The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Category: mf - male/female sex

$1.99 Per Minute (mc mf md hu)
A(ci)dmission (mc mf md)
A-10 (mc mf md)
A-10: The Long Awaited Sequel (mc mf md)
A1 Bots, Inc. (mc mf md rb)
A101 – The Smoking Room (mc mf ff fd md ex ft ma hm)
A101 — Field Test (mc mf ff)
A101: Forced Perspective (mc mf ff fd md ex ft ma hm)
AAAAAAAA Breasts (mc mf md gr ma)
Abducted and Probed: A Love Story (mc mf fd sf)
Abduction (mc mf mm fd ds nc)
Abduction Alien (mc mf sf)
Abigail (mc mf ff md gr in)
Aboard the Salty Seagull (mc mf ff md fd)
Abominable Dr. Michaels — Corrupt Hypnotist (mc mf ff md fd)
Above All (mc mf md)
Above That Ye Are Able (mc mf md)
Abracadabra (mc mf md ma gr)
Absalom (mc mf fd)
Absent Minded (mc mf md fd)
Absolute Control (Friday Night Fights) (mc ff bd mf fd)
Absolute Corruption (mc mf md)
Absolute Obedience (mc mf md)
Absolute Power (mc mf md)
Absolute Power (Warlord) (mc mf ff md bd in)
The Academy (mc ff mf fd md)
The Accident (mc mf ma)
The Accident (Looksodeeplyintomyeyes) (mc mf md)
An Accident (S. P. Riley) (mc mf ff md)
An Accidental Abduction (mc mf ff sf)
Accidental Inheritance (mc mf md fd bd)
The Accidental Master (mc mf md)
Accidents (mc mf md cb)
Accidents: Origin (mc mf ff md hu)
Accommodating the Couple (mc mf md)
Accumulator (mc mf md sf)
Accused: Nick Vegas Caught! (mc ff mf fd md)
Acid of the Mind (mc mf ff md gr)
Acid-Washed Reflections (mc mf ff md)
Across the Street (mc mf fd)
Actress (mc mf md hm)
Acts of Godfrey (mc mf md)
Ad Campaign (mc ff mf ma)
Adams Story (mc mf fd)
The Addicted Natural (mc mf ff md)
Addiction (mc mf md)
The Addiction (GhosTypeS) (mc mf ff md)
The Additive (mc mf ff)
The Additive (Sollipsist) (mc mf ff)
Adelia Marley MD: Sex Control and the Virtual Chastity Belt. (mc mf fd)
The Adjusters I: Whatever Happened to Marjorie Duquesne? (mc mf md)
The Adjustor (mc mf ff in)
Admirer411 (mc mf md bd)
Adolescent Fantasies (mc mf md cb)
The Adoption (mc mf md)
Adriana and the Werewolf (mc mf fd be)
Adult Education (mc mf md fd)
Advantage Slavery: Vignettes (mc mf ff)
Adventures in Accountancy (mc mf ff md fd)
The Adventures of Bill, the Erotic Vampire (mc mf ff md fd hu)
The Adventures of Freedom Chick: Trials of Dr. X (mc mf ff md bd cb)
The Adventures of Rania (mc mf ff md fd in bd)
The Adventures of Sam Spain, Mind-Controlled Private Dick (mc mf fd)
The Aerobics Class (mf md mc)
Africa (mc mf fd)
After Hours (mc mf md)
After Sales Service (mc mf md)
After School Special (mc ff mf md)
An Afternoon Well Spent (mc mf ff md gr)
Afterparty (mc mf md)
Against Her Will (mc mf md)
The Agency (mc mf md)
Agent 47-D (mc mf fd)
Agent Danner (mc mf md ft)
An Agent Enslaved (mc mf md)
Agent Kim (FBI) Visits Riverside (mc mf md)
Agent of P.S.Y.C.H.E. (mc mf md)
Agent With Immunity (mc mf ff md)
Ahead of the Game (mc mf ff md fd in)
Ailes in the Forgotten Capitol (mc mf md)
Ain’t A Cheerleader in Texas (mc mf ff md ma)
Airheads (mc mf fd)
Airplane Ride (mc mf ff mm md in)
Airport (mc mf md)
Akiko In Blue (mc mf md)
Akiko in the Afternoon (mc mf ff md fd)
Akiko Sells Out (mc mf ff md fd)
Akiko Takes a Holiday (mc mf ff md)
Akiko's New Protégé (mc mf ff md fd)
Alan (mc mf md)
Alex's Dream (mc mf md)
Alexander (mc mf md)
Alexandra the Great (mc mf fd)
Alexandra's Erotic Adventure (mc ff mf fd)
Alexandra's New Practice (mc mf ff fd)
The Alfalfa Male (mc mf md)
Alice Sin Wonderland (mc mf md gr)
Alice Through the Lusting Glass (mc mf ff md)
Alice-slut (mc mf md)
Alien Abduction (mc mf md)
The Alien God (mc mf md in ts hu gr)
Alien Implant (mc mf md)
Alien Son (mc mf md)
Alien Spawn (mc mf ff md in)
Alien Webs (mc mf fd)
Alien's Gift (mc mf ff md gr)
Alienne (mc mf md fd)
The Aliens Gift II (mc mf ff md gr in)
Alien’s Gift: Tempest & the Twins (mc mf ff md in gr)
All Dolled Up (mc mf md)
All Grown Up (mc mf)
All Her Eggs (mc mf md)
All in the Eyes (mc mf md ex)
All in the Name of Science (mc mf md in)
All My Sins in Silver (mc mf md rb)
All or Nothing (mc mf md)
All She Wants to Do Is Dance (mc mf md cb)
All The Way (mc mf md)
All the Way Across (mc mf)
All the Way Down (mc mf md)
All Wound Up (mc mf ff md fd)
All Wrapped Up (mc mf fd ft)
All You Zombies (mc mf)
Allison On Top (mc mf ff fd)
Alondra...The Pool Girl (mc mf ff fd)
Alpha Male Effect (mc mf md in)
Altered Christmas Party (mc mf md)
Altering Identity (mc mf ff fd)
Altering Reality (mc mf md)
Alternate Auction (mc mf fd)
Alternate Hypnosis (mc mf md)
Alvin Kettle and The Videotape of Doom (mc mf)
Always (mc mf md)
Always Ahead of the Game (mc mf)
Always Love (mc mf ff md fd)
Always Something There to Remind Me (mc mf fd)
Amanda and the Teacher of Doom (mc mf fd)
Amanda's EZ Dating Service Experience (mc mf md)
Amanda’s Mom (Has Got It Going On) (mc mf ff fd)
Amanda’s Mom and the Parent Teacher Conferences of Doom (mc mf fd)
Amanda’s Pet (mc mf fd)
Amantes Sunt Amentes (Lovers Are Lunatics) (mc ff mf fd)
Amateur Night (mc mf md)
Amaz (mc mf fd)
The Amazing Bullgrin (mc mf md)
The Amazing No-Mind (mc mf md)
The Amazing Will (mc mf md)
Amazing Woman (mc mf ff md fd cb bd)
Amazon Takeover (mc mf md)
Amazonia (mc mf ff md)
Amethyst Eyes (mc mf ff fd)
Amissum Codex — The Book of Loss (mc mf md)
Ampere’s Sleepy Adventures (mc mf md cb)
The Amplifier (mf md ff mc)
Amy at the Shoe Shop (mc mf ff md ft)
Anal Princesses (mc mf ff md fd)
The Analyst (mc mf md bd)
The Analyst and Mrs White (mc mf md)
Ancient Bracelet (mc mf md)
Ancient Requiem--Passionato (mc mf md)
Ancient Requiem: Veemente (mc mf md)
An Ancient Secret (mc mf md fd)
Ancient Sonata: Moderato (mc mf fd)
Ancient Sonata: Vivace (mc mf fd)
And One Hundred (mc mf ff md fd)
And Pillage (mc mf md gr)
And the Pupil Becomes the Foot Mistress (mc mf fd ft)
And the Winner Is... (mc mf md)
And the Winner Is... (gs6gs6gs6) (mc mf ff md fd)
And Then She Was Gone (mc mf md)
Android Academy (mc mf bd md fd ft)
Andy and Michele (mc mf md fd)
Angel (mc mf md)
Angel of Darkness (mc mf ff mf sf)
Angela's Harem Outfit (mc mf md fd rb sf gr)
Angela's Secret (mc mf md)
Angie Baby (mc mf fd)
The Anhiem Institute (mc mf md in)
Animatrix Scriptorium (mc mf)
Anime DNA (mc mf gr)
The Ankh (mc mf fd)
Ann the Swim Coach (mc mf mm ff)
Anna 2.0 (mc mf md gr)
Anna's Ride (mc mf fd)
Annals of the Love Disease (mc mf ff)
Anna’s Report (mc mf md hu)
Anniversary (mc mf ff md)
Anniversay - Starting Over (mc mm mf md)
Annual Club Auction (mc mf md)
Anonymous Caller (mc mf md)
Another Affair of the Necklace (mc ff mf fd md)
Another Day at the ‘Office’ (mc mf md gr)
Another Day of Filming...? (mc mf md rb)
Another Doctor's Demise (mc mf md)
Another Fine Mess (mc mf md cb)
Another Long Day (mc ff mf fd in la)
Another One (mc mf gr)
Ante Up (mc mf md)
The Antique (mc mf md in)
Antoinette (mc mf fd)
Anton (mc mf md)
Anxious Housewives (mc mf md bd)
Anything for the Company (mc mf md)
AOB - The Proper Way to Conclude a Meeting? (mc mf md)
Apartment 218: A Master PC Story (mc mf md gr)
Apartment Slavery (mc mf fd)
The Aphrodite Organization (mc mf md fd sf ft)
Appetizers on Anna (mc mf md)
The Applicant (mc mf md gr)
Applied Hypnosis Lifestyle (mc mf ff md)
The Apprentice (mc mf md)
Appropriate Ceremony (mc mf md)
April Fooled (mc mf md)
April is the Cruelest Month (mc ff mf in)
April May (mc mf md gr)
April Showers (mc mf fd)
April's New School Day (mc mf ff fd)
April's Rain (mc ff mf md fd)
Après les Pleus (mc mf md)
Arachnae, or The Icky-Squicky Spider (mc mf ff)
Arcana (mc mf md fd)
Are There Aliens Out There? (mc mf fd)
Are You Chicken? (mc mf ff md)
Are You Guilty of Arousing Females Unknowing (mc mf ff fd)
Are You Gullible? (mc mf md)
Areola (mc mf ff fd)
Ariana's Story (mc mf md)
Arianna (mc mf ff md)
The Armoire (mc mf)
The Army of Goddess Kay (mc mf fd)
Aromatherapy (mc mf md)
Around Midnight (mc mf md)
The Art of Control (mc mf ff md fd bd hu)
The Art of Following (mc mf ff md ma)
The Article (mc mf md)
Artifact (Chew Toy) (mc mf fd)
The Artifact (Lisa Teez) (mc ff mf)
Artifact (Wiseguy) (mc mf)
Artifacts and Relics (mc mf md fu)
The Artifical Circus (mc mf md ft)
The Arts (mc bd mf ff md)
Arundsen's Device (mc mf ff fd)
As It Seems (mc mf md)
As Sands Through the Hourglass (mc mf fd)
As You Wish (mc mf md)
Ascension (mc mf ff gr)
Asha, A Maid in Sri Lanka (mc ff mf fd)
Ashly’s Birthday Bimbo Blowout (mc mf gr)
The Asian Bimbo Experiment (mc mf md)
Asian Boss (mc mf md)
The Asian Tiger (mc mf md)
Asking to be Spanked (mc mf md)
Ass-Fucker Hypnotist (mc mf md)
The Assassin (mc mf fd)
Assault with a Deadly Akiko (mc mf ff md)
Assert Yourself (mc mf ff fd)
Assets Under Management (mc mf gr)
Assimilation (mc mf md)
The Assimilation (Technofile) (mc mf ff ft sf)
Assistant Subject (mc mf md)
Assisted Seduction (mc mf md)
At Last (JHB) (mc mf fd)
At Last! (mc mf md fd)
At Long Last Love Has Arrived (mc mf md fd)
At My Ex-Girlfriend’s Feet (mc mf fd ft)
At the Airport (mc mf ff md)
At the Beach—A Visualization (mc mf md)
At the Club (mc mf fd)
At The Fair (mc mf ff md gr sf)
At the Game (mc mf md)
At Your Service (mc mf md)
Athena's G-Spot (mc mf ff md fd)
The Athenian Agenda (mc mf ff md)
Athenian Beauty For A Jock Bully (mc mf md hm)
Atom Bomb (mc mf fd fu)
Au Pair (mc ff mf fd)
The Audience (mc mf md fd)
The Audiologist (mc mf fd)
Aunt Rani's World (mc mf fd in)
Auntie’s Island (mc mf ff md)
Auras (mc mf ff md fd hu gr)
Australian Reverie (mc mf md)
An Author's Fantasy (mc mf md fd)
Autumn Spell of the Vampire (mc mf md)
Avatar (Xia nt) (mc mf md)
Awake (mc mf)
Awake From Dreaming (mc mf md)
Awaken My Slave (mc mf md bd)
Awaken the Fantasy (mc mf md)
Awakened Dreams (mc mf ff ma md fd)
Awakening (mc md nc mf)
The Awakening - The Vyartu Stories (mc mf md)
Axiom of Eroticism (mc ff mf fd md)
Ayo (mc mf fd)
B & E (mc mf fd)
The Baby Sitter and The Unethical (?) Therapist (mc mf md)
Baby's Got Blue Eyes (mc mf)
The Babysitter (mc mf md)
Babysitter Becomes A Slave (mc mf md be)
BabySitter Blues (mc mf md)
Babysitter Conditioned (mc mf md)
Babysitter Conditioning (mc mf md)
Baby’s Got a Full Back (mc mf gr hu)
Bachelor Party (mc mf ff md in)
Bachelorette Party (mc mf ff md gr)
Bachelorette Roulette (mc mf ff md in)
Back and Forth (mc mf md)
Back In Black (mc ff mf fd md)
Back in New York (mc mf md)
Back to Nature (mc mf ff md)
Back to those Helpless Days (mc mf fd ft)
Backfired (mc ff mf fd ft hm)
Backlash (mc mf md)
Backlash (Bad Kitty) (mc mf md cb bd sf)
Backwash (mc mf md gr)
Bad Candy (mc mf md ma)
A Bad Day (mc mf ff md)
A Bad Day at School (mc mf md)
Bad Neighbor (mc mf md gr)
The Baker's Wager (mc mf ff md fd bd)
Balance of Power (mc mf md)
Balphagor (mc mf ff)
Banana Slut II: The Banana Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree (mc mf ff md in)
BangSlave TV (mc mf fd)
The Bank (mf md mc)
The Bank Robbery (mc ff mf fd ft)
The Bank Robbery - Emma's Encounter (mc ff mf fd ft)
Bar Drinks (mc mf md)
Barbara Becomes Bi (mc ff mf fd)
Barbara's Job Retraining (mc mf md hm)
Barbie Doll (mc mf md ft)
Barbie Girl (mc mf md)
Barbie Girls (mc mf md)
A Bard's Tale (mc mf md)
Barefoot Seduction (mc mf fd ft in)
Bargain Bin (mc mf md)
Baroque Seduction (mc mf md)
The Barrows Clinic (mc mf md)
Basic Training (mc mf md)
The Bastard (unrestrained) (mc mf md)
The Bastard and the Ghost Bitch (mc mf md fd)
Battle Hookers (mc mf ff fd)
Battle Hookers 3: The Bimbo Savant (mc mf ff md fd gr)
Battle Hookers Episode 2: The Good Witch (mc mf ff md fd gr)
Battle of the Vampires (mc ff mf fd)
Bawdy and Soul (mc mf ff fd)
Be All That You're Meant To Be (mc mf md ft)
Be Mine (mc mf ff md gr)
Be Polite Now! (mc mf md)
Beach Babes (mc mf ff md)
Beach Zone (mc mf fd ft)
Beads (Z Style) (mc mf md)
Beads of My Heart (mc mf ma)
Beat (mc mf md)
Beating the.... Christmas Rush: A Perfect World Christmas (mc mf md fd rb)
The ‘Beating Winter’ Deception (mc mf md)
Beauties and the Beast (mc mf md)
Beauty and the Boots (mc mf ff fd ft)
Beauty and the Brainwash (mc mf md)
Beauty Contest (mc mf md rb)
Beauty Is in the Mind of the Beholder (mc mf ff fd)
Because I Can (mc mf ff md)
Because I Knew You (mc mf md fd)
The Becoming (mc mf ff md in)
Becoming a Robot.....At Last! (mc mf md rb)
Becoming Muffy Madison: a Bimbo Tale (mc mf md gr)
Becoming the Queen’s “Whore” (mc mf fd sf hu la ft ds)
Bedazzled (mc mf fd)
Bedwarmer (mc mf md)
The Behavioural Therapist (mc ff mf fd ft)
Behind Closed Doors (mc mf md gr)
Behind the Scenes (mc mf md)
Being a Drone (mc mf gr rb sf)
Being Both Naughty and Nice (mc mf hu)
Being Human (mc mf md sf rb)
Being Jeweled (mc mf md gr)
Being Processed (mc mf ff md fu)
Bekah and the Zombie Master (mc mf ff md)
Believe Me Natalie (mc mf md)
Bellwether Ranch (mc mf fd)
Beltane (mc mf fd md mm)
The Benefits of a Health Spa (mc mf ff md fd rb)
Benefits of Teaching Astronomy for Airheads (mc mf md)
A Benevolent Dictator (mc mf ff md)
Benevolent Predator (mc mf md)
Benny the Bumbling Bunny (mc mf)
Benoit (mc mf ff md)
Ben’s California Girl: The Cum Addiction (mc mf md)
Ben’s Stripper (mc mf md hm)
Bereaved (mc mf fd in)
The Best Damned Sex-Bot Ever (mc mf ff rb)
Best Fantasy (mc mf fd)
Best Friends Forever (mc mf ff fd)
Best Laid Plans (mc mf md hu)
Best Memory (mc mf md)
The Best of Intentions (mc ff mf fd)
Best Served Hot (mc mf ff in)
Best Wishes (mc mf md)
The Bet (mc mf md)
Beth (mc mf md)
Beth in Stocks (mf md mc bd ds)
Beth’s Corruption (mc mf md)
Betrayed Downstream (mc mf md sf ts)
A Better Body (mc mf md gr)
Better Living Through Chemistry (mc mf md hu)
A Better Offer? (mc mf fd cb)
Better to Show Respect (mc mf md)
Betty Buckssome – Porn Star (mc mf md)
Betty's Lesson (mc mf fd)
Beware of Whose Toes You Tramp On (mc mf md hm)
Beyond the Horizon (mc mf md)
Bianca (mc mf fd)
Bianca: The Office Slut (mc mf md)
Bifocals (mc mf md)
Big Bouncers (mc mf ff md fd ma gr)
Big Changes in Riverside (mc mf md)
Big Changes in Riverside High (mc mf ff md)
Big League Changes (mc mf md gr)
Big Mind on Campus (mc mf md)
The Big O (mc mf md)
The Big O Canada (mc mf gr ex)
Big Sister (mc mf md)
The Big Surprice (mc mf md)
Bigger (mc mf md gr)
Bikini Hypnotists From Beyond the Heavens (mc mf fd sf)
Billionaire Slaves (mc mf md)
Billy the Experiment (mc mf mm fd md ft hm)
Billy’s Bully Blitz Backfires (mc mf md in)
Bimbo Bites (mc mf ff md ft gr)
Bimbo Body (mc mf md gr)
Bimbo Class (mc mf md)
Bimbo Dot Com (mc mf md)
Bimbo Eyes (mc mf md ft)
Bimbo Tale (mc mf md)
Bimbo Tech: Gift Certificates (mc mf md gr)
The Bimborg (mc mf ff md rb)
Bimborg 2: Invasion of the Bawdy Snatch-Revelers (mc mf md rb gr)
Bimborgasm (mc mf gr)
Bimbos and Classes (mc mf ff fd md gr)
Bimbos and Debts (mc ff mf gr)
Bimbos and Email (mc mf md gr)
Bimbos and Trains (mc mf ff hm gr)
BimboTech Brasil (mc mf ff md gr)
The BimboTech Christmas Special: A Present for St. Nick (mc mf md gr)
BimboTech: A Friend in Need (mc mf ff md fd gr)
BimboTech: A Special Introductory Offer (mc mf md gr)
BimboTech: An Equal Opportunity Employer (mc mf ff md gr)
BimboTech: BimboDrops (mc mf ff md gr in)
BimboTech: Bionengineering (mc mf md gr ft)
BimboTech: Employee Relations (mc mf md gr)
BimboTech: Going Down (mc mf md)
BimboTech: Help Wanted (mc mf md gr)
BimboTech: Reconcilable Differences (mc mf ff md gr)
BimboTech: The Receptionist (mc mf md)
BimboTech: Wiggle Room (mc mf ff md gr)
Binding in the Night (mc mf md)
A Binding Oral Agreement (mc ff mf fd)
Bingo Bango Bongo (mc mf md)
Biological Imperative (mc mf md fd)
The BioTrust Choice (mc mf ff md fd ft sf)
The Birthday Cake (mc mf fd bd)
Birthday Engagement (mc mf md)
Birthday Presents (mc mf md)
Birthday Suit (mc mf md)
Birthright (mc mf md)
Bishoujo Land (mc mf md)
Bishoujo Land 2: Shining Stars (mc mf md)
The Bitch Is Back (mc mf md hm)
The Bitch Is Back (Jukebox) (mc mf fd)
Bite (mc mf ff fd)
Bites (mc mf md)
Bittersweet Memories (mc mf md)
The Bizarre Case of Linda Wolfe (mc mf md sf)
Black Box (mc mf)
Black Coffee (mc mf ff fd gr)
Black Goddess and Her White Footslave (mc mf fd ft)
A Black Hole -- In Sunnydale (mc mf mm fd)
A Black Hole in Sunnydale - An Arresting Development (mc mf ff fd in)
Black isn’t so Bad After All! (mc mf mm md)
The Black Kat -- Kitten Captured (mc mf ff fd cb)
The Black Kat and Catman -- Feline Fury (mc mf fd cb)
Black Lace Underwear (mc mf md)
Black Magic (mc mf md fd in)
Black Ops: Sabre (mc mf ff md rb)
Black Pastures (mc mf md)
The Black Queen: Impending Doom (mc mf fd)
The Black Queen: Principles of Obedience (mc mf ff fd bd hm)
The Black Queen: Unexpected Resistance (mc mf fd bd hm)
Black Satin, White Light (mc mf fd)
The Black Sheep (mc mf)
Blackmail: Five Exposures (mc mf md)
Blackmailing Mistress Candice (mc mf fd ma hm)
Blandman vs. Dr. J (mc mf md in cb hu)
Blandman Vs. Dr. J Again (mc mf)
Blandman vs. the Elf Who Would Steal Christmas (mc mf md)
Blandman vs. The Evil Dr. Phyllis (mc mf md)
Blandman vs. The Space Babes (mc mf md cb hu)
Blank Czech (mc mf)
Blast From the Past (mc mf md)
Bleeding Power (mc mf ff md)
Blessing of the Saint (mc mf)
Blind Date (mc mf fd)
Blind Date (Circleloopz) (mc mf md ft)
Blind Faith (mc mf md)
Blind Seams (mc mf ff fd ft)
Blinded Me with Science (mc mf md)
Blob’s Story (mc mf md rb)
Blond by Brunette (mc mf md gr)
Blond Foreign Gods Sold to Brunet Gothic Devils (mc mm mf md fd hm)
Blonde Concepts (mc mf md gr)
The Blonde Diaries (mc mf md sf)
The Blonde Warrior from Scythia (mc mf md bd hm)
Bloodlust (mc mf ff md)
Blooming Flowers (mc mf fd)
Blowjob Mania (mc mf md)
Blue (mc mf ff md)
The Blue Bottle (mc mf ff md bd)
The Blue Box (mc mf)
Blue Eyes (mc mf md)
The Blue Kayak (mc mf md)
The Blue Pill (mc mf md)
Blue Plate Special (mc mf md)
The Blue Room (mc mf ff md)
Blue Undercover (mc mf md gr)
Bobwhite's Writing Exposition (mc mf ff md fd)
BODI — Body On Demand Inc. (mc ff mf rb ft)
Bodies in Motion (mc mf md ft)
Body and Soul (mc mf fd)
The Body Electric (mc mf ff fd ma rb)
Body Overrules the Mind (mc mf ff md gr)
Body Perfect (mc mf ff md fd ma ft gr)
The Body Shifters (mc mf ff fd gr la)
Body Shifters: Sarah’s Transformation (mc ff mf fd gr la)
Bodyslave (mc mf ff md)
The Bonding (mc mf md)
The Bonfire (mc mf fd)
Bonus (mc mf ff md)
Boob Tube (mc mf fd ma)
Boobleck (mc mf md gr)
The Book (mf ff md mc nc)
The Book of Love Spells (mc mf fd)
The Book of Norks (mc mf md ft sf)
Booked For Life (mc mf md)
Boom or Bust (mc mf md)
Boomerang Bang (mc mf md)
Boots on the Brain 2: A New Pair (mc mf ff ft)
Boots, Leather and Smoldering Eyes (mc mf fd ft)
Booty and the Badge (mc mf fd)
Booty School (mc mf md bd)
Borderline (mc mf)
Bored Game (mc mf ff md fd)
Born to Make You Happy (mc mf md)
The Boss (mc mf md)
The Boss Lady's New Toy (mc mf fd bd)
Boss Man (mc mf md bd sc)
Bossing the Boss (mc mf md)
Bottie and Soul (mc ff mf fd rb sf la)
Bound by Name and Blood (mc mf fd)
Bound to Please (mc mf md)
Bound Together (mc mf md bd)
Bows of Holly (mc mf md)
Boxing Day (mc mf md fd)
Boy Toy (mc mf md in)
The Bra (mc ff mf fd md ft)
Bracelet (mf mc md nc)
Brain Drain (mc mf gr)
Brain Drain 2.0 (mc mf gr)
Brain Drain 3.0 HoliDAZE Special (mc mf gr)
Brain Drain Mobile (mc mf gr)
Brain Wash, Rinse, Repeat... (mc mf ff md fd)
The Brains of the Outfit (mc mf md)
Braintrust: Braintrust Verus Whisper (mc mf md fd)
Brainwash in Warm Water to Prevent Shrinkage (mc mf md ft)
Brainwave of Horror (mc mf ff md in)
Brainwave of Horror II (mc mf md in)
Brainwave of Horror III (mc mf ff in)
A Brand New Dawn (mc mf md)
Brand New Key (mc mf fd ma)
Brandy's Induction (mc mf md)
A Breach in Harmony (mc mf ff md fd in gr)
Breach of Confidentiality (mc mf ff gr hm)
Breadcrumbs (mc mf fd fu)
Breakfast At Lenny's (mc mf md)
The Breakfast Club (mc mf ff mm)
Breaking Esther (mc mf md)
Breaking Innocent Jenny (mc mf md gr)
Breaking News (mc mf md)
The Breaking of Dan Newman (mc mf fd)
The Breaking of Donna (mc mf md)
Breaking Out From Under (mc mf ff md fd)
Breaking Out of a Rut (mc mf ff md ft hm)
Breaking the Girl (mc mf md)
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (mc mf md hm)
Breast Exam (mc mf fd)
Breast Exploration (mc mf fd)
Breast Takeover (mc ff mf fd)
Breast There Is (mc mf ff fd)
The Breath of Power (mc mf ff md ft)
Breathe Deep (mc mf fd)
Breathmints (mc mf md)
The Breed (mc mf md)
The Breed: Heritage (mc mf md)
Breeder (mc mf ff md fd gr sf in)
Brianna's Pool Party (mc mf)
The Bridge (mc mf md)
A Brief Mistake (mc mf fd)
Brief Resistance (mc mf fd)
Bright Future (mc mf fd)
Britley's Indecent Proposal (mc mf md)
Brittany's Adventures (mc mf md)
Broken Bodies (mc mf ff md)
Broken Heart (mc ff mf fd)
A Broken Man (mc mf fd gr)
Broken Wings (mc mf md)
The Brood Chronicles (mc mf sf)
Brooke’s New Obsession (mc mf ff md)
Broomfield's Box (mc mf md)
Brotherly Love (mc mf md)
The Bruja (mc ff mf fd in)
Brutal (mc mf md)
Bubble Gum Bimbo’s (mc mf md)
Bubble Universe (mc mf md ts sf rb)
Bubblegum Pop (mc mf md)
Buccaneer Barbie (mc mf ff fd)
Buck Fever (mc mf md in)
A Budding Film Star (mc mf md rb)
Budgetary Control (mc mf ff md fd)
Building a New Home (mc mf ff md)
Bulk Purchase (mc mf ff md ft gr)
Bully Blitz — Chet’s Chaotic Conquest (mc mf md in hm)
Bunnies Are Happy, Happy, Happy! (mc mf md gr)
Bunny Island Is Bimbo Island Is Bunny Island Is Bimbo Island Is (mc mf gr)
Bunraku Puppet (mc mf md in)
Business and Pleasure (mc mf md)
Business Casual (mc mf md gr)
Business Class (mc mf md fd)
Business Reversal (mc mf md ft hm)
Business School Rules (mc mf fd)
Business Trip (mc mf fd md)
Busker Babes (mc mf ff md ft)
Busman’s Holiday (mc mf md)
Butch Goes to Washington (mc mf md)
The Butler (mc mf md gr)
The Butler Did It (mc mf md)
Butterfly Dreams (mc mf fd ft hm)
The Button (mc mf md gr)
The Button: Alternate Pathway (mc mf md gr)
By the Book (mc mf md)
By the Sword (mc mf md)
Bye, Curious (mc mf md)
Cab Ride (mc mf be)
Cabin (mf mc md nc)
Cabin Fever (mc mf ff md in)
