The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive
Author: Nineball
Story: Mona's Makeover

Mona's Makeover

Mona -

Mona thought she had blinked. "My hair can't be dry already." she thought.

But the beautician's assistant had turned off the blower. After checking the display on the overly complex device she raised the bulky looking hood away from Mona's head. "That should do for now. Your hair dresser will be here to finish in a moment." Mona didn't question why a hair dryer needed a computer attached to it.

Mona sat up feeling refreshed. She mistook her unconsciousness as sleep. She did not know that the high powered electronics built into the "hair dryer" had rendered her unconscious while it completely opened her mind to suggestion. A special cassette tape had been played for her that contained new ideas and thoughts for her to absorb. The old Mona was still there, but some parts of her had been rewritten. She now held certain feelings and attitudes that were quite different than when she dozed off. The whole process had been done so songlessly, that she would never suspect it. Little did she know that against her will she had been transformed into an insatiable nymphomaniac whose enormous appetite for sex could be satisfied by just one man. She just knew she felt really good. Happy and content, this was the best she had felt in quite some time.

The hair dresser came over. "Ah, you look great. Let me fix a couple of things here." She preened and fretted over Mona's hair for several moments. Then she gave Mona a hand mirror.

Mona smiled at her reflection. "Rick will be pleased" she thought.

She had only been seeing Rick for several weeks, and they had not yet slept together. To her Rick was an unattractive nobody, but Mona figured a couple of dates wouldn't hurt anything. She would let him take her to some nice restaurants, buy her some nice things, and send him away. She was far too good looking to get mixed up with the likes of him.

So far Rick had played her game perfectly. He had sent her gifts: flowers, ear rings, candy, more flowers. He had given her several gift certificates to clothing stores, one to have her nails done, and then one to a beauty shop, one she had never been to. She didn't like the idea of someone new working on her hair. She had been with the same gal for years now. But Rick seemed insistent that she come here. "Results guaranteed or your money back." said the card. And he had paid for it, so she figured she would try it out. If it was a disaster, she could always let it grow out. But now looking in the mirror and she just knew Rick would approve.

"I can't wait until he gets home from work." she said out loud, and the beautician nodded knowingly.

At the front desk she learned that the next three visits were already paid for and that the next one should be set for about three weeks away. Checking her date book she scheduled her next appointment for a friday afternoon. She would be returning from a business trip in the morning. A trip to the hair dresser would help her look her best for Rick.

The girl keeping the books said, "Here is a key and the address to his apartment." Then checking her notes, "It says here, he will be home at 5:30."

Mona didn't blink an eye to that. She took the key, added it to her key ring, and left. Looking at her watch, she calculated that she had just enough time. She stopped at her house first to get a few things. If she was going to spend a few days with Rick, she would need some personal items. Again the discontinuity did not alarm her. Before the treatment she had actively planned on never sleeping with him, now she was calmly preparing to spend a weekend or more at his place. She tossed a pile of her sexiest underwear and dresses on her bed and folded them quickly into a suitcase. She added some pumps, cosmetics, and toiletries. "That ought to do."

Mona looked in a mirror to check her makeup. She noticed the faint odor of her own vagina on her hand. She realized the she had been idly stroking and feeling her self on and off ever since the appointment. The stink brought a subtle smile to her lips. In the mirror she saw her smile turn into a mischievous grin. Her hand slithered down, pushed her underwear aside and found her clitoris. Looking right into her own eyes, she formed a mental image of Rick and began to rhythmically rub her clitty. Her orgasm was abrupt and short lived, and she calmed down quickly. She felt a lonely longing for Rick, and wished he was here right now.

But he wasn't. She put out a pile of cat food, locked up her house and left.

Mona stopped by the grocery store and picked up enough things to prepare a few good meals for Rick. She didn't know what he might have at his place, and wanted to be sure. Satisfied, she went to his place and let herself in. Running out of time, she went right to the kitchen and got to work. Rick's kitchen was small but reasonably well equipped. She heated the oven and assembled a casserole and a salad. After setting the table and putting dinner in the oven, she set the timer and hurried to the bedroom. Rick would be here any minute now, and she wasn't quite ready. She felt an unmistakable stirring between her legs and wanted more than anything else to please him, to be exactly what he wanted.

Rick -

Rick was a nervous wreck. He couldn't keep his mind on work all day. Maybe he would get home and this silly dream would end, leaving him alone again.

He had heard about the service several years earlier. He met some sleazy looking guy in a porno shop who described the service and gave him a business card. "Results guaranteed or your money back." was the claim. The guy maintained it worked a lot like hypnosis, but since the trance state was electronically induced and maintained, the suggestions were physically etched onto the victim's neural pathways. The subject could even be made to perform a suggested act beyond their willful control, so effective was the technique. "Auto-kinesthetic programming" he called it. With three or four treatments, spread out over half a year, the mind molding became permanent. But the service wasn't cheap. Rick dismissed it as obvious bunk at first. But he couldn't forget the idea. Eventually it possessed him. It had taken him months and months to scrape together the money. He had pulled all of the money from all of his retirement accounts, borrowed from the bank, and pawned his car. He couldn't shake the sinking feeling he was being duped. At the sign up they asked who the service was for.

"I don't know. Now I have to find someone." is all he could say.

They helped him record the tape of suggestions, offering advice on how to make it the most effective. The tape would be played to her while in the electronically induced trance and had to be in his own voice. "It is a girl you want, right?" the interviewer asked. The device was disguised as a hood style hair dryer so that she would not suspect what was being done to her brain. There was a limit to how much molding could be done at one time. Rick had to prioritize the list of lewd ways he wanted his captive to think and act. Years of consuming hard-core pornography had given him many wild and bizarre fantasies. But he could only afford one round of treatments, so he had to make this one count.

Rick had met Mona at a singles bar. She had long, curly blonde hair, superb double-d tits, a flat stomach, narrow hips, and a great, round ass. He was so shy, it took all the courage he could muster just to ask her to dance. He had to ask her several times for a date before she finally said yes. She was reluctant, but she was gorgeous. Their several times out together had been awkward disaster dates. He could always feel the undercurrent of contempt in the way she treated him.

Maybe, just maybe, all that would be changed now.

He had paid cash and wondered all day long if he'd been taken. As he drove up to his apartment, his hands were shaking, his mind was racing. He fumbled with his keys, trying to open his door.

He could smell dinner cooking as he meekly called out her name, "Mona?"

"Yes, love." she replied as she rushed to the living room to meet him. She embraced him immediately and lavished him with an open mouth kiss. As Rick came to terms with his great fortune, all he could do was kiss her back. His hands fumbled about, groping at her back and ass. Finally he remembered the description of the changes that had been placed in Mona's mind. He was supposed to be in complete control, now. He decided to see what his money had bought him. He peeled himself away and said, "Lets have a look at you."

Mona smiled sweetly, led Rick to the couch, and stepped back. She turned slowly, allowing Rick to gaze at her magnificent body. She pulled her shoulders back thrusting her tits out for him. She arched her back so the globes of her ass were presented nicely. His shocked, lewd stare didn't appear bother her at all.

Rick's jaw went slack to see Mona like this, right here in his living room. She was wearing very little. Sheer black stockings and open toed black pumps showed off her legs, some cream colored panties and a cream colored bra were barely hidden under a short see through robe. The only thing else she wore was her smile. Rick pulled on his pants to make room for his swelling cock.

Mona giggled coyly at this. She reached behind and deftly unhooked her bra. The robe and the bra fell to the floor in one motion and she proudly displayed her double-d breasts. She tugged at her panties, teasing Rick gently. Then she turned her back on him, bent over at the waist, and pulled her panties down her legs and stepped wide out of them. Her pussy and ass were obscenely presented to him and she looked directly into his eyes, matching his gaze without blinking. She slowly waved her ass from side to side, signaling her unconditional availability.

Rick could wait no more. He motioned for her to join him on the couch and she slid in comfortably next to him, purring like a ferrari, moving her hips rhythmically. He remembered some of the auto-kinesthetic programming he had paid big bucks for. He decided to explore one of the new 'programs' he had described on the tape she had listened to. He placed his hand on her stomach and began to rub it in slow circles. He grinned ear to ear as he saw Mona's body move entirely outside of her willful control. "God damn, it really works! This is absolutely fucking great." he exclaimed.

Mona -

She had thrown the one dish meal together quickly. Mona hoped it would meet his approval. She intended to dress in a sexy dinner dress for him, and stripped down to her bra and panties. She pulled on a pair of black sheer nylons. She was about to choose a dress when she heard Rick's keys in the door. She threw on a see through robe, slipped into a pair of pumps, and rushed to greet him.

