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Author: Chili Peeler
Story: HypnoWho
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Chapter 21

Jenny, Stephana and Alec watched TV most of the night; Lisa begged off saying she had to do some schoolwork and she went upstairs. Jenny had the feeling that Lisa was avoiding her due to their conversation in her bathroom; she wasn't sure what to do about that. She hoped Lisa would work out whatever it was that was bothering her.

When Stephana excused herself to go upstairs for the evening, Jenny decided it was time to talk to her father about their future; namely when they could continue their incestuous affair.

When the coast was clear, she walked over to her father and slumped down beside him on the leather couch, making sure her thigh touched his and her left breast pressed against his arm. Being this close to him was torture. She'd experienced such intimacy with him but she knew that their affair would have to be a secret.

"Sorry if I broke up something there in the kitchen after dinner."

"No, in fact, I'm glad you came in," her father answered her as he swung his arm over her head and draped loosely around her shoulders as he turned his body slightly toward her.

"Is Lisa still upstairs?" he asked her.

"I think she's still studying. I saw her light on in her room when I was up there before." Without warning she leaned into him and kissed him on the mouth hard. She felt her father respond; felt him return the kiss. She pulled away from him and ran her hand up and down his chest.

"I could wait up tonight. We could be quiet." She hoped he would agree and come to her bedroom when Stevie was asleep. His love was like a narcotic in seemed. Her euphoria had lasted all afternoon from their first lovemaking but it was beginning to wear off.

"Not tonight, baby. I have to go into the office early tomorrow and I'd kinda planned on being with Stephana tonight.' Jenny's heart fell in her chest. "But tomorrow night....that you're really going to enjoy."

Her father's voice titillated her. It sounded like he had some plan for them to be alone together. She leaned her head on his shoulder, feeling so close to him. Like she never thought she would have again with a man. Amanda and what they had seemed so far away at that moment.




Jenny felt the world slip away.

"Jenny, Jenny? Wake up." Thornton softly shook his daughter and she came up slowly out of the trance he had placed her in with her keyword.

"Did I fall asleep?" she asked as she sat up beside him.

"I guess so. I must have wore you out today?"

Jenny rose to his teasing. "I'm ready for another workout whenever you are. You sure you can't sneak out tonight?"

"Tomorrow, tomorrow." Thornton promised as got up from the couch. "I'll see you then and explain it all to you.

Thornton made his way upstairs, happy with the new programming he had had to instill in his daughter to make his fantasy session come true the next night.

He'd re-awakened her natural lesbian desires, magnified them. When he brought her to Stevie, she'd interact hith his wife like Jasmine had.

He'd taken away the fear of peer pressure surrounding her bi-sexual activities which he had used that afternoon; no hang-ups would prevent her from enjoying herself with Stevie and him.

As a failsafe, to override any inhibitions she might have about making it with her stepmother, he'd given her a deep fantasy about joining him and Stephana in sexual acts; she would only remember the fantasy when he activated it with another keyword before he took her to their bedroom the following night. In effect, to her it would seem like she'd always wanted it.

Later that night, after he and Stephana made love, he would expand her desires to include Jenny, so she would welcome his daughter to their bed as if it was an everyday occurance.

He couldn't help the excitement he felt as he saw the hot times ahead.

Jenny finished watching the news and watched some David Letterman but her mind couldn't stay focused and she decided to call it a night. Turning out the downstairs lights, she made her way up the staircase.

In the upstairs hallway, she saw a light was still on in her father's bedroom. Also the door to Lisa's room was open a crack and her light was still on. She thought about her stepsister again and this time found her desire for Lisa back and stronger than even last night. It was like someone had turned off a switch and now had turned it back on.

Lisa had tried to come onto her, she thought. If she'd read the signs correctly. She thought she had.

Confused but excited, she walked down to Lisa's door and pushed it open. Lisa was laying on her stomach on her bed, propped up on her elbows as she read a textbook that was opened before her. Being focused on her studyng she didn't notice that Jenny had entered the room.

Jenny took the opportunity to admire her developing teenage body. Lisa was wearing a pair of white cotton panties and a T-shirt which she probably slept in. Due to the arch in her back and the position of her arms, her T-shirt had ridden halfway up her midriff.

