The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive
Author: Sonya Esperanto
Story: Slave Wife for the Loan Sharks


Classifications: m/f male dominant, humiliation, exhibition, BDSM, bondage, beastiality


A Filipino-American who owed a lot of money to a lone shark dealer had been discovered by the same people he was running away from in a remote Hawaiian island. The lone shark spares his life but only one condition: to make him hypnotise his own wife and make them be an obedient sex slave for the mob for a night.


Mario was inside his hair cut salon, cutting the hair of a client. His client was a local Hawaiian guy. Mario lived and worked in one of the Hawaiian Islands. His shop was facing some street pavement.

Mario was 24, thin, 5’9 and the scaredy-cat type.

After he was done with his last client, he had no more customers for that day. The only other barber with him said, “Today is slow. I will be back in twenty minutes.” The other barber walked out of the shop. As Mario was starting to clean up the shop door opened. Mario saw three men. He gulped.

The three men were a loan shark mob whom he owed money to. They finally found him. “Di…..Diyos,” Mario panicked. “Mario. Long time no see,” Diyos smiled. Before Mario could run, the two other guys ran towards Mario and pinned his back against the wall.

The three men were also Filipino-Americans. They were loan sharks. Diyos was the leader of the gang (his name meant God in Tagalog). He was in his 50s; 5’6, fat, bald and was a cut throat. The guy pinning Mario on the left was Inferno. Inferno was 6’2; 35 years old, muscular, wore a white singlet, had a Mohawk hairstyle, had cross-shaped earrings, had a tattoo of a snake on his right arm and had cold killer black eyes. The guy to the right called himself Flash (after the comic book character); 6’1, skinny but aggressive- looking, also cold black eyes and had scar on his right cheek.

About a month ago, Mario lived in Las Vegas. He turned to Diyos for money. He borrowed $2000 which he had lost in a gamble in some casino. Mario could not pay the mob and was on the run. He purposely lost contact with his own relatives so as not to get them in hot water. He managed to run away to this remote Hawaiian Island. Unfortunately they found him.

Flash grabbed Mario’s left hand and moved it forward towards Diyos. Diyos took out his flick knife. “Show me your hand,” Diyos told Mario. Mario was scared. He shook his head. Diyos motioned his head towards Flash. Flash hit Mario hard on the belly. Mario winched at the pain. “Now show me your hand,” Diyos demanded. Mario surrendered. He flicked his left hand’s fingers.

Mario grabbed the fingers and moved the blade of his knife gently all over the flesh of Mario’s fingers. “Do you know what happened to all those who did not pay what they owed me,” Diyos teased Mario. Mario shook his head. But he knew the answer. Mario heard that three Filipino Americans who did not pay their debts had their hands cut off. That was why he ran away from Vegas and headed as far away from the mainland as possible. Hawaii was the answer.

“Do you know how we found you?” Diyos teased Mario. “No. No I don’t know,” Mario shook his head. “We happened to be in this island. For a casino. We spotted you working here just a day ago. Nice coincidence huh. Now about what happen to those who don’t pay their debts to me,” Diyos moving his blade all over the flesh of Mario’s fingers.

“Look. I’ll do anything you want. Free haircut for you and your men. I’ll wash your car. I can even run some of your business for you,” Mario stalling for time.

“Mario I have a much better idea,” Diyos moving the blade away from Mario’s fingers towards Mario’s face. “Inferno see if he has a wallet,” Diyos ordered his thug. Inferno put a hand on Mario’s jeans right pocket and took out a wallet.

Diyos put his flick knife away and took the wallet from Inferno. “You a married man Mario,” Diyos gently asked. He then flicked the wallet open and saw a picture of a woman.