She immediately wrapped her arms around him and gave him a wet, open mouthed kiss. Mona felt as if she hadn't seen him for days, and she missed him terribly. After a minute, Rick pushed her away and looked up and down at her body. She blushed with pride. Mona knew she had a killer body, lusted after by many men. His overtly lewd stare gave her rush of satisfaction that ran right to her core. For the new Mona, Rick's pleasure was all that mattered.

She slowly turned around for him. Mona exaggerated her posture to show off her tits, her ass, and her legs. She saw Rick pull on his trousers, making room for his swelling cock.

Mona giggled. A shiver ran up her spine just thinking about his erection. She knew she was going to feel it thrusting in and out of her very soon. She knew she was going to love every bit of it. Her own sex was already swollen and puckered in anticipation. She removed her bra and robe. She held her tits up with both hands and symbolically offered them to Rick. Then she began plucking at her underwear, eventually turning around and, keeping her legs strait, bending over to remove them. She stepped wide so that Rick would get a full look at her pussy, ass hole, butt, and legs. Mona wiggled her ass back and forth, her body language was unmistakable.

When Rick motioned for her to come to him, Mona thought, "At last..." She slithered down next to him and put her arms around his neck. Rick put his hand on her stomach and rubbed gentle circles around her navel. What happened next she did not understand at all. She lost control of her body. It was as if her whole body became sort of a robot, externally commanded to assume a particular posture and move in a predetermined way. Mona lay back on the couch. She put her arms above her head. She bent her knees and lifted her legs, holding her knees as wide as they would go while placing her feet together, toes touching, spike heels slightly crossed. Her legs formed an excellent picture frame around her curly yellow haired pussy. Her hips began to pull up and relax, pull up and relax, pull up and relax. Mona observed helplessly as her body assumed a vulgar, fuck-me pose. This might have frightened Mona before. But with her newly programmed personality of unquestioning love and devotion to her precious Rick, it seemed like the natural thing to do. "Of course," she thought. "I belong to him, and he should be allowed complete access to my body." Mona irrationally dismissed the total lack of control she had over her body.

After a few moments of gazing at her in disbelief, Rick reached over to touch Mona between the legs. His touch was electric, and Mona pulled upward towards his hand, pushing her pussy at him, making his touch firmer. Mona felt her body rising quickly toward an orgasm, with only a few moments of his touch. Rick sensed it too and pulled back. Mona grunted her need for more.

Rick instructed her to get off of the couch and onto the carpet. Mona regained partial control of her body, just enough to follow his instructions. Rick palmed her stomach for a few moments, and Mona felt the auto-kinesthetic programming take full control of her body again. She lay there on the carpet, her arms stretched way past her head, legs lifted, hips humping up. She watched as Rick removed his clothes. "There it is." she thought. "That's what I want."

The fact that for some reason she was helpless to resist added to her excitement. Mona felt Rick's hands grab her tits and maul them rudely. She felt his full weight pressing down on her. She could feel the head of his cock poking around recklessly, missing its mark. Then one of his thrusts found her pussy opening and she felt him jerk forward into her. His first few thrusts were irregular, but they quickly matched her own smooth rhythm. He met her humping strait on and each time he penetrated into her as far as he could. Suddenly Mona felt him stiffen and twitch. Sensing his orgasm, her body matched it and her mind spun about in ecstasy.

Rick's handling of her tits had been crude. His thrusting lacked rhythm, and his cock was average sized. Yet he had brought Mona to the best orgasm she had felt in a long, long time. Hers went on much longer than his and she writhed beneath him while his cock went slack inside her. Not until he withdrew his limp member from her did Mona's world stop racing. As the waves of orgasm subsided, Mona regained physical control of her body. Mona rolled toward him onto her side, lay her head on his shoulder, and kissed him gently on the neck, cooing in his ear, thanking Rick for the great fuck and telling him how much she loved him.

Rick -

Rick reached out to touch her displayed pussy. She rolled up with her hips, pushing back at his hand. Rick saw her pace quicken and her breathing get shallow. Then Rick stopped and told her to get on the floor and she immediately did as she was told. Rick rubbed her stomach a bit to force her back into the prearranged fuck-me posture. He looked at the stunning blonde laying on his living room floor, her body language begging to be fucked. He stood up and pulled off his clothes as fast as he could. He knelt over her and grabbed her tits roughly. He lay down on top of her and began probing forward with his cock. It had been almost two years since he'd had sex, and his inexperience showed.

One of his thrusts found it's mark and he began to fuck her with jerky movements. The smooth humping rhythm of the woman underneath him caught him and he matched her strokes. The excitement overwhelmed him and he came right away after only a few strokes, groaning his pleasure, spending his seed deep inside her. She joined him in his orgasm, for she had no choice. Rick had recorded onto the tape instructions that she would always match his orgasms simultaneously.

Rick calmed down and began to soften, but the woman underneath him continued to squirm until he pulled out of her and lay down on his back on the floor next to her. He looked at the ceiling as Mona rolled over against him. He felt her still firm nipples against his side and her kisses on his neck. He heard her telling him how great he was and wondered if it was all a dream.

Rick decided to record this moment so that if he woke up tomorrow and it all dissolved in a puff of forgotten dream, he would have proof that he wasn't crazy. He gently stroked her stomach again, and she dutifully assumed the primary fuck-me position again. Rick got up and went to his room to get his camera. Standing over her he said "Touch yourself, Mona. Rub your sweet pussy with your fingers."

As Mona complied Rick clicked off several pictures of her masturbating. Holding a look of reckless desire on her face she proceeded to give Rick the show of his life. Rick took a few more pictures and got out his video camera. While he recorded it all, Mona worked herself up to another rousing orgasm. She did not quit, in fact she could not quit until he gave her permission. As if on cue, the oven timer went off. It was time for dinner.

Rick told Mona to put on some nylons and high heels for dinner. He had Mona serve him french maid style. She tended to him carefully. A mean streak from deep inside him started to surface. He wanted to punish her for being so stuck up on their two dates. He purposefully gave extra instructions, forcing her to fuss over his meal, sending her for things her didn't really want. Whenever she came close he grabbed at her tits and ran his fingers between her legs and then smacked her on the ass when she turned away. Each time he gave her an order, he called her something rude or humiliating. "I want some more pepper, Wench." or "Hurry up, you horny fuckin' Slut." or (sniff) (sniff) "You fucking stink, you ugly Whore." His commentary got more sordid and humiliating. Nearly in tears, she had only time to eat a small part of her own meal. They shared the last bit of ice cream and Rick had her spoon feed him the lion's share, allowing her only a few tastes.

Rick watched his prize lewdly as she cleaned up after dinner. He quietly refused her conversation and soon she shut up, working efficiently. She could feel him staring at her and it excited her that she pleased him. She overdid her motions, making sure she presented her shapely body for him. She kept her knees locked as she bent over to load the dish washer. Rick saw her brazen stance and remembered another of his auto-kinesthetic programs.

Rick stepped up behind Mona at the sink. He touched he lower back and rubbed firmly. Again Mona's body operated outside of her own control. She got down on the floor on her knees and elbows. Much like a cat, while Rick rubbed, Mona widened her knees and began to raise her ass into the air. As Rick continued to stroke her tailbone, she stiffened her arms and legs, raising up onto her toes, lifting even her heel points off the floor. The pose was down right obscene and Mona began to hump her hips involuntarily. Mona's pussy puffed up and turned pink with excitement. Rick stopped the stroking and she calmed down, relaxing first her feet, her legs, and then her arms, settling back down onto her knees and elbows. Her hips continued to undulate gently, beckoning to Rick.

Rick looked down at Mona in amazement. The effectiveness of the mind forming treatment that had been done to her was unbelievable. Only several hours ago Mona had been a gorgeous looking stuck up cunt, completely out of his reach. Now she was naked, on her hands and knees on his kitchen floor, offering him either hole, licking her lips and looking over her shoulder, watching his cock get hard.

Rick wanted to see that again. He rubbed her tailbone and watched her raise up onto her hands and tip toes. He kept on rubbing, and her breathing turned unto short, labored grunts. He switched to stoking her with his left hand. Rick raised his right hand high and "Smack" slapped her hard on her right ass cheek. Mona stiffened her entire body and exhaled completely in one long moaning breath, holding her lungs empty for a few moments. Her back arched, lifting her head forward. Her mouth was wide open and her eyes bulged. A nice pink palm print appeared on her ass as she relaxed somewhat and could breath. Using his left hand, Rick planted a matching palm print on Mona's left ass cheek. As long as Rick continued to stroke her, Mona held the strained, arched position, head forward, mouth open, eyes wide. Locked in this position, unable to move, Mona began to drool, and a long string of spittle stretched down to the floor.

