PZA Boy Stories

101 Disclaimers!

1 The usual boring disclaimer.

First, these are total works of fiction.

Second, they contain explicit and graphic accounts of older males having sex with younger ones. If you feel this is not your bang, now would be the absolutely perfect point to stop reading.

If reading such stuff is illegal in your part of the world, start a revolution.

Finally if you are underage... Hey who let these kids in here? We can't have them reading all this perversion and porn. Good God, what is the world coming to?

The rest of you may read on.

Jamie Anderson
2 Some of this material may not be appropriate for heterosexuals, children under the age of majority, old people with pacemakers, and the household pet. If you are one of the above, and read this story anyway, don't hold me responsible for any ill that may befall you. It's your fault. That said, most stories have a disclaimer about persons, places, or things (animal, vegetable, or mineral) resembling real life being coincidence. Well, I'm not going to do that, because in this story, they're not. If you're clever enough to figure out who these people are in RL, then you're either one of them, or just an incredibly lucky bastard. This story is based on some events in my life, and the characters all have attributes of people I know. However, they are not 100% real people. Now that you're confused, (always a good state to be in, I might add) I give you a story that will take up many chapters and a lot of my time, and hopefully take you, the merry reader, through the drama that has been my life in college. Send your unadulterated praise, monetary gifts, job offers, suggestions, questions, indecent proposals, and other happy thoughts to me. All other replies can go to satan@HELL. Hope you enjoy. :-D
Kyle J. Oliver
3 I won't bother with legalese of a disclaimer. I believe our society must be built on the idea of a reasonable man, not catering to the simpering idiot that is surprised to find explicit pornography on sites such as this. I am sane enough, however, to not use the names of real people, no matter how much I might like to make public their achievements or lunacy.
4 The usual disclaimer follows. If you under age or dont like boy to man sex then dont read this..yadda yadda yadda.
The stories you are about read contains gay erotic experiences. So, if you are not of legal age or your country, religion, moral universe etc., consider these writings to be perverse, then I suggest that you should find something else to read. And, if you should decide to read this type of literature, neither this site nor the author will be held accountable for your actions.
5 Some folks apparently have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality. These stories are fantasies. It didnít happen. Never will. And anyone who attempts to do in real life all or any of the things depicted in the stories needs to be hanged, then drawn and quartered, and then turned over to the local cops for the harshest penalties the law allows. Now that weíre clear on whatís what, and whatís not, read on
6 If you aren't old enough to read this in the state where you live ... hell, move to a better state.
Terry Sather
7 These stories contains gay sex, if it doesn't interest you don't read it. If you are underage in your area, I'm supposed to tell you not to read it but that wouldn't make any difference.
8 Sick graphical stuff ahead, faint of heart or weak of mind best turn back. The usual disclaimer stuff applies: be of age, read at your own risk, can't sue me for it, no reproduction, blah blah.
Alton Egle
9 Don't read if you're under 18, easily upset or have problems (serious or minor) with gay-themed erotic stories. If your country/area of residence says this is naughty and illegal, well, I'm afraid I don't have a "get out of jail free" card you could use. Please, use your common sense. Whilst the characters in the stories may or may not practice safe-sex, you really should. Not that you're foolish enough to eschew condoms merely because fictional characters don't use them, are you.
Chris Davies
10 These are stories about sex between men and boys. If that offends you, then read no further. If that doesn't offend you, then do what you wanna do! You must be of legal age in your area to read this and it must be legal for you to view it. If you aren't or it's not, then do us both a favor and leave! You have been warned!
Are these stories true? Iíll let you decide.
Ryan Carlyle
11 If you are under 18 or do not like to read about boys under 18 having sex together, then STOP NOW. Else enjoy and feel free to write me with comments or reaction.
Hair Bear
12 If you're not of legal age, pornography is illegal in your area, or you just don't like stuff like this, stop reading now.
