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Story: Talent
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Chapter the Seventh: Reality Sucks.

"Waked by the lark, hath roused the ribald crows,
And dreaming night will hide our joys no longer,
I would not from thee."
'Troilus and Cressida' A4. S2; Big Bard Billy S.

The blink of an eye was all it took to move from the scene in the enchanted wood to find myself once again back in my bed. The sheet had been pulled over our heads and was a canopy of white light over us. The warmth of the early morning and my two companions was all around me.

What was more, I could still feel the warmth of a wet mouth as my fountaining shaft was being fellated.

I was even more surprised when I looked down. Rather than my pet; Valerie, it was Amy who's face smiled up at me as my cock left her mouth with a pop. There was a shining string of cum from her pursed lips to the crown of my penis, her tongue was busy with the mouthful of semen she was washing around her tonsils.

"Wha..?" I asked half-sitting up, onto my elbows. I expected this sort of response least of all from her. Her animosity of the previous evening was miles from this.

I promise, I had done nothing to coerce her. She just swallowed my cum with a hum of pleasure.

"It was looking so tempting and big this morning that I thought I might get in before Valerie woke up" she said, wrapping her lips around the head and using the tip of her tongue to burrow into my pee hole. I groaned and asked her why she'd changed her mind

"It was last thing last night, when you gave us both so much pleasure. I couldn't help but think how you didn't have to do that." She continued with a long lick from my balls to the tip.

"You could've had us both anyway with no thought to our feelings but instead, you kinda looked after us."

"I told you I wouldn't hurt you and that you'd enjoy things" I said, stroking her hair.

"Yes, but it took me a while to realise that I wanted to enjoy it. I stopped being frightened and then I started being confused... y'know? And that's when I started believing in you. I've been getting the urge to go all the way with my boyfriend recently anyhow and now you've kinda forced my hand."

I was erect once more even after pumping out the flood of cum I'd released into her (Mab's) throat. Amy saw it and got up onto her hands and knees and looked me in the eyes.

"Phil, I've decided. I want you to be my first." She bit her bottom lip and unconsciously waggled her ass. "I want to lose my cherry with you."

Valerie was still sound asleep at my side and I disentangled my arm from her and reached out for Amy. Pulling her face to mine I was greeted by a wet and slippery pair of lips that softly urged me to a deep kiss. Her body was warm and firm and alive with her eagerness. I reached back and cupped one resilient round buttock in each hand. Amy was wriggling her body to try and feel more of my evident erection against her tummy. Her perfect little nipples were squashed against my chest and I could feel the friction of our skin against each other. Her breath was ragged and she seemed to be panting with excitement.

"Are you certain Amy? This is not something to give away on a whim." I said, determinedly looking into her eyes.

"I'm so ready for you, I can't imagine a better way to lose my virginity" she smiled.

I pulled a couple of pillows down beside us and slid out from under her. Gently urging her on to her back I pushed the pillows under her hips.

"This'll help you lay at a better angle, it'll be a little bit more comfortable." I said, stroking her face and then running my hand down over her stomach gently smoothing the sensitive skin.

I could see that she was apprehensive, despite her brave attitude.

"Amy, I can make it so you wont feel any pain.."

"Please don't Phil, I want this to be real... I need something to be able to tell my daughters when I'm older!" she chuckled as she reached up to kiss my cheek. I thought to myself how much her voice was already sounding more grown up and I realised that this was a true rite of passage.

"Sweetheart, I'm going to make sure you've got something to tell your husband when you're older." I winked and she grinned back. I rolled over onto my hands and knees, pulling out the sheets that had wrapped around us. Valerie was dozing quite gently at our side and certainly showed no great signs of waking up. We spent some time just kissing and touching each other. The room was warm and Amy was excited. She trembled with her arousal, even more so when I began telling her the things that I was thinking.

"My hands are going to stroke your pussy until you're so wet and slippery that my cock will slide into you. right up inside you." She had her eyes shut and was groaning into my neck.

"I can smell the perfume of all that juice that's coming out of your vagina Amy, it's really sweet. Can you smell yourself?"

That was something that she would normally feel was embarrassingly rude, now however, she felt a rush of stimulation.

"I need you in me Phil" she pleaded and reached between us to urge my cock closer to her cunt.

Even with the stimulation and her previous night's workout, Amy's little pussy was a tiny crack. We both looked down at where my monster of a cock (in comparison, I'm just your average Joe) was nudging her petals apart.

"You'll have to just relax Amy. I'm going to take you slowly and I will fit in" She took some slow deep breaths as I pushed the rod between the pink folds of her glistening cunny lips. It was a couple of strokes of no more that a half an inch before my helmet was slippery enough to move further in. Amy had some of the pillow case bunched in her fists and she was hissing short gasps through her teeth.

I used my thumb and forefinger to hold her lips open and then lifted some of her oils to coat along my length. As soon as I felt I was slippery enough I began to increase the depth of my movements.

"Oh God! That really feels good!" she moaned, I knew the first inch or so of her tunnel was the most sensitive part and I was just sliding back and forward over that area. Her blue eyes were shining with wonder as she realised that she was actually doing 'it.'

"We're really making love now Amy" I said, meaning the words. "I'm going to be one to make you a woman.. when you're ready."