“Who is this woman Mario?” Diyos asked. Mario saw the picture of the woman and showed it towards Mario’s face, and to the other two. . She was Mario’s Polish wife; black hair, blue eyes, 6 foot, slim, tanned, very beautiful, and was 22 years of age. Her name was Gabriella. Mario met her in that same island when she was just studying in a local college and they went out together. Mario fell in love with her and she with him. By marrying Mario she attained her US citizenship. “Is she your wife? You think she would cooperate with us about how to get rid of your debt to us,” Diyos laughed. Inferno and Flash laughed alongside their boss.

Mario didn’t answer. “So who is this bitch?” Diyos asked. Mario tried being defiant. “Ok guys. Teach him to be more polite,” Diyos telling Inferno and Flash. Both thugs pounded Mario so hard on his tummy so many times that Mario had to collapse on the floor and that they pulled him up again and pinned his back against the wall.

“If you don’t tell us who she is, I am going to cut off both your hands, your tongue, blind you, tie you up and throw your body to the sea. And we will find this woman and you can imagine what we’re going to do to her,” Diyos threatened.

“No. no. you can’t do this. She is innocent,” Mario turning from Diyos to Inferno to his right and then to Flash to his left. Flash was licking his tongue, making derogatory remarks, “She looks lovely. I’d love to fuck to her and do things to her.”

“Please I’ll do anything you want. I’ll do anything you want,” Mario pleaded, with tears falling down his cheeks. “Yes she is my wife. But she is innocent.”

“Mario I have a proposal for you. She won’t even know a thing was being done to her,” Diyos smiled. “What…what do you mean?” Mario was thinking of them taking turns to have sex with his wife as a way of paying his debt to them.

“We won’t be in this island for long and we really don’t want to see your face again. I take it that your wife won’t just simply agree to cooperate with us,” Diyos said. Diyos was right indeed. Mario knew that Gabriella would try sticking up for her man and tell all three of them to go fuck themselves.

“Since we don’t want to waste time and we want to have her for the night, how about we make things a lot easier for you,” Diyos smiling. “I….I don’t understand,” Mario was confused. “You are going to hypnotise your own wife Mario. And she will be ours for tonight,” Diyos laughed. Flash and Inferno laughed.

“And this is the plan,” Diyos starting to make his suggestions.

* * *

It was 7PM. Gabriella entered the barber shop. “You wanted me to come here and meet you. What gives?” Gabriella walked towards her husband, hugged him and kissed him on the lips. Her working place was not far from his and neither was their house. As he worked in the barber shop, she worked at her college library.

Gabriella was slim and sexy and taller than Mario at 6 foot with her long black hair and blue eyes. She wore high heels; make up, a long red skirt and a white buttoned shirt with flower drawings on it. She had a small handbag which she had put down on the floor.

“I thought that maybe we can eat out tonight and then come back home later,” Mario smiled. Mario told the other barbers that they could all go home as he insisted in locking up after he was done.

Gabriella took one of the seats and sat down. “You up for a Chinese?” Mario asked her. “Why not a Filipino or Hawaiian restaurant?” she asked him. “Sit there while I make you some coffee,” Mario offered and walked away. “Ok sweetheart. I’ll just be right here,” she sat down and looked all around her.

Mario entered a small corridor within the shop. From there he went inside the kitchen. Mario wasn’t alone in the kitchen. Diyos, Inferno and Flash were all standing there. “Now remember. Don’t try anything funny or else,” Diyos threatened. Mario nodded. He started boiling the water.

Five minutes later Mario went back to where his wife was sat. “Here is your coffee dear,” Mario handing the coffee cup and saucer to his beloved wife. Her blue eyes looked at him warmly and lovingly. She started sipping the coffee. “Not too hot. Just the way I like it,” she continued sipping. “I am headed back to our mini kitchen for mine,” he walked away.

He returned in a minute later. Gabriella had placed the cup and saucer on a nearby table. “Feeling a little bit tired,” Gabriella. Confessed. The coffee had been drugged (courtesy of Diyos). Mario walked up to her and took out a pendulum (also courtesy of Diyos too). “That is a lovely pendulum. Is that for me?” she looked at it and smiled.

