The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive
Author: Liplover
Story: Ellen's Breast Milk Enslavement

"Ellen's Breast Milk Enslavement"

Ellen had thought all morning about this moment...she couldn't wait to pick up the phone and call her deeply enslaved-by-hypnosis lover. It had seemed as though he was in control for so long: he still believed he was, but Ellen had gradually been overtaken by her own sexual predatory nature and had decided she wanted to see how totally she could possess this man!

To bide her time this morning, in delightful expectation of the plans she had this day for Scott, she spent a great deal of time making herself up while masturbating herself to a furious frenzy! It had begun with a shower and patting dry with a fluffy towel. A luxurious body powdering ritual followed, the soft powder-laden puff traveling all over her curvaceous female body, dusting it with sweet scented powder until her body had a beautiful matte glow all over. First she had powdered her legs, her shapely calves and shapely smooth thighs, then moving on to her tummy, breasts and shoulders. The light perfume of the powder combined with the sensual softness it's application with the big oversize puff really got her going: she was feeling very female as she began the next stage. Shaking a bottle of foundation, she smiled at the prospect of the cool makeup gliding onto her pretty "canvas"; her face, making it ready to accept the man-entrancing paints and potions she would apply next in her transformation to heartstoppingly beautiful vamp!

A small soft sponge was made wet with water, then squeezed nearly dry before being wetted again: this time with the cool, lightly scented potion from the bottle of her favorite liquid makeup. It was then, and with a knowing smile from her, carefully drawn over her face, again and again, evenly distributing the cosmetic that would prepare her lovely face to accept all the other cosmetic treats she had in store for mankind today! Ellen rubbed her sex through panties already showing signs of the increased moisture level of the sweet treasure they held within. Her mouth curled into a smile as the sponge caressed her face and the cool feeling reminded her she was a woman applying her beloved makeup! She liked that thought; it made her feel a little wicked, and she dabbed a little more of the pretty liquid onto the sponge, returning to her face for a second "finishing" coat.

Her compact was the next article to come out of her cute, feminine looking little makeup clutch. It opened with a "click", the light shining off the mirrored cover shooting about her lace and pastel decorated bedroom. Ellen resented needing both hands for this: her pussy had become hungry for the fingers that had been kneading it, and she wanted to have it "fed" as well, but... "A woman has to do what a woman has to do!", she thought, as she held the compact so she could see her face after first rubbing the powder puff into the pressed powder (the way she wished she could have been rubbing herself!). The powder puff felt delightful on her face: she knew she could use her dresser mirror, but she loved holding the compact and applying the soft, powdery makeup: it made her feel so feminine. Ellen powdered her pretty "button" nose, her smooth cheeks, her cute chin, her closed eyes, and her throat after patting her puff back into the makeup to freshen it several times. She looked into the mirrored compact, her puff held sexily in the air, and smiled at what she saw. "Mmmmm: Yummy!" she said, as she replaced he puff and closed the compact with an sexy sounding and loudish "click!".

Her eyes were next to be baptized into full-blown womanhood, with powdered eyeshadow making sexy, elegant sweeps from the inside corner of her eyes to the far outside corners (and beyond!), giving her a sexy cat-like look. Ellen expertly layered colors until her lovely blue eyes were not unlike a hypnotist's "hypno-whirlidisk" in appearance and effect. She hoped. And she had no reason to worry, either. They looked so very compelling and desirable that no man would be safe from their mesmerizing gaze, certainly not the young man she was going to summon to her big soft bed today! Her powdered face was incredibly set off by her hypnotic hungry looking eyes, which she proceeded to make even more irresistible with her next potion's application.

She reached into her cosmetics bag and removed a long slender tube which she unscrewed the cap on while smiling that "he is going to want to fuck me!" smile into the mirror. With a resounding "POP!" that made her pussy tingle, she removed the girl-paint applying mascara wand. Her matte-powdered lips parted as she tilted her head back and began flicking the wand through her eyelashes. She loved how that made her feel: to know she was making-up every square inch of her feel the wand in her lashes: a feel only a woman knows...the wetness of the cosmetic drying into incredibly lengthened and darkened lashes not unlike the magic of a newly emerged butterfly unfurling it's long, beautiful wings! She refreshed the mascara on her wand and took repeated swipes at both her eyes, until her eyes were one coat shy of being over-done, then stopped and smiled at what a naughty little girl she was. Sooo bad: to take such as a woman's already awesome beauty and multiply it ten fold with the brazen use of cosmetics so that the poor visually-oriented male will find himself overpoweringly drawn to her and be powerless to resist desiring her. Ellen was not through yet, and her even daintier looking little eyeliner applicator was next to appear out of the clutch, be uncapped, and make it's way to her waiting eyes! Ellen expertly drew a fine line at the base of each eyelid at her eyelashes, making her eyes so deep, dark and compelling that they even made HER wet! A pencil was next, first a black one, then a blue one under her eyes, making her eyes stand out so intense that the sexual stimulus they provided would just about make a man's knees buckle at the sight of them, were they to be directed and "lit up" by the fire in her soul (and loins!) with the desire within!