Lisa looked so cute, Jenny wanted to eat her....literally. The half moon cheeks of her little round butt were clearly defined as her panties had been pulled down into the cleft of her bottom. Her legs were slender and graceful and still had the look of some baby fat; Jenny was sure they would be very soft. Jenny could see the small bumps of Lisa's backbone in the portion of her lower back that was exposed.

' Let's see how she likes being come on to, ' Jenny thought as she slowly walked toward her bed.

Lisa finished the chapter she had been reading and decided to stretch and as she moved to get up she saw Jenny standing by her bed. Startled, she drew herself up in a sitting position, hurriedly and awkwardly.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to scare you like that," Jenny said. "I saw your light on and wondered what you were up to."

"Just studying," Lisa said as she regained her composure.

"What cha studying?" Jenny said and sat down on the side of the bed.

"Um, trig." Lisa said as she pulled her T-shirt down out of habit.

"Oh, I hated trig!" Jenny laughed and Lisa smiled too, happy that they had something in common. "You know when you get to college, it's totally different. You can schedule your classes for when you want them and get your studying done in the afternoon and then party every night."

"I'm thinking about going to B.C." Lisa offered.

"Yeah, that would be great," Jenny said, "close to home and I hear they've got lots of hunky guys over there. By the way, I haven't asked you about what you've got going on. Do you have a boyfriend?"

Lisa felt like the room got warmer as Jenny steered into her personal life. After almost making a fool of herself earlier, she didn't want to reopen that can of worms.

"Well, no," Lisa said truthfully.

Then Jenny really shocked her. "Well, do you have any girlfriends?" she asked very casually. As Lisa tried to think of some way to respond, she felt Jenny's hand fall on one of her legs. Jenny smiled at her.

"Listen, Lisa, I might have misread what happened today in my bathroom but I don't think I have. I saw the way you were looking at me and I'm pretty sure that towel didn't fall off the rack."

Jenny's hand began stroking her thigh and Lisa realized her plan had worked after all. Her stepsister had picked up on her intentions and she sure didn't appear to have a problem with it.

Jenny leaned closer to Lisa and brought her face close to Lisa's face. Lisa tilted her head slightly and Jenny's lips found hers. Lisa's body trembled as her stepsister nibbled on her lower lip; it felt electric.

Jenny broke their first kiss and stood up.

"I'll leave my door open. When you think it's safe, come see me and I'll show you what it can be like." Jenny walked to the door and before leaving she said, "I like the way you kiss."

Chapter 22

After Jenny had left, Lisa fell back on her bed, her heart still racing. The thought of laying with Jenny in the darkness of her room, kissing each other, exploring each others bodies - it was all going to happen! Lisa lay there thinking about the things that she would do for Jenny; she wanted Jenny to enjoy it so much that she would want to do it on a regular basis.

Lisa lay there for several minutes imagining sucking on Jenny's tits and performing oral sex on Jenny's blonde pussy. Lisa had never done that to another girl before but she knew how good it felt.

Lisa got up off the bed and went into her bathroom, pulling her nightshirt up and over her head. She wanted to get ready for Jenny; it felt like she was going on a date.

She turned on her shower and while the water came to temperature, she studied herself in the mirror. Her hair looked OK, she'd just comb it out. She'd give herself a douche, get her body clean, front and back, with soap in the shower. Put on a little Body Mist perfume. Maybe a little pink lipstick.

Her thin, gold ankle bracelet that always made her feel sexy. The mirror began to fog over as hot steam from the shower pervaded the rest of the room and Lisa set about getting ready.

Down the hall, her mother was just finishing cleaning herself up after a strenuous lovemaking session with her man. Satisfied that she was presentable again, she turned out the light and went back to bed. She pulled the covers up and slid her nude body up against her husband's reclining figure. She raised her head so he could slide his arm around her and moved her right leg over his legs as she snuggled close.

"Penny for your thoughts." she said as she ran her hand over his chest. 'If she knew my thoughts right now, she'd probably go into shock,' Thornton thought. He'd been laying there thinking again about watching her and his daughter doing some very erotic activities together.

"Hmmm, I was just thinking about how lucky I am," he answered.

He'd even been thinking about bringing Lisa into the mix. He wondered if Lisa and her mother would share the same exulted high that he had had with his own flesh and blood. Was it possible to instill that kind of... deviant enjoyment.