The Cabinet (mc mf md)
The Cable Guy (mc mf md)
Cadre (mc mf ff md)
Cafe au Lait (mc mf md gr)
Caitlyn's (mc mf md ma ds hm)
The California Effect (mc mf ff md fd hu)
Caligula's Curse (mc mf in)
Call for Love (mc mf fd)
Call Me Suzy (mc mf md)
The Call of the Wild (mc mf md)
Caller ID (mc mf md)
Callie Colt: High Plains Grifter (mc mf ff md fd)
The Calling (mc mf ff md)
Calving Signs (mc mf md gr)
The Camera Doesn't Lie (mc mf md)
The Camera Doesn’t Lie Again (mc mf)
Cammy Captured (mc mf ff md)
Camp - Part 1 - Ron Begins His Journey (mc mf md in)
Camp - Part 2 - Ron Comes of Age (mc mf md in)
Camp - Part 3 - Field Agent Ronald Chaffey (mc mf md in)
Camp - Part 4 - Ron Begins The Program (mc mf md in)
Campaign (mc mf md gr)
Campfire Light (mc mf md)
Campfire Tail (mc mf gr)
Camping Trip (mc mf md)
Can Anyone Help Me? (mc mf md in)
Can I take your order, Sir? (mc mf md)
Can You Dig It? (mc mf md)
Can You Spell Coyote? (mc mf ff hu ma gr ft rb la fu)
Candace's Education (mc mf ff md)
Candi Cain (mc ff mf fd)
The Candidate (mc mf md gr)
Candle Power (mc mf fd)
Candle Power (Pellicule) (mc mf md)
Candy Hearts (mc mf ff fd)
Cannibal Cain (mc mf ff md bd ca)
Capes and Cloaks: the Illithid's Tale (mc mf ff md cb bd)
Captain Tommy's Hot Ass Ho's (mc mf md)
Captured at the Mall (mc mf fd ft)
Captured by Trance (mc mf ff md)
Caramia (mc mf md)
Card Games (mc mf ff md ft in)
Card Tricks (mc mf ff md)
Career Counseling (mc mf ff md)
Career Day (mc mf ff md)
Careers in Science (mc mf ff md gr)
Caretaker (mc mf)
Cargo (mc mf md ft sf)
Carl and Lilith (mc mf fd)
Carla's Conversion (mc mf ff ft)
Carlotta's Colourful Christmas (mc mf ff md ft)
Carmel (mc mf ff fd)
Carmen In Church Country (mc mf ff gr)
Carnigals (mc mf md fd rb)
Carnival (mc mf ff md gr)
Carnival: Stageshow (mc mf md gr)
Carol, The Story (mc mf md)
The Carolina Experiment (mc mf md fd rb)
Carpe Diem (mc mf ff md)
Carpet Laid (mc mf fd)
Carpool Carnal Syndrome (mc mf md)
Carrie's New Life (mc mf md)
Cars (mc mf md ma)
Cascade Effect (mc mf md)
Case 2000-1: Game of Love (mc mf ff md fd)
Case 74-1: Two Maidens (mc mf md)
Case 98-2: Current Events (mc mf md)
Case 99-1: Aliens vs. Cowboys (mc mf md)
Case Closed (mc mf md)
The Case of the Cleveland Mind-taker (mc mf sf)
The Case of the Errant Clergyman (mc mf ff fd)
The Case of the Missing Piano (mc mf md)
The Casefiles of Tony Horn #1: The Cult of Purity (mc mf ff md)
Casey’s Mighty Bat (mc mf ff md gr)
Cassandra — Vampiress (mc mf ff md fd gr)
Cassandra's Curse (mc mf ff md)
Cassandra's Late Lunch (mc mf md ft)
Cassie and Ophelia (mc ff mf fd ft)
Cassie Lee's New Attitude (mc mf md bd)
Cassie's Challenge (mc mf md)
Casting Emily (mc mf ff md fd)
Casting Models (mc mf ff md)
Castle (mc mf md fd)
Castle La’Cudra (mc mf fd)
Castle Tails (mc mf md fd fu)
Cat and Mouse (Gander) (mc mf md)
Cat Bites (mc mf ff md fd ft fu gr la bd)
Cat Sand (mc ff mf hm)
Cat Scratch (mc mf ff fd)
Cat Trance Dance (mc mf fd fu)
Catch of the Day (mc mf md fd)
Catch of the Day (Lisa Teez) (mc mf ff)
Catgirl Got Your Tongue (mc mf ff fd fu)
Cathy and Becky (mc mf ff fd)
Cathy's Plan (mc mf fd)
Catsuit (mc mf fd ft gr)
Catty (mc mf md fu gr la)
Caught in a Fishnet (mc ff mf md fd ft bd)
The CD (mc mf ff md)
The CD for Me (mc mf md)
CDMT Stare (mc mf md)
Celes: Celestial EMC Revenge (mc mf ff md fd)
Celia’s Story (mc mf md fd)
Cell Phone Antics (mc mf md ma)
Cellular Magic (mc mf md)
Centerfold (mc mf md)
The Centurions: Curse of the Druj (mc ff mf fd cb)
Cerebral Trainee Subject: Susan (mc mf md)
Chain Male (mc mf fd)
Chain Reaction (mc mf md)
Chains Smoking (mc mm mf fd md ft)
The Chair (mc mf ff md)
Chalet Girls (mc mf md)
The Challenge (mc mf ff fd)
The Champ (mc mf md)
Chance Encounter (mc mf fd)
A Chance Encounter (Zarathustra) (mc mf fd)
Chance Meeting (Latexthom) (mc mf ff md fd)
A Chance Meeting with a Baroness and a Goddess (mc mf fd ft)
Chance Meeting with a Girl I Used to Fuck (mc mf md)
Chandra and Her Doll (mc ff mf fd)
The Change (mc mf md)
The Change (Falenight) (mc mf fd)
A Change in Style (mc mf ff md fd ft gr)
Change of Conviction (mc mf ff md fd ft)
Change of Focus (mc mf ff mm fd md)
Change of Hart (mc mf ff md ma)
Change of Mind (mc mf md)
Change of the Heart (mc mf ff md fd hu ft)
Change Room (mc mf md)
Changes (mc mf md gr)
Changes (Trick) (mc mf ma ex)
Changing Room (mc mf md gr)
Channel 147 (mc mf md)
Channel497 (mc mf md ft)
Chaos Comes A-Courtin' (mc mf md)
The Chaos of S.M.U.T. (mc mf md in)
Character Flaw (mc mf md)
Charisma (Psionic_X) (mc mf md)
Charity Case (mc mf md)
Charlene’s Treatment (mc mf md)
Charlie (mc mf md)
Charlotte the Harlot (mc mf ff ma gr hu)
Charlotte Typed (mc mf md ft)
Charm (mc mf md)
Charmed, I'm Sure (mc mf ff)
Chateau Aensland (mc ff mf fd in)
Chattelbots of Horizon Falls: A Good Girl Name (mc mf md)
The Chattelbots of Horizon Falls: A Good Girl Name II (mc mf md)
Chattelbots of Horizon Falls: Episode 1: Saluting Our Soldiers (mc mf ff md)
The Chattelbots of Horizon Falls: To Please Men (mc mf md gr)
Chatterbox (mc mf md)
Chatterbox Again (mc mf md)
Chatterbox Once Again (mc mf md)
Chaya’s New Pet (mc mf fd)
Checking Out the College (mc mf ff md)
Cheer! (mc mf ff)
Cheerleader Audition (mc mf md)
Cheerleader Slaves (mc mf ff mm md fd be)
Cheerleader Smorgasbord (mc mf)
Cheerleader Smorgasbord 2: Computer Camp Boogaloo (mc mf)
Cheerleader Sponsor (mc mf md)
The Chelsea Dilemma (mc mf md)
Chemical Breakdown (mc mf md fd)
Chemical Concocktion (mc mf md gr)
Chemistry of a Good Idea (mc mf mm md)
Cherished Memories (mc mf md)
Cherry (mc mf md)
Cherry Popping (mc mf md)
Cheryl's Story (mc mf md gr hm)
The Chess Game (mc mf ff md fd)
The Chess Player’s Dream (mc mf fd)
Chest of Wonders (mc mf md fd)
Chia Pet (mc mf md)
Chicken (mc mf fd)
The Chief (mc mf md)
Child Psychology (mc mf ff md ft)
Child Support (mf ff md mc in)
Child's Play (mc mf md bd)
The Children (mc mf md in)
Children of the Mist (mc mf ff md fd in ft)
Child’s Play (JHB) (mc mf)
The Chinese Girl (mf mc md nc)
The Chinese Syndicate (mc mf fd)
The Chip (mc mf md rb)
Chipheads (mc mf ff md fd)
Chloe Finds Fraternity (mc mf md)
The Choice (mc mf md)
The Choice: Roger Takes Silver but Goes for Gold (mc mf md sf rb)
Choices (mc mf ff md)
The Choker (mc mf ff fd ft)
Choker (baubleheadz) (mc mf ff md)
The Chosen of Destiny (mc mf md)
Christine (mc mf fd)
Christmas Dreams (mc mf md ft)
Christmas Gift (mc mf fd in)
Christmas Good Deed (mc mf fd md)
A Christmas Present (mc mf md)
Chris’ Hard Choices (mc mf ff md in)
Chris’ Story (mc mf md)
Chrome (mc mf md rb)
The Chronicles of Dare Doll: Dr. Nightingale I Presume (mc mf ff md cb)
The Chronicles of Esther (mc mf fd hm)
The Chronicles of Jack Cutter (mc mf md in ts)
The Chronicles of Mistress Rachel's Slave (mc mf fd ft)
Chronicles Of Patient Sixty-Nine (mc mf ff md fd)
The Chronicles of Sedition (mc mf fd cb)
Chrono Trigger (mc mf md)
Chrystal Burger (mc mf ff fd gr)
Chuck's World (mc mf ff md in)
Cigar Glamour (mc mf fd ft)
Cinderella: A HypnoErotic Fairy Tale (mc mf md)
Cinderfella (mc mf ff md in hu)
Cindy's New Program (mc mf ff md in)
Cinematic Technique (mc mf md)
Circle of Power (mc mf md fd)
Circles Within Circles (mc mf ff md fd)
Circus Tricks (mc mf md)
City Central Station (mc mf md)
City of Industry (mc mf fd)
Claiming Julie (mc mf md)
Clarification Question (mc mf fd ma ft)
Clarrisa Becomes a Slut (mc mf md gr)
Class of 2006 Rulez! (mc mf ff md ma)
Class Reunion (mc mf md)
Class Reunion (Hypno Knight) (mc mf ff fd)
Classic Interview (mc mf)
Classroom Surprise (mc mf ff md)
Classwork (mc mf md)
Cleaning Night (mc mf fd)
Cliff's Compulsion (mc mf md)
Clinching the Deal (mc mf md)
The Clitazepam Conspiracy (mc mf ff md fd gr hm)
A Clockwork Pink (mc mf md in ft)
Cloistered (mc mf md)
Closer to the Heart (mc mf fd)
Closing (mc mf md)
The Club (mc mf fd la)
Club Latex (mc mf ff fd ft gr hu ma)
Cobra Harem (mc mf ff md)
Cock-trol (mc mf md)
Code Name Dominoe: Sharp Detour (mc mf ff md)
Code Name: Dominoe--Peril in Peru (mc mf md)
Codename: Dominoe (mc mf md)
Codename: Dominoe -- Scarlet Fever (mc mf ff fd ft)
Codename: Evilena (mc mf fd)
The Coffeehouse Quintet Book 1: Don’t Be So Serious (mc ff mf md in gr)
The Coffeehouse Quintet Book 2: Lessons Infidelity (mc mf md gr ex ma hm)
The Coffeehouse Quintet Book 3.0: Mother Knows Best (mc mf md ma gr)
The Coffeehouse Quintet Book 4: Bad Dad (mc mf md gr)
Cold Fire (mc mf ff fd in)
The Collar (Sinsub) (mc mf md)
Collateral (mc mf fd)
Collected (mc mf md gr)
Collected Shorts (Darkmind) (mc mf md)
Collector (mc mf md)
The Collector (mc mf md)
The Collector (Ben Dmywill) (mc mf md)
The Collector (Dede) (mc mf md ft)
College Antics (mc mf md bd)
College Daze (mc mf md)
College Life Begins (mc mf ff md)
Colonization (mc ff mf in)
Colors (mc mf fd)
Colors (MichelleLovesTo) (mc ff mf fd md ma)
Come As You Are (mc mf md)
Come As You Aren't (mc mf md)
Come On Eileen (mc mf ff md)
A Comedy of Mind Control (mc mf md hu)
Comeuppance (mc mf md ft)
Comfortable, Happy, and Pleased (mc mf md)
Coming of Age (mc mf fd)
The Coming of the Houri (mc mf fd)
Command & Control (mc mf md ft sf)
Command Control Override (mc mf ff md fd gr)
Command Language (mc mf md)
Commander Young's Last Stand (mc mf fd)
Common People (mc mf md fd)
Common Sense (mc mf)
Commuter Transmute Her (mc mf ff rb)
Company Property (mc mf md gr)
Complete Understanding (mc mf md ts)
Compulsion (mc mf ff md)
Computer Virus (mc mf md rb)
The Comtesse and the Knight (mc mf fd)
Concentration (mc mf md)
Concupiscence (mc mf md)
The Conditioners (mc bd mf ff md)
Conditioning Niki (mc mf md)
Confessions of a Fellatioholic (mc mf md)
Confessions of a Happy Hynotist (mc mf md)
Confessions of a Hypno-Sub (mc mf md be)
Confidence Complex (mc mf fd)
The Confidence Trick (mc mf md)
Connect (mc mf)
Connections (mc mf md)
Connie's Place (mc mf md)
Conqueror’s Reward (mc mf md)
Conscientious Objector (mc mf md)
Consciousness Revealed (mc mf ff md in)
Consensual Reality (mc mf md)
The Consequences and Rewards of Playing Hooky (mc mf ff md)
Conspiracy Theory (mc mf md in)
Constructive Indoor Conflict Resolution (mc mf md)
The Consultant (mc mf ff md ft)
The Consultant (VindalooCurry) (mc mf mm md)
Consumer (mc mf md)
The Contagious Orgasm (mc mf ff)
Contest Weekend (mc mf md fd)
The Contract (mc mf md ds)
Contractal Obligations (mc mf md)
Control (mc mf ff mm md fd)
Control (softi) (mc mf md fd)
Control Issues (mc mf md)
Control Issues (JRParz) (mc mf ff md fd)
Control Loop Stability (mc mf md)
Control Of Women (mf md ff mc bd)
Control Software (mc mf ff md in)
Controlled (mc mf fd)
Controller Conrad (mc mf md)
Controlling Jennifer (mf mc md nc)
Controlling Mona (mc mf md)
The Controlling of Pam (mc mf ff md)
Controlling the Girls (mc md mf ff)
Controlling the X (mc mf md)
Controlling Thoughts (mc mf md)
Conversation (mc mf md)
Conversation Pieces (mc mf md)
Conversion (mc mf md rb)
The Conversion (mc mf md bd)
The Conversion of Bethany (mc mf md)
Convincing Kathy (mc mf md)
The Cop and the Girl (mc mf md in nc)
A Cop Too Far (mc mf ff md)
A Cop Transformed (mc mf md)
Copy (mc mf md rb)
Copy Cat (mc mf md)
Cora, the Craft, and the Company (mc mf ff fd ft)
Cordelia's Conquests (mc mf ff md fd ma)
The Core Trigger (mc mf md)
Corn Fed Girl (mc mf md gr)
Corner Booth (mc mf md)
Corporate Assets (mc mf md)
Corporate Domination Series (mc mf fd)
Corporate Jerk (mc mf fd)
Corporate Package (mc mf fd)
Corporate Politics (mc mf ff fd)
Corporate Power (mc mf md fd)
The Corporation (mc mf md)
Correspondence (mc mf md)
Corrupter (mc mf ff sf)
Corruption (mc mf ff fd)
The Corruptor (mc mf md)
The Cost of Addiction (mc mf fd)
Costume Party (mc mf ff fu)
Cougar Cages (mc mf md fd)
Cough Syrup (mc mf md)
Countdown (mc mf)
Countdown to Submission (mc mf ff md fd cb)
Courtney’s Ebony Goddess (mc ff mf fd)
Covert Conversions (mc mf md)
Cow’s Bargain (mc mf md la)
Craig's Girl (mc mf md)
Craigslist (mc mf md)
Crash (mc mf ff sf)
Crash Course (mc mf md)
Crave (mc mf md)
The Craving (mc mf md)
Crazy from the Touch (mc mf md)
The Cream Coat (mc mf md)
Creating Jezebel (mc mf md)
The Creation of a Brainwashed Slut (mc mf md gr)
The Creed (mc mf md ds)
Creeper in her Mind (mc mf md)
Crescent City Stories: What the Villains Did Next (mc ff mf bd cb rb)
Crime and Punishment: Bimbomania! (mc mf ff gr)
Criminal Behavior (mc mf md fd)
Crimson Contact (mc mf ff md in bd)
Cromwell's Court Case (mc mf md)
Cromwell's Court Case (Homer Vargas) (mc mf md hu)
Crosses and Nots (mc mf md gr)
Crowd Pleaser (mc mf ff md fd)
Crowning Achievement (mc mf md)
Cruel Submissions (mc mf md)
Cruise Control (mc mf md)
The Cruise You Can't Lose (mc mf ff md bd)
Crying on the Inside (mc mf md)
The Crystal (mc mf md)
Crystal (M Collins) (mc mf md)
Crystal Mes (merize) (mc mf md)
Crystal Power Corrupts (mc mf ff md)
Crystal‘s Cheer (mc mf fd)
Cuckoo (mc mf md)
Cultivate Your Mind (mc mf md)
Cupid Boy (mc mf ff md fd)
Cupid Boy and the Arranged Marriage (mc mf)
Cupid’s Breath (mc mf md)
Cupid’s Day Off (mc mf hu)
Cure For Adultery (mc ff mf fd)
A Cure for Depression (mc mf mm fd md in la ds)
A Cure for Writer's Block (mc mf md)
Curing Mary (mc mf md in bd)
Curious Curios: The Panties (mc mf ff md in)
Curse (mc mf md)
Customer Service (mc mf ft)
Cutters Creek (mc mf md)
Cyan's Smiles (mc mf fd)
Cyn's Whisper (mc mf ff fd)
Cynthia and the Stone (mc mf md gr)
C·A·T· (mc mf fd)
C·A·T·: Part 2 Project GHOST (mc mf fd)
D. & S. Barbershop (mc mf fd)
The D.A.T. (mc mf md)
Daddy Wants (mc mf md ft)
Daddy's Angel (mc ff mf md fd)
Daddy's Girl (mc md mf in)
Daddy's Little Girl (mc mf md)
The Daily Grind (mc mf md)
Daisy (mc mf fd ft)
Damn Drawings! (mc mf ff md in)
Damn Drawings! The Sequel! (mc mf ff md in)
Dance and Bedeviled (mc mf ff fd)
Dancing to an Island Beat (mc mf md)
Dancing With the Hypnotist (mc mf md)
Danger Agents: Zoot Soot's Torment (mc mf ff md)
A Dangerous Alluring Enchantress = Lorelei (mc mf fd)
Dangerous But As Fun As He Hoped (mc mf ff md)
Dangerous Fantasy (mc mf md)
Dangerous Limits (mc ff mf fd)
A Dangerous Thing (mc mm mf)
The Dangers of Social Networking. (mc mf md)
Danielle (mc mf md)
Danii Has Her Day (mc mf fd)
Danny’s Enslavement (mc mf fd)
Dare Doll: Day of the Dead (mc mf ff md)
Dare to Be Stupid (mc md ff mf)
Dark As Light (mc mf md)
Dark Canary (mc mf ff fd md cb gr)
Dark Magic (mc mf ff in gr)
Dark Thoughts (mc mf md)
Darke Diffusion (mc mf md)
Darke Repression (mc mf ff fd)
The Darkling (mc mf ff md)
The Darkling War (mc mf md fd bd)
Darkzone (mc ff mf fd nc)
Darmak (mc mf md)
Darmak - Interlude (mc mf md)
Darmak Part II (mc mf md)
Darren's New Power (mc mf md)
The Date (mc mf md)
A Date for Nate (mf ff mc st md)
Dating Lisa (mc mf mm md fd hm)
Dating Service (mc mf ff md in)
Dating Service - An Alternate Thread (mc mf ff md in)
Dating Serviced (mc mf md gr)
Daughter Does (mc mf md)
Daughter Does and Mommy, Too (mc mf md)
Daughter Does With Mommy Too (mc mf md)
Daughter Does With Mommy’s Boyfriend (mc mf)
Daughter Does With Roomie (mc mf ff)
Daughter of Darkness, Daughter of Light (mc mf fd)
Dave and Julia (mc mf md)
Dave's Fiancee (mc nc md mf)
Dawn (mc mf md gr)
Dawn and Ken and Maria and David (mc mf fd)
Dawn of the Zombie Sluts (mc mf in la)
Dawn to Dusk (mc ff mf fd cb)
Dawn's Awakening (mc mf md)
A Day at the Beach (mc mf md)
A Day in the Life (mc mf ff md fd ft)
Day of Jake (mc mf ff in)
A Dayful of Dreams (mc mf fd)
Dea Ex Machina (Goddess in the Machine) (mc ff mf mm md fd)
Dea lo Volt (Goddess Wills It) (mc mf ff fd)
Deadlier Weapons (mc mf ff md fd gr)
The Deal (mc mf ff md)
The Deal (Psionic_X) (mc mf md)
Deal Me In (mc mf ff md)
Dealing With Sperm Mail (mc mf)
Dear Clubhouse Letter – Encounter with a Warlock (mc mf md)
Dear Clubhouse Letters (mc mf ff md ma ex)
Dear Clubhouse Letters: Amazing Lace (mc mf ex ft gr in)
Dear Clubhouse Letters: Beach Party (mc mf md ex)
Dear Clubhouse Letters: From Birthday to Birth Day (mc mf ft in)
Dear Clubhouse Letters: Lac-cidental Incest (mc mf md in)
Dear Clubhouse Letters: Police Action (mc mf md ex)
Dear Diary, Today I Met a Vampire (mc mf ff md)
Death of Innocence (mc mf md in)
Debbie, Dan, and the Demon (mc mf ff md)
The Debt (mc mf md)
Debt (Psionic_X) (mc mf md)
Dedication (mc mf md)
The Deep, Dark, Sexy Truth of It All (mc mf md in)
Deepening Pleasure (mc mf md)
Defeating Matthew (mc mf md in)
Definitely No Cheating (mc mf md)
Delay for Construction (mc mf)
Delilah Is… (mc mf md)
Delta Nights (mc mf md bd cb)
Delta Screwa Uah (mc mf md)
Delusion (mc mf md)
Demon Deals (mc md mf ff)
Demon Soul (mc mf in)
Demonangelspawn (mc mf ff)
Demonette (mc mf ff fd in)
The Demonstration (mc mf md)
A Dentist and His Toys (mc mf md)
A Dentist Visit (mc mf ff md)
Der Nibelung: The New Way (mc ff mf fd)
Desire (mc mf mm fd)
Desperately Seeking Master (mc mf md)
Detention (mc mf md)
Deus Ex Machina (ill made solider) (mc mf md ts ma)
Deus Sex Machina (mc mf ff md)
Deviant (mc mf ff)
The Devil and Brian (mc mf md hm)
Devil Deals (mc mf ff md)
The Devil Is Miss Jones (mc mf fd)
The Devil Is Miss Jones III (mc mf ff fd)
The Devil Is Still Miss Jones (mc mf fd)
The Devil Made Me Do It (mc mf md)
The Devil's Mistress (mc mf md)
Devlin: Rogue Spy Hunter (mc mf md)
Dexter Lends a Helping Hand (mc mf mm md)
Dexter the Star Maker (mc mf md)
Dialogue (mc mf fd)
Diamond Reflections (mc mf fd)
Diamond Reflections II – The Mind Thief (mc mf fd)
Diamond reflections III – Loose ends (mc mf fd)
Diana Comes First (mc mf md hm)
Diaries I Wrote in My Head When Alone and in Chains and Loving Every Moment of It (mc mf md bd)
Diary of a Mutant Slave (mc mf md)
Diary of a Perfectly Normal Girl (mc ff mf fd)
Diary of a Vampire (mc mf md)
The Diary of Sarie Marais (mc mf ff hm)
The Diary, Gradual Changes (mc mf md in)
Dick Jones (mc mf md)
Diet (mc mf md)
Differences (mc mf)
Dig Doug (md mf gr)
Dig Site 24B (mc mf ff md fd)
Digital Dick (mc mf md)
Digital Dreams (mc mf fd bd hm sf)
Digital Lullaby (mc mf md)
Digits (mc mf ff md ft rb)
Dimensions of Dementia (mc mf md fd)
Dimitrio's Watch (mc mf ff md)
Dimwitted Donnie’s Demon Costume Castle (mc mf gr in hu la be)
Dina's Cell (mc mf ff md ma)
Dinner at Soraya’s (mc mf fd hm)
The Dinner Party (mc mf ff)
Dirty Book Club (mc mf ff md ma)
Dirty Boots (mc mf md)
Dirty Boy (mc mf md)
Dirty Laundry (mc mf fd)
Disabled Powers (mf mc nc in)
Discharge of the Light Brigade (mc mf ff md ex)
Disciplinary Action (mc mf ff md)
Disco Lives (mc mf)
Disembodied Vengeance (mc mf mm md)
Disembodied Vengeance II (mc mf md)
Dissertation Tutor (mc mf ff fd ft)
DJ's Desire (mc mf ff md)
Djinn-ding Machine (mc mf ff mm ma gr hu bd ft ex ts la rb fu be)
Do Dreams End When We Wake? (mc mf fd)
Do It Yourself (mc mf md in)
Do Me a Favor (mc mf md gr)
Do the Twist (mc mf ff md fd gr)
Do Unto Others (mc mf md)
Do You Prefer Doctor… Or Mistress? (mc mf fd)
Doc's Orders (mc mf ff md)
Docile (mc mf md sf)
Doctor Bob (mc mf md)
Doctor Dick and Jane (mc mf md fd)
Doctor Hart’s Amusements (mc mf fd)
Doctor Morbid (mc mf ff md)
Doctor Terhu: Terror of Time Stop (mc mf md ts)
Doctor's Orders (mc ff mf fd)
The Doctor's Undoing (mc mf md)
Doctor, Doctor! (mc mf ff md rb ft)
Doctored Into a Cage (mc ff mf fd md bd hm)
Doctors Demise (mc mf md)
Does Free Will Exist? (mc mf md)
Dog Day Afternoon (mc mf ff md in)
Dog Daze (mc mf md gr hm)
Dog Pound (mc mf ff md)
A Dog's Life (mc mf md)
Doggie Style (mc mf md)
Doggy Mommy For The School Bully (mc mm mf md hm be bd)
Doggy Mommy in Texas (mc mm mf md hm be bd)
Doggy Mommy’s First On-line Contact (mc mm mf md hm be bd)
The Dogs Have It (mc mf md be)
Doing It Like Bunnies (mc mf md)
Doing the Stepdaughter (mc mf md in)
Doing Your Homework (mc mf ff md)
Doll (mc mf md ft ds)
The Doll Factory (mc mf ff md gr ft)
The Doll House Collection (mc mf ff ft)
Doll's Play - Floral (mc ff mf ft)
Doll's Play - Stoneware (mc mf gr)
Dolly Mommy (mc mf fd rb)
Domestic Service (mc mf ff md)
Domestication (mc mf md sf)
The Domination of Rita (mc mf md)
The Domination of the Scarlet Squad (mc mf md cb)
Dominic (mc mf md)
Don't Open the Bottle (mc mf)
Donna (mc mf md)
Donna Disoriented (mc mf md hu)
Donna Enslaved (mf mc md)
Donna Undone (mc mf md)
Donna's Delight (mc mf md in)
Donnie the Dimwitted Demon hosts a Halloween Party (mc mf ft la gr)
Don’t Drink the Water (mc mf md cb)
Don’t Look In Her Eyes (mc mf fd)
Don’t Mess With Raging Rodents (mc mf md hm be bd)
Don’t Speak (mc mf md)
Don’t You Want Me (mc mf md hu)
The Doors of Her Mind (mc mf md)
The Dorm (mc mf ff md)
Dorm Room Collusion (mc mf ff md sc)
Double the Pleasure (mc mf md)
Double the Pleasure (JRParz) (mc mf ff)
Doublespeak (mc mf md sf)
Down in the Caves (mc mf be)
Downsizing Lisa (mc mf md)
Dr Prim and Miss Pussycat (mc mf ff md)
Dr. Fixit (mc mf fd)
Dr. Fox and the Trouble with Trent (mc mf md fd)
Dr. Jacki and Stripper Hyde (mc mf md)
Dr. Jay (mc mf ff md)
Dr. Jessica and Misty Hyde (mc mf)
Dr. Quimby’s Traveling Road Show (mc mf mm md)
Dr. Slut (mc mf ff fd)
Dr. Victoria Dominique, Marriage Counselor (mc mf ff fd)
The Draft (mc mf md)
The Dragon (mc mf md)
Dragon Influence (mc ff mf mm fd)
Dragon’s Horde (mc mf md)
Drake King—PC IRL (mc mf md cb)
Dramatic Debut (mc mf ft)
Dramatic Saga of Peter Q. Kleeshay (mc mf ff md fd in hu)
Drawing From Life (mc mf md)
Dream (mf mc md)
Dream a Little Dream of Me (mc mf fd)
Dream Control (mc mf ff md)
The Dream Crystal (mc mf md)
Dream Flight (mc mf md)
Dream Girl (mc mf md fd bd)
Dream Job (mc mf md)
Dream Machine (mc mf ff ds)
Dream Portal (mc mf fd)
Dream State (mc mf md)
The Dream Team (mc mf ff md)
Dream Walker (mf mc)
Dreams and Nightmares (mc ff mf fd ma)
Dreamstone #3: That Sleep of Death (mc mf ff fd)
Drenched (mc mf fd)
Dress Code (mc mf md ft)
Dressed For Success (mc mf fd ft)
Dressed for Success (Jukebox) (mc mf fd)
