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Chapter the Nineteenth: A Return to 'Normality.'

"No matter how happily a woman may be married, it always pleases her to discover that there is a nice man who wishes that she were not."

H. L. Mencken.

I hung up the phone and looked at the calendar, tomorrow evening at six. Damn.

Cathy was flying back into my life again and I had no way of working out what I was going to do. Things had moved on so fast and I didn't want to admit that I didn't feel in control of events. Chrissie had kept me in bed late this morning. 'Just a quick' wake up blow job had progressed into a full-on session of sixty-nining and finally a rear-entry as she gripped tight to the head of the bed. She was on a late shift and wanted to keep me for a morning of bed games but I had to get to the office. If things continued as they were going, I would be handing in my notice today. The agencies I had been in touch with reckoned I could make a mint just acting as a consultant. The powers I had to see through the logic made me pretty hot property these days.

I reluctantly dragged myself away from her embrace and made my way home. The voice mail there had confirmed that I was due for a confrontation with my wife in pretty short order. I didn't have much time to get things organised. The house was pretty tidy, mainly because I had not been in it much over the past while and all I needed to do was air the rooms.

The head-hunter I'd been dealing with came through with a brilliant offer for the following week so I called into the office, did the dirty and drove home. It felt strange, I had been there for quite some time. I think they wrote me off as having some emotional troubles after the crash because I had always been just a 'steady Eddie' beforehand. My pompous old boss had 'noticed I was a bit distracted' and, although he claimed he didn't want me to go, I noticed he didn't offer any incentive to stay either. The huge amount of good work I had done since I had returned from hospital seemed to have gone unnoticed by the dick.

Jon was not surprised either, he'd seen more of my changes since I had got back to work and knew I would be moving on. He was busy enough thanking me for the new Suzanne not to detain me anyway. We arranged for a celebratory drink at the end of the week and I left the site to stand in the street as a completely free spirit. I was cut loose, adrift in the bright afternoon sunshine and felt the rush of being totally independent. The crisp air and the light sky was enough to buoy my spirits all the way home.

The rest of the day was filled with mundane matters of groceries and that night I slept, dreamlessly, in a cool bed.

I awoke with a stiffy that reminded me how much more needy my libido was these days. I lay back stroking myself languidly but I didn't have the right frame of mind for a solo job. I began to cast about for someone to 'help me out.'

It was a weekday and at that time, my neighbour had already left for work. The neighbour on the other side was out too. I avoided old Mrs. Johnson across the street and carried my thoughts further down the row of houses.

Nickie was just finishing putting in the last of the morning's laundry after having done the breakfast for the boys and packing them off to school. The coffee was brewing in the kitchen and the vacuuming was all done. Yet another day started and not much to look forward to.

The washing machine was only half filled today. She liked to make sure that she kept on top of the dirty clothes, no-one else was likely to bother to pick anything up and put it in for cleaning so she made the effort to do a little and often. Ben, her husband was always too far off in his own little world to do something as helpful. He just seemed to use the place as a hotel most of the time.

Not that she wouldn't enjoy it if he would let her cuddle up to him at night. He always had such a nice warm back that she liked to get close to. She didn't like to admit to herself that he sometimes smelled of a woman's perfume that neither of them had in the bathroom cabinet. He usually made it a point that even if he was home of an evening, which wasn't often, he would come to bed as late as possible and just go to sleep.

It wasn't as if she hadn't looked after herself, Nickie thought to herself. After the kids were born she'd tried her best to keep in shape, lots of walking and fitness videos -- she'd been really dedicated to getting herself back to looking nice for her husband.

But the twins were five years old now and even with a body that showed no bad after-effects of childbirth, he never really seemed to look at her 'that way' anymore.

"I don't know why I bother" she said to herself, letting her hands smooth up the trimness of her jeans-clad thighs and over her stomach. She felt that she'd never looked better and was just coming into her prime, there was plenty of juice left in this sexy body.

She smiled to herself at the naughtiness she was experiencing; "I don't know why I should start feeling like this all of a sudden" she thought to herself beginning to sway her hips as the tingle from her hands made her feel good. "But it's not like I don't have needs too. He's just being greedy.."

