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Story: Talent
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Chapter the Fifth: Setting the Mooood....

"No matter, since they have left their viands behind; for we have stomachs. Will't please you taste of what is here?"

The Tempest A3. S3. Billy Shakespeare.

I strode out of the school gates and made my way to my front door, picking up some groceries on the way. I spent the afternoon, logged into the web, trying to find out any more information about Mr. Shaw. The controls around the licencing centre were pretty tight, but I managed to get in via one of the mainframe print queues that had a trace file still held, and full of userid/password pairs. After that, it was just a question of tracking through the security system to find the profiles that would open the lists of licence plate owners and there we were. I Noted the names and addresses of the various vehicles that had been on that photograph and, after pulling up details of their geographic location, logged off.

The school bell was due to go off in an hour so I set about getting the place ready. I had to make sure I was comfortable and anyway, knowing young ones, they'd need feeding. So I put together some of the stuff I'd got and sat in the lounge listening to music and waiting.

Right on time, I saw them both, through the front window. They were both in summer dresses, as was the requirement from the school, simple cotton shifts in green tartan. White socks and pumps. Valerie was skipping ahead of Amy, her overnight bag swinging wildly from one hand and her light brown hair tossing around behind her shoulders. Her long legs were rising high on each energetic dancing skip, her skirt almost flipping up enough to show the bottom of her panties. Her face was bright and shining with glee.

Amy was slower, but I'd made sure she would 'want' to come to my door. She was calling after Valerie to slow down and swinging her backpack across one shoulder. They both looked perfect.

I met them at the door and Valerie greeted me with a hug around my neck, rising up on tiptoes and pushing her slim body against me

"Phil!" she gushed, "I'm so excited to finally be here!" She kissed my cheek with a load 'mwaah' and squeezed past me into the hallway.

Amy approached me with trepidation but still with a charming smile. "You fucking snake," she breezed. "I'm gonna fucking kill you... Please fuck my face." She too stretched up to place a kiss on my lips. I had her push her tongue into my mouth.

"Ugh, " she started, "I've never..," then she stopped. I'd caused such a blast of lust to hit her that she nearly buckled at the knees.

"Wow!!" was all she said and she looked at me bewildered. "What was that?!"

"Something that I give to good girls" I said, as I ushered her inside and closed the door, my hand on her warm and pert bottom.

She flashed a frown at me over her shoulder but I knew she was surprised that I had made her feel such a good rush

Valerie was wandering around the place in awe. This was the house where Phil lived.

"This place is so cool!" she spun around with her arms wide. "I feel free!" she trilled and gazed at me with a look of adoration.

I began to think I might have overdone it with the puppy dog thing on Valerie. At that moment Amy stood beside me. She stood with her hands on her hips and said, to Valerie (but I gathered that it was aimed at me too) "Some people sure do like to be under someone's control don't they Valerie?"

Valerie stood in the doorway of the kitchen and smiled, "I think it's great. I love the way that Phil can make me feel all this really great stuff y'know?"

I looked at her, "so you know I am the one making you do these things?"

"Of course, you put these things in my head when you saw me back in the mall." She smiled again and swung back into the kitchen. "Do you have anything to eat? I'm really starving! Can I get you something Phil?.. Amy?"

I glanced at Amy, she was smiling at me too but only because of my compulsions.

"Even with you in us, we can still think for ourselves, it's just we can't act on them. It's really fucking annoying you bastard. I fucking hate it that you make me seem happy when I really want to scream."

She still spoke with a flashing smile but continued with her tirade. "You have no right to just steal me like this!..."

"Right or not Amy, I'm doing it. I can promise that I won't damage you and I'll make sure you get some fun out of being here too. Who knows, maybe you'll not want to leave?"

"Fuck off" was her reply.

I decided to get on with my evening's entertainment. turning to the kitchen door I called

"Valerie, sweetie, could you clear the table for dinner." She busied herself at the long mahogany dinner table, covering it with the table cloth that I gave her as we both laid out the place mats.. Amy wandered after us both, nonplussed that I was being so benign.

I turned to her, "And you, Amy can help us too. Go and slip out of those clothes, you won't want to get them messed up."

She stared at me, wide eyed with the realisation that I was, indeed going to be using them for my own ends.

