The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive
Author: Petey [2]
Story: Kidnapped


When I awoke I found myself tied down by my ankles, now spread apart, my wrists, also spread apart, my chest just below my nipples and my thighs. I was also naked, and the table I was strapped to was made of hard cold metal, which suddenly made me realise I was shivering. Over my nipples where stuck two circular blue pads with a wire coming from each and disappearing down behind me. The table was at an angle of about 45 degrees allowing me to easily see the wall opposite which, contained what looked like huge flat screen television. I tried to shout for help but I was gagged and the only sound to emanate was a muffled hmmph. Whatever was happening was not going to happen quickly so I closed my eyes. A powerful bolt of electricity through my nipples quickly opened my eyes again and produced a muffled fuu. I tried to look around again but nothing and nobody else was present. The room was dark and quiet. I started to panic now, badly. I struggled against the restraints but the leather held solid. So many questions entered my head, Why, where, how long, am I going to die? I have to admit I feared the worst and closed my eyes to try to think. My nipples were fried again and my eyes flew open.

Images came back of all the fun things I have done with my nipples and the girls I was with, pinching, sucking, candle wax, but the electric current was pitched far too high to be pleasant, even pleasant pain. Why was I being electrocuted? I forced myself to try an experiment. I blinked, nothing. I closed my eyes and received the expected jolt. The only thing I could think of was why didn't they want me to close my eyes. Who were they?

I must have been laying there naked for hours looking at a dark room, panicking and I have to admit to a few tears. I quickly brought that under control though. I was beginning to think this was a torture chamber of some new Fred West when the flat screen turned on. After a few seconds of warm up images started to be displayed, this was certainly not what I had been expecting. The images, on slow fade over, were of men, specifically boys between 16 and 22 years, wearing nothing but a pair of tight lycra shorts, not the cycling kind, more like hot pants. I knew the ages because in the bottom left of each image were two statistics, age and I guess penis size. Each image was displayed long enough to study each boys body. Up popped a 16 year old, smooth and fit and almost pretty, like a girl. Then a 20 year old also smooth, more defined in the body and definitely more defined in the crotch, very handsome.

One immediate question:- Why? I have never been interested in men, or course I fantasised when I was young like every other male but it stopped as quickly as it had started. Why would they want to force me to look at pictures of men and boys, especially 16 year olds? I had no choice though, wherever I looked the screen was in my field of vision and of course, I couldn't close my eyes. I did test again though, and regretted it immediately.

Another image; 19 and very good looking, 7 1/2 inches apparently, big package and swimmers body, smooth and toned and for the first time I checked out his nipples, quite large and brown and lickable, oh fuck stop! What the hell was I thinking! I have a few fetishes sure, like my love of nipples, but on girls! Shit I needed to calm down, I took a few deep breaths, being careful not to close my eyes, and thought of my last night of passion. Three days before I was kidnapped I had met a girl in a pub. Not the best looking girl, but one with a good figure, ample chest and as I later found out, a thoroughly dirty outlook in the bedroom. And oh god that pussy, delicious.

Another image and another boy, 18 and surprise, surprise smooth and mostly naked. He was sat against a tree in a wood, legs apart and knees up, feet on floor. The picture was taken from his left ankle and followed his firm thighs, his swollen crotch and up his perfect torso to a pretty, innocent face. Only 5 1/2 inches this one, but his balls looked pretty sizeable. The nest was a 22 year old and looked similar to Leonardo DiCaprio but without the Brussels sprout type features, basically better looking. He was looking over his shoulder and the picture displayed his smooth back and stunning ass. This did not make me feel ashamed for some reason. All I could think about was that I had never seen an ass that round and pert on a girl ever, and I wish I had.

How long these pictures went on for I don't know but I was sure I saw the same models in different poses. It was a long time though because I started to fall asleep, my eyes were becoming too heavy to keep open, but soon flew up with that bolt of pain in my nipples. I began to get blurred vision and finally passed out. I woke quickly screaming into my gag as the electricity was turned up a notch, so they were trying to kill me. Another load of pictures and all the will power I could muster to keep my eyes open. I started to hallucinate. I saw myself in the pictures standing in a meadow having my picture taken, the black lycra hugging my genitals. Then there was a teddy bear, life sized and I was sat in its lap hugging it, but it quickly changed into a dinosaur and tried to eat me.

Suddenly the screen went off and the lights came on blinding me. Two men came in and they were huge. Built like the worst kind of bouncer, massive chests and thighs that could break furniture. They both wore old blue jeans that were clearly two sizes too small and white T-shirts that had a similar size problem, probably to accentuate the power beneath and dissuade me from fighting back. I was far too tired for that though, I could hardly breath on my own now. Their faces were hidden behind leather masks, like the kind gimps wear in Ibiza only without the zips. Just two pairs of eyes glared at me, pure malice emanated from them. One ripped the nipple pads off, I screamed again, and they both undid my bindings then carried me out of the room, at this point my body gave up again and I blacked out.

I had no idea how long I had been asleep for when I finally awoke but it felt like I had slept for days. I doubted it. I rubbed my eyes and looked around, I was in a cage. Polished metal bars formed a cube around me that I judged to be 5 foot by 5 foot by 5 foot. I could not stand up properly or straighten out unless it was diagonally. Attached to one side of the cage was a large water bottle with a pipe, a bit like a hamster bottle, and on the other was a small shelf on which was some bread and cheese. The second I saw the food I realised I was shaking, but I wasn't cold, I must have been without food and water for ages. I ate everything and proceeded to drink the water by pushing the little ball in with my tongue and sucking hard. I emptied it. Then I took stock.

I was naked. I was in a cage. I was being fed like an animal.

I ignored the humiliation, it was the only thing I could do. They, whoever they may be, might have been videoing me but I couldn't help that. I sat down with crossed legs and waited. And waited. It must have been hours and every sitting position known to man until finally I needed to piss. I held it as long as I could hoping someone would come but they didn't. I knelt at one end of the cage and pissed out a long relieving stream of urine. It came seeping immediately back into the cage, the floor outside was clearly sloped toward me, fuck. It wasn't as bad as it could have been because, as I have mentioned before, I have a few fetishes, and another one is piss. Not often and certainly not known to anyone but when I get really horny and carried away, I would piss either on myself or into a cup and drink it, disgusting you may say, but each to his own. Unfortunately I was never able to enjoy watersports with anyone else. This was different however, this time I was unable to jump straight into a shower or drink a beer to take the taste away. My urine pooled right in the middle of the cage and quickly became cold. I tried to lay down around it but my back hurt.

It was another few hours before I became tired again and fell asleep.

I awoke to the sound of my cage being rattled by a metal bar. I sat up quickly and realised I had been sleeping in my own urine and I stank. I looked at where the sound was coming from and the man stopped and looked at me. I presume he looked at me as he had small round dark glasses on, the rest of his face was covered by a kerchief or scarf. He wore a tight white top and blue jeans like the previous two but was not so heavily built. He was the first person since I had been kidnapped to speak to me.

"Want to get out of the cage?" He asked, his voice was deep and unwavering, powerful.

"yes." I croaked, I was in a mess.

"Want to look at more boys?"


He left the room closing the door behind him with a definite thud. I was alone sitting naked in my own piss, and I was thirsty again. Luckily the water bottle had been filled so I emptied it again. A few hours later and of course I needed to piss again. I tried another side of the cage, the side the man had been standing but it all came dribbling back. More piss for me to lay in. More hours passed with me sat in one corner of the cage, bars digging into my back, when the man came back. This time he said nothing. He had an empty water bottle and I watched as he showed me the bottle, turned side on to me and filled it with his own urine. I didn't see his dick but I saw the stream. He put the top on, squeezed it through the cage bars and put it down in the opposite corner to me, then left. I was too dumbstruck to say anything. A hissing sound started but before I could locate the origin I passed out.

I awoke with my mouth feeling like half the Sahara desert had been poured into me and desperately needed a drink, but the water bottle had been removed. The bottle of the mans piss was there, along with two others.

No way! I thought to myself, absolutely not. I managed a couple of hours before I broke. I crawled over to the bottles, they looked clear enough and were cold. Fuck it I thought, I had to, and almost crying I necked half the contents in one go. You may think this is sick but it really wasn't that bad, not when you are desperate for a drink, so I finished it and started a second bottle. I finished that one just a quick. I crawled back to my corner, through my own piss and wanted to cry. I would have done almost anything to get out. Some time later the man came back. He didn't say anything but just looked me up and down, I was too weak to cover myself.

"Want to get out?" He asked finally.

"Yes." I just checked myself from sobbing.

"What would you do?"

I thought about this and knew what he wanted me to say, fuck it, they were only pictures.

"I want to look at more boys." I said, stronger this time.

Underneath the scarf I could tell he was smiling. He clicked his fingers and the two bodyguards came in. The top of the cage was opened and they reached in and easily picked me out, carrying me back to the first room. I was strapped in again but this time the electric pads were stuck to my testicles. They laughed as they left. There was absolutely no was I was sleeping this time.

The screen came to life straight away and started showing images again, only this time they were all couples. Gone were the stats and the black lycra shorts. This time there were merely the ages and each model wore tight white briefs, higher cut than the shorts, and some had three feint blue hearts over the crotch.

First image: 16 & 18, sweet looking, arm in arm looking into the camera, cheeks touching and bulges obvious.

Second image: 22 & 17 the younger one was sat on the lap of the older one and they were looking into each others eyes smiling away. The older one had his right had on the chest of the younger one, middle finger over his nipple and for the first time since I was taken, I felt a slight stirring in my cock. I ignored it.

Third image: 18 & 18 and stunning, fit smooth and sexy as hell and they were kissing. One was holding the others face in his hands and their lips barely touched but the image reminded me or a lesbian picture I had seen once and my dick bounced slightly.

The next imaged showed a couple walking away from the camera, hands on each others buttocks but one was inside the briefs of the other, and it was the model with the stunning ass. I found myself wanting my hand down there, what was wrong with me! Another image another couple, lying on a bed with red sheets and heart shaped cushions. 17 was on his back while 19 lie on his side, one arm round 17's shoulders the other cupping his package, they were kissing passionately and tongues were on show. I wanted to kiss like that.

And so it went on. I must have seen a thousand images of couples in various poses and states of excitement and I must have been there for hours. I closed my eyes only once and my testicles hurt for the rest of the session.

Eventually the screen went blank and the two men returned, this time however they offered me a choice, one I made with fear and shame.

"You can go back to the cage for another 4 days, or have some food and drink, then another session like this and a real bed." FOUR DAYS! I was dumbstruck.

"W.. what do I have to do?" I stammered, my voice betraying my weakness and fear. They both smiled and for the first time I had an inkling they may be twins. It didn't matter. They looked at each other, winked and looked me up and down.

"We need a piss. You will drink straight from out cocks."

"But you must ask us nicely." Added the other

What choice did I have? Four days in a cage of my own piss and probably soon shit as well, or drink piss now. I chose quickly.

"Please may I drink your piss?" I asked, looking at both in turn.

"Please may I drink you piss what?" demanded the first.

"Er, er, Sir?" I said. Clearly this was the wrong answer, they took an nipple each and pinched hard and twisted. I let out a bit of a yelp.

"We are your masters, everyone here is!" Bellowed the second. "Now ask properly!"

"Please may I drink your piss master." I said meekly.

"Of course." They undid my bindings and forced me to kneel on the floor. I had my wrists rebound behind my back. I watched as number one stood in front of me and unbuttoned his jeans, he pulled them down to his knees along with his underwear and his not too large genitalia stared me in the face. I stared, for too long as a stream of hot piss hit me in the face. I quickly took his penis in my mouth and swallowed as fast as I could, there was a lot, but I did it. Number two repeated one's actions but I took his cock quickly and swallowed everything. This was the first time I had ever seen a live cock anywhere near me, let alone put it in my mouth. I had mixed feelings but I would analyze them later, all I wanted to stay out that cage.

Without further talk they picked me up and took me to another room. I was a cell, but it had a bed. A hard one. And in the corner was a toilet and some paper. This I used immediately. While I was sitting there, a flap at the bottom of the metal door was opened and a tray of food and three bottles of water were pushed inside. It was also then I noticed the pictures of the models on the walls, and this freaked me out. Now I was frightened because each of the pictures was of the models I had had thoughts about. The one with the fantastic ass was plastered three times next to the bed. The one with the pretty features and sexy pose next to the door. The one with the beautiful nipples behind me. All in glorious technicolour, and all looking directly at me. I finished my ablutions and started on the food, which disappeared quickly, as did the water, then I lay down and slept.

I had a dream this time, one I could not control but simply had to follow, like a rollercoaster. I was on a huge comfy bed with silk sheets and big fluffy pillows, the kind what girls always want and men don't really care about, but I was there. A guy entered and climbed onto the bed with me and wrapped his arms around me. I hugged him back and we kissed.