He started swinging it in front of her left-to-right, saying, “You are looking at this pendulum. You do not take your eyes of it and this is the only thing that you are concentrating on. You think of nothing else but this pendulum and the sound of my voice,” Mario swinging the pendulum over Gabriella’s blue eyes.”

Gabriella’s eyes kept on shifting, trying to catch up with the pendulum. “Your eyes are getting sleepy. You will close them,” Mario continued to guide her. Gabriella closed her eyelids.

“As you listen to the sound of my voice your mind is slowly being re-programmed. It is becoming empty. You will only now follow the sound of my voice. At the count of ten you will wake up and your mind shall resume the new programming in your brain. This is your new program. You are my obedient loyal slave.. Now I shall count to ten. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten,” she finished counting.

Gabriella woke up. Mario put the pendant away. He asked him, “Do you know who I am?” “You are my master whom I must loyally serve and obey at all times.”

“Excellent,” Diyos and the other two joined Mario and his slave-wife. Mario sighed. He felt guilty for having done something like this to his wife,. But this would save their lives.

“Now tell her that she must obey me instead of you,” Diyos looked angrily at Mario.

Mario was hesitant but knew what the consequences were if he didn’t. “Slave from now on you are to obey him instead of me,” Mario pointing at Diyos. Gabriella looked at Diyos blankly.

“Do you know who I am?” Diyos pushing Mario aside and walked right in front of Gabriella. “You are my master,” she responded.

“And do you know who he is?” Diyos pointing towards Mario.

“Nobody,” she responded.

Diyos, Inferno and Flash laughed. “Did you hear that. You are nobody,” Flash laughing at Mario.

“Stand up,” Diyos commanded his Polish slave. “Yes master,” Gabriella stood up from her chair.

“What should we do with her boss,” Flash licking his lips. Mario knew that Flash wanted to fuck her and he hated the thought of it.

“We are all going back to the motel. But before we do, let’s buy some drinks,” Diyos suggested.

Mario locked his shop. Mario followed Diyos towards a car on a pavement. It was a rented car. Mario was made to sit in front with Flash. Flash was the driver. On the back seat were Diyos and Inferno. Gabriella sat between them. “Remember Flash. We stop first at that supermarket not far from our motel. Then we go back and have fun with this…puta,” Diyos said (pita in Tagalog and Spanish means bitch).

“Whatever you say. You are the boss,” Flash drove away.

As Flash was driving on the road, Mario could see through the rear view mirror. Diyos was touching his wife’s legs. “You have nice choice in women. Bet you that she married you just for the green card,” Diyos ridiculing Mario.

“No. She loves me as much as I love her,” Mario shook his head. He hated the thought that Gabriella only used him just to get a green card.

He then caught Inferno putting his hand on her left breast, touching and even momentarily squeezing. “She’s got nice tits. Heard that Polish prostitutes earned a lot of money in Europe,” Inferno laughing.

Mario wanted to say something to them. To tell them not to touch his wife. But he was scared of them and decided that he best let them get away with it. they did say that they won’t be in the island for long and perhaps in a month’s time he would forget all this and never see them again.

They stopped by at a supermarket. It was Inferno who got out of the car and went to buy some beer bottles. He came back twenty minutes later. Flash drove them to the motel they were staying in.

* * *

They were all inside the motel room. There was a large bed in the middle. A television in front of it. It also had a mini fridge and a bathroom. There was a mirror facing the bed.

There were some opened up bags on the floor.

Gabriella stood at the edge of the bed.

Inferno took a room desk chair, carried it and placed it right in front of the edge of the bed. The curtain was drawn over. Diyos and Flash held onto Mario. Diyos had his flick knife open and Flash was just had a strong grip. They were walking him towards the chair.

“Sit down Mario,” Diyos ordered. Mario sat down on the chair.

“Wait. get up,” Diyos said. Mario got up.

