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Author: Johnny Reb
Story: Corn Fed Girl
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Corn fed girl

Day 1

Demonia set her in her tiny little motel room. It had been three hours since her car had broken down in the small Texas town of Charlie's Corner. She had been driving across country from New York to LA. She thought doing it this would be fun and give her a chance to see the country. Boy had she been wrong. Demonia was a willowly, artsy, goth chick from East Village. She didn't quite mingle with the rednecks, truckers, and small town types she had run across during her travels.

She thought back to her first moment in the town. How she had barely made it to the garage before the car's engine had caught fire. The machinic working in the garage had been very rude to her. He kept calling her Vampira and making fun of how thin she was. The garage itself was what you'd expect. Lots of empty beer bottles and pictures of Playboy models plastered on the wall.

Another fellow working in the shop had stood up for her. His name was Cletus and was relatively handsome for a grease monkey. He told off the other grease monkey and walked Demonia over to a small in across the street. Despite herself, Demonia was oddly attracted to Cletus. She even suggestively asked him to stay the night in her room. To which the hillbilly said "might nice of you darling, but you're a bit on the scrawny and pale side for me." Then just walked off without so much as a second thought.

Demonia normally wouldn't have even cared about this kind of guy. What was bothering her about it so much. Her deep thinking was interrupted by a knock at the door. Demonia opened it up and in walked Debbie, the owner of the inn.

Debbie was the complete reverse of Demonia. She was a zaiftag middle aged woman with piled high blonde hair and a light farmer's tan. But the largest difference was Debbie's breasts. Where Demonia's tits were small and perky. Debbie was sporting a couple of water melon sized hooters that jiggled with every step.

Now this buxom blonde was holding a large plate of corn bread, bacon, and rice in front of Demonia's face. It was piled in butter and smelled great. "Eat up" Debbie said. "You might even put some meat on those pasty bones" she added before she left.

And without a second thought Demonia eat every bite and then quickly nodded off to sleep. All night she had dreams she was a different girl. A girl with a round plump ass and fat, heavy boobs. A girl with curly blonde hair and a sunny tan. A girl named Daisy. Daisy was being fucked hard by Cletus. Demonia got wet during her sleep. She came hard and that triggered the transformation. Demonia was her way to becoming Daisy.

Day 2

Demonia woke up to the smell of buttered corn bread. As her eyes opened she saw Debbie standing over her with yet another plate of food. This time corn meal rolls dripping with butter. "Wake up sleepy head, it's time for breakfast."

Demonia didn't feel rested. She felt tired and oddly sore. She asked if Debbie knew if her car had been repaired. Debbie nodded her head no and told Demonia to eat up. "Well put some meat on those bones yet girl" Debbie said while leaving. "A couple of days here and you might feel like a local" Debbie added and then Demonia heard the sound of the door locking.

Demonia bolted from the bed to check the door. As she did, she noticed her body felt different. Heavier and jigglier somehow. She turned to look in the mirror and was horrified at what she saw.

Where once her face was long and aristrocratic. It was now rounded with pouty lips. She opened her mouth to see a slight gap had formed inbetween her front teeth, giving her a less intelligent, more hickish look. Her once dark hair was was now blonde and starting to curl.

But while the changes to her face were jarring. The changes to her body were staggering. While she wasn't fat, she was now extremely curvy. Her once modest breasts had become c-cups atleast and the looked slightly heavier. She felt of her butt and it had become round,pert, and slightly saggy. She looked like what one might imagine a playboy model would look like if they let themselves go a little.

Demonia was about to scream but then her fear was over came by other senses. She was hungry. The butter smells over welmed her. And she was horny. Her new body felt so sensitive. Ever little movement sent tingles throughout her skin.

Without so much as a peep she dug into the basket of corn rolls. She pigged out losing all sense of manners or reason. With each bite she felt her mind change. She lost knowledge of the goth scene and starting remembering nights at country bars and lyrics to Hank Williams Jr. songs. She saw herself getting pumped hard by Cletus while wearing a trashy black push-up bra. She grew hornier and hornier by the second.

Her body was changing once again. Her arms and legs lost their muscle tone and became soft looking. Her formally flat tummy gained a gentle looking belly. Her hips became wide and curvy looking. Her butt filled out ever more and split her underware right off of her. Her bra nearly burst as her tits grew heavy and large. Her skin started to tan as butter dribbled down her cheeks.

Demonia wasn't sure if she should cry as she felt her old self slip away. "Sooo hungry and horny" she thought. As soon as she was done eating she started to finger herself. Letting out soft,girlish, moans of pleasure.

Just as she was about to cum the door unlocked and Cletus walked in. Demonia covered herself quickly and shouted out. "You have to help me, they've done something to me." Pleadingly she added "please take me away from here."