Dressed to Thrill (mc ff mf)
Dressing Room Delectable (mc mf ff md)
Dripping Oil (mc mf md hm)
Drive = Obey (mc mf ff fd)
Drive Me Crazy (mc mf md)
The Driver (mc mf md)
Driving Tess (mc mf md)
Droids R Us (mc mf md in rb sf)
Droit Moral (mc mf md)
Drone (mc mf ff md fd ft sf)
Drug Ballad (mc mf ff md fd ma sf)
Drug Slaves (mc mf ff md bd)
DTA: Don't Trust Anyone (mc mf md rb)
Dual Shiver (mc mf ff fd)
Duel (mc mf md)
The Duel (The Persuader) (mc mf md)
Dumb Gum (mc mf md)
Dumber Switch (mc mf md)
Dumbshow (mc mf md)
Dungeon of Reality (mc mf md)
Dutch Treat (mc mf md)
The DVD (mc mf md)
Dweomers & Domination: Three and a half Elves (mc mf md fd)
Dylan's Bronze (mc mf md)
The Dysfunction Function (mc mf)
E&I: The Founding of Mind Corp Division (mc mf md)
The Earrings (mc mf md ma)
earWIGS (mc mf fd)
Easter Egg Hunting (mc mf gr)
Easter Eggs (mc mf in)
The Easy Induction (mc mf ff fd)
Easy Lay (mc mf md)
Eat Me, Drink Me, Love Me (mc ff mf fd in)
Eat, Drink, and Do Mary (mc mf)
The Eccentric Genius Hypnodisk Creates The Perfect Housewife (mc mf md)
Eclipse (mc mf fd gr)
Ecstasy and Submission (mc ff mf md fd)
Ecstasy and Vengeance (mc mf ff fd)
Ed (mc mf md gr hu)
Edge of Oblivion (mc mf ff md fd hu sf)
Educating Kandice (mc mf md rb)
Egyptian Goddess (mc mf fd)
Eight in the Box (mc mf)
Eight to Five (mc mf gr rb)
Eleanor’s Pet (mc ff mf fd md)
Election Night (mc mf md bd mm ts gr hu)
Electric Net (mc mf ff md bd sf)
The Element of Suprise (mc mf md)
Eleven Pages (mc mf md)
Elgin’s Rise (mc mf ff fd ma gr)
Elgin’s Trial (mc mf ff ma)
Elijah (mc mf md)
Ellen's Breast Milk Enslavement (mc mf fd la)
Elysium (mc mf ff md ft)
Em Bare Ass (mc ff mf fd hm)
eMaster (mc mf md)
Embarrassing Emily (mc mf md)
Embers (mc ff mf fd)
EMC Crisis — Feel! (mc mf ff fd)
Emerald Eyes (mc mf md)
The Emerald Needle (mc mf fd)
An Emerging Mind (mc mf md fd bd)
Emily's New House (mc mf md sf)
Emmanuel and Sean’s Mom (mc mf md in)
Emotional Bonds (mc mf ff md)
Empathetic (mc mf ff md)
The Emperor’s New Clothes (mc mf md)
Empirical Research (mc mf)
The Employer Enslavement Programme (mc mf fd)
Emulator (mc mf md rb)
Encased (mc mf md ft gr)
Enchanted (mc mf fd md)
Enchanting Flame (mc mf mm in)
Enchanting Weekend (mc mf md)
Enchantment “Obey” (mc mf md)
Encoded Lust (mc mf md fd ft)
Encounter With Isis (mc mf fd)
Encountering Change (mc mf md sf ft)
Encountering Isis: Enchanted in the Stacks (mc mf fd)
Encountering Isis: Santa Story (mc mf fd)
Encountering Isis: Stargazer (mc mf fd)
Encyclopedia (mc mf ff md in)
Endorphins (mc mf ff md gr)
Enemy Combatants (mc mf md)
Energy (mc mf)
Energy Gulp! (mc mf gr)
Engaging Charm (mc mf fd)
The Engineering Firm (mc mf md)
English Girl’s Revenge (mc mf fd hm)
An Englishman In New York (mc mf md gr)
The Enigma Folders (mc mf md fd)
Enlightenment (Categorical Imperative) (mc mf md)
Enslaved by Mistress Alexandra (mc mf fd)
Enslaved by Tirala’s Satin (mc mf fd ds ft)
The Enslaver (mc mf md)
Enslaving Tami (mc mf ff md in)
Enslaving the Self (mc ma mf ff md fd)
Ensnared (mc mf fd)
Enter Sandman (mc mf md)
Enter Sandman (Jukebox) (mc mf ff md fd hu)
The Enthrallment of Jessica Elizabeth Arlington (mc mf md)
Entrapment (mc mf md)
Entrapping Commodities (mc mf ff fd ft)
The Entrepreneur – a Master PC Story (mc mf md gr)
Entropy (mc mf md)
The Eraser (mc mf md)
The Erection (mc mf ff md)
Eric’s Awakening (mc mf md)
Erotic Dreams (mc mf md bd)
The Erotic Legend Of Sleepy Hollow (mc mf md)
Erotic Maid Service (mc mf md)
Erotic Massage (mc mf fd)
Erotica Noir (mc mf md)
Eroticon Virus (mc ff mf in ex)
Escape (z119z) (mc mf md)
Escape Clause (mc mf fd)
The Escape of Lord Z (mc mf ff md)
Escape! (mc mf fd)
Essay Stress (mc mf md)
Etchings (mc mf md)
Eternal Flame (mc mf ff fd)
Ethics 101 for Mind Controllers (mc mf ff md)
The Ethics of Business (mc mf md)
Ethna Redux (mc mf ff md fd ma)
eTranz—Special Delivery (mc mf ff md ft)
European Vacation (mc mf fd mf ff in)
Eva Undone (mc mf md)
Eve (mc mf md)
An Evening Out (mc mf md)
An Evening Well Spent (mc mf md la gr)
An Evening With MzD (mc mf fd)
Ever After (mc mf md fu)
Ever Hear The One About The Blonde ... (mc mf ff md)
Everyone’s a Winner (mc mf md gr)
Everyone’s a Winner: Dating Game (mc mf md gr)
Everything in One Basket (mc mf ff fd)
Everything Must Go (mc mf md)
Eve’s Story (mc mf ff md ft)
The Evil Doctor Avery (mf md mc nc)
The Evil Dr. Coffey (mc mf md bd)
The Evil Empire (mc mf md)
The Evil Wizards Pet (mc mf md)
EvilCo (mc mf ff md)
Evilena -- It's a Family Affair (mc mf ff fd)
Evilena -- Police Story (mc mf fd)
Evilena -- Sweating in the Bedroom (mc mf ff fd)
Evilena -- Sweating in the Rectory (mc mf fd)
Evilena -- Sweating In The Weight Room (mc mf fd)
Evilena -- Zen and the Art of Automobile Maintenance (mc mf fd)
Evilena : An Ethical Dilemma (mc mf fd)
Evilena and the Angry Red Planet (mc mf fd sf)
Evilena and the Peeping Tom (mc mf fd)
Evilena and the Young Witch (mc ff mf fd)
Evilena Meets The Ghost Who Walks (mc mf fd cb)
Evilena vs the Ocean King (mc mf fd cb)
Evilena — Encounter On The Beach (mc mf fd)
Evilena's Nightclub Encounter (mc mf ff fd)
Evilena... Confessional (mc mf fd)
Evilena....The Fire Inspection (mc ff mf fd)
Evilena: Brainwashed (mc mf ff fd)
Evilena: Footnotes (mc mf ff fd)
Evilena: The Accidental Tourist (mc mf fd)
Evilena: The Marvelous Mistress (mc mf ff fd cb)
The Evolution of a Hypnodomme (mc mf fd md)
The Ex Shop (mc mf ff md fd bd)
Ex-Boyfriend (mc mf md)
Ex-Girlfriend Under Mind Control (mc mf md hm bd)
The Ex-Girlfriends Club (mc mf ff md)
Exactly What He Wanted? (mc mf md)
Exam Leave (mc mf md fd)
Exam Methods (mc mf fd)
Exam Stress (mc mf ff md)
The Examination (mc mf md cb)
Excalibur (mc mf fd)
Excellent Student (mc mf md)
Excerpts from a Found Travel Guide (mc mf ff md)
An Exchange of Red for White (mc mf la)
Exchange Student (mc mf md)
Executive Toy (mc mf ff md ft)
Exercise Benefits (mc mf ff md fd)
Experiences (mc ff mf fd)
The Experiment (mc md mf)
The Experiment (Mountain Man) (mc mf ff md fd)
An Experiment in Therapy (mc mf ff md)
Experimental Interface (mc mf ff md gr ma in rb)
Experimentation (mc mf md)
Experiment’s Diary: Book 1—Jennifer’s downfall (mc mf md fd in)
Experiment’s Diary: Book 2 — Brenda’s corruption (mc mf ff md fd in)
Expert Card Technique (mc mf md fd ds)
Exposure (mc mf fd sf)
Extensivity (mc mf)
Extra Sensory Persuasion (mc mf md)
Eye Exam (mc mf md)
Eyeing the Girls (mc mf md)
The Eyes Have It (mc mf md)
Eyes of Change (mc mf md sf)
The Eyes of Justice (mc mf md gr)
EZ Dating - Henry's Story (mc mf fd)
(F)email Trouble (mc mf md gr)
F.U.N. Retreat (mc mf md)
F1 (mc mf ff md fd ft)
Face to Face (mc mf md rb)
Facebook for Revenge (mc mf ff md)
The Facility (mc mf md)
Fade to Black (mc mf md)
Failed Experiment (mc mf ff md)
Fair-ly Fortunate (mc mf md gr)
Fairie Tale (mc mf ff fd)
Fairmaiden Under Mind Control (mc mf ff md fd hm cb)
Fall From Grace (mc mf ff md fd hm)
Fall of a Devout Boy (mc mf fd hm bd ft)
Fall of a Supermodel (mc mf md be)
The Fall of Miraclewoman (mc mf md fd cb)
Fall of the Anti-Amerikaners (mc mf mm md bd)
The Fall: With a Whimper (mc mf)
The Fallacy Fallacy? (mc mf md)
Fallen Angel (mc mf md)
Fallen Future (mc mf ff md ds hm in ma bd)
Fallen Grace (mc ff mf fd)
The Family (mc mf ff md fd in)
Family Fun (mc mf ff md in)
Family Game Night (mc mf md fd in)
Family Therapy (mc mf ff fd)
Family Vacation (mc mm mf md fd)
Fan Favourite (mc mf ff fd ft)
Fan Mail (mc mf fd)
Fan Mail (Covert Hypnotist) (mc mf md)
Fan Mail (Mystery Ecks) (mc mf md)
Fan's Fan (mc mf md)
Fancy Dress Frolics (mc mf md rb gr)
Fantastic Female's Most Fulfilling Adventure (mc mf md)
The Fantasy (hypno_me_please) (mc mf fd)
Fantasy Fight Club (mc mf ff fd)
Fantasy Maker (mc mf)
Fantasy Therapy (mc mf md)
Fantasy to Reality (mc mf md)
Far Castle (mc mf md fd nc)
A Fare To Forget (mc mf md)
Farmer’s Daughter (mc mf)
A Fascinating Christmas (mc mf ff md hm)
Fashion and Finances (mc mf md ft)
Father's Day Gift (mc mf md)
The Favor (mc mf md)
The Fay and Her Knight (mc mf ff md sf)
The Fay at Fremantle (mc mf md sf)
FD (mc mf md)
Fear Itself (mc mf fd ds hm)
Feedback (mc mf md)
The Feeling of Hotel Carpet on Your Knees (mc mf md)
Feels Like the First Time (mc mf fd ma)
Felicity (mc mf md gr sf)
Femforming (mc mf md gr)
Femininism (mc mf ff md)
Femme Fatale and the Private Eye (mc mf fd)
Femmes Fatales (mc mf fd)
FemServe Inc. (mc mf fd)
Fenway Toys (mc mf ff md)
Fertile Fields (mc mf in la gr)
Fertility Therapy (mc mf ff fd)
Festival (mc mf md)
A Fetish in My Life (mc mf fd ft)
Fetish Therapy (mc mf fd ft)
Fetishes: Catgirl (mc mf md fu)
Fetishes’: Choker (mc mf md fd ma ft)
A Few Short Stories About The Pleasure Bunnies (mc mf ff md gr)
Fey (mc ff mf)
The FHRA takes control (mc mf fd)
Ficta (mf md bd mc)
A Fiddle Of Gold Against Your Soul (mc mf md)
Field Test (mc mf mm ff)
Fighting Fiona (mc mf fd)
Fill Me (mc mf md)
Film (mc mf md)
Film At Eleven (mc mf md)
The Final Breath of Power (mc mf ff ft sf)
The Final Countdown (mc mf md)
The Final Interview of Susan Treedy (mc mf md gr ex)
Finding Amusement (mc mf fd)
Finding Her God (mc mf md)
Finding Master (mc mf md sf)
Finding Myself with Lady Izzabelle (mc mf fd)
Finding the Shoe on the Other Foot (mc mf ff sf)
Finding Their Way (mc mf ff md fd bd)
Fingered (mc mf fd)
Fingerpainting (mc mf md)
Fire and Ice (mc mf md fd)
First (mc mf md)
The First Adventure of the Might Rune (mc mf md)
First Aid (mc mf fd)
First Date (mc mf md)
First Encounters of the Sexual Kind (mc mf md cb)
First Mate (mc mf fd sf)
The First MC'er (mc mf md hu)
First Orgasm (mc mf md)
The First Step (mc mf gr)
First, Do No Harm (mc mf md)
Fish Story (mc mf md hu)
Fishing (mc mf md)
A Fistful of Akiko (mc mf ff md fd)
A Fistful of Sand (mc mf ff md)
A Fistful of Sand 2: The Willing Slave (mc ff mf fd md)
A Fistful of Sand 3—Resurrection (mc mf ff md fd bd hm)
Fitness Training (mc mf ff md)
Five Classes of Submission (mc mf ff md ma ft)
Five Easy Pieces (mc mf md)
Five Easy Trances (mc mf md)
Five More Easy Trances (mc mf md)
Five Steps to Paradise (mc mf md)
Five Tools (mc mf fd)
Five Wishes (mc mf md)
The Fix Is In (mc mf fd)
Fixation (mc mf fd)
Fixation Revisited (mc mf fd)
Flash (Lisa Teez) (mc mf md hm ds)
The Flash Effect (mc mf md)
Flashes of Silver: A Garden Anthology (mc mf ff md fd in rb)
Flashplight (mc mf md in)
Flatmate From Hell (mc ff mf fd)
Fleeting Control (mc mf ff md bd)
Flesh for Fantasy (mc mf ff md)
Flicker (mc mf md)
The Flight Instructor (mc mf md)
Flight Risk (mc mf ff md ma)
Flighttimes (mc mf md)
Float Trip Fun (mc mf ff md gr)
A Flower for Mina (mc mf md)
Fluidic Jade (mc mf ff)
Flying High (mc mf ff md)
Flyspeck (mc mf md gr)
Foamy Fun (mc mf md)
Focus Group (mc mf ff md)
The Foley Sisters (mc mf fd)
The Folks Upstairs (mc mf md)
Foot Control (mc mf ff fd ft)
Foot Massage (mc mf md ft)
Foot Massage 2 (mc mf md ft)
Foothold (mc mf md sf)
For a Good Time Call Lilly (mc mf md)
For All Ages (mc mf fd)
For Me (mc mf fd)
For Sharon (mc mf fd)
For the Ladies... (mc mf md)
For the Love of Goddess Radha (mc mf fd)
For the Presidency (mc mf fd)
For Your Thrill (mc ff mf fd)
Forced Choice (mc mf md)
The Foreign Student (mc mf fd)
The Foreigner (mc mf fd)
The Forest God (mc ff mf md)
Forever Yours -- Night Flight (mc mf fd)
Fork in the Road (mc mf md)
Former Love Slave (mc mf md)
The Formula (mc mf fd)
The Formula (JRParz) (mc mf ff md)
Formula SBF (mc mf ff md gr)
Fortune Favors the Wicked (mc mf md)
The Fortune Teller (mc mf fd)
Fortunes Told (mc mf ff fd)
Fortune’s Daughter (mc ff mf in)
The Fountain (mc ff mf fd ma gr)
4 Crystals (mc mf md)
Four Tapes and a Fiancee (mc mf md)
The Four V's and the Bad Little Piggy (mc mf fd)
Four Verbs and Robert (mc mf md)
Four Victorias (mc mf md)
FourMoons: Veinet (mc ff mf md fd ma)
Fourth and Inches (mc mf)
Fragments from the Violet Hour (mc mf md)
Framing Device (mc mf md)
Frankenstripper: She's Alive! (mc mf fd)
FrankieBody (mc mf fd in)
Frankinsense Monster (mc mf md)
Fred's Watch (mc mf ff md in ts)
Free Bird (mc mf md)
Free Drinks (mc mf md)
Free Hand (mc mm mf fd)
Free Ride (mc mf ff md)
Free Ride II- Saving The Toys (mc mf ff md)
Free Samples (mc mf md)
Free Spirited (mc mf ff md fd ft)
Free Trial Offer (mc mf md)
Free Universal Carnal Knowledge (mc mf md)
Free Willie (mc mf ff rb)
Free Your Tunes — Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (mc mf md gr)
Freedom of Expression (mc mf md)
Freeze-Frame (mc mf ff md fd)
The Fremont Tales: The Beginning (mc mf md)
A Freshman Course On Hypnosis (mc mf fd)
The Freshman — A Lesson Learned (mc mf fd ma in)
Freud's Watch -- Juni's Further Adventures (mc mf fd)
Fridays at the Smiths (mc mf fd in)
A Friend Like Candy (mc ff mf fd)
Friendly Games (mc mf md)
Friendly Persuasion (mc mf md)
Friends (mc mf ff md)
Friends for the Summer (mc mf mm)
Friends in High Places (mc mf md)
Friends Indeed (mc mf)
Friendship vs. Hypnosis (mc mf md hm)
Fringe Benefits (mc mf md)
Fringe Benefits (starro) (mc ff mf)
The Frog Prince (mc mf md)
From Avalon to the Earth Realm: The Comedy of Arrows (mc mf ff md fd)
From Commissions to Commissions (mc mf md)
From Feminist to Bimbo (mc mf md)
From French Teacher to Maid (mc mf md ft)
From Hire Help to Goddess (mc mf fd)
From Rags to Bitches — Genese’s Tale (mc mf ff ft)
From Riches to Rags (mc mf)
From Riches to Rags (Topper) (mc mf fd)
From Student Visa to Resident Pleaser (mc mf)
From Where I Sit (mc mf md)
From Wife to Sister (mc mf mm md)
A Fruitful Day's Work (mc mf fd)
Fuck Toy (mc mf md bd)
Fuck Toys' Freedom (mc mf ff md)
Fuck Weed (mc mf ff md fd gr)
Fuckbuddies (mc mf md)
Fucking the Wife who Doesn’t Like Sex (mc mf mm ff md fd be)
Fulfilled (Hypnotic Finale) (mc mf ff md)
Full Circle (mc mf ff md)
Full Disclothes Her (mc mf)
Full Layout (mc mf md)
Full Wash Cycle (mc mf md)
Fun (mc mf mm ma)
Fun House (mc mf ff md gr)
Fun Shay (mc mf)
The Fundraiser (mc mf md gr hu)
Funeral of a Good Girl (mc mf md)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Mind-Control Forum (mc mf ff fd md ma)
Futher Education (mc mf md)
The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades (mc mf md fd)
F·U·C·K Radio (mc mf md)
Gabriel (mc mf md)
Gadget Whore (mc mf md)
Gala’s Gift (mc mf ff md ma)
The Gallery (mc mf ff md)
Galley Slave (mc mf fd bd)
The Gambler (mc mf ff md)
The Game (Hypnofur) (mc mf md)
A Game of Cat and Mouse (mc mf md fd)
Game Off (mc mf gr)
Game On (mc mf md)
The Game Show (mc mf md)
The Games People Play (mc mf md)
Garamond Special Limited Italic All Caps (mc mf md)
Garden Party (mc mf md)
Gardens of Eden (mc mf fd)
Gas Leak (mc mf ff in ex ft ma)
The Gathering (mc mf fd)
The Geas of Gwedhiel (mc mf ff md fd)
Geek Row (mc mf ff md)
The Geeks’ Girl (mc mf md)
Geisha (mc mf ff fd)
Gem Trance (mc mf md)
Gemstone (mc mf ff md fd)
Gene Propagator (mc mf md)
Gene, Jean, and the Go-Between (mc mf md fd bd)
The General's Last Crusade (mc mf fd)
Generation Gap (mc mf md)
Generation Gap (Daphne) (mc mf md)
The Genesis Project (mc mf md)
Genetic Makeup (mc mf md gr)
Genie Dot Com - The Incredible Hunk (mc mf md)
Genie Troubles (mc mf ff md ma)
The Genius (mc mf md in)
The Gentleman (mc mf md)
The Gentleman in White (mc mf)
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (mc mf md gr)
George's Mind Control (mc mf md)
Georgia (mc mf md)
Georgy Girl (mc mf md)
German Slaves (mc mf fd bd hm)
Getting a New Job (mc mf md hm ft)
Getting Her Man (mc mf fd)
Getting Her Number (mc mf ff md fd)
Getting His (mc mf fd)
Getting In Shape (mc mf md ft)
Getting Jenny (mc mf md)
Getting Some Tail (mc mf md fu)
Ghost Humping 101 (mc mf gr)
Ghost of a Chance (mc mf md in)
Ghost On Campus (mc mf fd)
Gibbon's Wife (mc mf)
The Gift (Deep Helix) (mc mf fd)
A Gift from Jackie (mc mf ff md)
The Gift of Appreciation (mc mf md)
Gifted (mc mf md)
The Giftgiver (mc mf md)
Giggle Puppy (mc mf ff gr)
Gigi's Control (mc mf fd)
Gigi’s Protégé (mc mf fd)
Gigolo (mc mf md)
Gilligan's Island (mf ff mc hu)
Gimbo Gloss (mc mf gr)
Gina and Jeff (mc mf fd ft)
Gina's Interview (mc mf ff md gr)
Ginny Gets a Brand New Life (mc mf md)
The Girl Beneath the Skin (mc mf)
The Girl from "Principles" (mc mf ff md fd)
The Girl from Darjeeling (mc mf md bd)
The Girl from the Gym (mc mf md)
The Girl From the Train (mc mf md)
Girl in the City (mc mf md)
The Girl Next Door (mc mf md)
The Girl of His Dreams (mc mf fd)
Girl Power (mc mf ff fd)
The Girl Shop (mc mf md gr ft)
The Girl Who Couldn’t Say Yes (mc mf md)
The Girl Who Should Have Said Yes (mc mf md)
The Girl Who Spent Her Nights Alone (mc mf)
The Girl Who Was Called tammi (mc mf md)
The Girl Who Was Unsure About Her Trousers (mc mf fd)
Girlfriend’s Devious Sister (mc mf fd)
The Girls (mc mf md)
Girls and Their Best Friends (mc mf ff md in)
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (mc mf fd rb)
Girls on Film (mc mf ff md)
A Girl’s Best Friend (mc mf fd)
Give Me Proof (mc mf md)
Giving Herself to Charity (mc mf ff md fd)
GK37 (mc mf ff md)
Gladiatrix (mc mf fd in)
The Glass Ceiling Cracks (mc mf md)
Glory Days (mc mf ff md)
Glowing Feelings (mc mf ff md fd ma gr)
Gnome Thoughts from a Broad! (mc mf md)
Go Team Porn! (mc mf ff fd md ma gr)
The God Hunter (mc ff mf fd)
God Save the Queen (mc mf md fd)
Goddess from the Machine (mc mf fd rb sf)
The Goddess Within (mc mf fd)
Going Home (mc mf ff fd md ma ft in)
Going Online (mc mf md)
Going the Other Way (mc mf ff fd)
Golddigger (mc mf md bd)
The Golddigger’s Curse (mc mf md)
The Golden Rule (mc mf md)
The Golden Sun and the Darker Star (mc mf fd)
Goldie and the Three Breyers (mc mf md)
The Gonzo Wizard (mc mf md gr)
Goo (mc mf md fd)
Goo 3: The Right to Remain... Sticky (mc mf)
Goo2: Here Today, Goo Tomorrow (mc mf)
Good and Evil (mc mf ff md)
The Good Bitch (mc mf mm md)
Good Company (mc mf md fd)
Good Deed: Lydia (mc mf fd)
Good Deed: Mike (mc mf fd)
The Good Doctor (mc mf md)
A Good Flavor (mc mf md)
Good For Something (mc mf fd)
Good Girl (mc mf md)
Good Girl (Mesmerr) (mc mf md)
Good Girl II (mc mf md)
Good Girls Go To Heaven; Bad Girls Go To London (mc mf fd)
Good Little Sex Slave (mc mf md)
Good Mary (mc mf md)
Good Mistress, Great Slave (mc mf fd md)
Good Night's Sleep (mc mf md)
Good Students (mc mf ff md fd)
A Good Team (mc mf ff md)
Good to the Last Drop (mc mf md)
Good Vibrations (mc mf md)
Goodbye (mc ff mf fd)
Goody Two Shoes (mc mf fd)
Googly Eyes (mc mf md)
Gordon Gets the Message (mc mf fd)
Gothic Lure (mc ff mf in)
Gotta Catch 'Em All (mc mf ff md)
Graduation Day (mc mf md)
Graduation Gift (mc mf ff fd)
The Grand Experiment (mc mf ff md)
The Grand MC Tradition (mc mf md)
The Grateful Virus (mc mf)
The Great Bath, The New Spiceworld (mc mf ff md)
The Great Deal (mc mm mf md)
The Great Outdoors (mc mf ff)
The Great Pollen-Clanton Debate (mc mf ff)
The Great Puppet King (mc mf md)
Greater Life Hath No Evil (mc ff mf fd md bd)
Greater Love Hath No Woman (mc mf fd)
The Greatest Gift (A Very Loose Parody of "It's A Wonderful Life") (mc mf md)
The Greatest Show on Earth (mc mf md)
The Greek Virgins (mc mf md)
Green (mc mf md)
The Green Man (mc mf ff md)
The Green Ring (mc mf mm md)
Green, Green, Green (mc mf md)
Greg and Andre’s Hypnotic Adventures (mc mf fd)
Grimoire (mc mf md ma in)
Groundhog Day (mc mf)
The Group (mc mf ff md fd)
The Group II--Harold's Story (mc mf ff fd)
Growing Up With Beth (mc mf fd)
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (mc mf ff md in)
Guilty Pleasures (mc mf md ft)
Gullible (mc mf md)
The Gym (mc mf fd)
Gym Bunny (mc mf ff md)
Gypsy Style Vengeance (mc mf fd hm bd)
Hacking Her Mind (mc mf md)
Hahsni (mc mf md ft)
Hail Mary (mc mf ff)
Hail to the Victors (mc ff mf ma)
The Hair Dresser (Topper) (mc mf fd)
The Hairdresser (mc mf md)
Haiti Vacation (mc mf fd)
Haller Catch (mc mf md in)
Halloween Adventure (mc mf md)
Halloween Happenings (mc mf sf)
Halloween Internship (mc mf md ma hu)
Halloween Invasion (mc mf md)
Halloween Night (mc mf fd)
Halloween Party (mc mf ff md)
Hamlin: The True Story (mc mf md)
Hand (mc mf fd)
Hand Me Down (mc mf in)
Hand Off (mc mf md)
Hand Off — Jenny (mc mf ff fd)
Handicap (mc mf md fd)
The Hands That Grope, The Hands That Catch (mc mf md)
Handyman (mc mf md sf hu)
Hans and Greta (mc mf ff fd)
Happily Ever After (mc mf fd ft)
Happy and Content (mc mf md)
Happy Anniversary (mc ff mf fd md)
Happy Days (mc mf mm ma)
Happy Families (mc mf ff md in)
Happy Husband (mc mf md)
Happy Little Helper (mc mf md rb)
Happy Mother’s Day (mc mf)
Happy to Oblige (mc mf md ft)
Happy Trails (mc mf md fu)
Happy Valentine Slave (mc mf md)
Happy We Are (mc mf md)
Happy We Are: Mike's Diary (mc mf ff sf)
Hard Candy (mc mf md)
A Hard Days Night (Lisa Teez) (mc mf)
A Hard Predicament (mc mf fd)
Harem (mc mf ff md)
The Harem Outfit (mc mf ff md)
Harlot Fever (mc mf ff md in)
Harnessing a Fembot Army (mc mf md rb)
Harold Lee (mc mf md)
Harry Boobday (mc mf md gr)
Harry McLaurn’s Lament, or The Leprechaun, the Teacher and Bessie Babcock (mc mf md)
A Haunting in Missouri (mc mf md bd hm in)
Haven't Got The Legs For It (mc mf md gr)
Having a Basket "Ball" (mc mf ff md)
Having a Tennis "Ball" (mc mf ff md)
Having a Tennis "Ball": Agent of Destruction (mc mf ff md)
Hawaiian Honeymoon (mc mf md ma hm)
Hazy Memories from my College years (mc mf ff fd)
He Didn’t Say a Word (mc mf md)
He Was Quite Specific (md mf ff md)
He Was Right (mc mf ff md)
He Will Be Wise (mc mf md)
He's Back! (mc mf md)
He's The Greatest Writer (mc mf md)
Head Off! (mc mf hu)
Headhunted (mc mf ff fd ma ft)
Heads I Win, Tails You LOSE (mc mf md)
Headshots (mc mf md)
Headwires (mc mf md cb)
Healing Hands and Other Things (mc mf)
Heart’s Desirs (mc mf md)
Heat (mc mf)
Heat of the Moment (mc mf ff)
Heat Snare (mc mf ff md fd)
Heat? (Jodi) (mc mm mf cb)
Heather (mc mf md)
Heather Hurts Her Hand (mc mf md gr)