Thornton had to admit fucking his own daughter was deviant. Certainly understandable since she was a walking wet dream. But as he lay there, he could not remember ever thinking about Jenny sexually until he was on his way for Europe and the hypnosis training. Now he couldn't stop.

He'd cut back on his office hours but continue looking for more patients that excited him. Preferably divorcees and other single, unattached woman that would not raise suspicion if they were missing overnight or for a weekend if they were really good.

Stevie's massaging hand dipped lower on his torso and bumped into the top of his stiff, re-awakened sex organ. He felt her fingers trace the outline of his lenghty member.

"Alec! God, you know this thing is supposed to go down after we make love." She pressed her firm silicone tits harder into the side of his chest. "Would you like to do it again, my love?"

That had hardly ever happened in their marriage with the exception of the first few months they had been married. But since Alec's return, they had both seemed to be sexually overcharged. He had surprised and delighted her by bringing Jasmine into their bed. And when they had been making love, he had told her he would be bringing another woman into their bed soon.

"I'd like to, baby," he said, "but I need to get some sleep. But before that, I need to talk with you about an aardvark." Thornton felt Stevie fall off into her trance as he spoke her keyword.

He began speaking softly do her, reforming her morals, opening her mind to things she would never have considered, planting a lust for Jenny.

Lisa stopped outside of her mother's bedroom and listened at the door. There was no light showing from underneath their door and she could not hear any carnal sounds like on Friday night.

She was more excited now than when she had heard the groans of the three- way that night. Before pulling on the short silk robe she'd chosen to wear, she'd spent a few moments petting herself, rubbing her excited pussy in anticipation of her journey to Jenny's bed. It had helped dissolve some last minute jitters.

Taking a deep breath, she moved down the hall to Jenny's door.

Chapter 23

Lisa slipped into Jenny's room and closed the door behind her. Jenny's room had a small entry hall and Lisa could see a golden glow around the corner. Licking her dry lips, she walked to the corner and stepped into the bedroom itself. The scene before her was one of the most beautiful she had ever seen; it was like out of a movie or one of those titillating romance novels her mother used to be seen reading.

Jenny's bed was bathed in the rich light of upwards of twenty candles positioned on both bed side lamptables and a clothes chest at the foot of the bed.

"You like the candles?" Lisa saw Jenny sit up on the bed; the golden light from the candles had blended her blonde hair into the background of a collection of pillows at the top of the bed. The covers fell away from her round breasts when she sat up and she proudly let them remain exposed to Lisa's gaze.

"They're great," Lisa said as she walked over to the side of the bed, "It looks....dreamy in here."

"I'm glad you like it. The ceiling lamp was just too bright and I didn't want it to be pitch dark." Jenny's eyes ran up and down Lisa's form. "I wanted to see you," she added as she rose up onto her knees. The covers fell completely away at this point and Lisa marveled at Jenny's toned body in the flickering candlelight.

Her slender shoulders - her grapefruit sized tits - the outline of her ribcage and her flat stomach - the v-shaped, untanned area dipping into the junction of her thighs. Jenny exuded sexuality out of every pore.

"Take your robe off." Jenny said as she pulled her long blonde hair back over her shoulders.

Lisa undid the thin sash that held her robe closed and pulled the robe off her shoulders. Beneath it she was totally nude and as the robe fell away, Jenny was quick to compliment her.

"Oooh, you've got such a cute little body, Lisa." Jenny couldn't wait to get her hands on her younger stepsister. The craving for another woman's touch was almost uncontrollable that night; much stronger than it even was with her college roommate lover.

She walked on her knees across the bed and raised her hands to touch Lisa's petite, sloping breasts. Lisa nervously raised her hands in front of her and Jenny's fingers met Lisa's. Smiling at Lisa, Jenny interlaced her fingers with her stepsister's.

"Just relax, Lisa. I'm going to make you feel sooooo good." Jenny whispered as she moved forward on her knees still more. At the same time, Jenny pulled Lisa's body into hers as she moved their entwined hands back behind her own body. With her back slightly arched, Jenny's orbulant tits squished against Lisa's heaving chest as she tilted her head and brought her lips onto Lisa's.

Lisa nervousness melted away into ardor as Jenny began tenderly kissing her. Lisa experimentally pushed her tongue into Jenny's silky lips and felt it ride into Jenny's mouth. Her stepsister's tongue joined hers in a hot twirling dance before following Lisa's back into her mouth.

