The Research Study Chapter 4

By Master Malrubius

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This story is intended for adults only. It contains depictions of forced nudity, spanking, and sexual activity of preteen and young teen children for the purpose of punishment. None of the behaviors in this story should be attempted in real life, as that would be harmful and/or illegal. If you are not of legal age in your community to read or view such material, please leave now. 

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[Chapter 4]

When they arrived home, John undressed and announced that he had to go to the bathroom, asking to have his belt removed. His mother asked how he had to go, and John replied that he only had to pee. She said that the belt could stay on for that, and he should do as the doctor suggested by standing in the bathtub to go so it wouldn't make a mess. His mother and sister followed him upstairs to supervise the activity, but when he got to his room he froze in a shock.
“Oh,” his mother started, “I forgot to mention, the research institute had some technicians come over while you were at school to install some equipment. Don't mind it dear, the doctor said it's necessary for your treatment.”
The first thing John noticed was the door of his room was completely missing, leaving it exposed to the hallway and stairwell which could be seen from the front door of the house. He stepped inside and noticed there was a new desk with a glass top and some strange equipment next to the chair. Then he turned around and stared at his bed, which was replaced with a bunk bed, except there was no mattress on top. It was just the metal frame with bars running across the top of it, and it didn't take long for him to realize its purpose.
“Moooom!” John groaned, “what is all this?”
“Just some things we will be using to apply your treatments, dear,” his mother replied. “That box next to your computer has something to do with the cameras. They hid them in the mirrors, and in the bathroom too, so the institute can monitor your progress. I think there's one underneath your desk as well, but did you notice your new computer?”
John went to the desk to examine the equipment. The computer looked state-of-the-art and he couldn't help but get a little excited at the thought. Then he tensed up when he fully realized that cameras would always be watching him in his room and bathroom, and would have a good view of his crotch when he sat down at the desk. He looked around and saw there was no place he could hide that would be out of view of either of the two mirrors in his room.
His mother said, “Come now, lets get on with your business. Your friend is going to show up in an hour and you have homework to do. I've got to get dinner ready too, so get going.”
John also noticed that the door to his bathroom was removed as well, and the shower curtain was replaced by a clear glass sliding door. He moaned as he stepped into the tub so his mother and sister could watch him pee.
At first he tried to hold the tube with his hand, but his mother said that was unnecessary and to put his hands behind him as he peed. He just looked down at penis, shriveled but held straight out by the tube, and went. The slot at the end was big enough that the urine flowed out without filling the tube, and his sister giggled as she watched it splash on his feet below him. When he finished he made an embarrassing shiver, causing both his sister and mother to let out a sharp cry of laughter, and then they filled the tub and made him sit down to wash out the tube. His mother told him to swish his penis around in the soapy water, which he did for about a minute before getting out and drying off.
John felt he was becoming resigned to his fate, and tiredly began working on his homework after his mother and sister left him. He had his belt on, and had already orgasmed twice earlier, so they felt comfortable leaving him alone. In a half-daze, he sat at his new desk and began working on math problems, distracted by his mother loudly talking on the phone downstairs. He couldn't make out the entire conversation, but he did hear her mention “dinner”, “Eric,” and “feeding,” while laughing several times. He knew she must have been talking to Eric's mother, and the knowledge of what was to come kept him from making any progress on his work.
After a few minutes of slow progress, he noticed the new computer screen turned on and a window popped open. It was an instant message from someone named “Research Staff”. It read, “John, this is one of the technicians at the lab monitoring your room. Please spread your legs apart as wide as possible while sitting at your desk, so our camera has full access to view your penis. Consider this instruction to be a standard treatment procedure any time you are sitting there. Thank you!”
John went pale, as he had already forgotten about the cameras. He just stared at the screen in grim disbelief as he spread his legs apart. If that was really someone from the research lab, they could easily contact his mother to recommend a punishment if he didn't respond. He moved his book and papers out of the way and looked down at his tube-encased penis through the glass desktop, wondering how he would ever get out of this predicament. He sat in a stunned silence until it had just started to get dark when the doorbell rang, and his mother called out for him.
