared her with Jason but with wisdom that belied her tender years, she said nothing about that.

Odelia had been tired and sore after Floyd and Jason had taken her virginity and her innocence but she was so proud that she had to tell her friend Patsy right away. "Wow, Patsy. It was unbelievable... awesome. Never dreamed that making love would feel so fab."

"But? Like? Didn't it hurt?" Little Patsy was now even more in awe of her big friend than ever.

"Yeah, a bit when Floyd busted my cherry... and some more when Jason did it... he's so big. But it made me feel so good I forgot how it hurt."

"Are you? Like? Gonna let them again?"

"Yeah... Floyd, anyways. I'm his girlfriend now... and he's in Grade Nine. The other girls are sure gonna get jealous when they see me with him."

"But I don't understand? If you're Floyd's girlfriend why're you doin' it with Jason? Don't Floyd get jealous?"

"Nah... Jason is his best friend and best friends share everything," Odie said as if she really understood. "Like, I'd share with you... wouldn't you share with me?"

"Uh, yeah... I guess so?" But the whole thing was too much for Patsy's ingenuous, eleven year old mind to comprehend. But if Odelia understood and thought it was OK, then that was all she needed to know.

Chapter 21


When Floyd got home from school Odelia was already in the playhouse waiting for him. The eleven year old girl wasn't sure what her boyfriend wanted to do today but after yesterday's awesome initiation she was sure it could not be better. And she was tender from yesterday's passionate expansion of her underage quim so she hoped that Floyd would be gentle.

"You look lovely, Odelia," Floyd said softly as he sprawled beside the fat, young girl. He drew her close and kissed her, a warm, unhurried lip caress that ignited an emotion akin to love in the plump juvenile. He was her first ever boyfriend and she wanted it to be forever.

Slowly the boy unfastened the buttons on the girl's blouse and he was pleased to find that she was unencumbered by a brassiere although her budding breasts had reached a size that warranted it. He nuzzled her throat and then his mouth traveled lower to the firm, B-cup fleshmounds. A nipple popped out and into his mouth at the first touch of his tongue and he was pleased at the girl's gasp of pleasure. He sucked on first one, and then the other nipple. Odelia kept her hands on his head, resting them there rather than guiding his motions. When he began to kiss down her taut belly her body tensed.

Floyd raised his head to look at the pretty youngster and saw that her eyes were wide with trepidation. He kissed her gently and slid his hands under her fat bottom as he tugged down her cotton panties. She tensed, but offered only token resistance as he spread her legs with his hands.

"What're yuh doin', Floyd." The young girl mumbled nervously.

"Trust me, Odie... you'll like it," Floyd answered and he moved down her body, kissing and licking as he went, and soon settled between her legs. Her hand still cupped her sex protectively, but he gently removed it and was rewarded with his first close-up look at her pussy.

"You're beautiful," he said quietly.

The eleven year old girl had no hair on her mons, and her cuntlips were bare except for some downy fuzz so fine that it was almost invisible. Her outer labia were already puffy with her arousal, and beginning to turn pink. Like everything else about her, her pussy was plump, but beautifully shaped. Her inner lips just barely peeked out at him, and he could feel her squirming slightly as he looked at her intimate flesh.

"Just relax," he said.

Odelia twitched when he leaned forward and kissed her labia, but offered no resistance. It felt soothing on the tender flesh, bruised and battered from yesterday's initiation. He put his hands on her inner thighs and spread her legs a bit more, scooting forward as he did. She shuddered when he probed her lips with his tongue, but he could tell she was still very nervous.

He leaned forward again and ran his tongue up the length of her moist slit. She shuddered, her anxiety fading quickly as it was replaced by growing lust. He nuzzled her pussy, the peach fuzz of her labia tickling his lips until he pressed harder. She gasped when he did, so he used his tongue to delve deeper.

Odie's clit wasn't hard yet, so he moved his mouth up and concentrated on it, moving the flesh of her hood over the still-hidden button. He felt the pearl of nerves harden under his attention, and her fat legs began to quiver with pent-up desire. Finally, he decided to stop teasing her, and flicked his tongue between her inner lips and then against the bump of her clit. She hissed and her entire body tensed. He smiled to himself and began licking her pussy in earnest.

He moved one hand over her labia and gently spread them with two fingers, revealing her delicate inner folds, just flushing with blood and beginning to swell with arousal. Her scent was clean and fresh; delicate, yet full of womanly promise. The girl, after being taken by the two boys yesterday and having her virgin passage flooded with their sperm had finally bathed just before coming here to the playhouse. The aroma thickened as her arousal grew, and he urged it onward with gentle nudges of his lips and tongue.

Odelia gasped again as he circled her clit with his lips and gently sucked the folds of the protective hood into his mouth. When he released his soft lip-lock, he licked between her inner and outer labia, causing her to shudder again. She began to gyrate her hips as he smoothly insinuated his index finger into her narrow channel. He felt for the opening of her pussy and probed it with his fingertip. She squeaked, and still smiling to himself, he licked along the length of her clitoral hood.

Her pussy was tight, despite having been expanded by Jason's oversized tool, but very hot, and already quite wet. He gradually shoved his finger inside her, marveling at the tightness. When he was up to the second knuckle, she hissed and tried to press her pussy up into his face. He locked his lips against her clit again and gently swirled his tongue around the sensitive button.

Once he had his finger all the way inside her, he left it there for a moment and concentrated on licking and sucking her inner labia. She went wild as he did, trying to hump her pussy against his probing, teasing lips. He began alternating licks and long sucks with flicking his tongue against her clit. He wanted to build her up slowly, so he concentrated on the folds and membranes surrounding her clit.

A short time later, she was bucking her hips against his face, her hands resting on top of his head, weakly trying to shove his face harder against her quivering pussy. When he began moving his finger back and forth, she locked her legs around his head and arched her back. He could feel her vaginal muscles beginning to contract around his finger, so he sped up the pace of his licking.

Her channel was slippery with her juices, and his finger slid easily in and out of her. She was still very, very tight, but he could feel her loosening as his finger gently thrust within her. Surprisingly, the more aroused she got, the quieter she got. When he had first started licking her beautiful hairless pussy, she had gasped and whimpered with each touch. As he began pressing against her and felt her arousal building towards orgasm, she made less and less noise.

Floyd stopped thinking about how quiet Odelia was when he sucked her clit hard and she clamped her legs around his ears, holding him in place. He knew she was close, he could feel the spasms in her pussy, and the gyrations in her hips had begun to seriously work his neck muscles.

He concentrated on the folds surrounding her clit, not stimulating it directly, and felt a rush of moisture around his finger. He realized that her clit had disappeared beneath its hood and he concentrated on bringing her off. Her orgasm began slowly, her muscles clenching against his finger as her soft belly rippled above her vulva. The intensity of the spasms built steadily until she clamped her smooth thighs tight against his ears and arched her back.

His finger was gripped by a smooth, slippery vise when her climax crashed over her. She never made a sound as her hips slammed into his face. He didn't even think she was breathing. Her pussy got hotter, wetter, and tighter at the peak of her orgasm, and he smiled to himself.

When her orgasm finally subsided, he felt her start to breathe again. Actually, she was panting almost noiselessly. Her belly rippled with involuntary contractions as his finger dragged over the ridges of her inner walls. Her legs fell to the side limply and he gently pulled his finger from within her twitching pussy. He kissed her mons tenderly and warmed her with his breath.

She was still shuddering with aftershocks when he kissed his way up her fat body. Her chest was heaving as her breathing slowly returned to normal, and she was flushed from the tips of her nipples all the way to the tops of her cheeks. Her eyes were closed, her eyelids a dusty rose color, and he kissed them both gently. They fluttered under his caresses, but did not open.

"Odelia... Odelia... That was good wasn't it?"

"Uh huh", came her whispered reply. She felt wasted by the intensity of her orgasm and awed by her boyfriend's skill.

Odelia flinched when Floyd's finer again entered her bruised, young twat. Her soreness was no longer dulled by the fires of passion and she tried to pull her hips away from his intimate caress,

"Are you sore?" Floyd cupped the girl's fat, hairless vulva but didn't try to push his finger in again.

"Uh... yeah... sorta, Floyd. Can I? Like? Use my hand instead?"

"Not your hand," the boy said softly but firmly. "I want your mouth, Odelia. I want to feel your mouth on my cock. I want to fuck you in the mouth, sweetheart. Ok?" He didn't wait for her to answer, but started to get up.

"I uh... guess so..." Odelia said nervously. She didn't like the idea but he'd sort of done the same thing for her so it wouldn't be fair to say no. She opened her eyes and watched the older boy lift his leg and straddle her chest, pinning one arm down against her side. His balls hung down between her firmly upthrust, young breasts and his cock pointed over her head. He leaned forward, his penis brushing her cheek. His cock felt hot against her cheek, and it pulsed a few times before he leaned his weight back. Floyd put one hand behind her head and held it up so that his prick was pointing straight at her mouth. He reached down and started to stroke his hard penis just three inches in front of her innocent face.

"Odelia. Tell me you want me to do it, please. Tell me that you really want to make me feel as good as I made you feel. Tell me you want to suck my cock."

The eleven year old girl looked up at Floyd and in a hesitant voice said, "I do want you to feel good... I do, Floyd... but... I don't know how."

"Let me guide you, darling," the boy said softy, adding the affectionate term as added encouragement. Odelia let him drag her big body atop his and she thrilled when her guided her hand to his hot, hard cock. It had been inside her but she'd never touched it with her hand and she liked the feel... and she also liked the way the boy moaned when her finger rubbed the slimy tip.

And then he was pushing her head down and she knew what he wanted. She closed her eyes, opened her mouth and let the slick head slip in. She felt Floyd's hand on the back of her head, slowly pushing her mouth down onto his hard prick but she didn't mind. She wanted to prove that she could anything he wanted to ensure that she'd be his girlfriend.

"Try to suck on it, sweetheart, move your tongue around the head and then suck it."

Odelia tried to move her tongue around the head of the bulbous cock, but her small tongue would not reach the top of the head. She tried to satisfy him by rubbing the underside of his cock with her tongue. She sucked on his cock and was gratified when it jumped and expanded still further in her mouth.

"Move your head up and down on it, baby, like you when I was fucking you. Fuck me with your mouth." Floyd pushed on her head to give her the tempo for sucking him off. Her hair brushed his lower abdomen. He reached out with one hand and fondled her fat bottom. 'Jesus, her ass is big and firm', he thought, cupping on of her globes in his hand. 'I wonder if she'll be as easy to fuck in the ass as she was in the cunt.' The image of his cock forcing its way into this eleven year old's big, fat bottom turned him on something fierce. His cock stiffened to full hardness in her mouth, and he pushed her

head down onto him with his other hand.

Odelia felt the pressure on the back of her head increase and she did her best to comply, jamming more of the erection into her mouth. Her lips were stretched tight on either side of the boy's cock, but she still managed to move her tongue up and down on the underside of Floyd penis, and maintain some suction. She felt his hand on her bottom, and was pleased that he liked her body enough to want to touch it. Then she felt him probing her small anus with his index finger. 'Why does he want to touch me there?', she thought.