She did as she was told -- of course, spinning around and walking over to the couch. With as little ceremony as was necessary, she pulled off her white sneakers, stepping on the heel of the second one to get it off and then stood straight. Crossing her arms in front of her, she pulled the green dress over her head. Her bunches caught on the neckline and she looked slightly comical but wriggled rather sexily as she fought to unhitch a tangle of hair from a clip on the shoulder strap. Her soft breasts bounced slightly as she reached behind her to unclip her cotton, pink and

white striped bra. Her socks followed onto the neat pile of her clothes on the arm of the couch and then she tugged her little striped panties down to her knees and let them slip to the floor. Stepping out of them, she placed them on the pile and walked back to us.

Valerie was staring slack jawed at her friend, "Oh wow! Amy, I think you look so good doing that for Phil! I bet he thinks you're sexy." Valerie blushed as she admitted: ."You know, you really are sexy Amy."

"Valerie!" exclaimed Amy, "don't you see?.. he's raping us!"

"I think," replied Valerie touching my elbow, "that Phil can do anything he wants with us. I think it's going to be fun."

"You don't know what you're saying. He's a ...." Amy's protestations were cut off as I decided it was time to limit the amount of speech she was allowed.

"Now, now Amy, I think it's time we had something for dinner. And I think you are going to be our centrepiece. So I want you to be a good girl and lay down in the middle of my dinner table and help Valerie and I to have our meal."

Valerie was eager to get the dinner table laid out just right for her 'big night' and so she spent quite some time arranging Amy's limbs into a suitable artistic pose. I helped to make sure that Amy was comfortable but unable to move more than slightly. She lay with her hair neatly splayed out around her head. Her hands were clasped together just below the swell of her succulent tits that were firm enough not to sag to the side and cool enough that the nipples were fully erect.. One leg was cocked to help make her back comfortable and I had Valerie spend some time with one of my wife's hair brushes, gently combing Amy's pubic hair into a graceful bush over her soft mound. She had a sparse enough growth that it did nothing but accentuate her perfect curve of her puffy labia major and the dark pink pussy lips slightly gaping in between.

I assisted Valerie in retrieving the food from the kitchen. There were cold cuts of meat and salad with a large shrimp ring. We took some time to distribute the dishes about the table and had a lot of fun using Amy as a place to lay the pieces of salad stuff.

She even managed to make small noises of giggling as she was tickled by her friend with the lettuce.

I took the opportunity to dull down the fear that Amy was feeling and instead, let her take relief that she was with her girlfriend. Almost immediately, Amy began to relax and look at Valerie with amusement"

"Watch where you're putting that Val !" she said once as a few slices of cool wet cucumber were laid precariously on the soft flat skin of her inner thighs.

She grimaced at the way the cold water in which we'd washed the salad began to dribble down her sides.

Valerie and I (and even Amy) agreed that the dinner was beautifully presented. We stood on either side of the table and started on the banquet. I'd made it a rule that we could not use our hands and we could only eat what someone else gave us, so it was with much giggling and laughing that we began.

Valerie began by picking up a small pink prawn in her lips and, clambering up onto the table, she leaned across her friend to pass it into my mouth.

Amy watched the transaction with a curious gaze. She looked from Valerie to me and then back again. Valerie was enjoying this and so far, there wasn't anything to get upset about. This wasn't turning out to be so bad, except Valerie had insisted on putting the coldest bits of salad on her tummy!.

Valerie gasped as we finished the deep French kiss that proceeded from her actions. I had half the fish in my mouth and she finished off hers with relish. I leaned in and used my tongue to lap some mayonnaise though the folds of Amy's armpit and lifted a small piece of tomato into her mouth. She looked at my eyes as she opened her teeth to accept the gift. Smiling at the messiness of the exchange, she began chewing on the succulent morsel.

Valerie was obviously busy elsewhere as Amy's eyes suddenly bulged and she made a 'mmmmf' noise. Her friend appeared at the end of the table between Amy's legs. She had another shrimp in her mouth and was grinning as she used her tongue to push the cold flesh into Amy's pussy. Looking up at us she simply said "Well, you did ask Phil to put his tongue in your thingey, now he has a reason to do it!"