13 If you are under the legal age in your region, or the laws of your region forbid reading stories of teen male sexual interaction, please go somewhere else.
Vic Robinson
14 This is all complete fiction. NONE of it is true. It has elements of fantasy violence (explicit at times), relations between men and boys, and sexual themes. If this is illegal for you to read or not to your tastes, DON'T READ! Otherwise, please look continue and if you have an opinion, let me know.
c z
15 The following fictional stories deal with erotic relationship among males. If you are offended by such material, are too young, or reside in a location where it is not allowed, please depart. Though not observed in these stories, care enough about yourself and humankind to practice safe sex.
16 You have to be old enough to read this :)
You will punished my law or by me (it is more effective believe me) if you are any younger.
Europe (16+) but check on Irish laws and those of Eastern European Countries.
Some parts of the free world (18+). Some parts other parts of the world you have a problem if they, your parents, friends, the Law, finds out.
If you live in this kind of the world you will know, be careful my friend!
It is a weird world.
If you have any trouble, questions, what ever just mail me.
17 The usual disclaimer apply. If you do not like reading fictional (?) stories about teen and pre-teen boys engaged in fun sex play, then get lost.
Ricky Stratton
18 Thes are stories that feature sex between men and boys. Most of the boy participants in these stories would be considered underage in most parts of the world. If this sort of thing isn't to your liking, or if it is considered illegal in your country to possess this material, I urge you to look elsewhere.
19 These are works of fantasy fiction. They contain graphic scenes of man on boy nonconsensual sex. These are fantasies only. Rape is torture and is not condoned by the authors in any way. If such scenes offend you then do not continue to read.
20 If you are under-age etc. etc., donít read this unless you can get away with it!
alex ivanov
21 The following FICTIONAL stories may contain vivid descriptions of sex between young men. If this is offensive to you, or viewing of such material is illegal where you're at, DON'T READ IT! Otherwise, enjoy it. And e-mail me comments if you have anything to share.
greg willis
22 These stories are completely fictitious, i.e. they never happened and it doesn't mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in them. They're just fucking stories, ok?
Rick Chasez
23 The following is a work of fiction that includes forced sex between males (boys & men). If you're a minor, if such content offends you in any way, or if it's illegal to view this material in the dumbass backwater where you live: Stop reading this now. No actual straight guys or boys were molested in the writing of these torrid tales.
Drew Naglen
24 This document is completely and totally fictional. It never happened. These works are the complete and total products of the author's imagination and works of fantasy. The authors certainly wouldn't want the things in these stories happening to their characters to happen to anyone in real life. However, should one day come that we ascend to our own personal universes, some authors would gladly put themselves in the role of one of their characters to endure all they have written in these chapters. It is in that spirit that they write these stories -- the spirit of fantasy. :-) Furthermore, I believe these works to be legal under current law allowing computer-generated pornography, which is my understanding. As has been pointed out in the past, many law-abiding authors write about grisly murders and the murderers that committed them, yet the authors themselves are upstanding citizens. I believe the authors of the stories on this site fit into that category. Real is real. Fantasy is fantasy. Telling the difference between the two is sanity.
Conn Pierre
25 These are works of fiction. The behaviors described in these stories are both immoral and illegal. These stories are written for entertainment purposes only. The characters depicted are completely fictional.
26 These are works of adult fiction which was written by adults for the amusement of other adults. If you are under eighteen years of age or have objections to this type of expression, please stop reading now. The authors will not be held responsible if you continue reading beyond this warning.
Waddie Greywolf
27 If you don't like reading stories about men having sex with boys or are under the legal age of majority in your area, please view this with your eyes closed.
28 These are works of fiction. It is for entertainment purposes only and intended exclusively for adults. If you are not legally of age according to the laws of your land or are offended by such content, please go away.
