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Story: Latex Clad Lovelies
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Latex clad lovelies

(I have to admit that reading a couple of Tang's stories gave me the idea for writing this, Player and Token especially as I cant think of a more sensuous and erotic way of being covered with latex I've basically used the same idea myself.I have to say its something I would love to experience for myself.)

Stephanie and Louise giggled nervously at each other as they got ready for a night out at the new club that had just opened in town.They were both by nature fairly quiet girls,but just occasionally they talked themselves into going out clubbing,if only to meet a few new people,and to see if they could meet the boy of their dreams,though neither were very hopeful on that.Both in their early twenties,Stephanie had shoulder length blonde hair,a face best described as plain,and a curvy fairly buxom figure,certainly not slim.Her big blue eyes were probably her best asset,at least outside of the 2 obvious ones she joked about!Louise was a slim redhead with stunning green eyes that shone brightly much of the time.Nearly flat chested,she teased Stephanie that she ought to 'lend' her some of her cleavage as Stephanie had plenty to spare,a fact that Stephanie giggled about,only wishing she could help her friend out.

The club which was called Fetishistic had advertised a 'Special night for ladies' for their opening night,and both girls were intrigued to find out more about it.The 2 flatmates weren't entirely innocent and knew slightly of the fetish scene,though the flyer had said normal clothes were more than welcome as part of the club dress code,which was just as well for these 2 ladies. The flyer said the most important thing was 'to be there,enjoy the atmosphere and be as outrageous only as much as you wished to be'.Stephanie and Louise put on fairly figure clinging tops,and shortish skirts but of what they jokingly called 'normal' material.

When they got to the club,they gulped and nearly turned round in surprise at the sight that greeted them.Amongst those dressed in normal clothes like themselves were several ladies dressed in tight PVC and Latex with men on collars and leads wearing far less!Other single women dressed similarly were also there with men looking on admiringly,many making it obvious how 'attractive' these women were to their eyes.Some of these women took pleasure in this sight,talked to the men concerned and slipped collars around their neck as their 'slave' for the night.Our 2 ladies had no idea of this sort of behaviour,but bravely decided to take their chances anyway,though they had no desire of 'owning' men themselves,even when 1 asked Stephanie to do just that!She just blushed and politely said 'No thank you' and he sadly accepted her decision.They both secretly hoped that they might find some romance there,but not that type of worship!

As they neared the door,both they and a group of half a dozen or so other girls dressed in club gear were approached by a woman who clearly worked for the club,and she made them a special offer for opening night.She explained to them that they had hired some very special units for the night, and that they were looking for 8 ladies to try them out.Until recently liquid Latex had been available but could only be painted on to people,a rather slow process.It had now been discovered how to spray Latex at a far faster rate onto the body,and the manufacturers had wanted to try out the process and they had contacted the club as they seemed an ideal place to start.It had been agreed that the first 8 ladies to turn up 'casually' dressed that night would be offered the chance and would any or all of them be interested?The other 6 girls agreed eagerly when it was explained they could wear as little or as much latex as they wanted to as the sprayer was computer programmed to design outfits that way.These 6 were tempted by the 'bikini' design which covered little,but they thought wouldnt be overwhelming,or too warm.Stephanie and Louise thought about it,but thought they were too revealing for their own taste,especially Stephanie who said she would put rather a lot on show in that outfit.She was just about to politely say 'No thank you' when Louise asked the lady,

"I know Latex is very revealing to wear anyway,but have you any outfits that cover you up a little more than that?I was looking at those ladies covered fully in latex,and I must admit it looked rather nice to wear,I think we might both be happier in something that covers us up slightly more than those mini bikinis do!"

The lady smiled,"Oh the catsuit look you mean,yes we can achieve that if thats what you would like, either with or without the hood.It would still show off your friends figure beautifully without being quite so revealing."

"That sounds better."said Stephanie smiling nervously,"In that case it might be fun.Are you game then Louise?"

"Yes,lets do it."said Louise who was eager to try some latex clothing on,but just didnt want to push Stephanie into something she might regret.

"Excellent then ladies,in that case if you will follow me as we need to get you ready for opening time."

