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SCAT INCEST  incest and scat stories

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UPDATE : 2017-01-16 : Second part, Caught short - The thank you by Katy16. Careful : there are more heavy scat games in this part

Old scat stories Send Your story Poll Links Scat stories

This is a web site for all scat lovers with incest topic. I edit only french or english stories. In my site, you can find out news stories with these topic :

            - Scat : sex with defecation (bs = brown shower)

            - Watersport : sex with urine (gs = golden shower)

            - Vomit : some stories with people who love to puke on each others

            - Ohers stuff or others fetish (like crad sex, sex with food...)

            - And finally incest : stories with relative relation

Partners in these stories can be minor (but there are also stories with

adult only). Codes :

            - F / M : female or male at least 18

            - f / m : teens between 13 to 17

            - g / b : little girls or boys between 6 to 12

           - tod g/b : toddler boy or girl between 3 to 5  

           - inf g/b : baby 0 to 2


           - tg : transgender

           - beast : sex with pet

No stories with rapt, murder, violence. It's only fiction and these stories are not real. I condemned sex with minor.

So you've been warned.

New update  :


- Caught short (The thank you) by Katy16 (FMM, hetero and gay, ws, heavy scat games): Having helped Sarah after her accident! I was invited for a meal..


- Caught short by Katy16 (FM, scat soft).


- Ma fille : ange et démon by Fed (FM, FFFMMM, FFM, inceste père/fille, inceste mère/fille, oral, anal, masturbation, flatulence, food, ws, brown shower, heavy scat games).

2016/12/04 :

- Conditioning of a scat slave by Subtle Surrender (FFM, femdom, toilet training, heavy scat)

2016/11/27 :

- Une vie de débauchée by Fed (MFfm, inceste en famille, vomit, ws, heavy scat games)

2016/11/15 :

- Rebecca’s news parents by Pamper lover (Mfg, no incest, toddler : 4 yo, scat soft games)

- Poopy Pamper Videos  by Pamper lover (Mg,toddler,nepi,diapers,scat)

2016/11/13 :

- Dad, Daniel and little Tiffany by David Clarke (Mbg, incest in family, heavy scat games)

- Taking Self-love to a new level by Bettie Brown (F solo, soft scat games)

- Sex-food lovers by David Clarke (MFf, incest between mother and daughter, femdom, heavy scat games)

- Kevin and Sarah’s sexy night of scat by James Warren (Fm, incest mother/son, heavy scat games)


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