He stood up, and from the empty door-frame of his bedroom he could look right down the stairs and see the front door in full view. His mother called for him again, louder this time, to go answer the door and keep his friend from waiting. Inevitability had taken its course, and John reluctantly trudged down the stairs to meet his fate. The doorbell had just run a third time when he opened the door to face his best friend and his mother. They all stood there for a moment staring, and John blushed when he saw both sets of eyes descend on his genitals. John was startled when his mother came from behind, putting her hands on his shoulders, as she came over to greet them.
“Nancy, Eric, come in,” Alice invited. “Dinner is almost ready, you're just in time. There's plenty of time for gawking, so lets eat and discuss the situation.”
“Woah, John,” Eric stammered as entered the house, “This is so... I can't believe... I mean my mom told me but...”
Eric's mother, Nancy, grinned widely and bent down to hug John. As she squeezed him she said, “Oh Johnny just look at you, so adorable. I want you to know how happy both of us are to be able to help you with your issue. Eric is just a little surprised now, I only told him about this in the car on the way here. You are such a brave little boy to be going through with such a treatment, and look at this!”
Nancy let John go but bent over further and took his penis tube into her hand, fondling it. John was just about dying with embarrassment as she wiggled it back and forth, commenting on it's features. He glanced at his friend, who was just staring wide eyed at what was taking place, and gave a big sigh. Though they were the same age, Eric was taller than John by almost 5 inches. They had seen each other naked in the past, but now they were older and this was a much different kind of situation. John was the only one naked here, or close enough with his clear chastity tube and stretched exposed testicles.
Nancy turned to her son and said, “Come look at your friend's belt, Eric. Isn't it neat?”
Eric snapped out of his shock and moved closer to John, checking out his penis. John's mom pointed out that the belt was to prevent him from masturbating without permission, and Eric had to stifle a laugh. He tapped on the plastic with his finger and took note of the measurement. “Only two inches? I thought you'd have caught up with me by now dude! And look how your balls are stretched out, isn't that uncomfortable?”
John groaned as he replied, “No, I mean, I got used it it, but... It just keeps me thinking about it.”
Alice admonished her son, “And besides, John, it should be closer to the full 3 inches. We have guests, and you know the rules. Your penis should be at full erection, tube or not, when you're around other people in the house.
John blushed and began fondling his testicles. His mother led them all into the kitchen and asked Kaylie to check that his penis was stiff before they all sat down to eat. John felt awkward being the only shirtless person eating, but at least for now his bottom was out of sight under the table. Still, he ate sullenly while listening to the women openly discuss his treatment and instructing Eric on his responsibilities. He saw that Eric was a little nervous too, as by this time it was obvious he was going to have to be naked in front of everyone as well, but his friend still seemed to show a proud confidence, and Kaylie shot him a few wide grins throughout the meal.
After dinner, John was made to clean up the table and dishes himself while everyone else went into the living room to wait for him. While doing the chore, he clearly overheard them talking from the other room. They were mostly encouraging Eric to give him confidence for the upcoming task. John noticed how differently they talked to Eric, opposed to how they addressed himself. For Eric, they were respectful an admiring, boosting his ego. For John, they were patronizing and overbearing, and only supportive in a condescending way.
The last thing he wanted was a punishment session with his best friend around to watch, so he resigned himself to getting the night over with. He tried to reason with himself that playing along would hopefully 'get him better', as his mom said, and he could leave the program as quick as possible. So when everything was cleaned, he let out a sigh and massaged his testicles until his penis hardened before heading into the living room to meet his fate.
Everyone was arranged in a tableau. Eric was sitting back in the middle of the couch, flanked by both mothers with their hands on his shoulders, while Kaylie sat cross legged on the big recliner. They all looked at him has he walked nearly naked and still totally exposed into the room.
“There he is,” his mother said, “now come here and let's get your belt off. We all felt it would be best if your penis could stay in its natural full up-and-down erection while you get a feeding, and your sister will need access to your bottom to exercise it during the procedure. Besides we only plan to use the belt when strictly necessary, for now, and I want to show Nancy how to remove it.”
John kept getting struck by the words people were using when referring to him, as though all of this was totally normal. But he moved up in front of his mother, who then shifted him so he was standing directly in front of his friend sitting on the couch. While casually commenting on it, Alice and Nancy both reached over and handled the belt as it was unlocked and removed, letting John's little penis spring up in front of all of them.