Rick stopped and Mona could relax at last, sinking back onto her knees and elbows. The involuntary hip thrusting continued. Rick got the shortening from the cabinet. Using two fingers he took a big glob and spread it up and down the crack of her ass, working some into her anus. Rick had watched plenty of porno videos about anal sex, and had fantasized frequently in the last week about fucking Mona in the ass. Now he had his chance. He knelt down between her legs and put the head of his cock against her sphincter. Grabbing her hips he pulled her back against him and forced his cock part way into her ass hole. Rick held still for a moment and relished this moment. He was really fucking Mona's ass hole.

Mona's auto-kinesthetic programming took over. Despite the unaccustomed pain of the anal raping she was receiving, her body pressed back against him. Her knees spread even wider as she tried to get all of him into her. She began rhythmical flexing her ass and stomach muscles, trying to tighten her grip on his dick.

Rick sensed her actions. He had never had anal sex before. He didn't know that Mona's ass hole was virginal. He could tell, though, that it was tight! Renewing his grip on her hips he began thrusting fully at her butt. Soon he was plunging his full length in and out of her. As her ass hole adjusted to him, he was able to let go of her hips. He reached forward and grabbed hold of her bouncing tits, holding them hard, pinching the nipples painfully. He started putting his full weight behind each thrust. Mona's body jerked forward each time his hips met hers.

Mona couldn't hold his weight any more and collapsed face first onto the floor. Rick popped out of her. He had her stand next to the table and lay her upper body face down across it. He spread her cheeks and entered her ass again. Unlike fucking her pussy before dinner, this time Rick maintained his erection for quite some time. Every few minutes he would stop for a moment to rest. Then, gripping her shoulders, pulling her back towards him, he would pump her butt some more. With each thrust he called her something mean and crude. It became a chant, "fucking Slut, fucking Slut, fucking Slut,... stinking Whore, stinking Whore, stinking Whore, stinking Whore,..." Finally Rick came in her ass. Despite the physical and verbal abuse, she matched his orgasm, for she was now programmed to do so.

Rick pulled out of her ass hole and stepped back. Mona tried to stand up, but Rick pushed her back down, flattening her tits against the cold table top. He kicked her legs wider and sat down in a chair, staring at her greased up ass and stretched open anus. He rested, regaining his composure, counting his lucky stars. He realized how mean he had been to Mona during dinner and while he screwed her ass hole. But the excitement he felt with his dick shoved all the way inside her rectum was the best he had ever felt in his life. He decided he had vented his anger for now. He would continue fucking Mona's ass hole, but more gently in the future.

He called Mona to his lap. They spent a few minutes kissing tenderly, Rick returning her love. Finally he told her "Finish cleaning the kitchen. Then rub a generous amount of shortening in the crack of your ass and come to bed. I wish to use your ass hole some more."

Rick brushed his teeth and lay on his bed, exhausted. He fell asleep listening to the clattering of Mona working in the kitchen.

Mona filled and started the dish washer. After completing the hand dishes, she wiped down the counters and table. Obediently she spread a big glob of shortening between her cheeks. Her anus was still tender, but it felt comforting and natural to touch herself. Unknown to Mona, part of Rick's program that she now followed was that masturbation was now a compulsive and frequent part of her day to day existence. Soon she was fingering her pussy and clit, and before long the shortening had spread from her tailbone to her navel and all over her tits. She brought herself to her fourth orgasm of the evening. Then she brushed her teeth and slid into bed, careful not to wake Rick.

Mona lay flat on her back, looking at the ceiling. She idly fingered her greasy clit and labia, reflecting on how incredibly lucky she was the Rick found her desirable. She loved him desperately, and would do absolutely anything he asked. His every word and touch brought peaceful happiness to her soul. Mona scolded herself for being so aloof and indifferent to him when they first met. How could she possibly have been so stupid? Based on Rick's programming of her mind, this psychological link between her own sense of well being and sex with Rick would grow with each fuck. Within a few weeks Mona would be as addicted to feeling his penis thrusting in and out of her as a junky is addicted to heroin.

She fell asleep fingering herself, as she always would from this night forward, for that was another of the insidious suggestions Rick had placed on that tape that had forever changed her life. In fact, gently fingering her clit and pussy lips was the only way Mona COULD get to sleep, from now on.

Rick woke with a start in the middle of the night. He was momentarily shocked by the presence of someone else in his bed. Realizing it was the sleeping Mona, he smiled wide. She was laying on her side, facing away from him. He snuggled up to her, pressing his already hard cock between the cheeks of her butt. He could feel the slick vegetable shortening there. He recalled the great butt fucking on the table. Moan began to awaken from his stirring, and felt the hardon in her crack. Rick pushed Mona onto her stomach, rolled onto her and maneuvered his cock right up her anus. He completely forgot his resolve to be respectful of his new slave. No foreplay, no asking, Rick treated her like property again, as if he had every right to use her in any way he wanted, any time he wanted.

Mona let out a soft cry at the pain. It hurt, but she was willing to take it. Whatever Rick wanted, he could have. He went slow and easy this time and allowed himself to come quickly, and of course she joined him. He rested there, and fell into a deep slumber on top of, inside of her. For a couple of hours, Mona was pinned under him. She lay awake, savoring his flaccid presence in her, listening to him snore loudly in her ear. Finally she snaked a hand between herself and the bed and fingered herself to sleep. Later Rick rolled off of her, and neither of them woke up from it.

When Mona woke up in the morning, she experienced the last of the major programming sets that Rick had put into her mind. Her first conscious thought was of Rick's cock. She felt a powerful longing to feel it with her mouth. Nothing else mattered, nothing else existed. She knew she would be sad, confused, and disoriented until she had felt his hardon sliding past her lips.

Rick was fast asleep. She slipped under the sheet and felt herself drawn magnetically to his crotch. Mona could smell her own shit on his cock. It was like a potent aphrodisiac, she now HAD to kiss him and lick all of her own feces from him. She caressed his balls began planting rapid tongue-out kisses up and down his length. Before Rick was awake, his dick swelled to meet her conditioned need.

By the time he abandoned a great dream and joined an even better reality, Mona had urged him to full erection and was busily scrubbing his tender member, trying her best to clean her own shit from it. At last satisfied that there were no more flecks to be had, she took his uncircumcised head in her mouth. She worked her tongue inside his foreskin and for the first time tasted the bitter smegma there. She pursed her lips tightly and bobbed her head up and down, taking as much of him in her mouth as she could. As Rick stiffened and shot his load, the first splurt landed directly on her tonsils, coating them. She pulled back quickly a couple of inches so the next pulse would land on her tongue. As she burst into her own unavoidable orgasm, she sucked at him with all the strength her tongue and jaw could muster. Not a single drop escaped her lips, his semen was much too precious to waste.

They calmed down together and Rick rolled onto his stomach, knowing what was next. Mona swished his salty come around in his mouth as she proceeded to give Rick a full body massage. She worked over his entire back, neck, butt, and legs, pushing firmly into the tissues. Rick rewarded her with moans of pleasure. Rested and fulfilled, he went back to sleep, thinking how every morning from now on he would be receiving an enthusiastic blow job and a relaxing back rub from his private pleasure slave. What a way to greet the day!

Mona slipped from the bed and went to the bathroom to shower. She looked in the mirror at her grinning, satisfied expression. She opened her mouth and examined at the milky come covering her tongue. She swallowed several times, running her tongue around her teeth, getting all of it down. She showered, and washing between her legs degenerated into a full blown masturbation session, ending with a grunting orgasm. She dried her hair, and carefully applied full makeup. Checking that Rick was still asleep, she fixed him breakfast.

Rick woke to the smell of bacon. In the kitchen he found his Mona at the stove, wearing only his old greasy apron, thigh high stockings, and open toed fuck-me pumps. He decided against rubbing her tailbone, making her get on her hands and knees. He was hungary. Mona dutifully served him coffee, asking how he wanted his eggs. When breakfast was ready she served them and Rick allowed her to eat in peace.

