Cum Lover at age 14

	This story brought back a lot of memorys for me. It is a
fairly accurate account of how I became a cum lover. Some of
the names have been changed of course for their/my protection,
but other than that, this is exactly how it happened a few years ago. 
I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writting it. My love for 
cum has not changed in these several years so maybe I'll get to meet you
one of these days. If we do, I can assure you, you will enjoy it.

	It had started simply enough. My best friend, Mike, and I
were at the mall one Saturday after noon playing the video games.
Our moms were checking out the clothes in almost every store in
the mall. At the time, my sexual activity was zero, other than
jacking myself off while in the shower, and looking at online porn,
I seemed more interested in video games and skateboards than girls. 
Little did everyone else know, I spent a lot of my time in online
chat rooms looking to score with some hot chicks.  Little did I
know I was going to become a cum lover. I mean an obsessed

"gulp it down as fast as I could" cum lover. And I was only 14.
Mike suggested we take a coke break since his button fingers
were getting sore. I said, "Sure, why not," and we went to the
break area to buy cokes. We had to drink all of our drinks
before we could go back into the game room. It was hell to pay
if they caught a kid with a drink playing the games. It seems
drinks and video games don't get along too well.

	We finished our drinks and headed to the rest rooms before
we started back at the video games. The urinal was out of order
so we each had a stall to ourselves. I was about half way
through a really good piss when Mike asked if I had a note
written on my wall. I looked around but there were not any notes
I could see and said, "No." Mike said, "You've just gotta read
this." as I heard his fly being zipped back up. 

	I finished my piss and found Mike waiting outside his stall door. 
"Look at the back wall," he said and added, "Someone is really desperate.
I wish I could meet the kid though." I went into his stall and
looked to the back wall and saw what he was talking about. 
Scrawled on the tile in ink was the message:

"Want younger boy to suck cock
First timers especially wanted
Will pay for good time ... meet me in an online chat room for arrangements
by visiting and look for the nickname 'SteakBS' (my real name is Tyler)"
"Hell of a way to make money huh," Mike said after a minute. 
"Why would you want to meet the kid?" I asked and added, "It
seems like a good way to get caught. I mean putting your name
and website where to locate him at." 
	"Who knows, but a knob job is a knob job and girls don't like to do it" 
Mike said. "Maybe so,"I said, "but would you really let another guy suck 
your cock?" Mike answered by asking, "Wouldn't you?" as we headed back 
into the game room.I suddenly wasn't playing very good. I kept thinking about
the note I read in the rest room and wondered what kind of guy
Tyler was and what kind of a kid would suck his cock. I had never
had my cock sucked but it sure sounded like it should feel good.
After playing a couple of hours, I went back into the rest
room and found the last stall empty again. I pulled out my cock
and was taking another piss, looking at the message on the wall. 
I don't know why but I started memorizing the website.  I couldn't forget it!
That night, after supper, I went into my room and started
playing my Nintendo games. I thought about the website
again, and wondered what SteakBS (Tyler) would be like online.
I put my joy stick down and went to the computer very slowly.  I
opened Internet Explorer, and typed in like a pro. 
After getting there, I chose a nickname and looked for SteakBS aka Tyler.
I saw SteakBS and messaged him. "This is Tyler." the user in the chat replied.
I stammered out an uh a couple of times and then finally
managed to get out an, "Are you the one that left the note?" The
screen was blank for what seemed like forever and then Tyler asked,

"Which note are you talking about?" 
I read a note at the mall today and was just wondering if it
was you or not. Again the screen was inactive and then Tyler finally
asked, "Are you talking about the one about getting paid to suck
"Yea, that's the one.", I answered. I was wondering what to
say next when Tyler asked, "Have you ever sucked a cock before?" I
must have been getting excited about talking to Tyler over the
internet because my normally tiny cock was getting hard as a rock
and becoming uncomfortable in my pants. I shifted its length to
one side and answered, "No, I never have." Then Tyler asked if I
had ever had my cock sucked. I said, "No." again.
Tyler waited a minute and then asked if I thought I might be
interested and I said I wasn't sure. He told me I must be
interested or I wouldn't be seeking him. That, I suppose, was
the truth. "I just wouldn't know what to do." I said. "That's
no problem...uh, what's your name?" Tyler asked. Like an idiot I
told him my real name, "Mark." I answered. Tyler went on, "That's
not a problem Mark, I could tell you exactly what feels good and
teach you how to be a really good cock sucker."

The words "cock sucker" hit hard and Tyler must have known it
and added, "And you can make $20 to boot." I may not have known
much about cock sucking, but I fucking sure knew what 20 bucks
was. Before I could say anything Tyler asked what I looked like. 
I started telling him and he would interrupt me with questions
like how much hair, how long hard and how big around.
Then, Tyler described himself to me. I got a mental picture
of a 24 year old guy, blond hair, built pretty well, worked out
at the gym three days a week and a seven inch cock that was about
two inches across. That was a good inch and a half bigger than
me and at least a half inch more across.
"Would you like to meet somewhere to talk more about this?"
he asked. I really didn't know what to say and Tyler said, "Just
to talk, unless you're in a hurry to make 20 bucks." I said, "I
don't know." Tyler asked back, "What's it going to hurt just to

I thought about it in silence for a minute longer and heard
myself saying, "Sure, I guess so." I had to be crazy. I had
just told a total stranger I would meet him so we could talk
about me sucking his cock.
Tyler finally broke through the activity going on in my mind
and ask when we could meet. I really hadn't thought about that
and told him so. "Well," Tyler asked, "How about tomorrow
afternoon at the mall again?" It was a 30 minute bus ride and I
would have to change busses 3 times but that was the only way for
me to get there so I found myself saying, "Yes."
"Good." Tyler said and added, "Lets meet at the burger shop by
the video games about 5:00 then." I found myself shaking my head
yes and suddenly realize he couldn't see me and stammered out a
OK. I saw SteakBS at the end of the chat saying "Great, see you
then," and the quit indicating he had left.  My fingers went dead in my hands.
It took forever to go to sleep. All I could think about was
my conversation with Tyler. Did I really want money bad enough to
suck his cock? That was for queers and I wasn't queer. I kept
getting a mental picture of me with a mouthful of cock. But for
some reason, I kept getting a hard on as well.
When I woke up the next morning, I really couldn't believe I
had told Tyler I would meet him. There was no way I could go
through with it, much less suck his cock. I put it out of my
mind until I was taking a shower. As soon as my lathered hand
touched my cock it started to get hard. I quickly found myself
thinking about Tyler as I jerked off in the shower. By the time I
had finished jerking off and showering, I had decided to at least
meet Tyler. What was that going to hurt?
About 4:00 I told mom I was going to a friend's house for
the rest of the afternoon and headed to the bus stop. I didn't
have to wait long and soon found myself on the way to the mall. 
It only took about 20 minutes this time. Sunday was faster than
weekdays I guess since the bus didn't have to make as many stops.
I looked around the mall for a few minutes and then headed
to the video games. I played a couple of games and then went to
the rest-rooms to piss. I unconsciously went to the stall where
Tyler's message was only to find it washed off but my cock was
getting hard even while I pissed thinking about it.
By the time I left the game room it was a couple of minutes
after 5:00. I walked to the burger shop with butterflies in my
stomach. By the time I rounded the corner in front of the burger
joint I was ready to run to the nearest door and go home.
I probably would have if I hadn't heard someone ask if I was
Mark. I turned around to find a really good looking guy with
blond hair standing behind me. I nodded my head yes and he asked
if I wanted something to drink. I finally managed to say yes and
Tyler went to the counter and ordered us both drinks.
When he got the drinks, he motioned for me to follow him and
went to a booth in the back. He stood by the booth until I had
sat down and then slid in beside me. I thought he would sit
across from me and I tensed up as his leg touched mine.
Tyler started talking, asking about school, what I liked to do
and seemed really interested in me. After I had loosened up a
little, Tyler asked what I thought about "the arrangement". I had
to be honest with him and told him I really didn't know. Since
we were in the back, there wasn't anyone close enough to hear us.
Tyler looked out to see if there was anyone looking at us and I
felt his hand move to my leg. I didn't know what to do or say so
I just sat there as his hand moved higher on my leg. I could
feel my cock hardening and by the time his hand reached my cock
it was rock hard.
Well, Tyler said. It looks like I'm not the only one a little
excited. I knew what that meant. He had a boner on too. He
gave my cock a squeeze and told me to give him my hand. I slowly
lowered my left hand and he took it and laid it on top of his
His cock felt enormous! He told me to squeeze it and I did.
It was hard as a fucking rock. I heard him give a little sigh
and he asked if that was what I was interested in. I really
didn't know what to say and found myself saying, "I guess so." 