Nancy let out a gasp and commented on its small size to John's humiliation, “Oh, it really is so little. I thought the tube was holding it back, but it really is that size! Well hopefully Eric can help you, starting tonight, and you'll grow up quick for sure!”
John just sighed and nodded at her, and then his mother told him to kneel down right there. When he got down he stared right at the crotch of his friend's jeans, and at that point it really hit him. He knew the scene that played out earlier at the lab was going to happen again, except this time it would be a real penis and real cum that would spurt into mouth. It was also going to be his best friend, which somehow made this even more embarrassing, than if it was almost anybody else. He knew that after this, the relationship was always going to be different, that Eric would always have this over him, and that they would no longer be equal as friends. In his mesmerizing shock, almost drooling and staring at his friends crotch, he had a small feeling of betrayal that his friend would even do this to him.
He snapped out of it when Eric suddenly stood up in front of him. Apparently, they had already given him instructions as a care-giver while John was absent, and knew what was expected, having been encouraged to do so by the women present. Eric confidently dropped his jeans to the floor, revealing white boxer shorts partially covered by the bottom of his t-shirt, and looked expectantly down at John.
“Help your friend step out of his jeans dear,” John's mother instructed, “He will get to keep his shirt on, since he doesn't have to be fully naked like you, but he needs to keep his legs apart to give you full access.”
John looked down and held his friends jeans so they could easily be stepped out of. At Nancy's request, John then folded the pants and put them to the side. He turned around just to see his friend's big penis and thick bush flop out of the boxer shorts right in front of his face.
“Woah!” Kaylie yelled, jumping off the chair to stand behind her brother and get a closer look. “It's huge! It's gotta be like twice as big as Johnny's, at least!”
“That's a real well-developed penis of a normal boy,” their mother said, “hopefully with all of our help Johnny can get that big too, or at least close.
And then I can put all of this behind me, John hoped and thought.
“Oh, you really are all grown up now,” said Eric's mother, “It does put little Johnny to shame.”
Eric blushed as he looked about him at all of the females commenting on his penis, now that he was naked for the first time in front of all of them. Just like John before all of this got started, it was probably a year since his mother had last seen him naked. However, bolstered by all of the compliments, he stood up straight and looked down at his nearly drooling friend.
“Alright John,” Alice instructed, “Go ahead and do what you practiced with the doctor earlier today. Your friend is being very brave right now to go through with this and help with your treatment, so be nice to him back and make him feel good. This is something you are going to have to do a lot of, so the faster you get used to it, the easier it will be for both of you.”
“Don't forget the first part!” Teased John's sister. She locked eyes with Eric, and they both smiled wide at each other. Kaylie was dressed in a short tank top and pajama pants that were loose fitting but showed off the slight curves of her young hips and behind. The effect was that a lot of skin still showed and gave some excitement to Eric.
John sighed and gave in. His friend's penis was thickening a little but he still had to reach up to move it out of the way so he could lean in and put his mouth to his Eric's balls. He gave the warm sack a kiss and looked up.
“Thank you for feeding me,” he had remembered as instructed earlier, looking into his friend's eyes and silently begging to stop this, to forget it ever happened.
But it was happening, and his friend just look down at him with a wide grin and replied “You're welcome.”
Nancy interjected, speaking to Alice, “Oh that is so nice, I'm so glad we raised our children to be polite!”
Without any more hesitation, John closed his eyes and guided the tip of Eric's hardening penis into his mouth, sealing his lips on it. Eric let out just the slightest moan, and all of the women let out a giggle, though Kaylie wasn't as subtle about it as the others. John felt the warmth of the head of his friends thick penis, but didn't detect very much of a taste. It was maybe a little salty, he thought, but it was really not bad and the soft feeling of it led him to relax a little bit.
After an encouraging “go on,” from his mother, John went into the routine he had used on the plastic penis in the lab earlier that day. With everyone watching him closely, he began to slowly bob up and down on his friends now-hard penis.
“Open your eyes, Johnny,” his mother instructed, “you shouldn't be ashamed of what you're doing. Besides a lot of nonverbal communication is made and you need to learn how to make Eric feel as good as possible so he can produce more sperm for your medicine.”