Have you ever had a dream that feels so real you could swear that you actually had that experience? I have a few times and this was one of them. He was muscular without being one of those vulgar body builders, and young, probably about 20. Short cropped dark hair and the rest of him was smooth. I didn't notice whether he was wearing anything and didn't 'feel' anything. We kissed and he stroked my torso and thighs, he was pinning me down but I didn't struggle and held onto his back and shoulders tightly. When I opened my eyes I found I was kissing myself but I wasn't shocked, I smiled at me and we kissed some more, I liked the feel of being lovingly pinned down. Then 'he' rolled off and I found it was back to the first guy, the fit one. He rolled onto his side facing away from me and I felt hurt and sad. I rolled over as well and spooned him, hugging his chest and stroking his flat stomach. I could tell he was smiling and he turned his head and we moved to kiss. Suddenly his mouth became huge with razor sharp teeth and he ate my head. I woke up. I took a few seconds to orient myself, then checked the dank room out, nothing had changed. I was lying on my back and I felt a cold clammy something on my belly, I probed gingerly with my fingers fearing something razor sharp had indeed attacked me but it was less damaging and far more embarrassing, it was cum. I had had a wet dream, my first since I was 10. I had no time to reflect however as the two burly men came and carried me off to the TV room.

This time however I was put in a different position. I was still bound be my wrists spread wide apart, and the pads were back on the nipples, but this time my knees were brought up into the air and hung from the ceiling by chain, and my ankles were bound to a metal rod meaning I couldn't close them. This exposed my ass and could probably best be described as your classic missionary position. This was it, I was going to be raped. Something got wheeled in on a trolley and placed between my legs, I couldn't see properly. A warm wet substance probed and entered my anus and to my surprise, and not a little horror, it wasn't unpleasant, neither was what came next. It felt like someone's finger only slightly bigger and was smooth and warm and it slid easily inside me. The final touch was another electricity pad wrapped around my penis, then they left.

Images, lots, and slowly changing. We had moved on as the models were now naked but cunningly his most of their genitals through poses or hands or other body parts from the partner. There was still lots of kissing but now we had introduced other fun things.

17 & 17 one stood up looking down at the other sucking on one's nipple and squeezing his butt with one hand. My dick started twitching. The next showed a very sexy couple hugging tightly, holding each other by their ass kissing passionately. My dick twitched again. Two 16 year olds came next, spooning in a flowery ditch somewhere, the one behind reaching between the legs of the other and kissing his next, the look of joy on the others face, along with their age and obvious good looks caused my erection to bloom. I couldn't stop it, and as soon as it became more than semi hard the pad wrapped around it hummed into life and send a highly pleasurable vibrating sensation running up and down the length. An involuntary moan escaped me and as I stared at the two gorgeous boys on the screen I found myself wanting to be with them, I wanted to feel the one behind reaching for me and kissing me. Then to my dismay the image changed to show a plump girl in a tight top and shorts smiling, or trying to. The vibrations stopped and I lost my erection completely. I almost wanted to cry again such was the emotional roller coaster I was on. For god knows how long I had been kept prisoner in disgusting conditions thinking I may die, then the only bit of pleasure I get is ripped away from me. I wanted the boys back. Then another screen came to life, one I had not noticed before and set above the images one. It displayed the following sentence: Tell us what you want.

I re-read it, could it be that simple?

"I want to see the boys." I said almost as a whisper.


"I want to see the boys." I said louder.

It's a big room...

"Please show me the boys!" I shouted. And that's all there was too it, the boys came back and as my dick grew the vibrations started. God it felt good. I wasn't touching myself and no one was here and it felt fantastic. The image changed and caused me to grow even more, the current increased and I felt incredible. I was looking at two more 16 year olds, one on his back in the same position I was in, the other between his legs, clearly inside him. The one on his back had his legs over the other one's shoulders and they both smiled and looked at each other with great love, or more probably lust. And this time there was a dick, the pretty one on his back had his semi erect cock pointed up toward his smooth flat belly.

Then another girl, flabby and topless, her vulgar flat tits held up only by her bulging fat belly. I went soft immediately and the good feeling stopped.

"NO!" I yelled, "Please show me the boys!"

Why? Asked the screen.

"I want to feel good." It was a whimper, a pleading.

Boys make you feel good?

"Yes, please show me." I was begging now. I was not in a good frame of mind, I had been slowly worn down with beautiful images and horrid conditions and treatment. This was my one, possibly last chance of good feeling and I wasn't going to lose it.

Would you like to watch boys make love?

"Them two, yes, yes please."

You are turned on by boys?

"YES! Please show me."

The screen returned to the image which after a few seconds suddenly became a video. I watched as the boys slowly had sex, the one on top moving in and out of the one below, who was moaning softly and kept reaching for the others one hands. They kissed every so often and both groaned. I was hard in an instant and the current switched back on, obviously greater than before. Then I received a new sensation, the smooth thing in my ass,, which I had forgotten about started moving in and out of me in time to the video. My nipples also got stimulated and as I watched the boy on top started sucking the nipples of the bottom. I have never had anything in my ass before except for a girls finger but this was sensational, there is no other word for it. I knew deep down I was being manipulated, I had to be, but I didn't care, I just left myself go safe in the knowledge I was soon to be dead. I watched the video, got fucked by a dildo and had my penis electrically stimulated and it was fantastic. The only thing missing was the kissing and hugging. As the video went on, the top boy was becoming more and more attractive, possibly by association with what 'he' was doing to me, but I couldn't help it, I wanted to be underneath him.

I love you baby he breathed on the video. Hi partner didn't reply. I let out a moan as a wave of pleasure shot along my shaft. Without me noticing the camera angle had changed and I was watching top boy as though I were the bottom boy. I looked straight into his eyes, and as if on cue, he smiled and repeated. I love you baby.

"Uh, baby..." I moaned softly. The fucking got faster both on the video and in my ass, faster and deeper. It felt wrong and sometimes uncomfortable but I didn't want it to stop.

I love you, I want you to love me baby

"I do..." I said it without thinking, I just wanted to cum now.

I love you

"I love you too..." I gasped as the machine and 'my baby' speeded up again. I was about to cum.

Be mine baby, be mine

"I'm yours, all yours UH!" I came, spurting hot sticky spunk up to my neck, all over my chest and belly. My dick stayed hard for a bit and bounced as I squeezed out dollops of cum onto myself. The vibrations had stopped with my first ejaculation but the fucking machine had gone faster then slower but harder then slowed to a stop inside me. On the screen the boy had cum as well and showed it, breathing heavily and smiling at me.

Oh baby I love you he said

"Yeh" Was all I could reply, but I didn't feel disgusting or wrong, I felt satisfied but empty, the emptiness one gets from having no partner to cuddle afterwards, no kissing. I kept looking at the screen and he kept looking back, smiling his sweet beautiful smile.

You could stay in my room and be with me if you want? He suddenly said. I didn't know what to think or say, this was just a video wasn't it? The screen above flickered to life again.


"Er, well w...what?" I asked.

Back to your cage, or be his?

"Fuck, really?" Shit, that's a choice? Back to that fucking cess pit again (what about the cell?). Or go to his room, if it was real, and feel that good again? No fucking choice there.

Baby I want you, be mine He said, big brown eyes beckoned me with promises of extraordinary pleasure.

Cage or boyfriend? Ah shit, I hadn't thought about it like that, but then I thought of a shitty cell, or as promised here the piss covered cage where I get treated like a pet.

"Where is he?" I asked.

Here, you are not leaving. Cage in 10 seconds.

That galvanised me into a decision, I would ruminate on the first part later.

"Boyfriend." I stated.


"I want to be his boyfriend, like he said."

A few moments pause during which I thought I was too late and despair crept in were quickly wiped away when the screen said:

Oh baby yes, I'll see you later. We will make love again.

I even said "Bye baby" to the screen, how sad was I?

The two roughs entered as the screens turned off and started to remove all the machinery and untie my bindings. My wrists were tied together straight away, I really wasn't going anywhere.

"Listen up. You will live with Marcus and love him, but your training will continue. Fail any section and it's back to the cage and we start again. Understand?" The guy I first drank piss from stated the rules. What did he mean my training? I got a slap, a hard one.

"Fucking understand?" Shouted the second.

"Yes...yes." I replied quickly.

"You submit to Marcus, do not argue or refuse him, do you understand?"

"Yes." What else could I say.

"You need to know what one of our mildest punishments is if you disappoint us."

I got thrown to the floor where I landed on my head due to my wrists being behind my back, this had the effect of sticking my ass in the air. Suddenly I felt a powerful, terrible pain slice through my backside and cried out. A second one ripped into me and I roared with pain and tried to roll away, but got a solid kick in the stomach. I was repositioned and received another whipping, I was sobbing by the time the fourth came and I felt blood dribbling down my thighs. They picked me up and held my head up so I could see their eyes.

"Our mildest punishment is 5 of those every hour for 12 hours, and you will live in the cage, which can fill to a foot deep with piss and shit from our toilets. Want to fail?" It was said calmly and matter of factly, I did not disbelieve.

"No," I sobbed.

"Marcus will look after you, we won't." And with that they carried me out of the room, I was dumped on a table in the hall outside where someone slapped a cream on my buttocks, which stung like fuck for a few seconds then soothed me. I was then walked, still naked, down the hall. I passed what looked like cell doors and behind one I swear I heard sobbing. We came to a stop at a window, and the sight inside filled me with horror.

"A mild rebuke, he refused a request." Said a new man that appeared out of nowhere. He was small, slim with a handsome face and close cut dark brown hair. He wore a white coat like a doctor. "Watch." He smiled as he indicated the room beyond.

Inside a man, roughly 25 years, was strapped in the doggy position to a solid and unmoving table. Surrounding him were four of the biggest black men I had ever seen, with the biggest cocks I have or probably will ever see. And they were thick. The man was being repeatedly raped by each black man in turn, and when they weren't busy fucking him, they were whipping his back with thick leather belts. The man was gagged but was clearly openly crying and in horrific amounts of pain, tears streamed down his face and his body convulsed with sobs and thrusts. I turned away.

"You won't get this if you are good." Said the man good naturedly. "I would show you the next punishment along if you like, but I think just telling you would suffice. Will you believe me?"

"Yes." I replied.

"I thought so. If he is bad again he will have a metal apparatus attached to his head, which forces his mouth open. Those fine men in there will then shit in his mouth. He can either swallow or taste it until he does. It's quite poisonous you know." I retched and would have thrown up had there been much there in the first place.

"I knew you would see sense. Be good, there's a good boy." With that he turned and entered the almost invisible door he appeared from. Without a word the two body guards took me further down the hallway, we turned left and I found myself in a shared shower cubicle. No one was there.

"You have 10 minutes, wash." One of them commanded. I did as I was told, finding shower gel in a tray in the middle I scrubbed and scrubbed and let searing hot water hurt me, even my buttocks which came under renewed attack, I didn't care.

"Enough." A towel and a tube of cream followed the command. I dried and applied the cream gingerly to my ass. They then marched me down another hall and suddenly outside, I was out in the open, oh the sweet smell of grass and fresh air. I had forgotten how vile the air in the prison was. This was incredible, fabulous. I looked at some trees at the side of the path we walked along and saw birds, tears formed in my eyes. A few minutes later we came to a small dwelling, similar to a chalet one finds at a holiday centre, two rooms, one bedroom and one bathroom. I was still bound by the wrists so on of the bastards (this was how I was going to privately refer to them from now on), knocked on the door and they left. I thought no one was going to answer but finally the door opened and the beautiful boy stood there in just a pair of baggy shorts. He smiled immediately and gave me a massive hug.

"Oh baby you're here, god what have they done to you?" He held my face and his hands and kissed me full on the lips, though no tongues. As he helped me inside I took in the room, nothing shouted 'queen'. This was my one fear, no way could I live with a feminine boy, don't know why, just couldn't. But this boy spoke normally, walked and moved normally, and had a normal boys room, save for pictures of men gracing his walls instead of girls.

He undid my wrists and sat on the bed with me. His arm snaked around my back and held me tight and his other rested on my thigh, stroking gently up and down.

"Welcome to our home baby." He said, his voice was softer than on the video but sweet and at the moment reassuring. I just looked at him. Any moment he was going to break into a high pitched queer voice and break whatever it was that had me here. He didn't move his arm or stop stroking me, he just looked into my eyes and smiled.

"You're sixteen?" I asked the most stupid question imaginable.