The pressure on her head increased again, and at the same time, so did the

pressure of his finger on her small brown anus. 'He's got the wrong hole!', she thought, but couldn't remove her mouth from the throbbing cock to tell him. Floyd's cock was now pushing at the entrance to her throat. His hand had her hair in a grip and was pushing and pulling her face onto his cock. The strokes were getting faster and deeper. Odelia let go of his cock and cupped his balls instead, feeling them churn under the loose skin of his scrotum. His index finger was pushing harder at her anus, moving in a small circle, trying to force its way into the little girl. 'It feels... weird... I wish he'd stop.' she thought. Floyd pressed harder on her anus, and suddenly his finger entered the little girl's ass up to the second knuckle.

This was the moment of truth. Odelia had to open her mouth wide as the boy forced her head lower. The head went halfway in before she had to open her mouth even wider. As his big, hard dick moved into her mouth it jerked rapidly, pressing against the roof off her mouth with each spasm.

"Ohhh God, baby... That's it... Suck me now... Suck me..."

Odelia had stopped pulling on his prick, but Floyd had not stopped entering her. His hips continued forward after Odelia stopped pulling him into her mouth. His cock filled her 11 year old mouth, the spongy head making it's way to the back of her mouth. Odelia's hand was still on his cock, but it hung there limp. Her lips were stretched around the shaft of his hard pecker. She could feel the veins on his cock, pounding with blood as her little mouth stimulated him. She gave an experimental suck on the mass that filled her mouth, and his penis responded with a large jerk. She heard him moan, and looked up to see his face. He was looking down at her, his eyes wide.

"That's right Odie... Try to suck it... OhhH, God your mouth is hot... Go on, baby... Use that pretty mouth of yours." His hand reached for the back of her head.

Floyd was in heaven. He looked down and saw his wang disappearing into the little pre-teenagers face, her eyes looking up at him, waiting for instructions. His cock was jerking in her mouth so hard that her head bounced with each twitch. Experimentally he gave a small shove with his

hips, and more of his cock disappeared into her mouth. She tried to suck, but her mouth was spread so wide that she couldn't manage it very well. No matter. Her little virgin mouth was so small and tight Floyd knew that just by fucking her face he would soon be dumping his load down her throat. He started to fuck her face in earnest, one hand cupping the back of her head making sure she had no where to go to get away from his oncoming penis.

Floyd grabbed the back of Odelia's head and pulled her deeper onto his cock. Odelia didn't think any more would fit, but the boy kept pushing it harder and harder into her mouth. She was having trouble breathing and soon realized that she would have to breathe on his out stroke in rhythm with his thrusts. He was thrusting harder and harder. The head was hitting the back of her mouth and little Odelia started to gag. 'God, I can't take this... It's too big!!!' The thrusting cock was pushing hard on the eleven year old girl's throat. She was beginning to panic, but there was nothing she could do.

She couldn't move her head back because he held it in a firm grip. She couldn't cry out because her mouth was totally stuffed with his enormous cock. She tried to make some noise, but the only sound that escaped were rhythmic moans in time with his hard thrusts.

"Good girl... Good girl... Oh, god you look beautiful with your uh... mouth on

my cock!! Uh... Come on, honey... Relax... You can take more... Uh... Uh... More, baby..." He was pulling on her head hard now, and about half of his rigid erection was buried into the pre-teen's face. He held back his load as best he could. Floyd wanted to feel her throat around his cock, and then he'd give her a load of jism she'd never forget.

"Baby... uh... I'm gonna shove it in real... uh... hard now... You gotta relax your throat... uh... just let it in... Baby... uh Pretty baby... Here goes... UHHH" And he rammed his hips forward.

Little Odelia heard his warning, and panicked even more. Her little mouth was being raped and there was nothing she could do. She felt his hand tighten in her hair and felt his thighs on either side of her fat chest flex to

ram his cock into her face. The head of his cock hit her throat, but did not ease off any pressure, instead the boy pushed harder with his hand on the back of her head. Slowly his cock pushed into her virgin throat. She felt more of his pecker slipping past her lips, over her tongue, and into her throat. 'Do all girlfriends do this?' she thought to herself. In her panic she had somehow opened her throat to accept the boy's throbbing organ. And in it went. Odelia's throat bulged out as Floyd shoved his cock all the way into the fat girls pretty face. The next thing Odelia knew his heavy testicles were pushed onto her chin; one on either side and his rough pubic hair was pressed onto her nose. He held her there for just a second, and then slowly eased his cock back out of her throat until just the head was in her mouth.

"MMMMmmpppphhhhhhh", was all the eleven year old could get out, because he kept her head fucking his cock. Her ass felt warm and tight. Too tight. Again the image of the big-assed pre-teen on her hands and knees in front of him as he fucked her anally, turned him on so much that he was ready to cum in her mouth.

Odelia couldn't tell Floyd that he had his finger in her bottom instead of her cunny. She had to deal with the surging erection in her mouth now, because it seemed to expand yet again. Her jaws ached, and her lips were as sore as her battered, young pussy. The huge penis in her mouth expanded even more. It spasmed hard. Once. Twice. And suddenly Odelia was drowning in cum. It shot from his cock to her throat, where it gagged her. Her gagging just tightened her throat on his pulsing tool. The next shot filled the remaining room in her little mouth with hot sperm. She tried to swallow the semen that was in her throat before she dealt with the jism in her mouth, but

the third shot came as powerfully as the first two. With nowhere to go, jism exploded out the sides of her mouth and down over his scrotum. His cock bucked again, and more sperm flooded her mouth. did.

Finally, Floyd cock stopped shooting cum into the young girl's pretty

face, though it didn't stop jerking. She wiggled her tongue experimentally, and got it to jerk harder and she heard a long groan as his cock began to feel

smaller in her mouth, but the Floyd wasn't moving. It still throbbed between her lips, but it didn't seem as hard and large as it was before. It shrank in size

until the head easily fit in her mouth. It continued to shrink and she was able to fit almost his whole penis in her mouth without having to open her throat.

When his cock was totally flaccid in her mouth, she gave him one last suck and released it with a wet pop. She looked at it for a minute then rolled over to face her lover.

"Did I do it right? Was that good?"

"Yeah, honey, you're getting better. That was real nice." God! The boy couldn't remember cumming as much as that and he got a further feel of satisfaction when a dribble of white, viscous semen drooled from the young girl's pretty mouth.

Odelia felt somehow dependent on her teenaged lover, as if her happiness depended on keeping him happy. She was his little sex-slave but she wasn't the little sex-slave that he really lusted for. Little Patsy Timm was the one he wanted and, as he saw the servility in Odie's eyes, Floyd knew she would soon help him get what he wanted.

Chapter 22

Patience is not common among the young and Floyd and Odelia were no exception - both were impatient. Odelia's impatience was related to her wish to be seen in public with her boyfriend. Floyd however was impatiently awaiting Odie's offer to share her girlfriend, cute little Patsy.

"Tomorrow willya take me to Middleville to the Mall?"

"Yeah, maybe?" They were together in the playhouse and Floyd had just given the fat girl a quick and unsatisfying (for her) fuck. "How about we go with Patsy and Jason?"

"Yeah. Oh yeah, that'd be cool," Odelia gushed as she reached down to touch her cum-flooded vulva. The hunger in her juvenile loins belied her youth and she almost moaned at the vivid memory of being satisfied by Floyd's friend, Jason. "Do yuh think Patsy is pretty?"

"Yeah, I guess so. But not beautiful like you." Floyd was putting on his pants and looking with no desire at the round-bodied eleven year old girl sprawled half naked beside him. Was he making progress?

"She's... like... I told her 'bout us, Floyd. I think she's kinda jealous. I feel sort of guilty coz I haven't shared you with her."

Actually Patsy had been more awed than jealous when Odelia told her what Floyd and Jason had done to her. And then Odie had demonstrated sort of how the boys had made her feel by masturbating her little friend to her first-ever orgasm. They'd kissed and caressed each other and the smaller girl had been an apt pupil. She'd also invited little Patsy to watch her with her boyfriend and her young friend had done just that, twice. But Odie had not yet suggested 'sharing'.

The visit to the Middleville Mall actually did take place with Floyd and Jason accompanying their eleven year old friends in a casual sojourn through the various stores that made up the establishment. The boys had managed to avoid being seen by any of their classmates and when they finally stopped for a coke, they found a booth where they were not very visible.

Although the boys had not been seen by their peers, the girls had. Odelia was delighted and was sure that the others would think twice in the future before they called her Obie. Patsy was pleased too by the respectful glances (or stares) they got from their classmates. She wondered what Odie had in mind for her now. And she had an inkling.

"I'm gonna ask Jason to come to my place and help me with homework Patsy. You can go with Floyd... I don't mind... he's still my boyfriend."

"But... what if he tries to... you know... do it to me?"

"You know... you're not a baby are you?" Odelia's gruff answer squelched any reservations the smaller girl may have had. Patsy believed that girls did it by the time they were thirteen but she wasn't sure that she was ready yet.

As soon as Odelia and Jason split from them when they reached Odie's house, Floyd began to feel more in charge that he had since before he'd fucked Ms. Safic. Patsy was only in grade six but she was small even for that -- maybe 4-foot-6 -- and not even the luscious twitching of her butt in the tight jeans she wore could dispel the boy's awareness that she was a kid. A smart, pretty -- maybe even sexy -- kid. But a kid and even though he was only fourteen years old himself Jason was a bit ashamed at what he was planning to do.

"What're we gonna do?" Patsy asked timidly as she got down on her hands and knees and crawled into the playhouse.

"We're just... you know? Sorta cuddle... is that OK?" Floyd hoped she'd say yes but after the way Odie had become so compliant and with this one so small and timid, he figured she'd be easier to get than Mary was. And if that's the way it had to be, so be it.

Jason's organ pushed at his pants as he saw the young girl's hard little ass and the way the denim of her jeans crept between her cheek and the split of her cunt and especially he was turned on by the line of bare flesh just above her waist, where her shirt was stylishly short.

Five minutes later Patsy lay on the padded carpet almost naked, eyes closed, one of the boy's hands moving between her rounded thighs, the other toying with the small mounds of her breasts and the stiff little spikes of her nipples. Her hips were rocking slightly and the aroma of her juices was rich in the little room.

She opened her eyes and slowly focused on him. "I'm scairt..."

"Have you done this before?"

What did he mean? Was he really going to do it to her? Right now she didn't feel like he'd be making love to her. "Acourse not. I'm only in Grade six."

Jason leaned down and kissed the girl's soft, sweet lips. She may not have fucked before, but she sure as hell could kiss. Her lips were demanding and her tongue was expert and she savored the kiss as much as he did. When he finally broke it off, he started kissing the line of her jaw, then her ears and finally started working down over her soft throat and chest.

The ingenuous youngster couldn't believe how much she liked kissing the boy. It was lots better... well, better anyway... than kissing Odie. And she liked the hardness of the boy's body against her.

Patsy's hand went to the back of his head, guiding his mouth to her little tits. They were unbelievably sweet and vulnerable, so small and fresh. Her skin was smooth and very, very firm. Her nipples were hot and when she felt him take on into her mouth, gently sucking and then tonguing, she gasped and pulled his face down fiercely onto her young boob.

At the same time, he moved one hand down over her belly, caressing her abdomen and hips and thighs. She was short enough that he could easily reach all the way down her constantly moving legs to her taut calves. When his fingertips trailed up the inside of one quivering thigh, she gasped and hunched down at his hand.