She remembered how it used to be between the two of them. Never particularly adventurous, they'd nevertheless both enjoyed some pretty 'hot' times together. The most memorable occasion that suddenly and vividly came to mind was that one time up against the wall in the kitchen.

She'd been surprised at herself, how the urge had hit her before it hit him. But when he realised how much she wanted him, he'd taken over completely, dropping his pants and lifting her up onto his prick and humping her hard against the cork notice board. She'd been able to feel every inch of him as he slid up inside her, the kids' pictures and the calendar had been knocked all over the place as her back was rubbed up and down through the display.

I could feel the wetness beginning to form over her pussy lips as the delicious memories flooded into her mind. It was fun to go and open the part of her mind where she'd stored them. I had my hand wrapped around my cock, gently sliding it back and forth under the warm bedclothes. The connection to Nickie's mind was nice and strong...

"Oooh fuck!" she thought to herself, "I could sure do with another one of those!" She could remember the way the orgasm had taken her so strongly, even before Ben had started to get his! The sheer luxury of having one pop and still have him hard and firm enough to try for another was so lovely. She ran her tongue all around his neck and his ear, nibbling on the sweet, cool flesh "come on baby... keep going... don't stop."

His hands on the wet skin of her buttocks as he leaned against her, were holding her stretched wide open and the friction was so right. The slippery length of his muscle, running in and out of her felt like if went on forever. The heat of his body against hers, the warmth of his breath and the way she was able to direct him to do her just the way she wanted, the second cum just began to bubble up more powerfully than the first.

When Ben began to grunt that he was going to cum, Nickie just pushed down more onto him and let the friction wash her over the edge again. She felt the warm flood of his semen inside her and the delicious tightening of her pussy muscles. The trembling flush of energy that radiated out from her groin just left the two of them breathlessly panting where they stood. And as he slipped from her, it felt wonderful to feel his tongue in her mouth as he thanked her. The dribble of their cum running down her bare leg was a nice sexy reminder too.

Now she was left here, with the sweaty shirts and dirty pants and the smell of hot sudsy water. And the need in her pussy was growing even more. She slipped the top button of her jeans undone and slid her hand inside. She intended to just ease the tightness of her panties as they had slipped between the folds of her tender pussy lips but as her fingers rubbed across the bush of her pubes and found the moist slippery bud of her little button, she realised how far gone her need was. With her left hand, she popped the other buttons of her fly undone and slid her hand right down inside. "Hmmmm," she thought to herself, "I'm so horny all of a sudden, just a quick diddle and go have that coffee..."

When Nickie played with herself, she liked to feel her whole hand over the whole of her sex. Cupping herself like that made it easier for her to rub her clitoris with the heel of her hand as her fingers could slide back and forward over the wet flesh of her pussy. She closed her eyes and let the stimulation take over. It would be nice to have a man here with her. Someone to be firm and strong with the fingers in her pussy, someone who could nibble on the skin of her neck Someone who would kiss her face as he took over her sex. She began to think about what man could be around to help her. There were only a few women at home in the street during the weekday. She'd noticed that the car was still in the driveway of that guy a couple of doors away. She'd heard that he'd been in an accident or something but she'd noticed him a couple of days before, coming in from work or something, and he seemed OK.

Actually, he looked pretty good, a bit like Ben could be if he worked out a bit more. She'd seen him carrying a gym bag in on occasion so it looked as if he kept in shape like she did.

Her hand was lazily rolling over her clitoris and her fingers were slippery and wet as they rubbed together across her lips. Hmm, he had a nice bum, looked like he would be good for a strong pelvic thrust or two.... She smiled to herself. God! having naughty thoughts about a neighbour! anyone would think that she was getting desperate!

Well, shit, she was desperate, even this was the first bit of sex she'd had for months and it was just her on her own. What if she did have a fuck with, what was his name? Paul... Phil? Yes, what if she did what Ben had been doing? go off and get a bit on the side? Serve him right.