"Yes," he grinned, "and I'm yours." He gave me a quick peck on the lips. Despite the whipping and pain, despite witnessing the most horrid act and hearing about another act of pure evil, I forgot it, and concentrated on his hand, it was very close to my dick, which was twitching again. I put my hand on his thigh, it was firm and warm and smooth and I never wanted to let go. I savoured every second as I ran my hand down to his knee, then very slowly and lightly back up. I stopped before I touched his penis. I didn't want to but I did. He moved closer and wrapped his arm tighter around me, his hand coming to rest on the opposite hip to him, and lay his head on my shoulder with his lips against my neck. I was burning with desire, I couldn't help it. What had they done to me. A completely straight guy gets kidnapped and god knows how long later I'm desperate to climb into bed with a sixteen year old boy. I was breathing heavier and Marcus noticed. He moved his hand off of my thigh and up my chest, pausing to rub my nipples then back down. He repeated this a few times and I became solidly erect. He made a satisfied and happy 'hmmm' noise on my neck which I felt more than heard and I stroked his thigh again, this time however I did not stop, I ran my hand painfully yet tantalisingly slow back up, down into his groin and cupped his balls. I got a definite but muffled 'mmmm yeh' from him as a reward. He opened his legs and that one act got me almost too excited. A fit beautiful sexy sweet sixteen year old boy who was my lover opened his legs for me. My emotions ran away with me again, pain, anger, fear and now passion and caring boiled inside me, I needed him, I wanted him. He seemed to know what I was thinking as on cue he murmured into my ear;

"I love you baby, I'm yours." There was no time for me to answer as he removed his hand form my chest, placed it on my cheek and turned me to him. Immediately his lips pressed hard into mine and I gave in, my mouth opened and we touched, tongue to tongue, desperate to be in each other, licking each other and feeling the intensity. I managed to force myself to remove my hand from his warm hairless scrotum and up onto his chest before I spurted everywhere. Free to roam my dick bounced around and sprayed cum onto Marcus and myself. He didn't stop kissing me and wouldn't let me stop. I wanted to apologise, to say sorry, I had cum too soon but instead he pushed me back down onto the bed, chest onto mine and kissed me more. His hand ran down my body and started rubbing my balls gently. Even though I had just cum I wanted this, I hugged him tightly to me and caressed his silky back, he responded by moving a single finger along the shaft of my softening penis. He started squirming on top of me and I felt my cum rub and slide between our chests. All the time I got small moans out of him and little squeezes to my balls. Finally he calmed down and slowly stopped. He lifted his face away from mine and grinned at me. Then he jumped up and before I could move sat on my chest, legs either side of me. I had an uninterrupted view of his hard cock, and for the first time in my life, I found it desirable. I wanted it. I wanted to touch it, to lick and suck it, to please Marcus as he had me. He knew this, he must have done as just the he moved forward so he was sitting on my upper chest and lifting his dick, put his balls on my lips. He smiled at me. I kissed them, one by one, then took both into my mouth and sucked, very gently.

"Oh yeh, baby" He moaned, all the while looking at me and stroking my head with one hand, and reaching back and cupping my balls with the other.

"Do that for a bit?" He asked. He didn't need to, and I couldn't reply with that mouthful, so I simply carried on. Sucking a little, licking around the globes and nibbling his scrotum. He let go of my balls and started pinching his left nipple. I immediately reached up and did it for him, he held my hand and showed me exactly how he liked it, quite hard sometimes and kneading and rolling mostly. A small movement in his groin told me he wanted sometime else, I opened my mouth but instead of receiving his dick he moved forward more and pulled apart his buttocks, his anus coming to rest on my mouth. Although I had never thought about this before ever, I knew what he wanted, and did it because I wanted to, not because I had to. This I admitted to myself later, now however I buried my tongue in my lovers anus. I liked around the hole then tried to get inside, Marcus helped me by relaxing and I found myself easily allowed to probe him. By now I was getting hard again, I had a fabulous round pert ass spread on my face and I was being as intimate as one can be with another person, and I knew I was doing good.

"Oh baby, oh yeh, I love it." He groaned and started to squirm on my face, rubbing his stunning thighs over my cheeks. Then he was off, sliding back down my body.

"Let me show you heaven," he winked at me. He got off the bed and raised my legs. Kneeling down on the floor he returned the favour. I never dreamed that area could produce such great feeling, as his tongue darted about, in out and around, I moaned with pleasure, this was erotic and dirty and horny and everything I could think of.

"Oh." I let out a little yelp. "mmmmmm." Another random noise, I was even trying not to. After a few minutes I felt his finger slide in, then another. As he did so he looked over my dick as me, still with that sweet smile on his face and asked;

"Can we make love like we did before?" I made no thought of the time before, only the pleasure and orgasm.

"Yes, fuck yes, please."

Fingering my hole as he stood, he placed my legs over his shoulders, kissing my calves. I watched his lithe perfect body between my legs and almost came again, but managed to control it.

"Relax baby" He said softly, and pushed his cock against my hole. My first reaction was to tighten up, but he pinched my nipple and told me to relax again. I did, and he parted my buttocks and pushed in. Now Marcus isn't big, but a hard erection, even a six inch one, is a large thing to accept when you are new.

"Ah.." I exclaimed involuntary.

"Relax baby, I want to love you." He whispered. He carried on pushing and finally I felt his balls on my ass cheeks.

"I thought we had to use some lubricant or something?" I asked.

"I have baby, don't worry." He replied. He started pulling out a little then pushing back in. All the while being slow and gentle. I ran my hands up and down his tummy and chest, feeling him, so smooth and soft. He leaned down and kissed me, powerfully like before, and reached between us and took hold of my dick and started stroking me. This was all incredible and I just let go. I must have relaxed just right because Marcus suddenly started fucking me faster and it felt odd, sometimes uncomfortable but good, I liked it, just like on the table with the video only better. This was properly warm and I could feel the larger size. It stretched me a bit but felt nice, better than nice, it felt great. I wriggled around and got a bit more comfortable, gave Marcus a bit more of my ass and he ploughed me, harder now, his balls slapping against me and every three or four thrusts I got a grunt or other similar noise from him. He stopped kissing me, took hold of my hands and pinned them on the bed behind my head. His eyes locked on mine and stayed there, closing sometimes. He was biting his bottom lip and I found him enormously desirable and sexy. And sweet, the overriding description was sweet, a very attractive trait to me, most of my girlfriends were sweet. His grunts were becoming more frequent now and I was getting caught up, the feeling of his dick inside me, thrusting and drilling me, the look on his face, the young beautiful body, I found myself saying things I didn't mean to. Or maybe I did.

"Oh Marcus..." I breathed. "Give me more..."

"Yeh baby, everything you want." He replied. And did, somehow he forced in deeper and I felt it. He speeded up and got harder and I wanted it. I don't know why.

"Harder, harder, fuck me..." I groaned.

"Uh, oh I'm gonna cum baby."

"Yes, cum in me..."

"Baby, I want to cum on you, on your face?"

"Yes, anywhere, anything." And with that came the final sequence. I removed my legs from his shoulders and brought them up to my chest, he let go of my hands and I held my legs as open and back as possible for my baby. He put his hand on my chest and leaned on me, fucked me hard and fast for a couple of seconds then pulled out. It was like losing a lover, my ass, which had been virginal until a few minutes previously now needed him again, but the feeling quickly went away as he leaped up and stood over me, held his cock and spurted his whole load onto my face. I opened my mouth and closed my eyes. I received warm shots of spunk into my mouth and my face got covered, over my eyes and cheeks and down my chin and onto my neck. Some when in my hair. His final surprise was to put his dick in my mouth, which without thinking where it had been I accepted with glee, gently sucking (memory from girls giving me blowjobs give me that info) and taking the final dribbles of cum. I didn't swallow straight away. I coated the inside of my mouth with the salty sticky fluid, feeling and tasting it. When I finally did swallow it burned my throat a bit. Marcus didn't move for a bit so I rolled his softening cock around my mouth, my tongue felt it retreat back into his foreskin. Then he pulled out. He lay on top of me, head proper up with his left hand, right hand rubbing his cum into my face. He licked the cum out of my eyes so I could look at him. And I did, in awe.

"How was it baby?" He asked, still rubbing cum in.

"Incredible." Was the only fair answer.

"Will you be my boyfriend?" He asked with such innocence I wanted to cry.

"More than anything yes!" He grinned so widely I thought he'd hurt himself but kissed me passionately for a minute before leaping off and crying;

"Then let me show you the other part of heaven!" He grabbed a tube of something from the floor and taking my still hard cock in his hands, smothered it with some warm gel. Then he straddled me and positioned his ass over my groin.

"You fuck me now baby, love me!" He held my penis and guided it onto his hole. Unlike me he relaxed and I slid inside easily, and almost immediately came. The tightness along my whole shaft was intense, not painful but wonderful. He began moving up and down, we were fucking, I had my dick in my sixteen year old lovers ass. I watched his body and played with his balls and nipples. We had a lovers conversation as we fucked.

"Did you like me in you?" He asked, slightly out of breath.

"Oh god yes, I love it." I replied.

"After only one time baby?"

"Somehow yeh."

"Do you like my body?"

"Fuck yeh baby." Of course I did, it was stunning.

"We are going to be great lovers." He said.

"Yeh, oh yeh." I started my final few minutes, eyes closed and holding his thighs as he bounced on me.

"You belong to me." He told me.

"Yes I do, I'm yours." I agreed.

"Then come to me, let everything else go baby, only us."

"Yeh, oh, uh, I'm gonna cum!" I exclaimed.

"Yeh, in my mouth..." And with that he leaped off and took my cock in his mouth, sucking hard. It was a few seconds of unbelievable blow job and I ejaculated, spewing shot after shot into Marcus's mouth. He took his time getting everything and as I lay there panting and feeling great, he kissed me, sharing with me my own cum. He climbed on top of me and we hugged tightly and kissed for a long time, neither pausing to swallow my cum. I wrapped my legs around him and received a contented 'hmmmm'. Finally we finished and swallowed, my cum slightly burning my throat again, but I was getting used to it. He gave me a final peck on the lips then stood and wandered over to the opposite wall in front of which was a table. He started pouring a couple of drinks and I just lay there, grinning like an idiot and staring at the ceiling. I felt the knackered satisfaction of a great fuck, one that will be remembered, even more so as this was my first gay sex. That's when I started to feel a bit woozy. What had I done, and why was I so happy about it. I felt sick, it was disgusting. I thought of having a cock up my ass and in my mouth and gone was the excitement of the moment and horny wanton abandon, replaced with a self-loathing and embarrassment.

Marcus returned and gave me a glass and I sipped, then took a long drink. Vodka and coke is one of my favourites. He smiled that smile at me and sipped at his own drink. His free hand started stroking my thigh lightly and instead of feeling good I felt revulsion. A boy was playing with my body. That's when I passed out again.

I awoke to find myself spooning Marcus. My lower hand was wrapped around his torso and with fingers intertwined with his, held his chest. My upper hand was trapped between his firm silky thighs cupping his balls, and my impressive morning glory was pressing between his round buttocks. His own erection simply poked out in front, untouched. He fit in my arms perfectly and it must be true that guys think with their dicks because all bad feeling from before had vanished, replaced by horniness and, well, I had to admit to myself, something that could be described as love, though why I had no idea, I really don't even know the kid. Must be lust I decided. I started kissing Marcus's shoulders and neck and he stirred, wriggled a little and started pushing his bum into my groin. I became so hard it hurt.

"Baby." I whispered, mainly because I thought he liked that. Evidently he did.

"Morning lover." He whispered. Morning?

"Morning? How long did I sleep for?" I was astonished. He freed himself from my grip and spun around to face me, one hand resting on my hip, I wanted him to move it round to my buttock but said nothing. He kissed me quickly on the lips and said:

"Well you fell asleep around four yesterday afternoon, and now it's twenty past nine."

"Fuck, I had no idea I was that tired!" I exclaimed. I was later to find out that my passing out spells, all of them, involved more than I could have imagined, but that comes later. Marcus merely smiled and got out of bed.

"Come and help me piss?" He asked. I didn't quite know what he meant but I followed. He stood by the shower door instead of the toilet.

"Stand behind me baby and hold me. I love it when you hold me." I stood behind him and hugged him tightly. He removed one of my hands and placed it on his erect cock.

"Hold me." He whispered. I held his dick while he pissed into the shower and his arms came around behind me and squeezed by ass. I pushed my erection into his lower back and he giggled.

"Why the shower?" I asked.

"Can't aim properly with a hard on babes." He replied. I saw the truth in that. He finished and I gave him a gentle shake. As we swapped positions he told me that it felt good like that, and we should help each other piss all the time. My lust took control and I readily agreed.

"I love your body baby," I said, "Any chance to hold it." He did me the same favour, then we showered. He washed me first, young hands caressing my body and lathering me, it was electric. Nowhere was left untouched and I received a thorough wash, the best wash ever in fact. Then it was my turn and I took my time feeling every square inch of him. My fingers sought his anus and cleaned him gently. I washed every toe individually and must have taken a layer of skin off his thighs with the amount of time I spent there. We finished and dried off and both cleaned our teeth over the sink. Then we kissed a long and deep kiss, our erections hard and at least mine painful, desperate for attention, crushed against his.