His lips followed the trail blazed by his wandering hand. She had both hands on his head, fingers twined in his hair as his lips descended first on one hip, then the other. He trailed his tongue down to the unlined crease of her thigh and traced it almost to her pussy. The fragrance was incredible -- clean and rich and sweet.

Patsy couldn't believe what was happening. Odie told her that he'd kissed her down there and that it was as good as being made love to the other way but she'd never thought he'd do it to her.

The young girl opened her thighs wider and tried to trap his head between them. He used both hands to hold them apart as he repositioned himself between her legs, belly down and ready for lunch.

There wasn't a hair on her mound and the tiny slit, though glistening, was pink and swollen. Her clitoris, fully engorged, protruded cleanly above the petite labia. He blew softly across the tightly pressed lips and she gasped loudly and tried to drag his mouth onto her. He let her win that one slowly as he licked the tip of his tongue around and around the compressed lips of her fledgling cunt and only slowly drew the spirals in.

When he pressed his tongue flat against her cunt and licked slowly up, she began to hump at him and grunt rhythmically. When the tip of his tongue caught the underside of her swollen clit, she began to moan and when he finally flicked over her tiny trigger, she whined and came. And she came hard, grinding her cunt up at his mouth so he could feel her pulsing.

Jason worked his hands under butt and grabbed one firm ass cheek with each hand. He held her up to his mouth as she came again and then again, her whines getting louder and more prolonged and sometimes almost intelligible words. He ate her for as long as he could stand it.

The boy withdrew his hands from under the eleven year old girl's clenching little ass and placed one finger at the entrance of her cunt. Slowly, carefully, he pried open her lips and found the tiny opening. She was unbelievably wet, but also unbelievably tight. And hot. Damn! Odelia had been good and tight but this one was incredible. Floyd's throbbing tool jumped in anticipation of being held by the hot, narrow channel.

As he kept licking at her, he rotated his hand and eased his finger inside her, palm up. Her cunt clenched on his finger and she emitted a soft scream of pleasure as she rammed her hips down onto the digit. She immediately started a fucking motion, pausing ever few seconds as a micro-orgasm wracked her juvenile frame, holding herself all the way down and contracting her cunt violently on his finger.

Jason moved the fingertip inside her and put his other hand on her abdomen, just above her bare little pubis. He pushed down with the hand and felt the swollen, pulsing bundle of nerves on the upper part of her vagina with the inserted finger and began massaging. Her belly muscles rippled and her cunt spasmed wildly, milking the finger, as she came.

It was like heaven. She'd masturbated by herself after Odie showed her how but it wasn't as good as when Odie had done it and it wasn't even close to as good as what Floyd had just done to her.

When he finally withdrew the finger and stopped the oral ministrations, she lay tensed on the carpet. Her eyes were wet and her cheeks were damp. There was a small spot of blood on her lower lip where she had bitten it.

She managed to focus her open eyes on him as he knelt between her legs. Her lips moved, but no words came out at first. She swallowed loudly as he leaned over her and guided his prick to the vulnerable little slit and was suddenly beset with doubts. She was so small! Even his average-size cock looked too big for her labia, let alone the tiny opening he knew was inside.

The thing that was sticking out from the boy's groin looked huge to the girl's innocent eyes and a whimper of fear escaped her lips. Then, as soon as the knob was against her, she began swiveling her small, rounded hips, with their traces of lingering baby-fat, trying to twist down and away from her certain defloration.

The boy used one hand to hold the little girl still while he worked his glans into the grip of her tiny pussy lips. Suddenly, as if she sensed the futility of resistance, she went limp and he put his hand under her tautly upturned little ass. He pressed into her gently, rotating his hips to find the angle and the opening.

Suddenly, she groaned out "Nuh-huh! Nuh-huh!" and pushed at him fiercely but the excited boy ignored her protests and pressed harder and felt an unreal constriction begin at the head of his cock. Bit by tortuous bit, he was sliding into her, the tiny pussy hard and tight around him. The knob suddenly was all the way into the miniature opening and they both groaned.

Patsy looked up at him and asked, "Did you put it all the way in?" Then she looked down and whimpered apprehensively when she saw there was plenty more. She strained her short legs wider apart and tensed against the certain pain but she knew now that she had to let him. She could never face Odie again if she chickened out... and she didn't thin the boy would let her go anyway.

Slowly, so very damned slowly, he sank into her a little more, then pulled back and pushed again. He saw her tiny, swollen pussy lips stretched thin around his shaft. He felt the obstruction blocking his deeper entry and he paused.

The pretty youngster was looking up at him, her big, dark eyes wide with fright, and her full lower lip bitten by her white teeth. Damn! This was good. Another cherry. He watcher her expression as he slowly pushed against the fragile barrier. The girl's eyes widened even more and a muffled squeal sounded from her mouth as the membrane split and his cock slid deeper into the cock-skinning tightness of her unfucked, juvenile passage. In and out with short but ever deeper thrusts he began to fuck her. Her cunt lips seemed to implode each time he pressed into her. She seemed to be loosening inside, but not a hell of a lot.

When three-quarters of his dick was buried in her, he pulled back almost all the way and pounded into her as hard as he could. Once. It must have taken fifteen seconds, but he finally got all the way into her.

He felt something inside her lurch against the end of his constricted cock and she gasped as her pussy was pushed deep enough to take all of him. The hardness of her cervix was evident against the head of his cock and he pushed harder, rearranging and stretching the elastic receptacle in a way he could not do for her obese friend. He felt her petite, hairless pubis against the bony ring at the base of his cock and he ground against her and then felt her cunt begin spasming.

It was like rings of muscle rippling the length of his dick. It felt like her cunt was sucking at him. He knew he wasn't going to last long in this little twat's grip. He began working his dick back and forth in her taking it out halfway, then pressing back in and tightening his muscles to make his dick twitch inside her at its deepest.

Slowly, she began rocking in motion with him and then she started rocking and rolling, her hips pumping demandingly. The moans began again and quickly became soft screams as her short legs rose up and wrapped around his hips.

Floyd paused and untangled her legs. With his dick still locked halfway into her, he shifted her legs and repositioned her on her side, with him straddling one small thigh. He pulled her other, upper knee up till her thigh was against her abdomen. He could feel her tighten and shorten on his cock. He reached between her legs with one hand and put his palm over that magic spot just above her pubis. With the other hand, he pressed her cheeks, right over her tiny anus. Then he picked her up in his hands and began ramming.

Her screams this time were purely animal as she came and came. He was holding her off the carpet and fucking her up and down on his cock as he jack-hammered his hips at her. Her legs and arms were completely limp and whenever she paused for breath in her screaming, he could hear her tiny pussy sucking at his pistoning cock. She was cumming non-stop, now, completely possessed by orgasm, and when he finally slipped the tip of his index finger into her little asshole, she lost it. Her limp arms and legs quivered uncontrollably and her cunt seemed to be in one, long spasm. He could feel the contractions through her belly, as well as on his cock and the butt-reaming finger.

The virile boy's balls tightened and the buzz spread through his crotch. His dick swelled in her and he jammed it to the limits and held it there. Her tightness squeezed him so much that he came in one prolonged, almost agonizingly restricted stream. She screamed all the louder and tried to hunch herself harder against him, as if to seal him inside her frantic pussy. It felt like she was siphoning the cum out of him, and the admixture of her juices and his hot semen was bathing his cock in sensations he'd never known before.

When the last of it was out of his cock, she was still grinding against him, getting the last pleasures as his dick very, very slowly receded inside her. He lowered her hips gently to carpet and slowly withdrew his finger from her newly violated back door. He carefully shifted position until she was stretched out on her side, in the cradle of his arms. They nestled like spoons, his cock still trapped in her twitching little pussy. He leaned over and kissed her ear and the side of her face. Her cheeks were wet and she was sobbing. With each sob, her cunt contracted on him and her belly rippled under the hand cradling it; he knew they were sobs of pleasure.

"Was it good for you, Patsy?"

"Hanh... Floyd... fab... the most," she panted and, as the boy withdrew from her bleeding pussy she wondered if he liked her as much as he liked Odelia.

They said little as the girl got dressed and walked... or waddled... home. She was in love.

Chapter 23

"She's ready, Jack. You know you want her even if she is only thirteen."

"But it doesn't seem right, Ms. Safic. It's bad enough that I'm having sex with you, one of the schoolteachers I supervise. To do it with a student... and an underage one at that seems awful."

"Damn. You're getting hard at the thought, aren't you," Beth said as she felt the man's crotch. "She'll be here any minute now or I'd fuck you myself."

Her schoolteacher... and lesbian lover... had prepared young Mary for this. The thought of having a man inside her instead of the plastic device that Ms. Safic used was both frightening and exciting, especially when she thought of how big her teacher said it was. She'd used Whilly on Ms. Safic (in Ms. Safic) but so far the woman hadn't used it on her. And she didn't really believe, despite what Ms. Safic said that Mr. Allan could be as big as Whilly. But she knew that today was the day and by the time she arrived at her teacher's apartment her tender, young pussy was already swollen and moist in anticipation.

As soon as the young girl walked into the room Jack made his move. He was tall, but she wasn't short either and when he put his arms around her she put her arms around him, pulling him in tight, pressing her fat breasts into his hard chest as she kissed him, rubbing them against his big muscular body.

The kiss surprised both of them. She hadn't really intended to kiss him. She hadn't kissed Floyd of course though Ms. Safic had kissed her. But now, with her body pressing into the big man's body, and her arms over his shoulders, it just seemed like the thing to do.

Her lips were hot and demanding, sliding wetly over his. Her tongue darted and probed at his mouth as Ms. Safic had taught her, dipping in just a little bit before pulling out, sliding from side to side along his lips.

The young schoolgirl was like a puppet as the man stripped her clothes from her shapely body and from his own until she was naked and he wore only his under shorts. Now, with her naked flesh pressed against him and her lips sliding across his own, Jack felt a tremendous surge of lust for the lovely youngster. Feeling Mary's warm, naked body, her full breasts pressed into him, he found himself trembling with surprised sexual fever. His hands folded tightly around the slender young teenager as he hugged her tightly against him.

"Oh Christ!" he gasped, one big hand cupping her round ass cheeks as he pressed her back against the wall.

Their kiss grew hotter, more passionate, as their bodies ignited in raging sexual desire.

Mary's leg curled up around him as she slid her lips against his. Her hands moved through his short brown hair, and she ground her fat breasts into his muscular chest continuously. She felt the hardness of his thickly muscled arms around her and pushed her ass back on his big hand.

Jack ground his loins into her crotch, his hands groping her ass in a tight grip. He brought a hand up between them to cup her left breast, his fingers squeezing excitedly, mashing the fat tit as he tore his lips away from hers, and then brought his mouth down onto her outraged nipple.

He sucked deeply, his teeth chewing at her tit flesh, drawing in a big mouthful of titflesh as the schoolgirl groaned and sighed in delight.

He pulled back and shoved his shorts down. His cock was huge, and Mary stared at it with wide eyes. Ms. Safic's strap-on had seemed very big and Floyd's neither big nor small, but this one was gigantic, hard and thick and knobbly as it pointed at her slit.

She gulped nervously, wondering if the Principal's big cock would tear her guts out, both fearful and excited at the prospect of taking the fat thing up inside her.

