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Author: The Slaver
Story: Suits of Rubber
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“What the hell”, muttered Dave, as he stood in front of the mirror, and looked at himself. He was dressed in a full-body, skin-tight black rubber suit. The rubber suit clung tight to Dave’s slender built body, accentuating his taut physique. The suit was all in one piece, including the black rubber boots on his feet.

The sleeves of the rubber suit came down to Dave’s wrists, the collar of the rubber suit went half way up his neck, the suit was done up the back by a zipper. Which locked down securely with a snapper that was then locked in place. Dave was in the suit till someone unlocked the zipper.

“Damn, you look good in that thing.” Said a voice behind Dave. Dave turned round, standing in the doorway of the room stood Jim, Dave’s boyfriend of the last six & half years, and he had a smirk on his young roughed face. “What a night, last night was.” Said Jim, who couldn’t stop grinning. “” Dave asked forcibly through clenched teeth. “How the hell did I get into this thing.” Dave gestured to the rubber suit. Jim walked into the room, he gently pressed his index fingers to Dave’s forehead and said three things. “REMEMBER LAST NIGHT.”

Suddenly, Dave had a very vivid memory of the night before, and what had happened. The two boyfriends were in their bedroom, and as was their norm of late, they were arguing. “Please honey, why don’t you let me fuck you, then you can give me a blow-job.” Pleaded Jim, he was laying on the large double bed in their bedroom, having just been screwed by Dave. Dave glared at Jim, “No, you know the rules. You take and serve my cock. We kiss, and I jerk you off. That how its going to be, you don’t like it?’ there the door.” Said Dave pointing to the door, Jim shook his head telling Dave that he didn’t want to leave. Dave walked out of the room into the living room of their flat.

Not to be put off, Jim tried a new track. “You know what, I think that we should try something new, you know, something other then you just fucking me both ends, and then kissing me and then jerking me off. I want more.” He said, looking longingly at Dave. “Like what, I’m not going to let you fuck me, and that’s an end of the matter.” Said Dave as he lied down on one of the couches in the living room.

“I’ll make a bet with you, if you loose, I get your arse and mouth for a year, and you loose long hair and the goatee. If I loose you get to lock my cock up for a year, and I grow my hair long and grow a goatee. I know you’ve bought a C.B 3000. I loose the bet, I’m in it for a year.” The two boyfriends sat in silence for a couple of minutes.

Then, after another few minutes, Dave wrinkled his brow, he said, “What sort of bet?”

Jim smiled at Dave, he went back into the bedroom, and a few minutes later he returned with a large cardboard box, which he placed in front of Dave. “The bet is that I can hypnotise you, to wear this.” Said Jim, he opened the box, and pulled out the rubber suit. " If I can get you into this suit. I’ll want you to tell me that I’m a great lover and an even greater hypnotist. And that your arse and mouth are mine.” Said Jim.

“There’s a snowball’s chance in the fires of Hell that you could hypnotise me, and you’re not that gooder lover.” Said Dave. “And anyway I’m not going to let you hypnotise me. And I’m not into rubber, you know that.”

Jim made clucking noises, and flapped his arms; Dave’s face went red. “Ok, here’s the deal, You can try to hypnotise me, but when it doesn’t work, you will drop the whole subject of you screwing me. And I get to lock up your cock and use some new dildos on your sorry arse.” Dave said.

“If I win the bet, I’ll get to use the new dildos on you.” Said Jim, raising his hand to stop Dave from withdrawing his bet. Dave scolded for a few seconds, but then nodded.

Jim broke into a broad smile and nodded, “You’ve got a deal, hon.” He said, he stood up, and moved toward Dave, holding out his hand. “Shake, and kiss on it.” Dave shook Jim’s hand, and moved in to kiss him. Jim placed his free hand behind Dave’s left ear and pushes down with three of his fingers.

The next thing Dave remembered, he was in their bed covered with the sheets. He watched as Jim left the room, he was carrying a large black bin bag. A few minutes later Dave heard the front door slam shut. He rolled over, and saw the clock on the bedside table, 7:45. P.M. Part of Dave’s mind remembered that he and Jim had had pizza for dinner at about 5.45, and he had fucked Jim, and they had had their argument about 6.30. So he had lost about 75 minutes.Maybe Jim had hypnotised him after all. Dave looked around for Jim, but he was noway to be seen. On the bed was a piece of folded paper, Dave reached forward and picked it up, and read the note inside.

