The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive
Author: Nymph
Story: Corruption (Nymph)


Synopsis: Alice is hunted by an ancient evil.

Dedication: This story began life as a long flash on Madam Kistulot's Argent Garden forum ( It was inspired one night by the combination of a very intense chat and by my reading some weird tales later that evening. The classic writer to whom I owe that debt is revealed at the end of the story. I also want to dedicate this to Alei and Flibinite. I am indebted to them for their love,friendship, and support.

* * *

Her legs felt like acid as she ran. Stumbling through the misty, moonlit forest, the girl slipped down a mossy slope and came to rest in the roots of an ancient oak tree. Panicked, staccato breaths filled the air with the sound of a hunted animal.

Alice shivered at the base of that tree. Wincing at the scratches on her arms from sprinting full bore through the brambles and fields. Her sandals were long gone, and the flowery print of her sundress was frayed and marred by splotches of mud.

Please, please, please

Maybe, maybe this time she had lost it. She focused - trying to capture every sound around her. Until, she heard it. A shuffling, slithering sound. The crack of a branch. An inhuman gurgling voice piercing the night. Her soul withered at that sound - paralyzed by the ominous dread surrounding her.

She thought about giving up and letting them take her. Her body felt like lead. Weakly, she covered her eyes with a battered forearm. The curtain of oppressive blackness drew closer than it ever had...until, she felt something different. The fear struck her like an aphrodisiac. Nipples hardened to tight nubs; she felt a tingling in her loins. She whimpered and thought, "God I'm...wet?"

Looking down she saw that her sundress was gone - replaced by rubber and latex, knee high stiletto boots, stockings, garters, crotchless panties, and a tight corset leaving her pert breasts exposed. She crept backwards up the tree trunk in a choking startled awe.

They're corrupting me...

In the moonlit shadows ahead, she saw an object of some sort. A tall obelisk looming in a small glen. With a confused whimper, the lithe girl stumbled forward moving cautiously in her new heels. Soon she saw a broad circle of glacial till enclosing the marker. Like an altar, she thought.

Alice could still feel the malevolent presence behind her. But they had slowed their chase, as if they were herding her to this spot. She stood there trembling for a moment, hugging herself in the cool night air with arms drawn up under her soft rounded breasts. The girl felt something enticing her to the obelisk. Drawing up her courage, she entered the circle and walked quickly to the tower before her.

Reaching out with an olive-toned arm, Alice saw that there were markings of some sort on the cool stone. But what language they might have been, she couldn't tell. As she grazed her fingertips against the stone, the girl felt a spark leading directly to her clitoris. Moisture continued to spread through her dewy folds as she felt a growing thrum building pleasantly in her body.

She could see images now carved deep in the face of the obelisk. With a tremor she touched the first one depicting a curvaceous woman kneeling with her head bowed in servitude. The rightness of that image assailed her mind. One must always kneel before Mistress, she thought to herself.

No! www-wait, that isn't right…

Fear tasted sharp and salty on her tongue. A thought popped unbidden into her reeling mind - delicious…like a cunt. Alice tried to pull away from the stone tower, and wanted to block out the salacious images in her mind, but she failed miserably at both. She saw herself prostrate before a latex-clad goddess; timidly extending her tongue into the soft folds of her owner; marked by tattoos and piercings; bound and stretched to fulfill the whims of the woman she loved more than anything.

Her body was betraying her. A hand had slipped between the swollen labial lips of her pussy to finger her clit. She was rubbing her breasts against the cold stone as if trying to absorb the lessons of the carvings on the obelisk. Alice tried and failed to block on the sight of her hands moving of their own will, spreading the musky wetness from her cunt over her throbbing breasts.

With a gasp, she realized that her nipples were pierced and her breasts had grown. They were engorged with the lusty energies of this horrid place…transforming her into something else. Pet…was the word that leapt to her brain. The images of the obelisk were becoming twisted reality. Her fingers pressed deeper into her sex as Alice continued to masturbate uncontrollably.

