Ten Most Viewed Stories for January 18 - January 24

1.Inglorious_BabysitterMiss Karen's Daycare for Young Girls[1684]
2.PartyGirlMollyMasturbating In Front Of My Daughter[1682]
3.CobraPam and Terri[1426]
4.CobraMandy and Lizzy[1419]
5.EboThe Black Lingerie, Chapter 1[1367]
6.eloquent delinquentHoney Loves - Confessions of an Incestuous Mother, Part 1[1352]
7.MotherDaughterLoverSimpsons, Chapter 1 - Lisa Finds Mom's Secret[1258]
8.EboThe Black Lingerie, Chapter 2[1146]
9.Jen WynnFirst Time With My Big Sister Mandy[1134]
10.JetBoyA Daughter's Seduction[1113]