Waif (Ff) 28-Dec-08
Selena Anders
A Walk In The Park (f,ped,oral,cons,panties) 24-Jan-08
Panty Obsessed
A Walk in the Woods (F/g, F+/g, ped, inc, voy, cons) 03-Oct-05
Wanting a Girl (F,g) 19-Oct-10
Wanting a Girl (F,g) 19-Oct-10
Wanting Amber (fg, inc) 25-Jun-09
War and Peace and Christmas (fgg games) 24-Dec-13
War Stories (viol, nosex) 01-Apr-09
War Stories 2 (viol, nosex) 02-Apr-09
War Stories 4 (viol) 04-Apr-09
War Stories 5 (viol) 06-Apr-09
War Stories 6 (viol) 07-Apr-09
War Stories 7 (viol, oral) 08-Apr-09
War Stories 8 (viol) 09-Apr-09
War Stories 9 11-Apr-09
Kieran Richards
War Stories 3 (oral) 03-Apr-09
Kieran Richards
A Warm Place, Part One (F/f teen, rom, exhib) 07-Mar-05
A Warm Place, Part Two (F/f teen, rom, mast, oral) 09-Mar-05
A Warm Place, Part Three (F/f teen, rom, mast, oral) 13-Mar-05
Warm Skies, Soft Bodies (F/F, F/f, F/g, f/f, f/g, inc, ped, oral, anal) 18-Jan-14
Was it a Dream? (F solo F/f) 08-Feb-10
Alice Gee
Was It Worth It? (f,g) 06-Feb-13
Amy xxxxx
Wash Day (Mast ff fF) 13-Apr-11
Watching Eyes, Part 1 (ff, teen. mast, nosex(yet)) 26-Oct-09
Watching Eyes, Part 2 (ff. teen, rom) 26-Oct-09
Nuit du Loup
Watching Mommy (F,F, voy, mast, g) 19-Nov-12
Amy xxxxx
Watching the Twins (F,g,g,g D/S) 29-May-12
Passing Cloud
Water Baby (F,f,cons,oral,anal) 07-Mar-09
Waterjet Spotting (FF, gg, ped, inc, mast, oral) 07-Aug-07
Way Back When… (f, F) 07-Nov-12
Amy xxxxx
The Way It Should Be (ff/cons/love) 04-May-08
We Can Build Her For You (F,Ff,g,cons,fist,oral,pedo,toys) 01-Dec-12
The Weasley Witches Collective (FFggg oral bd beast) 10-Mar-14
The Web Cam (f/f inc) 18-Jul-09
Karyn O
Web Cam Fun, Part 1 (g,g, F voy mast, oral , exhib , inc) 07-Jun-08
Web Cam Fun, Part 2 - Mom's Seduction (F,F,g,g inc pedo oral toys mast) 10-Jun-08
Grandma Gladys
Webcam Fun 1 (F, g, cons, exhib, oral, ws, voy) 30-Oct-13
Webs of Passion (inc) 01-Apr-05
The Wedding (Fg) 31-Oct-05
The Wedding (F, Fg, g, oral, anal, fisting, pedo) 14-Sep-11
Michelle Darling
The Wedding Guests, Chapter One (FF,anal,oral,no lolita sex till chapter 2) 01-Sep-09
The Wedding Guests, Chapter Two (F,f,gg,Anal,Oral,Pedo) 28-Sep-09
The Wedding of Chloe & Diana, Chapter One (Ff) 08-Sep-06
The Wedding of Chloe & Diana, Chapter Two (F,f,g, inc) 12-Oct-07
The Wedding of Chloe & Diana, Chapter Three (F/g) 11-Dec-07
Teri The Dancer
Weekend with Aunt Jenny (FF,spank,enema,med) 05-Jul-11
Welcome Home, Sweetheart (Fg, inc) 15-Nov-13
Well Educated 1 (g,g,oral,cons,rom) 04-Jan-10
Well Educated 2 (F,F,g,g,oral,pedo,spank) 10-Jan-10
We're Off to See the Wizard (g/g, rom, cons, ped) 13-May-11
Wet Dream 1 (Voy Mast Ff) 10-Jun-11
Wet Dream 2 (Voy,Ff,ff Mast, WS) 14-Jun-11
Wet Dream 3 (ff FF mast) 16-Jun-11
Wet Dream 4 (FF Ff Mast Voy) 17-Jun-11
Wet Kisses (F/g kissing oral) 09-Jan-08
Wet Nurse, Part 1 (Fg, oral) 03-Jan-07
Wet Nurse, Part 2 (Fg, oral) 16-Jan-07
Wet Pampers (Fg,extreme pedo,nepi,toddler,diapers,ws) 01-Jul-08
H. Grant
What a Witch (ff, teen, fant) 04-Nov-10
Nuit du Loup
What Are Big Sisters For (Anal,Mast,med) 13-Mar-11
What Are You Doing, Mommy? Chapter 1 (F/M/g/cons/exhib) 14-Mar-12
What Are You Doing, Mommy? Chapter 2 (F/F/g/exhib/mast/anal) 08-Apr-12
What I Learned at Summer Camp (gg, 1st, inc, oral, mast, voy) 21-Mar-06
What the Twins like to do to the Nanny, Part 1 (F,g,g,g, d/s) 01-Jun-12
What the Twins like to do to the Nanny, Part 2 (F, g, g, g, d/s) 06-Jun-12
Passing Cloud
