The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive
Author: Maximilian Cummings
Story: The Train

The Train

Let me tell you about a time, many years ago, when my mind influencing abilities were not developed and still comparatively weak. From an early age I had felt I could influence people but it was only in my mid twenties that I became confident and able to direct my thoughts.

To reach my place of work I commuted every day by train. A long journey and often tedious. On Thursday evenings I had begun to notice a particular schoolgirl and boy who were obviously attracted to each other. They would sit towards the end of the platform waiting for my train holding hands, talking and laughing together. I judged them to be seventeen, perhaps eighteen, and, from their uniforms were at the same school. She blond, her hair in a long plait down her back, was quite short with a pale complexion and stunning blue eyes. He too was fair haired, but tall and, I supposed, fairly athletic.

One evening I decided to get a little closer to them and made a point of getting into the same carriage as them. The railway still had, though it must have been one of the last with them, the sort of carriage which was divided into compartments but without a corridor. Each compartment had two rows or benches of cushioned seats with luggage racks above. Once in the compartment you were in it until the train stopped in the next station where you could get out of one of the doors on either side of the compartment whichever side the station platform was on.

My arrival in the compartment just as the train pulled out plainly annoyed them. Two pairs of cross eyes glared at me as I sat down in a corner and got out my newspaper. With a jolt the train pulled out of the station on its twenty minute or so journey to the next station. After a time I closed my eyes, allowed my newspaper to droop and gave the impression of having nodded off. In fact I was regarding them through slightly parted lids and my glasses: I was also exerting my mental power willing them to relax, accept my presence and ignore me. Gradually I saw them settle and begin to whisper quietly together. Before long they were not simply holding hands but kissing, mouth to mouth or rather open mouth to open mouth. A quick glance at me and the boy's hand crept up briefly to cup the girl's breast through her cotton print dress. My influence was clearly working. I exuded calm, willed them to ignore me and at the same time endeavoured to increase their passion. I began to physically feel, to sense, their arousal.

The boy's hand rested lightly on the girl's knee closest to him. His fingers edged under the hem of her dress causing the girl to break off her kiss, look at him sharply and then at me. I can recall wondering whether he had ventured so far before. Was she unnerved by this new venture caused by my mental promptings or simply by me being in the carriage? Was this perhaps their regular Thursday homeward journey activity? I willed calm and unconcern at the girl, she shrugged and resumed kissing the boy. His hand slid higher. My eyes were now open as I saw her knees part letting the thin cotton dress material dip down into her lap. His hand was now moving under the cotton material of her dress to the top of her thigh. Her hand moved so as to stop him climbing higher and he withdrew it. Almost immediately he moved his hand up to her chest and began unbuttoning the top of her dress. One button, two buttons, three buttons and I could see the white of her bra and the pink swell of her breasts above it. His hand dipped in and cupped her right breast within her bra. Much to my delight he pushed his hand downwards a bit and lifted her breast up and out of her bra. Between his fingers I could see her pale pink nipple peaking. He glanced round at me but not before I had shut my eyes. "Ignore, ignore," I thought, " the man is not a worry, his presence does not worry you."

Their kissing and mild groping continued all the way to the next station but apart from resting his hand on her thigh the petting did not proceed any further. After the boy left the girl sat looking out of the window until her station but I was encouraged that she looked up and smiled at me in farewell as she got out of the compartment.

The following week I sat further back down the platform under cover as it was raining. As the train drew up I saw them making their way up the platform. Again I followed them and as I opened the door to their compartment I concentrated on influencing their reaction by projecting feelings of welcome and unconcern. To my relief their faces did not register hostility and the boy even raised his hand in greeting.

The train pulled out and I unfolded my paper but gave the impression as the week before of soon dozing off. They pulled closer to each other and like the previous week began kissing. They glanced at me but I appeared asleep. Once again the boy's hand crept into the girl's bra and lifted out her breast. This time, though, with a glance at me he applied his mouth to the nipple. My view was, unfortunately, obscured by his head but I had little doubt this was what he was doing. Once more I projected my thoughts to them, thoughts of unconcern, safety and sex. His hand crept under her dress and up her thigh. She peeked out at me and let her hand touch the front of his trousers. She stroked the bulge there gently.

