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A Bitch Gets Revenge.rtf 172K15-Dec-2006 02:11
Abducted by Aliens.doc 43K04-Nov-2009 20:14
Abducted by Aliens.rtf 28K04-Nov-2009 20:14
Date Night1.txt 31K20-Nov-2003 22:29
Date Night2.txt 12K20-Nov-2003 22:29
Date Night3.txt 28K20-Nov-2003 22:29
Date Night4.txt 41K20-Nov-2003 22:29
Date Night5.txt 57K21-Mar-2005 19:01
Date Night6.txt 43K21-Mar-2005 19:01
Date Night7.TXT 46K20-Nov-2003 22:30
From A Husband To A Housekeeper.rtf 32K21-Mar-2005 19:01
From A Husband To A Housekeeper.txt 102K21-Mar-2005 19:01
From A Husband To A Housekeeper.wpd 130K05-Sep-2004 22:56
From A Husband to a Housekeeper2.rtf 37K21-Mar-2005 19:01
From A Husband to a Housekeeper2.txt 31K21-Mar-2005 19:01
From A Husband to a Housekeeper2.wpd 40K21-Mar-2005 19:01
From a Man to a Bitch.doc 69K24-Dec-2009 22:46
From a Man to a Bitch.rtf 50K24-Dec-2009 22:46
Hell in a Cabin.doc 112K03-Aug-2009 22:38
Hell in a Cabin.rtf 164K03-Aug-2009 22:38
Horror in an Adult Bookstore.doc 41K01-Dec-2009 16:46
Horror in an Adult Bookstore.rtf 27K01-Dec-2009 18:11
How I Became a Whore.rtf 18K28-Apr-2009 23:54
How I Became a Whore.wps 41K28-Apr-2009 23:54
How I Became an Old Queen.rtf 70K28-Apr-2005 01:36
How I Became an Old Queen.wpd 80K28-Apr-2005 01:35
How I Lost My Wife to Another Man.rtf 85K17-Apr-2009 23:56
How I Lost My Wife to Another Man.wps 99K17-Apr-2009 23:56
How My Life Changed.txt 86K20-Nov-2003 22:32
How my Life Changed II.txt 47K20-Nov-2003 22:32
MY FANTASY BECOMES REALITY.doc 66K21-Mar-2005 19:01
MY FANTASY BECOMES REALITY.htm 32K21-Mar-2005 19:01
MY FANTASY BECOMES REALITY.txt 32K03-Jan-2004 20:52
Mary and Carl.doc 136K08-Mar-2011 15:34
My Big Mistake Part 2.doc 57K24-Sep-2006 17:22
My Big Mistake Part 2.rtf 70K24-Sep-2006 17:22
My Big Mistake Part 3.doc 58K24-Sep-2006 17:22
My Big Mistake Part 3.rtf 74K24-Sep-2006 17:22
My Big Mistake Part 4.rtf 83K17-Oct-2006 00:40
My Big Mistake Part 5.rtf 54K17-Oct-2006 00:40
My Big Mistake Part 6.rtf 48K17-Oct-2006 00:40
My Big Mistake-Complete.rtf 431K17-Oct-2006 00:40
My Big Mistake.rtf 121K14-Sep-2006 16:29
My Big Mistake.wpd 67K14-Sep-2006 16:29
My Fantasy Becomes Reality.wpd 51K03-Jan-2004 20:52
My Life.doc 78K28-Sep-2010 20:23
My Transition.txt 72K20-Nov-2003 22:32
No Good Deed....rtf 136K09-Jul-2012 12:22
Our Story.doc 95K29-Mar-2009 00:01
Our Story.rtf 75K29-Mar-2009 00:01
Our Story.wpd 76K29-Mar-2009 00:01
THE SEA WHORE.doc 124K19-Aug-2011 23:00
Teacher Gets Trained.htm 57K02-Mar-2007 19:58
Teacher Gets Trained.rtf 140K03-Mar-2007 20:33
Teacher Gets Trained.wpd 71K02-Mar-2007 19:58
Travel Trouble.rtf 125K10-Nov-2006 19:43