As Jenny's tongue probed deeply into her oral cavity, Lisa felt Jenny's hands release her own. Jenny's athletic arms wrapped around Lisa's just above her elbows, effectively trapping them at her side, as her stepsister's hands explored her supple back.

This only heightened Lisa's excitement. Her pussy was already slick from the excitement of her first lesbian experience but the way Jenny had taken control of her body felt strange and just as delicious. She'd felt the same sensation when Alec had pinned her shoulders to her bed that first night as he'd dry humped her into her second orgasm. His weight had rendered her helpless to move. Now, Jenny was doing the same without knowing it. Jenny's darting tongue exited her mouth and both gasped for air as their lips separated.

"God, Jenny.....ooooo, I love it, I love you......" Lisa murmured as Jenny pulled her body tighter against her. Jenny's lips were kissing their way down her right jawline, back toward her ear.

"Tell me what you like," Jenny whispered into her ear, "tell what you're feeling, tell me what you want me to do." Jenny wanted Lisa to open up to her, to lay herself open without fear; that was what she enjoyed about her relationship with Amanda.

"I...oh God, I love the feel of your arms around me." Lisa said in a rush.

" arms, I can't move my arms......and I like that, I don't know why." Jenny's lips began nibbling on her earlobe and she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations as her hands grabbed Jenny's lower back.

As Jenny began running her tongue around the hard cartilage of the girl's outer ear, she was analyzing Lisa's quick confession. She knew from her Human Sexuality class that many people found extra stimulation from the loss of free will during lovemaking. Perhaps, subconsciously, she had used the chance to lock fingers with Lisa to gain some control over her younger step-sibling. The more she thought about it, the more appealing her proposed role became. 'Let me try something,' Jenny decided.

"Let's lay down," Jenny said as she relaxed her hug on Lisa and used her right arm to pull her across her body and the two of them slumped onto the bed, Lisa on her back with Jenny partially draped over her. Lisa's arms went around her neck as Jenny kissed her again.

For several minutes they let their lips demonstrate their rising passion for each other. Jenny's right leg had moved over and between Lisa's and both were enjoying the stimulation of a thigh rubbing against their leaking slits. Lisa then felt Jenny's hand moving up her arm as she pulled away from her.

Without saying a word, Jenny pushed her arms above her head. Soon, Jenny's left forearm was pinning Lisa's left hand beneath it while she gripped Lisa's right wrist.

"What are you doing?" Lisa asked, although she knew.

"I don't want you to move your hands, all right?" Jenny said as she ran her right hand down the side of Lisa's flushed face and onto her slender neck. "I think you like this, don't you? You like me holding your hands like this. Knowing I can do whatever I want with you. Tonight, you'll let me." Lisa's eyes didn't say to stop.

Jenny ran her hand down onto the slightly raised area of Lisa's left breast; with her hands above her head, the girl's small tit mounds had flattened out considerably. Jenny's palm swirled over Lisa's small, dark, stiff nipples and her stepsister whinnied in pleasure.

"You're nipples are so hard," Jenny said breathy. "I'd like to suck them."

"Oh, yes, yes, please." Lisa encouraged Jenny as she raised her head and looked down between them.

Jenny scooted slightly down Lisa's reclining form and jerked her head up and back to send her hair over her left shoulder; she wanted Lisa to have an unobstructed view of her face. Her hand squeezed the flesh around Lisa's left nipple up into a small cone and moved her lips down onto it.

"Mmmmmmm, oh, oh, mmmmmm." Lisa trilled as Jenny's tongue teased her sensitive nipple. The simulated restraint that she was allowing Jenny to exert over her and Jenny's oral ministrations combined to send shivers down her young body. She let her head fall back onto the mattress as she felt Jenny's mouth suck most of her tit into her hot mouth.

Jenny suckled on Lisa's soft titflesh as her right hand slid down Lisa's heaving flank. Lisa was humping her moist mons into her leg and Jenny wanted to heighten the girl's pleasure even more with her fingers. Letting Lisa's reddened teat free from her mouth, Jenny looked down to watch her fingers slide into Lisa's neatly trimmed muff and then over the edge to her juicy slit.

"Ooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaa." Lisa moaned sweetly as the fingers slowly masturbated her clit. Her gasps grew quicker and quicker. She imagined what else Jenny would do and make her do as the night progressed and it was enough to transport her into sublime release.