She led the girls into the club,and along a long corridor to what she jokingly called the 'spraying room' to show them what was involved.When the girls got there,there were 8 circular cubicles to stand in and a large computer desk which Louise assumed was to ensure the spraying was done correctly to the design desired.The lady,who had told them her name was Kate took them over to the men controlling the operation to explain which outfit they had selected,and they instructed them which tube to then go and stand in when told to.They were then all shown to the changing room and a robe to put on when naked,as the latex would look far better if they were nude.An extra layer would be put on over their breasts to 'protect their modesty' if they so wished,something Stephanie at least was grateful for,though she admitted to Louise that she was getting excited by the prospect of being turned into a latex 'Goddess'.Both girls had chosen the hooded catsuit look after being told that their hair would be fine when the suit was cleaned off them later,something Kate and the 2 men were keen for them to do though Stephanie couldnt quite see why.

Then the 8 of them trotted back into the room in their robes,went to their designated tube and disrobed on entry,the tubes being opaque no one could then see their naked forms.They placed their feet in the stirrups provided,and their wrists in the bands so they couldnt move during the painting process or the design wouldnt be right.They then heard a voice talk to them,

"Right ladies,let me explain,first we will do a computerised body scan so that your outfit fits perfectly which will take a few minutes,and then the spraying will commence.Once the spraying has commenced its vital you dont move until we tell you to.At one stage the plate you are standing on will rotate slowly,just to ensure an even finish and shine to the outfit,so dont worry yourselves at that point.I will begin in 30 seconds ladies,so prepare yourselves now."

Moments later Stephanie saw a circular beam of orange light descend from the roof and slow when it reached the top of her head,she barely noticed it moving steadily down her body though she blinked when it passed over her eyes.In what seemed like no time at all the beam was at floor level and then journeyed back up her body.Then she heard the voice again,

"Thank you ladies,the body scans are now completed and the spraying on of your outfits will begin when I finish talking.The latex will be quite warm as it first touches your body though it will cool and set in a matter of minutes.The layers will slowly build up,the bikinis will be complete in about 10 minutes,the catsuits about 20 minutes so please be patient unitl then.I hope you will all be very impressed when you see the results."

The next thing she knew was a gentle whirring as dozens of spraying units moved out from the wall of the chamber and lined up the length of her body.The first thing she felt was a very warm liquid being sprayed onto her ankles,and then steadily all the other spray guns burst into life covering her in warm liquid latex.She felt a gentle tingling sensation as the heat of the latex met with her cooling flesh,but nothing she couldnt cope with.Within a minute or so the first thin layer of latex covered most of her body,but when the gun first went underneath and covered her slit in warm latex,she gasped in delight at the effect it had.She would have even said it had seeped inside her slit,but laughed at the idea.As more and more thin layers of latex washed over her body she longed to have a look at herself,but as she didnt know when the hood would begin being sprayed she didnt dare do so.What she did know was that every time her nipples were sprayed,and her slit painted she gasped at the pleasure she was receiving.After 10-15 minutes sufficient layers of the latex had hardened against her skin for her to realise what a latex catsuit felt like,and much to her shock she enjoyed the feeling of being covered up to her neck in latex.A few of the guns then moved up to her eye level,one steadily wrapping her neck in a latex collar,the others covering her blonde hair in a hood of latex.She had been promised her hair would be fine when this was removed before she had agreed to this,but she admitted to herself it did feel very sexy coated this way.Then all of a sudden she felt the plate she was on lift slightly,and begin to rotate very slowly and she felt a soft warm breeze on her face as she spun slowly round,this was as she had been told to ensure the suit was dry to touch,and also to ensure it had a glossy shine.After a minute or two the plate stopped rotating and lowered itself back into the floor,and then she heard a voice telling her she could free herself and step out of the chamber.

The chamber panels slid back and she walked out,and gasped as she saw Louise walking forward looking absolutely stunning in a black latex catsuit which covered all of her bar her face and feet.Stephanie guessed she looked just the same until she looked down at herself,and saw she was in an identical catsuit,only in a gorgeous metallic blue colour.The other 6 girls were stood there to greet them dressed in various coloured latex bikinis,including black,silver,blue and red.

"Arent they great?",one of the girls said to Louise,"Apparantly they have latex spray paint in more than one colour so we all got different colour bikinis to wear.And your catsuits are different colours too."

"So I see!",grinned Louise,"Well Steph,what do you think of your new look?"

Stephanie giggled,"Its kind of fun actually,just think its funny a quiet little mouse like me dressed in such a sexy outfit.Still for one night,why not have some fun.Not sure I want to be like those ladies we saw earlier though dressed like this,with men on collars,but I do love the feel of the outfit."

"Me neither."said Louise.