"I love you so much baby." He whispered between mouthfuls of my tongue.

"How can you?" I breathed.

"I don't know. I just saw you, fell in love and chose you. I'm so glad you're mine." He answered. I didn't know what to say or what he meant. After a few minutes I couldn't take it any more.

"I want you." I demanded.

"Yeh?" He teased.

"Yes, please." I begged. He took my hand and led me back into the bedroom, picking up the tube as he did so. He sat on the bed with me standing in front and coated my dick in lubrication. As he teased and played with me he told me he only made love to people who loved him.

"I do love you baby." I confirmed.

"Why did you feel bad yesterday after we finished?" He asked, that innocent face displayed hurt with such conviction I would say anything to relieve him.

"No, no," I hastily blurted, " I was just tired. Honest. I love you Marcus."

"Are we still boyfriends then?" He asked, giving my testicles a playful little squash.

"Oh god yeh baby." I just wanted to fuck him, but I was saying things which I had no idea were almost programming me, programming myself. He smiled at that and lay back on the bed. He opened his legs, which was one of the most horny things I could witness and I looked at his hairless ass and crack, and to my shame and surprise I found it attractive. The tight puckered hole was pulsating waiting for me to penetrate, and I did. I positioned my dick against his entrance and pushed. He opened easily and I thrust slowly all the way in, he took my whole length, not a great deal, but not small, seven inches. And oh the incredible feeling of his passage, tight and warm, welcoming, I felt like I was home. I began thrusting, powerful strokes that ran the length of my cock. He locked his ankles behind me and reached up and pinched my nipples, hard. He knew what I liked. This only spurred me on and I fucked harder and faster. I felt his buttocks slamming against the front of my thighs and my balls almost hurt as they hit his ass, but I rammed him. I needed to fuck him, not have sex or make love. And he said all the right things.

"Harder baby, I need you..." He panted.

"nnnnngh" Was all I could manage as I drilled him as hard as I could.

"Baby, with each thrust, tell me you love me?" He asked.

"Ok Sexy." I replied, and without thinking how weird it was, or what I was actually doing, (association I later found out), I did.

"I love you... I love you... I love you... I love you..." And on and on. Every time I rammed home I panted those words and he pinched my nipples and stroked my chest.

"Look at my eyes baby, I love your eyes." He ordered. I was too busy looking at his body, but tore my gaze away from him and locked on those big beautiful brown eyes. I only managed to fuck Marcus for about eight minutes, but it was more than enough, and I could feel the moment coming.

"I love you... I love you... I'm gonna cum... I love you..."

"Keep saying it baby."

"I love you... I love you... I... I... OH FUCK I LOVE YOU!" I yelled as I climaxed. Right at the last moment Marcus clenched and I spewed jets of spunk inside him as I experienced the most powerful orgasm I had ever had, it was awesome, out of this world. Marcus held me tight and moaned softly as he felt me filling him with my semen, and all the while I was repeating my mantra, only softly this time, a whisper. I was still making motions to fuck but gently and he held me and stroked the back of my head, which I had buried between his left shoulder and neck, murmuring my chant.

"Baby, you don't ever want to leave me do you?" He suddenly asked. My head shot up and I went silent for a second before answering.

"No fucking way, I love you." There was the mantra, firmly established.

"Good, because if you ever do any wrong, they'll make you leave, and I would hate that. I want you forever."

"I am yours forever, you know that. I belong to you." I stated, and immediately started to question why I said it, and whether I really meant it. But I did find him wonderful, for some reason. Did I love him? Probably.

With that reply he smiled and kissed me.

"Good, we are going to be so great together. Please me?" He asked it as a question, but it wasn't, and he pushed my head down, I knew what he wanted but couldn't bring myself to do it, well, I had to in the end. It was too soon, I had just had an incredible orgasm inside a boy's ass, and the feelings of revulsion were surfacing once again, but I had no choice. As he sat up on the bed I knelt between his parted legs and took his five inches in my mouth. As I had never given a blow job, I had only what I liked done to me as an example. I ran my tongue around the base of his shaft then up to his head, running around the sensitive helmet. Then I started sucking, much like I did with the water bottle in the cage I was in. My tongue lashed at his head with no real finesse and I found it hard to keep my teeth out of the way. I kept going for some time, my head bobbing up and down and the odd slurp emanating from a gap between my lips. As I continued though, I found it really quite erotic. I knew roughly what he would be feeling, and that added to my enjoyment. It was also exciting to do something new and feeling his warm hardness entering my mouth felt strangely good. I reached up and played with his balls. A few more minutes and I felt them try to rise up and I knew what this meant, he was going to cum. He gave me no warning but I tried to prepare myself anyway.

"URGH yeh..." Accompanied his ejaculation which shot into the back of my mouth and made me gag, but it kept my mouth closed and caught it. More shots filled my mouth with his semen and as he slowed down he moaned:

"Don't swallow yet." I didn't and got a full taste of him. It was salty but not overly so, with a strange sweet touch. It burned the back of my throat. He pulled out and I closed my lips around his softening cock.

"Open." He commanded, and I opened my mouth, displaying a surprisingly large amount of spunk for such a small boy. He dipped two fingers in, one from each hand and took a small amount on each.

"Now swallow." I did so, which burned my throat more, and as I did so, he rubbed the cum from his finger onto my top lip, below my nose. With the other he reached around and found my anus, rubbing it in.

"Now you will take me with you everywhere." He held my face and kissed me deeply for a few minutes. Suddenly he pulled away and reached across the bed to the table, and picked up a note and a leather binding of some kind.

"Right baby, you have to get ready." He stated.

"Ready for what?" I asked, somewhat sad that he had just broken off.

"Orders. Your minders will be here in a few minutes and they want you ready." He showed me the note: Be ready at 10am. Leather collar on.

He shrugged brought the contraption in front of me. I looked like a wide leather belt for a midget, with two more attached to the front. He unbuckled the larger of the three and placed it round my neck, the buckle and two other bindings behind my head. When it was done up it was snug, but not tight or restrictive. Then he motioned me to put my hands up like someone was holding a gun on me. First he took my left wrist and bent it down behind my neck and attached a binding. Then he did the same with me right wrist. In this position I could not move my hands, and every single part of my body, from armpits to feet were vulnerable.

"Why?" I asked, looking him straight in the eyes. He looked genuinely sorry and hurt when he replied.

"I have to. Just remember I love you, and please come back." With that he stood and helped me up, walked me to the door, which he opened for me, and pushed me out into the morning. He closed the door without a look or word or even a kiss, and I was alone and naked and bound. Not for long however as my two best friends rounded the bush at the end of the short path and marched me off.

With one of my guards on either side of me, I was marched naked along the path. We walked for about five minutes passing many men, all of whom checked me out, eyeing me up and down. I have to admit to feeling somewhat aroused by this situation. Here I was, bound, naked and walking in public. Any body could look at me and touch me anywhere they wanted. They could do pretty much anything. My erection bounced with every step.

We came to a cross road on the path and turned left, right into a group of boys coming the other way. They looked approximately fifteen and all stared, pointed and laughed at me. I stared straight ahead as they giggled and sniggered, which caused me to lose my erection, which in turn caused them to laugh even more. We passed them eventually and rounded a broad corner, finally coming up to a big white 'L' shaped building. We entered and immediately turned left, through a door marked private and down a flight of steps. I was pushed down a relatively dark and narrow corridor and finally into the end room.

It too was dark but I could see a large H shaped metal frame in the middle with bindings on the top and bottom vertical struts, and along the middle horizontal bar. I was positioned with my back to the frame and was standing on a small metal ledge. My ankles and wrists were bound holding me spread eagled, then they bound my waist to the horizontal cross bar. Finally they left closing the door behind them. After a little while the door opened and a man walked in, closing it behind him. He switched on a light, which did not so much light the room as make the dark at the edges more dark. He walked over and stood in front of me and as he entered the pool of light I saw the most stunning guy I have ever seen. He was incredible, and I have to say, I finally found myself fancying men, well, a man. Nothing like the horny lust I have for Marcus, but actually wanting to hug him, touch him, kiss him and please him.

He was just under six foot with mousy hair which had a natural tendency to spike up a bit, he had that 'just got out of bed' look. He was pretty, sexy and handsome all in one go, and looked at me with big blue eyes. He looked to be about mid-twenties and obviously a swimmer because he was wearing only a pair of black speedos allowing me to drink in his beautiful body, his defined but not overly muscular smooth chest and torso, to fantasize about his big brown nipples, like a 50p coin. His genitals were big and barely contained by the tight material and I just stared. I wanted to be knelt in front of him kissing him through the speedos, to smell him, to cup and caress him. God I wanted him so bad my erection hurt. I even wanted his legs, to be trapped by those thighs with their dusting of light brown hair, and to kiss down his legs and suck his toes. Oh fuck even his feet were attractive. While I was busy falling in love with the most perfect man I have ever seen, he simply stood there, being my god. Finally he spoke, and his rich silky smooth voice rolled over me.

"You like what you see?" He asked.

It took me a while to drag my eyes off of his groin and up to his eyes, but finally I replied.

"Yeh, fuck yeh!" He smiled at that and it lit his face up. He looked me up and down, then walked over and started stroking my penis, which somehow became harder. I moaned and closed my eyes, he had a perfect touch and I just wanted him to wrap himself around me forever. His other hand ran slowly up my torso and started to pinch my left nipple.

"Ah yeh...uh" Was really all I could say. I opened my eyes and saw he was looking straight into mine, he seemed to draw me into him and continued to stroke me. I tried to kiss him but he ducked back and grinned.

"Maybe one day," he said, "You have to show how much you want it first."

"How? Anything" I blurted.

"Anything?" He asked.

"Yes, anything..."

As he continued to masturbate me and pinch my nipple he simply looked me in the eyes, smiling. After a few minutes I was at my peak and ready to cum, I told him. He knelt down in front of me and I spurted onto his chest, squirt after squirt. It was an intense and powerful orgasm and I grunted and moaned, watching my pearl white spunk splat onto his chest. Finally he stood up and moved backwards, he smiled as he rubbed my cum into his chest and torso, circling his nipples. I watched the sticky fluid as he created a sheen on his body. Finally he sucked each one of his fingers and rubbed his palm through his hair. It was the most erotic thing I have ever seen.

"Anything?" He finally asked. I paused before replying but not for long.

"Yes." I said firmly.

He walked slowly round behind me, I couldn't turn my head to see him, but suddenly I felt his lips on my buttocks, one kiss each. As he came back round the front, I saw he had a chair. He placed it in front of me and he sat down, parting his legs. Looking at him I knew for certain I would do anything to be with him, I just didn't know what that meant yet.

"I hope so." He spoke quietly. "We have spent a long time recording what you liked before you came here. Internet records, purchases, videos etc. You like some kinky stuff."

"Eh? Wha..."

"You don't think you came here by accident do you? You were chosen."

"But, by who? Why?" I stammered.

But he didn't answer that, he smiled his winning smile again. He reached into his speedos and cupped himself. I got hard again. As he gently massaged himself, he looked me in the eyes and spoke.

"You may think you're straight, you may think you like just pussy, but I know different. You like boys as well, at least you masturbate to images and videos of them. You like water sports as well, men and women, but more men. You lay in the bath and piss on yourself, then rub it all over you. You drink it." I could see he was getting hard and was trying to stop it escaping his trunks. I was perplexed, how did he know this? It's not nice having your secrets fired back at you. I hoped that was all he knew, but there was no such luck. He continued.

"You like bondage. Pain, candle wax, nipple torture and clothes pegs on your body. You beat yourself with a leather belt, but not too hard. You have fantasies about being repeatedly buggered by a football team, a young one."

"How the fuck..."

"I read that story you wrote, the one you password protected."

"But..." I wanted to cry, he knew everything, and he continued tormenting me.

"You beat off to pictures of men and women sucking off horses."

I was bright red now, the shame total. That period of time was when I hadn't had sex for a year and was desperate for some stimulation. I still didn't take my eyes off of his lap.

"You have an eclectic mix of tastes and desires and I love it." My eyes shot up to his instantly. Did I hear that correctly?

"You...You like it?"

"Yeh. You are one horny dude and I like it." He smiled, still playing with himself, his incredible body stimulating me from afar. I needed him badly. I wanted him to repeatedly fuck me.

"Who else knows?" I asked.

"Only the necessary people. Not many. Only I know everything. You will make sure that trend continues."

"What do you mean?"

"You will tell me everything. Absolutely everything. Feelings, desires, loves, hates, secrets and so on."


"I thought you would so anything?"

"Er, yeh, I will, but I didn't think this was..."

"There are many things you will do. This is one. I like you, but I need to know you."

"er, ok." I stated.