"OOOOOOH, AAAAHHHAAHHHHHAAHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAHH!" Lisa bucked her hips into Jenny's fingers as her first orgasm of the night broke over her like an ocean wave. Her body coiled as her muscles strained upward.

"Cum, aaahhhhh, that's it Lisa, oh, you cum so hard!" Jenny squealed as she watched her stepsister torque her body. She pressed her own blonde-fringed pussy tighter against Lisa's thrashing leg. The friction wasn't enough to get her off but she wanted to wait anyway.

She had more in store for her submissive stepsister.

The bedside alarm clock's glowing numerals changed to 12:15 AM as Thornton rolled over in bed and noted the time. Again he was having trouble falling off to sleep. Beside him, Stevie was fast asleep after her re- programming.

That was what was keeping Thornton awake. His hypnotic suggestions of what he planned to occur later on that evening were still bouncing around his head. He was just too damn eager to get Jenny and Stevie together in the sack. The mental images he'd had the previous evening in the kitchen, and some new ones, kept him from drifting off.

' Well, no sense laying here with a stiffy,' he reasoned, ' Not when I've got two willing young women in the house.' He sat up on the side of the bed and his erection waved drunkenly in his lap. ' I'll make it quick. Just get a blowjob and then back to bed.'

He quietly let himself out of the bedroom and stood in the quiet hallway. The decision on which girl to awaken was easy. Little Lisa had already proven her prowess on him in the back of the limo. But his daughter had yet to taste him. She could probably use the practice after her two years of lady loving. Besides she'd begged him for a late night visit. Thornton headed for her room.

Jenny rolled Lisa back onto her back and threw the coverless pillow on the floor. Lisa lay with her arms under her body and the slight arch of her back pointed her adorable tits at the ceiling. Satisfied with her work, she reached for a hair clip on her bedside table and pushed her long blonde hair up on her head and secured it in place. One thing she had learned from her lovemaking sessions with Amanda was that hair just got in the way when you were eating pussy.

"You look so sexy laying there like that," Jenny said to Lisa as she moved back onto the bed. "You're in the perfect position for what I'd like to do next."

With her hands underneath her bottom, Lisa's hips were slightly elevated off the bed.

"I'm ready for anything you want to do." Lisa replied and meant it. Jenny had made her cum like crazy just with her fingers; she hoped her fantasy about having Jenny's tongue deep in her pink hole was about to come true. Wishfully, Lisa spread her legs wider.

Jenny suddenly had another brainstorm on how to proceed. Eating out Lisa's pussy was still her intent but she'd get a little creative with the position. She grabbed the nearest ankle to her and stepped back of the bed and pulled Lisa toward her.

"Hey!" Lisa squealed at the sudden slide across the bed. Lisa's petite body was easy to move and Jenny positioned her legs so they hung over the side of the bed, her dainty feet just touching the floor.

Jenny went to her knees on the plush bedroom carpeting between Lisa's slender thighs and leaned over her to kiss her stomach lovingly as her hands slid slowly up to touch her nipples again.

"Mmmmm," Lisa murmured as her legs squeezed against Jenny's sides. A new sensation hit Lisa as Jenny's tits pressed against her crotch. When Jenny began moving her boobs up and down over her pussy mound, Lisa knew .

"God, that feels good, Jenny!" Lisa gasp as her teen twat began to produce more womanly juices at the new stimulation.

"Like that, huh? Tell me how you like this." Jenny straightened up somewhat and used her right hand to steer the hard thimble-sized nipple of her right tit into Lisa's soft inner labia. She ran it up and down her stepsister's pussy entrance as her left hand stroked Lisa's flat tummy.

"MMMMMMMmmmmm, oh, rub it higher, yeah, oh, oh, God, rub it on my clit! Mmmmmm, oh Jenny! Jenny!" Jenny looked up at Lisa's pleasure-racked face and continued sliding her nipple over Lisa's love button. "I'm fucking you with my tit. Feel that nipple on your clitty. It's making my nipple harder and harder.....aaaaah...Lisa, my nipple's getting all wet. Wet with your juices." Jenny pulled her tit from Lisa's gash, slid her palm under her breast, raised her tit up and licked Lisa's nectar off her own nipple.

Her own tongue made Jenny's knees weaken. She could see Lisa watching her through slitted eyes.