"Well now you're looking like a regular corn fed farm girl ain't ya?" Cletus remarked while smirking. He then plopped a plate of red beans, corn bread, and fried chicken next to the bed. "Couple more pounds and I might have to give you a tumble" he added while lustfully glancing her over.

"You're a part of all this?" Demonia said making sense of it all finally.

Cletus laughed slightly before answering. "Of course,I wouldn't miss out on the chance of teaching a scrawny city gal like you how to enjoy small town living." He started to unbuckle his pants. "Now how about a little taste of what you've been missing girl?"

Demonia couldn't believe the size of it. She had been with quite a few men, but Cletus's member was thick,long, and hairy.The most perfect example of a dick she has ever seen. Without even thinking it through she grab it and starting sucking the hillbilly off.

Demonia had never given head before, but she was slobbering over the redneck's penis like she was an old pro. With each suck she felt her boobs grow even larger. When Cletus came in her mouth she shallowed it whole. Her bra pop off revealing a pair of firm but bouncy d-cups.

Taken aback at she had done, she burlted out "How are you hicks doing this?!?!"

"Special process on the family corn crop, the farm is out behind this ol' inn" Cletus said while zipping up his jeans."City slicker like you couldn't possibly understand it." he added while throwing her keys at her.

"We're locking you in one more night, either you can eat up and be prepared to go country, or you can take off in the morning." Cletus said as he started out the door.

Demonia heard Debbie speaking to Cletus out in the hall way. "No woman can possibly resist feeling as good as that for the rest of her life, I know I couldn't." The door was locked again for the night.

Demonia glanced at the keys and then back at the food. Her mind raced with both scared and erotic feelings. Then with a deep breath she reached down and took a bite out of the corn bread. She got wet thinking about it. "Daisy it is" she muttered between bites.

Day 3

Demonia woke up after a night of erotic dreams. The sounds of foot steps working their way up the stair case. Debbie and another buxom woman with dark hair opened the door. Demonia looked herself over expecting to see further cosmetic changes in her body. There were none.

"Why am I not Daisy yet" she questioned out loud.

"The finishing touches are done by a special machine" Debbie answered. "Follow me and Mary Jane and you'll be a country girl by afternoon."

Demonia was led to the barn out behind the inn. Inside the barn was a strange looking device. It looked like a simple tunnel made out of trash bags. But it had a a convetor belt coming out both ends and bottles of strange fuel sticking out of top. There was a rusty motorcyle seat with a old petty coat attached to it. Demonia knew almost instinctively to sit down on it.

"No more goth girl" she said nervously and sat down.

"Trust me hon, you'll never miss it" the dark haired woman said.

"Time to make a new woman out of you" Debbie added while pulling a switch.

The belt roar to life and pulled Demonia into the tunnel. Her mouth was first opened up by a pair of metal hands and a warm liquid pour down her throat. The belt moved along even further and she was sprayed down with what felt like corn syrup.

Suddenly Demonia's throat and skin started to tingle. She felt her old vocabulary slip away and then some how knew the next time she spoke it would be with a sexy,southern, draw. She cooed at the thought.

Her belly started to plumpen once more. Within moments years of exercise disappeared. She know had a full on pot belly. Soft, round, and pert. It would stick out even in the tightest of clothing.

Next the machine forced what felt like a rubber hose up her ass hole.Yet another strange chemical entered her body.Her legs became full,juicy, with thick thighs.Her butt became huge and round. She also gained a full set of birthing hips that would sway with each movement of her body.Finally her waist thickened just slightly.

Next a pair of what felt like plungers came over her breasts. A firm, grabbing feeling came over them. Like they were being reshaped. She felt needles prick the inside of her nipples and her tits started to inflate like a spare tire. By the time the device was done she had a pair of heavy, triple d cup, knockers. Perfect for the chubby hottie she was becoming.

The machine entered the final stage of her transformation. Her mouth was opened again and warm corn sauce was poured into her throat. Within seconds she had gained 10 dress sizes and was now a curvy size 12.

The machine held up a mirror so she could she see the changes. She wasn't just curvy anymore. She was chubby, no doubt about. She had a broad and meaty hourglass figure with a wide bubble butt and heavy ol' knockers that sagged just a little. Her face was extremely round with just a hint of a double chin. Her skin had a smooth tan. Her hair was curly and blonde. The finishing touch was pouty, bee stung lips with the gap inbetween her front teeth. Perfect for sucking cock.

"Dang I'm fucking hottie" She said with her new hillbilly accent while smacking her lips.

The machine then dropped her off and she started to dress herself. Painted on to her big ass was a pair of Daisy Duke style cut offs. Over her massive knockers she wore a lacey push up bra that gave her wonderful deep cleavage. She then walked out, body jiggling, in front her new family and friends.

"Now you look like a real woman Demonia" Cletus remarked.

Daisy kissed him full on the lips then added "Silly boy, it's Daisy now."

To which Debbie and her friend added "YeeHaw!"

The end.

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