I pushed out a few more detailed instructions and she began to see the images of her neighbour in her house. Her eyes were closed now, and she could see him there in front of her. He pulled his shirt over his head in one swift move and she could see the hair over his chest and the tightness of his muscles, (why did she imagine him with hair like that? it wasn't her usual fantasy.) His pants disappeared suddenly and she could see his erection thrusting up from his slim hips towards her. The head was a livid purple and she could feel her mouth watering as she watched it twitch, just for her. She stepped towards him, actually allowing the corner of the washing machine to press against the front of her crotch. The throbbing of the cycle was enough for her to imagine his fingers as they curled into her hole. His eyes bore into hers with an hypnotic intensity. Nickie hummed to herself as the vibrations made the moisture increase its flow over her squirming fingers.

I decided I wanted her to feel something even more definite and began to slide a phantom probe into her cunt, sliding a thickness in and out of her.

She couldn't believe how real her fantasy was becoming, "I'm getting too good at these mind games!" she thought to herself as the ghostly cock continued the trembling thrusts inside her.

The tight jeans around her waist were becoming too uncomfortable and so she stepped back and slid them down her legs and off completely. Her panties joined the pile too. The warm air of the laundry room wafted gently over the moisture around her pussy and she luxuriated in the openness she felt. Nickie could smell the musky scent of her sex.

Placing both hands on the washer, she leaned, once more into the cool white enamel. The sensations were frustratingly too light and she tried to spread her knees wide enough to get the edge right into the crease of her pussy.

Her lover's 'hands' stroked across the smooth globes of her firm ass and she shivered with arousal. The laundry was sloshing back and forth inside the drum and she could imagine her dream man stood behind her, making her itch with her sexual tension.

"Oooh Phil!" she moaned, to herself thrilling at the imagined adultery, "you feel good there!"

A finger slid into the warmth of her slack hole and ran the tip forward onto her G spot, gently rubbing side to side across the ruffled flesh. It was something that she rarely experienced and the 'full' feeling bumped her even further up the ladder of excitement.

My fist was beginning to tighten around my shaft as I pulled myself , allowing my knuckles to graze over the sensitive area under the head. Each stroke, I allowed the sensations to translate themselves to Nickie. Her pussy was feeling outrageously sensitive and she allowed herself to give way completely to the fantasy that there was her neighbour having his way with her.

Nickie leaned forwards on her elbows and thrust her naked buttocks backwards, arching her spine to allow her cunt to be fully explored by my 'fingers.' Her hand was busy enough between her thighs, tickling and stroking. I let the phantom of my erection begin to spear into her and she felt the delicious experience of her cunt lips being stretched open by the invader. Nickie's hands reached under her sweat-top and slid under her bra to pinch the bullets of her nipples. I left ghostly nibbles on her neck as I thrust my cock into her and let my hands roam from her ribs down over her tummy and along the front of her thighs. She wiggled back at me, panting with the impending orgasm that was building and building. The sensation from her fingers, rubbing urgently across the wall of her vagina began to build and she could feel the 'big one' rolling towards her. She began to stroke herself more firmly. The warm top of the washing machine was jiggling across her distended tits and with her eyes tight shut, she felt herself suddenly filled with the hot splashes of cum deep inside her. I felt the droplets hit me in the chest as I pumped and pumped. The deep orgasm that hit her made her feel like she was about to pee herself and she bore down on the sensations as the spasms suddenly wracked her. Every fibre in her body felt alive with the sparkling cum that had her twitching across the warmth of the top of the washing machine.

Nickie attempted to catch her breath. There was still a warm feeling of an embrace all around her and she could feel the cooling air as it kissed the wetness that spread from her cunt, down her legs. She felt sure that that had been the most dramatic masturbation session she had ever achieved. If that guy, two doors away, was anything like she had just imagined, she'd have no problems enjoying an encounter with him!

The impulse hit her to maybe go see if there was 'anything she could do for him.'

"I'll call round this afternoon, if his car is still there," she decided.

I lay back in bed, still breathing deeply, wiping myself dry with some tissues and let the connection with Nickie hover around me. She was using a towel to dry her pussy and was sliding her panties back up to cover herself. The decision to forego wearing her jeans for the rest of the morning was my last command. It would be interesting to discover what excuse she would use when she called around later that day. I just knew she'd find some way to get to know me better...

I was in a much better frame of mind, considering the impending return of my wife that evening. I was certainly going to be less sexually frustrated than I had been when she went away.

* * *

End of Chapter Nineteen.

Well, take it from me, no picnic is in the offing...

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