Mother Kali
29 The generic disclaimer isn't enough: This kind of behavior has absolutely NO place in real life. These are fantasies ONLY. Kids may be sexual beings, but they don't understand enough about the world to have anything to do with adults until they are adults themselves, and can make their own INFORMED decisions. I don't want to be misunderstood by some people who would take what I've written the wrong way: like as a record of something. It isn't, THIS IS FICTION. And I don't want anyone getting all excited and going up to their son's (nephew's, little brother's) room, either, I write these so that people won't need to do stuff like that. BE SMART.
Now, for the nasty stuff! (grin)
30 If you're a minor, you know you're not suppose to read this stuff but you know you will anyway right? Anyway, here are some stories.
Az Dude
31 These are gay stories often including bondage and masochism. If you are not 18 or offended by depictions of gay sex, then you should seek your entertainment elsewhere.
BDSM Master
32 Although my right to free speech is protected (at present), your right to view this is not, if you are under the legal age in your area. This means that if your state considers you a minor, you should leave this page now. No, really.
Further, if you are a person whose sensibilities are easily offended by scenes involving teenage boys having warm, loving, consensual sex, [etc.] you should also leave this page with all haste. We wouldn't want any of you to get the idea that such things are possible, or permitable! Similarly, if you are turned off to sexual situations involving natural bodily waste, you should close down this window and hie yourself off to your nearest fast-food palace, and pretend with all your might that you are not eating just what boys in some of these stories are eating. That said, the rest of you, horrible perverts that you are, should read on.
33 These stories involve graphic descriptions of some kind of sexual relationship between young males and other males. If you are under 18 (or under the legal age in your area), if you feel offended or alternative relationships isn't your cup of tea then please exit this file now.
These stories are purely fictional although any resemblance with actual persons living or dead could have preserved. None of actions depicted really have happened.
Comments as always welcome. Please no flames, we're the way we are and if you feel offended you have been warned not to read. So there.
34 These stories contain description of sexual acts between minors. If this is not to your taste or illegal in your region do not proceed further. This is entirely a work of fiction and none of the characters or events depicted exist.
Ken Craven
35 The usual disclaimer applies...The following are accounts of homosexual sex between older and younger males. If you find this type of depiction in any way obscene, you probably are in the wrong website and you should not continue to read.
The characters portrayed in these stories are fictional (existing only in the author's fantasies), and in the fantasy world, there are no STDĻs, so no condoms are used...in the real world, as we all know, there is a much different story...play safely.
36 The following stories are intended for adult gay audiences and contain often hardcore elements of Bondage Rape and Humiliation. If this offends you or you are too young to be reading this, stop right now and go no furhter! The characters are all fictional and none of this really happened. Comments both positive and negative (as long as they are not flames) are always welcome
Edward Donnelly
37 You have to 16+ to read this. If you have different laws check them. These stories are about men and boys. It has nothing to do with child abuse! If this is not your thing. Leave, before it is to late.
Reactions, comments and suggestions, are welcome
38 These are stories about underage sex between man and and minor boys. If you are likely to find this material offensive, stop reading this story. If you are underage (<18) or it is illegal to view such material in your area, stop reading these stories. If you are gay, read these stories while jerking off, cum all over yourself and lastly, enjoy.
39 These stories feature graphic depictions of non-consensual sex between minors. The author in no way endorses the activities depicted. Those who find stories such as these distasteful ought not to read them and might question why they're looking at this website in the first place. Minors are also discouraged from reading this smut. Go watch wrestling, or something.
Ben Landor
40 The following is just a fantasy. All the characters in the stories are fictional. Please do not go further if you are younger than 21 year-old, or you're not looking for stories that explicitly describe men-to-boy sex, and/or it is against your religious beliefs or illegal for you to read such material.
Casey Jordan
41 The following story is FICTIONAL. It contains descriptions of sexual activities between (teenage) boys and men. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of stories offensive, or if viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT If you like it, please feel free to let me know.
42 These stories contain sexual acts between (non)consenting men and minor boys. If this offends you, then you are in the wrong place. If you are under 18 and reading this I don't care but don't get caught. I hope you enjoy this and please if you any comments write to me with your comments, flames will be ignored.
