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Author: MCSizeMatters
Story: Fuck Weed
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Fuck Weed

Chapter 2 – The Big Black Hard Sell

“Mr. Markman, wake up, it’s almost time for your dinner presentation.” The waitress knelt beside him, her red lips close to his. “You should hurry before the evening rain starts. The island experienced a brief rain shower almost every afternoon. It was typically short, but intense.

While Chase tried to himself wake up the waitress sat next to Mindy and woke her up. Chase envisioned the pretty black girl kissing his wife to wake her up and the two women enjoying a wild lesbian tryst, with him joining in of course.

“Oh crap!” Mindy exclaimed, “I need to get changed for dinner? I’m not going in a bikini!”

“OK, but we have to hurry; we want to beat the rain.” Chase said grabbing their things as they raced to the room. Mindy quickly threw on a sun dress over her bikini and put on some high heeled sandals.

They ran through the lobby, Mindy grabbing another cookie as she ran past, and onto the beach just as the first drops of rain started to fall. By the time they hit the beach it was raining hard and the couple was getting soaked. Finally Mindy gave up, it was too hard to run in the sand in heels so she decided to just get wet and eat her cookie, besides, the rain was letting up and they were almost to the retreat area.

In the doorway to the open air room stood Beau Finny, the manager they had met when they checked in. He was dressed in a white shirt, khaki shorts, and sandals. The retreat was an open air lounge with couches, a cocktail table, a bar area and a roaring fire in the middle. Behind the bar was a cooking area with a grill and stove.

“Got caught in the rain I see?” He greeted them with two Glamity Bay Zombies in hand. “No matter, the fire will dry you out quickly, and these drinks will take the chill off. Welcome!”

Chase and Mindy sat by the fire to dry off and warm up as they watched the spectacular sunset on the ocean. Smoke from the fire gently encircled them with a spicy scent and the drinks did their job of relaxing the couple. Beau brought them another drink and a plate of freshly grilled shrimp appetizers.

“You see?” He said sitting down to enjoy the food and drink with them, “No pressure. I’ll tell you about our wonderful pools, the beach, our 4 star restaurant, our adventure trips, day cruises, massages. You enjoy them throughout your stay at no extra cost. And at the end, if you wish, we can talk about you owning a regular vacation spot here. If you’re not interested, you can head home with our thanks for letting us show off for you. Now let’s see if I can’t rustle up some fresh lobster for you!”

Mindy and Chase had a great evening with Beau. The drinks flowed, the food was terrific, and Beau was an impeccable host who, as promised, made no attempt to sell them anything. All he did was make them feel welcome and relaxed.

“You really must try one of our snorkeling cruises.” Beau said as he grilled some fresh caught local fish. “The water here is so clear you can see all the way to the bottom. We have a private little island where we’ll prepare lunch for you before you go back out.”

“We’re already signed up!” Chase answered gleefully. ‘The drinks must be pretty powerful’, he thought to himself, his head was floating. He looked over at his smiling wife as she chatted happily with the black host. Chase was amazed since his wife would usually change checkout lines if the cashier was black.

“You have so many pretty young girls here working here. The pool girl was super helpful today.” Mindy mentioned as she dunked some of her lobster in the drawn butter.

“I’m glad to hear she was attentive.” Finny smiled, “We have a number of young women working for us for only a few weeks at a time. It’s sort of a trade program, they work for a week, and enjoy the resort the next. Most of them are daughters, nieces, and friends of our members.”

“That’s very nice! I think that’s a great program for those young ladies. Do they like it?”

“Very much so, the girls find it very satisfying. In fact, we have more girls than we can take care of most of the time.”

After dinner, and a few more drinks, Mindy got up to go to use the restroom. As she tried to stand up she staggered falling into Chase’s lap. “Whoops! Those drinks are powerful!” She kissed Chase on the lips, her tongue darting out briefly into his mouth, before smiling at him as she felt his cock grow in response against her ass. “Well, I’m off to pee!” Mindy staggered around to the bathroom as Chase watched.

“You have a very beautiful wife Mr. Markman, you’re very lucky.” The black man said with a broad smile. “I’m betting you’ll be having big fun tonight, if you don’t mind me saying.”

“I’m betting you’re wrong.” Chase lamented. “Lately our bed has only been for sleeping.”

“That’s a tremendous pity.” Finny said putting a strong hand on Chase’s shoulder. “No man should have such a beautiful wife and not enjoy the benefits anytime he wants.”

“I wish it was different.” Chase sighed, “It seems like the hotter she got, the less she wanted to fuck.” He couldn’t believe he had blurted that out to a stranger.

“What if I told you that I can definitely help?” Beau said in a conspiratorial whisper.

“Listen, if I thought it would work, I’d do almost anything.” Chase said with a smile, not really believing that anything could be done.

“Leave it to me…” Beau smiled a huge toothy grin. “I guarantee your wife will be begging to have sex this evening. But I warn you, you have to be able to keep up.”

“Are you kidding me?” Chase laughed at the joke. “It’s been so long I could fuck a tree at this point!”

Just then Mindy staggered back into the main area and plopped down on the couch. “What’d I miss? What was the joke?”

“Oh nothing really…” Finny answered with his infections smile, “But we were talking about things we did in college and I said that I suspected you were a little wild in school. And my friend Chase said that he doubted that you’d even tried pot in college.”

Mindy laughed wildly. “Well, there’s a lot that Chase doesn’t know about my past.” Chase looked at his wife strangely. “I partied a lot in my day. Of course I’m beyond all that now.”

“See my friend?” Finny laughed out loud, banging Chase on the back. “I was right!” Chase laughed weakly, not quite getting the joke through the alcoholic haze.

“So what brought that topic up?” Mindy asked, suddenly suspicious.

“Let me explain…” the black man said quickly, fully aware that Chase had no idea what was going on, “It’s custom here to end a party by the communal smoking of the Sinsemilla. I think you already know it as the Kali flower. In our culture we smoke the flower buds in a pipe.”

“You smoke the flower? Is it a drug?” Mindy asked, intrigued at the custom.

“No, it’s not a drug, it’s not Marijuana, it’s all natural and herbal, but it’s very relaxing.”

Mindy thought for a moment, then looked over at Chase with an evil look in her eye. “Okay Mr. Smartypants! I’m game if you are!”

“Uh, OK, I guess.” Chase mumbled as Finny pulled a box behind the bar.

“You don’t know me as much as you think you do Chase.” Mindy jabbed.

Finny pulled a pipe out from the ornate box and lit it with a taper. It had a small wooden bowl for the Sinsemilla and a thick foot long stem. “It’s just like any pipe; you suck some smoke into your lungs and hold it for a moment before you exhale. Watch, I’ll go first.”

The black man put the pipe to his lips and inhaled deeply. He held the pipe back for a few moments before exhaling the copious smoke. He then handed it to Chase who quickly put it to his lips and inhaled and handed it to Mindy.