Johnny opened his eyes and looked up. He could see his friend grinning wildly and looking down on him, while both mothers looked on from their sitting positions on the side. He continued to move his head up and down, but the fully grown size of his Eric's penis was hard to fully engulf. He was only able to get about halfway down with each stroke.
“Don't forget to use your tongue bro,” Kaylie said. John followed the instruction and began swirling his tongue around the penis in his mouth while he sucked it. This action excited a loud moan from Eric and another giggle from the females.
“How is it feeling, Eric?” Asked Nancy, putting her hand on her son's arm, “is he making you feel good?”
Eric replied to his mother in a stammer, “Uh... woah... this is crazy mom, but yeah it feels good. Mmmm wow yeah its really good! But I'd be more comfortable if I could sit down instead.”
Alice answered, “Go ahead and sit then Eric, that way Johnny can spend some time licking your testicles and working up a bigger load of sperm for you to feed him. Also, it will put him in a better position for his sister to exercise his rear. You're going to have to apply your sperm in there someday soon too, you know.”
Eric let out a grunt of approval as he withdrew his penis and laid back on the couch between to the two mothers, putting his legs straight out and spread wide apart. His large almost 7 inch thick boner was pointed right out at John, who got down on all fours and crawled up to put his face in his friend's crotch again.
“Spend some time licking and holding Eric's testicles in your mouth, dear,” John's mother said to him. At this point both mothers were massaging Eric's shoulders as they watched. “The doctor said to get as much mouth-to-genitals time as possible is recommended, and like I said you will work up a greater load of sperm to eat.”
As instructed, John began to lick and slobber all over his friends testicles. It seemed really natural to him, since he had a penis and balls he just imagined what might feel good to himself and did that on his friend. He took each testicle into his mouth and held it there, flicking it with his tongue while looking up at his friend's and both mother's smiling faces.
Meanwhile, he felt a warm hand spreading his butt apart and realized his sister was about to use the vibrator on him like earlier. He tensed up for a moment but relaxed again when he remembered how much better it felt when he just gave in to the violation. With his friend's testicles in his mouth, he let out a muffled moan as Kaylie slowly twisted the small vibrator into his butt. For this moment, he saw that everyone else stopped looking at his sucking to watch this other humiliating insertion.
“Oh that must feel so great for Johnny,” Nancy said, “look how his hard little penis is, and leaking so much! He must enjoy doing this so much, and didn't you say he already have two cums today? It's amazing how great it is to be young!”
Alice instructed Kaylie to get John's sperm collection cup and place it under his penis to catch all of the leaking precum, which she did, running off to another room while leaving the vibrator buzzing inside him. When she got back, she resumed the fucking and twisting motion of it, causing John to write and moan louder as he licked his friend's ballsack.
Eric then gave his first instruction to John, “Alright get back on my dick now! This is driving me crazy.” Nancy laughed at her son's forcefulness and suggested he hold on to his friend's head to set the pace of his sucking. As John took his penis back into his mouth, Eric followed his mother's advice and put a hand on his friend's head, simply laying it there as John continued moving up and down.
Eric was in an emotional frenzy, he couldn't believe he was getting his first blowjob from his best friend in front of both of their moms, and it just felt so amazingly great. He really liked his friend John, and though he felt a little guilty that he was the one getting the good part of the deal, he was getting more excited that this was going to be a real part of their relationship from now on. Realizing that he was going be able to get this whenever he wanted was almost like winning the lottery to him, and he started to get to the edge of orgasm and breath more heavily as his friend sped up the pace on his dick.
“Slow down dear,” Alice instructed her son, “You need to learn to work on your friend's penis for long periods of time in order to extract the maximum dosage of medicine. Just alternate your sucking with long slow licks from top to bottom, there you go.”
Both mothers felt Eric tense up but then relax as John slowed his pace. Kaylie was glued to the action as well, but continued to slowly “exercise” her brother's butt with the vibrator. At times, she would see Eric just gazing at her hypnotically, mouth open.
“Eric's penis must be feeling really good right now,” John's mother said out loud. Then, addressing Eric she said, “But you've got to learn to slow down too. You and John should practice holding out as long as you can, that way you can give nice big spurts to help him as much as possible. Isn't that what you want?”
“Nnnnng,” Eric groaned and sputtered, “Y-yeah!”