Now on with the story!
Syco Writer
43 There is no disclaimer for this message. You should know better than to read this. I'm not responsible for what you do with this message or if you get in trouble. I assume no risk or responsibility for transmission or consumption of this message. No warranty expressed or implied. Do not fold, spindle or mutilate. Keep away from open flame or electron-magnetic pulses. This story is NOT TRUE! Get a grip. The author does not condone any of the activities contained within. Do not try this at home, at someone elses home or in an alternate reality or plane of existence. Comments and praise are welcome, flames and criticism can go to hell, write your own story if you don't like this one!
44 These stories contain explicit description of homosexual acts between boys, teenagers and men. If you are not allowed to read about such things, or have no interest, then stop reading now. Note that these stories are complete fiction, and no inference should be taken that the authors in any way condone the actions described therein.
James Stuart, the Erotic Historian
45 Pedophiles scare me, especially those NAMBLA guys, and I think that any grown man or woman who are obsessed with children, as a sexual object, need serious help. I'm not talking about the M/b stories you see here. Works posted here are the fictitious fantasies of their authors and are (hopefully) not true. Trying to make your fantasy into reality is where I draw the line and aim a high-powered weapon at your head.
46 If reading stories about boys having sex with each other upsets you DO NOT READ FURTHER. If you are under 18 years of age, stories of boys having sex with each other is offensive to you, not allowed in your country, county, state or other political sub-division, DO NOT READ FURTHER. These stories are intended solely for entertainment. It is not intended to insult anyone or make anyone uncomfortable. So, again, if reading a story of boys having sex with each other upsets you or you do not want to read a story of this kind DO NOT READ FURTHER. Rather, close this window and delete the file.
47 These stories are intended for mature audiences only. These stories are pure fiction. Any simularity to names of known people is unintentional.
48 These stories are entirely FICTION. They NEVER happened. (If it did it/ANY resemblance is pure coincidence) They depict explicit homosexual activity between (non)consenting older and younger males.
Please Do NOT read if you do not like/are offended by reading erotic gay stories.
Please Do NOT read if you are below the legal age(18 or 21, as it may be)
Do NOT read if it is illegal / forbidden to read such stories where you live.
Do not have unsafe sex. This story does not advocate it.
STOP. DON'T READ BEYOND THIS LINE if you don't agree to any of the above. You have been warned and are entirely responsible yourself for your further actions. This webmaster disclaims every possible liability.
Saurav Sharma
49 This is a gay story website, with some stories containing graphic scenes of sex between older and younger males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read these stories. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.
Andrej Koymasky
50 The following stories contain graphic sexual scenes between young males (and men). If material of this nature offends you then hit the back button and get the fuck out of here, by the way what are you doing here anyway???????. To everyone else who this type of material appeals to enjoy. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states you are not allowed to read this story by law.
marc paige
51 Too young, too old, too anal, too puritanical, too incompetent, or too repressed/oppressed to decide for yourself what you want/are allowed to read? Then stop here! Otherwise, read on at your own risk and/or pleasure.
Jack Fellowes
52 These stories involve sexual activity between one or more underaged boys and adult males. If it is illegal where you'r reading it, go visit http://sesamestreet.com instead.
Terror Bear
53 If you are underage, or if you are offended by sexually explicit prose (especially involving all-male participants), then you shouldn't be reading this.
Kamuela Kahena
54 Don't read this if underage or upset by teenage boys doing sex stuff, etc...
L 23M
55 These are often hardcore stories detailing the kidnapping, rape, violent torture and (sometimes) death of a young boy. It is meant purely as fantasy. Anyone who would consider harming a child like this needs intense psychotherapy and anyone who has done something like this should be locked up forever. Never hurt a child.
However, if you know the difference between fantasy and reality, and you enjoy this type of story, then pull out your dick and enjoy!