Initially Chase felt nothing, but then it was as if a warmth spread through his body much like the sensation of a shot of liquor when it hits your stomach. Then it really hit him. He suddenly felt wonderful, sensual, relaxed, open. His head spun a little and, oddly enough, his cock started to thicken in his pants.

“So?” Mindy asked looking at Chase for a reaction. “Is it OK?”

“Yeah, it’s nice.” Chase said. It was more than nice, it was a great feeling, and he was getting hornier by the moment. He could see what Finny was talking about. If Mindy felt like this too she was definitely going to be interested in sex tonight. “You should try it.” He added quickly.

Mindy took a small suck on the pipe and almost immediately exhaled. She coughed a couple of times and looked at Beau. “I don’t get it, I don’t feel anything.”

“Try it again, inhale and hold it.” Beau instructed as he openly looked her body over.

Chase was worried that the muscular black man too was aroused and somehow something would go wrong. But it was hard to stay worried under the effects of the smoke, he trusted everyone, liked everyone.

“OK, I’ll try again” Mindy put the pipe to her lips again and inhaled, deeply this time. She held her breath and looked at the black host and gestured as if to indicate that nothing was happening.

“Just wait, count to ten.” Finny instructed.

Mindy looked at Chase and shook her head again, still holding her breath. Then all of a sudden her expression changed to a look of shock, and then almost overwhelming pleasure as she leaned her head back, and exhaled the smoke straight up with a long moan.

Mindy finally looked at the two men, her eyes glazed over, a smile on her lips. Chase noticed that she had the look she got when she came home drunk and wanting to fuck. And he couldn’t help but notice her hard nipples showing even through the dress. She just sort of stared at them for a few moments.

“Oh wow, that’s amazing!” She finally said. “I feel so, um, well my whole body is buzzing. Can I do it again?”

“Of course you can!” Beau laughed out loud. “Be my guest!”

Mindy took another deep breath of the smoke and held it, closing her eyes, a smile on her face. After a few seconds she gave a slight shudder and ran one hand over her breast and to her lips while she exhaled again blowing smoke over her fingers.

When she opened her eyes she was obviously stoned. Her eyes were glazed and she had a slightly sloppy smile on her face. She slowly looked down at the pipe before she burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Chase asked.

“It’s got a great big…” she dissolved into giggles, covering her mouth with her hand. “You didn’t take a close look at the pipe, did you? You just wrapped your lips around it and sucked.” She said handing it back to Chase laughing. She looked up at Beau, “Oh my god! You black guys are dreamers!” she said laughing.

Chase took the pipe, but rather than looking at it he decided another toke was in order. He placed the pipe against his lips and sucked deeply. As he did he noticed what Mindy was talking about. The pipe’s bowl had carved on it a cartoonish little demon, carved to obviously look like a black man with a big grinning face. The little demon was kneeling, and where his legs met was mounted the pipe’s barrel. Chase pulled the barrel from his lips and discovered it was shaped like a long fat cock. He started to laugh at the thought too.

“You black guys think that you have all have a giant cock that any white woman will fall to her knees to worship if they just get one look at it.” Mindy rambled at Beau, who stood there smiling away. “I’ll guarantee my husband has a much bigger cock than you. Oop!” She put her hand to her lips, embarrassed at what she had said.

Chase smiled for a moment. It was true, he was pretty well endowed with a good sized cock, easily six inches long. “Thank you honey. But really, it’s just a pipe.” He was amazed, and aroused that his sexy wife had talked about his cock that way.

“I’m sorry Beau, you must think me terrible.” She said smiling at the black man as if she were flirting with him. “I’ve just never seen anything like that before, and my head’s pretty fucked up.”

“Not at all.” Beau answered good naturedly as he handed her back the pipe after taking a big drag of it. “I take no offense. And you are partially right. The pipe doesn’t do it justice.”

Mindy took another long hit off the pipe and held the smoke in her lungs. Holding it for ten of fifteen seconds her whole body shook as exhaled with a long guttural moan. Her hands waved in the air as she closed her legs tight together.

“Oh my god, that’s wild, I can’t believe that stuff. It almost… I mean it… well it makes me feel really good.” Mindy struggled to form her words. Slowly she looked Beau up and down, her eyes heavy and glazed. “I want to see it.” She finally said.

“See what?” Chase asked, not understanding what his wife meant.

Without looking over at her husband, but looking directly at their black host Mindy sat up straight on the couch. “I want to see your cock.” She said with a big grin. “I want to compare your cock to the pipe.”

Beau laughed out loud before making a big show of thinking about his answer. Finally, hand on his chin, smiled and laughed. “I’m happy to oblige, but it seems like it’s not a fair trade. I’ll show you mine if you agree to show me your beautiful breasts in return.”

“No way!” Mindy said covering her chest with her hands. “You might have this teeny little dinky, and you’ll still get to see my tits!”

Beau nodded thoughtfully for a moment. “OK Mrs. Markman, I have a proposition. I’ll show you mine if you take off your dress. I see you are wearing a bikini top underneath, so you’re no more topless than at the pool. If my cock isn’t bigger than your husband’s, you keep your top on.”

“OK, deal.” Mindy said, her eyes blazing with excitement.

“But wait Mrs. Markman,” Beau said holding up his finger. “If my cock is bigger than your husband’s you take off your bikini top, AND I get to touch your breasts.”

Chase started to get worried. He could see the look in his wife’s eyes, and he could see the bulge in Beau’s pants. On the other hand, seeing his wife so horny that she wanted to compare his cock to a stranger’s was really a huge turn on. Still, the worry outweighed his erection.

“Honey, maybe we should just call it a night…”

“I’ll do it! Deal!” Mindy yelled before shrieking with laughter and hiding her face behind her hands.

“Honey, I don’t think…” Chase started before being cut off. He had a very bad feeling about this.

“Don’t worry Chase. What can happen?” Mindy said with her mind obviously made up. She wanted to see how big the black man’s cock really was. “What, are you afraid you’re going to lose?”

Mindy grabbed one more deep toke from the pipe. “Just one more, you know, for a little courage.”

Mindy stood up from the couch and gestured the men towards her with a grand sweep of her hands, before bursting out laughing. “Line up the cocks!” She giggled. Chase stepped up first, undid the button on his shorts and let them drop around his ankles. His erection stood proud and firm from a little patch of pubic hair.

Mindy appraised his cock approvingly and slid her warm hand around the base of his shaft giving his balls a little squeeze and sliding her fingers up the shaft. This made Chase’s already hard cock even harder, springing up a little more. Chase felt harder and bigger than he had ever felt before in his life.

“Very nice, lover.” Mindy purred as she looked into his eyes. “I trust you’re going to fuck me hard with this when we get back to the room?”

Chase smiled at his wife. He definitely intended to fuck her harder than he’d ever fucked her tonight. ‘Whatever it was that they were smoking not only made you stoned, it made you fucking horny’ he thought as he watched his wife stroke his cock. ‘I’m so fucking stoned I can’t even think straight.’ And it was obvious to Chase that his wife was at least as stoned, and horny, as he was.