Heaven Health Spa (mc ff mf fd md)
Heaven Scent (mc mf md)
Heaven’s Chair (mc mf md)
Heaven’s Gate (mc mf ff fd sf)
Heavy Flesh (mc ff mf ma sf)
Heel & Obey (mc mf md ft)
The Height of Innocence (mc mf md)
Heiress (mc mf ff md)
Hell Hath No Fury Like Mrs. Claus Scorned (mc mf fd hu)
Hell's Belle (mc mf fd)
Hello Dolly (mc mf md gr)
Hello Pussy (mc mf md)
Hello, Norma Jean (mc mf md)
Help (mc mf fd)
Help From Star City (mc mf ff be in cb)
Helping Out the Neighbors (mc mf mm md fd)
Her Biggest Wish (mc mf md)
Her Debt to Society (mc mf)
Her First Time (mc mf fd)
Her Four O'Clock (mc mf md)
Her Friend's Purse (mc mf fd)
Her Hero (mc mf fd in)
Her Hyp-Lip-Stick (mc mf mm fd)
Her Lover's Eyes (mc mf md)
Her Minstrel Period (mc mf ff mm md ex)
Her Story (mc mf md)
Her Wednesday Lunches (mc mf md)
Herd Instinct (mc ff mf)
Here Be Dragons (mc mf md be hu)
Here There Be Wolfs (mc mm mf ff md fd be fu hm)
Hero of the Day (mc mf ff md fd cb hu in)
Hers for the Taking (mc mf fd)
The Hessian's Daughter (mc mf fd)
Hester (mf mc)
The Hex (mc mf ff md)
Hi, Mom (mc mf md in)
Hi, Sister Marilyn (mc mf md)
Hidden Hinges--Swinging Both Ways (mc mf ff md fd bd)
Hidden Images (mc mf ff fd)
Highschool (mc mf md bd)
Highway Hypnotist (mc mf md)
Hillbilly Dominatrix (mc mf ff fd ft rb hu)
Hip Hop Whore (mc mf md)
Hip Knot Ties (mc mf md in)
Hip to Be Square (mc md fd mf ff bd ds ex ma hu)
Hiroko, or The Vanity of Desire (mc mf mm)
His Boss (mc mf md gr)
His Fantasy (mc mf md fd)
His Girlfriend's Massage (mc mf fd)
His Internet Submission (mc mf fd)
His Living Doll (mc mf md rb)
His Scent (mc mf md)
His Taste (mc mf md)
Hitchhiking (mc mf fd)
Hive Mind (mc ff mf fd hu rb sf)
Hold Back (mc mf mm ff md)
Hold Music (mc mf md)
Hold My Beer While I Screw Your Girlfriend (mc mf md)
Hold The Line (mc md mf ff)
Holding Darkness Within (mc ff mf fd)
Hole In My Soul (mc mf)
Holiday Treats (mc mf md)
Holiday Wishes (mc mf ff md in)
Hollow Choices (mc ff mf md fd)
Hollywood Fun (mc mf md)
Hollywood Slave (mc mf fd)
Hollywood’s Not America (mc mf md ma)
Holy Shit!! (mc mf ff md in ts)
Holy Smoke (mc mf ff)
Home Invasion (mc mf ff md in)
Home of the Lilithbornes (mc mf ff fd ft)
The Home Theater Store (mc mf fd ft)
Homecoming (mc mf md)
Homecoming (sara castle) (mc mf fd)
Honey and the Electrician (mc mf)
The Honey Trap (mc mf ff md ft)
Honey's Story (mf mc nc)
Honey's Uninvited Guest (mf mc)
The HoneyCup Inn (mc mf ff md)
Hookah Head (mc mf ff fd la gr)
Hope Desired (mc mf ff md)
The Hornies (mc mf md gr)
The Hornometer (mc md mf)
A Horny Dilemma (mc mf ff bd)
Horny Little Valentine (mc mf md)
Horny Rolex (mc mf md la in)
Horton Hears a Ho (mc mf fd)
Hose Craft (mc mf fd ft)
The Hosieria Spa and Resort (mc mf ff fd md ft)
Hostile Takeover (The Persuader) (mc mf md)
Hosting Suburbia (mc mf md)
Hot Blooded (mc mf md ma)
Hot Chocolate (mc mf md)
Hot Off the Press (mc mf md)
Hot Pursuit (mc mf md ma)
Hot Wired (mc mf md bd)
Hotel Hot Tub (mc mf md)
Hotel Robotica (mc mf md rb)
The Hotter Than Hell Anthology (mc mf ff md)
House Hunting (mc mf md)
The House in the Woods (mc ff mf fd)
House Party (mc mf ff md)
How a Bad Girl Tastes (mc mf md)
How Angel Stevens Got Her Brain On (And How She Gets Off) (mc mf md)
How Can I Love You? (mc mf md)
How I Became a Banana Slut and Lost My Two Cherries (mc mf md)
How I Became a Panty Slave (mc mf fd)
How I Became A Teenage Robot (mc mf md rb)
How I Became King of a Town (mc mf md)
How I Became My StepBrother's Slut (mc mf ff md gr)
How It All Began (mc mf md fd)
How Josephine Stopped Smoking (mc mf md)
How Many Easter Bunnies? (mc mf md hu)
How Not To Embellish A Resume (mc mf md)
How the Other Half Live (mc mf md)
How To Create A Super-Slut (mc md mf ff)
How to Get Rid of Your Fuckin' Mob Boss Husband (mc mf)
How to Get Rid of Your Fuckin' Wife (mc mf md)
How to Make Your Cum Addictive (mc mf md fd)
Howard and the Hooker (mc mf fd)
Howdy Neighbor (mc mf md hm)
http:clubs/MichelleRules (mc mf fd)
Human Resources: A Master PC Story (mc mf md)
Humiliation Of A Vampire Slayer (mc mf md hm)
The Humiliation of Jane (mc nc mf ff md fd)
Humor in MC (mc mf md fd hu)
Hump Day (mc mf md)
Hungry Like the Wolf (mc md mf fu)
The Hunt (mc mf fd)
The Hunt (Endlessinkz) (mc mf md fu)
Hunter (mc mf md gr)
The Hunter Chronicles (mc mf ff fd)
Hunter of the Damned (mc mf fd)
Hunting (mc mf md)
Hunting Day (mc mf md)
Hyp, Hyp, Hooray Again! or, Monkeying Around (mc mf md fd)
Hyp, Hyp, Hooray! (mc mf md)
Hyp, Hyp, Hooray! III: Nerd Science Run Amok (mc mf md fd)
Hyphosetized (mc mf md ft)
Hyphosetized II (mc mf md ft)
HypHoseTized III (mc mf md ft)
Hypknotic Robotic (mc mf md)
Hypno Highway (mc mf ff fd)
Hypno House (mf fd mc ex)
Hypno Mind Party (mc mf ff md)
Hypno Sex (mc mf md in)
The Hypno Shop (mc mf md)
The Hypno Show (Zulu Warrior) (mc mf md)
Hypno Slavers: The Dr. Emily Group (mc mf ff fd)
Hypno T.V. (mc mf md bd)
Hypno-apocalypse (mc mf fd)
Hypno-Bride (mc mf md)
Hypno-Credit (mc mf md)
Hypno-Date (mc mf md)
The Hypno-Domme Next Door (mc mf ff fd)
Hypno-Hits (mc mf md fd)
Hypno-Hospital (mc ff mf fd)
Hypno-Poem (mc mf md)
Hypno-Pygmalion (mc mf md)
Hypno-Romance (mc mf)
Hypno-Script (mc mf md)
The Hypno-Seduction of Lana (mc mf md bd)
Hypno-show (mc mf md fd)
Hypno-Smoker! (mc mf ff md)
Hypno-Surrogate (mc mf fd)
Hypno-Tickling (mc mf md)
Hypno-town (mc mf fd)
Hypnoangel (mc mf fd)
Hypnoerotica (mf mc md ds)
Hypnogirls of Suburbia (mc mf ff md)
Hypnophilia (mc mf md in)
Hypnos Univeristy (mc mf md)
HypnoSchool (mc mf ff fd)
Hypnosis Beneath Hypnosis (mc mf md)
"Hypnosis Does Not Work! - Does it?" (mc mf md)
Hypnosis Homework (mf mc)
Hypnosis in the Snow (mc mf fd)
The Hypnosis Non-Believers Club (mc mf md)
HypnoSister (mc mf in fd)
Hypnoslave (mc mf fd)
Hypnospace (mc mf md)
Hypnostroke (mc mf md ds)
Hypnotherapy (mc mf fd)
The Hypnotic Adventures of Cinderella (mc ff mf fd md)
The Hypnotic Cab Ride (mc mf md)
The Hypnotic Cab Ride -- Deeper Still (mc mf ff md fd)
The Hypnotic Cab Ride -- Descent Into Pleasure (mc mf ff md fd)
Hypnotic Cab Ride 7 -- Silken Submission (mc mf ff md fd)
Hypnotic Caresses (mc mf fd)
Hypnotic Cinderella (a Love Story) (mc mf fd)
Hypnotic Encounter (mc mf fd)
Hypnotic Encounters (mc mf md)
Hypnotic Eye Beams (mc mf ff md fd)
Hypnotic Fetish Therapy, The Saga of Dr. Samantha Dominique -- Part One (mc mf fd ft)
Hypnotic Job Interview (mc mf fd)
Hypnotic Journey (mc mf fd)
Hypnotic Juxtapositioning (mc mf ff md fd)
Hypnotic Love Teachings (mc mf md)
Hypnotic Pheromones (mc mf md)
Hypnotic Playthings 2 (mc mf ff fd)
Hypnotic School (mc mf mm md fd)
Hypnotic Seduction (mc mf md)
Hypnotic Sessions (mf mc bd)
The Hypnotic Shop (mc mf ff md fd)
Hypnotic Shorts (mc mf md)
Hypnotic Teddy Bear (mc mf md)
Hypnotism -- A Teacher's Revenge (mc mf ff md)
Hypnotism in a Japanese Senior High School (mc mf md nc)
Hypnotism, Hose, and High Heels (mc mf md in)
The Hypnotist (mc mf md fd)
The Hypnotist Musician (mc mf md)
Hypnotist's Assistant (mc mf ff md fd in)
Hypnotist's Holiday (mc mf md)
Hypnotist's Son (mc mf ff md)
A Hypnotist's Tale (mc mf md)
Hypnotized Submissives (mf mc bd)
The Hypnotizing Megan Chronicles (mc mf ff md fd hu hm)
HypnoWho (mc in mf ff md)
Hypo Submission of Jennifer (mc mf md hm)
Hysteria (mc mf md)
I Am a Drone (mc mf ff md fd rb)
I Am So Lucky (mc mf md)
I Beg to Differ (mc mf md)
I Bet... (mc mf ff fd in ft)
I Can Explain Everything (mc mf ff md)
I Can Handle This (mc mf md)
I Can't Do That (mc mf md)
I Can't Stop Myself (mc mf md hm)
I Can’t F-ing Believe My Luck (mc mf md)
I Can’t Wait (mc mf fd)
I Didn't Mean To Turn You On (mc ff mf fd md)
I Don’t Do Requests (mc mf md)
I Dream Of Genie (mc mf md)
I Fought the Law, and... (mc mf mm ff md)
I Give In (mc mf md fd)
I Know What You've Been Doing (mc ff mf fd in)
I Lost My Mind and Virginity to a Widow (mc mf fd)
I Melt With You (mc mf fd)
I Need a Hero (mc mf md)
I Need the Money (mc mf md)
I Need to Wake Up (mc mf md)
I Ran So Far Away (mc mf md)
I Robot? (Wesley King) (mc mf ff md rb)
I Saw Mommy Texting Santa Claus (mc mf ff in)
I See Horny People (mc mf in)
I Take What I Want (mc mf md hu)
I Think Therefore You Are: Media Whore Edition (mc mf)
I Volunteered (mc mf md)
I Want (mc mf md fd)
I Want a Baby (mc mf fd)
I Want Candy (mc mf md)
I Want To Play A Game: The Game Continues (mc mf md)
I Want to Vote (mc mf md)
I Was Born With Money (mc mf fd la)
I Wish I May (mc mf md)
I Wish You Love (mc mf ff md)
I Wish You Well (mc mf ff md fd)
I'm So Lucky (mc mf md)
I'm yours (signed, sealed, delivered) (mc mf md)
I've Always Hated Needles (mc mf ff fd bd sf)
I, Human (mc mf ff md sf)
I, Robot (mc mf md)
I-5 (mc mf md)
I-Toys (mc mf ff mm fd md gr ma rb sf hu)
The Ice Cream Social (mc mf ff md gr)
Ice Queen (mc mf md)
The Ideals of Others (mc mf md ft)
Identity Theft (mc mf md)
Identity Theft (Dr. Carlo Lombardi) (mc mf md)
Identity Theft: How Kara Learned to Dance (mc mf ff fd)
Idle Fantasies (mc mf)
If I Only Had a Brain (mc mf md ma)
If You Leave (mc mf md)
Ignorance Is Bliss (mc mf md)
Illusions (mc mf md ft)
Illusions of Passion (mc mf ff md)
Illustrated (mc mf md)
Imaginary Words: Eric Wynnere (mc mf md)
Imagine It (mc mf md)
Imagine It—Dark Chronicles (mc mf md)
Imagining and Feeling (mc mf fd)
Imagining Stephanie (mc mf md)
The Immaculate Receptions (mc ff mf md)
Immersion (mc mf ff md in)
The Imp's Revenge (mc mf md ts)
Imparting the Endowment (mc mf ff md in)
Implantaion (mc mf md)
Implications of a Well Meant Present (mc mf ff fd ft rb)
Impressionable Condition (mc mf md)
Imprint (mc mf ff md fd)
The Imprint (RH Music) (mc mf gr)
Improvements (mc mf md)
ImproveU (mc mf ff fd)
Impulse (mc mf ff mm md fd)
In a Perfect World (mc mf md fd rb ft)
In a Public Place (mc mf ff md gr la)
In and Sweet (mc mf md)
In Control (mc mf md fd)
In Darkness Bound (mc mf ff)
In Dependence Day (mc mf fd)
In Dreams (mc mf md in)
In Evil Company (mc mf ff md)
In Focus (mc mf md)
In Heat (mc mf fd)
In Her InterFACE (mc mf md gr)
In His Own Sex Land (mc mf fd)
In My Mind a Horror (mc mf ff md fd bd in nc)
In My Mind, a River (mc ff mf fd md bd nc)
In Naked Wonder (mc mf fd la be sf)
In One Ear (mc mf md)
In Sanity (mc mf ff gr la in hu)
In Service (mc mf ff md fd)
In Short There's Simply Not, a More Congenial Spot (mc ff mf fd)
In Space No One Can Hear You Come (mc mf fd)
In the Heart of the Amazon (mc mf md)
In the Moment (mc mf fd)
In the Pendant (mc mf md)
In the World of Silence (mc mf fd)
In the Zone (mc mf md ma)
In Therapy (mc mf ff md)
In Therapy (Aginor) (mc mf md fd)
In Training (mc mf md)
In Your Dreams (mc mf md)
Incapacity Benefit (mc mf fd)
Incident at the Airport (mc mf ff md ma)
Inconvenience (mc mf md)
Incubus (mc mf md xf)
Incubus (formerly Succubus) (mc mf md)
Incubus of the Stone (mc mf md)
Independence Déjà vu (mc mf in)
Indian Casino Summer (mc mf md)
Indirect Action (mc mf md)
Indiscretions (mc mf fd)
Inducted (mc ff mf cb ft gr)
Indulgence (mc mf md)
Industrial Espionage (mc mf md)
Inevitability (mc mf md gr ft rb)
Infernal Destiny (mc mf ff md in)
Infidelity (mc cb mf fd)
Infiltration (mc mf ff md fd)
Influence, Inc (mc mf ff md)
The Initiation and Shaping of Men (mc mf fd)
The Initiation of Patty Ferguson (mc mf ff md bd)
Injections (mc mf md gr)
Insatiable (mc mf md)
Insert SIM Card (mc mf md ma gr)
Inside Out (Julian Obedient) (mc mf mm fd md ma)
Inside the Box (mc mf md)
Inside the In-Laws (mc mf md)
Inspector Bater (mc mf md)
Instar (mc mf fd gr ft)
The Institute Stories (mc mf ff md fd)
Instructing the Tutor (mc mf md gr hm la)
Instructional Video (mc mf fd in)
Integrating the Shadow (mc mf md ma gr ft)
Intellectual Property (mc mf md)
Intellivore (mc mf md)
Intellivore II: Return to Innocence (mc mf md)
An Interesting Day (mc mf md)
An interesting visit to Mistress R (mc mf fd bd rb)
Interference (mc mf ff fd)
Interlude with a Vampire (mc mf ff md fd gr)
Internet Café (mc mf fd)
Interrogation (mc mf ff in md)
Intervention (mc mf md)
Interview with Fuck Toy (mc mf ff md ft)
Interview with the Bimbo. (mc mf gr)
Interviewing Mesmer (mc mf md)
Intimate Adventures (mc mf md fd)
An Intimate Interview With The Vampire (mc mf fd)
Into Africa (mc mf md)
Intricate Design (mc mf ff md fd)
Introduction Induction (mc mf fd)
Introductions (mc mf ff md)
The Intruder (mc mf md)
The Invasion (mc mf ff fd sf)
The Invention (mc mf in)
Investigation (mc mf md gr)
Investigative Journalism (mc mf md ft)
Invisible Bonds, Gentle Discipline (mc mf fd bd)
Invisible Empire (mc mf md)
Invisible Touch (mc mf md)
Iris and the Virus (mc mf md ft)
Irish Spring Break (mc mf md fd hu)
The Island (mc mm mf)
The Island of Doom (mc mf fd)
The Island of Morgian (mc mf ff fd)
Island of the Ultimate Lovedolls (mc mf md gr)
Isle of Enchantment (mc mf md fd)
It All Begins in Dreams (mc mf ff fd ma)
It Finally Worked (mc mf ff md in)
It Girl (mc mf ff fd)
It Happened One Night (mc mf md)
It Just Ain’t Patricks Day (mc mf)
It Started One Night (mc mf)
It Was Never About Size (mc mf fd ft)
It's a Wonderful Life (As a Slave) (mc mf fd ft)
It's Funny (mc mf ff md in)
It's Just For Play, Right? (mc mf md fd)
It's Not Nice to Hit Keith (mc mf ff md gr)
It's Not What You Say (mc mf md)
It's Okay to Play with Your Food (mc mf md)
The Itch (mc mf md)
It’s a Dog’s Life (mc mf md hm bd be)
It’s Better Being Bambi (mc mf md bd gr)
I’m a Believer (mc mf fd ma la)
I’m No Angel (mc mf gr in)
I’m Yours (The Eternal Student) (mc mf md)
I’ve Never Done Anything Like That Before (mc mf md gr)
Jack Beanstalker (mc mf md)
Jack — The Early Years (mc mf md in)
Jackie Fox: The Rookie Years (mc mf md)
Jackie Fox: Vice Detective - Black and Blue (mc mf md)
Jack’s Inteview (mc mf fd)
The Jaguar Princess (mc mf ff fd)
Jailbait (mc mf md)
James Makes the Rounds (mc mf md in)
Jamie's New Job (mc mf ff md)
The Jammer (mc mf md fd in)
Jane's Mission (mc mf fd sf)
Jane's New Job (mc mf md fd rb)
Janie's Hell (mc mf md gr)
Janie’s Got A Gun (mc mf fd ft)
Japan Guide (mc mf md)
Japanese Schoolgirls (mc mf fd ft)
Japanese Schoolgirls 2: The Beginning (mc mf fd ft)
Jason’s Crisis (mc mf fd md bd hm)
Jazz and Sex (mc mf md)
Jealous of Her Slaves (mc ff mf md fd)
Jealousy (mc mf md)
Jedi Mind Trick (mc mf md)
Jenna's Dilemma (mc mf md)
Jennifer and Kim (mc mf md)
Jennifer — Hypno-Mistress (mc mf fd)
Jennifer's Transformation (mc mf ff md gr)
Jenny (mc mf md)
Jenny Loses a Bet (mc mf md)
Jenny Takes a New Job (mc mf md gr)
Jesse’s Brand (mc mf in)
Jessi (mc mf md)
Jessica's Dangerous Game (mc mf md)
Jessica's Tail (mc mf md hu)
Jessie’s Girl (mc mf md)
Jiggle Belles (mc mf md)
Jigsaw (mc mf ff md)
Jihad (mc mf md)
Jill One More Time (mc mf md)
Jill's New Baby (mc mf fd)
Jill, First Hypnotic Friend (mc mf md)
The Jilliad (mc mf ff md fd)
Jillian's Tale (mc ff mf ds)
Jinx (mc mf md)
Joan Gets Out (mc mf md)
Job Benefits (mc mf ff fd)
Job Opening (mc mf ff md)
Job Placement (mc mf md in)
Joe Boy (mc mm mf hm ma ex)
The Jogger (mc mf md)
Joining the Herd (mc mf in gr sf)
Joker's Wild (mc mf)
The Jokers’ Club (mc mf ff)
The Journal of Juliet Samson (mc mf md ma hm ds bd)
Journey in Control (mc mf md)
Journey to Saigon (mc mf md)
Journey: Bliss (mc mf ff)
Joy to the World (mc mf fd)
The Joy Toy (mc mf md)
Judas Tree (mc mf md)
Jude Hypnotized (mc mf md)
Judge... Not (mc mf ff md gr)
Judging Evilena (mc ff mf fd)
Judith and Me (mc mf fd)
Judy & the Pussies (mc mf ff md in)
Jugs (mc mf ff md)
Jukebox Hero (mc mf md)
Juli's Inititation (mc mf md)
Julia (mc mf ff md)
Julie's Gifts (mc mf md rb ft)
Julie’s Hypnotic Erotic Adventure (mc mf ff md ma)
The Junction Before Abbey Rhodes (mc mf md)
June (mc mf md fd)
Juni and Aaron (mc mf md fd)
Juni and Claudius (mc mf md)
Juni and Josef (mc mf fd sf)
The Juni and Liszt Chronicles (mc mf md)
Juni and Nicholas (mc mf md fd)
Juni's Lesson (mc mf md)
Juni: X-Girl (mc mf)
Junko (mc mf fd)
Just a Citizen (mc mf fd)
Just an Ordinary Guy (mc mf md)
Just Another Day at the Library (mc mf ff fd)
Just Another Day... (mc mf md)
Just Another Guy (mc mf md)
Just Deserves (mc mf fd md ft)
Just Desserts (mc mf md fd)
Just Do Me (mc mf ff md ma gr)
Just Friends (mc mf ff md)
Just Go Along With It (mc mf md)
Just Joan (mc ff mf fd ft ma)
Just Might Get It (mc mf ff fd)
Just Old Friends (mc ff mf md)
Just Passing By (mc mf in)
Just Passing Through (mc mf in)
Just Passing Through Town (mc mf in)
Just Rewards (mc mf md)
Just Visiting Sis (mc mf md)
Justin’s Gift (mc mf md hm)
Juxtaposition (mc mf fd md)
The Kami Stone (mc mf md)
Kane Water (mc ff mf fd)
Kara's Survival Training (mc mf md be)
Karaoke is the Work of the Devil (mc mf ff md)
Karen Reveals Herself (mf mc md)
Karen Who (mc mf md ft)
Karen's Last Day (mc mf md ft)
Karen's Ready for Play Time (mc mf ff fd)
Kari's Awakening (mc mf ff md)
Karma and the Spoiled Rich Girl (mc mf md gr)
Kasha: The Addiction (mc mf fd)
Katherine Goes Under (mc mf md)
Katie’s Promotion (mc mf md fd)
Katrina Blaze - A Tale of Intrigue (mc mf fd)
Kayla's Secret (mc mf md)
Keep It Simple (mc mf fd hu)
Keep Myself Awake (mc mf md)
Keeping Up with the Joneses (mc mf md)
Kelly's Transformation (mc mf md)
Kevin's Story (mc mf md)
Key of Dreams (mc mf md fd)
The Key to Rebecca (mc mf md)
Kiara's Submission (mc mf md bd)
Kid's Games (mc mf md in)
Kidnapping (mf nc mc)
Kidnapping, Torture and Pleasure (mc mf ff md bd gr)
Killer Eyes: The Making of a Hypnotiste (mc mf md fd)
Killing Me Softly (mc mf md)
Kim's Tale (mc mf md)
Kinder (mc mf fd)
The Kindness of Strangers (mc mf)
The King Experience (mc mf ff gr)
King of the World (mc mf md)
The King of Wet Dreams (mf md mc)
The King’s Hypnotist (mc mf md sf hu)
Kinked (mc mf md)
Kirsty and the Slob (mc mf md)
The Kiss (mc mf md be)
A Kiss Is Just a Kiss (mc mf)
Kiss My Ass (mc mf ff md gr)
Kiss of Life (mc mf fd)
Kiss of the Vampire (mc mf ff md fd)
Kit (mc mf md)
Kittens and Tigers (mc mf ff md)
Klaatu Barata Nikto (mc mf md in sf)
A Knight in the Forest (mc mf mm)
Knock-Off (mc mf md)
Knockout (mc mf md)
Knowing Your Place (mc mf fd)
The Knowledge of Good and Evil (mc mf md)
Kremed (mc mf md)
Kreme’s Fairy Tales — Rumpletitswell (mc mf md gr)
Kreme’s Fairy Tales — Sleeping with Beauty (mc mf)
Kreme’s Fairy Tales — The Slut who cried Wolf (mc mf md)
La Bandera Bella (mc mf md)
La Belle Dame Sans Merci (mc mm mf ff fd ft)
La Femme en Cuir (mc mf ff md fd)
Labor Day’s for Working Girls (mc mf)
The Laboratory (mc mf ff md fu)
Lad's Night Out (mc mf md)
The Ladies' Man (mc mf md rb)
Lady and the Thug (mc mf fd)
A Lady Dreams (mc mf md)
The Lady in Red (mc mf fd)
Lady Izzabelle’s Slave (mc mf fd)
Lady of the Manor (mc ff mf fd)
Lady of the Spring (mc mf fd)
Laid Bare (mc mf md)
Lake Chuggabiggaone (mc mf gr)
Lana Leads the League (mc ff mf fd)
Landscaping (mc mf fd)
Larry Learns the Loop (mc mf ff fd)
The Larry Springer Show (mc mf md)
Lassoing a Ride (mc mf md)
The Last Days of Larissa (mc mf md)
The Last Master (mc mf md)
Last Minute Purchase (mc mf ff md)
Last Minute Purchase 2 (mc mf md ft)
The Last of the Masters (mc mf ff md rb sf)
The Latest Virgin (mc mf md fd)
Latex Amazon Warriors (mc mf fd ft)
Latex Clad Lovelies (mc mf fd md ft)
Laundry-Mat (mc mf md)
Laura's Desires (mc mf md)
Laura, Hypno-Slut (mc mf ff md fd)
Lavender Valley - A New Job, a New Start (mc mf ff md gr)
Lavender Valley – Barbie meets her Ken (mc mf ff md gr)
Lawyers In Lust (mc mf ff)
Lay Over (mc mf ff md ft)
Layby (mc mf fd ft)
Le Club Mécanique Farceur (mc mf ff fd)
Le Club: Danni (mc mf ff fd)
Le Club: Jeffrey (mc mf ff fd)
Le Spa (mc mf ff gr)
Leader of the Pack (mc mf fd)
Leanne's New Friends (mc mf ff md)
Learn to Relax (mc mf md)
Learn to Relax (Synaptic Virus) (mc mf md)
Learning All About Mom's Job (mc mf md in)
Learning Your Place (mc mf fd)
Leather and Lace (mc mf md)
Leftovers - A Master PC Tale (mc mf ff md gr)
Leg Therapy (mc mf fd ft)
Legacy (mc mf md in gr)
Legacy of Dot (mc mf md)
The Legacy of Mr. Brooks (mc mf md)
Legal Mischief (mc mf md)
Legally Bound (mc mf ff md fd ft)
The Legend of Lecherous Lenny, the Lascivious Leprechaun (mc mf ff rb gr hu ex)
Legend of Mystania (mc mf ff md in ma fu)
The Legend of the Spectral Seal (mc mf ff md fd sf)
Leigha’s New Pet (mc mf fd)
Lemma the Librarian (mc mf ff md fd)
Lemonade Break (mc mf fd)
Lenny the Lecherous Leprechaun (mc mf md)
Lens of Love (mc mf fd)
The Lesbian Hypnotist Next Door: A Love Story (mc mf ff md fd)
Leslie (mc mf ff fd)
Leslie's Afternoon (mc mf ff md)
Less Than an Hour (mc mf md)
A Lesson for Laurel (mc mf md)
A Lesson In Hypnosis (mc mf ff md)
Lesson Learned (mc mf fd)
Lessons (mc mf md fd)
Let Me Count the Ways (mc mf md)
Let No One Put Asunder (mc mf md)
Let the Programming Begin (mc mf md)
Let's Have A Party! (mc mf md)
Let's Not Be Friends (mc mf md)
The Letter (a.k.a. A Cop's Revenge) (mc mf ff md fd)
Let’s Have Some Fun (mc mf ff mm md fd in sc ex la hm gr)
Let’s Make Some Memories (mc mf)
Leveling Out (mc mf ff)
Leveling the Playing Field (mc mf ff md)
Lewd Dude and the Nude Prude (mc mf md hu)
Liberating Libby (mc mf md ft)
Liberation (mc mf bd sf)
The Librarian (mc mf md)
The Librarian of Pathos (mc mf ff ma)
Library Encounter (mc mf md)
Library of Congress (mc mf)
Lie Berries (mc mf md)
Liebestod (mc mf mm md)
A Life at Sea (mc ff mf)
Life At the Orphanage (mc mf md gr in)
Life Imitating Art (mc mf md)
Life in the Fast Lane (mc mf ff md fd)
Life Is Good (mc mf md)
Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates (mc mf md gr)
A Life Threatening Complication (mc mf ff md gr hm)
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Sluttiness (mc mf md)
Light Focus (mc mf md)
Light of the Night (mc mf)
Light Up My Life (mc mf md)
Lights Out (mc mf md)
Lights, Camera, Terror! (mc mf)
Like a Mother (mc mf md ft)
Like a Siren’s Song (mc mf fd)
Like Minds (mc mf ff md)
Like Mother, Like Daughter (mc mf md)
