The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive
Author: Zen Archer
Story: Charmed, I'm Sure

"Charmed, I'm Sure."

It was Steve's first time In Hollywood. A convention was his official reason for being here, but under the surface was the dream that he'd get a glimpse of Alyssa Milano in the flesh. Steve was obsessed with her. Not in a stalker/mental patient kind of way......sure he wanted to fuck her, but his fantasies of being with Alyssa had more to do with her confidence, her big brown eyes and her toes.

Toes. Even Steve couldn't really explain why female toes turned him on so much. For as long as he could remember, an exposed foot was more of a boner enducer than tits ever were. Sure, tits are great, but let a hot looking babe take her shoes off and Steve was hypnotized. Especially if the woman's second toes were longer than her big toes. Not even Steve's closest friends understood that particular perversion. He could rattle off a list of actresses and models who had long second toes. Prospective girlfriends would not make the cut if they had short, stubby toes and flat feet.

Alyssa Milano's second toes are longer than her big toes. For such a short girl, she had the most delicious toes that poked out in front of her big toes. Steve hoped to catch a glimpse of those toes, connected to the rest of the former "Melrose Place" star.

With time to kill between meetings, Steve hopped in his rented Honda Civic and headed down Sunset Boulevard in search of a cool looking cafe. Spotting one with outdoor tables, Steve pulled over. He was just lifting the espresso to his lips when he saw her. Yes, the star of his most intense fantasies had just sat down, alone at a table not far from his. She was wearing sandals.

Steve's mind raced. He knew he wasn't dreaming because his pants would be wet by now. What to do. There she was, he HAD to talk to her. Ok, just be cool, don't come on too strong or you'll be added to her "kook file" of deranged fans. Steve took a deep breath, waited for his boner to subside, and made his way over to Alyssa's table.

"Hi........sorry to disturb you, but it's just so rare to see a Jersey girl sipping a cappuccino at some fru-fru cafe in L.A."

Alyssa looked up at Steve, smiled and said, "Well, that one I haven't heard before. Not bad."

Trying to stay cool, and flaccid, Steve introduced himself. Sensing he wasn't a maniac, Alyssa asked him to join her.

"Are you from Jersey too?" she asked.

"Well, Brooklyn actually. Bensonhurst. We're paisans, my people are from Sicily too."

"Seems you know a lot about me, Steve. Ouch!" Alyssa bent down and grabbed her foot. "Damn new shoes! I just bought them and they pinch like hell." Alyssa raised her foot and put it on the chair next to her.

If it wasn't weighted down with a plant, Steve's erection would have raised up the table they were sitting at least six feet in the air. Luckily, Alyssa couldn't see that his pants were bulging like sliced fruit left in a plastic container for a week. She did catch him staring at her toes.

"Don't look at my feet. I have such ugly long toes."

"No, on the contrary," Steve was quick to proclaim, "your feet are very pretty." He thought about using the line he's used many times to score with women who have this unique characteristic. Nah, not with Alyssa Milano! She'll think you're nuts and call the cops. But there it is.....her sexy sandaled foot complete with long toes and red nail polish. "You know, it's said that women with longer second toes are intelligent, good in bed, and, according to folklore, have magical powers."

Alyssa said nothing. She out her foot back under the table and just stared at Steve. He began to sweat, thinking he'd just blown it......."kook file." After what seemed like an eternity, Alyssa smiled.

"You know I'm in a new series called "Charmed" about three sisters who are witches," she said.

Steve silently nodded.

"Well, there's a reason why I got the part. I really AM a witch."

"Ok, I deserved that. About the long toes's just a silly......."

"You don't believe me?" Alyssa caught the eye of the waitress and motioned her to come over.

"Can I help you?" The waitress was petite, blonde and had a great chest.

"This gentleman here would like a blow job. Would you suck his cock please?"

Steve was really embarrased at this point. The waitress looked at him with disgust and turned back to Alyssa and said, "Listen, just because you're some big actress and I'm just a waitress doesn't mean......."

At that moment, Alyssa locked eyes with the waitress and bolts of blue electricity shot from Alyssa's eyes into the eyes of the waitress. Without hesitation, the blonde got down on her knees, opened Steve's pants and went to work on his cock. Alyssa smiled as Steve stared back at her in total disbelief. He didn't know what just happened, but he wasn't about to raise any objections.

When the waitress was done, she looked back at Alyssa. "Very good," the witch said. She pointed two fingers at the blonde and told her that when she snapped her fingers, the waitress would forget what happened. Alyssa snapped and the blonde shook her head, feeling a bit woozy.

"Can we have the check please?" Alyssa asked her.

"Ummm, sure.....have....have a nice day." The blonde walked away, still a bit dazed.

"How did you? What did you? Who.......?" Steve could only sputter.

"Do you want to get out of here?" Alyssa asked.