"I've got a taste of your pussy on my nipple. Time to get another taste from the source." Jenny's hands slid between Lisa's grasping legs and pushed them open before her.

"Ooooooo, yes, please eat my pussy, please Jenny." Lisa pleaded with her older stepsister.

"I'm going to Lisa," Jenny promised as her hands gripped Lisa behind her knees and pushed her legs back.

Thornton opened the door to Jenny's bedroom and froze immediately as the unmistakeable sound of a woman in heat travelled down the short hall at him. Thornton pictured Jenny in her bed fingering herself in flustration and smiled.

'Poor girl. She'll be so glad to see me. Maybe I'll screw her to calm her down,'he thought.

He closed the door and walked to the corner. His jaw fell open and his dick got harder as he watched the scene before him.

Chapter 24

In a room that looked like some sort of a shrine with all the candles going, his daughter was on her knees by the side of the bed with her busy mouth mashed on his stepdaughter's open crotch. Lisa's legs were bent at the knees and were being held up and back by Jenny's left arm which was pressing against the back of Lisa's thighs. Lisa's arms were underneath her body, maybe trying to lift her hips into Jenny's mouth.

"OOOoooooOOoOoooooo, mmmmmmMMMMMM, uh huh, mmmmm, ohhhh, oooooOOOOOOOO," Lisa whimpered up at the ceiling in a non-stop litany of excitement.

As Thornton continued to watch as he moved back behind the corner, Jenny moved her face back slightly from Lisa's squirming bottom and her tongue flicked out and ran slowly from the bottom of Lisa's inner labia to up near the top. You could almost trace its course from Lisa's reaction.


Thornton saw his daughter smile at Lisa's enjoyment of her cunnilingus. "Your pussy tastes so goddamn good, Lisa. Your clitty is like a pebble." Jenny ran her right hand over Lisa's soft buttcheeks, stroking both lovingly before running her palm up onto Lisa's puffy vulva. The young girl's slit was oozing a steady flow of her fragrant pussy oil. Jenny could feel her own pussy slickening as she put her new lover through her paces.

'She's like a firecracker waiting to pop,' Jenny thought as she moved her fingertips on Lisa's sex. 'I bet she's a tight one.' As Jenny thought this she worked two fingers into Lisa's cuntal opening. 'Nice and tight. I was right.'

She pushed and pulled her fingers in Lisa's buttery teenage cunny and Lisa's bottom began grinding around in a circular motion.

"Yeeeeaaaaahhh, fuck yourself on my fingers! Ooohhh, a little more of this and I'm gonna suck you off again."

Lisa loved the feeling of Jenny's slender digits probing her enflamed sex cavity. The fingers were pressing upward against the lining of her cunt and there was a spot that she kept hitting that felt so delicious.

She'd cum another time when Jenny had her tongue stuffed inside her pussyhole and her body had never really settled back down. It was softly shivering as Jenny kept up her incessant stimulation.

Lisa felt the fingers leave her pussy and she waited for Jenny's tongue to come back down into her upturned womanhood. Instead she felt the wet sinewy tongue delve through her cheeks and flatten itself on her asshole.

"OOOOOH, OH, GOD! Jenny, what are you...ooooooOOOO!" Lisa squealed as the tongue began corkscrewing against her puckering anal aperture. Thornton let go of his rock-hard cock; if he kept stroking it, he was going to make a mess against the hall. His daughter was now using her tongue on Lisa's shitter just like her dead mother used to do on him. Clearly, Jenny had inherited more than her mother's drop-dead body; she'd also inherited her zest for sex.

As soon as he saw Lisa get off, he planned to find out what had precipitated the union of his two girls. It didn't sound like Lisa was going to make him wait much longer.

"Oooooooaaaaaaahhhhh, mmmmmmmm, MMMMMMM, oh, yeah, suck it! Ooohh, suck, aaaaaaahhhh, MMMMMM!" Lisa didn't know what she was saying any longer. Jenny's mouth was now applying a powerful vacuum on her pussy and she could feel a finger deep in her virgin anus. Her hands were digging into the mattress as she humped her body into Jenny's slurping tongue.

"YYYYYYYEEEEIIIIIIEEEEEE!" Lisa finally shrieked as fireflies of light exploded under her eyelids. Her back arched sharply and her feet came down on Jenny's shoulders as her sucking stepsister gave up on trying to hold them up any longer. Instead, Jenny wrapped her left arm up and over Lisa's waist and tried to keep her convulsing lover's hips on her mouth.