“I want you to pull down your pants but keep your underwear on,” Diyos instructed. Mario unzipped his jeans and pulled it down, as if he was going to the bathroom. Once he had his jeans down to feet, Flash pushed him to sit down.

Inferno went to one of their bags. He took out some ropes. He went back to where Mario was sat. Inferno and Flash tied Mario’s arms behind the chair. They then covered his mouth with a strong white cloth.

“There. Now you can’t scream,” Diyos smiled. Mario could not escape. He was helpless and was being forced to watch them doing things to his beloved Polish wife.

Inferno and Flash stood behind Mario, drinking their beer bottles.

Gabriella was made to stand on the edge of the bed, facing all four of them.

Diyos stood right in front of her.

As Diyos started sipping his own beer bottle, he gave Gabriella an order.

“Bitch I want you to dance sexily and perform a strip tease for us,” he ordered.

“Yes master,” Gabriella obeyed.

“And while you dance, smile too,” Diyos further commanded.

“Yes master,” Gabriella starting to smile as she performed.

Gabriella started dancing her body sexily. She took off her high heels.

“Man this is good,” Inferno laughed.

Gabriella then unzipped her red skirt from behind, letting it drop on the floor. Once she lost her skirt they all saw what colour her under wear was: black.

“Man she is already getting me horny,” Flash starting to become excited.

Gabriella was dancing sexily as she started unbuttoning her shirt. She then tossed it across the room. She wore a black bra.

“I love fucking a black haired beauty wearing a black bar and black panty,” Inferno commented.

“We are all going to take turns to fuck your wife,” Flash laughed, as he put a hand on Mario’s shoulder.

Diyos continued drinking his beer bottle as he watched Gabriella perform for all of them.

Gabriella then unhooked her black bra and let it drop on the floor. She had very large breasts.

“I want you to squeeze your tits for us,” Diyos ordered her.

“Yes master,” Gabriella smiled.

Gabriella pushed her tits together, revealing how large they were.

“Wow those are jugs I’d like to fuck,” Flash licking his tongue.

Mario watched Inferno’s face. He could tell that he was imagining already on how he was going to rape Gabriella.

“Ok now you can finish the rest of your strip tease,” Diyos finally finishing his own beer bottle.

Gabriella turned around, pulled down her black panty and moved her feet away from them, revealing her still-pale ass. She then turned around, continuing to dance and smile at all of them, like as if she was some kinda slut. She still had her own pubic hair.

“She’s got black pubic hair,” Flash commented. “I normally didn’t go for Euro trashes as their pubic hairs were Blonde or brown but black would do. Same colour like Pinay pussy”

Diyos then walked up to her and pushed her towards the bed. She fell on her back.

“Ok slut. I want you to start fingering your own Polish pussy,” Diyos ordered her.

“Yes master,” Gabriella laid on the bed.

Gabriella put three fingers inside her pussy and she started playing with herself. She closed her eyes and continued to finger herself. As she fingered herself, she made sexually moaning sounds.

“Wow this bitch is good,” Flash licking his lips.

Gabriella started cumming on her own fingers.

Mario watched his wife masturbate herself right in front of these…. assholes.

“Ok bitch stop. I also want you to open your eyes,” Diyos ordered.

Gabriella opened her eyes and automatically stopped playing with herself.

“Hey your cock is stiffening,” Flash telling Mario.

Mario saw that his cock got bigger under his underwear.

“You sick bastard. You enjoy your own wife degrading herself like this right in front of us,” Diyos looking at Mario.

Mario felt guilty. A part of him did enjoy all this.

Diyos handed his empty beer bottle to Gabriella, saying, “I want you to put this inside your pussy as if it were a dildo and that you are fucking yourself with it.”

“Yes master,” Gabriella taking the beer bottle. She aimed the top part of the bottle towards her pussy, looking at all of them like some display and she then shoved the bottle up her pussy. She screamed.