Amy whimpered a small sound of exasperation at her embarrassing situation but the look she shot me was one, less of fear and more of a gradual curiosity I crept around until Amy had to look down through the cleft of her titties and over the food arrayed on her abdomen to see me drop my face into the 'vee' of her thighs. I winked at her and rather weakly she smiled back. Valerie placed her face against the top of Amy's knee and began to tell her friend what was going on in an excited voice.

"Oh Amy, I can see the prawn, it's just poking out of you, it looks so cute! .. Phil's rubbing your bum with his nose, that must feel really nice. Now his tongue is coming out to lick you.. Oooh Amy! That looks so rude! He's licking your little bum-hole! You've got a pretty one of those

though.. does that feel nice, to have his tongue wiggling in there like that?.. does that taste OK Phil? You can do that to me anytime.. Now he's licking all around the side of your hole, the prawn is moving about, I hope it doesn't fall out... I hope it doesn't fall in!

We all giggled at the thought and I resumed my exploration with Valerie's commentary. "All the licking is making your skin all shiny with Phil's spit... it looks like you're wetting yourself Amy! he's actually putting the point of his tongue on to that bit where it's really sensitive"

"That's my clitoris Val," said Amy, I was surprised at the soft and calm way she said it. She was beginning to find that with the combination of my ministrations and being so comforted by her friend's presence, she was feeling nice 'down there.'

"Oooh now he's got his whole mouth all over your ..pussy.. Amy. Is he pushing his tongue into you Amy? Is Phil pushing his tongue into your cunt Amy?.. Is he pulling the prawn out of you? I bet that feels so sexy I used to think that this would be really yucky but it isn't is it Amy? It's so beautiful.. You're really opened up now Amy. Does that taste good Phil? You did get the prawn out didn't you?"

She was babbling her enthusiasm.

I looked at her and showed her the prawn in my teeth. Swallowing and asked "would you like to try? See how nice the taste of Amy's juice is?"

Valerie was thoughtful for a moment and then said "sure!" and came around to stand next to me. I stood back and watched as she began to approach her friend's splayed-open pussy. Amy was staring at her intently. She had found the oral stimulation I had given her to be something unexpectedly nice and apart from the mild awareness that girls weren't supposed to do this to each other (I noted that my conditioning to feel relaxed because Valerie was there was letting her accept this act), she let her knees fall apart even more to allow Valerie better access.

Valerie, began with a light tracing of her tongue along the full length of her best friend's vagina. Starting at the small expanse of tender skin before her anus, she ploughed upwards along the slick folds of coral pink flesh. Amy groaned in appreciation.

"Do you like that Amy?" I enquired and leaned in to stoke her leg from the knee down to the damp area next to Valerie's busy mouth. Amy turned her head to stare at me.

"Why are you making me feel like this?" she whispered.

"Because I can." I said, matter-of-factly. "You can't deny that this feels lovely can you?" I asked, making sure that her answer had to be affirmative. "And Valerie is making sure you wont feel bad aren't you Val?"

Valerie looked up from burrowing her nose into the wet cleft and smiled at her friend who was already jerking her hips at the sensations.

"I love you Amy, you're so good to let Phil enjoy us like this."

With that, she refocused her attentions on Amy's swelling clitoris and began to make loud slurping noises as she kissed it wetly.

Amy found herself unable to deny to herself that this was very pleasurable. She moved her hands down to stroke the hair of her friend who was giving her all these new feelings. Eventually urging her to press harder onto her pussy by pushing the back of Valerie's head.

Valerie began to try touching places that she felt she would like to be touched and sure enough, Amy began to pant harder and harder.

"Oooh, Val!" she groaned, squeezing her eyes shut and throwing her head from side to side. "Oooh that's so nice... do that again.. there.. no there! Ah! ..yes, that's it. Keep that up.. there. Oh shit oh God Oooh"

Her orgasm hit her very hard, with a little extra help from me so that she'd notice the benefits. She stiffened from her feet to the top of her head, arching up on the tabletop in a bow. The only sounds that were made were Valerie going into overdrive with her tongue slapping about the other girl's cunt and slurping the lips into her mouth, and a fine high keening moan from Amy as she finally relaxed down into her previous position.