"So tell me everything you feel about me." He said. As I started to talk he stood and walked round behind me again, but this time he stayed there. I saw his speeods fly over my head and land on the chair. Oh my god I thought he is naked behind me.

"Well..." I started uncertainly. "I kind of want you." This was weird.

"Tell me in detail. I am wanking and I'm going to cum on your ass. Now tell me." Fucking hell I was horny, he was wanking. I desperately wanted to see but couldn't turn enough. Then I just told him everything in one big gabble.

"I fucking want you so bad. You are the most incredible guy I have ever seen, you're sexy, fit, horny and stunning. I want to kiss you, lick you, suck and fuck you. I want you to nail me hard then wrap your amazing body around me. Fuck I want you so much my fucking cock hurts. I want to lick my cum off your chest. Please, be with me." I finished and took a deep breath to calm me down. Then I felt warm liquid land with a splat onto my ass and thighs and heard him grunt. Five or six shots landed before there was a pause, then two fingers pushed against my lips, which I parted quickly, and I sucked them, tasting his salty cum. He walked around me and I saw his ass. It was a stunning round, bubble butt, firm, smooth, and just as lightly tanned as the rest of him. He picked up his speedos and put them on, I got a brief glimpse of his slightly hairy crack before the tight material covered him. I never saw his cock, which I was deeply unhappy about, but the image of his bum would remain. I wanted to bury my face and tongue in him. He turned and sat down again, smiling and looking at my eyes again.

"I enjoyed that, thanks." He said. I drank his voice in.

"So did I." I said.

"I liked the truth too. You will always do that when I ask you, ok?"

"er, ok. Does that mean I'll see more of you?" The desperate hope in my voice was obvious." He laughed again and replied.

"If you perform well and do what I tell you yes."

"I will." I stated.

"Good, so lets talk about your love of piss." He grinned at me.

"OK." I know what's required here. "I got horny one day and had no girlfriend. I had seen pictures of guys and women pissing, and masturbated to them a few times. Now I wanted to try so I pissed into an empty water bottle then drank from it. It was horrible, but a few days later I was horny again and tried again, it wasn't bad. Since then I piss on myself, drink it. I'd like to fuck in a bath of it, well that's a fantasy, it might be horrible really but..." I finished my monologue.

"Well you're in luck," he said, "today is your very lucky day."

I was amazed, I was going to fuck this god in a bath of piss! It obviously showed on my face.

"No, no, not the fuck." He said and laughed. "You'll get to drink all the piss you can."

"Oh." My disappointment was clear. My new fantasy jumped out of his chair and wandered to the side of the room. Pressing buttons he said, "So here we go."

The room was suddenly bathed in bright light, which came from a round hold which appeared in the ceiling. Then the frame I was bound to began rise to the accompaniment of the whirring electric motor. I reached the ceiling and carried on going, it was then I noticed that the ceiling was more of a dome and my head was heading for the hole in the middle. Just as my head passed through the motor stopped and I found my head sticking out of the middle of a big silver bowl. Overhead here bright strip lights, and to the left I could see a row of mirrors, to the right a condom machine. Then I felt something wooden hit me, and movement. The wooden thing jabbed into me harder and harder until suddenly I felt two hands round my shoulders, someone was on a ladder leaning against me. Then a rubber collar was put on my neck and tightened, then fitted into the hole, I now had a waterproof collar on. What the fuck I thought. Then I felt what seemed to be a thick condom put over my cock, and tied there. Finally the ladder disappeared and I was left alone, but not for long. Mr Speedos walked into the bright room and to my utter disappointment he wore jeans and a shirt, exposing nothing of his spectacular body. He was still hugely attractive though. He walked up to the edge of the bowl and spoke to me.

"Any idea where you are?"

"Not really." My speech sounded slightly weird due to the rubber collar. He laughed.

"You are in heaven my sweet." He said. I got the stirrings of another erection, he called me sweet! "More specifically you are in the toilets of our gym. You are in the middle of a urinal. The rubber collar will prevent any piss leaving the bowl. If you don't drink, the urinal will fill up and you will drown." He paused, leaned over and cupped my face. My dick got fully hard. "Attached to your penis is a tube which will save all of your own piss, for another time." He kissed his fingers and placed them on my lips. I went to suck but he pulled them away. He bent down out of view, and quickly came back with a small wire frame with a leather strap attached.

"Open your mouth." He commanded. I did. The frame was inserted into my mouth, and the leather strap fastened around the back of my head. I could not now close my mouth as the frame held my teeth open by approximately two fingers width. I would be forced to taste the piss. He bent down again and came back with a small bowl, the outside was silver, but as he placed it over my head, I could see through the inside.

"You can see all those beautiful dicks, and get your dream of a piss bath, but they won't see you. If you keep quiet, no one will know." He grinned. The bowl had five half inch cut outs around the rim which allowed the piss in underneath.

"Now a little surprise for you." He said. With that he started un-zipping his jeans. I stared at the magnificent sight; my god was going to show me his cock. He pushed his jeans down, then his speedos, and his dick popped out, erect. He didn't hold it, he let me look. It was a wonderful uncut eight inches of straight hard meat underneath a small tuft of short light brown pubic hair, neatly trimmed. His balls were big and hung heavily under his cock. His foreskin was pulled back slightly exposing his slit and suddenly from that slit, the slit I wanted to taste, spurted a faintly yellow stream. It hit the bowl I was under and ran down, dripping onto the urinal then collecting in my rubber collar. I couldn't move to taste it, and it didn't come high enough to enter my mouth, fuck.

He finished, put himself away and blew a kiss at me as he left. My erection didn't go away for hours.

During my time in the urinal I drank gallons of piss. A couple of times it very nearly did drown me as a large number of men all pissed at once, and I had to gulp quickly and hold my breath. From beneath my cover I watched lots of different guys and saw a lot of dicks. Some were horrible, some were small, some were huge, the two enormous black body builders had enormous cocks to match, and enormous bladders as well. I saw the group of kids I had passed earlier. The surrounded the urinal and picked out their little penis's, some were not so little. I didn't know how old they were but they looked about fifteen. One boy, right in front of me looked very cute and was pretty well hung. He pissed longest.

I was there for a total of seven hours. At first it was revolting and sickening and as the piss rose and entered my mouth I barely stopped myself from being sick, (I would only have had to drink that too). However as the hours passed, I actually came to like it, well, like is a strong word, but I didn't hate it. I know it sounds completely stupid but by the end I was enjoying it. Here I was, kidnapped, no idea what was actually going to happen to me, being turned slowly gay, with a huge crush on a stunning man, and I couldn't hate what was happening to me, not right now. I thought back to the cage I had been in for, shit, I had no idea, but now it didn't seem bad. And I got to have sex with a fit, sixteen year old boy.

I pissed a lot myself as well. I had no idea what was happening below me, but I assume it was being kept, just as gorgeous speedos man said.

Finally it came to an end. I felt the ladder press against me, and the collar removed. Some piss ran down my body and I shivered with excitement and shame thinking about what I had done. The frame lowered into the room and the hole above was closed. My beautiful Mr Speedos was there sat in his chair, dressed again in only his tight black swimming garment. I desired him more now than before, he was so sexy, so fit.

"Enjoy that?" He asked.

"Um, sort of." I replied. I noticed five plastic bottles to the side of his chair, presumably filled with my urine.

"I did. I watched you."


"Yes. I like it. You are kinky. I like that." He said, that pretty face lit up with that pretty grin. He stood and walked over to me, taking my right nipple in his mouth he bit hard.

"UH! Fuck!" Was all I could say to the pain.

"Tomorrow we will start your training my slave." He said. Slave?

"What do you mean?"

"You said you'd do anything right?" He was looking directly into my eyes and I was melting into him.

"Anything for you." I confirmed.

"Well, you want to be my slave?" He asked. I thought for a few seconds. That would mean I get to suck him and get fucked by him. The answer was obvious.

"Yes master." I replied. It seemed natural to think of my god like that.

"Good." And with that simple word he walked out. I watched his perfect form move sexily out of the room, concentrating on his gorgeous bum. I would do anything for him.

I was led naked and bound back to Marcus's room. There he fucked me, hard, and then I fucked him. I told him I loved him but all I could think of was Mr Speedos. Even Marcus's youthful body couldn't take my mind from his stunning looks and fabulous body.

The next morning I was led, tied with to my collar and naked, to another building I had never been in. It was a shorter walk than the gym. We marched down a corridor and into a darkened room. On the left as we entered I noticed a window looking into another room where, lounging around on sofas, were a group of men, all dressed only in shorts of one description or another, but none were tight. I felt a presence behind me and looked around. My day immediately brightened when I saw, sat in a chair facing the window, the stunning speedos man, well, my master I guess.

"Oh master, hi!" I said, a huge smile on my face.

"Slave. Welcome. Kneel down."

"Yes master." And when I did my collar was removed, I flexed my wrists to get rid of some stiffness, and stiffness of another nature replaced it.

"Today you will start to learn all the skills involved in orally pleasing a man." He said.

"Er, yes master." Was all I could think of. I stared at his amazing body and imagined myself wrapped up in his arms in bed. He was my dream.

"Fail," he continued, "and your punishments will be severe."

"Yes master."

"Some will cum in your mouth, some on you face and body. It will be up to them, understand?"

"Yes master." He smiled at me then and nodded his approval. I felt special.

Then the door opened and one of the men from the other room walked in. He was probably about 22 I decided, handsome and fit. He had a light covering of brown hair on his slightly muscled chest and a line of hair running from his flat belly button down into his shorts. He came and stood in front of me and untied the draw string on his shorts, which fell to the floor. I was presented with his big dick, which was semi-hard. It looked about eight inches and thick and surrounded by a thick shock of light brown pubes.

"Each man you suck will give you tips on how they like it. Consider this practise." Said my master.

"Yes master." I replied.

"We will go until none of the guys in there want to come back in. Off you go."

I looked up at the man standing above me. He gripped my chin between thumb and forefinger and pulled my mouth toward his cock, which was harder now.

"Start with my balls." He said to me. I tilted my head sideway and went in underneath his penis. I kissed his ball sac using just my lips then started running my tongue over the hairy skin between his testicles. He pushed my head further towards him and the hair tickled my nose.

"Suck on them gently boy." He commanded. I took them in my mouth with great difficulty, desperately trying to avoid using my teeth. I sucked gently and rolled his testicles around with my tongue, all the time the man was holding my head with both hands.

"Good boy." He said. He pulled away slightly and I let his balls pop out of my mouth and as they did I looked up and noticed him fully erect. It was a scary from down here and looked huge, but I didn't have much time to look though because he guided my head so my lips touched his piss slit.

"I like it rough." He stated. I opened my mouth and he immediately thrust himself in, touching the back of my throat and making me gag, but he didn't stop and it was all I could do to regain control of myself. Finally I was sorted and started sucking him as hard as I could, and as I did he face fucked my. Several times his dick flew out of my mouth with a loud sucking noise and he quickly grabbed my head and brought us back together. We did this for a while, I lost track of any time period, and finally he pulled out. He grabbed his cock and masturbated furiously, holding me by my neck with his free hand.

"Open your mouth." He demanded. I did and shot his load over my face and into my mouth. Shot after shot splattered up my face in lines from my chin to my hair, and the shot that made it into my mouth tasted salty and sour. I swallowed quickly and it burned my throat. He finished ejaculating and pushed his cock back into my mouth.

"Clean me off boy."

I sucked him but with less intensity.

"Don't fucking suck me, lick it." He shouted. I did as I was told, and kept licking until he was flaccid and he pushed my head away. He bent down to retrieve his shorts and as he was doing them up he turned to my master.


My master merely nodded and wrote something on a piece of paper attached to a clipboard. I turned back to watch the man walk out, then through the window I saw him enter the other room. He spoke to a group of guys who suddenly all burst out laughing. He sat and another guy left that room and entered this one.

He was black and highly attractive with a well-defined smooth body. He too had a line of hair pointing into his shorts and he dropped them, revealing a huge cock quickly hardening. He leaned down to whisper to me.

"Take your time and relax mate." He said. "It makes it easier if you are relaxed and you will enjoy it more." I liked this one already.

"How shall I start?" I asked, also in a whisper for some reason.

"Just lick up and down the length, I'll tap you on the head when I want you to start sucking." He encouraged. I did as he wanted and it took a few minutes before he decided he wanted me to take his length in my mouth.

"Not so hard dude." He whispered from above me. I had been sucking like the previous guy wanted so lightened up a bit.

"Yeh, nice." He responded. "Finger my ass?"

I ran my left hand up his left leg, slowing as I passed over his powerful thigh and buttock, then pushed my finger into his crack. I ran my forefinger up and down his crack and found the hairless puckered hole already pulsating in anticipation. I pushed into the hole, which suddenly relaxed and seemed to swallow my whole finger.