"What? Uh, sure, okay."

Alyssa raised her arms and extended her fingers. Blue bolts of magic flew from her hands enveloping them both. They were gone in a flash.


Within seconds, Alyssa had transported the two of them back to her house in the Hollywood hills. Steve was in total shock. He could not believe what had happened to him today. Not only does he get to meet Alyssa Milano and see her sexy long toes, it also turns out she's a powerful witch!

"Steve? Are you okay? Can I get you a drink?" Alyssa asked as she took her sandals off. She gestured and a beer appeared in Steve's hands. He jumped when the bottle materialized, but realized that he probably ought to have a swig to calm down a bit.

Her house was big and beautiful, but nothing really "witchy" about it, Steve thought. Even so, he wondered what she had planned for him.

"So, Steve. Now you know I'm a witch, and you've seen what I can do. We're alone. I'm very horny from watching that waitress blow you.....let's fuck."

This was too much for Steve, but he wasn't about to say no. Not now. She might get angry and turn him into something, he thought. Or worse. "Works for me!" Steve said very nervously.

"Cool. Hey, do you mind if a zap another girl in with us? I want to go down on a girl. You mind?"

"Mind? Me? Nah......." Steve broke the now empty beer bottle over his head to check his consciousness status.

Alyssa laughed. "Great. You pick the girl. Anyone you want and I'll zap her here."

Steve's mind raced with choices. "How about Juliana Margulies from E.R.?"

"Ooooh, Steve," Alyssa purred, "you have really good taste. I like her. Let's see where she is right now."

"So, do you look into a crystal ball or a cauldron to find her?" Steve asked, feeling like a dope.

"Crystal ball?" Alyssa said sarcastically, "It's 1998, silly. The TV will do just fine with a little applied sorcery."

With that, Alyssa raised her hand and opened her palm. A single bolt of magic flew from the center of her palm into the large screen TV. Within seconds, the image of the gorgeous, curly haired Juliana Margulies appeared on the screen. She was lying on a couch, reading a magazine.

"That's her!" Steve shouted.

Alyssa lowered her hand, raised her fingers and extended them. The by now familiar blue bolts of magic shot from her fingertips into the TV. Juliana became surrounded by this spell and soon disappeared from the TV and magically appeared in the living room with Alyssa and Steve.

"Where......where am I? Who are you?" A confused Juliana looked around and tried to find her bearings.

"I'm Alyssa, this is Steve and you're going to fuck us both." Alyssa made a waving gesture over Juliana's face, locked eyes with her and hypnotized her with the same spell she used on the blonde waitress.

Almost immediately, a bewitched Juliana went to work on Steve's cock while Alyssa ate out Juliana's shaved pussy. Another gesture had removed everyone's clothes and tranported the trio to a massive, all-white bedroom.

It seemed to go on for hours. Alyssa eating Juliana's pussy while she sucked Steve's cock. Juliana licking Alyssa's clit while Steve fucked her in the ass. Steve fucking Alyssa while Juliana played with her self. Steve sucking Alyssa's toes while Juliana kissed her mouth. Juliana eating out Steve's ass while Alyssa floated in the air, zapping Juliana's ass. This would have tired out any normal guy, but with the help of the crafty Alyssa's sorcery, Steve's cock remained erect and strong. Even after blowing many loads, his member shot right back up to attention, ready for more.

Finally, it was over. All three had had enough. Juliana had passed out on the floor. Alyssa was floating above the bed. She raised her hands and a yellowish glow formed around Juliana. She began to float up towards Alyssa. When Juliana was laid out before the sorceress, she pointed two fingers and zapped Juliana's eyes, making her forget the entire encounter. Alyssa then magically dressed the curly haired beauty and zapped her home.

Steve just stared at this with complete amazement. "Now, my love. I have to erase your memory of today," Alyssa sighed.

"Do you really have to? I mean, I won't tell anyone you're a witch...."

"Sorry, sweetie. I have to. This won't hurt a bit, just look into my eyes."

With a fast zap into his eyes, Steve stood motionless. Alyssa kissed him, raised her arms and magically placed him back at the cafe where they met.

Finishing his espresso, Steve asked for the check. The cute blonde waitress smiled at him, knowingly as she placed the check on the table and walked away. Puzzled, Steve looked back at her, shook his head and got into his rented Honda Civic. The next conference would begin soon, so he made him way back to Century City.

The stoplight at Sunset and LaCienega seemed really long, so Steve fiddled with the radio to kill time. As he looked into the rear view to check the traffic, he suddenly noticed something in the mirror. It was a familiar sight. Something he saw quite often, something he really liked. The sole of a perfectly formed female foot, a high arch and 5 toes....the second one longer than the first.

"I hate traffic.......let's get out of here," said the sexy, familiar voice from the back seat." A blue, electric glow surrounded the Honda Civic, until it was gone.