“OK Mr. Big Black Cock,” she said, her glazed eyes on fire as she looked Finny, “Let’s see if you measure up to a white man’s cock.”

Beau stepped up close to Mindy and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Taking off the flowered shirt he revealed a smooth muscular chest and thick arms. Reaching down he slowly undid the top button on his shorts, then slowly slid the zipper down. He was fully aware that Mindy’s gaze was firmly fixed on the bulge as he started to slip the shorts over his slim hips. Suddenly he stopped and looked up at Mindy with a big grin.

“But Mrs. Markham, we have a deal, don’t we? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” Beau slid his shorts up with a mock look of being wounded. “You agreed to strip to your bikini. Besides, I’m sure that will provide even more incentive to be at my best.”

Mindy blushed. It was obvious to Chase that she hadn’t actually thought about what she agreed to. Still, with only a moment’s hesitation she slid the sundress over her head, wiggling her ass back and forth to put on a show. Standing there she adjusting her bikini paying particular attention to making sure her breasts looked their best in the small purple fabric. “God, I do have great breasts, don’t I?” she said as she hefted her large breasts in her hands.

Reaching back over to Chase she ran her manicured nails along the length of his shaft, making him groan, before turning back to Beau. “OK, now it’s your turn.”

Finny once again bent over to slide his shorts down past his slim hips and down his muscular legs. Stepping out of them the muscular black man stood straight, giving the white couple a good look at his endowments.

“Oh my god…” Mindy’s mouth hung open as she sank back to the couch her eyes locked on the massive piece of black meat hanging between her hosts muscular thighs. Her hands dropped to her lap as she sat there and stared.

Chase looked too. He couldn’t believe the size of Finney’s cock. It was almost as long as his but Finny’s was still soft! It was as if someone popped a tiny whole on a long balloon. Chase felt his cock soften a little, no longer standing tall, it felt like it was slowly deflating.

Mindy couldn’t believe her eyes. Hanging just a foot or so from her face was what had to be the largest cock in the world. The soft shaft was almost as thick as Mindy’s wrist and the skin was a dull charcoal black falling a solid five inches from root to head with the lighter brown cockhead just peaking out at the end. At its root she could see prominent veins sticking out from Finny’s muscular torso slowly feeding blood to the monster. She felt simultaneously a sense of fear, and incredible arousal, her clit throbbing against the tight material of her bikini, her head spinning.

“Well, you didn’t fall to your knees, but I’m flattered just the same.” Finny laughed at Mindy’s reaction. He took a big toke from the pipe. Holding the smoke in, he closed his eyes as his cock grew easily another inch. “Ah, the Sinsemilla makes you bigger and harder.” Handing the pipe over to Chase he noticed the other man’s flagging erection. “You should try a puff or two, it may help.”

Chase just kind of nodded comparing his cock to the other man’s. It was easily as long as his, and much thicker. He was going to lose this contest, and the black man would have his hands all over Mindy’s breasts, and who knows what else might happen. But even as he inhaled the thick spicy smoke he realized that he was too stoned to really assert himself, and in a way, he was just content to not do anything. As he felt the rush of the smoke hit his mind, he watched as his cock fell a little more.

“So Mrs. Markman, how are you going to measure our cocks?” Finny asked Mindy, who was still fascinated watching the black cock grow. “Your attention is making it happy, see how it grows?”

Mindy finally looked up, her eyes dark with arousal, her skin flush with excitement. “You mean it gets bigger?” she managed to stammer. “Um, I guess you should call me Mindy since I am sitting here staring at your cock and all.”

Glancing over at Chase’s erection and noticed that it was flagging. She grabbed it and started stroking it in hopes of making it hard again. She knew after just one look at Beau’s massive black cock that Chase wasn’t going to measure up and that the black man would be feeling and squeezing her breasts. On one hand, she was horrified at the thought, but on the other hand, her entire body thrilled at the idea.

A devilish look came over Mindy’s face as she looked at the two cocks hanging before her. “I guess I’ll just have to compare them by hand.” Still stroking Chase’s cock she turned towards him. Chase took another long toke on the pipe but again felt his cock deflate a little more.

Mindy placed one hand at the base of Chase’s cock as far against his body as possible and made a fist around the shaft. Her fingers easily encircled him leaving about half his cock still visible. The then took her other fist and butted it up against the first.

“Not bad.” She said with a smile as she stroked his cock, hoping to get a little more length out of it. But the best she could get was the head just barely sticking out from her second hand. A small drop of pre-cum drooled from the end of his cock onto her hand. Mindy let go of Chase and licked the drop from her hand.

Chase just stood there staring at his wife, puffing on the pipe again as she turned to face the massive meat between the black man’s cock. She shivered in excitement as she was about to touch his cock, a nervous giggle emanating from her lips. Taking one hand she again placed it against the man’s body, but this time she found that it was impossible to get her fingers more than two thirds of the way around his shaft. “Oh my god it’s huge, and so warm” Taking her other hand she repeated the process. Without even having to measure it was abundantly clear that the black man’s cock was far larger and thicker than Chase’s. Holding it the same way she had her husband’s, Finny’s erection was easily two inches longer, and twice as thick. As she stared in amazement at the huge man meat in her hand, she felt it grow between her fingers. The light brown cockhead was only starting to peak out from his dark foreskin.

“Well I guess we have a clear winner.” Mindy said starting to take her hands away, but Finny reached down with his powerful hands and held her’s around his cock.

“I don’t tink it’s a fair contest.” Said Finny in a commanding voice, his island accent starting to come out more. “You can’t declare a winner until I have a full erection, and you gave my friend here a helping hand. I tink you should stroke my cock ‘till it won’t get no bigger.”

Mindy looked over at Chase expecting him to protest. Her husband was standing there, staring at his wife’s hands on Finny’s big black cock. He was still stroking his soft, semi erect cock absently. Too stoned, he made no comment, and wasn’t entirely responsive to what was going on. In his stuporous state he was just happy to go along with the flow.

Looking back up at Finny, Mindy’s eyes widened a little more with lust at the thought of the big cock in her hands. “I get’s bigger?” She started to slide both hands up and down the massive black cock. “It’s so heavy I’m surprised you don’t fall over.”

The beautiful 42 year old woman watched in fascination as the massive cock continued to grow in her hand. Her breathing increased as she became more and more turned on by the site of the fat cockhead sliding through her fingers. She was increasingly aware of the wetness between her legs as her pussy soaked her bikini bottom, her hard clit pressing against the material. Just shifting her position on the seat sent a wave of dizzying pleasure through her body.

After a number of minutes of stroking Finny’s cock stood out from his muscular torso rock hard. Mindy examined the cock, impressed and amazed by the sheer size and weight of the organ. Its dark shaft was heavily veined and the light brown head was plump and fat. Beneath the shaft were a set of big heavy balls hanging between his muscular thighs.