After the dished were cleared, Rick pulled the table away from the wall into the middle of the room. He instructed Mona to sit at the end of the table. Rubbing her belly, he helped her lie back on the table, arms past her head, legs up, knees wide, the standard fuck- me pose. He kept rubbing until her hips started their incessant humping. He had intended on licking her between the legs. But as he looked at her, he decided to clean her up first. He left her there, unable to move anything except her hips, and went to the bathroom to get his shaving cream, a fresh disposable razor, some short scissors, and the hand mirror. Handing her the mirror he said "Take a good long look, Slut. This is the last time you will EVER see your pussy with hair on it."

Mona's eyes widened at that statement. She opened her mouth to protest. But part of the auto-kinesthetic programming was that she could not speak words while pinned like this or on her knees either. All she could do was grunt like some animal.

Seeing her expression, Rick added, "Use your hands. I want you to masturbate and feel your own pussy hairs for one last time."

Mona's hands obeyed him, and she felt her self, probing and rubbing, making her labia and clitoris swell with blood. Rick got his camera and took a few close up shots of her fully grown snatch.

Rick got a bowl of hot water and a dish rag. Pulling up a chair he sat down placing her crotch at a comfortable working height. Using the scissors first he carefully snipped off the coarse blonde hairs. He gathered them up from the table and stored them in a plastic bag. He was going to have them sealed in a clear plastic locket that she could wear around her neck as a reminder of her property status. Rick shaved her entire crotch, not stopping until her pussy and asshole were as smooth and hairless as a baby. He had to reapply some cream to several spots, getting some stragglers. Mona watched the ceremonial removal of her pubic hair with morbid fascination.

Rick told her, "You know that you are now my private little whore, right? Whenever you masturbate, the smooth hairless condition of your pussy will remind you of that. For the time being I want you to shave your self twice each day to make sure I never feel any stubbly growth, nothing but smooth, soft pussy. Eventually I will have your pubic hair removed with electrolysis, and it will be made permanent."

While she looked at herself in the mirror, Rick went on. "When you shave your legs, arms and pussy, I want you to use an electric razor. From now on I want you to bathe with only pure, scent- free soap and never to use deodorant. I want your body to develope a strong, natural stench. Instead of perfume, I want you to use your own lubrication juices and any of my come that drips out of your pussy. Periodically use both hands to smear your own slime in your arm pits, across your chest, and under your nose. I want your whole body to stink like a fucked pussy. Now, masturbate while I watch."

As Rick sat back, Mona explored her newly smoothed pussy. She was amazed at how wonderful it felt! All of the fear she had felt during the shave vanished. Having a clean shaven pussy was undeniably better. The experience of her finger sliding across the silky hairless folds was delightful. She liked the way her pussy felt to her fingertips just as much as her pussy liked being touched. Rick was right again. Mona vowed to never doubt him again. She trusted him and would follow him to the ends of the earth.

When Mona's breath began to shorten into little moans, Rick pulled her hands away from herself. He traced two quick circles around her navel with a single finger. Mona's arms automatically went to their position above her head. Rick sat close. After several long slow licks up each side of her pussy, he kissed her once on the clit. That was all it took. She wailed out another orgasm.

After she came down, Mona realized that she had orgasmed almost once per waking hour since she had been around Rick. Each one had been wild and wonderful, thoroughly enjoyable. And even though he was sometime a little rough with her, it was well worth it. For Mona, Rick was the best lover in the whole world. He could make her come with a single kiss. She now lived for one thing only, to tease yet another erection out of him, to feel his cock throbbing and squirting inside of her, to tend obediently to his every whim and desire.

Mona's legs relaxed. She regained control of her body. Rick was not in the kitchen with her. She found him in the bedroom, looking through the clothes in her suitcase. While she stood by he lifted each of the three dresses she had brought. She held each one up to herself as he looked them and her over.

He picked a light summer dress that showed off the tops of her excellent tits. "Wear this one for now. Let's go to your place and see what else you own. We may need to go shopping. How much padding do you have on your credit cards?" Rick's cards were maxed out. He had bet the farm on the procedure to have Mona converted into his devoted love slave. Weather it had worked or not, he was now broke.

"I carry three cards, each of them has the highest available limit. I can easily afford some new clothes, if you want."

He had every intention of taking Mona shopping. He was going to fulfill a fantasy he had held for years: to watch a sexy girl try on lots of different sexy clothes.

Mona reached for her underwear. Rick shook his head. "No underwear. Just the dress, the stockings, and the pumps."

Mona flushed with excitement at the thought of having only the flimsy dress as the only thing between her and public nudity. She slipped into the dress, turned her backside toward Rick and lifted her hemline, playfully flashing her fanny for him.

"You're learning well." he said.

Rick drove Mona's car to her house. For most of the drive Mona absent mindedly stroked herself. Thanks to a part of the program, it felt good and natural to do it. So natural she didn't even know she was doing it, for the most part.

On the drive Rick quizzed her about her finances. It turned out that Mona was quite well off. Her father had been a bank president. He had left her a sizeable chunk of stock in the bank plus other financial holdings. She worked at the bank taking various jobs as she learned different aspects of how to run a bank. Right now she was an account executive earning a comfortably high six figure income. With her skills in business, she was managing it all well, and her wealth continued to grow. Without Rick even mentioning his sad financial state, she offered to pay off all of Rick's debts and buy him anything he wanted.

Rick could only shake his head in disbelief. Not only was his brainwashed sex slave a knockout chesty natural blonde, but she was wealthy to boot. He knew he wouldn't last long on his dead end piddly job.

They got to Mona's house. She had kept the large house she had inherited from her parents. The grounds were surrounded by both a tall privacy block wall and a thick hedge, providing security and giving the allusion that she lived alone in the country somewhere. Located on a slight rise, the view out the front was great. There were multiple bedrooms and entertainment areas. The master bedroom was a luxurious suite. It had room to spare for the massive four post bed, the couch, and the several pieces of exercise equipment. The master bath alone was bigger that Rick's bedroom.

"Beats the shit out of my apartment." he said. "I guess I'll be moving in here."

"Well of course you can live here, Love. You can have anything you want." She wouldn't have it any other way. Mona hiked her skirt up past her waist and sat back on the bed, spread her knees and started fingering herself, making her pussy moisten and swell, offering herself to Rick, smiling sweetly.

"Christ, you are a horny little slut, aren't you Mona." Rick said, "Well not now. Show off your sexiest clothes for me."

Mona whined and pouted a little, but did as she was told. She lifted her left arm up and ceremoniously wiped her fingers on her armpit.

Mona stood up and peeled off the dress, pumps, and stockings. She went through her drawers, displaying first her panties and bras to Rick, trying on certain ones at his request. She wore mostly high leg cotton briefs, attractive and comfortable, but not overly sexy. All but a couple of lacy little numbers went into the trash. New underwear went on the list. Her bras looked far too comfortable and practical. Rick threw them away too and added bras to the list. Mona had several sexy dresses, but mostly stuffy business suits. She was, after all, a banker. New dresses were added to the list. Mona had some sleep wear, but almost no sexy pleasure lingerie. That would be fun to fix.

During the show Mona had been masturbating frequently. The whole process probably excited her even more than Rick. He treated himself to a quicky, the first of many fucks to come on Mona's big bed. Rather that use the auto-kinesthetic programming, he allowed her full control of her body and she squirmed like a rabid weasel the whole time. He ordered Mona to clean him up with her tongue afterword. She took the liberty of smearing most of the clinging stink behind her ears and down her neck by wallowing against his receding form. She licked him dutifully, and then proceeded to transfer as much of the leftover scum between her legs to her tits and pits as she could with her hands. For the next hour or so, the compelling odor of her own recently fucked pussy kept her nipples hard.

Rick decided Mona should stick with the dress she had worn earlier for shopping. They started at the mall but neither of the national chain lingerie stores had dressing rooms where Rick could watch Mona try on their stuff. They left the mall and went downtown to an exclusive parlor that specialize in exactly what Rick had in mind. Instead of a dressing booths, they had several private suites where, for an hourly fee, Rick could lounge on a couch while an attendant brought various items in for Mona to wear. Refreshments were provided and lunch was even catered.

While Mona looked over the racks of clothes, Rick discussed the services available with the clerk. When asked how the services were to be paid for, Rick called, "Mona, bring your credit card over here."

The desk clerk ran Mona's card for verification. When the response came back she lifted her eyebrows and nodded approvingly. "I'll assign Lisa to you today. She will see to it that your experience here is most satisfactory." She called Lisa forward through an intercom.