Kate smiled at the 2 catsuit clad girls,"Those men were simply acting as the ladies slaves for the night,doing as their 'Mistresses' wished them to.Some men enjoy that lifestyle you know."

"They do?",giggled Stephanie,"I dont mind men looking after me,but not sure I would want one as a slave."

"Well as you 2 ladies are dressed for the role,we thought you might like these to wear.",and Kate produced 2 pairs of leather thigh boots,"The body scan revealed your shoe size so we brought them out while you were being sprayed.The heels arent too high,just in case."

Phew,thought Louise who spent most of her time in flat shoes or trainers,certainly not the long 4-6 inch heels some of the other ladies had been wearing.She looked first at the boots,then at Stephanie,she guessed the heels were about 2-3 inches high,nothing they couldnt cope with.

"Well I suppose if we look the part in the outfit,"she said looking nervously at Stephanie,"perhaps we should wear heeled boots as well?"

"Oh why not,"said Stephanie with a grin,"they arent so high that I couldnt walk on them,and its only for a few hours.",and Kate proceeded to help both girls put them on.The bikini clad girls grinning at the sight,they had been given cute ankle boots to match their bikini colours.One of them cheekily knelt at Louise's feet and said,

"Yes Mistress,how can this humble girl serve you tonight?",and Louise giggled loudly.

At this point the men interrupted them,

"Ladies,the club is now open,feel free to go and enjoy yourselves.Just remember to return here shortly before closing and we will use the chemical spray to release you from your outfits.",and 8 happy young ladies disappeared along the corridor.Stephanie had to admit the bikinis were very good,the bra strap seemed to be one perfect seam of latex,that wouldnt come undone easily,and as for her catsuit,she had to admit she felt properly sealed into it.

As the girls trotted happily away,the 2 men turned to each other and one of them spoke,

"Well that was a surprise bonus,I never expected any of them to choose the fully enclosed catsuit look,let alone have 2 of them do so.One other benefit is they seem such a sweet pair of girls that it will be easy to see any changes that the formula brings about in them."

"Especially as they are wearing the hoods as well,it gives the formula chance to discover its neural development.I agree,I thought we would have 8 'top and mini skirt' clad girls and only able to test the arousal side of things,but this is a wonderful bonus.Of course we can have a little fun with our 6 'bikini babes' but I would imagine we can have a lot more fun with our 2 'demure dominatrixes'!" the other one replied.

The first man checked the computer data readouts,smiled and said,

"Yes,the formula is linking into their nervous systems perfectly,should be ready for activation in about 15 minutes.Neural linkage also commencing on our 2 hooded sweeties.",then turning to Kate he asked her,"Do you think you can arrange a couple of men later to serve our 2 new Mistresses,to see how dominant they can be 'when influenced' that way?"

Shouldnt be a problem,"grinned Kate,"there seem plenty of men here tonight willing to serve a Mistress."

In fact Louise and Stephanie were already finding out the bonuses of their new look,3 men already asking them for the honour of buying them a drink before they could even reach the bar!Not that they said no,but did wonder what they should do next with these men.

Stephanie turned to Louise and giggled,"This seems like fun I must admit,even if I dont understand why they do it.I suppose we can always take a lead from the women dressed this way with their slaves,that one over there is using a man as her footrest!",looking at a Latex clad woman with the 2 men 'worshipping' her,one providing her with his body as a footrest,the other keeping her outfit shiny,Louise gasping when she realised he was doing it with his tongue!

Louise giggled back,"I must admit this outfit is nicer to wear than I thought it might be,I'm not as hot as I expected to be with this on.Mind I've got a nice tingle down my spine,guess its the excitement of having it on."

"So have I,",said Stephanie,"Its very erotic to wear,though not suitable for everyday wear!Mind I might still be sorry when they take it off.I hope the other girls like their outfits too."

"Oh I expect so,they are a couple of years younger than us,and less 'straight laced' I should imagine.I bet they are popular with the boys tonight,those tops didnt hide an awful lot,did they?" said Louise.

"Especially for a fuller figured girl like me,"blushed Stephanie,"I think I'm glad I chose this outfit.", then looking down added,"I'm not sure quite how much I'm revealing anyway!"

"Clearly enough to keep the men happy!",grinned Louise as a man came up and offered to clean Stephanie's boots for her.Giggling she pushed her boot forward,and he began to lick it 'clean'.

