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Story: Talent
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Chapter the Thirteenth: Arms and the man.

"We sometimes congratulate ourselves the moment after waking from a troubled dream; it may be so the moment after death."

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Bran, was there, his form just behind my eyelids, would not let me leave the place before he told me of something important.

"Philip, you approach the time of your testing. Matters are coming to a head, the one you must defeat is becoming aware of your presence. Your little demonstration with the trio of thugs was noticed by his infernal seeing devices. He has gained three angry new lieutenants."

"Why can you not tell me where he is? What he is doing?" I asked, perplexed by his inconsistent abilities.

"There are others who have woven powerful protection around his person. You are our chosen one, he is theirs. You must take care to protect yourself, and be careful with those you love, his power is such that they must be hidden from him."

"How so?"

"Your love is your greatest strength and also your greatest vulnerability. You must endeavour to protect those you love. I am unable to help you there, you must provide for them yourself"

"But how? How am I able to protect against things I know nothing about?"

"You must learn quickly. Your people have memories of the ways, search out those who would provide you with the knowledge."

"But where would I find them?" I was getting worried by these turns of fortunes.

"You are already with one of them, help her to help you. Her people know the ways but they have lost the means to remember.. I must be gone for his magic will find us all if I continue here, good luck."

With that he blinked away and I was wide awake. Really, wide awake. Christine gave a small scream with the solid way I woke her with a shake.

"Wha..? what's up, is everything alright?"

Her training kicked in and she was almost immediately alert and composed.

"What is it Phil? what's happened?"

I started to tell her but soon realised she needed to understand a lot more so I had her hold my hands and I set up another linking.

"Oh wow!" She started, as the full flood of information started to stream between us. I felt her questioning as the full history of my deeds became clear to her. Valerie, Amy and all the other things that were a part of me.

I saw the paths that her life had followed too, and once again realised the love that this close communication could build. We were becoming entwined. Opening my eyes, I looked across at Chris, there were streaks of tears that fell down her side of her face, like the arms of a pair of silvery eyeglasses. She looked to be both heartbroken and elated by the experience and I rolled on my side to touch her face whispering her name. She was simply beautiful. Her eyes looked into mine and she smiled like the sun. Our mouths met and we began to share everything.

"what does he mean when he says I am the one to help you? How can I help?"

"It has to be something that you know, or have done, or seen. He talks about 'your people' does being Irish give you anything?"

"well, there's Guinness.." she joked. The connection between us flared with the humour. "But I guess the old folk lore is obviously based on truth. I can't say I know much of it, if only we could talk to my daddy and see what he can tell us. He was always telling us stories about the 'little people.' Although I have to say, that queen didn't seem too little to me. 'Under endowed' isn't how I'd describe her figure!"

"Let me see if we can find out what you know from those times when you were a kid, we just have to get closer together and look at your memories.."

Chrissie looked a little concerned until she realised what I meant by 'closer.' She gleefully opened her thighs wide and pulled me onto her. I slid my stiffness into her warm embrace once again and we made love as totally connected as it was possible to be. Together, we began to riffle through the memories she had from her childhood. I saw her father as he was to her then, a big giant of a man, full of warmth and wisdom. He held us both in his arms and we were swamped in the security of his embrace.

It's amazing just how much 'stuff' a person has heard and seen in their lifetime and not remembered. But the images are still there, just awaiting one of Proust's madelines to bring them to consciousness. Chrissie had grown up on a farm out in the wilds of the beautiful rural countryside of Ireland. I envied the way her family had built such an intricate net of security and love about their whole way of life. She immediately admonished me for such an unwarranted emotion with her compassionate touch. Her mother and father were constant in their affections and we both revelled in the memories of them. The search took us back to my lover's first views through her newly opened eyes (and I'm pretty sure we could have gone back even further but I'm not positive that we could have made much sense of that.) and we ran forward with all that was said and sung and seen by her baby eyes.

And it was not without results. The Seymours were a couple whose reverence of the traditional religion of the land was almost palpable. It lived in conjunction with their Catholicism and was probably more applicable to their living day. The couple would provide for the well-being of their family in any way that seemed right. So the use of special prayers and gifts to the 'little people,' the Dannan, were regular around their baby girl. Her crib was bedecked with charms and crosses and little written notes that whilst looking jolly for the babe, were important weapons against the bad forces.

By the time we'd rushed through Chrissie's childhood, we had a set of the sort of protectors that were necessary to us. On top of that, we had a good idea of the people that I'd have to get in touch with to ask for help. Not an organised band but Callum Seymore had been a central character in the farming community and as such had a network who had dealt kindly with the Sidhe. Some of his contacts in the old country were still alive. By the time Christine was into her teens, the goings on of her parents was of little interest to her, but the information was still coming in and was stored away. We skimmed on, Chris was anxious that I not see all the trials and tribulations of her adolescent love life and the other relationships she had had. This time it was me who had to allay her fears with my assurance that it was all right. Her leaving the family home was saddening and Chris sobbed again with the re-experienced heartbreak. On and on, we skipped through the later information and except for some snippets when she returned home occasionally, nothing more was related.

We stopped the detective work and came back to the here and now. I guess the whole process took us roughly an hour and we were still in our closest embrace. I had kept my weight off her and she had been gently rocking herself on my cock in a gently stimulating way. In our distracted condition we had been building our bodies up to a long languid fuck and as our concentration returned, and still emotionally linked, we began to get more aggressive in our copulation.

Nothing prepares you for such an exchange as that. I couldn't give Chris pleasure without it being refocused on me and vice versa. I felt every lick across the sensitive points of her nipples. Each drag of my fingernails along the soft side of her breasts made me ache with desire for her. The feeling of my hard cock sliding in and out of me was mind-blowing, (no wonder women look so damned cute when they're coming :)). Her hands were stroking the backs of my legs and cupping my clenching buttocks and I was sure she was enjoying the experience herself. When she sucked one of her fingers in her mouth to get it wet I was intrigued with the feeling that she was going to be naughty and that she was somehow keeping it a surprise. As she slid the cool wet point of her index finger into the tight ring of my asshole in order to gently rub my prostate the fireworks went off in our heads and we both went into overdrive. I felt like a fire hose was going off as I splattered her cervix with volley after volley of cum. On top of my orgasm, hers felt like a rolling wave of emotion and the two of us just went from peak to peak of pleasure.

Of course, with such a positive feedback loop, we were in danger of overload and I had to actively break the links we shared. Eventually we parted and I fell to her side in utter exhaustion. Her swollen breasts bore witness to the slavering attention my mouth had given. Her hips and thighs were smothered in a mixture of my spunk and hers. The puffiness of her tender vagina and the redness of the insides of her legs was due to the way we'd ground ourselves together for over an hour and a half. Her throat was livid with sucking welts and I would imagine that my body looked the same way. Indeed, when I sat up a bit, the sheet had bloodstains from where I had rolled on my back. Her fingernails had scratched me pretty well across every inch of my shoulders.

Chris fell into an exhausted stupor and I had to spend some time getting my breath back and mending the damage. Soon I had to close my eyes too and lapsed once more into sleep in her arms.

* * *

End of chapter Thirteen,

Not such an unlucky one eh? Still, the plot, unlike semen, thickens (ever noticed that?)....

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