The Stories

There were four official categories for the festival:


Sappho was known for her lyric poetry about the love between women, so what better way to celebrate? Poems in this category don't have to be in Sappho's style, and they can be about any lesbian subject.


The Muses

The ancient Greeks believed that the muses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, inspired them in their efforts in the arts. The nine muses were:

  1. Calliope - epic poetry
  2. Clio - history
  3. Euterpe - lyric poetry (flute)
  4. Melpomene - tragedy
  5. Terpsichore - choral songs and the dance
  6. Erato - love poetry (lyre)
  7. Polyhymnia - sacred poetry
  8. Urania - astronomy
  9. Thalia - comedy

For this category, authors were asked to write a story that involves one or more of the muses. It could be set in ancient times, but didn't have to be.


Last Line Challenge

Stories in this category were to be 2500 words or less. In addition, the story must end with one of the following lines:

  1. "I still don't know what I'm going to do with her bra"; or
  2. "Now every time I pass by that statue, I remember her and that unforgettable night we shared together."


First Time

A woman's first time with another woman is always memorable. Stories in this category can be on any theme or subject and of any length, the only restriction being that for at least one of the females in the story it must be her first time with another female.


Other Stories

Stories submitted for the festival that don't fall into any of the official categories.


(Note: story codes are listed for stories when provided by the author.)


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