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Author: Mike S
Story: Rescue of Ms Americana
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Rescue of Ms Americana

Chapter Three: Got Gal Falls

Got Gal slowly awakened from the animal tranquelizer Tony had injected her with. Her mouth was cottony and her head ached with one terrible migraine. When she tried to move, she realized her arms and legs were tied to the four legs of the chair she was in. She shook her head to try to clear it but that only accentuated the pain coming from it already so she gave up and relaxed. She struggled to adjust her eyes to the dim light of the room to see where she was. Several minutes later Ramon Prize, his chief lieutenant Tony, and to her surprise Max, Ms Americana’s friend, all entered. Ramon turned on the lights and she saw a desk and chair with a computer on it and realized she must be in an office somewhere.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Got Gal, come to join my employees at the Waterfront. What’s wrong bitch, give up on being a goody two shoes and want to work as a stripper and whore here?” Ramon asked her laughingly.

“You can’t hold me Prize. I will escape and bring you to justice for what you’ve done,” she haughtily replied.

“Tony says you should have a dry mouth and headache from that tranquilizer, so I brought you a glass of water and a couple aspirin,” Ramon said and motioned Tony forward. Tony came up to Got Gal and showed her the two tablets he had and then held them in front of her mouth. Got Gal compressed her lips together and refused to accept the offered pills. They looked like aspirin, but so did many other things and she didn’t trust these men.

“Open your mouth or I’ll have Tony clear your head with a .44 Magnum,” Ramon barked. Tony set the glass of water on the desk and pulled a pistol of the aforementioned caliber, placing it to her temple. He cocked the hammer.

“I count to five, then say goodbye to your mind unless you open your mouth,” Ramon barked. “One, Two, Three, Four…” Got Gal didn’t want to die and had no doubt Tony would pull the trigger so she opened and Tony placed the pills in her mouth, turned and picked up the glass of water and held it to her lips. She drank greedily of the moisture, trying to hydrate her mouth and in her haste swallowed the pills that she had intended not to. She drank the entire glass and then Tony moved back to the door with Ramon and Max came forward. He held his arm out at a level just above her head and opened his closed fist. A pendulum on a chain dropped before her eyes and started swaying to and fro. Involuntarily her eyes automatically started following it.

“You’re getting sleepy, very sleepy. You will clear your mind of all thoughts and concentrate on the sound of my voice,” Max began. Got Gal tried to snap out of it as she realized Max had set her up and was attempting to hypnotize her. This is probably what happened to Ms Americana, she thought.

“You can resist all you want,” Ramon said. “That relaxant that Tony gave you will strip your ability to focus on anything except Max’s voice.” Got Gal realized she felt lethargic and couldn’t resist the order to follow the pendulum. The relaxant was working and all she could do was maintain eye contact with it and listen to Max.

“You are getting sleepy, so very sleepy. Your eyelids are growing heavy and you must close them and sleep, sleep until I order you to wake. Now sleep, you’re so very tired. Give your body what it needs and sleep, sleep,” Max droned on and then Got Gal’s head slumped forward as her eyes closed and she slept.

“Great work Max, now tell her she now belongs to me,” Ramon said.

“Got Gal, can you hear me? Do you know who this is?” Max asked.

“Yes, I hear you, Master. You are my Master; you are the owner of my body and soul. What can I do for you?” Got Gal said in a monotone.

“You now are the property of Ramon Prize. You will join Ms Americana, my mother and the other women here as a stripper and whore. You will do as Mr. Prize commands you, be it in sex or dance or any other commands, do you understand?”

“Yes Master, I will do whatever Ramon Prize tells me to do. I will dance when told to dance and I will have sex with whoever he says. Do you require my services now, Master?” Got Gal answered and ran her tongue over her lips. Ramon waved Tony forward and Max and he quickly untied Got Gal.

“Go to Mr. Prize and get on your knees. Then unzip his pants, remove his cock and suck it until told to stop. If he cums, swallow and continue sucking, you will not stop until either he or I tell you to,” Max ordered.