Hi hon, hope you like the suit, you see I did hypnotise you last night. But I know you won’t sick to the deal, so to help you come round you’ll have to stay in the suit till tonight. After a day in the suit you will honour the whole deal. Meet me for lunch, and I might let you out of the suit, and forget about the deal. Love Jim. P.S. You had better hurry; or you’ll be late for work.

Dave looked at the clock; it read 7:45 A.M. ‘Great. I’ll have too hurry.’ thought Dave. There was nothing for it; Dave would have to wear his work clothes over the rubber suit. Twenty minutes later, dressed in a grey suit, white shirt and grey tie, Dave through his brief-case into the back of his car climbed in and drove away. As he stopped at some lights, he looked down and saw that he was wearing a grey suit. ‘What the fuck, where the hell did that suit come from.’ Thought Dave, he had never owned a grey suit before. A horn sounded behind Dave, the lights had changed. Giving the car behind the finger, Dave drove away, deep in thought.

Dave arrived at work with a minute to go.

“Taking a holiday are we, Jones?” Asked a voice behind Dave, Dave turned in his seat, and looked at the tall massif built body of his boss, Mr. McIntee. McIntee had been in the army before joining the bank, and Dave had longed to fuck McIntee’s tight arse ever since their first meeting, but McIntee had a wife and five kids. “No, I over slept.” Replied Dave, now could he tell McIntee, or any one that his boyfriend hypnotised him, and made him put on a rubber suit after he had fucked his boyfriend. And that now he could not get out of the suit. “Well, don’t let it happen again.” Said McIntee. “Oh by the way, Lee seems to have over slept too. So the meeting will be at eleven, you’ll have to have a one thirty lunch.” McIntee turned and left the room. ‘Fuck’ thought Dave, ‘Jim wont wait an hour and a half.’ Dave reached for his mobile. Just then the well-built figure of Fred Lee entered the office; he smiled a week smile and nodded at Dave.

Dave and Lee had been having an affair for the last four years, behind Jim and Lee’s lover’s backs. After a few minutes Dave noticed that Lee was wearing the same cheap grey suit that he was. ‘What the hell is going on’ thought Dave as he looked at Lee, all thoughts about calling Jim gone from his head.

7.45 A.M. “How the hell did I get in this crap.” Cried Lee, as he looked at himself in the mirror. Just like Dave, he was wearing a tight one-piece rubber suit, but this suit wasn’t the same as the one worn by Dave. Lee’s suit had short arms and legs, and straps and buckles down the back. The buckles were snapped down in place by a thin rod, at the top and bottom of which were fixed two small metal padlocks, Lee wasn’t getting out of that suit without the key too the padlocks. The collar of the suit went half way up lee’s neck. There was a rubber cock-like tube poking out from the suits groin, with a thinner tube on its end, which went round Lee’s lower body. Lee could feel something in his arse.

“I must say, you did look very hot in that, hon.,” Said a voice, Lee spun round from the mirror. Standing by the bed was Jim, grinning broadly. “What have you done?” asked Lee. Looking at Jim, with a look that could kill. “I don’t have time for this.” Said Jim; he clicked his fingers three times. “REMEMBER.” He said. Just like Dave, Lee had a very vivid memory of what happen last night.

Lee had just said goodbye to his boy friend, when he heard a knock on the door. Lee opened the door to find Jim standing on the doorstep, holding a large black bin bag. Jim had been Lee’s quick fuck for about two years; always it was the same. Lee would fuck Jim, they would have a drink, and Jim would leave. The last few times Jim had called round they had argued.

Lee let out a loud cry as he cum in Jim’s arse; again and again Lee kept pushing his throbbing cock into Jim. Finally Lee stopped cuming, and pulled out of Jim. He then helped Jim out of the fuck sling, in which he had been put. Jim walked painfully over to the bed, and sat down. He looked at Lee.

“You were saying something about a bet, before I started fucking you.” Said Lee. Dave nodded his head; he was still too breathless to talk. He had asked Lee if just once, that he could fuck him. But Lee had told Jim that the only person to fuck his cherry was his boyfriend, and that he (JIM) was only here for a quickie, which meant it was him who was fucked. Jim got up, and walked stiffly over to his clothes, and pulled them on.