I moved my paper noisily and pretended to wake up. They pulled sharply apart, the girl hurriedly tucking her breast back into her dress. I feigned not to notice. "Oh sorry, please please, don't let me disturb your cuddle, I'm sure you get precious little opportunity, it's good to see young people happy in each other's arms." I smiled re-assuringly and they both smiled back as they put their arms around each other. Things were going well from my point of view. I was being accepted. They re-commenced and whilst the boy did not attempt to touch the girl's breast again, hands definitely did a lot of stroking around thighs.

At the next station the boy got out. The girl said nothing to me for the remainder of the journey but again she smiled and this time waved her hand as she left.

I was on the platform ready the next Thursday and they came and sat not far from me. Both smiled and waved in greeting. Would they try and sit in a different compartment. As the train came in I stood near them. They looked for an empty compartment and I followed them in. Exuding ease, friendship and arousal I looked at them as I once more got my paper out. They appeared to be unconcerned at my presence and were immediately in each other's arms kissing and petting before I had really commenced my pretence at dozing. I concentrated my mental efforts on increasing their arousal. It was not long before the girl's breast was exposed and the boy fingering her pale pink nipple, rubbing it with one finger to ensure its erection. His attempts had the desired effect.

The girl wriggled her bottom and spread her legs a little further, causing her slightly rumpled dress to ride up a bit revealing more of her legs. The boy's hand returned to its previous weeks' journeys under her dress but this time met no opposition. His arm moved further enabling its hand to continue its exploration. I soon judged, looking with eyes open, that his hand was touching her sex through her panties. Her arms around him pulled tighter and suddenly she stiffened. I guessed, though could not see, that his fingers had slipped under the edge of her panties and into the warm wet folds of her sex. The regular pushing of his arm suggested to me his fingers were now together and pushing up and down in her vagina. One of her arms detatched itself from around his neck and moved down to his trousers, resting on the lump that had appeared there in the last few minutes. Her fingers found his fly and pulled down his zipper. Reaching inside she pulled out his erect penis. She stroked it, running her fingers lightly up and down its length befoe beginning to pull his foreskin backwards and forwards. The girl began to wriggle and clamp and unclamp her legs together on the boy's hand pulling his mouth tighter to her, and moving her hand faster and faster on his penis before shuddering and letting out a deep moan. Her hand fell away from his penis and her head fell back from his. Her eyes opened wide and looked straight into mine. I nodded and smiled. To my relief there was no feeling from her of panic, alarm or embarrassment. She simply smiled back, turned back to the boy and put her hand back on his cock and stroked it gently. The boy took his hand from beneath her dress and lent back closing his eyes. Reaching in her handbag she got out a tissue, unfolded it across the boys belt and resumed the regular up and down movement on his foreskin. She whispered, "are you nearly ready, the station can't be too far away?" The boy nodded his assent. The girl's hand movement continued steadily, her eyes fixed on his penis, suddenly with no warning the boy's cock spurted. One, two, three and four strong spurts left his cock and fell onto the tissue. The girl's movement slowed. Carefully she wiped her hand and the boy's now shrinking penis on another tissue before placing it away and hiding the tissues in her handbag.

The boy was flushed but like the girl seemed almost oblivious to my presence. They had judged the timing of the ejaculaton well as almost immediately we drew into the station. With a hurried kiss the boy got out and we were left alone.

"You only take the train Thursdays?" I ventured.

"Mmm, Bill and I have sports on Thursdays so we get home late. Other days he gets a lift." I went back to my newspaper but she contnued, " I hope we didn't disturb you."

"No, not at all," I assurred her, "it is good to see young people having a good time and enjoying healthy pursuits." The incongruity of her comments and my reply had not struck her. I was pleased my influence had been so effective.

During the course of the next week I looked forward to Thursday with considerable anticipation. Commuting on the other days was tedious. Imagine my disappointment as I sat on the platform that Thursday there was no sign of Bill and his girlfriend. The train pulled in and reluctantly I got into the self same compartment . It was empty. I sat myself in the corner and with a sigh began to read. The whistle blew, I shrugged my shoulders as I turned a page and, to my delight, just as the train began to move the door was wrenched open and in they tumbled. Breathing hard they shut the door and slumped onto the seat opposite me.

I concentrated on pushing calm and pleasure at them, recognition and friendship.

"Hallo," they both said in unison with a smile.