Valerie stood up and grinned, wiping her mouth and nose with a napkin. "That was way cool! You enjoyed it didn't you Amy?"

Amy just gasped like a landed fish and gave a deep groan of assertion.

"Let's carry on with the dinner." I said, leading Valerie back to the side of the table. We started again, lifting pieces of salad and cold meat into each other's mouths. The mayonnaise and oil was licked around Amy's neck and face, over her belly and even into her hair. Amy responded by squirming languidly and gasping as we touched her.

We soon realised that the reason I'd given Amy to take her clothes off, was equally applicable to Valerie and myself. The way the food dribbled, made it clear that we were way too overdressed.

I asked Valerie to undress me and she nearly ripped all the buttons off my shirt in the rush to comply. I had to tell her to calm down and do things properly.

She trembled with the excitement of removing my shirt, planting darling little soft kisses on my shoulders and across my chest. I'm a bit of a bear and she was amazed at the feel of my chest hair as she ran her long soft fingers through it.

I shucked off my shoes and she knelt to pull off my socks and then stayed down on the floor as she unbuckled my belt and started to unbutton my fly. Her eyes were sparkling in anticipation as she took hold of the top of my trousers and slid them and my boxers to the floor. My rock-hard cock sprang out in its veined glory directly in line with her face.

"Oh Gosh!" she exclaimed, wide eyed with wonder. "I've never seen..." she reached up and gently touched my shaft, letting out a gasp as I twitched with her first contact.

"It's almost frightening Phil! I didn't think it would look like this.. it's so much bigger than I thought, how do you fit it into your pants?"

I smiled and told her that it was usually much smaller but grew like this when someone really sexy excited me enough.

She seemed proud of her effect on me, "So you think I'm sexy?" she asked.

"Baby, the both of you are gorgeous and I've been as big as this since I first saw you ."

She touched my penis more firmly and leaned in to sniff. "Mmm you smell so good down here." She poked out her tongue and gave an experimental lick, "You made Amy say she'd suck this, what does that feel like?"

I told her that it was a uniquely pleasurable sensation. "If a girl really trusts a guy and wants to do something to show him, it's a beautiful gift for her to give" She was about to show me how much she trusted me but I felt we had to keep Amy company as she might be cooling off

"Have you ever heard of striptease?" I asked her. She replied that she hadn't really and so I described the dance, telling her that a woman did it for a man to show him how much she wanted to fuck him. Valerie thought this was the most adorable thing she'd heard of. "If I striptease for you, will that make you want to fuck me Phil?" she asked hopefully.

If you do it well enough Val." I said, smiling.

Valerie was clumsy in her enthusiasm but made more charming because of it. I had to laugh at some of the poses she made, thinking they were supposed to look alluring. It was the innocent stances she made that got me going most.

Amy had propped herself up on one elbow to see what would transpire and even she seemed to find the spectacle of her friend's erotic disrobing amusing. She once or twice even called out encouragement, together with some groans at the comic clichés that Valerie came up with. Valerie was unfazed though. She was really into the swing of things, her dance training obviously to the fore as she gyrated her hips and stroked the cotton dress up and over her head.

Unlike Amy's attempt, Val's progress was fluid and stylish. I stood beside Amy and we both watched the performance. I busied myself by teasing Amy's skin with my tongue and fingers, and she soon began to fidget with the stimulation.

"What do you think of Val's dance?" I asked her.

She Glanced at my erection, bobbing next to her head and whispered in between gentle moans that she thought that Valerie was certainly having an effect on me . I could tell from her eyes that it was turning her on too.

Valerie had slipped her bra off her shoulders and was taking care to cover her boobs as long as possible. Coming close to both of us, she held her nipples just out of reach of my teeth as she slowly let the cups fall away.

For a quick second, she let the two hard nubs of her nipples run across my teeth and then, before I could do anything more, she danced back out of the way. She was wearing just her white panties and white socks and proceeded to turn her perfect back to me and then bend over with her legs straight. Her beautiful little ass was a perfect heart shape as she slowly wriggled her legs, pulling the waistband of her underwear slowly to her knees. The crotch caught in her pussy for a moment and I could see the strands of moisture, pulling out as they came away.