Lisa was a tall skinny girl with a flat chest, short boyish red hair, pale skin, and overdone dark makeup. She had multiple piercings in her ears, nose, and eyebrows. She had a silver post through the tip of her tongue. The whistling lisp it gave her speech made her sound somewhat s-s-snake like. She wore a simple white smock held closed with a gold braided chord. Unidentifiable bits of tattoo could be seen peeking out of the edges of the smock.

While Rick stayed behind to talk to the clerk, Lisa led Mona into a well lit room that had a tall padded stool in the middle plus a couch, several small tables and some cabinets. Lisa helped Mona out of her dress and shoes and told her to sit in the middle of the room. All of the lights were pointed at the stool, the person at center stage was on display. Around the stool were several mirrors, all but one placed so that someone sitting at the couch could see Mona from various vantage points. A single full length mirror allowed the model to see herself.

Mona was intrigued by the exotic attendant. Lisa stepped around Mona several times, sniffing deeply, taking in Mona's rich body odor. She reached around and cupped Mona's generous breasts which caused Mona to sit bolt upright. Lisa put her mouth up to Mona's ear briefly and hissed in a low voice, her tongue and lips tickling Mona, "This-s-s is going to be f-f-un, l-l-l-lover- r." She left Mona alone to masturbate on that thought, and went to join Rick's interview.

Mona quietly fingered herself for what seemed like forever while Rick was given a tour of the services and wares for sale. Lisa made appropriate suggestions while the clerk took notes.

Finally he went to the modelling suite carrying a few items on a tray. He had Mona stand and placed leather cuffs on Mona's wrists and ankles. They were made of a soft, supple leather that, though tightened firmly around her, caused no discomfort. From behind her, Rick slipped a bright red ball gag in Mona's mouth. This startled her, but she dutifully accepted it.

Rick gathered up a large wad of saliva. He spit it onto his fingers and rubbed it all over her crotch and up the crack of her ass. Mona nearly orgasmed while he did this. He told her, "You are to cooperate with Lisa completely. You will do what ever she says. She is allowed to touch you anywhere, and I do mean ANYWHERE." He stepped into the shadows and sat down. Because of the placement of the bright lights, Mona could hardly tell anyone was there, much less make out who it was.

Lisa entered carrying a small bundle of clothes and a clipboard. She went to one of the cabinets and brought a short metal bar with clips on the ends and a ring at the center. Mona's wrist cuffs were clipped to the ends. Lisa pressed a wall switch and a cable descended from the ceiling. It was attached to the center ring of the spreader bar. Another press on the wall switch and Mona's arms were pulled up, not taught or uncomfortably, but uselessly out of the way. Lisa turned Mona around so that she was looking right at the full length mirror.

Lisa untied the gold chord from her waist. Her smock fell partially open, revealing a network of intricate tattoos covering her torso. The only thing else she wore was a pair of red bikini underwear. Lisa tugged her underwear off. Turning them inside-out she pressed them against Mona's nose. Gagged as she was, Mona was forced to smell them with several breaths. Lisa bent down and slipped her own underwear over Mona's legs. She pulled them up snugly into Mona's crotch. She rubbed and pressed firmly, poking at Mona's pussy and asshole. Made of cotton, they soaked up all of the wetness that had accumulated including Rick's saliva. Her rubbing became rhythmic. Mona started bucking her hips with the strokes. Her pussy discharged even more lubricant.

Finally Lisa stopped rubbing. She pulled the panties off Mona. She held the sticky wet thing up to her own nose and sniffed deep, her eyes wide. The she stooped over and pulled them back up her legs and snugly into her own crotch. She rubbed them firmly onto her vulva and anus and her breathing became loud and raspy. Lisa had Mona sit on the stool. She drew Mona's legs up to the top rungs of the stool, attaching the cuffs there with clips. This forced Mona's knees wide. She had an excellent view of her own splayed out form in the mirror.

Lisa stepped out of the lights and out of Mona's view. As Mona tried to look over her shoulder to see, she heard some shuffling sounds. Then she heard a repetitious slurping sound accompanied by the muffled sound of Lisa squealing. It was obvious that she had something in her mouth. Rick began to moan, then she heard him grunting in orgasm. Shortly Lisa re-appeared in Mona's view. A trickle of come was dripping from her chin onto her tits. She got right in Moan's face. She stuck out her tongue and licked Mona under the nose, smearing Rick's come there for her to smell.

Lisa rubbed herself between the legs, pressing the wet panties against her pussy. She said "I've got your stench between my legs and the taste of your man's come on my lips. If you want him back, you had better put on a hell of a good show for him. If he decides that I'm a better whore than you are, I'll let him fuck me in any hole he wants. It's all up to you, Slut."

Mona was furious. How could this ugly wort of a woman dare to come between herself and her Rick? Not even a tiny corner of her anger and jealousy was directed at Rick. It was all either towards Lisa or pointed inward at her own inadequacies. She was determined to put on the best show ever seen in this weird room.

And so the show began. Lisa started with panties first. Mona's legs were released and the stool removed. She had to turn about and display her body as best as she could with her arms restrained above her head. The stool was left close for Mona to use as a prop and to sit on for an occasional rest. Rick chose several styles and multiple pairs were ordered in various colors. He chose mostly little lacy things that were more g-strings than panties. Next were shoes, stockings, and pantyhose, selections were made and noted on the clipboard. Next came bras. Mona's arms were freed from the restraints to put on some of the pieces. Her wrists were clipped back in each time so that Rick could see them modeled while Mona was in restraints. Rick chose only the sheerest of bras, ones that provided Mona a level of support, but allowed the shape and color of her nipples to be clearly seen.

Then came the lingerie. Lisa started with standard sexy sleep wear and moved on to more kinky pleasure stuff, some made only of tight restrictive leather straps, other flimsy pieces with breakaway snaps. For nearly every piece, Rick nodded his head and the list grew. Several times Lisa would put on the article of clothing that Mona had just worn. Lisa had a much longer torso than Mona. Every piece of lingerie was stretched to fit over her shoulders. This caused the crotch part to be pulled tightly into her crack. Lisa always rubbed herself and shuddered for a moment before moving on.

Lunch was served. Lisa stripped herself and Mona nude. She sat Mona on the stool and attached her ankle cuffs high on the stool as before. Lisa changed the lighting so that Mona could watch as she sat on Rick's lap and hand fed him lunch. By the time they were done, only a few scraps remained. Lisa removed the ball gag and hand fed the rest to Mona. She stood between Mona's knees so close that their naked bodies rubbed together. She continuously fondled Mona's sweaty tits and casually prodded her hairless pussy while she doled out little tidbits of food, kissing Mona on the neck and face and hissing crude sexual prattle in her ear. Mona could barely concentrate enough to eat.

After lunch, Lisa reinserted the ball gag and moved the stool away. She attached a wide padded strap about eight inches long between Mona's ankles. Using the wall switch, she reeled in the cable attached to Mona's wrists until it lifted her about a foot into the air. She called Rick over and had him stand face to face with Mona. Grabbing the strap she lifted it up and over Rick's head. It settled comfortably around the back of his neck and held Mona's legs up, exposing her pussy to him. Lisa now extended the cable and Rick guided his hardon into Mona's pussy. Lisa let a little more cable so that Mona's weight was supported only by the strap around Rick's neck and by his cock. Her exposed posture and full weight forced him all the way in. With what little freedom of motion she had left, Mona wiggled her ass around, trying to get more of him.

Rick started humping. As he bent his knees Mona's weight was supported by her up stretched arms. This allowed him to withdraw partially, so he was able to use the full strength of his legs in his thrusts. Mona watched Lisa strip out her latest outfit and step into a strap-on dildo. After smearing some lubricant along it's length, she stepped up behind Mona whose helpless body was bobbing up and down. Lisa was nearly as tall as Rick and the dildo she wore was half again as long as his erection, probably some fourteen inches. She had to stoop down to get the tip to the right level. Mona felt the tip of the dildo at her anus. As Lisa straightened her legs, the over-sized dildo was forced way up Mona's ass.

Lisa stood there passively. Each of Rick's thrusts lifted Mona up. As she rose up the dildo pulled out of her ass. Then as Rick pulled back down, Mona's weight settled onto Lisa's strap-on, sending it painfully far up her lower bowels. Lisa pinched and kneaded Mona's tits and Rick reached around to play with Lisa's pierced nipples. Soon Rick's legs tired from the bending and thrusting. He stood up strait and humped with his hips quicky, hastening his orgasm. He spent himself in her, and Mona, of course, orgasmed also.