56 Any person who does not approve of erotic male to male sex or male to boy sex should leave this site now. Any names used have no bearing on any person living or dead and any resemblance is strictly coincidental. These stories are fiction.
Brian Suddards
57 The following works are fictional stories. They are intended for a mature, discerning audience. Please do not proceed if you are in any way offended by homosexual acts, violence, sexual violence, or non-consensual sexual activity. These stories are intended as an alternative to sexual practices, and are not intended to promote or condone any of the acts herein depicted. ALL NEGATIVE EMAIL RESPONSES WILL BE IGNORED.
Anyone who shares appreciation for this type of fantasy, or similar, or who has positive feedback, feel free to email
The Real Bodybuilder
58 The requisite dodgy disclaimer. These stories contain some pretty disgusting and quite graphic scenes of sex between two males.
If this sort of thing disgusts you, why do you keep on reading it?
If you are underage and reading this stuff, have you any idea how lucky you are? Why, when I was your age there was no such thing as the Internet and we had to sit round the campfire making up stories and telling them to each other. Pah! The kids these days, they don't know that they're born.
If you are reading this in a place where reading such material is illegal, you have my deepest sympathy, but perhaps you should spend your time more fruitfully trying to escape.
The rest of you lot can read on with a clear conscience.
Jamie Anderson
59 These stories involve sexual acts between males of an age that would be considered illegal in most areas. If this is not to your liking, don't download it. If you are under the age of consent in your area you shouldn't read this either (although I know I did when I was your age!). Use your best judgement...if you like it, let me know!
Steve / Puerilis
60 Donít read it if you donít like it or shouldnít because youíre too young. Please, donít try this at home.
Tom Brown
61 You know who you are, what kind of website this is, and whether you ought to be reading it. Act accordingly.
Jack Fellowes
62 The following fiction contains graphic descriptions of sex between men and boys. If this is not your "cup of tea", or are you to young to be reading this sort of dirt, or if the laws of your community prohibits the reading of this type of fiction then proceed no farther.
63 These are stories only. It is in no way intended to endorse sex between teens and adults. If this material is illegal where you live, or you are underage, don't read. Everyone else, enjoy!
64 These stories are entirely works of fiction. The entire stories are fictional and not based upon any individual living or dead. These are stories of gay sex, some of the sex depicted will be consensual, a great deal will not, some will even go well past that point into the territory of deep fetishes. If, where you live, you are underage to read this kind of material, or this material will be unlawful for you to read regardless of your age, I'm sorry but please leave now. If you are offended by gay sex, then fuck off this isn't intended for you, besides why are you browsing around here anyway? If these stories are the kind of thing that pleases you and/or gets your juices flowing, then enjoy it with my blessings.
L.A. Guy
65 These stories may contain descriptions of sexual acts between boys and men of various ages. If this is not to your tastes, please leave now (unless you want to be educated and have an open mind that is!)
Barrett Evans
66 Dear Reader, These stories contain sexual acts between boys and men. If, by some bizarre reason or another, you ended up here without your consent or by pure accident and, once again, by some bizarre reason, don't want to stay, well, leaveÖgee, not too hard. Also, if you are UNDER the age of consent for whatever authority you submit to, please leave now.
You know how it goes. If you're not supposed to be here, leave. Or just don't get caught.
67 These stories contain descriptions of sexual acts involving minor boys. If this type of material is illegal in your area, or if you are under 18, please stop reading now and delete this file from your computer. If you are not interested in stories involving sex with young boys, stop reading now. Few things are sillier than supposedly sensible adults reading material they find offensive after they have been warned in advance about its content, and then flaming the writer.
Lead Guitarist
68 The following stories contain some form of gay sexual content describing purely fictional events. If this is "not your bag", do yourself and us all a favor and hit the "n" key NOW!
Readers under a "legal" age somewhere who happen to be reading this are used to being told to ignore the existence of this material. Doesn't seem logical to me, if they happen to like and enjoy it. As above, if they don't, they too can hit the "n" key and be done with it. Since I have no control whatever over *who* does or does not read this, I think this paragraph is silly. Some hot-shot lawyer said it has to be here. Enough said.