Mario watched his wife fucking herself with the bottle. The same empty beer bottle that Diyos drank from. She looked at all of them and Mario could see pain in her eyes. The bottle was hurting her pussy. But she was a slave and her master’s pleasure always came first. Her master was Diyos.

As Gabriela was made to hurt her own pussy, her breasts were juggling in the air.

Diyos went to one of his bags on the floor and took out something. When he returned with it, Mario could see what it was.

A camera.

As Gabriella continued fucking herself with the beer bottle up her cunt, her cum dripping down on the bed sheet, Diyos stood right in front of her.

And took lots of pictures.

Gabriella continued making loud sexual noises until her master told her, “Ok. Stop fucking yourself with the bottle.”

“Yes…master,” Gabriella obeyed.

She pulled the top of the beer bottle away from her pussy. It was coated with her cum.

“Now lick your own cum from the bottle,” Diyos commanded.

“Yes master,” Gabriella raising the beer bottle towards her lips. She opened her mouth wide open and started sucking and taking in her own cum.

Diyos took more pictures: of her sucking the beer bottle.

“You’re enjoying all this aren’t you. Huh,” Flash smacked Mario at the back of his head.

Mario watched his wife humiliating herself like this.

All four of them watched her sucking and using her mouth to clean off the beer bottle.

Diyos placed the camera on top of a table.

Diyos then took the beer bottle away from Gabriella, saying, “Ok you can stop that now.”

Diyos put the beer bottle on the floor.

Diyos went back to one of the bags and took out a rope.

He then tossed it next to Gabriella on the bed.

“Ok guys. Since I am the boss I am going first,” Diyos starting to strip off his clothes.

When Diyos was finally naked, he climbed on top of the bed. He then took the ropes and started binding Gabriella’s breasts together. Her jugs were pushed together, making them much bigger and her nipples standing out even more.

“There. Now before I start fucking I want to take pictures of you,” Diyos telling Gabriella.

Diyos went to the table, grabbed his camera and took some more pictures of Gabriella. With her breasts bounded together.

Mario’s cock got even stiffer as he watched his wife’s boobs stand out.

Diyos finally put the camera away.

“Ok guys. After me it’ll be your turns,” Diyos laughed.

Diyos thrust his cock in to Gabriella’s pussy, fucking it vigorously with excitement while slapping her breasts and then sucking hardly on her right nipple as it was made to stand out.

Gabriella screamed. Not from pleasure. From pain. Diyos was sucking on her too hard.

After sucking on her right nipple he then went on to her left nipple and sucked it even much harder.

Gabriella screamed a lot more.

“What a screamer,” Flash unzipping his own jeans and started stroking his own dick.

“Have you got no shame,” Inferno telling Flash.

“Nope,” Flash masturbating to his boss fucking the Polish woman.

Gabriella’s pussy continued being hammered like there was no tomorrow while Diyos continued hurting her nipples just as much.

Diyos stopped sucking on her nipples and then slapped and grabbed both her breasts very hard.

Diyos then pulled his cock out of her,. his sperm was oozing out of his cock. He then moved his cock closer to her face.

“Open your mouth,” Diyos ordered.

Gabriella opened her mouth.

He shoved his cock into her mouth.

“I want you to give me a good blowjob,” Diyos snarled.

Gabriella put her hands on his cock. She started sucking his cock, drinking sperm, licking off the ones he already had stained on his cock. He was equally fucking her head as if it were just one giant pussy.

Mario could still see Diyos’s sperm stain on her black pubic hair and cunt.

She sucked and sucked and sucked.

Mario watched Flash masturbating to his boss and Mario’s wife.

“I pity what he is gonna do to your wife,” Inferno whispering to Mario’s right ear.

“He” was an obvious reference to Flash.

Diyos made Gabriella suck him for over an hour until he got tired of her.

Diyos got off the bed, saying, “Ok who is next?”

“Can I go next? Can I go next?” Flash asked like a little kid.

“Ok. Start stripping already,” Inferno shouting at Flash.

