Ten Most Viewed Stories for November 9 - November 15

1.UtopianDonna, Part 1[6581]
2.UtopianDonna, Part 2[3537]
3.UtopianDonna, Part 3[2680]
4.Leonard RhineAmi and Ashli: Sara's New Holiday[2623]
5.Sealed By MistressBared And Bruised: Honesty Is The Best Policy[2325]
6.PartyGirlMollyMasturbating In Front Of My Daughter[2284]
7.NekoBabeMaddi's Little Emma, Chapter 2 - New Nanny[1935]
8.LinaThe Memory Card, Part 1[1819]
9.Jen WynnFirst Time With My Big Sister Mandy[1527]
10.Little AlisonLynn, Part 8[1374]