Tyler asked again if I had ever had my cock sucked and I shook
my head no. He looked at me for a second and asked if I would
like to find out what it felt like.
Was he wanting to suck my cock? All I could manage to do
way say huh? Tyler gave my cock a squeeze and ask again if I would
like to have my cock sucked to know what it was supposed to feel
I would have to say my immaturity was showing and Tyler took
the initiative and said "Of course you would." As Tyler stood up
he said, "Lets go to my car."
I may never have had my cock sucked, but it was sure hard as
hell as I tried to stand. I had to shift my cock to one side to
keep everyone from seeing I had a hard on.
I followed Tyler to his car which was totally cool. It was a
'56 Chevy in mint condition! All of the side and back windows
had extra dark tint on them and it was like trying to look into a
black hole. Tyler unlocked the door and I slid under the steering
wheel to the other side as he sat down and started the car.
It was 6:30 and already dark so Tyler pulled his car to one of
the back parking lots and turned off the ignition. He looked
around for just a second and then told me to unbutton my pants.
Tyler sensed my hesitation and told me I didn't have to suck
him unless I wanted to but he wanted me to know what it felt
like. While I may have been hesitant, my cock was telling me to
unzip my damn pants and I slowly reached for the top button and
Tyler watched me like a hawk and once my zipper hit bottom he
told me to slid my pants down my legs with my shorts. I hooked
the top of my shorts with my fingers and quickly slid them down
my legs with my jeans. 
I think my cock was bigger than I had ever seen it before. 
Tyler slid the seat back and bent to my cock and started licking
the head. Every time he would touch my cock with his tongue, it
would send shivers up me.
Tyler pushed up my t-shirt and started licking my nipples and
even that felt great. My tiny nipples hardened under the
pressure of his tongue and he started nibbling on my nipples as
he stroked my cock. Needless to say, I was in heaven.
I was watching Tyler as he sucked on my tits when he opened
his eyes and looked at me. He just smiled and said, "You're
going to love this." As soon as he said that he lowered his
mouth back to my cock and started sucking it.
I watched as his head bobbed up and down the length of my
cock shaft, taking all of it into his mouth and I felt that all
too familiar feeling inside me that told me I was going to shoot
my load. I wanted this to go on forever but in just a few more
seconds I felt my goo shooting up my cock into Tyler's mouth. I
heard him moan as my goo filled his mouth.
When he was sure I had shot all I had he pulled his mouth
from my cock showing me a big wad of goo on his tongue before
slurping it back into his mouth and swallowing it.
"How did that feel?" Tyler asked, and then added, "It must
have excited you pretty good because it didn't take you long to
cum. I really shouldn't have had to say anything but I did
finally say, "Fucking great." "I thought you would like that."