“Yes Master,” she said as she rose from the chair and walked to where Ramon was by his desk and then dropped to her knees. She unzipped his pants and pulled his cock free, sucking it into her mouth. Her head began a bobbing motion as it traveled up and down the shaft. Ramon reached to her costume top bra, between her mammoth breasts and removed the Got emerald.

“You won’t need this, anymore,” he said as he placed it in his pocket. Max came up behind her and removed his clothing. He then lay on the floor and squirmed between her legs until his erect cock was below her crotch. He reached for her thong and pulled it out the crack of her ass and to the side exposing her cunt. He wrapped a fist around his cock and moved his hips upwards until the tip of it parted her lips and slid through the entrance of her main love canal.

“Sit down, bitch,” he ordered, “impale yourself on my pole.” Got Gal sank onto Max’s cock and he lowered his hips back to the floor with her coming on down with him as her head continued to bob up and down as she sucked Prize’s cock. Her tongue twirled around his sensitive head as she tried to coax his cum from him. Her hips gyrated on Max’s cock as she lifted and lowered them, riding his shaft and attempting to get Max to fire his load up her cunt. As her head and hips both worked their respective cockpoles in and out of her two openings, trying to please her Masters Ramon signaled to Tony to leave. Tony, obeying orders, went to rooms 17 and 19, and got the occupants, neither of whom had customers as they were awaiting this summons.

Tony took the two whores back to the office and entered just as Got Gal got a double load as Ramon basted her throat with his cum and Max painted her cunt with his. Got Gal managed to swallow Ramon’s offering as fast as he delivered it and didn’t spill a drop as her cunt muscles gripped and relaxed on Max’s shaft, stroking all his cum into her. Ramon pulled out of her mouth and noticed Tony in the doorway,

“Come in ladies,” he said. “I’m done with the new girl and I think Max is also, so now it’s your turn. Ms Americana and Gail entered the office as Max got to his feet.

“All right you two whores,” Max said, “you have your commands, follow them now.” Gail sank to the floor behind Got Gal and slid under her crotch as Ms Americana walked into her view and took a position in front of her.

“Ms Americana, you’re safe. We need to get out of here!’ Got Gal exclaimed as Gail’s tongue made contact with her clit and began twirling around it. Ms Americana grabbed two handfuls of hair and drew Got Gal’s head to her spreading legs.

“No, all you have to do is suck my cunt,” she told Got Gal. “Get that tongue out and give me the same pleasure Gail is giving you. I know she is a very talented cunt lapper from personal experience. Now, let’s see how good you are with your tongue.” Got Gal could make no response as Ms Americana shoved her cunt into her face and began to hump her mouth. Got Gal, no stranger to carpet munching, started applying herself to give Ms Americana satisfaction.

Got Gal, Green Specter and Lady Midnight had gotten together for a lesbian orgy on several occasions at Axanna Morgan’s mansion. While the three adult heroines were busy in Axanna’s master bedroom, Flag Girl, Specter Girl, Got Chic and Azure Angel were usually busy with their own orgy in Summer Morgan’s bedroom. Since Flag Girl was involved with the other young heroines, the three adults had considered asking Ms Americana to join them, but had never done so, feeling she was too standoffish from the others. She firmly believed herself to be Delta City’s premier heroine, and only associated with the others on an as needed basis. As the three older were all in their 30’s and the four younger were all 18, as well as Specter Girl being Green Specter’s daughter, there had always been two parties instead of one.

As those thoughts passed through her mind Gail’s tongue was continuing its nonstop assault of her pussy, now rammed as far up Got Gal’s pussy as she could get, sucking all of her sons cum that she could get to, out of the heroine. She might be pregnant by her son, but no other bitch here was going to be. He was her son, her property. Her continuous licking had Got Gal at the brink of an explosive orgasm even as she felt Ms Americana’s pussy clenching around her tongue as she also got ready to cum. Then as she silently screamed out her orgasm, Ms Americana’s juices flooded her mouth. She could barely swallow fast enough and it dawned on her that Ms Americana was a squirter; she ejaculated her juices, just like a man. This was something to know, Lady Midnight and Green Specter would now defiantly be trying to get Ms Americana to join their sessions so they could experience her orgasms for themselves.