Inhuman creatures that surrounded the circle shattered her reverie with a loud rumbling chuckle. Multi-faceted red eyes glowed balefully all around her to remind Alice that she was performing for the benefit of others now.

With a last burst of desperate energy, the brunette sprung forward like a doe. Breaking her connection with the stone face, she stumbled away from the altar. Turning to find any escape, she ran as best she could in her heels. Pressing through the cold blackness of the spawn around her, Alice was moaning in both fear and sexual need at the cool slime of its touch. Maybe she was losing her mind as she flinched at the painful feeling of her newly pierced nipples. More corruption.

Breaking through the canopy of trees, the girl realized that it (they?) was playing with her. In her slutwear, she was moving so slowly that they (it?) could have taken her if they wanted. Staggering forward, she felt a whistling wind whip her face. Eyes quivering, Alice realized that she was trapped between a cliff and the nameless evil closing in around her.

Torn - her eyes moved back and forth between the void in front of her and the blackness behind her. With a fevered prayer, she contemplated launching herself over the edge into the night. But then, a blinding flash filled the darkness. The evil crept back - held at bay by an eldritch glow.

Turning Alice gazed at the being in white. Her warmth struck her with the force of a hammer. A meek voice slipped out, "sh...she's pret-ty." Voluptuous and stunning, the straw-haired woman beckoned to her. Alice felt a tug at her neck. Glancing down she saw a stiff leather collar linked to a golden chain leading to the vision.

You'll be safe with me, child. I'll protect you from them.

As the voice of the vision sounded in her head, Alice began to cry. Her bravado finally crumbling at the sight of the slavering darkness surrounding this precious woman. She felt so loved at the sound of her voice in her mind.

Come to me. The evil can't harm you if you're in my arms.

The terrified girl stepped back closer to the abyss. Her sanity held by tattered, fraying threads. A series of thoughts barreled through her head like a train: Perfect service is perfect pleasure. Perfect servants are loved and protected. You need to be loved and protected. Unconsciously, she cupped her breast and began to massage the swollen orbs. The leash tugged insistently at her neck once again.

I love you Alice. I'll keep you safe.

"p-p-puh-please help me." A plaintive pitiful moan was all that Alice had left..

With faltering steps, she followed the tug of her leash. Shyly moving towards the beacon of safety. With each step, she realized that the voice in her head spoke the truth. Alice could be safe from the elder evils of the world, but only at her bosom. As she got closer and closer, Alice realized... I'm glowing too...

With a quavering unrest, the mass of darkness swept in behind her. Placing her in a rough circle with the woman holding her leash. The images of lust and sapphic slavery continued to flood her mind. Alice realized that she was so close to cumming at that moment – beleaguered by the tainted darkness that she had been infected with.

Her breaths came heavy; moaning with each step. Alice's cunt twitched violently as anticipation simmered in the blackness of the witching hour. Tears fell from the girl's cheeks as she struggled to overcome her lust to reach the safety of her protector.

Yes, child. Feel the glow embrace you. One more step and you'll be safe forever.

Alice staggered at the end, falling forward into the arms of her savior. Blinded by the warm and comforting light, she never saw black demonic eyes or predatory smile of the woman holding her leash or heard the howling triumphant cry of the nameless creatures surrounding them.

* * *

"Imprinting complete."

Mistress Kathryn smiled as she broke the VR connection to her nascent pet. Looking over the nude woman seated in front of her, Kathryn's eyes were drawn to a bead of sweat perched on a dusky turgid nipple. She drew her fingernail over Alice's teat and laughed sweetly at the twitching helmeted form of the girl. Her pink tongue greedily lapped up the glistening dew.

Her programming chair never failed.

With an imperious glance of command at the control drone next to her, "Begin Alice's sexual programming - standard pleasure drone protocols please, but do maintain some of her original personality. I want her to be aware of what's happened to her at some level." Turning to leave the programming control room, she stopped and whispered, "Oh, and have the library slave fetch me some Lovecraft. I'd love to see what Alice was reading before we took her..."