he said. He looked around again and asked me if I would like to
try it.
I didn't know if I was ready for him or not but any doubts I
may have had vanished as he pulled a $20 bill from his pocket. I
told him I wouldn't know what to do but he said he would tell me
everything I needed to know.
I was scared and excited at the same time and said, "Okay." 
Tyler told me to pull my pants back up and swap sides with him. I
got my shorts and pants back up and buttoned and as he slid under
me as I moved to his side his hands were all over me. They were
rubbing my chest and legs and by the time I was settled down on
the drivers side he already had his pants slid down his legs.
His fucking cock looked huge! It was a good 6 1/2 to 7
inches long and almost 2 inches in diameter. He said, "Don't
worry, you can take it without any trouble." He may have been
sure but I sure wasn't. 
Tyler told me to get on the floor of the car between his legs. 
There was plenty of room. Guess that was why he liked older
cars. Tyler was running his fingers through my hair, saying what a
pretty boy I was as my hands rested on his legs.
Tyler finally told me to start licking his cockhead and gave
my head a little pull towards his cock. I found my tongue
slipping between my lips as my eyes closed. I would run my
tongue around his cockhead as he told me to and let his balls
rest in one of my hands.
I obeyed silently as he instructed me to start sucking on
his cockhead. He told me to not let my teeth rake across his
cock and to tighten my lips around his shaft.
It really felt weird to have a cock in my mouth. His cock
may have been hard but it felt so soft. It felt more like warm
putty than what I thought a cock would have felt like. I let my
head start going up and down like Tyler had done on me and I heard
him say to tighten my lips some more.
My lips were pressing tight against his shaft and I was
taking about half of his cock into my mouth when he said I could
take more. I didn't know but I held his cock with one hand as my
mouth slid up and down. I used my hand as a marker where I had
been last and each time I lowered my head on his cock I tried to
get a little more in my mouth.
Before I knew it, I had about 5 to 5 1/2 inches in my mouth
and I could hear Tyler moaning as I sucked his cock. He ran his
fingers through my hair and said he was fixing to cum. I kinda
panicked and started to pull back but Tyler held my head down on
his cock as he shot his load into my mouth.
I could hear him saying, "Swallow it. Swallow it." over and
over. Actually I didn't have a whole lot of choice and started
swallowing each spurt of cum as he shot over and over into my
mouth. I had never tasted anything like cum before. Kinda salty
and bitter at the same time. It really didn't taste bad but it
didn't taste really good either. What I really noticed as Tyler
shot his load was how weak he had become and how his cock head
pulsed in my mouth as he shot his load.
I didn't think he ever was going to stop cuming. When he
did, he finally relaxed his hold on my head and I pulled my mouth
from his cock. Some of his cum had dribbled out of the corner of
my mouth and once Tyler noticed it he pulled my mouth to his and
licked my mouth clean. He kissed me on the lips afterwards,
which made me feel kinda funny, and told me what a good job I had
done for the first time.
I moved to the seat and saw what was the last bus for the
afternoon going by and gave out a grown. Tyler wanted to know what
was wrong and I told him I had just missed the last bus. He said
not to worry because he would take me home.
I really didn't want to be seen with Tyler by anyone I knew
but I knew it was either take a chance on that or have to call
mom. It didn't take long to make up my mind. I didn't want to
have to call mom so the ride it was.
Tyler told me to sit beside him as he followed my directions
and he placed my hand on his leg so I could squeeze his cock as
he drove. He was already hard again. Actually, so was I but I
didn't want mom asking too many questions when I got home.
I had Tyler drop me off at a bus stop about 4 blocks from the
house. That way he wouldn't know exactly where I lived. I had
already slammed the door shut when he yelled at me. I turned
around and he told me not to forget the money. I looked to see a
$20 bill in his hand. I had completely forgotten about it. 
Before he left, Tyler told me to give him a call when I wanted to
meet him again. He told me if he wasn't there to just leave a
message on his answering machine and he could pick me up at the
bus stop instead of me having to take the bus to the mall. 
The next week went by in a blur. I was really fucked up in
my head. I didn't know what I was wanting but by the time Friday
came, the $20 was long gone and I was ready for some more cash. 
That afternoon, after school, I called Tyler. He didn't answer but
his machine did. I told him I would be at the bus stop at 7:00
if he was interested and hung up.
Mom fixed an early dinner and I hit the shower right
afterwards. By 6:00 I was ready and told mom I was going to a
friends house to watch videos that his mom had picked up. I
didn't say which friend and she didn't ask so I knew I was not
going to get caught. I left the house about 6:30 and mom told me
to be sure to be home by midnight. Oh, if she only knew!
I took my time walking to the bus stop and had to walk away
once as a bus started to stop for me. I was wishing I had a
watch to know what time it was. Maybe I'd just buy one after
I was sitting on the bench when Tyler pulled up and honked the
horn. I quickly opened the door and jumped inside. Tyler took off
and told me to scoot over beside him. I already knew what he was
wanting and started squeezing his cock through his pants. He put 
his arm over my shoulder and told me how good I was.
Fuck being good, I was just wanting his $20 and a ride home. 
I wasn't going to tell him that though. He asked me where I
wanted to go and I told him it didn't matter. He suggested his
place and I said ok. 
He quickly drove across town and after pulling into his
garage, hit the remote on his visor to close the door behind him. 
It was one of the more expensive neighborhoods in town and his
house was a mansion in my eyes. It was easy to see this guy had
money. Lots of money. I looked back at the door closing and he
told that way no one would see me getting out of his car. Made
sense actually. I knew he had to be breaking some laws. I may
not have known which ones but I knew a 14 year old kid shouldn't
be sucking a 24 year old guy's cock.
He unlocked the back door and we went inside. Tyler pulled
out a beer and asked if I wanted a soft drink. I said how about
a beer. I had sipped some of dad's beer before and kinda liked
it and Tyler said sure as he pulled out another beer. 
We went into his den and talked for a little while and drank
our beers. There is a lot of difference between sipping on one
of dad's beers and having a whole one to drink and I was starting
to feel it.
Tyler squeezed my leg and ask if I was ready. The way I felt
I was ready for anything and said sure and started to run my hand
up his pant leg. Tyler told me to hang on a minute and he went to
the TV and turned it on and then slipped a tape into his VCR. 
By the time he got back to the couch the action had already
started on the TV. It was a young boy that looked a lot younger
than me sucking on an old guy's cock. I mean really old guy. 
Not like Tyler at all. He was fat and ugly but the boy was really
going after his cock.
Tyler asked if I wanted another beer and I said sure and he
went back into the kitchen. I watched the video while I waited
for Tyler to get back. The old guy had laid the boy on his back
and just before he came he pulled his cock from his mouth and
finished by jacking off into the boys mouth.
The old bastard was still hard as a rock and told the boy to
raise his legs. After he did, he took a tube of some kind of
shit and squirted some onto his hand and rubbed it on his fat
cock. Then he got between the boy's legs and put them on top of
his shoulders and started to fuck the kid's ass.
I couldn't believe what I was watching! The camera moved in
close and the man was sinking more and more of his cock into that
kid's ass every stroke! Fuck, that had to hurt! Before long the
boy was taking all the old guy had to give though and you could
see the old guy's balls slapping against the kid's ass.
The camera moved back a little and I could see the kid had a
raging boner on. Fuck! He was enjoying it! He liked getting a
boner up his ass!
I must have been enjoying watching it because I had a hell
of a boner on myself and was shifting it to one side as Tyler
walked back in with the beers. He popped the tops and handed me
mine and I took several gulps before setting it down. 
Tyler was watching the movie and I saw his adjust his cock in
his pants too. He took my hand and laid it on his cock and I
started playing with it. Tyler started running his fingers through
my hair and telling me what a good learner I was.
I kinda guessed Tyler was ready and reached for his belt and
he didn't try to stop me. I had a lot more trouble with the
catch on the top of his pants and he finally had to help me undo
them. I tugged on the zipper and found Tyler wasn't wearing any 
shorts. He raised up enough for me to pull his pants down his
leg and I got between his legs as I listened to the movie Tyler was
I remembered everything Tyler had told me to do and before
long I was taking almost all of his cock in my mouth as I played
with is balls with one of my hands.
As I would drop my head to Tyler's lap I could feel him
hunching forward to my mouth. He started to run his fingers
through my hair again, telling my what a good cock sucker I was. 
I kinda found that repulsive at first but what the hell, he was
paying me for this. He could call be whatever he wanted to as
long as the bucks kept up.
I was tickling his balls, sucking his cock and he was
hunching my mouth. I had tightened up my lips around his shaft
as tight as I could get them and was sucking as hard as I could
when I heard him say he was going to cum.
He was fucking right there. His cock flooded my mouth with
cum and I was doing my best to keep swallowing. I could feel his
cock head pulse with every load he shot. And he shot and shot
and shot before he finally grabbed my head to hold it still.
Fuck! I had this guy. He and his cock both were like putty
in my hands, or should I say my mouth. I finally took a last
long suck and let his cockhead pop from my mouth. Tyler just about
collapsed on the couch. He was fucking spent. Even his cock had
started to shrivel back up.
He just laid on the couch while I finished watching the
movie. At the end, the boy was doing two guys at once. One had
his cock buried up the kid's ass and the other one was feeding
his cock into his mouth. The movie ended with cum dripping from
his ass and mouth
I reached for my beer to wash the taste of his cum from my
mouth and had just taking a swallow when the phone rang. I heard
Tyler groan and I asked him if he wanted me to answer it. He told
me I had better not and he struggled to get to the phone.
I had taken another sip from my beer when I heard Tyler
saying, "Not tonight." He was trying to get out of something but
it didn't sound like he was going to. He finally hung up the
phone and was stuffing his shirt back into his pants as he came
into the den.
He told me he had to go back to work and pulled a $20 and a
$10 out of his wallet. He told me I was going to have to take a
cab home and the $10 should cover the cab. I said ok and took
the money. Tyler drove me to a busy corner and told me I shouldn't
have any trouble getting a cab there. Before he left he asked if
I wanted to get together tomorrow night about the same time. I
said sure and he leaned over and gave me a kiss before letting me
I wasn't all that sure about this kissing shit with another
guy but if that was what he wanted, what the hell. Tyler waved bye
as he pulled his Chevy away from the curb and I stood waiting for
a cab....until I noticed I was standing at a bus stop too.
I could take the bus home and have at least $8 left. Not bad for
about 2 hours. Not bad I thought to myself as the bus pulled to
the curb to pick me up. Not bad at all.
Since it was still early, instead of going home I went to
Mike's house. We were playing video games and Mike asked me if I
had been drinking beer. He had smelled the beer on my breath. I
was going to have to watch that. I lied and told him dad let me
have a sip of his. Wouldn't he just shit if he knew the truth! 
We played until it was almost midnight. I had to make a mad dash
to the house to keep from being late.
Mom was still up and she just had to tell me what a good
little boy I was for being home on time. I went ahead and asked
her if I could go to the movies tomorrow night and she told me as
long as I kept being home on time I could. This was working out
I went to my room and after hitting the sack started
thinking about Tyler and my cock got hard as a rock again. I
started stroking it under the sheet. I knew I was getting close
to cuming and decided to find out what my cum tasted like.
As my cock shot its load, I caught it in my hand and kept
stroking my cock until I had milked every drop of cum from it. I
looked into my hand and even in the dim light I could tell I had
shot a good sized load myself. I laid back and raised my hand
over my mouth and watched as my cum slid from my hand into my
I was kinda surprised. Tyler and I tasted almost the same. I
swirled my tongue around inside my mouth, making sure I had
gotten all of my cum and then licked my hand clean. No more
wasting cum in the shower. As I fell asleep I was wondering if
there was any way for a guy to suck his own cock. That would be
fucking wonderful!
The next day Mike and I went to the mall and played video
games. He was running short of money so I started paying for all
of the games. That and a burger and drink apiece and by 3:00 I
found myself broke again. Luckily, I had saved bus fare back to
the house for us. Mike asked where the money came from and I
told him my dad had given me a raise in my allowance.
I took an early shower and told mom I would eat at the
movie. About 6:30 I headed to the bus stop to wait for Tyler. I
still didn't have a watch. I had forgotten to even look for one. 
As it turned out, I didn't have the money anyway. 
I finally saw Tyler's Chevy coming down the street and jumped
into his car as soon as it came to an stop. I had this part down
pat. As soon as he started driving again I slid beside him and
felt for his cock. It wasn't hard to find and I was starting to
know exactly what he wanted which had him almost purring.
I was feeling rather cocky and laid my head in his lap. I
found his cock with my lips and blew my breath onto his cock
through his pants. I heard Tyler give a little groan and I knew he
liked that. He finally had to stop me because he was fixing to
cum in his pants. I was starting to feel powerful. No, not
starting to, I WAS feeling powerful.
When we got to Tyler's house, he told me to get us a couple of
beers and he went into the den. I got us both a beer and I heard
the TV come on as I started into the den. I thought he was
showing the same movie again but it was a different one. There
were two men and two boys this time. I curled up beside Tyler,
sipping my beer and watching the movie. Tyler drank his beer
pretty fast and started running his hand all over my body as we
watched the movie. By the time I finished by beer the movie was
really hot. They had already been sucking and fucking each other
for what seemed liked forever and they all still had hards on! 
It was going to be a long night for the movie.
I heard Tyler's belt buckle as he undid it. This time he
stood up and slipped his shoes off and then his pants. He
watched me watching him as he unbuttoned his shirt and threw it
on the floor before sitting back down beside me.
I sat my beer down and started towards his cock but he
stopped me. I didn't understand and he told me to suck his
nipples first. I silently moved closer and bent to his chest and
let my tongue wet his nipples. Tyler's hands went around my head
and guided my mouth to each of his nipples. He told me to
lightly bite his nipples and as I did he would moan.
I had just discovered something else! I had to wonder if
all men liked to have their nipples sucked and bitten. Tyler told
me to lie on my back and he put his knees under my arms which let
his cock glide right into my mouth. He quickly had all that he
had to bury, buried in my mouth. I could feel his cock as it
tried to enter my throat. I remembered the first movie and how
the older guy told the young kid to just relax his throat and he
could take it all so I found myself relaxing my throat and even I