Rick pulled out and sat on the stool for a moment. Lisa turned around so that Mona could see herself in the mirror. At her request, Rick detached one ankle from the strap. He lifted Mona's leg high, passes the strap behind the cable, and reattached the clip to Mona's ankle. Mona was now calf roped. The only thing that kept her full weight from tugging at the wrist and ankle cuffs was the fourteen inch dildo being forced up her ass. Mona watched with morbid fascination as she was butt raped by the freakish bi-sexual. At Rick's urging, the show went on for ten or fifteen more minutes. At last Lisa pulled out and Rick lowered the cable until Mona's back and hips reached the ground.

Mona lay there on her back with her arms and legs still pulled up from her body. Her ass hole hurt and her body felt very used. But Rick had fucked her and had come inside of her. To the new Mona, this was his supreme act of love for her. She had become psychologically and emotionally addicted to his orgasms. Whatever pain she would have to go through was a small price to pay to feel his cock throbbing with orgasm inside her. Her self esteem was now rebuilt, although she wished she could rub and soothe her battered parts.

Rick released her wrists and ankles and carried Mona to the couch. They hugged and kissed for quite a while. After she felt rested and recovered, Mona herself suggested that the fashion show continue. Rick removed the cuffs and gave the idea his blessing.

Mona returned to the spot lights and Lisa began bringing a series of sexy dresses for Mona to try. Lisa assumed a more demure, less aggressive demeanor. She still touched Mona frequently, but it was sensual and respectful. Of the dozens of dresses presented, Rick chose eight and Mona picked out three more. Rick added the cuffs and ball gag to the pile of goods.

Mona paid for the purchases and they went home to prepare for dinner. Rick chose one of the dresses from today's shopping and the two went out for dinner. Mona suggested a swank restaurant that Rick had never considered eating at and Rick had to swing by his place to get better clothes. Mona brought up the idea that perhaps they should go shopping for new clothes for him next time.

Rick requested a table in the middle of the restaurant. He wanted to show off his prize. He took great pleasure in the obvious stares Mona received. After dinner they went dancing. Mona could dance quite nimbly in high heels. The truth was, Rick was a doofus on the dance floor. Mona was blind to that fact. She thought he danced divinely and kissed him passionately after each number. Several guys asked Mona to dance, but she wouldn't think of it. Exhausted, they went home for one more good fuck. They both slept through the night without waking.

Again the next morning Mona awoke with this overpowering urge to suck Rick's cock. She did her duty with genuine passion, as if eating food after fasting for days. Afterwards she put Rick back to sleep with the back rub. Today she made breakfast without showering, remembering his instructions. She served him breakfast in bed.

Rick quizzed Mona about her family. She had pictures of her parents, but they were not recent. It appeared she had a sister. Mona got out a photo album to share. Her parents had died tragically some years ago while Mona was in college. Her father's wealth had been divided between Mona and her sister. Mona's sister was also very beautiful. The family resemblance was remarkable. Not quite as good at business, she never finished college. She had left Mona in charge of the estate and was living their house in Aspen. Mona didn't mind. She had inherited her fathers love of managing money as well as his skills. She loved her sister and knew her sister didn't have the skills to be anything but a playgirl.

Rick and Mona spent most of the day playing. Mona changed the clothes she was wearing often and modeled them for Rick. He screwed her every time he got another erection. Thanks to the programming, she eagerly participated in every single fuck and did everything she could to get him hard again as soon as he could manage it.

Sometime in the afternoon they went over to Rick's place to get some of his things, a start on his moving into her house. Rick brought along his box of porno magazines and videos he had collected over the years. He decided to have Mona study each of them carefully. As he gave them to her one by one, she was to imitate the women she saw, practicing in front of a full length mirror. If the magazine featured a man and a women, she was to practice with a dildo first before demonstrating with Rick. When he gave her a magazine full of lesbians, her instruction were to masturbate with her hands while paging through them. Rick brought a large dressing mirror down to the living room so that Mona could practice in full view of him. By the end of Sunday she had only worked her way through two of the magazines. At this rate she would be masturbating to pictures and videos of naked women for many weeks before she got through them all.

After servicing Rick again first thing on Monday morning, Mona asked permission to shower for work. For professional reasons, she needed to be clean when she went to work. Rick relented on this issue and Mona took a long hot shower and a thorough shave before rushing off to her office.

Rick had already decided to quit his job and live off of Mona's wealth. He went in late to collect his personal stuff and to tell his boss to fuck off. He went by his own place to get another load of junk. His furniture was pretty pathetic compared to Mona's fine things. None of it would look right there anyway. He stored most of his stuff in the garage for now. He decided he liked Mona's idea of shopping for him. Maybe they would get started on that after she got home from work. He spent the rest of the day relaxing, snooping around in Mona's personal effects.

Starting that evening right after work, Mona began spending a lot of money on Rick. She bought him lots of new clothes, replaced his car, paid off his loans, and transferred a lot of money into his accounts. Mona had new credit cards issued in Rick's name. He said he wanted to buy some things for around the house, so Mona wrote him a check for $25,000, asking if it was enough. He made sure she received an extra special fuck for that one, even licking her pussy until she'd had four orgasms in a row.

Mona was happier than at any other time in her life. She now lived for Rick's attention. The happiness she felt when he fucked her was indescribable. The lewd way he stared at her tits all the time sent shivers up her spine. Whatever he said became the Gospel truth for Mona. She experienced all the emotional rushes of a teenager in love for the first time. And the rushes got bigger and more powerful with each orgasm he gave her. Nothing, absolutely nothing he did could be wrong. His every whim became her obedient obsession.

Rick spent his days being a lazy bum for the most part. Of course he wished she was around the house, but someone had to pay the bills, and it wasn't about to be him!

Monday two weeks after Mona's first treatment she had to fly to Boston on business. At first she considered postponing the trip. But she couldn't manufacture an adequate excuse for her boss. Besides, the client there was a major customer at the bank. She had to go. Rick prepared a special package for Mona, telling her to not open it until she was alone in her hotel room. He also instructed her to not shave for the days she was in Boston.

Mona flew out Monday morning and worked late with the client that day. When she got the hotel room she immediately tore open the paper wrapping on Rick's surprise. In it she found a collection of pornographic magazines and a long double ended dildo. The magazines all contained pictures of women fucking each other with dildos. Several of the magazines were lesbian bondage mags. A blunt note from Rick read "Look at every picture in each one of these magazines every evening. Masturbate repeatedly with this dildo. Keep at least one of the magazines in your purse with you at your job site and look at the pictures every time you go to the bathroom."

Mona followed the simple instructions with gusto. She laid all of the magazines out on the bed and paged through them all at the same time. Each of the four short nights in her room became a non-stop orgy of auto-eroticism. Meanwhile her pubic hair turned into short stubble. The hairs on her perineum and around her ass hole were becoming quite irritating. Every step felt like she had some guy's unshaven chin rubbing around in her crotch. By the end of the week the itching nearly drove her mad.

While Mona was away, Rick met with the people who ran the programming service he had used on Mona. He knew she was scheduled for a booster session. He asked if the tape could be changed to include some new programming. They said yes, to a certain degree and for a price. All of the original programming would have to be reinforced, or it would fade in strength. But it was common for clients to adjust the original instructions, fine tuning their slave, as it were. But to add something major, some part of the original program might have to be abandoned. That program would slowly fade if not periodically repeated. Rick had to choose a part of the original tape to let go.

He had to keep the love and devotion part, of course. He really cherished the morning blow job and back rub. He also got a perverted kick out of watching her masturbate idly when she wasn't busy. The auto-kinesthetic programming was an expensive part of the package. It took a lot of repetition of instructions to get someone's body to act outside their willful control. Rick decided to keep the portion of auto-kinesthetic programming that made her lay helplessly on her back and to abandon the one that made her get on her hands and knees and offer her ass hole for sex. They told him that program wouldn't immediately disappear, but would slowly fade in strength, starting in another month or so. Within a half a year it would no longer have any effect on her. This was OK with Rick. He could still butt fuck her doggy style any time he wanted, just not in the automated rape way that he had come to like.

In its place he added a new concept to Mona's thought patterns. Mona would begin to think that Rick needed a companion to satisfy his needs during the day and when she had to travel for work. This need of his would have to be taken care of. It would mean sharing Rick with another woman, but she loved him so much that would be perfectly acceptable. In fact, being present when this other companion was serving him and partaking in the act would give her additional satisfaction. She would want to be involved in the selection of the new companion. There was plenty of room in their bed for another woman. To this Rick added the knowledge that she would be having frequent sex with the new companion and the understanding that this was good, wholesome, and desirable, something to look forward to with nervous excitement. Certain sexual practices with this new partner would become program enforced rituals. Little did Rick know that Mona was forming the beginnings of this idea on her own in Boston. Not only did she feel bad that Rick was alone this week, but the lesbian magazines she masturbated with planted the seeds of some new desires.