Like Thelma and Louise (mc mf ff fd)
Lilia Teaches French (mc mf ff fd)
Limbo (mc mf ff md fd)
Limbo Dancers (mc mm mf fd)
Limited Time Offer (mc mf md)
Linda Steps Out (mc mf fd)
Linda's Capture (mc mf md)
Lingerie (mc mf md)
Lingerie Party (mc mf md)
The Lingerie Shop (mc mf md ft)
Linog Kay — The Latest Incarnation of God (mc mf md)
The Lioness and the Human (mc mf md fu ft)
The Lioness Tamed (mc mf ff md)
Lip Service (mc mf md)
Lip Service (Trent Wolf) (mc mf md)
Lipstick Mayhem (mc mf fd)
Lisa Changes Her Mind (mc mf md gr)
Lisa's Monday Visitor (mc mf md)
Lisa's Lesson (mc mf md)
Listen Ginger (mc mf md ff)
Liszt's Magnetic Influence (mc mf)
Literal Learning — Lesson 1: Reproductive Anatomy (mc mf gr la bd)
Literally (mc mf hu sf gr)
Little Goody Two Shoes — A Shoes to Fill Story (mc mf ex gr ft)
The Little Green Pill (mc mf md fd)
Little Indians (mc ff mf fd la)
A Little Influence (mc mf md)
A Little Knowledge (mc mf md gr)
Little Monsters (mc mf md)
Little Red Riding Hood (mc mf md)
Little Shop of Dreams (mc mf fd)
Little Taste of Me (mc mf ff md in)
A Little Too Well (mc mf in)
Liz Over Time (mc mf md)
The Loner (mc mf md gr)
Long Red Nails (mc mf ff fd in)
Look at Me (mc mf ff md)
Look Both Ways (mc mf md)
Look Into My Eyes (mc mf fd)
Look Into My Mind (mc mf md fd)
Look What the Cat Dragged In (mc mf ff fd fu)
Look, Touch, Taste (mc mf ff md fd)
Loose Circuit (mc mf md)
Loosing Up (mc mf md)
Lord and Lady Talon (mc mf mm md fd)
Lord May (mc ff mf)
Lord of the Manor (mc mf md hu in)
Lord Vergne's Gift (mc mf ff md)
Losing Bet (mc mf md ma)
Losing Catherine (mc mf md ft hu)
Losing It All (mc mf md)
Loss and Gain and Loss of Innocence (mc mf md)
Loss Of Control (mc mf md bd)
Lost and Forgotten (mc mf fd)
The Lost Colony (mc mf md)
Lost Luggage (mc mf ff md ft hm)
Lost Neptune (mc mf md sf)
Lost Opportunity (mc mf md fd sf)
Lost Pins (mc mf md)
Lost Weekend, Found Lifestyle (mc mf mm ff fd)
Lost, But Searching (mc mf ff md)
Lotion Potion (mc mf)
Lotions and Potions (mc mf md)
Lottery Winnings (mc mf md)
Love at the Office (mc mf fd)
Love Conquers All (mc mf md)
Love in an Elevator (mc mf)
Love Is The Strongest Bond (mc mf ff md fd bd)
Love Letters (mc mf md)
Love Master (mc mf md)
Love or Lust? (mc mf ff fd)
Love Potion (mc mf ff md)
Love Song (mc mf fd)
Love Stinks (mc mf md)
Love Thy Neighbor (mc mf md fd)
The Love Toy’s Reprieve (mc mf ff md)
Love You in Latex (mc mf md ft rb)
Love You Like a Tree (mc mf ff fd)
Loveblind (mc mf fd ft)
Lovebright Academy (mc mf md)
Lovebright Academy: The Real Story (mc mf ff md fd)
The Lovely Mickey (mc mf fd)
The Lover (mc mf ff fd)
Lovin' That Spin (mc mf md)
Loving Apprentices (mc mf md)
Loving Country Music (mc mf fd)
Loving Linda's Legs (mc mf fd ft)
Low Man’s Lyric (mc mf md fd sf)
Loyalty (mc mf md fd)
The Luckiest Girl in the World (mc mf md)
Lucky (mc mf fd)
Lucky Charms (mc mf md)
Lucky Coin (mc mf md)
Lucky Day to Be in Sweden (mc mf md be)
The Lucky Janitor Theory (mc mf md)
Lucky Tickets (mc mf ff md)
Lucky Tickets 2: Lucky Stiff (mc mf ff md)
Lucky Trance (mc mf ff md)
Lucky’s Harem (mc mf md)
Lucy Westenra Never Had These Kinds of Problems (mc mf fd)
Luke and the Orb of Thomas the Heretic of the Word (mc mf md)
Luna Crush (mc mf ff md cb ft)
Lunch Break (mc mf fd)
Lunchtime Encounter (mc mf md)
The Lurker Within (mc mf md ft)
Lust (mc mf ff md)
A Lust for Red (mc mf ff)
Lust In Space (mc mf md sf)
Lust Transfer (mc mf ff)
Lustful Hypnotizing (mc mf md)
Luv Bunny (mc mf md gr)
LWE (mc mf md)
Lynda's Games - Julie (mc mf fd)
Lynda's Games - The Airport (mc mf fd)
Lynda's Games - The Haircut (mc mf fd)
M&Ms (mc mf ff mm md fd in)
Mab About the Boy (mc ff mf fd gr la)
Mad Scientists’ Convention — The Welcome Mat (mc mf md)
Mad, but not Angry (mc mf md hu)
Madame Somnombula (mc mf fd)
Made For Duty (mc mf ff md rb)
Made for Pleasure (mc mf md rb sf hu)
Made to Order (mc mf md fd)
The Madman and the Guinea Pigs (mc mf md)
Magazine Interview (mc mf md)
Mage & Apprentice: Lady to Toy (mc ff mf md ds gr)
Mage's Delight (mc mf ff md)
Maggie's Ring (mc mf fd)
A Maggot in My Mind (mc mf ff md)
Magic Bracelets (mc mf fd)
Magic Dust (mc mf fd)
The Magic Eye (sdclassyclass) (mc mf fd)
Magic Family (mc mf md in)
Magic Lessons (mc mf ff bd ft)
The Magic Mistletoe (mc mf ff md fd)
The Magic of Kris P. Kringle (mc mf)
Magic Sperm (mc mf ff md in gr)
Magic Words (mc mf ff fd in)
The Magical Camera (mc mf md)
The Magical Charm Bracelet (mc mf md)
Magical Cream? (mc mf gr)
Magical Tramp Poon’s Vacation (mc mf md fd gr)
The Magical, Mesmerizing Mystery Tour (mc mf fd)
Magickian's Path (mc mf md)
Magpie (mc ff mf fd)
Maid (mc mf ff rb)
Maid Happy (mc mf fd)
Maid to Steal (mc mf ff md rb)
Maid, to Order (mc mf md)
Maidenhead (mc ff mf fd sf)
The Mail Order Bride (mc mf md)
Majikverse (mc mf md)
Make a Wish (mc mf md fu)
Make Up Sex (mc mf md)
The Makeup Lesson (mc ff mf)
Makin Changes (mc mf ff md in)
Making a Baby (mc ff mf fd)
Making It in the Big World (mc mf md)
Making of the Man — Rise and Fall and Rise again (mc mf)
The Making of Valley Girl (mc mf hm cb)
Making the Best of a Bad Situation (mc mf)
Making Them Do Things: The Contest (mc mf md)
Making Them Do Things: The Show (mc mf ff md)
Making Waves (mc mf ff md)
The Male Is In the Czech (mc mf)
The Male Mind (mc mf md in)
Malicious Intent (mc mf md)
Mall Walkers (mc mf fd)
Mama Has A SqueezeBox, I Don't Sleep At Night (mc mf md in)
Mamono Tales: Yuuichi’s Journey (mc mf ff md fd)
Man and Machine (mc mf sf rb)
The Man in 4B (mc mf md ft)
The Man in Room Ten (mc mf md gr)
Man of the House (mc mf ff in)
The Man Owner (mc mf fd)
The Man With the Magic Machine (mc mf ff md)
Man, What Is He Good For? (mc mf fd)
Management Couple (mc mf)
Mandrake Genstures Hypntically and... (mc mf md)
Manipulative Little Bitch (mc mf ff md fd gr)
Manual Control (mc ff mf)
Manual Override – Mikey gets his first Pet (mc mf md)
Marcus's Power (mc mf md)
Mariah Reprogrammed (mc mf md)
Mariana and Sage: RPG the Highway Patrol (mc mf md)
Mariana’s Surrender (mc mf md)
Marianne's Photo Session (mc mf md)
Marinara Hospital (mc mf gr hu)
Marion's Eggs (mc mf md sf)
The Mark of Power (mc mf ff md ma)
Mark's Trip (mc mf fd)
Mark, the Brainwashed Slave (mc mf fd)
Market Day (mc mf md)
Mark’s New Life (mc mf fd)
Marriage Counceling (mc mf md fd)
The Marriage Councelor (mc mf ff md)
Marriage Problems (mc mf fd)
The Marriage Therapist (mc mf ff fd)
Marshmallow Pizzazz (mc mf md)
Marta and Robert (mc mf fd)
The Maruseng Web (mc mf ff fd)
Marvelously Captured (mc mf ff md fd ma cb)
Mashiekeh (mc mf md)
Mashing Potatoes (mc mf md fd)
Masked Desire (mc mf fd)
Masks (mc mf md gr)
Masquerade: The Lover's Mask (mc mf md)
The Massage (mc mf ff md rb)
The Masseuse (mc mf md)
Master and Commander (mc mf md bd)
Master Chandler and the Bride (mc mf ff md fd hm)
Master Chandler and the Chance Encounter (mc mf md hm)
Master Net - At the Mall (mc mf md gr)
The Master of Minds (mc mf md ft)
Master of Puppets (mc mf mm ff md fd)
Master of Puppets (Tang) (mc mf md ff ft gr bd)
Master PC (mc mf ff md gr)
Master PC - A Slippery Slope (mc mf ff md gr)
Master PC - Greg's Adventure (mc mf md gr)
Master PC - Licensed Edition (mc mf md gr)
Master PC - New User (mc mf mm md fd gr)
Master PC -- The Ornithologist (mc mf ff md fd gr)
Master PC For Lovers (mc mf ff fd gr)
Master PC – Beta Release (mc mf md ft gr)
Master PC – Child of the Program (mc mf md)
Master PC – Jenn’s Story (mc mf md fd gr in)
Master PC – Mind Magi (mc mf ff md gr)
Master PC – Richard’s Story (mc mf md fd gr in)
Master PC – The Protector (mc mf ff md fd gr)
Master PC — Jake’s Story (mc mf md in gr)
Master PC — Karen takes a Gander (mc mf gr)
Master PC — Malcolm’s Tale (mc mf md gr)
Master PC — The Work of My Hands (mc mf md)
Master PC: A Masters Betrayal (mc mf md gr)
Master PC: Aftermath (mc mf in ca)
Master PC: An Angry Customer (mc mf md gr)
Master PC: Angry Girl's Revenge (mc mf ff fd gr hm ma)
Master PC: Anthro's Attraction. (mc mf md fu)
Master PC: Creampie Edition (mc mf md gr)
Master PC: F12 (mc mf md gr)
Master PC: Gaps in Time (mc mf md gr)
Master PC: Geek's Revenge (mc mf)
Master PC: Julian's Education (mc mf md)
Master PC: Master to Master (mc mf md)
Master PC: Melissa's Revenge (mc mf ff fd gr)
Master PC: Not Technically Inclined (mc mf md)
Master PC: Oops! (mc mf md gr)
Master PC: Parting the Popular (mc mf ff md fd gr)
Master PC: Return of the Program (mc mf ff md gr)
Master PC: Rumor Mill (mc mf ff md ex gr hu la)
Master PC: Short Stories (mc mf md gr)
Master PC: The Eclectic's Edition (mc mf ff md gr)
Master PC: The Eclectic's Edition -- A Birthday (mc mf ff md in)
Master PC: The New Breed (mc mf md gr)
Master PC: The University of Life (mc mf ff fd)
Master PC: The Victim’s Perspective (mc mf mm md ex la hm gr in)
Master PC: Timothy's Story (mc mf md in gr)
Master PC: Two For Tango (mc mf ff md gr in)
Master PC: Version 2.0 (mc mf ff md gr in)
Master PC: Wireless (mc mf md gr)
Master PC: Word of Mouth (mc mf ff md gr)
Master PC—Jeremy (mc mf md fd gr in ma)
Master PC—Slave User (mc mf mm md gr)
Master Telepath In Later Years: Liven Up The Meetings (mc mf md)
Master Telepath: A Blushing Bride (mc mf md in)
Master Telepath: A Little Something For Dinner (mc mf md)
Master Telepath: Church Every Sunday (mc mf md)
Master Telepath: Family Get-together (mc mf md)
Master Telepath: Girl Stuff (mc mf ff md)
Master Telepath: Grocery Shopping For Fun (mc mf md)
Master Telepath: Heading Home (mc mf md)
Master Telepath: Is This The Right Size? (mc mf md)
Master Telepath: Jogging's Good For You (mc mf md)
Master Telepath: Principal's Punishment (mc mf md)
Master Telepath: The Proper Rules Of Bridge (mc mf ff md bd)
Master Telepath: Visiting The Nursing Home (mc mf md)
Master Yes (mc mf ff md fd hu)
Master's Kiss (mc mf md)
Master's Pleasure (mc mf md)
MasterPC: A Master's Beginning (mc mf md gr)
MasterPC: The Ex Files (mc mf md)
MasterPC: Version Macintosh (mc mf md)
Matched Set (mc mf ff md ft)
Mathematical QuanTITTIES (mc mf fd)
The Mating (mc mf ff md fd sf)
Matriculations More! More!! More!!! (mc mf fd)
Matszuka (mc ff mf fd)
A Matter of Motivation (mc mf fd)
Matters of Perspective (mc mf)
Matthew (mc mf md)
Matthew (mc mf ff md gr)
Maturing (mc mf md)
May Cause Swelling (mc mf md la)
May I Get Your Coat? (mc mf md ft)
May I Show You Something (mc mf ff md)
Maya (mc mf md)
Mayoral Candidate (mc mf md)
MC Cleaners (mc mf md)
MC Horror Story (mc mf md)
The MC Squad! (mc mf ff md fd ts)
MC Squared (mc mf md in)
MC T.V.: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (mc mf md)
MC Travel Agency (mc mf md)
MC University — Advisor’s Office (mc mf md)
MC University: Continuing Education (mc mf fd md gr)
MCH (mc mf md)
Mean Teen, Magic Marble and the Principal (mc mf md)
The Meaning of Respect (mc mf fd)
Meanwhile, Back In Cutter's Creek (mc mf md)
The Measure of a Man (mc mf fd ma ex hm)
Meat Lovers (mc mf md)
Meat Man (mc mf ff md ca)
Mechanic's Lien (mc mf md gr)
Mechanical Glitch (mc mf md)
Medallion (mc mf )
The Medical Visit (mc mf ff md fd)
Medium (mc mf md fd)
Medusa Step-Mom (mc mf fd)
Meet the B--Grrrls (mc ff mf fd)
Meet the Fuckers (mc mf ff md fd)
A Meeting in the Park (mc mf fd)
The Meeting of Two Minds (mc mf md rb)
Meeting the Master: A Master PC Story (mc mf md gr)
Mega Milk (mc mf md gr in la ma)
Megan's New Clothes (mc mf md ft)
Melissa's return (mc mf ff fd)
Melted (mc mf md)
Melted Music (mc mf md)
Melted Music 2: Discordant (mc mf md)
Melting Ice (mc mf md)
Membership Dues (mc ff mf md fd)
Membership Dues: The Benefits of Membership (mc mf md)
The Meme War (mc mf ff md fd)
The Memetic Detective (mc mf rb sf)
The Memoirs of Avitus (mc mm mf md in)
Memories Make the Man (mc mf)
Memories of Lea (mc mf fd)
Memories of X (mc mf md)
The Memory Remains (mc mf md fd)
Men ARE from Mars and Women Love Penis (mc mf md)
The Mental Asylum (mc mf md)
Mental Captivity (mc mf ff md hm)
Mental Cruelty (mf mc nc)
Mental Pills (mc mf ff md in)
Mental Pills: Refill (mc mf ff md)
Mental Pills: Revenge (mc mf md)
Mental Quakes (mc mf gr)
Mephisto and Martha (mf ff mc fd)
Mercedes Bends (mc mf md)
Merchandise (mc mf md)
Merchandise (Tang) (mc mf md ft rb sf)
Merino Apotheosis (mc mf md)
The Merits of Military Training (mc mf md rb)
Merlin (mc mf md)
Merlynne's Catalogue: The Garter (mc mf ft)
Mesmer's Daughters (mc ff mf in)
Mesmerism (mf mc nc)
Mesmerized By A Christmas Elf (mc mf fd)
Metal Harvest 2.0 (mc mf rb)
Metal Maid (mc mf md rb)
The Meteor of Horror (mc mf ff be sf)
Mexican Fly (mc mf ff md)
Mexican Humping Beans (mc mf ff md hu)
MI5 = My 5 (mc mf md)
The Mice Will Play (mc ff mf fd md)
Michael: Fun with Danielle (mc mf md)
Michael: Fun with Sandy (mc mf md)
Michael: Fun with Suzi and Beth (mc mf ff md gr)
Michelle (mc mf fd)
Michelle, Business Person (mc mf md)
Mickey (mc mf fd ma)
Micki Is Such a Slut (mc mf md)
Mid-Air Course Correction, The Saga of Dr. Samantha Dominique -- Part Two (mc mf fd ft)
Midnight at the R&D (mc mf)
The Midnight Ride of Paula Revered (mc mf ff)
Midsummer Knight's Dream (mc ff mf fd md bd)
A Midsummer Night’s Dalliance (mc mf hu)
Mighty Isis (mc ff mf fd)
Mike and Amy: Married to a Hypno-Nympho (mc mf md fd)
Mike Summers' Sexual Realm (mc mf md fd gr ft)
Mike's Birthday Surprise... Revealed! (mc mf md)
Milk Made (mc mf md)
Milk of Amnesia (mc mf fd la)
Milk of Amnesia (A Sinister Bent) (mc mf ff fd)
The Milk Society (mc mf ft gr la sf bd)
Mind (mc mf)
A Mind Apart (mc mf md fd)
Mind Control (mc mf md in)
Mind Control -- The Confessions of a Telekinetic (mc mf md)
The Mind Control Academy (mc mf mm ff md fd)
Mind Control Bimbo Slut (mc md fd mf bd)
Mind Control Dust (mc mf ff md)
Mind Control Interface (mc mf md gr rb sf)
Mind Control of the Master (mc mf mm md fd)
Mind Control Party (mc mf ff md)
A Mind Control Story in Bulgaria (mc mf ff md fd be hm)
A Mind Control Story in Mongolia (mc mf ff md fd in be hm)
The Mind Control Tales (mc mf md)
Mind Controller Hypnotizes Victims -- Get Sex (mc mf ff fd)
Mind Controller on the Subway (mc md mf)
Mind Controller: Vengeance (mc mf md)
Mind Controllers Anonymous (mc mf md)
Mind Field (mc mf ff md)
Mind Fuck (mc mf ff md bd)
Mind Games (mc md mf bd)
Mind Sex (mf md mc)
Mind Snatchers (mc sf hu md mf ff)
Mind the Gap (mc mf md)
Mind Trans-4-ance (mc mf ff md)
Mind Wipe (mc mf md)
Mind Your Own Business (mc mf ff md ma gr hu)
Mindf***ers (mc mf md fd sf)
Mindfield (sara castle) (mc mf md cb)
Mindtrap Manor (mc mf ff md fd ma in gr la hu nc bd sf)
The Minister's Wife (mc mf md)
Minor Sexual Sins (mc mf ff md)
Minority Owned (mc mf md)
Miracle Makeovers (mc mf ff md fd gr)
Mirage, Inc. (mc mf fd)
Miranda Violation (mc mf md)
Miranda Warning (mc mf ff md hm)
Mirror Ball (mc mf md)
Mirror, Mirror (mc mf)
Mirrored (mc mf ff md fd)
The Mirror’s Curse (mc mf fd ma)
Mis-Spelled (mc mf md)
The Misadventures of The Bear and Spanky (mc mm mf cb md fd bd)
Misfortune's Bracelet (mc mf md)
Miss Pink and the Blind Man (mc mf fd)
Miss Susan (mc mf fd)
Miss Susan: The Awakening (mc mf fd)
Miss Susan: The Escape (mc mf fd)
Miss Titus' Day Off (mc mf ff md)
Miss You (mc mf md)
Missing the Haloween Party (mc mf md fd)
Mistaken Identity With an Unwanted Twist (mc mf ff md ft)
Mistletoe (mc mf md)
Mistral Wind (mc ff mf md)
Mistress Diane's Continued Recruitment (mc mf ff fd la)
Mistress Evilena at the Hypnosis Show (mc mf ff fd)
Mistress Fatale: A Tale of Two Masques (mc mf md bd cb)
Mistress Lisa and Her Toys (mc mf fd) (mc mf ff)
Model Behavior (mc mf)
Model Girlfriend (mc mf ff md ma)
A Modern Christmas Carol (mc mf ff fd)
Modified (mc mf md)
Modified Behavior (mc mf md)
Molly Canady (mc mf fd)
Molly's Second Skin (mc mf md)
Mom and Me (mc mf md)
Momdified — Jake’s Tale (mc mf md in)
Moments Without Time (mc mf md)
Momma's Boy (mc mf fd)
Mommies Dearest (mc mf fd)
Mommy and Daddies Favourite (mc mf md in)
Mona's Makeover (mc mf ff md bd gr in)
Monkey Shines (mc mf fd md be gr)
The Monkey's Penis (mc mf ff md in)
Monster? (mc mf md gr)
Mood Enhancement (mc mf md)
Mood Musak (mc mf ff md)
Moon Party (mc mf fd)
Moon Shadow (mc mf ff md fd hm)
Moon Shine (mc mf ff fd hm)
Moonlight Destiny (mc mf fd)
More Bang for This Buck (mc mf md)
More Ink, Less Think (mc mf md ft)
A More Mature Look (mc mf fd)
More Presents (mc mf ma ft)
More Sleepy Adventures in Crescent City (mc mf ff md fd cb)
More Than I Bargained For (mc mf fd)
More Than Just a Story (mc mf md in)
More Trouble Than They're Worth (mc mf)
Morgana's Day Spa (mc mf md fd in)
Morgana's Medallion (mc mf md in)
Morgana's Medallion: The College Years (mc mf ff md fd)
Morning (mc mf fd)
Morningview Psychiatric Hospital (mc mf ff md)
Mother Knows Best (mc mf fd hm ma)
Motherlode (mc mf fd in)
Mother’s Milk (mc mf fd gr la)
Mother’s Motor’s Running Hot (mc mf md in)
Mountain Magik (mc mf md)
Mountin’ Biking (mc mf ff md)
Movie Mania (mc mf md ft)
Moving (mc mf fd)
Moving Day (mc mf md)
Mr Carruthers' Garden (mc mf ff md)
Mr. Dick Head (mc mf ff md in ft)
Mr. Fix-It (mc mf md gr)
Mr. Perfect (mc mf fd)
Mr. Poe (mc mf md)
Mr. Power’s Class (mc mf md)
Mrs Benn: Lessons to be Learnt (mc ff mf md fd ft)
Mrs Scott's Triumph (mc ff mf fd in)
Mrs. Arrogant Tamed (mc mf md hm)
Mrs. Arrogant Tamed 2 (mc mf md hm)
Ms Americana Fallen (mc mf md hm cb bd)
Ms Americana: Programmed to Obey (mc mf md cb)
Ms Americana: The Mistake (mc mf md cb)
Ms Americana’s Descent (mc mf md be cb)
Ms. Kane’s Hypnotic Lessons (mc mf fd)
Ms. Tressa’s Hair Salon (mc mf fd)
Much Sweeter Than Wine (mc mf fd in)
The Mule (mc mf md)
Mushroom Treatment (mc mf md sf)
Music of the Night (mc mf md fd)
Mustang Girls (mc mf md fd gr)
The Mutant Collector (mc mf ff md)
The Mutant Rebellion (mc mf md)
My Angel (mc mf md)
My Angela is the Centerfold (mc mf md)
My Awakening (mc mf md)
My Beautiful Bisexual Slaves and I (mc mf ff md fd)
My Best Friend (mc mf md)
My Boyfriend Is Such a Liar (mc mf)
My Brief Career (mc mf md hu)
My Career as a Wizard (mc mf md)
My Cool Story (mc mf ff md)
My Cousin the Hypnotist (mc mf md)
My Dear Uncle (mc mf md)
My Destruction, So Soft and Bouncy (mc mf ff fd ft)
My Doctor and My Maid (mc mf fd)
My Fantasy (mc mf fd md)
My Favorite Restaurant (mc mf fd)
My Favorite Virus (mc mf ff md)
My Former Succubus (mc mf ff md fd hu)
My Four Aces (mc mf md)
My Friend's Phone (mc mf ff fd ma)
My Girl Imogen (mc mf md rb)
My Good Boy (mc mf fd)
My Hagiography (mc mf md)
My Husband's Ex-Girlfriend (mc ff mf fd sc)
My Imaginary Friend (mc mf)
My Island (mc mf md ft)
My Late Uncle’s Gadgets (mc mf md ma)
My Life As A Robot (mc mf md rb)
My Life with the Crazy Caper Crew (mc mf md)
My Lips Are Sealed (mc mf fd)
My Little Chickadees (mc mf md)
My Love's Leavin' (mc mf fd)
My Mind (mc mf ff md fd)
My Mission (mc mf fd)
My Most Difficult Client (mc mf fd)
My New Apartment (mc mf fd)
My New Assistant (mc mf md)
My New Career (mc mf md hu)
My New Girlfriend (mc mf md)
My New Life (mc ff mf fd)
My New Life (Lisa Teez) (mc mf)
My Night Out (mc mf md)
My Real Estate Career (mc mf md hu)
My Sex Slave (mf mc md)
My Sharona (mc mf ff md fd ma)
My Sister Suzy (mc mf md)
My Trip to the Dentist (mc mf fd)
My Trip to the UK (mc mf md)
My Very Own Serial Number (mc ff mf ma rb sf)
My Wife and the Magician (mc mf md)
My Wife's Therapist (mc mf md)
My Wife, the Professor (mc mf ff md fd)
My Wife’s Surprise (mc mf ff md fd)
My World (mc mf md)
My Worst Mistake (mc mf md)
My “Mom” Style (mc mf md)
My, How You’ve Changed (mc mf gr)
MyBot: Three Reasons (mc ff mf fd rb)
Mystania: Crimson Tempest (mc mf ff md fd in fu)
Mysterious Strangers (mc mf md)
Mysterious Suits (mc mf ff md rb ft)
Mystify Your Mind (mc mf ff md)
Mythic Incorporated (mc fd ff mf hu)
MzDominica's Double Play (mc mf fd ft hm)
MzDominica's Zombie (mc mf fd ft hm)
Naked in the Half-Light (mc mf md)
The Naked Truth (mc mf ff)
Name Game (mc mf fd)
Nameless (mc mf fd)
Names Have Power (mc mf md)
NanoPanties (mc mf)
NANOTECHNOLOGY: the Frankenstein Scenario (mc mf md)
A Nasty Little "Happy You Near" Tale (mc mf md)
Natalie: The Office Slut (mc mf md gr)
Natural Connection (mc mf md)
Natural Entrapment (mc mf md)
Naughty Little Witch (mc mf md)
Naughty Nurse Hypnotist (mc mf fd)
Naughty... and Nice (mc mf ff md)
The Necklace (mc mf md)
The Necklace (Crowe) (mc mf md)
Nectar (mc mf ff)
The Need (mc mf md)
Needful Things (mc md mf)
Needle Dance (mc mf fd)
Needle Work (mc mf md)
Needles and Needs (mc mf md)
The Neighbor (Nanoslaver) (mc mf ff)
The Neighborhood (mc mf md ft)
Neil’s Revenge (mc mf md ft hm)
Neo-Mistress Saga (mc mf fd md)
Neon Pink (mc mf ff md fd gr)
Nephelim (mc mf md)
Nephillim: Annabelle (mc mf fd)
Neurotherapy (mc mf ff md fd ft)
Never Be Nice to the Customer (mc mf md)
Never Surrender (mc mf ff md)
Never Talk to Strangers (mc mf md rb)
A New Addition for Dexter (mc mf md)
A New Adonis (mc mf md)
The New Assistant (mc mf md)
The New Boss (mc mf mm ff md fd)
The New Breath of Power (mc mf ff md fd ft)
The New Candace (mc mf md gr)
New Deal (mc mf md ft)
New Directions (mc mf md)
New Directions (Mesmer Eyes) (mc mf ff md fd)
New Employees (mc mf md ft)
A New Found Scanner (mc mf md)
The New Help (mc mf md)
The New Home (mc mf ff md ft)
The New Housemaid (mc mf ff md fd rb)
New Image Oriental (mc ff mf md fd)
A New Infection (mc mf ff md)
New Invention (mc mf md)
A New Job (Hypno-Tits) (mc mf fd)
A New Kind of Sex (mc mf md)
A New Leash On Life (mc mf md)
New Life (Robotunit8) (mc mf ff rb)
The New Line (mc mf md gr rb)
New Look, New Life (mc mf md)
New Management (mc mf md ft)
New Neighbors (mc mf mm ff md fd hm)
New Neighbors (Topper) (mc mf fd)
A New Playground (mc mf fd)
A New Tattoo (mc mf fd ft)
New U Salon (mc mf md gr)
New Year's Resolution (mc mf ff md)
New Year’s Babe (mc mf ff ma)
Newlyweds (mc mf)