was starting to get off as Tyler did all the work and fucked my
Tyler's balls would slap my chin as he drove his cock into my
mouth. He told me to grip his ass and I moved my hands to his
muscular ass cheeks. His ass would flex as he drove his cock
into my mouth and then relax as he pulled back. He was starting
to moan and I knew he was fixing to cum so I started moaning
wanting his load. My moaning was more than he could stand and
his cockhead swelled up in my mouth and then filled it with hot
gooey cum. 
Tyler kept pumping his cock between my lips until he couldn't
stand it anymore and yanked it from my mouth and collapsed on top
of me. I could feel his heart beating in his chest as his body
covered mine. His breathing finally slowed down after a while
and then he moved from on top of me to beside me.
Tyler's lips found mine and before I knew it his tongue was
inside my mouth! I had heard about "French" kissing but this was
the first time I had ever done it. Tyler ran his tongue all around
the insides of my mouth like he was looking for some of his cum. 
He didn't find any though. His cock had been so deep in my mouth
his load didn't have any trouble finding my throat.
After he pulled his tongue out of my mouth I let mine enter
his and his soft lips gently sucked on my tongue until I finally
broke the kiss. He stroked my body for a few minutes with his
hands and then looked back at the TV over his shoulder.
I looked too and found one of the young boys fucking one of
the older guys. Tyler looked back at me and asked if I would like
to try that. I looked back at the TV as Tyler's hand slipped to my
pants and found my cock hard. Instead of waiting for an answer,
he said, "Of course your would." as he gave my cock a squeeze.
I might not have been sure but he was and the mental picture
of my cock in Tyler's ass was kinda nice. He told me to stand and
as I did Tyler started undressing me. This time all the way. I
felt kinda funny, being naked in front of another guy. 
Especially since both of us had hards on. I glanced back at the
TV and saw the kid cuming in the man's ass though and that was
all I needed.
Tyler sucked my nipples for a while and then led me to his
bedroom. He picked me up and threw me onto the king sized bed
and opened his top drawer. He pulled out a tube of stuff. I
assumed it was the same stuff the man in the movie had used on
his cock. Tyler squirted some on his hand and then grabbed my
Shit! Whatever it was, it was cold! Tyler laughed and soon
it was nice and warm. Tyler handed me the tube and turned over so
he was on all fours. He told me to put some on his asshole. I
could see his dark spot and gave the tube a little squeeze and
watched as the clear stuff shot onto his hole.
He handed me the top and I put it on and pitched the tube to
the floor. Tyler was ready and so was I. He was on his knees and
had let his shoulders drop to the bed and had turned his head to
watch me. Tyler smiled and said, "Fuck me Mark. Fuck me real
good." Good thing I had watched the movies. I'd never fucked
anything before and now I was fixing to fuck Tyler's ass!
I moved behind Tyler and he adjusted his legs so my cock was
at just the right height and told me to let him have it. I
pressed my cock head tight against Tyler's ass hole and felt him
push back. The head of my cock just popped into his ass.
What a fucking feeling!!! Nothing could compare to the
feeling my cock was getting. Tyler's ass was tight around my cock! 
I started pushing in a little at a time. Whatever that tube of
stuff was, it sure was slick. I quickly found my cock buried in
Tyler's ass as far as it could get! Tyler smiled and told me to
start pumping it in his ass.
That was all the encouragement I needed. My hands went to
his hips and I started pumping my cock in and out of his ass. I
found I could almost let my cock head pop out before ramming it
back in and Tyler must have been loving every minute because he was
moaning constantly.
I knew this wasn't going to take very long. My balls felt
like they were being clamped in a vice and were on fire. I told
Tyler I was going to cum. I felt Tyler tighten his ass muscles
around my cock as it exploded inside him. I could feel my
strength being sucked from me as I shot my load in his ass. I
finally had to stop because my cock had become so sensitive I
couldn't tell if it was pleasure or pain anymore. I collapsed on
Tyler's back, gasping for breath.
Tyler lowered himself to the bed with my cock still inside
him. We just laid there for the longest time while I
recuperated. I was almost asleep when I heard Tyler asked if I
liked that. "What's not to like?" I said. Tyler just laughed and
his ass muscle squeezed my soft cock in little pulses as he
We finally turned over, letting my cock slip from his ass
and he had a boner on again and was playing with himself. I
turned around and took his cock back into my mouth as he stroked
himself. Very quickly my head was bobbing in unison as he
stroked his cock. 
He was able to hold off a lot longer this time and my jaws
were starting to get sore before he finally shot his load. He
told me not to swallow it all and when I thought I had milked his
cock of all the cum there was he told me to kiss him.
Fucking right! I moved my lips to his and his tongue ran
inside my mouth. We shared what was left of his cum and I fell
asleep in his arms afterwards.
Tyler woke me up washing my cock with a warm rag and told me
it was time to get up. I didn't know how long I had slept but it
felt as though I had been asleep all night. I looked around the
room, almost in a panic, and found a clock that told me the time
was 10:30. We must have slept for almost two hours. There was
still plenty of time to get home before midnight.
Tyler yelled from the kitchen he had ordered pizza. I was
glad of that. I was starving. The only thing I had to eat was
Tyler and a couple of mouthfuls of cum does not a meal make. 
I got out of bed and started to slip my shorts on but
thought what the hell. If we could suck each other off, it's no
biggie running around without clothes. I walked through the den
to the kitchen and noticed Tyler had put another movie on. The
sound was turned down but it didn't take sound to know what was
going on. This time it was two boys and one older guy. the man
was fucking one boy's ass while the other boy sucked the other
kids cock.
I went into the kitchen just in time for Tyler to hand me a
plate of pizza and a beer. He told me we could eat it in the
den. I was starting to get what Tyler was after. He wanted to
fuck my ass too. But there wasn't any way his cock would fit
into my ass. No way.
We pretty much ate our pizza in silence. Tyler would comment
every now and then how much cock one of the boys had up their ass
and I would shake my head yes.
Tyler finally asked if I thought I could do that. I looked at
the screen for a second and told him I couldn't see any way. I
told him I assumed he had done this before and his ass was even
tight to my cock and his cock was a lot larger than mine. Tyler
got up and said he had something for me.
Tyler walked to the book shelves and picked up a small box and
tossed it to me. I pulled the lid from the box and found some
kind of rubber thing inside. It was pointed on one end but then
bulged out before narrowing down and then it had a flat top on
it. I turned it over in my hands, trying to figure out what the
hell it was.
Tyler watched me and finally asked if I knew what it was. I
shook my head no and he told me it was a butt plug. Huh? A but
plug? I wondered what the fuck do you do with a butt plug. Were
you supposed to shove this thing up your ass?
Tyler told me if I would sleep with the plug up my ass for a
week I could take him without any trouble. He told me he even
wore one to work sometimes because he liked the way it made him
I had to tell him I didn't know about letting him fuck me
and reminded him the message he left was for sucking, not
fucking. Tyler told me he knew that but fucking and sucking paid
twice as much as sucking alone. Fuck! That would be $40! 
Still, the thought of Tyler shoving his cock up my ass just didn't
sound all that great. But $40....
I told Tyler I had to get home before midnight so we went into
his bedroom to get dressed. It was almost 11:00 and it would
take at least 20 minutes to get home. 
I had slipped on my shorts and pants and Tyler had gotten his
shirt on when he ask if I had time for a "quickie". I looked to
find his cock standing back at attention. Jesus! How much did
it take to drain this guy? I started to say no but then I
thought I might be able to keep him happy just sucking him so I
said sure. 
Tyler walked to me and told me if I got on my knees it would
be faster so I let my knees drop to the floor and found Tyler's
cock at my mouth. I quickly sucked his cock into my mouth and
began an almost frantic sucking. I was going to drain him of
every drop of cum he had.
Tyler quickly started hunching my face as I forced his cock to 
my throat. I let him pull my mouth down his shaft until I was
taking all he had to give. Tyler was moaning and saying what a
wonderful cock sucker I was and I was getting turned on myself. 
Turned on and on a power trip.
I remembered how moaning had turned him on before and
started moaning as I sucked his cock. I could feel Tyler's hands
tighten on the back of my head and I knew he was going to blow
his wad any minute. I gave his balls a little squeeze and he
shot off like a rocket, filling my mouth again with cum. I
stopped this time before he stopped me and let my tongue swirl
around his cockhead as cum leaked from his pee hole. I finished
by giving a good hard suck and letting his cock head slip from my
mouth. It almost made a popping sound as it did.
Tyler was weak as a kitten and I was on my power trip again. 
As I swallowed the last of his cum, he had to put his hands on my
shoulders to help support himself. I was 14 and Tyler was 24 and I
could almost reduce him to a mass of nothing.
I got Tyler's pants for him and after he had them zipped, gave
his limp cock a squeeze. Before we left the house I asked Tyler if
he had any breath mints to cover up the beer smell. He pitched
me a roll of mints and we started out of the house.
On the way through the den, he picked up the box with the
plug and told me to give it a try. I took it, not knowing if I
was going to try it or not. On the way through the kitchen, he 
pulled a drawer open and handed me a small tube of the slick
stuff. I finally noticed the name, KY Jelly. He said it would
make it a lot easier to get the plug in.
I put the tube inside the box as we headed out the door. I
laid down in the seat with the back of my head on Tyler's lap
during the drive home. He unbuttoned the top two buttons on my
shirt and played with my nipples almost all the way home. Or I
should say I guess he did. He woke me up at the bus stop and my
nipples were still hard. I sat up and he pulled my lips to his
and I gave his cock a squeeze as we kissed and then slid to the
door and waved good-bye.
I got home with almost ten minutes to spare. Mom was in the
bathroom so I put my box in the closet and was watching TV when
she walked into the family room. She asked if I wanted anything
to eat before she went to bed and I told her no. Not anything
she had anyway. Possibly dad, but not her. Jeez, that was sick! 
Thinking about sucking my dad's cock. I knew that would never
happen. He'd probably kill me if he knew I was making money
sucking a man's cock.
The movie wasn't very good so I decided to hit the sack
early. I was undressed and in bed when I remembered the plug Tyler
had given me. I wondered what it would feel like in my ass so I
got back out of bed and got the plug and gave the knob part a
coating of KY. I laid back on the bed and rolled to one side and
placed the pointed end of the knob at my ass and gave a little
It didn't want to go in at all. Then I remembered on one of
the movies how the guy kept telling the kid to relax his ass so I
tried to do the same and the tip managed to open my hole. I kept
real still for a minute and pushed again and a little more
slipped inside me. It took about five minutes but the knob
suddenly slipped inside me. Relaxed or not, it felt like I was
trying to take a shit! 
I didn't know if I was going to be able to sleep with the
thing up me or not. Something was happening though. My cock was
hard as ever! I started jerking on it and by the time I filled
my other hand with cum I had almost forgotten about the plug up
my ass. I slurped down my cum and rolled onto my back and
wondered what Tyler's cock would feel like in my ass. Somewhere
between trying to keep my ass relaxed and wondering I fell
The next morning I woke up and the first thing I noticed was
not noticing the plug up my ass. I thought it had somehow
slipped out until I felt my ass and found the flat base against
my cheeks. Maybe Tyler was right. Maybe I could stretch my ass so
I could take his cock. That would make me pretty much of a queer
though. I really didn't consider myself a queer just because I
sucked Tyler's cock but letting him fuck my ass was defiantly queer
The next week at school was pretty busy and before I knew
it, it was Friday again. Once more I had managed to spend the
money Tyler had given me. I didn't even know where it all went. 
It just seemed to disappear. I had been sleeping with the plug
in all week long and the past two days didn't even need any KY to
get it in. I would let it slip in and then squeeze my ass around
the plug like Tyler did my cock and it was even feeling good. I
couldn't remember what it felt like to not have the plug up me.
I waited till almost 5:00 before I even called Tyler. He
answered on the first ring and said, "Mark?" I almost laughed. 
He was waiting for my call and my power trip was starting again.
I told him I would be ready at 6:30 and he said he would be
waiting on me.
I left the house about 6:15 and by the time I could see the
bus stop I could see Tyler's car waiting for me. I ran the rest of
the way to his car and he reached over and had the door open and
waiting by the time I got there.
It was about the same as the other nights. As soon as I
went into his house I went to the frig and got us a couple of
beers and while I was doing that Tyler turned on the TV and put in
a movie.
I don't know where Tyler got all of his movies but everyone
was different. This one started out with a young boy about my
age walking the downtown streets of some town. As cars would
stop for red lights, and if it was a guy in the car alone he
would knock on their window and ask them if they wanted a blow
job. A couple of guys said no and then a good looking guy told
him to hop in.
The kid asked him what he wanted and the guy asked what his
choices were. Without hesitating the kid said, "Suck for $20,
fuck for $40 or $50 for both." The guy looked at the kid and
told him the works.
The film faded out and when it came back in they were at the
guys house and they were undressing each other. The guy told him
to suck it and the kid dropped to his knees in front of the
biggest fucking cock I had ever seen. It had to be 9 inches long
and it looked 3 inches across. The kid didn't even hesitate a
second and started sucking on his cock. He must have really had
the relaxing thing down pat because in just a couple of minutes
he was taking all 9 inches of the guy in his mouth and throat.
The guy pulled out of the kids mouth just as he started to
cum and shot wad after wad of cum into the kids mouth. The kid
didn't miss a drop either. After that they both got on the floor
and the kid took every fucking inch up his ass till the guy came
I had been silently playing with Tyler's cock and when thy guy
in the movie finished fucking the kid's ass, he asked me if I had
been using the plug. I told him every night. Tyler smiled and
asked if I thought I was ready. I may have been feeling my usual
buzz from the beer but I didn't know about getting fucked and
told him so.
Tyler told me that was OK and he didn't want to rush me. That
made me feel a lot better. Tyler asked me if I wanted to go to the
bedroom and I told him sure. I blew Tyler twice before he even
started to settle down. We talked a little while he recuperated
and then he told me to turn around in the bed. 
Tyler adjusted his position so his cock was at my mouth again
and as I started to suck it again, he started to suck mine. This
was something new and I liked it! I was sucking his cock when I
felt Tyler's finger at my ass. He stopped sucking my cock long
enough to wet his finger and as he started sucking me again, his
finger slipped into my ass at the same time.
Tyler's finger was all the way in me when I came. I kept
sucking him while he finger fucked my ass till he came. 
Afterwards he told me I was a lot more ready that I thought. 
Could be but I told him maybe next time and he said, "OK."