Making a big show of things, Mindy carefully placed her first hand at the base of the black cock and closed her fingers around it as far as they would go. She was amazed to see that her fingers were only able to close a little more than half way around the mighty shaft.

“Holy shit, your cock is bigger around than my wrist!” Mindy exclaimed breathlessly, licking her lips, running her free hand over the knob of the cock. Sliding her second hand against the first Mindy couldn’t believe how much black cock still stuck out, easily four or more inches. Beau’s cock was truly awe inspiring. She moved her first hand to grab the end of his cock, the fat cockhead still peeked out of her fist. “Three hands? Well fuck me blind.”

“So, are you prepared to declare me the winner?” Beau asked

“Oh fuck yes!” Mindy said smiling as she ran her hands up and down the massive shaft. “You beat the shit out of Chase’s cock. And I used to think his was big.” Mindy stood up, still stroking the big black cock with her hand.

She looked over at Chase who watched, his cock still soft in his hand. “Sorry honey, but he is so big it makes you look like a little boy in comparison.” Chase kind of nodded, hanging his head a little. But he had to admit, Mindy looked unbelievably hot standing there in her little bikini, rock hard nipples poking out, stroking the black man’s massive erection. He even felt his cock harden a little in his hand.

With a flourish Mindy raised one hand in the air and struck her best spokesmodel pose. She held onto the cock with one hand and even rested it against her thigh as if to display it. “As the duly officiating chick in the Glamity Bay Island Resort hard cock competition I due hereby declare that Mr. Beau Finny has the biggest fucking cock in the world!” She looked at Finny, her eyes smoldering as she rubbed his cock against her smooth muscular thigh.

“And now it’s time to collect my prize.” Finny said confidently looking at Mindy’s breasts.

Mindy looked down, embarrassed for a moment, and noticing that the big black cock had left a slippery puddle of fluid on her thigh where she was rubbing it. She lifted the might cock up to examine it a little and watched as another blob of what appeared to be cum pumped out of the cockhead onto her hand.

“Did you just cum?” Mindy asked, blushing, stroking the cock delicately.

Finny laughed heartily at her question. “Oh no my dear, when I cum, you will know it for sure. That’s just a little sign of how attractive I find you. Maybe you should taste it, compare it to your husband.”

Mindy thought about how she had licked her hand clean of Chase’s pre-cum. The thought of licking the big black man’s cum sent a thrill through up her spine. Gingerly she lifter her hand up and sniffed the stuff. It smelled nice, almost a little spicy. Closing her eyes she put the side of her hand into her mouth and licked. The black man’s cum tasted strong, and spicy, almost a hint of the Sinsemilla. Her whole mouth salivated and she felt a wonderful feeling spread through her entire body, similar to the effect of the pipe.

“It tastes like… You’ll think I’m silly…” Mindy started.

“The Sinsemilla becomes infused into one’s body, and concentrates in a man’s seed.” Finny finished her sentence for her. “It’s quite a pleasant sensation, or so I’m told anyway. Why don’t you turn around and finish licking your hand clean while I undo your bikini for you.”

Obediently Mindy pirouetted while she licked every drop of cum from her hand and held her hair up so Finny could un-tie the straps. Instead of reaching up to pull the strings, the muscular black man stepped up close to the forty two year old MILF and pressed his huge cock against the crack of her ass. Instead of protesting as she did with her husband earlier in the day, Mindy moaned and pushed hard back against the massive meat.

“Oh god you feel so good.” Mindy gasped breathlessly as she reached around to pull his hips closer to her. “It’s so big, and hot. God I want to fuck so bad.”

Chase stared at his wife, the other man’s big black cock pressed up against her. She was clearly uncontrollably horny, but yet he couldn’t seem to get the will up to do anything about it. In a strange way he wanted to see the black man fuck his wife, on the other hand he was terrified that he might actually do it. Finny’s words about him keeping up rang in his memory.

“You have a sweet ass girl…” Finny said, holding her hips as he slid his cock against her ass. With one hand he pulled her bikini tight between her cheeks. Mindy whimpered as the bikini pulled tight against her swollen clit sending waves of pleasure like electricity through her. “You need to show it off some, use it for what god done gave it to ya.”

Finny rubbed the slippery head of his cock between her ass cheeks, coating them with his copious pre-cum. Satisfied, he slid his huge shaft between and started sliding it up and down. Mindy gasped as his hard shaft slid against her asshole covered only by the thin material of her bikini. She leaned back against his broad chest and reached back to put her arms around his neck. Finny slid the neck tie of her bikini off and grabbed her full breasts in his meaty hands. Mindy’s hard nipples ached as he slid his powerful hands over her tits, each finger rubbing them as they passed over.

“Oh god I want to fuck.” Mindy groaned as she enjoyed the feeling of his hard cock on her ass. “Please Chase, come and fuck me, I have to fuck.”

Chase watched, he wanted to fuck his wife, but his cock wasn’t really hard enough, and Finny seemed to want to fuck her too, and Chase couldn’t get up the courage to say otherwise, let alone do anything to stop the other man.

“Why don’t you fuck me Missy?” Finny asked, “I can bend you over and slide my hoody right in, make you dreams come true.”

“I can’t…” Mindy moaned in despair.

“Why not?” Finny asked, sliding his cock hard against her, eliciting another plaintive moan. “You’re horny, I’m horny, I’ve got a big hard cock.”

“But I’m married, and I’ve never cheated…” Mindy answered, her resolve at an end, “And, um, you’re black.”

“Is dat a problem?”

“My church says it’s a sin for colors to have relations.” Mindy said, obviously ashamed of what she was saying. It was easy to be racist, until you actually got to like someone of that other race. It was much harder when you desperately wanted his cock in you. “Please don’t hate me.”

Finny was obviously angry with the beautiful white woman. But he was also confident. He held her hips tight and pushed his cock against her hard as he humped her. Mindy cried in pleasure at the sensation of the big black cock sliding against her asshole. After a few moments she cried out in pleasure and fell forward, almost ready to orgasm.

At this moment Finny let go and pushed her to her knees. The white woman turned around and looked, frightened, up at the black man who stood above her, his massive hard cock inches above her face. The fear just made her more horny as she looked up, the faint smell of the Sinsemilla coming from the pre-cum that coated his shaft.

“So you like to tease a black man, make his cock hard…” Mindy shuddered at his commanding voice, “But he’s not good enough to fuck ya.” Finny took his cock in his hand and bent it down until the head was against her quivering lips. The smell of the Sinsemilla was too much for Mindy and she tried to lick the swollen cockhead. Finny flicked his cock up, just out of reach of her tongue.

“So now you want to taste my big black cock do you?” Finny said, his eyes on fire.

“Please.” Was all Mindy could say. She couldn’t fuck him, but she wanted his cock.