The Next Case (mc mf md)
Nice and Tidy (mc mf md)
Nice Ass (mc ff mf md fd ft gr hm ma be ex ds)
Nice Guy (Downing Street) (mc mf md)
Nice Guys Control Minds Too (mc mf)
Nick's Kitten (mc mf md)
Nicotina: Origins (mc ff mf fd ft gr)
A Night at Club Diablo (mc mf md)
A Night at the Facility (mc mf md)
Night Club Hypnotist (mc mf md)
Night Deposit (mc mf ff fd)
Night Duty (mc mf md)
Night Games (mc mf ff md)
A Night Hunt that Begs for an Explanation (mc mf fd)
Night Music (mf ff md mc)
Night Nurse (mc mf fd)
Night of the Sex Maniacs (mc mf)
Night Wanderings (mc mf md)
Nightmare in Bremen (mc mf md)
Nina Seduced (mc mf md)
Nina's Story About Why You Don't Want To Be A Spy (mc mf ff md)
Nine Months Ago (mc mf md in)
Nine-Tenths (mc mf)
Nineteen Seventeen Revisited (mc mf md)
Ninety Nine Laws of Mind Control (mc mf mm ff md fd hu)
Ninja Vigilante: Beginnings (mc mf md cb)
Ninjas Aren't So Tough (mc mf ff md fd sf)
Nippled and Dimed (mc mf fd)
No Inhibitions (mc mf md)
No Means Yes (mc mf md)
No More Words (mc mf md fd)
No Nerd Left Behind (mc mf md)
No Purchase Necessary, Enter as Often as You Want (mc mf fd in)
No Strings Attached (mc mf ff md)
No Two Are Alike (mc mf fd ts in ff gr)
The Noble Lie (mc ff mf fd sf)
Nobody Loves You Like Family (mc mf ff md in)
Nocturnal Musings (mc mf fd)
Non-Traditional (mc mf md)
Not a Cruel Man (mf md mc)
Not a Second Time (mc mf gr la)
Not Guilty by Reason of Omnipotence (mc mf ff md gr)
Not My Fault (mc mf md)
Not Possible (mc mf ff md ma)
Not Waiting On Success (mc mf ff md fd)
Nothing to Fear (mc mf gr)
Nothing Ventured (mc mf md)
Now Hiring, All Positions (mc mf md)
Now You Begin Your Descent (mc mf ff md)
The Nude Models (mc mf ff in md)
Number, Please (ma mc mf md)
Numbers (mc mf md)
The Nurse's Watch (mc mf fd)
Nursenapped (mc mf md)
Nurses, Run! (mc mf md fd)
Nursing Home (mc mf md)
Nyah (mc mf fd)
Nylon Fantasy (mc mf ff md ft)
Nymph(a)maniacs (mc mf ff md fd gr)
Nymph-less (mc mf md)
Nymphed in the Bud (mc mf fd)
The Nympho Choice (mc mf fd gr)
The Nympho Patrol (mc ff mf fd)
O.B.D.N.s (mc mf ff md)
Ob-e-diens (mc mf ff md)
Obedient Girlfriend (mc mf ff fd)
Obedient Mommy (mc mf md in be bd hm)
Obey Thy Neighbor (mc mf md)
Observation (mc mf ff bd sf)
Obsession-Compulsion (mc mf ff mm md fd ds)
Octopus Vulgaris (mc ff mf mm sf be)
Ode to Demonic Joy (mc ff mf in gr)
Of A Gift and A Confession (mc mf md ma)
Of Cabbages and Kings (mc mf md bd)
Of Pavlovs and Pavlovas (mc mf md)
Of Sex and Chocolate (mc mf md)
Of Wolves and Lambs (mc mf ff md hm in)
Off the Leash (mc mf md sf)
The Offer (mc mf md fd rb)
The Offer, Part 2 (mc mf md fd rb)
The Offer, Part 3 (mc mf md fd rb)
Office Moods/Greedy Girls (mc mf md fd)
Office Referral (mc mf md nc)
Office Slut (mc mf ff md fd gr)
Office Space (mc mf ff gr)
Office Visit (mc mf md hm)
Officer Lauren, Police Slut (mc mf md)
Oh Romeo Where the Heck Are You (mc mf md)
Oh, My Goddess! (mc mf md)
The Ohmaega Maneuver (mc mf md)
Old College Ave. (mc mf ma gr)
Old Pete (mc mf md)
Old School (mc mf md hm)
An Old Typewriter (mc mf ff md ft)
Olivia (mc mf ff fd)
Olivia's Lust (mc ff mf fd)
Olivia's Revenge (mc ff mf fd)
Omega Girl (mc mf ff md fd cb)
Omega Girl 2 (mc mf ff md fd hu cb)
Omega Girl 3 (mc mf ff md fd sf ft cb)
Omega Girl 4 (mc mf ff md fd bd ft cb)
Omega Girl 5 (mc mf ff md cb)
On Cake, Ethics, and Unorthodox Requisitions (mc mf fd)
On Campus Vampire (mc mf ff md)
On My Mind (mc mf ff md ma gr in)
On the Clock (mc mf ff md fd)
On the Job Training (mc mf fd)
On the Train (mc mf md)
On Their Anniversary (mc mf md fd)
Once A Courtier (mc ff mf fd bd sf ft)
Once It Was Done (mc mf)
Once Upon a Shadow (mc mf ff md)
Once Upon a Tacky Hotel in Chicago (mc mf fd)
Once Upon a Time (mf ff hu)
One Afternoon (mf mc)
One Bad Apple (mc mf ff)
One Fine Day (mc mf ff in ds)
One Good Man (mc mf md)
One Last Night on the Island (mc mf md ft)
One Last Time (mc mf md)
One More Last Shot (mc mf ff md gr)
One Night at Fat Jack’s (mc mf md)
One of Those Nights (mc mf ff fd ft)
One Size Fits All (mc mf md gr ft)
One True Slave (mc mf md)
One Way Or Another (mc mf md)
One Way to Cure Those Pre-Wedding Nerves (mc mf md rb)
The One Who Loves Least… (mc mf ff md)
1-800-B-A-SLAVE (mc mf md)
Online (mc mf md)
The Only Choice That Matters (mc mf md fd)
Only Happy When It Rains (mc mf ff sf)
Only Natural (mc mf md)
Only One Time (mc mf fd md)
Only One Wish (mc mf md fd gr hu)
Open Book (mc mf md)
Open-Minded (mc mf ff fd md ma)
Opening Andora's box (mc mf ff sf)
Opening Refrain (mc mf md fd)
Opening the Box (mc mf md gr)
Opening the Box (Tang) (mc ff mf fd md ft)
The Opera Singer (mc mf fd)
Opportunity Knocks (mc mf ff md)
The Opposite of Chastity (mc mm mf md fd)
Opposites Attract (mc mf md)
Oral Hypnosis (mc mf md bd)
Oral Sedation Dentistry (mc mf ff md fd in)
ORF (mc mf ff md fd gr)
Oriental Seduction (mc mf fd)
The Origin of Hootersville, USA (mc mf ff md fd in)
The Orion Legacy (mc mf md sf)
The Orthodontist's Wife (mc mf md)
The Other Side of the Mirror (mc mf fd)
The Other Woman (mc mf md fd)
OTM (mc mf md)
Otto’s Device (mc mf md)
An Ounce of Prevention (mc mf md)
Out Loud (mc mf fd hm)
Out of Afrika (mc mf md)
Out Of Her Mind (mc mf md)
Out of the Trance (mc mf md)
Out Of Your Own Way (mc mf fd)
Out On the Town (mc mf md)
The Outfits (mc ff mf fd ft)
Outing (mc mf md)
Overlay (mc mf md fd)
Overload (mc mf md)
Overmind (mc mf md gr)
Overnight Field Trip: A McCallow Tale (mc mf ff fd)
Overwhelmed (mc ff mf fd)
Overwrite (mc mf md rb)
Owned by Oni (mc ff mf fd)
Owned Teacher (mc mf md ft)
Owning Nikki (mc mf md)
The PA (mc mf ff md fd)
The Package (mc mf md fd)
Pain For Power (mc mf ff md in bd)
The Pain, Insane, Plays Mainly in the Brain (mc mf md)
Paint Dries When You’re Having Fun (mc mf md ma gr)
Painting (mc mf md)
Painting — First Person (mc mf md)
Pandemonium in the Condominium (mc mf ff fd)
Pandora's Box (mc mf ff fd in)
Pangkor Nights (mc mf fd)
Panic Button (mc ff mf md fd rb)
Pantheon (mc mf md)
Panties On His Mind (mc mf fd)
The Paradise Sperm Donation Center (mc mf ma fd)
Paradise Springs (mc mf md)
The Paradox Hazard (mc mf ff md fd sf)
Paranoid Little Town (mc mf md)
Parasite (mc mf md)
A Parasitical Tale (mc mf md)
Parlor Game (mc mf md fd)
Parts (mc mf md)
The Party (mc mf md)
The Party (Dark Knight) (mc mf md ma)
Party Favors (mc mf ff md fd)
Party Group (mf mc)
A Party to Forget (mc mf ff md)
Party Tricks (mc mf md)
Pass It On (mc mf ff)
The Passenger (mc mf ff md fd)
Passing Encounters (mc mf md)
Passion (mc mf md)
Passion Grades (mc mf ff md fd ft gr in)
Path of Control. Greg's Story (mc mf fd ma)
Path of the Celtic One (mc mf md)
Path to Darkness (mc mf md in)
Patient 614 (mc mf ff md ft)
The Pattern (mc mf md)
Patti Comes to Visit (mc mf ff md)
Paula and the Mind Drug (mc mm mf fd)
Paula's Lovely Day (mc mf md)
Pavlov Gizmo Training (mc mf md)
Pavlov's Girls (mc mf md)
Pavlov's Girls II: Undercover, Going Under (mc mf md)
Pavlovian Response (mc mf md)
Pay to Play (mc mf fd)
Payback (mc mf ff md fd)
Payback Time (mc md mf ff bd hm ma)
Payback's a Bitch (mc mf md)
Payment (mc mf md)
Peacetime (mc mf fd la)
Peanuts (mc mf md)
Pearls Before Wine (mc mf fd)
Pediculus Humanus (mc mf ff)
Penniless Shoe Store (mc mf md ft)
Penny's Story (mc mf md fd sf)
Penny's Turn-On (mc mf ff md rb)
People in Ivory Towers (mc mf mm md ft)
Pepper’s Pills (mc mf ff md gr)
PerAdVertizing (mc mf ff md fd)
Perchance (mc mf md)
Perchance To Dream (mc mf ff md fd)
Perfect (mc mf fd)
The Perfect Angel (mc mf md)
The Perfect Body (mc mf md rb)
A Perfect Couple (mc mf md fd gr)
The Perfect Double Date (mc mf ff md)
The Perfect Guy (mc mf ff md fd rb)
The Perfect Master (mc mf md)
Perfect Penis (mc mf md gr)
Perfect Position (mc mf md)
The Perfect Proposal (mc mf md)
The Perfect Roommate (mc mf fd rb)
The Perfect Wife (mc mf md)
Perfect Wishes (mc mf ff md)
A Perfect World (mc mf ff md)
Performance Review (mc mf md)
The Peripheral Cocksucker (mc mf ff md in gr)
Permanent Changes (mc mf md ft hm)
Permission (mc mf md fd gr)
Perpetual Motion (mc mf ff fd)
Perpetuating Plutonian Propogation Punishment (mc ff mf fd md gr hu in sf)
Persian Bitch For An Arab Master (mc mf md bd)
A Persian Princess Falls (mc mf md bd hm)
Persian Style Vengeance (mc mf mm md be)
Personal Ad (mc mf ff md)
Personal Assistant (mc mf md)
Personal Assistant (Tropos) (mc mf md)
Personal Companion Unit SX-69 (mc mf mm ff md fd rb)
Personal Corruption (mc mf ff)
Personal Improvement Plan (mc ff mf)
Personal Leave (mc mf ff fd md)
Personal Taste (mc mf md)
Personality Clash (mc mf md fd)
The Persuasion Game (mc mf md)
The Pervasion of the Body Swappers (mc mf)
The Perversion of Lady Jane Grey (mc mf ff md sf)
Pervert's Revenge (mc mf ff md hm)
The Petition (mc mf ff md in)
Pez (mc mf md)
PH Factor (mc mf md bd)
Phage (mc mf md)
Pharaoh Reborn (mc mf mm md)
Pheromone Buzz (mc mf md)
The Phone Call (mc mf md)
The Phone Call (mc mf)
Photo Feature (mc mf md)
Photo Sensitive (mc mf ff md)
Photogenic (mc mf fd)
Photographer's Assistant (mc mf md)
Physics Is Hard (mc mf fd)
The Pianist (mc mf md fd)
The Picture of Dorian Gray's Mother (mc mf md in)
Piece of Ass from a Hole in the Ground (mc mf)
A Piece of Home (mc mf md gr)
Pieces of Mind (mc mf ff)
Pier Show (mc mf md in)
The Pill Man (mc mf md gr bd)
Pillow Talk (mc mf fd hu cb)
The Pin (mc mf md)
The Pink (mc mf fd)
Pink Elephants and Yellow Boots (mc mf md ft)
The Pink II — Scarlet Temptress (mc mf fd)
The Pissed Off Piper Of Harwood (mc mf md)
The Pit (mc mf fd)
Pivotal (mc mf fd)
Placebo Effect (mc mf md gr)
Places That Belong to You (mc mf)
Plague Day (mc mf ff md fd gr)
Plain As the Nose in His Lap (mc mf ff ts)
The Plan (mc mf md)
Planet of the Catwomen (mc mf ff fd fu)
Planetary (mc mf md)
Plant(ed) (mc mf md)
Play Day (mc mf md fd)
Play Doctors and Nurses (mc mf ff md)
Play Something For Me (mc mf md ft)
Play Time (mc mf md fd hu)
Play Time (J. Darksong) (mc mf ft)
Playdate (mc mf ff)
Player and Token (mc mf ff md ft sf)
Playing Along (Wiseguy) (mc mf md)
Playing Cupid (mc mf ff)
Playing Games (mc mf ff md gr hm)
Please (mc mf md)
Please Smile (mc mf md in)
Pleasing My Mistress (mc mf fd)
The Pleasure Bunnies (mc mf ff mm md fd gr)
The Pleasure Bunnies: I Guess I Owe You Dinner (mc mf md)
Pleasure Chips (mc mf ff md gr)
The Pleasure Chronicles (mc ff mf md fd)
The Pleasure Chronicles: The Final Bacchic Call (mc ff mf fd md ft)
The Pleasure Chronicles: the Orgasmic Spore Bearer (mc ff mf fd md ft)
Pleasure Crews of the Ultimate LoveDolls (mc mf ff md rb ft)
Pleasure Cruise (mc mf ff md fd)
Pleasure in Darkness (mc mf ff md)
Pleasure Island (mc mf ff md gr)
Pleasure Servant (mc mf ff md)
Pleasure Suit (mc mf md ft)
Pleasure Time (mc mf fd ft ds)
The Pleasure Toy (mc mf ff md rb)
Pleasure Treatment (mc mf fd)
Pleasurebot 8 (mc mf md rb)
Plugged In (mc mf md fd)
Policy Changes (mc mf md)
Policy of Truth (mc mf md ma)
Political Necessity (mc mf)
The Politician’s Wife (mc mf md)
Poltergeist: The Pussy TALES (mc mf md)
Ponygirl Express (mc mf md)
Pool Haul (mc mf md)
Poolside (mf mc md fd)
Poor Steve (mc mf ff fd)
Poor Twisted Me (mc mf md)
Poppaea and Juni (mc mf fd)
Popularity Potion (mc mf md)
Poren Springs (mc mf md gr la hm)
The Porno Wife (mc mf md)
The Portals of Madame Xerovouni (mc mf ff fd md sf bd ft gr)
Possessing Katy’s breasts (mc ff mf fd gr la sf rb)
Possessing Spirit (mc mf fd)
Post Graduates (mc mf md)
Pot O' Gold (mc mf md)
Potions (mc mf ff fd md)
The Power (mc mf md in ff)
Power (ionofrao) (mc mf ff md ft sf)
Power and Pleasure (mc mf md sf)
The Power Of Existence (mc mf md)
The Power of Persuasion (mc mf md)
The Power of Persuasion (YummyTiger) (mc mf md)
The Power of Positive Speaking (mc mf fd md)
The Power of She (mc mf ff fd)
Power of the Dice (mc mf ff md fd)
The Power of Titnosis (mc mf fd)
Power Pendant (mc mf ff md)
Power Play (mc mf ff md)
PowerBand (mc mf md gr)
Powerful Enough to Stop Time... (mc mf md ts)
Powers of MACT (mc mf md)
The Power’s Artifact Chronicles (mc mf md)
The Practical Applications of BIMBO Math (mc mf ff mm gr md)
A Practical Joke…In Spaaacccceee (mc mf md bd hu sf)
The Practice (mc mf ff md)
The Practice (Mesmerr) (mc mf md)
The Prankster’s Gift (mc mf md)
A Prarie Ho Companion (mc mf)
The Pre-Wedding Blues (mc mf md)
Pre-Wedding Jitters (mc mf md)
Predator (mc mf md in bd)
Predator's Moon (mc mf fd)
Pregnant Puzzle (mc mf md hu)
Prelude (mc mf fd)
Presence of Mind (mc mf md)
Presentation (mc mf fd)
Presently Yours (mc mf ff md fd hm)
Pretender to the Throne (mc mf md)
A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody (mc mf fd cb)
Pretty Maids All In a Row (mc mf ff md)
Pretty Pictures (mc mf md)
Pretty Please (mc mf md)
Price (mc mf ff md fd)
Pride Cometh Before A Fall (mc mf md)
The Priestess’ Amulet (mc mf md fd ft)
Prima Donna (mc mf ff)
Primal (mc mf md gr)
Prince City (mc mf md ft)
Princess Sabina and The Kingdom of Hershin (mc mf md)
The Princess Slave (mc mf md bd)
Princess Wets the Rug (mc mf md)
Priorities: His… or Hers (mc mf md fd)
Prisoner of Perceptions (mc mf md)
Prisoner of the Amazons (mc mf fd)
Prisoner of the Mind (mc mf ff fd)
Private Screening (mc mf md)
Private Tasting (mc mf fd)
Problem Paranormals (mc mf md)
The Problem with Unexpected Guests (mc mf ff md fd)
The Process (mc mf md)
The Prodigal Bride (mc mf)
The Prodigal Slave (mc mf fd rb)
Prodigal Son (mc mf ff md in)
The Product (mc mf md ma in rb)
Professional Help (mc mf fd ft)
Professional Victim (mc mf md)
The Professional Victim (BlackNight99) (mc mf md)
Professor Beck To the Rescue. A sequel to the Smokey seduction of Sarah (mc ff mf fd)
Professor of Submission (mc mf md)
The Program (mc mf ff bd)
The Program (hypnoololook) (mc mf md)
Programmed Response (mc mf md ma)
The Programmer (mc mf md)
The Programming of Andrea (mc mf md)
Programming Pearl (mc mf md)
Progressions and Impressions (mc mf md)
The Project (mc mf ff md)
Project 26X (mc mf fd rb)
Project Adonis (mc mf md)
Project Puppetmaster (mc mf ff md in)
Project Sexbot (mc mc mf rb)
Project X (mc mf)
Projections (mc mf fd)
Prom Night (mc mf md ft)
Prom Night 2 (mc mf ff md ft)
Promise (mc mf ff md fd in)
Promotion (Voyer) (mc mf md)
Proof (mc mf ff md sf)
Propagators of the Planet Pluto (mc mf gr la in sf hu)
Proper Care and Feeding of Bimbos (mc mf ff md)
Proper Counceling (mc mf md)
Proper Posistions (mc mf md)
Proper Schooling (mc mf md)
The Property of Raging Pythons (mc mf hm md)
The Proposal (mc mf ff md fd)
Prospects (mc mf ff ma sf sc)
Protégé (mc mf md)
Psi a Lent Knight (mc mf fd)
PsiCATs: Cale (mc mf ff md)
PsiCATs: Tessa (mc mf ff fd md)
PsiCATs: Wren (mc mf md hm)
Psionic_X Rules the World (mc mf md cb)
Psyche vs. Midas City University (mc mf fd ma cb)
Psyche vs. Robotica: Only Human (mc mf md cb rb)
Psyche vs. The Lash (mc mf md fd cb)
Psychic Courtship (mc mf md)
Psychic Trap (mc mf md)
Psychogynecology (mc mf ff rb sf)
The Psychologist (mc mf md)
Psychology (mc mf md fd)
Public Access (mc mf md)
Public Service (mc mf ff md)
Pulling Strings (mc mf md)
The Pump (mc mf md)
Pumping Up, Dumbing Down (mc mf fd)
The Punching Bag (mc mf fd)
Puppet Girl (mc mf fd)
Puppet Show (mc mf md)
The Puppetmaster of Weensville (mc mf md)
The Puppetmaster's Party (mc mf md)
Puppy (mc mf fd)
Puppy Love (mc mf fd)
Purple Frog (mc mf md)
The Purple Knife (mc mf fd)
Push (mc mf)
The Pusher (mc mf ff md)
Pussy Kat (mc mf md)
Q & A (mc mf fd)
QB6 (mc mf fd)
Quality Control (mc mf md fd la)
The Quantum Leap (mc mf md sf rb)
Quarantined (mc mf md)
Quarters (mc mf fd)
Queen (mc mf ff fd)
Queen Cleopatra: And Where Have You Been? (mc ff mf fd)
Queen Cleopatra: Moving Story (mc mf fd)
The Queen of Diamonds (mc mf fd)
Queen's College (mc mf md)
Queen's English (mc mf md)
The Queen's Knight (mc mf fd)
The Quest (mc mf md)
A Question of Humanity (mc mf fd)
A Question of Time (mc mf md)
Questionable Tactics (mc mf md)
Questionable Theraputic Value (mc mf ff md fd)
Quick and Easy (mc mf fd)
Quick Learner (mc mf md)
Quick Tempered (mc mf md)
Quick Time (mc mf md ts)
Quick Wit (mc mf ff md)
Quickies (mc mf ff md)
Quicksilver (mc mf ff fd)
The Quiet Company (mc mf fd)
Quiet on the Set (mc mf fd md)
Quiet Time (mc mf md)
The Quintumverate (mc mf md)
Quizmaster Deluxe for SINtendo Whee! (mc mf in)
The R111 Effect (mc mf ff md sf)
Rabid (mc mf md)
The Race (mc ff mf fd sf)
Race Queen (mc mf ff md fd)
Rachel's New Figure (mc mf md rb gr)
Radio Flyer (mc mf md)
Raggedy Andy (mc mf fd rb)
Raider and the Lost Lamp (mc ff mf fd md)
The Rain (mc mf md)
Ralph Saves the Day (mc mf md)
Random Tales from Exhibitions (mc mf ff md fd rb)
Randy and the Cheerleaders (mc mf md hu)
Ransom Demand (mc mf fd)
Rapacious (mc mf md)
The Rape of Juni (mc mf md)
Rapport (mc mf md)
Raquel’s Driving Game (mc mf fd)
A Rather Successful Date (mc mf md sf)
Re-Assimilated (mc ff mf fd)
Re-Creation (mc mf ff md gr)
Re-Genesis: Acquisition (mc ff mf gr)
Read All Instructions Before Use (mc mf md fd)
Read Me (mc mf fd)
Read The Fucking Manual (mc mf md)
Read Through (mc mf md)
A Real Handy Gift (mc mf md)
Reality Changing (mc mf md gr)
Reality Changing…At the Office (mc mf gr)
Realize (mc mf md)
Realizing the Wet Dream (mc mf ma md)
Really Deep (mc mf md)
A Reasonable Man (mc mf md)
Rebecca's Revenge (mc mf fd hm ma)
Reborn (mc ff mf md fd)
Reborn, All Over (mc mf md fd)
Reception (mc mf fd)
Recipe for Success (mc mf md)
Reciprocity (mc mf md)
The Reconstruction of Stephanie (mc mf md)
Redeemer (mc mf ff md)
The Redhead's New Man (mc mf md)
Redheads or Blondes? (mc mf ff fd)
Reel Life (mc mf md)
The Reemergence of a Slut (mc mf ff)
Reflection (b4uweremine) (mc mf md in ma)
Reflections (mc mf md)
Regression Therapy: Jack's Story (mc mf fd)
Regression Therapy: Jill's Story (mc mf md)
Rekam Tuls (mc mf md)
Relax and Obey (mc mf ff md)
Relax, We're Family (mc mf ff md in)
A Relaxing Read (mc mf md)
Relaxing Smoke (mc mf fd ft)
Release (mc mf md)
Reluctance (mc mf md)
The Reluctant Master (mc mf md)
Reluctant Model (mc mf md)
Remake (mc mf ff md fd gr)
Remember (mc mf)
Remember It All (mc mf md fd)
Remix (mc mf ff md)
Remodeling Faith (mc mf md ft gr)
Remote Control Mommy (mc mf md rb)
Remote Location (mc mf md fd rb)
Remote Override (mc mf md)
Remote Possibilities — Family Programming (mc mf md gr)
The Remote Process (mc mf md)
Removal Men (mc mf ff md)
Remy's Seduction (mc mf ff mm md fd)
Repairs (mc mf md)
Repaying a Debt? (mc mf md)
Repetitions (mc mm mf md)
Reprisal (mc mf ff md hm)
Requiem for a Slave (mc mf md)
Rescue Me (mc mf)
Rescue of Ms Americana (mc mf md cb be)
Research Subject (mc mf md)
Reshaping (mc mf md)
Resident Evilena (mc mf fd)
Resigned (mc mf md)
Resistance Is Obedience (mc mf fd)
Resolutions (mc mf)
Resolve (mc mf md bd)
Resonance (mc mf md)
Rest Boy (mc mf ff md)
Rest Period (mc mf md)
Restitution (mc mf md hm)
Resurrection (mc mf md)
Retail (mc mf gr)
Retailing (mc mf md rb)
Retirement (mc mf ff md in)
The Retraining Retreat (mc mf ff md fd ft hm la bd)
Return (mc mf md)
The Return (mc mf mm ff md fd in)
Return of an Old Flame (mc mf md)
The Return of Frankenstripper (mc mf fd)
The Return of the Confectioner (mc mf ff md fd bd cb)
The Return of the FHRA (mc mf fd)
Return of the Ultimate LoveDolls (mc mf md bd gr rb)
The Return of Wanda, the Sadistic Hypnotist (mc mf ff fd)
The Return of Yellow Eye (mc mf md)
Return To Innocence (mc mf md)
Return to the Dorm (mc mf ff md)
The Reunion (mc mf fd)
Reunion (Allister Remm) (mc mf md bd)
The Reunion (authoress71) (mc mf fd)
Revenge (mc mf ff mm fd)
Revenge Chip (mc mf mm fd be)
Revenge of the Nerd (mc mf md fd)
Revenge of the Unicorn (mc mf md hm)
Revenge on His Ex (mc mf md)
Revenge or Bust (mc mf md)
Revisited (mc mf md)
The Reward (mc md mf gr)
Rewired (mc ff mf)
Rewrite (mc mf md)
Rewriting History (mc mf md)
The Rich Bitch (mc mf md fd)
Rick Summer, Ace Detective (mc mf md rb sf)
The Ride Home (mc mf md)
Riding the Bus with My Master (mc mf md)
The Right Motivation (mc mf md)
The Ring (mc mf ff md)
Ring of Gold (mc mf md ft)
The Ring of Hathepeth-Amun (mc ff mf fd md gr hu)
Ringtones (mc mf md ft)
Rinse, Lather, Repeat (mc mf ff md fd)
The Rise and Fall of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee (mc mf ff md gr)
The Rise and Rise of Allison Golden (mc mf md gr)
Rise of a God (mc mf md)
Risk Factor (mc mf ff md in)
Rita Moves to Paradise (mc ff mf fd sc bd)
Road Trip (mc mf fd hm)
Road Trip (Dr. Quoll) (mc mf ff md gr la)
Roadmap to Piece (mc mf md)
Roadside (mc mf md fd)
Roadside Assistance (mc mf md in)
The Roadside Café (mc mf fd)
Robot High (mc mf ff md rb)
The Robot Teacher (mc mf md rb)
Rocketgirl (mc mf md)
Roger (mc mf ff md)
Rogue State (mc mf md bd hm)
A Roll in the Hay (mc mf md)
Romantic RPG (mc mf md in)
The Room (mc mf md fd)
Room 429 (mc mf ff md fd fu)
Room and Board (mc mf ff md fd in)
The Roomate (mc mf fd)
Roommates (mc mf md)
Rose Colored Glasses (mc mf md)
Roses Are Blue (mc mf md)
Roulette (mc mf ff md fd)
Roving Bands of Horny Chicks (mc mf fd)
Rubber Ball (mc mf md ft)
Rules Are Rules (mc mf md)
Run No More (mc mf ff md fd)
The Runaway (mc mf ff md rb)
Running in High Heels (mc mf fd)
Running the Numbers (mc mf fd)
Russian Slave for an American Master (mc mf md hm bd)
Rust Walks Away (mc mf ff fd)
Ruth's Big Baby (mc mf fd)
S.I.N. (mc mf)
Sabah (mc mf fd)
Sabah and Rod (mc mf fd)
Sabah at the Ball (mc mf fd)
Sabah’s Mother (mc mf fd hu)
The Sacred and the Profane (mc mf md)
Sacrifice (mc mf ff fd gr)
Sacrifice (Fool's Page) (mc mf md ft sf)
Sadist’s Day (mc mf fd)
Safe and Insecure (mc mf)
Safe At Last (mc mf md)
SafeCrackerJack (mc mf md in)
Sailing Away from Reality (mc mf ff md fd)
Saimin Says (mc mf md)
Sakamoto Realties: Part Four, Haruka (mc mf ff gr)
Sakamoto Realties: Part One, Natsuki (mc mf md gr)
Sakamoto Realties: Part Three, Fuyumi (mc mf md gr)