We took a break and watched some more of the movie. The kid
was back at knocking on windows again....And making a fortune. I
asked Tyler if there were kids around here doing that and he told
me all the time. He said male prostitutes were very much in
demand, especially young ones. He then wanted to know if I was
I may have been actually but I told him no and made the
mistake of adding, "I'm just into sucking, not fucking." Tyler
told me that was no problem. I could suck all the cocks I wanted
and never have to worry about them fucking me. I sat down my
empty beer can and Tyler went into the kitchen to get us another.
I took a couple of gulps of the beer and asked, "Just
sucking?" Tyler shook his head yes and wanted to know if I wanted
him to set it up. He said he could set me up with just guys he
knew and that way no one was going to fuck me unless I wanted
them to. I told him I would have to think about it.
Tyler reminded me of the time and he didn't want to be rushed
so we headed back into his bedroom. He told me it was my night. 
I suck and I fuck. The thought about fucking Tyler again was all I
needed and dropped to my knees and gobbled down his cock.
Afterwards he bent across the bed and told me to spit in my
hand to wet my cock and I fucked him from behind. It was a good
this time as the first time. I loved the feeling of his ass
around my shaft. No blow job could feel like that.
We both showered afterwards and then it was time for me to
go home and Tyler drove me back to the bus stop again. It was only
11:15 when we got to the bus stop and I asked Tyler if he was up to
a quickie. He told me always and drove past the bus stop and
parked on the street while I gave him the 5th blow job for the
When I finished, Tyler gave me the money and I gave him his
usual kiss and left. I still had plenty of time to spare when I
got home. Mom and dad were watching TV and I told them I was
tired and headed to my room.
Once in my room, I put the $20 in my bottom drawer and got
the plug out of the closed and lubed it up and slid it into my
ass before I started jacking off. I was hungry again. 
The next week seemed to drag by. Day after day I thought
about Tyler and by Friday I had made up my mind I was getting
fucked. I knew Tyler would be happy and I was beginning to think I
would too. I even wore my plug to school on Friday. I called
Tyler's answering machine as soon as I got home. Mom thought I was
spending the evening at a friends house again.
The very last thing I did before I showered was pull my
plug. I could slip it in and out without any KY now. I told
Tyler's machine I would be ready at 6:00 and he was waiting again
when I got to the bus stop.
This time when I got in, I was the one that did the kissing. 
Tyler was surprised, but happy. I leaned against him as he drove
and stroked his cock all the way to his house.
When we got inside I went for the beers and Tyler went to the
TV. I was even anxious about the movie. This one was one young
boy and 4 men. They took turns feeding their cocks to him and
fucking his ass. One scene was especially good. All four of the
men jacked off into a glass and the boy drank all of their cum at
once. I was totally fucking turned on.
I kept shifting because my cock was so uncomfortable and Tyler
finally ask if I was ready. I looked at him and after giving him
a kiss, told him I was his. He looked at me kinda funny and
wanted to know what that meant. I told him anything he wanted it
to mean.
Tyler picked me up in his arms and carried me into the
bedroom. He laid me on the bed and then started undressing me. 
When I was naked he started undressing as he watched me. When he
was naked he went to his dresser and pulled out a sack and told
me to put it on. I was curious and then shocked when I pulled
out a nylon slip. 
I looked at Tyler and he told me to put it on. I slipped it
over my head and Tyler smoothed out the slick fabric. Actually it
must have been a half slip because it just barely covered my
hips. It was cool and the slick material felt good against my
I was guessing that Tyler would want a blow job first and I
was right. He climbed on top of me and bent forward so I could
suck his cock. I was sucking, he was fucking and I was loving
every minute. When he came I almost chocked on the flood of cum
he put out. I was slurping and swallowing as fast as I could and
Tyler told me I was doing very good.
He laid beside me while he recouped his strength, running
his hands over the slip, playing with my nipples as he did. When
he thought he was ready he went to the drawer and pulled out his
tube of KY and climbed back into bed. 
He played with my balls for a few minutes and then let his
fingers find their way to my ass. His fingers tickled as they
moved down me and it sent shivers through me. Tyler finally told
me to bring my knees up and I did. He was going to fuck me woman
style. He lubed up his cock and then put my legs over his
shoulders which raised up my ass just a little.
When he was finally in position he ask me if I was ready and
I told him to just fuck me. He placed his cock head at my
entrance and pressed forward. I as soon as I relaxed my ass his
cock slipped into me like he had been doing it all my life.
Tyler took his time to let me get adjusted to the size of his
cock. It kinda felt like I was taking a shit. The pressure of
his cock on my ass muscle really felt different. I knew my ass
was being stretched but the butt plug had really worked and I was
liking the pressure from his cock.
Tyler started hunching my ass, driving more and more cock into
me. My fucking cock was hard as a rock as he pumped in and out
of my ass. Tyler used every thing he knew to prolong his cumming
but my chanting fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass didn't help a bit
and in less than five minutes he started shouting he was cumming
and filled my ass with cum.
Tyler let my legs slip from his shoulders and he collapsed on
top of me with his cock still up my ass. He was panting like he
had just run a mile and the moisture from his body made us stick
I ran my fingers through his hair as his head laid on my
chest, feeling a sense of power that I had never felt while
blowing him. I had to wonder if this was what queers got off on. 
Was it the power they felt or something else? I also realized I
was just about as queer as I could get. I was just a cock
sucker, but having Tyler's cock up my ass was the other step. Big
deal. So I'm queer. What the fuck. I was loving it.
When Tyler got his strength back he told me to get on all
fours. I thought he was going to fuck me again but instead he
spread my ass cheeks and started licking my ass hole. He would
probe my ass with his tongue and as his cum came out he would
lick it up. His tongue in my ass was totally wild. I didn't
know anything could feel so good.
When Tyler was through tounging my ass he went to the bathroom
and washed his cock and then came back to bed. He pulled me into
his arms and cradled my head against his chest. I could hear the
steady thump thump of his heart as he held me against him.
Tyler's heart had really slowed down and he hadn't said
anything for a long time. I looked up and he was asleep. I must
have really used him up. I quietly got out of bed and went to
get a beer. I had really developed a taste for beer. After
popping the top I went back into the den to watch the rest of the
It was still the same boy but all of the men were new. The
kid's arms and lets were tied to the short table he was on with
his ass sticking just off the edge of the table. His head was in
some kind of cradle that kept his head pointed up all the time
and there was some kind of harness thing around his waist with a
leather strap hanging from it. There were four men standing
around him but they weren't doing anything. One of them finally
put a handful of KY on the kid's ass and then moved aside to let
another man in.
It was a black man with a fucking horses cock! All of the
men were drooling as the black guy got in position at the kid's
ass. The kid started trying to shake his head no but the cradle
wouldn't let him and one of the men took the strap from his waist
harness and pulled it to his mouth. It had a wide hook on it and
the man put it on his bottom teeth and pulled the strap tight.
The strap pulled the kid's lower jaw down which opened his
mouth wide and kept him from yelling. The kid tried to raise his
head but one of the other men pushed it back down and then pulled
a strap of leather over the top of his forehead and tied it to
the table legs.
The black guy positioned himself and gave a fast jab. His
cock spread the kid's ass and forced its way inside him. The
kid's eyes were wide in pain but there was nothing he could do. 
The black guy started pushing and his cock slowly disappeared
into the kid's ass. I know that had to hurt! That cock was at
least 3 inches across and a foot long!
Once the black guy had about 9 inches up the boy's ass he
started pumping in and out, sinking even more of his cock in the
boy. The table was designed so all four of the other men could
stand around the boy's head and they started jacking off.
They would jack off with one hand and pinch each others
nipples with their free hand. It wasn't hard to see all of them
were getting pretty excited. The black guy was fucking the boy's
ass fast and furious and shouted he was going to cum. I knew the
boy would be glad of that but then one of the men jacking off
said he was too. Then another said he was and suddenly all four
of the guys were squirting cum at the boy's face. A lot of cum
hit his mouth but his face was covered with cum.
I must have found that part exciting because I suddenly
realized I was playing with my cock as I watched the boy's cum
covered face. I looked down and even my nipples were hard and I
could see their outlines against the blue nylon.
I went back into the bedroom and Tyler was still asleep. His
cock was soft and laid against his body like a limp rag. I eased
onto the bed and easily sucked his cock into my mouth. A soft
cock in your mouth really felt weird but as I tongued his
cockhead it started coming to life and in a matter of minutes was
stone hard again.
I heard Tyler stirring and then his hands on my head so I
started sucking his cock really good. My head was pumping up and
down on his shaft and I knew I was in charge. It seemed like ten
minutes before Tyler finally came in my mouth and I gobbled down
his cum like I was starving to death.
Afterwards, Tyler said, "You just can't get enough cum." I
had to agree with him and he asked if I would be interested in
sucking some other guys next time. I looked up, running my
tongue around my lips as I cleaned them and said, "Just sucking."
Tyler told me that was no problem because he would be the only
one fucking me. He wanted to know how many men I thought I could
do and I told him it didn't matter. He thought for a minute and
told me he knew 3 men that would pay well for a good cock sucking
and I told him to set it up.
I sucked Tyler off two more times before I had to go home. 
Tyler told me to keep the slip and gave me a pair of matching
panties to wear Saturday night. I felt kinda funny wearing girls
stuff but it did really feel good against my skin.
As soon as Tyler and I were in the car I started playing with
his cock and by the time he was on the freeway I had unzipped his
pants and had my mouth buried on his pole. I thought he was
going to crash his car when he came again. He didn't cum very
much so I knew I had drained him for a while.
I got up early the next morning. I had to cut the grass and
clean out the garage for dad and I wanted to be sure to finish
early. Mom came out while I was cutting the grass and asked if I
could spend the night with Mike or someone because she and dad
needed to go to my grandmother's. She wasn't feeling good and
they wanted to spend the weekend with her.
While I didn't want to say it, FUCK YES ran through my head. 
I could stay at Tyler's as late as I wanted to! I tried to act
concerned and asked how she was but all I could think of was Tyler
and his friends. I started to get a hard on and I sure didn't
want mom to see it so I asked if she would fix me breakfast. She
was more than happy to do it so while she fixed me breakfast I
finished cutting the yard. After I was through I gave Tyler a call
and told him I would probably be ready by 3:00 and I could stay
as late as he liked.
I was working on the garage when mom came out and told me my
lunch was in the microwave and they were leaving. I told them
not to worry, I would be OK. I was getting another hard on as
they pulled out of the drive.
I quickly finished the garage and went in to take a short
nap. I had gotten up early and had already done a lot of work. 
I remembered to put my butt plug in before I laid down. I wanted
to be ready for tonight. I woke up at 2:00 and gave Tyler another
call. He answered and I told him to pick me up anytime he
wanted. Tyler wanted to know if I was still serious about the
other men. I told him I'd suck them to death. He laughed and
said he had not been able to get a hold of one of them but he had
thought of another guy that would be more than willing to pay for
a young blow job. Tyler asked if 4:00 would be ok and I said sure.
I wanted to suck him off at least once before I started on the
other guys.
After we hung up, I jumped into the shower and got cleaned
up. I popped my plug out and got squeaky clean. After I dried
off I went into my bedroom and got the slip and panties Tyler got
for me and slipped them on. The slip fit tight against my chest
and I really liked the way I looked. I started playing with my
nipples through the thin nylon and instantly started to get a
hard on and had to stop or I was going to have to jack off. By
the time I was ready to go it was almost time to go. I checked
the frig and grabbed one of dad's beers and drank it while I
waited on the clock.
By the time I was finished with the beer, it was time to go
and headed to the bus stop. Tyler arrived shortly after I did and
we were off to his house.
On the way, Tyler told me he hoped I was serious about tonight
because after he called the other guy to make it a threesome the
original guy he had been trying to get a hold of called him. 
That would make four men and then Tyler! I was going to get to do
some serious cock sucking tonight!
By the time we were at his house my cock was rock hard just
thinking about it. I hit his frig as soon as we got in the door
but Tyler was out of beer. He told me one of the guys was
bringing him some and asked if I wanted a mixed drink instead. 
I had only drank hard stuff once and it didn't taste very
good to me but Tyler said I would love his drinks so I said sure.
Tyler was right. I could hardly taste the booze and all of the
fruit juices made it seem more like a soft drink than a hard
drink. I was on my second one when I started to feel its
effects. I might not be able to taste it, but it sure was
Tyler put on a movie for us to watch. This one was with two
boys and about ten men. The boys were sucking for all they were
worth. I was standing watching cum drip from one of the boy's
mouth when I felt Tyler's hands slip under my shirt and run up the
slip I was wearing. His hands glided to my nipples and he gave
each one a couple of pinches. 
It was a race to see if my nipples or my cock was the
hardest. Tyler reached down and felt my crotch and when he found
my cock hard he turned me around and kissed me. Our tongues
swirled around each other for a while and then I felt the
pressure of Tyler's hands on my shoulders forcing me down.
I went to my knees and unzipped his fly and took his cock
out. There was a little bit of pre-cum on the tip of his cock
and I licked it off before my mouth took all of his cock.
Tyler put his hands on the back of my head and started fucking
my mouth. I tightened my lips around his shaft and started
moaning. Tyler said, "Oh yes, oh yes." I played with his balls
through his pants until he started shooting off in my mouth. 
When he came he grabbed my head and pulled it down hard on his
cock and he shoot his load down my throat. I didn't even get to
taste it.
Tyler slowly pulled his cock from my mouth and I made sure I
milked every drop of cum he had. He just pulled my head to his
crotch and told me what a good little boy I was. We finally
settled back on the couch and was having another drink when the
doorbell rang.
I was anxious to find out what the other men were going to
look like. The first one, Tom, was about 35 or so and not too
bad looking. In a few minutes two more arrived at the same time. 
Frank had to be older than my dad and Robert was not too much
older than Tyler.
I could feel their eyes as they inspected me from top to
bottom. I was on my power trip again. Here were three guys and 
I was going to suck them dry of every drop of cum and power they
had. I was beginning to wonder about number four when the door
bell rang again.
I waited with the other three as Tyler answered the door and I
could hear them talking as they came back in. It was a fucking
black guy! I remembered the black guy in the movie and suddenly
I didn't want to be here any more.
Tyler introduced me to Alex and I could already see his cock
getting hard in his pants. I excused my self and motioned for
Tyler to follow me. When we were in the kitchen I ask him what's
with the black guy. Tyler assured me he wasn't all that big and
told me I could handle him without much problem. I had to wonder
how much "much' was as we went back into the den.
When we went into the den Tyler motioned for me to follow him
to the center of the room. All of the men had been watching the
movie and all I could see was hard cocks in their pants. Alex's
cock looked huge even in his pants. 