"Two fingers." He breathed. I responded with my middle and forefinger, he was tight and warm and I found myself enjoying being this intimate with him. I carried on for a good seven minutes by my guess before he held lightly onto my head.

"I'd really like you to swallow it all dude." He whispered. I mumbled what should have been a yes but was merely a noise.

"I'm about to cum, oh yeh boy, take it all." This was said much louder. Suddenly a hard stream of jizz filled my mouth, and before I could swallow another, then another. I felt it shoot along his length before escaping his cock and entering my mouth. I swallowed with an audible gulp. I licked this guy clean as well and he too only pulled out when he was soft. Doing up his shorts he winked at me.

"Eight." He said to my master, turned and left.

It went on like this for hours. I had sore knees and stiff joints and my jaw hurt. I mentioned this to my master who walked over and punched me in the stomach.

"My slave needs to be made of tougher metal than that." He barked with a ferocious look on his face. I felt shocked and shamed, as though I had let him down badly, I wanted to cry.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry master, I'm sorry." I managed to stammer as I caught my breath. Over the afternoon I saw all the men in the room several times each, there were twenty in there I found out later on and I gave each one two, three or four blowjobs, seventy three in total. Most were nice to me and told me what they wanted, some gently, some rough, some even wanted teeth used on them. I fingered some and wanked others. I licked hairy and hairless balls, sucking on a few. Eleven of the men wanted me to swallow, meaning I swallowed forty two times. The others came on various parts of me and I was covered in dried, crusty cum, cold jellified cum, and from the last guy, warm liquid cum. It had run down my chest and belly and over my ball sac. My face was completely covered and I felt the dried stuff every time I moved a muscle. It was in my hair too. Most of the guys has quite nice tasting cum, the others I just had to suffer in silence.

Finally my master picked up his clipboard and looked at it for a few minutes. He came to a decision and looked directly at me, causing me to want to cry again. His face seemed to cry out disappointment and pity.

"Not good enough." And with that he left the room. The two bodyguards came and strapped on my collar, and my wrists to the collar. I was led down the corridor but instead of leaving and going back to Marcus's, I was thrown into a tiny room, the door slammed closed and locked. The room was pitch black and cold, the floor was hard and smooth and there appeared to be no window. I couldn't even see a line of light under the door. I lie there, still trussed up, and began to shiver. I though back upon the look my master gave me, and this time I did cry, silently. I wanted so much for him to hold me and fuck me, to play with me and let me play with him, and I couldn't so much as please him with other men. I crawled about for a bit and found a plat with bread and cheese, and a plastic bottle of water. I ate quickly and lay back down. I don't know how long I lay there beating myself up before I passed out.

They came to wake me, I assumed, the following day. I had wet myself. They picked me up and dragged me out the door. I was freezing cold. They dragged me into a bathroom and then into a tiled shared shower. There were two others in there washing and they turned in surprise as I was flung to the floor, still bound my collar. I lay there letting the warm water run underneath me on its way to the drain. Finally I rolled onto my back and found the two men standing over me. They were clearly body builders and were seriously big. The black one had a dick to match, but the white one was probably the same size as me, which looked a lot smaller on him. I watched them as their eyes ran over my body, checking me out. The black one reached down and tested my collar. I thought he was going to take it off, but instead he looked at his mate, nodded, and stood back up. Then he gripped my feet and dragged me around the corner, apparently the shower was 'L' shaped. The white one then put all his considerable weight on me as he sat on my chest. I didn't see anything more as his bulk blocked my view but my legs were raised and he held them. Then the black one forced himself in me and raped me. He took me hard and fast and as he had no lubrication and he was big and thick, the first few minutes hurt badly and it brought tears to me eyes. I wasn't getting out of this so I tried hard to relax and let him in easier and it worked a little bit. He slammed into me harder and faster, drilling me like a piston engine. Every thrust seemed to slam my whole body. Finally I heard him grunt and felt something inside me, he had obviously cum, and he pulled out as quickly as he had entered. Any thoughts of it being over were quickly dispelled when they swapped places. My White didn't hurt really as he was smaller and I had been opened by Mr Black, but he entered just as quickly, and fucked me just as hard, nailing me. He didn't last as long and grunted a few times as he ejaculated inside me. Throughout the whole time I made no sound and I didn't struggle, not that I would have been able to do anything. I accepted it. I took the abuse. I had a hard on. I didn't even want to cry, it just seemed, well, normal for here.

They then helped me stand, and led me back to the main shower room and under a piping hot spray. The water was fabulous on my skin, hot and powerful, and I let it stream down my body, closing my eyes to increase the sensation. I felt their hand on me and opening me eyes I saw they were rubbing soap or gel into me, they were washing me!

"Lease we could do," rumbled the black guy, "for the fun you gave us." The White guy spat out a laugh.

"You raped me." I found my voice and it was croaky.

"I know. Enjoy it?" The Black guy again, he had a deep booming voice and his touch was powerful but somehow still relatively gentle. Did I enjoy it? What sort of a question was that.

"I... er..." I started.

"Doesn't matter." He interrupted. They spent an amazing twenty minutes washing me, they rinsed me, then pushed me out of the shower where the two body guards were waiting. I was unbound from my collar, led back into the blowjob room, and there was my master.

"I said you would be punished if you failed to please me." He said in that soft warm beautiful voice of his. I just wanted to curl up at his feet, kiss him and cuddle him.

"Yes master." I replied.

"That room wasn't nice was it?" He asked.

"No master."

"And the rape?"

"I... it was... at first it wasn't nice." I stammered. I actually didn't know what I thought. It hurt, but I wouldn't say the whole thing was horrible.

"You enjoyed it?" Master asked, surprise evident in his tone.

"Well, no... but... it wasn't that bad."

"I see." Was all he said, and wrote something on his paper.

"Well back to business." He said and sat down. I looked through the window and there were twenty men, different ones. I felt elated and disenchanted at the same time. On one hand I was going to get a chance to redeem myself for my master, and on the other my knees and jaw were going to hurt again. At least I was growing to like sucking cock and tasting cum.

The day went as before. Men came in, dropped their shorts and I sucked them off. My favourite of the day was a twentyish guy, good looking in a 'lad' way, and smooth. His dick was six and a half inches of tasty meat and he was sweet and kind. He even said thank you. I sucked him four times and enjoyed each one. He wanted me to swallow and I gladly accepted his quite sweet creamy load.

The worst guy was a late thirties, hairy rude man who skull fucked me. I threw up, he slapped me with his huge hard dick then fucked my mouth until he came in my throat. I wanted to chuck again.

In total I gave sixty five blow jobs that day. More of these guys wanted to cum on my and I was covered from hair to belly, and lower where it had run and dribbled.

It wasn't good enough, I had another night in the cold room and cried again.

The next morning I was led to the last door in the hallway, fully bound in my collar. I was led into the side of the room where there was a bed like object but standing on it's end, sharp nails pointed out into the room. In front of this there was another frame to which I was tied, a mere inch from the nails. The Black guy who raped me entered the room, I couldn't see but I knew as he spoke.

"A beating today pal. You need to accept the beating, even welcome it. Move away from the belt and you will stab yourself on the nails. Move toward the belt and it will increase the power of the stroke. Understand?" His powerful voice vibrated through me as I understood the horror of the moment. The only place there were no nails was in front of my eyes.

Suddenly a crack sounded as a wide leather strap slammed into my buttocks, and with it an intense stinging pain. My body involuntary leaped forward and the nails pierced my lower belly, genitals and thighs.

"FUCK!" I yelled.

"Yeh I know." Chuckled My Black.

Another whip and I tried hard not to bolt forward but failed. Multiple points of blood appeared on my skin as tears welled up in my eyes.

"Please no..." I whimpered, but he ignored me and slammed another one into me. This time I caught myself but the sting was indeed harder. Another and another, pain sliced into my buttocks and the backs of my thighs and I started whimpering and tried begging.

"Please... please... please... no more. Please." I cried.


"No... please stop..."


"Oh god no..."

I received fifteen lashes. When he stopped, Mr Black unlocked and wheeled the frame I was attached to away from the nail bed. He applied cream to my ass and thighs, and tended the puncture wounds on my front. I wouldn't be using my dick for a bit. Then I was led back into the blowjob room for more practise, sixty seven of them, and a large number wanted me to swallow, I felt sick.

Another night in the cold room was followed by thirty minutes suffering painful nipples from the clamps that were pinching me, and crocodile clips on my scrotum.

It went on like this for six days, or sessions, I had no idea whether it was light or dark outside. Over the course of these sessions I gave 383 blowjobs and felt like I had swallowed gallons of cum. I had mastered a huge variety of techniques and my jaw no longer hurt. I could make a man cum within minutes and I could deep throat like a professional. The final blowjob was for my master, and I was elated. My dreams came true as he smiled a huge smile at me and pushed down his speedos. His stunning dick popped out and I took him. Playing with his furry balls, licking them and his length, taking his eight inches all the way in and sucking hard then soft, hard then soft. I paused to lick his slit then closed my mouth round him again. I fingered his hairless ass with one, two then three fingers and masturbated him as I kissed his balls. All the time he was stroking my hair and moaning, saying I was a wonderful slave and how good I was. I was in heaven and never wanted it to end, but, of course it did. I had hold of his testicles at the time and felt them tighten so knew he was cumming, and he filled my mouth with his delicious sweet hot juice. There was so much it seeped out my lips and ran down my chin. I rolled it around my mouth for a bit before swallowing slowly. He stayed there for a bit gradually softening then finally moved away, I felt sad, something special was leaving me. He moved back and sat down again, but this time he didn't wear his speedos, and I just stared like a schoolboy in love. He was stunning, amazing, just incredible, the kind of guy who would turn any homo hating straight man gay. He sat there with his legs open displaying his beautiful cock, beautiful even what soft.

"Enjoy that?" He asked calmly with a satisfied smile.

"Oh yes master." I replied quickly and eagerly.

"Want to do that more?"

"Oh yes, yes, loads master." I obviously had a stupid puppy dog look on my face because he laughed at me.

"Good, but first I need to know how committed you are to me."

"Oh totally master." I reassured him.

"Oh boy, I'm not talking about your common or garden pathetic love." He shifted in his seat and his balls dropped off the front edge, I was completely mesmerized.

"No, I'm talking about total commitment. Total and utter devotion. I don't believe you have that."

"I do master, I do, I promise." I was getting nervous, was he going to get rid of me?

"Really? So you will give yourself to me? Mind body and soul?"

"Yes master." I didn't really think before answering, but his next comment brought it home.

"I see. You want me to own you? You want to be my property, to do with what I want, whenever I want? Because that is what I need. A slave who is mine, my toy, to love me and whom I can love and trust. Who's only reason for living is to please me. Is that your reason for living, me?"

My brain finally activated, practically shutting off my vision and I finally realised what that meant, and why I was here. I know this sounds stupid to you, but it only dawned on me then, I had been kidnapped to be someone's slave. An entity that exists purely for someone else's pleasure, whatever that may be. But although you may think anger should be the first emotion, you would be wrong. Whatever they had done to me had worked, because I wasn't angry. In fact my brain didn't even refuse, or contemplate refusal. In fact I became aroused, a toy to be used by a gorgeous man. And yes I know I was straight before, and I know I had a life before, but really it wasn't that great. I had to work but had no idea what I wanted to do. I had a broken family that I never really cared that much for. When I wanted sex I had to do out and spend money and try to chat up girls that five other blokes were also interested, like flies round shit. But now this man was offering to give me purpose, to give me pleasure and to let me pleasure him. Thinking about him brought me back to the room and I looked at him with fresh eyes and a fresh mind and I still wanted him more than anything. Well, of course he would have me but that's splitting hairs. He was gorgeous, and he was handsome and he was sexy and horny and erotic. I did love him.

And thinking of love is what caused me to think back to Marcus. What was happening there, he said I had to be with him forever. And did I really love him. Actually yes but in a different way.

"Master, er, there is this boy..." I started, but was interrupted.

"Yes, Marcus." He said in his strong but quiet voice.

I was taken aback and clearly showed it because he laughed before speaking.

"He is my younger brother. And you will, no might, live with the both of us."

NOW I was in heaven. These two different but both stunning and sexy males wanted me, admittedly as a toy, but wanted me. And here he was offering both of them to me on a plate. For such a momentous decision, it was surprisingly easy and quick to make.

"I will be a slave to you two." I stated in earnest.

"Oh no, you will be my slave." He replied.

"Oh, er, but you just said..." he cut me off again.

"I know. You will be my slave, but when I don't need you, you will be Marcus's boyfriend. You will obey him as well of course, but you will be lovers."

The only way to describe the way I felt at that moment is that I simply melted into this new life. I crawled forward to him, bent low, and kissed his feet. Christ, even they were sexy. As I came up I spoke.