“Yes, the bet is that I can hypnotise you into wearing a rubber suit, after which you will call me the greatest hypnotist ever.” Jim said, pulling on the last of his clothes. “If you loose, I get your arse and mouth, and you have to leave your boyfriend.”

“And, if I win?” Asked Lee. “What is my price?”

“If I loose, you get my arse when ever you want it, to do with as you wish.”

Lee said nothing for a moment; he just looked at Jim. Jim knows that like Dave, Lee wasn’t into rubber. He might have a problem, if Lee said no to being hypnotised, he waited for Lee’s reply.

“You’re full of bull shit, you couldn’t hypnotise me. You don’t know how too. So go ahead, try.” Scoffed Lee.

“Do so. I’ve read heavily about it in books, and watch tapes about it. I’m could probably be pretty damn good at it. I’d probably put you under, just like that,” Jim snapped his fingers in front of Lee. Lee’s eyes rolled into his head, and his head fell onto his chest.

The next thing Lee remembered was laying in the fuck sling, with a sheet over the top of him. He watched as Jim left the room, Jim had a big grin on his face. As he slid back into darkness, Lee saw that the clock on the wall read: 8:45 P.M.

Lee snapped out of his daze, he looked around the room, but Jim had gone. On the bed was a folded note from Jim. Lee read the note:

Hi big boy, you see, I told you I could hypnotise you. But I’m not sure you’ll keep to your side of the deal. So you’re have too stay in the suit all day. Met me for lunch, we’ll talk more then. Love Jim. P.S. You’ll going to be late for work. PPS. DON’T FOREGET TO DRINK LOTS OF WATER, BIG BOY. This last bit of the note seems odd to Lee.

Looking at the clock, Lee saw that it was gone 8 o’clock, he had only half an hour to get to work. He started to pull on clothes over the rubber suit. ‘Why had Jim told him to drink lots of water.’ thought Lee, as he pulled on some clothes, like Dave he don’t notice that he was putting on a ceap grey suit. But he could still feel the intruder up his arse, he felt it move every time he moved. Lee arived at the office late.

Dave tried to work, till the meeting. But found it hard to keep his mind on anything. Repetitive thoughts started to keep popping into his brain. ‘GOD,THIS SIUT FEELS SO GREAT. I DON’T EVER WANT TO TAKE IT OFF. JIM IS SUCH A GREAT HYPNOTITS.’ Dave shook his head, this was getting out of hand. He looked around to see if McIntee was in the office, seeing that he wasn’t, Dave picked up his desk phone. He dailed Jim’s number.

“Helow, can I help you?” Said a voice, at the other end of the phone.

“Er, yes. Can I speak to Jim, please.” Replied Dave.

“I’m sorry, but Jim had to leave for Boston. He wan’t be back for two days. Can I take a massage.”

“What, er no. You sure his not back till then, he said nothing about it last night.” Stamered Dave. As he spoke his eye caught Lee across the office. He had a dazed look on his face. Dave remembered that he had seen Lee on the phone, a while ago.


The person who had spoken to Dave, put down his phone. He turned, from his desk, and with a glazed look on his face, looked at the beaming Jim. Who was satting behind the desk, and looking at the man. “Very good, that should keep them bussy. I must say, you’re new suit is really you. I really like you in rubber, maybe I’ll keep you in it for a while. To have another rubber slave would be something of a treat. What do you think, Gary.” Said Jim. Of cause Gary didn’t say anything. Jim looked at the rubber encased Gary. The rubber suit that Gary had on was the same tight all in one, body suit that Jim had placed Dave into.

“We have work to do, but before we start, on your kness and give me a blow-job.” Said Jim, to Gary.

Jim walked round the desk, and stood in front of the kneeing Gary, who, opened Jim’s pants, freeing in farst hardening cock. Jim let out a moan of pleasure, as Gary’s mouth engulfed his cock, and Gary’s tongue lashed his sensitive cock head. Even though, Gary fought against his wanting to give Jim a blow-job, his tongue and throat worked hard to bring Jim to orgasm. As he neared orgasm, Jim decieded that he would keep Gary, with a tonuge and throat like he had, it would be a shame not to use it.


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