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I am the author of these stories, so they reflect my own tastes in erotic fiction.
They have the things I like to read: female incest, anal sex, group sex, and plenty of dialog.
They generally don't have the things I don't like, including: pre-pubescent characters, scat, snuff, explicit male-male or heavy non-consensual scenes.
There is a little bit of character development, so you should read the stories within each series in order... but hey, this is stroke material, not literature.

Am I a sick puppy?  To paraphrase another author:

"I want to speak on the nature of eroticism [...] I find many things erotic in writing, these include, pedophilia, incest, bestiality, watersports etc... Very few of these things would I find erotic if I was a participant. Let me state that again, not only would I not do them (for moral reasons) but the thought of actually doing them turns me off like a light. Curiously, I enjoy reading about them but the thought of doing them is repellant."

With that distinction between fantasy and reality crystal-clear, you are ready to proceed to...

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I started writing erotica in 2002 (after being an avid reader for 10 years beforehand).
I would love to get feedback, email me please at puppy52(at)ymail.com
feedback appreciated - criticism, suggestions, even errors and typos.

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