Sakamoto Realties: Part Two, Akiko (mc mf md)
Salem Reborn (mc mf md in)
Sally Learns (mc mf md)
The Salon - [1] The Beginning (mc mf md)
The Salon - [2] Kim’s New Career (mc mf md)
The Salon - [3] College Days (mc mf md)
The Salon - [4] The New Receptionist (mc mf md)
The Salon Hairem (mc mf md)
Salon La Slut (mc mf ff md)
Sam (mc mf ff)
Sam's New Power (mc mf md)
Samantha Sucks (mc mf md)
Samantha's Dreams (mc mf md bd hm ft)
Samantha’s Story (mc mf fd)
Samantha’s Surrender (mc mf md)
Samatha Becomes a Bimbo (mc mf md)
Samatha’s Choice (mc mf md)
Samhain (mc mf fd)
Sampling Candy (mc mf)
Samson and Delilah (mc mf md)
Sanctuary (mc mf fd)
The Sand-Clock (mc mm mf md)
Sandman (mc mf md)
Sandman Stan’s Severance Sand (mc mf gr)
Sandra Anne (mc mf md)
Sandras Fall into Lustful Nakedness, The Beginning (mc mf md)
Sandy and John (mc mf fd ft)
Sandy in Church Country (mc mf md fd gr ma)
Sandy the Psychic Cougar (mc mf fd ma)
Santa’s Harem (mc mf md)
The Sapphire Pendant (mc mf fd)
The Sappho Chronicles -- Dr. Dyke (mc ff mf mm in)
Sarafina (mc mf fd)
Sarah (mc mf fd)
Sarah Succumbs (mc mf md)
Sarah's Big Break (mc mf ff md)
Sarah's Pony Play (mc mf md be)
The Sargasso Club (mc mf md)
Sasha (mc mf fd bd)
Satan's Handmaiden: Sacrificed (mc mf md)
Satan's Handmaiden: Servile (mc mf md be hm)
Satan's Handmaiden: Sleaze (mc mf fd)
Satan's Handmaiden: Spared (mc mf fd hu)
Satan's Revenge (mc mf ff md fd gr)
Satan’s Bakery (mc mf md)
Satellite AGX-69 Services (mc mf md)
Satin Conditioning (mc mf fd ft)
Satisfaction Brought Him Back (mc mf md gr)
Saturday Night Movie Buddy (mc mf)
A Satyr’s Revenge (mc mf md)
Save the Planet (mc mf md)
Saved By Duty? (mc mf fd cb)
Saved by the Bell (mc mf md)
Saving Our Friendship (mc mf fd)
The Savior (mc mf md in)
The Saviors (mc mm mf sf ma)
Say 'Please' (mc mf md)
Say It (mc mf ff fd)
Scan THIS! (mc mf ff md)
Scarecrow (mc mf md)
Scarlet Pussy (mc mf ff fd)
Scenario Five (mc mf md ma)
Scent (b4uweremine) (mc mf ff)
Scent of a Woman (mc ff mf)
The Scent of Abulia (mc mf md ft)
A Scent of Malt and Flesh (mc ff mf fd sf)
Scent of Submission (mc mf fd)
Scents and Sensibility (mc mf md)
Schadenfreude Tales: The Harlot’s Curse (mc mf md)
Scholarship Opportunity (mc mf md)
School Days (mc mf ff md ma hm)
School Daze (mc mf md)
School Girl Take Over (mc mf ff fd)
School Girls (mc mf ff md fd gr la)
A Science for Love (mc mf md sf)
Science Project (mc mf ff md)
The Scientific Effect of Hypnosis on Young Girls (mc mf md)
The Screen Saver (bendherovr) (mc mf ff md)
A Screw Loose (mc mf md fd)
Screwed by the Economy (mc mf md)
Sea Foam (mc ff mf fd ft gr in)
Sea-Dogs of the Bare Caribbean (mc mf md)
Seance (mc mf fd)
Season of the Witch (mc mf md)
Second Best Sex (mc mf ff md fd in)
The Second Encounter (mc mf fd)
Second Look (mc mf ff ma)
Second nature (mc mf ff md)
The Secret Cases of Sigmund Freud (mc mf md)
Secret Desires (mc mf ff md)
The Secret Dream of a Frequent Flyer (mc mf fd)
Secret Journey (mc mf ff md)
The Secret Life of Dr Malcolm Phillips (mc mf ff bd)
The Secret Of Sir Isaac Newton (mc mf md)
The Secret Place (mc mf ff md)
The Secret to a Long and Happy Marriage (mc mf)
The Secret to Happiness (mc mf ff md)
Secret Weapon (mc mf md)
The Secretary Group (mc mf md)
Secrets Revealed (mc mf md)
SecSlave™ (mc mf ff md fd)
Seduction by Lisa (mc mf fd)
Seduction in Spokane (mc mf mm md)
Seduction Incarnadine, Seduction Incarnate (mc mf md)
The Seduction of Cherry Supreme (mc mf md)
The Seduction of Evan (mc mf fd)
The Seduction of Yvonne Bauer (mc mf md)
Seduction on East Monroe (mc mf fd)
See No Evil (mc mf md)
Seed Eaters (mc mf ff md in)
Seeds of Desire (mc mf fd)
Seeing Red (mc mf md)
Seeking Asylum (mc mf)
Selah (mc mf md)
Selena My Mistress and Goddess in One (mc mf fd)
Selena the Teenage Bitch (mc mf md)
Self Control (mc mf md)
Self Help (mc mf md fd)
Self Hypnosis (mc mf fd)
A Semester with Stacy (mc mf fd ft)
Seminar (mc mf md sc ft)
Send Command (mc mf ff md)
Sensitive Scanner (mc mf md)
The Separation Agreement (mc mf md)
Serena Meets a Vampire (mc mf md)
Serenity Call Centre (mc mf md hm)
The Server (Wiseguy) (mc mf md)
Service Technician (mc mf fd ts sf)
Session With Mariana (mc mf fd)
Sessions (mc mf md in)
A Set of Instructions (mc mf md)
Setting Her Free (mc mf fd)
Settling the Score (mc ff mf md fd)
The Seven (mc mf ff fd in)
Seven Girls (mc ff mf fd ma ds ft)
707 Park Avenue (mc mf md)
Seven Stones of Enchantment (mc mf ff md fd in ft)
Seven Things (mc mf md)
Sex as a Weapon (mc mf fd)
Sex Drive (mc mf)
Sex Education (mc mf md)
Sex, Drugs, and Mind Control (mc mf ff fd md fu)
Sexual Arrogance (mc mf md)
Sexual Evolution of Sharlene (mc mf md)
Sexual Harassment (mc mf md hm)
Sexual Harassment (Latexthom) (mc mf md ft)
The Sexual Magician (mc mf mm)
The Sexual Sorceress (mc mf fd)
The Sexy Psychologist (mc mf fd)
The Shade (mc mf ff md)
Shadow and Light (mc mf ff md fd)
The Shadow Knight Chronicles (mc mf md)
The Shadow of Lady Mesmer (mc mf fd)
Shadow Play (mc mf ff fd ma in gr)
Shadowdarke--- Hunters (mc mf md ma gr)
Shadowdarke: Darke Desires (mc mf ff md)
Shadowdarke: Darke Passions (mc mf md)
Shadowdarke: Darke Pleasures (mc mf md)
Shadowdarke: Twilight Beckons (mc mf md fd)
Shadowdarke: Twilight Dance (mc mf md ff)
Shadowdarke: Twilight Enigma (mc mf md)
Shaken (mc mf ff md fd)
Shaken Confidence (mc mf ff)
Shaken, Not Stirred (mc mf md hu)
Shakespeare’s Other Sister (mc ff mf fd)
Shakira (mc mf fd)
The Shame of Leviathan (mc mf ff md in)
Shameless (mc mf md)
The Shard: Blood Is Thicker Then Water (mc mf md in)
Shards (mc mf md)
Shards of Power (mc mf ff md)
Share Alike (mc mf md gr)
Share of Booty (mc mf md)
Shared Connection (mc mf fd)
Sharp Dressed Man (mc mf md)
Sharp Practice (mc mf md)
She Always Wanted To Be a Movie Star (mc mf ff md in)
She Blinded Me With Science (mc mf ff fd hu)
She Drives Me Crazy (mc mf ff fd)
She Names Him (mc mf fd)
She Pissed Off The Wrong Guy (mc mf ff md in)
She Was Beautiful (mc mf ff fd)
Sheela—Visitor of Mischief (mc mf fd)
Shelly Submits (mc mf md ma hm ds)
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of Scandalous Sketches (mc mm mf)
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Pampered Pussy (mc mf fd md ma)
Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Mind Controller (mc mf md)
A Shift in Attitude (mc mf md la fu gr)
Shifting Gears (mc mf fd)
The Shimmer (mf mc)
Shimmering Fields (mc fd md ff mf gr la)
Shine (mc mf md)
Shining Shards: An MC Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Story (mc mf md fd)
Shirley Wins a Free Trip (mc mf ff fd md)
Shockingly Black (mc mf ff fd)
Shoes Make the Mom (mc mf in ft)
Shoes to Fill (mc mf md in ft)
Shopping (mc mf md)
Shopping Assistance (mc mf md ft)
Shopping At the Mall (mc mf ff md)
Shore Leave (mc mf fd)
Short Stories (mc ff mf fd hu rb sf)
Short Stories – Vol. 2 (mc mf ff md fd cb rb)
Shorts (mc mf fd)
Shortskirt Street (mc mf ff in fd md gr)
Shot Glass Wedding (mc mf md)
Show & Tell (mc mf ff md gr)
The Show Must Go On (mc mf md)
Shower (mc mf hm)
Shrink, Rapt (mc mf ff md in)
The Sibilant Staff (mc mf md fu)
Sibling Love (mc mf ff md)
Sibling Rivalry (mc mf ff md in)
Sid (mc mf ff)
Sidekick (mc mf md fd)
Sidhe Magic (mc mf ff in)
Sign of the Rose (mc mf ff fd md)
Signing Off (mc mf md)
Signs (mc mf ff fd md)
Silent Type (mc mf fd)
Silhouette (mc mf md ts)
A Silhouette Sunday (mc mf md hm ft sf)
The Silken (mc ff mf mm ft in)
Silken Panties (mf mc)
The Silken Secretary (mc mf fd ft)
Silly Love Songs (mc mf ff ma md fd bd ds ft hu la)
The Silver Chair (mc mf md)
Silver Lining (mc mf ff md fd ts be)
Silver Lining - The Signa (mc mf md hm in)
A Silver Night (mc mf md)
The Silver Ring (mc mf md)
Silver Seraphim: The Menace of Dark Depredator (mc mf md cb)
Silver Siren (mc mf)
SimFolks (mc mf md)
Simon Says (mc mf md ft)
Simon Sez (mc mf fd md)
Simone (mc mf ff md)
A Simple $5 Bet (mc mf fd)
A Simple Date (mc mf md)
A Simple Ghost Story (mc mf md)
A Simple Procedure (mc mf ff fd bd)
Simply Irresistible (mc mf fd hu)
Simply Irresistible (MichelleLovesTo) (mc mf fd)
Sin-dy the X-Rated Hypnotist (mc mf fd hu ma)
The Singer and the Hypnotist (mc mf fd)
Sink (mc ff mf fd ft bd)
The Sins of Della (mc mf md fd ft bd)
Sins of the Father (mc mf ff md fd)
Sinsational Sinthia (mc mf fd)
SINtendo GameGIRL (mc mf in)
SINtendo Sims (mc mf in)
SINtendo Whee! (mc mf md gr)
Siobhan's 8-day Programme (mc mf ff md be)
Sis (mc mf ff md in)
Sissy (mc mm mf md fd ft)
A Sister-In-Law to Worship (mc mf ff fd ft rb)
The Sisterhood (mc mf fd)
The Sisterhood of S.E.X. (mc ff mf fd)
Sisterly Slavery (mc mf ff md in)
Sisters (mc mf md in)
The Sisters of the Goddess (mc mf ff md)
Sitter's Surprise (mc mf md)
Sitting Target (mc mf md)
The Six Pills of Domination (mc mf ff md in)
The Six-Month Rule (mc mf md)
Skankytown (mc mf md)
Skin Deep (mc mf fd)
Slave 24 (mc mf fd bd)
Slave Army (mc mf md)
Slave Bells (mc mf ff md bd)
Slave Chains (mc mf ff md fd)
Slave Improvements (mc mm mf md)
Slave Labor (mc mf md)
The Slave Maker Symbiont (mc mf md fd gr sf)
A Slave Pet's Dream (mc mf ff md)
The Slave Pit (mc mf ff md in)
Slave Teacher (mc mf md)
Slave to Lust (mc ff mf fd)
Slave to Pink Knickers (mc mf ft)
Slave Wife for the Loan Sharks (mc mf md hm bd be)
Slave-To-Order (mc mf md)
Slaveless (mc mf ff md)
The Slaver Chronicles – Book 2 — Search (mc mf md)
The Slaver Chronicles — Book 1 — Sam (mc mf md)
The Slavers (mc mf ff md fd sf)
The Slavers in Pursuit (mc mf ff md fd sf)
Sleep Tight (mc mf)
Sleep Time (mc mf md)
Sleepers (mc mf ff md fd ds hm in)
Sleepnatized (mc mf md)
The Sleepover (b4uweremine) (mc mf ff md in)
Sleepover (Purple Boy) (mc mf mm fd)
Sleepsuckers (mc mf md)
Slip 'N Slide (mc mf ma)
Slower (mc mf ff fd)
Slut (mc mf md gr ft)
Slut Farming (mc mf)
A Slut Like Me (mc mf md)
Slut Note (mc mf ff md ds ex gr in ma)
Slut TV (mc mf md)
Slut-in-Law (mc mf ff in)
Slut-Maker (mc mf md)
The Slutty Professor (mc mf md)
Small Is Beautiful (mc ff mf fd)
Small Town Hypnotist (mc mf ff fd)
Smart Drug (mc md mf ff)
The Smell of Victory (mc mf fd)
Smelling the Nite Jasmine (mc mf md)
SMF (mc mf md fd)
Smoke and Mirrors (mc mf fd)
Smoke Deluxe (mc mf md gr)
Smoke Royale (mc mf ff md gr)
Smokey Seduction (mc mf fd)
The Smokey seduction of Sarah (mc mf ff md)
Smokin (mc mf fd)
Smoking Clinic (mc mf fd ft)
Smoking Clinic II (mc mf ff fd)
Smooth Talking: Laura At The Department Store (mc mf md)
Smooth Talking: Susan At The Restaurant (mc mf md)
Smooth Talking: Tracy At The Library (mc mf md)
The Snail (mc mf md)
Snake Eyes (mc mf ff md fd)
Snapped (mc mf ff in bd md)
The Snapper (French Connection) (mc mf md)
Snared (mc mf ff fd)
Sneeze on Monday, Sneeze for Danger (mc mf md)
Snuffed Out (mc mf)
So Much to Lose (mc mf)
So Very Happy (mc mf md)
So You Wanna Be a Producer (mc mf md sf)
So You Want Answers? (mc mf md)
So You Want to Be a Star (mc mf ff md fd)
So You Want to Be Immortal (mc mf md)
The Sobriety Shop (mc mf ff md)
Soccer Mom-beau (mc mf)
Social Security Slut (mc ff mf fd)
The Society (mc ff mf fd md gr)
Sock Cocket and Gussy Pirl (mc ff mf md fd in)
Socket (mc mf md)
Soft and Wet (mc mf fd)
Software Support (mc mf rb)
Solon - First Contact (mc mf fd)
The Solution (mc mf md gr)
Some Annoying Aliens (mc mf md fd sf hu ma rb)
Some Changes Made (mc mf md gr)
Someday My Prince Will Come (mc ff mf mm fd ft)
Something (mc mf ff fd)
Something About Eliza (mc mf md)
Something About Melinda (mc mf fd)
Something in the Air (mc mf md)
Something in the Water (mc mf in)
Something in the Water (jman_bigdaddy) (mc mf md ft)
Somethin’ Buggin’ Ya? (mc ff mf fd fu gr la ft ma)
Sometimes It's What's Inside That Counts (mc mf md rb)
Sometimes, You Have to Lose to Win (mc ff mf fd)
Somno-Aussie Sex (mf md ff mc)
Somno-Dorm Sex (mc mf ff md)
Somno-Heroine Sex (mc mf ff md cb hu)
Soon I Will Be Irresistable (mc mf gr)
The Sorority Car Wash (mc mf ff md)
Sorority Pleasure Units (mc mf md)
Sortileger (mc mf md)
Soul Mate Song (mc mf ff fd)
Soulmates: PDA Phone (mc mf md)
The Sound and the Fury (mc mf ff md fd sf cb)
The Soup Kitchen (mc mf md)
The South Coast Rep Soap Opera (mc mf ff fd md)
The Spa Dreams (mc ff mf fd ma sf)
Spaced (mc mf md)
The Spanish Inquisition (mc mf md gr bd)
Sparkling Submission (mc mf fd)
Speak No Evil (mc mf md)
Speak Softly While My Master Sleeps (mc mf md)
Special Education (mc mf fd ft)
Special Express (mc mf md)
A Special Occasion (mc mf md ft)
Special Order (mc mf gr)
Spectator Sport (mc mf md)
Speech Day (mc mf md)
Speechless (mc mf md)
Speed Rush (mc mf md)
The Spell (T) (mc mf md)
Spell Bound (Born Blitzed) (mc mf md)
Sperm Break (mc mf)
A Spider Rescues His Fly (mc mf md)
The Spider’s Bite (mc mf ff md)
Spiked Loop (mc mf md)
Spiral Gate (mc mf md)
Spiraling In (mc mf ff md in)
Spirals (mc mf ff md ft)
The Spirit of Anna (mc mf ff md fd ma)
Splashed (mc mf gr)
Split Ends (mc mf md hm ft)
Split Personality (mc mf md)
Split Steve (mc mf gr la bd)
Splitting the Uprights (mc mf)
The Spray (mc mf md)
Spread Formation (mc mf)
Spring Broke (mc mf ff)
Spring Forward… Fall Back (mc mf ff md)
Spring Rain (mc mf md gr)
Spruce Juice (mc mf fd)
Spy Juni (mc mf md)
Squeezen the Charimn (mc mf md)
Stacie Sex Toy (mc mf ff md rb)
A Stacked Deck (mc mf md)
Stacy's Destiny (mc mf md)
Staff Meeting (mc mf md)
Stage Fright (mc mf md)
Stalked (mc mf fd)
Stalked Again (mc mf fd)
Stalker (mc mf fd)
Stalking Angie (mc mf md)
Stalking MzDominica (mc mf fd ft hm)
Stalking the Wily Butt (mc mf fd ma)
Stanfield Ireland Network (mc ff mf md fd)
StareWare (mc ff mf fd ma sf)
Starfall (mc ff mf md sf)
Stargaze (mc mm mf ff md ft in)
Starlight Club Girls (mc mf md in)
Starlite Cabins (mc mf ff md fd bd)
Start the Wind (mc mf ts)
State of Mind (mc mf ff md)
The State vs Jo Holloway (mc mf md)
Stealing Sleep (mc mf md ft)
Steam Engine Time (mc mf ff md gr)
Step by Step (mc mf md)
Step By Step (Jukebox) (mc mf ff md fd)
Step by Step (scifiscribbler) (mc mf md)
Step Mom (mc mf fd)
Step-Sister (mc mf md in)
Stepford's Wife (mc mf md)
Stephanie (mc mf md)
Stephanie's New Master (mc mf md rb)
Stephanie, Amazon Princess (mc ff mf fd)
Steve's Awakening (mc mf md gr)
Steve, Boyfriend, Husband and now Slave (mc mf fd)
Steve’s Story (mc mf fd)
Sticks and Stones (mc mf md)
Sticky Eros (mc ff mf md fd)
Sticky Fingers (mc ff mf fd md)
Sticky Mess (mc mf md fd bd)
Sticky Questions (mc mf ff md fd)
Sticky Situation (mc mf md)
Still Waters (mc mf fd)
Stocking Stuffer (mc mf md)
Stocking Stuffers Collection (mc mf ff md fd hu)
Stockings ’R Us (mc mf ft hu gr)
Stolen Shoes to Fill (mc mf ft in)
Stone of Shamu (mc mf md)
Stone of the Phalanx (mc mf md in ff st)
Stonefish (mc mf ff md in)
Stopwatch (mc mf md ts)
Stopwatch: A Revenge (mc mf md ts)
Stopwatch: Being in Vegas (mc mf ff md ts)
Stopwatch: Time for Games (mc mf md ts)
A Story of Jane (in the First Person Singular) (mc mf ff md fd hm)
The Story of Mark and Trish (mc mf ff md fd)
Story of the Year (mc mf ff)
Straightening Things Out (mc ff mf fd)
Straightening Things Out (DocBoss1) (mc mf md)
Stranded (mc mf ff md sf)
The Strange Case of the Missing Madonna (mc mf ff mm)
Strange Encounter (mc mf md)
Strange Presents (mc mf ff fd)
A Strange Thing Happened at the Restaurant (mc mf ff md)
The Stranger (mc mf md)
The Strap-On (mc ff mf fd ma in)
Strategic Assets (mc mf md)
Strawberry Blonde (mc mf md ff be)
Stress Busters (mc mf fd)
Strictly Business (mc mf ff fd)
Strictly Friends (mc mf)
Strike While the Iron Is Hot (mc mf fd)
Strings (mc mf md ft)
The Strongest Bond (mc mf fd)
Stuck in Bimbo Limbo (mc mf gr la)
Stuck in Her Head (mc mf ff md)
Student Announcements (mc mf)
Student Project (mc mf ff fd bd)
Student Services (mc mf md)
Student-Teacher Relationship (mc mf md rb)
Students Boots (mc mf fd ft)
A Studid Fucking Bitch (mc ff mf fd)
Study Day (mc mf md)
Stuffing the Turkey (mc mf gr)
Stunning (mc mf ff md in)
The Stunt Double (mc ff mf ma sf)
Stupid Boots (mc mf md ft)
The Stupid Gun! (mc mf ff fd sf ft)
Subject MC5 Has Escaped (mc mf md sf)
Subliminal (mc mf md bd)
Subliminal Bliss (mc mf md)
Subliminal Messages (mc mf fd bd)
Subliminal Sax (mc mf md)
Subliminal Submissives (mf ff md mc bd)
Subliminal X (mc mf md)
Subliminated (mc mf ff md)
Subliminator's Assistance (mc mf ff md)
Submission (mc mf fd ma)
The Submission of Kim (mc mf ff md in)
The Submission of Rebecca (mc mf md)
The Submission of Rose (mc mf md)
Submissive Fantasies and Consequences (mc mf md bd)
Subway (mc mf)
Success! (mc mf)
A Successful Man (mc mf fd md)
The Succession Wars (mc mf md sf)
Succubus (mc mf md)
Such an Interesting Night (mc mf md)
Such Is College Life (mc mf fd ft)
Such Stuff (mc mf md)
Sucked Into Porn (mc ff mf ft)
Sucker Bet (mc mf md)
Sucker Punch (mc ff mf fd sf)
Suggestions (mc mf md)
Suggestive Sister (mc mf fd in)
Sultan's Mistress (mc mf fd)
Summer Camp (mc mf md in)
Summer Holidays (mc mf md ft)
Summer Holidays: Epilogue (mc mf md)
The Summer It Began... (mc mf md)
Summer of Enslavement (mc mf fd)
Summit (mc mf ff fd md)
Sunday Is Sinday (mc mf md)
Super Fall (mc mf md cb)
Super Market Treat (mc mf md)
The Superbabes (mc mf md gr)
The Superfemmes Get Freeked Out (mc mf ff md cb)
Superheroine (mc mf md)
The Superheroine Bride (mc mf md cb)
Superimpregnation (mc mf md)
Superior (mc mf fd bd)
Superslave (mc mf md gr)
Supremacy (mc mf fd)
The Supreme Fuckdoll (mc mf md cb)
Surprise! (mc mf md bd)
Surrender (mc mf md)
Surrender (Julian D'Angelos) (mc mf md)
Surrender Your Booty (mc mf md sf)
Surrendering Sarah (mc mf md)
Susan (mc mf md fd gr)
Susan's Toys (mc mf fd)
Suzanne's New Career (mc mf md bd)
Suziesmesmerizedfantasticsexytrancehypnosis (mc mf md)
Swagger of a Champion (mc mf fd hm)
Sway (mc ff mf fd)
Swaying the Jury (mc mf ff fd)
Sweet and Sour Apfel (mc mf md)
Sweet Dreams (mc mf fd)
Sweet Dreams (Wench) (mc mf md)
Sweet Girlfriend (mc mf md in)
Sweet Nineteen (mc mf md in)
Sweet Revenge (mc mf md fd)
Sweet Sixteen (mc mf md in)
The Sweet Smell of Lust (mc mf ff md in bd)
Sweet Songs (mc mf md fd)
Sweet Talk (mc mf md)
Sweetest Perfection (mc mf fd)
The Sweetest Revenge (mc mf md)
Sweetness (mc mf md)
Sweetness (Neicie) (mc mf md)
The Swingers and the Hypnotist (mc mf md)
Swinging Time (mc mf fd)
Switch (mc mf fd)
Switched Worlds (mc mf md)
Switching Dave (mc mf fd)
The Symbiont (mc mf sf)
The Symbiot (mc mf md)
The Symbiot (Lisa Teez) (mc mf md)
Synergy (mc mf fd)
Synergy (Hypknot Eyes) (mc mf md)
Synesthesia (mc mf fd)
T.I.F.B.M. Case file # 6308 (mc mf md ft)
Tabitha's Revenge (mc mf fd bd hm)
Table For Two (mc mf md hu)
Tables May Turn (mc mf md)
Tabula Rasa (mc mf md)
Tacit Blue (mc mf ff md fd ma)
The Tail of Spence (mc mf fd)
Tail Of The Inn (mc mf md)
Tainted Love (mc mf fd)
Take a Swim (mc mf md)
Take It From the Top (The Fantasy) (mc mf fd)
Take It From The Top (The Possibility) (mc mf md)
Take It From the Top (The Reality) (mc mf md)
Take My Breath Away (mc ff mf fd)
Take this Seat (mc mf md hm)
Take-over Bid (mc mf md)
Taken (mc mf md)
The Taking (mc mf ff md fd)
Taking a Minute (mc mf ff ts)
The Taking of Julia (mc mf ff md bd)
The Taking of Kim (mc mf md)
Taking One For The Team (mc mf ff md)
Taking Over (mc mf ff md)
Taking Turns: Lynda's Story (mc mf md fd)
Tak’Lon’s Wager (mc mf md gr)
A Tale of Mice and Men (mc mf ff in)
The Tale Of The Neo Mistress’ Necklace (mc mf fd)
The Tale of the Neo-Mistress’ Disc (mc mf ff md gr)
A Tale of the Old West (mc ff mf fd)
Tale of the Tape (mc mf ff md)
Talent (mc mf ff md)
Tales from the Club (mc mf ff md)
Tales from the Club: Taming of the Cougars (mc mf ff md)
Tales from the Grimoire (mc mf ff md fd)
Tales from the Institute (mc mf ff md)
Tales From the Institute, WC0006 (mc mf ff md)
Tales from the Kreme — Contracted Out (mc mf)
Tales from the Kreme — Outgoing Message (mc mf gr)
Tales of a Fake Hypnotist (mc mf fd ma)
Tales of Belle’s Beast: A Halloween Anthology from the MCGarden (mc mf ff md fd ds be fu)
Tales of the Convarnagoth (mc mf fd)
Tales of the Ring (mc mf md)
Tales of the Übermensch (mc mf)
Talk (mc mf ff md)
Talk to Jack (mc mf md ft)
Talked Me Into It (mc md mf ff)
Talked Themselves Into It (mc mf ff md ft)
The Tallness of Simmone (mc mf md)
The Taming of Diana (mc mf md)
Taming Tracy (mc mf md)
TammyToy's Service (mc mf md)
Tan Lines (mc mf ff md fd ft)
The Tangerine Twelve (mc ff mf)
Tanks For the Memories (mc mf md)
Tanning Salon (mc mf md)
The Tape Slaves (mc mf mm ff in)
Tape Worm (mc mf md)
Tapping Influence (mc mf md)
Tara (mc mf md)
Tara's First (mc mf ff md fd)
Tarheel TV (mc mf ff md fd)
The Tarot (mc mf md)
The Taste (mc mf md)
Teacher (mc mf ff md in)
The Teacher's Dreams (mc mf md)
Teacher's Farm (mc mf ff fd)
Teachers Pet (JHB) (mc mf fd md)
A Teaching Experience (mc mf md)
Teaching the Teacher (mc mf md hm)
Teamwork at Pullen Wagstaff (mc mf)
Tears of a Clown (mc mf ff)
Tease Me (mc mf md)
Technical Wizardry (mc mf md cb)
Teen Queen (mc mf ff md fd ft in gr)
Teen Seductress (mc mf fd)
Teenage Recruiter (mc mf fd)
Telephone Man (mc mf ff md)
Telephonus Interruptus (mc mf fd)
Tell Me (mc mf md)
Template (mc mf md)
Temple of Phallus: Beka’s Tale (mc mf md)
Temple of Phallus: Thira's Story (mc mf md)
Temple of the Serpent — The Corrupter (mc mf ff md fd)
Temptation (mc mf fd)
Tempted (mc mf ff fd)
Ten Doors and an Exit (mc mf)
Ten Little Indians (mc mf md)
Ten Little MCer's (mc mf ff md fd in)
The Tender and Gentle Succubus (mc mf fd)
Tender Loving Care (mc mf md)
A Tenpack of Trixies (mc ff mf sf rb)
Tera’s Breaking News (mc mf md)
Terms of the Lease (mc mf ff md fd)
Terran Space Marines (mc mm mf md fd sf)
The Terrible Misfortunes of Artemis T. Fogg (mc mf)
Tesla (mc mf md)
Test Audience (mc mf md)
Test Bed Twelve (mc mf gr)
Test of Five (mc mf md gr cb)
Test of Five II (mc mf ff md cb)
Test Program (mc mf md bd)