"Master, I will serve you as you wish, I am yours. I will serve Marcus as the best boyfriend I can be." Just like that, life changed. He leaned down and took my head in his hands, looking directly into my eyes.

"That makes me so happy to hear that slave, I am overjoyed. But of course you will need to demonstrate your total commitment to me."

"Of course master, anything." Little did I know what that would entail.

That night I was told to go back to Marcus, and after a heavy and exhausting bout of lovemaking, Marcus and I were cuddled up on the bed under the duvet. His head was buried between my shoulder and neck and he had his legs wrapped around me. One arm was around my shoulders and the other stroking my chest and nipples. For my part I couldn't get close enough and hugged him tightly with both arms. I kept kissing him on the head. In this position I had told him what had happened during the afternoon and my decision. He had almost cried when telling me how happy his was and that we were going to be great together. After that we just lay there for twenty odd minutes before I broke the silence.

"I love you baby." I whispered, and kissed his head again, brushing my lips over his silky smooth hair and rubbing my hand up and down his back. We were both hard again but didn't want to move just yet.

"I love you too sexy." Was his immediate reply. Then he rolled on top of me and propped himself up on straight arms. I thought we were going to make love again but he stayed there and looked at me.

"What's up?" I asked. He paused before replying.

"I have to be completely honest with you baby."

"Oh?" What could this be? He is really a girl?

"I have told you a tiny small white lie." He said, much quieter now.

"Which is...?" I prompted after a few moments.

"I..., well, I'm not sixteen. I'm... Fifteen."

I lay there loving up at my fifteen year old boyfriend. An underage boy that I had indulged in unspeakable acts with. Illegally. I stared at his cute youthful face and the sweet pretty little body, and became more aroused than ever. A massive smile spread across my face as I replied.

"Fuck baby, I love you, I love you." I didn't notice the relief and happiness illuminate his face because in one quick motion I rolled him onto his back and raised his knees to his ears. Moving rapidly in between his legs, and using only a little sweat from his ass, I pushed hard into him and fucked him. I pumped hard and fast into him, my pelvis going like a piston engine, all the while I was grunting questions and comments at him. I had finally let go and was fucking with abandon.

"Oh fuck baby." I moaned.

"Oh yeh, fuck me!" Cried Marcus, his eyes were wide and he was almost laughing with the excitement and feeling and horniness. He reached up and pinched my nipples hard and it served to drive me on, thrusting harder.

"Oh baby. When were you fifteen?" I panted?

"Two mon... OH FUCK YEH! Two months...ah... ago... oooh."

"Oh my baby... Oh baby... Oh god... Fuck." I was knackered with the powerful exertion but simply couldn't stop, incredible lust was driving me on. The feelings and the sexual release clouded my brain and I couldn't string sentences together. I could have answered anything to him and probably not remembered. I could also have said true things that I never would normally have, and this is what I was doing. I shifted my position slightly and powered in again.

"Oh Marcus, baby, I love you!" I yelled this. There was no need but I had to.

"Ha Ha! Baby you are MINE!" Yelled Marcus joining in.

I leant all my upper body weight onto the backs of his knees where I was holding him down, raising his ass a bit more, and drilled down. I was building quickly to release now and needed one last effort.

"Say you love me with every thrust." Marcus breathed. I complied without thought.

"Love you...Love you...Love you...Love you..." Another minute passed and suddenly Marcus clenched, tightening his already snug hole, and I blasted my load hard inside him.

"AH, AH, Ohhh fuck, oh god baby." I cried and slowed my thrusts, completing another few before pushing in, then coming to a stop. I remained inside him until I went soft and popped out. I tried to lay down on top of my boyfriend but instead he remained in position and pushed my head down between his thighs. I reluctantly moved down his lithe body, kissing as I went and moved down in between his ass cheeks. Forcing myself, I licked at his hole, I had to force because I suspected what may come next, and I had never done it, and even now it's one of the things I am not keen on. I tasted my own cum on his puckered entrance and then heard the words.

"Suck it out baby." Cooed Marcus as he stroked my head.

Hoping desperately this would not destroy my love for this perfect ass, I began to gently suck at his hole, tonguing him and sucking alternately.

"Harder." He whispered. "And don't swallow."

I sucked as hard as I could maintaining a seal with my lips, and my tongue felt his sphincter pulsate and he worked to help. Then I felt him relax and suddenly I began to taste salty cum, still hot. I continued feeling the spunk enter my mouth and tried to push away thoughts of where it came form. Finally he decided I had done enough as he sat up, cupping my face in his hands and bring me up to meet him. He stopped when I was less than eight inches from his face.

"Let me see." He asked with a cute boyish smile.

I opened up and showed him the small dollop of jizz I had worked onto the middle of my tongue.

"Oh yeh." He sighed. "You are so horny." He reached a finger in and scooped most of it out. Then, holding his dick with his other hand, he pulled back his foreskin and rubbed the cum onto the head of his penis. Then he smiled and pushed my head back down. Now this I enjoyed. Forgetting what I just had in my mouth, I went at Marcus like a porn star. It took less than four minutes for him to shoot lots of sticky hot spunk into my mouth, which I greedily slurped up. Tasting Marcus's juice was wonderful, after so many blowjobs for so many men, it tasted like your favourite food after a stint in the desert, I didn't swallow. After a few seconds calming down he kissed me deeply and we swapped his cum, coating each other's mouths in the harsh liquid. Finally we both collapsed back on the bed, lying on our backs and held hands.

"That was incredible." He chuckled. "I see you training was a success."

"Yeh. I loved doing it to you baby." There was a short period of silence as we both just lie there and listened to each other quiet breathing.

"Please pass your tests." He said suddenly, a note of urgency creeping into his tone.

"I will sexy." I promised.

"I want you forever." He said, the same tone still evident.

"I'm yours." I confirmed.

After laying there for a further half hour Marcus suddenly stood up, pulled me up and we wandered through to the bathroom. There we held each other to piss, and took a long shower taking our time washing each other. When dry, we climbed into bed and passed out quickly, cuddled up together.

Test 1

"You will have as many tests as I deem necessary." Said my master. "Refusal of a test will result in my getting rid of you and you never seeing me or Marcus again. Failure of a test once will result in punishment and retaking of the test, twice will result in you being got rid of."

"I understand master." I said once he had paused.

"If you are punished, you will decide what it is, but if I deem it too lax, you will fail. Clear?" He asked.

"Very clear master." I confirmed.

We were in a small room at the edge of a woodland. I assumed it was still on whatever campus we were on. I had been led there, bound in my collar, by the two bodyguards around mid morning.

"Good." My master stated. "Come with me."

He was wearing his speedos again and I followed him eagerly, watching the firm ass flex and wiggle as he walked. I became hard and wandered happily along behind, my dick bouncing around with every step. He led me through a path in the wood for about ten minutes when suddenly the trees stopped and we came upon a huge barn. We wandered around the side until we came to the large door, which stood ajar just enough to admit us. Inside was warm and it stank, of rotten hay and sweat and quite possibly faeces. As we went deeper we entered a section given over to stables and abruptly my heckles stood up, No, surely he wouldn't? I asked myself. He came to a halt outside one particular stable and stood within, calmly looking back, was a huge horse. It was chestnut brown and beautiful, with a white stripe down its nose, it looked quite docile. Master opened the door and entered, and I followed. My feet squashed damp hay beneath me. Master sat on a stool by the side of the horse and parted his legs. Of course this caused the first stirrings of another erection in me.

"I want to see how good your technique is." Said master. "So get under and pleasure him."

I was astonished, my master wanted me to suck off a horse. I paused for a moment, looking under the horse and there was a huge erection, as long as my legs it seemed. Clearly the horse knew what was going on. Refusal means failure I thought. I looked at my masters body, reminding myself what I was doing this for, and dropped to my knees. I crawled under and knelt before this behemoth. A good omen hit me then, it didn't smell rank, meaning someone looks after this. Taking the thick mean in my hand I held it as I moved forward. I couldn't wrap my hands all the way around. I tentatively touched the end with my tongue, then plucking up courage I wrapped my lips around the huge flat head, and sucked. I had to wank the thing with both hands, stretching my arms as far as I could reach. The horse started bucking slightly and I felt him pushing his massive cock into my mouth. I sucked harder now, wanting this to be over, running my tongue around the ridge and across the slit. Finally, after about ten minutes I felt the dick go stiffer and then bucked of sour salty sperm shot into my mouth. It hit the back of my throat and I coughed, forcing the cum out and down my body. Meanwhile the horse was still shooting and my face became covered in watery spunk which poured down my chest and belly and ran between my legs over my genitals. I had closed my eyes with the first shot and let go of the cock and wiped my eyes clear. I looked over to my master to see if he wanted anything else and got an eyeful of the most magnificent sight, my master was masturbating. Powerful and fast strokes with his right hand delivered the pleasure while his left cupped his furry balls and stroked them. I watched as he bucked forward and squirted four, five, six ropes of pearly white cream up his body, from navel to neck, across those lustful nipples. He slowed and stopped, all the while looking at me.

"That was good slave. You put on a good show." He panted.

"Thank you master."

"Did you enjoy it?" He asked.

"No master."

"Did you enjoy me enjoying it?" I thought briefly, and yes, I liked the fact that he was pleased, I loved it even, I have pleased my master!

"Yes master." I confirmed.

"Then you enjoyed it." He said firmly. "Which is good, because I like watching that." That meant I would be doing this again, quite a lot I guess. I didn't know what to think except it pleases him. A grin broke out on my face. I enjoyed it.

Test 2

It was the afternoon and we had eaten together, I first fed my master, each mouthful cut and given to him by me, then I got to finish his leftovers. We were now in a small anteroom where I knelt as my master stood.

"In there is a boy," he began, "he is fourteen, you know him."

"I do?" I asked.

"Well you have seen him, he was the one who laughed most at you when you passed the group of boys.

Now I remembered, he was the one I thought was fitter and slightly older than the rest when he pissed in front of me. Fourteen, wow.

"Yes master, I know him."

"Well he is in that room," he pointed to a door to my right, "reading and relaxing. You will go in and rape him."

"WHAT?" I cried. Master continued as though I hadn't spoken.

"He is a virgin so you will have to use force. There are handcuffs and chains hidden under the bed." I knelt there staring at the door, surely not.

"Well slave?" Master had become more stern and I realised I could be seen as refusing.

"Master, I..." I began.

"Now choose your punishment." He demanded, all pleasantness gone.

"Master?" I queried.

"You have refused. You will be punished."

"No master I haven't." I protested, to no avail.

"A slave does everything asked of it straight away, without question and without paused. You have failed." And with that he stormed out of the room and the two burly men who walk me everywhere came in, grabbed me and dragged me off.

I had no idea where I was as I had been blindfold quickly and led around for twenty minutes. I was finally thrown to a hard cold floor.

"How shall I punish you slave?" Demanded my master. This was impossible. I knew whatever it was would be vile, but if it wasn't good enough I was lost, this was the last stand, I could be thrown away any minute and I wanted to cry and beg forgiveness. I thought for a bit and in a perfectly timed moment of clarity I knew.

"I should be repeatedly raped master." I stated confidently, though I didn't feel it and was shaking.

"Why?" He asked.

"I refused a command to rape master, so I should suffer fourfold the same fate."

"Hmmm, and who?" He mused.

"Master, if I may, the black guy who punished me before is big." I stated. I my idea was to get so angry after such a horrible act is done to me that I could use that anger to complete my task. Desperate huh? Master thought about this for a bit and agreed.

"Good, I like that." And I heard him leave the room. I took off my blindfold to find myself in a square concrete room, all grey. It was cold but bright from a florescent strip on the stained ceiling. I sat there for an hour or so when the door burst open and three huge black men stormed in. They were naked and as they strode toward me I saw their massive semi-rigid cocks swing ominously. It took less than four seconds and they were on me. I forced myself to go completely limp as one pulled my left leg, and one my right, over me and back down to the floor by my ears. The cold shot through my back as the iron grip locked solid. The third spat on my open ass and rammed home. The pain was savage and I cried out, but of course, they took no notice. Ramming me hard I felt like my hole had been split open and began to shake with fear, pain and the inevitable adrenalin rush. He pounded me for ten minutes before suddenly pulling out and cumming on my belly. The next one swapped positions and drilled into me.

They each had two goes to mutilate my rectum and covered my torso with spunk. When they had finished one slapped me round the face, they all laughed and left the room. I lay there shivering and sobbing, it had not been like that last time.

Master entered the room after a while and threw a towel at me.

"You have one hour." He stated and left. I spent the hour rubbing drying spunk off of me and reliving every second of the ordeal.

"The boy is still in there." My master was not his usually wonderful self, something horrible had come over him. "I remind you he is a virgin, and I want his raped. No gag, and make it good."

"Yes master." I said meekly. I summoned up all the anger I felt toward my rapists and stormed into the room.