When he left the meeting, Rick reflected on how it was Mona's money he was using to pay for her own transformation.

Thursday night Mona called from Boston. She said she was thinking about skipping her trip to the hair dresser on Friday so she could get home quicker. Rick made up some story about how getting her hair done would do her good, and how great it would make her look and how it would please him so. She agreed with his flimsy story. Mona was innocently unaware of how her mind was being systematically raped at that place.

Mona went right from the airport to the hair dresser. On her drive home afterword she independently decided on who their new companion should be. The idea had come to her in a dream induced by the hours of masturbating while looking at pictures of lesbians screwing each other. The first twinges of nervous expectancy started to creep over her.

Mona attacked Rick just a few feet inside the front door. Their fuck was a quick and cheap expression of animal lust and was over in just a few minutes. Rick suggested that they go out for dinner. Mona ran upstairs and changed quickly.

After dinner Rick took Mona to a tattoo parlor. He had prearranged with the tattoo artist what he wanted. The artist was a huge, hairy, biker-type dude. He led them into a small, private room with a reclining chair and all of his instruments. Before she sat in the artists work chair, Rick had her remove her panties, dress and bra, leaving on the thigh high stockings and pumps. Once seated, Rick rubbed the slow circles on her belly which forced her to lounge back and lift her legs. The artist lowered the chair completely back. Its curved shape held her hips up so that her tailbone was lifted off the seat. Restraining straps were placed around her wrists and knees and she was immobilized in this explicitly exposed posture. A gag was placed in her mouth so that she could have no say in the proceedings. A big mirror on the ceiling gave Mona an unobstructed view of what was about to be done to her body. Without saying a word, the artist got to work.

He started by using an electrolysis hair remover on Mona's pubic hair. The stubble had grown to about a quarter of an inch, just long enough for the device to work. Mona watched as one by one her hairs were removed, the follicles being destroyed in the process, never to grow hair again. The artist told Rick that over the next year or so, a few more hairs would grow from dormant follicles. He could either bring her in for further treatments, or he could buy a kit from the drug store and do it himself.

Next the artist set out his tattoo equipment. Rick didn't want something elaborate or unsightly. He had asked for two small, delicate roses. They were placed on either side of her vagina, and out to the sides right in the crease where her thigh met her crotch. So located, the only way for them to be seen would be for Mona to be on her back, legs lifted and spread. They would never be seen when she was standing, or even if she was lying down. As long as her knees were together the folds of skin would keep them well hidden. By displaying her roses Mona would send a clear signal of her eagerness to fuck.

Last came the piercings. Mona's clitoris was pierced and a diamond ring was set into it. Her clitoral hood covered the ring, and only the sparkling diamond could be seen. The ring was closed permanently so her clit would sparkle from now on. Rick informed Mona that the diamond ring in her clit was her engagement ring and that they were to be married that weekend. The artist pierced Mona's nasal septum and put in a temporary flesh colored inert plastic retainer that couldn't be seen. Rick wanted her to wear her wedding ring there. Her nipples were pierced and small simple gold barbells were inserted and fixed permanently. That was all Rick had in mind. But on the urging of the artist, he decided to have Mona's outer labia pierced. Both the left and the right lip were pierced. Large removable gold rings were placed in them that dangled invitingly. Rick selected a collection of different styles of jewelry for Mona to decorate her pussy with.

When it was all done and paid for, Mona was released and allowed to dress. She had to hobble home because of the pain. For several days all Rick got was frequent blow jobs while her genitals healed. They had vaginal intercourse only once that weekend to consummate their marriage.

* * *

Joan had received several calls from her sister. Mona had been the reserved, stuck up member of the family, always in control. Joan was sure she liked men in a heterosexual way. But she never had many boy friends over the years. They never lasted long, probably because she was so icy cold to them. Joan figured prudish Mona was destined to be a lonely old maid. Now in her phone calls she was raving on and on about how she had met the most perfect man, some guy named Rick. When she heard they had suddenly gotten married, Joan flew home to check out the new guy.

Joan was Mona's younger sister by four years, She was shorter than Mona, but had the same great blonde hair and impressive bust. Her body was tighter and much more athletic and flexible than Mona's. Except for the oversized tits, she would make a great aerobics instructor. Rick kept getting frequent hardons just looking at her. Every time he had another one, he made sure Joan was plainly aware of it while he molested Mona right in front of her.

Joan immediately formed a negative impression of Rick. He was not handsome or rich. He didn't seem to have an outgoing personality, or much of one at all for that matter. He didn't have a job, but was living off of Mona's money. All he did was hang around during the day. He treated Mona like an object, giving her orders, making her have sex frequently. Rather than discretely hiding his erections, he flaunted them by wearing those stupid looking running tights and turning to face her with his hips pushed forward. Joan especially resented the way he stared right at her breasts whether Mona was around or not. She started to hate the creep.

Joan didn't understand what had come over her sister. Mona seemed to worship him. She changed into sexy clothes and put that gold ring in her nose as soon as she got home from work. She sometimes walked around completely nude and lounged about in the most indecent poses. She was shaving her pubic hair and had gotten her genitals pierced. She hung on his every word. She smiled sweetly when he felt her up in public. And she screamed like a stuck pig whenever they fucked, which was a lot. The fact that they did it all over the house and in plain view was down right disturbing. More than once Joan had to leave the house to get away from their disgusting sexual episodes. He showed no tenderness toward her, he didn't make love to her, he just fucked her like she was a dog or something. Just what did her sister see in him?

After a few days she had a talk with her sister. She tried to talk some sense into her.

Mona insisted that what they needed was a day together. She had a perfect one planned. They would start with brunch and then get their nails and hair done. Then off to a spa where they would get body wraps and massages. Then they would go shopping, maybe even take in a movie. A great girl day, no Rick, just two sisters having a ball. Joan agreed, and Mona called around making the appointments.

* * *

Joan opened her eyes. "Wow, I must have been asleep." she thought. "That was a good nap. I feel great!"

The beautician lifted the dryer hood up. Mona was there waiting. Joan stood and immediately embraced her sister. They hugged close and long. Mona kissed her on the lips. Without thinking or hesitating, Joan kissed her back. Joan slipped her tongue into Mona's mouth. Joan held Mona's head with both hands, lifted her chin up exposing her throat, and began licking Mona's neck. She used long strokes covering from her shoulders right up to her ears.

Between licks she said, "Where on Earth did you find Rick, that amazing hunk of a man?"

"I don't know. We met in a bar, he picked me out of the crowd. I was just lucky, I guess."

"I have this weird feeling, Mona. Somehow I know I am going to lick every single square inch of your body every single day. And I don't know what it means, but I know I am going to enjoy licking your roses the best. Screw the shopping, let's go home right now."

Mona said, "No. Rick called and left a message. He and I are going to have fun with you at the lingerie shop."

They scheduled their next visit and left.

* * *

An hour and a half later, Joan found herself suspended from a ceiling. Her ankles were cuffed to the ends of a 3 foot spreader bar which hung from a cable. Her wrists were cuffed to a loop a little further up the cable so that her torso was held upright and her entire body was helplessly exposed. Rick's erection was thrust all the way into her freshly shaven pussy. All the frequent rigorous sex Rick had been getting lately had strengthened his legs, hips, and back considerably and he had trained himself to keep his hardon up practically indefinitely. As he humped with all the strength of his legs, her whole body lurched up. The kinky redhead Lisa walked around the two of them, snapping Joan's ass, legs, and back with a riding crop and spitting repeatedly on Joan's face and chest. Joan was constantly licking at Rick's neck, ears, and face. Since she was wearing a ring gag, her saliva ran unchecked, dripping off her chin in long strings. She had slobbered all over her own tits adding to the accumulating spit from Lisa, which was now flowing down Joan's stomach to her crotch. There it combined with the thick lubrication of their franticly fucking genitals and was trickling off of Rick's balls forming a puddle the floor. Mona was sitting on the puddle and rubbing her pussy around in it, using her fingers to smear it on her chest, neck, and face. She had craned her neck up and was licking the thick slime dripping from his bouncing balls and coating Joan's stretched labia.