"Are you both well," I asked, " you nearly missed the train."

"Hell of a rush" said the girl, " we were swimming at school and there was hardly time to dry and get to the station. In fact I've still got my swimming coustume on." Sure enough, her dress was damp in patches and through the wet her black all in one swimsuit could be seen. Her hair was damp and droplets of water dripped from it. "It's really uncomfortable," said the girl, "would you mind if I change?"

"No, not at all," I replied," and Bill is it the same for you?"

"Well, I got my trunks off but I didn't really dry. Had to move quickly!"

The girl pulled at her bag and extracted her towel and started to undo the buttons of her dress exposing her black costume. "Are you sure you don't mind," she said.

"No, please, do get dry, it must be most uncomfortable." Her dress removed I was able to admire her shapely body. She reached up and pulled a strap of her swimming costume off her shoulder and down her arm exposing one breast. The wet and cold had made her nipple stand out. Bill was watching her as intently as I was. Pausing, she looked at Bill who was watching her. "Are you going to change too?"

"Yes Claire," he said reaching for his towel but not actually starting to undress. The other strap followed exposing her quite large and firm breasts surmounted by hard pink nipples, shoes followed and then, in one swift movement, the clinging black material was pulled down thighs and dropped in a wet heap on the floor. Claire stood naked and still rather wet, in the middle of the compartment. Her fair pubic hair was slicked back against her skin, wet from the swimming pool. Between her thighs her pink inner lips showed between just a hint of further fair hair.

Bill was positively staring at her, "I've never seen you completely naked before, Claire, you look great." Claire turned to Bill revealing her back view to me. Above her firm bottom cheeks were two dimples. Her bottom jiggled as she turned to place her towel on the seat.

Claire sat down on the towel beside Bill, "Well, I have not seen you naked either Bill, come on clothes off!"

Bill glanced at me and whispered to her, "but I've got an erection."

I emanated unconcern.

"I'm sure he does'nt mind," she addressed me, "do you?"

"Please don't mind me, I have my paper to read."

Bill undid his shirt buttons and dropped his trousers to the floor. His body was indeed well toned and from the join of his muscular thighs he sported a fine erection about seven inches long with a well shaped but rather pale head. He sat down beside Claire and took hold of her breasts in both hands. They kissed long and hard. Claire's hand stole to his erection and began the manipulations of the week before. It was not long before her legs parted giving me an excellent view of her sex. Bill's fingers moved to her bush and slid downwards. I watched as he pushed a finger into her.

Claire looked up at me, "I thought you had your paper to read."

"Come off it," I said, "this view is much more interesting!"

She laughed and opened her legs a little wider. Bill pushed his finger in and out of her and with his thumb began to massage her clitoris. Soon he had bunched three fingers together and was pushing these in and out.

Claire let go of Bill's cock and swung her legs up and over Bill so her bottom was resting against his thigh and her wide spread thighs across his lap. She lay back along the seat. This gave Bill much greater access and a close view. He took advantage of this by applying both hands to her sex. His penis was only about six inches away from her sex and Bill realised by pushing it sideways he could stroke the end along Claire's sex. She moaned particularly when he lodged his penis just into her vagina. I lent forward. It was only in about half an inch but it was in.

"Bill, you shouldn't do that, no protection," panted Claire.

He lifted her legs and got out from under her. Turning he moved his head down and between her thighs and started to lick the inside of her thighs close to where they joined.

"Oh Bill, your not going to..." But he was. The effect of Bill's tongue on Claire was dramatic. She spasmed and came rather noisely. A rather wet faced Bill came out from between her legs and sat back on the seat. Claire's legs squeezed together and Bill gently stroked her pubic mound.

"Bill that was fantastic," she said. She looked at Bill's hard penis. "What should I do with it?"

"It would be nice if you would suck it."

"Ooh, um, yes me friend Sara has talked about that, it seems a strange thing to do." She looked at me, I was strongly trying to mentally influence her assent. "Is that what I should do?"

"Well Bill has been between your legs and you, I could see, rather liked him there, and I'm sure you'd like doing the same for Bill. Think of it as a large lollipop, lick it a bit and suck it."

"But he'll come in my mouth."

"He doesn't have to, but boys do like to come in girl's mouths. There is something very sexy about a girl sucking a cock and letting the boy cum there. You don't have to swallow, you can spit it out."