"Jesus Christ," Thornton muttered as he watched Jenny ride Lisa's jerking hips back down onto the bed. The girls had put on a hot fucking show. All thoughts of getting any sleep were forgotten; this early morning could be as exciting as what he had hoped would transpire later that night.

Jenny gave Lisa's soupy slit one last lick and crawled up on the bed and lay on Lisa's right side. Thornton was about to spring his plan into action when Lisa rolled on her side toward Jenny and they began to kiss.

It was then that Thornton saw the pillowcase that was tightly cinched around Lisa's wrists!

Chapter 25

'My God! Wha?.........Is Jenny raping Lisa?' Thornton's mind couldn't comprehend what had transpired. Rape couldn't be it; Lisa could have screamed for help since she wasn't gagged.

And even if the heightened blanket lesbian orientation Thornton had installed in Jenny earlier that evening could explain Jenny's actions, it could not explain Lisa's willingness.

'Or is it unwillingness?'

He had to find out what the hell was going on and he knew a good way. Thornton stepped into the doorway of the bedroom and said loudly, "Bougainvillea. Belltower."

At the sound of his voice, both girls had begun to raise up but when the keyword of each was processed by their brains it caused them to slip into a trance. Jenny fell onto her back and Lisa slumped forward on her side against her.

Thornton walked over to the bed and looked down at the two unconscious girls. His cock jutted out over their feet and showed no sign of wilting as he studied his young smorgasbord of family members. He imagined himself sandwiched between them, both ran their hands running over his body, gripping and stroking, and kissing and licking...

'But first, let's find out who's thinking what.' he vowed as he tore himself away from that fantasy. He sat down on the bed, leaned against the pillows by the headboard and began.

"Jenny, can you hear me?"


"Lisa, can you hear me?"


"Both of you can hear me clearly and will answer my questions truthfully. Concentrating on my voice at all times. Lisa, tell me why your arms are tied behind your back."

"Jenny tied them."

"Why did she tie them behind your back?"

"Make me helpless."

"And you did not protest?"

"No." A pause. "My idea."

"Your idea? You wanted Jenny to make you helpless."


'Interesting, very interesting.'

"Lisa, you're in Jenny's bed. You came here willingly?"


"Did you come here knowing Jenny and you would have sex?"


"Did Jenny invite you here tonight? This morning?"


"You wanted to have sex with Jenny?"

"Oh, yesss."

"How long have you had thoughts of being with Jenny like this?"

"Long time....scared to tell her...saw on boat....tried to tell her."

Thornton picked up on the boat reference. "What did you see on the boat?"

"Saw her and you in bed."

Thornton nervously asked, "Did you tell anyone what you saw?"


Thornton breathed easier. There had been nothing in his conditioning of Lisa that would have stopped her from telling her mother or God help him, someone not under his control. Luckily her lust for him would probably have kept his incest a secret. And as it turned out, her longing for Lisa. He was satisfied that he had the answers he needed. Whether Jenny's programming had played any part of getting her stepsister in bed was unimportant to Thornton. The girl liked girls and that was OK with him. He could now get down to the programming that would set up the rest of their early morning activities.

"I want you both to listen to me. Until you awaken when the sun is in the sky, you will have an unsatiable desire for sex. Sex with each other and sex with me. You will do whatever you can to heighten my pleasure during our session. You will do whatever I say without question. You will know that what we are doing is forbidden but this will only excite you. Do you both understand my instructions?"



"You will come out of your sleep when I speak you keywords. You will not remember that I have spoken to you before the keywords. These instructions that I have given you will seem to be your own emotions and they will cause no conflict in your minds." Thornton moved over the girls and turned Jenny back on her side facing Lisa so that when they awakened, the return to consciousness would appear as seamless as possible.

He then walked back to the entrance of the room and said, "Hearing my voice, you are getting closer and closer to awakening. Closer and closer. Just ready to awaken......Bougainvillea. Belltower." As Thornton watched both girls stirred. Then Jenny's hand slid over Lisa's body and she rolled on top of her tied up stepsister, her mouth kissing Lisa's hotly. They had picked up where they left off.

Thornton walked toward the bed.

"Well, look what we have here?" he boomed.

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