Jack was excited and in no mood for hesitation anyway. Though she wasn't tall, Mary's body was firm and full. But she was dwarfed by the powerful older teacher's muscular frame. He grabbed her arm and jerked her away from the wall, then pushed her down onto her hands and knees.

She spread her legs and raised her ass, quivering with desire as he knelt behind her. Her heart pounded in her ears and her breathing was ragged and loud as she waited for him to mount her.

His hands gripped her round buttocks and fondled them harshly, and then he slid a hand onto his thick prong and pushed it against her entrance. He rubbed the head up and down a little then sank it slowly into her.

Mary groaned as she felt her cunt lips slowly pried open. It was like when Floyd had fucked her only her pussy was pried still wider. She gritted her teeth as her pussy lips were stretched tautly around his thick girth. Air puffed out in harsh little pants as she felt his fat tool push deeper and deeper into her cunt tunnel.

"Oh! Ooohhhh!" she groaned.

"You can take it," he gasped.

"It's so biiiiig!"

"Uhhhhnnngh!" he gasped, giving a little thrust.

"Unnnngh!' It's too big!" she groaned.

"No it's not!" he gritted.

He drew back and worked his cock back and forth. He held her hips tightly and the veins in his neck stood out as he pulled his head back and drove his cock slowly up into the super tight confines of her steaming snatch. His cock felt like it would snap off, either that or be squeezed into spaghetti. Her cunt was one of the tightest he'd ever had.

Mary whimpered and moaned and gasped in pain as she was pierced by the giant cock. She felt like she was being impaled on his log of a cock. Her fingers dug into the thick carpeting and she panted furiously.

Jack drew back a little, and then his hands shifted upwards along her body. He put one arm under her waist, pinning her tightly against him, then put his free hand over her mouth and thrust into her with all his might.

She screamed into his hand, jerking and shaking and trying desperately to pull away as his prong speared her. He felt his tool thrust up several inches, then slowly sink in deeper. Mary thrashed like a bucking bronco but he stayed on, feeding her gash more and more meat until it was choked with it, until her belly was bloated out by his massive organ, until his cockknob mashed against her cervix and his hips were pressed firmly into her softly rounded ass flesh.

"Oh yeahhhh!" he groaned.

Mary's muffled moans came through his hand. He took his hand away slowly and she groaned in pain.

"Ooohhhh! Oh God it hurts!"

"Just relax," he whispered.

"It huuuurts! My little pussy feels torn."

"It's not torn. You'll get used to it."

He slid a hand down under her and rubbed his fingers gently against her clit. His other hand squeezed her breasts as he held his fat pole still inside her.

"I know Ms. Safic has fucked you... and Floyd has too... so you weren't a virgin."


"It's probably because you're so young," he sighed.

"I'm... not... not too young. You're just too big."

"You'll change your mind in a few minutes, sweetie."


"That feel good?" he grinned, fingering her clit.


"You'll loosen up, don't worry. Then I'm gonna fuck the ass off you."

"Rub it a little harder."

He did and began a slow grinding motion with his hips. She gasped but didn't ask him to stop. She shuddered and her eyes closed as her body was assaulted by the conflicting sensations of pain and pleasure. Her pussy was so bloated out with cock meat that she thought the walls must be pressing against her internal organs. Jack's cock felt like it was way up inside her stomach" and her belly ached with cramps.

But gradually her pussy did loosen up. The pressure of those elastic cunt walls lessened and as he continued to rub her clit, thick honey seeped into her pussy and surrounded his prong with an oily layer of lubrication.

He pulled his hand away and pushed her forward onto her hands again. She trembled slightly, her eyes half closed as she knelt before him. She felt the slightest movement of his giant log as it shifted inside her stomach. His hands stroked and caressed her round behind, then slid up her back kneading her muscles.

He gripped the side of her chest, and then slid his hands under to squeeze her fat, hanging breasts. His hips slid back just a little, but his cock was so tight inside her that the motion, rather than easing his cock out of her super tight hole, tugged her ass back with him.

Jack straightened up, his hands going to the schoolgirl's hips and locking tightly around them. Holding the panting girl in place he drew his ass back again. This time he felt the skin on his steel hard prick rasping against her flesh as it slid back out of her a couple of inches.

Mary groaned as the thick cock slid out of her a little, hut braced herself for it to stab forward. Jack had learned to go slowly with the girls he fucked, since it always took their cunts a while to get used to his thickness. He did not slam his tool back into her but instead used a steady pressure to force it

slowly back inside.

His cockhead mashed against her cervix and he ground his hips into her ass cheeks again, moving in slow circles as he twisted his big pole inside her tight belly. Mary's breathing was getting harsher and louder, and her brain was being flooded by more and more powerful sexual sensations of bliss.

Then, using only an inch or so of his cock, Jack began to fuck her hard. His prick ripped in and out in a furious sawing grind that tore her mind to shreds and made her body flail and writhe in paroxysm of orgasmic pleasure. Her breath was a long, gurgling death rattle as her body heaved and shook under the onslaught of a blistering wave of sex-heat.

Her arms collapsed, dropping her to her shoulders. Her body jerked and bounced helplessly her mind reeling from the hammer blows of ecstatic delight. She almost blacked out, all the air driven from her lungs. Then, with a deep, ragged inhalation, she breathed again, her eyes closing as she shuddered in release.

Her head rolled beneath her and she went limp, but Jack, his cock even harder from the furious spasming of her cunt tube, was in no mood for patience. He gripped her slim wrists where they lay beside her on the floor, and pulled them up and back, jerking them taut down either side of her body, using them like the reins of a horse or the handles of a wheel barrow.

The pressure lifted her shoulders off the floor, and kept her upper body horizontal, hanging in mid-air. Her head hung down, her long hair covering her face as he began to fuck her for real. Using her wrists to hold her in position he drew back" inch after inch of glistening wet cock emerging from her pink cavern.

With ten inches in view he stopped, then slid them back into her. She writhed helplessly as the full length of his pole was forced back into her. He was panting himself, grunting with the effort of keeping down his cum. He drew back again, and then slid his tool back into her. He moved faster and faster" her cunt now loose enough to use almost freely.

Beth Safic was almost beside herself with lust. She wished that she was the one ploughing the young girl's tender cunt with her strap-on Whilly and at the same time she wished that she was on her knees getting rammed by the Principal's mammoth dong. Her hands were busy mauling her own big tits and fingering her sloppily wet cunt as she watched the young schoolgirl take every inch of the man's huge tool.

Jack's throbbing cock pumped within the shaking, mumbling girl, his hips slapping against her buttocks as her body jerked and swayed in time to his powerful thrusts. He used her wrists to jerk her body back and forth to meet his strokes.

Her head jerked up and down, making her dizzy as the older man fucked into her quivering body. She was impaled, again and again, his long, thick pole slicing up between her pussy lips and punching deep into her belly.

Jack gasped in pleasure, looking across at the wide-eyed schoolteacher, Beth Safic and then let go of the young girl's wrists, both his arms encircling her slim waist as he bent forward. He circled both arms around her, locking her tightly against him as he ground his hips against her with superheated desire.

Mary felt the man's big cock pry so deeply into her twat, that she would have sworn, sexually naive as she was that the head of his prick was lodged in her stomach. Her little body was bloated with the hot sensations which filled her, and caused her to tremble hotly.

A feverish sweat covered her lovely skin as a whole new variety of sensations coursed through her. Mary felt as if her whole cunt had developed a life of its own.

As the huge stiff ramrod of the man moved in and out of her flesh, her cunt began to accommodate his cock. Her pussy flesh seemed to ripple around the massive prick, and each movement, each twitch of her sex flesh added more hot pleasure to the overflowing well of her sexual bliss.

The young girl's body started to tremble violently, as wild new sensations coursed through her. She felt that she was on the verge of having an orgasm, and she started to moan. Her body was undulating rhythmically, as the man pushed in and out of her. Mary had a feeling, as she felt his massive cock pump in and out of her cock, massaging the walls of her pussy, prying deep into her sexual, dripping well, that his cock was get5ting even bigger.

She felt her pussy walls close in around the cock. The pressure of the man's cock, pistoning faster and faster in and out of her hot, hungry twat, increased, and so did the wild ecstasy which had taken possession of her body. Nothing that Floyd or Ms. Safic had done to her had produced sensations as intense or vivid as this older man was giving her with his mammoth member.

Mary clenched her fists, and concentrated on the fiery hole into which the man was dipping his thick rod over and over again. His hairy balls slapped against her quivering ass cheeks. Almost without willing it, Mary felt her hips start to undulate up and down, her upward thrusts matching the man's inward plunges as he reamed out her cunt.

The na´ve thirteen year old felt as if all her insides were melting, that the man's cock was like a torch, burning her out, leaving her deprived of every organ she had once had in her body, except her cunt. And her burning, twitching cunt was like a wide, gaping hole. Her pussy walls closed in more tightly around the hard rod which drove deeply into her, piercing her adolescent womanhood over and over again.

Jack could feel the way the youngster's pussy walls started to convulse, the walls contracting rhythmically around his hard-thrusting cock... The girl was coming, and coming more violently than she had ever even imagined. Her little nostrils flared, as she strove to drive oxygen into her passion-spent lungs. The heat rose until her ears were ringing. She felt light-headed. The only reality she was aware of was the wild convulsing of her cunt, as the big man fucked her with insane, strong strokes.

The man's cock seemed to swell in her cunt, pressing even harder against her quivering quim. The hot hard flesh abraded her walls, sending hot shivers of bliss coursing through her. The lust besotted girl writhed frantically under the older man's hard-humping body. She got lost in the hot demanding ecstasy of her orgasm.

Jack thought he was going to explode and then he did, his juice blasting up into the young girl like it was shot out of a fire hose. He felt each powerful blast as the semen was spit out of his tool, and Mary felt the impact of each big glob of seed inside the deepest reaches of her fuck pit.

It was a whole different sensation which shot her orgasm even higher on the plane of intensity. She felt her Principal's cum juice starting to pour into her. At first, she wasn't sure if the juice which suddenly spewed against her convulsing walls was her own, or his. And then she realized that she was experiencing his jism as it exploded hotly from his cum slit, and mixed with her own juices.

.Her orgasm seemed to go on forever. Each sharp shard of bliss which coursed through her filled her with more and more wildness. Her clitoris tingled with hot pleasure. Her cunt continued to convulse wildly. Her whole body shivered and convulsed in the hot grip of the lusty ecstasy which had filled her. Mary kept right on writhing around on the thick cock which pulsed powerfully in her cunt. Her cunt seemed to be hammering like a tom-tom, the pulsing of the man's cock counter pointing the throbbing of her own cunt, as her orgasm started to fade away.

As she came down from the glorious sexual rush which had just filled her, she moaned again. They knelt, half lay there for several minutes, Mary on her shoulders, Jack half laying atop her, his softening tool still buried in her guts. Mary groaned weakly and Jack pulled himself up, his cock slipping out between her wet pussy lips.

"You're good, Mary... really good. You taught her well, Ms. Safic."

The sated youngster felt a warm flush of pleasure at the man's compliment and wondered if Ms. Safic would be able to make her feel as good as the Principal had. Would he do her again? She hoped so.