Claire looked at Bill's cock and bent closer to it. I moved up the seat a bit to get a better look. Noticing my movement Claire looked up, "You're trying to watch me."

"Yes, as I said boys like a girl sucking a cock - it's good to watch as well. Do you mind?"

"Does it excite you then?"

I motioned to the lump in my trousers, "Yes of course."

Claire's head was very close to Bill's cock. "I think it would be easier if you stood up, Bill." Claire sat naked on the seat, her legs apart with her wet sex very visible and still swollen. Bill got up and came round to stand between her legs placing his hands up and onto the luggage rack to hold him reasonably steady as the train rocked along the track. Being tall his penis was on a level with Claire's mouth. It stood sprouting upwards from his pubic hair at an angle of 45 degrees. Bill watched intently as Claire leaned towards it, her right hand reached up and took his ball sack and cradled it. Her mouth opened slightly and her tongue slipped out. She wet her lips. With the tip of her tongue she flicked the end of Bill's cock. It jerked upwards and Claire smiled. I watched as her lips opened and she ever so gently took the first half of his cock head into her mouth. Her eyes closed and she sucked in the whole head. She let it slip outagain and then licked underneath the head.

"Is that OK Bill?" she asked.

"Claire it's fantastic, please do it again."

Claire licked around his head, following my suggestion of treating it as a lollipop, before once more sucking it into her mouth. This time she took it in deeper. Bill started to move his hips gently forwards and backwards. Claire moved back, "No Bill, let me do the moving I don't want you down my throat if the train lurches too much!" She moved her hand up from his balls and held his cock between thumb and forefinger near its base and resumed her sucking. She glanced sideways at me, slipped her mouth off Bill's cock and said, "please wank if you want to," before putting his penis back between her lips. The train rattled on with Bill, arms raised, holding onto the luggage racks, swaying as the train continued on its way. An unusual sight should anyone catch a glimpse as we went past. A naked youth stands in the carriage arms raised sporting an impressive erection, he is being sucked by a naked girl, her breasts jiggling to the movement of the train whilst another, although clothed, man watches intently.

"Claire, I'm about to come," gasped Bill. I was impressed to see Claire made no movement to disengage. I could see Bill's scrotum tighten as he began to shoot into Claire's mouth. Her eyes opened but she did not pull back as her mouth filled with Bill's cum.

I glanced at the window and realised we were almost at the station.

"Quick both of you, it's the station." Claire drew back in a flash, gulped and grabbed for her dress. Bill, penis still dribbling semen, pulled on his trousers and shirt. As the train stopped he was tying his shoelaces. He opened the door, dropped out, closed the door and reached up to kiss Claire through the open window. She reached her head out and they kissed open mouthed. I could see Bill's eyes open wide as he realised what the salty taste was in Claire's mouth. "Bye Claire, thank you, see you." The train began to pull out and Claire settled back in her seat, ran her tongue around her lips and looked at me.

"Was that OK?," I asked.

"Well, I had meant to spit it out but what with coming into the station, I just swallowed. Bill really filled my mouth, it seemed more came out than when he does it on my hand. You are alright about this, aren't you, I mean us having sex in front of you but it's the only time we have. I'm sorry if you thought it rude when I said you could wank"

"Of course it was alright. I like to watch you having fun. Two young bodies together. Lovely to see"

"You are kind," Claire looked down at my trousers. "Oh dear, we seem to have made you hard and it's not gone down yet." It was not actually likely to do so in a hurry given I could see Claire's nipples were still pushing at her thin cotton dress, its hem was well above her knees and I knew that was all she had on.

"It will, it just takes time. You'll need to finish dressing, you're not really decent like that." Claire looked down, laughed and begun to underdo her buttons again exposing her breasts. She looked at me again.

"This is not going to ease your erection is it!"

"Er, not exactly, but please you do need to get properly dressed and, really, I do not mind looking at you."

"Shall I help you with that." Claire offered. This was what I had been hoping to hear. My influence was very clearly working.

"Well, if you don't mind I...." but Claire was already unzipping my fly and reaching in. I helped by undoing my belt and opening my trousers. My cock sprang out of my shorts.