Flash quickly took off all his clothes and then jumped next to Gabriella.

“And one more thing,” Diyos speak as he put back his clothes on.

“Obey him as if you would obey me,” Diyos telling Gabriella.

“Yes master,” Gabriella looked at Flash.

Flash smiled. He thrust his cock into Gabriella’s pussy with vigorous excitement. He hammered her very quick, with his sperm instantly flooding her pussy and he was kissing and sucking on her right nipple while twitching, squeezing and pulling at her left one.

Gabriella made struggling movements and loud sexual sounds.

After sucking on her right nipple Flash went to kiss and bite at the nape of her neck. She then went on top of her and forced kissed his lips towards hers. He then lapped his tongue all over her face.

“Told you he couldn’t control himself,” Inferno telling Mario.

As Flash continued hammering her pussy, he then let his saliva drop on her face. And then licked it.

“Ok. There is something else I want to do with you,” Flash withdrawing his cock from Gabriella’s pussy. He then laid his back towards the bed, next to hers.

“I want you to sit on me with your pussy in my dick and ride me like a horse,” Flash ordered.

“Yes…master,” Gabriella getting up and then getting on top of him. She slowly positioned his cock right into her cunt and started fucking him while she was on top. As she rode-fuck him, Flash was squeezing on her jugs. Gabriella wanted to close her eyes but had o watch him fuck her cunt and squeeze her boobs and feel him squeezing her boobs.

She screamed as he was squeezing on her.

“Your boobs feel so good. Nice to squeeze,” Flash enjoying her flesh.

He was then twitching and pulling on both her nipples.

After about an hour, Flash told her to get off him, be on her knees and suck his cock. Gabriella prostrated below and between his legs, while sucking his cock.

As she was sucking him, Flash had his hand on her head, keeping her down.

“You give a good blowjob bitch,” Flash chuckled.

Gabriella worked her mouth on his cock for about fifteen minutes until he heard Inferno screaming, “Ok you had her long enough.”

Flash told Gabriella to stop and he got off the bed.

A naked Inferno walked towards the bed, climbing it.

Gabriella lied on her back. Her pussy, mouth and face were filled with sperm.

Flash chuckled at the sight of her looking like that.

Diyos walked towards the bed and told Gabriella, “Now I want you to obey him.”

“Him” meaning Inferno.

“Go on all fours bitch. I wanna fuck your ass,” Inferno shouted at Gabriella.

“Yes….master,” Gabriella obeyed.

She re-positioned her body on top of the bed to be on all fours. Her ass faced Mario, Diyos and Flash.

“I want you to face these three,” Inferno pointing to the rest.

“Yes master,” Gabriella moving herself, so as to face her own husband, Diyos and Flash.

“I am going to enjoy fucking and breaking your little white ass,” Inferno said.

With one thrust, he shoved his eight inch cock into her asshole. Gabriella screamed. As he fucked her on all fours, he was pulling her long black hair.

“This is getting me excited,” Flash starting to stroke his cock again.

“Why don’t you go put your clothes on Flash,” Diyos said.

“Ok boss,” Flash sighed.

Inferno was hammering her little ass. He pulled her hair as if she were a horse.

After pulling on her hair, he was then grabbing her breasts. He was squeezing her breasts extremely hard. Her eyes gave away a sign of being in pain.

Mario saw his wife’s pain.

As Inferno was fucking her asshole, he let his saliva drip on her back. He then licked it all with his tongue. He was licking not just his saliva but also her body sweat.

“Salty,” Inferno chuckled.

Inferno fucked her ass until he pulled his cock out of her.

“Lay your back against the bed,” Inferno commanded.

“Yes master,” Gabriella re-positioning herself as she laid her back on the bed. Inferno thrust his cock into her pussy, hammering it vigorously.

Gabriella made loud sexual sounds.

Inferno pushed her bounded boobs a lot harder and stronger.