Beth wasn't exactly happy. The thirteen year old girl had not only handled the man's oversized cock with surprising ease but she could see that he had truly enjoyed the youthful response of the schoolgirl. Would he still want her now that he'd had the young one? She'd try extra hard to make him happy.

Chapter 24: Bob & Floyd's Loose Ends

Bob's Comeuppance

It was a new school year and Bob stayed late at school. This time though it was not the usual reason of giving extra-curricular instruction to one of his nubile, young pupils. Anything but. Instead he was regretting the amoral way he had behaved and hoping that he could somehow make amends.

His situation was difficult. He should be happy because his wife Priscilla had presented him with a son less than two months ago. The thought of her voluptuous form made his cock swell. Tonight he would fuck her for the first time since... since when? He couldn't remember. Last time must have been when he made her pregnant. And he couldn't even remember that.

But that was the good news. The bad news was that his kid sister had also become pregnant and produced a boy at about the same time as Priscilla did. The father was unknown but Audrey insisted that he, her older brother, had made her pregnant. But he knew that wasn't the case. Who was it? The only one who might have had a chance was Reverend Wilson but Priscilla was always nearby and she surely would not allow her father to do that to her young sister in law. Would she?

Almost as bad was that little Molly, his mother in law's fifteen year old niece had also become pregnant and last month had delivered a boy. She refused to reveal who the father was but Lucinda was convinced that he was guilty and nothing he said could convince her otherwise. Had the good Reverend been into her also?

Bob stayed at his desk and sipped on the sour mash bourbon he kept there until the light had pretty well faded before he made the short trip home. A home filled now with babies less than two years of age... many of them his. He was met at the door not by his loving, big-titted wife but by his voluptuous mother in law, Lucinda.

"It was him! He did it! He defiled my innocent niece!" And she held out a piece of paper to her son in law. "And it's all your fault even if you didn't do it!"

Bob looked at the one-page note and read:

Dear Wife:

The most egregious harm a woman can do to her husband is to cuckold him. And you did that to me. Since I can't reciprocate in kind I have chosen to deflower and knock up your little niece. You should know that she was easy... she needed it... and she's a better fuck that you ever were. I hope I haven't caused her severe emotional damage but if I have, you must share the blame. By the time you read this I will be long gone along with your step daughter Priscilla and her two babies.

Your once-loving husband,


Bob grew progressively more agitated as he read the note. And, when he saw that Wilson said that he had taken Priscilla and his two children with him he became angry. He pushed past his buxom mother in law to the kitchen where he was an envelope with his name on it.

Dear Mr. Best;

There are few words that can describe the treachery your actions toward me and my family have constituted so I won't even try. Instead I'll talk about what you've done and tell you the result of your evil actions.

You entered my home as a guest and proceeded to seduce and impregnate my two daughters, one of whom was barely into puberty. (And incidentally the other wasn't really my daughter.) You also knocked up my wife, the ultimate in cuckolding a man.

The only silver lining for me in the clouds of your sexual perfidy is that I know now that your wife is not my true daughter. I know also that she is a marvelous fuck and we plan to continue that activity. The son you thought she'd just given you is from my seed so you too are now cuckolded. I also enjoyed popping your kid sister's cherry and she is a pretty good piece of tail too. I enjoyed fucking her even though she thought I was you. But in any case, you can always remember that your little sister has a bastard child because of what you did.

After she found out that you were screwing one of your schoolgirls Priscilla helped me get into your little sister. She is going away with me along with her two children and we don't plan to return.

My final recommendation to you is that you take advantage of your little sister's desire for your body and fuck her to your heart's content. She'll love that. You can also fuck my faithless wife and I suspect that little Audrey will spread her legs willingly for you if you show the least interest.

Have fun with the rest of your life,

Eb. W.

Bob was distraught. Perversely he was also aroused. The thought of at last fucking his sexy little sister aroused him as did the idea of getting into Lucinda's young niece; and Lucinda herself was a good fuck. Why not just sit back and enjoy his ready-made harem and forget about Priscilla and Eb. Bob took Lucinda's hand and, as if in a trance, they walked to her bedroom.

Little Patsy's cherry was perhaps the most cherished of the many that young Floyd had already demolished. And she'd been a good and trainable fuck but then she'd moved away. Odelia, however remained there, willing and available. She liked regular sessions with Jason's mammoth cunt-filling cock but, perhaps because he was the one who had taken her cherry, she always came docilely back to Floyd's smaller but highly skilled tool.

Floyd, however, got bored. The fat little girl was no longer a challenge. It seemed though, as the year progressed, the frequent fucking of her juicy twat was moving her excess avoirdupois from her belly and hips to her breasts and, as she neared thirteen years of age, she had a DDD set of tits that got the attention of every male under eleven.

The avaricious, young teen Floyd recognized that the combination of the young girl's na´vetÚ, tractability and tit-size could be turned to their financial advantage. The football team had been the first to enjoy the delights of the fat youngster's body and since spring she had been regularly using her increasingly skilled mouth to satisfy the lusts of high school jocks, teachers and some businessmen. Odie was awash in money (and semen) but she got only $25 of the $100 fee that Floyd collected. Of course she didn't know that. Until.

It was somewhat ironic that it was the schoolteacher, Bob Best, who brought Floyd's money-train into its final station. It was quite dark and he had mistakenly thought that Bob was a visitor to Middleville when he'd subtly guided him to the little room in the Mall that he had found and managed to take over as if he was in business. (Which, of course, he was but nobody knew what the business was, especially the Mall owners who thought he was running a charitable function of some sort for the school.)

Floyd had a good eye for perverts or pedophiles or whatever and he was probably accurate in his assessment of Bob Best when he approached him in the crowded Mall and said, "Psst... Sir... I need you help."

Bob followed the boy whom he faintly remembered from Dorset, down a small corridor at the side of the Mall.

"It's my sister, Sir. She wants it... a man... can you help her?"

"What do you mean?" Bob asked as he looked suspiciously at the young teen."

"She's... like... you know, Sir? We need the money and... like... can you give me $75 and give her $25 and... like... she's good, sir. Whatever you want?"

Bob was probably an easier mark than many but he went with the boy and, after he looked through the little peephole Floyd had made in the door and saw the fat, little girl with the humungous tits he knew he had to do something to change things.

"I don't know your name, boy... but I know your sister." Bob might have taken a different tack had he realized that Floyd knew he'd fucked his fourteen year old sister. "And I know this girl, too. I want both of you to come with me... right now!"

Odelia didn't know what was going on when Floyd opened the door and said quickly, "C'mon Odie. Mr. Best caught us. We gotta go." Pulling her sweater on over her big, fat, unbrassiered tits she followed him to the parking lot and got into the teacher's car.

"Now I have to talk to both of you," Bob said when he pulled up in front of the school. "You... Saunders... you go home and come back later after I find out what your little friend has to say."

Floyd wasn't too concerned. Whatever the schoolteacher had in mind, he knew he had enough on him to stop him from telling his father... or anyone else. Likely he'd just fuck Odie and that would be it.

Odie followed Mr. Best into the school and then into the little room at the back and she ceased worrying. She'd heard how Mr. Best had taken some of the other girls there and fucked them and the idea of being fucked by her teacher turned her on. She'd show him that she wasn't a little girl any more.

As soon as they were in the little room, Odelia peeled off her sweater and stood with her big, soft tits jiggling nakedly before her astonished teacher. "I know what you want, sir. You want to fuck me, don't you? Or do you want me to suck you?" And, with those direct words she dropped to her knees before him and began to open his pants. More than half a year of prostituting herself had given the busty twelve year old girl great knowledge in the desires of men, especially those who preyed on underage nymphets.

She lowered her head, opened her mouth, and took about half his cock into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around on the head and then moved down to that most sensitive part under the head. She moved her head up and down so that only the head was in her mouth and sucked on it like it was a lollipop. Taking the cock out of her mouth, she swirled her tongue over the head, and then up and down the sides.

The pleasure this fat, little girl was giving him was beyond even his wildest imagination. His hips pushed outward and the muscles in his buttocks and thighs strained against her. He put his hands down to her hair and stroked her head. Through clenched teeth, he moaned out, "Oohhhh... Odelia... Oohhhh, that's sooo good."

The twelve year old girl opened her mouth wide and ran the tip of her tongue over the man's swollen balls in light circles. While doing this, her hand was moving up and down his cock, giving him pleasure on both his cock and his balls.

While Odie's tongue was playing with the teacher's balls and her hand with his cock, her other hand was busy too. It moved to his buttocks and to the crease between them. The fingers stroked along the crease and then down to its bottom, to the anal area. One finger stroked across his anus and it was like sparks shooting through him. Odelia felt the reaction, and rubbed in tiny circles over the crinkled spot. She took some saliva and pre-cum that had run down his crease and wet her finger and his anus with it. Then she moved the finger to the center of his anus and pressed in. Slowly the finger penetrated. He couldn't believe the pleasure it gave. She withdrew the finger and rubbed the surface some more.

His hips were jerking upward and he was grunting and moaning in pleasure at the same time. The pleasure kept mounting, and he could feel himself reach a point where it was almost too much to endure. Odelia abandoned his balls and engulfed his cock back into her mouth. She took as much of it in as she could, well over half of it. Her cheeks caved in from the suction, and she sucked and used her tongue in an unbelievable way.

"Oh, Odelia," he moaned, "I'm going to come! I'm going to come right now!"

Bob thought that she would try to take it out of her mouth and finish him off with her hands, but she didn't. Instead, she tried to swallow more of it, and started sucking even harder. It was too much. He crashed over the edge. His hips jerked, his back arched, and he pressed his whole groin area up the center of pleasure in Odelia's mouth. Then the wave hit him and his cock started spasming, jetting streams of come out into the fat, little girl's suctioning mouth. She gulped, trying to swallow all of it. She got a lot of it down, but he could feel some bubble out of her mouth and run down on his balls and drip to the floor. The spasms lessened and slowly his cock began to shrink. Odelia kept it in her mouth until it was small and flaccid and then slowly eased it out with her tongue. Some jism dripped on it as she did. She raised her head, and looked up at him, a soft smile on her face. Her lips were coated with come, little drops of it were at the corners of her mouth, and a drop of it dribbled from her chin.

"Oh, God, Odelia, that was unbelievable."

"Yer not gonna tell on us, are you? Yuh don't hafta give me my twenty five dollars but please don't tell?"

"Is that what you get? I mean $25?"

"Yeah. I know it's a lot of money but? Like? Floyd says it's OK."

"Did you know that he gets $75?"

"No. Like? You mean he gets that and I just get $25?"

"That's right, Odelia. And you're very good. I'd like to do this again... and maybe more. How much do you get for... you know? Fucking?"

"I get the same but I don't... like... Floyd wants me just to do that for him. But I'd like to do it for you, Mr. Best."

Some things work out. Odelia told her boyfriend Floyd where to go after she found out that he'd been ripping her off. She knew enough by then that she didn't need his entrepreneurial skills to continue in business and, out of gratitude to her former teacher, she made her soft, fat body available to sate his lusts whenever he wanted a change from his in-house harem.

Bob Best settled down, content for the moment to teach elementary school and care for his illegitimate offspring.

Chapter 25: Jack and Beth's Loose Ends (1)

A new school year had arrived and, just as Bob Best was discovering that he'd been thoroughly cuckolded and had lost his wife to competition he hadn't known about Jack Allen was renewing acquaintance with Beth Safic.