Ellen's doorbell rang as she replaced all the items in her makeup clutch, and she quickly grabbed her Coty 24 lipstick in "Spirited Red" and popped the cap. "Just a minute, hon!" she cried out, as she quickly uncapped and swiveled up the pointed red head of the dangerously sexy lipstick. Quickly sniffing the head of the cosmetic as she fingered her soaking wet sex, she dabbed it on her lips just enough to stain them red, but not so much that she wouldn't be able to pretend that she needed to refreshen her lipstick in front of her lover, as she so loved to do! In this case: she HAD to do it, because that was the hypnotic signal she had placed deep within Scott's subconscious for him to reenter the deeply hypnotized state she had so carefully cultivated in him and made ever deeper over the weeks. She needed his cooperation in her little sex experiment, and having him deeply hypnotized insured he would provide it!

She didn't have to make herself up into an irresistible sex kitten: she just liked to do it, and it delighted her to overwhelm her prey with her femininity before laying waste to his will and placing him helplessly under her mesmerizing spell. Ellen set her lipstick down after recapping it, and worked her lips together on the way to the door: they were now stained a bright red, and perfectly offset the hypnotic beauty of her painted eyes! She opened the door to an instantly amazed Scott, who froze open-lipped at the sight of Ellen gazing smilingly into his hazel eyes with her colorful, seductively enhanced ones. "Come in, my sweet: I was just finishing my makeup. Come in!" Ellen led him into her bedroom with his hand in hers, and seated him on the bed. "I just need a little lipstick on, my darling, and maybe a little perfume..." she cooed as she picked up a very ornate gold lipstick from her dresser vanity from amongst the dozen or so there, all of which were standing upright, like little cocks with hard ons waiting for a woman's sweet caress. "I think maybe this one..." Ellen said with a sexually nervous quaver barely perceptible in her voice. She popped the cap on it, and secretly slipped the ribbed cap with the penis like bulbous head over her left hand middle finger as she swiveled up the Christian Dior #14 red lipstick with the other. "Do you like it, Scott?" She knew he would..INSTANTLY, and he did. His eyes went glassy as she seductively waved the pretty lipstick in front of his face. "It is called "Dioriphic": sounds technical, doesn't it? Ah, the science of being a woman." Ellen said, as she began to work the lipstick cap's head into her soaking wet mound, rubbing the ball all over her clit as she brought the lipstick to her already red-stained lips before the entranced man. "Yes..yes..that's it. Just watch. Just watch me apply my lipstick, my darling. Don't I excite you when I paint my mouth in front of you? Doesn't it make you want to kiss me?" She asked as she began to fuck herself with the length of the cap, the gold ribs strumming at her blood engorged clit. "Yes, you want to kiss me, my darling man, on my pretty red mouth. When you do, you will fall once again very deeply under my spell. I want you to relax now, and sleep...sleep...deeper and deeper into sweet intoxicating sleep as you watch my lipstick trace my lips over and over... back and forth...redder and redder....sleep....sleep...sleep...". The whispering witch had him, and he drifted off to her lipsticked purrings, her lips becoming redder and redder with every swipe the cool color made as it glided effortlessly over their smoothness. "Mmmmm, NOW!" Ellen breathlessly commanded, and Scott leaned forward into her waiting mouth. Lipstick still swiveled up and on the ready, Ellen held it like a little dagger, pointed skyward, as if to say it would find it's way back to her lips if he did not immediately obey her. He did obey, however, and the entrancement was completed as his full, manly lips contacted her feminine painted ones. Ellen gently pressed her lipsticked mouth into Scott's, finishing him off and placing him very deeply under her hypnotic spell.