The two heroines came down from their feeling of euphoria and Ramon told Tony to take the two back to their rooms and he could get a piece of Gail as they were the only two not having cum yet. Max and he led Got Gal to room 18, across from Gail and gave her the rules of the establishment and that she would be worked into the dance rotation. Her costume was all she needed to dance in as the customers all wanted to see Got Gal strip, not some blonde bimbo. She was informed that Ms Americana and Gail did team dancing and then had lesbian sex on stage for the customers. She would also be worked into that with the other two. She was then told about Sam, who now lived at the club as the mascot and K9 lover of Ms Americana and another girl named Josie. Josie had decided she wanted to see what all Ms Americana’s screaming was about as she begged Sam to fuck her and had gotten hooked on the large cock herself. Max whistled in the hallway and Sam came trotting in the room. He could smell wet pussy in the room and went straight to Got Gal and sniffed at her thong. She made to shoo him off but Ramon stopped her.

“You will be another lover for Sam so get used to him. Sit on the chair spread your legs and pull the crotch of your thong aside so he can get into that pussy,” Ramon ordered. Got Gal obediently did as ordered and Sam quickly took a sniff and then licked his tongue up her cunt and over her clit. The unexpected roughness of the tongue sent shivers through her body as he continued licking up her juices. It was a losing proposition as her pussy juice flowed from his arousal of it.

“Oh my God,” she panted. “That feels so fucking good. Come on boy, lick my cunt, make my pussy cream all over your tongue.”

“No I think your pussy ought to cream on his cock, get off the chair and onto all fours on the floor.” Sam didn’t appreciate Max pulling him back from his delicious snack but as his bitch assumed the submissive position on the floor, he forgot about licking it as his cock got a little harder. He moved behind his bitch and jumped forward, landing on her back, and began pumping his precum all over his intended target so that he could slide in. He felt she was ready and thrust into her, expanding her opening and gaining several inches of cock into her.

“Oh God, it’s too big! Get it out, please! He’s going to rip me in two with that thing!” she cried.

“Oh come, come,” Ramon said. “I know for a fact from Dragon Lady that her mutant inseminoid plants, preggo worms and other mutants have had that pussy of yours. You cannot claim that Sam is too big for your Grand Canyon of a cunt,” Ramon laughed at her. He was right, Got Gal thought, and besides that her muscles had expanded to accommodate Sam’s size and the pain had turned to pleasure.

“Oh yes Sam, fuck me boy, fuck me!! Oh shit, do me harder, faster. That cock of yours feels so good that I don’t want it to stop. Just cum and keep fucking me until you cum some more. I want that cock, oh God, I LOVE that cock. Come on Sam, I’m almost there. Make me cream all over your cock, make me cum! Oh God yes, I’M CUUUMMMIIINNGGG!!!!!” she screamed and then felt Sam’s cock hose her insides as he filled her with his hot seed. She thrust back at his cock trying to coax more cum, more cock into her body. Sam hadn’t tied with this bitch this first time, so his seed flowed out around his cock and started to pool on the floor. He had instinctively learned not to tie with his bitches in their rooms as they might be needed before they untied. However on stage, it was a different matter. There they belonged to him and he tied with them and kept the audience excited as his bitch thrashed in orgasm on his cock until he could pull out.

“Hey, Ameri-whore” Ramon called. Ms Americana stuck her head out her doorway.

“Yes Master?” she asked.