“Wrap your legs around my back,” Inferno commanded. Gabriella raised her legs, wrapping itself around his back. His cock went deeper into her cunt, further fucking it inside and flooding it with more of his sperm.

Inferno fucked her for an hour until he had had enough of her.

By the time it was 11PM, all three men were dressed.

Mario was still tied up in his seat.

Gabriella lied naked on the bed.

As Gabriella lied naked, Diyos took some last pictures of her. He took pictures of her while she was naked and her body parts covered with the sperm stain of three men. None of them were her husband’s.

Diyos was then talking to Flash.

“Listen. Inferno and I are going to head to the casino. We will take a cab there. Drive Mario here and his wife back to wherever it is that they live and you know where that casino is. We’ll just meet you there,” Diyos telling Flash.

“Ok boss,” Flash nodded.

“As for you I want you take a small shower. When you are done dry yourself with a towel inside and then put your clothes back on. And from then on he is the only person you are going to obey,” Diyos talking to Gabriella. She watched him point his fingers at Flash.

“Remember to leave the room key with the receptionist. I think when she is done you can untie this poor bastard and I’ll leave it you to tell her when to start obeying her husband. She is his problem once you drop them both,” Diyos said.

* * *

Flash was driving on the road. It was dark except for the moonlight and lamp lights. Once he dropped Mario and his beautiful wife Gabriella on the door steps, he was going to tell Gabriella to obey Mario only from then onwards.

Flash was sat in the driver’s seat. Mario and his Polish wife were sat at the back.

“Don’t worry Mario. This is the last you are going to see of us. Once I drop you two by your doorstep, I’ll tell her to obey only you. Whether you want to set her free or keep her as a more obedient bitch I’ll leave that up to you,” Flash talking to Mario through the rear view mirror.

Mario starred angrily at Flash.

“Look Mario. Don’t be angry. I know she is your wife and everything but did you really think she married you because she loved you,” Flash starting to try sounding more honest.

“Of course we love each other,” Mario sounding bitter.

“Slave did you marry Mario because you loved him or because you wanted a green card?” Flash asking Gabriella.

“I married him because I wanted a green card,” Gabriella responded.

Mario gasped in horror. It was the worst thing he had ever heard.

“You see Mario. The bitch wasn’t worth it,” Flash trying to be consoling.

“No. no. it….it can’t be,” Mario shook his head.

Mario looked at Gabriella. She never loved him. She just wanted to become an American the easy way.

“You tried your best to pretend to love him didn’t you?” Flash testing his speculation about her.

“That is correct Master,” Gabriella responded.

Mario looked upset.

“Cheer up Mario. Maybe when I give her to you maybe you should re-shape her personality. Make her love you and be totally obedient to you. To do anything you would ever want her to do. Nowadays divorces are common and cost money. Love is dead. Believe me. I say keep her as your obedient mind control love slave. I saw your cock stiffen today when we had our fun with her. Trust me buddy. You got a dark side. Perhaps this is the time to explore it,” Flash starting to act like a friend.

Mario was upset but he started thinking about what Flash was saying.


It was Wednesday night. It was 11PM. Mario just wanted to get entertained. As he was sat down sipping his beer, his loving Polish wife Gabriella was on all fours, getting fucked by their new pet German Shepherd from behind.

He enjoyed watching her getting fucked by a dog. It made him happy unlike previous night, tonight he wasn’t going to bring the camcorder and film their dog Lucius fuck her ass. He looked at his shelf. It was full of taped DVDs. All DVDs of his slave-wife’s beastiality performance.

“This is the life,” Mario continuing to sip his beer. Only last month his feelings were injured when he learned that she married him just for the green card. Making her do and perform something like this was an easement on those emotional pain.

At the moment he was just going to sit down and watch Lucius fuck her asshole, even watching his doggy sperm dripping down her legs.

He was going to give both his wife and dog ten more minutes till he wanted to practice loveless BDSM with her, like tie her up and let candle wax drip on her shaven cunt. He then finished his beer.