“Fine then Missy. Then you can suck my big black cock until it spit all over you. ” Finny started to slide the wet head of his cock against her smooth cheek, leaving a trail of pre-cum on her face. Mindy closed her eyes with pleasure; she loved being dominated by his huge black cock. He placed the entire length of his shaft on her face, his balls against her chin, and the head at the top of her hair. Mindy licked the bottom of his shaft, and was rewarded with a jerk of his cock. “You make me cum, or I will turn you around and fuck you in the ass!”

Mindy moaned with pleasure. She had never felt this way before, never felt this horny, this subservient to a man, or to his cock. She leaned her head back and let her tongue slide wetly up the length of his shaft. She couldn’t believe how long, or how fat it was. As the fat cock head touched her lips she kissed it.

Finny grabbed his cock away from her waiting lips, holding it just out of reach. “Are you going to suck my cock now?”

“Oh god yes…” Mindy moaned with desire, “I want to suck your cock so bad. I want to make you cum so bad.”

“You want to suck on my big black cock?”

“Oh yes, please. I want to suck on it, I want to suck it dry.” She replied literally begging him.

“I want you to say it.” He commanded her. “I want to suck on your big black cock and make you cum all over me.”

Mindy shivered with delight at his command, her hand slipping between her legs to play with her hard clit. She looked over at her husband for a moment. Not looking for permission, she would do whatever the dominant black man told her, but looking for a reaction of some sort. Chase sat there on the couch, his semi hard cock in his hand, watching as his wife of twenty years knelt on her knees begging for a black man’s huge cock.

Turning back she looked up at Finny and took a deep breath and virtually begged Finny for his cock. “I want to suck your enormous, hard, black fucking cock until I make you cum all over me.”

With that she grabbed Finny’s huge shaft and stroked a huge gob of pre-cum into her mouth before fitting her lips around the huge brown cockhead. She closed her eyes in pleasure as the cum hit her tongue sending a wash of ecstasy through her. Mindy was in absolute heaven with the big cock in her mouth. She loved the feel of the thick hard shaft as she slid her hand up and down it. It felt so warm to her touch, and the taste of his cock in her mouth as she slid her tongue around it was wonderful, not the acrid sweaty taste she had imagined.

Mindy had lost all sense of time as she sucked the enormous cock as deeply into her mouth as she could. It seemed like with every stroke of her hands a little more cum would flow into her mouth, making her feel even more wonderful. She was completely in her own world when she felt two strong hands pick her up off her knees and tossed onto the couch. At first Mindy thought that Chase had finally gotten pissed off at her behavior. But as she looked up she saw that it was Finny who had picked her up, and was putting one foot up on the couch.

“You’re doing a wonderful job sucking on my black cock missy.” Finny said as he stood over her. Mindy felt a glow of joy at being told how good she sucked cock, she wanted to be a good cock sucker for the black man. “I can feel the cum boiling in me balls, but before I cover your pretty face with my cum I want to fuck your pretty titties.”

Placing his huge cock between Mindy’s large breasts he pushed them together and started sliding his cock back and forth. Mindy quickly reached up to hold her breasts together while he pulled and tugged at her nipples. With each thrust between her breasts Mindy felt a thrill of excitement. Looking at his eyes she could tell that he was getting close to cumming so she leaned down so that each time he would thrust his huge cock between her breasts the swollen head would slide over her tongue and into her waiting mouth.

After what seemed like a blissful eternity Mindy heard the black man groan and felt his cock stiffen. She was caught by surprise as his massive cock shot a huge load of cum into her mouth. Reflexively she swallowed just in time for her mouth to fill again. Unable to swallow fast enough she pulled his massive pulsing cock from her mouth, her hands sliding along the shaft pumping a thick hot jet across her cheek.

All of a sudden Mindy felt herself start to cum just from the sensation of his cum in her mouth, and on her face. Unable to stop herself she reached between her legs to rub her convulsing pussy with one hand, and her breast with the other while Finny jerked off onto her face and breasts.

Mindy cried out in ecstasy as the muscular black man painted her big breasts with jet after jet of hot cum. She couldn’t help but rub his jizz all over her sensitive tits. “My mouth!” she begged, “More in my mouth!”

She grabbed his cock and opened wide as she pumped the rest of his cum into her mouth, swallowing greedily, her head spinning with euphoric pleasure. Mindy sucked every last drop of cum from the long fat black cock before falling back on the couch.

“Oh my fucking god!” She cried, her eyes wide and glassy. “That was the most amazing… I mean I came a bunch of times just sucking… you have the most amazing cock in the world.” Finny sat beside her, his massive cock still hard, wobbling in the air. Mindy instinctively reached over to stroke it, looking lovingly at is slid through her pale fingers.

“It’s still hard…” she said as she stared at it, fascinated, horny, wondering what it would actually be like to fuck a huge cock like that.

“Oh yes, especially when I smoke the Sinsemilla. It makes me horny and keeps my cock hard all night. Are you not horny?”

“Oh god yes, am I ever horny.” She answered closing her eyes as she fingered her clit through her bikini bottom. “I need to fuck so bad. I need a cock in my pussy like you wouldn’t believe.”

Mindy turned to look at her husband who just stared back, entranced by seeing his straight laced wife sitting topless with cum still dripping from her cheek while stroking a strangers cock. “So Chase, are you ready to fuck your wife before someone else does?”

Chase smiled at the idea, but for some reason he looked towards Finny. His wife had just made him cum all over her face, and in her mouth, it felt to Chase like Finny had first dibs. Still, his cock was getting harder, and his head was clearing a little bit. He really would like to fuck his hot bitch wife.

Finny looked over at Chase. The black man slid his hand into Mindy’s bikini and started playing with her pussy, sliding his fingers so her clit slid between his fingers. Mindy leaned back and moaned, her fingers finding her breasts, pulling on her nipples.

“Oh yes!” she gasped as little whimpers of pleasure came from her quivering lips. “That feels so good…oooh…what are you doing?”

Her host slid his two middle fingers into her warm wet pussy and started rubbing her g-spot while the palm of his hand stimulated her clit. “You like it don’t you missy.” He said as he started to pump his hand.

“Oh god!” she exclaimed as she arched her back, her whole body straining. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she cried as his jack hammering fingers brought her to an earth shattering orgasm, her pussy squirting, soaking her bikini and his hand. When he was finished he removed his hand, literally dripping, from her bikini. Mindy lay back on the couch with her thighs pressed tightly together, her hands crossed over her breasts, and a big smile on her face.

“What the fuck did you do to me?” she giggled and tried to catch her breath. She looked over at Chase and saw his cock was finally hard again. “It’s about time you perked up. C’mere and fuck me, stud.” She was slurring her words, the Kali and the multiple orgasms acting like a euphoric. She slid her hips up into the air to pull off her bikini, revealing her wet pussy. She pulled her legs up and spread them giving both men a lurid view as she spread her glistening pussy lips.

“Aye man, you betta get over her quick and fuck her.” The muscular black man told Chase as he stood to re-fill the pipe, his erection still standing out hard. “If you don’t please your lady soon she’ll be wantin’ a piece of dis, and if she gets it she might never go back.”