His 'acquaintance' with the busty schoolteacher had been quite intimate although, in view of their work relationship, it might have been construed as sexual harassment. Beth would have chuckled at the though, as would Jack. She'd been a willing participant in their regular couplings.

Another surprisingly willing participant had been thirteen year old Mary MacLean. In fact, after she'd experienced the delights of being long-cocked by the Principal's mammoth tool, the little girl had been eager for more.

Bob had returned to Middleville one week ago and this was the fourth time he'd walked the short distance from his apartment in the school to Beth's.

"Mary's coming over, Jack. Yesterday wasn't enough for her. I think she wants to monopolize you and I won't let that happen. She needs to be taught a lesson!"

Beth was quietly jealous of the shapely teen in two ways. She was jealous because the girl seemed to prefer the live, hot manmeat that she got from the Principal to the equally large and indefatigable Whilly that Beth liked to fuck her with. And she was jealous that Jack seemed to take special pleasure from screwing the hot-blooded adolescent.

"She's had lots of lessons, Ms. Safic. You've instructed her well. But she's not as good as you," he added to salve possible hurt feelings. But the young girl had been an apt pupil and hearing the crude sex-words that spewed from her pretty, innocent-looking face when she was in heat was a special turn-on. And yesterday he'd treated her like the little whore she was becoming and fucked her until she could barely walk.

"I want you to bugger her, Mr. Allen. All good headmasters bugger the pretty girls and it's overdue. She needs a cock up her ass to let her know what a slut she is."

Jack could easily see that the schoolteacher was vindictive but the idea of getting the girl's ass cherry was exciting. And he was sure that the precociously sexual youngster hadn't yet been assfucked. And she'd filled out nicely in the last year, her lush ass jutting out from behind just as her now D-Cup boobs stood out from her chest. His huge organ swelled in lewd anticipation.

Jack was not the only male who had lustfully noted the pretty girl's charms as she ripened over the past half year. Her single mother, Ruth, who had borne her when she was barely as old as Mary was now had found a husband, a big, middle aged man who not only provided financial support and security but also quenched the fire in her loins that had smoldered untended since she first got knocked up.

Young Mary was at first dismayed by the sounds that she heard from her mother's bedroom but some prurient streak in her psyche caused her to peek and since her mother's marriage she had sometimes sneaked out at night after her mother had been serviced to visit Ms. Safic and have her own juvenile fires quenched.

Sam, Mary's stepfather, began looking at his step daughter with lustful eyes less than three months after his marriage. The girl was a slightly smaller and much firmer clone of her mother. Her breasts he guessed at firm D-Cup versus Ruth's saggy DD's. Her ass was nearly the same size as her mother's but Ruth's was beginning to sag slightly while Mary's remained high and firm.

He was not exactly an honourable man but he was timid so he would have probably limited himself to fantasizing that Ruth was actually her thirteen year old daughter while he fucked her and that would have been easy because of their physical similarities. Except for one other similarity.

Most times after he had sex with his young wife Sam felt proud because of the look on Ruth's face. After orgasm er eyes had a heavy, dreamy look, her cheeks were flushed and her full-lipped mouth had a slack, pouty look. Taken all together her facial expression shouted out that she'd been fucked and satisfied.

Sam of course never saw his stepdaughter when she returned from her late-night visits to her teacher's apartment but he did see her when she was late coming home from school. This happened at least once a week and often twice and the expression on her face and sometimes the stiff-legged way she walked told him that someone was fucking her. He made a few subtle advances but the girl rebuffed him and this left him unhappy and envious of whoever was getting into the ripe, young girl.

When Mary MacLean arrived at Ms. Safic's apartment she was expecting Mr. Allen to be there and was looking forward to once again being filled with his hot hardness. Her knees got watery when she saw the big man sitting on the edge of Ms. Safic's bed and when he got up and came over to where she stood she tilted her face up to his for the expected kiss.

The wet, tongue-meshing kiss lasted long enough for Jack to strip young Mary naked and get off his own clothes. Mary felt his hot, huge hardness pushing against her belly and her legs opened in anticipation of what was to come next. But it didn't happen as she expected for Mr. Allen pulled back and turned her around.

"Get on your hands and knees by the bed, Mary," he said dropping to his knees behind her.

She twisted around and spread her legs, groaning as she knelt with her shoulders on the bed. Her school Principal stroked her ass and slid a hand between her thighs, cupping her pussy mound, squeezing it.

"You're lovely, Mary," he murmured as his fingers probed the juicy snugness of her already lubricated twat. The young girl shuddered when she felt the novel sensation of his touch on her sensitive anal opening but she tilted her hips back at him, hungry for his oversized tool.

He slid his cock into her, and she groaned long and low as it drove up into her belly. He groaned himself, enjoying the hot, snug fit of her adolescent passage. She wasn't as tight now as she'd been the first time he'd fed her his ten, thick inches but she was still tighter than the Safic one... He twisted his cock around inside her as he ground his hips against her ass cheeks. His hands slid up and down her sides, then moved under her to cup her breasts.

He started fucking the girl slowly, sliding his pecker back and forth in her teenage snatch, slapping his hips lightly into her buttocks. He looked down at her wrinkled little anal opening and just then Beth handed him a tube of KY jelly.

"Make sure you use lots, Jack," she said with an evil smirk. "We don't want to hurt her... just train her." And then Beth Safic, as naked as the others, crawled up onto the bed and sprawled with her legs spread to frame Mary's shoulders as they rested on the bed.

Jack squirted a sizable glob of the clear lubricant over the girl's brown, puckered anus and she jerked at the shock of the cool fluid. Angling his hips so that the girl's bumhole was more accessible and at the same time getting an inch or so deeper into her snug-fitting cunt he pressed his finger against the new target of his lust. He pushed gently and his finger slid past the first sphincter.

"Ooooo. Whaaaa... what a... what are you doooooing?" young Mary cried out as she felt the strange, new sensation.

He wriggled his finger into her ass to the knuckle and twisted it around inside her, then curled it up against her tailbone and used it to jerk her up and down while he fucked.

"I'm going to fuck you up the ass, Mary?" he panted.

"No!" she gasped.

"You know how guys stare at this round ass of yours, baby? That's what they want to do when they're admiring it. They want to ram their boners up your asshole."

He pumped his finger up and down in her rectum, then pulled it out and slid his cock free of her snatch. He pressed his cockhead against her wrinkled asshole, and she groaned and shook her head.

"Misterrrr Alllllennn! OohhhhH! NooooooO!"

"You need it, baby," he grunted. "You need a big cock up your asshole. Just think what your new daddy would think if he could see you now." Jack slathered more KY onto his cock and used his finger to work some of it inside.

Young Mary looked back apprehensively over her shoulder at the big man who was assaulting her previously unfucked asshole. She was afraid but she trusted her school Principal so she remained docile and submissive. Jack savoured the thrillingly hot, tight clasp of her sphincter as it spread before the onslaught of his peach-sized knob and then the bulbous cockhead was inside, her elastic assmouth locked around his tooltip like a circular vise.

"Are you OK sweetie? Am I hurting you?"

"Yunh... nahh... not much," the girl gasped. There had been a brief twinge of pain when his organ had popped past the muscular ring but now there was only a feeling of fullness. Had she realized how much remained to go in she might have been more afraid but right now she felt only satisfaction that she had pleased the Principal.

"You really feel good to me, Mary... tight as a virgin... but you are, aren't you... your ass, that is," and he pushed in deeper. Her anus gripped his cock tightly, peeling back the skin with an almost painful clasp. He flexed it briefly and then withdrew. The puckered orifice remained partly open and Jack placed the tip of the KY tube there, squirting a generous glob into the narrow opening.

Now, with the portal prepared the man drove his cock into the girl's ripe, young body. Amply lubricated he slid in easily with a fast thrust, and she cried out, her head whipping up and back. He dug his fingers into her hips and pulled back a little, then slapped her ass, the sound a loud CRACK of noise in the small room. She yelped, but as she did he stuffed his boner into her to the hilt. He felt her hot, tight guts around his log and groaned in satisfaction.

"OhhH! Oohhhh! OhhH God! Oohhhh God!" she whined.

"There you gooo," he sighed.

"Oohhhh! It's... I feel sooo... so full!"

"Full of cock, Mary. Full of cock! Just like you were made for."

He pulled back a few inches, and then thrust forward. She gasped and lurched forward. He pulled back again, and then thrust in sharply. He ground his hips against her ass and then slapped her again.


"Yeah! Yeah!" he gasped.

He slid his boner back down her ass tunnel until only the head remained, then drove it right back into her. He didn't care if she was a schoolgirl. She was a hot assed slut that needed fucking, and he was going to give her the fuck she deserved!

"Eat me, bitch," Beth groaned as she slid closer and, grabbing the schoolgirl by her hair she positioned Mary's face on her pussy. Eating her schoolteacher was not a new experience for the young girl and, while her Principal reamed her rectum, her lips and tongue mouthed the older woman's wetly swollen twat.

Jack began fucking stronger, pumping steadily, but with growing speed, using the entire length of his cock. Soon he was pounding it into her, and she was yelping with every hard thrust. He was hammering his hips into her well-rounded ass hard enough to leave bruises, and jerking her back to meet every thrust.

The girl's face was being driven into Ms. Safic's fat vulva with each of the Principal's fierce thrusts, and her tits swung and wobbled below her. The big man pounded it to her as hard and fast as he could, getting kind of crazed with the lust and desire inside him.

He felt his balls swelling, and then picked up the pace even more, throwing a flurry of cock-strokes up her tail hole as his balls exploded. He cried out in elation, burying his cock up her tail, slamming into her so she fell forward on her belly on the bed.

He fell atop her, his cock still deep in her guts. He continued to pump, though slowly now, crushing her to the floor as he dropped a hot, sticky load inside her. He groaned and slowed even more, until finally coming to rest inside her.

He was buried to the hilt in the schoolgirl's tight asshole, and she was groaning and whimpering, her face mashed into Beth's pussy. He rolled slowly onto his left side, taking her with him, hugging her against him. He stroked her belly and breasts, then slid his hand down between her legs and stroked his finger against her clit.

She started whining and humping back against him almost at once, and in a minute she came again, her asshole spasming around his mammoth cock.

Jack slowly withdrew from the girl's asshole which gaped lewdly open as a dribble of creamy cum drained from the expanded hole but as he did the girl's complaint sounded loud in his ears.

"Misterrrr Alllllennn! OohhhhH! NooooooO! Don't stop. Noooo... fuck me... want you to fuck me." Her voice was muffled by her teacher's soft cuntflesh that surrounded her mouth and Beth held her head down as she too was close to an orgasm.

Sam might have been moved by fatherly concern that his step-daughter was being abused by her teachers but that wasn't the real reason that he went to Reverend Joshua Scroggins, Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Two weeks ago when Rachael was away he had made another advance and the girl had rebuffed him haughtily, calling him an old man. And last evening he'd been at home when Mary returned from the school. The heavy-lidded, flushed look of her face and the way she walked, as if she had a balloon between her legs made him certain that she'd just been fucked. He went to Scroggins and told him of his suspicions and they agreed that the next time he suspected something was happening they would go together to check it out.