Now, on with the show! (Hi, there, Senators!)
Bruce Bramson
69 While after reading this you may wonder as far as I'm concerned this is a complete work of fiction. It does contain scenes of teenaged boys having sex so if you're not interested, it's against the law or you'll get your butt whipped if you're caught reading move on.
Sid G
70 These are paedophilic stories about sexual love and contact between men and boys.
If you are under the age of consent in your country, please do not read further.
If reading or possessing this is going to make you a criminal in your country, think hard before continuing. I take no responsibility for any consequences to you.
If you are unable to distinguish fantasy from reality, and think these stories might make you go out and behave in a criminal way in your country, do not read it. You are responsible for your own actions, and if not, should not be allowed out without supervision.
If this type of stories is not to your taste, and you are going to find it distressing and unpleasant, then why are you reading them? The warning is clear enough. Go find something better to do with your time than wasting it on things you will not enjoy.
To the rest of you, I hope you enjoy this story.
71 Trailer park moralists, Tooth fairy believers & Twenty-below-the-average-IQ Fundies,
This may offend your delicate Sensibilities. Please do not read any further! The last thing that I want to do is offend your delicate Sensibilities. I lay awake at night worrying about that.
You HAVE BEEN WARNED and cannot later complain that I sprung this pornogr- uh, literature upon you. THIS MATERIAL IS NOT INTENDED for anyone and I am posting it while asleep and unaware of my actions, as I suffer from narcolepsy, or something like that, and cannot be held accountable. So there. Pppllttt!
WITHOUT FURTHER ADO,... Let us begin.
Literary Gentleman
72 These stories contain descriptions of sexual acts between boys. If you don't want to read about them, you may leave right now.
Pytor R.
73 These stories are absolute fiction, as can easily be detected after a few paragraphs. It is for adult use only, and not to be consumed by minors. The activities described herein are not endorsed or promoted by the authors. Any coincidence between some name in this story and a living person is unintended and regretted.
Jeff A
74 These stories include descriptions of men abusing boys both physically and sexually. If you do not enjoy such stories or are under eighteen please do not read it.
75 The following stories are fiction; just fantasies about men and boys. It contains scenes of both male and female domination, spanking, shaving and humiliation, and gay and teen sex. If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please stop read now.
Y. Lee Coyote
76 Everyone knows that a fast rising star on Wall Street who has made more money by his mid thirties than he can possibly spend in his lifetime doesn't retire, he keeps on working fourteen hour days until he either goes broke, or drops dead at his desk at age ninety something, so obviously this story is fiction. Don't try this stuff at home!
These stories contain (con)sensual sex between adult males and boys, if this isn't to your taste, don't read any further.
77 These stories are about male on male sex. It involves men and boys, some of whom are related. If you do not like that kind of thing you are free to exercise your right NOT to read it. If you are underage, you should be doing homework right now and not playing around in this kind of site. So depart.
If you like it, let me know. Since the stories are fantasy, the characters do not practice safe sex. You should, however. Besides, I can not think of anything safer than a JO to a story. Email me if you want to make some comments.
78 Don't read if you are prohibited by location, are under legal age, or if you are likely to be offended by explicit descriptions of gay sex. The story is pure fiction and is not based on any actual events.
79 The following stories contain graphic sexual scenes between boys and men. If material of this nature offends you then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states you are not allowed to read this story by law.
The events and characters portrayed in these stories are entirely a work of fiction. The reader should interpret nothing in these stories as advocating any of the sexual acts or actions contained within the stories.
Finally, none of the story characters usually practice safe sex because they catch only what the authors want them to. In real life, safe sex is the only way to go. It is smart.
Justin Davis
80 These stories are entirely fictional. No house pets, rain forests or lab animals were harmed in the writing of these stories. They are intended for adults only. You can send comments or constructive criticism. These stories depict minors and adults having unprotected, unsafe sex. Obviously, this is not real life and should be taken as such. Otherwise, enjoy!