"How do you want to do this guys?" Tyler asked. Frank told
Tyler he wanted to see what he was paying for. "Fair enough," Tyler
answered and told me to take my clothes off.
Jesus! I was going to have to undress in front of all of
them! I slowly unbuttoned my shirt as I kicked my shoes off. 
The men really went wild with whistles when they saw the slip I
was wearing. Robert said, "I bet she is a good little boy." Tyler
said, "You can count on that."
I pulled my socks off and then unbuttoned my pants and slid
them from my waist. "And panties too!" one of them said. Tyler
said, "Oh yes, and by the way, they stay on." They all said, "No
problem as they came to my side. 
Tom started running his hands all over my body saying how he
was really going to enjoy this. The others took his cue and I
suddenly had four men pawing me from head to toe. Alex was
feeling my cock as he kissed me. It was just like kissing Tyler. 
His lips may have been bigger but it felt about the same.
Tyler was watching across the room and finally told me to
start undressing them. The men suddenly stood up and let their
hands drop to their sides. I started with Tom since he was
closest to me and undid his shirt and pulled it off and then his
pants and shorts. His cock was about the same length as Tyler's
but it was a little bit bigger around. 
Robert was next. He was about an inch longer than Tyler but
his cock was a lot skinner too. Frank, the old guy, had a real
fat but short cock and then there was the Alex.
I was almost shaking as I pulled his shirt off. He must
have spent a lot of time in the gym because he was really built.
I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants but he had to hold his cock
down so I could get them off. He wasn't wearing any shorts and
what a cock he had! It was ten inches long if it was an inch! 
And it had to be almost 3 inches across.
I glanced to Tyler and he was shaking his head yes. I figured
he know about what I could do than I did at this point. Three
white cocks and a humongous black log. This was going to be one
hell of a night.
Tyler brought out a deck of cards and spread them on the
table. He told the men to draw one and the high card got sucked
first. As each man drew a card he would flip it on the table. I
was almost praying for Alex to be last and was happy when he flipped
over a three of hearts. I may not have said anything but I was
relieved to get some good practice in before I started on him.
Frank was first and I dropped to my knees in front of him
and took his cock in my hand and gave it a squeeze. His cock
pulsed back at me and I slipped it between my lips as the other
guys chanted, "Suck dick. Suck it all."