As soon as Mary left the house and walked toward the school Sam knew there was something afoot. It was Saturday and there was no good reason for her to go to school unless... They should never have put apartments for schoolteachers in the new school. Now there was that big-titted Ms. Safic and the tall, handsome Mr. Allen there with easy access to all those innocent schoolchildren. His cock swelled at the thought of Ms. Safic and he wished he could be a schoolboy again to be taken advantage of. It had been more than two weeks since he'd had his wife because she'd been away for a week and then had her period when she retuned. But he wasn't likely to get into the busty schoolteacher and anyway it was his stepdaughter who was being abused and that had to be stopped. He went at once to Scroggins' office.

In his position as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Joshua Scroggins had a master key for every room in the school, including the teachers' apartments. He and Sam went immediately to the Principal's apartment for neither man believed that the busty Ms. Safic would be attracted to girls. But of course Jack's place was empty so they went to the woman's apartment.

When they quietly opened the door from Safic's office into the apartment they saw nothing but the dimly lighted sitting room but they heard moans and the slap of flesh against flesh from the bedroom. Both men should have been enraged by the growing evidence that a young schoolgirl was being violated but instead they both experienced a groin-tingling excitement at the thought that they would see it happening. Quietly they moved to the bedroom.

The first thing they saw was a naked man kneeling by the bed and, looking past his shoulders, they saw the busty schoolteacher, also naked, lying on her back with her legs spread wide and her big tits bobbling and jiggling. The man's hips made a rapid series of short thrusts that they recognized as the short strokes of a man's orgasm and they heard the muffled cry of protest.

"Misterrrr Alllllennn! OohhhhH! NooooooO! Don't stop. Noooo... fuck me... want you to fuck me more."

Sam and Joshua were shocked and aroused by the realization that the recipient of the school Principal's obscene attention was Sam's fourteen year old stepdaughter and as the big man pulled away and rose to his feet they saw her. Young Mary was kneeling naked across the edge of the bed, her face buried between her teacher's widespread thighs and her lush, round ass visible to their hot eyes. At the centre of the valley that split her firm asspillows they could see her dark, gaping anus that hadn't closed after the man pulled his monstrous tool out of it. A creamy dribble of gism drooled out and trickled along the slit of her tender, young pussy. The two voyeurs just stood there, mouths open as Jack turned towards them with his ten inch weapon swaying as it slowly deflated.

"You're a disgrace," Reverend Scroggins spat. "You're fired! Go to your office!"

Jack Allen had finally been caught after many years of harassing and raping (statutorily) women and girls and he felt a strange sense of relief. It was time to get away from here anyway so if they decided to hush up what ad happened, he might get away with it. He picked up his clothes from the floor and moved through the school to his office where he got dressed and waited for the Trustee Chairman.

Chapter 26: Jack and Beth's Loose Ends (II)

As Jack collected his clothes and left Beth's apartment, Sam and Reverend Scroggins stood there for a moment while young Mary cowered against the bed, her cock-stretched anus gaping nakedly before them, Ms. Beth Safic remained naked on the bed, her legs spread wide and her big breasts heaving. She had been on the verge of climax from Mary's skilled lips and tongue when they were interrupted by the arrival of the two men.

"You slut! You little whore," Sam said through gritted teeth as he grabbed his young stepdaughter and yanked her to her feet. His raging erection tented his sweatpants and his eyes were glassy with lust as the girl's big, ripe tits bounced and her firm, round buttocks rolled when he half-dragged, half-pushed the naked, young beauty out of the bedroom.

"Sam... don't... don't tell Momma," Mary begged and then she bumped against his erection. "I'll let you... you can fuck me... I'll suck your cock," she gasped as she reached for the projection of his tool. "Anything... just don't tell Momma."

The man stopped in the middle of the sitting room and, although no words were exchanged, Mary knew what he'd decided. Sam pushed down his sweatpants and his erection popped into view. It didn't point upward like a younger man's but the thick cudgel stood well out from his hairy groin.

"Promise, Sam," the lovely girl pleaded as she dropped to her knees in front of him, "Promise you won't tell Momma?"

"I promise," he replied in a lust choked voice as he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her pretty face closer to his groin. Mary looked like an innocent virgin as she looked up timidly at the older man,

But, innocent looking or not, her soft, wet lips fastened themselves onto the tip of his penis and she sucked him slowly like a pro, taking long strokes that dragged her wet lips and tongue back over the thick length of his shaft. He could hear her making little moaning noises along with the slushy, wet slurps as she sucked him

With one hand, the fourteen year old girl fondled her stepfather's balls as she sucked him gently. Every once in a while, she would stop when she got most of his dick in her mouth and she would run her tongue over the underside of his shaft. She would softly shake her head side to side, raking the smooth skin of his penis against the equally smooth inside of her cheeks. Then she would withdraw and return to bobbing her head, caressing his length with her lips and tongue. Sam's knees quaked from the absolute delight of what the young girl was doing to him.

He lasted longer than he thought he would, she seemed to have a way of drawing things out, but he didn't last as long as he wanted to! Before long, he couldn't hold back any longer and he felt the rush of pressure surge up his shaft. As soon as the first spurt shot into her mouth, she locked her lips just behind the crown of his cock and brought her hand up to stroke and milk his shaft. His cock seemed to swell still further as he came in her mouth, shooting his seed down her throat. When he finally finished shooting his load, she gently sucked his spasming cock, coaxing the last remaining drops of semen from him.

It hadn't been bad, Mary thought as she mouthed the man's tool. As long as he kept his promise. Would he try to get her to do this again?

Sam felt like a teenager. He'd felt like he came and came in the compliant girl's hotly sucking mouth but, although his cock was numb in the aftermath of his climax, he wanted more. Just like when he was a teenager.

Mary held the base of her stepfather's shaft and at last lifted her head and looked up at him as if asking what she should do next. Or maybe to ask if she could stop. A white gob of viscous semen dribbled from her lower lip and the man felt a huge surge of triumph.

"Don't stop yet, Mary... damn, you're good. You're the best cocksucker I ever had," he said coarsely, wanting to humiliate her. This young beauty who was kneeling submissively before him and obediently sucking his cock was the same girl who had rebuffed him so haughtily two weeks ago and this added to his pleasure and arousal. "Now I'm going to find out if you're a good fuck, too."

Mary uttered a soft sigh of resignation and her soft lips once again engulfed the man's organ. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad, she thought as she licked the thickly veined fuckpole. Better that that first time with Floyd, anyway and she fondled her stepfather's large, dangling testicles.

"Damn, you're good," Sam grunted. "Your teacher taught you something, anyway," and he bent forward, pushing his ripe-bodied stepdaughter down onto her back and straddling her shoulders as he fucked her soft, young mouth.

Mary felt totally cowed by the older man and she submitted docilely to her stepfather's assault. Why not him, she thought. He was as deserving as her Principal had been. And then he suddenly pulled his hot organ from her softly sucking mouth and she felt herself being opened to a deeper assault.

Sam hooked his elbows under the girl's knees and raised her legs until her knees were framing her full, firm breasts. Her smooth, almost hairless pelvis was tilted and the fat outer cuntlips gaped slightly, still swollen with the excitement of her first assfuck. The man guided the bulbous knob of his cock to the pinkly projecting inner lips and collared it in the juicy portal.

With one giant thrust Sam watch his hard cock penetrate deeply into the curvaceous, young girl. His thick shaft sank in easily because she had been well primed by Jack Allen's reaming of her rectum and now Sam's cock was buried to the hilt in that wonderful, fat, almost hairless pussy. The pussy lips on each side look as if they were caressing the sides of his thick cock. Just looking at his cock buried in his sexy stepdaughter's twat would have made him cum if she hadn't just sucked him off.

The prurient lecher could feel the tightly gripping walls of the young girl's vagina against his dick. Although it had been recently expanded just as her asshole had, the elastic, delicately muscled passage had regained some semblance of its adolescent tightness, unlike her still gaping anus. His cock began to stir around inside her delightful, fourteen year old fuckwell and the folds of her pussy massaged it in a way her mother's never did.

The pretty youngster raised her head to watch her stepfather's stout cock slowly move in and out of her twat. Her tiny pussy lips looked fatter than ever, their fleshy folds pulling out, and then rolling in as the man screwed her. Mary watched her stepfather's cock as it slid slowly back into her young cunt, disappearing leisurely into her shapely body.

The sight of his cock slowly penetrating the girl's teenage pussy added to the fantastic sensations that the soft undulations of the inside of her swollen vagina were producing in his cock. He rammed into her until only the base of his cock was visible at the juncture of her wide open thighs. He cupped her firm, round buttocks and pulled her closer until he was in her as deep as his eight inch cock could reach.

Mary had orgasmed in a different way when her Principal was buggering her but now, as her stepfather's cock plumbed the dark depths of her vaginal canal she felt a tumultuous trembling begin in her belly. A grimace from the intensity of her burgeoning sexual frenzy twisted her pretty face and she began to manipulate her pelvic muscles and cause her cuntsheath to constrict around his cock. The girl had the instincts of a courtesan and she moved in ways that would have aroused a eunuch.

Sam moaned as the girl manipulated her pelvic muscles to give the highest level of stimulation of his cock. He was seething with lust, aroused by the wondrous feelings in his cock as he pumped it in and out of his young stepdaughter's ripe body. Even though her warm mouth had just drained his semen with precocious skill, as he continued to fuck her magnificent young cunt, slithering in and out of that adolescent pussy, the passions in him built beyond all reason. His penis fiercely explored the depths of Mary's vagina, feeling exquisite stimulation at every move, as it moved out and then deeply back into Mary's snugly clasping twat.

The girl was suddenly in the throes of orgasm and she clenched her small hands into white-knuckled fists in the man's hair, pulling some of the salt-and-pepper strands loose in her convulsive actions as Sam's probing tool slid over the erect, pulsating button of her clitoris. She whined sharply, agonizingly, as he rammed her harder and her head began to flail in total abandonment from side to side. He began to fuck her, harder and faster, faster and harder, sliding his hot, hard cock up into her dilated, clasping hole, listening to her making unintelligible whimpering sounds as he screwed his member around the velvet-like interior of the pulsating soft cunt lips. The whole of the adolescent girl's vaginal nest was open in naked abandonment to his churning hips, and then he cupped her soft white buttocks in both hands as he thrust his penis deep, deep into the searing liquid depths of her cunt.

Oh shit! Now it's tightening again. Her cunt is like a milking machine, Sam thought. I'm going to come again, this time into Mary's vacuuming pussy. Oh shit! Here it comes! His cock tightened again as semen started to surge into his stepdaughter's pussy. His cock bucked and the sperm-lade semen shot deep up into the fourteen year old girl and then another stream shot into her spasming vagina. The rapture was beyond belief. This haughty, young beauty, his own stepdaughter, was humping her lush ass at him, milking his sperm up into the depths of her sluttish cunt. With incredible stamina his pelvis moved back and forth ramming his cock in and out of this teenager's wonderful, young pussy. Shoving it in to the end and back out. Into her body again and again as her soft supple pussy massaged his cock as it slid along the walls pumping at high speed pumping in and out of Mary's body. He shot a final stream into her body and collapsed.