81 This is an adult only site, and as such, contains stories unsuited for minors. Do not enter if you're under the age of 18 or it is illegal in your jurisdiction to read stories suited only for adults. All stories are fantasy and are not meant to encourage or sanction any of the actions contained in them. This site explicitly does not favor or sanction such behavior and advocates no harm to anyone.
Again, these are fantasies only. Do not enter unless it is legal in your jurisdiction for you to read the stories, and you agree not to hold the owner of this site liable for any damage reading such stories may cause you.
Enter only at your own risk, and if you agree to the above terms.
82 These stories contain graphic descriptions of sex among adults, pre-teens, and children. If you find this offensive, do NOT read any of them. You must be over 18 years old to be on this web site. Thanks again for visiting my web site and enjoy yourself.
Perverts 'r' us
83 The following stories contain material of an explicit sexual nature, involving (non)consentual relations between teenage boys and/or teenage boys and men. They are completely works of fiction and are not meant to depict any actual persons or events. Do not read or download if you are offended by such material or if you are a minor and do not make it available to anyone not of legal age.
84 The following stories contain graphic sexual situations (with children that don't exist) and may be offensive to some. READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!!!
Todd Sayre
85 These are fictional stories involving queer sex between boys and men. They can include scenes of extreme raunch, including urine-drinking and shit-eating. If this kind of thing is likely to offend you, then close down this page now. If you are too young to legally read this, please leave the page now.
Any resemblance to real people, places and events is strictly coincidental.
All comments are welcome. Please mention the title when writing.
86 You Must be over 18 to read, these stories involve sex between boys and men. If this offends you then donít read, I by no means support the actions taken here in nor do I condone the actions taken, its just a fantasy, tied in with dream I had as a kid, and total fiction. Read at your own risk. Enjoy.
Bare footb
87 This is a work of FICTION for ADULTS only. Do NOT read this if you are under 18 or if you are not an adult according to the laws of your state or country. Do NOT read this if you are easily offended or if you are not interested in fantasies that involve the listed subject matter. This story contains sexually explicit material including non-consensual sex. It is all FANTASY! This is not a true story, and none of the characters named in it are real or based on anyone real. They are all products of my imagination. For the rest, enjoy!
88 All the usual rules apply...please do not read any further if you are not morally, socially, politically, chronologically, mentally or emotionally prepared for a tremendous ride of familial sexual satisfaction. This tale contains unbelievably erotic encounters between members of the same gender, same family, same religion, same video club and same Scout troop. Y'know... basic, everyday middle-America fare.
Remember that weird sex is alot like playing Scrabble...it should only take an hour, everything must touch at least once, and it was always better with your family.
Ponyboy G
89 Some of these stories contain extreme - *extreme* - underage abuse. Actually, I was kind of shocked myself when I re-read it recently - I forgot that it was so bad. Please don't read it if you are not absolutely sure you can handle it. I know it will upset you - if anything at all can upset you, this story will. That's why it was written. I wrote it against the trend in the Net gay fiction to write m/b stories with boys enjoying sex, no matter how rough and non-consensual it is initially. I wanted to show the people who read and write these stories how it would be in reality.
I ask you again - please don't read this story if you are likely to be disturbed or pissed off with it. If you do read it - you read it on your own risk. I don't want to hear from you how disgusting it is or how evil I am for writing it.
Juxian Tang
90 If you are offended by sex between an adult and child -- where some of them may be related by blood, marriage or just plain lust--sex between men, a boy and a man, boys, sex teens, a man and a teenager or any combination thereof, you definitely should not be reading these stories. If this type of sex is illegal or immoral in your particular state, province or country, stop reading now and go away. If, according to your local laws, you're under age, no fair peeking below.
These stories are fantasy. Some of the following may contain graphic descriptions of sexual acts between adults and MINORs Any resemblance to any particular individual or anatomical part is just your over-active imagination.