Meanwhile back in the control room,they were getting ready for the big moment.having received the signal that the 'clothing' had now interfaced with each girls nervous system,they decided to run the first test.Switching on their camera link to the club area,they slowly turned up the arousal levels of the 6 girls in the bikinis,it was easy to see the girls blush as their nipples forced a little bulge in their tops which only grew more as the levels were turned up.Soon the bottoms too began to bubble up as their clits were gently teased and their juices began to slowly dribble down and collect.It wasnt long before 2 of the girls 'excused' themselves and headed for the ladies room.The men switched on the camera there,only to see these 2 latex clad lovelies desperately trying to play with themselves but of course the latex wouldnt budge!After 15 minutes or so of this entertainment the men sent a signal through to their outfit,a large pleasurable burst racked both girls bodies and they exploded in a massive orgasm and they flopped exhausted on the floor.

One of them smiled,and sent a message to Kate,"Prepare things for stage 2 ,we are going to begin to 'change' our 2 sweet new Dominatrixes feelings!We will need some 'guinea pigs' available for testing.Lets try a simple test first to see how controlled their minds are."

Stephanie and Louise were secretly loving the effect of their new look on the men there,they were simply queueing up to offer them drinks,or worship them,both of them giggling at this happening to these 2 sweet demure things.Then suddenly Louise looked across at Stephanie,gave her a big loving smile which baffled Stephanie,and then moments later she found Louise stretching across and planting a very passionate kiss on her lips,and trying to force her mouth open.When Stephanie opened her mouth to ask her what was going on she found Louise's tongue firmly down her throat, and her fingers tenderly rubbing her nipples.Just as Stephanie was about to push her away,one of the men flipped a switch on the console and Stephanie found herself enjoying every moment of it, and running her fingernails along Louise's slight breasts,and digging gently into her sensitive nipples.The only thing this did was make Louise even more passionate,and Stephanie found herself taken to heaven by her fingers pushing tightly into her latex covered breasts.If the 2 girls had been able to think for themselves they may have been shocked by the exhibition they were putting on,but they were by now in no state to do so.

Kate walked across to the control desk and laughed,"Clearly the neural link works quite well I would say!I have arranged to send a couple of 'victims' over if you are ready for the next stage."

"Ready when you are Kate."was the reply,and she phoned someone in the club and 2 men headed over to our passionate pair.They sent a series of signals to their catsuits,and awaited the results.

When Louise finally took a break for air,Stephanie smiled wickedly at her and said,"Wait until later and I can get at your naked body,then I will show you passion!",then they noticed 2 men stood before them with heads bowed,

"Yes,you pathetic men.",said Louise staring disdainfully at them,"You are honoured to be in the presence of 2 strong and dominant women like us,what do you possibly think you can do to deserve such an honour?"

"We wish to serve you Mistresses,as best as we pathetic men possibly can." one of them said.

Stephanie laughed at them,"Yes,thats all men are good for,giving devoted service to women,and providing for all our needs while taking nothing for themselves.Buy us drinks,and then spend your time ensuring our latex clad bodies are as shiny as possible.Once that is done,we may honour you with being our footrests for the evening."

The men listening through a microphone at the bar smiled,"Maybe we took things a little far there, but the 2 of them seem to be enjoying it.And our 2 new Mistresses as well!I think we can safely say the formula works though!"

The other man replied,"It certainly does,rather impressively I would say.I think we can leave them to have a little fun tonight,both with the men who serve them,and with each other."

During the rest of the evening it would have been hard to tell that Stephanie and Louise had entered the club as 2 quiet,straight girls,about as dominant as a family pussycat.They treated any man who came near them with total disdain,each forcing 1 to kneel at their feet and lap their latex clad slits while having their heeled boots resting firmly on their backs,at the same time showing great passion and love for each other.The other 6 girls were put through their paces as well,each in turn being taken to a point of sexual arousal where they could do nothing to stop them being filled by strong powerful orgasms that left them gasping with pleasure.

Towards the end of the evening the control levels on these 6 girls were steadily turned down,and they returned to normal,giggling together at what had happened to them that night.Louise and Stephanie,they had to be cleverer over due to the fact that people would notice the change if they now returned to easygoing straight girls,eyeing up the men!They kept them firmly under control until it was time for them to return,and indeed they were already on their way back when their mind control was relaxed on them.

"Wow!",said Stephanie,"I dont remember a lot about tonight,but what I do it seems like I had a lot of fun (implanted thoughts of course,since they dont know anything about their 'new lifestyle'),we must come back here again,though I guess these latex outfits wont be available again sadly.I'm surprised how much I enjoyed wearing it."