"That's better. It's free and in the open now." Claire reached out to stroke it. "It's different from Bill's," she said as she ran one finger down the shaft. "More knobbly and with more veins, nice though." She moved her hand up and down a few times. "Shall I take my dress off? I expect you'd like to touch me." Leaving go of my cock she pulled the dress over her head and was once more naked before me. I reached out and touched her left breast and then stroked her pubic hair. She sat down beside me and grasped my penis and moved her hand up and down again. She watched intently as the nut disappeared and reappeared from the foreskin. "It's funny how different they are," she said, "you would think they would all look the same."

"Not really, people's faces are different, people's noses are different, girl's breasts are different one girl to another."

"Compared them a lot have you?" she laughed.

"So it's not surprising there is variety in penises." She lowered her head closer.

"Would you like me to suck you like I did Bill?"

"Well I.... yes please Claire."

I could feel her breath on the sensitive tip of my cock, though with her head over my lap I could not see her mouth. The anticipation was tremendous. I stroked her hair.

"Are you alright to do this?" I said but, in reply, I felt wet lips touch my sensitive knob and then suck me into her mouth. Her lips moved down my shaft and then up as she gently fellated me. Outside the window the green fields flashed by. Her tongue licked my glans as she continuted to stroke me up and down with her lips. Gently I lifted her head off me. My penis smacked back against my stomach.

"Claire, I'm about to come."

"Come in my mouth, I'm happy with that." She resumed her attention to my penis. I relaxed back into the seat and let myself, well, just come. My scrotum tightened and I felt that first rush up my cock and was immersed both in the pleasure of the release and also in the knowledge that I was emptying myself into Claire's oh so pretty mouth. She did not leave my cock straight away but allowed it to shrink in her mouth. She rolled it around on her tongue sucking up the last few drops of my cum. Finally she let it drop from her mouth and looked up at me.

"I like that, it's fun, next week I'll do it to Bill again and you too if you like."

"Have you and Bill had intercourse yet?" I asked.

"Er no, um I er don't want to get pregnant."

"Have you thought about the Pill?" I exerted persuasive thoughts though I suspected little push would be needed.

"I could see the doctor."

"In the meantime I'm sure you and Bill would be alright with some rubbers."

"Yes, I suppose so. It would be rather good to try and you'll be here to help won't you?" It seemed to me my mental efforts had resulted in me gaining a remarkable amount of trust from Claire. I could not really see she and Bill would need "help" in such a basic animal activity but naturally I readily assented.

"Of course, I am here on Thursdays."

In fact intercourse did not happen the next week or the week after. Thursday came around all too slowly but only Claire turned up.

"Hallo, poor Bill is not well, he's got the 'Flu."

We got into the usual carriage. Claire talked away mostly about Bill but also about her school work, exams and the like. The more I learnt about her, and indeed Bill, the more I liked them. After a time her talk came round to sex.

"I do wish Bill was here, I do wish he was well, it must be horrible for him stuck in bed with the 'Flu. I wish I could be with him, certainly in bed and with him but without the 'Flu. I did so like him licking me between my legs and me sucking him. Do you think we will be able to fuck next week?"

"I expect so, so long as the compartment is free. You liked being licked?"

"Yes. I can't stop thinking about it. Wouldn't it be awful if we were stuck with somebody watching and we had to sit still and just talk." She seemed no longer to view me as an intruder in their relationship, an outsider.

"Would you like me to wank you today?"

"Yes I'd like that. Come on, knickers off lets see if I can make you come." Claire did not need much bidding, she slipped her panties off and stood before me. Slowly I lifted her dress up by the sides exposing he tummy and the vee of her thighs with her fine fair hair and pink slit showing through. I lent forward and ran my tongue down her tummy, through her belly button to her pubic hair. She shivered. I sat her down on the seat, gently pulled her knees apart, knelt on the floor and moved my head under her dress and began to lap at her sex. She was already surprisingly wet and wriggled a lot as I pushed my tongue up into her folds. I let my tongue glide up and down the lips for a few minutes before slipping upwards and stroking her clitoris with it. I suppose I was locked for about five minutes between her soft thighs before she came, it was difficult to be aware of time hidden away inside her cotton dress with the soft wetness so very close.

Standing I removed my trousers, undid the buttons st the top of her dress and pushed my penis up and under her bra between her breasts. Claire reached behind her and undid her bra, "You men, you do like tits don't you?" Released from their confines I was able to squeeze her breasts and hold my penis between them.