I clearly took him by surprise because he was laid on his front on his bed reading, and he looked up in shock to find a young naked guy storming toward him. He wore only some look fitting boxers and as I quickly drew nearer I noticed how young he actually was.

"Who the fu..." was all he could get out before I got to him, grabbed his wrists and threw him end over end onto his back. He landed with a soft thump on the bed. I dived under the bed and quickly found a pair of handcuffs. Grabbing his wrists I got one on quickly but then he started to struggle and I couldn't get the chain around one of the supports on the headboard, so, holding the loose cuff, I punched him in his soft stomach. Winded, he stopped struggling long enough for me to feed the cuff around the headboard and onto his other wrist, which I pulled up violently from his midriff.

"Stop!" He yelled. "What the fuck are you doing?"

I ignored him and before he could stop me, I yanked down his boxers, taking skin off his legs with my short nails.

"AH you CUNT! What the fuck, let me out!" He shouted.

I dived under the bed again and found a surprise. I came up with a steel pole roughly a meter and a half in length, which had on each end a thick steel cuff. Perfect. I came back and grabbed one of his ankles. I attached the first bracelet to his ankle and clipped it closed, it wasn't tight but he could escape from it.

"Fuck no!" He shouted, seeming to understand, and started kicking me with he free foot. I was stronger however and forced his free ankle into the binding which I quickly snapped shut and locked with the clip. Now his legs were forced over a meter apart.

Now at this point I was fully into swing and as the adrenalin coursed through me I have to admit to losing control. I even rationalised it by telling myself that hell, this could be part of his training. So understand that instead of getting it over and done with I played with him.

I started sucking the toes of the foot that had kicked me and kissing his arch. He tried to struggle but the bar was heavy and easy to hold down. I kissed up and down his hairless silky legs and even had a nipple on his dick.

"Please let me go." He was whimpering over and over. Finally I decided to go for it. I lifted up the bar, which he tried to keep down but failed, and ducked under, moving in between his legs.

"Please noooo." Be wailed.

I pushed the bar up toward the headboard creating spit in my mouth as I did so. As it came to rest on the headboard, I spat on his anus and, holding the bar in position with straight arms and forward weight, I wiggled my hips until my dick was over his virgin hole, and pushed.

"AAAAHHHH!" He cried, and tears formed in the corners of his eyes. I looked at his and remembered him laughing at me, I remembered the black guys laughing as they left, and forced myself in, having to endure his yells of pain as I did so. Starting my pumping slow I soon built up a rhythm and got faster. This wasn't like loving lustful hard and fast I had enjoyed with Marcus, and in fact I didn't even think of him, I just drove in with all the weight I could muster behind me, then pulled out and repeated. All the while the boy was crying and begging me to stop between shouts of pain.

The kid was so tight it didn't take me long and I soon ejaculated inside him. It wasn't a powerful or nice ejaculation, just the result of stimulating the penis for a while. I pulled out unceremoniously and backed out under the bar which I let drop to the bed. Without looking back I went to the door I had entered through and left. Outside I dropped to my knees and cried. My master came over and took my hands in his, pulled me to my feet and gave me a tight and loving hug. I hugged him back and buried my face in the crook between arm and shoulder.

"Well done slave." He whispered. I said nothing and hugged tighter trying to stave off tears.

"It was his punishment." He stated. And this is how over the evening I spent with Marcus I got over it. I wondered how the black guys must feel.

I awoke the next morning feeling better, (how awful is that), and found myself spooning Marcus, my morning glory pointing up and fitting snugly between his gorgeous buttocks. I was cupping his soft dick and balls with my top hand and my bottom arm was trapped beneath him. I gently kissed his back and shoulders, not wanting to wake him. I thought about my predicament. Here I was being tested to see if I could stay with my new boyfriend, a fifteen year old stunner, and a man I considered to be the ultimate, the amazing, my god. How could any other tests possibly outdo the ones from yesterday.

I continued to kiss his back and gently massaged his genitals, feeling the soft boys skin beneath my lips and the fur around his dick. He awoke slowly and turned his head slightly.

"Morning baby." He whispered and squeezed his buttocks together.

"Morning beautiful." I replied and kissed him on the cheek.

"Horny this morning then?" He asked with a chuckle. I replied by pushing my groin into his ass. His response actually surprised me, he reached to the bedside table, dipped his finger in some Vaseline and parting his cheeks spread some on his anus.

"I dreamed about you all night. Now fuck me." It wasn't a question. He lay on his side holding his ass cheeks apart. I got to my knees and held my erection over his welcoming hole and entered him, as easy as that. He lay there on his side, top leg bent at the knee and tucked to his chest and the other leg straight. I pushed in slowly savouring the tightness and warmth surrounding my cock. I didn't fuck him this time, I made love. I took my time and pushed all the way in before pulling slowly almost all the way out. I really needed to cuddle him so I bent down and lie on his side, wrapping one arm around his bent leg and holding the smooth and firm calf, and the other up his back and around his shoulders. In return he put his free arm around my shoulders and held me to him. I kissed him on his cheeks and neck, sucking gently every now and again to give him a love bite. We had sex like this for about fifteen minutes before I needed to cum and started to speed up, increasing the power, finally delivering my load into him with a grunt.

Collapsing down onto him I tried to kiss his lips but he did not turn around. I wondered if anything was wrong but didn't move off him. I kissed some more and when he still didn't respond I felt I had to ask.

"Baby, is anything wrong?"

"This..." he started and paused, forcing himself on after a moment, "this may be our last time."

"What?" I exclaimed. "We are going to be together for ever aren't we? I am going to be your boyfriend."

"Not after today." He stated. I was speechless and fearful, no way could this happen now.

"Why?" I queried in a quieter tone.

"Because I know what the next test is."

"Eh. Oh baby no, I'll pass all my tests, I promise." I reassured him.

"Not this one." He was still looking away from me, I think he may have shed a tear or two.

"Baby don't worry, please. I will. I'm determined. I want this."

"I hope so babe, I really hope so." And with that he rolled onto his back underneath me and embraced me tightly, kissing more fiercely than ever before.

He had been crying.

Test 3.

My master was naked and I was exceptionally horny. He had greeted me in the comfortable sitting room like that and had given me a massive bear hug, holding me for ages. I melted into him and savoured his sexy, manly scent, his smooth skin covering firm muscles and above all the way he held me.

He was sitting now on one of two sofa's which faced each other, leaving a space of approximately three metres between them. In the space was a plain crŠme rug made of thick wool. I was knelt in the centre of this rug facing him and I frequently had to force my gaze away from his beautiful genitalia to look him in the eye.

"I enjoyed your horse play." He started, the smooth sexy voice burrowing into me.

"Thank you master." I said.

"Now, you know I like you to be honest right?" He checked.

"Yes master." I confirmed.

"Good. Do you want to do it again?" I paused and thought carefully about this.

"I want to please you master." There, that was clever, right?

"That is good slave. Did you enjoy it?"

"No master." Instant response.

"No change from when I last asked you then." He said softly, then louder, "but you would do it again to please me?"

"Oh yes master." I was quite confident I could and pretty certain I would.

"Would you do many things you don't like to please me?" He said this in such a way as to sound like he was checking his previous question so I answered quickly.

"Yes master."

"Good." His face lit up with a wicked grin. "Do you want to have sex with me slave?" I was elated and couldn't contain my excitement.

"Yes master, more than anything."

"Well, pass this test and you will." And with that he settled back in the sofa just as the door opened, admitting two men and a woman, who carried a large video camera and tripod, and three Alsatians.

Oh my god was the only thing I could think of.

They came to the centre of the room. The woman, mid forties, dressed in jeans and a baggy blouse, and not very attractive, busied herself setting up the camera. The two men held the dogs on leads to one side of me, pulling them back when they came sniffing around me.

"Now slave, you will have sex with these dogs until we tell you to stop understand?" Instructed my master.

"Yes master." All emotion was now drained from my voice.

"And you will appear to love it, even if you don't. Do you understand?"

"Yes master."

"Fail this and there is no punishment. You will be drugged and taken far away and dumped. You may be found. Understand?" So this was it, the big one. I had assumed it would be a series of small tests not three evil ones. I reminded myself why I was doing this by thinking of Marcus, and looking at my master, who through all his kinky dirty and nasty tastes, I was in love with, committed to and completely owned by.

"Yes master."

I truly don't remember how it started and I have yet to see the tape. I remember at first feeling sick as I had to roll one of the dogs onto its back and stroke its tummy like it was my best friend, all the while grinning like a love sick teenager. When its pointy pink cock extended out of its hairy sheath I took it in my mouth. It was much thinner than the dicks I was used to and I had to work on my technique a little but soon had the dog panting for more.

Then I was on all fours over it and whilst I brought it to climax they spread lubrication on my anus and one of the other big dogs entered me, the hard thin penis slipping in easily and pounding me in that special way that only dogs can do, fucking fast. It's front paws were gripping my hips to give it added purchase and allow it to ram me. I got a mouthful of doggy sperm from the one beneath me and it quickly rolled away, replaced by the third. I repeated, forcing a huge grin on my face for the camera that moved about catching all angles. The canine cock in my ass shot it's load and the dog jumped down, and I finished the one on the floor, it wasn't nice.

Instantly I was given a condom and told to fuck each dog in the ass. Now this may sound sick, but I did have an erection and it was no trouble to keep it, I didn't know why. They reassured me the dogs were used to it, and of course I believed them. The woman restarted the camera and I crawled over to the first Alsatian. It knew what was coming and stood raising it's tail. I entered it and fucked it. Stopping me before I came they moved me onto the second then third, in which I was allowed to orgasm. When I pulled out I had to take off the rubber, hold it over my face, and with mouth open and tongue out, squeeze out my cum and eat some and let the rest dribble down my chest, all done as though it was the best thing ever.

And I did it all. All without pausing, refusing or showing disgust.

My master smiled at me looking me directly in the eyes and waited for the troupe to leave before speaking.

"Very well done slave." He cooed. "That looked awesome. Now I am horny."

I instantly forgot the recent past and hoped against hope that now was the time.

"Master?" I asked quietly, trying to keep the begging tone out of my voice.

"Slave, come here."

"Yes master."

I stood and walked the short distance to him. He moved forward so that he was sat on the edge of the seat with his legs open and I stood between them. He reached up and put his hands on my waist. This new view caused my erection to hurt, he was looking up at me with those big puppy eyes and I knew.

"Slave, welcome to my life. Consider yourself owned."

"Oh master!" I cried. I didn't know what to do so just stood there like an idiot with my hands by my sides, touching his wrists.

"You have proved your worthiness slave. You will of course be doing these acts again and you will always be tested in some minor way. Do you want that?" He voice was soft and warm and delicious and I wanted him, I wanted him to have me, I wanted him to own me.

"Yes master, I want to be yours."

He drew me close then leaned back and pulled me down on top of him.

We didn't fuck and we didn't have sex, and to say we made love would be to understate the intensity of feeling I had. It seemed to last for hours and certainly neither of us was in any rush to move from one act to the next. We explored each other, felt and caressed each other, and pleasured each other. I would describe it but I'm afraid this is one time I want to keep to myself, it was my defining moment, the point in my life that I gave myself wholly to my master, the point I realised he is why I exist and what I am for, the point I completely became a slave, his slave.


My acceptance ceremony was a few days later. I had spent my time with Marcus and my master learning how my life would be and what was expected and of course, pleasing them in anyway they wished. Unlike a lot of slaves, I was not to be denied ejaculation or any other form of pleasure, but I was to only indulge in them with either my boyfriend or my master.

The ceremony was extremely well attended by a great deal of people I had never seen. I did catch the eyes of the two body guards who merely smiled at me, my rapists who were grinning broadly, and the young boy I had raped. I felt no shame or embarrassment stood there naked on the four foot high stage, my master stood behind me in tight black leather trousers and a tight black t-shirt. Marcus stood behind and slightly to my left in baggy jeans and a tight white t-shirt that had been ripped just below his chest and exposed his beautiful young midriff.

Finally whoever the guy was who was presiding over this ceremony stepped up to the microphone and began speaking. I won't bore you with the details, but when it was my turn to say my lines, the lines I genuinely felt for, believed in as though they were my private gospel.

My master stepped forward with a black collar with silver studs. He held it out and spoke clearly into the microphone;

"With this collar you give yourself entirely to me, your mind, your soul, your body, your very existence. You are my property to do with as I wish."

As he spoke I watched him filled with love and happiness. I belonged. When he finished I moved up to him and bowed my head, and as rehearsed spoke my lines.

"Master, this slave gives itself to you. It wishes to be owned by you and will do anything required of it. Master this slave serves you."

With that the collar was put on my neck and I was owned. A huge cheer erupted from the crowd but I had eyes only for my master and boyfriend.

I was now a willing slave.

I was happy.

* * *

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