Test Subject Mom (mc mf md in)
Testing the Limits (mc mf md)
Texting With Power (mc mf md gr)
Thank You for Your Submission (mc mf md fd)
Thanks, Metrica! (mc mf md)
Thanksgiving Dessert (mc mf fd)
That Dark Person Within All of Us (mc mf md)
That Hurt (mc mf md)
That Old Time Religion (mc mf md)
That Ol’ Black Magic (mc mf md fd)
That Weird Feeling (mc mf md)
That Would Be Wrong (mc mf md)
"That" Day (mc mf md)
‘THE TAPE!’ – “Sibling Love” (mc mf md in)
Theatre of Night (mc mf md)
Theraputic Discovery! (mc mf md hm bd)
Therapy (mc mf md)
Therapy (Archibald) (mc mf md)
Therapy (Falenight) (mc mf fd)
Therapy (Ned) (mc mf fd)
There Was No Denying It (mc mf fd cb)
There's No Such Thing as Hypnosis (mc mf fd)
There's Something About Mariquit (mc mf ff fd)
Theresa’s Transfer (mc mf md)
Thesbian Endeavors (mc mf ff md)
Thing That I Miss The Most (mc mf md)
Things That Go Hump in the Night (mc mf fd)
The Third Breath of Power (mc mf ff md fd ft)
Third Time’s The Charm (mc mf md fd)
Thirteen (mc mf ff md in)
This Isn’t Me Anymore (mc mf md)
This Magic Moment (mc mf md ts)
This Program was Brought to You by the Color Purple (mc mf md)
This Program was Brought to You by... the Number 2 (mc mf md hu ft)
This Un-Life (mc mf ff fd)
Thomasina Smith and Her Hypno-Whammatron (mc mf fd md)
Thong Girls (mc mf ff md fd)
Those Spanish Eyes (mc ff mf fd md)
The Thought (mc mf in)
The Thought Controlled Nanite Interface (mc mf md gr)
Three Cheerleaders and a Nerd (mc mf ff md gr)
315,569,260 (mc mf md)
Three Ladies (mc mf ff md fd ft gr sf)
The Three Little Antagonists (mc mf md)
The Three Little Bimbos (mc mf)
Three More Wishes (mc mf ff mm md fd ma hm ds)
Three Shakes (mc mf md fd)
Three Short Pieces (mc mf md)
Three Ways to Sunday (mc ff mf fd)
Three Wishes (mc mf md fd)
Three-Hundred Million: A Tale of the Nymphocalypse (mc mf)
Threefold Redemption (mc mf md)
Threefold Return (mc mf fd)
Threshold (mc mf md fd)
Thrill Ride (mc mf md cb)
Throat Trouble (mc mf ff md fd gr la)
Throckmorton P. Weinerdinck Rules The World (mc mf md hu)
Through A Scanner, Blankly (mc mf ff ma sf)
Throwback (mc mf)
Tiara (mc mf ff md)
Tickle Control (mc mf ff md fd)
Tickle Trance (mc mf ff md ft)
Tickling Her Fancy (mc mf md ft)
Tiffs and the Vampire (mc mf md)
Tiger Eyes (mc mf mm ff md fd rb in ft)
Tight Fit (mc mf ft)
Tiki Trouble (mc mf md in)
Tim and Nita (mc mf fd bd hm)
Tim's Life (mc mf md ff in)
Tim's Playground (mc mf md in)
Tim, the Teenage MC (mc mf mm ff md ma bd)
Time for a Few Changes Around Here (mc mf ff md gr)
The Time Has Come (mc mf md gr)
Time In A Box (mc mf md ts in)
Time Off for Good Behavior (mc mf md)
Time On His Hands (mc mf ts)
The Time Traveller (mc mf md)
Time-Travelin' Telepath 1: Crashing A Wedding (mc mf md)
Timeshare (mc mf md)
Tiny Bubbles (mc mf ff md fd)
Tirhakah, Warlord of Gorah (mc mf md)
The Tit Formula (mc mf ff md gr)
Tit Men (mc mf mm fd hu)
The Titan (mc mf md gr)
To Be a Spy (mc mf md)
To Be Controlled (mc mf fd)
To Be Nothing (mc mf fd)
To Catch a Thief (mc mf ff gr)
To Catch a Thief (Juni) (mc mf fd)
To Have and to Hold (mc mf ff md fd)
To Have Karlie (mc mf md)
To Place the Blame (mc mf md)
To Serve Master (mc mf fd rb)
To Sleep Perchance to Cream (mc md mf ff bd ds)
To Sleep, Perchance to Dream (mc mf md)
To the Edge and Beyond (mc mf mm ff md fd)
To The Next Level (mc mf ff md)
Toilet Trained (mc mf md sc)
Tom Shackley Tames A Shrew (mc mf md)
Toni's New Life (mc mf fd md)
Too Good to Be True (JayTron) (mc mf fd)
Too Much, Too Soon (mc mf md)
Too Shy (mc mf ff fd)
Tool (mc mf ff fd)
Top Floor (mc mf md ft sc)
Topica Inc. (mc mf md gr)
Topping From the Bottom (mc mf fd md ft)
Total Control (mc mf md in)
Total Domination (mc mf ff md bd)
Total Package Dentistry (mc mf fd bd ft la)
Total Reconditioning (mc ff mf fd rb ft)
Total Submission (mc ff mf fd ft bd)
Totem (mc mf md in)
The Touch (Alisha Chen) (mc mf md)
Touch (EWSPY87) (mc mf md)
Touch Trance (mc mf md)
Touched (mc mf)
Touchy Feely (mc mf md)
Tough Cop To Scaredy-Whore (mc mf md hm be)
Tourist Attraction (mc mf md)
Tower in her Pocket (mc mf md ma)
Toys (mc mf md)
Toys (Wiseguy) (mc mf md fd)
Tracing Patterns: Heather Loves Horses (mc mf md bd)
Tracy, the Submissive Hypnotist (mc mf md fd)
Trailer Park Tango (mc mf fd ft)
The Train (mc mf md)
Trained (mc mf fd)
The Training (mf mc md)
The Training (Tropos) (mc mf md)
Training a Future Ruler (mc mf md ma in)
The Training Program (mc mf md ft)
Training Program for Female Executives (mc mf md)
Trainingware (mc mf fd bd sf)
Trainingware II (mc mf md fd bd)
Tramp Stamp (mc mf)
Trance (mc mf ff md)
The Trance Key (mc md mf)
Trance Music (mc mf md)
Trance Plant (mc mf md)
Trance Teacher (mc mf fd)
Trance Trance Revolution (mc mf ff md fd)
Trance-Tory Greetings — Mother’s Day Mishap (mc mf md in)
Trance-tory Telecommunications (mc mf)
Trance-tory Troubleshooting (mc mf ff in)
Trances (mf mc)
TransCorp -- The Beginning (mc mf fd md)
Transcript (mc mf md)
The Transformation Chronicles — White Trash (mc mf md)
Transformation Corp. (mc mf md)
The Transformation of a Superheroine (mc mf md gr cb rb)
Transformative Properties (mc mf ff md fd ft sf gr)
Transforming a Golf Widow (mc mf md)
Transforming Amanda (mc mf md)
Transforming Jennifer (mc mf md ft)
Transforming Tina (mc mf md)
Transmitter (mc mf md)
Transylvanian Concubine (mc mf md)
The Transylvanian Twins (mc mm mf)
Trash (mc mf ff mm fd)
Travails With My Aunt (mc mf fd in)
Travel Buddies (mc mf ff md gr la)
Treasured Memories (mc mf ff)
Treat (mc mf md hu)
The Treatment (mc mf md)
The Treatment (Umpire) (mc mf ff md in gr)
Triad (mc mf ff md fd)
Trials of the Heart (mc mf md)
Trials of the Mind (mc mf md fd)
Tribute (mc mf md sf)
Trick and Treat (mc mf fd)
Trick or Treat (mc mf ff fd)
Trick-er-Treat (mc mf)
Tricks for Treats (mc mf)
Triggered (mc mf md ma)
The Trilby Complex (mc mf md)
Trinary (mc mf fd)
Trinity B (mc mf md rb)
Trio (mc mm mf)
Trip to the Mall (mc mf fd)
Triple Shot (mc mf ff md fd)
Trisha's Memorable Weekend (mc mf md bd)
Tristam (mc mf md)
Triumph of the Toy Maker (mc mf ff md cb)
Trojan Doll (mc mf gr rb)
Trophy Wife (mc mf md gr)
Trophy Wife (Psionic_X) (mc mf ff md)
Trouble in a Bottle (mc ff mf)
Trouble In LA (mc mf md)
The Trouble with Mind Controlled Sex Slaves (mc mf md hu)
True (mc mf md)
True Colors (mc md fd mf ff )
True One (mc mf md)
The True Origin of Viagra (mc mf ff md in)
True Prophesy (mc mf ff md in)
A True Psychic Knows (mc mf fd)
True Reflection (mc mf md)
True Story (mc mf md)
Trust me, I’m a Doctor (mc mf md fd bd)
Truth In Advertising (mc mf fd)
Truth is Often Stranger than Fiction (mc mf fd)
Try Wacky Snax! (mc mf md)
Trying Life as a Fucktoy, Be Careful What You Wish For! (mc mf md rb)
Trying to Figure Out a Canadian Stereotype (mc mf)
Trying to Keep My Customers Satisfied (mc mf fd)
Trying to Keep the Customer Satisfied (mc mf md)
Trying to Wake Up (mc mf md)
Tupped at the Agricultural Show (mc mf md)
The Turkey and the Bimbo (mc mf)
Turnabout (mc mf md fd)
Turnabout Is Foreplay (mc mf)
Turnabout's Fair Play (mc mf md fd ft)
Turned (mc mf md ft)
Turned On (mc mf fd)
Turning Japanese (mc mf md)
Turning Japanese (URN My Power) (mc mf md gr)
Turning the Tables (mc mf md fd)
Turning the Tables (Lisa Teez) (mc ff mf fd md ma)
Turning Things Around (mc mf ff fd)
Turntable (mc mf ma)
Tutor Being Tutored: Weekend Sleepover (mc mf md hm)
Tutored Being Tutored (mc mf md ft)
Tutoring Sessions (mc mf md)
TV Guide (mc mf md in)
TV in April (mc mf md)
Twelve Hypnotic Days of Christmas (mc mf ff md)
Twenty Four Seven (mc mf md)
Twenty Questions (mc mf md)
Twenty-Five Minutes (mc mf md)
Twins Enslaved - Amber's Tale (mc mf md gr)
Twins Taken (mc mf fd bd)
Twist (mc mf ex)
Twisted Concepts: The Curse of the Animated Anomaly (mc mf ff md fu hu bd sf in)
Twisted Hearts (mc mf md)
Two For the Road (mc mf ff md)
The Two Ms Browns (mc mf ff fd)
Two Out of Three Works For Me (mc mf ff md in)
The Two Sisters with Emerald Eyes (mc mf ff fd)
Typical (mc mf md)
Ugly, Stupid and Fat (mc mf md ft)
Uh-Oh, Mrs. Austin Is In Trouble (mc mf md hm)
Ulterior Motives (mc mf ff md fd)
The Ultimate Bunny Girl (mc mf ff md)
The Ultimate Lovedoll (mc mf ff md bd rb)
The Ultimate Orgasm (mc ma mf fd)
The Ultimate Voyeur (mc mf cb)
UM, It’s a Typo (mc mf gr)
Una Noche Del Amor (mc mf md)
The Unbreakable (mc mf md fd)
Unclaimed (mc mf md)
Uncle Joe (mc mf)
Uncle Sam Wants You (mc mf ff md)
An Uncontrollable Incident (mc mf md hm)
Uncovering the Power (mc mf md)
Under Achiever (mc mf md)
Under Construction (mc mf ff md fd)
Under Lock and Key (mc mf md)
Under My Thumb (mc mf md)
Under New Management (mc mf md nc)
Under Roberta (mc mf ff fd md bd)
Under the Bell Curve (mc mf ff md fd)
Under Your Spell (mc mf md)
Underground (mc mm mf ff fd in)
Underneath it all (mc mf ff md)
The Understanding (mc mf ff md)
The Unexpected Gift (mc mf md)
Unfaithful (mc mf ma fd)
Unforgettable Erica (mc mf fd)
The Unforgiven (mc mf md)
Unholy Desire (mc mf ff md gr)
Uninvited (mc mf ma)
Union Mechanique (mc mf md bd)
Union Rules (mc mf md)
Unit 4219 (mc mf md sf)
Universal Remote (mc mf md gr in)
Universal Sex Remote (mc mf md gr)
Unleashing the Beast (mc mf fd)
Unlimited Wishes (mc mf md fd hm)
Unlimited Wishes 2 (mc mf md fd hm)
Unlimited Wishes 3 - The Nice Guy (mc mf md fd hm gr ma)
Unlocked Inhibitions (mc mf ff md)
Unlucky Seven (mc mf ff md in)
Uno (mc mf ff fd)
Unorthodox Therapy (mc md mf ff)
Unplanned Revenge (mc mf md ft)
Unraveled (mc mf ff md)
Unraveling the Onion (mc mf gr)
Unreal (mc mf ff md ft)
Unsafe Cybersex (mc mf md sf)
Unspoken Surrender (mc mf fd)
Until It Sleeps (mc mf md)
Untitled (mc mf)
The Unusual Sexuality of Malcolm Spandoz (mc mf md)
Unwanted (mc mf md)
An Unwilling Husband (mc mf fd)
Up Against the Wall when the Revolution Comes (mc mf fd)
Up and Comer (mc mf md)
Up, Up, and Away! (mc mf md)
Upper Body Conditioning (mc mf ff md in)
Urban Witchcraft (mc mf fd)
Urban Witchcraft 2 (mc mf fd)
User Manual (mc mf md rb)
Using the Sex Doll (mc mf md)
The Vacation (mc mf md fd ft)
The Vacation (mc mf ff md in)
Valentine Gift (mc mf md bd)
Valentine's Day (mc mf md)
Valerie’s New Reality (mc mf ff md fd)
Vamping the Vamp (mc mf md)
Vampire (mc mf ff md sf)
Vampire Fantasy (mc mf md)
Vampire Hypnotherapist (mc mf md)
The Vampire on the Move (mc mf md)
The Vampire's Kiss (mc mf)
Vampire's Lust (mc mf md)
A Vampire's Tales (mc mf md)
Vampiress & the Hunter (mc mf fd)
Vampyress (mc mf fd)
Vanessa's Education (mc mf ff md fd)
Vanessa's Revenge (mc mf ff fd md)
Vargas in Vegas (mc mf md fd sf)
Vargas' Syndrome (mc mf md)
VBRC (How It all Began) (mc mf md)
VBRC (Virtual Biometric Remote Control) (mc mf ff ma md fd hm)
The Vegas Adventure (mc mf ff mm fd)
Vegas Weekend (mc mf ff md in)
Veil of Seers, Veil of Tears (mc mf md)
Veiled Threats (mc mf ff md fd in cb)
Venezuelan College Student with Two Blonde Danish Slaves (mc mf md hm be bd)
The Vengeful Spirit (mc mf md bd)
The Vengence Factor (mc mf md sf bd)
Venus (mc mf fd sf)
Venus Slave Trap (mc mf fd ft)
The Verdict (mc mf md)
Veronica (mc mf fd)
The Vertical Event (mc mf md fd)
A Very Big Mistake (mc mf ff md gr)
Very Convincing (mc ff mf fd ft)
A Very Fine Mind (mc mf md)
A Very Small Invasion (mc mf md sf)
A Very Special Chinese Girl (mc mf md)
The Vicar (mc mf fd)
The Vice (mc mf md)
Victoria's New Slave (mc mf fd)
Victoria: The Office Slut (mc mf md gr)
Video Killed the Radio Star (mc mf fd)
Video Vixens (mc mf ff md gr in)
Viewpoint (mc mf ff mm md)
Violet vs. Sara (mc mf fd ma ds cb)
Viral Shards: A Garden Anthology (mc ff mf)
Virginia Plain (mc mf ff md ma gr in)
A Virtual Dungeon (mc mf ff md bd)
The Virus (mc ma mf gr md)
Vision (mc mf)
The Visit (mc mf md)
Visual Aid (mc mf md fd ft rb)
Vitamins (mc mf md in)
Viva Las Vegas (mc mf ff md)
Viva Virgin Vegas Victims (mc mm mf md)
Vocation Day (mc mf ff ma md)
Voice of Authority (mc mf md)
The Voice of Magic (mc ff mf fd hm)
Voices Carry (mc mf ff fd)
Voices Trapped in Yearning (mc mf ma in)
The Volunteers (mc mf md)
Voodoo (mc mf ff md)
Voodoo Conferencing (mc mf)
Voodoo Enslavement (mc mf ff md gr)
Voodoo Man (mc mf md)
Voodoo This (mc mf ff md ft)
Voyeurs and Victims (mc mf md ma in)
VR: Vicki Reprogrammed (mc mf md)
VW Love Bus (mc mf fd)
Wacky Wiccan Weed (mc mf md in)
Wage Slaves (mc mf md)
The Wager (mc mf md)
Wait a While (mc mf fd)
Waiting to Be Impressed (mc mf md)
Waiting to Serve (mc mf ff fd)
The Waking Dream (mc ff mf fd ft)
Waking Dreams (mc mf md)
Walk Away (mc mf md)
A Walk in the Woods (Witchman) (mc mf fd)
Walking Broad Street (mc ff mf fd)
The Wallet (mc mf md)
Wanderlust (mc ff mf md)
Wanderlust (HorizonMC) (mc mf ff md gr)
Wanna Bet? (mc mf md)
Want (mc mf fd)
Wanted: Research Assistant (mc mf md)
Wanted… ‘Female’ (mc mf md)
Warlock (mc mf md in)
Warlock Shares New Toys (mc mf ff md gr)
A Warlock's Toys (mc ff mf md fd in)
Warlock’s Beach Toys (mc mf ff md gr)
Warming Up Suzzie (mc mf md)
The Warning (mc mf fd)
Warping Minds at The Knowledge Bank (mc mf)
WARPS (mc mf md)
Was it the Wine or Her Blue Eyes? (mc mf fd)
Washed Out (mc mf mm ff md fd ft)
The Washers (mc mf md)
Wasn’t Enough (mc mf ff ma md fd)
Wasting Time (mc mf ff fd)
Watch the Birdie (mc mf md)
Watch What You Say (mc mf md in)
Watcher in the Woods (mc mf fd)
Watching the Show (mc ff mm mf md)
Watchwork Dolls (mc ff mf md rb)
The Water Mutants (mc mf md)
Water, Water Everywhere... (mc mf md bd)
Waterloo Sunset (mc mf md)
A Way in a Stranger (mc mf md)
The Way We Whirr (mc mf md ma ex rb hu cb)
The Way Women Should Be (mc mf md)
We Always Want What We Can't Have (mc mf md in)
We Are The Abyss (mc mf md)
We Have To Talk (mc mf ff md)
A Weakness for Torts (mc mf fd)
The Web Mistress of Dot HL (mc mf ff fd gr)
The Webmistress (mc mf mm ff fd)
Wedding Bells (mc mf md ft)
The Wedding Crasher (mc mf ff fd)
The Wedding Crashers (mc mf md gr)
The Wedding Party (mc mf ff md)
The Wedding Present (mc mf md)
The Week Ahead (mc mf md bd ts gr)
A Week in the Metro (mc mf ff)
A Weekend of Hell (mc mf md)
Weighty Warning (mc mf md)
Weird Science (mc mf ff fd hu)
Welcome to Kristal Heights (mc mf gr)
Welcome to Morning Wood (mc mf ff md)
Welcome to the Neighborhood (mc mf md fd)
Welcome to the Neighborhood (Anynom) (mc mf ff fd)
Welcome to Your New Life (mc mf fd)
Well It’s Somewhere to Stay for the Last Couple of Nights! (mc mf ff md rb)
Wellness Weekend (mc mf md gr)
Wendy and the Witchdoctor (mc mf md)
Wendys' Revenge (mc ff mf md fd)
Werewolves of Lisle (mc mf ff md fu)
Wesley's Break (mf gr mc st)
Wet Day (mc mf md)
Wet Dreams (mc mf md)
What a Girl Wants (mc mf md)
What a Jewel (mc mf md)
What a Tangled Web We Weave (Dictionary Rainbow) (mc mf md gr)
What a Way to Go (mc mf md)
What Do I Want (mc ff mf md fd)
What Do You Give the Man Who Has Everything? (mc mf md fd rb sf)
What Do You Think About Me? Or: Carding (mc mf ff md)
What Does it Feel Like? (mc mf fd)
What Dreams May Come (MichelleLovesTo) (mc mf md)
What Dreams May Come... (mc ff mf fd md)
What Friends Are For (mc mf ff fd)
What Girl Is This? (mc mf md rb ds)
What Goes Around Comes Around (mc mf ff md fd)
What I Do (mc mf md)
What I Do On My Holidays (mc mf ff md)
What I heard on the speakerphone (mc mf ff fd)
What Is That? (mc mf md)
What Jehovah Didn’t Witness (mc mf ft ma)
What Men Look For in Women (mc mf ff md in)
What She Really Wanted (mc mf md)
What They Deserved (mc mf ff fd in)
What Would You Wish For? (mc mf ff md)
What You See Is What You Get (mc mf md)
What You See Is What You Get — Julie’s Story (mc mf md)
...What You Wish For (b4uweremine) (mc mf ff md)
What You've Done For Me (mc mf md gr)
What's Good for the Goose... (mc mf)
Whatever I Want (mc mf md fd)
Whatever You Desire (mc mf md)
What’s a Pretty Face Worth? (mc mf fd ft)
What’s in a Name? (Adam Bailin) (mc mf md)
What’s On Your Mind (mc mf ff fd cb)
Whee Hear and Obey (mc mf in)
The Wheel of Fate (mc mf md cb)
When Eros Lost an Arrow (mc mf ff md)
When Harry Missed Sally (mc mf md)
When In Rome (mc mf md)
When It All Changed (mc mm mf hm in ma)
When Love Dies (mc ff mf fd)
When Opportunity Knocks (mc mf md)
When Trashy Met Classy (mc ff mf)
Where Are My Manners? (mc mf)
Whip It (mc mf fd bd)
Whirled Seriously (mc mf md)
The Whisper (mc mf fd)
Whispers (mc mf ff md in ft)
Whispers of Temptation (mc mf fd)
White Boots (mc ff mf)
White Boots – In Silke’s Footsteps (mc md ff mf ft)
White Queen, Black King (mc mf md fd)
White Slavery (mc mf md)
White Slaves of Madame Cong: Elevator Humpers (mc ff mf fd be)
Who Are You… Really? (mc mf md)
Who Do Voodoo (mc mf md)
Who Expanded My Wife? (mc mf ff gr)
Who Says a Domme Has to Be Tall? (mc mf fd)
Who Says You Can't Go Home Again? (mc mf md)
Who Wants To Rule the World? (mc mf ff md)
Whodunme (mc mf ff md fd)
Whoever Has My Key, Owns Me (mc mf md)
A Whole New View (mc mf md)
Whom A Villainess Would Destroy... (mc mf fd cb)
WhoreMaker (mc mf ff in)
Whoring in Manila (mc ff mf fd md hm bd)
Whose Dreams (mc mf ff md in)
Why Can't I Have You? (mc mf md)
Why Don't You Stare At Me? (mc mf fd)
Why I Love Starting Fires (mc mf md)
Why Not? (mc mf md in)
Why You Never Write EMC Stories While Travelling (mc mf md hu)
Wicked Stepmother (mc mf fd)
Wife of Many Roles (mc mf md)
Wife's Revenge (mc mf fd gr)
Wifey Training (mc mf)
Wildlife (mc mf ff md fd)
Wilful Or Willing? (mc mf md)
Will Benders (mc mf md)
Willful Wendy (mc mf md hu)
William Rides Again (mc mf ff mm md in)
William the Patron Saint of Sodomy (mc mf md gr)
Willing Submission (mc mf ff md)
Willing Victim (mc mf md)
Wilson Hall (mc mf md)
Windchaser Park (mc mf ff md gr)
Window Shopping (mc mf fd hm bd ft)
Winning the Hard Way (mc mf ff md)
Winter Tits (mc ff mf fd)
Winter Wonderland (mc mf md)
Wiped Clean (mc mf ff bd sf)
Wise as Serpents (mc mf ff)
Wishbone: Counseling the Queen (mc mf ff md)
Wishbone: Good Neighbors (mc mf md gr)
Wishbone: Promotion (mc mf md gr)
Wishbone: Student Teaching (mc mf ff md gr)
Wishbone: The Slutty Professor (mc mf ff gr)
Wishes Can Come True (mc mf md)
Wishes Fulfilled (mc mf md hm)
Wishing Well (mc mf)
Wishstone (mc mf md gr in)
The Witch (mc mf fd)
The Witch Next Door (mc ff mf fd)
Witch's Spell (mc mf fd)
Witchcraft (mc mf ff fd in)
Witchcraft for Hire (mc mf ff md fd)
The Witches of Bliss (mc mf fd)
Witches’ Rising (mc mf ff fd)
Witchgirl: Teenage Hero of Justice (mc mf md cb sf)
With Great Power Comes Great Opportunity (mc mf ff md fd ft gr hm la)
With the Writing on the Wall (mc mf)
Without You (mc mf md)
The Wives De-Programming Club (mc mf ff ma bd)
A Wizard By Any Other Word (mc mf ff md in)
Wizard's Revenge (mc mf md)
The Wolf (mc mf md)
Woman of your Dreams (mc ff mf md fd)
Women in Heat (mc mf ff md in)
Women’s Dating Network: Emily’s Story (mc mf ex ma)
Women’s Dating Network: Stacey’s Story (mc mf md)
The Wonder of It All (mc mf fd)
The WOPI Chronicle (mc mf ff md fd)
Wordplay (mc mf fd)
Work Release (mc mf md)
A World Beyond Rome (mc mf md)
World Domination (mc mf md fd)
A World of My Own (mc mf md)
World Peace (mc mf md)
A World Turned Upside Down (mc mf md hu cb)
The World's End (mc mf md)
Worship Thy Master (mc mf md)
Worth the Effort (mc mf ff gr ma)
Worth the Wait (mc mf ff md fd)
Wrapped Around Your Finger (mc mf)
Wrapping Up Some Loose Ends, The Saga of Dr. Samantha Dominique -- Part Four (mc mf fd ft)
Wrestled Under (mc mf fd bd)
The Wright Stuff (mc mf)
Write, Darling (mc mf fd)
The Writer (mc mf md)
The Writing Group (mc mf mm)
Written in the Stars (mc mf ff md)
Wrong Address (mc mf fd)
Wrong CD (mc mf fd in)
WTF High’s School Defense Force (mc ff mf md fd cb)
Wyrm Caught (mc mf ma)
X All That Apply (mc mf ff md)
X Marks the Spot (mc mf md)
X Those That Apply (mc mf)
Xanadu (mc mf ff md fd bd ds)
Xanadu: Redux (mc mf ff md fd cb)
Xavier the Great (mc mf md)
Xenon Business Practice (mc mf md)
Xenophobia (mc mf md sf)
Xizang Dance (mc mf md fd)
Xizang Questions (mc mf md)
Xizang Takeover (mc mf md)
XRay Flash (mc mf md)
Xuca the Amazon Queen (mc mf ff fd)
XYZ Comes Again! (mc mf md bd)
Y (mc mf ff fd md ft sf gr)
Y B Lonely? (mc mf ff md ma gr in)
Y Chromosome (mc mf md)
Yard Sale (mc mf ff)
Yard Work (mc mf fd ft)
Year of the Cock (mc mf ff md)
Year of the Kat (mc mf fd)
The Yellow Eye (mc mf md)
The Yemmens Stone I: The First Stone (mc mf md)
Yes, Doctor (mc mf md hm)
Yes, Mustard! (mc mf md hu)
Yes, Nurse! (mc mf fd)
The Yesmaster (mc mf md)
Yesterday, It Just Grew (mc mf md gr)
Yo-Yoing (mc mf md)
Yoga (mc mf md fd)
Yogyakarta Nights (mc mf md)
Yoo-Hoo (mc mf md)
Yoo-Hoo 2: Bottled Passions (mc mf md)
You Bet Your Brain! (mc mf ff md fd)
You Can't Keep a Secret From a Good Hypnodomme, The Saga of Dr. Samantha Dominique -- Part Three (mc mf fd ft)
You Give Love a Bad Name (mc ff mf fd)
You Have a Big Heart but a Small Penis (mc mf mm fd hu)
You Know What They Say About Eavesdropping (mc mf md)
You May Be Right (mc mf md fd ma)
You Spin My Head Right Round (mc mf)
You Tart (mc mf md)
You Will Be Mine By Prom (mc mf fd)
You're All Mime (mc mf md)
Young Lust (mc mf ff md in)
Your Ideal You (mc mf md gr)
Your Man: Agent Moran (mc mf ff md fd)
Your Second Lesson (mc mf ff md)
Your Wish (mc mf md)
Your Wish Is Granted (mc mf md gr)
Yours, Truly (mc mf fd)
The Youth of the Dark Lord (mc mf md ma hm)
You’re Marrying Him? (mc mf fd)
You’re So Vain (mc mf ff fd)
Yvette's Eyes (mc mf fd)
Yvonne's Immersion (mc mf md)
Z Is For Zeus (mc mf ff md)
Zabzik (mc ff mf fd ft hm)
Zak's Gift (mc mf md)
Zak’s Foundation (mc mf ff md cb)
Zarah (mc mf ff fd)
Zaretia and the Hypnotist (mc mf md)
Zebu (mc mf)
Zenith Night (mc ff mf md fd)
Zero Freedom (mc mf md)
Zeroes (mc mf md)
Zeroman vs. Ecdysia (mc mf ff fd cb)
Zigzag (mc mf ff)
Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (mc mf md)
Zombie (mc mf md)
Zoners (mc mf ff md)
Zoo Revue (mc mf md)