I didn't have any trouble with his cock. It was short
enough it didn't even reach my throat. Other than the Alex, his
cock was the biggest around and I took it easily. He couldn't
control himself either. It only took a couple of minutes before
he shot his load in my mouth.
Robert was next. He was around Tyler's age and his cock was
longer than Tyler's but it was real thin, not much bigger around
than my own. He gasped as I relaxed my throat and sucked it all
the way to the base. He was totally mine then. He kept saying,
"Oh yes little boy, oh yes." He had a lot of pubic hair and it
kept tickling my nose as I sucked him off. He didn't last much
longer than Frank though and I was soon slurping his cum down my
throat as well.
Tom was as long as Tyler but bigger around. He also had
better control than the other two. I sucked on him for what
seemed forever. I started playing with his balls and moaning to
finally get him to shoot his rocks off.
That left Alex. I knew I could take the width of his cock. 
I just wasn't sure about the length. I placed one hand around
his cock at its base and then my other hand on top of that and
there was still cock showing. This was going to be a test for
I left my lower hand around his cock and slipped his
cockhead into my mouth. My mouth was slick with cum and I was
quickly down to my hand and wanting more. His cock really filled
my mouth! I kept my index finger and thumb wrapped around his
shaft but every time I dropped my mouth around his cock I would
lower my hand and take a little more of his cock each time.
The other guys were talking about how I was doing and one of
them bet the other two I couldn't take all of Alex. One of them
agreed but the other one said he wasn't sure. Well I was just
going to show them.
Alex's cock was already at my throat and I really had to
relax my throat to keep from gagging and I still had about four
more inches of cock to go. He was patting my head and he told me
to just take what I could. At least he had feelings towards me. 
I mean he wasn't going to force me or anything. That made me
just that much more determined.
I gave a long ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm which must have felt
pretty good on his cock. He flinched and said I was a cock
sucking pro. My eyes were closed and I was trying to picture
myself sucking this black monster when I suddenly relaxed my
throat even more and slid the whole thing into my mouth. I had
to have four or five inches down my throat. I had to pull back
up to breathe and the guy said "God damn! He took the whole
fucking thing!"
I was in cock sucking heaven. I would pull back to his cock
head and give a ummmmmmmmmmmmm as I slid down about six inches of
his cock and then the next stroke take it down my throat.
I was pulling back as his black monster started shooting in
my mouth. Cock wasn't the only thing that was big about this
guy. He must have been carrying two or three loads of cum as
well. I couldn't swallow it fast enough! It seemed like he was
filling my mouth with cum. I may loved cum, but I was glad when
he finally quit cumming.
His legs were shaking as I milked his cock with my mouth. 
He wasn't as strong as he looked. I did have to give myself a
little credit for draining him though. His cum was the best
tasting of the four too.
As I wiped my mouth I heard one of the other guys saying he
couldn't believe I took it all. I really didn't either but Tyler
had told me not to worry and he was right.
Tyler suggested we all have drinks and if anyone wanted
another round with me I was more than ready to service them. He
made me sound like a butler or something but what the fuck. As
long as I had plenty of cum I was in heaven.
Alex brought me my drink and I sipped it and tried to talk
to the four of them but they were way over my head. All of them
were business men and I didn't know much about that kind of
I didn't have to wait long before Robert was ready for
another blow job. Tyler brought out a small table and told me to
lay on it. I was ready to lie somewhere. Tyler's drinks were
hitting hard so I climbed onto the table. Its legs were higher
and if I hung my head of the end of the table my mouth was just
at the right height for a cock to get shoved into my mouth.
Robert didn't waste any time. He said, "Open up sweet
thing." as his cock parted my lips. This was even easier yet. 
All I had to do was keep my lips tight around his cock and let
him do all the work. With my head back, it made it easy for him
to shove his cock right into my throat.
He was taking longer to cum this time. He was pumping like
mad when he finally shot his load. He grabbed the sides of the
table and shortened his strokes as I sucked him dry.
Before I even had time to set up Frank was standing in front
of me with his old fat cock. He wasn't all that fat but his cock
sure was. I opened my mouth and he fed it to me. I don't know
how long he fucked my face. It was a long time. He was having
trouble cumming and I reach for his balls and started playing
with them
Frank finally stated grunting and groaning like an old bear
and then shot his load. He almost collapsed on top of me he was
so tired. Robert said, "What's the matter Frank, all that cock
sucking getting you down?" Everyone laughed except Frank and me.
He didn't think it was all that funny and I still had his cock in
my mouth.
I rolled my head around and saw Alex's cock. It was
standing straight out again and I smiled at him. He smiled back
as he moved into position and pushed about half his cock in my
I just couldn't get over how big his fucking cock was! My
jaws were spread wide. No fucking way to take that monster up my
ass. I couldn't imagine anyone taking that thing up their ass. 
Alex was picking up his pace as he leaned over the table.
Each stroke was a little deeper and he was starting to bump the
back of my throat. I have a little hummmm and relaxed my throat
as he pushed about two or three inches down my throat before
pulling back. 
He was doing just like I did the first time I blew him. 
He would take a short stroke and then a deep one. That way I 
could keep breathing. On his short strokes I would hummm on 
his cock and most of the time I could hear him gasp as I did. 
It was finally down my throat as his balls banged against my forehead.
He started picking up his pace and I knew he was on his way. 
I watched as the sides of his ass flexed and cum started spurting
from his cock again. He didn't fill my mouth with cum this time
but there was still plenty.
Tom was waiting patiently and he told Alex, "Hell, don't
wear him out. I still have another load for him too." Alex told
him to not worry as he pulled his softening cock from between my
lips. He added, "He's all yours."