Some of the following stories depicts unprotected sex. It's fantasy. You are reality. Practice safe sex. I do not condone either incest or child abuse.
91 Reading this alone could be hazardous to your hand. The following stories contain graphic sexual content involving minors. If you are offended by such material please move onto other posts.
The following tales are fictional.
This story is dedicated to "Freedom Grrl" who lead me down a new path toward a journey never undertaken before.
Marked4Death aka Undersiege69
92 The following documents contain graphic descriptions of sex between grown men and children. It is intended for mature persons only. Any persons not old enough to legally receive adult materials or who are offended by sick content should read no further.
John Curr
93 This story is entirely fictional, and I pray it stays that way. If you have any desire to re-enact the events of this fictional story you may want to consider turning yourself over to the police for the good of society.
The header says it all:
Sadism, consensual and non-consenual sex, incest, rape, scat, torture, spanking and murder - involving a man, a teenager, two boys and one young boy. Although very few of these in the first chapter. If this is not to your liking DO NOT READ THIS STORY. If you don't like Todd Sayre, you'll HATE this.
Comments welcome. If you want more please say. Flame me if you want: you've had full warning, I'll just ignore you.
Todd Sayre
94 These stories contain sex between minor boys and grown men. If this type of thing isnít to your liking or if itís illegal to receive it where you are, then back out now and donít read it. If it is however, then happy jacking.
Mike York
95 Some of the following stories are extremely graphic and may not be for all readers. If you are offended by any of the story codes given, leave now! If you are not 18 or older leave now! Some scenes are obsessively intense and should you read to the end despite this warning then do not flame me as you have been so advised as to the content and nature of the story contained herein.
96 As usual no animals were used nor hurt in the making of these stories. The following are FICTIONAL stories. They involve sexual relationships between men and young boys. If this sort of thing is not your cup of tea or illegal in your area I suggest you delete it.
97 These stories (that's all that they are...STORIES!) contain graphic descriptions of sexual activity between men and boys. If these fantasies are not what "turns you on", then read no further.
98 In the stories that follow all the sexual parts are pure fiction and should read as such. It does not mean the authors promote or agree with sexual relationships between teenage boys. Please understand that these stories are pure fiction/fantasy, don't try to make it anything else.
If you are not of a legal age where you live to read stories of this nature or are offended by homosexual behavior, man/teenage boy, teenage boy/teenage boy, relationships etc. etc. then please do not read any further. If you do then it is not the responsibility of the writer or the posting authority of any consequences that arise.
Jim Carter
99 This story contains explicit homosexual eroticism. If it is illegal for you to read this, don't
100 These stories have not caused any problems for anyone, as they are part of the author's imagination. Nothing written here occurred. If you have a problem with teenage/ man sex please leave. If this sort of thing is illegal in your country then don't even bother to read this.
You have been warned and I take no responsibility for your problems. Leave now if you are under 18 years of age. (16 now in my State!) I have no way of knowing whether you are younger. If you are be careful because this work is not for you. The characters in this story are not practicing safe sex and you should not imitate their behavior. Be safe and take care.
michael hines
101 The fictional stories on this site are intended for the entertainment of adults only. They depict forced nudity, spanking, embarrassment, humiliation, and often, the non-consensual sexual and other physical abuse of preteen and young teen children, mostly boys, but including some girls. Some stories may be very intense and may tend toward the extreme. All material on this site is legal in the country from where posted and hosted. The behaviors depicted in these stories, but not the stories themselves, are likely in real life to be illegal. The stories describe activities that may be considered by society to be abusive, harmful, unacceptable or undesirable. The authors neither advocate, condone nor engage in any such real life illegal behavior. These stories, as is all fiction, are fantasy and not reality. The authors do recognize the difference between the two. This site contains copyrighted text stories only, there are no videos, photographs, drawings, or other visual images of any kind available on this site.
Nialos Leaning

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