Ellen pulled back from Scott's face and slowly opened her eyes and smiled, her finger furiously fucking her with the cap off the very lipstick she had used to hypnotize him with! A lipstick she had, by the way, also commanded him to buy her during one of her hypnotic sex sessions with him, and he thought it was his idea! She loved the irony of hypnotizing him with a weapon he had provided her with, and such a feminine little weapon at that! Ellen smiled as she surveyed the damage her kiss had done: a deeply hypnotized man in front of her, his mouth now stained with the redness of her pretty little lipstick. Ellen stroked the back of his neck with her fingers and gently kissed his lips once, twice, then two more times as her masturbation of herself continued. The lipstick cap made schlurping noises as she plunged in and out of her steaming hot cuz.

"Want to see me apply a little of this?" she said, flirtily as she brought little bottle of Chanel #5 into his view from her vanity. She smiled and fixed his eyes with hers as she removed the stopper from the bottle and placed her index finger over the open top, giving the bottle a quick shake to put a drop of perfume where she could apply it to herself.

Ellen teasingly extended her perfumed finger until it was under Scott's nose, before waving it under her own and applying it to behind her ears. Her neck and wrists followed, after refreshening her finger with the amber liquid. Next came her breasts, which she did especially slowly, as they heaved up and down to her excitement. Scott's eyes were riveted to her perfuming finger's movements, and his cock throbbed as she perfumed the area around each nipple, then the nipple itself, after first perfuming herself right down the center of her white, smooth chest. She was a sight to behold, and Scott's cock was already beginning to secrete precum in his excitement at such a feminine vision as Ellen!

Ellen knew she had him, and she couldn't stand the suspense anymore herself. She breathlessly spoke: "It is time, my darling: I want you to suckle at my breast as you masturbate again...until I tell you to stop.".

She took her hand from behind his neck and used it to pull his already erect penis from his trousers. She stroked it for him the first few pumps, as she waited for his hand to arrive and relieve her. It did, and she put her hand behind his and closed it, tightening his grip on his own cock, and guiding his up and down stroking of it before slowly caressing his hand as she removed her own, and opened her baby doll night wear's top to allow him access to her desire swollen nipple.

Ellen had been doing this with Scott for some time, every day, and for twenty minutes or longer each time...sometimes an hour or more at a stretch. She knew she would begin lactating if suckled at in this fashion for several weeks. She wanted him to make her secrete her milk, and for him to drink it...become addicted to it...make him come to her for daily feedings! She was right: it WAS time, and her breasts had been swelling over the last few days. Scott was pumping his cock and sucking gently at her nipple, Ellen masturbating the whole while, when it happened. She felt it! A squirt of her pheromone laden essence greeted Scott's sucking, and he swallowed greedily. Ellen put her hand behind Scott's head and pulled his suckling face tightly into her heaving breasts as spurt after spurt of the elixir her body made just for him entered his mouth and was immediately swallowed, binding him to her in the most primitive, deepest fashion imaginable! "Yes! Yes! Yes! That's it, my darling little boy! Drink from my tits! Yes! Oh, my love, isn't it good? Yes, so very good! Making you want it, want me, more and more! You can't stop, you must have more! My milk is drugging you, making you mine forever! Yes, my dear.... and just to insure become mine: I want you to cum now! Yes, dear boy: I want you to make your cock spurt it's hot white cream all over me as you drink from me! Yes..." Ellen was beginning her own orgasm as the madly sucking man drank all the milk her breasts had to offer. It was an deviously diabolical form of spell she was casting, one that would bind him to her unfair, so feminine, so powerful, and so...Ellen! Scott had just erupted his first spurt of red hot semen that launched high in the air and came down on Ellen's milky white thigh when her orgasm began. She had found the perfect sex toy in both her man and her lipstick, and her lipstick capped finger took her over the edge, screaming and alternately clawing at Scott's back and pulling his head harder into her milk secreting breasts. He had already emptied one and switched to the second and was gulping down her hot milk like a greedy little baby as he shot spurt after spurt of hot cum all over her legs and belly. Ellen shuddered and cried as she had the most satisfying, violent cum of her life: she was a beautiful, hypnotic witch..and she loved it! Her still perfectly lipsticked mouth found his as she used her prettily made up face to pry him from her milk-oozing teats, and she planted those impossibly red and perfumed lips on his, grinding her lipstick into his lips and staining them, insuring he wasn't going anywhere tonight but to her bed... Where he would fuck her and sleep, on and off, at her command, throughout the night. And many nights to come. He would learn to love the taste of that lipstick!