"Can I come between your breasts?" I said. Claire got up, took off her dress and bra and laid down on the seat. I got astride her sitting on her tummy. She grasped my cock and fairly quickly brought me to climax. My seed spurted out falling onto her breasts, dripping off her nipples and even arched upwards and caught her on the face. All a bit of a mess really! Claire wiped herself off, dressed and sat down beside me.

"A bit messy but not as much as it would have been if both Bill and you had done that. That would have been good!"

I expected to see them fuck the week after but they were both missing and it was not until the subsequent week that I spotted them coming up the platform.

"It's the big day today, Bill is going to fuck me, aren't you Bill?" Not surprisingly Bill readily acceded to the suggesion. Settled into the compartment Claire wasted no time in ordering Bill to undress. He was a bit embarrassed to stand before me naked. He had brought some rubbers. I explained to Claire how to put them on but pointed out Bill needed to be erect first. She got to work firstly with her hand and then her mouth and soon the necessary stiffness was obtained. Claire undid the packet, almost dropped the rubber, and then rolled it down Bill's cock.

"Rather spoils the appearance doesn't it," said Claire eyeing Bill's penis, "feels funny too." Claire took off her pants, undid her top and bra and lay down on the seat. "Is this right? she said looking at me.

"It's certainly one way. Off you go Bill see how easy it is on the seat."

Bill got up on the seat and lay on top of Claire. Up to this point it had been unusually mechanical but once they started kissing a more natural rhythm developed. Before long Bill was lifting his bottom trying to push his cock into Claire. She had to reach down and guide him in. He began a firm in and out movement but, as you would expect, inexperience showed and he kept coming out, much to Claire's annoyance. "Keep it in, keep it in."

I suggested Bill sit down and Claire sit on his lap. This put Claire in control and soon she was riding up and down his shaft. I felt sufficiently integrated into their sexual activity to actually raise Claire' dress up so I could see the action which had been obscured as Claire's dress covered Bill's lap. The bouncing became more furious and with a cry from Claire she came with Bill quickly following emptying himself into the condom.

Claire was less than impressed by the used condom hanging down from Bill's wilting cock. "I can't wait until we can forget these when the Pill takes effect in a fortnight." Bill was pleased at the news and they talked a lot about this before reaching Bill's station.

"Where would you like to come this week?" said Claire after Bill had left us.

"Your mouth looks very inviting," I replied. Claire smiled and began undoing my belt. It was not long before I was exposed. This time Claire went down on her knees before me and began to suck. Her head bobbed up and down and I lay back gently stroking her hair. After a time she lifted her head up and begun just gently licking the head of my cock. Little up and down flicks followed by long licks down the shaft. She then concentrated on wriggling the tip of her tongue just around the very sensitive underside of the head. This was fantastic but not surprisingly it tipped me over the edge.

"Claire, I'm going to cum."

"Naughty boy," came the reply and I felt her tongue slide gently up my glans to tickle the urethral opening but retaining the head safely within her mouth. My first shot splashed onto her tongue and gently, ever so gently she allowed her lips to glide down slowly taking more and more of me into her mouth as I shot more and more semen into her mouth. My ejaculation complete, Claire's mouth slipped back up my shaft and off my penis. She looked up at me eyes twinkling with traces of my semen all around her mouth. Her little pink tongue poked out and she licked around her lips.

"Quite dramatic, did you enjoy that?"

"Just a bit! You are really good at that. Bill is very lucky. You try very hard to excite and please."

I was away on business abroad for two weeks and was wondering how Bill and Claire would be on my return. Thursday came around slowly and there they were on the platform. "We'd missed you," said Bill. I thought to myself that this would hardly have been likely had I not mentally modified their attitude to me. Unfortunately a bit of an ersatz friendship but, I mused, I did honestly like them very much."

"I need fucking, and I need cocks," said Claire rather boldly as we got into the carriage. "I want two naked men with big penises." The train began to move.

"Two?" queried Bill.