When her stepfather's body went limp on top of her, young Mary's legs fell away and she lay there twitching and quivering in the aftermath of her own climax. Would he want to do this again? Would she have to let him do this... and suck him too to keep him from telling Momma? The thought was not especially repulsive to her.

In fact, within a week, Mary and her mother were combining to service and be serviced by the middle-aged man who used modern medical technology to enable him to satisfy both hot-blooded women.

The Reverend Joshua Scroggins had been aghast at what they'd found in the schoolteacher's apartment. He had known that Jack Allen, the man he'd chosen as school Principal, had to be fired and he'd done so immediately. But the rest of it left him confused. Confused and disturbed.

He was a middle-aged man but he had little experience with sex other than a rather pedestrian relationship with his wife and, years ago, one of his cousins. The sight of little Mary's gaping asshole was his first exposure to anal sex and it both aroused and repelled him. But before he could dwell on that, Sam had whisked his stepdaughter out of the room.

Scroggins' gaze then rested on the schoolteacher, Beth Safic. He'd looked at her with lust in his heart when he'd first hired her but he never expected his lust to go any farther than that. Only now she was there in all her big-titted, naked beauty with her legs spread and her fat, juicy pussy beckoning to him. His chaste tool rose to throbbing attention and his heart started beating so loud he thought sure that she could hear it too.

Joshua found himself staring directly into the softness of the schoolteacher's nakedly full white thighs. Looking directly at the older man, Beth spread them wider, exposing the inner pink slit of her vagina framed by sparse, beginnings of pubic hair as it regrew after being shaved off. His cock was as hard as a sledge hammer and his mouth had a cottony feeling as if he'd been drinking. God, he couldn't take his eyes off of the zero spot between the busty schoolteacher's widespread legs. As she lay there in brazen nudity her wet cunt seemed to beckon him on as surely as though it could speak.

"What are you waiting for" Beth said huskily. She knew she was in trouble but if the Trustee fucked her she would have some ammunition to silence him. And she was so horny after Mary stopped eating her just as she was on the verge of climax that Beth would have fucked a dog. She ran her tongue over her lips and then spread her thighs a little bit wider.

Dropping his pants around his ankles and stripping off his shirt, Reverend Joshua Scroggins gave in to the fires of evil lust. He surrendered without any resistance for he'd never seen a sight as salacious as this except maybe the sight of the young teen, Mary's gaping asshole. He knelt quickly between those widespread legs and, when he as closer, the woman reached up and pulled his face down to hers.

The woman's wet, tongue-thrusting kiss raced through him crazily and his belly and loins flamed up along with his jerking cock. Slowly she lay back, pulling her school trustee along with her until she was lying flat on her back and he was lying upon her, his legs swinging off the bed, his torso crushing down on hers. Her long fingers moved along his arm as dazed, he sat looking down at her. High-tension lines of electricity seemed strung from his body to hers as he heard her say:

"Don't you want to fuck me?" and without waiting for an answer she pushed his hips away from hers, showing him the glistening mouth of her desire-swollen pussy. She brushed the fat, outer lips of flesh open on each side, exposing the pink inner aperture to the minister's wondering stare. Inside, her nimble fingers insinuated themselves, sliding over the tenderest areas.

Joshua gasped. He felt as though he were strangling. My God. What if they were seen? What if Sam saw them? And then he heard a sound from the adjoining room and looked in that direction. His belly churned with lascivious desire when he saw the young girl Mary on her knees and sucking Sam's cock. Suddenly fucking this adult schoolteacher did not seem to him to be an obscene act.

"Reverend..." Beth moaned as her fingers toyed with her own swollen clitoris. "please, Reverend... please..."

A voice in his head shouted 'it's adultery' but it went unheeded as Joshua's eyes remained glued to the woman's widespread genitals. She was moaning now and urging him to hurry and he was lost in the utter beauty of her voluptuous body. Joshua knew now he was going to fuck her! There was no question about it. He HAD to fuck her. Even if it was a sin.

Beth's desire-filled eyes looked downward toward her school trustee's belly and there she saw the full huge looming hulk of his member, red and angry looking, piercing skyward.

"Oh!" she said, reaching her hand down to touch it. "It's so big! So big!" It was two inches shorter than Jack's or Jason's cunt-filling cocks but she knew how much men liked to hear that they were big. And the minister was definitely big enough to plug the aching void in her loins.

Joshua was sweating. The woman was touching his cock, her hand encircling it slowly. Dizzy with lust he hung over her, his cock hanging in mid-air and then he crushed down onto her body, smashing his mouth onto hers, feeling her warm firmness squirm impatiently beneath his weight. He was ravenously hungry for her as she moved tightly up beneath him, her arms hugging round his back, her naked belly snuggling against the rock-hard spear of his penis. Moving downward and panting hard, he let the tip of his aching cock slide into the velvety moisture of her slick vaginal slit, rubbing it up and down along the length of it, the thick mass of his throbbing pole spreading the swollen cunt lips far apart.

Beth moaned and groaned beneath her school trustee's heavy weight, gasping with delight as she felt the increasing heat in her hungry cunt. Her hips began a steady rotating motion while her legs slid out sideways and then suddenly jerked up and clutched around his muscular back.

"Oh, Reverend... Reverend... I'm ready... oh, I'm ready for you... Fuck me. Hurry and fuck me."

Even if there had been doubt about whether or not he'd commit adultery, the woman's plea was just too much for him to take. He'd never heard a woman say that before. She'd asked him to fuck her. He couldn't believe it.

"Oh, dear Reverend... please hurry... hurry!"

Joshua groaned as he felt her slippery cunt move eagerly up and down on his bloated prick. He felt her spreading her thighs apart as she strained up against the older man's body, feeling him start to tense against her. The

oft-fucked lips around her throbbing vagina seemed strangely reluctant for a brief moment and then Joshua surged forward. The schoolteacher's promiscuous pussy lips spread easily to accommodate her school Trustee's splitting ramrod.

"OOOOoooohhhhh... nnnnnnnggggggggg... AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!"

Beth gasped for breath.

Scroggins pushed firmly into the warm velvet of the schoolteacher's surprisingly snug cuntal channel. His penis slipped forward bit by bit, feeling her moist, quivering furrow squeeze against it. His heavy veined member was being inundated by the wet snugness of her swollen cunt.

"Ooohhhh... OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!! OH GOD!!" Beth cried out,

over and over again. She sensed that this man was not a libertine like Jack nor an innocent like Jason and it gave her a special sense of satisfaction. She wanted to please him.

Joshua felt as though he had never fucked before. He'd never known as

extreme pleasure as he was feeling now. He panted heavily as his

massive throbbing penis, moist from the schoolteacher's vaginal

secretions, began to piston into the pink of her hot, juicy cunt. The tickling hairs of his balls nestled in the crevice of her upturned buttocks as he sank into her unresisting passage. The soft edges of her pussy were drawn back with each outstroke and then when he thrust back into her, they were swallowed up again along with his piercing organ.

Beth felt an obscene ecstasy take hold of her. It was as if she was getting a cherry. She was making the religious man cheat. She flicked her tongue wildly into her school trustee's mouth, spreading her thighs still wider, giving him even greater access to her wide-stretched, wanton cunt.

"Oh, yes, Reverend... do it like that... like that... as hard as you can... it's good... sooooo gooooood. YES... OH, GOD that's it... harder HARDER!"

Joshua's felt like his cock expanded even more as he heard Beth's lewd encouragement. He answered her urgent requests with equally intense thrusts, gaining momentum as the rapture of the schoolteacher's lovemaking enveloped him. Soft mewling noises escaped her throat as his giant piston continued to widen her clasping cuntal tunnel.

Beth screwed herself up tighter onto the man's advancing fleshy rod, her cunt nibbling at his penis as though she wanted to devour it. Their tongues mingled in ecstatic bliss while together their bodies molded to each other's demands, giving and taking, pushing and pulling. She writhed incessantly, as her head tossed to and fro.

The minister felt like he was a God as he rode the schoolteacher's mature body relentlessly.

"Oh, don't ever stop!" Beth groaned, half witless with desire. New pinpoints of lust sprouted as her school trustee lifted her buttocks up higher, playing with the hungrily clenching cheeks of her smooth white bottom, spreading the cheeks and bringing them back together. Her breasts were swollen and taut, her belly quivered against his hardness. The flat planes of his thighs

smashed against and between her upraised cord-tensed legs. Scroggins

adjusted his position, inching ever deeper into her juicy depths.

With renewed vigor, Joshua rose up and grabbed her magnificent breasts in his hands, holding onto them as he fucked like a wild man into her. Pushing upward higher, he watched her ecstatic expression and he began to run his hands all over her body, feeling every sensitive area he could. He was intoxicated by her, smitten by the promiscuous schoolteacher who was teaching him what wanton sex was all about.

He knew the woman had been on the verge of slipping away into a climactic orgasm for some time and now her knowing hands darted behind his driving buttocks pulling him in maniacal frenzy deeper into her clasping crevice.

"Reverend... REVEREND!!!" she screamed and Joshua felt the sudden contractions of her cunt around his bursting cock. Groaning with relief, he arched back and using his thick pole like a blunt cudgel, smacked into her wet crevice, spurting his long withheld white semen high up into her hungrily clutching womb.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH..." Beth's head whirled as the wet walls of her clasping vagina dilated around his squirting penis, accepting all of the juices it had to offer with greedy need. She felt herself being slammed harder down into the crazily squeaking mattress as her convulsing pussy soaked up the last remaining star-bursts of orgasm.

"Oh Reverend... that was sooo gooooood," Beth sighed after she regained her breath. Was I? Did you like me?"

"It was wrong, Ms. Safic. I strayed... we sinned... but I'm too weak to resist. And... ?" Remembering Sam and his stepdaughter, Joshua rose up from his comfortable bed atop the schoolteacher's warm body and saw his friend lying atop the young girl who lay with her legs spread wide, cradling her stepfather's hips and no doubt still filled with the man's incestuous cock. "You... Mr. Allen and you... you betrayed your duty. I fired him but... I don't want to fire you."

"I'd like to stay too, Reverend," and as she spoke Beth squeezed the man's deflating tool with the muscles of her educated twat. "Will Mr... Mary's stepfather... will he lay charges."

"I think he's just laid a charge... or laid his charge or something," Scroggins replied with wry grin. "But not the kind you need to worry about."

Beth knew at once what the man meant and she smiled. "Maybe we can... you know... set up regular meetings to discuss school matters? And I promise I won't behave badly with any of the girls."

"Well? Maybe we'll try a sort of probation, Miss Safic. I know you're still new at school teaching so I can overlook some misbehavior. But Mr. Allen has to go. He was the Principal and that carries more responsibility."

Scroggins dismounted from the schoolteacher as if blind to the total hypocrisy of his words. "I'll have to go talk to Allen now," he said as he began to dress.

Jack Allen had accepted his termination with relief. He'd get another job he was sure and even if it wasn't as good as this one had been it would be better than being locked up for God knows how many counts of statutory rape and other things.

Bob Best had been thrilled when Reverend Scroggins offered him Jack' former position. He heard the details on Jack's firing from Jack himself so he went into the job prepared to be more discreet than in the past.

Middleville Middle School was a comfortable sinecure for the newly appointed Principal and his busty, senior teacher, Beth Safic. Together they continued to prey on the nubile girls and hormone saturated boys but they were much more careful than in the past.