"Me too,",said Louise,"even I feel really sexy wearing this,I'm quite surprised,thought I would be shocked at wearing such erotic clothing,but I loved every minute of it."

Kate greeted the 8 ladies as they re-entered the room,"So ladies,did you enjoy your latex clad evening?",of course already knowing the answer.The 6 bikini clad girls giggled and blushed,and admitted to getting 'over excited' by their outfits and hoping they hadnt damaged the outfits. Stephanie and Louise admitted they had enjoyed wearing it too,and were amazed at the effect it had on the people around them.Kate explained it didnt matter about the girls 'over excitement' as the outfits would simply be 'cleaned away chemically' from their bodies and the latex recycled for future use.Stephanie and Louise said they loved the look,but apart from a little fun they didnt think they could really be dominant enough to match the outfits image,Kate smiling as she knew what had happened of course.

"Right ladies,"Kate said to them all,"its time to remove your outfits,and to change back into more normal clothing,"adding laughing,"assuming you dont want to go home dressed like this and unable to change of course?",and all 8 girls laughed and shook their heads."So if you will go back in the tubes you were in earlier we will do the necessary work.Louise,Stephanie,as I said earlier the chemical involved will have no effect on your hair,and if by any strange happening it does we will pay the cost of any treatments necessary whatever the cost."

The girls took one last look at each other clad in latex,and then went and stood in the tubes as before,once the girls were all safely sealed in the tubes Kate turned to the men and asked,

"I assume you have made your decision about these 8 ladies,initial prototypes or are you setting them free?"

The men smiled back,"Well we cant remove the formula from their bloodstream and nervous systems now anyway,though we can make it as dormant or as active as we wish.If it wasnt for our 2 sweet 'Mistresses' I would use them all as prototypes for our new latex doll collection,the other 6 would make ideal sex-bots with their formula settings.I'm sure we could find some clients for Mistress-bots though.Mustnt keep them waiting in there or they will get suspicious,lets toss a coin and decide,heads we 'humanise' them and tails they all become the initial latex-bots.

He tossed the coin in the air.................,

Stood in her tube Stephanie was just beginning to wonder if anything was going to happen when she heard a loud swooshing noise above her head and she found herself covered from head to toe in a thick pink liquid.her whole body started to tingle like electricity was passing through it,and she thought to herself that the arousal this gave her was amazing.Eventually she gave out a big gasp of pleasure,released a massive orgasm and passed out.

The next thing she knew was a voice calling out,"Stephanie,are you OK in there,its time to come out and get dressed to go home?",it was Kates voice calling to her.

Stephanie pulled herself together,mumbled something about being fine and looked herself over as she released herself.She looked fine,the only thing different that she could see was that her pubic hair had all been removed at some point in the process,she desperately checked her hair but that was fine,and seemed as full and healthy as before.Her breasts tingled a bright pink,and her nipples stood up like bullets,but she guessed that related to her orgasm.She stepped out the tube and saw Louise doing the same,she looked fine too,but she looked round all the other girls and noticed that not one of them now had any hair on their body other than on their heads.All the girls politely thanked the men for letting them have an interesting evening,and then they went off to dress in their 'ordinary' clothes.

Stephanie and Louise were fascinated by the other girls stories of how they had got so aroused by the sexy outfits they had been wearing that they had been having involuntary orgasms all night,and were now all planning to get some latex clothing of their own.They admitted they had loved wearing their catsuits,and the attention they had received,but they werent really the type of woman who enjoyed that sort of male attention.

When they were ready to go,Kate escorted them all to the door and let them out the club,hoping that they would return in the future,and all openly said they would.Returning afterwards to the men she said,

"You noticed the 1 effect I assume,though I'm not sure any of the girls did?"

"Yes,total body hair removal apart from the head,we did indeed.That may well be the part of the formula that assumes all girls covered in this latex are to be transformed into latex-bots of course, and they would be hairless. " one of the men replied,"The tall,buxom blonde did seem to notice but didnt actually say anything.I made a swift adjustment to her 'formula' before she left,just in case. She will soon forget she wasnt smooth all over.It is still possible to make adjustments to the formula for 15 minutes after the latex casing is removed,which was useful in this case."

Kate laughed,"Any other lasting changes you have left behind?"

The men laughed back,"Well the other 6 girls will definitely find an increase in their natural sex drive,but the blonde and her friend so enjoyed each others company tonight,that we decided to leave them that way inclined.And a little 'something extra' in their shower formula should enjoy both get some pleasure tonight!"