“Got Cunt has a load of Sam cum in her pussy and it needs cleaned up so get over here,” Ramon ordered. Ms Americana hurried to Got Gals room, she loved the taste of Sam’s cum. Ramon turned to Got Gal,

“Repay Sam for your orgasm, lick your mixed cocktail off his cock,” he ordered her. Got Gal crawled to where Sam lay, cleaning himself, and proceeded to take over that responsibility. Sam had grown accustomed to his bitches licking and sucking his cock, so he relaxed and let her get to it. Ms Americana entered the room saw where Got Gal was kneeling, bent over Sam as she cleaned him, and she immediately got behind her and started lapping up the dog cum from her pussy. When that was cleaned, her tongue dove inside to get that sucked clean also. Ramon took a final look and told the two heroines,

“When you’re done there, get all the cum licked from the floor.”

“Yes Master” they both responded and then continued their current cleaning. Ramon nodded to Max and the two went over to Gail’s room.

“Your time of the month about here yet?” Ramon asked.

“Yes Master, it should start in a day or two,” she answered.

“Let Tony know so you can be taken off the dance and fuck details while it’s happening,” Ramon ordered.

“What if Max has impregnated me?” she asked. Since her first on stage incestual fuck from her son, Ramon had refused to rent her pussy. Her customers had to settle for her mouth and ass only. If, as she had screamed then, she was ovulating and got pregnant, he wanted to ensure that her grandchild’s daddy was her son.

“If you’re pregnant, I’m going to put you and Max in the back here, in a larger room so I can charge $20 a head for customers to come in and watch a son fuck his pregnant, by him, mother. If there’s enough response, I’ll close the club at 7:45 every night, sell the tickets and your show will be at 8:00. After you’re done, I’ll reopen for the customers that don’t want to pay for the show. Come on Max, it’s 2:30, let’s get some lunch.”

Ramon and Max went out the back door of the club and Ramon said

“Let’s take your car, kid”, so the two climbed into the Mustang. As he turned onto the street Max asked

“Where to, boss?” Ramon directed Max to an Italian Restaurant and after eating they returned to the club to prepare for Got Gal’s debut on stage. Max gathered Ms Americana and Got Gal together in the latter’s room and re-hypnotized them and added new commands for them to perform together and for both women to continue accepting Sam as an on stage lover.

Before they had left for lunch Ramon had a new sign placed at the front door informing everyone of a new $20 cover charge from 6PM till whenever? He figured one of the heroines would start a show at 6:15 that ended with Sam and her having sex for the customers enjoyment. Then the other heroine would come on stage and commence her show by sucking Sam’s cock clean and then cleaning the first’s pussy. Gail would then dance and if pregnant, Max would join her on stage and fuck his pregnant mother doggy style, followed by her turning and cleaning her son’s cock. Until her pregnancy was decided, the heroine who had cleaned Sam and the other up would join Gail on stage and the two would perform a lesbian sex show. Once Gail and the 2 heroines had performed their on stage shows, the cover charge would end and the other girls, who had been on the floor sexually servicing the customers, would take over the stage shows and the 3 stars would go to their rooms and wait for their customers.

That night Got Gal opened the show and did her striptease followed by receiving Sam’s seed deep in her cunt. Ms Americana came on stage and cleaned both the participants and after Gail had stripped from her outfit, the two of them attacked each other’s pussy in a hot erotic frenzy. When the show ended, before a sparsely crowded club, the cover sign was turned around and earlier patrons, who had seen the sign and not came in, finally entered and talked to the ones who had paid. The club would be filled to capacity from that night on as everyone learned of the show you would witness in exchange for your cover charge.

Now with 2 of Delta City’s heroines removed from the crime fighting business and into the sex business, what’s next for Ramon and Max? What about Got Chic and Flag Girl, who know that one mentor is missing and soon will figure out the other is now missing also? What will they do? And what about Noah Vale and his bill to legalize prostitution? That would put an end to Ramon’s sex business that he was currently expanding and making a much better profit from. If the club continued to get business from the word of mouth advertising of Ms Americana and Got Chic and another hottie named Gail doing lesbian and dog fucking sex shows on stage, it could surpass his drug business. He didn’t have to buy the original product before he could sell it.

(3 of 7)