Nancy then instructed her son, “Then tell him, dear. Tell John if he's doing a good job, and how much you want to help him. It will make him feel better, I think, and he'll do it better too. It's really best for both of you if you're more vocal and straightforward about what you want.”
Eric looked back down at his friend, who was looking up as he sucked. He started to ramble, “yeah John, you're sucking my dick real good. Man who knew this could feel so good? Oh god, mom I can't believe your seeing this, Kaylie too, this is nuts, but you're gonna make me cum, John. I wanna help you get better too, keep sucking me and I'll give you a nice load! It's gonna help your little penis grow up like mine, and then we'll both have big dicks and it'll be awesome!”
John just kept sucking and licking and looking up at his friend who continued his rant, “Oh yeah, that's good keep doing that thing with your tongue... yeah! This weekend is gonna be so much fun, and our moms say they want my dick in your mouth as much as possible, I can't believe this! Oh yeah, yeah! Keep doing that!”
Eric went on like this for a little while longer as John worked as hard as possible to get the event over with without angering his mom for 'going too fast'. John followed his friend's instructions until Eric put both hands on his head holding it in place. Eric then began his own rocking motion, pushing his penis into John's throat just like his sister had done with the dildo earlier. It was obvious that Eric couldn't hold back any longer, and was getting very close to orgasm. John tried to relax as much as he could, and allow his friend to fuck his mouth, but his big cock still choked him a little on each stroke.
Noticing Eric's increasing desire, all of the females started giving him encouragement.
“Oh son,” said Nancy, “Give Johnny your big penis, give him your sperm! Go ahead, you're making me so proud! Help your friend dear, feed him what he needs!”
“Good job Eric!” Said Alice, “Do what you need to make that big penis feel as good as possible! He really needs your sperm dear, please give him a big load!”
“Woah Eric,” Said Kaylie, “You're really a pro! You're fucking his mouth real good and I'm fucking his ass.” She laughed, “You're getting really fucked bro! Eric, just wait till you get to do this end, I bet you'll go crazy!”
With this encouragement, Eric picked up the pace, holding John's head in place and forcefully fucking his friend's mouth. Alice commented that her son would have learn to take his friend's penis all the way in, and that this was good practice, to which Nancy replied she was sure they would be experts at this in no time. Kaylie tried to stay on the same beat as Eric, manipulating the vibrator to match the rhythm of his movement.
In one final thrust, Eric lifted is butt fully off the couch seat and rammed himself all the way into his friend's mouth. John gagged fearfully out of pain and surprise, his nose now pressed into his friend's thick pubic bush, unable to breath. This is it, he thought, and heard his friend let out a deep moan as he felt the large penis filling his throat spasm. Feeling the first blast of sperm hit the back of his throat, he bucked out of instinct, trying to clear his airway. Both his friend holding his head in place from the front and his sister pounding him in the rear kept him from moving.
A good handful of shots were fed right into him from his friend's penis for what seemed to him like forever. When Eric finally withdrew from his mouth, he tearfully gasped for air.
“Woahhhh, oh man, sorry dude!” Eric said down to his friend, “That was just... that was so awesome! Holy crap!”
John just stared at the hard cock that just orgasmed in his mouth, catching his breath.
“You did such a great job Eric,” said Nancy, “I'm so proud of you!”
“What should you say to your friend?” Alice admonished her son, “He just helped you with a very important part of your treatment!”
Totally defeated, he leaned back in to kiss his friend's balls and once again repeated his humiliating task. “Thank you for feeding me,” he rasped in an exhausted tone. Kaylie had stopped moving the vibrator, but it still buzzed in his bottom and his own hard penis was full on display. “Johnny's Masturbation Cup” had already collected a copious amount of pre-cum.
“Wonderful!” John's mother continued, “That was such a great performance, from both of you! Good job Eric, indeed! It made me so happy to see you help my son in such an intimate way. Now, Johnny, why don't you have your last masturbation of the day right now. You should put your mouth back on Eric's penis too, look he is already leaking some left over sperm you need to catch.”
John did what he was told and grabbed at his friend's softening penis, which caused Eric to flinch. Alice explained that his penis was probably very sensitive and that John should just gently hold the head in his mouth and lightly suckle on it while he masturbated himself. With tears still dripping down his face from the forceful mouth-fucking, he remained kneeling over in front of his friend, holding the leaking tip of Eric's penis in his mouth and began rubbing himself.