What you don't know! [ Won't hurt you? ], Part 1 (F,g,cons,oral,pedo,toy) 02-Jan-12
When Cathy Met Kate (g,f mast) 08-Aug-11
When Dawn Comes (F,g) 25-Feb-13
Amy xxxxx
When I Met Ashley (F/f) 31-May-10
Where My Lust Comes From (Fg, gM) 07-Jul-11
Where the Heart Is (Ff, inc) 01-Apr-11
While The Mouse Was Away The Cat Did Play, Part 1 (Fg. Slow) 31-Jul-12
While The Mouse Was Away The Cat Did Play, Part 2 (Fg, inc) 05-Aug-12
While The Mouse Was Away The Cat Did Play, Part 3 (Fg, inc (implied), role play, oral, anal) 12-Aug-12
While The Mouse Was Away The Cat Did Play, Part 4 (Fgg inc oral anal) 09-Sep-12
While You Were Sleeping, Part 1 (g-solo gg mast voy) 01-Jan-14
Polly Ester
White Panty Lesbian School, Chapter 1 (F,f,g,inc,lac,teen) 26-Oct-11
White Panty Lesbian School, Chapter 2 (f, f, g, fist, teen) 28-Oct-11
White Panty Lesbian School, Chapter 3 (F,f,g,teen,toys,lact) 17-Nov-11
White Panty Lesbian School, Chapter 4 (F,f,g,lac,teen) 18-Dec-11
Slutty Mum
The White Triangle, Part 1 (Fg) 24-Feb-05
The White Triangle, Part 2 (panties) 06-Apr-05
The White Triangle, Part 3 (panties) 06-Aug-10
Who Is Calling the Shots? (Fg) 31-Jan-09
A Whole New Game (F, F, f, bond, romantic) 21-Jun-09
Whoring Them Out (F, F, f, f, f, teen, inc, lingerie, cons, toys) 12-Dec-13
Whoring Them Out, Chapter 2 - Alanna's Assignment (F, F, F, f, inc, teen, seduction, toys) 25-Jan-14
Jen L. Lee
Why? (gg, FF, rom, poem, nosex, fanfic) 16-Jul-13
Wife Boot Camp, Chapters 1-4 (gF d/s) 06-Oct-13
Wife Boot Camp, Chapter 5 (gF d/s) 16-Oct-13
Wife Boot Camp, Chapter 6 (gF d/s) 20-Oct-13
Willow, Part 1 (A Fine Afternoon) (F/F/F/g/g) 08-Feb-07
Willow, Part 2 (The Video) (F/F/F/g/g extreme ped, ws) 20-Feb-07
Willow: Sex and Snickerdoodles (F/g/g/b/g ws) 18-Aug-12
Willow: Strangers In Paradise (F/g/extreme ped ws F/F) 31-Aug-12
Willow: The Proper Way To Enjoy A Snow Day (F/F/g/b extrm ped WS) 20-Sep-12
Willow: Dealing With Dick (F/F/g ped ws) 23-Oct-12
Window of Opportunity (M,F,g. Voyuerism) 11-Feb-13
Amy xxxxx
Window Show (exhib, f12, g8. no sex.) 21-Dec-08
Kids Loving Kids
Wings 1 (ff, teen. nosex(yet), fant) 07-Sep-09
Wings 2 (ff, teen, fant) 07-Sep-09
Wings 3 (ff, teen, fant) 10-Sep-09
Wings 4 (ff, teen. fant, mast) 13-Sep-09
Wings 5 (ff, teen, fant) 18-Sep-09
Wings 6 (ff, teen, fant) 01-Oct-09
Wings 7 (ff, teen, fant, mast,inc) 13-Oct-09
Wings 8 (fff, fant, inc) 23-Nov-09
Nuit du Loup
Winter Break (Fg mast inc) 20-Sep-05
Winter Gold (g solo, gg, oral, ws) 25-Jul-10
The Witches Apprentice, Part 1 (ff FF mast) 18-Jun-11
The Witches Apprentice, Part 2 (Mast voy Ff) 23-Jun-11
The Witches Apprentice, Part 3 (Mast ff fF) 24-Jun-11
Woman Next Door (f-solo, Fff, Extreme Pedo, toddler) 27-Aug-11
Scott Winslow
A Woman's Scent, Part 1 (panty g-solo mast) 13-Oct-08
A Woman's Scent, Part 2 (ff panties mast inc) 16-Oct-08
Women Loving Little Girls: My Day With Megan (g, f,ped, oral, finger play) 24-Feb-14
Work Experience - The Boutique, Part 1 (F/f, cons) 18-Dec-12
Work Experience - The Boutique, Part 2 (F/f cons) 01-Jan-13
Work Experience - The Boutique, Part 3 (F/F, F/F/f, F/f, cons) 04-May-13
Work Experience - Land Girls, Part 1 (F/f, cons, oral, ws) 01-Apr-14
Working Girl, Chapter 1 — Maya’s Story (Fg oral ws) 30-Jan-06
Working Girl, Part 1 (F/g, ped, cons, mast, anal, oral) 12-Oct-05
Working Girl, Part 2 (F/g, ped, cons, mast, anal, oral) 18-Oct-05
Wrong Turn, Right Room (F/g, ped, 1st, oral, mast) 12-Jul-06