Tom's cock may have been bigger around than Tyler's but after
Alex it seemed tiny as he entered my mouth again. I noticed a
little pre-cum on his cock and thought to myself, he's not going
to take long. I was right. In less than three minutes he was
blowing his wad again.
I could feel his cock shrinking in my mouth after he cum. 
One more notch in my gun. At least one more man reduced to a
bowl of jelly. I didn't know how much cum I had eaten, but it
was one hell of a lot. Two loads apiece from the four men and
one from Tyler for a total of nine loads of cum. My jaws were a
little sore from Alex but I was ready for more.
Tyler suggested we take a break and he made us fresh drinks. 
Alex and Tom were trying to talk me into leaving Tyler and letting
them take care of me but I was used to Tyler and told them no. I
really didn't know all that much except I loved sucking on cocks
and Tyler could get me all the cocks I wanted to suck on.
Tyler came back with drinks and a beer for me. I gulped down
almost half of it before I sat it down. Cum has the effect of
making me thirsty for some reason. Tyler called me aside and told
me to get the KY out of the bedroom. 
I turned and looked at the four men and then back to Tyler. 
He told me it was just for him and that no one was going to fuck
his private stock. That made me feel better thinking of Alex's
cock. Hell, my arm wasn't much bigger than his cock!
Tyler walked to the men and started talking and I went to the
bedroom and after taking a long piss got the KY from his dresser
and headed back to the den.
When I walked in Tyler told the men it was his turn now. He
told me to undress him and then get on the table. I took my time
unbuttoning his shirt, pausing to suck on his nipples until they
were hard as my cock. I undid his belt and then unbuttoned his
pants. I slowly slid his pants down his legs and then he raised
his legs one at a time so I could take his sandals off and then
to pull his pants off.
His cock head was creamy with pre-cum from watching me do
the others and I took his cock in my hand and washed his cock
head clean. Tyler told me to get on the table and I laid back on
it like before. 
Tyler told the others this was what they would get if they
would treat their boys right. He then told me to get on all
fours at the head of the table. I turned over and moved to the
end of the table and Tyler got on the table behind me.
He KY'd his cock and told the others there was nothing like
private fucking stock as he positioned himself behind me and
pulled down the panties I was wearing. The KY was cold when it
first touched my ass but I pushed back onto his cock to the
amazement of the other four.
As Tyler settled in behind me, he told them they were free to
jack off and feed me if they wanted to. With that said and Tyler
starting to pump his cock up my ass the other four gathered
around the end of the table and started jacking off.
As each one would start to cum he would stick his cock to my
lips and I would suck it in just in time to catch their cum. 
None of them came very much. Alex did the most and I was
slurping loudly on his cock when Tyler filled my ass with his cum.
It was easy to see Tyler was proud of me. I was his private least for fucking. He might not be able to keep me
happy in the cum department, but my ass was his alone.
Tyler kept his cock in my ass while he was talking to the
others. He was finally going soft and he let my ass muscle milk
his cock as he pulled it out. I went into the bedroom to get a
wash rag to clean his cock with. When I came back he was
reminding the others to leave their money on the kitchen table
and he would get in touch with them when he got back into town.
What did he mean, back into town? I didn't know he was
leaving. I started to ask him what he was talking about until I
saw all of the money the men were leaving. Every one of them was
leaving a hundred dollars! Four hundred fucking dollars! I had 
never even seen that much money at one time before.
All of the men were dressed now and as they left all they
could talk about was me. I looked up at the clock and it was
almost 10:00. I had been sucking cocks for over five hours! 
That should be some kind of a record.
As soon as all of them had left I asked Tyler about being out
of town and he told me his job was going to have him in another
city for about six weeks. Fuck, I thought, six weeks alone. 
That was going to be a long six weeks. 
Tyler told me not to worry about it. He would be back before
I knew it and there was still tonight and tomorrow. Tyler grabbed
the KY as he turned off the lights and started to the bedroom. 
He was wanting some more of my ass. He told me to get back
on my hands and knees and when I was he filled my ass with his
cock again. It took him a lot longer this time to cum and when
he did he was about ready to pass out.
His weight forced me to the bed and he pulled my to him as
he turned to his side. He fell asleep with his cock buried in my
ass. As I started drifting off, I was wondering what I was going
to do for the next six weeks. The last thing I could remember
was Mike's words about how he wished he could meet the kid. I
started to smile as thought about all of the possibilities. 
After all, he did say, "Wouldn't you."