Chase ambled over to stand between his wife’s outstretched feet as she teased his erection with her feet. Chase moaned at her touch and knelt down between her thighs, eager to fuck his wife.

“So, are you going to fuck you’re wife’s slutty little pussy?” Mindy teased; eager to be fucked. She reached up to stroke Chase’s erection with her hand. “Are you going to fuck your slutty wife after she sucked on a black man’s huge fucking cock and let him cum down her throat?”

Chase groaned, it was too much for him, he couldn’t stop from cumming. His cock started spurting onto Mindy’s stomach and he stroked it, knocking her hand away.

“Chase?!?” she cried, angry, horny, shocked. “How could you fucking cum? I need a cock so bad! You can’t cum!”

Chase just kept on stroking his cock, his cum drooling out onto Mindy’s stomach. It was just like earlier in the day, he just couldn’t control himself, couldn’t keep from cumming. He tried to mumble an apology, but he was out of breath and his head spun.

“How could you do that?” she said staring at his quickly deflating erection. Her face reflected how desperately horny she was, and her hand still rubbed her erect clit. “You had your chance to fuck the shit out of me. Oh god I can’t stand it anymore, somebody fuck me!”

“Move over boy.” Finny said, nudging Chase over. He took a long drag on the newly re-lit pipe as he tossed a towel to Mindy. The beautiful woman took the towel and immediately wiped Chase’s cum from her flat stomach and more leisurely wiped the black man’s copious seed from wherever she hadn’t licked clean. Finny leaned over and held the pipe while she also inhaled deeply.

“It’s time the poor girl had a proper fucking.” He said handing the pipe to Chase. “Why don’t you suck on this a while and watch a real man fuck your wife.”

Chase looked over at Mindy, alarmed that she might actually fuck the black man. His wife leaned her head back, holding the smoke in her lungs, sliding her fingers into her wet pussy. She looked up as she exhaled sending a plume of smoke into the air. Her eyes were glazed as she glanced over at Chase’s flaccid penis before focusing on Finny’s massive erect organ. She licked her lips and whimpered as her fingers slid from her pussy and over her clit.

“Fuck me Beau.” She groaned. She had never in her life felt this horny, or this free. She had always felt repressed in her sexuality until tonight. “I don’t know if I can take that big wonderful black cock, but I want to try.”

Finny knelt down onto the couch, his massive cock towering across her slim body. He slowly slid the length of his shaft along Mindy’s wet pussy eliciting moans of pleasure from the woman, and coating the bottom of his cock with her juices making his dark skin glisten.

“You know, I’m having second thoughts now.” Finny teased as he slid his cock against her pussy. “Not an hour ago you told me that you wouldn’t let a black cock fuck your pretty little white pussy.”

“I’m sorry, I really am!” Mindy pleaded, her mind overwhelmed with the euphoric effects of the drug, she would do anything for his cock. “It’s the way I was brought up, it’s stupid. I want your cock more than anything else.”

“But I thought you only fucked your husband?” Finny continued to play the part of the reluctant and insulted sloppy second. “Why aren’t you spreading your legs for him?

“Fuck him!” Mindy said without hesitation. “He had a chance and he couldn’t even get it in me before cumming. I should have just fucked you from the start.”

“I think you should ask nice then.” He teased her, holding his cock in his hand, slowly stroking it. The effect was hypnotic as the beautiful forty year old became entranced watching his hand slide up and down his shaft, his foreskin covering and uncovering the swollen cockhead. “Tell me you want my big black cock in your white pussy.”

“I want your big black cock in my slutty little pink pussy!” she answered immediately, her eyes flashed in pleasure as she said it. She loved being dominated by the black man.

“Tell me that you’re a slutty fucking MILF who needs a big black cock because your white husband doesn’t satisfy you”

Mindy moaned in pleasure. Sitting up she took Finny’s cock in both hands and slowly stroked it. She kissed the tip, licking it as she stared at it lovingly. “I’m a slutty little MILF with a tight wet little pussy and I need your huge black cock to make me cum because my piece of shit white husband’s little cock can’t take care of me.” She punctuated by greedily licking up a string of pre-cum oozing from the end of the huge black cockhead. She closed her eyes and sighed as more of the concentrated drug entered her system through her mouth.

Finny smiled and knelt down a little more and placed his massive cock against her wet opening, sliding it up and down over her pussy lips and clit, lubricating the swollen head. Mindy whimpered in pleasure as he teased her and pulled her legs back and wider to give him complete access to her until her arms were over the back of her thighs and she was bent almost in half. She watched intently as finny pushed his fat cockhead between her slippery labia.

“Oh god yes!” She cried as his fat cock slid a few inches into her pussy. He slowly began to slide in and out of her pussy, lubricating his shaft, and sliding a little deeper into the woman with each thrust. “Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh fuck! Oh! Oh god!” she whimpered as each thrust drew a quick gasp of ecstasy from her lips.

By the time he had slid half of his massive cock into her Mindy started to shake as she was rocked with her first orgasm. Her entire body spasmed and her eyes lost focus as his giant erection combined with the overwhelming effects of the Kali plant made her lose complete control. She arched her back as her hands grasped the padding at either side of her. “Ohhhh fuuuuck!” she cried as she came. “Oh fuck it’s so fucking big!” she cried as she watched the huge organ go in and out of her pussy. It looked to her to be the same size as her arm as it slid in and out, a little deeper every time.

Finny smiled down at her as he fucked her. He knew that his cock did wonders to women, made them cum harder than they’d ever done before. He watched with pleasure as the beautiful big busted woman grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples sending her over the edge to another orgasm. He knew that once a woman got a taste for his cock, and a taste for the Kali that she’d crave them always and do almost anything he asked just for another taste.

As Mindy recovered from her second massive orgasm she looked over at her husband. Chase was watching the black man fuck her intently, his cock hard in his hand. He looked like some pervert at one of those sleazy peep shows. She was going to say something to him, about how she felt about seeing him there, when she felt Finny grab her legs, put them over his shoulders and begin to pound her pussy hard with his cock buried all the way. Any thoughts of her husband dissolved in to another orgasmic explosion.

Finney pulled his huge cock from Mindy. It stood hard and straight; its dark skin glistened in the firelight. It looked even bigger than before. Mindy watched his cock pulse with his heartbeat while she sat up to take it into her mouth. She eagerly started sucking on it, working the thick shaft with both hands.

The muscular black man pulled the older white woman to her feet and admired her fit body. He turned her around and slid his slippery cock between her ass cheeks and slid it up and down. Mindy’s knees almost gave out as she felt his hard shaft rub against her asshole. He gave her a gentle push onto the couch again, on her hands and knees. He lined up his cock against her wet opening and slowly slid his length into her.

Mindy let out a long languorous moan as she felt him fill her pussy with his hard meat. The horny woman pushed herself back against his strong torso and then began rocking back and forth on her knees, sliding his length in and out of her pussy. Each time she slid back onto his steel hard shaft she made a cry of ecstasy.