She gazed into my eyes and smiled. With the pillows underneath her, her hips were pushed up slightly, forcing her hymen to stretch slightly out of the way of my driving cock. I was holding my weight off her with my legs and arms.

Amy closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath. Apprehensively, she whispered "Do it."

There was no doubting she was ready for this. Her excitement was a pink flush from her throat over her pert breasts. Her legs were spread wide beneath me. I could see the tension in her abdominals as she reached around my chest to pull me closer. Smoothly, but swiftly I plunged myself into her. There was the slightest feeling of some resistance and Amy gasped a quick exclamation. We rested like that for a few moments to let Amy get used to the feeling.

"Oooh Phil, that really stung!" she said, breathing through the pain but smiling nonetheless.

"Do you want to stop?" I asked, lifting back off her.

"Just.. just wait like this for a mo. " she murmured, "I gotta get ready for you to move."

After a few more seconds, Amy began to tip her hips up and down to make the head of my cock rub back and forth inside her. A few motions and we began to rock together more forcefully. Soon, I was actually able to slide my whole length in and out of her. The pretty little internal lips gripped me so tightly that I pulled them out and pushed them in with each stroke.

I leant my weight gently onto her and she moaned throatily into the crook of my shoulder.

"Oh fuck, that's nice." She chuckled into my ear, "you're such a big man, I feel so full up inside."

I could feel every inch of her and told her so. Reaching down with my tongue, I managed to bend my neck enough to catch one of her nipples between my lips. The smooth skin of her teenage breasts was fragrant with her sweet sweat and I spent some time licking and gently chewing both of them. Leaving her gasping and twisting under me, giggling. I lifted up on my hands and began to increase the motion and the contact with her clitoris. My balls slapped wetly against her ass and her knees lifted and fell in time with my thrusts.

Amy's soft voice began a desperate chanting of "Oh.. Oh.. Oh.." Her hips banged against me as she began the shuddering rush towards her first orgasm as a woman.

Suddenly, I thought she was going to pinch off my cock with the vicelike grip of her pussy muscles. As had happened on the dining room table, her body went rigid and arched up to meet me. The base of my cock was jammed hard against the button of her clitoris and with a high keening squeal, Amy's climax shook us both. She slumped back with a whoosh of breath. I was still rock-hard inside her and each sawing thrust I made brought a jerk from her sensitive pelvis.

Amy was dazed, her head lay to one side and she gasped with the aftershocks of her orgasm still rippling through her. I took my time, slowly slipping my entire length back and forth into her. The pink stain on my glistening knob showed where her girlhood had been ended.

I felt another pair of cool hands sliding along my flank and turned to see Valerie gazing at the two of us. Her eyes were wet with tears and I realised she was weeping with joy that Amy had accepted me.

I leaned across and met her for a deep kiss. With her fingers gently squeezing and tickling my balls and her tongue licking around my face and then down onto my nipples I grunted that I was going to cum. Amy was simply laying there like a rag doll. Valerie was effectively wanking me into her friend's body. With a growl, I sped up my frantic pounding and, jamming my cock-head against the little girl's cervix I sprayed her womb with my spunk.

When my cock slackened and I slipped from Amy's hole, I collapsed onto my side next to her.

"Whew! That was something special!" I said, as an understatement.

"Amy certainly thinks so" smiled Valerie. "You OK Amy?"

Amy opened her eyes and blearily viewed the both of us. "I think so, that was fantastic. I feel like my insides have been stretched! And my bum is a bit wet.. but that was the best thing I've ever felt!" She cuddled against us.

I could read from her face, that Valerie was a little jealous of Amy's hogging of me and so I reached for her.

"Val, I'm spent at the moment, but I'll make love to you too, just a bit later .. 'Kay?"

Valerie smiled and agreed. I couldn't believe how radiantly gorgeous the two teens were. I lay with my arm across Amy my fingers tickling lightly against Valerie's breast. I was content to just lay there nibbling on Amy's neck and ear. Valerie however, was much more awake.

"You know, you two smell so much of sex. Amy's really got a sexy fragrance, I can smell it here.." she nuzzled her nose onto Amy's tit. "And I can smell it here.." She crawled across her friend to drop her grinning face into my crotch. "Mmm, just like last night, very sexy!" she purred.

Looking back at her friend's parted legs and the well greased pussy nestled between them, she slowly moved towards Amy's sex. "..and this should be really tasty"

Amy's pink flesh was mashed wide open and her curls of pubic hair were matted with a blue-cream mixture of our recent spilling. Valerie demonstrated just how much she liked her best friend by lowering her mouth to Amy's snatch and running her tongue around in the goo.

Amy lay still and let Valerie lick and suck and clean away the mess around and inside her. Propped up on our elbows, we both watched as Valerie knelt between her thighs and sucked her up to another climax. Amy was truly surprised at how easily Valerie managed to hit all her buttons so well even after feeling so spent on our lovemaking session. Valerie's hands were busy in between her own thighs and she managed to synchronise both of their orgasms. Both girls came so physically that they ended up in a fit of giggles. We all laughed together and fell into each other's arms.

* * *

End of chapter Seven,

Still to come... A night on the town turns a little sour. More insight into what might lay ahead...

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