Stephanie and Louise paid the taxi driver off and went indoors to their flat.Both disappeared off to their rooms to change into their nightwear before heading back to the living room and Stephanie offered to make a couple of decaf coffees before heading to bed,an offer Louise happily accepted. Louise flopped on to the settee,and when Stephanie returned with the mugs of coffee she joined her.However instead of Stephanie doing her usual thing of sitting at the other end of the settee she snuggled up close to Louise and rested her head on her shoulder. Looking up into her green eyes she said,

"I enjoyed this evening,its always fun going out with you.Thanks.",and to Louise's amazement placed a firm,almost passionate kiss on her lips.Stephanie was slightly stunned by her actions,and hoped she hadnt upset her close friend,especially when Louise put her mug down and looked into Stephanie's blue eyes,she wasnt sure quite what had come over her.

Louise replied,"I wouldnt want it any other way darling.",and within moments Stephanie found her mouth being forced open and Louise's tongue doing wondrous things to her throat.Seconds later she felt a hand under her nightie,and fingers working strongly on her clit.It took Stephanie no time at all to return the compliment,and soon the 2 girls were rolled up in a sexual ball of pleasure on the floor.Stephanie took the lead in attacking Louise's slit with great hunger,and before long she felt that tell-tale hip buck that said Louise was ready to explode.She let loose a big moan of pleasure and Stephanie felt her face and breasts covered in Louise's sticky juices.When Louise had sufficiently recovered she rolled Stephanie on her back,held her down tightly and licked her clean,before attacking her slit,the taste of her own juices only turning her on more.It wasnt too long before Stephanie too let out a sigh of pleasure and her own love juices flowed down Louise's throat as she happily drunk them down.The 2 girls headed for Stephanie's bedroom and crawled into her big double bed together,snuggling up tightly to each others warm and aroused body.

They woke in the morning together,and smiled lovingly at each other,and Louise giggled,

"Guess my single bed isnt going to get much use from now on darling?"

"Only for guests!" grinned Stephanie.

The formulas work on our couple must have continued in other ways as well,because it wasnt too long before both girls were ordering all enclosing latex catsuits from a website they discovered, Stephanie choosing a silver coloured suit,and Louise a stunning red outfit to match her hair.They certainly proved popular with the men on their visits to Fetishistic when so dressed,and though they didnt have 'much clue' how to behave as dominant women they tried to follow the example set to them,and with a little 'internal' assistance they seemed to do quite well.The one thing that didnt seem to change was their sweet and likeable natures,and it wasnt long before another lesbian Domme couple took them 'under their wings' to give them a little help in their skills.Louise admitted it was nice they had 2 lifestyles,the quiet lesbian couple when 'normally' dressed,just an ordinary loving couple liked by most people,but they could 'play' the 'dominant queen' routine when dressed in their catsuits,not knowing this was controlled by the formula according to whether or not they were wearing their catsuits.Kate had to admit she was so pleased for what had happened to them since that first latex clad night.

Louise's room didnt stay vacant for too long anyway,only a matter of a few months before a 'slave' moved in to serve our pair of Mistresses who grew to like the lifestyle.Stephanie got a big promotion at work,so they could afford another person to 'look after' and made the decision to find a slave to serve them.She was older than both our ladies,in her early 30's,a curvy brunette who fitted in well with their home lifestyle,as well as serving them in 'every' way.Her life wasnt too hard anyway,she did after all have 2 very caring Mistresses to look after her welfare.This household was to stay together for many years.

The other 6 girls who experienced the 'special latex' that night had a happy life as well,though 3 or 4 at least seemed to enjoy turning on men so much that they ended up working in 'erotic clubs' dancing and earning large sums of money.They remained as far as I know totally straight in the sexual desires.Whether their choice of job was in any way related to the special formula coursing through them I am not permitted to say!

(To those of you who read my 'ramblings' in the forum you will know that I do have a second ending to this story related to if the coin toss had gone the other way,but the advice was to only post 1 ending so that is what I have done.However very shortly I do plan to write the 'other ending' as well so if anyone wants to see it,give me a week or so from time of publishing and I will happily email it on to them if they drop me a line requesting.Of course if I get enough requests I may well post the alternate ending here,but would need convincing this was the right thing to do.Hope the 'twist' with the slave was liked as an idea. Always delighted to receive any other correspondence as well at the usual address ,many thanks.)

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