She finally shimmied back across the room to my side. I don't think I'd ever seen such a sight of pure excitement. She was having so much fun with this and her perfect white teeth shone in a beatific smile.

Her soft warm body slid against me and we wrapped our arms around each others waists. We shared a slow, soft kiss and then turned our attentions to Amy who was still covered in the glistening remains of our salad. I cleaned off the bits and pieces with a napkin and made sure she was panting in anticipation of our touch by tweaking some of her responses up a notch or two.

"Same rules for the desert OK?" I said as I brought the bowl of sliced peaches across and began to drip pieces of the syrupy fruit across Amy's throat and down her body. Everywhere I placed a piece of fruit, Valerie was straight there to pick it up and pass it to me or Amy. Each exchange was accompanied by a deeper and deeper kiss. I sucked Amy's breast into my mouth as I watched Valerie's tongue push itself in and around the inside of Amy's teeth.

Amy reacted by capturing Valerie's tongue with her lips and sucking it in. Valerie had one hand on the back of my head as I sucked on Amy's tit and her other hand began to pull, and twist the other nipple. Amy squirmed with the stimulus. We laid trails of really juicy canned strawberries across her tummy and Valerie had fun, letting the red syrup dribble down and into her friend's twitching pussy.

"It looks like you're coming on!" Giggled Valerie who proceeded to pick up a spoonful of the softening ice-cream we'd brought in.

"The poor thing looks so hot... here, Amy, how about something to cool it off?" she said and gleefully dropped the load onto the top of Amy's pouting cunt.

Amy squealed with surprise. "Oh fuck!" and tried to twist away from Valerie's tongue as she dived in to suck out the sweet morsel. My controls on Amy's mind made it impossible for her to escape and I gently made sure that she was beginning to feel increased impulses from Valerie's efforts.

"Tastes kinda nice" said Valerie, smacking her lips, there was cream and strawberry juice over her nose and running down her chin, dripping as she spoke, onto the slope of her perky breasts. I took hold of her head and lapped the sauce off her face. She had her eyes tight shut as the sensations flooded through her body. Every touch I made on her was like a fire to her oversensenstive skin. The petals of her pussy lips opened and she could feel the stirring of her juices in her belly.

We broke apart with Valerie gasping and twitching in her eagerness to find relief. Both of us attacked Amy with a frenzy. There was so much juice and cream that her entire skin glistened in a sticky sheen. Her hair was beginning to stick to her neck and across her forehead. We laid long flat-tongued licks across every exposed inch of her gorgeous body.

Amy began to cum. Her squeaks and squeals began to rise to a crescendo and as Valerie managed to push a slim finger, smothered in honey, into the young girls sloppy hole, Amy's eyes bulged open wide and she trembled in a paroxysm of an intense orgasm.

Amy's knees dropped apart, lewdly splitting her cunt open. Her head lolled to one side and with a long whoosh of an exhalation, she all but passed out from the long-built stimulation.

I lifted the dazed girl easily to the sofa and laid her on the cushions. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked up at me.

"Oh God, that was lovely Phil" she sighed and smiled in genuine appreciation.

Valerie was there to put her arms around her friend's neck. We all cuddled for a second or two and I let my hand slip down Valerie's long back to clutch her round little buttock.

She hissed her approval and tipped her ass back to meet my fingers. I found her pussy to be swimming with her musk and I slipped a finger into the tight tunnel. She buried her face in my neck and shuddered. The strong youthful muscles of her vagina were grasping my finger in uncontrolled fluttering spasms and as I massaged her anus with my thumb, she began to weep with the onset of a building orgasm. I let my thumb find its way into her ass and swirled both of my digits together, feeling each other through the thin separating membrane. Valerie wailed and flopped around on my arm as the feelings swept through her.

"Oh! Oh! I'm doing it! I'm doing it!" she gasped, bearing down on the powerful contractions that twisted her abdomen. Her anal sphincter was opening and closing as each of a series of orgasms hit her. I forced the whole of my thumb into her rectum and swirled my finger from side to side.

With a shout of accomplishment, Valerie fell forward off my hand, across Amy's chest.

"No more! I can't cope with any more!" she gasped. Amy wrapped her arms around her back and stroked her hair. Valerie's hips continued to buck as each muscle contraction hit her. I just sat back and watched the wonderful tableau. Amy gently kissed her friend's ear and cooed that it was OK. The two teenagers held each other tight whilst I stroked both of them.