“Dat’s it missy, fuck my big black cock.” He said slapping her ass, eliciting a cry of passion. “Fuck my cock like a good little white girl and I’ll fill you full o’ my cream.”

Chase watched as his wife slammed herself onto his hard cock over and over, crying out in passion until sweat covered her body. He lost how many times she came, and had to stop briefly as her whole body shook in pleasure.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out through gritted teeth, desperate to feel him cum in her pussy. “I want you to cum in me so bad! I want you to fill my little white pussy with your black cum!”

Finny grunted and took hold of Mindy’s hips and started to pound his huge cock deep inside her. Unable to hold herself up Mindy’s arms gave out as she clawed at the cushions pushing her ass up high for Finny’s pleasure. He spanked her ass as he slammed against her sending waves of irresistible pleasure into the beautiful forty year old.

Finally Finny slowed, pulled his cock most of the way out of the writhing woman and teased her, sliding his cock head in and out of her dripping pussy, it’s fat head driving her wild with desire as it slid in and out of her pussy. Sweat dripped off his black skin as he looked down at her.

“Oh please… please cum in me…” she begged, whimpering with each tiny thrust he made. She could feel how close he was to cumming and she craved the feeling of his release deep in her body. “Please baby, please cum…”

Finny sped up his thrusts, still only sliding in a few inches until he groaned out loud. Chase stared in amazement as the big black cock pumped cum into his pleading wife. He could literally watch as his balls tightened and his shaft strained, pumping her full of cum. After a few moments he pushed his huge cock deep into her quaking body sending her into a screaming orgasm as he pushed his cum deep, pumping even more into her pussy. Chase was only barely aware as he came too, his warm cum drooling from his cock all over his hand and leg.

After what seemed like an eternity Finny finally pulled his cock out of Chase’s wife. The demoralized husband watched as his wife lay on the couch, her body spasming with orgasmic aftershocks as she slowly recovered from the onslaught. She lay there, her eyes glassy and unfocussed, occasionally mumbling, occasionally giggling, sometimes whimpering in pleasure, small orgasms still occuring.

Finny sat next to her, his huge cock still standing firm, although not rock hard anymore, jutting forward from his body and hanging over his thighs. He would occasionally stroke it as he admired the hard bodied MILF next to him. It was clear by his expression that he wasn’t done fucking her that night.

“I’m starting to feel warm.” Mindy suddenly said, giggling as she stretched and sat up. “Oh wow, my pussy, it feels all tingly.” She reached down to touch herself and squealed in pleasure the second her fingers made contact with her pussy. “Oh! God my clit is so sensitive!” Mindy stared off into space as her eyes slowly glazed over again; gently rubbing her clit, making gentle ooh’s and gasps of pleasure.

After a few moments Mindy inhaled deeply as she made herself orgasm. She closed her eyes to savor the effects as the pleasure swept through her body. Rubbing her hands over her body, paying particular attention to her hard nipples, she lay back down, putting her upper body across Finny’s lap and taking his semi erect cock in her hand, slowly stroking the massive organ.

“What have you and your wonderful cock done to me Beauregard Finny?” she said as she watched her hand stroke his slowly hardening cock.

“That’s the Sinsemilla from my cum working its way into your body, Missy.” Finny said as he lit up the pipe again and took a deep pull of the thick smoke. “It’s a completely different sensation isn’t it?”

“Oh god, is it ever. It’s like a whole body high.” She took a moment to suck on the fattening head of his cock. “I’m so unbelievably horny, and I feel so good, I can’t stop.”

Mindy looked over at her husband to see him watching her intently. She took care to maintain eye contact with him as she slid Finny’s big black cock into her mouth. She was very aware of her husband’s cock rising as he watched her. “You like seeing your wife suck on a black man’s big hard cock, don’t you.”

Chase didn’t answer, but the fact that he started to stroke his erection while watching her intently was answer enough.

“You like it when your wife acts like a cock slut.” She said; it was a statement, not a question. “You love seeing your little darling all fucked up on some island weed sucking on a big giant black cock, begging for his cum.”

Chase made a noncommittal shrug as he watched his wife suck on another man’s cock, even though she normally wouldn’t do that to his. It must be the smoke, because normally something like this would have put him into a rage. But he was content to watch his wife pleasure another man. He couldn’t even think about stopping her. She looked absolutely ecstatic sucking on his cock, and he obviously enjoyed it. That seemed to satisfy Chase, who was really in no condition to think rationally about what was going on.

Mindy stroked and sucked on Finny’s cock for some time. She examined his heavily veined shaft in detail as she ran her fingers over it, and marveled that the entire length of the monster had actually been buried in her pussy. Finny began to moan and thrust through her fingers. He was getting close she realized with glee, craving another taste of his hot cum.

“You definitely have a talent for sucking cock missy.” He said, his breathing quickening. He glanced over at Chase, who was stroking his cock madly. “I’m fixing to cover your wife’s face with my seed. I wouldn’t be mindin’ if you wanted to grab a ride.”

Chase eagerly slid up behind his wife’s ass and slid his hard cock into her wet pussy. He immediately started pumping hard as deeply as he could thrust. Mindy looked back over her shoulder at her husband and smiled, moaning at the feeling of a hard cock in her again.

“Welcome home tiger… it’s about time.” Mindy said, her head spinning with pleasure. She stroked Finny’s cock hard, feeling it tighten in her grip, actually feeling him start to cum. “Are you here to watch a black man cover your wife’s pretty white face with his cum?” Chase immediately groaned and started to cum inside his wife’s pussy.

Mindy squealed as Finny’s massive cockhead shot a long stream of cum into the air, landing on her cheek. That and the sensation of her husband spurting his own load into her cunt made her start to cum. She aimed his cock at her open mouth and was rewarded by two more massive loads of cum in her mouth, filling it. Unable to swallow fast enough she kept stroking his cock and ran her lips up and down the shaft while the enormous black snake spit cum all over her face, into her hair, and onto her shoulder and back.

Chase’s head spun as he pulled his now flaccid cock from his wife and watched her greedily suck every last drop of com from Finny’s still pulsing cock. He sat back and tried to clear his head, but he just couldn’t seem to think straight. Without thinking he grabbed the still smoking pipe and took a deep drag. Feeling the warm effects of the Sinsemilla he closed his eyes.

He must have dozed off. He opened his eyes to the screams of his wife as she rode up and down on the muscular black man’s enormous cock. Chase couldn’t believe it. The last time Mindy had wanted to fuck more than once in an evening was, well, probably their honeymoon. Tonight she’d blown Finny twice, and this is the second time she’s fucked him like some wild animal.

He couldn’t help but admire his wife’s hard earned physique. Her body was equal parts curves and muscle. Her skin shone with a layer of sweat as she threw her body up and down on his cock, pulling it almost all the way out before sliding down on it like a steel pole until her tightly stretched pussy engulfed his gigantic sex organ. She pounded away, her ass quivering with every impact, her enhanced breasts bouncing in his face as he licked and sucked on her extended nipples. She threw her hear back and keened in outrageous pleasure.