Joan had already enjoyed two orgasms and Rick, who hadn't come yet, kept pounding into her mercilessly. She couldn't shake the following thought. It had been programmed into her mind by Rick's voice and the machine at the hairdresser. "This is the best fuck I've ever had. This is the best fuck I've ever had. This is the best fuck I've ever had."

Joan felt something pressing against her ass hole. With one quick thrust, a dildo stretched her anus painfully as it rammed into her ass hole. Glancing over her shoulder she realized it was Mona standing behind her. She was getting dildo fucked in the ass by her own sister. Boom! Her whole body stiffened as her third orgasm washed over her. One of her new programmed behaviors was to always orgasm immediately with the very first penetrating thrust every time she got fucked.

* * *

Joan slept that night with her wrists cuffed to the head of the bed. Though she did not know anything about the mind programming Rick had subjected her to, she would now have to wear cuffs on her wrists and a comfortable silencing gag in her mouth to get to sleep from now on.

Joan only woke half way up when her legs were lifted and pulled apart. When her pussy was penetrated though, she lurched to consciousness. What she saw was Mona on top of her, wearing the double-ended strap-on again. The straps held half of it firmly in Mona's pussy, so that as she humped, the other end raped the helpless Joan. Joan looked over to see that her beloved Rick was sleeping peacefully through her rape.

Again that inescapable thought traced through her head. Over and over, like a broken record, "This is the best fuck I've ever had. This is the best fuck I've ever had. This is the best fuck I've ever had."

After Mona stopped fucking Joan, she sucked long and hard on Joan's nipples. This middle of the night rape and suckling would become a new ritual in their new life.

* * *

Within a couple of weeks Joan had visited the tattoo artist to get the same electrolysis, tattoo, and piercing treatment Mona had. After that Rick scheduled them both for cosmetic surgery. They both underwent an augmentation procedure where each girl had a large amount of fat cells surgically extracted from their thighs. These living cells were transplanted on their own bodies, injected into the area in and around their vulva. On Rick's urging, both girls requested that this procedure be taken to a rather extreme extent. Their genitals permanently took on a abnormally puckered and painfully swollen appearance. Then special drugs were applied that expanded the amount of blood vessels and nerve endings throughout the area. Their incredibly large breasts were now matched by their having artificially amplified pussies.

Later they both received a procedure known as "permanent make-up". Similar to tattooing, the area between their legs was given a nice red color. Their nipples and areolas were darkened a rich, deep brown color. Now both Mona and Joan's pussies always looked like they were engorged with blood, swollen and puckered as if sexually excited. They looked horny even when they were sleeping. Their overemphasize pussies swelled even more during sex. Now whenever one of them was excited, her whole pussy mushroomed out and turned a nice cherry red like the ass end of a female baboon in heat, eager to be impregnated. The swelling was so pronounced that to show off their roses, Rick's slave girls would have to lift their tailbones up and open their legs as wide as they could. Then they would have to press out on both thighs with their hands, stretching out the flesh until the skin smoothed out down there.

* * *

Ten months later Rick found himself one morning thinking about how great things were going for him. Mona was already gone to work. She always set her alarm early so she could partake in her ritualistic morning duties and still get to work on time. Rick still fully enjoyed it, but had started taking it for granted. Mona however, never tired of sucking him off each morning. The enthusiasm and tenderness she showed came from the very root of her soul. After the back rub, which routinely put Rick back to sleep, she released Joan from her night time cuffs so she could also start her morning ritual. Joan started her morning in the milking chair while Mona bathed. Joan helped Mona with her hair and make up, then cooked her breakfast. Joan always licked Mona's pussy at the front door and after Mona orgasmed, the two sisters french kissed so that Mona could smell and taste her own pussy on the drive to the train station. Joan then ran down stairs and popped in a workout video. She did her workout now because she knew Rick usually slept in for a couple more hours, but not today. He lay on his back listening to the fast beat of Joan's exercise tape and meditated.

Mona had completed the original set of programming treatments and was now working on another set. She completely accepted her role as the bread winner of the household. She delicately balanced the needs of her career as a banker and her place in the home. Mona was now three months pregnant with their first child. Her relationship with Rick had evolved into one of dedicated wife, uninhibited lover, and financial caretaker. Mona's relationship with her sister was quite different. She had become a dominant, aggressive sexual predator. She cuffed her to various pieces of furniture and raped her tirelessly with dildos. She ordered her around, making Joan do disgusting sexual antics to entertain both herself and Rick, humiliating her by calling her rude names. All her life she had somewhat resented Joan's playgirl approach to life. Now she was determined to make Joan earn any pleasures she might receive.

Joan had been subjected to weekly mind forming treatments for several months straight. The service had warned that this might be a little excessive, but Rick waved a wad of Mona's money in their face. The interwoven programming tapes had brainwashed her into a perverted sex animal leaving very little of the former Joan. Her assigned duties were cook, maid, housekeeper, and milkmaid. She was a compulsive licker, regularly scrubbing Rick and Mona's body with her tongue. She especially liked to clean them up after they shit, savoring the fresh, soft feces clinging to their anuses. She had 'voluntarily' gotten multiple tatoos and piercings all over her body. She fucked Rick as often as he could and she was programmed to always want more than she got. Despite the many orgasms, she was always achingly unfulfilled, perpetually horny, frequently masturbating. Hot wet dreams filled her sleep and during the day she constantly daydreamed about reckless, self destructive sexual perversions. The only way for her to think of something non-sexual was to busy herself around the house. She took this work seriously, and would probably do a better job if Rick and Mona wouldn't tie her up all the time. And when they weren't raping her, they made her pose obscenely and masturbate with all sorts of peculiar objects. Her addiction to sex kept her in line, her brainwashing left her no choice.

Joan had been turned into the family milk cow. Rick had her treated with a drug called pitocin. Sometimes used by adopting mothers, it induces the breasts to begin lactating. Rick then had a milking chair built. It was a molded plastic shield custom built for Joan's torso. It had two oversized depressions for her breasts and a firm rubber dildo at each end plus various straps and sensors. Whenever her breasts became painfully filled with milk she had two recourses. She could have Rick or Mona suckle her or she could let the chair drain her. To use the chair she first had to impale herself on one of the dildos and lay forward putting her tits into the suction cups. She then presented her knees and wrists to the automatically retracting straps. Putting her mouth over the other dildo actuated the device. Mechanical straps closed onto her wrists, knees, and neck holding her face down with her tits in the collection cups, her mouth and pussy stuffed with the two dildos, and her ass hole nicely presented for Rick or Mona. A powerful pulsing suction pumped the milk from her breasts where it drained into a refrigerated container. Sensors monitored her milk production and only when she had been completely emptied did the automatic straps let her go. Human breasts normally accelerate production to meet demand and since the machine demanded as much milk as she could make, after several months Joan's body was producing several liters of milk a day. Her tits and nipples had grown considerably during this process and were now extremely sensitive to touch. They developed ugly purple veins and stretch marks along the sides while the dark brown nipples increased both their length and width. Once proud and erect, Joan's breasts had become sagging mammaries. Joan looked like the cow she had become.

Mona always arrived home from work disparately horny for Rick's cock. Her surgically distended pussy rubbed constantly on whatever chair she sat on and her chemically enhanced nerves kept her sexually stimulated. By gently rocking in her seat, she could masturbate right at her desk, which she did occasionally during the day. When she got to her car at the train station, she took off her underwear and spit on them to get them wetter than they already were. Then she masturbated one more time with them in her hand. Then she used her panties as a rag and wiped her vaginal stench on her face, neck, tits and armpits so that when she got home she would stink like the horny bitch she Rick had turned her into. By the time she hit the door, she was nearly insane with desire to feel Rick's hardon in any one of her three holes. But Rick always had fucked Joan so many times during the day, that Mona usually had to lavish him with an obscene strip tease and lap dance just to lure an erection out of him. To earn her cock, sometimes Rick would make Mona switch roles with Joan and be the servant for dinner, or do something depraved to herself with some bizarre latex sex toy while he and Joan laughed and taunted her. The harder she had to work to feed her addiction, the crueler she was with Joan afterword.

Lying on his back Rick thought "Joan has become the perfect servant-slave. She knows exactly what Mona and I want all the time. Mona loves her job, too. She cherishes being the financial support for the two people she loves the most. But I need something more. Maybe what we need around here is another slave. Yes, I could use another slave/whore to fuck whenever I want. Maybe I'll start searching for another one. Now, what sort of body should my next toy have?"