First Time

A woman's first time with another woman is always memorable. Stories in this category can be on any theme or subject and of any length, the only restriction being that for at least one of the females in the story it must be her first time with another female.

Amy and I by Typoman (f/f, 1st time, oral, sub)
"Amy and I were almost complete opposites. She was beautiful and popular while I was shy and plain looking. I had three older brothers while she was an only child. Her parents doted on her and gave her just about everything that she asked for. Her family had money and mine didn't have two extra times to rub together."
Anne, Monica & Karen by Mystere
"The tall blonde stood aside, allowing Anne to enter. She feasted her eyes on Anne's delicious swinging ass encased in the skintight dress. Her tongue slid across her full lips, her body tensed like a large cat ready to pounce on an unsuspecting sparrow."
Beach Encounter by Alessia Gerini with PeeJ (ff, first, rom, true)
"One day I spotted a girl of about fifteen, my own age, jogging along the white beach sand. At this short distance I could see she had an angelic face and a nice body, and I wondered who she was."
Bipartisanship: A West Wing Story by Ann Douglas (FF) (classic)
Leo McGarry expected C.J. Cregg to have a negative reaction when he told her that he'd hired Republican Ainsley Hayes to work in the White House. But he never expected the depths of that reaction, or could've imagined the reason behind it.
Callback by trilby else (FF mc 1st) (classic)
A handful of runaway slavegirls and one of the gallant women who tried to rescue them dodge a diabolical conspiracy's capture teams and struggle with the depth of the mind control as they try to save their free will--or remember what that means.
Cath by Mary Cook (FF cons rom)
"We had spent one evening in her room, on her bed. We'd talked for ages, and then she'd kissed me, her mouth soft as the back of her neck. After that, we had hardly been able to tear ourselves away."
Command and Control, part 1 by Hecate (FF+, Hum, D/s, Mild WS, BDSM, Latex, Toys)
"I'd been there a couple of months when I was asked to look over a deal that we'd done. Or rather, that had been passed by my predecessor, a woman named Sophie Trent. And that was when things started to change..."
Dani's Double First by PeeJ (ff, fff, first time, rom)
"I want to shout it out loud! I want everyone to know! I've done it! I'm no longer a virgin! That is if you can lose your virginity by having sex with another girl."
Distemporarily by Adrian Hunter (fF, bd, nc) (classic)
"She really didn't want to be here. Again. But freedom of choice seemed to have been deleted from her menu of options."
The Dodge
Story removed at request of the author
Extra Special Lingerie by Jocelyn Spiller (classic)
I am a blond 37 year old successful, single business woman. I had always thought of myself as straight, despite having occasional fantasies about women. I never thought I would have the courage to do anything about it. That is until I met Lindsey, a beautiful, confident 18 year old girl who came to work for me. This is the story of how we became lovers and how I became a lesbian.
Fringe Benefits by John O'Connor
A commuter's fascination with a fellow passenger blossoms.
Head Space by DemonBound (1st, FF, oral)
"Molly was one of the few women who applied for positions in space. There had been a cultural shift on Earth in the last generation, women once more accepted limited options in career choice because some jobs were not thought to be 'feminine', asteroid mining definitely being one of them."
Marilyn by DB (F/Fembot, rom, 1st, ScFi, asfr)
"Marilyn posed in the resale window. The classic white dress she wore fell in pleats nearly to her ankles. It went well with her platinum blonde hair that fell in loose curls to her shoulders."
Naked on the Train by Bradley Stoke (classic)
What a treat for Emerald! Back to school by train to the sensual charms of her school chums. And on the way who does she meet in the same compartment as her but Beatrice. And what a treat it is! Beatrice is a naturist on the way back to her naturist school. Not surprisingly, therefore, and very much to Emerald's delight, Beatrice is naked on the train.
Nicola Gets a Woody by Knickers (FF 1st celeb exhib) (classic)
The story takes place at a fictional awards ceremony, with Nicola seducing former B actress Kristi Ducati.
An Open-minded Discussion by J. Darksong
"At the time, I don't suppose I'd really thought about it much. You know, the whole 'other side' of sexuality. I mean, yeah, I had girl friends who were openly gay, and it didn't bother me. It just wasn't for me."
Partners by Ann Douglas (FF)
"Some women did check out other women, if only to see how they compared. With a body like Greer had, Paulette assumed that the younger woman fell into that category. However, her next words totally blew away that assumption."
Punished for My Sins by Suzy Suburbanite (FF, First Time, Hard Butch/femme)
"Almost without exception, every time I ran into Shiandra she would lean close to me and whisper her desire to eat me out and brag on her 'pussy eating' skills and that nobody but us would ever know."
The Road Not Taken by Ann Douglas (FF) (classic)
Intrigued by the sexual exploits of her tenant, Jennifer Sutherland explores the road not taken.
Sassy's Lesbian Alterotica Story by Mark and Sassy
"Kneeling at the front door, just clear of the doormat, I wonder yet again whether I have made a horrible mistake. I have carried out the instructions to the last detail. I am naked and facing away from the door, which is unlatched and will open with the slightest push from the hall outside."
September Song by Wandering Lanes (FF, first time)
An entry for the Sapphic Erotica Festival 2002 but with homage to September 11th as well, I hope nobody minds.
The Session by Dryad (gm, ff, FF, F+)
"'She asked me what it was like to kiss, what things felt like. We began sleeping over each other's houses a lot that summer; often at hers, since she had a pool. We used to skinny dip in the pool. Touching each other was different from the touches I had gotten from guys. It was so much softer, felt like the water, caressing me.'"
Too Short a Summer by Kelly Adams (ff 1st rom slow)
"Kate was stunned. She had long thought about what her first real kiss would be like, but had never dreamed that it would have come from a girl, especially her best friend."
Twin Lust by Julu Biswas (Ff ff inc)
A story in two parts narrating maiden arousal in Sapphic Love of Mona and Lisa (Part-II) after hearing a vivid narration of Dolly, who had been seduced by her 19 yrs. old sister, Polly (Part-I)
Virtual Seduction by Bradley Stoke (classic)
In Classical Greece, sapphic fantasy would be metrically scanned and beautifully orated. Nowadays, we can surf to such sapphic delights on the World Wide Web. In the future such will be progress in virtual reality, we can be who we want to be, go where we want to go, and all without leaving our living room.
Women in Love by Katie McN (FF, Rom, 1st)
"Bella Deveraux felt like a fool. She had kissed a girl half her age and wanted to do it again."

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