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Chapter the Fourteenth: Rot.

"Others are brave out of ignorance, and when they stop to think, they begin to fear. But the man who can most truly be counted brave is he who best knows the meaning of what is sweet in life and of what is terrible; and then goes forth, undeterred, to meet what is to come."

Pericles of Athens

We slept until after lunch time and only lazily recaptured the kitchen in order to grab a coffee and some sandwiches. We put together a list of the information we had unearthed in Chrissie's memories and agreed that we had to put a defence together to protect ourselves against this guy Shaw. There were prayers that had to be made and we both took them as seriously as had her parents. I anointed her with a mixture of oils she brought out of the kitchen cabinets, lit candles and drew symbols on her belly. Finally we kissed and the spell was complete. I looked at her in an earnest way, hoping to reassure her. "I don't think we left anything out, that ceremony was the one that your mother and father used when you were a baby and was probably the strongest they could devise."

"We should get Valerie and Amy covered as soon as we can." She said, packing the spell together. I felt honoured that this woman accepted my other loves so completely, and I agreed we should get there right away. Chrissie made arrangements to go visit her relatives and try to make sense of some of the things were had found. I had to go back on my own and made my way to my house in deep contemplation of the events of the day. Amy and Valerie had to be called from their dormitory and eagerly jumped into the car to get back to my place. Their smiles disappeared when they saw my countenance and the journey took on a sombre mood. On the way I told them about the situation and had to do an awful lot of reassurance to calm them down. Both girls were deeply fearful and not all of it was for their own safety. It was quite difficult to hide my own fear from them.

We ate a light supper and waited for Chrissie to arrive. It was early evening when she rang the door bell. She came inside with a bustle, she had a lot of information that we all had to hear and it was in very short order that we all sat down on the couch and she began.

"I went to see my Aunt Aileen and Uncle Aiden. They have a farm down towards Reddington. It took me quite a bit of struggling before they let me even come back to you, you know?" She looked at me with a half-smile on her lips. "They are truly frightened about the way things are happening."

She went on to tell me that the old couple had been reading 'signs' for several weeks and her story shocked them into a frenzy of activity; telephone calls, prayers and songs. It wasn't until she managed to get through to them, how much she was in love with me and how I had been chosen by Queen Mab, the good queen herself, that they agreed to work for us. She went on to tell us how there was to be a gathering of our friends on the next Sunday, a new moon. It would give me a chance to consolidate my plans on how we might proceed. Tonight though, I was expected to go there and prove my claims. The fact that she and the two teens were joined with me did make them vulnerable but so long as I kept their identities hidden, it was difficult for Shaw's followers to get at them.

Amy sobbed, she was so frightened. This was a whole lot nastier than she had known before. After all the fear she'd experienced when I first used my magic on her, the thought of the power of an evil agent was horrifying. Valerie just kept looking between us all, a bewildered look of incomprehension on her face. Eventually, Chrissie, put her arms around them both and cuddled them in close. Kneeling in front of them both, she spoke to them in a firm, steady voice; "Uncle Aiden told me to remember that the biggest magic in the world is true love. With the love we all have for each other, we are already protected." She kissed Amy and then Val on the forehead and I could see the tension leave them both slightly. Valerie even managed a flicker of a smile.

Chrissie turned to me; "Aiden says you have to find a way to get yourself inside Shaw's place. The other side will have given him a specific weapon with which to attack us. If you can get to that, he'll be defeated." Her eyes were full of fear and it was evident that she didn't even want to think of me in the sort of peril she was describing. I wondered why it was that the bad guys always seemed to be the ones to get the really snazzy 'secret weapons.' The red rims of her beautiful hazel eyes brimmed with tears that suddenly spilled down her cheeks. I was touched to see how she kept her back to the girls so that they wouldn't see her worry. I put my arms around her and buried my face in her neck.

"It's going to be OK." I said, wishing I could believe my own voice.

We agreed that they should stay at my place overnight. We didn't want to be too far apart from each other, if we could help it at all. I helped them with the mundane tasks of clearing up and making the beds ready. They all agreed that they wanted to sleep together, out of fear to be left alone, and so I had to do some pretty hard concentration to get the bed big enough for the three of them. It did brighten their smiles when I did that little demonstration and I was pleased to see the return, even in a subdued way, of their normal girlish spirits.

"I want to get away early so that I can be back sooner." I told them. "Remember, this is going to work out, you just get to bed and I will sort things out." I helped to make sure the bedclothes were tucked in properly and leaned over to give them each a kiss on the lips.

Well, that was the intention, Once Amy's arms came around my waist and Chrissie, in the middle, held my face to hers for a long, heartfelt kiss, I just had to give in and let myself succumb to their caresses. Eventually, I had to quickly strip off my clothes and slip into the warmth of the bed for a tangled cuddle with the three of them. One by one, they all started to kiss me, saying "I love you" at each kiss. Then the kisses were on each other and soon there was no concerns about who was able to pleasure or touch or kiss whom. It was just nice to lay there and have the three of them enjoy themselves around me. Soon though I knew I had to get up and go. There was an evening's work to be done...

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End of chapter Fourteen.

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