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” she cried as he neared another orgasm, his cock rock hard inside her. She could feel how close he was to cumming inside her again. “Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!” she sobbed, her voice getting higher and tenser.

Suddenly Mindy froze as Finny’s massive black cock filled her pussy with cum again. She clung hard to him, her entire body shaking. His cock pumped load after load into her quivering body. Wave upon wave of overpowering orgasms shook the girl’s body as she let out a long quivering wail of unimaginable ecstasy.

She continued to cling to him as every small movement of his cock sent a shock of pleasure through her body until finally she slid off his cock and onto the couch. His massive organ slid from her pussy, bobbing against his thigh, cum rushing from her overflowing cunt.

Mindy curled up against Finny with a huge grin on her face as she recovered. She would occasionally sigh, or giggle, but was definitely in her own little post orgasmic world. Finny finally got up and poured the three a brandy as a nightcap. They sipped the high quality liquor as they slowly came down from the effects of the Kali plant.

“That was the best fuck I’ve ever had.” Mindy said snuggling up to Finny. She looked down at his soft penis, still impressive in its size. “In fact, that was the most amazing sex I’ve ever had in my entire life.” She looked up at Chase, a little embarrassed, “No offense honey, I still love you and everything, but, I mean, look at his cock. And he can fuck like nobody I’ve ever seen.”

Chase just kind of smiled good naturedly and looked down at his own flaccid penis. The truth was that, for some reason, while he felt kind of inadequate, he really enjoyed seeing Finny fuck the shit out of his wife.

“Thing is Beauregard…” Mindy continued as she put her hand on his cock, “I think my husband like seeing his wife turn into a cock craving slut and getting her cunt filled with a big black monster cock. Every time I looked up he seemed to be pulling on his cock when you fucked me. Maybe we’ll have to try this when we get home.”

“Gee honey, I don’t know about going that far…” he started to say, but the twitch in his cock suggested that he might like to see his wife get fucked by a big black cock again.

Mindy leaned back and stretched. The moonlight and firelight sharply highlighted her beautifully curvaceous and fit body. “Oh god, I can feel your cum hitting me again. It feels so good.”

“Then it must be time for us to part ways for the evening.” Finny said standing, his cock swaying between his legs. “It is getting late and you don’t want to overdo it the first night.”

Mindy sat forward and looked longingly at the long black cock as it hung there. “I suppose you’re right. I don’t know if I can take much more.” She leaned forward and sucked his cock into her mouth, gave it a long slow suck, and then kissed the head. “Goodnight my wonderful big black cock. I’ll never forget tonight.” She stood up and wrapped her arms around Finny’s muscular neck and kissed him long and deep.

She finally pulled her sun dress back on and held out her hand to her beleaguered husband. She weaved a little as she tried to stand. “Take me home honey.” She said with a smile. “Goodnight Mr. Finny. Thank you for an unbelievable evening.”

“Goodnight Mindy, it was truly a pleasure.” Finny said before turning to shake Chase’s hand. “You have a truly wonderful creature for a wife. I hope there are no hard feelings.”

“No, no problem.” Chase mumbled, unable to look Finny in the eye. He took his wife by the hand and led her out onto the beach and back towards the resort.

As the couple walked across the sand and back into the resort area Mindy kept rambling on about her recent sexual experience. “I couldn’t believe how big his cock was!” she gushed, “I’ve never been fucked so hard in my life.”

“Yeah, yeah. Believe me; I could see just how big it was, and how hard he fucked you, and how much you enjoyed it.” Chase grumbled at his wife as they headed past the pool towards their cabana.

Mindy looked over at her husband and stopped just outside their door. “I saw you watching me.” She said, her eyes at once mad, mischievous, and aroused. “You loved watching me act like a slut, sucking his huge hard black cock, begging him to fuck me again and again. I saw you with your cock in your hand jacking off while he filled my cunt with his cum. You liked it, admit it!”

“Maybe I do like seeing my wife act like a slut.” He snapped back.

Mindy looked at the erection tenting in his shorts and grabbed it through the material. “You definitely do, look! You’re hard just thinking about it! I bet you’d like to fuck me the way I let that big cocked black fucker fuck me!”

Chase was in a sexual rage, like a wild animal meeting up with a female in heat. Chase grabbed his wife and pushed her up against the door frame of their cabana. “You’re fucking right I do! I’m gonna fuck you hard like the slut you are!”

Mindy groaned as he pushed her against the building, turned on by his ferocity and the feeling of his hard cock as it pressed against her through the material of their clothes. She pushed her ass back against him. “Go ahead, fuck your little slut wife, fuck me hard!”

She tugged at her sundress to pull it off her body while Chase held her hard against the wall. Chase pulled his shorts open with one hand and let them drop to the ground. His cock was rock hard as he pushed it against his wife finding her wet pussy after a few frantic thrusts. He grabbed her by the hips and started pumping her hard. Mindy cried out in pleasure each time his pelvis slapped against her ass plunging his cock deep inside her. This was not lovemaking, this was fucking.

“How’s that for getting fucked hard?” Chase grunted as he slammed against Mindy’s firm ass. “Is my cock fucking hard enough for you now? Are you going to be my cock slut now?”

Mindy answered through gritted teeth as she braced herself against the door frame. “Oh fuck yeah! Fuck my tight little cunt you motherfucker! Fuck me hard!”

“Is it as good as that big black cock fucking you?” Chase growled as he slammed hard against her, satisfied as the staggered and moaned against his onslaught. “Am I fucking you hard enough now?”

“Oh fuck yeah. Fuck me harder! Harder you fucker!” Mindy hissed back at him. She had never felt Chase fuck her like this before. Never this hard, never this fast. She loved the feeling of his cock slamming hard into her cunt and his balls slapping up against her hard sensitive clit. “I want you to fucking cum in me, fucking fill my fucking cunt with your cum!”

“Oh yeah, fuck, I’m gonna fill your slut cunt with my cum!” Chase whispered back, gasping for breath.

“Go on, come in my pussy!” Mindy cried, “Fill my pussy the way you watched Finny fill my cunt tonight with his massive cock. See if you can fill my cunt like a black man!”

That was all Chase could take. He slammed his cock deep into his wife as he started to cum. With each ejaculation he pushed as deep as he could while his wife cried out in passion. He pushed his wife hard against the wall still thrusting despite the fact that he had finished ejaculating, but his cock was still hard and felt so good sliding into her wet pussy.

Finally his cock softened and slid out of Mindy. “Now that’s the way to fuck.” She said as they stumbled into their room, threw off their clothing, and literally fell into bed, asleep moments later. Mindy’s dreams were filled with visions of huge black cocks invading her mouth, her pussy, and even her ass. Chase’s dreams were much the same, only he was relegated to watching as multiple black men took his wife, pounding her with ridiculously oversized cocks, and literally drowning her in cum.

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