By now he was getting used to masturbating openly in front of his family, but now he was doing it while holding his best friend's leaking penis in his mouth, after just having sucked and swallowed sperm from it. His tears were drying up, but he still felt completely humiliated as he jerked himself. Since he had already done it a few times that day, this time took a little longer. Kaylie was more gentle with his behind, and the mothers began to chat idly about the situation before them. They each touched John's cheek and praised him for his perseverance and encouraged him to spurt lots of semen into his cup.
After a few minutes of jerking off, Eric's penis began to stiffen again in John's mouth. Finally, the stimulation was getting intense and he began to show the telltale signs of impending orgasm. Noticing this, Alice asked Nancy if she wanted the honor of holding the masturbation cup to catch all of John's sperm, to which Nancy enthusiastically accepted. She knelt down on the floor next to John and took the cup in her hands.
“Oh this is so fun,” said Nancy, “look at him go! I can't wait to see the sperm shoot out of your penis, John. I'm going to catch it for you, give me all you've got!”
Kaylie began to move the vibrator faster as she saw her brother tense up, obviously about to shoot. “Go on and cum, perv,” she said, “Looks like you're really enjoying having dicks and cum inside you. Just wait till all your other friends have a shot at you, you're gonna get all you can handle!”
“Oh your sister just loves to tease, doesn't she?” said John's mother, “But she's right, think about how your friend's penis feels in your mouth as you spurt, dear. It will help you gain acceptance of the situation and make your treatment easier. Now go ahead and shoot your sperm now, show us all you can be a big boy if you try!”
John let out a muffled, “I'm cumming mommy,” to the best of his ability with his mouth currently occupied by the once again stiff penis. He shot several spurts of cum into the cup held by his friend's mother as he orgasmed for the third time that day. His performance was met with congratulations from all present. Even Eric offered him a “good job, man, nice load! I bet that felt nice.”
Eric continued, “That was really cool how your mouth felt on my dick when you came just now. It's like you were really making love to it, man. Kinda weird, but it felt cool!” Both mothers commented that John must have really enjoyed doing it.
John was finally allowed to sit up, as Kaylie withdrew and shut off the vibrator. Without further instruction, Nancy lifted the masturbation cup to his lips and slowly fed him his own cum as they all encouraged him to drink it. It was all over, he thought, as he tried to gather his senses. His mouth and bottom were very sore from this long sucking and jerking session, and he just wanted to go to bed. He was about to ask for permission when Nancy spoke up.
“Oh dear, your penis is hard again, even after a nice sucking like that?” Nancy said to her son, “Well that's all right, its for the best if you can give little Johnny another feeding tonight.”
Alice offered, “You're right, but lets give them a break. Eric's staying all weekend and they have all night to have fun. Now that the treatment procedure is over with, and the boys know what's expected of them, let's all just relax and watch some television until its time for them to go off to bed. I'm sure Eric's probably going to want to practically sleep all night connected to Johnny's mouth, but there's plenty of time for that.”
Just as John breathed a sigh of relief and started to get up, thinking he was going to get some rest for at least a short while, his mother addressed him.
“Uh-uh,” she said to her son, “You stay down there and gently lick on your friend's testicles. Work up another good load he can spurt for you later, right before bed.
John heard the television turn on as he dejectedly followed instructions. Eric's penis softened and stiffened throughout as his focus shifted from his friend's licking to the television and back. They all relaxed, except John, for almost 45 minutes before Nancy announced she was leaving for the evening. With John still licking, she kissed her son's forehead and told him how proud she was before saying good night and heading out. Shortly after that Kaylie went off to her room after reminding her mother that Sarah and Jane were also coming over the next day.
Alice replied that she was sure everyone was going to have a lot of fun and then ushered both boys up to bed. Eric left his pants off and followed his naked friend up to his room, surprised at the changes that had taken place. John's mother instructed them to sleep together in the bed, and watched them settle in from the open doorway. As John sat on the bed, watching is friend play on the computer, she went to bed herself to leave them to their own devices. Eric was going to have to learn to take responsibility as a care-giver, she thought, so best to leave him some space and get used to it.
And “take responsibility” is exactly what Eric did, as the boys had a long night and weekend ahead of them.

(The End)