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Hello. I'm just a guy who likes to write. And who enjoys dirty stories. So, I've decided to write my own. Hope you enjoy them and remember they all are fiction. Comments are welcomed at Or you can visit my blog.

Futa Stories
A collection of unrelated futa stories.

Haunted by the Futa Ghosts
Yoshiko gets quite the surprise when a 500 year old ghost of a futanari shrine maiden haunts her! Glossary of Terms

Amai: Sweet, sugary.

Aokigahara:“Sea of Trees.” A forest on the slopes of Mount Fuji, a dark and primordial place. It is infamous for being haunted. Also called “the Demon Forest” and “the Suicide Forest.” 500 recorded suicides have taken place in the woods in the modern era and more suicides take place in the woods than anywhere else in Japan.

Chichi: Tits.

Daimyo: A feudal lord who rules territory and has retainers of samurai serving him. The equivalent of a duke or baron in European titles.

Doujinshi: Often refers to indie produced Manga (Japanese comics), general released in small issues instead of the larger collections of traditional Manga. They are “fanfiction” versions of popular Anime and Manga series, with Hentai Doujinshi being quite common. Many Manga-ka (comic book artist) have their start creating Doujinshi. There are entire conventions dedicated to this subculture where popular circles (groups) release their latest works.

Gaijin: Foreigner.

Gohei:A wand with two shide used in Shinto ceremonies often wielded by miko, especially when dancing the Kagura.

Hakama: A style of Japanese trousers with wide, skirt-like pant legs.

Haragushi: “Lightning wand.” An implement used in Shinto religion in ceremonies. It has a single shide, differentiating it from a gohei used by Shrine Maidens.

Haori: Similar to a kimono, but thicker and worn over it like a coat.

Hangetsu: A fictional deity (kami) in Shintoism associated with the phases of the moon. Sometimes seen as hermaphroditic since the changing phases of the moon were sometimes associated with the changing of gender.

Hentai: Japanese for “perverted.” The commonly-used word for porn in Japan. Also called ecchi (Japanese transliteration of the English letter H). Greatly associated with Anime porn and adult comics.

-hime: A suffix that means princess. Mitsuko-hime would mean Princess Mitsuko. The Japanese have a large variety of suffixes they attach to names that mean different things. The most common is -san. It is rare for a Japanese person not to use some suffix (-chan, -kun, -senpai, -sensei) when addressing another.

Ie: No.

Iku: Cumming.

Itadori: Japanese name for knotted ragweed (also known as the giant elphant ear plant). In the Hiko province in ancient japan, dildos were made from the fibrous plant. Do to saporin found in the plant, it increased blood flow in the genitals increasing sexual pleasure.

Jigoku: The Japanese word for Naraka, the Buddhist Hell, ruled over by the deity Emma O.

Joro: Slut

Kagura: A ritual dance performed by shrine maidens. It can come in many forms depending on the shrine where it is performed.

Kami: A spirit in Japanese Shinto that can range in power from the simple energy found in every object, like a rock, to the mighty gods like Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess.

Kitsune: A fox spirit, often seen as a trickster.

Kokeshi: A type of wooden, Japanese dolls with smooth sides and bulbous heads. Became slang for dildo in Feudal Japan because of growing girls discovering new uses for their phallic-shaped toys.

Kuso: Shit.

Momo jiri: Peach ass (round ass).

Miko: A Japanese shrine maiden, who wear red hakama and a white haori while performing ceremonies, usually sacred dances (the Kagura) and cleansings, at Shinto shrines throughout Japan.

Musuko: Dick.

Ofuda: A folded piece of rice paper with prayers written in Japanese script to ward against evil or bless an object.

Ojo-sama: A title that means roughly noble lady. An equivalent would be 'your highness' in English.

Omeko, Omanko, Kai, Hamaguri: Various Japanese words for pussy and cunt.

Onryo: A vengeful ghost (yurei), often one who died in tragic circumstances, like murder or suicide. They are often accompanied by hitodama (will o' wisps).

Oppai: Tits, generally big ones.

Otosan: Father.

Paizuri: Titty fuck that ends in a pearl necklace.

Shide: A chain of zigzag, diagonally folded paper that are used to bless objects, often hung in houses and also adorn haragushi and gohei, types of wands used in Shinto ceremonies.

Tatami Mat: Woven mats the Japanese covered their floors with before modern times. Rooms in Japan are still measured by how many tatami mats would take to cover the floors.

Tori: The gates found before a Shinto shrine, usually painted red.

Yari: A polearm weapon with a long, straight blade at the end.

Yokai: A word that means demon or malicious entity. They come in a wide variety of forms, sometimes humanoid, or other times animal like the turtle-like kappa or the bird like tengu. Some can shapeshift or possess humans.

Yomi: The World of Darkness, a plane of existence where the dead go in the Shinto religion.

Yukata: A kimono often worn in summer, made of a lighter fabric and often with a shorter length.

Yurei : Japanese word for ghost (literally, faint soul).

Yuri: The Japanese word for lilies. It has become associated with lesbianism from the euphemism “smells like lilies” referring to homosexual activities between girls.