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Stories Listed by Theme

"Real Life" Stories
(stories without sex or explicit descriptions of sex)

Consensual Boy-Friends Stories
(stories about friendships and relationships among boys)

Consensual Man-Boy Stories
(stories about cross-generational relationships)

Consensual BDSM Stories
(stories involving bondage, control, S&M, and authority figures)

Tie-up stories
(Stories about boys loving to be tied up, or being tied up by their friends for fun)

Boy-Slave Stories
(stories about boy-slaves in imaginary societies)

Historical Boy-Slave Stories
(stories about boy-slaves in historical societies)

School & Camp Stories
(stories set in reform & boarding schools or summer camps)

SF and Fantasy stories
(stories involving magic, mind-control, age-regression, fantasy, science-fiction, sword&sorcery, etc.)

Boy Prostitution Stories
(stories about boy-prostitutes)

Eunuch Boy Stories
(stories involving castration and nullification)

Non-Consensual Stories
(stories involving kidnap, rape, torture, violence etc.)

Other Boy Stories
(not fitting in one of the other themes)

Woman-Boy Stories
(stories about cross-generational relationships between boys and women)

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Long stories (> 100 pages)


2014 Paris-Chess-Snorkel Challenge
2014 Boys in Space
2013 Sinterklaas
2013 Halloween
2013 Boy Island
2012 PZA 5th Anniversary
2011 Ebony-Ivory Special
2010 Summer Sport
2010 PZA 3rd Anniversary
2009 Christmas

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Boy Measurements
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Happy reading, but…
don't even think of abusing children in real life

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Some frightening statistics
  • Before today is over 4 children will DIE from being abused. One will be a baby less than a year old. Two probably haven't yet celebrated their fifth birthdays
  • 2,700 children will be physically and sexually abused today
  • Approximately 1 in 4 women in North America were molested in childhood
  • Approximately 1 in 7 males have been sexually molested before the age of 18

Céladon's notes

I correct errors whenever I find or are told of them and upload the corrected files. The ASSTR Most Recent list does not have a mechanism to distinguish between new and replacement files which is why sometimes old stories are shown in the list.
Measurements: Most American and British authors use inches, feet, pounds and °F, as customary in the USA and UK. As help for the other readers I added between square brackets the conversion into cm, m, km, kg, and °C. And of course, in stories by continental European authors, cms etc. are converted into inches etc.


Every webmaster thinks it is necessary to list his favorite links on the subject, so I do to. Why not?
Here they are, more or less in order of the number of interesting mb stories.

NB: Some countries have a silly law saying that webmaster can be held liable for the contents of sites they link to unless they explicitly distance themselves. So for the record: I do not endorse the contents of any of the sites I link to.

  • Forced Nudity Story Archive: "Stories must depict the forced non-consensual nudity, embarrassment, and humiliation of preteen and young teen boys, ages 8 to 14." - the old Nialos Leaning site, with Cassie as new editor.
  • The Eunuch Archive: Stories have to include castration (registration needed).
  • alt.sex.stories.gay.moderated: This link goes to the google group.
  • Nifty Erotic Stories Archive: Does Nifty need an introduction?
  • Male/Male Spanking Archive: "This web site contains fiction and a little non-fiction about Male/Male discipline, ie. the spanking of boys, male teens and adults by other males."
  • The Kristen Archives: "You will find every type of sexual situation covered in these stories; ... In the archive, you will find well over 15,000 erotic stories..."
    Mb and mm stories are rare, but present. Worth visiting
  • The Coyote's Den: "My stories are generally stories that involve spanking and shaving in a peer or parental setting"