Eventually Valerie recovered enough to kneel up and turn to me. "That was the best Phil. I've done it to myself before and that's nice but it isn't anything as good as when you do it"

Amy continued to kiss her cheek and nuzzle under her ear. Valerie craned her neck and murmured "With you two it just felt perfect."

The two girls disentangled themselves and regarded me. Valerie with a look of adoration (this time without my compulsion), Amy eyed me with awe, she could hardly believe that I could make them feel so good.

Amy licked her lips as she saw the shining head of my cock, the pre-cum beginning to dribble down the shaft.

"Did you cum too Phil?" she said, using a hand to collect some of my secretion on her fingers. "Is this sperm?"

I explained that it was just the starting juice that was oozing out and that I still hadn't orgasmed. She looked crestfallen that I hadn't enjoyed it as much as they had done. I replied that it was fine, I was just hoping they could help me now. Both girls looked at me quizzically and then light dawned, first to Amy and then to Val.

Surprisingly it was Amy who first reached over and grasped my cock in her little hand. She was a complete novice at male masturbation but it was evident that she knew the basics. Valerie wanted to help out too and soon I had two hands gently trying to slide up and down my penis, trying to bring me off.

"Girls," I began, they both looked at me. "You know how I used my mouth to bring Amy off...?" I glanced meaningfully at my engorged pole that they were wrestling with.

Again, it was Amy who took up the task first. She swiftly knelt on the sofa next to me and bent down towards my cock.

The feeling of Amy's wet mouth sliding experimentally over the crown of my knob was indescribably wonderful. I groaned at the back of my throat and let her try to slide the plum of my glans past her lips. I could feel the firm muscle of her tongue pushing past and around the underside of my cock as it bulged into her face. Valerie was spellbound and watched with her mouth and tongue mimicking the movements that Amy was making.

I'd spent the evening being stimulated by these two and my cock was eager to pop even before she'd started and so I reached my peak very quickly.

"Amy," I warned gently, "I'm about to cum, that means that my cock is going to squirt into your mouth. I'd really like it if you keep me in there when it happens. The taste is strange but I think you'll like it."

She looked apprehensive but did as I asked as the boiling stream of semen surged from my balls, up my shaft and erupted into her tiny mouth.

There was already little enough room in there for my cock and so the goo began to seep from the edges of her lips as they stretched around the thickness of my pumping organ.

Amy drew in a deep breath through her nose to help her cope with the salty stream of my cum. I could tell that she considered this new taste to be something that wasn't altogether pleasant but it wasn't bad enough to be worrying. My hips jerked slightly as I finished off my spurts. The spillage around her mouth was dripping from her chin and her eyes were watering slightly from the intrusion. I placed a couple of enhancements in the taste receptors of her tongue that ensured she'd always find this taste to be something to be savoured and she responded by swiping her slick tongue around and around my helmet as if she was licking an ice cream.

"Mmm, Mmm 's funny, I can't say what it tastes like," she began between smacking her lips. "Kinda nice really I suppose." Her lips were full and dark with arousal and my cum was hanging in clots onto her chin.

"Valerie," I gasped, "I'd like to see you clean my cum off Amy's face." And with that, she went to town, trying to get some of my special fluid into her mouth. Soon the two of them were French-kissing deeply, the gobs of cum swallowed with relish.

Dinner finished with both girls soaking my cock with their saliva as they cleaned off any last vestiges of cum from my thighs.

Although both girls were open to the prospect, I decided against the act of fucking them. It was nice enough to engage in a mutual masturbation session.

Both girls were able to cum several times more and more than half were due to their own ministrations. My final spurts were made across both their faces as they craned their necks like baby chicks.

We showered, and spent a long time getting each other dried and then we slid into my bed completely exhausted by the evening's entertainment. I lay awake for a half an hour after they had both drifted off. Valerie had one leg thrown across my thigh and I held Amy's back against my other side. Our arms around each other. Pretty soon I drifted off to sleep.

* * *

End of Chapter Five,

Next, we find out what happens when you believe in fairies, and more to the point, what happens when the fairies believe in you....

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