"Two's better, one to suck, one to fuck," laughed Claire, "come on clothes off quickly." Bill and I began to undress and before long we were both standing, penises at attention, in front of Claire. Bill was a little unnerved by this and kept glancing unsurely at me. His nervousness had not affected his excitement, however, and he was as rigid as I was. Claire's hands reached out and she took one cock in each hand and began to slide her hand up and down altenatively hiding and revealing their heads. She pulled them both close to her face and licked each in turn. We began to undress her and soon there were three naked people in the railway compartment. Bill and my hands roved over Claire's body but she could not keep her hands away from our hardness.

"Time for your fuck, Claire ," I said, "come on Bill move in from behind." Bill did not need a lot of urging, he bent Claire over so her hands were resting on a seat and came up behind her round bottom. Guiding himself he slipped in easily and began to fuck. Sitting down beside Claire I was able to play with her breasts swinging free under her and through her parted legs watch Bill's penis push in and out of her lips.

"Bill, one step to the right please," said Claire. As Bill moved to the right Claire followed stepping her hands at the same time over me so her head was positioned over my thighs. She leaned forward and was able to achieve her objective of being fucked and sucking a cock at the same time.

Not surprisingly pressing into a soft bottom and experiencing for the first time intercourse in all its wetness and warmth without a latex separator proved too much for Bill. He came.

"Ooh I can feel you coming inside me, all warm, don't stop, don't stop." But of course Bill did have to stop and whilst Claire continued to push against him she soon felt that she was not being filled and had little to push against. Before long Bill flopped out.

"Oh," said Claire disappointed and removing her mouth from my penis, "Um Bill, is it alright if I fuck this other cock too?" Bill did not demur and I certainly didn't. She hopped up onto my lap and engulfed my penis in her simply sopping sex. Up and down she rode with her breasts bouncing before me, her arms around my neck. It was difficult not to come too quickly and I was relieved when she orgasmed.

Bill alerted us to the approaching station. We hurriedly dressed, me having to stuff a still erect cock into my trousers. Claire kissed Bill passonately through the window and he was gone.

Claire looked at me, "that was great. Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes you and Bill did very well, I hope I was stiff enough for you."

"Yes, hard as a rock. Pity you men lose your stiffness so quickly when you come."

"Ah, but I haven't come yet," I said and I revealed my still erect penis, "still, er, hard as a rock."

Claire grasped it once again, "where would you like to come then, you have a choice!"

"Could I fuck you like Bill?"

Imediately Claire got up onto her knees on the seat, bent forward and lifted up her dress. In front of me was her white round bottom with the cleft open revealing both her little wrinkled bottom and below it her sex. What a sight and an offer! Taking my penis in hand I pushed it downwards to line up with her vagina and gently pressed forward and re-entered her doggy-style and fucked her as Bill had done. This is always a pleasant position and I spent some time revelling in her warm wetness and enjoying the fell of her smooth bottom against my thighs..

"Are you alright Claire?"

"Oh yes, I'm not going to come again but this is nice." With one hand she reached back and cupped my balls. This took me over and I thrust into her again and again as I spurted into her. Relaxing, like Bill, I waited until my erection subsided and simply slipped out of Claire.

"Two in one day, aren't I a lucky girl!" Claire straightened her dress and kissed me on the mouth. "Thank you."

That was not the end of my train rides with Claire and Bill. I rode with them and on Claire many more times that year. We were not always lucky with an empty carriage but mostly we were alone and able to enjoy sex. They went off to college and I lost track of them.

It was some years later on a train when I met Claire again. She got my carriage and sat down opposite me. She did not look at me at first but after a time looked up and gave a start, "You!!"

"You, you, after all this time! What did you do to us? Looking back I cannot believe what we did or why we should have done it with you, a stranger?"

I smiled, "You and Bill just enjoyed sex, that was all it was. We became friends and you needed a bit of help."

"Help. Hardly, why should two teenagers need help with sex? You did something to us I'm sure of it. Bill thought so too."

My powers were stronger by this time. I said, "Nothing, nothing at all. They were very happy times both for you, Bill and me. I'm sure you would really still like to hold my penis again as you did before."

"Certainly not. Touch me and I'll, I'll.... sorry, I er, mean it's great to see you again. Such a long time and you are looking so good."

"Thank you and what are you doing with yourself these days?"

"Well ....."

It was good to see Claire again, good to feel her and good to fuck her as before. It was sad she had developed bad memories of me. I had only good ones of her. Her memories did, of course, change again for the better. I saw to that.

I still see her sometimes.